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REShow: Hour 1 (4-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 6, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Hour 1 (4-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 6, 2023 3:09 pm

Rich reacts to the Clippers beating the Lakers for the 11th straight time and what it means for LeBron and company’s playoff hopes, and rails against the NBA for continuing to schedule back-to-back games to the detriment of teams and fans alike. 

Jets fan Rich reacts to the team posting pics of head coach Robert Saleh golfing in Augusta, Georgia and showing up his impressive biceps, and weighs in on rumors that the 49ers could move in on the Aaron Rodgers trade front if the Packers can’t reach a deal with New York.

Rich weighs in on Austin Ekeler’s beef with the Chargers and says if the Chargers should pay the talented RB or if he’d be better off on another team like the Buffalo Bills.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

We wake up every day saying how can we make this show better than the day before because we're lead pipe wielding professionals. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The MVP race is over. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. As you know, I'm a yokage guy. I'm a big Giannis fan, as you know.

I gotta tell you, Joel Embiid deserves to be the MVP of the NBA. Today's guest, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio. From the new film Sweetwater, actor Everett Osborn, UConn head coach Dan Hurley. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yeah, we got a national championship head coach on this program today.

That's how we're rolling into this Thursday. Good to see everybody right here on the Roku channel once again for free where everybody can check us out every single day. And once again, I'm wearing a quarter zip that perfectly matches and purposely matches the color scheme of this program.

It's light blue and so is the sky here in Los Angeles, California. 844-204 Rich is the number to dial right here on this program. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman. What's going on, brother? Hey Rich, man, I've just been watching the Masters all morning.

It's awesome. Thursday, Masters, Thursday. DJ Mikey D's and D's nuts. Good to see you, Mike Del Tufo. And who's living his best life better than this man?

I mean, this town of Los Angeles, California. Heard of it. All weekend long, from Friday all the way to Monday. Forget about the women's and men's Final Four for this guy. It was all about wrestling, which he loves.

Yeah. And then his Sixers beat the Celtics as MB drops 52 on national television. And then last night, ready for the other shoe to drop, Clippers winning 10 straight against the Lakers. And then it doesn't matter, right, if the Lakers finally go into the downtown Hoops Dojo as the away team and wins that game.

They did not. The Clippers dropped it on him like it was hot last night. 125-118 final. And who's living his best life any better than T.J. Jefferson?

How's that for a setup? Say hello to you on this thing. You are really one of the greatest of all time, Rich.

What it do, baby? 11th in the row. No, I count to you, I count to you as a Jet fan.

Yeah. Hey, I was- Don't let it go to my head? No, I was crowing Super Bowl week, big time.

It was a Thursday night. We dominated NFL honors, which was great. I would rather dominate Super Bowl Sunday.

That's the one I'd rather dominate. Actually. So the final Tuesday and Wednesday of the regular season is not how you need to dominate. But you did come up with a dub. Your team came up with a big dub you last night. I mean, I had a great Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. It's running. You're on a run.

It's like the luck of the Irish, only I'm not Irish, so I can't explain it to you. You must be butter because you're on a roll. Oh, shout out to them. There you go.

Yes indeed. I like your Kawhi Leonard fathead. Did you get that at a game? Where'd you get that?

I got that from Fathead. It's been sitting in the studio for like two years. I haven't seen it, literally. Chris, is this the first time he's busted out his Kawhi Leonard fathead?

No, I broke it out last year. I don't remember this. There hasn't been a lot of Clipper things to celebrate. Understood. In terms of championships, he's right. How about it?

But like I tried to tell you how you're rich, I'd rather healthy Kawhi now than a healthy Kawhi in October. Oh my gosh. Come on.

Oh my gosh. We'll get to this in a second. I want to talk about the game itself, okay?

And what it means. Western Conference standings are, as the kids would say, lit. The Clippers came up with a big win last night. I guess if you're looking at their equation, would you rather avoid the play-in tournament or would you rather play in the play-in tournament? That's obvious.

You want to avoid it. The issue is, their conundrum is avoiding the play-in tournament means you are the away team in a first round series against Kevin Durant and the Suns. Used to be Devin Booker and Chris Paul and the Suns. DeAndre Ayton and the Suns. We now refer to it as Kevin Durant and the Suns.

And that's the issue and that's for another day. You don't want to play and of course you don't want to be in the play-in tournament. And that's what the Lakers were doing first. The Lakers went from just trying to get into the play-in tournament and then get into a home court game in the play-in tournament or two. And then get the hell out of the play-in tournament into the six seed which is where Darvin Ham had pegged everything as a nice target to go hit for the Lakers.

And at the time a month ago everyone was like, okay, got it Darvin, good idea. And last night, had they won last night, they'd have been right there. Instead they're currently seventh.

They are the top team in the play-in tournament with two games to go. Both home games against the Suns and the Jazz. And the Lakers can still play out of the play-in tournament if they go 2-0 in those games and the Warriors in their remaining games go 1-1. They're against the Kings and the Blazers. Problem for them is it's on the road and that has been their issue all year long is winning on the road. So Lakers can still get out of the play-in tournament and that is something that LeBron who maybe it was around halftime he realizes I got to push the pedal to the metal and that's why he scored 30 of his 33 in the second half last night.

To help the Lakers cut a 24 point deficit down to five a couple times. Things got a little dicey. But the Clippers survived and this is what LeBron had to say about the play-in tournament last night.

It is what it is. Wherever we end up, that's where we end up. It's been like four or five seasons in one for us. We don't have the luxury of saying this is what we need to do, this is where we're going to be. We need to still continue to play good basketball. We got another game on Friday versus a very good team. Then we end the season on Sunday versus Utah. We'll see what happens. We'll see where we fall and we'll be ready to go. He's not wrong. It has been like four or five seasons in one.

Wouldn't you agree? Like the beginning of the playing season was good luck guys. Good luck.

Honestly. If each part of their season had a phrase that goes to it, the start of the season was good luck guys. Good luck Darvin. And then the second part of the season was, oh God, Anthony Davis is hurt again. Charles Barkley's phrase of street clothes, missed 20 games due to a foot injury. And that part of the season was the Lakers are who we thought they were. And then it went from that to how you're going to keep LeBron happy to win this year.

And make sure you don't mortgage the future. Because LeBron definitely wants to finish up his playing career here. One would think in time for Bronny to wear the purple and gold. How are they going to pull that one off? And then they started making trades. And that's when I guess the third part of their season began. How the Lakers are going to gel, the new look Lakers are going to gel and then LeBron gets hurt.

That's part of his... I guess that part of the season was also... Good luck guys. With that new team of yours.

And then LeBron goes out and the new look Lakers start going higher register. Oh! Austin Reeves can play. Yeah.

Oh. So the rest of the team is doing pretty well. Maybe when LeBron comes back they can make a run. And then LeBron comes back and they start losing a little bit again. But you see flashes of LeBron and this team is now actually going to make the playoffs. I think we're going to say this team is making the playoffs at this point in time. They might have to play and maybe not. He's right. Lakers have had four seasons in one.

Bottom line though is all the four seasons in one are leading to another season. They have a, as poker players would say, a chip and a chair. I don't know if the chip is going to have a champion in front of it.

But it's just a chip and we'll see if the chair can lead to a championship. Might be one of those white one dollar chips. Could be. Could be.

But that's a chip. And they got the chair. Is it going to be in a play-in tournament or not? It's coming. And all I can say is yes.

Thank you. Because this team making it in the play-in tournament or as maybe the sixth seed to go visit the Kings. An old school Lakers Kings.

Get your cowbells ready up there in Sacramento. LeBron and AD going against De'Aaron Fox and Son of Arvidus and the rest of that team, the Young Turks. Right?

With one of their million former coaches. Let's go. Much better. Much more interesting. Please Lakers make the playoffs. Thousand percent.

Now then, let me get to this. The other soundbite from LeBron James. This is what drives me crazy about the NBA. Drives me nuts.

Drives me absolutely insane. The Lakers. Laker coming off of a road trip for games. Let me get this correct.

Let me get this exactly right. The Lakers played last night coming off of a four game eight day road trip. Included an unplanned night in Minneapolis due to a snowstorm. And then last night that game came on the heels of a Tuesday night game, an overtime contest in Utah. Then they have to fly home. Rest up and play another basketball game.

And then they lose. Not an excuse. Not an excuse. Schedules not an excuse.

But it's definitely a topic of conversation as LeBron mentioned after the game. It was tough. One of the toughest games we've had this year. Coming off the road trip and even though this is a good road game. Coming off the road trip and getting back late last night but after an overtime game. It was a tough game for us. Obviously we started off in the first half. Playing Laker basketball we had some good spurts but not enough. This is one of those scheduling conflicts in the season.

And definitely got the best of us tonight. You know what we should do is now that the new collective bargaining agreement says people can win the MVP award playing just 65 games in a year. Which is just four fifths of the schedule. That's it.

And by four fifths of the schedule you could still be MVP of the league. Just let's get rid of back to backs. Let's just be done with it. Players don't want it.

Organizations don't want it. Be done with it. Can we just be done with it?

So I don't have to hear these conversations anymore. Oh by the way Kawhi last night played an entire second half. Every minute. Last time that happened was when Kawhi was on the Spurs going against LeBron with the Heat. In a game seven of the finals that LeBron was the MVP of. And Kawhi had his little coming out party as a spur. Like oh he's generationally brilliant this kid from San Diego State who doesn't say a word. Oh my goodness he played every minute last night in the second half.

That is an unbelievable story. It had been 10 years since he'd done that. And the crazy thing is you know how he was able to do it because he rested on back to backs all year long. And that's the problem why this was such a must win game for the Clippers. Just be done with the back to backs so Kawhi and everybody else can just play games. And we're not going to have somebody sitting there with an algorithm in an office somewhere. I figure like that's that midnight run line.

He's got coffee breath batting in BO sitting there you know sitting there listening into our conversation. They're sitting there coming up with an algorithm and saying hey coach these are the days your player is not going to play four months from now because he had a knee injury 18 months ago. So these games plan on these guys not playing and it's come hell or high water. Oh and by the way if you spent all those dollars of yours on the secondary ticket market to see their one time coming to your town.

Sorry back in August these folks in the science and sports department of our organization said these guys aren't playing there. And the guys who play these games come across like crybabies not an excuse. Darvin Ham said after the game what do you say the circumstances were not used as a crutch. They were just real the real NBA schedule everyone goes through it at some point in their schedule in each and every year. True true long season I'm not the one out there to use the airplane phrase Dragon Bob Lanier up and down the court.

You know I'm not the one doing that I might be the dad in the back sending the kid up to the cockpit to complain about it. Yeah you see what I'm saying and I'll go there I'll go there you think Jordan would Jordan ever do that did Jordan ever do that. He didn't he didn't ever do it different times different times. Jordan is what they call an anomaly.

I get it would do it let's go let's just go. I know I'm like that get off my lawn my generation would never say that I'm literally being that guy right now. And I'm involving the greatest player the greatest score the greatest of his generation. Come on her had some injuries bad at the end of his career so not a fair example but but Michael Jordan didn't do it. Big game and it's just like yeah I mean if we were only weren't in Utah last night playing an overtime game getting in middle of the morning got some rest then I have to go play a huge basketball game. I mean Mike played all 82 games when he was 39.

Dude I just don't want to it's just so here's the thing let's just remove it from the equation. Hey NBA governors the governors govenors just get rid of the back to backs you don't want them players don't want them and the fans don't want to show up to a stadium or an arena. I use an old phrase Chicago stadium they don't want to show up to a barn and don't see the goat. Because somebody in September said that game in January ain't happening and oh heaven forbid somebody has a sniffle. That's the way Cavs fans this year didn't see Curry didn't see Luca didn't see Kawhi in their one time through because it happened on a back to back front end back end. Just be done with it I don't need to hear these conversations coming off of a big game and they don't want to have them either. So the Clippers put themselves in this position because George and Kawhi sat so many damn times on back to backs all year long. And now push comes to shove you need it Kawhi plays every minute in the second half for the first time in a decade right before the playoff start. That's the way we're working it that's the way we're load managing. It's just this weird it's just so weird to me.

844-204 rich number to dial I'll never give up this ghost just give up the back to backs just do it. What would that mean Chris? That mean you have to start the season in like late September like early October? Because they're going to have the tournament too like will a mid-season tournament remove all this? Or will we hear well I mean I'm playing this we played the whole tournament. Those games count though so they're not playing extra games those mid-season tournament games.

When you're putting them together does it does it does it compress it to the point where you know there won't be back to backs at any point just remove it. We just need to take the season down to 75 games. Well that'll never happen that's revenue. They've added revenue with the play in and so there's now 10 playoffs two-thirds of the league make the playoffs which is insane. By the way I'm not going to complain about the playing tournament I kind of like it. Mavs would be long out of it right now. Mavs would be way out of it right now.

No I think it's worked I'm just saying two-thirds of the league making the playoffs is a lot. 844-204 rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. When we come back I'm going to take it down a notch because we're going to check on the leaderboard at the Masters. And you have to talk like this whenever you're talking about the Masters or at least that's me.

Basically what I'm doing is my combine voice. 844-204 rich is the number to dial. Austin Eckler is pissed off still. We'll hit on that. Mike Florio top of hour number two. Is Mac Jones on the block or what? We'll get answers that's coming up. For just $15 a month go to slash switch.

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And talking about the results afterwards. And now it's not just WrestleMania being a day it's a week. I don't know if there's anything quite like it in that form of entertainment.

There's not. Get into the WrestleMania spirit with the Podcast Heat network. Wherever you listen. The Rich Eisen Show radio network has rejoined our Roku channel stream. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Speaking of clicking this is a big click Brockman segment because I asked him in our Roku channel only block. As we say in the television world. Who won our NCAA tournament pool?

Do we know? I got it. Who? This person. Is named? Their bracket name was unlikely.

Okay well that seems on brand then. What's more? Their name you know the login is ESPN26857991. Oh my god.

Eric number. So is it a bot won the Rich Eisen Show pool? A bot. Unclear. Okay. Unlikely?

Unlikely. They had Yukon winning. Only 36 people picked Yukon to win out of our over thousand who played. Thank you everyone who participated. Yeah they won the most points. 1280 points.

They were in the 100th percentile of everyone who played the more than 20 million users. Do you have Unlikely's full bracket? Uh yes. Okay so because I imagine somebody just went and threw darts at a board and just titled it Unlikely. Right.

But I'll still submit. Or they were a Yukon fan and was like it's unlikely we're gonna win. And what was Unlikely's final four? They had, let's see, they had Yukon beating Alabama in the final.

Yes. I believe, yeah so they had FAU. Well that's the end of that.

That's why. To the final four. Well that's it. They had FAU, Alabama, Texas, and Yukon. Close.

With Yukon over Alabama. And then a cigar. There you go.

That's how you win. Very good. Now then, get ready for the clicking Chris. I need to know what's going on at Augusta National. It's a Masters Thursday. Now you have, Mike, you chose music for this and obviously we can't use the music. But you found, what was your process Mike?

What was your process? I do a deep, deep, deep search. Well there's the birds. Into the music that we have. By the way I like the birds, it's first. It's your first choice. I gotta bring the birds up because if you come in, first thing you hear are the ambient sounds of the golf course.

Good use of ambient. Right Chris? And then we go to the cut. I found a great cut.

What do you got? It's perfect. It's as close as you're gonna get.

What do you think Chris? I like it. It's not bad, it's a little fast.

It's not just fast, it's kind of melancholy. What do you think the Masters theme is? What's the name, the Masters theme has a song as a title right? I guarantee you it's just Masters. No, no, no. Are you sure? How about this? I'll look that up.

There's no way. I'll look that up and then you tell me who's leading the actual Masters right now. Rich Eisen, we have a two-way tie for the lead right now at Augusta National. The big Irishman, Shane Lowry, is birdied seven, eight, and nine. Shane Lowry, huh? Is three under through nine. Right behind him, Victor Hovland.

Oh my god, just stop it. Who else? That's not bad. Eagle on two for Hovland, birdie on six, he's at three under. Right behind them, a trio of guys at two under, maybe the most hated guy in the tournament, Patrick Reed, former winner, the 2018 champion, Patrick Reed is two under. Adam Scott. With Patrick Reed, you don't have to ask what hole he's on, the hole is A. Nice. Thank you. Adam Scott, the 2013 champion, Adam Scott, the Aussie is two under through seven.

I said that. Cam Young got off to a blistering pace. He birdied the first three holes, gave one back on six, he's two under. Scott Stallings is part of a slew of guys at one under with Sergio Garcia, the 2016 champion, Seamus Power, who had back-to-back hole in ones on the par three tournament yesterday, Keegan Bradley, Xander Shoffley, Justin Thomas, Hideki Matsuyama, the 2021 champ, and Cam Smith all at one under. There you go. Very good. Keep that, so again, all weekend long, enjoy the Masters as long as it's not rain, but on Thursday and on Friday show, as well as Monday show if there is a rain out, whenever we do an update, birds first, then this song that we're allowed to play, it's a little fast. Seriously? I'll call John Tesh next time and ask him that.

No, no, no, you can't, oh, oh, oh, oh, a round ball rock, he will get a problem. By the way, the actual Masters music that we're not allowed to run because it's commercial music, has a title, as I thought, and lyrics, and wait for it, it's written by an individual named Dave Loggins, who is in fact the third cousin of Kenny. Oh my, who? Dave Loggins. Dave Loggins is the voice of Caddyshack's theme, so yeah, keep it going, keep it going, your silly, I'm sure Dave is like, this is an outrage that you would think this is equivalent to, here it is, the Masters theme is called and titled, lower it because it's way too loud, Augusta, and it has lyrics, would you like to hear the first stanza?

Yes. Before you do that, quick update, Victor Havlund now, solo leader at minus four, after a birdie on the par. Fantastic, by the way, Victor Havlund would be a great Brockmire name, Victor Havlund everybody, he's on Magnolia Lane, dude, this is crazy, here's the first stanza, well, it's springtime in the valley on Magnolia Lane, it's the Augusta National, and the master of the game, who'll wear that green coat on Sunday afternoon, who'll walk the 18th fairway singing this tune, Augusta, your dogwoods and pines, they play on my mind like a song, Augusta, it's you that I love, and it's you that I'll miss when I'm gone, give myself a round of applause, it goes on and on and on and on, oh my god, the fact that it has lyrics, it's lyrics, I would not have suspected there'd be lyrics to the Masters song, now give me that music one more time, let's try and see if another, let me just see if this works for another golf logins, I'm alright, nobody worry about me, why you gotta gimme a fight, can't you just let it be, I'm alright, don't nobody worry about me, do what you like, doing it naturally, but if it's too easy, they're gonna disagree, how about that, does it work, mmm, Chris I need support, yay or nay, what do you got, doesn't work, we need a better, which logins is better, Dave or Kenny, oh it's, it's the Philon music, it's the song, you guys, you know what, go get a piano guy, have him create you a theme, we searched, Mike Hoskins and I, we listened, pretty sure Mike, I thought everybody was on board with that piano, that's what it sounded like, I want it on the record, I said it was too fast from the beginning, but here's the deal though, Dave Loggins is more on the nose than Kenny, like if you read all rights lyrics, it has nothing to do with Bushwood Country Club, Judge Smales, Afresca, has nothing to do with, it has nothing to do with Lacey or Danny Noonan, has nothing to do with Dr. Beeper, nothing to do with Spalding, it has nothing to do with Caddyshack, what about Chuck Schick, Tigers putter letting him down today, oh no, he was 3 over, heading into the par 5 8th, birdied the par 5 8th and now sits at 2 over par, by the way, if you had to take a top 5 of same, I guess, narrative, said by sports anchors, sports analysts, year after year after year, like we're in our 25th year, probably our silver anniversary of Tigers got to eat up those par 5s on Augusta National, otherwise he's got no shot, Tiger makes his hay on those par 5s at Augusta National, so there you go. So a great stat, he actually parred the first hole but he's plus 18 on number 1 minus 100 for his career on the rest of the court. Are you serious, number 1 is just like his problem?

Number 1, can't do it, he's 18 over on 1 and then 100 under on the rest of the holes in his career. Alright, so we got our green jackets out of the closet for this show, Mike Florio is going to be joining us at the top of our number 2, he's the one who reported Mac Jones has been shopped, has been shopped, the question is, is he still being shopped by New England? I heard words in my ear, I did not know about this, there's a Jets tweet that's out there, I did not know, honestly I'm completely in the dark about this, alright, oh, Robert Salah, it's Masters week, what's Coach Salah shooting at Augusta? Look at him, look how jacked he is, he makes Brooks Koepka look like a bean pole, look at Salah all jacked up, most jacked up Jets coach in history, honestly, we should, here's what we'll do, put that photograph up again, what I need is either the shot on the left or the shot on the right, along with Rich Kotite, Walt Michaels, and Rex Ryan.

Is there even a picture of Rich Kotite without a jacket on? I don't know, man, but he's wearing, Coach wearing a Smedium, look at this, tight fitting, but that's not Augusta, if I was like that I would, here's what Robert Salah is shooting at Augusta, here's 12, that's what he's shooting, tough hole as we know, 12, tough hole, you know what you gotta do, here's what you gotta do on hole 12, if you're Robert Salah, you gotta stand firm, because you know, at some point, the green that you're going to strike will be Jets green, and, wait for it, wait for it, you've gotta survive the bay, Bay's creek, right in front, okay, let me go, will you let me go, there's nothing happening in this story, will you let me go, sorry, sorry, go ahead, you gotta avoid Bay's creek, it's Ray's creek for those scoring, I don't know if people know that, and once you get over the bridge, it's all good, it's all good, this is how you dominate hole 12, if you're Robert Salah at the Masters, not concerned about his final score, not concerned about how you're getting to hole 12, I am concerned about what happens when you're on hole 12, because you're going to be on hole 12, and we all know you're going to be on hole 12, what if they're on hole 4 though, oh, hole 4 for the Jets, we've forgotten about hole 4, hole 4, long time ago, hole 12 will not be like hole 4 for Robert Salah, hole 4, Mangini blew that hole, hole 4 kind of had some implosion of his own, allegedly, the one thing we can't give up to get to hole 12 is hole number 1 coming up later on this month, hole 2, and maybe future considerations of holes, this is the way I'm looking at it, the problem is I can't respond to this tweet with that, way more than 280 characters, way more, well you could probably do it and you might get the, keep reading, yeah, sometimes you get lucky, with the doge, the doge coin dog, makes me think that I've been hacked by somebody, Chris remember that tweet that Pat wrote that was like, that's what I mean, a thousand characters, and he was like, I just kept writing, let's just attach this video, that's my answer, even better, hole 12, Hovland's gonna have another birdie on 9, you know what, I don't care about Victor Hovland right now, care about my coach who is yoked, yes he is, when he strolls to hole 12, fires a dart, and hopefully when you're on hole 12 you make the putt, because we know, it's not a gimme putt, we know how many champions can wind up in Bays Creek and blow it, all narrow, you gotta survive hole 12 and you can win championships by taking care of hole 12, can, 2019, proved it, oh, Garrett Wilson, hole 17, hole 17 right, 16's the par 3, 17, Chris, 17 is the one you forget about, yeah that's true, you forget about hole 17, everybody's focused on hole 16, uh-uh, hole 17, you gotta par that, you gotta make sure you don't blow up on hole 17, because you're thinking of greatness on hole 18, I'm trying to help out Robert Sala when he pegs it up with his biceps and his triceps, and his traps, I didn't know this tweet existed, this is all off the dome, but I know my masters and I know my jets, don't ever bring up hole 4 around me again please, alright, don't bring up hole 4, no more, let's take a break, Austin Eckler's pissed, I know, he deserves to be, he sure does, 844204rich number to dial before Mike Florio joins us. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, Rogers is trending because if it goes on longer, welcome to our radio audience back, if it goes on longer there's a report the Niners may get involved, yeah, I saw that yesterday, one of the New York radio shows was, guess where Green Bay doesn't want to send Aaron Rodgers, no I understand but if they offer a first round pick, when, after the draft, they can offer next year's, great, so you'll get 28th overall, 29th overall, 27th overall, and you watch Aaron Rodgers show up in Green Bay, no Green Bay ain't gonna make playoffs, what I'm just saying, they're on the schedule, they'll play them maybe twice in the next four years, oh yeah maybe, potentially, send him the Jets, you don't see him, it's over, see you later, you may never see Aaron Rodgers again until he shows up for the Ring of Honor because they'll kiss and make up, because trust me, if the Packers and Favre have kissed and made up, the Packers and Rodgers will do so, even if things do go completely sideways, everybody keeps on saying, oh the Jets better do this, the Bet Jets better do that, no they don't, they don't have to, they have to if they want to win the Super Bowl this year, they have to if they definitely insist on making a big move, they don't have to, in the game of have to, like have to have to, in the game, if we're playing the game of have to, there's one organization that has to, it's Green Bay, getting Rodgers off the books, that's it, if Rodgers doesn't want to play there and they don't want him there and they've let it all out there, there's one team that in this entire situation must do something, it's Green Bay, they don't have to do it until September 1, and that's obviously a very difficult time frame for the Jets once they get through the draft, but once the Jets get through the draft and it's May whatever, you know, then the Jets will look at all their new draft choices and go about their business. Let me ask you this question, likelier scenario, can we save it for tomorrow, no, okay, nope, we got what's more likely, we got a lot on it, we got a lot on tomorrow's program, we got a double dose of what's more likely tomorrow, because we're doing one with Jason Kelsey when he's here, correct, okay, Jason Kelsey in studio all third hour, it's gonna be amazing, apparently by the way he said he would have missed a few of those coaches like his brother too if he was the one actually having to identify the NFL coaches and the NFL coaches' photos. One of the funniest things I've seen this offseason.

I mean it'll be one of the funniest you see all year, you know, but what's more likely, here's one for you, what's more likely, Aaron Rodgers plays for the Packers again, okay, or Zach Wilson plays for the Jets this year and actually starts playing better, what's more likely, who's the quarterback, is it Zach Wilson the starter, Aaron Rodgers returns to the Packers, what he does to me TJ just changes the rules, or Zach Wilson remains the starter of the Jets and plays better, what's more likely, Zach Wilson, yes, Aaron Rodgers could never play for the Packers ever again, which is why the Jets can go through the draft and get in the reps in the spring, but if they want to make a splash and they want to win this year and they want to get on national television in 2023 six times and they want to sell jerseys with the number 12 on it without the word Nameth, they got to make the trade, but in terms of have to, got to, come on, eight four four two oh four rich number two dollar, I didn't expect to talk about this today, but I didn't expect to see Robert Solomon all yoked up in a golf shirt, that's true, yeah, who knew, Austin Eckler, bless this guy man, I love the way he plays football and anybody here in Southern California, if you were to name the top five most talented football players in Los Angeles, ooh, in Los Angeles, yes, Aaron Donald, Cooper Cup, right, is Caleb Williams on this list, he'd be on my list, you could, sure, he plays in Los Angeles, Aaron Rodgers, I mean, pardon me, Aaron Donald, Cooper Cup, Caleb Williams, Justin Herbert, yep, Eckler's fifth, I like it, not five, any order, Eckler and Stafford, I mean, you got, I mean, we technically can't put Caleb Williams in there and leave Matt Stafford off, but you know, well, no, no, I mean, this is just for, you know what, and giggles, Sports Talk Radio, Roku, Westwood One, Podcast, Odyssey, Sirius XM, we'll make it a top ten, Eckler's, Eckler's knocking on the door of the five, no doubt, and we're forgetting Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack, no, no, no, but Eckler's in this conversation, no doubt, yeah, no doubt, problem is he plays running back, problem is he plays running back and he is, I guess, small, height challenged in stature, I mean, that's a better, yeah, height challenged is the only thing you could say, because you can't say he's slight in stature, this guy gets hit on the six and scores, yeah, you're not gonna call him small, he's also, from my understanding, the strongest pound for pound player in the National Football League, I mean, yeah, he's tough to tackle and he, he will, he will hit you, how old is he, he's close, he's, he's 28, 29, let's say, Austin Eckler, yeah, 27, okay, 27, he'll be 28 in May, he wants another, he wants another contract and he apparently asked the Chargers for it and as we all know, he's been told to go seek a trade if you'd like, man, that's another, we're all focused on when's Rogers gonna get traded and is Lamar Jackson gonna get signed to an offer sheet, why isn't anybody said, we'll, we'll flip something to the Chargers for Austin Eckler, yeah, Chargers probably want, well, if they want a one, then come on now, but running backs don't get drafted in the first round, even if they want a high two, that's still kind of a big ask, isn't that amazing, yeah, we're not gonna give you a long-term contract, but we're gonna potentially extract a draft choice that few teams will use on a running back, right, coming out of college that's young instead of using it on somebody who is proven to be a touchdown maker and a red zone problem solver, there's only gonna, there's only gonna be one running back in the first round this year, Austin Eckler, 18 touchdowns last year, 18, by the way, Jamal Williams 17 and they, the Lions let him walk, unreal, this was Eckler, what he had to say about his predicament, for me, it really doesn't come down to the logo, it really comes down to just really the commitment to having me in their long-term plans, kind of got punched in the face when the Chargers basically said, hey, we don't wanna talk about extensions anymore and this is the organization that I've continued to rise and hit new heights in and continue to add more value, scored the most touchdowns from scrimmage in the past two years and so that's how it felt, right, it felt like, wow, this is like the first time in my career with them and it felt like kind of like disrespected by my own organization and it sucks, like I wanna be a charger, right, I wanna be a charger, I wanna be there and it sucks because it's like, okay, let's get something done, I do have one more year in my contract, absolutely, but you know, for them to want to allow me to go and be a free agent next year after playing and you know, maybe we can get something done throughout the year, who knows how it's gonna play out, you know, but just, that's how I'm feeling right now because we don't really have insight of what they're thinking, things like that, they're just like, nah, we don't wanna talk anymore. Man. Jeez.

That was Eckler on Sirius XM on their fantasy program hosted by former colleagues of mine, Amber Theo-Harris and some guy who comes up with some really ridiculous cockamamie rules for Jerry Cantrell's Fantasy League, hi fabs. Hey man, running back market in the NFL. Not good. It is unbelievable. Yeah. Getting a third contract, you got your rookie contract and then the big splash contract, Zeke's having trouble getting a third contract right now. Seems like it, right? Well, we thought the Eagles were the sign of it. Happy April Fools.

I don't know what the way out of this is. I don't understand why another team will not trade for Austin Eckler and pay him. And it's weird, Rich, it's not like he has a ton of carries either. Like he was 20th in the league last year, he was 14th in the league the year, I mean, doesn't have a lot of mileage. I guess again the answer is, we talked about it the other day, Isaiah Pacheco led the Chiefs in rushing, 830 yards rushing.

Chiefs win the Super Bowl, Pacheco scores in the Super Bowl, they get him in the seventh round, they pay him a seventh round contract for the next three years, that's the Super Bowl champs. Now, of course, they have other scoring threats, to say the least, so do the Chargers. And Eckler's one of them. The Chargers are willing to find another Austin Eckler? Really?

Okay. And if your team is needing a running back, why don't the Bills go flippin, flippin? Right?

Doesn't make sense. This whole thing, man, I feel for Eckler, because he's one of the good guys, Florio coming up. Who else can? Breaking news! Whoa! Rich Eisen! What?

Breaking Jets quarterback news! Oh, shut up. This isn't April Fools, Rich?

This is real. I'm not, I'm not. So you want to wait?

Wait, wait, wait. What do you got? What do you got? The Jets are signing veteran quarterback Tim Boyle! One year deal!

Reunites with OC Nathaniel Hackett. You know what this is? It's another day. It's another sign.

You get in the quarterback room ready for the guy. That's coming. Reunited. That's it. Tim Boyle!

That's it. What's more likely? He's coming. Who's the week one starter?

Tim Boyle or Zach Wilson? Sorry folks. This guy, again, Chris, same, no, no, same energy. Bring it. Bring it.

Kurt Sala in his yoked up golf game aces hole 12 when that happens and Rogers is there. Same energy. Yeah, sure. Why not? As we're about to talk about Mac Jones being offered to other teams.

I guess Bailey Zappi was going to be your starter in that equation. Same energy to your Tim Boyle news updates. What? Tim Boyle news.

Sorry. It's WrestleMania season and the podcast heat network has you covered podcast heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards. And now it's not just WrestleMania being a day. It's a week. I don't know if there's anything quite like it in the form of entertainment. Get into the WrestleMania spirit with the podcast heat network wherever you listen.
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