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REShow: George Kittle - Hour 2 (4-3-2023)

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April 3, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: George Kittle - Hour 2 (4-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 3, 2023 3:09 pm

49ers TE Georg Kittle tells Rich how he got involved in Wrestlemania 39 where he and Pat McAfee teamed up against Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin, why 2023 might go down is the greatest year for tight ends ever, and his reaction, as an Iowa alum, to the Hawkeyes loss to LSU in the Women’s NCAA Tournament title game and the Angel Reese taunting controversy. 

Rich admits this MLB’s new pitch clock is winning him over after shaving roughly 30 minutes off the average game length through the season’s first weekend.

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on the Buffalo Bills, Odell Beckham Jr. high asking price, Lamar Jackson and the Atlanta Falcons, Will Levis’ & the NFL Draft, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s MVP odds, Tiger Woods chances to contend at The Masters, LIV golfers in Augusta, and Wrestlemania 39.

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Four seconds left in this third overtime.

The game is tied at 109. The shooter gets the ball. No one's pressing.

No one's blocking. He aims. He shoots. He scores! Wow! They won the game!

The shooter was all alone at all the time in the world. Was the defense taking a nap or what? Where is the defense?

Oh my goodness! When there's no defense, it's game over. The same happens with your teeth when enamel is weak. New Pronamel Active Shield toothpaste strengthens your enamel because strong enamel is the best defense against cavities. New Pronamel Active Shield.

Here's the defense. Kansas State guard, Marquis Noel. Coming up, 49ers tight end, George Kittle. Academy Award winner, Matt Damon. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes!

Can confirm. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844204 Rich, number to dial. Matt Damon's joining us in hour number three of this program alongside the great Stacey Dales, my colleague from the NFL Network. She's been all over the pro day circuit. She was at Will Levis's pro day. She was at the combine. And oh, by the way, her numbers hanging in the rafters in Oklahoma. And she has some particular insights about the women's national championship game that went down between LSU and Iowa. As Stacey got fouled out of her national championship game against UConn. So that'll be great conversation. Hour number one, we chatted with Marquis Noel of Kansas State. He believes it's UConn tonight.

But we paused this program for one of our favorites. The man is highly entertaining. And clearly the folks at WWE took notice and tapped him into WrestleMania. Tagged him in there. Tagged him in? Oh, sorry.

And he tapped out the Miz? Tagged him in? Tagged him in. Thank you. Thanks, TJ. I'm glad that you were there for me. It's amazing that he had a tight end university tank top runner.

You know that better than anyone about that. And so immediately had to reach out because it was great to see him in such a huge spot here in Los Angeles, California. He is the great George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers and also WrestleMania. Good to chat with you, George. Wow.

Rich, always a pleasure. Did I hear earlier that I'm opening from that demon? Yes. Correct.

That is pretty cool. I might just stay on and just listen to your guys' conversation. You know, George, George, I'm sure you've got the the plan to handle that on your cell phone. I'm sure you can do that. No worries. Yeah, you know, I'll connect the Wi-Fi. It's fine.

I'm not gaming. I'm one of my favorite actors from Ocean, what, 11, 12, 13 banger movies. You need to see this movie aired, George. It's really well done. It's great. That's what he's coming on to promote. It's amazing about Jordan signing with Nike. Yeah, no, I trust that's in the trailer for that.

I'm really looking forward to that. Him and Affleck are fantastic. I always like watching them. They feel like they're brilliant. That chemistry just goes right over to the screen. Yes, it does.

Yes, it does. And how about you, man? So walk me through your night, man. Saturday night. That was wild. That must have been like up there for you in terms of the old time.

Great things that you've done in your life, George. Yeah. I had Pat McAfee called me earlier in the week. Hey, I've been pestering a little bit since last year. Hey, man, if you ever need someone to help you in the ring, I'm available. Don't care when.

And then he kind of stepped away from wrestling for a little bit. He said, hey, are you still interested? Like, of course. He just hit me up, and then this past week he said, hey, I might have something for you.

Are you still interested? And I said, yeah, you have my number. I'll be there regardless. If you want me to hop in the ring, do whatever you want. I can hit someone with a table, hit someone with a chair, jump off a ladder.

Probably not. But I'll do anything you want me to do. And then it just, I got to talk to Triple H, Mr. H. Sorry. Fucked him a little bit.

He gave me the rundown. And then, you know, just Pat, The Miz, and me making some magic on Night 1 of WrestleMania in L.A. Tough one. So you're saying you've been telling Pat, hey, you know, hook me up if you need me. I'm ready to be hooked up.

And the first time he finally hooked you up was for WrestleMania. Is that right? Yeah.

Just Pat McAfee. Just guys being dudes. One of the boys. Just said, hey, suggested me for a bit. You know, what they were doing.

Said, hey, you know, he's going to be there. And like I said, every time you post anything about wrestling, I throw them a little DM. And I just like throw them sideways eyes. Like, hey, I'm here. And just letting them know that I'm still available.

But it's just how it came to be. Just give me a call. And the next thing you know, I'm in WrestleMania on Saturday. You know, just kind of talking about it.

And then Saturday night hits. And I, you know what, it was one of the most, I think it was the second most anxiety I've ever had in my life behind the scenes with Kelly Clarkson. So NFL Honor still tops. This past year's NFL Honor still tops in terms of anxiety. Oh my gosh, Rich.

I was so scared. I don't, I don't, I don't see much in front of people. At least WWE. Like, hey, I'm fully invested in it. I watch it all year. I watch Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. I'm in it.

Follow it all on Twitter. Just seeing, seeing the Kelly Clarkson song. Not, you know, I don't do that weekly. That's something I do all the time, but you know, I thoroughly enjoyed that. But you know, having to jump over the barrier, trying not to catch my feet, overthinking everything. You know, the good news at the end of the day is that I'm really good at hitting people. And so that was pretty natural for me. Although, George, I got to tell you, the moves you were putting on the Miz would be 15 yards in your normal profession, in your day job or your night job. That's 15 yards. Not, not if I'm carrying the football. Huh.

Interesting. So in that regard, it did look like you were a complete natural here, George. Was there no rehearsal with the Miz the first time that you started making these maneuvers?

There was no, you know, practicing these maneuvers in any way, shape or form, George? He talked me through it for about five minutes. And then he's like, you know what, you got it. You're good to go. I don't want to put too much stuff in your head. Just go, just go hit me. I was walking back to my seat after the rehearsal. He goes, one of the other guys goes, hey, make sure you hit him harder and he thinks he's going to get hit.

It'll look better. So I was like, all right, sounds good. You know, he's a big Browns fan, right? George? Oh, trust me, we were talking, no, we were talking about that.

Every time I see the news and talk football, it's fantastic. He's big into fantasy football. So we were talking about that. I always tell everybody, just draft Christian McCaffrey, number one, that's your best bet.

After that, I couldn't tell you. But that's for sure. He's going to be hot, so I would just keep drafting him number one. That'd be my number one.

Okay, very good. Yeah, I mean, I'm in a fantasy league with him, George. So I know, he's diehard. But he also, he chooses too many Cleveland Browns. He does. But that's always been his Achilles heel.

You found the other one with the clothesline, that's for sure. Yeah, I know. And then Pat punted his face to the moon. He did. Did you see the bump that Pat took jumping from the top to the ground?

Yeah. Like, he hit full, I mean, the miss helped out a little bit, but that was full spine on the canvas. When he, Pat put out a photo on his, he Instagrammed out a photo of it, it looks photoshopped. He's upside down. He's upside down at a 45 degree angle, heading down to the ground. It looked like, okay, let's just take Pat McAfee standing upright.

Someone will just tilt it, flip it upside down. That was unbelievable. That was unreal. I looked at it again, I'm in the very background, with my jaw on the floor, I'm wearing holy schnikes.

What am I about to witness? Oh, man. George, that is so unbelievable. That was so cool.

And then for you to rep TEU like that, come on now. You know what, that was actually my wife's idea. That was awesome, you know. Because I know, the thing was Pat always wears a black tank, you know, the wife beater. I was like, you know what, I feel like I got to hype him up by wearing a black tank. Why don't we just drop one of my Titan U shirts, cut the sleeves off the day off. We're like, hey, what's better than Titan U and a bunch of Trubbies in here, live at WrestleMania. George, let me tell you something, George, let me pound the table for you and your colleagues, okay. 2023, 2023, the three men who created Titan University, Greg Olsen, Greg Olsen calls a Super Bowl in which Travis Kelce wins it.

And then off of that, hosts Saturday Night Live and then you show up in a TEU tank top at WrestleMania. This is the greatest tight end year ever. I can't imagine, this is it.

We haven't, you know, we've just played one football game in it. This is it, George. This is the pinnacle, one would think, you know. You know what, it's just the foundation for great things to come.

Attaboy. We're just building up, you know what. You're talking about Greg Olsen, how fantastic of a job he did with the Super Bowl.

All I heard was good things about him and I thought he did a fantastic job. Kelce out there scoring touchdowns, winning another one, putting two in his resume. And being able to hop over, get in the ring, celebrate, throw the double birds up like Stone Cold in WrestleMania. That was a lifetime experience for me.

It's kind of like an achievement unlocked when you're playing a game. That was crazy. Nothing that was going to happen but it did. But yeah, it's a great year for tight ends. And it's just going to continue to get better, Rich.

It just can continue to get better each day, each week. There's been two stacking great years on top of them and the tight ends are just going to take over the world. You know what, I'm thinking I need to look up the record for tight ends chosen in the first round of an NFL draft.

And that this is going to be that month where that record gets broken. It's too good right now for tight ends. It's just you're on a roll. And let's not forget though, there's only one who repped tight end university with their platform. I mean it's not like Olsen opened up his shirt and tie during the Super Bowl and there's a TEU.

Or Kelce did it in his American Girl doll sketch on Saturday Night Live. You actually repped it, George. You repped it, man. You got it done. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. I'm psyched for you.

It means a lot to us. So, you know, just got to get it out there. Hey, it's coming up June 20th. It's coming up to Nashville. It's an amazing flight, man.

I did a red-eye last night and I got in. Well, when is it? Because, you know, good Lord am I overdue for a trip to the bus even though they haven't put a motor on it. And I'm a man of principle, kind of like Lamar Jackson, where I'm not going to make a deal until I get what I want. I respect that.

You know, but they still don't have a motor on it. So, when is tied end university? It's June 20th. It's a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Opening night is on that Tuesday, June 20th. It's kind of a meet and greet upstairs at a rooftop, restaurant, bar area, hang out. We'll get to see each other.

And then Wednesday, Thursday are the meeting days plus on the field stuff. It's fun to know. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to release some surprises yet, but hopefully you can have me back on. Yes, George. And I'll announce that you're going to be there too, you know, in Nashville.

Okay. And you know, both of the boys are going to be a part of it. Of course they are.

It's going to be pretty fun. They're local. They're local.

They are local. All right, before I let you go, George, you want to chime in on, I don't know if you're able to catch Iowa versus LSU. You know what, it was literally on right before I left. I watched the whole game. I did. What do you want to know my thoughts on?

What are your thoughts on, I guess, let's get right into, you know, the end where, you know, Angel Reese is getting lit up for giving the, well, I mean, your, you know, wrestling moves, the you can't see me John Cena move towards Kaitlin Clark. What do you think of that? Well, you know what, I've realized you get to appreciate people for who they are and everyone comes in different walks of life and you can't really judge people because you've never walked a day in their shoes.

Right. So I'm not going to judge anyone for that. I would have handled, I would have been a little bit different. I think I'm more the Kaitlin Clark felt, but, you know, shake hands.

There's not much you can say after you lose anyways. She kind of, she kind of did it. She kind of did it against Louisville.

She did it against early van less. Oh yeah. I mean, yeah. I mean, she's on fire.

She's dropping 35 points and you can't, you can't, you can't touch me. I mean, that's pretty deserve. Yeah, I know. But like when you, when you talk and then when you're winning and then when you lose, Hey, you're bound to get it back in your face. That's just kind of what happened. And you know, LSU, they took advantage on it. They got, they got the win. They're able to do that. Is it there?

Does it look the greatest? Probably not, but Hey, she won. She can say what she wants to say. And you know, that's how people are going to see her.

She's a phenomenal basketball player. So she gets to say what she wants to say. That's, that's the, that's the blessing of when you're on top of you to win, you can do whatever you want to do.

Look at the cerebral one, you know, usually talking grass to the Eagles. Like that's just, it's not what everybody might do, but if that's how you want to play it, that's how you want to play your cards. Hey, go for it, man. That's not me, but good for you for winning. And Kaitlin Clark, have you connected with her at all during her remarkable run at all?

Yeah, that's just fun. One of my wife's best friends is related to her. So I've only met her like once or twice a week. I don't get back to it too much, but stay in contact with her social media once in a while, but she's a huge fan. How fun of a player, how electric and 40 points averaging over 30. Just now she's stud scoring on 75% like all the possessions are Kaitlin Clark.

I mean, how fun to watch. Just now she's a superstar. And I really hope she plays again in college just because she's just going to make that sport so much better. And it just gives more chance to see all the amazing things that she can do. And it allows kids to see her and be like, hey, I want to do that someday too. And maybe that changes the way that they train and changes the way they shoot the ball.

Maybe they're all shooting like Steph Curry and Kaitlin Clark in the future. Yeah, I hear you. I hear you. And this was also an opportunity where you could complain about the refs and not get fined. You know what?

I already tweeted about it. It's not even just porn. I thought they were, you know, not to offend anybody, but I thought they were horrendous on both sides of the ball. Everyone was saying that. I mean, I've never seen, you know what I mean? I have seen it, but it's been a while since I've seen refs just absolutely dominate a basketball game.

Just like dominate it. It was crazy. I mean, Kaitlin's technical, outrageous.

That was. Some of the fouls on the LSU girls were horrendous too. Just back and forth, just terrible, terrible calls. And it's just like, let the girls play. Basketball is a violent sport too in its own regard. You're not tackling people and stuff like that, but you can throw a ball once in a while, use your legs, box out. Like you can be a little violent in the fact that they're just like protecting them.

It's pretty outrageous, but I don't know. Yeah, I know. Let the girls play. Yeah, Angel reset the entire second quarter. It kind of, but that's when. That's not good for the sport. No, yeah, yeah.

Good for. Jasmine Carson. She lit it up. She lit it up. That kind of put the game out of reach a bit. But anyway, I'm glad you got a chance to catch that.

They got it back down to seven in the third quarter. Rich, relax. No, I know.

Relax. I know. Her coming in and going. That bank shot at the end too. That looked like me out there shooting up there. Throwing and saying, Kobe. And it went in.

And I love seeing that stuff. Again, that's good for the sport of basketball. And I'll congratulate LSU. Happy for them.

Feel bad for the Iowa girls, but hey, they're a fantastic team and hopefully Kaitlin Kirk's going to come back. Hey, before I let you go, my wrestling aficionado TJ Jefferson wants to ask you something because he was at WrestleMania all weekend long. Yeah, actually. You ran in there. I ran in there. Okay, cool.

Go for it. What's up, brother? I know. He tried to put me in a headlock. It was crazy.

Security had to pry me off. George, you know, of course, I'm sure that the NFL career is going to last for a long time and you're going to have much success. But when you finally hang the cleats up, is getting in the ring something that you've given any thought to?

Oh. You know, I saw from you on Friday, man, it looked like you were obviously having a blast and you've got the size, you've got the physicality. So, you know, is that something you you look into? I am about five minutes from making a phone call to get arrested.

I think installed at my house in a barn. So I'm looking forward to any opportunity. Like I said, Mr. H has my number.

That's not a phone call I'll ever ignore. So I'm always open to participating in fun violin events. I'm with it. I'm with it. And if you need a wise man, if you need a Paul Heyman character, you know, I can I'll just suggest myself and I'll just throw that out there for you. Booker T said he was going to do that for me. Oh, OK. Yeah, you can one on one Booker T. And if you can beat him, you got it.

Well, no, you'd have two brothers with dreadlocks in your corner. So, I mean, I don't see how you could lose. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we need to beat. No, sir.

No, sir. George, you're the best man. Thanks for taking the time after such a big weekend and you're just flying across the country and stuff. Let's let's connect soon. Congrats. It's always great seeing you have fun and big spots and surprising people.

That was fun. Oh, thank you so much, Rich. Thanks to you on the board. And again, you have my number as well, Rich. I'm always available for you, my guy. OK. Absolutely. As you know, I tagged you into this and I appreciate you. You're taking me out. So thank you, Rich. I got one more thing for you.

I spent, you know, after the first I rescued Pat and some of the guys backstage, you know, drink a couple brew skis. Yep. One of the guys lives in Columbus, Ohio. I'm pretty sure he said he is a Michigan guy. And he was in my ear the whole night about Michigan. I'm like, what is it about you Michigan guys telling everybody that you love Michigan? Yeah. It's outrageous. Fantastic personnel.

He's like, you know what I've learned through the video crew for WWE equipment managers for football. You're probably the coolest people that don't get enough respect. So I just want to give them a huge shout out because they were very fun after that.

I appreciate it. The reason why we're so vocal about it. No, no, it's true. It's because it was an incredible experience. And I'm sure you had just as an incredible experience at Iowa. And it's just there's more of us. There's more of us. We're everywhere.

You cannot you cannot avoid it. And plus, we're givers. We like to give. You know, we like to give and talk about our experiences and hope it washes on the people that are listening.

So that's maybe it. I think I think everybody else takes it up like you're forcing it down our throats. And I don't know if everyone wants to know that you went to Michigan. How much you guys like the Wolverines. There might be more Iowa people out there, but we just don't, you know, go out.

Well, George, I love you to use the to use the good to use the boogie nights phrase. That's a YP. That's a your problem that you don't share it. You know, that's a YP. I know. I will share with everyone else that Caitlin Clark's a dog. There you go.

That's all. I'll stand on that. And I agree.

She's she's unbelievable to watch. Thanks for the call. George, you take care of yourself, brother. Be well. Please tell him I'm a huge fan.

I will do that. Thank you very much. George Kittle, everybody. George George, the animal kittle.

George, the animal kittle. I like it. I like it. Look, those moves are not. It's not ballet, man. Well, it's those moves are not easy to to figure out, I don't think.

Although the Miz is a lead pipe wielding professional, so he can take a hit and fly his body around in a way, you know. But what was it? George said Pat said to hit him a little bit harder than he's expecting. He's expecting. Yeah, he hit him with a couple of times.

I was like, oh. It did look like Pat did connect on punting him with his punting his head. I mean, look, sometimes punches connect, sometimes kicks connect, you know, they they kind of had to pause a match last night.

The guy got hit in the head with a ladder and split his head open. And so it happens. It happens, man. It's not a game.

It's not a game. Didn't he? McMahon blow his knee up. Yes. Shane O'Mack, man. All right, let's take a break. Overreaction Monday coming your way, everybody. Coming your way.

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That's Mint Mobile dot com slash switch. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger is the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. During the commercial break I saw on Sports Center's Instagram feed, Steph Curry warming up over the weekend, found a dead spot. Did you see that? He found it. He's just dribbling, you know, underneath the basket doing his warm ups and he stops. He takes the ball and he starts dribbling it. And then he dribbles it over one spot and he dribbles it over another spot two feet up. What court was this on? On his home court. On his home court, really.

And just check it out. And then at one point he realizes something's up. So he takes the ball and he just releases it with both hands to just drop down, let gravity do its work. It bounces up right around his shin. Then he moves one step to his left, bounces it, and it bounces right up to his waist. Moves back right to his shin, up to it, and he points it out on the court. It's a dead spot.

Wow. And it's just like. The old Boston Garden. And again.

I was just about to ask that. Weren't the Celtics notorious for doing that with their court back in the day? Well, you just said that in an accusatory manner. It was an old building and an old floor. Hey man, the wood goes bad. I just find it interesting.

And I'm not doing this to troll anybody. That's why whenever everyone says you couldn't tell whether a football's inflated properly or not. Like you grab these guys, this is their profession.

Yeah, you grab it. They know it. You can tell. Right, and that's why pitchers know when a baseball's wound tighter and quarterbacks know when a football is just fresh out of the box. I think that's why I asked you what court it was because I'm surprised it was his home court.

His home court. So it's like. I know. It's amazing he hadn't found that before until just now.

And let me just say this about Kaitlin Clark too, watching her. I'm telling you, I would love to get. You know how there was that old commercial about a taste test for a soda where you had. A blind taste test. Right, the Pepsi Coke challenge. And how, you know, I think it was a Pepsi taste challenge. And people would be so surprised, the Coca-Cola that they've been drinking, you know, that if you poured on the side of your car it would take the paint off. That that is, oh my gosh.

It was Pepsi the whole time and that was Pepsi basically saying we're just as good as Coke. I would love it if we had the sound of a net being pierced by a shot ball and put Curry's sound of a net with Kaitlin Clark's. Would you be able to tell the difference sometimes? I'm serious. I know what I'm saying right now is totally out of the realm for a lot of people. But the way that her basketball shot enters the hoop and goes through the net. It makes a noise that to me was, it just sounds different.

And it doesn't touch the rim like almost ever. Rich, why do you say that? I mixed a couple of Iowa games this year. I told Chris. And I didn't know her name. I remember coming into Chris and going, who's this girl that plays on Iowa? He went Kaitlin Clark.

I went, she's unbelievable. And the sound that you're saying is dead on. It just goes, it's amazing. It makes a noise that just doesn't, I'm serious.

Rich, I'm telling you. And the way that sometimes, the way that she would sneak, she sneaks around a screen. And if you don't fight through that screen and she gets one split second, it's over. It's over. And I know, look, LSU had so many incredible players yesterday, and they also had a ton of open shots. And they all went in. They set a record for most points scored in a national championship game on the women's side. The first triple digit performance we've ever seen. I'm telling you, it's different.

The ball hits differently. I know George Kittle said, I hope she's staying. I mean, she's not available to be drafted for another year. And if she, when she goes to the WNBA, she might take a pay cut. She one thousand percent is going to make more money in college.

With the NIL. And I do believe, though, that her leading, I read that her leading revenue generator on the NIL side is a local food bank. And she's demanded that everything gets donated. Yeah. That's awesome.

Love it. So. But again. Boy, is she a red ass. She is a red ass. I mean, she, she was, she gives the, you can't see me.

And like I said, it wasn't just one game. That's her thing. And when she's, when she's sagging on defense on somebody who she doesn't, who's shot, she doesn't respect.

She just waves her hand at them. And I think some LSU players took offense to that, or at least used that to psych themselves up in a national championship game. Absolutely. Which you have to use.

You have to do that. I get it. I think, you know, getting back to this whole Angel Reese thing, I mean, I saw what happened. I was watching the game and my, to be honest with you, my initial thought was this. I kind of know how media works.

I know how Twitter works. So as I'm watching this happen, I already know what's coming, what's coming. So my thought was like, I hated to see her do that strictly because you won the game in a dominating fashion. At the foul line, we hit her up with it, but the chaser for 19 seconds.

I mean, look, he the battle. I'm fine with anything. But I knew where this was going to go.

I know today is not a shock to me. I kind of wish she wouldn't have done it strictly because. We'd be talking about how good of a basketball player she is and not some other unnecessary things like they won the championship. So but again, that was something that Caitlin had been doing. You know, she'd been she'd been working these girls all year, you know, so, you know, what goes around comes around. But I guess it just for me personally, Rich, knowing how things work, watching that my initial reaction, if I'm going to be honest, was like, oh, well, South Carolina coach, this is going to get out of control. South Carolina coach Dawn Staley kind of set the stage when she was saying at her press conference.

Over the weekend, you know, hey. We've got a bunch of competitors here. Play very physical brand.

Don't call us thugs. Yeah. She had a very John Thompson like press conference where she was setting the stage about how her team is covered and talked about. That then played into Angel Reese over the weekend.

And like I said, again, I do not I like the act like you've been there before sort of strategy, but I totally understand I'm a 53 year old man. And this is a different day and age where people are are making hand gestures like, you know, you can't see me. And again, just to remind everybody, Angel Reese is not the first LSU national champion to point to a ring finger.

And by the way, you might not know this if you hadn't been watching LSU, but something those girls do is to keep them motivated all year. At the end of the game, they would take a Sharpie and draw a ring on the ring finger. So this was something that the team had been doing that maybe a lot of people didn't know. So that pointing to the ring finger, that wasn't just that day.

I didn't know that. I honestly thought Joe Burrow did it. Now Angel Reese is doing it.

Celebrate yourself. I mean, honestly, when Joe Burrow did that, did anybody think he was showing up? I mean, Aaron Donald did it at the competition. It's something that everyone's been doing recently.

So I didn't think anything of that. And then when she when she when she passed her hand over her face, that's I thought. And she's I think she said, yo, like, you know, to get Kaitlyn Clark's attention, I'm doing this.

And because she did it to the competition before. And it's kind of like, you know, like, you know, you're walking your walk. Everybody's paying attention to you with your triple double. But you're not winning.

I am. And here I am doing this thing. And there's my ring finger.

Literally, that's what I thought. And then I turned on a Twitter and all. Oh, boy. Well, she said after the game, too, I was in my bag. I'm enjoying myself. I'm enjoying the moment we just won.

The national championship. Like, come on. Well, Stacey Dale is going to join us. And she's been there.

I don't think I know if she's done that, but she's been there, done that figuratively. You know. One other thing I want to talk about, then we'll throw a break and then we'll do overreaction Monday. I got to admit this. I didn't I didn't think I'd say this, but I'm going to say it.

You wish you would have went to WrestleMania? I know it. I know what she's going to say. I know where you're going. That's what you think.

I think you know what I think. I like the picture. I like the pitch clock. You know why I like the pitch clock? Because I'm not seeing it.

No, they don't. They don't put it where you can see it. And then it pops up on the screen when it gets down to five seconds or less. And the number of times I noticed the number of times I don't see the pitch clock and the pitch is coming.

And I'm not sitting there thinking this game is rushed. And a buddy of mine who I play poker with every week pointed out at the game last week. And this is interesting. You know.

I'll give my buddy Rob Moore credit. Folks know him from the world of esports. He's pointed out, he goes, baseball's the only sport where there's unlimited timeouts. Where there was. Could you imagine the NFL, the NBA, hockey, any other sport?

Call timeout as much as you like. And I'm an old school guy. I kind of dig that the game was played in the same way that it was played when Calvin Coolidge was president.

And Grover Cleveland Alexander was the pitcher at the time when Grover Cleveland was the president at the time. I know I'm totally over-exaggerating, but I think you get the point. I kind of like the fact that I do. And you flagged this for us earlier, Chris.

Go for it. We've got one over here. We've got Jeff Passan pointing out that the time of the game was over the weekend. The first 50 games of Major League Baseball season, they sliced a half hour off the game time.

And I'm not sitting here thinking the game's rushed or it's a problem. You know, 40 pitch clock violations, fewer than one a game. I think, did I see Dever struck out on a pitch clock violation because he didn't make eyes with the eye contact? The batter has to prove they're ready by the eight count.

That's another weird thing that I'm going to have to get used to. Because the pitcher also, Nestor Cortez was told in his last spring training outing, I guess. Because he does a lot of the Luis Tiant head bob and moving around. You've got to make eye contact with the hitter to say, okay, here it comes. And then he could do all sorts of stuff. But he never made eye contact with the hitter.

So that's going to be a little bit weird. And again, my concern coming into the season, and I brought it up to the commissioner of baseball when he was here, is that incredible World Baseball classic final confrontation between Otani and Trout. Every pitch in that sequence was a pitch clock violation. And it took forever in terms of a pitch clock violation. But it didn't feel like forever as we're watching. And I don't want those moments rushed, but I didn't feel like the game was rushed at all.

Well, it's been a good first weekend. Seattle was great. The fans were counting down the clock. Okay, that's another interesting aspect of it too. Which was amazing. When the opposing pitcher was up, they would go five, four, and it was like throwing them off a little. But it was actually fun.

I think for me, it's always been about action. The three outcomes of the last few seasons is just strikeout, home run, walk. And it's pretty annoying. But you look in the first four days, batting averages up 15 points. Stolen bases more than doubled from last year.

You know what I'm telling you? Maybe you're right about it. It's the bigger bases. I don't think the bases have anything to do with it. I think you're limited into two throw overs. You can't just endlessly throw over the first base.

I did see that too in one of the Yankee Giants games that Clark Schmidt threw over twice. And now everybody knew that if you throw over one more time, you have to get him out. You're allowed to throw over a third time.

But if you don't get him, he's automatically awarded second. And so that's a very risky throw over. But the runner also didn't take off every time too. Knowing that the guy had a code at home plate. Again, if Volgabock's standing there on first, MLB's great television campaign ad aside, he's still not taken off even though you've exhausted the number of times you've thrown over. You're probably not throwing over at all on him anyway.

I'm just using this as an example. I did predict five for him this year. I also was thrilled that I didn't see a single third baseman standing in right field. That is so glorious. I'm so happy about it.

We're going to see left fielders from right field soon, I bet. Maybe. I don't know. You're running that risk. But I kind of digged it. Yeah, it's been a fun first weekend.

And the Mets are 3-1. Nice. But I like the fact that I didn't feel like the game was rushed. It felt the same. It did feel the same. And just take a look when you're watching a game, how often do you see the pitch clock popping up on your broadcast usually it's up either with ten seconds to go or the Fox broadcast that I was watching. It only pops up with five seconds to go and it didn't pop up that often.

No. So it hasn't changed the way that I feel the game's being played. But damn, it sliced a half an hour off of game time, which is huge.

There's just no other way to put it. Rich, my game was two hours and three minutes. So you were home? The second game. You were home?

It was unbelievable. I told Chris I was home. Most important aspect of the pitch clock, unintended consequence, because these games are so short, will you be able to actually be here during the day you're actually doing a game late at night? Like you don't have to set up as much? Prep's not still the same. What's the prep? It's the prep.

I told Chris. There's wires and a bunch of buttons. Exactly. I know.

They're all connected to the stadium. You're not the one literally like plugging it into the wall. Well, on my end I am. Okay. You just don't want to be here. We don't have a Del Tufo. No.

The Rich Eisen showed Del Tufo clock. We may have to have that. That's a great idea. Three. All right. We'll take a break. Oh, yeah. Oh, the reaction Monday when we come back.

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All soup to nuts you are handled and guess what? You can go for it and get your resume on and win your job hunt today. 844-204 Rich, number to dial here on the program, Stacey Dale's top of the next hour talking about her college basketball playing experience and then she'll give us all the information she has on the pro day circuit. That will be ending shortly and then we're already getting visits going down. Will Levis apparently visiting with the Raiders for his in-person. No. Here we go. No? Mm-hmm.

They took Anthony Richardson to dinner, now they got Will Levis in Las Vegas. Here we go. Time now for one of our Monday staples. It's our best. It's overreaction Monday.

Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks.

Overreaction Mondays. Christopher, how about it, sir? Hey, guys. How's everybody doing today? I'm fantastic, Chris. Awesome. Rich, you good?

What do you got? I'm good. You know who's not good? No.

Well, Jim Kelly thinks Josh Allen's not good. What? Have you seen this?

I have not. No. What? Jim Kelly was talking locally, and he said that the team needs more around Josh. That's true.

So he doesn't have to do everything. That is correct. I think Jim Kelly's right. The Bills need more talent around Josh Allen. Oh, yeah, buddy. They need a running back next to him that they can hand it to 15, 20 times a game. How about that? And I understand the Kansas City Chiefs has shown, okay, running back's this, running back's that, we'll draft one in the seventh round, he'll get about 800 yards rushing, he'll be our leader, and we'll still win the Super Bowl, and he'll score a touchdown in it.

That's the point. He scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl. Josh Allen, once you hit the red zone, what if he has somebody like, I'm telling you, call the Titans and see if Derrick Henry's available.

I need to know. Is he available or is he not? Go get yourself somebody who can stand next to Josh Allen, and so he doesn't feel he has to jam it in a window from the 15-yard line, doesn't have to run around like crazy and make these wild throws that are more successful than that. Jim Kelly's right. So wait a minute, but you posited his saying that Josh Allen's not that good.

Yeah, you kind of clicked on this a little bit. Come on now, don't do that to our friend Jim Kelly. Don't read into what I'm saying. I'm just saying words.

Okay. But you're saying that Jim Kelly says- That's an overreaction of what Jim Kelly said. That's not exactly what he said. He needs more talent around Josh Allen. I agree. That doesn't mean he doesn't feel good. That is not an overreaction.

What else you got over there? He needs to stop doing everything. That's correct. All right. That's all I said. Their best one option shouldn't be their quarterback in the red zone.

That wasn't quite how the meal was presented when you took the lid off of it. What else? I would agree with that, too.

If you're a guy- That's a proper reaction, TJ. If you're a guy coming off of a knee injury that didn't play last year, should you be asking for $15 million? The asking price for Odell, it's too high. No one's going to take a chance.

I would disagree with that. Is that what he wants? $15? Is that what he wants? That's the report. Great. Give it to him. Why? Why? Why?

Because he can win you the Super Bowl on the spot if he shows up and is the Odell. Hey, Rich. That was two years ago. Got it. Got it. Rich, let me ask you a question. Yes. How you feel today? Were you feeling better two years ago? I understand what you're saying. Thank you.

I still got my back in a tizzy from a pickleball injury two and a half weeks ago, but I'm 53. I say, go for it. The market will pay what it is, and if somebody says no $15, it'll come down to $10. It'll sign somewhere, and it's going to be amazing. It's going to be amazing. Amazing? Yes. I'm only saying that because I'm watching Michigan's spring game right now live on the Big Ten Network. Wow.

Yeah, Donovan Edwards looked like it was Columbus all over again. What else you got? Oh, gosh.

What else you got? Okay, so we talked to Arthur Smith last week. I heard what he had to say. I took it all in, I digested it. Yes.

That's crazy. The Falcons are going to regret not going after Lamar Jackson. I think that, again, I've said this, I will say it again. The Falcons not going for Lamar Jackson. Currently, the Colts not going for Lamar Jackson. Who else? The Jets.

I got this right here. The Jets. No, no, no, no.

Well, hold on a second. If Aaron Rodgers and they give up a first rounder for him, which you know I think is not going to happen, then you can throw the Jets in that mix if Aaron Rodgers doesn't pan out. You've got the Titans, potentially, the Commanders. That's the one.

Yeah. The Commanders, they have the 16th overall pick. They're not putting that on the line with next year's as well. Those teams, if Lamar does go elsewhere, I don't know if it's the same if he stays put in Baltimore, but wherever he goes, not Baltimore, let's just put it that way, and he succeeds and he takes that team to the promised land or to a championship game, gets to the Super Bowl and loses just right around there. That very high rent district neighborhood and the team that doesn't go for him is absolutely going to be in the barrel. Their time in the barrel if they don't perform well with the plan that they're sticking with right now, with Desmond Ritter, with whoever Indianapolis drafts, maybe fourth overall at the quarterback spot, with Sam Howell in DC.

That is not an overreaction. It might be for Atlanta. I kind of like the other moves that they've made, but if Desmond Ritter doesn't pan out and Lamar goes somewhere else and puts somebody in the high rent district, yeah, uh-huh. What do you got, Chris? What else? Speaking of Will Levis, you just mentioned him as pro days today. We're going to talk to Stacy Dales about it. How about this one? Will Levis is going to be the only rookie quarterback to make the playoffs this year.

Oh, my God. That's an overreaction. His visit to the Vegas Raiders is today, his pro day, as you know, was last week. Jeremy Fowler had a report that the Colts are looking at him at number four.

Colts can win that division. But he's the only one. Will Levis. You say he's the only one?

Only one. Dude, I think Carolina is set to win the division with who could be the rookie quarterback. No, Saints?

No love for DC? I do have love for him, but I think there's a clear path to the basket if the Raiders take him. I know everybody thinks the AFC South stinks, but Jacksonville is set to repeat. And the Titans are always going to tighten up, hashtag, but I'll just I don't have an issue with Will Levis making the playoffs.

I have an issue with him being the only one, although usually it is only one. So you're pegging him, huh? Pegging him. Put a pin in it.

This is based solely on the Colts report. Put a pin in it. What else? All right. Real quick. MVP showdown in the NBA. It's Giannis. Giannis is the MVP this year. I don't want to hear anything about Joker. I don't hear anything about Embiid. Giannis.

Three out of four. Give it to him. Well, I can't say that's an overreaction because I mean, you can't sneeze at that. I understand that it's Joker and Embiid. I know. I know.

I know. Where's Giannis? He's the best player in the league.

I got it. That's an overreaction. So I'll say that's a proper reaction, but I mean, Joker hasn't played three straight games.

He's costing himself. What's going on, man? This league, dude.

This league is just nutty. Rich, it's Masters week. Aha. Okay.

You know what I'm doing. Tiger in contention on Sunday. That's your last one? Let's go. Let's go. Sunday contention. Red shirts. I wish this wasn't an overreaction.

Tiger has always been in the category. If you never count them out, I will just say to you, well done. Well done. I'll say yes. Okay.

Sure. That's a proper reaction. I'm with you in that fox hole, sir. I'm with you. Would that be well? That'd be well. Jim Nance calls his final file for national championship tonight, then calls tiger putting on the jacket one last time.

The birds. Oh yeah, baby. Good for you. Dave Dales and Matt Damon coming up in the next hour. Don't miss it.

Masters is the best. I did have a couple more. We ran out of time.

What else you got? No, go ahead. Another Masters one guy. I'm going to say... You see who won the live event yesterday? Yeah. Koepka. Brooks. Koepka. He's back.

Is he back? Okay. Multiple live guys in the top 10. I think that's a good one. Why not? Why wouldn't there be? DJ just won a couple of years ago.

Cam Smith obviously had the dominant run last year. I don't know. Maybe. Why not? I don't know. They just step all over themselves in the final round like Greg Norman.

You think Greg Norman said that if a live guy wins, all of live is going to be on the 18th green celebrating? Okay. Great.

Just less Greg Norman. Okay. All right. Last one for you, TJ. Oh yes. TJ won. Look, we can agree.

Cody Rhodes got screwed, but Roman Reigns winning. Good for business. TJ, you want to have that one?

Is it good for business? Of course. We are nearing. We are in day 946 of the Roman Reigns title reign. The man is 14 days away from hitting 1000 days as the WWE champion, the undisputed universal heavyweight champion.

Of course is good for business. He's the most recognizable figure. He's the head of the table.

He's the travel chief. He's the best of all time and this reign may never end. We may pass on. He might still be champion.

I don't know what's going to happen, but yes, it's best for business. TJ Jefferson. I'll give that a round of applause. Thank you. You didn't even see that one coming. I had no idea. Very good.

Normally I don't even pay attention during this segment. Oh wow. Just joke. It's just a joke. Just a joke. Wow.

Just a joke. Stacy Dales coming up talking national championship game and then Matt Damon talking about air. This WrestleMania season and the podcast heat network has you covered podcast heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards. And now it's not just WrestleMania being a day. It's a week. I don't know if there's anything quite like it in the form of entertainment. There's not. Listen to the WrestleMania spirit with the podcast heat network wherever you listen.
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