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REShow: Vince Carter & Zay Flowers - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 21, 2023 3:25 pm

REShow: Vince Carter & Zay Flowers - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 21, 2023 3:25 pm

ESPN NBA Analyst Vince Carter and Rich discuss the controversy he created two decades ago when he chose to walk at his North Carolina graduation ceremony the same day he had a playoff game and breaks down the “wide open” NBA Playoffs landscape.

Boston College WR Zay Flowers and Rich discuss his pre-NFL Draft process that was highlighted by meeting Bill Belichick and having a throw-catch session with Chiefs MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and more.

Rich reacts to Lions WR and other Detroit players being suspended by the NFL for gambling, debates if Dodgers OF Mookie Betts is the best athlete in Major League Baseball, and if the Angels should trade or hold onto Shohei Ohtani.

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It's Rich Eyes.

Yes it is. Welcome to our number two of the Rich Eyes show live here in Los Angeles, California on the Roku channel. Free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TVs, all of them.

The Roku app and the We say hello to our terrestrial radio audience, Sirius XM and Odyssey all listening in at once. We say hello to you. Zay Flowers of Boston College, one of the top receivers available in the draft will be joining us in about 20 minutes time. The actress Betsy Brant from Life in Pieces and of course Breaking Bad and a couple cameos in Better Call Saul. She's in our green room right now for a third hour appearance. She's in a new show on Hulu called Saint X.

She'll be here. We just had a good chat with Jim Jackson about the NBA playoffs. We're about to do the same with one of the all-time greats. Eight-time all-star joining us from Las Calinas, Texas from Irving, Texas at the Las Calinas Country Club. We talked about this golf tournament that's on the Golf Channel all week long. The second annual Invited Celebrity Classic. We talked about it with John Smoltz yesterday. Joe Carter today.

It is Vince Carter here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing Vince? How you been? Great. How you doing man? All is well. Can't complain. You know, out here trying to be a pretend golfer. Okay. How is your golf game Vince?

No, it's pretty good. You know, since this retired life I've had a chance to work on the handicap a little bit. So, you know, we're down to single digits.

We are. Single digits means nothing when you're playing with these guys. Which like which guys you're talking about? The scratch? The baseball players? Is that what you're saying?

The baseball player? No, the pros. The real pros. Oh, the real pros. Yeah, the real pros. I mean you go out here and you see you get humbled.

Golf is a humbling sport in itself but it's a great opportunity to be out here and kind of to see where you where you are and where you need to be or where you think you are and where you really need to be if you want to consider yourself a very good golfer. Who's the best basketball playing stick you know of? Oh man, I'm gonna say I'm gonna say Ray Allen probably is is right there. Either Ray Allen or Ray Allen or Steph is out there. Steph. Ray is very good.

Steph or Ray Allen. Okay. Yeah. All right. Jordan, have you played with Jordan, Vince?

No, I've never played with myself. That's why you still have your money. That's why you still have your money.

Is that what you're saying, Vince? Exactly. Okay. I'm smart man. I know to stay away.

Okay, very good. It's kind of, speaking of Carolina, Vince, I mean it's funny when I left for work today my wife who I met at the in ESPN in the newsroom she says to me, who do you got on the show today? I mentioned Vince Carter and she said to me every time I hear Vince's name I think of Stuart Scott and I said the same thing. I swear to you it's the same thing because she was there you know when Stu and I were doing shows together and I just knew the way he felt about you and if I'm not mistaken was he delivered the commencement address at the graduation you walked at right?

Graduation, correct. He sure did. Made for an unbelievable day you know so it just it gives me chills man just thinking about it because you know it was leading up to it and you know obviously the controversy if you would be behind it it was like all worth it. Now I remember being in the back prior to walking out and he walks through and we sat there had a 10-15 minute conversation. Of course it's always about Carolina and you know our love for Carolina but like you know him just talking about man this is this is great for the culture this is great I just remember this is great for the culture man this is going to do a lot this is like this is something kids can look up to you about more so than basketball you know just this you know you know Stuart's heart was unbelievable and he just saw the big picture and he was right I mean it made that day a lot better uh regardless of the the results you know I missed the game winning shot that night but you know I still sit and think about that conversation and walking in just you know his smile and just like my brother dude what's going on and you know just going in a great conversation. Did he because again you know you you walked uh on the day right no it's the playoffs. That morning nine. Clearly right and and and and so the the walk me through the the decision you did make on that day Vince where you decided I'm gonna I'm gonna grab I'm graduating and I'm gonna walk just like everybody else doesn't matter what I'm I do professionally right? Rich I come from a family of educators and I was taught to be a student athlete not an athlete student regardless of this business that I'm in where I make a lot of money yes and the one thing I did I make sure the night before uh commencement well um I I went to every well two days prior I went to every staff member and player and if you would ask I asked for their permission I kind of let them know about what I wanted to do what I plan to do how my itinerary how everything was going to work out and and do you have a problem with that and I was face to face with every person and that's kind of what what it was and every person's like hey I respect it that's fine as long as you're going to be you know back in time for uh long as you're going to be back in time for our game you know that's important to us I know it's important to you but this is important hold on sorry this is important to us so I was like cool everybody said something and you know there's a couple of players once I get to Chapel Hill that night before uh had something to say and then all of a sudden didn't like it or whatever I was like well I gave you the opportunity said to myself into my face like yes go forward you know great moment but make sure you're back in time so that was kind of the frustrating side of it nevertheless go through it all of that like I said with with with Stu and and graduate it was a it was a proud moment and I will do it again and and I said that at that time I would do it again if this situation ever happened because every person got their opportunity to walk across that stage so for those who felt like oh yeah you're rich you could just you know pay for you could buy your degree like what you didn't you walked across the state to receive yours just like uh you know you know I want to do so um and then got on the plane the one thing that people don't know is that I had a private plane uh matter of fact we had a private plane and we had a backup plane just in case that plane broke down for whatever reason so there was no delays by the way who's playing I went with the owner of the team who was there at my commencement you know so I had his support and he wanted to make sure I got back but the funny thing about it Rich is that not only did I walk I got back to Philadelphia in in time and I was the first person in our um our walkthrough meeting so when the team the players the coaches walked in I was already in there chilling waiting for everybody to to come in for us to go through our walkthrough in in the hotel so it's just it was just a lot said and the story goes you know this that and the fourth and will he be back on time I was back before our 12 o'clock walks and was able to go through everything like normal and the 22-year anniversary of that's coming up in a couple weeks that was may 10th when you when you walked yeah man and and just before we put a button on this because it may 20th yeah pardon me my glasses I should I should take them off for some little distance may 20th it's coming up uh it's coming up 22 years on that Vince so just before we put a button on this what was what was Stewart's speech he was so proud of it by the way he was so psyched he was so jacked but what did he tell the kids what did he tell you and and and everyone else on that day one of the things I remember that stuck with me it was to go for it don't be afraid to go for it and and I think that's what you know put a button if you would on it for me is like I didn't question my decision but I felt even better about it because I felt like that message he was talking directly to me don't be afraid to go for what you believe in and you know hold your head up high and that's what I did man I made my decision I spoke with everybody I did everything the right way all the people that it mattered to on my side of the family on you know the other side of the organization which was my job I made sure everybody was kind of in the loop and understood if they had a problem with it or not so I dotted the t's I'm sorry I dotted the i's and cross the t's and I did my thing and I was there and I had the greatest opportunity to graduate and then hit the game winner to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals obviously I didn't make it but man like I said I would do it again and it was the inspiration and motivation that really made me feel even better about going through that process Vince Carter here on the Rich Eisen Show and now you know you and ESPN right it's pretty cool yes right yeah I mean Stuart again I'm honest I'd love talking about Stuart he's been gone way too long but he would freak out that you're working at ESPN right now you would lose his mind he would lose his mind Vince he would lose it oh my gosh right here on the Rich Eisen Show so before I send you out to the golf course let's do some of the the analyzing right here on the show is it safe to say that the Clippers can't beat the the Suns without Kawhi I mean I'm going to say yes it's safe to say I think Kawhi is in a great place he's playing great basketball and that was a huge void I mean I think Russ and others you know uh man uh you know they did it by committee but like the way Kawhi is playing and and the way he played in game one it's he has those huge loss I mean you can't make up the loss for you know Kawhi and PG and PG you need one or the other you don't have both they're just going to make it tough for the Clippers and then the Kings Warriors series we saw Draymond out and the Warriors took care of business at home just kind of feel Draymond comes back game four it'll be an emotional lift for for the Warriors there um and that one goes what do you think does Warriors Kings go seven or you just think the Kings I think so I really do I mean it's it's whoever can win on who's home on floor first is in my mind is the is the key uh we got to see I mean I think it was understood everybody knew the Golden State Warriors you know would struggle on the road but the Golden State Warriors at home would kick butt I mean that's just how that's how it's been all season so you know obviously they say they could switch the light to switch the switch but you know so far so you know we it's going the way we all thought you know everybody would take care of their business at home and uh you know you had if I'm not mistaken two career playoff games of 40 points or more which means only twice you would have earned Dylan Brooks's respect Vince right am I what do you think what do you think yeah I guess I would have had to put 40 on him once so for that to be the take he's like you have to score 40 on him so you know I kind of I kind of go back and forth on that one I I understand you got to speak stuff into existence and feel and believe but I mean man I mean that's LeBron James you're talking about like that yeah and Rich I'm like you know but you know I think I feel like you have to account for those games that you know maybe somebody had a good game against him and they didn't need 40 because the game's already over and out of hand you know so it's a lot it's a lot to account for I you know I have appreciation for you know for him and his confidence uh you know sometimes it's just you know yeah everybody's like don't poke the bear but you know you just want to go out there just do your job like let let your actions speak and you know he's letting his actions speak but also he's doing it verbally and you know it can get you in trouble sometimes it can get you in trouble all right so before I send you out on the course Vince who who uh who who do you have in the finals and winning it all I have no idea now I don't know it's like at one point I thought Milwaukee was playing the best basketball and I thought they would be the ones and you know you got to get Giannis back but I still think Milwaukee can can do it and in the west it's just a crapshoot I just uh you know it's easy to say Milwaukee stuns and I'm gonna stick with that until we talk again hopefully before where I have an opportunity to change my mind if need be all right so who are you playing with first round uh of this classics the invited uh celebrity classic what are you rolling with the only guy I know is kurt trip but they put me with three pros so I was just like no this is not right this is not right this is not right yeah come on you're Vince Carter that's it how about that I understand that but give me give me the second day not the first day okay well you got to get out there okay hit him straight buckle to the hole uh great chatting with you if you're ever in LA just uh please I'd love to see I'd love to have you here Vince thank you for sure thanks again that's Vince Carter the one and only at mr Vince Carter 15 on twitter and instagram right here on the rich eyes and show you could check out the action today all the way through sunday at los colinas country club in irving texas live on the golf channel all three days of competition I just smile that's all I see fun stuff with Vince right there you imagine if somebody today said I'm going to on the day of my playoff game walk at graduation I mean it caused a ruckus back it sure did and we didn't have social media like we did it sure did everybody's one and done these days rich no one graduated that boy also look at you being I'm I that was just a segment filled with heart and soul and Chris just took that pin and popped it with something called truth I don't appreciate it what it is Vince Carter dunked on it yeah yeah you were my Frederick vice yes the French pastry as he was known in uh in new york city Frederick vice wow I haven't heard that name in a while he's long since gone I don't know about I don't know I don't know if you're aware these these current Knicks don't shine shoes no more by the way Vince Carter great I don't have a shine box anymore Vince Carter greatest dunker of all time out in game what was there an out of game or yeah no like slam dunk contest well that's a given too I think Vince Carter's the greatest dunker of all time in game for sure remember when Harold Miner was called baby Jordan yep won the dunk contest my gosh the dunk that's when the dunk contest was the gun dunk contest that's when I was so proud of the fact that Kenny Skywalker won the dunk contest as a nick I was just so excited as a nick fan oh my god a nick won the slam dunk contest now it'd be like this flat top was proper that year Skywalker Kenny Skywalker oh yeah all right we will take a break Zay Flowers will join us on this program what's more likely is coming up hey and it's an NFL draft version of it all NFL draft I like it I like it I like it a lot all right we're right here on the Rich Eisen Show Zay Flowers when we come back Nobel is a training brand for people who work hard and don't believe in excuses Nobel's performance footwear apparel and accessories are worn by some of the fittest athletes on earth and is now the official combine training partner of the NFL and the official on-field supplier of apparel and headwear for the NFL scouting combine head to NFL to see how Nobel forever changed the NFL combine and to shop football training essentials and more gear for your day-to-day workouts stay tuned to the Rich Eisen Show and keep your eyes on our twitter feed and youtube channel as I'm hosting a new segment sponsored by Nobel called from the combine of the draft I'll profile a few players journeys from the physical and mental tests of the NFL combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in Kansas City during the draft that's slash rich eisen show and slash rich eisen show from the combine of the draft sponsored by Nobel men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved of men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold great chat with Vince Carter already had one with Jim Jackson let's talk a little bit of NFL draft on this day next week we'll have a lot of answers won't we oh baby will we ever we'll be getting ready for rounds two and three first round will be in the books yep oh babe you'll have no sleep yeah it'll be great and I'm assuming we'll hear the name Zay Flowers on night number one that's for sure hopefully a 14th overall to the New England Patriots that would be do you want to speak that into existence right now wait a minute is this tampering it is not oh I'm asking I'm a tampering he can't make his own pick let me just tell you Chris is a representative of the Patriots is all I'm saying no he's not he's a representative of Patriots nation and I can say this with certainty if there's one person who does not care what Chris Brockman thinks his name is Bill Belichick all right 100% so especially in the last couple months and and speaking things into existence that's what Dylan Brooks is trying to say right now I'm not afraid of LeBron he's old you got a drop 40 on me for me to get to get my respect I don't care who you are so you got to speak things into existence and Chris Brockman trying to speak Zay Flowers into existence as a New England Patriot that's why we welcome in one of the best bc wide receivers in school history right here on the Rich Johnson show how you doing Zay I'm good how you doing have you met with the Patriots oh I didn't meet with the Patriots I went on the 30 visit oh you went on a 30 visit what is a 30 visit with the Patriots look like walk me through that Zay Flowers what's it like oh it was actually fun um coach Bill O'Brien great coach you know we just went through some stuff and just testing my knowledge about football yep and we went through some stuff it was I had a fun day it was a fun day on New England so the bill you met with was O'Brien not Belichick oh I met with coach Belichick on that 30 visit yeah way cooler in person he looks serious on the tv but cooler at first he is cooler in person I agree with you where was it in his office do you get you meet in the coach's office where'd you meet him yeah I met with him in his office um it was right after I came from the Raiders I was kind of tired took a red eye straight to him and we had a great meeting okay what can you share like what's it like being in Bill Belichick's office Zay Flowers what's that like oh honestly it was unbelievable I'm like damn I'm like and one of the greatest coaches ever I'm like in his office you know me with him so I just called my dad I was all like yeah I know Bill Belichick I just enjoyed my mom I just enjoy all my business all my I'm just trying to enjoy everything that I can does he have any trophies in there what's he got in there a lot of trophies a lot of trophies a lot of trophies he's flexing so he's flexing yeah yeah kind of flexing but I hear you like humble about it calm about it okay so um where where where else did you you went from Raiders to the Patriots who else you visit I went to Dallas um the Giants the Bills Baltimore and the Titans okay so where did you hook up with Mahomes Zay where did that happen um I was with him in Dallas I was coming from the Titans oh he sent me a text and I was like if I got a chance to throw one of the greatest quarterbacks in the NFL I got to take that chance so I went out of two of them ah so you just look down at your phone and it's a text from is Mahomes already in your phone or did you say new phone who it is did you do one oh he just shot me a text it was like Patrick Mahomes and I was like what the hell Patrick Mahomes texted me and then I seen it he was like you know and I was like oh I'm out there ASAP yeah right oh my god so why did he text you do you think Zay I mean what what did you ask him that nah I ain't asking no questions I just told him I'm getting there ASAP so what was that like that workout with um like I see why he do it in the games like the ball is never not on target it's always putting your chest always right in front of you and to have it like that it's it made the game easier because you can just turn around and make a play because the ball you know the ball gonna be there you just gotta catch it okay and uh look you've done this uh at a very high level for quite some time uh Boston College obviously you're from Fort Lauderdale uh and you've played at the the top ranks in in in that world as well but when you're catching your first pass running your first route with Mahomes was your heart thumping for something like that you can't no I wasn't thumping I'm like man I do this every day I'm just about to go out and do what I do I like it and I know it's gonna be clean I just catch the ball give a little move at this okay get my body warmed up so I just treated it like a normal day okay I like that Zay you gotta do that you mean because my first thought would be man if there's one ball that can't hit the ground it's this first one from Patrick Mahomes and you're like okay no ball ain't touched the ground that day of course not so you I don't know are you aware Zay Flowers that you set off Chief's Nation significantly with that workout thinking that all right you're just gonna be a chief now are you aware of that uh not really man honestly I don't really pay attention to a lot of stuff I just do my work um hang out with my family and just do what I do on a daily basis okay so you worked out with Mahomes in Dallas and you went on those top 30 visits do you do you have any sense of who might take you and where at all honestly I got zero sense but I'll just be blessed to be able to be taken um whenever that name call and just go to work and try to help an organization to what they want are you going to be in Kansas City uh yeah I will be in Kansas City with my whole family all 13 of us all 14 of us oh hold on a second well what's the number 13 or 14 um 14 one of my brothers passed away so oh I'm sorry to hear that okay so so you're gonna get your your family will be there all together what do you think it's gonna be like to hear your name called out by the commissioner of the NFL Zay it's gonna be unbelievable I work for this every day so just to put in the work and see the results it's gonna be a blessing and I know my family proud of me I know my mom my brother proud of me so I just want to be with my family and just enjoy that time with them okay what's your mom's name Zay um my mom named Jackie Jackie what do you think the moment's gonna be like for Jackie Zay um my mom passed away too unfortunately I'm sorry to hear that too okay so what do you what what will you be thinking of then at that point about that so I got this little I got a necklace made of her um and I know she's always with me I know my brother always with me so I know they're proud of what I'm doing and I'm just ready to take the next step okay all right this is going to be a big moment for you no question about it I'm very excited for you who's the who's the player that you uh you uh dreamt about when you were a kid thinking I want to be like him I love Steve Smith um my dad always told me about when I was young you like um being a dog like Steve Smith size size don't matter as long as you're a dog you'll be okay is Steve Smith aware of this uh yeah I've met him a couple times I talked to him on the phone talked to him and messaged and I told him I let him know huh that is pretty cool that is pretty cool that you get to meet somebody that you you emulate and that you want to be you want to be like and uh that not not many not many folks get to get to be that way so that's that's pretty cool about that do you have your fit all picked out for Kansas City yeah something simple to all business something simple what do you mean um it's not too much it ain't flashy just get in uh enjoy my time with my family and right as soon as I get home get right back to work okay well I'll tell you what say your name is being mentioned quite a bit by a bunch of fans who say you can fit my team my friend Chris over here for the Patriots is exactly that person right Chris you know just stay at home you went to Boston College you don't have to leave you're already there great you already know what New England you know falls and winters are like we need you that'll be great hey we can make it happen let's do it let's do it okay well he just spoke it into existence and I think you did too say so congratulations in advance I do hope we get to meet in person yeah thank you appreciate it of course you got it say you'll be well and uh keep keep I mean who's next uh a text from Tom Brady like what else I mean what my goodness get a test with Tom Brady I don't know what I'll do it's you get you're in Belichick's office you're getting texts from a home saying workout I mean who would was anybody else working out with him or were you the only receiver on uh no Travis Kelce it was a lot of guys that Travis Kelce um um QJ uh Quinn okay um yeah we was just there we were just having fun man doing what we do Kelce so do you share an agent is that why my home's reached out in a way or just you just knew you're in town um no we don't share an agent oh I guess he just wanted one to work out get some work pretty cool I like it I like it well I'm congratulations on everything that's been going on with you over the past several weeks months and obviously years I do hope to see you in Kansas City and good luck to you let's do this thank you for having me I'll see you out there okay very good stop by I'll be on the NFL Network set that is Zay Flowers right here on the you got it that's Zay Flowers right here on the Rich Eisen show nice kid his mom passed away when he was five Chris is that the story yeah um an unfortunate incident but Zay is the fourth youngest of 13 kids he has nine brothers and four sisters in that family wow man and they'll all be in Kansas City fantastic be a proud family man Bella checks office just trophies trophies thing is you don't have to mention them they're just there there's six of them they're there the story in the NFL today five suspended players for violating the gambling policy of the NFL as if Calvin Ridley wasn't a warning sign to any players and of the five Jamison Williams of the Detroit Lions everybody you know his first season was truncated by injury and now his second one by suspension six games he didn't get the full year CJ Moore of the Lions and Quintez Cephas of the Lions plus the commander Shaka Tony they got the indefinite suspension that's at least one year in Detroit Stanley Berryhill are suspended six games so they were found their IP addresses or whatever what have you came from the locker room they were able to see that it came from the facility Chris is that the the story here yeah so the story is that these guys were not betting on NFL but they were betting at NFL facility whether that was the locker room or somewhere team plane the team hotel wherever that is against the rules good on your own time it it just boggles the mind I don't know if they get to do if they have to do the same human resources material that I have to do and everyone at NFL network was a full-time employee has to do I mean it is all laid out for you you got to watch these videos you got to see it it's just right there it's just right there and and I'll just say this if there's anybody out there who's like well the NFL has relationships with betting partners official gambling partners uh if I'm not mistaken the owners of the NFL uh voted to and whatever states allow it have sports books open in their stadiums right didn't that just happen I think some teams are going to have you know the allowed to draft king's lounge and or what have you whatever at the at at the stadium where players are playing but not allowed to partake in that correct but whoever is having those facilities open at their stadiums they're allowed to reap the revenue from it if anybody out there who thinks how can the NFL do it three words because they can because they can why does anybody do anything because they can so but the players themselves and I and I I'm the last thing there's many last things where serious you know life events can happen um at a facility or at a place the last thing the NFL wants is anybody to think what you're seeing on the field is not up and up what a disaster that would be a complete unmitigated disaster and so players will hey they they I believe some of the the the the apps and the and the these sites and and the partners are definitely looking for any NFL player to be on it and they're coughing up that information in the league oh 100% that's how Calvin really got found out in the first place yeah so it's just hey just don't do it and the Lions are going to be without a significant player for a third of their season that's a big weapon man he was ready for a breakout I think he could still break out but he's got to sit out first let's take a break right here 844-204 rich being the number to dial what's more likely draft style still to come but there's a huge story out of Pittsburgh that we're going to be we've been all over this story since the very beginning involving the Steelers I wouldn't miss this that's next this is the rich isin show right here live on the roku channel and this radio station well listeners in case you didn't get enough sports today here's an ad break that'll tell you how to watch even more sports youtube is the new home of NFL Sunday ticket and if you sign up now you'll get our lowest full season price of the year just go to slash spotify offer to get 100 off NFL Sunday 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he was in a big time slump too so it's nice to see him get a couple hits a couple rbi yesterday that was nice and then the rest of the baseball night played out mookie betts playing for the los angeles dodgers now played shortstop because the dodgers are in a bind trey turner hottios now you could sit here and say well he wanted to go he wanted on the east coast anyway the dodgers everybody keeps telling me they wanted a reset this year but their luxury texas is a reset year which is why the padres went nuts because they had an opportunity they knew now would be the time if they load up they could beat the dodgers in this division and they could beat they could go deep because the dodgers are kind of resetting and reloading they're saving their reloading they're saving their powder for showy otani we'll get to that in a second but trey turner out gavin lux in gets who gets hurt for the rest of the season right from the get-go gavin lux he's out who the hell is gonna play shortstop let's try mookie bets on for size did you see his first handle at shortstop last night i did not i'll give you two choices i gave the two choices to chris earlier two choices one it was an easy double play ball that he booted okay the other one it was a double play ball that he's fielded as if he's been playing shortstop for 20 years and an unassisted double play was the result which is your choice i'm gonna go with the ladder that is correct man i'm watching it right now he even jump throwed off the back to avoid the slide like he's done it all the time that's his first handle it's shortstop and you said you're you're spot on chris you i i don't think you you you can say it even arguably or conditionally he's the best athlete in major league baseball i believe it certainly feels that way i know i know otani might be 1a i don't know can a otani bowl perfect game well can otani play hoops i i see what you're saying i mean i don't know we don't know yeah we don't know i would assume that how amazing is this guy now you know they've got james outman he was hitting it out man see now his name could go both ways outman sounds like you know uh a place kicker whose name is wide right blew it blew it blew it that's right chris blew it yeah a kicker's name is blue okay so man don't make an out man right no he was out man or or he hit it out man hitting it out a grand slam as the as the the dodgers beat the the cubs and you know your metes took care of business yeah polar bear had nine they even they even won they even won the game and uh that sherzer got kicked out it those are accepted as 10 game suspension what are you gonna do what's that two starts he misses maybe one maybe one if you if you you can you can move it in a way it's possible to start you you can do it right whatever we'll load management till october rich but there's mookie out there for the dodgers and then uh zander bogarts how's he doing as a as a padre oh don't get chris started on i know dude i'm telling him my boy's heard over there i miss him every single day i tweeted i miss him every single day i tweeted it out as he hit an absolute bomb last night he has they put they've played we're an eighth of the way through the season right he's got five homers and 12 rbi's 15 rbi's he's on a pace for 40 and 120 he's hitting 350 man he's so damn good and i'm so glad i don't have to be worn out by number two so good you know uh in boston although i do miss a red sock wearing number two because he's a jeter fan i do miss that red sock is wearing number two this year who's that justin turner is wearing number two oh is he is it because he's a red is a jeter fan no it was available so you see that and then the news did you see well it's not news uh our friend eddie spn whose hair is perfect no jeff passing oh bro see passing said yesterday the angels going into yesterday's series ending loss in the bronx they were nine and nine he said if the angels don't aren't winning middle of the season they're gonna look to trade look for the otani trade to go i'm telling you this thing is the backdrop to the entire major league baseball season is what will happen with otani and he said passing that otani wants to win there's so many questions like what does he want right nobody knows what does he want yeah does he want to pitch in a place where he's going to win every year or does he want to just pitch and play in a place that's a wonderful area to play in or city to play in and doesn't matter the winning and the losing doesn't matter to him just pay him what he's going to pay him he just loves playing ball and he's passing pointed out just look at what he did in that moment in the world baseball classic against his major league baseball teammate trout and that's the guy that's the guy the otani guy living in the moment pitching pitching in that moment and hitting expectations in the moment with everything on the line that's the guy not the guy of just like hey i struck out 10 and i homered in front of 27 000 fans for a team that's hitting you know 500 but it's 70 degrees out and i do love living in southern california and if you know they're going to pay me 600 million dollars i'll live there you know i mean it is nice here it is i'm i'm not saying that and also there isn't somebody on the radio barking about what's the matter with the angels pitching there isn't what's the matter with this guy he's you know he's all by himself oh well honestly there isn't and well you know i i listen to sports talk radio all over the place you got today clippers well lakers lakers dodgers clippers angels angels or no there might even be nfl draft talk believe it or not i'm serious and i know we're talking in southern california right now our our audience is out there you know we're on 10 you know we're we're we're on all across southern california we say hello to our first radio affiliate 1090 here in los angeles the mighty mighty error mightier excuse me the mightier 1090 and i apologize to if this offends anybody out there but in our listening audience and you can call us 844-204-rich number to dial there's no honestly there is nobody that i hear of or see like it's outraged of what's going on with the angels here in southern california no trout and otani rendon you'd think that that's uh one-third of a lineup that should put some wins on the board wins on the board and if otani doesn't like it according to jeff pass and he he ain't gonna be here he used the magic johnson phrase in southern california and chris and i were discussing this yesterday when we saw that report they pretty much have to trade them right chris because they can't let them walk for nothing you can't get nothing in return uh for a once in a generation type player this what what would you say because we're we're now um on the back end of april and again there is still a ton of baseball to be played don't forget remember joe madden he was like he was manager of the year the angels looked like they were playing as well as they've played here in with the in the otani trout error and then all of a sudden did they lose like 13 games in a row and then madden's gone a lot yeah 13 or 14 and he's gone he's out but as you and i and everybody are talking right now let me get this straight the los angeles angels are nine and ten just three and a half games behind the rangers who are the only team above 500 in the al west but i believe everybody believes the astros are just beginning to catch their breath with no altuve he'll come back and astros will be the astros and the rangers are the are a team that spending and spending well enough and then bruce bocci gets hired and look at this team now they're winning two out of every three baseball games and the angels if you're otani you're sitting there saying what the hell but passing that to say so what do you think memorial day got to see something by memorial night no the deadline is as you know it's in is in the summer time july for july 1st but these these these trades can't come together yeah they can really yeah is because otani it's really simple you just look at the top 100 mlb prospects and you see which team has the most and say i'll take all those so like tj you want them on the negotiation you want them on the mats you got to give up franky alvarez who's number one you got to give up bret batey come on now uh what do you mean you're getting otani you got to give up uh let's see your number two prospect uh i catch her as kevin parada okay let's go down to the top 100 let's see you got any more in the top 100 that's why we got alex ramirez who's at 88 who are the yankees screw all four of those guys are gone excuse me what's the name of this show uh feller what is it it's all right all right this is the rich isin show all right so yankees you got to give up volpe really these are the majors now so what i mean you haven't played because i know the angels just called up their top prospect he's also a shortstop one of them one of those guys moves to second base uh you got to get up jason dominguez one of the best young power hitters he's in double a right now uh oswaldo uh raza he's got to go he just got called up you only got three in the top 100 see that's why i'm hoping pickens that's why i'm hoping the angels are at least competitive throughout this year that way they won't trade them and then we can just sign them any off season you just go down the list who's got the most and then the year you're in the otani hunt for the trade deadline this is a a trade for otani would blow hersha walker trade out of the water well remember though you're getting back the hersha walker trade was the result of that trade which was three super bowls so they were all for that to look at their draft picks and players i mean you're talking like this is a 10 for one deal nine and ten as we're talking right here passing said if they don't if they're not winning out the door come on angels win some games win some games you're rooting for him to stay because no i'm rooting for them to do well at least he won't leave then he won't leave he might still go why i don't know can i hope here rich and by the way him staying here as much as i'd love for him to go to the yankees you'd love them to go to the metts you'd love them to go to the red sox worse and there are tons of people in this town that everyone's talking about because it's the dodgers yeah of course there are folks in san diego who think well we'll make room for otani everybody there's still more money in that whatever despite that you know to tattoos and and whatever soda is going to cost and what they've paid bogarts and what they've paid machado that there's still money left in the padres banana stand to use the pop culture phrase you know the banana stand yeah that's a little arrested development uh the giants always money who missed out on everybody this past spring and winter the job as much or mirrors cobs or whatever name it would be best for him to stay with the angels and the angels to be good with him and trout and i would love for a freeway series to actually mean something and this is not a little bouquet to the mightier 1090 fans who might have pissed off here it's the truth it's the truth let him be the guy who will like the halo that would be great is that a thing and if he does and if the angels win as you're saying because you want him to leave anyway and it doesn't cost you anything because the angels won't have to feel forced to trade him he might just stay because who the hell knows conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen you
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