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REShow: Stephen A. Smith - Hour 1

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April 12, 2023 3:05 pm

REShow: Stephen A. Smith - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 12, 2023 3:05 pm

Rich reacts to the Lakers comeback win over the Timberwolves in their play-in game and says LeBron and company won’t be in the playoffs long if they play like they did in their play-in game vs Minnesota.

Rich reacts to an Adam Schefter report that the Jets and Packers are willing to continue their Aaron Rodgers trade talks stalemate through the NFL Draft.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith tells Rich that Zion Williams lack of commitment to conditioning is costing the New Orleans Pelicans a shot to win an NBA title, what the Lakers’ chances are in their first round series against the Memphis Grizzlies, why Kyrie Irving has the Dallas Mavericks over a barrel, and reveals which teams among the Bucks, Celtics, 76ers, Suns and others he predicts to reach the NBA Finals.

Rich weighs in on the possibility that the Houston Texans might pass on choosing a quarterback 2nd overall in the NFL Draft.

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We just got the Roku channel its first ever sports Emmy nomination for best studio show. The Rich Eisen Show. Don't sound surprised. I appreciate that.

Act like you've been there before, which we have. Let's take one home this year. Today's guest host of ESPN's first take Stephen A. Smith, NFL veteran and quarterback coach John Beck, legendary comedian and author Stephen Wright. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Ah, yes. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku channel every single day between 12 and three Eastern time. This Rich Eisen Show radio affiliate, smart enough to have a serious XM odyssey. We say hello to our podcast listenership and we thank everyone out there for their fandom, for watching us, for listening to us every single day. Give us a call.

844-204-RICH, number dial. We've got two in-studio guests and we've got Stephen A. Smith joining us in about 18 minutes time. And then Stephen Wright joining us in the third hour. I've never met him. I've been a fan of his pretty much since I was in high school. Um, and you know, TJ Jefferson, you're, you're gonna, uh, uh, let him know later on that, you know, you as a kid back in the day, uh, you used to like go around telling his jokes to you, all your friends, right?

I mean, definitely stole his material in fifth and sixth grade. And he's going to be joining us in hour number three. I guess we'll ask him if his middle initial is a, so we've got Stephen A. Wright and Stephen A. Smith on the show. John Beck, the quarterback, who has got two clients of note out of his entire client list, uh, for this year's draft, their names are Bryce Young and CJ Stroud.

Heard of them. And they may go in that order or the other way just to start the draft. That's, that goes down two weeks from tomorrow. Uh, I don't, we check to see if his real name was Stephen.

Um, but it's not, he's allowed to come here anyway. Middle name? Did you look at it? I don't know. John A. Beck?

I don't know. We got Stephen A. Smith and then John Beck in studio, hour number two, uh, is going to be all about the NFL draft. And then, uh, our third hour, Stephen Wright, the comedian, he's got a new book out and holding it up right now for our Roku channel audience. It's called Harold. Harold, it's a novel. He wrote it and, uh, he's coming in to talk about it. He's a, just like you Brockman.

He's a, he's a big Boston sports fan. Oh, I thought you were going to call us the other word. No, no, I'm, I'm in a good mood.

Why wouldn't you be? I do call you that every single day when I'm in a good mood anyway. Uh, good to see you, Chris and DJ Mikey Diaz and Dee's nuts in your spot. So, um, look, we've been talking about it. You said it yesterday, TJ, I said it a few weeks ago, uh, when, uh, they reconfigured their roster, don't sleep on the Lakers. Just all they got to do is just get in the tournament and they can go win it all.

And now they're in the tournament when, which by the way, got to give it up to this team. That is the seven seed going to visit the Memphis Grizzlies. This is going to be a dynamite series. It's going to be so much fun. I cannot wait to see what Shannon Sharp wears, different cardigans to troll anybody, or I don't know if Steven Adams is going to be another Steven is going to be going at him again, just like this happened in the regular season.

I highly doubt that. It's going to be a great series and you've got to give it up to the Lakers coming into the season. Everyone thought this roster was not only unworkable with a new head coach in Darvin Ham, who's never been in an HC at the NBA level before, despite his, uh, playing experience, despite his backboard breaking experience as a collegiate, despite, uh, all of his, uh, time on the bench, um, in Milwaukee and other places as an assistant, it would be too big for him, but here they are the seven seed they are in they're in the tournament. They took care of the Timberwolves last night and that's the headline.

That's the headline they're in. They're going to play a seven game series in the first round of the NBA playoffs. There will be at least two home games in crypto and LeBron James is back in the NBA playoffs. Anthony Davis is healthy going into this series, this bumps and bruises or whatever happened with his foot. He's still dealing with lingering effects, but he's in, that's the headline, but they're not going to go very far if they play like they played last night.

It's just that simple. Yes, LeBron had a double-double. He scored 30 points.

Yeah. Yes, we did see some clutch shooting from his teammates, including Dennis Schroeder with a three-point shot that seemed to have won it for the, for the Lakers as Schroeder makes the wide open three with one and change to go. And I guess this is the, can you want to interpret the arm language that he and LeBron did at the same time? Ice in the veins.

That's, thank you, sir. Right in front of the Timberwolves bench, ice in the veins. Look at those faces behind him. I know because he thought the game was over if it wasn't for Anthony Davis fouling Mike Conley by landing in his landing area. What was that? I, you know, and I thought to myself, here we are, another late call, another late call, just like we saw in the Elite Eight this year, right? Just like we saw in, in the Super Bowl. But when somebody's jumping in the air and you land in his landing area in the NBA, as Reggie Miller said last night in the broadcast, you got to protect the players.

That's it. And it's just like, you slap your head, Conley goes to the line and almost misses the first and then Conley jams the next two and we go to overtime. Front rims it, man. And luckily for the Lakers, Anthony Edwards had one of the worst nights of his career and the biggest game of his career. Carl Anthony Towns had a terrific first three quarters. You could say the same thing about the Timberwolves. With the exception of an Anthony Edwards jam in the first two minutes of overtime, they didn't have a field goal in the last eight minutes of action. Their only points in the last six minutes of regulation were those three free throws from Conley. They couldn't put the ball in the net. Yes, credit the Lakers defense, but look, if they're going to turn the ball over 20 times, that was the Celtics bugaboo last year. They couldn't keep it below 15 turnovers. They couldn't keep it below 12 turnovers, let alone 15. You turn the ball over 20 times.

You shoot, let me get this number correct, 41% from the field. And if Anthony Davis and LeBron James combined on plus minus four minus five, that ain't happening. You're going to lose. You're going to lose. The Lakers are going to lose. They're going to lose to the Grizzlies minus five. LeBron was minus 14 last night.

He and Davis turned it over 10 of the 20 times. Careless with the basketball. Now you could just sit here and say at least they got out of their system and they're in and they are and when it comes to it, they're the ones standing in the way of the brash Memphis Grizzlies from actually walking the walk. Great first round series. And then later on, Chris, we will spend a little bit more time on this. Engage your level of concern with the Hawks coming to town with the way they played last night in Miami, surviving a 30-point game from Kyle Lowry.

What would that go for? I know. And by the way, Conley, how about the OG point guards last night? Conley had a terrific game for the Timberwolves. They did what they were supposed to do. And the Hawks went into Miami and took care of business.

They're going to Boston. We'll talk about that later and we'll talk about that with Stephen A. Smith in about 20 minutes time when the first take host joins us. But I do want to spend a little bit of time at the top of our broadcast on my buddy Adam Schefter.

Fellow Michigan man. I sent him a text this morning. I'm like, hey, Adam, thank you for the content. 15 days out from the draft, thank you for the content. Adam talks, people listen.

Same thing with my colleagues in the NFL media group. EF Schefter. But EF Schefter said a couple of things over the last 24 hours, one of which we'll discuss later on prior to John Beck strolling into the studio since John Beck, the quarterback coach and throwing guru has both CJ Stroud and Bryce Young as his colleagues.

One of those two, according to Adam Schefter, might drop to three if not four in the draft because Adam says he's not sold on the Texans choosing a quarterback second overall. What? Yeah. Did I miss something?

Let's put a pin in that for a second. The one that I want to discuss, because this one hits close to home, is today he said on ESPN that the Jets and the Packers are so dug in that they're willing to go through the draft without the Rogers trade being transacted. Now what does that mean? That means the Jets get to use their draft choices, 13th overall first round pick, which again I believe is off the table, and then there's the two second round picks, the one of their own 43rd overall and the one that they got from Cleveland 42nd overall for flipping Elijah Moore to Cleveland, their wide receiver they drafted two drafts ago in the second round out of Ole Miss who either fell out of favor or was deemed expendable, certainly with Allen Lazard being brought in free agency because Aaron Rodgers is coming. And the Jets get through the 43rd overall pick in this draft without Aaron Rodgers being on the team and with these players being taken by the Jets and we get through Friday night one of the players that they choose 42nd or 43rd overall isn't then, you know, Eli Manning for Philip Rivers style flipped like the players actually chosen by the Jets for the Packers like an NBA draft style draft trade. If that guy is not then flipped to the Packers by the end of the night for Aaron Rodgers, then we're through the looking glass, then we're through it, then the Jets have made their draft choices this year and the Packers have not gotten the draft choice for Rodgers this year and that then supposedly flips the leverage back to the Packers who have all the way until September 1 until having to make a decision on whether Rodgers is on their roster or not. It costs them 60 million dollars and even the latest theory that was floated by his BFF I do believe on the bus and with the boys podcast because Bakhtiari has no scruples he'll go on a podcast that has no motor in a bus.

I think I saw it's day 305. Yeah I guess I guess maybe my standards are too high that's one way to look at it yeah but I think he told I think he told the boys that it's possible the Packers would just pay off Rodgers to stay home. Here's your money Aaron we didn't feel like we were getting the proper respect from the Jets. We didn't feel like we were getting the proper respect from the Jets or enough for you from the Jets that we'll just eat your salary and send you home. We'll quiche on you for the entire season we'll just we'll just pay you off.

Wow. And that fits in with the theory of Adam saying the Packers are dug in to the point where they'll let the Jets choose the draft choices and run the risk of Rodgers showing up to their mandatory mini camp which by the way for those who are interested or scoring at home June 13th through the 15th that's the mandatory mini camp there are some other dates including next week's off-season workout program that begins for all teams and then there are some dates in May and June that are not mandatory but Rodgers under contract would be mandatory to show up 13th through the 15th and obviously what is he going to get fined if he doesn't show up. We just say this that would be madness if the Packers do that. Madness. For what?

On principle. When every Packer fan I speak to and you could call this show at 844-204 rich number down and say I'm not like the Packers fans that you know in your life or speak to they're all they love Rodgers they've loved Rodgers they will love Rodgers and cheer him on when he returns to Lambeau Field when they all come back together a la Favre and the Packers and cheer him on when he returns to Lambeau Field when they all come back together a la Favre and the Packers they loved him love him for what he did but it's time they would like him gone they're enough with everything that's gone on and they are happy to send him to the Jets you take him is what they've told me you take him so the Packers are doing this on principle for what Rodgers is worth to them and again I don't know if the Jets are saying something to them that they feel is so insulting that they have to walk away from the table I have not heard that that is the case but would they really be willing to just let Rodgers rot for the spring and the summer because Rodgers is staying quiet for the moment we have not seen him on our buddy Pat's show for a while I would proffer to say that would end lickety-split this thing goes through the draft that he's not gonna or he could keep quiet and invite Allen Lazard out to wherever he is and invite Garrett Wilson out to wherever he is and I'm just hanging out with friends these are my friends I'm just you know running routes with my friends I'm staying in in shape with my friends who just happen to be guys that I've said publicly I intend to play with this fall and then maybe he shows up in June or May and then maybe he shows up in June or May just wanted to see what my locker looks like just needed to get my RFK jr for president t-shirt out of my locker wow you know honestly like this what I'm gonna do just show up let me talk about some things that's on my mind Green Bay seriously there's a lot that comes with Rodgers that can be sent off to New York and as a jet fan send me the Rodgers who's won the MVPs with a big ass chip on his shoulder who wants to win one more time or multiple times or turn into Brady and play till he's 45 because he's so good at football still fine with me take the bridge that they're apparently building as a bridge quarterback for Rodgers to Zach Wilson and blow it up stick around it's not a single jet fan that jet fans are nervous that this doesn't happen and Zach Wilson is the one that has to go into the crucible of this playing season against the AFC East and against the AFC West and against the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFC East and the Dallas Cowboys yeah that sounds like another lost season but are you gonna give up a first round choice you're gonna flip all this stuff because you're nervous over this sort of thing Joe Douglas is not gonna do that so let's play chicken let's play it because at the end of the chicken day at the end of the chicken day one team owes one guy who doesn't want to play for them anymore and we all know they don't want to have him play for them again they owe him 60 million bucks in the neighborhood pretty respectable neighborhood to use the midnight run phrase pay that man his money or the other option is the other team is ready made to win a Super Bowl and has built the roster for the first ballot hall of fame quarterback who can win them a Super Bowl and they hand that team off to the third-year guy who has done nothing but soil the bed in his tenure in the first two years in the first two years that's the game of chicken i could i still i i would i will be stunned if we go through the draft weekend and the Packers let the Jets use all their draft choices and none of them wind up in their quiver none of them wind up in their world as a player for Aaron Rodgers that would be a shocker to me but crazier things have happened and right now maybe we're in that one last week where let's let everybody know we're willing to just stare into the abyss together and just jump like the Jets are Thelma and the Packers are Louise and we're gonna jam that gas and go straight off and just to be clear this is a completely different game of chicken than Garoppolo's playing right okay i just want to make sure i'm just gonna clarify enjoy enjoy enjoy it enjoy what you're enjoying let's take a break Stephen A. Smith on the NBA playing games we saw last night the two games that's on ESPN this evening and the 9-10 games what it means also for the Grizzlies and now the Celtics who know it's the Lakers and the Hawks coming to visit that's next this is the Emmy-nominated Rich Eisen show how would you like to look five years younger in a clinical study people that had volume added with Juvederm Voluma XC in the cheeks perceived themselves as looking five years younger at six months after treatment look younger feel like you add volume for lift and contour in the cheeks with Juvederm Voluma XC reverse signs of aging by adding volume to smooth laugh lines with Juvederm Voluorex C for important safety information and to find a licensed specialist visit that's j-u-v-e-d-e-r-m dot com not for people with severe allergic reactions allergies to lidocaine or the proteins used in Juvederm common side effects include injection site redness swelling pain tenderness firmness lumps bumps bruising bruising discoloration or itching there's a risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel which can cause vision abnormalities blindness stroke temporary scabs or scarring talk to a licensed specialist to find out if it's right for you hi I'm Allie Raisman I've been living with migraine for a while as an athlete and gymnast I was taught to just power through the pain now I use Urelvi or Ubrojapan to treat my migraine attacks as soon as I feel a migraine attack I take Urelvi which provides me with quick relief once I get relief I go on with my day I'm partnering with Urelvi to share my migraine story Urelvi quickly stops migraine in its tracks within two hours without worrying where you are most people had quick pain relief within two hours Urelvi treats migraine attacks in adults and is not for prevention it's available by prescription only do not take Urelvi with strong CYP3A4 inhibitors tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take most common side effects are nausea and tiredness my hope is that by sharing my migraine story and the relief I get from Urelvi it can help someone else ask your doctor about Urelvi the anytime anywhere migraine medicine learn more at or call 8444 U-B-R-E-L-V-Y sponsored by AbbVie. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network as well Stephen A. Smith from ESPN joining us back here on the Rich Eisen Show how you doing Stephen A. Smith. What's going on Rich? How are you buddy? How's everything? I am fine um Zion Williamson saying he'll come back when he feels like Zion what was your opinion of that this morning and right now Stephen? Uh for the most part disappointed and excuse me I'm a little under the weather today suffering from a little case of laryngitis so forgive me if I sound weird. You sound great. What I would tell you is that I wasn't happy with what I heard him say he's got to understand something people are not questioning that you know what that whether or not he wants to play that's not the question mark about Zion the issue with Zion is that people are looking at him and saying you've missed 169 games in your career thus far you've missed all of last season only played 29 games this year only played 24 games your first season in the NBA what are you doing to take care of yourself so you can play we have no doubt that they want that he wants to play but there's a difference between getting ready and staying ready and you have and you always know who the superstars truly truly are the Michael Jordans the Kobe Bryant's the Lebron James and others because they stay ready they're in condition they they've exhausted themselves making sure that they maximized every everything that they possibly could in order to ensure that they're ready to go when called upon when you have those questions about others that's bad enough for when it's from a guy as young as Zion that's what Zion needs to recognize people are not questioning whether or not he wants to play basketball they're questioning what is his commitment to putting in the work necessary to make sure he's ready to play that's the issue with him and it's valid because the fact is we've seen nothing from him that gives a reason for us not to question well I mean and personally I would just think that if the Zion that we know or certainly from Duke or have seen when he's healthy shows up this isn't a nine seed plan you know for the for the right to to go to Minnesota tonight this is a team that might even already have their playoff spot secured I love the roster I love Ingram I love McCollum you know I love what they've got there when you look when you look at David Griffin who came over from Cleveland and the job that he has done it is undeniable when you look at the New Orleans Pelicans there is no question that if Zion Williamson was in that lineup somebody who can average 26 and seven a night with ease with his power his veracity etc um and you look at the rest of their roster I think that they easily would be a top three seed in the Western Conference and literally in position where we're talking about them as a potential champion and I don't know if Zion even realizes what people are saying he's costing them a championship because if you haven't maximized um every means possible to make sure that you're on the basketball court then you're impeding their ability to succeed to their highest level and their highest level with Zion is potentially Western Conference champion. And the thunder visiting the Pelicans is the back end of the double dip tonight as part of the play-in tournament Bulls and Raptors for the right to go and visit Miami to take on Milwaukee and then Pelicans and Thunder for the right to go visit Minnesota to take on Denver all that is on the worldwide leader in sports the great Stephen A. Smith joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show well let's talk about the Lakers last night what do you make of that win uh you know the headline is they're the seven seed they made it they made the NBA playoff field of eight in the Western Conference with a roster that at the beginning of the season was beyond questionable they made it but the manner in which they did give you pause a little bit Stephen about a long run or no well it did give me cause to pause because I didn't like the way they shot the basketball um and to me they're gonna have to the Lakers could make a run but they're gonna have to have their a-game to do it and they're gonna have to not require so much from LeBron and Anthony Davis you're gonna have to get help from that supporting cast D'Angelo Russell would have to play significantly better than he played last night in order for them to achieve some things so would Beasley uh so would Vanderbilt to a lesser degree you just need guys like that uh Schrader played an exceptional game certainly you need him coming off the bench thank god you had in the way D'Angelo Russell was playing and so I think that when you look at it from that standpoint think about Anthony Davis making that you know brain fog era where he filed Mike Conley and gave him three uh free throws which Conley made to send the game in overtime after Schrader had made a three-pointer with you know like 1.4 seconds left you don't need that extra time with other people might not be a big deal but it's a big deal with the Lakers in the case of Braun James because he's 38 going on 39 at the end of this year and he doesn't need extra mileage on his legs and in the case of Anthony Davis it's because you never know when when he's gonna get hurt every minute that he's on the court you're holding your breath that an injury won't occur and so I think that you have to look at it from that perspective and say it wasn't that impressive they got it done against the team that is the Minnesota Timberwolves uh that that that is rife with idiocy throughout the last couple of years with the stupid mistakes that they've made time and time and time again booty go bambi is suspended for last night game because he punched his teammate and it's been in the chest and you know the big day you breaking his hands your defensive ace for you that would have been on the court defending against Lebron James and others he can't play because he punches a wall on the last game of the season knowing that a playing game was coming a couple of days I mean you can't make this kind of stupidity up but that's what has happened in Minnesota uh but now it's a different breed it's it's Memphis and Memphis is going to bring an entirely different challenge to the table so I love what you said the other day about Minnesota was the phrase you used like a flagrant level of idiocy or something like that it was it it did it uh encapsulized what happened in Minnesota on Sunday perfectly and boy they could have used go bear last night that's for damn sure both of those guys they could have used him in Los Angeles I think so remember Anthony Davis doesn't grab as many rebounds he doesn't control the paint the way that he did so easily if he had to contend with go bear but he didn't have to worry about that because go bear got himself suspended and so again you got to look at that and wonder about Minnesota sometimes and whether they got all their screws tightened you know together because it doesn't make any sense some of the mistakes that you see they make and they still almost won if Anthony Edwards shows up and plays a better game rather than wetting the bed the way that he did they won that game last night so again I wasn't ultra impressed with LA uh but they got there to the seventh seed and with Steven Adams and Brandon Clark they're two big boys out for the rest of the season but Memphis is definitely compromised in the paint it's gonna put a lot extra pressure on Jerry Jackson Jr. uh he's averaging three blocks a game this season we know what he can bring to the table but we also know he's prone to getting in foul trouble by one of my favorites the lake is attacking one of my favorites in the whole industry Stephen A. Smith first take host no mercy podcast host straight shooter is uh his best seller that's out there right now right here on the Rich Eisen show so uh tell me what you think of the I mean the Mavericks have to earn the right to be the most disappointing team of the entire season uh from the way that they came in to the trade that they made and the way it all worked out and the way that the season ended uh if let's just say the NBA investigation into it would call you as a witness as a character witness as to what happened what would you say about the Mavericks Stephen well first of all there's no way in hell I'd be called in as a character witness because they'd all be convicted so they wouldn't stand a chance they wouldn't stand a chance and that and that goes from the top or down um I'm very fond of Mark Cuban but the fact of the matter is you had an opportunity to pay Jaylen Brunson 56 million dollars you didn't want to keep up despite how he performed in the playoffs against Utah in that first round series when Luka Doncic got hurt despite how he performed in the second round series against Felix and showing you he could have been that supplementary part but because you let him get out the door you walked into this season without him didn't really get anything in return and as a result even though you were three games over 500 and you were a top five seed in the western conference you knew it wasn't going to be enough you weren't satisfied you were listening to Luka Doncic who played about having to carry a load whenever he went to the bench the team would wet the bed so you went out there you got a guy that you can give the ball to in the fourth quarter with Kyrie Irving but what you sacrificed were two bigger bodies that were clearly better defenders to Dorian Finney-Smith and Spencer Dinwiddie because of that you had no defense worth speaking of you couldn't stop a cold and as a result you ended up losing more games than you want and because of that you missed the playing and so when you look at it from that perspective and they don't have any draft collateral they don't have a bunch of players to trade or anything like that they're in a really really tight spot almost to the point where they're damn near at the mercy of Kyrie Irving who many many teams were looking to say hey we don't want any parts of him because of the headaches that he causes off the court that's the position that the Dallas Mavericks have put themselves in so much so and the lab gave it a regular season Kyrie Irving didn't even show up for exit interviews and so when you look at it from that perspective if you're the Dallas Mavericks you're incredibly concerned because you don't know which Kyrie you're going to get you know when he gets on the court he is sensational he's going to do big things there is no doubt about that so a problem however is how often is he going to be on the court for you because when he went to Dallas he still missed games he missed about five games before they sat him down for the last three or so games of the season only played in 20 games for them and you're looking at Luca he actually got bigger as the season progressed which is something we never see before which gives me an indication that there's stuff that's non-basketball related that's affecting him because I've never seen a guy that steps out on the court and is performing at an elite level and there's and they seem to be in better shape at the beginning of the season than they are as the season progresses and they're on the court playing makes no sense whatsoever all right last one for you Stephen A if you could just weave it all together as only you can tell me who's in the conference finals and then advances and then who hoists the MVP trophy when it's awarded during this entire process as we go through I'm inclined listen I know a lot of people focused on Milwaukee I like Milwaukee I think Milwaukee being a conference finals against the Boston Celtics who I think will beat the 76ers in the second round I just think that the 70 the Boston Celtics have the 76ers numbered I hope I'm wrong because I love me some Joel Embini my MVP but nevertheless Boston has always had Philadelphia's number with the exception that our last game win can be needed to drop 52 points which is half of the sixes points in order to beat Boston who didn't play Jalen Brown that particular day I picked Boston to win that series they'd meet Milwaukee in the conference finals most people will pick Milwaukee to beat Boston I don't blame them but I have to see Milwaukee beat Boston to believe it I just believe in Jason Tatum Jalen Brown the acquisition of Malcolm Brogdon I think is a big lift and as long as Robert Williams is healthy and in the lineup to provide some some defense on that front line I think Boston is the way to go out west I know Denver's the number one seed I know about that altitude in the Mile High City I get all of that I see Lebron in the playoffs I know what Memphis can do but damn it it's Kevin Durant and Devin Book on the same team and I'm hard pressed to believe that somebody in the Western Conference the Wild Wild West this year is going to knock one of them off I have to see that to believe it and until further notice I've got Boston meeting Phoenix in the NBA Finals although I would love to be wrong and have it be and have it be uh Phoenix versus Philly I would love that I just don't see that happening right now because I don't see Philly beating Boston in a seven game series Stephen A you're the man battling laryngitis is no joke certainly when you got two games to to be part of tonight and then a whole NBA playoffs to do with first take I really appreciate you uh making the call today and helping out and uh you know you're the best you're the best always my brother you take care right back at you hot hot hot lemon with tea and honey Stephen A that's the way to go exactly what I'm drinking that's exactly what I'm look at us look at us look at us thanks again Stephen A you take care of yourself that's Stephen A Smith everybody right here the one and only hot uh hot tea with lemon and honey that's the winner that'll do it he's likes mb'd look I know everyone's like he's got a philly bias because that's where he he did his print work for all those years he's got mb'd sixers sons would be lit no offense to you chris well he doesn't have a philly bias because he said we can't beat Boston so there goes that he goes that he knows that's well that's what you said you know that's what you said earlier man he's seen it time and time again I know and with all due respect so when I'm going to be disrespectful to uh milwaukee um doc versus the celtics let's go that that to me is the jewel of the eastern conference final playoffs I mean the eastern con yeah or the eastern conference playoffs period that's the jewel matchup and that's in the semi-final unfortunately but yeah we might get a kid on this later but the potential second round if we can just look ahead the potential second round of lakers warriors sons nuggets celtics sixers bucks calves or nicks I think both matchup is great right it's just unbelievable well the greatest second round in nba history you're saying lakers move on warriors move on correct sons move on correct nuggets move on yes you say bucks move on sixers celtics move on and then and it doesn't matter fill in the blank either way Cleveland Cleveland's got donovan mitchell and you know the calves are back post lebron evan mobley right and then some really talented players a lot of the country don't know and then you got madison square garden all that greatest second round ever just looking ahead someone's gonna crash the party absolutely looking two weeks down the road that's not gonna happen lakers aren't gonna win oh yeah you don't think the nba wants lakers warriors second round this guy I mean if that were the case then why would they call that foul on anthony davis well scott foster wasn't doing the game oh okay this guy this because you assume if they wanted that there's no way that whistle would have been swallowed your whistle with 0.1 second left just to get the lakers through I didn't see scott foster on the floor last night that guy's the closer he does whatever the league wants you're in the league that's lakers warriors in the second round seven games lakers warriors would be in the second round yeah they don't reseed nba doesn't reseed it's bracket style come on so we're getting lakers warriors second round that's not fair to that that it's gonna be amazing that's just not fair what's not fair it's it's not fair I mean the nuggets the nuggets should get the lowest seeded team no matter what they are getting the lowest seeded team they're getting the eighth seed and then we pass as they go along so you think the ncaa tournament should recede oh stop we have this argument every year the nfl receives it's not a problem sorry I mean this receiving thing caused the biggest fight in my fantasy football league of all time the nfl chooses to do it but it's because it's way better this is way better no it's not the receding is better for who ncaa tournament you can't recede because there's a logistical problem in the nfl you've got a week you've got a week to adjust have uh no you just can't go from one east region to west region what's the difference from flying from the la to boston what's the difference because they're professional players and you and your college kids no they're not did you watch these tournament it's the best way to go in professional sports the nuggets had the best record in the conference they should face the lowest seed at every possible level and the second seed should receive the same respect as well this whole business of you know oh that's the way it is and we're going with a bracket i guess we're used to brackets when it comes to basketball brackets way better professional sports recede it would you feel that way if the celtics were the number one seed what's the difference differences instead of honestly so a higher ranked team you get the lower ranked team i'm very happy playing the hawks so you're saying look you would you would counsel the kings in the grizzlies to have their heads on a swivel yes and during the playoffs there are bad referee the refereeing has been especially bad in the nba this year i would look out for some certain individuals refereeing their game now where i'll bite on this just i'll i'll dedicate another 90 seconds to the subject okay where does this conversation take place in your in your donagie gambling addled mind you use where does it you use those words okay very good not me okay among the officials when do they meet when do they meet is it on the phone well is it on whatsapp so we can't we can't we can't we can't track it whatsapp can't be tracked so correct is that what it is like how does this work well does the league does the league ever then i'll let you talk does the league ever put their thumb on the scale and tell them that well possible deniability who knows who knows that the league wants the warriors and the lakers and who in the league is the one who tells somebody in the refereeing that then gets into a game everyone knows it's just known you know like there's certain things like oh hey uh how do you know the ice is okay to walk on i just know everyone just knows and it's it's kind of a wink wink and then you go to the payphone and you talk for 30 seconds because you're just killing time so you do it over 100 and 200 times so the war the kings and the grizzlies have got head on a swivel makes it sound like there's a bunch of clarence beaks sitting around there's a crop report yeah making phone calls that's what i'm saying everybody's like everyone knows it's the same thing with the nfl the nfl wants a certain thing the nfl wants this like when when how does it get communicated let me tell you like what's the chain of communication there's not one rogue referee nobody can ever say that try to think back in the day that's why i mentioned his name earlier you're like you're because i i know this is what's well one man in charge is no longer with us but you don't think the the manifold got passed down i'm telling you lakers warriors second round just book it book it he says all due respect to king king's gris great seasons it's over for you so you're saying look out darren fox for that second that second foul around the four minute mark of quarter one some some time against the warriors bill and brooks mystery technicals mystery tech like he doesn't he's got his head on the mic just get ready okay and then i'm gonna play back this clip in two weeks let's take a break let's take a break here on the rich isin show oh yeah john beck is about to join us he's got cj stroud and bryce young his clients and there's the latest report or an idea that one of them might not be in houston after all 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switch back here on the rich isin show i'm sitting at the rich isin show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by back here on the rich isin show radio network thanks to the rich isin show desk furnished by granger right here so we talked at the top of our show about one item that adam shefter dropped on espn that i thanked him for in a text prior to the show saying thank you for the for the content where he said the jets and the packers are dug in and their packers are certainly willing to go through the draft without making this trade my two words are yeah right but the packers are the packers never know can't tell who knows the other item adam shefter said it involved the houston texans now i will never forget which draft was mario williams first overall was that oh five no we could have it was it oh six i think it was our first draft would you look that up the texans had the first overall pick adam shefter comes into radio city music hall if it was oh six it was our first draft man it was our first draft at at at the at the site you know we had covered drafts from los angeles studio but the first time we ever did it from the side of the draft full writ large pick one pick last and shefter's like by the way the first pick is not going to be reggie bush it's going to be mario williams and we're like what well this would be akin to that not the first overall pick but the texans have the second overall pick thanks to lovey smith and um he said he he's not sold on the notion that the texans are going to take a quarterback if that happens oh my goodness then you know who would love that the arizona cardinals would love that who wants cj stroud because you know the colts will take him who wants bryce young because you know the colts will take him oh my gosh would the arizona cardinals love for nick casario and the texans to take will anderson or whoever else they love that's not a quarterback i think it would be will anderson that's the guy that everybody is focused on is the top non-quarterback to go off the board in the draft certainly not jaylen carter anymore one would think although i guess you can't say anything with certainty anymore if the texans do in fact bust up the notion that the first two picks in this draft will be bryce young and cj stroud or cj stroud and bryce young depending on who the panthers like and right now you say that the uh town where mo green has no plaque or a signpost in his honor or a memory where next year's super bowl is taking place chris you say the that town believes it's bryce young again is the number one overall pick right now right yeah the ads flipped uh bryce young about minus 270 right now cj stroud now two to one because bryce young just left carolina yeah and so maybe that's what somebody's thinking they just he just was there and they're here and oh they love him but when the panthers made the trade up to number one suddenly the odds flip bryce young was a big favorite and then cj because everyone thought it was cj stroud it's certainly when uh josh mccown told him you know when you get a place in charlotte let me know something along those lines right my real estate guy so then what would the texans plan a quarterback be choose somebody top of the second round stick with davis mills call up call up or oh nick calls up his uh his old friend bill and says uh is matt jones available damico ryan's new head coach he was chosen in that 06 draft by the houston texans when they took mario williams instead of reggie bush and zigged when the rest of every other human being on the planet thought they were zagging with reggie bush reggie bush yeah who else was in that draft mercedes lewis he's still playing thank you okay i don't i don't know what the texans are thinking if they're what what are they thinking so we might not choose a quarterback you know the cardinals will trade the pick so you might as well come and trade with us like what what would it be like they would actually pass on choosing a quarterback at the top of the draft i mean the the general sense is you choose one when you need one and you choose one when you might need one in a couple of years because you don't expect to choose this high anymore because you're going to build such a juggernaut which is why p carol said earlier this year on this show earlier last month that hey we're looking at all quarterbacks even though we just re-signed gino smith because we don't intend to choose this high anymore sitting there at five but if the texans go on the clock and the name bryce young or cj straw doesn't come out of their mouth based on what the panthers just did then it's on like the proverbial donkey kong and arizona will be just like who's coming with me hmm dude you know and adam again does it why put this information out there and i'm not saying that adam is being used as a tool but we because we all are in the nfl he's just saying what he's hearing is and what he may be hearing is that you know the texans aren't totally sold on choosing a quarterback because they might not be completely sold on whoever is left if it's stroud are they not as sold on young could that be possible if it's young are they not as sold on stroud is that possible and so what like vegas moves up and they get the seventh pick and then next year it's three and a four or something you know or do they love will anderson that much like what is their thinking on that front because i don't know why they wouldn't go ahead and take one of these kids when you're sitting there at two and davis mills and is your other option to stick with it or there's no free agent that's coming through the door unless the patriots have talked about mack jones to them could he be that guy obviously castillo has a relationship that's these i'm i'm literally spitting throwing stuff against the wall having heard what adam schefter said fully knowing that schefter has shocked me before about a texan's draft choice maneuver that nobody saw coming that was the first big moment in nfl network's draft coverage when adam did that in 06 john beck who coaches both stroud and young coming up wrestling fans feel the podcast heat whoa join hall of fame wrestlers every week sharing their stories from the past click this with kevin nash i'm in the ring in my mind saying that's hulk hogan like hogan's with us and insights on what's happening now strictly business with eric bischoff we love breaking down the business of the wrestling business claire mike moly jake snake roberts good old jr and more get into the wrestlemania spirit just search podcast heat wherever you listen
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