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REShow: Brian Windhorst - Hour 2 (4-4-2023)

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April 4, 2023 3:24 pm

REShow: Brian Windhorst - Hour 2 (4-4-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 4, 2023 3:24 pm

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst tells Rich why the resurgent Lakers are a threat in the West then the playoffs role around, why the Dallas Mavericks have faltered since pairing Luka Doncic with Kyrie Irving, when the Golden State Warriors can expect Andrew Wiggins to return from injury, and why NBA teams are salivating over the chance to win the Draft Lottery to select 7’4” wunderkind Victor Wembanyama. 

Rich reacts to a Pro Football Talk report that says Bill Belichick and the Patriots have shopped QB Mac Jones around, and ponders if Lamar Jackson could still be an option for New England.

The show’s voice over announcer Erin Sheehan calls in to go over her amazing NCAA Tournament brackets that had her getting the Final Four correct along with picking UConn to beat San Diego State in the title game.

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From the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Every dog has his day and this day belongs to the Huskies. Earlier on the show, ESPN College Basketball Analyst Jay Villas. Coming up, ESPN senior NBA writer Brian Wintorse, two-time Academy Award winner Ben Affleck. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes indeed our number two The Rich Eisen Show.

As you just heard our show opened here on the Roku channel and Sirius XM and Odyssey and also this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. The voice that you just heard announcing who's coming up and who is on and you hear her voice every single day Erin Sheehan and she has been the voice of this show for every single day that we've been on the air since 2014. She's going to be joining us as a guest at the end of this hour because she as you probably heard on the Dan Patrick show because she is the better half of Seton O'Connor. She picked UConn to beat San Diego State in her NCAA tournament bracket.

Unbelievable. This is The Rich Eisen Show. That's her and so you will hear the familiar voice of somebody on this program at the end of this hour who definitely won her bracket competition. Absolutely. Suzy Schuster sitting in the space for Chris Brockman as he is off with family today.

Good to see you Suze. I'm excited to hear her voice when she's not voicing over. Okay. Does she sound like that? We will hear.

Because if she does that's even cooler. I hope so. DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts sitting in his spot. TJ Jefferson good to see you over there. Joining us here at the top of our number two is we're now turning the page from college to association basketball.

It is time for the nitty and the gritty. The Lakers tonight are taking on the Utah Jazz. They're two games above 500. This is a team that we thought might not make the play-in tournament.

They might not need the play-in tournament to make the playoffs. It is wild what's happening there in the Western Conference. Joining us as always our favorite from the worldwide leader in sports Brian Windhorst. How are you doing Brian?

Hi Rich. I mean when Darvin Ham said about a month ago you know we're targeting the sixth seed and the sixth seed with the Mavericks and everyone's thinking well good luck to the Lakers making the sixth seed. Well they may make the sixth seed and the Mavericks may miss it entirely.

I can't believe what's happened over the last several weeks Brian. Yeah well part of it is the West is just having a bit of a scrambled season. This is not the way it's been for most of the last 20 years and so I would say don't confuse everything being bunched up for everything being good. One of the reasons why the Lakers have this opportunity is because the teams that have been in front of them haven't been very good. All of the Western teams have some sort of weakness that could end up being fatal to them but look this is not the you know the seven eight years ago when you had the Warriors winning 73 games and the team right behind them having KD and Russell Westbrook in their primes. That's not the case and so the Lakers have taken advantage of that and what I'll say about the Lakers is this if you want to look I think they're 40 and 38.

Yep. If you want to look at them as a 40 and 38 team you can and if you want to discredit their chances of doing anything you know I don't mean you specifically. I understand. You know so my colleagues you know kind of get annoyed with how much talk about the Lakers and usually I'm in that camp but not anymore because this is not a 40 and 38 team. This is a 14 and 17. That's the team's record since they made the Westbrook trade and you might say well 14 and 7 that's no great shakes and I'd agree with you except for in the West this year if you were seven games over 500 for the whole season you'd be right on the Phoenix Suns to be in fourth and you go back and look the Lakers started this season 2 and 10 because it was an embarrassing design of a team and since that time they're they're 10 they're 10 games over 500 and again 10 games over 500 in the West would have you like right there with the Kings in third so this is just a better team than their seed and their record shows and that 14 and 7 a lot of it was without LeBron.

That's right. And Anthony Davis was skipping some games in there like he skipped the game in Houston that they lost a few weeks ago and you know had they won that game for example they would be in fifth right now. Well so they are just a potent team in an impotent Western conference and I think they are worth paying attention to and the games tonight and tomorrow the night they play the Jazz in Utah hard game end of road trip tough one to win but look they're hot they've won five in a row tomorrow at home against the Clippers who have beaten them 10 times in a row 10 times in a row these two games in my opinion are the two biggest Laker games since the bubble when they were in the finals certainly if you're a Lakers fan you may disagree you will say well what about the 2021 playoffs when they played the Suns and were up 2-1 and then AD got hurt and they lost the series I don't think they were winning that series with all due respect they were the seven seed the Suns were the two seed and won the West but whatever you want to squab with me whatever these are really really important games and if they win these two Rich they're going to have some maneuverability going into this weekend and if they win this too that means they're going to be 16 and 7 and they're going to have won seven in a row and they're going to even have more confidence so keep an eye on the Lakers over a very very important 48 hours and just and I know the Lakers are about championships and that's what LeBron is about certainly in the remaining time of him being an active player in the league Brian Wynn Horst but that said as my caveat the conversation coming into the season and throughout the first part of the season was this roster was a mess and that forget about turning a corner you couldn't even see the corner as to turn the corner and try and win with LeBron now and give him a team to win now with the way the roster was constructed have they turned a corner on that front do you think have they found a way out of a situation people were saying there's no way out Brian? Well they've gotten back to the middle at least and in this year the middle is interesting in the west like you know you can remember I don't remember with 2017 like the last day of the season the Nuggets played the Timberwolves and whoever won got in and whoever lost you know finished ninth it was sort of the first ever play-in game those teams have like 48 wins Rich like 47 wins like knocked you out of the you know you didn't get in if 47 wins in the west this year you'd be maybe up home court for the first two rounds so you know part of it is just the nature of this season but LeBron had a pretty severe injury in his foot multiple doctors by his own admission told him shut it down get surgery he hunted around for a doctor who would give it give him a treatment that would let him play he openly admits that he could re-rupture that tendon and have to have surgery in the offseason in fact he didn't even close the door and having surgery in the offseason anyway and I'll point out that several times since he's been a Laker he shut down because he shut down at the end of the season because he recognized there was no place for the team to go that wasn't the case this time he's pushing it he is playing he is risking the more serious injury on that foot because he smells opportunity he smells an opportunity for them to make a run now it may not happen you know there's a hundred reasons why it may not happen ad is very fragile that foot is very fragile they could get a bad draw I mean somebody's gonna have to play the suns in the first round and that's not going to be a good draw because the suns are pretty potent with Kevin Durant they've yet to lose with him in the lineup you know they could play they could get through this get the fifth seed pull a rabbit out of the hat and then face a a beast of a suns team and lose and then you can say well you did all that to get knocked down the first round all that could be true but Lebron smells an opportunity because he doesn't believe the teams at the top are potent teams and I think he's right and at age 38 what's he worried about if he blows out his foot he blows out his foot he's gonna go for it and I think if nothing else that leads us to be you know really excited for what could be a special at least competitive western playoffs Brian Winhorse from the worldwide leader in sports ESPN right here on the Rich Eisen show why has the Kyrie Luka marriage not only not worked but you know put the Mavs in in a position to miss this playoffs entirely why is this not working this is a team building crisis because the Mavericks were in the conference finals last year and then they lost Jalen Brunson for nothing which is a very it's a very hard thing to do they have a debt that they've got to pay maybe this year maybe not for the Chris Adams Porzingis trade they owe the Knicks a pick the way it looks it's going to come right down to it whether the Knicks get the pick or lose the pick it's top 10 protected and it the Mavericks could right could be right there at 10th or 11th depending on what happens but they have a debt of a draft pick that not only loses them to potentially key pick but also locks them out of trading of have some future maneuverability they lost Jalen Brunson for nothing and now they make this raid for Kyrie a player who can walk at the end of the year although he's incentivized to stay if they pay him through the nose but if you pay him through the nose are you paying through a nose in a partnership that doesn't work and they've traded away another first round pick and some other valuable players and it has not worked it is not good with Luca Doncic that you're trying to build around okay it's not good we've got some red x's there the concept of this trade rich was that yes they were going to get worse defensively you don't trade your best defensive player and think that you're going to improve especially for a player like Kyrie who is generally not a good defensive player to swap out um Dorian Fitti-Smith for Kyrie you're losing there but the idea was that you were going to have this super potent offense and that you know Luca who sometimes wears down at the end of games or wears down at the end of playoff series would have this outlet to go to Kyrie and what's happened is their offense has actually gotten slightly worse like that was not on the board on the board was like will they have a historically great offense or just a great offense will they kill teams down the stretch with these two incredible ball handlers who can create for others and get their own shot or they just you know maim them they haven't done it right out of the gate they were they couldn't put um put it together down the stretch they were blowing close games and that killed their margin for error and then Luca hurt his hip and Kyrie hurt his foot and their defense of course predictably was poor and next thing you know you're going from riding the ridge to falling off on your backside and the problem is like you know I don't think it's necessarily a stunner that these two players wouldn't immediately come together and everything be perfect that's understandable that it would take some time for them to kind of figure each other out but the problem is is that the deal was you knew Kyrie was going to be a free agent and had a wandering eye he didn't say trade me to Dallas he ended up in Dallas as a consequence of the trade he that wasn't his on his list and so now you just don't know where it's going to end up and if Kyrie walks on them they're in a real bind in terms of where they are with Luca Doncic well I mean Luca a couple weeks ago after another one of the many tough losses to which we're referring Brian Windhorst you know arched many an eyebrow or when he showed up at a postgame press conference looking miserable talking about how he even he points out he used to smile a lot in the court now he doesn't and even referenced it's not all on the court that's causing him to not smile while on the court and of course it's very easy low-hanging fruit to just say that's Kyrie's fault is it though I mean what what was he referring to there no he's referring to something that I'm not going to discuss got it um but uh I don't think this is I mean Kyrie has um has done some damage to teams in the past I don't think this is the same okay I think this was very unprudent team building um and I when the Mavericks made the deal I could kind of see what they were doing they were kind of hedging a little bit because they still do have a couple of assets to trade they still have a couple of first-round picks that they're allowed to trade and they still have a couple of young players on their roster Josh Green who's a good young defender and um and Jaden Harvey uh Hardy who is actually a pretty interesting rookie like they could build some they could build up a little bit uh in the next couple years with a couple of moves but that was predicated on Kyrie and Luca working together and Kyrie staying committed if that doesn't happen that undercuts that and so um I don't think it's I don't think this can be quote-unquote blamed on Kyrie I'll listen to what happened to the Celtics at the end I'll listen to what happened to the Nets last year in terms of Kyrie I don't think that's quite the same I think this was um just a bit of a unsavory risk profile that's blown up in their face so then last quick question uh for you on this I'm just trying to pick up everything that you're saying are the Mavs in this final week of the season now in the position of like all right let's just go for it trying to make the most out of this this year maybe make a run all we got to do is just get a seat at the table or pull the plug and and keep make sure they protect that top 10 pick is that their choice right now well they're not they're not eliminated yet right I don't see the sense I mean they're not in good position right um you know they're on the outside and their tie break situation isn't great uh if they get eliminated you know in the next couple of days and then all of a sudden you're looking at the weekend where you are you are thinking about not trying to send the 11th pick that's you know when you have a top 10 pick you got to send the worst case scenario with sending the 11th pick you know he'd prefer to send the 23rd the 29th pick right um so I could see them shutting it down after eliminated but if they shut it down before they're eliminated that would be one of the most ridiculous white flag waving maneuvers ever even if it looks bad uh no I can't see them doing that um but I would say any team that's eliminated from the playoffs in the situation in the modern history of the NBA would shut it down so I don't think that's a controversial thing is if it's after they're eliminated okay and the few minutes I have left with you let's just uh let's just talk injuries and and who's getting healthy you know we just uh start our conversation talking about the Lakers all the you know look out for the Lakers if they if they get in a good spot they get in and they can go on a run uh if you want to talk chip in a chair to use a poker term the defending champs as well they're the ones currently sitting in that sixth spot and is Wiggins coming back talk to me about uh him and other injured players and when they might return and how healthy we're going to see teams for the playoffs best you can tell me Brian right now yeah I think the expectations is that Wiggins will be back with the uh warriors tonight uh they play the thunder at home I don't think the plans for him to play I think it's a better chance for him to play Friday in Sacramento um I don't know where Wiggins is going to be uh uh you know he hasn't been gone with an injury he's been gone with a personal matter but he hasn't played NBA basketball in six weeks so you know he will he would have if the Warriors can avoid the play-in he would have a little bit of time to ramp up next week but he wouldn't have games and right out of the gate there's a decent chance that they could play the the kings who have the number one offense in the league where his defense is going to really be important or potentially the Suns I mean talk about a juggernaut first round series right I mean you could have funds warriors depending on how things fall I mean it's possible that you could have um five teams finish 41 and 41 I don't think that'll happen but it's on the board and um the Warriors are in bad shape on most of their tiebreakers which isn't a surprise if you can't win a road game it's hard to get a tie a tie tiebreaker uh throughout the course of the season so they are going to need Wiggins defensively right out of the gate and so I just don't know what to expect from him from a from a form standpoint I will say that in December he missed three weeks with an adductor injury and when he came back he really struggled he had five or six really poor shooting games and then got hurt again now he was coming off an injury there that's not the same as coming off a personal problem so it's but I would say this at the end of the day if you're a Warriors fan you can say look the whole team from last year's title run is back including Gary Payton who was gone and then when they traded for him was injured including Andrew Wiggins like if you're looking for um a reason to believe you can say look we got the team back uh but boy you're looking at potentially four series in a row without home court not potentially they're gonna be four series in a row without home court to repeat you're you're kind of looking back at like I think it was the um it was the Rockets team the Rudy Tomjanovich never underestimate the heart of a champion when they were I think a sixth seed maybe if I remember right and they you know ran through the playoffs just you know they got hot I mean they definitely have that profile but you're looking at a team that was one of the worst defensive the worst defensive um road defensive teams in the league and worst road teams in the league to win four straight series without home court I mean it absolutely can be done but it's going to be it's going to be a challenge and certainly something we're going to watch and getting Wiggins back should help. All right Brian I'm looking forward to the the way the playoffs play out when is the actual draft lottery when's the Victor Wembayana sweepstakes when does that happen I believe it is May 20th okay and did you see the Wembayana highlight over the weekend I saw it on the Instagram on ESPN shooting a three by the way the dribble to get his defender off him to shoot you know understandably short but to have the sense of following it up and jamming it in I've never seen anything like that ever. Well that's the thing and the move that he makes to step back now he missed the three okay but to to execute an escape dribble and a step back three at seven foot five that was pretty impressive he does a tip dunk on a on a three-pointer that he attempted so do you never seen it before do you know how many executives are are what did do they have a like a good luck charm what are they finding one I mean that that's I mean this is I I had that video sent to me by an a long time executive with the text oh my god you know it was like watching you know like a teenager go up against eight-year olds on a lowered hoop that's what it looked like um you know it'll be you know look uh this is a different type of lottery this is since the lottery evened out um I guess the Zion lottery was sort of like this but it wasn't it didn't feel quite the same so this is not going to be like in the past like at the Lebron lottery where you had a pretty good feel that was kind of one of those top couple teams anybody could win this you mean the Lakers were I think 11th and they zoomed up to four already in this system and we've had some teams from the far back like the lottery night is going to be um it's going to be quite the the interesting experience this year I don't think he's a can't miss prospect I don't think he's the type of guy that if you get you can say oh my god they're going to be in the finals in five within five years which was the case for the Cavs with Lebron but I do think it's the most excited lead executives have been about a prospect since Lebron Spurs Rockets and Pistons will have the uh the pole position in terms of the most ping pong balls correct that's who is that's who it's going to be on May 20th that's true okay that's true but we're all to be talking about 12 and a half percent you know back when the Cavs won Lebron lottery the number one team had a 25 chance there you go uh it's a pretty big difference you know half half the percentage chance Brian you're the best thanks for the time as always look for more of my calls greatly appreciate it right back at you that's Brian Winhorse must follow must have right here on the Rich Eisen show I love talking to him he just makes me smarter he's opinionated he's knowledgeable he's the best yeah but what was he talking about with with uh Luca you're talking about I can't talk about this yeah that must be something something internal again when Luca said I used to smile a lot more and I'm not anymore and it's not just basketball everyone's like Kyrie yeah but at that point Kyrie had been with the team for 13 games so it's like how could he have flipped it that everyone's like huh what's different yeah Kyrie and I knew I immediately when Luca said that uh I forget what weekend it was it was two weekends ago and I I had like a text to Brian saying I need you Monday or Tuesday if you don't mind and I didn't send it because so many other things were happening I think with the NFL and somebody I'm like I'll I'll put that aside but I have to ask him the next time he's on if this is as simple as it's got to be Kyrie and you just heard what his answer is he goes I hear you about what happened in Boston I hear you what happened in Brooklyn this ain't it yeah and what Luca is referring to I will not talk about publicly and I just know what you know the speculation on something like that can run rampant I have no idea what it is I just know when it happens in the NFL and a lot of guys are or and ladies who have uh information or information or information people for a living and say I won't talk about it it's something clearly very personal but you probably gleaned that already yeah and holy cow have they just totally gone down the tubes yeah but like I said last week I don't know what people expected from this squad anyway on paper that it's not a championship level team anyway well I mean if you've got if you make the champ conference championship game one year and you're a six seed in the in a western conference where all you need to use again the poker term chip and a chair and for those who may not know it doesn't matter how few chips you have all you need is just to have one you're still in the game and a chair to play oh so a chip and a chair is the six seed the or anybody obviously seven or eight you just got to get in and there they were the six seed they were not going to be in the playing tournament don't you remember when Bronfman was sitting in the chair that Susie's currently sitting in yesterday when he was sitting no no when when when Darwin Ham said we could be the six seed okay and Brockman's like yeah right good luck they're they can be they're a game out of it and the Mavericks are in the spot where the Lakers were at that time I just remember when J.R. Ryder came in 2001 into a very crowded locker room with big personalities every so often you can have that kind of toxic air on a player come in and everything changes I'm not saying that what Brian said wasn't else something else what are you saying but maybe I'm saying I just don't know no I it just it just smells familiar and and I respect Brian because as a reporter there's nothing more important than protecting your sources and clearly he knows something that we don't know but I don't mean I don't think it matters whether it's 13 games TJ or three that's just which is rude down there I I think that they are clearly you know obviously spinning their wheels here but does not help that the guy they let go for nothing is an all-star taking the Knicks to the playoffs a revelation yeah Jalen Brunson in New York they could have had his game with Julius Randle is a two-man game that the Knicks are hoping having a third man in will knock out the Cavs and then take on one of the big three and knock them out too and put them in the Eastern Conference Championship and I understand Chris's opinion about the Celtics is one thing and your opinion about the Sixers there's another and it's widely shared Knicks can do it and Brunson's a guy who can do it because we haven't seen him in this position yet of star point guard going into the playoffs we have not seen that and you know I know that he was part of that group that went to the conference championship in the west last year but this is Brunson's show last year it was like I'm showing you in my walk here you got to pay me this is now his show and I can't wait to see it Jalen's exceeded all expectations didn't you send a text to the group the other day a screen grab of somebody retweeting Mark Cuban saying he paid for Twitter blue and somebody's like he didn't even pay for Brunson but he's given Elon Musk eight dollars that wasn't me but I saw all right so so I got I saw that in my in my jet stream and it's it's part of the criticism the Mavericks are gonna get Brunson walked they might not even make it Luca's miserable and Kyrie might walk on him too and where's the rest of that roster from last year New York City Brooklyn and Manhattan yeah 844-204 Rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show one and the news about the Patriots kind of shocking we'll talk about that next Men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarm sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarm so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football 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call click or just stop by why don't you ben affleck hour number three susie is sitting in for chris who's with family today del tufo and tj jefferson all here tiger woods has spoken that'll be part of susie's news update at the top of the next hour along with the invitation that came out of nowhere for iowa to visit the white house despite losing to lsu along with lsu or separately from lsu or we don't know what the first lady was talking about yesterday but susie's got all the latest on on that front phil mickelson is talking right now and he's looking man he's looking uh he's looking as if he's been through the ringer himself he's talking today i don't know what's going on other than the fact that we're all getting older uh 844-204 rich is the number to dial on the program so we had tom curran of nbc sports boston on this program about i would say a month ago maybe even longer than that where for the new league year was about to begin and a lot of talk about how the patriots and mac jones weren't on the same page and mac was critical as we all know last year of the way the offense was being ron and many people critical of the way that the offense was being coached chris brockman being one of them and then bill o'brien's being brought in to run the offense now and he gets the role of offensive coordinator which is something bella check throws around like manhole covers and karen said no way is mac jones going to get traded this year and the reason why is because bob craft loves him and that that's why bill o'brien was brought in and that's why craft kind of orchestrated that as the owner of the patriots as is his want and also right and tom was very resolute in that and he knows of what he speaks and the fact that this report came from florio pro football talk isn't to say that that tom doesn't know what he's talking about but it is certainly at odds that mike florio saying according to many of his sources purse sources patriots and bella check have been shopping mac jones around and that's what we call an eyebrow razor are you really that surprised i am sus because where else are they gonna go who else are they gonna get jimmy g like if you trade him and you convince sign jimmy g bat got it you trade him and then you jump on derek carr got it you trade him and jump on i don't know baker mayfield i'm just throwing some names of some free agents out there those guys are all signed i mean and if you trade him now again the fact that he might he's still with the team doesn't mean that he's going to be traded but it's entirely possible according to florio the team's per source knowledge with knowledge of the situation bella check uh has shopped jones to multiple teams during this off season the full list of potential designate destinations isn't known the teams mentioned as potential destinations were the raiders they signed jimmy g the texans who have the second overall pick clearly that's the that's where they're gonna go the buccaneers who signed baker and commanders who are seemingly resolute on signing sam how now if there's one individual who might be sitting up in his chair today hearing this news like oh okay let's put two and two together if you're interested in trading mac jones if you're not sold on sticking with him that person's name is meek mill because meek is the one who told bob craft what's wrong with you lamar jackson's interested in playing for you and we're all assuming bill immediately squelched that idea but maybe just maybe let's traffic in this thing maybe just maybe bill hasn't squelched it maybe just maybe on the list of teams that we put in front of you our roku channel viewer and terrestrial radio listener and or serious xm and odyssey listener podcast listener everybody who takes in this show as soon as lamar jackson hit was hit slapped with the franchise tag we put out there for you the way we saw the market teams that can't go for them because they don't have two first round draft choices in the second in consecutive drafts teams that do need a quarterback teams that absolutely do not need a quarterback chiefs and eagles were on that list and then there was that list of teams that would blow your mind if they went for them and we had on that list the new england patriots and i'm just gonna i'm stepping i'm dipping my toe in the water is what is absolutely going to be coming out of this report from florio is that if they don't if they're not completely sold married to they kick tires on trading away mack jones then why not this guy and why not maybe just maybe bellacheck took the steps down on steps beach walked ponders thought about it look at you with an antucket reference maybe he sat there thinking i gotta shake things up staring out into the atlantic ocean into the gray waters into the gray waters and thinking maybe uh mcdaniels will take matt jones like ahab before him for that seventh overall pick i don't even know what he would ask for of course the raiders are like yeah no thanks of course the texans are like yeah no thanks second overall i mean uh that's no way but the connective tissues right there nick cassario sitting there in houston mcdaniel's sitting there in in uh in las vegas bill has those phone numbers you know wow wow that one was quite an eyebrow archer you know where if they are if they were thinking of doing it are they still thinking of doing it and if so when who is the player this week and i'm spacing that's what i do who tweeted out to lamar like oh assante samuel said you don't want and you don't want a piece of bill and then matthew judon retweeted it saying it's changed it don't listen to him right things are good around here mind your business yeah mind your business assante butt out butt out just because you and bill had beef doesn't mean like lamar will have anything but filet mignon here i like beef lamar can have filet mignon people stop thinking they can read belicheck's mind i like it something's nobody can like it nobody can i'm here for it we just don't assume meek mill calls robert craft and i i was saying hey lamar should just call bill himself call bill himself you always tell me you want somebody you call that person you want to do something you call that person we say that to each other all the time hey you want to do something you call that person don't wait for someone else to do it for you you should call why do you have meek mill you know like kind of passing robert craft a note in third grade science saying if you want me check this box just call bill and say there is a box i will check it for you it's called the labardi after brady you know and i thought like that's not your best way to put your best foot forward is have bob craft call up bill hey hey bill you know i heard from today meek mill and meek told me hey bill it's rkk m squared called me and i had an idea meek told me about lamar and i'm just saying you know do with it what you'd like but uh to me lamar should just call up bill and say look let's talk i could do this for you and today is when he should do it just read if it's true and you're not sold on your guy let's figure it out maybe you send mac to baltimore and baltimore sends lamar here you swamp draft choices and we're done there's no offer sheet involved let's go well in honor of air and ben affleck coming on it should be lamar's mom calling up yes the same way that michael's mom signed me to a deal and pulled the strings for 19 but she can't ask for a piece of the patriots in the deal that's called a salary cap uh violation i bet you you know back in the day people talked about michael jordan's mom asking for these things too and that worked out okay a little bit you know when it comes to meek mill rich i just love the fact that i was gonna say that name there's one person when it comes to meek mill lord knows he respects the game right and i'm sure he saw that things are going bad in new england and you know he wants to help his city and he figures if you give someone else a bag you know they can help change things i agree he's just out there you know trying to hit somebody with a rico and i look at you all eyes on you that's the best i know what you're saying i'm picking up what you're putting i like the fact that you let me do dumb stuff we'll take a break the monster player of the week it's kind of a no-brainer uh but we'll reveal it to you tiger woods has spoken also um somebody's having a music festival at the draft that's all in susie's news update top of the next hour that leads to ben affleck as mentioned on this program after years of getting ripped off by big wireless providers there's finally a better option mint mobile is the affordable premium wireless service that you can buy online starting at just 15 bucks a month by cutting out retail stores mint mobile got rid of the crazy overhead costs so you could score sweet savings every month to get your new wireless phone plan for just 15 bucks a month go to switch that's switch it's wrestlemania season and the podcast heat network has you covered podcast heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards and now it's not just wrestlemania being a day it's a week i don't know if there's anything quite like it in an informed entertainment there's not get into the wrestlemania spirit with the podcast heat network wherever you listen back here on the rich eisen show 844-204 rich number to don will take your phone call susie just leave it to susie to make sense i don't understand why do i have to come here i never every time to set the record straight i mean i don't get it i don't get it it's so simple i kind of dig the photos that sometimes they put photos up that are very unflattering and i don't like it and other ones are like oh i forgot i did that yeah the busing with the guys the boys all right oh you know what i'll i'll go to nashville all right i'll i'll think about it yeah do it well i mean you've already been given permission now it's not going to the permission it's permission bro it's permission permission if we know who runs things no it's about a motor in the bus it's under the hood so what it's a set it's a set it's cute let's go with the guys come on it's kind of a motor oh my it'd be like boating with the boys with no motor and we're on we're on a dry dock you're on a dry dock it's just i don't get it i'm way rich i don't understand it be like yeah come to my boat do you have a motor okay you're a sound guy you know that you can't have the sound of a motor because it's going to drown out i want to sit a real sports thing and it was for andre agassi mary carillo and myself and we were going to interview andre in the marina at the ritz-caldwell oh yeah so i'm such a freaking genius i set up the chute beautiful two chairs typical real sports the sound of the boats in the background screwed it all up screwed it all up killed us she just solved the problem always have your back i'll take it under advisement i'll take it under consideration so um you have the drop of this is the rich eisen show go ahead this is the rich eisen show whose voice is that it's the voice of erin sheehan okay and um many of you fans of the dan patrick show have heard her voice as well certainly of late uh because she's the better half of seaton o'connor and she's the better half of anybody who's put a bracket together she had ucon beating san diego state guess what happened last night the national championship game that how and joining us here made so much money the voice of the rich eisen show how are you erin i'm doing great how are you oh my gosh what the hell where did you pull what what look i know you live in connecticut and so you maybe just were pulling a homer but where did san diego state come from what the heck erin i had them beating fa you wait hold on hold on a minute yeah i saw that so you you had of the fun you had san diego state beating fa you to get to the final game to lose to ucon that was your that was your what i had ucon beating miami to get in what so you got the final four yes i did yeah what where did my god where did this come from what's going on erin what happened just vibes i don't know what to tell you um so seaton asked me to to do a bracket um he asks me every year every year i say no okay this year my son did one and you know what it's like you know being a parent okay i don't want to be the the sort of sport uh you know of the family so i'll do a bracket too send me the link i'll do a bracket yeah so i go through the whole bracket i get uh down to the elite eight and i and i make what i think are informed decisions on my final four you know kind of based on where i've lived in the country okay and seaton takes a look at my final four and he says wow that's a wild final four that is a wild final four and uh and then i you know i said well i don't know anything can happen right that's what they say and sure enough i mean if only we had put a hundred bucks on it yeah oh no so wait a minute so so this was just an internal you know she and o'connor pool that's it that you didn't put it anywhere so i did i put it on the dp show uh challenge this celebrity challenge and you want it right but as uh as the spouse of an employee of the show i don't know that i'm getting anything from oh come on dan is loaded make him pay come on do i have to call him for you this is ridiculous what the that's incorrect that's incredible he could give you a calendar i agree how about ice cream can you get can you get sue's ice cream for this or something something good what that oh my a little walnut creamery delicious maybe maybe i was thinking yes um what do they call that the uh mvd most valuable danette yeah can they maybe do it like an mvds yes valuable danette spouse that's right and i get a plaque winner oh my gosh so um was this anywhere online where you would you would have won any pool i imagine you would have won all of them every last one of them might have you know what i i just i said to him i i will be here i'm serious here i was really kind of depressed when i found out that i could have won eight million dollars what i mean the first day i thought it was funny then by the second day when it really sunk in i was just thinking of all the things i could have gotten done in the house you know or all this oh not worrying about sending my son to private high school no no more but and i got really depressed about it yeah because you started counting you started counting the money after the fact that's painful all right we would have had a pool by september with thanks to this pool that you would oh my gosh all right erin from now on i could have put sorry no no from now on we're gonna have to you know include her in our pool yeah we're gonna have to no we're not no yeah we're gonna have to reach out to find out where else you've lived oh my gosh wow well i have my reasoning it worked all right well congratulations i guess on that and we got to get dan so seriously dan's get we gotta let's call dan after the show oh my gosh i'm correct this is ridiculous what the heck yeah come on we gotta get something congratulations on that i've met this is the greatest ncaa tournament pool story i've literally ever heard also you should be claiming erin as the rich eisen show and uh you are you listen since day one so you right there this is the rich eisen show there you go that's right thanks again erin thanks for coming on congrats thank you it was a pleasure you got it congratulations go first ever time erin's been a guest on the show that she voices oh that is unbelievable man g that's been after coming up an hour number three susie's news update hearing from tiger woods and more kind of wish y'all great accent now next time next year yeah because you are the only one in the house who doesn't do the bracket that's true so next year you've got to do it based on where i've lived i mean that's that's not a very long list because we because we go ahead and and um we go ahead and put ours on espn so your your bracket would have been in that yeah does dan dan must put it on somewhere though he's got to put it somewhere why is there not a rich eisen show big bracketology thing there is actually we we did have that and brockman's the one who's on it i don't know who's won it oh yeah i guess we'll do that tomorrow when chris comes back from playing golf i think we should blow it up next year make chris actually do something and make this really good what do you think we had almost 900 people i mean this this sitting in the side kick role i mean i might as well do my nails over here oh stop it stop it come on you know you don't do your own nails wow wow wow dj she brought donuts and everything i'm just saying you get them professionally done i see what these things and she cut me off in traffic three times yeah i did susie i still love you thank you mikey g all right i have to work next that was going on around hell going on we got voice over people winning everything everything me lost my voice from wrestling this week ben affleck coming up susie's news update what did tiger have to say from august the national that's coming up it's wrestlemania season and the podcast heat network has you covered podcast heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards and now it's not just wrestlemania being a day it's a week i don't know if there's anything quite like it and they have a form of entertainment there's not get into the wrestlemania spirit with the podcast heat network wherever you listen
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