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REShow: Rob Demovsky - Hour 1

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March 20, 2023 3:08 pm

REShow: Rob Demovsky - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 20, 2023 3:08 pm

Rich recaps the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and weighs in on the fact that Aaron Rodgers is still a member of the Green Bay Packers.

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky tells Rich what’s holding up the Packers-Jets Aaron Rodgers trade, if Jordan Love is ready to become Green Bay’s starting quarterback, if Rodgers’ track record of player evaluations is on par with his QB skills, and what advice he has for the Jets media who will be covering Rodgers in New York.

Rich names Kansas State guard Markquis Nowell this week’s Athlete of the Week after his heroics for the Wildcats in the NCAA Tournament.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Aloha, friends. Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles. I'll be back Monday when Aaron Rodgers is still a member of the Green Bay Passes. It'll be great.

And we'll spend a whole lot of days waiting for something to happen that probably won't happen until the draft. Today's guests, ESPN Packers reporter Rob Demovsky, ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Villas, Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo, Arkansas men's basketball head coach Eric Musselman. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Well, hey everybody. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show, live in Los Angeles, California. I am back here in the chair. I'm very thankful to be back here with all my friends and with you right here on the Roku Channel. Channel 210 for those scoring at home or just watching us on the Roku Channel. We're live here on all Roku devices.

It's like Samsung Smart TVs and also Amazon Fire TV on the Roku app, We say everyone hello to you watching out there, again, on the Roku Channel or listening to us on Terrestrial Radio or listening to us on Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast where all podcasts are available. You can get us through the Cumulus Podcast Network.

There's our YouTube page, our Rich Eisen Show collection page here on the Roku Channel. Very excited to be here. Good to, again, be back in the chair with my friends who are across the aisle.

And thanks to Andrew Siciliano and Susie Schuster for sitting in so expertly here so I could tap out for a couple days and come back rested and tanned even though I'm not very rested. Good to see you over there, Christopher. How are you, brother? Hey, Rich.

Also not very rested. Good to be back. Good to see you. That must be a child situation. What's going on?

Child, a guy's weekend, all of the above. Hey, good to see you. Jay Felley, how are you? What's up, Rich?

How are you? Is Mike Del Tufo the one who's working the sound so I can hear Jose Altuve's wrist being hit by a baseball? Is that what's happening over the weekend? Absolutely.

Got it. That's what he's doing right now? Great terms. Massive home runs, you mean?

That's another one, too. Since I left the chair, Edwin Diaz was the closer of the Mets and Jose Altuve was the starting second baseman of the Houston Astros on opening day. Not anymore, but hey, the World Baseball Classic is intense and very fun to watch. Otherwise, good to see you over there, TJ Jefferson. Sorry about those trumpets. Well, you know, I'm not rested by the amtan and yeah, this Edwin Diaz thing hurts.

Good to see you. I'm sorry about all of that, even though I had nothing to do with that. I'm sorry about your brackets.

I'm sure they're absolutely dismantled, just like mine is. Just like Jay Billis, who's joining us at the top of second hour, his brackets are. He chose Arizona to win it all.

Ouch. And Arizona didn't win anything, not a single thing. They didn't win once. Did they even win a half? I don't know. Check out the halftime score against Princeton.

I don't think so. But one thing I definitely want to talk to Jay about is why we're now seeing three straight years of a two beating a 15 and it's only happened 11 times. That's three straight years of two is beaten at 15 and 15 is beaten at two.

Pardon me. And and then also we saw, I guess Virginia now has company and it's Purdue. So a 16 seed has beaten a one now twice. Unreal.

That was amazing. I thought that was something we'd never, ever see again. No, I mean ever.

Right now it's happened twice, five years. And Fairleigh Dickinson University, as I told you, going out the door, I told you that Fairleigh Dickinson was the spot, famously in my Staten Island circle, is the spot to utilize as a fake ID in high school. We all went to Fairleigh Dickinson University. It was misspelled.

It was terrible. Dickinson. There was, as of we woke up on Sunday morning, Princeton and Fairleigh Dickinson were still alive in the NCAA tournament. I don't know what it is about the state of New Jersey.

It was St. Peter's last year. There seems to be a shocker 15 or 16 seed every single year from New Jersey. Now lots to talk about with Jay Billis and then two victorious coaches in the NCAA tournament over the weekend.

Eric Musselman's Arkansas Razorbacks made sure that we will have a new champion this year, knocked off last year's champions in Kansas. And they became the first team to ever beat a one seed despite having three players foul out. That's never happened before. I did not know that.

They had three players foul out, including their leading scorer in the game in Devonta Davis and they still beat Kansas. And Eric Musselman took his shirt off and he's a 58 year old man who does that. And people just look at that and say, oh, okay, you go home with your bad self.

I don't know how many 58 year olds are going to be popping off their hearts. I think right in front of his wife as well. Right in front of Danielle Sargent, my former colleague in a couple of places in business. Yeah.

ESPN and NFL network. At any rate. Bobby Bones was up in that crowd too. Very good.

Didn't take his shirt off? I wouldn't doubt it. Tom Izzo's on this program checking in with Tom as he makes the sweet 16. Let me get this right for the 15th time in his career, 16th win for Izzo in the NCAA tournament as the lower seed that is now the best all time, one better than Brockman's favorite retiree Jim Boeheim in Syracuse.

And so Tom is joining us as he's going to New York City, going to Madison square garden. Musselman is taking Arkansas to Las Vegas to take on Yukon and next up for Michigan state is Kansas state, which had a huge win yesterday in a very tight contest against Kentucky. And that is a wide open bracket because the east reads like, I don't know. What do you say when it's three, four, seven, and nine, those are your seeds in the east. Florida Atlantic plays Tennessee, Kansas state plays Michigan state.

Someone's going to be cutting down the nets in New York city. Nobody really saw coming, especially Kansas state, which entered the season with a new coach and being picked last in the big 12. And there they are in the sweet 16. This is why we love this tournament where Princeton plays Creighton in Louisville for the right to take on maybe Alabama or San Diego state. Michigan survived a scare against Auburn to take on Miami, Florida, which keeps making sweet 16s now with regularity. Xavier taking on Texas also in the Midwest and it's Arkansas Yukon aforementioned, and then UCLA taking on Gonzaga. My pick. And Gonzaga or UCLA? UCLA. Okay. Gonzaga, Zanders, and he's still alive in these, in the Rich Eisen Show tournament.

I am not. I had six, right? Six sweet 16 teams.

Six of 16, eh? So you'd be rocking the clown makeup today, wouldn't he? No, I wouldn't have done it if the clown makeup was on the line. We're done with those years anyway.

I'm just saying, he would have. If only, Chris, it was a sweet six. Man, that'd be so money. But you forget the teen sweet six.

I'd be so money. Teen. Teen. I also went mostly 12.

The teen makes it less impressive. Sweet six makes it sound incredible. Yeah, you did a great job.

Great job. How about this guy who's leading our bracket? Whoever Chico 4-6-6-4 is.

What Chico 4-6-6-4 is. Got 14 out of 16. That's crazy. And how about we're at the sweet 16.

No Kentucky, no Duke, no Kansas, no North Carolina. Yeah. When was the last time that happened? The blue bloods are out. Yeah. So we got a ton of NCAA tournament conversation coming up on this program. So that's all here on this very busy Monday. Hey, as I predicted, last you heard from me amongst the minor birds chirping in the palm trees of the beautiful 50th state of this great country. Between my ties? Not between.

Just I had one out the door. But as I knew would be the case, Aaron Rogers is still a Green Bay Packer. And let me just say this. Let me just say this because I know Andrew Brant's been on this program and he's given voice to a lot of what observers think that the Jets fan base is going to be up in arms and let me just counsel the Jets fan base if this is the case and that could potentially lead to anything that the Jets do that I believe they should not do. Please take a page from Aaron Rogers and R-E-L-A-X and a question about leverage that I know Amy Trask was talking about with Susie here on Friday and Andrew was talking to Siciliano, the Andrew that was sitting in this chair on Thursday. Who's got leverage?

Who doesn't have leverage? Look, the Jets clearly need Aaron Rogers and Aaron Rogers has said words I never thought that would come out of his mouth which is that he intends to play for the New York Jets this coming year. And you know when he says words you got to listen to them clearly to parse them out. He intends to play for the New York Jets and so does that mean he's definitely going to play for the New York Jets? Of course not. But he intends to play and I will take his intention at his word. Jets need a veteran quarterback. They're not going to go into this season with Zach Wilson. Question is if it's not Rogers who's it going to be? Obviously it's not going to be anybody as good as Aaron Rogers and the Jets won't be as good with anybody else that's still left out there and there's I don't know who the hell's left out there putting a trade for Nick Foles.

I mean I honestly. Ryan Tannehill? There's no and I know there's Lamar. I know there's Lamar that's still sitting out there. But it's going to be Rogers. You know why? Because the Packers aren't taking him back either and the Packers are sitting back saying oh we don't have to pay him his money until September 1st. Oh we could just sit around and wait. Oh okay.

Sounds good. They can't move forward either. Because guess who could show up and pull a Favre at any point in time? If he's so intends to do because his intention is to play for the Jets and with each passing day that he does not actually play for the Jets or is in the Jets organization I have a feeling he would intend to make the Packers life particularly miserable and has many different platforms in which to do it. This is going to get done. It's just that annoying 1201 one minute after midnight mentality that the NFL is addicted to.

Addicted to. Nobody's going to go ahead and just do the right thing or do what we all know that needs to get done. Jets need Rogers. Rogers intends to play for Jets. Packers don't want Rogers anymore. They certainly don't need him around. You know they're going to eventually have to get rid of him because they're not going to pay 60 million dollars to a guy who's just going to back up Jordan Love and be there when he doesn't want to be there and there's no way on this planet he's going to be there and we all know that sitting here on March 20th.

We know it. But they leave the door open to it with each passing day and Rogers going on McAfee last week definitely put things in a position where the Jets need to get it done now and now obviously there were some people thought well he gave the Packers so much leverage by saying he intends to play for them. He already said it on Friday before. Now he goes on Patch Show and starts telling all these you know stories about going into the darkness cave and then coming out of the darkness cave and he went in and he thought he was going to retire and then he's sitting there and he sat with one day of retirement thoughts and the next day of comeback thoughts and he comes out and he's just like well I'm thinking of playing then and suddenly he's shocked to learn the Packers aren't interested in having him back anymore which I proffered to say he had a good inkling about that before he turned the lights off in that Oregon cave. Look Jets need him. He if he wants to intend to play that's the spot and the Packers cannot have him back.

Can you imagine if this still is out there in the ether for you know mandatory mini camps and things like that. Anybody who's been to the Packer organization remembers Favre showing up after they turned the page to Rogers saying I still want to play here and it's just like come on and if the Packers want to just just wait just to mess with Rogers or try and extract a draft choice out of the Jets that the Jets are unwilling to give up and they're what they're they're just gonna forfeit the opportunity to take two more players or a player in this year's draft for Rogers just blow off this year's draft. Packers are that good they could pass on a second round choice or a third round choice or multiple choices just to try and extract that first round pick they're not gonna get from the Jets for a guy who's 39 and turning off lights in Oregon caves wondering if he's gonna play again. You really flip a one for that guy can we just stop the nonsense and just friggin make this trade already cuz we know the Jets need it we know Rogers wants it we know the Packers need it they know we know Rogers not coming back he's not starting he's not backing up for the Packers anymore and one day what we all hope for you in Wisconsin is that you all come together like the Packers and Favre did and Rogers will wave to the crowd once again as a retired player of the Packers and the Jets probably the Vikings he completely follows the Favre plan here and then let's just all go about our business and then wait for the Jets to flop again and go and try for Jordan Love after his 15 year first ballot hall of fame career is over with the Packers seriously but it's just you sit here it's just at what point at what point does Rogers have to go on McAfee again and again and again is that what has to happen like at what point because the Jets aren't giving up a one is that really what it's about is it a money thing too that they're not gonna pay Aaron this that it could be a money thing not doing right by Aaron in that regard I have no idea the only thing I definitely know is the Jets need it Rogers wants it and the Packers definitely need it too because this thing's over Rob Dimofsky of ESPN I have questions for him he covers the Packers funny thing is the previous week when I reached out to him last week and he's just like let's wait till it's all over so I sent him a text like hey man free now what do you think I don't know and then of course there's Lamar did he get a single phone call that is did his phone light up at all over the weekend what does talk about the Colts that I've been mentioning and then field Yates went on ESPN and threw out two teams today that's kind of gotten the Twitter verse all a Twitter including yours which I think is absurd Rob Ninkovich that it do boy that would be something absurd or let's talk about it eight four four two oh four rich number two dial here on this very busy Monday when we come back Rob Dimofsky who covers the Green Bay Packers for the worldwide leader in sports will join us Tom Izzo and Eric Musselman of Michigan State and Arkansas men's basketball programs in our number three and Jay Billis of the worldwide leader top of our two don't go anywhere we're off and running today men do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarm sweating itching or emitting an odor do those thoughts keep you from showing care when it counts new and improved dove men plus care antiperspirant with 72 hours sweat and odor protection and one-quarter moisturizing cream helps you forget about your underarm so you can be present for the moments that matter don't let underarm insecurities keep you at arm's distance from the ones you care about by new and improved of men plus care antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold have you noticed how a lot of insurance commercials are kind of gimmicky 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simulcast family pardon me the Rich Eisen show desk that's what I'm sitting at is furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you call click or just stop by Tom Izzo of Michigan State basketball there in the sweet 16 getting set to take on Kansas State Eric Musselman of Arkansas basketball there in the sweet 16 just took care of Kansas getting set to take on Yukon both coaches will be on in hour number three Jay Billis in hour number two but joining us right now to talk about what in the world is happening in this game of chicken between Green Bay Wisconsin and Florham Park New Jersey that's where the Jets are joining us here covers the Packers expertly for the worldwide leader in sports Rob Dymofsky back here on the Rich Eisen show how you doing Rob I'm great Rich you'll have to ask coach Izzo what he thinks of this because you know he's a Packers fan right he grew up about 90 miles north of Green Bay technically in the state of Michigan but I'd be curious to hear what Tom has to say about all Rob I hear all those growing up in Iron Mountain Michigan loving the Packers stories from Mariucci his best man at his wedding and vice versa Rob I've had first hand stories about you know seeing watching their practices through chain link fences and stuff like that I know that I know every every preseason it seems like Izzo's finds his way to the sidelines for a preseason game before basketball season starts and I love to talk to him about he's good people growing up there and him and Mooch but anyway I digress at any rate just you know because I choose my words carefully I intend to get answers from you okay I intend to get answers from you what is happening you want answers you want the truth I do I can I can try and I can handle it it sounds like it's just a game of chicken I don't know when it's gonna end what do you got here's what here's what I can tell you rich right now okay from what I was told the Packers think the Jets are kind of low balling them a little bit now what that means I don't exactly know but the Packers feel like they're in a position of leverage right now and rich rich Semeni our great Jets reporter had a great line and story that we've worked on leverage is in the eye of the beholder which I think in this case is probably true but I think right now at least up until oh I'd say around what is the first round of the draft April 27th or so I think the Packers have have leverage so now after that they sort of lose any immediate impact help that they could get from trade but I just don't think they're in a hurry to just take whatever the Jets are offering and we know that the Jets don't want to give up that pick number 13 so they're gonna have to figure this out somehow some way to get equal value for whatever a first round pick would be whether it's you know using the draft chart to add up a second a third a fourth or whatever it is to to equal equal that 13th pick or a player this this was suggested to me you know the Jets had three first round picks last year one of them the third of the three was a defensive tackle Jermaine Johnson if I'm not mistaken and had a brain lock but let's just say let's just say the Packers really liked him last year and had a first round grade on him last year would they accept that as him as the equivalent of the first round pick? Rob I mean seriously I mean why would the Jets give up anything for Rogers that is a first round talent when he's 39 and he's going in a darkness cave and he's flipping off the lights wondering if he's gonna play anymore why would the Jets I mean honestly it's just and I understand Gudekunst has due diligence that he has to do and I understand Mark Murphy has to do whatever due diligence but clearly they don't want him back there I mean everyone knows you can't just go back to your corners with the Jets like we have Zach Wilson and you have Aaron Rodgers and boy that was you know they split the tab of Lucky's dinner in in Malibu like get out of here you know yeah no but here's the thing why would they do it because the Jets ownership is desperate for relevancy and they know that Rogers is is their only ticket to relevancy right now okay so you know that's why they're probably gonna be forced to pay a little bit more than than they should now from the Packers standpoint you're right you're you as Mark Murphy said 15 years ago when they turned from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers he had crossed the Rubicon if you remember that that that statement or Mike McCarthy said that train has left the station obviously Aaron Rodgers isn't coming back and to suggest I know that was suggested somewhere earlier this season that they would take him that the only way they would take him back would be as a backup and they're not you know they're not gonna pay him 60 million dollars to be a backup obviously so they have they have they have moved on which is why at some point they lose leverage in this you know I don't think they're at that point now but at some point the Packers do lose that leverage because ultimately that 60 million dollar check is still sitting out there that they would have to write so let me ask you this Rob Dymofsky here on the Rich Eisen show from ESPN NFL nation so I guess I'm surprised by this which is when the Packers gave the Jets permission to fly out and chat with Rodgers they were or just to talk to Rodgers that led to a plane flight to go see him there was no framework for a deal that they there was that everybody's just suddenly like so shocked the Jets were interested in Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Rodgers was interested in playing for the Jets I mean get out of here with that too so right that is the that's the part that's hard to figure well you would think that before you go down that road or in this case go down that runway and take off to go visit with them that that would be something that would be worked out I have heard conflicting things on that and then but I would say this the fact that there hasn't been a deal done yet tells me that they probably didn't have that that worked out but sure I was told by several people that this is all you know it's a formality they just got us tied off on it but it would appear at this case in this in this moment that that's not the case because it hasn't happened yet now look it's going to happen right like everybody in the situation knows that at some point Brian Gudekunz is gonna put his signature on those trade papers and and send it to the league office and they're gonna get this deal done but the fact that it hasn't happened yet makes me you know I think tells us that they just haven't quite agreed on that now it's also possible Rich that they could have the the trade compensation part of it worked out in terms of draft picks and who's going where and they're haggling over the financials of it right now because there's so many this is this isn't just we trade you to the Jets you send us picks A B C and D and and player a and we're done the Jets are gonna want Rogers to rework the contract which Rogers has said that he knows it would have to be adjusted okay he he remember he said adjusted on the Pat Maxey show yes if we learned anything was there and we know that better you better figure out what that word means because adjusted doesn't necessarily mean pay cut just as immunized doesn't necessarily mean vaccinated but I don't want to go down that road so so there's all that that has to be worked out so it's not just as simple as you know Joe Douglas and Brian Gudekunz you know sitting down and saying okay this is it you sign the paper I'll sign the paper we send it to New York there's more to it than that Rob Dubowski of ESPN covers of Packers right here on the Rich Eisen show so before we return to this subject let's just put a pin in that for the moment let's talk about Jordan Love he's ready they believe he's ready that they have or or the circumstances of their relationship with Rogers in the last year changed to the point where they're ready to test their confidence in Jordan Love in Green Bay what do you make of that Rob of those three things he's ready they believe he's ready or they're just ready to see if he's ready I think the third part is where they're at and Brian Gudekunz at the combine said something really interesting it was sort of a read between the lines kind of thing but we asked him about you know what the contract that you did last year three years 150 million you know with the setup being basically the first two years fully guaranteed you know why did you do that and he said something along the lines of we liked that we liked that when we did it but after what happened last season our thinking has changed a little bit that was the phrase our thinking has changed a little bit that that on February 28th or whenever day March 1st whenever day that was that was the final indication that they were moving on from them something had changed now what had changed well okay whatever you think of Aaron Rodgers whether you think he's he's eccentric whether you think he's abstraction you know whatever it is that you think and that's up to every individual to decide for themselves but when you win 13 games three years in a row it's it's easy as an organization as a coaching staff that deals with them on a daily basis to say yeah you know whatever he might be a little this or it might be a little that but we're winning 13 games it's worth it well the only thing that changed last year Rich is they went eight and nine and missed the playoffs so maybe maybe some of those things that might be viewed as you know difficult to work with or what does the kindergarten teacher say struggle to get along with others in play time I think that was sent home on my report card once or twice you know those things are harder to take when you're you're eight and nine and I think that's sort of the way that they reached it with him then you add into the fact that you put three years in the Jordan love you've invested all this time you've seen some progress now I would argue that I don't know that it's enough progress to see to believe that he's you know going to be the guy but at some point you've got to find out and I think that's all that mixed up together is why we're sitting here on on March 20th just waiting for the official end of the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay I gotta be honest with you Rob if you had a point to a spot where things might have changed I would I and again this is totally just observing from my seat in Los Angeles it would be when Devante Adams left and in the fact that Rogers is you know connection to him not just on the field locker room his maybe his feeling of connectivity to the locker room his ability to to have that guy on the field and not have to find out who he has and Christian Watson we did find that out second half of the season Romeo Dobbs whenever he was healthy and and maybe the Packers with that change setting the table that it makes sense for them to have Jordan love start to grow old with the young guys and not the old guy to try and stay young with the young guys you know what I mean like that that might be it if I had a peg I still maintain that on March 15th of last year that when Aaron Rodgers signed that contract he thought Devante Adams was coming back Green Bay I mean I can't swear that but I feel fairly good about saying that Rogers thought he was coming back with Devante Adams and then two days later Adams was traded now now we do know that Adams had just said things earlier than that to the Packers that you know he may want to go elsewhere but I think Rogers thought that by me coming back I'm Aaron Rodgers I'm coming back that Devante will still want to come back here and they'll work something out and I think that was a big shock to Aaron Rodgers and the whole thing so I think pointing to that as a as a whether it's a turning point or a final straw I think that is a monumental date on the timeline of the divorce between Rogers and the Packers Rob Dimofsky here on the Rich Eisen show and and the game of chicken has this affected the way Gudekunz can go shopping in the free agency period at all any of the other decisions that he's made you know you got Bakhtiari who's maybe the what is it fair to say the lone leftover of the Rogers BFFs still in that locker room right now yeah pretty much pretty much I mean Mason Crosby is kicker hasn't been resigned yet but Cobb isn't coming back Mercedes Lewis isn't coming back you know Tanyan Robert Tanyan's in Chicago Lazard obviously with the Jets so yeah that's the that's sort of the group but you know having covered the end of the most of the breath for our tenure but at the end it was similar I mean quarterbacks keep getting older and their teammates keep getting younger stay the same age and that age gap you know it's different and at some point it's just that's just the way it is in this league I remember talking to Rogers his first or second year I think his first year just I asked him about his relationship with Brett and and not in a bad way but he just said look I'm closer in age to Brett Favre's daughter than I am to Brett Favre you know like it's just that's just sort of the way the way it goes and you know if you if you can't deal with that as a player you know I don't know what to tell you but Rogers track record as general manager and I when I say that as all the guys that he said that they should have kept over the years in most cases he was probably wrong I mean yeah Charles Woodson and maybe Peppers were the exception they let those guys go probably earlier but there were plenty of guys that he mentioned in his you know when he aired his grievances when he came back to the Packers a couple years ago and talked about how he didn't have a say in personnel and how they treated older players most of those situations he was probably wrong about wanting those guys back and how productive they could be I will say this too Rich now I realize the rosters are different in New York and Green Bay but Rogers didn't feel like he had the weapons to win in Green Bay yet he wants all these same guys with him in New York so you know making that what you want. Well I mean you're just a little push back there the guys that he wants in New York Mercedes Lewis Cobb and Lazard I mean those are those are the guys he relied on the most and that it is true I mean look Watson had the ability to catch touchdowns big time first pass he threw to him to try and maybe be could you imagine if he had caught that one against the Vikings in week one I understand it's just a week one but just in terms of relationships and conversation I kind of don't blame Rogers has got Adams leaves for Vegas and and he's got a he's got a bunch of kids that he's got to grow up and I don't know if he really was in that mindset of his career it's just that simple I mean guys age out of locker rooms sometimes. They could have they could have signed Odell Beckham Jr. in what was that 2021 before the Rams signed him right and I mean who knows when you say Odell tore his ACL super well yeah fine but maybe that maybe it's different if he comes to Green Bay and then you know Rogers loses Devante but he still has Odell and they draft Watson and Romeo Dobbs and everything's fine so yeah the Packers had plenty of opportunities to you know add receivers add people that would make Aaron Rogers comfortable the bottom line is that if you go back to April was that 23rd 2020 when they drafted up traded up to draft Jordan Love at number 26 that was the beginning of the end and Rogers said you know month or so later the first time he talked after that was well I guess I no longer have the ability to control how my career ends in Green Bay and you know three little less than three years later here we are. Rob Demovsky here on the Rich Eisen Show last one for you Rob you've been around Rogers and cover him what advice would you give to the New York City media certainly knowing you know you know the media world obviously and and part of Rogers appearance on McAfee show was calling out a lot of your colleagues you know Schefter had a very viral tweet go out confirming that Rogers told him to lose his number and and then the the news of Rogers saying he intended to play for the Jets was welcomed by backpage headlines that were absolutely won by the Daily News just a total tweak in Rogers direction a real shot in the arm is what they had as a headline Johnson's Jets about to get how about this gets Johnson's Jets again because Johnson is of Johnson and Johnson about to get big boost after Rogers reveals his intention to play for gang green and again this is not the sort of stuff he was subject to by the media in Wisconsin ever so there was no page six when I worked at the Green Bay press oh there was a page six it existed there was a sixth quote un second there was a sixth page of the newspaper so so I give the floor to you on that subject better yeah I will say this about Aaron Rogers he he treats the local beat guys the people who are there the men and women who cover the team on a daily basis pretty well he is I always felt like if I was working on a story and I want to ask Rogers for you know his viewpoint his input on something he was going to give you a thoughtful answer he wasn't going to just give you a canned answer so like from that standpoint if you cover him on a daily basis and you want to talk about things that that he finds interesting you know he's going to be helpful and he's going to be he's going to be good to cover I just I think he doesn't care for you know quite frankly the talking head shows that that wish wanted give their opinions you know I think what we do and and what you guys do on your show and an NFL network is you know for the most part reporting based information but certainly there's plenty of shows on and writers that you know it's just it's all it's just all opinion and I don't think he has any use for that stuff which is which is fine that that's his prerogative but I would say this keep your your Merriam Webster handy because and read the definitions closely because when we talk about words that he uses he's using them for a reason and you know when I said go back to his contract adjusted you know he didn't that doesn't some people took that to mean pay cut it's not what adjusted necessarily what I mean so keep your Merriam-Webster dictionary because I'll never forget Rich walking out of that press conference you know when he said yeah I've been immunized I should have I should have opened the dictionary and looked at what immunized meant because it certainly didn't mean vaccinated and again I don't care whether he it was his choice his body his choice I don't care whether he did it or not but obviously you know what the backlash was from from that from that statement so you know to to the guys out there you know just keep your dictionary handy Rob thanks for the call greatly appreciate it man you be well look good to catch up right back at you tell Izzo tell Izzo good luck from all the people here I will do that thanks for the call Rob look for more of my text thanks for the answers that's Rob Damofsky of the worldwide leader in sports again it's gonna happen but if he if if if if as he say if Gouda Kunst is asking for one of their first-round picks from last year one of those kids on the defensive line he's not a tackle he's a pastor he's he can go hunt Jermaine Johnson okay get out of here we want him we need him but he's not like 32 he's not 30 he's 39 he's not like somebody like Brady saying I'll play till I'm 45 he's wondering if he's still can get through as he said his workouts for a week to see how he feels a month ago he was 90 percent retired you don't want him back in the building and he knows that and the Jets know that but they also know the Jets really you know need him for relevancy these are all true facts but everybody needs it so just get it done in the meantime we'll talk about it endlessly eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show phone calls and I've got a terrific monster dot-com player player of the week he is awesome he was terrific over the weekend that's coming up next here on the Rich Eisen show can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football and in life there's the regular season and then there's the playoffs knows that scoring your next job that's a playoff moment to bring your a-game you need looking to change positions and join a new team monster can help has millions of job openings and great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts plus when you upload your resume to you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs specializes in building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you with those job fits when you score the position salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth the regular season is history and we all know the playoffs are no time for messing around it's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt back here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204-rich number to dial everybody hang on stay on hold we're gonna take your phone calls overreaction Monday's coming up I've been uh locked into this tournament it's it's just amazing to me because I admitted it here yeah and you feel the same way Chris and TJ as well and certainly Michigan not having a great year uh in basketball I didn't focus I didn't drill down on the college basketball season very much at all but when the tournament hits and it's do or die and you just see these stories and you learn who's in and who's not and you learn who's hot and who keeps on going on and what it means to the team and you learn their stories it's not much like it man yeah this tournament hundred percent everybody loves a cinderella story and then you find out where this kid's from or that program transfers from and all of that business and um and then you start putting it all together as well from the school's point of view as well as everything going on at that school there was one performance and one player that just jumped out at me and obviously I could go Princeton or or 15 seed making the sweet 16 Princeton's in the sweet 16 I'm going with Kansas State is what I'm going with the big 12 champs in football fielded a basketball team or put on the court a basketball program that was picked dead last in the big 12 dead last in the big 12 and their you know new coach Jerome Chang coming from Baylor had two players left essentially two guys returning from an underperforming program and one of them that stuck around and was there is now a fifth year senior named Marquis Noel and what this guy does at five foot eight watching him play the only just to bring it all together the only connection I can throw out there or he reminds me that he's the Deuce Vaughn of this team okay Deuce Vaughn 5'5 running back of Kansas State saw him at the combine he was terrific this guy's 5'8 the no look passes make you jump off the couch including an alley-oop no look alley-oop right at the buzzer in the first half against Kentucky after they beat Montana State this kid the fifth year senior he had 27 points nine assists three steals against Kentucky he scored 23 of his 27 in the second half he tied the game with six minutes to go in a three-point shot where his left foot was on the monsterly sized I was like interesting enough I use the word monster here March Madness logo at mid-court his left foot was touching the logo he nails a three to tie the game with six minutes to go he buries a step back three to bring them within one of Kentucky with mere minutes to go that sparked a 19 to nine run to win it he had that three in that 19 nine run and also eight of eight from the line he was perfect he he didn't miss from the line when they were wrapping this game up and he also has this way of of his routine for his free throw routine takes the ball and he goes behind the back before shooting and then touching hardly anything but net he shoots 90% from the field he's again he's only one of two players in a roster of a team that was picked last in the Big 12 they're now in the sweet 16 for the first time since 2018 and that eastern bracket is wide open wide open as we all know Michigan State knocked off Marquette the two seed Purdue got knocked off by Fairleigh Dickinson and the other teams Florida Atlantic Tennessee Michigan State anybody could cut down the nets in New York where by the way our player of the week Marquise Noel is from Harlem playing in Madison Square Garden for a team from Manhattan Kansas is the way you do it pretty cool stuff man pretty cool stuff he is the player of the week already here on a Monday I loved watching him play he has the highest scoring NCAA tournament game the 27 against Kentucky by a wildcat since 2012 and that is brought to you by sponsored by can help you tackle the job search and make your next career move it's time to get off the sidelines go to and win the job hunt nice run here for Kansas State unfortunately for them that like their football program they might run into Alabama but who knows who knows kid from Harlem could cut down the nets in Madison Square Garden for a program that was picked last in their conference which their football team won by a surprise as well pretty cool stuff 844-204-rich is the number to dial right here on the program when we come back Jay Billis on the brackets as a whole his was busted on day one because Arizona went out to Princeton so he's just like the rest of us joining us in a moment here on the Rich Eisen show still here you turn your microphone on there TJ you talk about the Wildcats you also have Keontae Davis who if you know his story he collapsed during a game for Florida in 2020 went into a coma for three days got cleared then he was able to come back and play he could have taken a five million dollar insurance buyout he decided not to he bet on himself he entered the transfer portal found himself at Kansas State and now they're in the in the sweet 16 and his his story is just phenomenal too and what is I mean what a program run right now I mean Noel had 17 14 and six with three steals against Montana State in the first round good time to be Stonestreet I guess you know his team his program is lighting it up right now and talk about the brackets being busted okay the eight matchups coming up in the sweet 16 only two of them are the chalk three to Xavier plays Texas and the three to Gonzaga you see just off the top my head there's only one program in the sweet 16 who also had a football program win their conference championship game in football right I think you're right Alabama didn't Texas didn't Tennessee didn't Arkansas didn't UCLA didn't despite Jim Moore's best efforts Miami Houston nope nope Kansas State top of the world right now our number two Jay Bill is coming up no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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