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REShow: Mark Strong - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 29, 2023 3:16 pm

REShow: Mark Strong - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 29, 2023 3:16 pm

Brockman runs through the latest NFL news including items on Lamar Jackson, Justin Herbert, Micah Parsons and more.

Actor Mark Strong joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new Adam Sandler/Jennifer Aniston Netflix movie ‘Murder Mystery 2,’ his fandom of the English Premier League’s Arsenal, and reveals his punk rock past, why he abandoned the combover, what it was like rooming with Daniel Craig of 007 James Bond fame, and getting too up-close-and-personal while shooting a scene with the late great Ray Liotta in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’ 

Rich explains why the NFL’s escrow rules could be what’s deterring teams from giving out more fully guaranteed contracts like the one Deshaun Watson got from the Cleveland Browns.

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Ladies and gentlemen, The Rich Eisen Show. This is The Rich Eisen Show. Ron Rivera today asked, why not Lamont? Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Just something that we just didn't feel suited what we wanted to do. Look, I don't get it. The Rich Eisen Show.

I don't get it. Earlier on the show, Raiders wide receiver Jacoby Myers, WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes. Still to come from Netflix's Murder Mystery 2, actor Mark Strong. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Ah yes, hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Cody Rhodes, WWE Superstar, has just left our building. He's heading towards SoFi for WrestleMania on Saturday and Sunday night.

Obviously, he's the main event on Sunday night against Roman Reigns. Great chat with him. Jacoby Myers of the Las Vegas Raiders. Nice chat with him at hour number one. I just had a very nice brief chat in the green room with our third hour guest. The actor Mark Strong is here. We chatted with him, I believe, late last year when he was calling in from London.

And now he's here in person, here in Los Angeles. And I couldn't be more appreciative, not only because he's taken his time out of his day to promote Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix with him and Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston to come here, but has it stopped raining? Anybody who comes here in the rain deserves a Rich Eisen show mug. That's all.

That's for sure. Has it stopped raining? Because when it rains here in Los Angeles, it's just... But he's from London, so he must be used to, you know...

It makes him feel at home. I felt like I lived in Seattle driving to work today. It's southern Seattle now.

Is that where we're in right now? We should do an entire Rich Eisen show all three hours of us bitching about the weather. Exactly. Do you think people would like that?

Do you think the Roku channel would say, we have a few notes? Yeah, I don't think people... And they never give notes. People can relate though. Which is what? Relate that sometimes the weather stinks.

People living in the Midwest hearing us complain about the rain will be just like GTFOH. That fast. And you can look it up. Come on.

That's the way I would look at it. But at any rate, we're here on the program. 844-204 Rich, number to dial. Before we get to Chris Brockman's news update, let's take this phone call. Lonnie in Los Angeles, been hanging on for a while. One of our favorites. How you been, Lonnie? Lonnie, love. How you doing?

What's going on? Hey man, I need you to do me a favor. Okay. I need the Fab Five in the Basketball Hall of Fame. You want me both? Well, isn't Weber already in there?

Isn't C-Web there? As a group? As a unit. Lonnie, as a group? I want them as a group. I want the Fab Five as a group in the Basketball Hall of Fame because of what they've done, what they meant to the culture, how they changed everything.

Now, Michael Jordan had the longer shorts, but the Fab Five took everything to a new level. I don't know if you heard the conversation we had with Brian Dutcher, the head coach of San Diego State from yesterday's show, Lonnie. Yeah, I heard some of that. And where he said, he's the one who actually first ordered the long shorts for them. Mind-blowing.

And that when they came back, they were two inches longer than most, and he said he wanted it two inches longer than even that. I love that. Wow. It was great.

Just great stuff. But I don't know, can you put in a group? Because I don't think anyone else is getting in based on their own personal merits. I mean- Maybe, man. Make it like WWE in their Hall of Fame, they'll put like the Four Horsemen.

They'll put the NWO. You show the power of Rich Eisen. It makes this thing happen. I'm on it, Lonnie. Thanks for the call. Greatly appreciate it. That's Lonnie in Los Angeles. I like that idea.

Good idea. Because as Brockman said, the Pro Basketball Hall of Fame, they let people in who had success outside of the NBA. It's not just an NBA. It's international. It's college. It's NBA.

It's all encompassing. So, you know, if you want to acknowledge what they meant to the culture, to the movement of college basketball, what they meant for everybody. Can you have an exhibit based on it? The rapper? No. The rapper. Next to the C. Sure.

Why not? What would be in the Fab Five exhibit? Long shorts. Black socks, baggy shorts.

T-shirts with the plain dark blue t-shirts. The gold uniforms. The maze. I'm sorry. The maze uniforms.

No disrespect. I'm glad you self-corrected. Well, I knew you would have had I not. Gold. The maze. The gold. Like this is a commercial on Fox News. They're gold.

Selling gold is Notre Dame. The maze. I wouldn't even know what that is because I don't watch that channel. What else would be in there? Don't be facetious. Black shoes.

Black socks. Right. Do you want me to say like a time out or something? No. I don't want you to say that. That was my subtle way of saying don't say it and then you said it.

I wasn't even thinking it until you put it in my head. So you're being legit. Because you actually love the Fab Five. I do. That 93 title game.

Like I said, I've watched it a million times. I had a Michigan jersey from back in the day that I had C-Web sign when he was here. I saw him do it.

I seen him. The Barclays because the 93 Air Max that year were Barclays. The black with the strap. Man. I love those shoes. And like we said yesterday, the black ankle socks that said Nike on the front.

They all had shaved heads except for Juwan had a flat top. Well, he also said, Dutcher, that the black socks came from a trip to the mall in Houston, the Galleria in Houston, which is, by the way, where Brian Dutcher is going to hopefully cut down a net for San Diego State. You don't talk about full circle. They have an ice skating rink in the basement of that mall.

They do? Well, anyway, so that's what you put in the okay. So, hey, folks of Springfield, Massachusetts, Fab Five exhibit. Let's go. I'm with it, man. Well done. I actually think those uniforms should be in the Smithsonian.

They're cool uniforms. All right. Let's get to it. It's the NBC News emeritus. It's truly it always blows me away that Tom Brokaw takes time out of his busy day to front Chris Brockman's news update where Emmy nominated Mark Strong. Mark Strong, the actor, is about to come out here. But first, Chris Brockman's news update. And now, with a report of the day's news from the world of sports and entertainment, someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever, it's Chris Brockman. Since when does Tom Brokaw sound like Dr. Spiceman from 30 Rock? He does a lot of talking. What else you got over? What do you got, Chris?

Go for it. Thanks, Tom. Hey, we've been talking about Lamar Jackson a lot, Meek Mills, telling Bob Kraft stuff.

That's truly one of the greatest headlines I've ever seen. But according to the athletics, Jeff Howe, the Patriots are not in on Lamar. They're not in.

This just in. They're not going to... Come on, man. I mean, it would be fun if they did. That's why I put the Patriots on the list of teams that would blow our minds if they were in on Lamar Jackson. As we were talking about Lamar Jackson's market, the minute he was able to start talking to other teams to sign him to an offer sheet, Cowboys, Cardinals, Vikings, Packers, Bears, Lions, Patriots, Steelers.

I would blow everyone's mind if they're like, you know what? We are done with Mac Jones. You know what we're going to do? We're going to take our next two first round draft choices and send it to one of the teams that really does not like us and the feelings mutual. Let's help them out of their problem by taking their guy, blowing up our salary cap plans that we... Could you imagine they pay him more money guaranteed than perhaps they paid Tom Brady during his first- Ever. Half of his career there, that they'd give that on a contract in four years. Whatever guaranteed he signed for, how long did it take for Brady to get 200 million out of the Patriots?

You'd have to add up a lot of years. It's just so out of their character. Like I said earlier, if you want them to do it, if you want them to consider it, if you want to do that, you've got to put your best foot forward to start, and I don't think sending Meek Mill to Robert Kraft to tell Bill Belichick, hey, let's start a conversation. That's the best way to do it. I honestly don't think that's the best way to tell Bill I mean business. In 20 years with the Pats, Tom Brady made 235 million. That's what I'm saying. Wow. So that's what we call out of character.

And in three seasons with the Bucks. I mean, sending Jon Bon Jovi to Belichick might be the best if you had to choose anybody from the music world to get Bill's attention. Kraft and Meeker tight. What else are you going to go over there, Chris? We're living on a prayer with Diesel Marner. You're halfway there. We're good, Chris.

Okay. The Falcons have had a busy off season, and one of the teams that probably should make a move for Lamar, but Kaleis Campbell's headed to town, Ravens. Year 16, Aaron Blummer. Ravens detackle.

One year deal. The Falcons headed Scottie Miller, another wide receiver. And again, and yesterday, the news involving Atlanta involved Arthur Blank saying that it's a very different situation between the Lamar Jackson franchise tag conversation and Deshaun Watson from last year when you know the Falcons were way in on them.

Different player, different time. You have a winner in Jackson, an MVP in the league. There's no question he's one of the top quarterbacks in the league. But looking at it objectively, I'd say that there's some concern over how long he can play his style of game.

Hopefully a long time, but he's missed five, six games each of the last two years. Each game counts a lot in our business. I mean, Watson also, as you know, had knee problems in college, but man, look, let's just point it out here. The difference is, is if Lamar wants the amount of money that Watson got, there was at some point in time when, I'll use the phrase that might be spoiler alert, he was the Logan Roy going to eight and the Cleveland Browns came in like the Roy kids and say, well go to 10 and they win the negotiation over and they were not interested in going as high as the Browns did.

Nobody is in the league, nobody, nobody. So that's the different situation. Obviously the other difference is the guy who got that money has all of these off the field issues hanging over his head at the time. So they just don't want to pay him all that cash.

That's it. And they're done. They've moved on. There was this moment in time they're willing to give all the draft choices and all that money to a quarterback with a far different story off the field than Lamar Jackson, who's pristine and sterling with his reputation in that regard. So the difference is, is they've moved on. They don't want to blow up their current plans for that. And they weren't interested in giving Watson all that money that the Browns did. What else, Chris?

Brandon Staley said this week that the Chargers have entered extension negotiations with Justin Herbert. What a surprise. Okay. Pretty blown away.

All right, very good. Also Kyle Shanahan added Trey Lance and Sam Darnold will split first team reps this 49ers off season. Split. Well, there's the competition. When we were sitting there at the Super Bowl and Trey Lance said, I don't want anything handed to me. I am up for a competition.

I want the competition. At the time, we thought it would just be Brock Purdy coming back from his impending elbow surgery. Instead, it's Sam Darnold. Sam Darnold's going to win a playoff game for the Niners this year.

That's a hot take. Sam Darnold's winning a playoff game for the Niners or Draymond Green's going to win a title with somebody else before his career's over. Which one would you take, TJ?

That's nice. Hold on. Which one would you take? Probably take Draymond.

Yeah, wouldn't you? Suddenly, my crazy ass take from hour two is not so crazy anymore. All right. Hold on.

That's probably it. Sam Darnold wins a playoff game for the Niners this year or Draymond wins a ring with somebody other than the Warriors before he winds up in the Hall of Fame. Which one would you take? I mean, look, if you have the same Niners team and there's another Brock Purdy situation. This is not who wants to be a millionaire where you sound out your answer. Which one would you take?

I'd probably say Draymond would go to a spot where he would feel good about winning a championship. Okay. Thank you. Now, feel good, but he does it. He does it. Okay. Chris?

This is great. Okay. Hold on. I'm tweeting it out. A couple other things, guys. Dennis Allen said that Michael Thomas' toe is still not 100%. Oh, my gosh. That's kind of troubling heading into the off season.

Toes are no joke. That's what caused Deon to retire and be hobbling around right now, yes, correct. And then did you see one of the big rules, proposals that got actually passed? Teams can now have players wear number zero? Yeah. Calvin Ridley immediately said he's gonna wear number zero this year for Jacksonville. TJ, did you see who said that he might wear number zero this year?

The Lions. Micah Parsons tweeted out, I'm switching. Agent zero coming soon. Yes.

Yes. You know what I'm gonna do tomorrow? Top five players that should wear number zero. I like it. Oh, I like that. Great idea. I'll do that tonight. I'll cultivate that caper like Maury the wig man in the Lufthansa heist.

How's that for a good celebration? I want my list now, please, Rich. And save that pop culture item that I know you have for after Mark Strong. I do. I do.

Because he's kind enough to come in the rain and I don't want to be here late for him. You got one more thing? Just a quick baseball thing with opening day tomorrow, spring training now officially closed. Pitch clock was a massive success, shaved 26 minutes off spring training games this year compared to last year.

Average game time last year in spring training, three hours, one minute this year, two hours, 35. Wow. That's great. Love it. Love it. Turn it off in the ninth inning.

Agreed. So we'll see. Let's move it. Move it along to the eighth inning. Ninth inning. Let's take our time.

We'll see how the day goes tomorrow. It seems like Commissioner made it seem like that would be the case. Well, he made it seem like they're not set in stone, that umpires have discretion. He also made it seem like we could show clips all year. Well, we could show one commercial. I don't think we got the full on, full on that we could get whatever we want to do. I don't get what you don't ask for, Richard. Exactly.

Ask for forgiveness, not for permission. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. Oh, yeah. Opening day, huh? Opening day tomorrow, full slate. Oh, gosh.

Coop's out of town and we got to draft our fantasy league. Oh, I had mine last night. You did? I did. All right. We'll take a break. Come back. Mark Strong is here.

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There's not. Get into the WrestleMania spirit with the Podcast Heat network wherever you listen. Our terrestrial radio audience is back here. We just saw a clip of Murder Mystery 2 that you can catch on Netflix, which by the way is available right here on Roku, coming up on Friday.

It is Murder Mystery 2, Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, and you, Mark Strong, were kind enough to come here. We spoke on the phone just a few months ago and now here you are. It was actually a couple of years ago. Couple of years ago? Yeah, we worked on it. It was 2020.

I had a show called Temple. That's right. And you were kind enough to kind of let me come on and have a chat about it. Yeah. But that's how time flies. Oh my gosh. I saw those.

Wow. You didn't correct the record over there. I thought it was a few months ago as well. So you're the official record corrector of The Rich Eisen Show, Chris. I'll double check.

Well, I mean, and it's just great to see you here. And last night was the premiere. Yes. Correct? Right? Yeah.

And Sandler and Aniston and you getting back together. You shot this in Paris? Yeah. So you shot this person? Yeah. During COVID, I really enjoyed being at home with the family. I've got two teenage boys and I realized how much I miss kind of just being around them. So I said to my agent, if jobs come up, can I just, I don't want to travel too much.

I'd like to be in London if possible. And then she said, okay, but there's, there's a problem. I said, what's that? She said, there's a job, but the locations might be a problem. And I said, why? She said, well, they're Hawaii and Paris. I said, let me think about that for one second. I can make an exception.

Those I'll do. And we had the most amazing location. Hawaii was gorgeous.

And Paris, I think we spent five weeks there. It was wonderful. And what's it like to be on the set with Sandler and what do you got for me on Adam Sandler?

In my business, I think any film set is kind of controlled or, or, um, the flavor of it comes from above. Yes. And because he and Jen are such lovely people, it really was genuinely a kind of a love fest.

Everybody got on. We had a good time and it was fun to do it. Right. And you say Sandler does all his own stunts up to a point, I think, I mean the two of us are cracking on. I mean, I'm not speaking for him, but I do know that there is one point in the movie where, or I think it happened in a rehearsal where I'm choking him at one point in order to get up. I levered myself off his shoulders and they had to go, no, no, you shouldn't do that because remember you're a, you're tough. Oh, right.

Should you shouldn't be leavering yourself anywhere off her back was aching and knees were going. Right. Oh, but off, but Adam's shoulders are broad enough for you to handle all of that stuff. He just won the Mark Twain award last, I guess that aired last night. I mean, he was, he was, uh, at the premiere last night and just, he's just, he's really is some really good people. I really, really enjoy him.

Jennifer was, was, um, was, was, she's also gorgeous, right? Was just telling him off for not wearing a suit. Well, he doesn't do that. No, I know he doesn't.

Although he did apparently when he collected the Mark Twain, he was in a suit looking very uncomfortable. So what was he in the sweats last night? Yeah. Yeah. That's it. Right. That's what you want to do in life. That's the goal.

We're gonna be in the next scene and Mark strong, put it on Netflix and just wear your sweats whenever you want. Uh, okay. So I, if I recall in our conversation, you were a fan of Arsenal, correct? Yeah.

All right. Now what is the genesis of this? Are you from the area of the neighborhood or, yeah, I was born in Islington in North London, which is where basically, um, you could, you could grow up with it. Red and white, the Arsenal colors.

And uh, I started going to games when I was about seven and now I have a season ticket and uh, I go with friends when I can when I'm not filming. We're doing incredibly well this season. Well, you're in first place, right? Yeah, we're eight points clear of City Uh-huh have all the money and all the players. So we've just got to hang on for ten more Gain, well now Arsenal is owned by an insanely rich individual who?

whose team won the Super Bowl two years ago and has a team that can win the NBA championship this year in Stan Kroenke So how does I don't understand your how does how is this man out? Well, what we're hoping is that having done the foot, you know having sorry having won the you know, the Super Bowl Yes, and the team doing row He's gonna have just pay a little attention to our little soccer team back in the UK That need a bit of help just to get over the line I just I don't know if I told this story the last time that you were on mark, but a couple of years ago The NFL held a game though. They they've done it in multiple years But the first time they held an NFL game in Tottenham Stadium Yeah Was when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were the home team and they were red So there was red all around Tottenham Stadium and all I heard all week was from Arsenal fans who? Loved that their colors were dominating the stadium in Tottenham that they just they they found that funny You know where that rivalry comes from now that because Arsenal were originally a South London team It was Woolwich Arsenal, which is it was a team made up of the guys that worked in the munitions factory down in South London Yes in the 30s. The team was moved to North London, which traditionally was Tottenham's territory Yes, because Tottenham is just east of Arsenal, but they're both North London teams So they were furious about that and that's where it actually comes from And I think in the season that we were promoted they were relegated and there was some skullduggery that went on I don't quite know skullduggery by the way. Yeah.

Yeah, it's a rare word that's dropped here on the Rich Eisen show Normally, it's a two-syllable word other than it's lost on many people, but I'm sorry I don't mean interrupt you but go ahead. Well, no just that whenever we win Yes, we beat them that the expression is North London is red, right? So they would have hated it so stadium had read all what would a championship for Arsenal mean for you? Like how would you say it'd be the first time I think in 20 years that we win the league. Mm-hmm We've been a good FA Cup team We've seen money come into the game, you know Chelsea and City a very very powerful rich backers Yeah, basically, I think David Dean who used to run Arsenal said that Roman Abramovich come apart his tanks and was firing 50-pound notes I like that. Yeah, so we just need to if we could do that.

It would be it would be wonderful Okay, I've we've got Mark Strong here on the Rich as Joe murder mystery to available on Netflix on Friday, March 31st Right here on the program. We have a game we like to play called celebrity true or false Certainly with our celebrity friends who show up here in studio where we read a couple things about your career on the internet We're wondering if it's true or not. Okay.

Okay, here we go. We have actually Terrific production value to go along with it. Here it is There you go All right, Mark Strong long before your career and again the movies that you're in just awesome, Sirianna Sherlock Holmes the zero zero dark thirty is amazing The imitation game and so on and so forth but long before you were in college True or false you sang in not one but two punk rock bands. Is that true? It's very true Yeah, I'm a child of the 70s. I was a teenager around about the time punk arrived and It was just so much more dangerous and interesting than anything else that was in the charts at the time Okay, and so what were the do you recall the names of your I think we used to enjoy making up lots of different names I remember the first band we I think we finally ended up with something like toxoid I think was the name of toxoid toxoid, but we literally looked it up in a dictionary related to poison We thought that would do okay. And the second one was we hadn't really thought it through we called the band private party The idea being that people would think it was a private party and wouldn't turn up and we hadn't really thought that one So Your weight your band Assumed your fan base was non-existent.

You got a Team, you know what you afford this. Yeah, this is like we were at school. So this was not in college You're talking about no no, this was there was a there was a an ad appeared in the music mags in in in the UK And literally it was a picture of three guitar chords and it suddenly this here's three chords go out and form a band Yes, and I was at boarding school.

I was at a state boarding school at the time We literally did that. I said, okay you go buy a bass this weekend you get a snare drum You know you get a microphone and we just put it together made some noise. Were you a frontman? Were you the front man?

I played bass and sang that's it. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. All right, so you played bitch See you the McCartney.

I was yeah cross between McCartney and a little bit of John. Well, I mean the bass and yes in singing Yes, that's it. Yeah. Yeah, we had a lead singer as well. I suppose I was backing vocals. Okay. All right You're too nice, man.

You should definitely say yeah, I was the McCartney of private party like that's the way you should go all right next one for you and just this is where it comes from a Position of respect and love. All you got to do is look at my friend Chris Brockman and look at me Yeah, true or false mark strong. You lost your hair in your mid-20s.

That's true. Yes. Yes, I did I felt very comfortable coming into a room with a lot of sensible haircut We call it the bald brother Paul brotherhood. I was I was working at the National Theatre at the time and I don't know if you've been to London much But the National Theatre is the other side of Waterloo bridge, okay It's a very windy bridge All right and the day I walked across and my hair blew up like this and I realized I was actually trying to hide and It just come over thing going Yeah, a little bit not badly but enough that when it blew on the bridge and I was walking to work at the national Okay, that's enough. And so so if you let it grow what what we have a horseshoe what we have I would have this at the side.

That's it I have is you're the same thing to anything. I'm holding on like whenever I get sitting in like a makeup chair or whatever for Another shoot not here Somebody might like say hey, there's a couple of hairs right here. Do you mind if I clip I see to leave them?

Yeah, they are fighting like that a significant battle still to this day. Yeah, I will not Personally cut them down. I will not do that. Well, the tragedy of course is that my ears and my nose Yeah, and my eyebrows are doing really well, isn't that? Yeah, isn't that strange? Yeah, it is the weirdest thing All right, so it requires a lot of maintenance on your part is what you're saying Yeah, Mark Strong had no idea He'd be talking about his hair on the Rich Eisen show and he came all the way down here in the rain All right last one for you true or false Mark Strong Daniel Craig Is a former roommate of yours and is a godfather to one of your sons.

That's true. Yeah. Yeah We we did a show together in the mid 90s called our friends in the north in the UK It was a very successful TV show Yes And we became friends and we shared a flat and we lived together for about a year Mm-hmm, and we've kept in touch ever since and yeah, he's godfather to my eldest boy. Okay What was he like as a roommate? He was very lazy.

What do you mean? I did most of the tidying up Is that right? Yeah, he I don't even know if he paid me rent. It was my flat. I think he still owes me I should bring that up with him.

Wow. So yeah bond is a is a scoff scoff law or something like that He's a great guy we had a lot of fun, huh? Yeah, okay and he's a godfather to one of your children He is I'm a very attentive one, too He just bought my son a really cool jacket, you know for his 18th birthday and he's a you know, he's he's around I don't see him enough because he lives in Brooklyn these days and I'm in London. He's in Brooklyn, huh? Yeah, so you just strolling or people could be strolling around and in you know in Brooklyn and all of a sudden you see Daniel Craig Coming on. Yeah, that's pretty cold. You got a good Sasha Baron Cohen story I know you guys were in the movie Grimsby together.

Yes Seven eight years ago. You got a good one. Yeah that a lot of them. I can't repeat but he He's driven. I think that my funniest stories when we left after filming. Uh-huh. I was carrying my bags I was really tired. I was getting towards the plane. He was just slightly ahead of me And I I literally heard him just whispering to one of the stewards. Mmm a very well-dressed very well-presented steward Sasha was saying my boyfriend and I are very tired. Did you give us the best seat? Just as I walked out again. What did you say? What did you say? And did you get No, he knows how to work it, okay, and he was I mean by 2016 he was in full Full Sasha Baron Cohen.

Yeah, you know bloom. There's no question about that. It's great fun to work with I mean, it's hard to keep a straight face with and that's the problem There's a lot of improvising and he goes off on one and it's just it's just who's the biggest badass you've ever worked with Denmark badass in real life or character wise the one that might actually Combine. Oh my god. How about that one?

There's a Ray Liotta Ray Liotta was I did a film called revolver with Ray Liotta. Mm-hmm and He was meant to kind of menace my character But rather than get physical with me what he decided was he was gonna wear this very very tight pair of underpants Leave his dressing gown open and I was sitting and he was standing Mm-hmm And he basically came way too close to me when we did the scene And just looked down at me from above and that's how we played the scene and I had raised Leo manhood, you know way too close to my face lot of Liotta Lola Leo Okay, and you had no idea. That was the that was his choice maneuver He was going to employ but but his but brilliant it worked. Yeah. Yeah, exactly It threw you off your cake. Yeah. Yeah.

Oh my gosh. I didn't expect that one either. Well, there you go He was a lovely guy though. He was also there are no badasses really.

I mean, we're all just pretend Well, it's funny. You'll see in our green room. Mark is a good fellas poster in our green room I don't you saw that so okay when you go back there take a look at Ray's head in the Poster behind the plexiglass. You'll see it's behind a broken Sort of cracked part of the plexiglass Yeah It's because he used an axe the back Side of an axe when he was here on the show to try and break it open and resign it because he told me To me much to my surprise here. It was akin to having his Robe open and seeing as Leota's is that he surprised told me on the air that his autograph on that poster That I had spent a significant amount of money on at a charity auction was fake No, and so he's like I'll resign it He wanted to open it and try to bash it with an axe to open it and he bashed his own head on The poster which makes it an even better story. I thought it was a bullet hole But he couldn't have been Nicer and obviously when he passed we were just all blown away by truly worrying part of that story is where on earth do you? Find an axe Right, I don't do we don't still have that accent where did he find the ass I don't know. That's a good Excellent, it does sound like a scene from murder mystery to to be very honest with you Which you can catch on Netflix coming this Friday, March 31st.

It's available right here on Roku. What a pleasure to meet you Thanks for coming all the way down here Appreciate that it's Mark strong right here on the rich eyes and show which will wrap up and tell you how We're working the rest of this week in a moment Back here on the rich eyes and show radio network with the Roku Channel live stream I'm sitting at the rich eyes and show desks Furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click ranger comm or just stop Why why don't you yeah rich? You know, I've got got kids and I know that my god kids think it's really cool that I'm their godfather But man to say that James Bond is your godfather like like Mark's son pretty cool.

Very pretty cool That's that's dad points right good points. Yeah, I got to step my game up ladies and gentlemen the weekend. I Love that every single week. I don't know why I follow that Twitter Twitter still they still post that every week every Friday every Friday Friday Oh him just introducing the weekend as on Saturday night live It's so great, I haven't seen the new knives out I still haven't gotten to see it It's good glass onion. I haven't seen it yet. Good. Yeah, I gotta check that I can't even call it the new one right since it came out last year. It's been out Yeah, I might check that out.

Yeah And Norton's kind of the button What was the the pop culture entry you had into your man? This is something that Mike had said this morning. You found an article del tufo, apparently The late George Michael who we all love his big song careless whisper just passed a billion views on YouTube 400,000 a day Today still no people were still why yeah and 20 or back in the day. No, no the last money 400 million recently. Yeah, 400,000 views of careless whisper a day.

Yeah. So what happened is probably someone big Post-it just starts going viral. That's insane. I don't know why that song was big. Of course It was someone's billion views one billion. It's got the 1b next to it There's only eight out and there's eight or seven other in the United States That's crazy, which I think is insane now I'm going to pull off or the 80s the trick that I'm a I have you know, I Think a talent for if you don't mind me saying is making things that you don't think could be about me about me now Look up to the video.

I was in along with my friend Bill Walton. Oh, yes, okay for Katie Perry Okay Swish swish got it. I think the late George Michael still has some work cut out for him.

No rich 672 million Hasn't reached a billion yet. Oh, I mean that's wow. I'm humbled 400 million shooting that video at Bill Walton. I mean it's still one of the greatest The top where's the wind dude?

That was I don't know what happened to the broken car shield. It's got to be somewhere around here. That's in the back So one thing I don't know is how did you become how did they reach out to you? I just got a call from my agent saying are you in town? They're looking for a sportscaster to appear in a Katy Perry music video They want to have you in it and my answer was can I bring my children to the set and have them meet her?

And it just didn't work out for that. She wasn't there on the day that I shot, okay So Richie, you're you and Bill are on a show called swish Center. What? Yes Yeah, and your kyron is Bill Walton really tall guy rich Eisen not as tall as bill what that's correct By the way, these are accurate descriptions of both of us Kyron this was in I believe it's called the Galen Center where USC place that I just found it funny that I was in USC's basketball home with one of the greatest UCLA players ever about that and then there was a shot that I took I popped on my Instagram because another Person who was in this video who was there that day was the mountain from Game of Thrones hapthor was there and And and I stood in between the two of them and I I don't believe I reached the belly button to be their man Is he like a coach? I'm trying to watch this music video. I know Joey chestnut was in there's a lot going on Oh, there was a lot going on Joey chestnut.

There was a lot happening but Perry also has like a blonde laptop like she's really short hair and She's got some game in this video Molly Shannon's in the video. Yeah, I met her in makeup beforehand You know had one of those great quick conversations where I said I'm a fan and she had no idea who I was Why she brought me rethinking? Why was I why am I in this video? With this person think about manning Lee rich every time you say that.

Oh, why don't know exactly who I was later on in life The first time the first time not so much. I love it Alan Dallas is here on the rich has a show. How you been out?

Thanks for chiming in. Where you been? You know, I've been over here now, I don't know if you heard we're a little busy right now He's gonna pay for Daniel Jones. It was a it was a it was amazing.

I was watching the Leota thing May of 2015 That's when I started watching a show Yeah, man. Well, that's when you were Al in Houston And I found it funny that I kept saying the words Alan Houston on the program Like you were you were one of the most overpaid basketball players in the history of the New York Knicks More so Yeah, it was the it was the the Brockman no shoes on that prompted my prompted me calling. I was so outraged So listen The the I know that there's Obviously the topic of the last couple weeks for the NFL has been Lamar Jackson but has anybody been bringing up the fact that because and I might have said this before but because of the escrow money that's required for that type of contract Yes only a handful of teams that are going to that are gonna dip their toe in that and and you know Like the the has you know, the flying the pilot J guy for the Browns. He's a billionaire several times over He could cut that check for 250 million dollars to the escrow account Well, I think it's a percentage.

It's like something. I don't know the exact fat number It's like 80% you have to put an 80% of and thanks to call album. We miss chat with you, buddy Can you look that up so I'm completely knowledgeable about it the NFL Guaranteed money escrow just put those words NFL guaranteed money escrow Into the old Twitter machine and what comes back? I think you have to put 80% of whatever is the guaranteed money over the life of a contract in an escrow account and that's an Ancient rule that was put in place. I think to the benefit of the players to make sure that An owner is not like yeah, I guarantee you the money and then all of a sudden they're insolvent the next day and oh, I don't know I don't have the money for you and I think that was put into place back in the day when it was possible for NFL owners to potentially turn up insolvent Which as we know is not the case These days certainly when say YouTube is giving over the lifespan of a contract ten figures of money to the NFL for a product that the NFL doesn't produce The NFL just gives the right to rebroadcast others produce Others rebroadcast others stream it and all they have to do is say yeah You can do it and get ten figures of money put into their pocket to be split up Yeah, and so he put yeah, it's about 80% 80% yeah, he put Jimmy Haslam put a hundred and eighty five billion in escrow So I would I would say if I'm the players in the next collective bargaining agreement if This is something they can do. I Would say get rid of that rule or take it down to 50% or just say you know what, you know We're we're not gonna require that large of amount of money right to be put into escrow We we we think you're good for it like buying a house 20% like who's not good for it the good, you know The one of the two people that just put together a group that's putting up six billion for a team You think the Walmart family is good for it? You think Russ is sweating whether the Waltons have put money in an escrow account for his guaranteed money Also, let's be honest getting rid of this rule would probably help out a few of that's what I'm saying Well help out a few of these teams It would help out, you know cash flow. Yeah, and and the players Wouldn't have an ownership group saying you know what?

I'm not interested in a generationally talented quarterback who's popping free potentially at age 26 because I don't want to Give all that guaranteed money because I don't want to slice off. What's 80% of 200 million? 80% of 200 million, right less than obviously what the hassles have put in there They don't want us they don't want to they don't want to scratch that check. So the players Association can say yeah, you don't have to Put it down to 30% of escrow, right? I Don't know they might find a common ground because as you say some owners might be like If Bidwell didn't have to put 80% of what? Kyla Murray Gets on this contract into escrow. Do you think he'd prefer it?

Probably so or two of the teams that are gonna have to pay quarterback soon Yeah, you think Mike Brown and Dean Spanos probably don't want to put 200 million aside all at once Probably They might find some common ground and some other teams will be more apt to sign someone like Lamar to an offer sheet one would think I Would do that What I'm just me just a guy sitting here and his Button-up sweater sons out. Ah Thanks, Mike I'm making a point. Am I making a point? Am I in the middle of making a point? Sorry rich No, all of a sudden he's like squirrel.

Well, he is our weather guy. So yeah, I gotta keep it. Okay I've made my point.

I've finished it any good job. Thanks No, no, no, yeah, this is definitely something that probably should happen I Never knew that that's crazy. Yeah, it's it's a cash flow. That's whatever he keeps saying This is about cash cash on hand. You know, you're gonna take all this cash and put it away put it aside Man, I don't know how Lamar is gonna finish this. I I don't know how this is gonna finish up all I know is that the Ravens have the opportunity to match and they have the opportunity to pay him 32 million dollars and And have him go out and play You know and if he's saying that weeks 13 through 18 had nothing to do with making sure that You know He wasn't putting life and limb on line for team that wasn't willing to pay him what he thought he was willing to be paid If it's not about that then then great But I don't I don't think he's gonna sit out That would be something else fun show today with Cody Rhodes fun show with Mark Strong and also Jacoby Myers in studio is tomorrow the day we get Jordan Addison here in person. We get him here tomorrow Potentially the top wide receiver on a draft board. We get here in person. It is tomorrow So he'll be he's here in person. He's here in person That's great.

That's gonna be awesome And and coach beards coach here isn't stood here tomorrow. We got Zava. Let's go. I Started watching the latest poison. Yeah, you started watching the latest season of time. I'm up through number two I gotta watch three tonight. I'm up totally caught up. You're totally caught all three. We got Zava That's I'm gonna I have been told the episodes are longer this season.

They're twice as long. Yeah. Yeah, that's great You're getting like two full I mean, it's the last season but you're getting kind of two seasons in one and Nate the great is getting lit up on Twitter Nate the greats having a tough go. I hate Wow How just you know? Hey strong word Well, well, look what he did. So It the hate that you have for the Nate character. Is it akin to his dislike for Jim Bayhime? Oh Where you loved somebody and then you thought you did love them and then that person overstayed their overstayed their And then he'll turned he has a closer like relationship with Bayhime than I I just feel like Nate did Ted dirty I don't think he's got a I don't think he's got a close relationship Yeah, they had Something like 2,000 media day or something. Yeah, and how did he treat you talking about salmon?

Well back in 2000 I love Jim Bayhime. Do you think he would remember the guy who talked about salmon chance? I Don't know I could remember on that on one hand if anybody came up to me and talked about salmon with me I don't talk salmon too often. I don't I don't like it. I think it's too fishy of a fish Oh, you don't like salmon? No, you're not. Oh, you're crazy. Hot take. That's a hot take. How is that a hot take?

That's a hot take. Why? Sushi. Everyone eats sushi. You don't like salmon? I don't eat sushi. Do you like salmon?

No. Everyone's like you should have salmon. I'm like tastes like fish I don't even know if I know these two now. If you get some properly prepared salmon. I was like you man Salmon's good Well, Salomon. The Roku Channel is loving this salmon talk going out the door Roku Joe, what up? We're going upstream It's WrestleMania season and the podcast heat network has you covered Podcast heat has shows featuring many of your favorite wrestlers and personalities leading up to the showcase of the immortals Showcase of the immortals and talking about the results afterwards and now it's not just WrestleMania being a day It's a week. I don't know if there's anything quite like it in a form of entertainment There's not get into the WrestleMania spirit with the podcast heat Network Wow, wherever you listen
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