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REShow: Mitch Henderson/AIR Baker Mayfield - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 21, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Mitch Henderson/AIR Baker Mayfield - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 21, 2023 3:10 pm

Princeton Head Basketball Coach Mitch Henderson tells Rich that his 15-seed Tigers are playing with maximum confidence in the NCAA Tournament right now, why teams in the Big Dance shouldn’t overlook them just because they’re in the Ivy League, and what it will take to get past Creighton to face the #1 overall seed Alabama Crimson Tide.

Buccaneers new QB Baker Mayfield tells Rich what signing with Tampa Bay means for his up-and-down NFL career, and reveals he still can’t believe that incredible comeback in his Los Angeles Rams debut last season.

Rich and the guys break down the Detroit Lions’ chances to win the NFC North, Brockman makes a bold prediction about Patriots QB Mac Jones, and Rich reviews the upcoming Ben Affleck-Matt Damon movie ‘Air’ about Nike landing Michael Jorda when coming out of college back in the 80’s.

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. The Spartans are sweet again. Congratulations on advancing.

I'm not sure seeds matter like they used to Rich. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Eric Musselman has his shirt off. My wife, you know, she let me know that that was not a good thing not to do it again. Earlier on the show, Bengals tackle Orlando Brown Jr.

Still to come. Princeton head coach Mitch Henderson. Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Bears wide receiver DJ Moore. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of The Rich Eisen Show on the air. Fun show in progress. If you missed the first hour with Orlando Brown Jr. talking about moving from the Super Bowl champs in Kansas City to the Cincinnati Bengals now and chopping it up with us in a highly entertaining conversation.

Don't worry, we re-air right here on the Roku channel as soon as we're done and we've got two more hours to go. As you heard, DJ Moore of the Chicago Bears is going to be joining us in hour number three. Baker Mayfield, former teammate of Orlando Brown Jr. will tell the story when they were in Oklahoma together that, I guess, did he say his car had gotten repossessed? Pretty much. Is that what he basically said? And to get his car note paid off, he knew they'd only require half of the note to be paid off if Baker Mayfield just showed up to ask for it because he's so popular on campus and he did it.

Fun story. I don't know if I'll bring it up to Baker, but Baker's now got a lot of other stuff going on in his life with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he's going to be joining us on this program shortly. But we kick off our second hour with the head coach of the Princeton Tiger basketball program in the Sweet 16 for the first time since the mid-60s. This team has definitely caught the eye of so many people and no doubt on the radar of Creighton as they take on each other in the regional semifinal in the south in the Louisville portion of this bracket that his team completely busted for a lot of people. Mitch Henderson, the head coach of Princeton basketball here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing, coach? I'm doing great, Rich.

Thanks for having me on. Has anyone had the temerity, and I use that word knowing that you would definitely as an Ivy Leagueer understand it, does anyone have the temerity, coach, to tell you and complain to you that you busted their brackets? Has anyone actually done that? They have. All the time.

Even my own children. You know, I think that, you know, you go into the tournament, at least for us, nine days ago we were fighting for our life to make the tournament. And you arrive in Sacramento, you know, we kind of, in one way, we were hopeful to go on a plane ride.

In the Ivy League, you travel all the games by bus. And, you know, so we were, we wanted to get on the road, and then, you know, the difference between us now and us a week ago is now we have a team that has almost completely changed, and I believe they can beat anybody. And you can say that.

I mean, I probably would have, too. But if you watch, I think that seeds, you know, the seeds are what they are, but if you watch the way the games are played, if you watched our games, you know, you can see there's a very physical brand of basketball that we play. We all rebound on both of those teams, and we score more points in the paint that's successful in the tournament.

So I'm really proud of our guys, and we're hopeful to keep this thing going. So you didn't really bus from South Jersey to Sacramento, California, right? You didn't do that. No, no, we flew. It was a great flight. Okay, good.

I just want to make sure that we're all cool on that front. How does this team remind you of yours that you played on where you shocked the world on UCLA in just one mere victory in the tournament back in your day, Coach? The similarities are that we both kind of got to the tournament, you know, we had to earn a spot, and it was tough to get there. And so you were fighting for your life throughout all of January and February to make it.

The differences, though, that's about it. I mean, this is a really physical team, not that we weren't. I certainly wouldn't want to say to myself that my teammates weren't physical and tough, but we didn't get any backdoor cuts on the weekend. We beat UCLA on a backdoor cut. We out-rebounded. As I mentioned, we've got a really physical team, and that's been by design, Rich. I mean, I really sort of aimed when I got here. There's a lot of honoring of Coach Carrillo and the way we play, but spacing, physical play, playing smart and together.

But tough-nosed defense is what got us where we are, and so I would say that we're built differently with personnel, and I think that's a good thing. Do you ever hear Coach Carrillo's voice in your head? Constantly, constantly. I'm actually walking around Jadwin right now, the gym, and Coach would say – he didn't use a whistle. He would say, yo – that was how he addressed it. Well, he's from Pennsylvania, right? Yeah, he's from Lehigh Valley and the Allentown area. I hear his voice all the time, and whenever everybody gets around, it's each other, the former players, sort of who can do the best Coach Carrillo impression. And he was equal parts cutting and he has a great sense of humor.

He could be really tough on you. We were out in Sacramento where Coach spent the years after he left us. He was with Jeff Petrie in Sacramento, and they had those really good Sacramento teams in the 2000s. And they were like, he was great. You should have seen him. Coach Carrillo, he'd come over to my house and swim in the pool, and I'd be like, now who are you talking about here? What guy is this? He was a really tough guy to play for, but I got back and one of the cool things, Rich, was I got to spend the last 10 or 12 years with him. And he was always just – I had to ask him what he saw and he would tell me, but he was always very respectful and he would always say, hey, be yourself.

I'd love this, man. I mean, that you played for him and now you're the coach of this program, taking him into the Sweet 16 with legit chances. There's no question in my mind, legit chances, just watching the way that you play.

It is a physical brand of basketball. That's what you definitely need to get into some of these Donnie Brooks to survive and advance. Do you think that you're looked at or Ivy League Smart Kids, they can't beat us? That is a legit thought in the minds of your opponents, Coach. Yeah, I think it probably is, but their coaches are telling them they don't buy into that.

I think we're probably beyond that now. We've done enough and there's so much at stake. There's only 16 teams left. Creighton's a heck of a ball team. They're really good. They're a heck of a team.

I think at this point, I don't think you sneak up on anyone, but if you play with savvy, which no one's really given us a chance. I think you have to build on that a bit. Not that nobody believes in us, but what got us here was toughness.

They're both mental and physical. I think you have to ride that and be who you are. If somebody wants to underestimate us, that's great, but I doubt that'll happen. Coach McDermott's a great coach. What does happen, as you know, is the crowd gets involved in its neutral site. We have a great alumni base. It's a really fun and great place to go to school. People love Princeton sometimes too much. They'll tell you all the time that they went there, but we added such support in Sacramento.

I think that matters too. Who have you heard from, from the Princeton alumni base? The people that don't hear from a bunch, but Senator Bradley, we have his number retired here, number 42 across all the different sports. That was fun. I've become close with Steve Kerr, whose father went to Princeton. Steve obviously went to Arizona. That was fun. Hold on a second.

I've got to stop you there. Did you hear from him after you bounced to Arizona though? He wrote me a note saying something like, darn it Mitch. I look up to him so much and become friends.

That was a fun one. Golden State's in the middle of a lot of important things, but everybody's watching. Everybody pays attention to these things.

The last two days has just been insane for our guys. They've become celebrities here in our town. Princeton, Rich, it's like a town that goes back to the founding of the country.

It's a very cool place to live, but this is really fun for us. I love it. Mitch Henderson, head coach of Princeton basketball. Just want to linger on your history, if we don't mind a little bit here. Were you a draftee of the New York Yankees once upon a time? Yeah.

That's a true story? Yeah, so I got drafted in the fourth round by the Yankees out of high school. I had already decided to come play for Coach Carril and I had been admitted to Princeton.

I remember distinctly, June maybe 4th, 1994, I got a call from the Yankees. Hey, we just acquired you. What are your plans? I'm excited. I said, well, I've been admitted to Princeton and the guy goes, go to Princeton, click, and hung up. Are you serious?

No, that's exactly what he said. It was great. It was great.

It took any decision I may have made out of my hands. Do you remember who it was? It was a guy that literally, I can't tell you, but he was like, you know, straight out of central casting for a baseball scout voice. Whatever that, you know, I don't even know. He's probably got a big chewing gum in his mouth. Mitch, what are your plans?

So you're saying I was admitted to Princeton and go to Princeton. So was it Costanza? I mean, I'm trying to figure it out in the 90s. Could it have been George Costanza? I know, I know. I love the Seinfeld so much.

No, it wasn't. But I just played baseball here for a year and you'll appreciate this. I had 10 turnovers in a game my freshman year, which is just ridiculous.

I'm embarrassed to say it. And Coach Carrillo, the next day, when he's talking to the team, he sits me down and we called it going down the line. So he would talk about you in front of all of your teammates all the time.

Yeah. And it would, it would sort of give you an indication. It was always truthful. It always hurt.

But it was also, he did it to everybody fairly and equally. So you always knew where you stood. You also knew where your teammates stood in his eyes. And he said, you know what, Mitch, I'm going to come to one of your games in the spring and I'm going to sit out behind the duck. I'm going to sit out behind home plate, all behind the fence there. I'm going to bring my net and I'm going to catch all the balls that you throw over the catcher's head. Because you're going to be all, you know, you started a luncheon to me. Oh, man. He was funny and ruthless. Well, I mean, if that scout had not done you that favor, you could have been teammates with Jeter and been played for Torrey.

I mean, those are some serious years if you'd gone through the system. I was. You know? I definitely found my place here.

Of course. What's never lost on me is, you know, sometimes you get to be the great beneficiary of a coach. And, you know, he my parents entrusted me with him and this place and it changed my life.

And it was really hard to play for. But I'm trying to do my own version of the same thing here, which is, you know, get these guys to be the best versions of themselves. And, you know, it's it's in the middle of everywhere. We were fighting like I told you, we had a tough loss at Dartmouth and we were we were hurting. And it's really fun when something like this comes together. Man, it just feels like, again, I don't mean to to in any way, shape or form peg it, but it just feels like Hoosiers, you know? And I understand you got more than just four on the floor and I understand you're doing more than just the picket fence. But I mean, you're you're you're going against Creighton and then to survive in advance here, you could have Alabama on the other side. And I'm wondering, do you do you do you think about that now? I mean, I'm sure you got assistants cut and taped just in case here. But this is this is real, man. Like that's Princeton versus Alabama.

My goodness. I mean, that would be something for the ages, coach, to be very honest. I am in the Ivy League. We play back to back. We play we don't miss class.

We go to school. We play on Fridays and Saturdays. So you're always preparing for two games on a weekend.

And if we were fortunate to win on Friday, we do play Sunday. We'd be ready for the two teams on the other end. But, you know, I think winning one game at a time, being yourself and what we are right now. I have full confidence we can be successful. We are playing our best and I think our best is pretty darn good. And I and again, you've seen enough games. I like us.

I like us because I think it's the things that I've seen over the years in the tournament that make you successful. Oh, absolutely. I mean, you know, no turnovers, empty trips, empty trips end on the spot. You don't give an extra shot. You're not giving up the offensive rebounds.

I mean, you're in. And then when that shot. Right. And then and then when the other teams starts to miss and you, you know, clean up their mess right away and then convert it to points. The pressure builds. You see it on the other. You see it on the other side and you feel it in the arena. And and you do have that sort of benefit that that that that that other teams begin to sweat.

You can make them sweat. And I'm loving watching this. Appreciate that and what you might enjoy. And I'm sure my time would use limited.

No, go for it. Tell you this, like, you know, so like one of the things that also factors in that most people wouldn't know. But and look like we like I know that Crayton is really good and we could lose to, you know, let it. Sure. If you think if you think of what what gets you to a certain place, we don't have transfers.

We're not dealing in the portal. We have a slightly different model. And what makes us unique is the fact that the guys are all pretty really close. Of course, most people's good teams are, but they celebrate the things that they're learning from one another. So we have a guy that speaks Chinese, one guy that can tell you any flag in the world if he sees it and tell you what that what country it is. You know, our best players from Newcastle, England, and our guys have learned a lot from him.

He used to be in the Newcastle Football Club when he was young, got started with basketball late. So I think that they celebrate the things and each other that are different. And we're in school today. Guys are in class.

We leave tomorrow. We have senior thesis they have to write. They're there at a school where they are they're just like everybody else in a way. And that's I think there's some humility and some fondness in that. And you kind of feel like you're in it together with others. And I'm not sure that makes sense. But to me, it does in terms of playing better. Yeah, sure.

But what you're saying is they have a name and their image and likeness is what they see in the mirror. That's basically it. That's that's the. It's amazing, man. It is amazing. And this has been a great conversation. I've really enjoyed chopping this up with you, Mitch.

I've been a big fan of yours. So thanks for having me on. Oh, a pleasure. A pleasure. And, you know, you did bust a few brackets around here, but to hell with them. You know what I mean?

That's you got to do what you got to do. And so congrats on on making it to the Sweet 16. And I do hope we get to speak again very soon. Thanks for the time here.

I'd enjoy that. Right back at you. That's a lot. You got it.

That's Mitch Henderson, head coach of Princeton Basketball right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Fun chat there. Yeah. Some great stories we're hearing today. Awesome.

We do this. How do you know, by the way? I think he likes his chances and I think he knows. What wins basketball games and he's seeing it from his guys.

And could you imagine? Princeton versus Alabama. For the right to get to the final four. I know that Creighton and San Diego State are more than just the speed bumps here. It could be Creighton versus San Diego State. Just as easy. But Princeton versus Alabama. And wouldn't you be in for that?

Yeah, totally. On Sunday? Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. I'm wondering if they'd make that the final game of the day. With the Alabama fan base and Ivy League versus the SEC for the right to go to the final four in Houston. That's what's so great about this tournament, too, man. When I said Hoosiers, they're in class today.

They've got to go do their senior thesis. This is amazing. So much fun.

844-204 Rich, number to dial when we come back. The man known as Bake. He's got what he's got. He's got a golden doodle Irish cedar and a dream.

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But right now I want to hop on the phone line and welcome it. It's been a long time and he's been through a lot. He's been through a lot.

The last time we've spoken to him he was a mere Brown back in the day. And now he is with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a real shot to start this season and get back on being the great Baker Mayfield who's back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing Baker? I'm doing great. It's good to hear from you Rich. Good to hear Fred. Good to be heard from. It's been too long. It has been too long. Last time we spoke I don't believe you had a Golden Doodle Irish Setter that I heard all about today.

No we did not. So that anniversary is actually a year tomorrow when we drove up and adopted him. So he's pretty much running our lives and not much else I can say besides that. What's his name? What's the dog's name? Fergus.

You know what? He was named when we adopted him so there's no rhyme or reason. I don't know if it was short for Ferguson or what it is but he acts like a Fergus. But you adopted man. You adopted.

You didn't shop. You rescued this dog huh? Baker? Yes. You know what? Rescued him from a small house fire.

No I actually didn't do that. We drove up and just got him from a rescue place in Dallas. Fantastic. It's a great thing to do. Fantastic. So wait for it. Here I'm going to make this turn. Hope you don't mind. So not the only person on this phone who knows about being rescued from the dog pound is what you're saying. Baker did you like that one?

Is that a good one? Oh Rich you always got something. I mean you must be jacked about this opportunity Baker.

You must be totally jacked about this. I mean it's organization. I mean they've had success for a long time. Obviously in recent years they've had a great guy running the show. So I'm excited. You know there's still a ton of the key pieces that won the Super Bowl here and I respect Coach Bowles a lot.

I'm excited for what this offense can become under Coach Canales and see where it's headed. Just to utilize these weapons and see where it can go. So how did this all materialize? Was this something that happened only recently or you were kind of two camps circling each other for a few weeks?

What do you got for me on that front Baker? Yeah I think all the reports came out that you know it was an interest definitely from both sides. But it just had to become a reality and to be realistic for both sides.

Yeah and just definitely a place I wanted to go. It's a stable organization from top down. They're all about winning and that's what I wanted.

Ultimately it became the best decision for us as a family moving forward. And so are you in a competition or how has this been described to you? Yeah it's a competition. So Kyle Trask and I will be competing for the job.

But the one thing that I've learned over the past few years is everybody's got to roll. Everybody's got to be able to handle it and move forward towards the same goal of winning. And whatever that role is, I mean we're going to compete. There's no doubt about that.

But whatever role that we both end up having after this it's going to be all geared towards winning. Do you know Mike Evans? Have you crossed paths with him in any way shape or form? I do. Yeah I know my Texas guy pretty well.

Pretty much. We're not best friends but we're about to become pretty close. I'm looking forward to working with him and Godwin and Russell Gage and all our other weapons as well.

And the rest of the crew. I mean honestly when I heard this Baker, I'll share it with you. I mean I thought this is a perfect spot. It is a perfect spot. It's a spot that you should have wanted to go to and I sensed that this was a possibility. And the weapons that are there, the system that is there, the opportunity that is there is kind of rare for it to be available. Right? Where you've got weapons there and you've got a coach that's been there and done it. And an organization that's so close to having had a playoff season and it's not a fire sale going on. There's a lot of boxes that you could check here with this opportunity. You know normally, like you said, normally when it's an opportunity like this it's because bad things have happened.

But no it's just because the greatest quarterback of all time happened to retire. So yeah it's one of those opportunities that I think I would be kind of stupid not to take it. So I think you're exactly right that it's a great fit and so I'm excited about it.

You see somebody you reach out to. I know you shared at least a commercial moment with TB12 back in the day for the Super Bowl. I did get to hold a lot of those rings. I think he's had two since then. It's possible. It's possible.

You probably passed one of them in the case there in Tampa. It's been a bunch yeah. No I mean we have some mutual friends but no I have not talked to them so we'll see. Okay and when you mentioned you know the opportunity you and your wife your dog going there I mean where do you you know look at your station in the NFL right now Baker. And the opportunity you have in front of you and what you'd want to make out of this for you and your family that you've mentioned a couple times.

Yeah I mean it's obviously a one-year deal but to me this is the start of the next chapter. This is a great opportunity for me to showcase what I'm capable of from a quarterback standpoint and just a leader as well. You know if I'm able to play well enough here to where I get extended here that's awesome. That means it went truly well and if not and I'm not extended here then you know I'll roll with the punches and see what the next chapter is.

And that's just kind of how I've learned to operate throughout my whole life and I will make the most of it no matter where we're at. I mean you want to talk about rolling with punches you and I have not spoken since the the Rams Thursday night. I mean is it true you you you only knew like one or two plays going into that game against the Raiders Baker.

No I definitely studied like I was studying for the SAT so I knew a little bit more but I had only had about 10 reps total before that during the practice. But it's definitely the first time you had McVeigh in your ear and I've been told it's just like he it's just a chatterbox it's just non-stop with him in your ear right. Yeah it was yeah I mean that's true but also at the same time we had nothing to lose. It was it was a fun opportunity and one of those memories I'll cherish forever. I bet so I mean do you have I mean what what is your recollection of that night?

You got a good story from that night that I have not heard potentially or what do you got from me Baker? You know what during the two minute drive we hadn't covered like the clocking the ball mechanics and everybody's got a specific cadence that they use during situations. And after we completed it I completed a kind of a shallow to Ben Skironic he got tackled in bounds got the first down and we needed to clock the ball. And Brian Allen our center came up to me and was screaming in my face the cadence for the clocking the ball. So that was one of those things that like even even in the midst of the two minute drive I'm still still learning the offense. You see so he was basically as you're running to go clock the ball giving you the mechanics of how everyone needs to follow what he's screaming you in your face. And you're realizing in in the real time moment he's giving you vital information is that exactly that's one of the things that if you if you don't have it then you get a 10 second runoff and game could be over right. Oh my God that was unbelievable that's truly one of the most amazing circumstances I've ever seen unfold and obviously of someone of your stature and and and for a nationally televised audience to have a front row seat.

I mean it's it's one of those things it's unbelievable and thankful for my my short stint there and sure all those guys that got to enjoy it with. Do you ever sit around Baker and think about you know your journey from hearing your name first called on that night in Dallas Texas to the present day. Do you ever sit around and you know wonder about why things happen or what can happen from from here.

Do you ever sit around and take that sort of stock Baker or no. I think I used to but now everything happens for a reason. Trust in God's plan that I'm going to be where I'm supposed to be and I'm going to make the most of it. And I have to trust that and I think the last year has definitely taught me that to really go with that flow and and try and help as many people out along the way as I can.

And so if I was to think about what could have been that'd be Harper on the wrong things instead of realizing what I have now and trying to make the most of it. Well look man it was great to run into you at the Super Bowl and and to have you here in your new spot. Again I think you landed in a great great great spot man truly. I appreciate that. You got it you got it and then does that mean that you're not gonna be a stranger here like do I get you calling and regular I mean not not like McAfee like I need you every Tuesday. But you know like what do you think can I get you some some form of.

We won't have a weekly appointment but I'll talk to you. Like what the owner said like acknowledge me when we run into each other or just like come you know come back on. Like what do you think. Yeah yeah yeah absolutely. Yeah yeah yeah for sure. I'm not convinced. Five monthly.

I don't know I don't feel like I'm even getting a commitment guys. You know I like you Rich. That's all I was looking for Baker. Damn it.

But I appreciate the aforementioned. All right say hi to Fergus give him a scream. That wasn't the dog on the podcast right the belly up dog on the podcast from last summer that was someone else's dog.

No that was somebody else's yep. Okay because you got to give those dogs. I mean you're a dog person you know you got to give that belly a scratch man.

I'm talking about the dog Fergus. Okay very good. Thanks for the call Baker Mayfield. You're the man.

You be well. That is the new quarterback in Tampa Florida. That's Baker Mayfield here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right there goes Baker.

I think he's going to play well man. The division's open. Let's be honest.

Wide open. Atlanta is as we all know not in on Lamar. We don't think they are. We don't think they're one of the teams.

It's been reported. Right and so it's Desmond Ritter's first full season there as they go about their business there. Carolina is going to have a first year starter as well. Yep.

And New Orleans has got Derek Carr coming in and that alone will place them in many people's minds at the top of the list because of Derek Carr's history with the Raiders and his lengthy starting career. And then there's Baker who's going to stroll in and start swinging it around to Mike Evans and Godwin. Let's go. I think the Bucks have an opportunity for sure.

Yeah. The division is wide open. Totally wide open. The same thing with the NFC North.

Yeah those two are going to be I think the most fun and unpredictable as we head into the season. Mark in Cleveland Ohio has been hanging on for a while. I think it's the perfect time to bring Mark in. What's up? Hey Rich how are you doing? Thanks for hanging on as long as you did. A little stroll down memory lane with Baker right there for you in Cleveland.

Mark? Yes sir I'm actually from Detroit originally so I wanted to say go blue first. Atta boy there's lots of us there. I know I'm in a safe space when I'm listening to your show so I appreciate it. It's all good.

It's all good. Way to go. You sound smart to me Mark.

You sound smart to me. My question is for based off Detroit Lions I've been a lifelong fan and I was just curious what you thought of their offseason with their free agency signings of CJ Gardner-Johnson, Cam Sutton, Emmanuel Moseley, David Montgomery, and Graham Glasgow. If the Jets finally get Aaron Rodgers do you think the Lions can make some noise and then the NFC North? The Jets will eventually get Aaron Rodgers. Hey you know the bandwagon is starting to fill right? The Honolulu Blue bandwagon.

Say that ten times fast. But why not? Lions' favorite to win the division. Why not? They played the best football in that division last six weeks at 20-22. I don't think I'm telling any tales out of school. The Vikings you could say and thanks for the call Mark I appreciate it not to have you hang on and listen to me prattle on here but look it up.

You got the Google there in front of you. The Vikings record after the Munich game and the reason why I say the Munich game they weren't in it but I was in Germany and that's where after calling Bucks versus Seahawks. We watched all of the games in a makeshift viewing room in a conference room in our hotel in downtown Munich. What week was that?

The reason why I bring it up is that's where I saw the remarkable Justin Jefferson one-handed grab against Buffalo. That game. So that was week ten. After week ten what did Minnesota finish like three and three four and four and three or something like that? No now five and three five and three. What did Detroit finish in their last eight?

They might have been five and three too. Detroit in their last eight six well now they won three they were eight and two. In their last ten? In their last ten. What about their last eight?

I'm just trying to figure this out. Six and two. They were two and six. Brother they played the best football in that division to wrap things up. They were one and six. As we all know the Bears didn't win after starting two and one. That's why they were drafting first overall. Yeah the Lions were one and six. And they have made some moves.

Boy do I like them. CJ Gardner-Johnson you bring him in David Montgomery is gonna have to come up with enough touchdowns to supplant Jamal Williams as 17. A lot of those were like on the two yard line. I mean David Montgomery could score from there too. If you subscribe to the anybody can score inside the five then Montgomery will put up very similar numbers to what Jamal Williams did.

I like him. I think you're not gonna do it. Am I gonna do it? Should I do it now?

Should I do it now? They're the betting favorite so it's not a limb that you're going out on. The Detroit Lions are currently the betting favorites to win the NFC North. Correct. Wow. Different times. The bandwagon's full.

It's full. Yeah. But for good reason I think. I think so. I mean look we all laughed at Dan Campbell a couple years ago.

The bike kneecaps thing and all that. But I mean they've really put something together. They play for him. They play hard.

And let's be honest. Jared Goff a little renaissance here for him. They also have two first round draft choices. Two. And their version and their one is less than is the worst of the two.

The one that they bring to the table. And they essentially get a first round wide receiver. Because he barely played last year. But in no way is this Lions bandwagon filled. You don't think so?

I think it is. There's gotta be more room. I mean no one's been on the Lions for long enough to say that the wagon is full. So then let me hop on an empty seat. Yeah trust me there's seats on that bandwagon. I'm in.

Fine I'll take a seat now. Division? Calling it? I'm calling it. Say the words.

Home playoff game Detroit Lions for the 2023 season. Done. Let's go. Now then.

It was right around this time I said the same thing about the Raiders last year. Which is. Two date.

Two date. Worst football take I've had in the eight plus year history of the program. I mean that's playing the result. It is playing the result.

Because the result's terrible. But at the time there was a lot of momentum similar. Well especially since I hopped off of the wagon that somebody had been riding six consecutive years and then took to the Super Bowl podium. It had been a winning wagon and you were like eh let me just try something else. Not just a winning wagon. I mean the wagon has got a lot of banners hanging from it.

Now that wagon's full. Oh yeah so. I was one of the many who downgraded the team that had the eventual MVP and eventual Super Bowl run. Yeah. Yeah. God.

I mean you thought the. So Detroit Lions grain of salt. There's a huge grain of salt. There's a silo of salt from this whole thing. But I will say this.

I'm in. Because you know at six overall they're going to get a tremendous football player. Tremendous football player. And then after that they're going to sit back at 18 and get another really good football player who could be just as tremendous as the guy they chose six overall. Or they trade back. Could you imagine if somehow someway Anthony Richardson's still available at six? I don't think that's going to happen. But it could.

I don't know. That this was that somehow someway the Colts and the Seahawks don't take Anthony Richardson. And he's sitting there and it's possible that that happens. That they you know love the player that's on the draft board. They're not going to pass up on that for a quarterback that they so may not make they don't need. And if they're win now they're you know I mean he doesn't really help you this year with Goff playing as well.

That's what I'm saying. They don't choose Anthony Richardson. Someone trades up with them. Yeah man. And they start collecting picks. Suddenly they're in a weird spot.

An unfamiliar spot. In. I'm not lone wolf.

No no no. By the way you're drunk on the drops. He's drunk drunk.

He's drunk drunk. That's a good team name. Hey listen I'm not lone wolfing. But I want to get in on this before the by the summer. By the summer. Oh they're going to be asking me to get off the bandwagon so I could for you know a later bandwagon just to sell the seats on this oversold bandwagon. Yeah. Yeah. Secondary market bandwagon.

By the summer? Yeah. Secondary market bandwagon. Is that a is that a fantasy team name? Maybe. Drunk on drops.

I like the drops. Hey give J. Felly credit. He's paying attention.

Hey true 844 to a four-inch Rich-eyes and show when we come back. I'll tell you before DJ Moore joins us Why I wasn't watching the world baseball classic class. Okay? Was that a movie premiere? Oh, no, I'm not a premier. Oh, is that a movie screening?

I watched a movie I'll tell you which one it's pretty bare with cocaine. Definitely not Definitely not anymore can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football and in life There's the regular season and then there's the playoffs knows that scoring your next job. That's a playoff moment to bring your a-game You need looking to change positions and join a new team Monster can help has millions of job openings and great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts Plus when you upload your resume to you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs specializes in building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you with those job fits When you score the position salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth The regular season is history and we all know the playoffs are no time for messing around It's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt back here on the Rich Eisen show You just missed on our roku channel only segment. I baited Chris Brockman into saying something totally insane Actually, that's not that hard to believe Just let me walk through this walk it out.

Thank you, sir. Yeah talked about Dante Hightower retiring after 11 terrific years and Legitimately talked about how many incredible plays that he made That might not have be on the highlight reel because we're focused on the Malcolm Butler interception. We're focused on the you know a James White touchdown that won it in overtime, right?

Yep. Well that'll man catcher Yeah, the Boston knee party or all of that all those games when I towers defensive plays set up all of them sure did And then you said he's gonna get in the Patriot Hall of Fame where you get a red jacket for that question And I see you said there's gonna be a lot of red jackets In the next few years in McCordy Brady and I am mentioned Bailey Zappi's red-jacket night's gonna be awesome. You told me you then hated me. Yep Cool knee-jerk and then You said when's that gonna happen? I said week six of this year to which you now say Matt Jones is making the Pro Bowl this year guaranteed. Okay now in in order for me to bite on this and And this has to be the way you're saying it the three guys who get The first shot at it not like oh, no It's not like he makes it because Oh Joe Burrows got a hangnail and he didn't mean that he didn't win the AFC Championship game Oh Josh Allen suddenly is all wobbly. Somebody's going to the Super Bowl, you know, like quarterback will make the probe It's not the Tyler Huntley of this equation a top five Is He backtracking now Matt Jones, I know you're excited bill O'Brien's coming back and you think that that's gonna be the end of that because I have no choice Okay, you should do you have choices? Being a fan without saying the most outrageous things like that juju's coming gaseki's coming d-hop maybe Well, that's part of your news coming up next hour Is that there's apparently a hot market and just because Belichick was caught on a hot mic Before the Patriots got the break of Kyler Murray blowing his knee out against him last Thursday night.

They would have won that. Oh, okay Got it So anyway, long story short is Belichick goes up to DeAndre Hopkins and says, I think you're awesome. Thank goodness We only play you once every four years That that means he's gonna suddenly pay DeAndre Hopkins to bring Mac Jones to the Pro Bowl that you're saying he's gonna get Mac Jones Pro Bowl understood Fantastic Book it book it Guess where Susie and I went last night. We went to the screening of the new film air The Ben Affleck directed and he also plays his be placed Phil Knight in the film and Matt Damon plays Sonny Vicaro in the film all about Nike signing Michael Jordan back in the day and Dark Knight to Phil Knight.

Look at you. Look at you doing that sort of thing Few other films in between from it for Ben Affleck, you know, like an Oscar-winning directing performance for Argo. It was Batman So I Got to tell you this movie It's fantastic Fantastic, okay, it went it felt like it was five minutes long.

I wanted to go another five hours an absolute pop culture delight You know the opening scenes do remind me a little of winning time. It's right around the same time You know Yep, and they go straight down to pop culture wormhole to start and and it's great to see Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on the same screen again, and they're terrific Jason Bateman is great in it. Viola Davis is Jordan's mom spectacular and It's so much fun to watch and it's one of those two where you're on the edge of your seat and you know spoiler alert And you guys will love it too because you guys are shoe nuts. Yeah, I can't wait No, is this a theatrical release or this is a theatrical release? Okay Yeah, I think the uh, it comes out the Tuesday after the day after the national the the week the week of the national champion game Yeah, I saw an interview with Affleck where he said that Michael Jordan's only request in the movie for the movie Was that viola Davis play his mother?

Well, they check that boxer. Yeah, and she is phenomenal in it Phenomenal It's so much fun. Who does Chris Tucker play in the movie? He plays one of the Nike executives. Okay in the film He's terrific in it Christmas scene who plays David Falk It's terrific as well Honestly, there's not a weak link in it. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the music is all from the era. It's really well done You know and then and they utilize at one point of the film not to have any spoiler alert they utilize the music that they the Bulls always introduced Michael Jordan to At the right time they use that perfectly At the right time and I also did not know because I'm not a you know a shoe nut like you guys are didn't know that the NBA required the shoe to be Mostly white back and you never see his interview with David Letterman about that.

No. Oh rich You've got to go to YouTube and like Jordan you mean her Jordan and letterman and letterman makes a whole all-time joke about what? You just said about the shoe. I will do that. I will do that because I'm Fascinated about the subject now, that's another great part about the movies Not only six of the next day, but you want to learn more about it's gonna come in tomorrow wearing some ones Oh, man, we can only hope bro. Now. I know what you mean by that joke I know what you mean. That's my number one.

I think I have 20 pairs of ones Well, it's pretty cool. It's really really yeah, I can't wait superbly well done But now I don't even I don't want to know You just wait You've seen them through the trailer of it. You're like well that doesn't look good. Well the the movie is just Just just as good as the trailer very very well done nice to enthusiastic thumbs up Rich Hebert DJ more of the Bears joining us shortly speaking to Chicago Popcorn situation no it was a screening and then a Q&A afterwards, okay cool Yeah, who was there for the for the a part of it? Jason Bateman oh and Chris Messina again who plays Is David Falk and Amara and and Marlon Wayans who plays George we're traveling yes plays George travel wait as a j-more is also in it j-more is in it yep Yep, j-more is in it. It's good to see him back in a sports movie Yeah, sweet really well done the converse executives the Adidas executives the Nike executives Ben Affleck deciding I hope he'll play Phil Knight himself.

It's fun. There's some funny lines in it and Matt Damon's just He's so likable Matt Damon is Sonny Vicaro. It's just great yeah, and and I don't know if Damon a went back for the chicken palms But he does have the gut I wonder if it's prosthetic. I'm sure knowing him he has the chicken palms, and then he just works it right and then he gets Back into born right please Some people have it some do not yeah, we are a bunch of do not know don't include me Don't include me in that I'm with you Now I want chicken palm chicken pie chicken remember that when he was telling that story yeah, and then he just kind of like That story about how you had to get in shape for being born And he had to stop eating chicken palm, and I said it sounds just like you said chicken palm And he denied it, but he said it No one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with Redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast They didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali sugary Leonard I mean they had them, but along comes for sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture They've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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