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REShow: Christian Watson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 23, 2023 3:15 pm

REShow: Christian Watson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 23, 2023 3:15 pm

Rich and the guys debate if the Falcons should sign Lamar Jackson or stick with 2nd-year QB Desmond Ridder, and weigh in on reports that the Buffalo Bills are in the hunt to land Arizona Cardinals All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins.

Packers WR Christian Watson and Rich discuss Green Bay’s likely transition from Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love if the 4-time MVP gets traded to the New York Jets, how he went from undersized high school wide receiver to a budding star in the NFL, and why he fully believes his former North Dakota State QB Trey Lance will find success with the 49ers next season. 

Rich reveals he won’t be watching the NCAA Tournament live tonight because he’s going to a SZA concert instead.

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We are very excited to be broadcasting to you live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

These sweet, sweet people. This is the Rich Eisen Show. You are trust fund fans and I think there is a hubris of Packers fans who just say, get them out of here. Rodgers is too weird. The Rich Eisen Show. How dare you celebrate that man's departure. Earlier on the show, former NFL general manager Thomas Dimitrov. Still to come, Packers wide receiver Christian Watson. NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Christian Watson of the Green Bay Packers about to chime in here on the program. We just talked momentarily, moments ago with Thomas Dimitrov, the former general manager of the Atlanta Falcons the last hour.

He had some interesting things to say. He thinks the Panthers absolutely traded up to go get somebody in mind and that they're just doing due diligence tire kicking right now. His first initial thought was it's CJ Stroud and he's like knowing the owner, the owner probably he can watch a lot of college football and I know Ohio State fans will say hey you know we we won some too. But getting somebody from Alabama, somebody that he might actually kind of dig.

Getting Bryce Young and they won't be concerned about the height or anything like that. He also said that he thinks it's Arthur Smith's call in Atlanta and that Arthur's just not not interested in changing things around and changing horses in midstream just because the Ravens and Lamar Jackson can't figure out how to work a long-term contract together. It's what his thoughts were that the general manager all do he all do respected Terry Fontenot. And he also said part of the reason why the Falcons might be in that mindset is they just got out of cap hell because of some guy who used to be there is a funny line that Thomas just said.

Pretty funny you know. Yeah that deal with Matt Ryan kind of strapped them for a little bit but now they're clear of it. Right now they're clear of it. I kind of like what they've done they've definitely improved the roster and if you feel good about Ritter and you bring Heineke in a guy who's proven that he can spot start and win some games then away we go. I think they really like Desmond Ritter.

I think they really like the kid from Cincinnati. He's a winner. He's very mature for somebody who's in just a year or two. He's a father. He's already got a family going you know. He's an adult in the room.

He's an adult in the room. I think they that was one of the many you know attributes ascribed to Ritter that put him up a lot of people's draft boards last year. But he wasn't a first round talent and that's why a lot of people are looking and saying so why are you sticking with this young kid who's not a first round talent and overlooking Lamar Jackson and the response right there might be well didn't a quarterback who's not a first round talent damn near win the Super Bowl this year? Look what Jalen Hurts has done in two years as the full-time starter in Philadelphia what he's turned himself into. Why can't Desmond Ritter do that? Obviously different games different different games that they have but that was basically I appreciated Thomas giving voice to knowing how things work there in Atlanta for a lot of Atlanta Falcons fans out there who might be thinking what is happening? Why are we not going for Lamar Jackson right now?

Now I think that that is just not going to happen. So Lamar's market keeps dwindling as we are heading towards a draft that is five weeks from tonight and I look up on the screen and I see Frank Reich having an animated fun conversation with Bryce Young. It's so much bigger than Bryce Young. The day after and it's interesting that you say this because he's looking down if you will at Bryce Young. He's got a good five six inches on him it looks like. And the photograph that we showed in hour number one you want to pop it up again Hoskins I saw you had it from Ohio State Athletics. He's looking eye to eye with CJ Stroud.

I mean literally eye to eye standing eye to eye with him. Frank might have an inch on him but yeah. And that's why everybody thinks it's Stroud because Frank likes big tall quarterbacks. All right how about this one Rich according to Aaron Wilson who uh covers the Texans for KPRC2 down in Houston says the Andre Hopkins trade market is headlined by the Buffalo Bills per sources.

Financial expectations might impact any further interest from the Chiefs Ravens not among the bitters. Whoa baby. Digs, D-Hop, Dave Davis. Dig it. Well Mike Hoskins Rich Eyes and Show coordinating producer odd that he'd be up on this sort of thing since wait a minute he's a die-hard western New Yorker. Die-hard is not even doing it justice. So DeAndre Hopkins posted the song Buffalo Soldier on his Instagram yesterday?

Hey-o. Maybe he's listening to some Marley? Maybe. Okay.

Am I reading this right? Well this is this is this is what should happen. As you know I've been talking about some other scenarios involving the Bills. The one that I thought they should go peg and go get is Derrick Henry. He might not be available because Tennessee might not be rebuilding and wanting to start from scratch.

And Henry is incredibly popular there and he's still great at playing the sport of football. Let me see what I have here in front of me. Indeed I have him running for 1538 yards last year. So there's that and instead we're gonna go flip for DeAndre Hopkins. I love the move obviously if this is what's happening. The Bills getting DeAndre Hopkins and saying that's DeFon Diggs over there. You don't want to pay too much attention to him. Guess what?

There's DeAndre Hopkins and Gabe Davis smoking smoke routing his way down the field. I kind of dig it. I mean that's not a very strong limb to go out on.

You know a very thin limb but we'll see what happens. I would do that in a heartbeat. Yeah he's been trending all week.

It's just like everyone's just waiting to see what happens with him. What do you think it's worth? Three? Four?

Well you know it's like Albert had the report yesterday that it's going to be in the similar value of the Brandon Cook's trade. So that was a three and a four right? Or five? That was a five and a six. I mean what a no-brainer. What a no-brainer. Well it's not a sense that he's owed 34 million guaranteed in the next two years. So what?

Next two years. So what? I'm just saying. Let me ask this question.

I mean I know what the answer would be. For what he's owed in all that business. He's owed 34 million. He's 30 years old. Okay.

Sorry it turns 31 in June. Okay let me ask you this question. When the Rams are potentially lamenting oh we don't have Jalen Ramsey anymore or they're lamenting oh look last year was pretty was pretty difficult. Injuries and all that stuff and you know we're not able to keep everybody because we can't pay everybody anymore and this year might be a little bit more difficult.

Do you think when they're going through those conversations they don't look down at that hand of theirs and see some shiny object back and just think something different? Of course. That's it. You have to go for it.

I don't care how much money it is. Figure it out. They got some smart people in that front office and you don't know how to do two? I take whatever draft choices I don't have left. What a third or whatever might cost? And then I see for Derek Henry.

You can get them both. Well now if that happens. Damien Harris and Derek Henry running the ball and Diggs and Hopkins and Davis catching it and Alan throwing it. Two things. One, that would trump whatever the Jets might be thinking about with Aaron Rogers. Jeff Darlington saying they're in on Odell. Who the Jets are? Yeah.

Okay that would trump and you think last year's bandwagon about the Bills preseason in the NFL media world was full? Okay. So there you got that too.

Stay tuned. I like that. DeAndre Hopkins going to the Bills.

Man that would be something else. Christian Watson's calling in in 10 minutes time. We'll get that the Green Bay Packer young man on the phone.

I just use those words like I'm an old man. I mean he's like 21. Okay so Bryce Young's at his pro day and the Panthers are talking to him like he's CJ Stroud.

I told you. And wait till he works out. He's working out in 20 minutes. He is.

One NFL plus. Wait till he works out. There you go. Yeah I mean it's like you said Rich, it's going to be yesterday.

We were all wowed by CJ throwing the deep balls, throwing the deep outs and now it's Bryce's turn. And that's what it's going to be. And then we'll have us tomorrow. Will Leviss is going to throw it 60 yards. Now if I'm Will Leviss and I'm not being taken out to dinner by the Panthers tonight.

Then what? I want to, it's not that great. It's the best place to eat in Lexington. I mean you know Panthers have taken out Stroud and Young to dinner back to back nights. Are they taking out Anthony Richardson on Monday?

They should. Sunday night? If they're not I'd be concerned if I was one of them. Gene in Florida. Let's take his phone call. Line one there Mike. You're right here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up Gene?

How you doing Rich? What's going on? I was just wondering what you thought about, I mean I know we talk a lot about Jamar, you know, and Lamar Jackson. And I was just wondering if you think that it's really going to go too far to where I just heard your your interview with with the guy before now.

Right, Thomas Dimitrov, the former general manager. Yeah he was like well I mean people really really quite interested in Lamar. I mean is he actually doing himself a disservice by not having an agent and just not moving forward with this? I don't know if, and here's the thing Gene, is like you know if he returns to the Ravens you know some people might say he's like he's tucking his tail or whatever.

By the way 32 million dollars is a heck of a tail tuck that I think most people would take. Certainly he loves ball. He loves ball.

He loves playing it. And business is business. He would go back. The question is what happens in week 10, week 12. You know MCL sprain.

What happens again? And thanks for the call Gene. My counsel to Lamar then would be play and fight through whatever you can. And I know a lot of people will say well don't do that Lamar because you don't want to put your body on the line for somebody who's not putting their money on the line to the way that you want to do it. And that's part of the reason why you know he wants fully guaranteed money because he's taken a lot of hits. I saw our friend Dan Orlovsky say that he's taken maybe a thousand hits in his career so he should get all the money that he can. The problem for him is the way that the system is currently running for him is that he is not going to make all 200 million dollars guaranteed happen in a contract because as it is right now it costs another team in order to do that. Two first round picks. The possibility of doing the work and having some other team sign and get him anyway.

You might you're not guaranteed to get him in two years. You are because they will not be able to franchise tag him again. And just ask Kirk Cousins how that all works for him.

It did. He was able to finally turn on the franchise that kept on one year franchise tagging him and say I'm out of here see you later and I'll show you what I can do somewhere else. That's the situation for Lamar Jackson and the fact that he has made a demand that the Ravens are clearly not going to meet reportedly allegedly from what it seems from afar that's earned him the non-exclusive franchise tag.

And he is seeing right now that in this current state of affairs no team is going to go first on Lamar or two firsts on Lamar right now. Certainly when they don't want to potentially give him all that money guaranteed. It's a lot of money and it's a lot of draft capital and it's a lot of changing horses in midstream. How many teams do you think that were would even consider putting an offer sheet out there for Lamar Jackson went into their off-season planning saying we might be able to get Lamar in the same way that Tampa went into their off-season planning saying we might be able to get Brady in the year that Brady was available. Brady was a free agent you could get him for for nothing but your money that's it. So people are going to have to change their plans midstream and you could sit here and say it's Lamar Jackson you should do it. Well that's just not the way a lot of NFL franchises operate.

You just heard that from Thomas Dimitrov. But in terms of awkwardness I'm sure if he signs that franchise tender and winds up playing for the Ravens then they have to go into the season together and Lamar I would proffer to say should get out there and finish because the last thing he wants to have hanging over him when he does finally hit free agency and be able to sign with anybody is the whole well you can't finish a season. This is just you know wildly unprecedented and I just you know don't know how it's going to wind up other than him being back with the Ravens right now. It would be amazing if somebody steps forward and gives him an offer sheet and then creates a conundrum for the Ravens with a five-day clock that starts. Do you actually go ahead and and match that?

I think they do. I don't think they're going to go into the season with Tyler Huntley. I just don't.

844-204 Rich number to dial. Christian Watson of the Green Bay Packers when we come back right here on the Rich Iveson Show reportedly. Don't go anywhere. We also have Tom Pelissaro on hour number three to talk all about this Lamar latest. I think he's going to be a great player.

I think he's going to be a great player. Tom Pelissaro on hour number three to talk all about this Lamar latest coming up. Back here on the Rich Iveson Show live radio Roku channel stream along with the Rich Iveson Show radio network sitting at the Rich Iveson Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. This young man had seven receiving touchdowns in his rookie season for the Green Bay Packers all within a span of four weeks when he became the fantasy darling of so many. He's getting set for year two now in the National Football League.

Christian Watson of the Green Bay Packers making his first Rich Iveson Show foray. How you doing Christian? I'm doing great. I'm doing great. How are you doing?

I'm doing fine. Where have I found you? Where are you right now in the middle of March of your first full off season here? Where are you? I'm down in Tampa. I'm down in Tampa training House of Athletes with Yo Murphy. It's been treating me well so far so I'm excited to keep on keep on shopping at it in the off season. Okay and so where were you one year ago at this time post-combine and were people knocking on your door?

Walk me through what a lot of the soon-to-be rookie receivers in the NFL are going through right now Christian. Yeah no I mean for me it was hectic. It was crazy during this time. Obviously you know getting done with the combine I was doing my 30 visits and I was I think I ended up doing eight or nine of those last year so I was traveling back to back to back making sure I could get all those in in that little month time span before the draft. So I mean it was crazy for me.

It was hectic. I was probably on a plane right now headed to a team to do some interviewing. Did you get a sense that the Packers had you on their radar screen Christian? Did you get a sense of that? I did. I had a visit with the Packers and I thought I mean from the moment I got there I mean I thought the vibes were good. The conversation went well and everything was going smooth and I could kind of see their interest in me just as a player and as a man just going through all the interview process so I definitely felt that connection there. So you had an in-person with them in Wisconsin?

I did. Okay who'd you meet with when you were there? Everybody.

I mean the entire coaching staff, the entire special team staff. I met with everybody while I was there. Okay you met with everybody while you were there. When was the first time you had a face-to-face with Aaron Rodgers where you actually saw him and you were in the same room and you were looking eye to eye Christian? When was the first time for that? I think I mean he came through a couple of times. He didn't participate in the OTAs but I think the first time I saw him he had come through. It was like right before the mandatory minicamp he had came in for a day.

He just walked by me and said what's good North Dakota State and that was up to him. I think that was the first interaction I had with him just him passing through the locker room. Well I mean in the whole conversation you know when you were drafted Christian was getting rookie receivers or getting new blood at that position for Rodgers.

I mean that was the whole conversation to see who could be drafted to help him out because Devante Adams had left. Were you aware of all those conversations about the young receivers and Rodgers at the time? Were you fully cognizant of it or you were not paying attention to it Christian? I mean for me it was more so kind of just in one ear out the other. I mean my main goal was just to you know from ground zero just build up my relationship with him and just you know try to be that outlet for him as much as I could.

So I mean it was I heard them obviously but I mean it was not just in one ear and out the other for me. Okay and so what about the early on relationship with Rodgers and you Christian? I mean for me for me it was it was kind of just a rocky start in general. You know having you know my my little knee clean up pre-training camp and you know not being able to get those reps in with him during training camp. I mean I feel like that was just a little a little setback for me because you know I know especially you know for a guy of his experience you know getting those reps in and building up that you know that trust and that confidence you know in in me from him is was you know going to be huge for me and you know in terms of starting off hot.

You know I think that that was just a little setback for me but I mean it was kind of you know another another step in the road so I kind of had to take it as it was. But you know I think you know as I was able to kind of get more reps with him and get you know get more get more of that confidence built up with him I think it was just kind of up you know up up from there. Well then it certainly started to click when you got back healthy and you started playing you know and getting a ton of targets. I guess you could say it started against Dallas that overtime victory that was your first career 100-yard game and then you started following it up you know with that three touchdown performance with another multiple won the next week. What did click for you?

What do you think that was Christian? I mean for me it was that that that confidence piece you know just just knowing that you know everyone has that confidence in me and then just you know me being able to have that confidence myself to just go out there and just play the ball that I know I'm capable of playing. You know not you know I you know everyone wants to say that they had that confidence you know until you're really out there and you know performing the way that you want to perform. You know there's a shot in the back of the heads you know once I was kind of able to you know brush that off my shoulders and just get rolling and you know play the football that I wanted to play I think it was just you know that was I had to you know get that off my back and I was rolling from there. How did a kid from Phoenix wind up in North Dakota State? Oh from Tampa I mean you played your high school you're born in Phoenix you played high school in Tampa how did you wind up in North Dakota State Christian? Oh yeah no I mean that was my that was my only offer coming out of high school you know I was under recruited I was I was undersized you know throughout the majority of my high school career so you know I was a late bloomer I think I shot up like you know four or five inches and like 30 40 pounds going into my senior year so you know I kind of overlooked up until that point and then North Dakota State just kind of put their put their trust in me and I ended up being my only offer so I committed and just you know left the stone you know lay as they may I just you know made the most of the opportunity.

Hold on a second that's a word I've never heard associated with you is undersized Christian. What so what were you as a junior in high school honestly give me give me your high weight what do you got? Yeah my junior season I was around you know five nine five ten like 145 pounds.

What? Yeah yeah and then and then going into my senior year I was around six two or six three 175 180 pounds. Oh my gosh so you had to like get new clothes and everything I mean like that's that's unbelievable because right now I mean you're you are you you look like a grown ass man when standing in the end zone uh Christian I'm not gonna lie.

You know I thought up out of nowhere and then honestly I kept on growing up you know because I went to I went to college at you know six two and a half six three and I was you know kept growing to you know six four six four and a half that I am now obviously you know put on a lot of weight feel about a little bit more uh so yeah it came in late but obviously you know it all it all you know came to what it is today. So then how do you keep it all Christian Watson here on the Rich Isaac show this is amazing I honestly you know did not know this about you that you had a growth spurt and then you go to North Dakota state obviously you won championships there with Trey Lance who I'd love to talk with you about in a moment and then you suddenly you wind out up at Lambeau Field Devante Adams is gone you got the pressure of being the the the second round draft choice that you need to come in right away with Aaron Rodgers you're standing there with Aaron Rodgers of all people you know at Lambeau Field and then uh was your head spinning last year Christian to be very honest was your head spinning? Uh yeah I think the whole process in general is just is just a lot to take on uh you know obviously it's it's the dream come true that you know every every football player you know once but obviously you know it's definitely a lot um you know starting from you know the day that you're done with your college career and then you know you're training for you know an all-star game if you have that for me it was the is the senior bowl uh then you know going straight to training for the combine and combine to the visits and the visits to the draft and then obviously you know right out to OTA so I mean it was a lot um it was a lot but I mean it's exactly what I wanted to be doing so I mean I just kind of you know took it head on and um you know did everything I could to be the best possible player I could be. Well then obviously now year two uh and there appears to be appears to be a question as to who your week one quarterback is going to be training camp it does appear to be looking like Jordan Love so what is your relationship how much time have you had with Jordan Love as you and I are conversing with each other in in March Christian? Uh yeah no I mean obviously you know 12 being the the starting quarterback last year um you know it would seem like you know we did we wouldn't have got a lot of time with with Jordan but uh you know I spent a lot of time with with Jordan Love actually um you know whether it was you know meetings outside of outside of you know meetings and practice and stuff just to kind of you know get that playbook down and um you know get a quarterback's uh you know thought process on what's going on you know outside of you know just you know getting reps in with 12 uh so you know we had we uh us younger guys had you know meetings with Jordan Love uh you know pretty much weekly going into the later weeks of the season um and and uh just getting in the some of the younger guys stuff I mean we had a we had quite a bit of uh younger guy developmental stuff that we did uh early in the season so you know got reps in with him and you know I think that relationship and that connection is is uh you know strong already and and have you spoken to Jordan lately Christian have you spoken I have I have yeah what's going through his mind that you're willing to share with me I mean I haven't tried to you know pick his brain too much you know I know you know with the you know uncertainty of things um you know the uncertainty that you know has been around this whole thing I mean I haven't tried to you know cloud his mind anymore I mean I just you know kind of reach out to him see how he's see how he's doing his off season and you know see if he wants uh you know to get some workouts in um you know whatever the case may be um so you know we probably gonna go ahead and and do that I mean I think he's good you know I think that he's he's you know been preparing himself uh these past couple you know years for whatever his moment uh you know whatever his time to sign is and I you know I think he's in a good uh mental space and when was the last time you spoke to Rogers Christian uh probably that was probably around that same time probably uh a week or two ago okay just kind of talking to him about offices and stuff you know what what can I do to to you know get better what did he see from me last year that I needed to uh do to improve just just kind of stuff like that and how has he helped in that regard not just in the last two weeks whenever you had that conversation but overall how would you say Rogers has helped you come along as a wide receiver in this league Christian I mean honestly honestly a ton you know I couldn't be more thankful for you know the opportunity to play with him uh you know my rookie season to be able to pick his brain uh you know my number one goal going into last year was this uh you know pick the pick the veteran's mind as much as possible uh because you know obviously you know you never know when those guys are going to be done or you know never know when they're going to be done so I just thought I learned as much as possible from from him uh well you know one of my number one goals and I think I did that you know whenever I had a question whenever I had just something shoot into my mind even if it seemed like a dumb question uh you know he was always open to to you know answering that from me and it's given you know his his mindset on that so um you know I think I think he helped me uh develop a lot and you know I think that he helped me uh you know gain that confidence that I that I gained uh later in the year uh just with his confidence in me and what's your sense what's your best guess is it going to be love or Rogers I know I'm putting you on the spot but I'll just do it if you don't mind what's your best sense of it I know again I know you're just a second year receiver trying to get better in the league after having a terrific first campaign what's your sense of it Christian uh you know I mean for me it's it's just I you know I know it's probably not what you want to hear but for me I mean it's my number one thing and you know this opportunity has been to you know try to focus as much as possible on myself and just kind of you know let all the outside noises be outside noise uh you know I haven't tried to put too much thought into it you know it's it's you know above my pay grade it's not you know what I need to be focusing on so I haven't tried to put too much thought in it into it you know whoever's you know whoever's there when I get back to the facility is it is what it is so so then before I let you go then let's talk about your college quarterback uh in Trey Lance and you know knowing what you've seen out of this league and knowing what it takes to be a quarterback in this league and knowing that he hasn't had much of an opportunity because of injury in uh last year and then the year before obviously just being a rookie how do you think he would fare if he's the starting quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers Christian? I got a hundred percent confidence in Trey you know not just because you know I played with him um but you know I would say because I played with him you know I know the type of man he is the type of player he is and the you know what he's capable of you know I think I think that you know all he needs is you know what you said just the opportunity um for him I mean he needs that he needs that experience you need to just go out there and you know be given that time to uh to you know adjust to the league and you know what it takes you know I think that he has everything that it takes uh he just needs to go out there and show everybody. Yeah I mean we met him in face to face at the Super Bowl and uh he said he's open to having a competition with Brock Purdy um and and with whoever would be there that he doesn't want the the job given to him and that kind of went viral a lot of folks were kind of surprised to hear that from a third overall pick and I'm wondering what you think of when you hear that Lance said that Christian? I mean for me I'm I you know I love it you know I I love the competitiveness I mean for me I you know I think that's the mindset I'll have going in every every single year you know whether I'm a you know a second year guy a first year guy or a season better and you know I what you know what those people love the most in this league is the competition and being open to that competition uh you know contentness isn't really going to get you anywhere in this league if you're happy where you're at then you're not you know you know if I personally believe you're not going anywhere so you know I think that you know that competitiveness is what's going to drive him and you know turn him into the player that I know he's capable of being. You got a good story about when you realized he had an it factor Christian you got a good Trey Lance story for me on that front from back in college was it in a huddle in a game in any moment was it in a practice where you're like oh I mean honestly for for me uh you know he was a he was a year younger than me so he came in the year after me so I mean he he came in um and you know for me honestly he was the same Trey Lance that he was when when he was leaving as as you know he was when he stepped on step on campus you know obviously he was he was younger and experienced at that at that point and you know so was I you know being a second year uh you know sophomore in college um but I mean he still he still had that dog he had that that grit and that grind yeah uh for me he stepped on there you know it you know starting out on scout team uh just seeing you know seeing him you know perform like you know you know better than the quarterbacks that we were facing week in and week out so uh you know I saw from the moment he's up on campus that you know he had something about him. Last one for you Christian Watson what do you and again I know I'm asking somebody who's entering year two um of a of a season of a career in the NFL this question but you know there's a lot of Packers fans who might be concerned Rogers gone, love comes in, how good can the Packers be, the offense will have to start from scratch or anything along what do you say to fans in Green Bay who might be concerned about that certainly since you would have a lot of hope placed within you uh having seen what you have been able to do after just one year in the NFL what do you tell Packers cheesehead nation right now Christian? I mean for me it's really just uh you know regardless of you know how the situation pans out you know I think that we can be as as good as we want to be uh I mean it's all just going to come down to you know every single player you know being 100 percent bought into you know getting better and and you know coming together as a team uh but you know I I have no worries going into going into this next year regardless of what the situation may be uh you know whoever it is uh you know running the helm uh you know I know that you know we have a lot of talented guys and a lot of guys who can make some plays and make some stuff happen so you know we can be as good as we want to be we just have to you know put in that work and uh you know come together as a squad. Christian thanks for the time greatly appreciate it let's do this more often congrats on on your first year in the league uh being as successful as it was and let's do this again certainly when we have a little bit more clarity in your neighborhood yeah no for sure thank you I appreciate it as well you got it that's Christian Watson here on the Rich Eisen show coming off of that Green Bay Packers season where you know he was drafted in that second round I mean that drop in the first game against Minnesota there's no I I was thinking of asking about it but it was there to stay at that I mean he bounced back he sure did I mean he was hurt too right and he bounces back and then against your Cowboys had a coming out party yeah thanks Christian four catches of 107 yards three touchdowns including a 58 yarder followed up with two touchdowns against Tennessee and that's when he disappeared off of your fantasy radar waiver wire yeah raise your hand if you're the idiot who drafted him and then when he got hurt dropped him because you needed the roster spot that's Chris Brockman raising his hand for the radio audience and then he had a touchdown against Philadelphia and then a touchdown against Chicago and then no touchdowns after that but he did have 104 yards receiving in that must-have final game in Lambeau Field he was great last half of the year man he was he's going to be the number one just a touchdown maker yeah and you heard he's just a he's a young kid let me get this right here 23 years old he turns 24 in May that's that's my point here with with Rogers and the Packers and we don't know what we don't know we just it's obvious that there's that there's something up that we don't know that went down and hasn't gone down and whatever is playing into this standoff where the Packers are suddenly demanding the value as opposed to just moving on getting the best that everyone can do but you just heard like part of this maybe Rogers is just walking around what's up North Dakota State that's the first words he said to him pretty funny and and I wouldn't blame him he's a 38 year old walking around the locker room saying okay kid from North Dakota State just met him boy do we need him to grow up fast yeah oh what's up Nebraska is that where Dobbs is from Romeo Dobbs and so maybe he just doesn't want to do it there anymore and that's totally fine I get it yeah I mean it's and maybe also the Packers and I'll hold that against would be well within their you know rights to understand again not knowing how both might feel they're grinding each other's gears let's have Jordan Love relate to this 24 year old in a way that the 39 year old just will never be able to Romeo Dobbs Nevada Nevada my apologies to the great state of Nevada and uh I don't know if they're another kids from Nebraska I don't know why that's in my head look this thing's over another example it's over I found it interesting though he was talking to Rogers from two weeks ago as well what do I have to do to get better and he said Rogers always had the door open Aaron Aaron Jones said the same thing you know and everybody believes Rogers is just sick of the kids it it may be it may be just sick of I think he's sick of the adults sick of the adults but I think he just might have just been again it's just like really um I I need to find my Tampa yeah like Brady found his Tampa you called it a couple years ago you know Brady just leaving and immediately winning Super Bowl and messed with a lot of these guys minds Rogers Russell Wilson 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the program Tom Pelosaro uh I got questions for him about the Rogers Jets deal he's there in New York City I'm wondering what he hears for this year to the ground they're uh coming up uh still to come on the rich eyes Joe I also have a top five list I'm gonna get into the same top five world that everyone else is in TJ you pushed me to do this one this is coming up who me yes you did that's coming up here on our program can help you slam dunk your job hunt just in time to get your gig you just need to upload your resume to and watch it all play out in front of you there's millions of job openings now you might sit there and go so I'm gonna throw my resume in with uh with a whole bunch of people yeah because guess what your resume can stand out on you don't even know it that you're going to be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs because specializes in building the right teams for employers employers are on the site too and they at knows how to match you with the best job fits for you then when you score the position salary calculator ensures you're paid what you are worth a strong performance when it counts just for you at so don't mess around get on the stick and go to and win your job hunt today tonight there are many college basketball games tonight there are many association basketball games I will be monitoring the situation from afar I bet you have no idea what I'm doing tonight I'm about to inform you I have no idea I am going to a concert this evening oh what do we got father of the year of the year it's me what happened to my best dad ever son actually done it might be up there it is taylor swift yeah this is tonight no that's not yet no no i'm going to stay here no no you're not no i'm not all right hold on i am seeing tonight at the forum oh sissa who with zander she's big she's by the way she's huge huge no idea no idea as are the secondary ticket market numerals how do you spell that sza s now i was going to just to play it up for you i'm so tj playing for me i'm going to see sza tonight at the forum just to have elicited that response oh boy that happened to me once a friend of mine asked me she worked at the house of blues she's like do you want to come see the gza and this one over a few minutes and then finally i went wait a minute do you mean the jizzer from wu-tay she's like the gza i was like i thought it was like gza no no relation to risa and jizz so you have not any heard of any i've heard i've heard i've heard you heard her music he has he just doesn't know who it is that's true he only listens to talk radio but it's kind of amazing how zan you know this is how this is how it works with parenthood uh chris it's gonna happen to you one day i sure will would never would probably never have reached out to start listening to lizzo if it wasn't for him and now sissa why does that make you laugh see what because why does that make you laugh rich eisen eight years ago is not the same man that rich eisen i'm today this is all i'm saying it's a beautiful thing it's growth i love it you know what you know what i am i'm a tapestry you've just woven there's different strands now that you never thought existed i like it so i might be one of the few people in in the forum tonight we'll be the oldest one there i don't know i will let you know i'll let you know first of all when was the lizzo concert um this year or last year oh it was just a couple months ago i mean was it in 23 it might have been 2022 so within a year but within a six month period you've seen lizzo and scissor both in the forum that's about that both of you both in the city of champions how about that we're we're uh we're winning time once upon a time happened this is a beautiful so i i so here's the thing is i i i will admit i will be definitely bringing up the median age tonight oh yeah don't know if i'm the oldest but thanks for asking keep an eye out i i i might be one of the i mean might be one of the few that's following you know um tennessee versus florida atlantic on my phone exactly you know yeah for sure everybody you know has their cell phones out lighting up their phone cameras lights thunder clippers and here i am trying to make sure i've got enough you know enough battery power to make sure that i'm checking up ucla gonzagas tonight rich is peeping the end of nick's magic i did that last year during the uh duke north carolina tourney game yeah i was at wrestlemania watching wrestlemania but also watching this game on my phone i'm watching duke lose the caroline i might have to put the march madness app on the phone right yeah or is that just like that's not getting into the spirit of everything right well i mean what you're a professional you also you also got to think about work a little bit i understand that you know you want to have also i'm also being father of the year and by the way she is one of the hottest entertainers on planet earth uh yeah she's up despite you saying who chris that's just that's just on me it's not a reflection of her obviously i'm glad you can admit that i just text you guys a picture of her i literally i i i just did the google i truly thought like am i going to bring it up today and if i do do i say hey guess what i'm seeing tonight at sza look straight at you tj just to make you laugh i'd been like what is happening sza tonight everybody the risa the jizzah this is a there we go am i am i the risa of this show the risa isin show oh good one yeah you'd be the risa of the rich isin show because you know you put it together you know even though wu tang they form like voltron and jizz is the head but like risa put wu tang together so you'd be risa yeah the rich is a show are you the ghostface killer who's that i'd be i mean i think i'd like to be method man bro you know well i mean you're talking my language that's my man right there that's your man right there right he showed up once and he hasn't shown up again have we asked him back appearance that's my man right there that gentleman we welcome any time in my house we need him back that voice will i run into him tonight maybe i doubt it okay holler at your boy power three coming up also the look he gave me when i went on my staten island spiel excuse me to have method man here yeah and you there i had to have you bring up to him the fact stat now is not really part of new york city that's one of my hits though that's one of your greatest hits yeah it is and he's not wrong along with daniel jones shouldn't be paid that's a new one okay on the new we call those hits though yeah are those hits but daniel jones is a new head i think it's chris brockman's greatest missus jim back like this has ever been the greatest missus album somebody put together hey that's gonna be on my greatest that is great what if stealing dan put together their greatest missus well according to according to susie it's every single one of their songs she hates what not a steely dan oh my god susie oh wow i got i'm playing peg excuse me hey 19 is one of the greatest songs of all time come on of all time whenever steely dan comes up on the yacht rock station it's an instant turn for her i believe that aja may be in like the top 10 albums of all time i think steely dan is a more of a male oriented thing man believe it or not peg ricky don't lose that number stan is that number peg did you realize that is a male thing i think you're hey 19 i get it oh really in the years why won't a woman like this just in mike read the lyrics true i brought up kid charlamagne myself hey 19 is not about the last hole in golf no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like jeff jared come along for the ride on the my world with jeff jared podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know muhammad ali sugary leonard i mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with jeff jared wherever you listen
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