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REShow: Betsy Brandt - Hour 3

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April 21, 2023 3:31 pm

REShow: Betsy Brandt - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 21, 2023 3:31 pm

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the NFL Draft including where Will Levis goes, the first defensive player off the board, if the Raiders or Titans trade up for a QB, draft trades, and if Bill Belichick and the Patriots draft a skill position player of someone you’ve never heard of before.

Actress Betsy Brandt joins Rich in-studio to discuss her new Hulu series ‘Saint X,’ her memorable role as Marie Schrader on ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better Call Saul,’ reveals which piece of memorabilia she stole from the BB set and reveals what it was like rubbing elbows with Barbara Streisand backstage on the set of ‘Life in Pieces.’

Rich reacts to a huge college football rule change where the game clock will not stop anymore after first downs.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

It's Rich Eisen. Yes it is our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. Great chats with Jim Jackson and Vince Carter about last night's NBA playoff action previewing tonight's NBA playoff action.

Also Jim Jackson was at the mic with Ian Eagle on TNT when Draymond Green had some place that he had to step if his foot had to land somewhere essentially. If you missed any of that don't worry we re-air right here on the Roku channel in one hour's time. We re-air every single day as soon as we're done with our 12 to 3 eastern live hours on the Roku channel which is free on all Roku devices.

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It's a video on demand service. The whole show winds up there as well. There's our podcast, the Cumulus Podcast Network. All three hours you can listen to on demand whenever you want. All where podcasts are acquired. Any spot you can find the Rich Eisen show in deliverable form.

Three hours every day whenever you want to listen to it. Chris Brockman, Jason Feller and their spots. TJ Jefferson and his spot. You at 844-204-rich.

The number to dial. Again, Zay Flowers was on as well. If you missed it stay tuned for that and in about 18 minutes time, a little less than that, the actress Betsy Brent will be here and it's pretty cool. I've been a fan of hers, Life in Pieces, Breaking Bad. She showed up in Better Call Saul as well. You can bet that we'll be watching in our household Saint X on Hulu, which premieres next Wednesday.

Three episodes are going to be dropping on one day and then new episodes will drop weekly on Wednesdays. She's about to join us in studio and Chris your son Cage is three, correct? Correct. If I'm not mistaken, because I follow you on Instagram at BrockShady, he successfully completed swim class recently and he got froyo.

He got frozen yogurt, correct? Swim class has been a little bit of a disaster. Yes.

Okay. We have a pool at our house. He did the lessons kind of last year and he was super into it, but you know the winter you're not going in the pool.

It's cold. So we're getting him back into it. Just kind of re-familiarize himself. So we joined a local spot.

Saw Matt Barnes actually the other day. Oh really? After he was here. Kind of funny. Yeah, the same day, right?

Same day. So the first three he just didn't he just refused to go in. He was afraid. Didn't like the environment.

Didn't know any of the kids there. He didn't know them and the instructors were like, was he afraid of the water? I'm like, right of the water. We left our pool to come here. He's not afraid of the water. So finally a fourth time was a charm.

We walked in, get changed, you go into the area, got right in. I think I figured out why. Tell him Chris. Frozen yogurt? No. Well he's a young man Rich.

There was a three-year-old girl in his class. All right. Yep. He wanted to show off. Attaboy. Stayed in the water the whole time. I sat right on the edge to kind of make him feel comfortable. Didn't even look at me. Didn't care.

He was very much into the other person in his class. They did the thing and afterwards I was like, great job. You were a great boy.

Let's go get frozen. Fantastic. So he's got a little bit of the Lochte in him is what you're saying.

Some of the Lochte? He became a man on that day. Is that it? I was like, wow. Okay, but that's all it took. When he told me this the other day, he goes, so you know why he got in? I said, was there a little girl in Chris's class? There we go.

Fantastic. Well the reason why I bring this up is when Cage gets older and starts playing scholastically and starts having basketball games for instance for his grade school, potentially middle school and then you know to salute for you high school and beyond, right? The NBA. Someplace Cage is going to have to have a place for his foot to land, right? Because we know he's going to be that type of player. There will be times where, let's be honest, some of the action in these games drag.

They lag a little bit. You're sometimes just waiting to see if a ball will go in the net and at those times you find comfort with some of the other parents who are in the same situation and sometimes your child when they put the ball in that it's a revelation and it's great and there's another parent similar to that situation as well and you like it if you like those parents, right? Those youth sports become that much more enjoyable. Betsy Brant is that for Suzy and I. Because our kids go to school together. We have gone to these sporting events together and it was great when one of our kids broke good. So I don't know if that'll be part of our conversation when she comes out here. I guess I could ask her this in about 15, 20. Is she like loud and cheering and going nuts? Because that was always my mom at the games.

You could always hear my mom. It was a spirited adventure and I don't mean because we were trying to get through it. No, we were showing school spirit.

I thought you had the flasks out. No, no, no, no. That'll be for the Emmy awards in a couple of weeks. So there's that. Yeah, man. Thank you. There you go. All right.

844-204 Rich, number to dial. We will take your phone calls here on this show, but let's get to our Friday staple and this is great. One week from today, we will have answers. First round answers. One week from today, the first round of the NFL draft will be in the books and so we'll know the answers to the questions Chris is about to pose in an NFL draft edition of What's More Likely. What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. Okay. Christopher Brockman, let's get the NFL films music. Thank you, Jay Felley. What do you got over there, Chris? Here we go. Happy Friday.

Let's get right to it. What's more likely? Quarterbacks go first, second, and third. Or Will Levis will be on the board when the Patriots pick at 14. I'll go with Levis on the board at 14 is more likely. I don't... Hey, and I know Joel Klatt was here saying that he thinks that it's all a smokescreen with the Texans at two and Stroud and that somebody is going to trade up with Arizona for Anthony Richardson or it could be Levis. Maybe. I don't know, man. I'm landing more in the camp now of what Albert Breer said about a week and a half ago because we try and make you smarter by having all of these guests on prior to the draft talking about the draft. It also helps me with prep.

So... Rich, I know you prep 24 seven. I am more in the camp of what Breer said is that we're in the media are evaluating these quarterbacks differently than what the NFL might evaluate them as. So I'll say more than likely that Levis is available when the Patriots are there at 14, then one, two, and three. Now it obviously could be in the middle that Levis is gone and then there is a one, two, and three, and Levis is one of the top three, but I don't think it'll go in a row to start the draft.

I still think one through four are all going to be quarterbacks. Well, that would be something else. We'll see. Okay, good answer, Rich.

Thank you. All right, what's more likely? What's more likely? We'll not hear that again during this conversation or we'll hear that again?

I think we'll hear it again. The non-offensive player, non-quarterback to get selected first, Bijan or any wide receiver. Look at some of the teams. I would have answered, so you're taking offensive tackles off the board. Yes, I'm talking about skill players.

Bijan or... Okay, because non-quarter, they're also non-quarterback. I understand.

Tell me you're tackling the skill. Because I will say this, I'll give you something. I will go wide receiver, goes first over Bijan. It's just the whole running back thing just drives me a little crazy about how you don't need one to be a game changer. Okay.

I don't believe that. Or you can find your game-changing running back later in the draft. I got you. But somebody, I believe Bijan's on our show next week before I leave town. Can't wait to chit chat with him.

I hear he is just a delight. But I still think it's a wide receiver and I'll go you one better. I think we're going to hear two tackles off the board before we hear any other, if you will, skilled position player on the offensive side go.

It'll be quarterbacks, then two offensive linemen before we hear our first wide receiver name. Ah, interesting. Prior to Bijan, that's the way I'm going. How about that? All right. Boy, I'm just spitting details. Hey, hot fire. You know why I'm doing this? Because I'm prepped. What else?

What do you got? All right, let's go to defense. Yes, sir. It's more likely to be the first defender selected. Will Anderson or Jalen Carter? Will Anderson. I still think Will Anderson to use the Mayock phrase is considered cleaner off the field. Be that as it may. Fair or not, I think it's Will Anderson before Jalen Carter. That's more likely. But next week is just going to be a total reshuffling of the deck in terms of narratives. And I wouldn't be surprised if it's the other way around once we finally get to rubber meeting draft road. But I'll take Will Anderson. What else you got over there, Chris?

All right. We don't know what these two teams are doing. They're meeting with everybody. They're sitting right there at seven at eleven talking Raiders, Titans. They're taking and making calls, right? They're doing both. They're taking and making visits. They're doing everything.

Hosting dinners. Who's more likely to shock us by moving up to draft a quarterback Raiders or Titans? Oh, good one, Chris. I'll go Raiders. I'll go Raiders. I'll go Raiders being aggressive.

Oh, wait a minute. The Titans. The Titans. I mean, I could also see the Raiders go. We got Jimmy G here and we'll deal with this later. Another draft or whatever.

I don't. I'll go Raiders. I just think they'll surprise people and move up. That'll be the bigger surprise because Tennessee, everyone thinks they've got to. Right.

Kind of. I'll go Raiders. I'll go Raiders. Seven to three, maybe to take Richardson. Move on before I decide. Oh, rich. OK, rich. Last year.

Yes. Nine first round trades. Nine monster first round last year.

So what's more likely to be the higher total this year's first round trades or Aaron Judge home runs the time of the draft? Oh, you're going back to the well. To the well judges at six bombs right now.

All rise higher total. I'll go. You know what? Because I'm feeling it.

I'll go judge home runs. Yeah. Have a good week. This total is higher. It's further and it is it is Goner. Yeah. The judge total is going to be higher. All right. By the way, you said what's going to be what's more likely first judge hitting ten home runs or Rogers becomes a jet down the stretch.

Here we go. It's neck and neck. It is neck and neck. It is a tight one. I think I chose Rogers, right?

I think Judge might win, pal. Wow. I mean, that that's a YP. Sorry, good one. It's a JP. All right. All right. All right. Last one.

Last one. Higher total. More likely concluded NBA playoff series or wide receivers taken in the first round. Higher total concluded NBA playoff series by draft day or wide receivers taken in the first round. Let me see. This is interesting.

Let me hammer it out. Boston and Atlanta will be over by then. Sixers and Nets will be over by then. I think Clippers and Suns will be over by then because they play every other day. That's three. Minnesota Denver is four.

What's my choice again or wide receivers taken in the first round? I will go playoff series over. So you think at least you think half will be over? Oh, yeah, I do. I do.

I mean, yeah, I do. I'll go. That's a good one. That's a real good one. On Friday show next week, let's revisit that.

I was thinking about that. OK, that's a real good one. OK, all right.

What's more likely? OK, very one more. All right, we'll get one more. Do you have one more, Chris? Oh, wait a minute.

I do. Oh, we're script flipping your script flipping. I was caught off guard. Table turning. Hey, Chris, I've got one for you. Hey, what's more likely?

Put it up on the screen. The Patriots draft a skill position player at 14 or trade down to take someone you've never heard of. And I, by the way, I kind of dig Belichick sitting there with Nike on the right.

Well done, Smith, for that photograph and beautiful Nike to dog famous by the 2020 draft. I mean, I know what I want them to do. What is more? Excuse me. Now you're in the position on win every single week. What's more likely? The Patriots choose a skilled position player, meaning a running back quarterback wide receiver at 14 or trade down and take somebody you've never heard of. All right. So by the way, they can trade on to take someone you have heard.

That's true. Hold on. We don't. The Pats have a second round pick.

They don't. Oh, they're trading now. It's more likely they're going to trade down, maybe get a second pick out of fourth or fifths later on. Yeah. Yeah. Just get more picks. Yeah. When they should just take Bijan.

He might not be there. So what do you got? Which is it? It's more likely to trade down. Very good. And then take someone you've never heard of. Probably. Okay. There's two choices.

How funny is it when I turn the tables on him? He's trying to find, you know, let me, let me, let me choose choice C or D or E. No, no, there's two choices. A or B. That's it. They do have a second rounder, but all right. Get on the third round. Good stuff. Whatever.

Eight, four, four, two or four riches. The number to dial. We'll try our best. Stay tuned.

Stay where you are. We will take your phone calls by the end of the show and then get to that Steelers, big Steelers story that nobody's covering to be very honest with you, but we've been all over since the very beginning. But let's, let's, let's bring Betsy Brant out here.

New show on Hulu called Saint X. Betsy Brant next on the Rich Eisen Show. Men, do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms, sweating, itching, or emitting an odor? Do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts? New and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter. Don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about.

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From the Combine to the Draft sponsored by Nobel. Saint X it is going to be premiering Wednesday April 26th with three new episodes and the new episodes drop weekly on Wednesdays after that. What do you want folks to know about this? Those first three episodes you're gonna get right into it. Okay. So that's like it's and then yeah and then we're gonna we're gonna make you wait for it I guess every week after that.

Right. It's based on a book though so if you read the book or familiar with the book you will which the book was fantastic you'll have some idea what's happening but it is really I think it's great tv just to watch it unfold. Right and so you're on a family vacation in a beautiful island spot. Yes and a fantastic resort and our teenage daughter goes missing.

And then all sorts of holy heck breaks loose I can only imagine. Yeah it's not the vacation that we dreamed of. No you're you're definitely not going on some sort of well that's what we call a trip then right there's a difference a vacation and then there's a trip. Right you know right so but we shot in the Dominican Republic which like that was we couldn't have we couldn't have gotten the show couldn't have made the show that it is and shot it anywhere else. Right. Like you couldn't have shot in Hawaii and have it be this island. So I was really glad we got there but you know like that's a whole thing too.

Like it's just. Is it Caribbean or Caribbean to you? What is that? Oh I always say Caribbean. Okay what do you say Chris are you a Caribbean guy or a Caribbean? You say it the right way or the. Or the weird way what is it I don't know. Caribbean. Okay very good out here in the west.

Like carabiner. Oh okay very good Saint X is premiering on Hulu Wednesday April 26th that's next week with three episodes new episodes drop weekly on Wednesdays. I was mentioning as you were coming out here that you and I and our spouses have shared many youth sports moments together because our sons go to school together. Yes. And so Chris do you want to ask the question that you were asking before of Betsy Brant now that she is actually sitting here. Do you just sit back and watch and enjoy or are you super loud interactives yelling and doing all that? You know Chris I am who I am and I have feelings about a lot of things the sports all of it I do.

Now I'm not you know really my husband will get you know like more about oh that call is right. I just really you know it for me it's all about the drama that's happening out there. You're going with the flow. Yeah. Right so you and I are like that and your husband and my wife Susie. Yeah.

They're the ones who want to take. It's funny Susie likes to sit next to me at those games because we do compliment each other in our cheering. First of all you crack her up that's number one and number two she also knows that you cracking her up takes her mind off of the officiating and things of that nature.

Oh yeah. I would think I mean we've never had this conversation before you know Susie and I've never had that. I would just guess that because she does want to sometimes complain about some of the officiating. She knows she can't. I mean sometimes I can't help myself and then I'm that mom you know because my my daughter played sports too. Right. And I'd be like um sometimes excuse me excuse me that belongs to us please relinquish the ball. Yeah I know you can't do that you don't want to be that person. Yeah because you don't because sometimes that was impolite.

Also some bad words might slip out as well. So let's let's jump into some of your previous work if you don't mind Betsy Brant. Certainly here on this program I we whenever anybody. You've had some of my friends on your show.

I've had some of your friends no doubt on this show in Bryan Cranston and obviously Vince Gilligan the creator of Breaking Bad. Yeah. And when did Breaking Bad first come across your radar screen Betsy?

Like when did I start watching it? No. Nice. Right. Is it over?

Yeah right. It's so funny I met Dean Norris in the waiting room to go and audition for Vince Gilligan. Was he auditioning for Hank? Yes.

Okay. Yes and we had no idea what this show was. I was like is this a comedy? We had a whole conversation about it I said because I'm going in there and reading it like it's funny because I think it's pretty funny and and he was like oh yeah no me too me too and so we both but that's how our characters were not for all of it but a lot of it.

Right. Yeah we we had no idea what this was. Is that what you were going into to audition? You're reading the audition you're reading the pilot script.

Yeah oh it was I said to my husband I said hands down the best pilot I've ever read I wonder if they'll actually make this because the idea was just so um who's gonna put money behind that Sony and AMC. Did you did you know that Bryan Cranston had been cast when you were going in? When I know he wasn't. Because that would have lent the idea to being a comedy as well with him coming from Malcolm in the middle. Clearly it wasn't the only one who thought there was so funny in it. Right.

Um I no he wasn't cast yet and then um and then he was I went in I did I go in two or three I think three times ultimately. Okay right yeah and then you get the gig. And then I got it but I I I needed it not like I needed it to pay my bills I was already so attached to the project and invested in it because it was so good and then once you can't sit I mean you know you can't sit in a room with Vince Gilligan and not fall in love with him like and he's such a he's such a creative genius but he's also just one of the best people you'll ever meet. So nice such so sweet and you can't believe that that the dark stuff comes from that human being. I know and he's just the nicest guy.

Right and all the darkness. Chris didn't do I mean he played this like oh my god I got chest pains during the awkward guacamole scene because I just was telling him over and over again to go kill himself and meaning it every single time. When did you realize that this was hitting though? When it was after season three like the first couple seasons it was the show was great but it wasn't we were getting enough people that were watching it enough people to watch it that AMC was willing to keep it on so I was thankful for that and I would have been happy doing that too but it was great that we had the fans that we did. Right and then all of a sudden stuff like when it hit Netflix or something like that? Yes when Netflix because then people caught up on it and exactly people caught up on it and binged it and then went along the ride with us but there's still people that are starting to binge it now. Right exactly right and yeah you know. Just when I think I'm like oh like that's the zenith of like you know no one will recognize me from Breaking Bad anymore it's yeah that doesn't.

Well I mean it'll always be that way. What was the toughest scene for you to do? Oh my god sorry spoiler alert I think when.

It's too late. Right I mean is there like I know um when uh oh it's heartbreaking um when Skyler oh god well you know what there's some scenes I haven't even watched because it's too hard for me. Are you serious where you did it once and you just can't watch it? Well I'm not in I'm not in I'm not in um oh yeah but sorry yes whatever it's in uh where um Skyler and Marie fight and I slap her um that was one of the saddest days for me for my character because that I love their relationship and I was like that's done now that will never be the same. Yeah once I know that she was involved had anything to do that she and Walt had anything to do with Hank. And the scene where Hank where it he realized that Walter White was Heisenberg and everything that goes on where he's basically you know on the toilet learning about this sort of thing. I was so scared when I read that pilot and some of it had been redacted and I said to Vince I said what's happening is he going to die a very sad Elvis Presley death on the can? Is that how is that what you're going to do because I want to know about that if that's good just so I can prepare myself and he goes no what but I I like that that's my Vince Gilligan imitation. That's a good one so I guess this is a silly follow-up question but I'll ask anyway you you receive redacted scripts for real? Yeah yeah up up and uh you know in the beginning because you get those pretty far ahead before shooting and so you know it the show was you know so many people were into it it just um we didn't want a chance having it get out there right having someone find it you know we did have someone who wasn't involved with the show come across a script and it you know it was you know it's it we don't want it everyone puts a lot of work into it we don't want that to happen right and so everything was top secret obviously you know on the set for something like that so uh because we yeah I we had Bryan Cranston on the show and he said the toughest scene he had to do was the one involving Kristen Ritter you know when she yeah her character died and Walt basically watched her and I saw him right I saw him right after that um that was a tough scene for him what is it I mean we it's funny we would do a class picture every year okay everybody would come we do a class picture and um and he uh yeah he um he was crying like he so it's just like because you hold it together yes while you're shooting and then you know I after he did that scene you found him just he was like just it was that was tough yeah give him a second yeah no doubt about it wow and what a show and then to see you and Better Call Saul that was pretty sweet do you know how hard it was for me to keep my lips zipped about that because we'd been working on this for a while right and so I I didn't know exactly what I was gonna do but I knew I was gonna come back because I was gonna I am not happy there you do not don't you I will well again it was great to see you because it was a brilliant choice to have you on it and have your character on it because of all the people who could be the most aggrieved that is still alive from Breaking Bad yeah to be brought back to lay into or lay out there everything that Saul Goodman's character did it would be you and your character and I thought that was I didn't even think that you would appear I didn't think that they would go there and then when they did I'm like yeah that what a brilliant choice to get you to do that and because you are as a as aggrieved as it possibly gets by this man's decision making it was such a it was so great for me in so many ways just to be back with my friends and yeah have Peter Gould directing me like it into you don't get to be like Bob was there from not from the beginning of Breaking Bad but pretty close to it right you know so he felt he's pretty og and I man to watch him in that in that scene just really screw me over screw my character over was incredibly fun incredibly fun and so did you have to sort of read up on what had happened previously to try and find that look on your face to just get to prepare for a scene like that just to remember all the things that they did do to your character no I once you live it that's in you at least for me with that like even just talking about playing Marie now in her coming back like to get to play that character again I mean that was great for me but also to get to really do her justice because I still love her I mean she's not the easiest character I know that but I so much to love about her and I still love her and at the end she was one of the most honest people in the show who told the truth and was you know like her compass was the one you follow out of out of half the characters on that show more than half and and it's amazing that you'd say the the best moral compass would be a kleptomaniac right well right well you know some things I mean everyone's perfect don't judge don't judge don't focus on that what was your favorite thing you snagged from from from somebody's I guess house right as a character I mean the spoons the spoons were fun for me that was fun um I love that stuff and then I took I did take from the set um the little figurine that I took from what so sony's probably going to come after me now that they're they're looking wait a minute they've been we were going to have a spec house no they've had people questioning other people and now it's out there um because it was just so weird and random it's like it's not a hummel it's like a hummel knockoff okay and it's what you got um and yeah I thought that was but the spoons were like yeah I don't know and I I like small spoons I love that betsy brandt here again saint x is premiering on wednesday next week uh on on hulu new episodes dropping weekly on wednesdays and then life in pieces what a fun show that was wasn't that fun absolutely hilarious it's I feel like during the pandemic a lot of people were like I just started watching my food pieces I'm like man where were you where were you when we needed you right but we had four good years we had four good years great years um you got any it's let me ask you this question because James Brolin was on the show it was Barbara did Barbara Streisand ever come by oh I thought you meant James Brolin was on this show no no no you should get him on the show I do that he's such a kick I mean like what a kick yes she has stopped by Barbara yes Barbara like craft services um yeah Barbara it's come on now freakish how down to earth she is not amazing I don't know if she knows she's Barbara Streisand that's not true she totally knows she's right she's aware but she is absolutely lovely she's still lovely and so is Jim Jim was like the perfect tv dad yeah she's still you know Barbara from Brooklyn I guess deep down from it yeah but I mean that's gotta be pretty cool yeah I mean she's singing and like getting her own costumes and like I mean what her like when she not no not for us when she first started out she's like I would buy vintage stuff and because she just like I think she you know knew what she wanted to do she knew she was really good at it oh I wish I I've told her that I would like to um be in a meeting with her when she you know like if she's going to direct something and has you know has to tell a room full of people that it's she needs to go a different way than what they want to do and then she's going to walk out of that room and then I'll collect whatever things she had on the table and then they'll say we're we're done here thank you and then I'll leave oh man with some dignity so there was no like life and pieces karaoke party where she gets up and just drops she hasn't she hasn't sang at anything no that didn't happen no I mean yeah do you uh yeah sure yes no it really didn't it didn't and Colin Hanks is one of my favorite people isn't he just the best he is awesome I love that it's so funny oh my god he's so I mean he played my little brother so I still feel like I should just pick on him all the time I don't know if that'll ever change why not I hope he's okay with it because I don't know if it'll ever change again one of my favorite people and congrats on in advance of Saint X and um I uh I will see you you know at the next I guess youth basketball game yeah sure something like that sure any basketball game we'll do that uh thanks again for coming Betsy oh my god thanks for having me such a pleasure oh right back at you at betsy underscore brandt on twitter at betsy brandt on instagram check out Saint X on Hulu which is available right here on Roku starting next Wednesday thanks for being here thank you appreciate it you got a betsy brandt here on the rich eyes and show we will wrap things up and send you to your sports weekend in a moment that's great april is national financial literacy month what is financial literacy it's applying different skills effectively including managing your finances budgeting and saving it just so happens the cumulus podcast network has three great podcasts to help raise your financial iq stacking benjamin's with joe saucy hi bankrate's 2023 best personal finance podcast what's one of life's biggest expenses that we can maybe talk about reducing housing is housing on the list buying a house is the number two expense of all these expenses what's a way that we can reduce our housing expense we're from seattle to florida wow it's fucking like somebody with a little knowledge of that situation afford anything with financial journalist paula pant you have many financial goals you want to buy or pay off your house you need to replace your car you need to pay off your house you need to replace your car you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and webby award-winning brown ambition with tiffany the budget nista aliche and personal finance expert mandy woodruff when i was crafting my resume in my career i wasn't thinking about the job i had i was always thinking like what's going to impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and i think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leading it to you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamins afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen kevin in north carolina has been hanging on for quite some time what's up kevin oh god these things happen put them back on hold uh anthony in ohio you're here on the rich isin show what's up anthony anthony is on phone with rich i've been a fan for decades i love it and wait the way you go on third person to start the conversation i'm very impressed well done i i did that because i know how you and and and um and everybody does what they do and i have to figure out a way to get through this well here's the thing i'm just glad that um we didn't uh that jay didn't use our our third person alarm which is i believe uh damar de rosen's daughter screeching anytime right i'm talking about her because i actually love that oh i can't say no careful careful he caught himself careful that's okay oh i said that for tj i got it what's on your mind anthony well here's the thing okay my whole thing is i don't want to keep you long i know you're pressed for time and everything i just want to say some cool things really fast been a fan for decades thank you uh stewart is my fraternity brother i'm an alpha by alpha okay oh oh yeah okay so you and i said alpha by alpha on your network so all other brothers and sisters alpha kappa alphas also say their brother got online and finally said some things on that level okay so then i'm gonna leave you off that now i know you're pissed off about um your guy coming out of um green bay and he changed his mind he's not going to change his mind anthony that ain't happening he's coming he announced his intention nah nah nah nah and i actually texted you guys when your feed left because you had to go to something you had to do something okay and then as soon as he was on okay so i sent it i sent a text through twitter and then i then i found out you lost your blue check mark now you now you understand i want you this is a fan thanks well don't be a stranger anymore don't be a stranger anymore anthony okay no i'm not well actually you guys have to call me okay very good thanks for the call anthony anthony ohio what a what a what an entrance he uh he goes third yeah he went third person that that almost needed to be the drop when he almost dropped the four-letter s-bomb yeah that's what my inner monologue went there is it five o'clock in ohio kevin in north carolina let's give him one last shot you're there kevin how you doing hey where were you a couple minutes ago kevin i just want to give you another shot um sorry i got tied up oh good um so i was born and raised in kansas city okay on there pretty soon we're going i'm going i will be there next week fired up so like fredo you about broke my heart about beginning of the last football season and then you made up for it i must compliment you that thing with uh patrick and henry with the most beautiful thing henry winkler's a new bff yep absolutely absolutely and um so you know i've been listening to you a you know i've been listening to you a long time and uh you've been talking about aaron rogers what could be for the jets and the same thing for you know the rangers with birds i'm sorry the ravens with lamar but i don't know if you know but uh well aaron and lamar are warming up singing should i stay or should i go patrick is in texas already throwing the ball around with his teammates that's right and zay flowers calling him up saying hang in there and thanks for the call appreciate it kevin you're listen man i said aaron rogers is going to be a jet it's happening next week's going to be the week and if it doesn't happen next week it doesn't happen next week then it'll be on and then uh if it doesn't happen next week then it will be on the it being rogers will he show up to off-season uh workouts will he show up to organized team activities there's a mandatory mini camp in june and what he'll no longer intend to play for the jets all of a sudden he'll wind up somewhere else well but somewhere else would just have to be in a place where somebody gets their quarterback hurt that's all it's not going to be san francisco oh my god san francisco he could wind up there because that's where he's from folks san francisco will have to acquire him from green bay and if you think the cost of the jets is what the jets are talking about they're not just going to send him to san francisco where they'll see him once a year potentially nah i think it's entree lance let lance and jordan love battle it out sounds good sounds like exactly what green bay wants to do let's have a quarterback competition for this kid this poor kid who's been waiting his turn got it understood sorry folks okay great sorry folks that ain't happening that's not happening so all right well back well fact and that that'll happen that's going to happen next week it'll be great it'll be great next week so the uh pittsburgh steelers acquired alan robinson and uh it's a it's a seventh round pick swap with the rams we're basically getting set to send alan robinson back uh into the free agency pool and instead they actually got the steelers to pay five million of his salary so instead of them eating their entire salary and choosing lower in the seventh round laugh all you want seventh round pick swap brock purty was the last pick in the seventh round so i mean look it's not a great look for the rams and the steelers get somebody significant and just when you thought that that would be the biggest story coming out of pittsburgh everybody talking about alan robinson and that's the biggest football story coming out of the steelers pre-draft nah no no no no here on this show we cover the most important things and that is as we all know when the steelers change their stadium name from hindsfield to acrasher field we're all wondering what the hell happened to the ketchup bottles where they go where they going nobody knew nobody knew honestly we could not get a straight answer nope where are the ketchup bottles we're the rest around too well on the day they made this initial acquisition of alan robinson that became official today word comes out pittsburgh pittsburgh pennsylvania the bottle's back oh wow finally bottle is going to be permanently uh displayed at acrasher stadium there you go it was the best thing just when i thought i was out there it is nice right at the hinds gate brilliant idea you know why it's so brilliant because guess what when you're at gate c and you're thinking to yourself you know what i'm wondering what type of condiments do they have inside acrasher you see some huge ass ketchup bottle and there it is oh beautiful look at all these photographs well done ed oh it's it's nice and shiny as well brilliant oh love it oh so where are you at i'm outside the stadium where are you where you at i'll meet you by the ketchup bottle and i love how they have it tilted tilted yeah now what you need now is a big hand tapping the 57 yeah a lot of people don't know this man and people you know when you see somebody flip over a new bottle of hinds and tap it from the top i just always knew they weren't from pennsylvania when i saw that it's just we were born what are we doing what are you doing there's a raised 57 all you got to do is just tap it right on the side right just just a little tip tap tap use this part of your hand the lower part of your and just tap tap it just comes flying out like coat 45 it works every time flying out you just slide the knife in there great choice yeah that's a little animal a little bit you don't need to do it yeah you don't need to do it you just just need to have it your hand just tap the side of the bottle a little it's so well done hot take yes ketchup is gross oh god how dare you say such a thing and there's so little time left in this program to retort there's no there's no reason to retort no ketchup i remember when i first moved here early 2000s get out of here i was at a denny's or an ihop i can't remember next booth over i saw somebody doing that and i looked over i was like are you from pittsburgh and they were like yeah hey just from the way they were hitting the ketchup so enjoy calves and next tonight and then you know there's the other series boston and atlanta can can boston and can minnesota and atlanta draw your blood what do you think okay no chance let's move on then i think the t-wolves can okay let's see it and edwards played great last game let's see it that's okay i can get a game not that they can win conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever you listen
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