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REShow: James Bradberry - Hour 2

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March 27, 2023 3:14 pm

REShow: James Bradberry - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 27, 2023 3:14 pm

Eagles CB James Bradberry tells Rich how he’s moving on from the controversial holding flag at the end of the Super Bowl that handed a win to the Kansas City Chiefs and why he’s confident Philadelphia can run it back again next season despite losing some key players to free agency.

Rich and the guys debate if a foul should have been called at the end of the San Diego State vs Creighton Elite Eight thriller that led to the Aztecs’ first ever trip to the Final Four.

Rich weighs in on the Bulls’ Patrick Beverly exacting a measure of revenge on LeBron and the Lakers, and debates if the Dallas Mavericks’ recent slide is directly related to the Kyrie Irving trade. 

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on the Aaron Rodgers trade limbo, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens, the Broncos, Seahawks, Lakers & LeBron, and Luka Doncic.

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Now, let's land here for a minute. Our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air and here we thought it was all gonna be about the NCAA tournament activity from the weekend and we will talk about it on this program. Certainly because the FAU, Florida Atlantic University men's basketball coach who has taken FAU all the way to the Final Four, they entered this tournament with zero wins in the school's history in the NCAA tournament and they've ripped off four in a row to cut down the nets in the south, pardon me, in the east region in Madison Square Garden of all places. Dusty May, former student, he was a former student, I guess what's the word for it? Manager, student manager of Indiana basketball, Bob Knight's final student manager. He is now the head coach of a Final Four team, Florida Atlantic, a nine seed out of Boca Raton.

He's joining us in our number three of this program. Jim Laurenaga of the Miami Hurricanes. Could you imagine it's Miami versus Florida Atlantic? It's the A1A final, you know, national championship game. They just played on the A1A.

So it's possible. Anyway, Dusty May will join us in in our number three but we have been, and Lewis Riddick, we just hung up with the analyst and longtime NFL man, Lewis Riddick, we talked at length with him in our number one about what's going on with Lamar Jackson. We kind of hit the pause button on that right now to welcome in somebody who is back with the defending NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles.

He signed, re-signed with the team to stay put right there. He's cornerback James Bradbury here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, James? I'm doing pretty good, how about you?

I'm doing fine. Congrats on that contract you signed with the Eagles. Thank you, thank you.

You're welcome. Why'd you re-sign with Philadelphia, James? Well, not a lot. I'm in the latest stage of my career, you know. I wanted to be with somebody that I'm familiar with.

Yep. And also I knew the team was gonna be good again, so it's always easy to go to a good team. Now obviously three years, $38 million deal. I just, the reasons are obvious. I asked the question just so I could hear it from you and part of the reason why is clearly the defense is terrific and so is the quarterback. How is Jalen Hurts? You got a good story for him as a leader on this team, James?

I mean, he always broke the huddle down before the games and also at halftime too. He always had a positive message, a good message that kind of sent you out there to be motivated. So I mean, anytime I'm motivated, that's a good leader.

That's a good leader to me. So what does he say? Can you tell me what he says breaking down the team, James? Ooh, I mean, he broke it down so many times. He had so many messages. I know one thing he always says is keep the main thing the main thing and I think that's kind of straight to the point, you know?

Sure. Focus on one goal and each one of us out there, we have a goal and a job that we have to do. We gotta focus on doing that and that's how I interpret it. So then the question is how did he break down the team before the Super Bowl, the biggest game of everybody's lives, James? One thing I can say about him, he always kept it the same no matter who will win or losing.

He always had that even kill, same mentality. So honestly, I don't even remember what he said before the Super Bowl, but I'm sure it was, I mean, it had his motive in it, you know? I was kind of looking out in the stands and whatnot too, looking at the fans. You mean the fans that were booing all the Dallas Cowboys from Dak Prescott, the Walter Payton Man of the Year, and also DeMarcus Ware, the Hall of Famer? Those fans? Is that what you're saying, James?

Yeah, you know what? That's probably why I don't remember everything he was saying in the huddle because it was a lot going on. There was a lot going on.

James Bradbury here on the Rich Eisen Show. How have you processed the final play that you were involved in, obviously, in the Super Bowl since that day, James? You know, I just tried to move on, to be honest with you. Of course, I didn't feel good about the play because at the end of the day, I committed a foul, and the foul was called, and it pretty much, it didn't give my offense a chance to go down to the Super Bowl, and that didn't really settle in after the game. I actually thought about it, and then it kind of made me a little bit more mad or angry with myself, but at the end of the day, I just got to move on from it because that's how football works, you know? And I appreciate you, you know, coming on this show and giving me, you know, the time to bring it up again, and I'm sure it's something that you definitely want to move on from, but I was, you know, taken aback as to how honest you were after the game. Are you aware of how you helped the process, you know, along in a way? You know, there's still so many fans upset. There was a flag called, but you after the game saying it was a foul, that was a penalty, certainly, I think, took the game off the griddle for some, where all we were talking about was the penalty, James.

Why were you so honest about it, is basically the way I'm asking. At the time, you know, when I didn't know the play ended, the ball was thrown, I think I gave up a little incomplete wave, and I turned around, and I saw the flag on the ground, and then I instantly looked up at the jumbotron, and then they showed the side angle, where, you know, you can see I grabbed his jersey, and that's all I needed for myself, really. I knew what they called the flag on. I saw it, and then, I mean, at that point, like, no matter what I say for the ref, he's not gonna change the call, and that's why I wanted to just jump ahead of it after the game, and just be upfront about it, because, I mean, I did not blame it on a reference that you shouldn't have called it in that moment, but I did it, so I can't really debate it. Well, I mean, and I don't know if you follow college basketball, James, and I don't know if you were watching at all the game between San Diego State and Creighton on Sunday, where there was a foul called with hardly, with one second left, that put San Diego State at the line, and they wound up winning by one, and it's kind of brought up the conversation again nationally as to whether a foul or a penalty in case of the NFL should be called in the final seconds of a crucial contest. Obviously, the Super Bowl is the ultimate for the NFL, and this was an Elite Eight game in the college basketball men's tournament, but what is your sense on when a foul should be called, if whistles should be swallowed, James Bradbury?

To be honest with you, I'm hoping a PI never gets called on a defender anytime of the game. I feel like the only way the flag should be thrown is only on the offense, as far as OPI, where they push off. I mean, the game is pretty much put in the win at the end of the day, so I mean, it shouldn't be hard for you to get open and whatnot, and you shouldn't be pushing off, but they could probably make the same debate on their side, and I mean, a flag should be called anytime it's committed, and it's up to the discretion of the ref at the end of the day, because he's the one that's got to throw the flag, and he's the one that's got to make that judgment call. And last one for you on this, have you heard from people to say you shouldn't have been so honest after the game? You should have said there shouldn't have been a flag called, that we were robbed. Have you heard from anybody saying that that's the approach you should have taken, James? I keep it short and say yes, but at the same time, those people are kind of looking at it from the gray area side of it, as far as like when you should throw a flag and when you shouldn't throw a flag. I think it's also been people on the other side have been like, you know, you did commit that foul, and of course then they also say maybe they shouldn't have, they wouldn't have called it, but at the end of the day, you did commit a foul, so I've heard both sides.

James Bradbury here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk about your year, and again, I apologize for spending so much time on that, but it is, these are a bunch of questions I've been eager to ask you since that day on Super Sunday. How satisfying was it to eliminate the Giants for you this year, James? They're your previous team, so many in the metropolitan area were scratching their heads as to, you know, why you were put out there for the Eagles to snap up, and obviously you had an incredible season for them.

Was that particularly satisfying for you to eliminate the Giants in the playoffs, James? Oh yeah, definitely, and I think that's just me, I wanted to compete in my competitive edge. Yeah, and also, I mean, it's kind of like a little league game, like when you know the guys on the other side, those are some of the guys you grew up with. I didn't play for the city that I lived in, I played on the other side, so I used to play against guys that I went to school with all the time. So it was kind of like that, but it was also competitive because I wanted to beat them, and I knew some of the coaches and I wanted to beat them.

I didn't want them to be able to say that they beat me and they released me, like they can't get both of them. I love it, and now, you know, did you think you were losing Slay? For a split second, it sure looked like it, and then not so much, James, right?

A couple weeks ago. Yeah, at first I thought Slay was going to go on, and I was also talking to him, too, so I kind of understood where he was coming from, and I kind of understand that side of things, too, but I want Slay to make as much money as he can. I want every guy to make as much money as they can, so I understood. Absolutely, and so what's your message to the Eagles faithful, James, who thought this was the year, and you guys had a terrific year. You've lost some significant members, but it's including both coordinators. What's your message to Philly fans about the way the Eagles can bounce back, if that's even a proper term for a defending NFC champ? Yeah, I think we're still a good team, so I mean, that's kind of a tough question.

At the end of the day, keep it simple. Let's just run it back, because I feel like we're still good and we're still good and we can compete for a Super Bowl, so let's do it. All right, James. I appreciate the time, and I appreciate you going down, you know, the Super Bowl memories for the way that that game ended, in your honesty, and I appreciate you calling in, and let's do this more often. Thanks for the time. Let's do it. I appreciate you having me on. Absolutely. That's James Bradbury.

He is a pro bowler, and he has got a new three-year, $38 million deal with 20 guaranteed, a chance to go up to 44 with the Philadelphia Eagles right here on The Rich Austin Show. When that foul got called at the end of Creighton San Diego State, it felt like the Super Bowl again, didn't it? That was a foul, though. His right arm... Well, he just had his hand on his hip. I mean, he pushed him. Did he? Yeah, he did. The game's tied.

He's in midair and he pushed him. But the game's tied. And also... So what? I know.

It's just not... If you would have called that foul on the playground playing pickup, you would have gotten laughed off the court. There are far worse instances of bad foul calls than this one. The man's arm was on him.

He pushed him. I thought it was a good call. Yeah, Ryan Nembhard's right arm was on the hip of Darion Trammell as he was heading towards the basket and was just about to launch the shot. Whistles blown. At least it was by an official who had a perfect view of it. The official was in position, and the official made the call, and I wish the official hadn't again. And it's such a tough position for the official to be in, of course. But for somebody who comments on this sort of stuff, you've got to play better than the ref's ref. But the ref, I think, made the proper call.

The question is, once again, should the official make it? Once again, an intense battle in a do-or-die contest for both teams. Now, this is not the Super Bowl.

This... I mean, you can't even... I mean, a national championship game is the equivalent? A trip to the bottom floor is a big deal. Certainly for Creighton and San Diego State. Yeah. Two teams not even supposed to be there. I just wish we hadn't seen it. And then the end, where the full court pass goes off the hands of, it seems, both players, one from each side, and then hits the ground, game over.

No, let's take a look at it again. Right. That was... And then once you're in replay, everything's reviewable.

And so did the inbounds thrower, can't call him a passer, step on the line? And then it's so weird. Like, why are we building... Because you're building courts out of whole cloth, right? Why are we building a court where the end line is separated from the out of bounds area, same color, by a swath of hard court?

Like, just make it one whole color. Like, what are we doing here? Like, why are we getting all artsy? Right?

So that's what I'm thinking while I'm watching this. It is a thin line, man. Let's make it all one friggin' color. It's like an outline. It's just like the whole court is outlined in wood, like the black line. Yeah.

Like, if somebody showed me those designs, I'd be like, make it all one color. What are we doing? At any rate, of course that comes into play. And then the ball goes off of who? We don't know.

Who? Can't tell. Because that's crucial, because if there's time left on the clock... Yeah, they have time for a tip in. Who knows?

You know, who knows? Right. So again, if the inbounds thrower had stepped on the end line, then it would be 1.2 seconds left with San Diego State having to inbounds from underneath their own basket, correct? Right. That didn't happen. Did not happen. Then if the ball did bounce out of bounds off of San Diego State, then Creighton would be inbounding under their own basket with whatever they determined was left on the clock.

Yeah, like 0.2 or something. Yeah. So for them to come out of that long, that very long looksie and basically say, it's over. Game over.

And then Iron Eagle, who's so good, by the way, this is the last time that the Elite Eight will be his final game, calling a game, because as you know, he's taking over for Nance. Yep. He goes, they broke out a stopwatch. I know. And I'm like, hold on a second.

Wait a minute. So they determined it didn't matter who the ball was off of. That the process of the ball hitting a human hand, popping up in the air and landing down on the ground was longer than the 1.2 seconds that was left on the clock. That apparently didn't start on time. Once the ball hit the hand, so they determined by hand time. Hand stopwatch.

Yeah. That it was longer than the 1.2 seconds. So that's why they decided to end the game.

And my question is, how? If we are saying call a foul, if it's a foul, no matter when, no matter what the circumstances and no matter when call it. But when it comes down to the last 1.2 seconds, we're going to stopwatch this thing. So why don't we stopwatch everything?

You see what I'm saying? If a foul is a foul, no matter when, then the official clock isn't the official clock until the very end. And then we're going to stopwatch it. Because if the clock didn't start by the time that the ball hit the hand, that's the circumstance that we've played the first. What? 39 minutes and 58.8 seconds. By the way, did I do that math right? Because if I did. Well done. Holy cow.

I am growing as a human. So then, you know what I'm saying? Like that running the clock by having a human being hit the button for the clock that we're seeing on CBS and in the arena. That works for the first.

I'm not going to do it again, am I? 39 minutes and 58.8 seconds. But then when it comes down to it, we'll bust out the stopwatch. Now it's different. Last 1.2 seconds is different. Then why are we calling a foul? Because it is different. Clock's different. How we're handling the clock's different.

But how we're handling the officiating. Is the same. See what I'm saying? It doesn't square to me. I don't love it. I don't love it either.

I don't love it. But the other thing I thought of was this because, you know, I'm a Michigan guy. Seeing this kid, what is it? Is it Trammell or Trammell?

I'm sorry. But seeing this kid on the line with no time left in a foul that's very controversial, taken free throws, reminded me, of course. Oh, sure. Of Ramil Robinson. Do you know who was on the bench when Ramil was taking those shots? The head coach of San Diego State University, Brian Dutcher, who was the assistant of Steve Fisher in that magical run.

Oh, wow. Who probably would have been shown the gate like Fisher had they not gone on that magical run. And Fisher and Dutcher were definitely not on the bench for the Fab Five and definitely weren't winning those games at Michigan to land in San Diego State together.

Where he's now taking San Diego State to the Final Four to build off of the terrific job Steve Fisher did when he got the gig there. Were you hoping he'd miss the second one? I kind of was. Well, because I wanted to see overtime. Yeah, I wanted to see overtime. But that's just me as a fan and that's where we come from when we say don't call it.

Yeah, it's more fan stuff. Don't call it. Don't call that foul. We want to see overtime. We don't want to be robbed of this.

We don't want to have the first 39 minutes and 58.8 seconds be for all coming to this point for this unsatisfying finish. It is similar to Scatman Crothers coming all the way from South Florida just to save Danny at the Overlook Hotel only to take an axe to the chest. Spoiler alert. Spoiler alert. Sorry, I just went down a shining wormhole out of nowhere. I just pulled a red rum on everybody who has not seen the film.

Well, you know what? Too late. They've had time.

You've had time. When did it come out? Like 71 or something? No, 80. Come on. Look it up. Look it up.

Nah. I can't believe you're making me do this. I'm never going to see it.

1980. I've never seen it at this point. Dude. I'm not going to see it. Oh, come on. I don't like scary movies. I did.

And then we'll throw it a break. I did once watch The Shining when I was home from school sick. And I was watching in my parents' room and they had a VCR set on timer for some soap opera. And it was back when it was the day where it could actually record what's on a different channel. And it went off just as The Shining was getting crazy. The VCR went on by itself. I hit the ceiling.

I went nuts. Scared by technology. That's how scary it is. But you're a big boy. You can handle it. Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial over Reaction Monday coming up and still to come.

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Call or just stop by. Hey, you know, Patrick Beverley is an interesting figure in the association. That's one way to put it. One way.

Sure. We've seen him talk trash when he doesn't walk it. And we've seen him also cry over winning a play in game for the Timberwolves and getting roasted for it on Turner.

It's become one of the greatest meme gifs in it. Him tossing that jersey into the stands. And then we saw him earlier this year with the Lakers defending LeBron not getting a call in Boston. When Jason Tatum did mug him on the way to the basket. And took out a camera from an individual in the media to grab it and use it to show to the officials, hey, here's the photographic proof of you blowing the call.

And then immediately got teed up. Bam. That picture should be hung in the Louvre. There's that. Hang that in the Louvre. But I have to give it to him.

I have to give it to him when it's due. Because he got traded from the Lakers after that moment to the Bulls. And he said when he got to the Bulls, we play him twice later on this year and I can't wait to, what, eliminate him or? Something to that effect. Keep them from getting into it. Keep them from getting into the playoffs.

Yeah, exactly. And I was just like, okay, Pat, got it. You've now hoping against all hope to start crying again just because you're advancing out of the playing tournament with the Bulls in the east. But guess who showed up yesterday at the downtown hoops dojo with LeBron coming back from injury. Off the bench. Look who showed up yesterday. Pat Bev and the Bulls.

OG Pat Bev. Beat the Lakers in downtown hoops dojo land. How about that? He backed it up. He talked it. And then he and the rest of the Bulls walked it. And this is when the Lakers get back to 500.

That was a conversation here in Los Angeles. They're back to 500. Back at square one. And here comes LeBron and they lose it home to the Bulls. Convincingly, that thing wasn't even in doubt.

All day. The Bulls jumped on him and then didn't let go. And they've won a couple in a row to Bulls. He hit LeBron with the little man.

The audacity. It's ridiculous. I was like, I know I didn't see what I just thought. Did he point at the floor too?

Like this is my floor too? He was just doing the little man. Little man.

Pat Bev. And you take a look at the Western Conference standings right now in the association. And this thing is tight. Clippers got blown out at home over the weekend. That wasn't on Saturday night remotely close. That game against the New Orleans Pelicans. That kid Murphy the third.

There's a good reason why there was a three in his name because he was jarring one after another after another. I was going against him in fantasy. I am eliminated by the way and I know you guys have been patiently waiting to jump on me on that. I didn't even know. I hadn't even heard that. You lost? I did. I legitimately didn't know. That dude Trey Murphy has been on all of our team's fantasy this year.

And by the way, what do you have? Like 18, 19, 23s against the Clippers? The whole team did. Geez. You look at the standings right now and the team that's in the total toilet that could totally miss the playoffs in its entirety are the Dallas Mavericks. Who could have seen this going south? Well, I know you are enjoying this. I'm actually not because I love Luca and I like watching him play and I want him to succeed.

Yes. But this was the most predictable outcome maybe of all time. Well, Luca looks miserable as Dallas is now a game out of the play-in tournament. They are three under. They are looking up at Oklahoma City and the Lakers.

It's not over. But Luca is without, he even admitted, he says he doesn't smile anymore. He used to smile and things are different. Things have changed and it's more than just basketball.

Everybody, everybody reading into that. It's got to be Kyrie. Because what changed and I know and trust me, I am the first to criticize Kyrie Irving. The first and how, you know, maybe he needs to smudge the locker room in Dallas the way that he did the TD Garden floor when he came back. Like it was the Celtics and it was bad. It was a bad environment there. And yesterday he, he had a fan ejected from Charlotte.

You see that one? He went up to the ref and had the ref call security and get a fan out. And he said it was the fan was calling out his name.

He wanted to see if he would say it to his face. This is not why they got Kyrie Irving. You can't also say it's definitely him. We all just assume he's coming there and he's just created such bad juju in there. I shouldn't use those two words together, but he's created some bad. Oh, I'm allowed to say that. He's created some bad mojo in there. But it's only been 15 games, though. I know that disposition. We also don't know what's going on in anybody's lives anymore. Anything anymore.

So I would like to push back on. It's got to be Kyrie in it. Yeah, I couldn't. I don't know. But it's Jason Kidd who's got to now. Figure this thing out.

No, it's the Mavs traded away. Dinwiddie and. All these guys were balling. And so on and so forth.

And he's on the dollar. Oh, my goodness. And now here they are on the outside looking in.

Oh, man. Rubber meeting the road in the Western Conference. And the Clippers in the Suns flip spots. Somebody is going to host a game seven in that first series.

That's what's on the line there. Memphis keeps winning. So does Sacramento. And then there's Denver. Who is. Let me get this right.

The first 50 win team in the West. Yep. So.

Fun stuff in the association. Pat Bev walking it. Doing the little man thing to LeBron. Come on. Come on. How dare he.

Oh, my goodness. The temerity. And Luca is just looking miserable. Those joyous basketball players just ease ease out of it.

And so are the Mavs at present. Let's take a break. Eight four four two oh four rich number two dollar. Ready for overreaction Monday when we come back, Chris? Let's go.

Why not? And then Robert Sala has spoken about a quarterback who's not his yet. Has he returned your text yet? We're rolling a break. Oh.

Back here on the rich eyes and show eight four four two oh four rich number to dial on our radio network. So Anthony Edwards came back for the Timberwolves last night. OK, right. LeBron came back for the Lakers yesterday. Saw Gary Payton, the second. Back for the Warriors last night. John Morant is back for the Grizzlies. Durant's coming back right. At some point, Harden's going to be fine enough to play. OK, we're getting guys back.

Where's Zion? Come on. Ingram is so good. McCollum is so good.

Murphy. Those got Valanciunas. They can they can make some hay. Let's go, right? They could. Come on, let's go.

All right. I mean, they just beat the crap out the Clippers. They did. I mean, Paul George hopefully is going to come back.

Yeah, hopefully. That thing was like the Pelicans on Saturday night made threes from the first tip, and that game was over. Yeah, they went up 37-26 in the first quarter. Kawhi didn't even play in the fourth quarter. Yeah, well, he got elbowed in the face.

Yeah, I saw that. And it was just like. And he made two free throws and then left the game because it was over. Game was over. Like I said, Rich, I don't care about healthy Kawhi in October, November. Exactly. They beat him. And the Clippers clearly don't care about home court or not. They just don't want to be in the playing tournament. And don't want injuries.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure. But don't you think it would be better if they took on the Durant returning to the Suns, Phoenix Suns, in Los Angeles for game seven instead of being in Phoenix? You know, here's the deal. That's the difference here. Sometimes the Clippers don't always have a home court advantage at their home.

Oh, stop it. I'm telling you, I've seen games where like Laker games, we don't have home court. Utah Jazz have sometimes come into that arena and had more fans. Well, that's because that's part of the reason is why they want to go to their new place.

Not only have a better home court advantage, but more fans in the seats because, A, there's a beautiful facility there. And two, they can go do their business and come back to the seats fast enough because there's about a thousand toilets there. I was about to say, what kind of business are you referring to? That's what I'm referring to. Toilets! Oh, those ones. Could you imagine how many more happy fans you'll have there because they're relieved? No, I'm talking about relieved that the Clippers are doing better. I know what you're talking about.

Gotcha, gotcha. Well, Steve Ballmer also said there's going to be a section. I don't know how they're going to do this. For toilets? Well, toilets and strictly clipper fans.

Oh, get out of here. I don't know how they're going to do this. Wait a minute, they're going to eject people from a section? He said there is going to be a section which is for Clippers fans only. It's going to be like a test in the movie Diner? Is it like a clipper?

In order to sit down, you've got to pass a test? You've got to maybe name five Clippers that played on Lob City or you've got to name five Clippers before Lob City. You can have your seats in this section if you spell Ollawa Candy properly. Go! Tell us where Ollawa Candy went to college.

Oh, University of Pacific. I can sit there even though I'm not a clipper fan. See, you can get through. You could sneak through. Look, I don't know how they're going to do this. Maybe you've got to sign up for something, but I'm interested to see how it plays out.

And plus, if you're not a clipper fan and you're sitting there, maybe they do come in. Maybe our version of Kevin comes and boots you out of that section. Okay.

Let's put a pin in this right now because Brockman, I could see Brockman was like, when are they going to get to me? I wasn't. I was just enjoying listening to you guys. Oh, is that right? Because you're sitting here too.

You never enjoyed listening to me. All right, here we go. Over Reaction Monday. Hit it.

Hit it. That was horrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Over Reaction Mondays. All right, Christopher, what do you got over there? Hey, what's up, guys? What's up, Jay? Everybody good? Jay, good to see you.

Hey, good to see you. It was hard coming up with these today, I got to admit. Why? I don't know what's going on. They're not easy to do.

I had to do this once. Are you excuse making before you even get to me? Good start. No?

Okay, what have you got? I agree, Brockman. There's not a lot of NFL news going on. Go for it. That's right. All right, how about this?

Yeah. Roger Goodell needs to give the Packers and Jets a little kick in the pants to get this trade going. Well, I'll tell you what. Roger needs to step in. That's a complete over reaction. A commissioner should never step into the business between two teams. But on behalf- It's his business. On behalf of the schedule makers- That's what I mean. On behalf of the schedule makers- We need to know where Aaron's playing. Can we pick this up, please? Let's go.

I want to do a whole segment on this. Maybe tomorrow's program in advance. But can we pick the pace up, please? Because you know they're going to put the Jets on five, if not six, nationally televised games. That's what I mean. Because Aaron Rodgers is coming.

Could you imagine they do that and the Jets are nationally televised five times with Zach Wilson quarterbacking? It's possible. No laughing.

This is the real thing. No laughing. That's what I'm saying. You're not allowed to laugh. I'm trying not to laugh. Roger needs to get Woody and Gudekus and Mark Murphy in a room and be like, let's go. Let's get Del Tufo. You can't do that.

Let's go. You can't do that. You can't do that.

Why? I mean, he can't do it. You even heard the other day when I asked Rob Manford, Steve Cohen does not care about your luxury tax setup. That was essentially my question. He doesn't.

All right. And he was, you know, how's he supposed to answer that? Yeah, all these other owners who think that they can spend money like water are now seeing somebody who can spend money like an ocean and they've got a big problem with it. And he's basically said, hey, the guy's not doing anything illegal. Neither are the Packers or the Jets. This is a provincial argument between two teams.

The commissioner rightfully is staying out of it. But I understand what you're saying, Chris. What else over there?

All right. So I put up a poll about Lamar. What's where's the most fun place for Lamar to play this year? Ravens, Colts, commanders, Falcons. I think Lamar is going to make the playoffs this season, no matter where he's playing in 2023. If he's on the Washington, they make the playoffs. Indy, they make the playoffs. Atlanta win the division.

I don't think that's an overreaction at all. He goes to one of these spots, boom, instantly. And by the way, incredibly motivated. Incredibly motivated. All he's got to do, according to what somebody Chris Mortensen tweeted about, he's just got to sleep better and eat better. Get eight hours.

Get in the eight hours. Nice balanced meal. A little less fast food. A little more avocado in the day. Yeah, you know what I'm saying. Brothers don't eat avocado. They don't?

Turkey Club, throw some avocado on it. Hey, I don't think that's an overreaction. Obviously, he doesn't make it if he's on the couch. Right. He's not making the playoffs unless he's actually playing. I think that's pretty I think that's pretty accurate.

I think he improves whoever he's eating. What, Atlanta too? Of course. Yeah, Atlanta. They probably win that division now. Arthur Blank has got to walk into the room and say, guys, all these plans we've had.

Yeah, we're blowing them up. Hey, Terry Fontenot. Do you need DaCosta's number? I got it for you. I got it from Beshati at the owner's meeting just yesterday.

Just slide it across the table. What else? Okay, we're going to talk about these Broncos receivers. Jerry Judy's on the market. Corlin Sutton's available just for the right price. Sean Payton says, no, we're not trading them. Sean Payton's going to have Russ, Sutton, Judy, top five QB wide receiver trio this year. That's an overreaction. I still need to see it again.

I still need to see it to believe it. And by the way, I think one of them might get traded anyway too. They're sitting there right now. One of the reasons why Sean Payton might be like, yeah, we're not trading them is because they haven't gotten the offer they need. They need to get in the first or the second round of this draft. Who's giving them a first round pick for Jerry Judy?

Clearly nobody. So he's like, we're not trading them. So all those people that are thinking we can get them, you're not getting them unless you give me what you need, what we need. So that may be what's playing out right here, but I wouldn't be surprised if one of them gets flipped before the draft.

They're looking, they see the talent that's out there and they, they, they want to pop in there instead of paying one of these guys a top of the level market value that they might be heading towards. So that's my take on that right now. It could be the best wide receiver QB trio in the AFC West. Oh my goodness. This guy over there.

Okay. The other teams don't have a second receiver. Well, who's the number one receiver wide receiver. Keenan Allen and Mike, Mike Williams, who is drop. He just played moments ago with Justin Herbert. They were trying them. They were ruined. Maybe cutting Keenan Allen.

What if D hop shows up in Kansas city? Don't put that out there. Those are now to talk now allowed to talk to him directly. You see that?

Why not, man? Go for it. Let's see it. That's going to be fun. Hey, did you see this interesting, uh, Seattle Seahawks news over the weekend? Bobby Wagner's back fence mended back.

Love it. They got a top five pick Gino Bobby Wagner back Seahawks, whatever it is, whatever it is, you're saying I'm in the NFC West. Oh, okay. I don't think that's an overreaction. I don't think that's an overreaction at all. I think that they're going to be improved. They're going to be better. They're going to draft. Well, they got a very high draft choice. I like it. I don't think they're, by the way, they're talking to every single quarterback.

Today's Anthony Richardson's pro day. Isn't it? It is, you know, we haven't heard much about it. I haven't heard much about that.

Maybe it's later on today. I don't know, but, uh, I like Seattle a lot. I don't think that's an overreaction at all.

You know, the Rams are not rebuilding. They say they're going for it. Did you see, uh, my buddy Kevin Demof's letter to everybody? Yeah. Did you read between the lines of that letter? Oh, please. I saw what Damashek had to say about it. What do you mean?

It's like clear black and white. Got it. You keep sleeping on the Rams. You think they're tanking. They're not tanking.

I like the Seahawks though. I like what you're putting together right there. I like what you're saying. I don't think, let's put it this way. I don't think it's an overreaction to say that at all. Yeah.

I mean, I just considered where they were a year ago. Yeah. Okay. A little hoops now, guys. By the way, you're doing a great job for somebody that you think you had to pull these out of your orifice. Oh, thanks.

I just wanted, I wanted the bar low so you could compliment me. Okay. How about this? Lakers, right? Yes.

Good setup Lakers, right? Am I right? Am I right? I don't know.

I don't know where this is going. You see who was back, you see who was back in the lineup yesterday? LeBron. LeBron.

See what happened? They lost. Lakers are better without LeBron. They were awesome without LeBron.

You were awesome without LeBron. You spoke too soon. You spoke too soon. You should have just waited one more. LeBron comes back. Just one.

Lost. By the way, also, does he think he's Wolverine? Did you hear these comments about his foot? Hey, I went to two doctors. They were surprised how fast I healed. They said surgery. I said, ha, no surgery.

I'm healed. Dude. Why don't you just come in, in the black suit? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Why don't you just come in, in the black suit, wearing the devil's amulet or whatever the hell Skip wears around his neck.

It says Skip on it. Whatever. So you just come and dress like him when you talk about LeBron. I'm not, but I can't help it when he says such ridiculous things all the time. Well, it's just as ridiculous to say the Lakers are better off without him.

Well, they were awesome, and then he came back and they won. Okay. So I don't know what I need to tell you. The ultimate overreaction.

One game, I'm going to make a ridiculous blanket statement. Sneak in one more. What else you got? Lucas should demand a trade. Get out of here. Get out of here. This summer, I'm out. Demand a trade.

Hey, Mark. Get me out of here. I'm out.

We know he's going bull amar if he's going to start selling his own portable gym with a shake weight. Portable hookah. This is portable hookah.

I'm out. The hookah. You can call it the hookah. The hookah. The hookah. The hookah. The hookah.

One photograph in San Francisco, you're painting it as a whole huge brush, man. Get out of here. He should demand a trade from Dallas. 1995.

It's not working. Oh, could you imagine if that happens? Could you imagine? What if it goes to the Knicks? Oh, then he should demand a trade.

Exactly. Well, you're not a Knicks fan anyway, so what do you care? It's funny. Cooper is looking at me every now and then and goes, you're liking the Knicks again, aren't you, Dad? And I'm like, how do you watch Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle play and not love what you see? How?

Because if you look down the front row and you see the guy in the beard, the smacky schmexter who's facial recognizing everybody, facially recognizing everybody to boot them out. Just sitting there like. How do you watch Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle play and not? I'll tell you what, you know who's thinking about that? Luca.

Luca? That's why I just said earlier. Cause he used to have Jalen Bronson as a teammate. That's why he's so disappointed. That's why he's so sad. Big finish.

Here I am saying great job and he just comes up with two of the most ridiculous suppositions. Although the one from Luca. Eh, that's gonna be kinda I gotta go high register on that one. Well done. Chris Brockman over Reaction Monday. Every time you think you're out you pull yourself back in, Chris. Here he goes. Thanks, man. Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in. That's it. Well done.

Searching for a while. Dusty May, the head coach of Florida Atlantic University will tell us his favorite Bobby Knight story. We can only hope.

That's coming up in hour number three and Robert Salah and Ryan Rogers. Do you need one more? Alright, we'll get one. I love how you act so surprised. Hold it. Did you see what was back last night? Succession. I didn't see it. Oh my god, you didn't see it? What were you doing?

Just dealing with house stuff. I mean they go to bed at some point, right? They don't just stay at the... By the way, go for it. Alright, sure. I haven't seen it yet. Succession's going to go down as the best HBO show ever. I can't wait to watch this final season. Did you hear how HBO said they would have taken more seasons if Jesse Armstrong, the show runner, didn't say we're done? Well, Jesse said while he was writing it he realized, oh, this is it.

And that some of the actors I've seen a lot, man. Sopranos The Wire Game of Thrones Succession is terrific. Thrones is dead to me. And by the way, two words two words for you that you will soon learn throws things off in your world with your child. Spring break. Okay.

Doesn't mean anything for you. But suddenly kids are like, why do I have to go to sleep? Why do I have to go to sleep?

He never wants to go to sleep. Spring break. It's happening. Two words after spring break you'll find out is now what? Now what? Now what? We're all in the now what phrase now in the household. I don't know if there's anything quite like it in the form of entertainment. Get into the WrestleMania spirit with the Podcast Heat Network. Wherever you listen.
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