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REShow: Bucky Brooks - Hour 1

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April 19, 2023 3:40 pm

REShow: Bucky Brooks - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 19, 2023 3:40 pm

Rich reacts to the NBA suspending Draymond Green for one game after the Golden State Warriors forward stomped on the chest of Sacramento Kings center Domantas Sabonis, and weighs in on a report that the 49ers are fielding calls for a possible trade of Trey Lance and why the Houston Texans would be a possible landing spot for the quarterback.

NFL Network Analyst Bucky Brooks tells Rich why this year’s unpredictable NFL Draft will be “absolutely bananas,” if controversial Georgia DT Jalen Carter will be the first defensive player selected, and why Tennessee’s Hendon Hooker should be the 3rd quarterback drafted ahead of Florida’s Anthony Richardson and Kentucky’s Will Levis.

Rich and the guys speculate on which teams would roll the dice on Hendon Hooker in the first round despite his recovery from a season-ending ACL injury. 

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And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show right here in Los Angeles, California. My name's Rich Eisen. That's the name of the show. Just walking you through how we put this thing together. All three hours you can join us. 844-204-RICH.

Number to dial hello to our Roku channel viewing audience for those listening on Sirius XM, Odyssey and this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. It's smart enough to have us. I'm wearing a nice new sort of black hoodie. Chris, I've kind of figured that this is something.

No, that's right at my hour. You know, I know it might look casual Friday to you right off the bat, but I think it's very stylish. I love it. Thank you, Chris. I appreciate that. You make me feel... You make me... I appreciate that.

Put a little pep in my step because we've got... Certainly, we had an outstanding old school in-studio guest yesterday in Keith Hernandez. If you missed that, there's our Roku channel video on demand page, the Rich Eisen Show collection. There's our YouTube page.

It's also a backstop of anything that you might miss in this three-hour show. Matt Barnes is going to bring all the smoke in hour number three of this program and lots to talk about with him. Being a guy who won a ring with Draymond, he also was part of the last Warriors team to be down 0-2 in the playoffs. He also was on the Lakers in Kobe's last playoff season that happened to be coached by Mike Brown, that Lakers team, and his kings are the ones who are up on the Warriors. Now, two games to none. We got three big NBA games tonight. You got the Lakers trying to take a two games to none lead on Memphis.

Same thing with Miami on Milwaukee. Talk about surprises and Denver's trying to keep Minnesota from evening out that series. That's in the NBA playoffs tonight, and the Clippers, unfortunately for you, T.J. Jefferson, last night gave it a go, couldn't go for the absolute brass ring and the cherry on top of going up 2-0 with some wins to start this series in Phoenix, but they took care of business in game one, so you got to be pleased with that one, obviously. I mean, you still won on the road. That's all you want. And the Philadelphia 76ers, your team's up two games to none. They will play their third game, the first game of this series in Brooklyn.

That'll be on Thursday night. How are you, D.J. Mikey? I'm sort of going all over the place here today. I'm fine, Rich. Good to see you.

Good to see everybody out there today. We also have the NFL draft on our mind. Why not? It's eight days from now.

Eight days from now. Bucky Brooks has his mock draft 3.0 out there. He has C.J. Stroud going first overall, and C.J.

Stroud's in Atlanta today. This is the last day the teams can bring kids in. Bring kids in for a visit right before the draft, and everyone's got to close up shop and go their separate ways and see each other in Kansas City. Next week, he's got C.J. Stroud going number one overall. I think everybody thinks it's going to be Bryce Young, but who the heck knows? Bucky's joining us in about 17 minutes time, and then Tyree Wilson, who could be the first defensive player taken off the draft board. That would be a bit of a surprise, but he's one of the top edge rushers available in this year's draft.

Once upon a time from Texas A&M, he's now from Texas Tech, and he'll be joining us on this show. Let's start with Draymond. Why not? What's worse than getting kicked out of a playoff game? Getting kicked out of a playoff game for an infraction so flagrant that you're suspended for the next one.

I guess that's worse, and guess what? That's what happened. The stomp, the Sabonis stomp. Is that what we're going to call it? Nice.

I like that. Has cost Draymond Green the ability to play in game three. The NBA last night suspending Draymond Green. One game without pay, four stepping on the chest of DeMonte Sabonis. Joe Dumars, the executive vice president, had bad basketball operations as the one who administered this fine, and he certainly knows about dirty play since he saw Lambier do it up close and personal many times. I'm sorry, that was a Nick fan in me from the 90s coming out. Hey, that was just hard basketball back then. Thank you.

In the 80s coming out. The suspension was based in part on Green's history of unsportsmanlike acts. Now, there you go. Just when you thought, are the Warriors tiring of seeing Draymond Green do something in a game that gets himself kicked out when you're playing for your playoff lives? Are they tired of this?

You're wondering about that? Well, we found out one entity that's definitely tired of it and it's called the National Basketball Association. I think Sabonis grabbed his ankle and all he needed to do was just go down like a ton of bricks.

Just play victim in the moment on the basketball court instead of trying to play victim on your podcast or at a podium, you know, if you want to play victim. I don't think he does, personally. And here's my two cents. What the heck?

I'll give it to you. It's your show. I appreciate you saying that, Chris, but, you know, you know, you know, in his mind, it's definitely unsolicited, right? I think he's being picked on.

I, I, I, I proffer to say that's the case. Yeah, I bet you he'll say that because he said that, that it was the second game in a row, his ankle got grabbed and he's arrested and called. Has he apologized yet for being away from his teammates, uh, putting them in a hole like this? I don't think you'll see it. Yeah. I don't think you'll see it.

Yeah. So I don't think you'll see it. And I guess we'll know if he is completely, uh, off the contrition reservation. If, you know, on Thursday night when the Warriors are hosting in San Francisco, this playoff game, the Draymond Green's going to miss. If he's at the Mets Giants game with Marshawn Lynch, which will be going on just down the road in San Francisco. And we all know when he got suspended in the NBA finals for kicking King James in the crown jewels, he was so contrite. He watched an A's game across the street of the game that he missed with Marshawn Lynch. But that was when he was younger. Now you see him, he's got gray in his beard.

And, and here's my two unsolicited sense. He should start becoming the elder statesman here. You can still put people on their ass if they drive the lane, you can still play hard basketball. You can still send messages with your play because he is that generationally talented.

He will wind up in Springfield, Massachusetts, no matter how tired of, of this, uh, act the NBA might be and the Warriors might be. But to me, being wise enough to know you're being baited by somebody like Sabonis and I believe this is what he was doing. Sabonis is known for throwing people around and doing some stuff that might be somewhat outside the lines, but he's smart enough to make sure you don't cross the line so flagrantly that you're going to get suspended, ejected, and then suspended. You know, you're being baited, you know, the refs are looking for it. So why play into it?

I just don't get it. He strikes me as wise enough to know how to play this game and play it so well that he can do everything so well that he makes a championship difference, but he's going to miss this game. Your team's down 0-2 and he's there. Watch him from wherever he's going to watch. It's the most cliche phrase in sports up there, where it is what it is and whatnot.

Your best ability is your availability and he's not there again. Was it worth it to bark at that guy's spending three thousand dollars for his ticket behind the bench? Was it worth it that you at least got some bonus popped for a flagrant foul? Is it worth it to bark at the steady cam operator for TNT?

Was it worth it? Putting your hand behind your ear, telling the Kings fans, I want to hear it. I'll take in all your hate because I'll tell you what, the business of trying to fire up your team with you saying I got your back to the point where I'll stomp on somebody's front and I'll take all the hate so you can fill in. I'll be the bad guy so you can be the good guys making your threes and making your passes and making your defensive assignment stick. What would be more important would be being out there on the floor in game three because all the other stuff is nonsense. You're not there. You won't be there. Will the team win without him? Entirely possible. I mean as you know they've got some other guys who are going to wind up in Springfield, Massachusetts too. I don't get it though.

I just simply don't get it because he's now got, he's a gray beard. Be the wise, the wise ass and the wise guy but be the smart guy too. Take the bonuses, grabbing of your ankle and go down like a ton of bricks yourself. Oh my goodness, I've been fouled. Keep possession, get the flagrant on him and turn around and smile and then do that thing with your ear to the Kings fans because you're going to win. You're going to win with your ear to the Kings fans because you're still in the game.

It's a one possession game. You've got the ball and you know what you just pulled on Sabonis and the rest of the Kings fans like that beam. Instead he decides to just go and do what he knows is going to bring about his ejection and possible suspension. People are itching to do it and he knows it and he feeds it. I don't get it. But he'll wind up on the set with, I mean I guess his last laugh is everyone will download his pod, right? We're talking about him. I'm serious. This may be his metric.

He's generationally enriched and Turner will hire him when he's done. So? Does it matter? It should. It should. I don't know.

844-204 rich number to dial. Before we get to Bucky Brooks. How about this piece of red meat thrown out by my buddy NFL media groups. Ian Rapidport today. Man I saw that this morning. Oh baby. You texted that to the chain this AM. Oh baby.

That's how I learned about it. You sent me the text. Ian saying that the Niners have received inquiries from several teams looking into a potential trade for former number three pick Trey Lance. Conversations have been the result of San Francisco fielding the calls not making them with teams aware that Brock Purdy is likely the future starter. We're just answering the phone guys. The phone's ringing and we're bringing it up. Like I've got my phone here.

Right now I'm unavailable because I'm hosting this show. But when I'm not hosting the show if the phone rings I'll answer. You took like eight phone calls this morning. I did. My phone didn't stop ringing.

It was ridiculous. I know. I know.

But you love to talk on the phone. But I was just fielding him. You were just fielding. You didn't make the call.

I didn't make him. Call came you answered. That's what I do. You hit the green.

You hit the green. What am I supposed to do if the phone rings? I'm gonna let it keep ringing.

You can do what you do when I call and just send me the voicemail. Oh no. That's so unfair. Well not if I'm trying to make a make a trade. Wow.

In that case you don't actually send the trade through. I was really looking to make a trade because I read this and I thought to myself you know what if there's any team in the National Football League of all 32 if I had to rank them one through 32 which team would be at the very top of the list about holding on to every quarterback asset you have because you have no idea how valuable they might be when you need them. Number one on that list would be the San Francisco 49ers. At this point last year Jimmy Garoppolo had his bags packed. They were packed. The code red had been pulled. He was ready to go. He was gone. He said goodbye. The team going into the draft was like we we trade you right now but you got surgery on your shoulder and then yeah all right you're still around we'll give you we don't I mean you want a playbook you don't need it we're creating a new we're plumbing the depths of the depth chart we're creating number four on the list when the training camp opens and then by the end of training camp they're all like um passing him a note in class do you still like us check this box and he checked it and he put the team on his back when Trey Lance gets carded off in week two I mean I could tell you that of course he goes down and the kid that they draft with the last pick in the draft becomes the hot quarterback of the moment to the point where in just one third of a season he does enough to merit the nomination for rookie of the year and they're now fielding calls based on that short window of a performance by Brock Purdy and Purdy still probably has his arm and icing it down his elbow yeah he just got he just got wing surgery so the Niners are going to flip Lance why because Sam Darnold is so reliable health-wise they just got him they love him so much that they're willing yeah Trey take Trey Lance I saw that I'm like why what the hell well a lot of teams are figuring okay Purdy's gonna be fine and you like Sam Darnold we know that he'll fit you we know you'll turn him into somebody terrific so is Lance available and I thought to myself but which team would take Lance now which team would flip draft capital eight days from now I doubt it's a first round nine days from now 10 days from now for Lance now when there's all these kids in the draft that you can get that would have five years of contractual control not the three that Lance has left this one and then two more including that fifth year option if you pick it up I'm like sitting who would do that that the Niners would absolutely say you know what we got one guy who did it for a third of a year we saw enough though to believe that he's the guy moving forward but we're going to have to be the guy moving forward but we'll we'll flip you our number three overall pick from two years ago and leave Sam Darnold as the only healthy guy on the roster and that's a guy who couldn't even make it through last year's preseason healthy well we'll just yeah you take Lance because what you know we don't need quarterbacks around here because look what happened last year oh wait a couple of years ago that's right we played josh johnson in a playoff game for the right to go play in the super bowl I it just none of it made sense but there's one team that jumped out at me that might do it now the jet no no the team that says that they're not interested in maybe taking that just hired a coach from San Francisco oh okay now oh I'm just saying investigative I'm not saying they're going to use the two or the 12 in this year's first round to do it although the Niners would probably say if you want us to you want to again we're we know all that we're still wearing the scars last year of injured quarterbacks turning and how next man up quarterbacking became our mo that we're willing to thin our depths with one guy already hurt significantly enough that required surgery on his throwing elbow that will thin our ranks now it might cost you one it might cost you one and if it's the 12th overall pick hey that was DeSean Watson we'll turn DeSean Watson into Trey Lance and we'll choose Will Anderson too and we'll go to work or you choose those first round picks and you flip us a high two to them for them or I don't know I don't know what it would be or why they would do that when they could just get one of the kids not named I guess Bryce Young or not named CJ Stroud and get five years of contractual control maybe you're thinking okay we'll get Lance instead for a two or for second round pick maybe a third round I don't know I'm just spitballing here who would be the one to do it before the draft it might not even be the Texans because if they say let's just say they love Bryce Young and they hear CJ Stroud's name going to the panthers first well that trade would be off the table we'll just take Bryce Young thanks for the the conversation and D'Amico Ryans would maybe call up Trey Lance and say hey we were interested in you good luck staying put I can't otherwise think of anybody else that would prior to the draft and seeing how it all plays out would flip a pick for Lance now before the draft this could all be just due diligence in case the draft falls and they don't get somebody that they want to see how available Lance may be and this entire time again to bring it all to a fine point they were just taking calls they were taking calls they're not making what a big difference one letter makes the the m you're making the t you're taking one is hey I'm just I'm just I'm just I'm just taking the other one is no I'm making big difference that was a very electric company way of breaking it all down well done thank you or is it Sesame Street either way it's all child's play hey now take a break when we come back Bucky Brooks here on the Rich Eisen Show I do have a top five list later on of the top five teams that should be one of the teams calling the 49ers for Trey Lance that's still to come but Bucky Brooks on the upcoming draft when we come back men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved of men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold noble is a training brand for people who work hard and don't believe in excuses noble's performance footwear apparel and accessories are worn by some of the fittest athletes on earth and is now the official combine training partner of the nfl and the official on-field supplier of apparel and headwear for the nfl scouting combine head to slash nfl to see how noble forever changed the nfl combine and to shop football training essentials and more gear for your day-to-day workouts stay tuned to the rich eisen show and keep your eyes on our twitter feed and youtube channel as i'm hosting a new segment sponsored by noble called from the combine of the draft i'll profile a few players journeys from the physical and mental tests of the nfl combine as we head towards the thrilling moment when the picks are announced in kansas city during the draft that's slash rich eisen show and slash rich eisen show from the combine of the draft sponsored by noble bucky brooks here on the rich eisen show it was me my colleague from the nfl media group as the radio audience rejoins us just told a story about how brockman freaked him out the other day when they were just crossing paths bike paths in the neighborhood all right bucky let's just jump right into it eight days before the draft you know i don't know if mock drafts are recent or how recent they are but we have your 3.0 you got cj stroud to the carolina panthers and it seems that the general consensus you're seeing and i know again we're nfl media group people so the words betting and markets don't usually get thrown together but uh yeah you know bryce young seems to be rocketing up a lot of people's boards to be number one overall despite uh what we've been hearing about cj stroud between about a week ago all the way back to the pro days what do you got for me on this front bucky okay so here's what i got let's take that little mod draft that's in front of you let's rip that up okay rip that up because what everyone is going to have to do is they're going to have to get uh comfortable with the uncomfortable stuff that's going to happen next weekend this draft is the most volatile draft that we've ever seen there are only 15 blue chip players in this draft so because of that what we think we know we have no idea the only thing that i can tell you for certain is that bryce young is more than likely positively going to be the number one overall pick with the carolina panthers he appears to be their guy like they're all in on him you heard scott fitter's presser we were talking about uh bryce young and russell wilson and those things it appears they're very comfortable with him being the franchise quarterback i think the drama comes after that what it is houston texas going to do at two like our guy lansy lanser line had this a couple weeks ago where he talked about i don't think the texans may take a quarterback at two they may be in love with tyree wilson the defensive end and so i can't claim that lance claimed that he's plugged into houston and the last couple weeks we're beginning to hear more of that conversation so if the texans don't take a quarterback at two we know the cardinals aren't going to take one at three so now you have the indianapolis coast at four which what seems to be look a dream scenario they're going to be able to get the guy that we all presume would be cj shroud at four to be their franchise quarterback but there might be a curveball that comes at that spot yeah that's the indianapolis coast like will leathers more than cj straus and what if they hand the card in and it's the kentucky quarterback not the higher state bucket that comes off the board as the second quarterback now you have chaos because cj shroud is available at five for the seahawks you have the raiders at seven and so what i'm saying is on thursday people need to get ready and have your popcorn ready because it's going to be absolutely banana absolutely bananas if that scenario which by the way is entirely possible does in fact play out and that's makes sense why atlanta down at eight would have cj strout in today because um not to say that he drops all the way down to eight but if he drops to five or even six that is hailing distance for sure for somebody like atlanta to go trade up and and scrap whatever plans they might have currently for desmond ritter but let's just go back to two for a second um why would the texans pass on a quarterback second overall do you think bucky uh a few different things that could be in play at the situation right um when you look at the houston texans and you understand people that come out of the shanahan system in san francisco as much as we adore quarterbacks there's some of those guys that feel like they're kind of the kingmaker when it comes to the quarterback that hey the system is going to do everything for the quarterback we just need to have a guy that can kind of manage the situation we're going to surround them with the talent and it will work and coming off the heels of brock purdy a seventh round pig irrelevant leading them to the championship game they may be even more emboldened that the system makes the player more than the player makes the system so that could lead them to say well let's recreate what we had in san francisco we had a dominant offensive line we're going to take blue chip players all around it and eventually we'll plug in the quarterback and make it happen and so it might be a situation where they may not value the quarterback situation uh like we do they may see it as a a part of the wheel not the key cog in the wheel when it comes to making the team pop is it possible bucky brooks my colleague from nfl network and the nfl media group and co-host the move the sticks podcast with daniel jeremiah is it possible sir that we can connect that dot that you just put out there with the dot that ian rapport put out there today that the niners are fielding calls for trey lands could it be possible the texans are one of them what do you think of that and that's why they're not interested in that second overall pick at quarterback i mean that's very interesting and that certainly could be a possibility because here's what you normally would like right you normally uh when you leave a situation meaning i go from san francisco to houston you tend to have an affinity for the players that you were just around at san francisco the fact that they were in a championship game the fact that you feel like that team is viewed as one of the best rosters in football you're more likely to pluck from them because there's a level of familiarity and comfort with them and so if you are damico ryan and you're looking at the situation like hey you know what if i'm going to do all of this stuff with everybody else why not take a quarterback that already knows what we're doing no he hasn't played enough for us to really know what he is but at least he knows the language in the system maybe we drop him in that situation and we have an experience i mean relatively speaking an experienced player take over and maybe we start at step three as opposed to starting at step one might have something to do with it bucky brooks here on the rich isin show okay uh you mentioned tyree wilson could be the choice of the texans not will anderson and jaylen carter uh who appeared on real sports talking about his situation um earlier uh this week um it might be tyree wilson i got him calling in in 29 minutes from from now bucky what why uh why could he be maybe the first defensive player off the board suss out that for me from your uh evaluating perspective please okay so the interesting thing when you do the tyree wilson versus will anderson debate everything should lead you to believe that will anderson will be the pick when you look at sack production which translates to the national football league i mean well will anderson has 34 and a half sacks compared to tyree wilson 17 sacks over the course of their career will anderson has 62 tackles for loss has been a disruptive player playing for arguably the greatest coach that we've seen in the college game and so he's well schooled when it comes to that but what happens in meetings when you talk enough and you're looking at the same names sometimes there's this thing where you talk about upside and potential that kind of lures you to believe that tyree wilson has a longer wingspan tyree wilson has what appears to be the more juice first step quickness maybe just maybe if we take him where he is add a little coaching maybe he can be a more dominant player than will anderson that could certainly be in play in houston where i won't call them maybe over thinking the situation but maybe they feel so confident in their coaching they feel like they can get more out of tyree wilson than they can from will anderson what's your evaluation of jaylen carter as we sit here eight days before the draft bucky okay jaylen carter is really interesting i mean if you ask anybody he is the most talented defender in the draft uh his talent popped last year when they had that dominant uh defensive line with jordan davis and then you think about the front where they had nakobi dean he's the one that you couldn't take your eyes off of however what happens rich when we talk about like a top five pick we now begin to kind of dig a little deeper so now you have the incident in january which is like it's tragic and it's definitely he certainly has to deal with that so you wonder how much that's going to continue to affect him but then you begin to think about hey does he play hard on card all the time he might be the most talented but how often are we going to see that talent play at max potential then you dig deeper and try and figure out is the football character what we want from a work ethic show up first one in last one out perspective is he going to do all those things and so when you have kind of all this this cloud this great stuff around you it can make you talk yourself out of jaylen carter despite the talent and then when he cut off the visit uh saying i'm not going to visit anybody outside the top 10 what he did is he kind of took that insurance net that that safety net away from him because he hasn't talked to everybody if you have real questions about jaylen carter and you haven't sat down and visited with him and looked him in his eye and become more comfortable with the person he could fly and he could fly because you're just not comfortable with taking him based on some of the baggage that might come with them bucky brooks here on the rich eisen show you started this conversation by saying there are 15 blue chip prospects in the draft just for those out there uh listening viewing uh is that average is that below average above average what do you got for me there so so years ago learned this from ron wolf hall of fame exactly he says and every first round is typically 18 to 24 guys that are consensus first round talent like no matter where you go any draft award those guys are going to be above the line when it comes to first round players this year's draft has 15 so that's significantly lower than what we're used to seeing that said there are a lot of guys from that 15 to 45 mark that are really good players but beauty is always in the eyes of the holder and so when you have that that big variant like 15 to 45 you're gonna have some guys that are near the 45 spectrum that end up being mid first round picks and vice versa and because every draft board is like a snowflake when we get into the draft next thursday it's going to be different than what many of us expect because everyone values these guys differently and there's a big separation between the blue chippers and everybody else so once we get done with the blue chippers it's gonna be a little chaotic because no one knows how all these other teams view the same player and so that's going to make it a little different than some of the mock drafts that we've seen from media guys on the outside so i know you don't have a crystal ball bucky that is uh one of my favorite uh coaching cliches no one has a crystal ball in the nfl i actually do have one here on the set but it's so damn big i don't take it out of the box um so what what i'll ask you what's more like you what's more likely which is a game we play around here what is more likely that uh we get four quarterbacks in the top 10 or henden hooker isn't the last quarterback taken in the first round what do you got for me uh i say it's more likely hen and hooker not being the last quarterback taken in the first round uh the reason why i say that is because we do this and we do this every year we talk about the quarterback and we have this fascination on the quarterback because you know rich on our side quarterback sale it makes everyone click in and tune in but when you really grade these quarterbacks i can't confidently say that these quarterbacks are top 10 talents i would say bryce young and cj stroud and whatever order you want to put them on they are but will levis anthony richison uh yeah nah that like that that is a little too rich for me and i think a lot of people don't view them as that but it only takes one team to fall in love with you right so that's why they are in that conversation hen and hooker though when you compare hen and hooker to will levis and anthony richardson yes they played in the same conference against the same competition hen and hooker's numbers i mean they overwhelmed will levis's numbers and they definitely overwhelmed anthony richardson's numbers against the same competition at some point it's about how well the player plays hen and hooker outplayed both of those guys which is why he is going to get more love than some people think if not for the acl injury he would have a legitimate shot to be in that conversation well let's wave a wand for him and say he didn't blow out his knee where does he where does he go before stroud do you think in the draft no i don't think he goes before stroud but to me he's qb3 regardless okay injury or no injury he is a better player than will levis and anthony richton yeah they may have more upside in tools but in terms of how the game is played hen and hooker outplays those guys by leaps and bounds and so if you're asking me who should be the third quarterback to come off the board yeah bryce young cj stroud hen and hooker should be the third guy that we talk about he should he is by far a better player than those other two guys i would cast my lot with him over will levis all right so then let me ask you this last one then uh we just mentioned those five guys at the quarterback obviously young and stroud and you think hendon hooker's three and then will levis is he four and richardson five in your books or the other way around on that uh if i'm going to go with anthony richard and will levis i'm a bank on anthony richard because he's a more explosive and more dynamic athlete okay uh so if i had to rank him one to five like young stroud hooker anthony richardson then will levis now when they come off the board like that we have to tune in on thursday see how that works out okay and of those five give me the number one two or three how many of the quarterbacks are left on the board when bijan robinson goes what do you think holy smoke what do you think uh what do you think man give me a number we won't hold you to it we're not holding you to it i would say what do you think i would say two of those guys would still be on the board when bijan robinson goes off and your best guess where who who snags him phillia 10 would they do something like that what do you think i mean how how he wouldn't do it if he wants to make their team unstoppable is on a video game he would do it because he plays mad with bijan robinson behind jane urchin to stop him um i i think keep an eye on the new england patients at 14 uh i think that's where it could start for him okay uh the charges at 21 the cowboys certainly could be in playing 26 but outside of the top 10 i'm thinking the patients would be a nice spot for him to kind of do some of that cory dillon stuff for them all right and then and in your evaluation of will levis uh is it a red flag that he eats bananas with the peel on i mean like i can't take i can't take a guy seriously bananas whole got a brown like between that and look it's one thing for you to have a stick but it's another thing to have that then the mayonnaise and the coffee and all the other stuff you can't have too many things you got to be the master of one as though it's a little too much for me as a franchise quarterback as i'm saying that as bret lewis walking here with a whole banana i mean that that's a red flag bucky i gotta be honest that's a red flag if i'm if i'm pounding the table for someone's pounding the table for will levis i'd have to say but yeah what about and then all those things that you just mentioned they're red flags for me they are i mean this is a little too much it's a little too much a whole brown banana like that that's that's extra for me that's almost like uh one of those weird acts at the circus or at the the state fair hey come see the guy eat the whole banana it's like the greatest showman meets the nfl draft i agree i totally agree with you thanks for the time bucky we'll chat again soon terrific as always thank you you guys have a good one hey brockman next time i see you on the path i'll make sure i acknowledge you yeah buddy and i'll shake your little kids hands no no no no no no bucky bucky i won't be a weirdo exactly exactly bucky this is not on you okay this is not on you so brockman before you say hello to somebody on a bike path take your hood off take your glasses off it happened so fast come on that's a that's a you problem that's not a his problem twitch it was that's a lie too fast right it's not you bucky don't apologize for anything you'd be you you keep being you you're great being you don't worry okay you guys agree you go right back at you that's bucky brooks everybody brockman you're the one who's going to modify your behavior i totally understand it was totally about me that's totally a hand up the choice hendon hooker third on bucky's list he's one of my favorite names in the draft for sure that's just great hey hendon hooker hooker i think people are forgetting about him remember he was the heisman trophy favorite pretty much until he went down he was lighting it up last year so it doesn't surprise me that people have him there's a reason why the goal posts wound up at the bottom of the river exactly that was such a good game man price young too right that was a great game jaylen hyatt tennessee alabama i had smoking cigars yeah with great manning afterwards in the locker room i know hendon hooker and i guess you know acls or acls and if you're a team that doesn't need him now the vikings are exactly that team he had 385 yards passing and five touchdowns against bama let's look at this for a second yeah but is he gonna be there at 24 dude what happened to the anthony richardson first overall conversation it is what happened to that it was in and out i think i was the one who was pounding the table for that eating now the ravens sitting at 23 if they got anthony richardson on the table to pick he's still in the green room ravens are on the clock at 20 let's just go totally haywire here why not because i'll tell you what anthony richardson's in the green room eight days from now i'm on the air i have a microphone attached to my tie or lapel both of them are very stylish and he's still sitting there and the ravens are on the clock oh i will make a meal out of that on the nfl network broadcast i will a full-on meal i'll be shocked if that happened you just heard i know guys this is what we like to do for our viewers and listeners and for all of us this is as you know my prep this is my prep i asked you yesterday how you were getting ready i'm prepping in the same way i'm just taking calls not making them i'm prepping do you need me to tweet out some photos no okay stop putting me in these positions i'm not doing anything well get him a newspaper i'm prepping guys back off but you heard breer brea you said hey i think we're all evaluating the quarterbacks differently in the media than that's being evaluated in nfl that's usually what happens isn't that the way it goes evaluation rooms draft rooms and you just heard bucky basically say the same thing he's going to take hand in hook or a guy who's not going to play this year third on the quarterback depth chart above will levis and anthony richardson and there's 15 blue chip prospects in this draft there's not a lot of them and if one of them drops to you at 14 13 12 16 you're washington snag them you're going to take that guy and you'll push the quarterback situation down and down and down and down and then all of a sudden anthony richardson sitting there at 23 overall or will levis is and you're you're baltimore oh i'll make a meal of it and if they choose one oh my gosh let's go let's take a break eight four four two oh four rich numbered dial here on the rich eisen show you just heard bucky say tyree wilson could be second overall he's next up in 15 minutes right here on the rich eisen show april is national financial literacy month what is financial literacy it's applying different skills effectively including managing your finances budgeting and saving it just so happens the cumulus podcast network has three great podcasts to help raise your financial iq stacking benjamins with joe saul sehigh bankrate's 2023 best personal finance podcast what's one of life's biggest expenses that we can maybe talk about reducing housing is housing on the list buying a house is the number two expense of all these expenses what's a way that we can reduce our housing expense we're from seattle to florida wow it's fucking like somebody with a little knowledge of that situation afford anything with financial journalist paula pant you have many financial goals you want to buy or pay off your house you need to replace your car you want to pay for a wedding send your kids to college travel the world and one day retire but how and webby award-winning brown ambition with tiffany the budget nista aliche and personal finance expert mandy woodruff when i was crafting my resume in my career i i wasn't thinking about the job i had i was always thinking like what's going to impress the person who has my next opportunity and make them want to have a conversation with me and yeah i think people are not thinking that far ahead that's why we'd be leading it to you career coach so as you look to improve your financial literacy follow stacking benjamins afford anything and brown ambition wherever you listen um let's go to uh ben in grand rapids michigan what's up benjamin what's up you're first in first up here on this busy wednesday hey rich how you doing thanks for taking my call you got it pal hey uh congratulations on the nomination well deserved i love the show watch you guys every day love it thank you sir appreciate it appreciate it so my my question has to do with um with the draft coming up in eight days obviously we're all excited about that um number one how much stock do nfl teams really put in the combine and then number two when we look back at once those guys are drafted how do they translate with those numbers do they end up panning out most of the time or what is your thoughts on that uh it is a total uh crap shoot on when somebody pans out or not uh ben the combine is just a piece of the puzzle this is what i've learned over 20 years of doing this that uh the eye in the sky from college football does not lie and that speaks volumes and then you get to meet the kid in person whether it's at the senior bowl or any of the other uh talent evaluation bowls prior to the combine and the combine's most important aspect of the combine by far is the medical examination and then secondly it's the face-to-face interviewing examination as well put the kid on a on a grease board some teams make the interview process very inviting some of them make it try to be overwhelming and a little bit intimidating um others um you know will uh also include a psychological evaluation being an important piece of the puzzle uh the on-field drills are crucial um but you know if you don't work out i mean tyree wilson didn't work out there he might go second overall it it matters for some it doesn't matter for others and their teams look for different aspects of of a combine workout how they move around how they how they are bounced back from dropping a ball in one or and then comes the pro days and then the visits between both teams uh and players and then they go back to their uh rooms as they will starting today and then uh over the next week put their draft boards together does that make sense for you yeah absolutely thank you you're welcome be well sir they're in beautiful grand rapids michigan that's the way it works bucky brooks saying hendon hookers the third quarterback taken and uh how about bijan robinson he said two quarterbacks will be on the board when robinson's taken so by his let's put it all together let's piece it together again we don't hold these things down to the letter of the law and when we if he's right we'll bring it up again if he's wrong we're always kind enough to just say who bucky who um so he loves hooker as the third quarterback taken he said look for bijan robinson to the patriots you'd love that chris i would love oh my like a blue chip big time offensive player to just say you know what by the way him and remandre back there bam suddenly the most explosive backfield in the league many business decisions that would have to be made by three teams that will have better quarterbacks and i you know i feel rogers is coming oh sure okay so one way one way to do that would be to just run you over yep and play defense smash mouth and win the turnover battle and the special teams battle does that sound familiar to you in new england okay all right so let's just say let's just say bijan goes 14 overall and and bucky said there are two quarterbacks will be still left on the draft board by then that means hooker goes before 14 yeah i'm looking at number seven rich really because jimmy g's sitting there there's no rush to play him right you figure jimmy g is probably going to have some sort of injury issue in the next one or two years and so jimmy g plays this year maybe his his second year in vegas is a so-so and then bam you got this kid who sit back and has observed and learned under josh mcdaniels outstanding quarterback coach uh mcdaniels is learn from a veteran like garoppolo and bam he's ready to go that's not a bad choice also tennessee what about tennessee at number 11 and and you don't need if you're if you're josh mcdaniels you do not need hooker to play this year and if garoppolo gets hurt that's not a problem because they have brian hoyer who will always have a job as long as a bella check treatment coaches in the league yeah brian hoyer cannot be quit it's not a bad choice i don't know tennessee is right there rich at 11 houston 12 houston the 12 if they pass on somebody who plays quarterback at two so what you want davis mills start this year and then i don't know see how it goes yeah i mean could why not you're damico rinds you're building the team anyway you're not thinking of winning the afc south right now go for it clearly all options are on the table oh baby tyree wilson who bucky says the texans might take second overall if they don't take a quarterback as a lot of people think they might not conspiracy theories paranormal ufos in the 1960s the united states and the soviet union started developing directed energy microwave devices and even to this day the united states government is still continuing its research into high power microwaves it is nothing compared to what china is doing theories of the third kind on youtube or wherever or wherever you listen
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