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REShow: Kyle Brandt - Hour 1

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March 22, 2023 3:06 pm

REShow: Kyle Brandt - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 22, 2023 3:06 pm

Rich reacts to the epic Shohei Ohtani vs Mike Trout ending to the World Baseball Classic between Team USA and Japan, and says why that moment would have been greatly diminished if there was a pitch clock being used. 

‘Good Morning Football’ co-host Kyle Brandt tells Rich why he, a Princeton alum, is loving this year’s NCAA Tournament, why he’s thrilled by his Chicago Bears’ offseason moves and trading the #1 over draft pick, why Packers fans could be in for a rude awakening after the departure of Aaron Rodgers, and how the Lamar Jackson-Baltimore Ravens standoff could play out. 

Rich reacts to C.J. Stroud’s Ohio State pro day and speculates on the chances the Indianapolis Colts will draft the Buckeyes star QB.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Raiders have a new quarterback, you heard of him?

Hello handsome, is that a ten gallon hut? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. They have ranches and they've offered Jimmy Garoppolo free chickens for life. The Rich Eisen Show.

Well we found the difference between Derek Carr and Jimmy G being quarterbacks of the Las Vegas Raiders. Today's guest, co-host of Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt. From the CBS drama True Lies, actor Steve Howie.

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Hit us with a subscribe button there, same thing on our YouTube feed. Good to see you over there, Christopher Brockman. How are you, sir?

Rich, when it's 100 miles an hour right down the middle, I always make contact. Look at that man to your left. See that man to your left? Hey, Mike. That's Mike Del Tufo back here on the Rich Eisen Show.

How are you, TJ Jefferson? I'm here. I just need a countdown clock, if I could, behind me and have it say days until Otani becomes a man. That's all I want. It's going to be a cut.

It's 365 at least, but I want that to count down behind me because, oh man, can't wait. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. We've got three guests for you here. First up, Kyle Brandt of Good Morning Football. He's got his own basement as well.

Kyle Brandt's basement, care of Omaha Productions. He's going to be first up. I've been curious to know what he's been thinking about his Bears making these maneuvers. And we're waiting on Aaron Rodgers to become a jet.

We know it's going to happen. Mike Florio is going to join us top of our number two Pro Football Talk fame to give us an update on all of that. And the actor Steve Howie, who many of you know is Kevin Ball from Shameless for all those years. Love that show. He is in the CBS reboot, if you will, of True Lies.

And he will be joining us here today on this program. Tonight, a new episode of True Lies, pardon me, airs on CBS. America's most watched network, as they like to say. Also on CBS this weekend will be the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight. And in the middle of this program, a centerpiece of our program, we're going to have tournament predictions. We're going to hit the reset button as if the first two rounds meant nothing. And we're going to re-pick the bracket. And we'll tell you who we think is going to be cutting down the nets. I'll take a redo.

In the middle of this program right here on the Roku channel. I don't need to change my championship. Okay, very good. I like it. I like it.

844204 Rich is the number to dial right here on the program. Let's talk about it right here. Let's do it. In the middle of March, with everything going on with March Madness and everything going on with the NFL free agency Echoes. Waiting on Aaron Rodgers, what's going on with Lamar Jackson.

Lots of folks interested there. Paul George hurt himself last night. We'll be holding our breath, hitting refresh for all you Clipper fans out there.

That would be me. And we're waiting to see how the rest of the NBA regular season wraps up. Karl-Anthony Towns looks like he's coming back. He hasn't played since November 28th. Timberwolves getting healthy just in time for a playoff run.

John Moran says he's still working on himself. With all those headlines clanking around. We're talking baseball. We're talking baseball on this program. Because last night, we had one of the most intense endings to a baseball game in the history of March.

I'll say it. And that's what I kind of dig about this World Baseball Classic. I know two major injuries happened during the World Baseball Classic. Major injuries. Your Mets closer. The Trumpets turned into trombones, unfortunately. For Edwin Diaz and Jose Altuve, we might not see him until June.

Because he took a wayward pitch off the hand. And I know that's been a lot of the conversation along with, oh, great viral moment here, great viral moment there. But baseball has always been my first passion. I know I'm associated with the NFL for 20 years now. Thrilled to be that.

And forevermore happy. Baseball is my first love. It's what I covered at ESPN. So when I see the World Baseball Classic come to a conclusion with Mike Trout at the plate and Shohei Ohtani on the mound. Two Angels teammates. Finally, in a game that matters.

Facing off with one another. And seeing that showdown last night was an absolute. Wondrous sequence that baseball, I feel, deserves. Baseball tries its hardest.

I really feel that way. It's still a remarkable game. Used to be known, as you know, as America's pastime. But the national pastime. Last night had an international pastime moment.

Japan versus the United States. One run game. Last out of this World Baseball Classic that has been. Chock full of terrific competitive.

Juice flowing moments for baseball in a month where we're talking grapefruits, usually in cacti. This was incredible. Whole family was in the room. Last night, all five of us sitting down watching a sporting event. I don't remember the last time that happened.

Usually happens for the Super Bowl for a lot of families, but, you know, dads at the game. So we're all sitting there and it was edge of your seat moment. And we all know what happened. Ohtani wins the battle. Japan wins the World Baseball Classic. And Team USA watched Mike Trout swing through one of the most incredible strikeout pitches you will see in a moment like this. Ohtani coming in to close his first game since 2016. When we all know he was not in America playing baseball.

Hadn't closed a game since 2016. And he comes in like he's done it his entire life. Because that's the way he does everything. And reminds everybody in front of the whole planet against his teammate Mike Trout, known as the modern day Mickey Mantle, who we're waiting to see actually make the playoffs and have great playoff moments. He, with that pitch sequence, through not one, but two, see it, hit it, 100 mile hour, my stuff versus your stuff fastballs. I mean putting it all out on the table. This is my best. You give me your best.

Let's ride. After he threw a first pitch slider that Mike Trout spat on to take the early advantage in the count. That wound up being a full count because Ohtani, after throwing that first pitch slider, throws four consecutive fastballs. Two that were right down the middle that Trout swung through and two that were out of the zone. Full count.

Full count. Four straight fastballs from Ohtani and then he snaps off a hospital corner perfect slider. I mean perfect. And it was 14 miles an hour slower than his fastball. And then you sit here and you think to yourself, he might be the best slugger in the game too. And Shohei Ohtani reminds everybody who the best player on planet Earth is in this sport. Beating out grounders that he hits sharply, directly to a middle infielder on the right side of second base. He beats it out. He's got to get drug tested after that. He hits bombs.

I wouldn't have met the NFL combine. He runs like a deer and now he's coming in to close games? Yeah, he's filthy. He's unbelievable.

Close games. Best player in the game today. That's why you come on here saying you want to clock until he becomes a met. I'm sitting there last night watching him going, hmm, he looks really good in white pinstripes. I'm with you Rich.

I tweeted that out and people are like, that looks more like Padre's pinstripes to me. Everybody starts chiming in. Everybody starts chiming in because everybody sits there and thinks, hey, love to have him. He's wasting away in Southern California with the Angels. Best player on planet Earth can't even get a sniff at the playoffs. And part of the reason is because the guy who struck out can't stay healthy. Last couple of years. Well, I know Otani's been here for a few years now. I mean, Trout hasn't been healthy the last couple of years. I'm just in complete awe that we have to sit back and marvel at what we're seeing.

And not just go, oh, okay, yeah, this is unprecedented and just move on with our lives. No, this is a unicorn. This is something you've never seen before. A left-handed hitter for power who can run like he's Ricky freaking Henderson. And he's like 6'4".

Tall, big, and also has the heart of a lion. You saw that last night screaming let's go like he's Tom Brady after he strikes out Mike Trout to win the World Baseball Classic in front of an international audience that could not believe that the baseball gods gave us what we wanted. Otani versus Trout to end it. Otani on the mound to close it. Unbelievable.

One last thing I want to say here. What we saw last night at the end of this game was an all-time great at-bat and confrontation between pitcher and hitter. We saw it. We're talking about it.

I just spent 10 minutes to start the program on it. It was a bring your family around the television set type moment for Major League Baseball, which by the way, they're dying for. They got it last night. They've got it all tournament with this thing.

Truly with the tournament. But I just want to talk about this moment, this at-bat that was allowed to breathe if this was the regular season or this fall. There'd have been a pitch clock on it. Let's go look at this at-bat again.

Go back. CJ Nadkowski, who is a former major league pitcher who covers the sport for the Texas Rangers, he tweeted out about this every single pitch last night would have been a pitch count violation. Every one of them. And I wasn't sitting there thinking it's taken too long. I was thinking when this is incredible. Every pitch built up drama, every single one of them. And if there was a clock going, it had been like, OK, you know, let's go, let's go, let's keep it moving. And some moments aren't built to be rushed.

And baseball is a sport that I understand feels the need to rush things up. But turn the pitch clock off in the ninth inning or any save situation. Turn it off.

Turn it off. I don't think there was a single person last night watching that game. And there were moments in that game where I was struggling to stay awake. I'm not going to lie. It got a little got a little slow middle of the game when because, again, you know, like nobody's what you want to see in these games are starters going deep.

I don't know if you're going to see that much anymore. Start is going deep. It's just like guys who come in out of the pen. You never heard of third and fourth, fifth innings, whatever. There was one inning where the pitcher from from Team USA, Adam, came in, struck out two guys and walked the next three. And it's just like five straight minutes of a ball not put in play. Which is what baseball is trying to get rid of. And I understand that with the with the with the pitch clock and the shift that we saw last night. By the way, last game of the year, you can see with a shift or maybe ever. I prefer to say the next world baseball classic might have the. Pitch clock and rules that we're seeing put into place by Major League Baseball this year, maybe so. I understand you want to speed the game up, but there are some moments. That you should let play out, and even with me saying, when's the game going to end or is this game? This game's lagging. There's not enough action for me. I don't know a single soul last night that was thinking to themselves.

This is Dragon. We've got to speed this up between Otani and Trout. Instead, we're sitting there thinking, I don't want this to end. And baseball is going to put a clock on that.

Be careful what you wish for. With a clock. Every single pitch between Otani and Trout last night lasted as soon as it hit the glove. And was called a ball or strike or the one that went to the backstop and the clock would start again right away. Almost 30 seconds in between each pitch and the at bat lasted like two and a half, three minutes.

Who the hell cares? Turn the clock off. Baseball's going to want to speed that moment up. Just taking shots in the stands of people who are like couldn't breathe. Because they were just so into it.

Be careful. What you wish for. Because on top of it, could you imagine? Could you imagine? That at bat ends on a called third strike because Trout's not ready. And it smolts earlier this week or last week when we had him on. That's not going to happen.

Okay. Just like it's never going to happen in the Super Bowl. Somebody's diving for the end zone. A score with 10 seconds to go.

Thumble through the end zone. Game over. That's never going to happen. I hear that all the time. We're not changing the rule. It never happens. It hardly ever happens. Until it does.

Until it does. You leave the back door open. You leave your Achilles heel uncovered. Turn the clock off, baseball.

Save situations. Let it ride. You move it fast enough, innings one through eight. Then the ninth inning and extras let it play out. What person on the planet last night was saying, is that bats taking too long?

This game's too long. I mean, come on. First of all, there was anticipation because Smoltz called that, I think, the eighth. Like, he's basically said.

At one point he goes, at one point he did the math in his head. He goes, oh, we're going to get that. We're going to get the matchup.

So then the anticipation built, at least for me, I was like, oh man, this is really going to happen. And then your guy, Jeff McNealer, the Mets, walks and you're thinking, all right, so Trout won't be the last out and Mookie Betts, of all people, hits the double play to set it up. Again, turn the clock off in a save situation.

Let it play out. Because last night, if that pitch clock was going. 844204rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Let's take a break. Kyle Brandt's going to join us on the program. And then we've got Mike Florio on hour two. We redo our brackets from here on out in that hour. And the actor Steve Howie from the hit show Shameless back in the day joins us here now to talk about his new show, True Lies, on CBS. New episode airs tonight. And it'll be a great, fun show.

844204rich being the number to dial. When we come back, let's talk football and what's going on in the world of the National Football League with Good Morning Football's Kyle Brandt. can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football and in life.

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Don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about. Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. We're back here on The Rich Eisen Show with our terrestrial radio outfit rejoining The Rich Eisen Show live stream on the Roku channel. I'm sitting at The Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. This man used to stop by fairly regularly but now he's stuck in his own basement because that's where he does his show every day. After doing Good Morning Football, the host of Kyle Brandt's Basement produced by Omaha Productions. Joining us here now on The Rich Eisen Show fresh off from doing Good Morning Football on NFL Network, Kyle Brandt.

How you been, Kyle? Rich, I said it again. There are many, many good shows. There is not a better on-hold show than The Rich Eisen Show.

I am not BSing you. You talk to the producer when you call in. They put you on hold. And the first thing you hear is something about a canoe and a cologne commercial and then it's NPYP Boogie Nights references and officiating talk and I love it. I love it.

I mean, I want to hear from the home plate umpire about what they see in the replay. You know what I mean? I know what you mean. Listen, a lot of times you call into some other show somewhere. It's tedious. It's boring.

I don't know where you are. You feel like you're in the DMV. I come on here and I feel like, remember when Johnny used to pull the curtain back with like a rope and the guest would walk out? That's what I feel like here. Fantastic. I'm like up and right into the talk. I will take that.

I will take that and run with it. How you been? How's it going? I've been awesome, man. I've been awesome. Rich, I can tell you I've never enjoyed college basketball more than I have over the last six days. If anybody wants to talk about anything else, I just punch them. All I want to talk about is college basketball.

I've never loved it more. When were you at Princeton? When were you there? What was your school year? I showed up in the fall of 1997 and... Okay, so after the big... 2001.

Okay, so 97 after... ...for sports fans. As a freshman, the college basketball team at Princeton was ranked in the top ten. The first college basketball team I ever attended at Princeton as an undergraduate, I walked down to Jadwin gymnasium at the bottom of the campus. It was the Princeton Tigers versus the North Carolina Tar Heels. North Carolina Tar Heels had an explosive athlete named Vince Carter... I've heard of him. ...who was there on Princeton's campus.

And I'm not joking, Rich. I think three minutes into the game, he threw down a slam dunk on some poor economics major slam small forward in which Vince Carter is, shall we say, undercarriage draped over the gentleman's forehead. And I was like, holy crap. Vince Carter is in this gym.

He's going to be something. And you know what? In true to Princeton form, Carolina won that game, I think, by five points. It was really tight. Wow. I love that. I mean, we had Mitch Henderson on the show yesterday. I texted that to you yesterday. He was delightful. And I'll tell you what. He sounded really confident that he knows what it takes to win an NCAA tournament basketball game and that his guys are equipped to do it, taking on Creighton.

That's what he sounded like to me without being... They rebound like maniacs. They do.

They will not stop. And I think the Princeton thing, just above being an alum and having gone there, there's an attachment that the audience has. I think with Princeton, I even think specifically with your guest, Mitch Henderson, because more than any other sport, college basketball makes these guys legends that we will never forget. Mitch Henderson is in that fraternity of guys where, I don't know, they're not going to be pros that anybody remembers, but it's like, we all know the crew, guys. It's Scott Shamgod. It's Kevin Pitznagle. Someone's at my door. It's probably the FedEx guy.

Adam Morrison, Bryce Drew, Hyacetne, Mitch Henderson. I think it's Fennis Dembo. Fennis Dembo's at your door. I sent Fennis there just for this very moment. Is that right, Fennis? Come on in. I hope you brought drinks. Yes, of course. Here they are. Fennis Dembo is at Kyle Brandt's door right now.

He's the guest on today's basement. You're right, though. Especially when it comes to Princeton or any Ivy League school going deep in the NCAA tournament, you just think, and I even made a Hoosiers reference with Henderson yesterday, saying I know that you don't have a picket fence. He's not going to ask any of his players to tell me the flavor of the gum that Creighton is chewing. But there is a certain sense of, this is an Ivy League school.

They have different rules that they play by than the rest of everyone else. And if they go deep, it's so rare, you feel like it's a flashback. It's amazing.

It really is. And Henderson, listen, they beat UCLA when they were defending champs, the Toby Bailey team after Ty Sedney. Henderson didn't even make the shot. It was Gabe Luelliff on the backdoor cut that we remember, but Henderson was the image and he jumped up in celebration. And now he's the coach. And you could not be more right.

First of all, I know Mitch talked to you about this. Most of Princeton's basketball games they travel to on a bus. And if you've never had the pleasure of driving from South Jersey to Dartmouth for seven hours one way, you don't get off the bus energized. Believe me, I've done it before and taken some ass whoopings on the football field. It's not a great way to be a college athlete at all.

And yet, they got this dude, Rich, and this is the difference. So Princeton's got this Blake Peters, who's got the big personality and hits the big shots. This is the kind of guy that Blake Peters, this guy's a sophomore.

Blake Peters does an interview. What would he want to be when you grow up? He wants to be Secretary of State. Listen to the quote from this guy who's going to knock down threes on Creighton Friday night. Quote, this is going to be a consequential century for America and the world in general. My goal is to be one of the next leaders in American foreign policy. Hell yes.

And he's wet from the corner. That's the Princeton quote. Oh, my God. Yeah.

Usually you don't have. Is there, by the way, is there like an NIL deal with some think tank in D.C. that you can have? I don't know if there's a name, image and likeness deal with a think tank, but he could be the first one.

There should be. Fantastic. He's going to run the country someday. He will. He will do it. You got to read about this guy. When they win this game against Creighton and they go to the Elite Eight, it's everything. It's all like, create him in a lab.

Speak Mandarin Chinese, dabbles in classic rock guitar, read the Wall Street Journal every day, the actual newspaper, not on his phone. It's like it is a Princeton basketball dream come true. And again, I put him down for four three pointers against Creighton. Hey, Princeton, you just cut down the nets in the south region. Where are you going to go? I'm going to the Brookings Institute. You know, like that's that's the way it's going to go. Oh, my gosh. Kyle Brandt here on the on the Rich Eisen Show. Hey, man, I think Ryan Polls has played the the the hand that he's had. You know, like he's he's at the world. He's at the World Poker Championship. He's he's he's playing the hand really well, is basically what I'm trying to say.

But that lovey smith of all people bequeathed to him with his spitting his last Texan's breath at the front office. What do you think from your perspective? So I think the poker analogy is perfect. This guy's a cyborg. He doesn't blink.

It's exactly what they needed. And I even look before now. I don't even look in free agency. He shows up last year. Roquan Smith is by far the best player on the team to watch any game, watch any practice. I worked training camp for the network last year. Roquan wasn't even participating.

He was still the best guy. And Ryan Polls goes, no, we're not paying you goodbye. Someone else can do it.

It's like that's big, brass cojones to do that. You pay Roquan. He's young.

You drafted him. He's a great piece. He just said, bye. And I just respected how cold it was and how cold blooded.

Now, this is not personal. It's business. And then he just sits there. He's got all the money in the world and he could have sat on the number one pick. He said, no, I'm going to pick the deal right now and I'm going to move down.

It's almost erotic. There is there is a following for Ryan Polls right now in Chicago. And I'm telling you, he is polling rather well.

Let's put it that way. Well, I mean, and I love getting D.J. Moore in the deal as well, moving down eight spots. And you get a whole ton of picks and then you get D.J. Moore and Mooney and Chase Claypool and Justin Fields.

They're going to Chicago Bulls games together now already. There's a certain feel to it. And, you know, and they still have some money to spend.

I kind of dig it. I really think that they're in good shape now while we're on the subject of the NFC North. I'd love for you, if you don't mind, to give the soliloquy as best you can. And whatever time we have here that you gave to your your Kyle Brandt's basement audience on the Packers and the world that they're waiting for. Many of them to get Rogers out of there and start Jordan Love's era in Green Bay, if you don't mind, sir. He's sweet, sweet people.

You people of Eau Claire, Oshkosh, Sheboygan, Baraboo, we can keep going and going. You have no idea what it's like out there. You are trust fund fans. You've never had to worry. You've never had anybody else but a first ballot quarterback for your lives. And those of you who are old enough to have it, you don't remember it. Rich, we're not talking about young people in high school who don't remember.

We're talking about people in their 30s who have children and families who just think that's just what you do. And you don't have to worry about money. You don't have to worry about quarterbacks. It's always going to be this killer. Believe me, as someone who grew up in Chicagoland and they've been looking for a quarterback for over 100 years, it's rough out there.

There are soup kitchens. You're standing around a barrel fire with fingerless gloves hoping that some quarterback will come play for you. He's even decent. And I think there's a hubris of Packers fans who just say, Get him out of here. We're sick of him. Rogers is too weird. He drinks strange tea. You know what he drinks? Rogers drinks the tears of Bears fans every single year, normally twice a year. He's an alien.

He is an alien. How dare you celebrate that man's departure? I'm telling you, watch what happens when you're 0-2, 0-3 and Rogers in New York is just cooking and you're like, Wow, Jordan Love isn't the next Hall of Famer. Just be very careful throwing Mardi Gras because the best player you've ever had, not a debate, the best player you've ever had is leaving and you guys are going to be trading him. It is, one would think, time for Green Bay to no longer have a generationally brilliant quarterback at the center of their franchise after having farmed to Rogers. I mean, it just doesn't happen. I mean, Peyton to Andrew Luck is the only thing that you could say is close to it. And we all know that Luck made his decision a few years ago that the Colts are still spinning their wheels on right now.

But the only pushback I will give is that Rogers himself has done a couple of things that has maybe alienated part of the fan base or made them feel that enough's enough on their own hand and that they would be happy to continue with him if it wasn't for a handful of things that did happen, whether it is off the field or on the field. What do you say to that, Kyle? I hear you. And I think it's a really, really ugly divorce that we're witnessing play out.

And we saw it on Pat's show last week. There was nothing joyous. There's nothing fun. It was ugly. It was, listen, I grew up a child of divorce. There's this haggling about money.

You know, apparently Rogers got full custody of Al Lazard and is fighting for other children. The word love is thrown around. It's ugly. And at the end of it, everybody leaves unhappy.

I would just say, look, of course he's a lot. Of course it's a headache. If you think a guy going back and forth at retirement or doing eccentric interviews is a headache, try having third and 12 and going incomplete every single time and then punting and punting and punting.

It's what most of the world does and it's what you guys have not done since the early 90s. Just be careful. Kyle Brandt here. A few more minutes left with the Good Morning Football co-host and also Kyle Brandt's basement right here on The Rich Eisen Show. So what do you think is going to happen with Lamar? Crystal Ball it for me.

Kyle, what do you think? Well, listen, we're almost a week now into this, Rich, where it was last Thursday, where the Ravens said, all right, we're going to put our mansion on the market. Anybody want to come see it? Open house. Come on by. Show up. We've got your brochure.

We've got the little booties you put on your feet. And go ahead and look around. And if you'd like to look around, you can buy it if you want.

Make an offer. And that was Thursday. It was open for business. We don't know how the hell you get a hold of them.

We don't know who answers when you do. But that was Thursday. And I just, I was so fascinated for that moment at four o'clock last Thursday where teams could call and reach out to them that, is it going to be cricket or are we going to have reports all day the next day that someone came after Ivan Hurd's squad? And I think that is very, very good for the Baltimore Ravens.

So at some point, going over every year, no one wants to blink. Lamar, if nothing else, is extremely principled and has extreme conviction on what he's doing. I would hate to see this go to he doesn't play. But it's not out of the question at this point, that there's no other offer, that he's going to be a Raven, that he's going to be tagged, he's going to be under contract. And then he says, I don't play. I'm not going to show up.

And then it's World War III, then it's a circus. But if his conviction has led him for over a year to not blink at very lucrative offers, I'm sure they've given him, then I don't think he'll play. Why would he fold now? He seems to be really dug in and that'll be a disaster. I just, I... What do you think? I think he's going to sign the tender. That's what I think. Or come up with something with the Ravens where the Ravens are like, yeah, that's the tender.

They might sign him to a one year deal for more money just because they love him, to show that they love him. I don't know. I know that sounds like it's insane business, but I just, but I do feel, using the house analogy, you know, whenever I have been, where Susie and I have moved and we have been fortunate to have, you know, gotten a house here in Los Angeles that we loved and then moved, that we wanted the deal to go through. And there was one or two times where you thought the deal's just not going to go through. Yep.

And then it eventually did. And I feel like there's going to be one moment here. It could be him threatening that he's not showing up and we'll go through a week's worth of time saying, oh my gosh, this is an irreconcilable divorce. And that, that he'll play, that he just loves to play. Like that's what he is. He's a gamer. He just loves ball. That's all he does. He loves ball. And for him not to play ball, I just don't know if that's what he would want, you know, and $32 million is a nice chunk of change to play for one year as well.

I don't know. I would love for the Colts to put an offer sheet in front of him. Oh my God.

Can you imagine? Well, that's the team that I keep looking at because if you're sitting there at four and you're thinking, ah, do we, we love Richardson, but is he, is he, is he a definite? You never know.

We love Levis. Is he a definite? You never know. So why don't we just take that first round draft choice, throw next year's in the mix and get somebody who we know is a definite, right? I hear you. That's the way I'm looking. And to do something that massive, like that has to come from the owner's box. I don't even, I don't even think even a veteran GM like Chris Ballard, certainly not a first year head coach.

That has to be Jim Irsay just saying, I don't care. Get them. We're doing it. I know what this organization is like when we have a Hall of Fame type quarterback.

Get them. We're going to, we're going to burn everything not nailed down. We're going to toss it over there and we're going to get Lamar. That would have to be Irsay doing. And there's only a few owners who I think have the, I think the word is chutzpah to do that.

And he's certainly one of them. Yeah. Like, and he sells off what, let me do this the best way I can. Robert Plant's ashtray from the red roof at Altamont, you know, like that he has, I don't know. I think he has Adam Ant's guitarist amplifiers. I like it. His mic stand. I'm not sure.

He's got it all though. Okay. You didn't go classic rock, but you went, you went, you went rock and roll nonetheless. Thanks as always, Kyle. Greatly appreciate it. Love seeing you on Good Morning Football and congrats on the success of Kyle Brandt's basement. Tell everybody how they can see it and if they already don't know. Oh, Kyle Brandt's basement. It's on YouTube. Just follow my social media.

It's all anywhere you see the word Omaha and you're seeing it a lot lately. That's where you'll find it. Appreciate you guys. Rich, you're truly the best. Thanks for the invite. Right back at you, Kyle. Thanks again.

Appreciate the time. You got it. That's Kyle Brandt. Check out Kyle Brandt's basement again on YouTube and Good Morning Football every single day. The reigning Emmy award winning studio show, Good Morning Football on NFL Network. How do you think Lamar's going to finish, Chris?

I think that he probably plays for Baltimore. Yeah. I mean, I think so too. But I think it doesn't go well again. And then we're right back in this same spot here from now. We could be, couldn't we?

That's what it feels like to me. 844-204-Rich, number to dial here on The Rich Eisen Show. Mike Florio says that there is somebody who's not union certified knocking on doors on behalf of Lamar Jackson, which does not surprise me at all.

Not surprising to me at all. Mike will be joining us at the top of next hour. 844-204-Rich, number to dial here on The Rich Eisen Show here on a fun, busy Wednesday. Reverse signs of aging by adding volume to smooth laugh lines with Juvederm Velour XC. For important safety information and to find a licensed specialist, visit Juvederm dot com.

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Talk to a licensed specialist to find out if it's right for you. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, Keegan-Michael Keyes, 52. Speaking of reboots of Arnold Schwarzenegger films, the actor Steve Howie in True Lies on CBS will be in studio in hour number three. is there to help you get your next job. If you were in the job hunt, you've got to go to The minute you put your resume on, you might not even know it, you're recruited. You're being recruited by folks who are looking to fill their job openings. You can be recruited before employers even post their jobs. Then you check out all the millions of job openings if that doesn't already work out with just put your resume on there. There's millions of job openings, great coaching, career advice as well. And then when you score the position, salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth and they also know how to match you with job fits that are out there already. So the odds of getting a gig just by going to, pretty darn good. So get off the bench, get off your couch, go to and win the job hunt today,

The job hunt has begun for C.J. Stroud of The Ohio State University. He is first up on the pro day circuit of all the top quarterbacks available in this year's draft or quarterbacks. Alabama's pro day is Thursday, Will Leviss' Kentucky pro day is Friday. So we'll see Bryce Young out there tomorrow.

Will Leviss on Friday. On Monday, Anthony Richardson has center stage. And they're all gunning for the job that Cam Newton thinks he already has. He looked pretty good at Auburn's pro day yesterday.

But C.J. Stroud is out there and the Panthers contingent that is there to see him in person and apparently already met him last night in Columbus. Owners David and Nicole Tepper. The Tepper family is there.

I mean, I mean, it's it's almost Passover. So maybe they could have, you know, they set a they set a seat for C.J. Scott Fitterer, Frank Reich, general manager and head coach, the assistant general manager, Dan Morgan. The vice president of the organization, Samir Suleiman is there. The offensive coordinator, Thomas Brown, quarterbacks coach Josh McCown, senior assistant Jim Caldwell, the director of scouting is there. As is one of the many scouts of the organization, because as Albert would like to point out, as he did in the text exchange that I had with him and money manager to the stars, Don Weir, because top running back recruit in the state of Ohio chose Michigan over Ohio State.

I sent that his way. They've been just chirping back at me about how terrific Ohio State has been in the draft. And it has. And 30 of 32 teams have their coaches there. I mean, it is off the charts. Who is at this pro day to watch the Ohio State University put their best out on the field? And apparently one of the guys catching passes for Stroud at this pro day is Marvin Harrison Junior. So all the scouts and all the coaches and all the people who are there get a look see at.

The individual who we all think rightfully so, I believe, will be the top receiver in next year's draft. 30 of 32 teams represented 10 general managers and seven head coaches of RSVP. One hundred eighteen reps from NFL teams expected to be at the Ohio State pro day today and the most important coach of all. Up there on a screen right here on our Roku Channel feed, courtesy of another Ohio State honk, James Palmer, odd that he's there taking a snap of Frank Reich standing to the right of C.J.

Stroud. Could that be the future of the Carolina Panthers franchise right there in that photograph? I think so.

And the minute that you think this. Just know Bryce Youngstone tomorrow. I imagine they'll be there, too. So I got my wish. I got my wish. So far. Tomorrow, we'll find out if the wish.

And the dream continues. Can you put up that screen one more time of who's there from the Carolina Panthers organization at the Ohio State pro day? All of them. When I say all of them, I mean the entire masthead is there.

Eleven people. I wanted them there. Hey, fire up Air Tepper and go to Alabama and then fire up Air Tepper and go to Kentucky and then have a nice weekend. Go back to Carolina. Do what you want to do. Have a nice dinner party and then fly off to Gainesville, Florida.

Please go to all of them. Keep us guessing, Carolina. Keep us guessing. But today will be and rightfully so. C.J.

Stroud day. It's going to be they fell in love with him. They met him. They fed him. They saw him feed his receivers on the field.

They saw his arm for a second time because his arm at the combine was without question the best. Stroud was flicking it into windows. Flicking it wherever he wanted. Looked effortless. It was terrific. He threw a delightfully pretty football. And then Bryce Young's going to get out out there tomorrow and it'll be maybe he's a guy.

This is exactly what I want. I'm speaking on behalf of Mike Greenberg as well. Anybody who hosts an NFL draft. First overall pick being a quarterback. That's what you want. First overall pick being a quarterback of a team that trades all the way up for somebody. You want that first overall pick that's a quarterback selected by a team that traded all the way up for that quarterback. Keeping us in the dark till the last minute.

Chef's kiss. You bet. That's what I want. Keep us guessing.

But for today, it's going to be lock it in. C.J. Stroud over.

Certainly see this photograph of. Oh, yeah. Of the coach and C.J. Stroud. You know what they're talking about? You want to dominate the NFC South for about a decade?

OK. Best place to eat in Charlotte. Well, yeah, this is what we got. What do you think? You ever see that?

You ever see that game against the Houston Oilers I had? By the way, I'm an ordained. I'm an ordained. Was he his pastor or minister? I can marry a C.J.

I can personally marry you if you have the right girl in mind. Doesn't he have the biggest college comeback to at Maryland? Does he? I think he doesn't have the biggest comeback anymore. Thanks to the team that fired him.

Yeah. They they bounce him, they fire him, and then they blow his record. Letting the Vikings come back on him in the span of a month. But if that kid that's standing to his left is the right guy and he winds up in a new spot where he used to be, he used to be QB one, the first ever quarterback on a staff that includes, you know, his first coach, Tom Capers.

If that kid, C.J. Stroud, is the right guy, then the Colts did him the biggest favor. Got off that whole treadmill of getting a bunch of long tooth, grey beards. Well, I try to not use the word retread. I know you didn't. Well, I mean, Matt Ryan, you can call Matt Ryan a retread, Phillip Rivers a retread. But Brockman, you are right. Reich in eighty four, Maryland was down thirty one nothing the Miami at halftime. Right.

He came back through six touchdown passes and Maryland won the game. Well. Don't put that photo up on one more time as we end the the segment here. Lock it in. They came back from nine to go get somebody at one. Lock it in.

Is that the kid? Another comeback. We came back from nine.

Now we're one. They come back for C.J. Stroud. As of today, folks, it's going to be him. But wait till Bryce Young throws tomorrow. Then it's going to be him. That's the way we go until we find out from Roger Goodell's mouth to our ears. And I can't stress it enough.

Carolina, keep us guessing, please. That's the way it works. I've done this.

I've done this. And because Young hasn't thrown yet. Oh, my goodness. When he throws tomorrow. And Nick Saban standing there and his hat. You know, whatever hat he chooses. Or he could just go hatless.

He doesn't really wear hats. Nick will just stand there, arms crossed, looking mad. Anybody? Anybody want to? Anyone want a piece of the mind of the modern day Lombardi of college football?

Anybody want to talk to me about my guy? Well, you know, Bill will be there. So like him and Bill.

Oh, yeah. Bill's always at Alabama. I mean, everybody goes to Alabama pro day, which is my point also to Breier and all those Ohio State honks. Look at all the people who read Ohio State's pro day. OK, everyone goes to Ohio. Everyone goes to Alabama. Everyone goes to Georgia. Everyone goes to Clemson. Well, not everyone goes to Michigan, apparently. Last year, we only had the second overall pick in the draft.

Could have been one. I get it. I understand. But you know, goes to Michigan.

The kid who chose not to go to Ohio State. He got his name. I should learn it. You're going to talk all this smack. What smack?

I should learn it. He's really smart. Jordan Marshall, you're a smart kid. Smart kid. Go with your gut and go with your heart and use your eyes. Just use your eyes.

And when you see through your eyes, you see a scoreboard with 40 burgers that you can add on to and get a 50 burger. Two years, two years. Oh, it's great. Forget about the previous.

You forgot two important words, two years and counting and counting. No one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations, along with redemptions and longevity, quite like Jeff Jarrett. Come along for the ride on the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast. They didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing. You know, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard. I mean, they had them, but along comes sports entertainment, professional wrestling, and now it is truly a part of pop culture. They've just branded what it looks like to be a champion. My World with Jeff Jarrett, wherever you listen.
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