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REShow: Dusty May - Hour 3

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March 27, 2023 3:17 pm

REShow: Dusty May - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 27, 2023 3:17 pm

Rich reacts to a caller who suggest the Jets bail out on Aaron Rodgers and should move up in the NFL Draft instead to select a QB, and weighs in on Bill Belichick getting asked about the Patriots QB competition and if the Pats would consider signing Lamar Jackson.

Florida Atlantic Head Basketball Coach Dusty May tells Rich what it feels like to take the Owls to their first ever Final Four, his humble basketball beginnings in rural Indiana, the challenges of building a successful program from scratch and more.

Rich and the guys break down the group photo of NFL head coaches at the annual owners meeting.

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Now, let's land here for a minute. Bradbury, still to come. Florida Atlantic head coach Dusty May. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. And if you missed any of the first two hours when we talked with Lewis Riddick about the latest in the Lamar Jackson saga, which you can now call it in Baltimore, him tweeting out today that he asked for a trade from the team on the second day of this month.

And here we are in the final week of March. We talked with Lewis Riddick about Lamar Jackson, and also chatted with James Bradbury of the Philadelphia Eagles, not just about the Super Bowl that ended with a holding penalty on him that we all remember. We're wondering if that flag should have been thrown in perfect timing for him to appear on this program the day after Creighton in San Diego State, an Elite Eight game ends with a foul being called with 1.2 seconds left.

So... I was surprised they put that much time back on the clock. Well, I mean, they must have used a stopwatch to figure that out, because they used a stopwatch to figure out the game had ended. And I don't understand how officiating should stay the same throughout an entire game.

But for the last 1.2 seconds, we'll bust out a hand timer to supersede the clock on a wall. At any rate, San Diego State is through, and their next opponent is Florida Atlantic University. It's Miami coming back from a huge second half deficit to Texas, which was the highest remaining seed at second overall.

They cut down the nets for the first time in school history to make the final four in the Midwest, and then in Las Vegas, Nevada, UConn advances. Two five seeds taking on, respectively, a four and nine seed. It is unprecedented. We have not seen a one seed eliminated by the Elite Eight, ever. They started seeding in 1979. It's the first time since 79. There's no one seeds in the Elite Eight. First time since 1979 that no seed better than four is in the final four. It's only the fifth time since 1979 a team makes the final four, beating a one, two, and four seed in the process, and that's what Miami's done. And of course, Florida Atlantic comes into this tournament with zero all-time NCAA tournament wins. They now have four in a row.

The ninth seed team, Florida Atlantic, can take on the University of Miami in an A1A national championship game. But of course, that would mean UConn, which I think has been playing maybe the best out of all of them. Can you say that? For sure. Right?

For sure. And then there's San Diego State, which plays some top-notch defense. So that's the final four, all set, and Dusty May, the head coach of Florida Atlantic University, who was a student manager once upon a time back at Indiana in 96 to 2,000. He was there for Bob Knight's final season there.

He's a fifth-year coach, first ninth seed to make the final four since Wichita State in 2013. He'll join us in about 16 minutes time. Ben in Mississippi has been hanging on for two hours plus. Always great to chat with our friend from Mississippi. What's up, Ben?

Richie, Rich and Cruz. How are things? How you been?

What's going on? So some of my best and worst ideas come at night, and we're going to determine what's going to go in and what's going to smoke. So I was thinking about the red-headed stepchild, which is the New York Jets, right? Oh, boy.

And something I have not heard yet, and if you talked about it, forgive me, humor me as you will. We know that particularly sports deadlines is a deadline-driven business. So let me throw this out there to you. If you're the New York Jets, right now, of course, you don't have to do anything regarding that. You don't have to make certain moves.

You don't have to make any real big demands. But at what point, if you're the New York Jets, do you just tell the pack, you know what? Fine, keep them. You keep them. Let them be your problem.

Let them be your issue. Here's where I'm going with this. For the most part, we think the clock has already expired on that quiz, at least for the Jets at the starting quarterback.

What's stopping the New York Jets from, I don't know, packaging a couple of picks and just deciding to move up in this? Oh, gosh. No, no, no. Ben, I don't know what time of night. No, no, no, no. I got to stop.

I got to stop you. I don't know what time of night you thought about this. Let's place this in a terrible idea, Colin.

An absolutely terrible idea, Colin. Because at what point do they tell the Green Bay Packers that they're out on Rogers? Training camp. That's their deadline. If I don't get Aaron Rodgers on the first day of training camp, we are out and we're going to go with our plan and it's Zach Wilson.

That's it. And what they should do is sign some veteran that's still on the street for, and thanks for the call, Ben. They should sign some veteran that's still on the street and go with Zach Wilson and tell the fan base we tried and tell the Packers we're out.

See ya. I don't think it's going to get that far because guess what? Aaron Rodgers is going to be the New York Jet. It's going to happen.

We just don't know the when. And so that was the conundrum for Robert Sala as he sat down in the chair. At least he was better. His situation's better than John Harbaugh's because one, he didn't have Aaron Rodgers tweet out, I'm out, going to the Jets.

My intentions have changed the minute he sat down in the chair in the same way Lamar Jackson hit center in a tweet saying, oh, by the way, I've been asking for a trade from the Ravens for three weeks by now as John Harbaugh hit the chair today. And there's also Sala's out, which is like, I can't talk about somebody who was on another team. And he knows what I know. And the rest of planet earth, anybody who strolls the planet, who's interested in this subject matter, who practices what we call in the world of science, photosynthesis, photosynthesis.

Tough to say, but I'll say it, where you breathe in the oxygen that trees and plants emit, and you exhale carbon dioxide that plants and trees take in. And that's how we have the cycle of life. All of us who know that, any human being knows the Packers are not going to have Rodgers on their team to start the season. Here's Robert solid today when asked about this situation. To be honest, I got nothing on that one guys. Let's see. Obviously he's still with another team, so I'm just not going to talk about it. Robert, did you think you had your quarterback thing resolved at this point?

You'd always like to. It takes two to tango, so it's just a, it's a process. We respect the process and whenever it gets done, it'll get done. There's great rapport with the coordinator. There's really no, there's no urgency. You know, the quarterback is, if he, if he understands the system, if the quarterback knows it for the, you know, it's just a matter of just refining skills and doing all that stuff. But, you know, so there's no, there's no hurry on our end.

No, there's not no hurry on our end. Robert solid, you know what he's got the look of? He's got the look of a man who knows he ain't got no worries. He's got the beard going.

Oh yeah. He knows, he knows the guy's coming. He looked him in the eye, crossed the table at Lucky's restaurant Malibu and said, would you pass those roles? I probably not that. Would you pass the asparagus?

Would you, would you mind, would you mind passing for me this fall? Check this box. He's checked the box. What's in the box? He's sitting there as Breer looks and lurks behind his shoulder. What are you looking at Albert?

What does he got the Michigan game plan for this fall? You're trying to check it out lurking over solid shoulder in the same way the Michigan football program looks over his. He is lurking. He's lurking. Coffee is in. Breer's a lurker.

What's he looking at? See if it's Rogers Texan. Talk about, talk about how great the program is and how, you know what, we've come far enough that Rogers says yes. I felt the same way when Brian Gumbel said yes to work in Thursday night football on NFL network. He would never have come to do that job if the network hadn't already laid the groundwork of being a real network.

We were very proud of that. Same way the Jets have laid the groundwork. Of course Aaron Rogers is going to say that's a great off-ramp to my Packers conundrum. I'll go there.

He's coming. I understand. He's still not the quarterback of the New York Jets yet and we have a great graphic for that sort of thing. Sorry folks. Sorry folks. Still not on the Jets.

Aaron Rogers still on the Jets. Wally world. Sorry folks. Yes that's the the the family vacation John Candy. We may have to, we may have to get to the all kinds of, no we may have to get to the Blues Brothers John Candy. Three orange whips. You know what they are? Lazard, Wilson, and Odell. That will be the three orange whips. Three green whips. Oh getting a, you know I'm feeling it.

Sala looks like the guy who knows Rogers is coming. It'll get done when it gets done. We have, you know what? We have no rush. What's the rush?

What's the rush? Because great, you know what Green Bay? You want to hold us up? You want to hold Rogers up?

We'll just use those picks this year and then we'll give you the picks when you ask for them when you need us to take Rogers off your hands. Leverage my ass. Oh baby.

Gotta love it. And then there's your coach. This guy. Belichick had a press conference today. Yeah he was sitting there talking.

Huh? He was talking. What do you mean he was sitting there talking?

Sitting there. Guys were asking him questions. Not much answers. Ladies were asking questions. Not many answers.

Men and women asking questions. Coach answering. I don't even know what the setup is.

Is there a setup for this? Oh quarterbacks. Your quarterback?

You got Mack? And I cannot wait, as I said week six this year when Bailey Zappi gets the red jacket going into the Patriots Hall of Fame. They were already chanting his name last year.

Zappi. They were chanting for him. Zach Jones was hurt.

He was injured. And he also had coaches who weren't doing him well, right? You know you got Bill O'Brien.

Terrible coaches. This is what I meant when I said welcome to the rest of us when Brady left. So he was asked about I think Lamar also today? Yeah. Oh baby. This is, we haven't had one of these in a long time. Time for the Bill Belichick press conference moment.

Today's Bill Belichick press conference moment. Oh we prefer to win. Would it be fair to say that both Mack and Bailey Zappi will be competing for the starting job over the summer or is it Mack's job? Well everybody will get a chance to play. We'll play as best players.

So it's still kind of a competition. Everybody will get a chance to play. Bill, do you envision a scenario where the Patriots would pursue Lamar Jackson who's been assigned the franchise tag but the non-exclusive tag by the Ravens?

I'm not going to talk about players on any other team. He's a free agent so I didn't know if that was... Thank you Mike Reese. Continuing to do the Lord's work.

That sounds kind of crazy. So now this just, you know, this gives fuel to the fire. If it's not Mack's job he wouldn't name him the starter.

That there's a competition. Amen. He was asked about Bill O'Brien too. Why'd you bring in Bill O'Brien? I thought it was the best for the team.

Of course it was best for the team. Hey let me tell you something. Let's not forget.

Let's not forget. Once upon a time there was a set starter in New England. His name was Drew Bledsoe. Once upon a time and once upon a time they paid him a lot of money. Took him to a Super Bowl.

Sure did. And once upon a time he got hurt and in came a life-changing talent. Maybe it's Bailey Zappe. Stop it. Maybe it is. If we could smash the smash cut to the 2000 annual meeting and Belichick sitting there and he's asked about Bledsoe and he's asked about his new quarterback we drafted the year before.

In the sixth round? Yeah. Maybe, you know, and you roll your eyes. Maybe he's seeing something zappy. You don't Chris.

Maybe Mike, maybe your new coordinator, Bill O'Brien will unlock the zappiness. Have your fun. I'm not having my fun. I'm pointing out to you that you never know. You've been you've been water skiing behind the you never know yacht. You've been water skiing behind that yacht.

You don't know. Welcome to the rest of us. Welcome to the party pal. No because I always have a gold seat at the party.

Okay what's that what's the gold seat? Because I got six. Oh okay. Yeah I have five and guess what they don't care anymore.

You had a couple years go by without winning. Well I got one coming. In what? Huh? In what?

I got one coming. In what? In my next guest Dusty May, Florida Atlantic head coach. Dusty May what? Talk about you never know. FAU could be the Bailey Zappi of men's basketball. What does that even mean?

You never know. Three words. I tried to bring that up with Mike White and you didn't like that. I know. I did bring that. You did bring it up to me. And then you like you got angry at me.

Because I didn't think it was coming from a good place in the same way what I'm saying right now clearly is. Obviously. All right let's take a break and be on time for Dusty May, Florida Atlantic head coach getting set to take on San Diego State for the right to play for the national championship. The Wells.

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Back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network alongside our Roku channel live stream I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you call or just stop by last time we saw a nine seed reach the final four Wichita State in 2013 only three nine seeds have ever reached the final four since seeding began in 1979 and they are one of those three and the first conference USC team USA team to reach the final four since Memphis in 2008 I'm talking about Florida Atlantic and the head coach of the owls joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show fresh off of making the final four Dusty May good to speak with you coach congrats on the run you're on it's great to be on Rich thank you thanks for thanks for joining what's going through your mind right now well logistically we just have a lot going on so we're we're sorting through the media and all the sunshark waters for us to just try to to figure out logistically what to do next and then turn our page back to San Diego State I appreciate you uh throwing us into the media hopper as well well you guys are at the top of the list I appreciate you saying that um so uh what what forget logistics and all that business but for you personally what's going through your your brain right now coach the way I'm wired is it's always on to the next the the security or whatever I'm always thinking of the future I'm rarely I'm always in the moment but I'm never thinking about the moment so as long as we have another game I can't think about or really dwell on what we've done now when we landed yesterday late evening I looked at my wife and said are we really playing in the final four of Houston on Saturday so about once a day I'll throw that out to the staff member have we really won 15 straight games is this right and then we laugh and then we move on to the plan of practice or going to weight room or whatever the case so it's just the way that it seems like we're all kind of wired like that where you don't see a lot of celebrating amongst ourselves we expect uh to do great things and we have high standards so I think that those things have all contributed to us kind of staying even keel but I also know you know I've been around coaches for a long time Dusty and I also just know coaches who are who are married uh it's a partnership and it's a long journey that you you know if you have a spouse a partner go along with you that this is just as big for the spouse and partner as well I don't we've just met I don't know how long you've been with your wife but she must be this must be mind-blowing for her as well coach well it's not not to get off track but she was my girlfriend in fourth grade we dated off and on all through junior high through high school and so yeah we've been we've been best friends since elementary school and I've moved her all over the country uprooted our family time and time again to chase this dream so it's kind of like watching your players cut down the net because you know what all they put into it I'm not excited I'm just elated to see them going through this together and that was the best part of me personally was just seeing my wife and three sons just embracing this moment because they're the ones that have had to endure the hardest parts well for me this is not off track this is completely on track how old are your children how old are the kids 19 and 17 dude okay so you've been in this fight for a while yes you've been in this I was living in LA working at UFC under Henry Bibby when my wife got uh the wife got pregnant and then they multiplied so yeah we were we were young parents trying to figure it out and I think my oldest son was was seven when he'd lived in six states so the life of a coach it is the life of a coach why why did you why did you know why did you get on this path to begin with coach I always wanted to be a high school basketball coach I played Division II one year and ran cross country and decided I wanted to be a coach so I went and volunteered as student manager at IU under Bobby Knight because I thought I would be able to get a varsity coaching position in the state of Indiana out of college that was my goal that's what I was chasing and after I was there a year or two when the assistant coaches asked me are you going to coach and I said yes at the college or high school and I said huh I can coach college me I have no connections to the game nothing but but a strong work ethic and a love of the game and he said yeah and so he rattled off what some of the other guys were doing at that time with Lawrence Frank doing guys like that so I immediately changed my major from education to history and went from shadowing teachers to skipping class and and taking the assistant coaches on recruiting trips coaching at IU in the summer and chasing this dream what a what a what a story Dusty May I'm assuming did Bob Knight didn't interview you personally for the student manager job right somebody else did that but I had a personal connection with the team doctor Dr. Larry Rink who's also one of coach Knight's best friends so I had an end Dr. Rink was telling me that I would have a position and so it was known that as long as I interviewed well with with the group of Tim Garl who's his trainer who did everything for him then I would be fine so I was confident I was going to have a spot not to go all catty shack on you here but is it a true story you mowed the lawn of that doctor is that the true story coach old friend from the Navy from the Navy they served together in the Navy that's who I worked for and I did all of his names Dave Rutherford and he's actually just relocated to both and follows our team religiously but I cut his grass I took care of his pool I did landscaping I did everything you could imagine that he needed done I did it and then Dr. Rink at times would need extra work done around his house so Dave would say hey Dusty does great work so Dr. Rink would would hire me for this or that and so I knew him and he would go to our games and I think he appreciated the way I played and how much the passion and the energy I tried to carry myself with and and he just he thought me going to work for coach Knight would be great for my career because he knew I wanted to coach so it's all true. So and before we hit the here and now then and I know this is a dicey question because we're on live radio and television right now do you remember the first interaction you had with Bob Knight when he first saw you looked at you and you're you're just strolling around as a student manager do you can you tell that story? Coach I don't remember the first time I saw coach Knight I remember the first time I walked into assembly hall on the court and I still have goosebumps thinking about that moment being a small town Indiana kid and Indiana basketball to me and our family in our area was the that was the pinnacle that was it I mean that was basketball so I just remember the first time I saw him just thinking how enormous and and intimidating he was and is and so you know I don't remember the the first time but I do remember that's what I was thinking the first time I saw him. Dusty May Florida Atlantic University head coach here on the Rich Eisen show after making the final for first time this team's ever won a game in a tournament this program and they've won four in a row joining me here on the Rich Eisen show so again you you think of a Conference USA team that's you know and I understand you're moving conferences but you know ninth seed you think you know maybe they've got one terrific player and a bunch of role players that are scrappy and pulling together but your team is really deep and really talented and really tough and can absolutely win this thing how does one build a program at Florida Atlantic I know that's a large macro question but walk me through how you've built this thing coach May. Well in year one when I took the job five years ago we ended up through that spring with 10 open scholarships and I think we had seven official visits that weren't used already and we had zero recruiting days to lead campus we borrowed two days from the the following year the NCAA let us borrow two days from the next season so I could go watch some local players Mike Forest who's been with us for five years as one of those guys we end up piecing together a really good team in year one with with the 10 signees and then three holdovers that we really liked and became close with and so we had a good team and then had three starters go down with season ending injuries at one point over the first two months after we started out maybe nine and three we won at Illinois we won at UCF the year Taco Fall was there and they they almost beat Duke in the tournament so we had a good team in year one but because it was a few grad transfers and whatnot we had to basically rebuild in year two after we had ended up with a solid one because of the transfers and then we have this this group of four players that came in during the COVID year Nick Boyd Elijah Martin John L Davis and Giancarlo Rosado and they're as close of a group as I've ever I've ever these guys are truly family if you said they're cousins or brothers by by blood I would believe you and they all work incredibly hard they're all extremely intelligent so they brought all the winning intangibles to our group and now those guys are the the core the foundation the leaders of our team so as they've gotten older and got better as players and improved now because of their leadership and they're really good players they've really taken over our locker room and then all the other guys are just like them where they're great people that that can hold each other accountable they're self-aware so we just have a really nice winning mix and you know uh I I read as well coach uh that your team uh emerged after the sweet 16 victory to celebrate with family members in the stands at Madison Square Garden and security members were saying that this is not allowable it said that that did that did that really happen after you guys won your sweet 16 contest coach and and rich our circles are pretty tight we this was all new to us and and by nature I'm very private my family we keep to ourselves we're home bodies we we appreciated the the anonymity of living in Boca where the NBA players you see movie stars I mean you might see Oprah down the street who knows so we enjoyed that and and now that's all gone so that's been the only downside of this run but yeah our players wanted to go in the stands and celebrate with their friends and family the ones that were here with us right when when things weren't so uh weren't so sunny and then of course you know uh your anonymity is also gone as a real deal program here um is it true that your players are currently being recruited by other schools during your tournament run to say essentially what you should come to us once you're done with this Cinderella story is that basically what's happening coach that's not a story that that's the culture of our game right now and I'm not accused in any other schools but there's there's a lot of third parties there's other people that have a lot to gain by getting kids to switch schools and it's it's no one's fault it's it's part of the climate and I'm not complaining about it it was a question where without a doubt there's probably players on every single roster being at least uh minimally recruited and let's say we're all we all we're the twitter generation our players are being subtweeted at all the time as players are at every school if a player's in a big-time school and he's not playing then people are putting out feelers to him well it's different at our level where those feelers are sometimes made up numbers are made up this by third parties trying to get them into this portal and then orchestrate where they get next so it's not something that's rare it's not talked about I'm not complaining about it uh it is what it is and and we love our guys and it's our job to provide the best environment for them long term and and if they trust that and believe it then they'll stay if not then we'll support them and what they do next well I mean one way to show everybody certainly within your own program um is to win this damn thing just go to Houston and win two more seriously right why why not I can't see any reason why we we shouldn't that that shouldn't be our our expectation right and you're you're you're going there and I'm one other thing too I must uh uh assume and I know what that might mean coach Dusty May uh Florida Atlantic here in the Rich Eisen show is you know clearly a final four is a big stage and there'll be a big run up to it but cutting down nets in Madison Square Garden is what one would call a pinnacle I mean that is and I know there's more to climb but that might help uh your kids not be phased about what's coming I mean you're this is Madison Square Garden you cut down on that end coach that's pretty amazing I can't imagine our guys being teased by anything once once the ball's tipped they're they love to compete they love to play basketball and they really trust and believe in each other so it gives us a lot of confidence when we go into these environments that we don't have to be our best every night because it's not as if we have one leading scorer and we're relying on him to carry us we have any one of about nine different guys that can lead us in scoring on any given night and uh last couple for you here uh Dusty May of Florida Atlantic here on the Rich Eisen show I did see uh Coach Tang of Kansas State come into your locker room and give a message to your kids to say uh essentially attaboy keep going uh do you know Coach Tang is it the first interaction you've had with him or were you surprised that he came in what's your your take on that coach I wasn't surprised I've seen that a lot I've seen Coach K do that to locker rooms before we've had we and one of my mentors Mike Davis did that to our team earlier this year and he and it really uh he gave our guys confidence he we say he believed in us before we believed in us he told our guys in November Mike Davis he's coached Indiana to play for national championship game he's the coach of Detroit Mercy we played them early in the season and after after we played him he came in the locker room and told our players he felt like we had a final 14 that he hadn't seen a group of guys play how we played in a long time and we'll be one of about five true true teams where no one cares about the credit the spotlight that they're just playing for all the right reasons he felt like at that time we were probably one of five true teams in all of college basketball and if we didn't change if we didn't let outside voices and influences get in our locker room then we'd have a chance to play in the final four and our players are looking at me saying coach who are you bringing in here to talk to us what's going on we laugh now and say he saw it in the way before we saw it in amazing all right coach uh I appreciate the time and last one for you before I let you hit the road I'm sorry I know this is completely off the radar but you're the one who mentioned it and this has nothing to do with basketball oprah she's she's what was that you said oprah you sometimes see oprah around town no he has a house in palm beach county we obviously have slides that we that we showed recruits where michael jordan and then bill gates and oprah they all have a house in our county but yet you never know who you're going to bump into in palm beach county okay so I mean you can we invite her to houston you want to give put tickets out there I mean wouldn't that be great that would be awesome she would definitely get the red carpet if she if she wore an owl shirt or she could be I don't know if you heard before he let you on we have somebody whose nickname of their bracket is called crazed owls who chose florida atlantic to win it all could win our rich eyes and show tournament pool could be her could be her wow you never know that that's a regular fan depicted that's what said that's it could be that or could be oprah either way I'm gonna update you on that and you update me on your doings how does that sound perfect thank you thanks for the time coach congrats on the run so far and I look forward to chatting with you again definitely I appreciate you got that's dusty man head basketball coach florida atlantic university what a story mooch once told me he moved 18 times as a coach that's why I hug gail the most whenever I see the mariuchis his wife he's no joke because mooch wasn't playing in the moving trucks and doing the packing who's gail and he looks young you think okay they they his kids I thought were gonna be eight five and two 21 no like grown children we say 21 17 in dc yeah I thought it was 21 19 yeah 21 1917 bang bang bang and then the fact that he didn't think he could even be a college coach until he was told like by the way he's definitely I I don't like having a guest on having a terrific conversation and then accusing said guests once they hang up the phone of not being completely forthright there's no question he remembers the first interaction with bob knight and it had to be him bob just giving this young student he probably didn't want to besmirch this this young student manager an earful of something the balls were just or just busting his stones had to have been he had to be so intimidated but I did read that the doctor the doctor the doctor who was connected to the program he mowed his lawn it's like he was the judge smells of uh it was the danny noonan noonan mowing the lawn of the judge smells of the indiana basketball program he got more than a quarter and this is chuck shick you give him a quarter it'll be well he's currently serving a fresco to the rest of the ncaa tournament yo taking on san diego state for the right to take on the winner of miami and uconn i i mean my bra i i i'm not even looking at that bracket not even our redo of the sweet 16 that's true i i i literally i may have gone oh for eight there's a good chance i didn't i stopped looking after i went oh for four where this has changed i mean the tournament tournaments apparently up for grabs at espn there are 20 million entries yes sir 37 got this final four right what i'm surprised there's even that larger number right 37 choosing florida atlantic san diego state miami and uconn come on there were people picking all right what's the least likely matchups to happen because even if you're even if you're a florida atlantic fan you're not choosing san diego state as your opponent no and even if you are a die-hard hurricane what are you looking and saying it's uconn or you're a die-hard husky right you're saying uconn by the way dan hurley's just terrific dan hurley looks like half the people i grew up with okay and so he even if you're a die-hard husky you're saying okay miami's gonna get to its first ever final four and on the way they're gonna beat houston they're gonna beat indiana and they're gonna beat texas they're gonna be one two and four which is again only happened four previous times than this bracket this turn to salud one of those 37 people the voice of the rich isin show chaz are open are you serious hold on a second's wife hold that's according to pabst a second did he tweet that out he did tweet it out one of the 37 who got this final four right do you have uh jay felly the the rich isin show this is rich isin show drop this is yeah one of the people one of the 37 this is the rich isin show is chaz her well we may have to get her on as a guest are you serious that's fantastic holly tweeted that out this morning wow wild i feel like this is like kevin bacon i'm close to greatness right and apparently jim bayheim is winning their celebrity division i'm sure he's complaining this guy this guy i'm sure you're complaining the whole time you're getting you're getting that way about belicheck i don't like it answer a question you're getting that way about belicheck belicheck today i mean i said he should have retired was when asked about basically what should patriots fans be thinking about everything going on he said the last 25 years right that's what he should be people should rely on that bill we're looking at the future you know i want to talk about this a little bit more 844-204-rich number to dial here on the show uh fun week we've got in store as well uh don't go anywhere we are back to wrap up this program on a very busy monday in a moment back here on the rich isin show in los angeles california is there to help you win your job hunt if you are looking for a gig search no further than make sure you upload your resume there today because once you do that you you might not even know you're already being recruited because there are employers on this site as well because they know that knows how to fit them up with you and how to fit you with your best job fit it works both ways millions of job openings great coaching and career advice for you they specialize in building the right team for employers you can be recruited again once you post your resume because they can recruit you before they even post their jobs when you get the position when salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth it's all good in the hood of go there and win your job hunt today you know who's on the clock for tomorrow wherever he is right now if if if i'm there i'm like coach i know yeah i know how to handle the media but let's let's run through it let's run through it let's run through it matt leflore wherever he is oh he's got a breakfast table waiting for him tomorrow coach who's your quarterback coach what if you don't trade him can he come back to your team are you fine with iron rogers coming back to your team coach why do you think jordan love is ready coach what happened where rogers doesn't maybe feel welcome there anymore coach oh my goodness i just asked you five i just came up with five off the top my head well done just text albert real coach when's it gonna happen so you can lurk he's a lurker lurk and then ask lurk and albert breer coach when do you think it might happen coach what if he's still there in training camp oh my gosh coach what do you know from brian gudekunst where's he where's he where's he in the hallways where's good don't the gm sit down too oh the gm picture got posted as well really they're all there do we have the coaching picture yet okay now hold on a second before you put it up glorious this is my favorite look i've been going i haven't gone to owner's meetings in a while but you know we we used to do full-on nfl total accesses from their nfl network and right now i'm seeing my colleagues anthony uh andrew siciliano and judy patista and tom pelosaro sitting there in the beautiful valley of the sun they're on the air live uh sitting there in director's chairs we used to have a huge set and everything we used to have the whole big and my favorite part of this is the annual coaches photos where all the coaches get together and i'm as you know i'm i'm always into who's standing where and who's sitting where as you know with me and the nfl network promo shots who's got shoulder on the other who's standing in the front row whose elbows in front of somebody else's shoulder very keen to this sort of thing and then of course which coaches aren't bothered to show up at all okay i've been told 29 of the 32 coaches felt uh compelled to give the nfl and give everybody what they want which is sitting down for the photo and one year andy reed sat there in the middle i want to know who's sitting there in the middle of the front row that was the name of our of our fantasy team that year because he was a man spread centerpiece that was the name of our fantasy tell you who's not there or do you want to see the picture i will guess bella check didn't do it no bella checks there that's good for you bill not there nick seriani frank reich what's going on and mike vrabel oh could they all be at anthony richardson's proton bingo seems likely i don't know i don't know why seriani would be there but i don't know seriana i don't know he might have been doing something anyway yeah okay those three now all right everybody else present tell me they put bill in the middle just take a look let's take a look here we go you know it's reed again look at that and right next to bill oh so reed is flanked by ron revere to his right and bill to his left yeah and bill and andy reid showing off the legs they're wearing shorts they don't care sounds like a winner to me yeah i got a lot of rings all right hold on keep this up there now hold on a minute there's some so damika ryan's is top right all the way to the right standing under the right he's on the periphery there right look at mike mccarthy just sitting there in this is that a sport coat that he's wearing yeah mike mccarthy's like suited that's right because it's business bro i like okay look at dabel over there uh put some sunscreen on bro his head is so burnt where is he i can't stop left top left oh my god that's not a bandana hold on a second are you serious really bad it's red that's he's not gonna be able to sleep like that is painful i've had that happen before obviously i think we're about to zoom in you forget to put the screen on come on are you serious oh yeah he is sun burnt oh my god and by the way look two to your left mcdaniels josh mcdaniels is given who's who's the mcdaniels left that's arthur arthur smith and kyle and kyle shannon he's given both double shoulders he's standing in front of him so it's like a third row to the photograph thanks to josh mcdaniels arthur smith standing there looking like you but does arthur smith have a default look of like i don't want to be here is that his default look pretty much this kyle shannon by the way the quarter zip is that a quarter zip on dable dable with the glasses right there he honestly looks like he's buford t justice pulling you over what is with the part on a lid coach bald head is shining like a full moon thank you every thicker too much time at the pool not enough sunscreen all right zoom out one more time i want to see what i'm gonna see more of this stuff oh you know who's given the shoulder sean payton giving mcveigh the shoulder oh boy really yeah okay where's that one right next to ron navera yeah bottom right bottom oh wait a minute and also matt la floor is giving him the floor is given come on sean you got to lean forward you got a ring yeah buddy just like the guy to your left all right who's the and so that's mcdermott all the way at the end yeah looks like a high school history teacher okay what do you got there mcdaniel just looks happy to be there mcdaniel's just he's just living he's just we're all paying rent in his world all right i mean he's looking there's solace by the way solace lit is lighting up too we sure this isn't just the photo the way it was taken it's not no solace tan though solace god yeah yeah day ball is josh mcdaniel looks like he's you know he's been working out and there's belicheck and andy reed right in the middle damn near 500 500 wins next to each other well done just shorts good photo everybody i love breaking down this photo online which isin show every year this is such a pleasure why does this give me so much pleasure yeah it's the only time you're ever going to see this in one picture mike tomlin can't smile can't be bothered mike looks like he's looking into the sun like tom tom tom is like belicheck and reed like really again we're doing this every year everybody never i love it look at the glasses and the jacket he looks sharp right next to todd bulls just like what are we doing and again i mean there's dan campbell right there that's totally on brand and arthur smith again and really he's like larry david eh really gotta be here because he's worth more than everyone else that's how you know he does want to be there because that's right he does not have to be doing this that's his default look do i really need to be here because he doesn't have to ever we assume we assume we assume well i would hope all right thanks to dusty may of florida atlantic and james bradbury of the eagles we're having his former teammate miles sanders on tomorrow's program and then also to louis riddick and then tomorrow it'll all be about anna rogers and the jets whatever else lamar is going to tweet out it's wrestlemania season and the podcast heat network has you covered podcast heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards and now it's not just wrestlemania being a day it's a week i don't know if there's anything quite like it in an informed entertainment there's not get into the wrestlemania spirit with the podcast heat network whoa wherever you listen
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