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REShow: Amy Trask - Hour 2

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March 17, 2023 3:23 pm

REShow: Amy Trask - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 17, 2023 3:23 pm

CBS Sports’ Amy Trask joins guest host Suzy Shuster in-studio to discuss why the Packers-Jets Aaron Rodgers trade is taking so long to finalize and when the deal could finally get done, why a number of NFL teams should be lining up to sign Lamar Jackson, and plays a round of ‘What’s More Likely’ where she weighs in on Jimmy Garoppolo, Baker Mayfield, 49ers, Colts, Jets, Broncos, Bears, Panthers, Daylight Savings Time, March Madness, and St. Patrick’s Day vs Cinco de Mayo.

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

Congratulations! Before I lose the entire audience, I want to raise my glass here to Aaron Rodgers. Hey!

Salud! This is the Rich Eisen Show. I love him. With guest host, Suzy Schuster. Earlier on the show, VSIN Managing Editor, Brent Musburger. Coming up, CBS Sports NFL analyst, Amy Tresk.

Writer and director of Disney Plus's, Chang Can Dunk, Jing Yi Shao. And now, it's Suzy Schuster. Back with you here on the Rich Eisen Show, hour two. Hour one was amazing, because I love Brent Musburger and his stories are gorgeous.

So if you want to check those out, please do. Go to our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show. Call us, 844-204-Rich, because Chris Brockman is answering all the calls today.

I am. He's got nothing to do besides grab the big reveal coming up soon. And he'd love to talk to you. He really likes to talk to everybody. So please call in 844-204-Rich. I know there's a couple calls.

Please don't hang up. Roll through, because I've got Amy Tresk with me, the princess of darkness, who walked in with her own tote bag that says princess of darkness. Hi, Amy!

Hi, Suze. I love that you reference Brent's stories as gorgeous, because I use that word to describe football games. Like, what a gorgeous game or a gorgeous play. We're kind of feeling each other on the gorgeous when it comes to, you know, using a descriptive word. I feel like having you back on was a must-do after that last show.

I just felt like we had something going on here. I think we do, and I also think, fair warning, I'm getting kind of comfortable in this chair. By the way, you look good in that chair.

Kind of comfortable. Yeah, you look good in that chair. You know what I get a kick out of here is the whole talk show host looked down on somebody.

Rich has the whole chemistry and the whole psychology. You know about that Johnny Carson believed he always sat above somebody to look down on them. I feel like I could raise your chair up. Or, you know, just as long as you don't put a booster chair out here, because that would be a little, you know, I had a lot of booster chairs growing up.

But I could always sit, you know, cross-legged, raise myself up. Watch us here on the Roku channel, channel 210. You know, I tell everybody this, that I'm an idiot, so I love Roku, because it makes it easier.

I just click two things on the app and I listen to the show in the car. And then I basically spend the time texting TJ and Chris when I think something that Rich said is annoying. Which is on a break, as you all know. Factual, baby, factual. It is true, TJ. Do I text in once a show? What's our, what do we think?

I'd say maybe like two, three, two to four times a week, just depending. Right. Yeah. So it's not every show you don't text in, but yeah. It's embarrassing. You look like such a, such a, you know, like that.

But every one of your texts is. Like a soccer mom. No, why don't you go with caring spouse? Yeah.

Caring spouse, loving wife, supportive other. I don't know. Go with something good.

Know it all. Oh, we can do that too. Anyway, you can have a mimosa. I'm a mimosa Friday. Oh, okay.

I may, but I also brought some, maybe I brought some treats and stuff like that. So the whole beautiful thing about having Amy Trask on the Princess of Darkness, CBS Sports analyst, and of course the former CEO of the Raiders. I don't know, maybe most important woman in the history of football, but that's just me saying it. I'm just saying, you know. Rich, give the woman a raise. Raise, please.

I get the hair and makeup for free that I can walk around looking like this all day. You give Rich a raise if you want. Yeah, that's fine. I'll take that. So anyway, I just thought, you know, having you on, maybe we'd up it a notch. We're going to talk Aaron Rodgers, obviously, and we're going to talk Lamar Jackson and we can talk about anything else you like because you're you. But we thought we would try to bring in a little something special to the show this Friday. What did you bring, Andrew? What did you bring yesterday?

Not much. Okay, whatever. Just saying. A little ice cream for the 10 o'clock hour. Yeah.

10, 11, 12, 1. Okay, it's one o'clock on the East Coast. And really it doesn't matter because, by the way, I'm not going to name names. Okay.

Because the first rule of Fight Club, you don't talk about Fight Club. Okay. And I'm going to give a shout out to the person with the Rich Eisen Show who went in and had some of the mint chocolate chip for breakfast. Yeah, that was Chris Brockman who ate an entire pint.

Well, see, this is the thing. And now that you've named them, I'm going to say, Chris, you put back the pint with about that much ice cream left. And if you know anything about me, you won't be surprised to know that pint's gone now. You finished it? I went in after you.

Yeah, you did. It's gone because I had to make room for a pint that I put in. So, you know, you're going to put a pint back with that much ice cream in it. When I'm here, that pint ain't living. Were you at all worried that Chris double-dipped in that pint or did you see him put it in and you didn't care? I wouldn't care.

Would you have cared? Are you a double-dipper? I don't know what that means. Did you eat straight out of it? No, I put it into a cup. Oh, so civilized. Well, I ate straight out of the pint, but I finished the pint, so it's not a problem.

But you finished it, so that's totally fine. Yeah. 844-204, Rich is the number to call. Because Chris Brockman wants to talk to you.

I'm just saying. So just call in. I definitely do.

Whatever you want to talk about, we'll take it. I may start calling in, by the way. On days when I'm not here, I may just call in to talk to Chris. 844-204, Rich. Normally it's Adam, but he basically took the day off and didn't tell any of us.

So, I mean, I'm just saying. So now it's all up to Chris. He'll handle it.

Call in, 844-204. He's had his ice cream. Can we jump into this Aaron Rodgers thing, Amy? Sure. Can you just tell me what's going on? I find this story to be somewhat tedious at this point. Because as I said to start the show, if you and I were negotiating this, this would be done by now.

Well, you're absolutely right. And I will share with you my thoughts on negotiation and why I just can't stand everything that I'm reading and hearing right now. But I want to mention something that Aaron Rodgers said a week or so ago that really resonated with me. He said to those people who are complaining that they're hearing much about the story, that they're talking too much about the story, that Aaron is saying too much. He said, so stop reading. Stop listening. If you're tired of hearing me talk, if you're tired of reading about what I'm saying, stop listening.

Stop reading. I thought that was wise advice. I think it's great advice, and I think that what Brent Musburger said in the first hour was really apropos, which is, it's Marge Madness and all we're talking about is Aaron Rodgers. Well, and as to your negotiation point, I have a very, very different approach to negotiations than most people. We always hear that phrase, let's sit across the table from one another and negotiate. Well, if the goal is to get a deal, how about we sit next to one another and we collaborate? If the goal of a negotiation is to get a deal, it doesn't need to be a quid pro quo.

It doesn't need to be a tit for tat. You sit down. Susie shares, here's what's important to me in the negotiation aim. I say, here's what's important to me in the negotiation or in the deal, Susie, because we don't need to negotiate. If something's important to you and I don't care about it, have it.

And please do the same for me. And we're going to figure this out. I can't stand the posturing. I can't stand the quid pro quo. If the goal is to make a deal, collaborate and make a deal. Each party to this jigsaw puzzle, if you will, has a play that he or that it can make. The Jets, the Packers, Aaron, just sit down and collaborate and make a deal. I have so many questions for you, Amy Trask. First of all, who has the leverage?

Well, I'm not, everybody has a piece of strength, I will say, in the deal. The Packers have a player under contract that the Jets want. The Jets are looking to take off the Packers' financials, a player they no longer want. Aaron can say to the Packers, be reasonable with the team I want to go to or, by the way, I'm coming back and I'll see you. And everybody's going to push back and say, Amy, he's not really going to do that. Well, maybe he won't, but he can. And everybody's going to say, well, you know, the Packers don't want to give him up for a little bit. Well, would they rather have him show up? And the Jets aren't going to want to give up too much.

Okay, how much is too much? If everybody just takes a deep breath and recognizes that each one of these parties has some strength they bring to the discussion, and each party has some weakness, the Jets clearly want him, Aaron clearly wants to go there, the Packers clearly want him gone, sit down and make a deal. Why wouldn't the Jets have done all of that before they got on the plane to come out here? That's a great question. I don't know if they tried and got nowhere. I don't know if they didn't try. I don't know if it was an oversight. I don't know if it was intentional. I don't know if it was an ownership-driven strategy or a management-driven strategy, if it was a strategy at all, or if it was an oopsies. That's a technical legal term I learned in law school. Oopsies. Oopsies, yeah.

I thought that was something that you probably got with your JD. If you were advising Al, and this is Al, what would you tell him? Well, first of all, your Honor, an objection that assumes facts not in evidence that Al would have accepted any advice in this situation. But you're right, I certainly would have tried. And I would have said this, find a way to make a deal. If you know what you're willing to give, don't play games. If you know what you're willing to give and they're going to take it, fine. If they're not, soul search.

Decide if you're willing to give some more. And if you're not, you better have a plan B. Amy Trask here on The Rich Eisen Show. Suzy Schuster in for Rich, who has been pacing around the house about this. And I've heard Brockman going after him saying, just give him the picks, do whatever, make it happen. Rich is, of course, freaking out. You can't give him the picks.

They need to build around whoever they're going to have in his QB. Okay, then the question for you to ask Rich when he's pacing and ranting, although I know he doesn't really rant. Yes, he does. Oh, he's ranting. Oh, he paces and rants and rants and paces.

And ask him, okay, Rich, and do what? If the Jets will not give to the Packers what the Packers want and if the Packers are unyielding such that the Jets decide not to go forward, and do what? Now, I think the and do what should be they should be talking to Lamar Jackson as an and do what or maybe as an and or an or or an other than. That whole Lamar Jackson thing is another conversation altogether.

Oh, we're going to get to that. But the question, Rich, is if the Jets don't get this deal done, they better have asked themselves the question and answered and do what? And they better have a good answer to that. It seems to me at this point, all they talk about is, and this is every every story, okay, if Aaron Rodgers comes, they're immediately a playoff team, blah, blah, blah. So isn't this a league where business comes first and winning is all that matters?

Why wouldn't they just say, screw it? Depends on the team. 32 different businesses owned by 32 different controlling owners. And I use that expression because it's a league requirement that there be one controlling owner, even when there are multiple owners.

All 32 look at that differently. There's a wide revenue gap between the highest revenue clubs and the lowest revenue clubs. So money does take on more of a meaning to some clubs and others.

There's a lot of considerations. I worked for a team owner who was a football man, and that was both a positive and a negative in a financial sense. He wanted to do what he wanted to do without regard to finances.

And then it was always Amy, go find the money. But all the money came from the football team. It wasn't a family where there was wealth in other areas like other teams. So the Packers and Jets discrepancy should be fairly large than I would imagine. That's a lot of money for Aaron Rodgers. Oh, you're talking about what's on the Packers roster. And by the way, everybody keeps saying, to your point you made earlier, and I'm sorry to go back to that and digress, but everybody keeps saying the Packers have all the leverage. The Packers have all the leverage. No, they don't. Neither do the Jets. Neither does Aaron. They each have a piece of strength, and they each have an area where they're going to have to give. Do the Packers really want Aaron coming back and saying, hi, I'm here.

First day of school, I'm here. Now, a lot of people say Aaron won't do that, and he might well not, but he can. And he's a wild card, and he doesn't want to be told what to do. That's very clear. Do any of us really want to be told what to do? No. I don't. No, it makes me insane. It doesn't really work well with me either. No, not so well.

Not so great. Amy, let me ask you this. Mike Foreo brought this up yesterday. Last year, or was it the year before, Aaron was very specific in his language when he said he was immunized instead of vaccinated. And with Pat, he said the word intention.

Do you think he's playing games with language and that he's giving himself kind of an out or a loophole to just blow this whole thing up if he doesn't get what he wants in the immediate and just retire? Mike Foreo raised a great, great, great point, and the answer is I don't know if he used the word intent or intention with that intent to leave himself an out, but it certainly can be an out. So whether he did it with the, and I'm using the word intent 7,000 times, whether he used the word intent or intention with that intent, I don't know. But, you know, I intend to not eat ice cream every morning for breakfast, but I do.

I don't say I'm not going to eat ice cream every morning for breakfast, but Aaron's point is fair whether it was intended as an out or not. It's not done until it's done. Anyone can change their mind. The Packers can change their mind. Jordan Love, and I'm not wishing this on anyone and I'm not, it's not a jinx, but, you know, Jordan Love could be on a bicycle tomorrow and hurt his knee and then the Packers might have to rethink this.

Someone at the Jets may all have decided to pick up the phone and call Lamar Jackson. Anything can change for any of these three parties, as I learned in business. It ain't done until it's done. Do you think this, let me play off of that.

Is this one of the more confounding, so publicly done negotiations you've seen? Boy, I'd have to go back a lot of years. It certainly is up there. I don't know. I'd have to think about what some others are.

I guess the fun part is I keep getting older every year, but I keep being surprised every year and I keep being stunned every year and every year there's something that's a bit of a surprise. This is certainly up there, Suzy. I don't know if it's the top one. Amy Trask, Suzy Schuster here on the Rich Eisen Show, and Chris, we talked about this earlier. Time frame?

Who knows? I mean, this is kind of like, it seems like you've got two big egos squaring off against each other and people keep saying and keep asking their guests, like, what do you think the time frame is? But we've got the draft coming up. You'd think they'd want to get this settled before the draft.

Obviously, Pixar in order. This BS about September, come on. It's not going to go to September. And the other thing you want, if you're the Jets and you're giving up considerable consideration, if you're giving up picks, if you're giving up a lot to get Aaron, you want him there for the whole offseason program. And we know he didn't participate last year. And I made this comment last year when Aaron was complaining that the receivers weren't in sync with him. Well, hey, pal, you want your receivers to be in sync with you, go to the offseason program and sync up.

In other words, I don't think you get it both ways. I don't think you get to opt not to go, which is you're right, since it's voluntary, and yet complain that you're not in sync if you don't go. If I'm the Jets, that's part of my negotiation with Aaron, which is we want you, but we need you all in.

We need you here syncing up. And I would be stunned if Aaron doesn't do that. But in order to do that, they need to get this deal done. What do you think two of the guys that we're not really talking about, but they're directly affected here, like Zach Wilson and Jordan Love. Well, how do you feel those guys are feeling watching all of this play out? That's exactly what they're doing. They're watching it play out. And I don't know either of those men personally, so I don't know how they're reacting to it. They're certainly comporting themselves very, very well publicly. I don't know what they're saying behind the scenes.

Let's have a little fun here, right? Because, OK, there's camera seven. Say that you were like you're sitting across from the Packers and the Jets. With your experience, that's them. Aaron's there. The Jets are here.

The Packers. What do you say to them? I say stop negotiating. Stop playing games. This need not be a quid pro quo. This need not be a tit for tat. Find a way to make a deal. And I ask each of them to say, here's what we're willing to yield on. Here's what we're willing to forego. Work together and collaborate to make a deal. Don't negotiate to win. A negotiation doesn't have to be a win-loss.

Find a way to get it done if that's what you want to do. And then end the national nightmare, because we have to move on to something else. I mean, don't you think, I mean, no one's talking about anything else, maybe a little bit of Lamar Jackson, a little bit about, I don't know, Chris, like, I'm trying to think of what is more interesting in the NFL.

We just need some more stories than this, because it's got to go away. Well, the Bears have had a good free agency run, so have the Dolphins. So, you know, their kind of moves are getting kind of pushed to the back burner a little bit. The Giants have had a nice offseason.

The Eagles have lost some players, but they kept Darius Slay today. But, yeah, these two guys, these two quarterbacks are just kind of dominating the headlines until something gets done. We're just going to keep talking about it.

But you're not suggesting New York media is going to, you know, have a heyday with this no matter what, are you? The back pages have been awesome. It's fun to have something to talk about on the back pages again. And also, I think that the relationship, Amy, with the media and the players is so different now.

It used to be you'd walk in a room, there were a couple people there that were the national voices, and they commanded respect. I don't think that that relationship is anything like it used to be. So I don't think Aaron Rodgers cares about the New York media. He doesn't care. He's a 39-year-old guy who has shown that he doesn't have to answer to anybody. He'll only go on Pat McAfee, right?

So I think, and I heard somebody else talking about this on the way in. Can't wait to see him with the New York media. I don't think he cares. Well, you raise a great point. It's national media now.

Well, first of all, kids today. When I started my career in the NFL, there was no social media. There were no Zooms. You wanted to get something from the league office. They faxed it to you. You guys know what a fax is, right? Because Google it.

That's how we got things speedy. Remember the Edelstein paper, the Edelstein letter? That was how media was in those days. There were exactly what you said, some beat people, columnists, reporters, a few national. But media today, it's all over. It's a very different landscape, and social media is media. Yeah, no kidding.

Anybody can walk in there with a phone in their media. We're going to take a quick break, Amy. We're going to come back, talk Lamar Jackson. We're also going to talk ice cream because I want to bring something special here to Roku Channel.

And it's not enough to bring mimosas. We're going to have an ice cream throwdown when we come back. So we're going to take a quick break here on The Rich Eisen Show. When we're back, it's ice cream galore. See you in a minute, guys.

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You in? I hope you just have these at your house. Amy Trask bought more toppings than she weighs. It's fantastic. Chocolate sauce. Oh my gosh. Alright, I like it. I like it. Let's go.

We've got... That's why I didn't eat breakfast this morning, because I knew just something wild was going to happen today. Caramel. Caramel. Also, listeners, Chris Brockman ate a pint of ice cream in the 8 o'clock, so I'm just saying.

No, I helped him. Hold on. When you're building a sundae, you need like a bedrock of cookies. You brought cookies.

Because you need a bedrock under your sundae. We've got cookies. I'm the snack mom tomorrow for Little League.

I might just take this all home with us and recycle it tomorrow. We've got chocolate sprinkles. Fantastic.

Fantastic. This is kind of weird. These are like these sparkly kind of sprinkly thingies that are blue and gold for my cow bears. So, listeners, these are all in home Tupperware containers.

She didn't go out and buy this stuff. This is stuff that's in the Trask family household. And this is a sprinkle scoop. Oh, look at you.

You're cute. Oh, also, one other thing. When I eat ice cream, I do it with a fork. Why? That's sacrilege. What?

No, because then you don't have as much like... Overflow? You just get more ice cream and you don't have as much, you know. And by the way, this is the recycled plastic. Wow.

That's impressive. When I eat ice cream, I eat it with a scooper, because I'm like, why not just take it all in? So, listeners, that's what I'm just trying to say. Are you going to scoop? Who's going to scoop? I think I'm going to scoop. Well, here, let me give you, if anybody wants the dairy-free... I brought pistachio because it's a nut.

I mean, I can do some play-by-play for the radio audience. So, there are about, what, a half dozen pints of ice cream on the desk, a half dozen mugs. You already broke one. I did break. I broke the one that Chris... And you broke the one that I got for his birthday.

Chris gave Rich because he thinks that Rich is an egomaniac because his name and likeness are on a lot of mugs. You, too, can have a Rich Eisen Show mug by the way. Oh, I'm taking one. I am so taking one.

The size of the logo, that's way too big. You guys, if everybody's going to have some, you can either come over here or you can tell me the kind of sprinkles you want. You want colored, you want chocolate.

Oh, so you're going to make it. So, I'm going to scoop. And then Amy has a small table. And then you can tell me if you want dairy-free whipped cream, regular whipped cream, chocolate sauce, whether you want some cookies in them. Again, for the radio audience, Amy has a small table next to her that has 48 kinds of sprinkles. And a sad glass with no mimosa in it.

Well, I had to make room for the ice cream, then I'll have the mimosa later. Amy, is it embarrassing that Rich walks around wearing swag with himself on it? Is that like a bad look? You can be honest here.

I got to think that through because you could look at it from another perspective, which is it's just a display of confidence. This is the Rich Eisen Show. It is. I thought it was my show. By the way, I refer to it as the Suzy Schuster Show, but don't tell Rich. But Amy, does the logo need to be like five and a half inches?

Can't we just have a meat in the middle? Chris gets so pissy every time a new swag item comes out. He's like, Rich has to make it too big. He wants the logo gigantic.

And since Liz is here, Liz Wald, who runs the show. He's sleeping. He won't. And I was going to say, since Rich is out cold, busy, drank a lot last night and is up late playing poker in Hawaii, I can see this.

Wait, wait, wait. Rich is in Hawaii? This is his yearly break. He goes with his poker guys.

They pickleball. I knew he was on break. I just didn't know he was in Hawaii. He's in Hawaii.

There he is. There's Mai Tai Rich right there. And by the way, he is Mr. Mai Tai. Our daughter calls him Mr. Mai Tai. That said, that said, because he's not watching right now, we can we can bad math him and have fun with this. Thank you.

I was just wiping it on my pants because I'm a mom and that's what I do. So anyway, so we were saying, yeah, he's he's sleeping so we can make fun of him. It is his show. You know, he can watch it on delay on YouTube. Well, we mean on our YouTube channel.

By the way, because it's great, by the way, in case you didn't know that Roku just plays. We're just going to go all day. We're going to loop this baby. And just want you to know, in honor of having so much fun, I wore my Looney Tunes kicks. Yeah, you did. That's how you roll.

Yeah, I appreciate that. I did not because I don't have any. What do you have? What's your flavor, by the way?

We're going to see what we're going to do because women do this. While I scoop, you're going to tell me what you want and I'm going to ask you about Lamar Jackson. OK, what are my choices? Your choices are chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, coffee because it's the morning, mint chip pistachio and oat milk s'mores.

I'm going to have some of the chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough and the oatmeal s'mores. OK, so watch me scoop and ask at the same time. Here we go.

So Lamar Jackson, he tweeted out, 31 teams are going to be awfully disappointed that they didn't pay more attention to me. And by that, that's not verbatim. That's just my surmising, right? So what is happening? And you see, how come no one's jumping on this, Amy? You know, a lot of people have asked me, is there collusion going on? And the answer is we don't know. If all of these teams are coming to this decision not to talk to Lamar independently, then it's not collusion. If they are plotting and planning, that's an entirely different subject.

Why teams are not lining up for Lamar Jackson is beyond. You didn't leave room for toppings. No, you just put it on the side. Oh, my gosh. You got to just decorate around this.

Susie, toppings amateur. Didn't have that on my bingo card. OK, I got it.

Look, you can go through the list of all the teams that are quarterback 80. They should be camped out on Lamar's lawn trying to get Lamar. And that's what I'm saying is like I heard on another show this morning. I'll just say it on Dan's show talking about Dan Snyder. Why doesn't he just sign him before he goes? I mean, is that even is that even in the realm of reason? Well, I don't know if Dan would do it or not.

It would be a nice little parting gift for him to his fellow owners, assuming he sells, which I believe he will. You know, a lot has been made of the fact that in a guaranteed contract, you have to fund the contract and you do. But what I don't believe that everybody understands is it's a present value funding. It's not a dollar for dollar funding.

And of course, explain that. Well, so the amount that you have to fund varies depending upon what interest rates are. The higher the interest rates are, the less cash you need to put into the fund. The lower the interest rates, the more cash. And it can be when the interest rates are low that it's a very, very significant percentage that you have to fund. But the funding is not 100 percent of the contract. So people who are saying, well, you know, owners don't want to do it because they don't want to have to fund.

I don't think that's a real strong argument for not doing it. TJ, what flavor do you want, bud? I didn't hear all the flavors. Let's go back. Radio audience, we are having an ice cream party here on The Rich Eyes. It's the rocky road. We'll break it down this way.

It's the rocky road. I have coffee, oatmeal, s'mores. I have chocolate, chocolate chip, pistachio.

S'mores. And chocolate chip cookie dough. This is the dairy free one.

It's dairy free. Are you cool with that? And then you have to tell me, do you want chocolate chip cookies in it? Do you want chocolate sprinkles, colored sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate sauce? Let's do the colored sprinkles with the whipped cream. And did you say, I forgot what you said, s'mores or cookie dough? Just s'mores. I have four flavors in my cup. Really?

Yeah, I'm just going to try them on. Why am I the only one eating? Because I'm scooping and asking questions over here. Quick March Madness update, they're going to the half. Xavier down to Kennesaw State, the 14th seed. I love it.

43-36, second half action underway USC Michigan State, the Spartans up 5 on the Trojans. How are you doing this year? How are you doing this year, Chris? Are you suffering?

Did you want s'mores, by the way? I think I went 12 and 4. I went 12 and 4 yesterday. I think we're going to give an update on our bracket challenge. Thank you, by the way, to all of our listeners who joined our bracket challenge.

Almost a thousand of you. That's awesome. Fantastic. Someone is in the lead at 15 and 1. Congratulations yesterday.

I'm at 12 and 4, I think. I don't know where that stands, Hoskins. I don't know if you finished that. Do you want to pop that up right now? But, yeah. No? He said no. No. I like how you just said no. That was awesome. Hey, can you put that up? I thought it was no.

No. Anyway, we'll give an update later on next hour on how everyone on the show and your kids are doing in the bracket challenge. But I went 12 and 4.

Obviously, I didn't have Princeton or Furman. When Haagen-Dazs sponsors the Rich Eisen Show, I will come on and we'll do ice cream seating. We'll have a bracket with flavors.

That is a brilliant idea. Number one seed cookies and cream. We could do cookies and cream or cookie dough. I think I may have done the top five ice cream before, didn't I? Cookie dough guy.

Okay. Number one seed is chocolate chip. Plain chocolate chip. And then we could do a bracket for the toppings. Sprinkles and whipped cream and sauces.

What are you doing next Friday? You know what I find funny about, you know, we did this bracket challenge with all the listeners and we expected a few people. I did not expect nearly a thousand.

We're close to a thousand. I just randomly start going through yesterday. There were like at least three people that I saw that named their teams after me, which I thought was kind of funny. Like one guy was TJ's Lost Twitter. Someone was like TJ's Master Key. I saw another one that was TJ's Shoe Game.

So I was like, OK, this is impressive. What's that? It means you're a public figure and the Sullivan standard now applies to you. Oh, well, please, Amy, expound on the Sullivan standard.

I'm not aware of that. Before you do that, what do you want, JFully? I'll take chocolate and whipped cream. Yeah, you will. All right. Yeah, you will.

You want any toppings besides the whipped cream? I'm just saying. So, Amy, what's the Sullivan standard? It is a standard that applies when you are deemed to be a public figure, such that when you sue someone for defamation, the standard to prove it is higher than if you're not a public figure. You have to prove malice or reckless disregard. So I can sue somebody or someone can sue me?

No, if you're a public figure and you're suing someone for defamation, you have a harder task ahead of you. You're the coolest person I know, by the way. I'm just letting you know. You want whipped cream? Yeah, I'll take whipped cream and sprinkles. Chocolate or colored or both? Colored.

Very similar to what's going on with Brett Favre and Pat McAfee, correct? Bingo. Fascinating. Liz, text me what you want, by the way. Let's go to Lamar because I do have to ask you a couple more Lamar questions or else they won't let me back on the show. There's sprinkles all over the set now. Yeah, I'm just getting chocolate chips while I ask you.

We had a little accent with the sprinkles. What do you expect is going to happen with Lamar? Boy, I think, you know, I don't know.

I obviously don't know. I hope that Baltimore finds a way to get the deal done with him. I think Baltimore would be silly not to. Again, and do what? You've got Lamar Jackson and do what?

If you choose to go on in a different direction, what are you going to do and is it going to be as good or better? And that's going to be hard to equal. So I hope it's Baltimore.

I hope they get things done. My nephew Jack is FaceTiming me. Sorry, Jack, I'm busy. The Jack Schuster? What are we right now?

Yeah, FaceTiming me from Barcelona. Jack, hey, I love you, kid. I'm busy.

I'm doing a show. I'm eating ice cream. You know what? I'll FaceTime Jack right now. I thought he was FaceTiming you to ask for ice cream.

FaceTiming right now will answer. Jack talks to us, so we'll FaceTime him. By the way, he will. And by the way, he is a sneaker guru. He has a sneaker company. If I'm going to show something, I'm going to show my nephew, right? I mean, he's got a great... Do you know the name of it?

It's like shoe kicks, right? He's on Instagram. I thought he was FaceTiming you to get some ice cream.

That's what I thought. By the way, as well he should. This would be a great opportunity, but no, I'm shilling the sneakers. And we're shilling ice cream here. So the other question is, on Lamar, it's like the Ravens right now, aren't they in a situation where it's time to start planning? Again, this is a negotiation thing, right? It's a business, but at what point are we going to say, we have a season ahead of us.

We need to know what we're doing here. Make the deal. And it is harder to negotiate with a player who doesn't have an agent, not because the player isn't competent or capable of representing himself.

Players can do that, but you have to be very, very careful and judicious as an organization. You can talk a lot more sternly, toughly, sort of. You can have at it when you're talking with someone who's not your player, but with your player, you don't want to say anything in a discussion that's going to be hard to mend, assuming the relationship goes on. It's not that you're going to not speak honestly or make your substantive points.

You just want to be a little bit careful about feelings. One more question before break while I sit here eating ice cream here on the Rich Eisen Show. My question to Amy for you is, when is this going to resolve? If you were a guessing woman, when is this resolving?

Well, here's a little news break about me. I'm not a real guessing person. I'll give you my best hunch. I don't know. That's a great question. It is a great question.

I mean, I asked it, so I think it's a great question. Again, if you're a team that is making a change at quarterback, you want that resolved as soon as possible so you can get ready and use the offseason. Now, look, Lamar is such a good quarterback.

He can come in and he can get it done more quickly than many others, but if I'm a team that's signing a quarterback for a lot of money, I want him there for the offseason program. We're going to do a what's more likely when we come back with Chris. Is that cool with you? As long as you guys make sure that at the break you tell me if I have sprinkles on my face or in my teeth. No, we can't. No promises. Hey, Ames, Jimmy me, will you? Yeah. It's not Jimmy's. It's Sprinkles. Oh, who cares what we call. When we come back, we just tell Brockman, be quiet. It's Jimmy's. And answer the phone.

844-204 Rich. Now's your time. We're going to do what's more likely and take some calls.

I love it. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. We'll be right back. It's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt. Back on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk covered in ice cream. This is how it should be, furnished by Grainger. Hey, Grainger, thank you so much for providing this. And by the way, like, come by next time, Grainger. I'll have ice cream on your desk for you. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call, click, or just stop by. Those of you who missed it, Chris Brockman just rolled his eyes at me. That's not true.

That's not true. You just gave me the Hugh Grant eye roll. You just gave it to me. I'm in Team Hugh Grant here. Which, by the way, Zander says to me, I said, you know, Mom, I think that Hugh Grant's going to get canceled. I said, honey, he's never getting canceled. Not in this house.

Not in this house. He said enough to be canceled and he's never getting canceled. But Chris Brockman just gave me a look at me like, you moron. I totally forgot it's his segment.

So that's why I forgot what it was. Just because we literally just said it a few minutes ago. What's more likely, that I have sprinkles all over my face? Or that I have sprinkles all over the side? The next guest is going to be sitting in sprinkles. I mean, Jing Hsiao is in the back. He is the director of Chain Can Dunk.

He must think that we are so insane. So Jing Hsiao is coming up next in the next hour. And I'm going to get the sprinkles out of the chair for you.

That would be nice. I went back to say hello. I watched the movie last night.

It's on Disney Plus, which you can see here on Roku. Me too. It's phenomenal. It's so great. It's so much fun. And he looked at me a little crazily with the ice cream situation. I was like, just roll with it.

It's the Rich Eisen Show. We can do whatever we want. I can't get fired. So there you go.

844-204-Rich is the number to call. And Chris has little to do besides eat ice cream and roll his eyes at me. Whatever he's calling right now, I can't answer. Because we're doing What's More Likely.

Unless Jay, you want to answer the phone? Let's do it. Let's do it. What's more likely? Let's go.

What's more likely? Never say never, but never. Okay, Amy, here we go. Do you remember how to play?

We did this two weeks ago when you were here. Vaguely. I'm going to give you basically an either or.

You tell me which is more likely to take place. Simple enough? Well, yeah, but can I add like none of the above? Absolutely not. Can I add all of the above? Okay, all right.

Here's a little secret about me. I don't play by the rules, but go ahead. You have to choose. Like I told Morgan Freeman, life is about making decisions. By the way, did he just say that? Yeah, I did. He did that. Did Morgan Freeman play this game with you?

Yes. Okay, if Morgan Freeman played this game, I'm going to play this game. Okay.

All right, here we go. What's more likely? The free agent quarterback to have a better 2023 season, Jimmy Garoppolo or Baker Mayfield.

Oh, you're putting me in a tough, tough spot. Hey, you're in the hot seat. I am in the hot seat, having nothing to do with the teams for which they play, having nothing to do with my love for Raider fans, which I forever, forever, ever will have. I think Baker has more upside. Better season? Look, it's so much more than just a quarterback. You can't answer better season based on the quarterback. That's based on the team. So the Raiders may have the better season, and I hope for my besties Raider fans they do, but I think Baker Mayfield has a lot of upside.

Wait, don't you love the fact that he was asking you a question and his mouth was full at the same time? I do actually kind of like that because so is mine. But the quarterback has the most impact on whether the season goes well or not. I would argue maybe that the pass protection does.

Games are won and lost at the line of scrimmage, baby. We can take this offline. Okay. All right, how about this one?

I might I might have to agree with it for you. All right. Fine. All right.

Yeah. Eat your ice cream. Back down, Brockman. Back down. All right. Backup quarterback to start more games this year.

Gardner Minshew just went to Indianapolis or Sam Darnold in San Francisco. Ooh. To start more games. Yeah, that's interesting. And of course, it's interesting. Why else would you have asked me? Of course, it's a great question. Why else would you have asked me?

Of course, it's thought provoking. Why would you have asked me? Because, of course, Darnold goes into a place where both quarterbacks on the roster are coming back off of injuries and Minshew is going somewhere where they really haven't solved that quarterback situation. So I'm going to for the moment say Minshew because I'm going to hope that one or both of the nine quarterbacks are back and strong. Minshew mania. Excuse me. Can we have a moment of silence? I actually answered the question.

I answered the question. That was nice. Beautiful. Salient points. Well done.

How about this? Chris just wants Minshew because he likes the look. I think it's all about the look for you with Minshew, isn't it? I mean, he's got a lot going on. He's got a lot to like. He's got the front, the back.

He looks like he should be on 1923 or something. By the way, great casting. Let's call it in. Here we go.

How about this one, Amy? These teams have been in the news, perhaps you've heard. More likely to make the playoffs this year. Jets or Broncos? Ooh.

You know what? I'm going to say Broncos for two reasons. And the fact is it may well be the Jets, but I think so highly of Sean Payton. And I'm thrilled he's back in the league. And I really wanted him to be in Denver.

And the reason is this. I want Russell Wilson to succeed. We saw what Russell could do in Seattle. He was just tremendous. He carried that Seattle team on his back a lot of years. There were years in Seattle he was the team's leading rusher. Let alone the quarterback. And I would love to see Russell Wilson have a comeback. And yes, Raider fans, I'm obviously hoping the Raiders win the division.

But putting that aside for a moment, I think the world of Sean Payton, I'll go Broncos. Amy, well done. You're really starting to pick up how we play this game. All right, here we go.

Last football one and then I have a couple of more fun ones. They just made a huge trade last Friday for the first overall pick. More likely to have more wins this coming season, Bears or Panthers?

Ooh. More wins. I will say Panthers for only one reason. Look at the division. You know, you're playing two games against your divisional opponents. And I think that the Panthers division is absolutely up for grabs.

So I'm going to go Panthers. I expected that answer to go longer. And I had a big no fault. I'm having the feeling that Brock never played this game with someone who went to law school before. Who wants to hedge everything they say. No, usually it's Rich. He only plays it with Rich.

No law school. I'm just laughing at your mouth, just like working so hard to get that ice cream. All right, J. Felley, more fun music please. All right, here we go.

These are just kind of apropos of nothing. Which is the most likely thing that you would like to see happen? A law to make daylight saving time permanent or a day off the Monday after the Super Bowl? Oh, the daylight savings time.

No doubt. No doubt the daylight savings time. And I want to find a way, someone figure this out, because I'd like to do this without having to go to the Arctic Circle or wherever I might have to go. I'd like it when it stays dark later, but I'm a get up by five in the morning, so I can't stand when it's dark in the morning. I want it light on both ends. I would appreciate that.

Get on that, would you? I can't stand when it gets dark earlier. It makes me insane. I don't like it getting dark early, but I don't like, you know, I'm getting out of bed a quarter to five, five in the morning.

It's pitch black. Every single day that hour? I think I have sprinkles all over my face. Do you really get up at five every day? I love getting up in the morning. Wow.

You're crazy. I just have kids at home. I mean, honest to God, at five in the morning, I mean, shoot me. I'm a six a.m. riser. That's only an hour difference. It's every bit of 60 minutes.

It's every moment of it. All right, Chris, what else do you have? All right. What's more likely to make you the happiest if you won? Your March Madness office pool or some Super Bowl squares? I'll say the March Madness office thing, because it's going to be disclosed on television, and there could be a lot of embarrassment going along when my pool is, when my brackets are disclosed. Because your picks are that bad?

I went with heart and not head. Who do you have winning it? What's your final four? I don't even remember.

I really don't. But, like, the way I picked him was, oh, you know, my godson is about to start college at Creighton. I'm just going to pick Creighton for my gods.

Oh, there you go. Now I know it's a good school, but I would have picked it even if it was. Oh, my niece went to Indiana. I'm going to pick Indiana. I went heart, not head.

Picked Hawaii just because who doesn't love Hawaii? Right. Rich does. Right.

A lot. Yeah, just go to his Instagram. We should do this show live from Hawaii sometimes. By the way, when we do our show, we should take it on the road. To Hawaii? Yeah. Sponsored by Haagen-Dazs.

I hate audience. I take the Grandeur desk with me. I think this is the deal.

I mean, I think I see this coming. Maui, Oahu? All of them?

Yes. Oh, Island to Island to Island. Island to Hot, baby.

I mean, we can have Brent call in for a segment or two, get that sponsored. All right, last one. Today is St. Patrick's Day breaking news. More likely the better drinking holiday. St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo? Oh, Cinco de Mayo.

Not even close for me. Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo. Terrible question.

Of course Cinco de Mayo. What do you mean? I hate beer. I love beer.

You do? I, you know, I heard Rich talking about tequila. Well, you like tequila, yeah.

Yeah. Rich was talking to somebody about tequila. Who was it? It was a player. Was it a Kelsey? It was Kittle. It was Kittle.

Yeah. George Kittle. And he was telling him that it's a day under for him. It's a good night, Rich, with tequila. No one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett.

Come along for the ride on the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast. They didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing. You know, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard. I mean, they had them, but along comes sports entertainment, professional wrestling, and now it is truly a part of pop culture. They've just branded what it looks like to be a champion. My World with Jeff Jarrett, wherever you listen.
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