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REShow: Markquis Nowell - Hour 1 (4-3-2023)

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April 3, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Markquis Nowell - Hour 1 (4-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 3, 2023 3:09 pm

Rich comments on LSU’s win over Iowa to win the Women’s NCAA Tournament that was overshadowed by Angel Reese’s controversial taunting celebration at the end of the game, and recaps the men’s Final Four that included a thrilling buzzer-beater by San Diego State to end Florida Atlantic’s Cinderella season.

Kanas State guard Markquis Nowell and Rich discuss his spectacular NCAA Tournament where he led the Wildcats to the Elite Eight, if his diminutive 5’7” size will impact his NBA Draft prospects, why he’s fine with Angel Reese’s postgame celebration after LSU’s win over Iowa in the Women’s Final Four title game, how he sees the UConn-San Diego State game playing out, and reveals how a kid from Manhattan wound up in Manhattan Kansas.

Rich weighs in on Lamar Jackson’s situation and says if Joe Burrow’s next contract will impact Lamar’s or vice-versa.

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Four seconds left in this third overtime.

The game is tied at 109. The shooter gets the ball. No one's pressing.

No one's blocking. He aims. He shoots. He scores! Wow! They won the game!

The shooter was alone at all the time in the world. Was the defense taking a nap or what? Where is the defense?

Oh my goodness! When there's no defense, it's game over. The same happens with your teeth when enamel is weak. New Pronamel Active Shield toothpaste strengthens your enamel because strong enamel is the best defense against cavities. New Pronamel Active Shield. Here's the defense.

Yes, it is. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Live on a Monday, National Championship night for the men's and a day after a women's national championship that has the whole country buzzin'. What a weekend it was in sports. Full first weekend of Major League Baseball. You also had the NBA. With playoff spots up in the air. The NHL with playoff spots up in the air.

And then at the home of the Rams and the Chargers. It was WrestleMania in this town that this town went totally nutty over. We have so much to talk about on this show about all of them. And to help us get set for the national championship game tonight between San Diego State which won at the buzzer against Florida Atlantic and UConn which absolutely mopped the floor in Houston with Miami is Mr. New York himself. Marquis Noel who was so dynamite for Kansas State all the way up until losing to Florida Atlantic in his home city of New York City in Madison Square Garden in the Elite Eight.

He's first up and of course we'll ask him about that. What we saw yesterday between LSU and also Iowa in the women's national championship game. We also have on this program Stacey Dales to talk about what we saw in the women's national championship game. And this is what's so great about Stacey is she's my colleague at NFL Network as we know. She was with me at the combine. Part of that coverage. She was at Will Levitz's Pro Day.

There's so much to talk about. We also have on this show fresh off of being, I can't believe I'm saying this, tagged in by Pat McAfee courtesy of Snoop Dogg to take The Miz out on Saturday night. What a cameo at WrestleMania in Los Angeles for 49ers All-World Tight End. Speaking of All-World Tight End, let's take a look at that. What a cameo at WrestleMania in Los Angeles for 49ers All-World Tight End.

Speaking of Iowa, George Kittle. So he's probably got a lot on his mind to talk to George about today. And then in hour number three, a conversation with the man who plays Sonny Vicaro in a theater near you coming on this week.

The superb film air about Michael Jordan being signed by Nike. Matt Damon on this program. What a three hours that we have right here on the Roku channel. Available on all Roku devices. Select Samsung Smart TVs. Available also on all Amazon Fire TV. The Roku app and the We're available for you to call.

844-204-rich. Terrestrial Radio, Sirius XM, Odyssey, our podcast listeners. We say hello to you as we've got the NBA all cooking as well. Good to see you over there, Chris Brockman here on this busy Monday. Great to be seen, Rich.

You've got overreaction Monday all set for us as well. Ready to rock and roll, man. DJ Mikey Ds and Ds Nuts. Good to see you. I've never, by the way, I've never seen the pitch clock work so well.

And the way you make the pitch clock heard. Awesome. That's amazing.

Well done. Good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson, fresh back from WrestleMania. A lot of wrestling, man. I'm surprised I have a voice this week.

You left your voice in SoFi Stadium. I mean, it started on Friday with Ring of Honor, went to WrestleMania, Saturday and Sunday. What a weekend for this guy. Man. What a weekend for this guy. What a time to be alive.

That's all I can say. What a time to be alive. Excellent. Fantastic. Look at us talking about women's college basketball to start this program.

And it's worthy of being discussed. What a phenomenal national championship game we saw between Iowa and LSU yesterday. So many terrific players on that floor or sitting on the bench because the referees took over. And I'll tell you what, the refs should thank Angel Reese for giving the old John Cena to Kaitlin Clark.

You can't see me. I've never seen so many people react to, you know, what Reese did with Clark walking off the floor in LSU dominating Iowa yesterday in the final throws of that game. And we'll discuss why they took such a big lead in the first place. But look, you know, Angel is giving Kaitlin Clark something we've seen, what, out of an LSU national champion before, have we not? Joe Burrow did that.

Walking off the field. Pointed right to it. Right to his ring finger. Bam. Didn't have a problem with that, did we?

Well, actually, she was giving Kaitlin back what Kaitlin was giving. Well, I'm getting to that. Yeah. But I'm just saying, first and foremost.

The ring, yeah. Joe Burrow did this on a football field. And we're all like, how cool is that?

You know what else they- Joe Burrow, Joe Cool. And also, as you pointed out, Angel's only giving Kaitlin what she did in a national semifinal game against Haley VanLith of Louisville. So she's getting back what she gave.

And what she also got back is what she gave was a ton of three pointers just being thrown in by wide open LSU basketball players yesterday. And that has been the national conversation out of all this is, why is it cool and great for Kaitlin Clark to do this? And why is it all cool to see Joe Burrow do it? And then when Angel Reese does it, everybody's thinking that is totally out of line. Do I want to see taunting by anybody?

Is this something that my daughter at age nine, I want her to see and be taught? No. Is this something that we see over and over and over again by spectacularly talented, highly competitive individuals? Men? Who do it? And we're like, that is cold, but understand it's Joe Cool. Joe Cool.

Joe Burrow's got ice in his veins pointing to his ring finger. And Angel Reese does it and the whole world is up in arms about it. This stuff happens. And we should understand the circumstances under which it is done. And I understand that LSU, that Kaitlin Clark didn't do it to LSU. So why is LSU doing it to her?

This was Angel Reese after the game explaining what was what that was all about. All year I was critique about who I was. Nobody. I don't get the narrative. I don't fit the narrative. I don't fit in the box that y'all want me to be in. I'm too hood. I'm too ghetto. Y'all told me that all year. But when other people do it, y'all say nothing. So this was for the girls that look like me.

That one that's going to speak up on what they believe in. It's unapologetically you. And that's what I did it for tonight. This was for that more than it was bigger than me tonight.

It was bigger than me. Twitter is going to go in a rage every time. And I mean, I'm happy. I feel like I've helped grow women's basketball this year. I'm super happy and excited. So I'm looking forward to celebrating in the next season.

Every lady on that floor helped grow women's basketball yesterday. That's for damn sure. I've spent the first five minutes talking about it.

And I'll be very honest straight up with you. This is the first five minutes I've been talking about it all year long. But I would love to talk basketball as well. Twenty-three points, 15 rebounds. That's what Angel Reese averaged this year coming from Maryland. And she's from Baltimore as she was talking about as well.

Fifteen rebounds a game. She's so good. She's so good. If only she played in the second quarter yesterday.

And I'll tell you what. The referees should be thrilled that Angel Reese threw her hand in front of her face and pointed to a ring finger in front of Kaitlyn Clark. Because otherwise we'd be talking about how we were robbed. Honestly, the officiating in that game was maddening. I was watching from the middle of the first quarter on yesterday.

I picked it up a little bit late. That arena in Dallas was salty on both sides of this game. They were freaking out in that crowd because it was obvious from jump.

There were whistles all over the place. The top two players on LSU, with Angel being number one in my book, sat the second quarter. Kaitlyn Clark picked up an early foul. So did seemingly half of Iowa. It was dreadful.

It was absolutely, positively awful. And then Kaitlyn Clark in the second half as Iowa cut a huge deficit. Twenty two points at one point down to single digits. LSU goes the line after another whistle on Iowa. And Clark takes a bounding basketball that was just dropped, you know, still bouncing from the play that had just been whistled again by the refs dead.

She's walking back to her huddle. There's the Iowa Hawkeyes are huddled in the paint while LSU is going to the line and Clark takes the ball and just whips it. Whipped it out of bounds towards where, you know, camera, camera operators and, you know, photographers would be. And she gets teed up, which is another personal foul, which gave her four. And it's just like, come on, what are we doing here? After the game, the ref said, well, there was a delay of game penalty on Iowa earlier in the quarter and they were already on notice.

And the rules say that if you throw a ball out of bounds and it's a competitive disadvantage, as if we forgot the play was stopped. It was terrible. Absolutely, positively awful. But out of all of the foul trouble came an incredible story as well.

I just want to hit this. Jasmine Carson. I have never seen her play a basketball game.

And it was delightful. She did not score a single point in LSU's Sweet 16, Elite 8 and Final Four national semifinal victories to earn the right to play in this game. She didn't score a single point. And she, because of the foul trouble, came in and lit it up to the tune of 21 points. She was heat checking from the minute she crossed half court and made every damn shot. She didn't miss, including the one at the buzzer right before halftime to just put the exclamation point on LSU's remarkable first half.

Banks were open. It was. That bank opened at the end of that first half. It was unbelievable. She didn't score a point in the three previous games and she scored 21 and she made the most of the foul trouble and obviously LSU won. But honestly, the refereeing, Kim Mulkey was truly, it seemed like on occasion, a sixth LSU defender on the floor. She was involved in UConn's offensive sets and she didn't get teed up.

How did that not get it teed up? I saw a clip of her grabbing a ref. By the way, she's easy to notice. She was wearing some wild sequin.

By the way, very nice. I mean, that looks like Seth Rollins. But look at her. She's on the floor. She was on the floor the whole game. These are all things that we're not even talking about today because Angel Reese did what Joe Burrow did and what Kate and Clark did.

And everybody's treating her like she's ruining sport. Well, I mean, you know. Rough year for. I know what you're saying. I didn't say anything. I know what you're saying. I don't have to say anything.

I don't think so. And again, you know, if the women's game wants to take the spell, just at least spell my name right strategy of public relations and PR just to be talked about. I mean, we just started the show with this. The whole country is talking about it. And it's not like the men didn't have a remarkable finish in a Final Four game.

They did. And maybe it's just because it's San Diego State over Florida Atlantic and that we would have been leading this this this year contest if this year show, if the contest was North Carolina beating Duke at the final buzzer. And we would be talking about, boy, Coach K or.

Whatever name, another blue blood, John Calipari, man. Oh, man, this Bill Self guy just had a time out in his pocket, but he had only defenders on his best defenders on the floor because Florida Atlantic had just scored or just had an offensive set. And they called time out, put their best defenders that on the floor and they didn't have their best offensive players on the floor. And with time ticking down in a time out in the back pocket, Brian Dutcher let the clock run. And the ball wound up in the hands of Lamont Butler.

And yes, the Butler did it. Lamont. Lamont hit the big one. Lamont, you big dummy.

He hit the big one with time running out. He. Amazing. Look at that picture.

Releases and fires and hits nothing but net. Couldn't believe it. And San Diego State advances. That was amazing. That was so much fun.

And their magic carpet ride continues. And Butler said after the game that his sister, Asasha, who was shot and killed in January of 2002, he felt as if she was with him. On that shot. And Florida Atlantic's magic carpet ride, it looked they were up double digits in that game and they looked like they had it in the bag in San Diego State, kept on rebounding. The number of offensive rebounds San Diego, the Aztecs had, they had one possession where they got the ball, I think, five different times. And both teams struggled scoring towards the end of that game, but it came down to the final shot. And the Aztecs move on and it looked like the first seed that was nine or worse playing in a national semifinal game would finally get a win. They were 0-8 prior to Florida Atlantic taking the floor on Saturday. And it looked like we'd finally get that first win in that column and instead their nine seeds or worse are now 0-9 in a national semifinal.

Wow. What a way for the Owl season to finally end. What a run. And for Brian Dutcher, the head coach of San Diego State basketball, who we had on last week.

And if you missed it, it was such a terrific conversation because we spent most of it on his journey. And his journey began when Bill Frieder in 1989 said, I'm out. I'm leaving Michigan to go to coach Arizona State. And Bo Schembechler, who was the athletic director at the time of Michigan, was so angry about it, said to Bill Frieder, you're not coaching this team anymore.

You're not coaching the tournament and leaving us. I want a Michigan man coaching the Michigan Wolverines. I want a Michigan man coaching a Michigan team. And he turned to Steve Fisher, who had just been hired, like he was a real Michigan man. And Steve Fisher gets thrown in to the mix and they win six games in a row and win the national championship and cut down the nets. And an assistant on that bench on that night who was with Steve Fisher on that night. And with Michigan, the rest of Steve Fisher's tenure from the Fab Five all the way through to the end. And then went with Steve Fisher to San Diego State as an assistant all the way to tonight. Brian Dutcher is going to try and cut down the nets on UConn on, wait for it, the anniversary of Michigan's win over Seton Hall in 1989 to start it all. Because I can guarantee you, I am sure of this, if Michigan had lost Mike to your Seton Hall Pirates on this night in 1989.

So you could do the math. That's 34 years ago tonight. If they had lost that, there's no way Bo would have stuck with Steve Fisher and Brian Dutcher and who the heck knows what their journey would have been with the Fab Five would never have formed, I don't think.

And Dutcher would not maybe have gotten the opportunity to go to San Diego State and would not have gotten the opportunity to succeed Steve Fisher at San Diego State. And stand on that sideline tonight, 34 years later. Oh my God, how big were Ramiel Robinson's two free throws? I'm sorry, Mike. 34 years ago tonight. I remember it. And 34 years later, Brian Dutcher's trying to do it as a head coach. Can't make it up. Against UConn, which is now in its fifth national championship game all since 1999. 10 years after Brian Dutcher and Steve Fisher and Glen Rice and Ramiel Robinson cut down the nets in Seattle against Seton Hall. Can't make it up. And we would have led with that. If it weren't for a dynamite women's championship game, which we'll discuss with Stacey Dales, who, by the way, let me know during the game, she got fouled out of her national championship game for Oklahoma against UConn, and she knows the refs by name.

Because two of them are still refereeing and they were refereeing that game yesterday. Can't make it up. But first up, to talk about tonight's game and about his magical run and what we just saw yesterday, Marquise Noel of Kansas State is going to be calling in. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed watching him play basketball. And I can't wait to tell him that.

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Call or just stop by. Boy, did I love watching this guy play when Kansas State was making its run. And I, you know, I was talking about him quite a bit here on the show. So I'm going to finally stop talking about him as if he's not on it. The it being the Rich Eisen Show. We're thrilled to have here from Kansas State to help us chop up what we've seen in the men's tournament.

And also what's going on in the rest of the world with college basketball. Kansas State's Marquis Noel here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing Marquis? I'm doing good man. Thank you for having me on your show man. I appreciate, you know, all the love and support that you've been giving me. Well I just love watching you play. I just love watching the joy that you play the game with.

And just love watching you, you know, you do your thing. Who was your, you know, I guess idol growing up? Who did you want to quote unquote be like when you were a kid Marquis? I mean I had a couple idols, new role models. Kemba Walker is one for sure. And Stephen Curry were my like two biggest idols because of how they approached the game. But how they also, you know, approached life.

Which is being a good man and being godly man. So have you heard from Curry at all? Whether on Twitter, at you, or behind the scenes based on your remarkable run over the last couple weeks Marquis? No, I haven't heard from Curry yet. But I signed with his agency with Octagon. So I'm pretty sure I see him around and I'll be good friends with Curry.

I look forward to seeing that blossom. Let me just before we dive into a bunch of other things. The alley-oop that you threw in against Michigan State in Madison Square Garden. And just everything about it, I mean you not only had court awareness, you had coach awareness. And you had Isaiah Thomas awareness, which is pretty wild.

Can you walk me through, you're dribbling the ball up the floor and what happened at that moment Marquis? So you got to stop. You know, McCain and Cleaves were rooting for Michigan State, you know the whole game. You know, just kept hearing him. And I'm like man, you got to be quiet man.

Because he was so cozy and so loud. So I would just join with him, you know, having fun. Just telling him like man, Michigan State is not going to win. So on that point, I took the ball out of bounds. That's how I knew that I was the black team. One second Marquis, I think you got your phone and your beard.

So hold on a second. You're saying, like you're barking with Isaiah Thomas and Mateen Cleaves and they with you throughout the game? Is that what you're saying to me? Yeah, I was having fun man. I was just in my playground in New York City. I mean that's how we talk and play, you know, in the park.

So I mean it was no different being in Madison Square Garden. But yeah, I was having fun. I walked the ball up the court and I mean that's for y'all to figure out. I can't tell y'all whether that was a set play or if I was arguing.

Because then the other team don't know. Oh, okay. But you're out though. You're out. You're going with Octagon. You're going pro.

You're going to throw yourself in the pro mix. So what do you, what do you, okay. So because we were wondering that. It looked like you were arguing. It looked like you were arguing to me. Some people said I was arguing. Some people said I was acting. I mean I'm not sure what I was doing in that moment. I might have just done a little bit of both.

Which he was being a New York City point guard. I like it. I like it. I like it. So you're, you're basically saying a magician can't reveal his tricks is what you're saying, Marquis.

Yeah, something like that. And then because it struck me that you threw that alley-oop in the midst of your quote-unquote argument or you know, sleight of hand, Marquis. Yeah, I mean Keontae's an amazing athlete.

I mean you could throw it up anywhere around the rim and he's going to catch it and finish it. I mean we've been doing that you know the whole season and our chemistry is like you know second if none is great and you know I trusted him and he trusted me and the rest is history. The rest is history. What was it like for you to play those games in Madison Square Garden from Harlem growing up there? It was fun. It was so fun. I mean it was a dream come true. It was everything that you know I could ever imagine and more just with the energy and intensity of the garden. I mean you had celebrities popping out like Spike Lee, Carmelo, Jada Kiss, Cam'ron. I mean it was all there to see me and it was just like you know it was like a game in Rucker Park where you know you have two dynamic people playing against each other.

I mean it was surreal. And so now I guess what's next for you? What's next for you? I'll be entering the NBA draft and I'll be going through that whole process with working out with teams and you know doing interviews in front of scouts and yeah I'm just working out until you know the draft and the car box. And so what are you you know what are you hearing about your professional prospects? What are they telling you about where you might go in a draft?

Where you might where your where your standing is Marquise? I mean it's it's I mean I heard some good news but you know the draft is so you know unpredictable. You never know who's getting drafted to what team so I mean I'm just waiting I mean I'm gonna do my part and work out that's my main focus. And just you know telling myself being the best version of myself so that I could be you know picked you know higher but I mean it's I'm 5'7 so that's already a stigma that you know most teams don't like so I just got to go in front of them and show them you know what I could do. So then what what do you say to teams that might put you further down their draft boards because of your height? What do you say to them? Man um sorry for when I have to play you guys.

Okay cause you know keep filling in the blank because what when you see him? I mean just I mean all I need is that one opportunity that one team to believe in me. I mean I know everything is not gonna believe in you know Marquis but that one team that does you know I'm gonna give my heart so and everything inside of me to that organization to that coach and you know every other team after that is basically my enemy so I'm gonna go out and compete you know as hard as I can. And where do you place leadership? Give me give me your thoughts on on what that means to you to be in a to be in a situation where you even said earlier you know they're coming to see me and you mentioned some of the celebrities that were at Madison Square Garden but you are a team leader as well. Walk me through how you can shoulder the the spotlight and then of course not only just dish it out on the court but make sure that everybody is involved because of your leadership.

Walk me through that level of importance for you. Leadership is key. I mean I was blessed to have a great leader and a great coach that you know allowed me to be who I am and also taught taught me you know what it is to be a leader. So my job when I when I got to K-State was to just be the best resident myself and lead guys to you know you know winning and that's been my main focus and I feel like leadership comes with a big responsibility and you have to conduct yourself in a certain way if you want you know to win your teammates over and I just been you know taking it day by day leading by example first and foremost being you know linked to my guys I mean off the court is like the biggest thing for leadership because it can show you know your teammates how relatable you are and that's and then it leads to on the court which is the easiest part.

So I just been trying to you know lead my guys and be the best version of myself with being first to the bus or doing whatever I'm supposed to be doing in the class and off the court and I mean it's a big responsibility but I wouldn't you know want it any other way. Marquise Noel joining me here from Kansas State as we're on the national championship day that he was that you were obviously no doubt dreaming of playing and right here on the Rich Eisen Show if you don't mind I'm going to turn you into part of the paparazzi for a second if you don't mind I am assuming you saw what happened in the women's championship game yesterday in the national conversation involving Angel Reese and her pointing to her ring finger and also giving the John Cena to Kaitlyn Clark which she by the way delivered to Haley Van Leaf of Louisville what's your two cents on what we saw at the end of that game yesterday? I mean I love it I mean it's no different from when a guy dunks on you know somebody and stare at them there's no different than when you know Steph Curry may hit a three and semi I mean I love it it's a part of the game and you know women's sports are is coming back on top I mean with Angel Reese and Kaitlyn Clark I mean you haven't seen you know women's college basketball like that a minute so I mean I'm pretty sure they have much respect for each other on and off the court but when you have between them lines I mean you know you gotta do what you gotta do and you know when you win you could do stuff like that but if you lose it I mean it's tough so I mean I respect it I like it. Yeah I guess I'm talking to somebody who's giving Isaiah Thomas the business as he's trying to beat Michigan State I guess that's an interesting opinion and so who do you think wins tonight between San Diego State and UConn Marquis? Man I like UConn, Kansas because they are so well-rounded they have a big man who you know could get 20 and 20 on any given night and they have dynamic guards who could get in the paint and create shots for others and they also you know are locked in on the defense event because of you know Dan Hurley and you know his philosophy on defense but I wouldn't count San Diego State out because they deserve to be here in this national title game they deserve to you know have a chance at winning a national title so I feel like it's gonna be a dogfight for 48 minutes and it's gonna come down to whoever's the toughest team. And so you think just give me your two cents you think it's UConn by the end of the night?

I like UConn chances but you know anything can happen in the tournament as you can see you know 16 seeds being one seed so you know there's no numbers there's nothing you know attached to you know when that when that jump ball is tossed up but if I had to choose I would say it's UConn because of you know their coach Dan Hurley and you know their experience. Marquis Noel here on the Rich Eisen Show before I let you go let's just spend one last minute on you if I went up to you you know when you're when you're growing up in Harlem and told you you were gonna make your big your big splash playing college basketball in Manhattan did you know that there was a town in Kansas called Manhattan at that point in time Marquis? I had no clue what Manhattan, Kansas was prior to committing. Isn't it amazing I mean how does a kid from Harlem wind up in Little Rock first before getting to Kansas State how did that happen back in the day?

Man I think I mean God's alignment man I mean God's timing and alignment is so perfect you know I continue to keep giving him all the honor and all the glory because who would ever thought a kid from Harlem, New York, Manhattan, New York you know go to a school in Kansas called Manhattan, Kansas and you know his last game would be in Madison Square Court that's that's like that's something that you know you don't you can't write up I mean that's only God so. So do you have that back page of the New York Post the King of New York is that somebody send that to you? Somebody send that to you? Yes I do have it I mean that's that was a that was probably one of the best moments of my life just seeing everybody grab the newspaper and just sending it to me and sharing it with me I mean that was that was a crazy moment.

You have somebody in your family go to the local newsstand and just buy up the whole stack do you have that? Yeah yeah for sure. I bet I bet I absolutely so look I look forward to watching your journey. I love watching you play love watching you dish love watching you shoot where did you learn the behind the where did the behind the back before each free throw come from where did that happen what's that from? So it's a funny story so there is a game that I played when I was about you know seventh grade and I kept trying to spin the ball you know how everybody does on a free throw line and I kept missing and so my dad took me right after the game to Kingdome Park he's like man you're gonna work on your free throws you're gonna stop missing free throws and it was about 100 degrees outside I mean it was it was hot I had no water and he's like man you're gonna make 100 free throws before you leave and I just kept missing when I was doing the same routine so I'm like you know what I'm gonna switch it up I put it behind my back and the ball started going in and he was like that's it right there don't switch it put it behind your back and I'm like yeah all right cool so I made my 100 I was crying in the midst of all of it because it was so hot but you know it paid off. That's why you shoot 90 percent from the free throw line huh?

Yeah I mean shout out to my dad you know for that. What's his name your dad? Marcus. Okay Marcus Noel and Marquis Noel out there in a hundred degree heat making sure that you're you're shooting your free throws like that and that's how you do it today love stories like that love watching you good luck and look for more of my phone calls as you go about your journey I'd love to follow it I'd love it okay man appreciate you man thank you for having me up here absolutely thanks for taking the time here on national championship day to share all those stories you be well sir I'll show you too you got just a guy from Staten Island a guy from Harlem chatting it up right here on the Rich Eisen Show oh man that was awesome right there first and foremost if you're on the radio you would have thought we were interviewing Mace right now the rapper not Marquis Noel they sounded just that right he sounds just like Mace I'd love that's your take you know what my take was he's only only one of us in that phone conversation needs to mask up entering a Madison Square Garden because facial recognition might keep him out yeah he can go that's me I'm that one in case you're wondering I just love that story yeah dad was like you're gonna go out there and you're not you're gonna make a hundred free throws he's crying put it behind the back then he starts making them and now he's doing that in Madison Square Garden he made free throw after free he was automatic gosh great stuff like I said last week Rich I know his size isn't optimal for NBA but this dude deserves to be in the league he deserves to be on the team because he's going to make his teammates better every day well in this spot tomorrow this very time we'll be hanging up with Jay Billis and the next order of business for Jay is the NBA draft so I want to talk to him about Marquis's pro prospects and they also the pro prospects of some of the other kids that were watching playing including those tonight 844-204-rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show George Kittles joining us in 17 minutes and change to talk about being tapped in to help tap out the Miz at WrestleMania well we might talk about Brock Purdy a little bit too who knows how that's gonna roll but we take a break here in this first hour hiring for your business can feel harder than hitting a half-court shot with a seven-footer in your face but thanks to indeed hiring top talent just got top-tier easy indeed is the hiring platform where you can attract interview and hire all in one place don't spend hours on multiple job sites looking for candidates with the right skills when you can do it all with indeed find top talent fast with indeed suite of powerful hiring tools like matching assessments and virtual interviews if you hate waiting who doesn't indeed us data shows over 80% of indeed employers find quality candidates whose resume on indeed matches their job description the moment they sponsor a job indeed knows when you're growing your business you've got to make every dollar count that's why with indeed you only pay for quality applications that match your must-have job requirements visit slash rich podcast to start hiring now find top talent fast go to slash rich podcast slash rich podcast terms and conditions apply cost per application pricing not available for everyone need to hire you need indeed men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours of sweat and odor protection and one quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarms so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about buy new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. Back here on the Rich Eyes and Show catch anything that you miss or the last eight plus years of the show on our YouTube stream we just showed one of George Kittle's many appearances during our Roku channel segment only prior to our radio audience returning right here just check it all out slash Rich Eyes and Show Matt Damon's joining us in our third hour of our program and the movie air is just fantastic and Ben Affleck's gonna be on Tuesday's show Sonny Vicaro on Wednesday's show 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich never to dial here on this program let's go to Jesse in Arizona what's up Jesse hey Rich how you guys doing how you doing thanks for calling in what's on your mind sir yeah I'm just wondering so we know Joe Burrow's gonna get his contract soon and it's gonna be a good one now my thought is if he gets a contract say 200 mil four or five years does Lamar Jackson instantly sign saying that Joe Burrow doesn't get a full you know full guaranteed contract does he still hold out saying well does Sean Watson got this why can't I I don't think it's gonna affect him one way or the other to be honest with you unless it surpasses Deshaun Watson's contract to be very honest with you in terms of fully guaranteed dollars because Kyla since and thanks the call Jesse since Deshaun Watson signed five years all 230 million dollars guaranteed setting a record and creating a precedence that it appears that Lamar Jackson wants to break there have been two major quarterback contracts signed sealed delivered sent to the league office Kyler Murray and Russell Wilson and neither of them held out for what it appears Lamar Jackson's holding out for although again whenever you talk Lamar you don't know what's been delivered to him and what he's rejected and what he's rebuffed and what he's countered with we have no idea none we can guess that it hasn't been 200 million dollars guaranteed put on the table because he did scoff at that on Twitter and did also say you know hey I need an agent huh if I got three over 133 which makes it seem like he confirmed that and rejected that so everybody thinks just put three years 150 million all guaranteed on the table and just be done with it give them 50 million a year guaranteed and just be done with it I have no idea what he said yes to what the Ravens are willing to do and whatnot but it does appear Jeremy Fowler of ESPN said it's all about Deshaun's contract and if this is a personal beef that he has with Deshaun and he's gonna take this to the mat because he just wants to say hey Deshaun I got one more dollar than you and that's what this is about then that is something I don't think the Ravens are ever gonna be partnering with partnering with him on like you know they're they're trying to partner with him on the entire gym but listen I don't know if Burrow goes first this offseason and signs a contract that is less than the guaranteed money that Lamar Jackson signed for I mean that that Deshaun Watson signed for does that change Lamar's point of view I doubt it I doubt it this is the wild thing too because it's Herbert going at the same time as well they're both gonna sign major deals or they're able to and if they go into the season and not well that will be a big story as well but these aren't two ownerships that are well known for having the old Franklin mint at their disposal you know what I mean if you had to guess like the two owners in the NFL who still use velcro wallets they have AOL email addresses earth link just gotta reach the jet that's you know so it's interesting that these are the two ownership groups that are involved in this conversation so they are not gonna have a choice they got and that's why the Bengals who are just like we are not gonna have a naming rights for our stadium Paul Brown's state this is we're naming it after dad and then now it's pay core because somebody has to pay Joe so we'll see how it plays out I don't think you know unless it surpasses Deshaun Watson this will affect Lamar's thinking and what if these deals don't get done until September you know sometimes these deals get done in training camp eight four four two oh four rich number two doll and the final two minutes here of this segment where we're getting ready to welcome in George Kittle you were there were you surprised to see George Kittle tap in to take out the Miz with McAfee and snoop yeah I mean kind of I there's always going to be some type of celebrity you know interaction when it comes to WrestleMania so the fact that George is such a huge wrestling fan yeah I guess it really wasn't too surprising you know he came in and uh through a couple clotheslines was the biggest surprise over the weekend that you were jacked up about the biggest surprise of the weekend yeah you don't have one I gotta be honest with you I think I correctly predicted probably every match look at you three so I don't think I really you know Brockman and I were all week we were talking with Cody Rhodes beat Roman Reigns or not I didn't think he would and I was right yeah and so the odds were saying the other way yeah but I don't understand the odds and how that works with wrestling but yeah there's me night one nice to see sitting there repping the late great Jay Briscoe with my t-shirt by the way that t-shirt it's always a big thing when you go to wrestling match have a t-shirt that no one else has I went on Friday night and there were two Ring of Honor show there was probably like literally 40 people with that same t-shirt on I get to WrestleMania no one had my shirt on so it was awesome man look at the cosplay you got this guy dressed up Chris as Brett the Hitman heart you know and Jason I took Jason feller yesterday and because my one buddy backed out of going and feller was like I was gonna wear my stone cold vest but I was afraid you'd make fun of me you have no idea what you're about to walk into look at that shot on the right one more time there too I mean I know that's a filter but I'll tell you man so five stadium with its translucent roof the lighting in that place incredible if you go to any other dome it won't look like that because this is not a dome it's a canopy that's over an outdoor stadium and by the way this weekend Southern California weather returned to Southern California for the first time in 2023 and I'm not joking yeah it's rained almost so the wrestling gods were you know met with the weather guys and that was the other thing rich I was worried about the rain it didn't rain the weather was perfect it did it did hold on a minute it rained on Cody Rhodes Roman rained hey now referees had a bad weekend I'm saying even in WrestleMania 2 oh even in WrestleMania there I was losing my mind there were times when the referee would go one two and he did like I know but like you've got it rich don't say no I'm saying now you're gonna get me fired don't make me call Roman George is gonna join us right here on The Rich Eisen Show I'm gonna tell George you said that no no no it's funny because I was having this conversation you know it's scripted it's scripted it's scripted with somebody telling me that I'm like no no do you tell it to a wrestling fan and it's on like why you don't know no no no no I'm like a wrestling fan believes that he and she with their voice and their fandom and their belief and their love of whoever they're rooting for in the ring can flip the match that in the middle of the match it will be decided well now the audience wants to see this you said the other day about a match that they were there and it was so wild that they had to flip it that was like one time in the history of wrestling and that's all you need to know that's that's why I pointed that out that was the one time you know that's all you need to know DJ you're right there I do love the referee like on the three count just going like a little bit slower kicks out you were you were watching on TV I'm there so there's a delay did it seem that way too like it a lot of times they were like bro like I'm sure obviously was playing the wrong was gonna win but I thought Cody was gonna win multiple times yeah and the rebels just like oh my gosh have you told your kids about Santa yet like what are you doing I'm sorry everybody wait it's yeah I have told him about it you know Charles growing and Robert De Niro didn't really take a midnight run rich right you know that right that's not a documentary midnight run not a documentary somebody wrote that George Carroll's gonna join us he amazingly had a tight in universities it's WrestleMania season and the podcast heat network has you covered podcast heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards and now it's not just WrestleMania being a day it's a week I don't know if there's anything quite like it for entertainment get into the WrestleMania spirit with the podcast heat network wherever you listen
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