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REShow: Jingyi Shao - Hour 3

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March 17, 2023 3:24 pm

REShow: Jingyi Shao - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 17, 2023 3:24 pm

Guest host Suzy Shuster takes calls from Terzo in Iowa and Jimmy in San Antonio, and TJ goes T.M.I. on his laundry regimen. 

Writer-director Jingy Shao joins Suzy in-studio to discuss his new movie ‘Chang Can Dunk’ on Disney+.

Rich calls in from his mini-vacation in Hawaii to talk March Madness, Aaron Rodgers to the Jets and more. 

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show Studio in Los Angeles.

Congratulations! Before I lose the entire audience, I want to raise my glass here to Aaron Rodgers. Hey!

Salud! This is the Rich Eisen Show. I love him. With guest host, Suzy Schuster. Earlier on the show, VSIN Managing Editor, Brent Musburger. CBS Sports NFL Analyst, Amy Tres.

Coming up, Writer and Director of Disney Plus' Chank and Dunk, Jingyi Xiao. And now, it's Suzy Schuster. Hi everybody, Suzy Schuster in for Rich Eisen here on the Rich Eisen Show. While Rich takes a well-deserved break, thrilled to be with you. If you missed the first two hours, where have you been? Get up people, get a life. We are re-airing on Roku.

Get a life. People, join us here. I mean, really, what are you doing besides listening to this show? Here on the radio, wherever you listen to it, the Rich Eisen Show Network, wherever you want to take it in on Sirius or on regular on Roku, where we will re-air. We will be back here again all day long, bringing you the delight that was Brent Musburger. I mean, two segments with Brent in.

He did T.J. Jefferson, Jay Felley, Chris Brockman. Hi guys, good to see you. Hey, what's up, Suzy? Hey, happy St. Patty's Day to you. Oh, I forgot to say goodbye to Amy.

mimosa and egg ice cream, you already know. We've had ice cream with Amy Trask and discussed, we've basically settled the NFL's business. NFL, if you're listening, we just settled everything for you. So we're done. You're welcome.

Just saying. So we've got mimosas, we've got ice cream, we've got Jingyi Shao coming on in the next segment, talking about his incredible new movie, Chain Can Dunk, which I watched last night, by the way. Fantastic.

So fun to watch. A great story. A couple of twists. I thought it was ending. It kept going. And I really loved where it went. We're going to talk to him about it.

Loved it. But I want to say that we just solved the world's problems. NFL, Aaron, you're welcome.

I think I've got some solutions for you. I'm just saying, like, hey, Aaron, you're welcome. I took care of business for you.

But before we go on, I wanted to take a couple of calls because it is an anniversary to discuss. So I want all of you to call in at 844-204-RICH because Chris Brockman is meeting the calls today because Adam just left. Adam just took off. Adam was like, hey, I'm going to Chicago on Friday.

Oh, cool. Who's answering phones? And he just had like the blank stare of a cow.

He was just like, uh. You are? Did you tell anyone this was happening?

Well, I told the two foe. Wrong person to tell that you're not going to be here. Never here. The guy who's also never here. Never here. But I do love him.

I don't have everything ready. Anyway, I'm answering the phone. No, don't you make fun of Mike while I'm here. When was the last time Mike was here and you were here? Last time. No. He was here last time?

Last time because remember, my ears weren't working. Oh, that's right. And he said they were broken. That's right. OK.

Listen, that's a whole nother story. That said, though, that said, we've got some callers. Can we get to them, please?

Oh, we have two of our favorites, two of our regulars. He was first up, Terzo in Iowa. He's at the bar right now. Terzo, what's up, brother?

What's up, man? Susie, you were just cracking me up with that. Hey, Chris, I'm sorry that I just kept calling and calling. I just thought Adam was busy. And then when you answered the phone, that literally lit up my face, man.

I was dying laughing. This has been one of the best shows. Susie, you absolutely always kill it whenever you're on. And I agree with TJ. You have 110 percent support from everybody that listens whenever you're on, man. You do a great job. Thank you. They let me out of the cage every so often.

Not often, but I mean, sometimes. What's going on, Terzo? What are you up to? Well, I'm literally, I am at the bar. Obie is sitting at the bar.

I had to actually walk in the back room because it is really loud in there right now. And so happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone. And a shout out to my mom. It's her birthday. So happy birthday. Happy birthday, Terzo. Happy birthday, Mrs. Terzo. I love it.

Happy birthday. How's your dog? He is in hog heaven right now, Susie. If you ever got the chance to meet him, he will sit next to the bar with you and just hang out. And he gets all the pats, all of the loves. He has been retweeted more times than I can even account for. It doesn't come off of my Twitter accounts, everybody else's. He's got over like 2 million views on a TikTok page that some random person took of him. Yeah. And it's not even the TikTok page that I have for him. So, yeah.

That makes me feel really good. Fill in Susie on the measurables on your dog, because he's a giant. So, Susie, he is a pit bull, American Bulldog mix. He's 95 pounds.

Wow. Just a massive dog, but he is literally 100% of just a lovable guy. And all he ever wants to do is just get pets and ice cubes.

You give him that, he's happy. We had half custody of a Leon Burger, who weighed in at 140 pounds at one point. I like the big dogs. They're so much fun. How did you get half custody?

My friend John Turteltaub, a movie director, was on shooting all the time. So, he would leave R2 with me. Okay, gotcha. That's a 140 pound dog? 140.

140 pounds. That's a lot of dog food. Obie goes through about 60 pounds of dog food a month, and where he is right now, and plus all the other dog treats and everything along those lines. The guy's spoiled. He lives the best dog life in the world.

As well he should. He gets to go into court with me every once in a while, too, because the judges know that I'll have him in the car, and they'll ask me to bring him in. Truso, I used to bring our dog, Hudson, to USC football practice all the time. He was a Children's Hospital volunteer dog. We'd go on Tuesdays, and I'd go to practice afterwards, and you should have seen the players all scared of him.

Scared of a dog. He wasn't that big. He was 80 pounds. He was a white shepherd mix, an Akita white shepherd mix. He was beautiful. But yeah, I get it. Aw, yeah, that's beautiful. I would take my dog everywhere, Truso. The first time I ever met Hudson was in the halls of NFL Network. Yeah. I was like, wait, a dog just walked by?

What is happening? And then Rich strolled in. Marshall Faulk, not a fan of Hudson. That is so awesome. Susie, I got to say something real quick about the Brett Musburger interview.

Okay. He is so amazing, and I love hearing his voice, but he is completely right whenever it comes to asking people questions whenever you're just sitting at the airport or anything. The reason I'm in Iowa is because my dad forgot his passport at home flying out of Phoenix going into Mexico. My buddy had to drive the passport to him.

No. He's sitting there waiting for his flight finally, and he's sitting at the bar. He meets the admissions person at Drake Law School. He talks to him.

I end up getting a scholarship to go to the law school, and that's how I ended up here in Iowa, to go Bulldogs. That is a fantastic story. Truso, thanks again for calling, and I love having you on. That's why you have to have a chat. Turn to somebody next to you and actually say hi. How's your day going? I'm a master of that, Susie.

I'm not surprised. I strike up brand. We were talking about this yesterday, as a matter of fact. My mom said when I was little, and we go who's watching because she loves you.

I know. We go to grocery stores, and I'd be a kid, and of course, I would wander off, and she would say I never got worried. She goes, I always knew where you were.

She goes, I go to the magazine rack, and she goes 100% of the time, you'd be at the magazine rack and having conversations with adults about the magazines they were reading. She goes, I just always found it weird, but that's just me. That's just you. That's just me.

Just weird. By the way, that Brent Musburger conversation was great, and if you want to listen to it, obviously, on Roku, we're coming right back, and thankfully not going anywhere, but subscribe to the YouTube page, slash Rich Isensho, because it really was wonderful to hear about, and we learned about the origins of March Madness, which by the way, he doesn't tell that story very often, so it's kind of great that he chose now to do it, and I'm very grateful for that as well. Grateful also that he didn't dunk me when I asked to stay in for a second segment, because that was a gamble right there. That was my biggest thought. We all know that was never going to happen, Susie. Could have. Would have been embarrassing. I mean.

Would have had to stand here and take it, but you know what you're going to do. Let me know if they call her Jimmy. What do you got in your mind, Jimmy?

Jimmy. Hi. Como estas, senora? Todo bien. Gracias.

Con estas a tu? Well, I was listening to, I'm going to call her Estelle, because nobody was answering the phone since Adam pulled the Del Tufo, and all I heard was, your potty is not answering. Please call back. And I kept calling back because Estelle was funny, and then eventually brought the answer.

Estelle. You know, it's not like he's got that much to do. He's preproduced What's More Likely, which by the way, I forgot. You should have seen the look he shot, Jimmy. He shot me the look of utter disdain, like you forgot what we were doing.

I'm like, yeah, of course I did. We only said it three minutes ago. That's three minutes of eternity, Jimmy. What happened to Jay? He can't pop the music up and down and answer the phones to help out Brockman during a segment? What's going on, Jay? Here, let me let him answer for you.

There are a lot of buttons over here. He's being done dirty today. Jimmy, can we take Chris Brockman on a solo?

Yeah. I mean, what's he got to do? He's okay. Well, he's got to babysit me.

But besides that, I mean, come on. I'm over here typing. I got ice cream. He's typing. He's eating. He's typing.

I think he feels like he's more responsible when Rich is gone, and he's using that as an excuse, maybe. Jimmy, I got to figure out what's our three team parlay later. Oh, well, first of all, it's not involving A&M or Arizona because they killed us both yesterday. Yeah.

Yeah. Kenosha stayed up 53 to Xavier 42. We got upset last year. We got upset stuff going on right now. We got upset last year. Wait a minute. Let's pay attention, people. This is exciting. I saw the upsets early, and then I did what a degenerate gambler did and went with all chalk later in the day because I was like, ah, there'll be no more upsets. Don't worry about it. There's always upsets, Jimmy.

Pretty much the same. I have a compliment for Amy Trask. Okay, we'll take it. She's the reason I'm single because I can't find a woman like her. Where's Amy? Somebody send her that clip. Save that drop.

Save that drop, J-Fell. Jimmy, you're adorable. Thank you for calling, and we really appreciate it. You guys be safe.

Enjoy the weekend. We're going to try. We're going to try. I mean, come on. Who's better than Amy Trask? Again, if you missed that interview, we had her for the whole hour, and like I said earlier, we basically solved all the league's problems in 48 minutes.

I mean, I think it was pretty great. Amy says it like it is, and there's no situation that Amy Trask has been in that can't apply to what's going on right now. I mean, can you imagine the years that Al Davis chewed in her ear, the way she held up the Raiders for all those years, what she's been privy to? She has the answers to everything, and it's basically don't sit across the table from each other. Sit side by side and just get this done.

I agree with her. I mean, I can't have this keep going on, you guys. I can't have this Aaron Rodgers story decimating my husband the way it does. It's just too stressful. The pacing doesn't stop. The wondering what's going to happen doesn't stop. You got to get an answer to this and move forward so that the Jets can lose to the Patriots as they usually do. Circus day is the same, Suzy. Only the clowns change.

Just the spec is real. And our circus always ends in W's over that team from East Rutherford. I'm just saying set the deal, bring Aaron to New York, don't worry about the media, he's a big boy, and let him lose to the Patriots for two weeks. Call me when you're done. All right. Just mic drop. I'm just going to leave now.

She's just going to walk out. The only problem with that, Suze, is if Aaron Rodgers does go to the Jets, the Pats are like fourth in that division now. Because we stink, right? We stink. We're not good. I mean, we did get Mike Kiseki and James Robinson, which I'm kind of into. We got Juju Smith's sister.

But the thing is, I'm talking myself into that because we have no choice. We're so sad. These are the players on our team now. We have Mac Jones, and it's like, hey, maybe he's good on a super high register. But can Bill O'Brien fix him again? Should Bill retire?

Probably. And so it's just like, yeah, all right, let's just wait till September and play the games. TJ, in case you're not familiar, here's what we do in New England. Bravado, bluster, swagger, complain.

So what Rich does is complain, we at least do the bluster, bravado, swagger first. Yes, but that's only built up in the last 20 years because there was like 80 before then. It was just nothing but losing. And then now it's, oh, we forgot about all that part. Remember how we've been awesome in the last 20 years? And then we just forget that we stink now, is that what it is? Next 20 is probably going to be rough.

Can we bring Tom back? By the way, let's give a shout out to the NCAA Women's Tournament. Arizona defeated West Virginia, 75-62, and South Florida over Marquette by a bucket. I'm trying to figure out if that was a buzzer beater or not. I was watching that a little bit earlier. So those are two games that are finished in the women's bracket and South Carolina repeating, by the way.

I just want to throw that out there when they do it. The skills are mad, TJ. The skills are mad. I'm a fan of women's ball. You know, where I grew up in Altoona, like our little, I mean, you know, we're from not a big city, but my high school was USA Today Women's National Champions, I think three times. So, you know, it's a big deal where I come from, girls basketball, women's basketball. So I'm a fan. I got a nine-year-old at point guard, so I'm not going to lie.

Well, you know what? Have Taylor watch some Kaitlyn Clark. You know, she goes to Iowa. They're playing at one. Kaitlyn Clark is, she is phenomenal. She's like the Steph Curry of women's college hoops. So if you want Taylor to watch someone, I'd say, you know, have her watch this Iowa game and check out Kaitlyn Clark ball because she's amazing.

Deal. How much of this weekend are you going to sit there watching hoops, TJ? Probably, you know, I did laundry last weekend, so I don't have anything like that to do this week.

Wait a minute. You do laundry once a week? No, but I did it last.

I do laundry about once every two months. So what? Yeah. Well, we had this talk before. I used to produce various things, so I went on the road a lot. So being on the road a lot, there were tricks I picked up and one of them was not taking socks and underwear with me where I go. Once we land, I'd find Walmart or Target and I go and I'd buy like an appropriate number of underwear and socks to have.

And then I build up so many of them that I have probably a hundred pairs, so I don't really need to do laundry that often, believe it or not. So I'm sorry. I'm sorry, listeners and viewers.

I'm. Dumbfounded. So let me ask you this, TJ Jefferson, you just let it pile up for weeks at a time. Well, I mean, there's always new pairs there, like literally dirty stuff. Well, it's in a hamper.

How big is your hamper? It's pretty big. Right? Yeah. This is scaring me.

Oh, it's not scary there. I mean, I'm wearing clean drawers every day. I'm saying I don't have to.

But you learn something new every time. I don't have to do much because I got a lot of socks and underwear. So but yeah. So I'm saying I don't have anything to do. So I'll be watching some basketball. I'll be watching UFC. My boy Gabe Rosado has a boxing match this weekend, but I can't watch it because it's on the zone. And we know how I feel about the zone since they got my Twitter taken away. So fortunately, I can't watch his fight. But yeah. So that's what I'll be doing.

Basketball and MMA. Chris, what are you going to do besides hope that your kid doesn't sit on your lap and pee on the couch and urinate on me again? Like did he show any remorse for peeing on you like whatsoever? You could have ended that end. Does he show any remorse?

He's three. They are remorseless. They are remorseless. By the way, my 14 year old remorseless. It doesn't change. It doesn't change. So Chris you and him are chilling on the couch and he's just sitting there and just lets it go.

He's eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Daddy, I want to sit on your lap. Great.

That's awesome. Let's do it, buddy. So we put some PJ Masks into the night. We save the day. And then I feel some warm liquid on my right leg. And then I look down and I go, oh, come on, man. Did you just pee on me? And then he goes, yeah. If I'm here and you're here, doesn't that make it our time? Just pee on you.

The disrespect is real. I mean, I could say that I've had worse happen, but Ching-Yi Hsiao, the writer director of Ching Can Dunk is coming out next and he's already not quite understanding why we're eating ice cream at 10 in the morning. And I watched Ching Can Dunk last night. Yeah. So we did both. We were going somewhere with this. You accomplished two things last night. I did two things last night.

I cleaned the couch cushion with that pee all over it and then I put my son to bed and then I watched this great movie. Do you think this is the weirdest show he's ever been on? Easily. Right? We're going to take a break. When we come back, Ching-Yi Hsiao is joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show where we have now covered ice cream, urine, and Ching Can Dunk.

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Joined by the writer-director of Chain Can Dunk, Ginni Hsiao. Thank you so much for coming in here at The Rich Eisen Show. Enjoy your mimosa. Happy St. Patty's Day to you.

I'm just saying. I heard there was some ice cream as well. There's ice cream coming up. Here are my offers.

Ready? Because Amy Trask was here in the second hour. Amy Trask. So many toppings. Amy Trask of Darkness, the most celebrated woman, in my opinion, in the history of the National Football League. There I said it. She is a huge ice cream proponent.

Big fan. She likes to start her day with ice cream. We are offering you the following. Chocolate chocolate chip, pistachio, coffee. We're sadly and crazily out of the oat milk variety of s'mores.

Which by the way, you don't want that anyway. Chocolate chip cookie dough. What would you like? Coffee. Yeah. Oh, that was fast. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

It's morning. Works pairs well together. So I saw like she had the condiments as well, like the sprinkles and all that other stuff. Amy Trask doesn't go lightly anyway. She really doesn't. She's the princess of darkness. Everywhere she goes is with authority. Whether it is with Al Davis or was with Al Davis or carrying a sprinkles container.

She goes big or goes home and she just went home. But with the sprinkles. And I apologize for that.

I'm not coffee only guy anyway. Can we get your movie? Because this is the weirdest show you've ever been on. Let's get your movie. I loved it. It's special. It has a great story and it has multiple fake endings, which I think is really effective too. Because you think we're going to watch every other feel good movie, but there was a twist. Can you explain the origins of Chink and Dunk and why it was so important for you to tell the story?

Wow. I think it came from a place of thinking about the movies that I loved growing up that really shaped me. I loved coming of age sports comedy.

So Little Giants, Mighty Ducks. And I just really wanted to... I remember watching those films and wishing that someone like me was the protagonist. And so I started thinking about my own childhood, my relationship with basketball. I like to say that basketball is the reason why I'm a filmmaker.

Because it imbued in me a sense of confidence and helped me rethink my own potentials and limitations, which allowed me to dream bigger and become a filmmaker. That all kind of just whirled together and I thought about the fact that in high school I made a bet with a friend that I could dunk by the end of summer. But then I got distracted.

I never did it. And I wondered what happened if I did. And then this movie sort of just kind of flowed out. So much to impact there. And I think the most important one is, of course, you didn't see someone who looked like you on the screen. And this changes everything. So explain that. In your thinking of Chink and Dunk, how often do you see, as you said, an Asian as the protagonist taking on the traditional bully, taking on the traditional you can't do this mentality? I mean, growing up, I really couldn't think of that many examples. I mean, when I was rehearsing and preparing for the film, and I would talk with the lead Bloom who kills it as Chang, we would think about what examples of a story like this are out there. And we really couldn't think of it in the high school YA space, especially as a Disney film. And the film ultimately is about having agency, sort of having an impact on how your life is going to go.

That's what it is. Like, if people tell you you can't do something, can you prove to them that you can? And can you push past your own maybe self-limiting beliefs? And I think that like, one, seeing yourself, seeing a version of yourself as the protagonist, as the hero in a film is extremely powerful to a young person. But two, the story is actually very, very universal because we all have little goals and little missions that we want to do that maybe we put off the side because we're afraid that if we try really hard, we might fail. And so this film is for anyone who kind of has that goal or dream, however big or small.

And you know, just to go and start and see how far you get. Ching-Yi Hsiao joins us here on the Rich Eyes and Show. His movie Ching Can Dunk is now streaming on Disney Plus. Who are your guys? Who are your NBA guys? I mean, Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan, the first team that I watched growing up was the Rockets. And so Kim Il-Ahjwan, I think is like a player that I just love and he impacted the game in so many different ways and it was so cool and a great leader off the court as well. Kobe obviously, I think he transcended the game in a lot of ways. I like to compare him to like Bruce Lee.

He was almost like a philosopher, you know what I'm saying? And then nowadays the young players are so impressive to me. Like I feel like they come into the league way, way more skilled, skilled and capable of contributing right away.

And like, I love the John Marantz and the Donovan Mitchells of the world. You know, one thing I loved about this as well is that there are surprises in the movie that I won't talk about because they would really, it's a drag when you know it's going to happen. And I think people can Google it. They can look into it.

They definitely should watch it with their kids and even without their kids. But what I love about this story is that you were so effortless in weaving in current events in the NBA and this kid's dreams. And I'm wondering how that juxtaposed on your own, your influence. You mentioned that you thought about could you dunk, could you not dunk, but you also just wove in those beautiful themes that we see in Disney movies.

But with a twist, how did social media and the advent of social media and the pressures for kids on social media affect how the protagonists, how these two characters are going up against each other, the pressures that kids face currently? Well I think the social media aspect of it was something that I was inspired by actually a YouTube clip. I don't know if you guys have heard of it, it's called 10,000 Hours. And it was a YouTube clip of like this trainer named Devin Williams or this former player named Devin Williams. He never even played professionally, but he basically found these two Chinese-American brothers in a gym.

They had broken in to find a place to train. And he started this short documentary and started to just train them. And it blew up on YouTube.

It had like 10 million views or something like that. And it is probably one of the first clips of what I call YouTube basketball culture, which I think in the last two, three years has really, really blown up. And it's amazing to watch these sort of like basketball influencers. What they do is like they go and they tell people that they're gonna show up at this court.

And then like hundreds of people show up and they just battle. It's like it's capturing like I think a aspect of basketball that's like very relatable to every person. Because there's like the NBA, right?

And then there's the sort of game that you play on the black tops of your school or in the local playground. And I really wanted to add that into the film because I think this, Chang isn't, the film is not about a future NBA prospect. It's about everyday kid who just loves basketball. And basketball hoops culture, I wanted to capture that aspect of it. And then from there, I just thought a lot about social media and how kids, that's just part of their life. So without giving too much away, when Chang is part of a viral moment, I feel like that's like the mission of a lot of kids these days, right? Is to like become a meme or something like that or the blow up on Instagram or whatnot.

And I just thought that was really, really interesting. I mean, even if like high school basketball is huge now, like Bronny James, right? And now they can sign like NIL deals and stuff like that. It's crazy to think that you can be a teenager, be playing in basketball, be a high school basketball star, but then also have millions of followers and have to deal with all that stuff. So I think all those things were swirling and then they just, it was like my way of bringing Mighty Ducks, Little Giants into like the Gen Z generation. How fun was it for you then to shoot with the ESPN guys?

Oh, that was- For a guy who grew up loving the league. That was crazy. I mean, we were in there, we were snapping. The scene where we go and sneak up, that's really Stephen A. Smith's office.

And we stole that. Luckily they gave us permission to use it in the film, but yeah, we were just- Where was he? He's not in the film. I was expecting Stephen A. to walk in and represent. We tried to get him the schedules.

We had a very tight schedule and he wasn't there that morning. So unfortunately he wasn't part of it, but yeah, it was incredible to be on that set and see how they shoot that show. It's incredibly like well-rehearsed and just, it was awesome.

Just like this show where we eat ice cream and it's incredibly well-rehearsed, I have to say. I mean, I got to say your set is more impressive than theirs. This place is amazing. It's huge. Thank you. It's a special studio. Our good friend Chris Long built it when he created this.

He wanted, no kidding, he wanted a studio that people would want to hang out in. I think it's mission accomplished. Great job. Great job, Muscles.

Just saying. Going back to the YouTube stuff, I found myself wanting to watch these workout videos. You know, there was this, there was the montage where it was all the, you could see the likes and the views kind of building up and growing each time. I was just like, is there a page so I can go watch all these? I just thought that was so well done.

Congrats on that. Yeah. I mean, I really thought about like, if you were a 16 year old kid and you really did have to dunk or else you would, you know, lose face in front of the entire school, what would you actually do, which is they would go to YouTube or TikTok and look for advice on how to do these things. And if you do that, you'll find these people right away. The first video he watches is this guy, Ben Patrick, knees over toes guy, who like at the time when I was making this was just starting to become viral, but I think he has like two million followers now on Instagram and TikTok.

So these, you know, these fitness influencers are really making an impact and basketball influencers as well. It's crazy. I have.

Well, hey, brother. So I definitely like the flick. And my question being, you know, obviously the main part of the movie is can Chang dunk?

That's what the title is. And then you also have your story line with, you know, there's the love story with Christy and the rival story with Matt. But one thing that stuck out to me was Chang's relationship with his mother, very contentious. Was that something that you drew on from personal experience or how did you come up with that part of the movie? I mean, for sure.

You know, that was a discovery I made while I was writing the film. It definitely started out more as sort of like based on the premise of like can this kid dunk or not? And it just really, you know, I have immigrant parents and my relationship with them was one of many misunderstandings growing up.

I mean, it's typical of a teen, right? But I think that like when you have an immigrant parent, there's a lot less things to connect on, like literally sometimes you can't understand each other because they're speaking in my case Chinese and I'm speaking in English. And little things like, for example, sports, right? Sports is something that you pass on to your kids.

They love the teams that you love. But, you know, my parents didn't really know too much about American sports growing up. So I had to learn all that stuff on my own. So there comes these natural barriers that you're dealing with that are layered on top of just being a teenager. And I remember in high school, my mom, what I realized growing up, having grown up a little bit more now, is that my mom was actually going back to school when I was in high school as well. And she was going through a lot of things that I was going through, like she was older than our classmates.

She, you know, she wasn't fitting into well because she couldn't speak English and she didn't know the culture as well. And so both of us were kind of like frustrated, feeling a little bit like outcasts. And when we get home, we, instead of sharing that, we kind of took it out on each other. And that was a discovery and a really healing discovery I made writing this film. And so once I had that emotional heart, I think like, you know, even if you look back at those classic films like Mighty Ducks and Little Giants and, you know, especially those John Hughes films as well, like there's a surface story premise, but underneath there's deeper sort of like stories about family or, you know, relationship with yourself and things like that. And once I found that, I was like, OK, this is the thing that, you know, this film is actually about because the film is about having dreams and dreaming and inspiring. And, you know, if you live in a household where your parents are stuck in their own way of what they think is possible for themselves, it's hard for you to also dream.

I think you need to also in watching it and here with the writer director of Jane Can Dunk on Disney Plus, you can watch it here on Roku. I also found as a parent that it was a reminder to me to meet my kids at their interests, that, you know, I have one of my kids whose interests are very different than mine, and it was a reminder to slow down and pay attention to what makes them tick. And I'm a pretty hands on parent, but life is so crazy and that you have to actually go to your kids level, whether it's something that's of interest to you or not, because it's their world. And that's what's interesting to them at the time. So I think that, TJ, I'm glad you brought that up, because, you know, I take the parent, the mom role seriously. I saw what was happening there.

I'm really thrilled with where you made the resolution. I thought that was really cathartic. You're thinking of that line where she goes dunking, why dunking? That was so funny.

I loved it. That's probably my favorite scene in the whole movie. Yeah. That's in the mall? When she meets the coach.

In the mall at the food court? Yeah. Yeah.

Both of them killing in that scene. Yeah. What's your favorite sports movie of all time?

Oh, wow. And it can't be Mighty Ducks, because that can't be. OK. And I love Mighty Ducks, but I mean, come on, we're talking, Chris, like, you know, some of the great sports epics of all time, Hoosiers. You don't want to put Mighty Ducks on that list? I mean, come on.

You could do that. It's a great movie. I mean, I'm going to, um, quack, quack, quack, Mr.

Ducks. I'm going to throw out a fairly recent one. I'm going to throw out a fairly recent Warrior from Hardy Films. Dude, underrated. Nobody talks about that movie. Underrated film. But again, like it has that deeper underlying story of like father and son, brothers.

I'm also a huge MMA fan. And that film just does it. It just it just does it for me in a lot of ways. Yeah. In the best John Hughes movie of all time is? Oh.

Ferris Bueller. Wow. Yeah. OK. Yeah. I didn't expect that.

Chris, who do you got? I like Ferris Bueller. Yeah. Bueller. Tough to disagree.

It's too classic. Oh, I know. Oh. Oh. I just love 16K. Oh, TJ. I mean, I went to an all girls school in Boston. Let me tell you, we watched that every weekend.

Jake Ryan was everything. I mean, it started like that is one of the first of that genre to combine all those different elements, you know, of like comedy, but also just the heartwarming aspect, the heart and and also go into like some like, you know, darker emotions as well. I can't thank you for coming in here. It's all it's always more fun to have somebody in the studio. Weird Science on the West. Really? Yeah.

It's Uncle Buck. You can't pick a favorite John Hughes movie. He's the greatest, TJ. I mean, honestly, you know, one of the most underappreciated and absolutely beloved creators of all time. I mean, also just look at the influence, like we're all coming to that age where we grew up watching those movies and now we're the ones, you know, creating the art. Yeah.

Just a massive influence, obviously. We are. We're thrilled that you came in.

Come in anytime you want. We are. We're always here.

And we're and we're also available if ESPN, if you can't. That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying.

We have a lot of camera room here. You're not going to come in here. We're going to be gone. Rich might be gone, but we're going to be here.

It's not going to be a Stephen A situation. I never miss work. So I'm always here. Let's talk. Let's talk. Let's talk. Let's make it happen.

Let's make it happen. I mean, I see it. It's a fill in host.

And there's ice cream and mimosas. Wouldn't that be it? He goes, look, I want to use the show, but Rich, sorry, I really want Susie to host. So shout out Dexter Darden. He played the coach.

Yes. Fantastic. He was amazing in the movie. He's amazing. Like him and the lead Bloom are actually only four years apart. And like what impresses me most about the acting is like Dex plays such a wise, you know, coach, like not just older brother, but like like a real coach. And Bloom plays so young and naive, but they're actually very close in age. Dexter has such screen warmth.

It's incredible. Like when he comes into the variety, he's like, and you told me you were six foot. Last question, how close did Bloom come to even potentially being anywhere near that route? No, nowhere close, right? No, he's he trained for real. We put him through a real program and I think he's an inch away. He's an inch away.

So he's actually 5'8. And I wish you guys had a I wish I brought a clip of him jumping, but he can grab the the rim off two feet with two hands. Wow. OK, so when you do your next project with Jay Williams and you come in here to promote it, yeah, and we get you drunk, you'll play that. Yeah, let's do it. Let's do it. Maybe I'll be dunking, too.

Don't joke. Oh, set up the hoop, Chris. Let's go. All right.

We're going to close up shop on this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. Thank you so much for coming. It's such a pleasure. And I really enjoyed it. It's just so nice to have a movie to watch with your kids. That's just a great comedy. It's heartwarming. The mom doesn't look bad in the end.

It's a Disney movie where the mom doesn't die. It's a win. Yeah, let's go. I want all the kids out there to be dunking in four years. You know what I'm saying?

I want the next generation of the huge upswing of kids that can dunk, then I'll know my movie made an impact. It's just a wonderful movie. Thank you so much for coming. And we're going to take a quick break back here to wrap up this edition of The Rich Eisen Show. My hot. That's my Ty Rich. There he is.

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We all know that the playoffs are no time for messing around. It is time to get off the bench and go to and win the job hunt. I like this read better because it was get off the sidelines before and as a former sideline reporter I was like, well, I like the sidelines. That's where I am. Because that's where I go. But I like this one. It's apropos for March Madness. It's great.

So, check it out. We love that they are a sponsor on this show. I was laughing. We're coming back to break and I get a text from a kid's school saying that you've got until 12 o'clock to sign something that I forgot to sign and I wrote back, can I sign it at 11.58?

Oops. Before 12. I mean, I got 12 minutes to go. I'm wrapping up this show. I got things to do, people.

I got ice cream to clean up because who's going to clean up around here? Liz helped out. But I mean, let's recap the Rich Eisen Show for this Friday, shall we? Let's recap this Rich Eisen Show. We started with the great Brent Musburger. Two segments, not one. TJ, I got really greedy.

I went for two. We heard about the origin of March Madness. He was gorgeous. He was great. You popped the champagne early in the show this time, which was great because it's St. Patty's Day. So we were celebrating Brent mentioned libations.

We could tell him we libated with him. I thought that was great. I'm libating right now. Me too.

Yeah, you are. Amy Trask for an hour. She was gorgeous, as were the ice cream sundaes. What shows gave you ice cream sundaes and mimosas? None, man.

None. I'm going to tell you. This early in the morning.

That's why we're Emmy nominated, because no one else is doing this. That's right. It's like, you know, I'm going to say Hamilton, I brought the thunder, I'm just saying. Oh, someone's on the phone. We have a caller. Chris, there's a caller on the... Who is it?

Oh, yeah. It's Rich from the Big Island. Is on the line. Is on the line.

The bat line. Rich from Kona. Hello? Hello. How are you? You're awake. I am awake. Go back to sleep. We're fine. How are you doing? I can't sleep here. It's three hours behind. I stare at the ceiling. It's five in the morning.

It's all good. How are you? Hey, you found a great way to complain about being in Hawaii in the first 30 seconds. Winner! Somebody drink something. I decided to stand in the most bird laden spot. You can hear that in the background. Like it's the masters.

You can hear the birds and the dog with the azaleas. Rich, do me a favor. Put on your best nance and welcome us back to your own show from Kona. Aloha, friends. I don't know. That's about it.

That's all you got. Great job. Hey, thanks for calling in. By the way, Brent was outstanding.

Those stories were amazing. That was fantastic. I'm glad you guys are having a good time. We're having a really good Friday, I think. We're having a blast. Jay Feli's in the house. Go finish up. I don't know. I got a text that somebody wanted me to call in, but you guys finished the program.

No, no, no. We wanted to call in just to say hi. Kennesaw's got the ball with 13 seconds left. Down one.

Coming out of time out. Who's winning our pool right now? Do we know? Some random person is 15 and one. And I think that's wonderful.

I love random people who watch our show. I'm talking about us inside the building. Who's winning our bracket challenge?

We're not even through the first round yet. Last night when I went to sleep, Xander was leading. He is. He is. Xander's up. Oh, yeah. And Brockman entering today's games tied at 120.

We're 12-4. Okay. There we go. Who is that? By the way, the random person, what's his name?

They have made up names anyway. It's Cali65. All right, Cali65.

We see you. 150. Is it Einstein Cell Service? Is that the name of the bracket? No, no. No, no.

They fell off. Fantastic. You having a nice break, honey? Very good. Yes, I absolutely am. I'm about to go get a free breakfast. You're the king of that. Yeah, I am.

Well, it's the chip leader. He owes everybody breakfast this morning. It's all good. I'm having a good time. Everything's wonderful. And I'm glad that you guys are holding down the fort.

Rolling it down. I'll be back Monday. I'll be back Monday when Aaron Rodgers is still a member of the Green Bay Packers. It'll be great. And we'll spend the whole five days waiting for something to happen that probably won't happen until the draft.

So it's all good. Isn't that a new Christopher Guest movie, Waiting for Rodgers? Waiting for Rodgers, absolutely. Everybody has stools in Green Bay. We're sitting down on them waiting for this thing to happen. And it's not gonna for a while, it looks like the Packers are gonna make everybody sweat this thing out.

It's ridiculous. The guy's gonna be the quarterback of the Jets. I mean, it's going to happen.

And Love's gonna be the quarterback of the Packers. Can we just get there right now? Hey, Rich, just give up your first two picks.

It's fine. That's not happening. It ain't happening. It won't happen.

This deal will happen. But not for that. Can you hear the birds? Yes.

They're so loud. So awesome. All right. Go have a good day. Go play pickleball.

Have fun. Relax. We got this under control. What can I possibly do to ruin this show in the next five minutes? I mean, we're almost done.

Xavier's gonna move on. Enjoy. Enjoy. But yeah, I've got pickleball later today.

I mean, it's going to be great to be out there crushing it, so it'll be great. Good. Don't tear an Achilles, anybody. I was gonna say, don't hurt yourself, honey. Don't hurt yourself.

Sorry, Rich Isaac. Love you. Bye. Love you too, buddy. All right.

Let's check this out. So Xavier, 68. Kennesaw State, 67. I'm having PTSD of having to do highlights.

Oh, they just had a double block party on Kennesaw, going to the rack. Less than two seconds left. Looks like Xavier's gonna hold on, avoid the upset.

That's disappointing. We need... Look at that. UCSB was up on Baylor at the half. That's a 3-14 matchup.

Baylor's now stormed ahead midway through the second half, 54-45. Did you ever want to do highlights? I did. I mean, I wanted to be on SportsCenter. I did the... What was that reality show that ESPN did in the early 2000s? So you wanted to be a sportscaster or something like that?

They did that show, Anishwarya, I ended up winning it. So I mean, I tried it for all that stuff. I went to school for all this, but yeah. I went to school for this. I get it. I went to school for all this, to eat ice cream and drink mimosas on TV.

By the way, what's better than that? Thank God for that degree you had. I was a history art history double major. Your art professor can see me now. Yeah, by the way, I mean, my art history professor would be horrified if she saw me right now. This is not what she expected from me.

I expected better from you. Oh no, she didn't have that kind of accent. She was really snobby. Oh yeah, hardcore New York City snob.

The whole like scooping out ice cream and drinking at the same time and talking about Aaron Rodgers and the New England bravado and bluster. Maybe not what she had in mind, but I'm still here. Hey, great job. I mean, it wasn't Princeton, but whatever. It wasn't Princeton, but whatever. It wasn't Princeton, but whatever.

I mean, maybe I went to a school of higher education in New York City, but what else? Hey, great job, everybody. That was fun today. It's always a fun show with you guys.

J. Fel, love seeing you. Mikey, you missed out, buddy. Adam. Where's Adam?

No idea. Where's Adam right now? He's not here. Not doing his job. All right.

Bye, you guys. Thanks for listening and watching. No one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett.

Come along for the ride on the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast. They didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing. You know, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard. I mean, they had them, but along comes sports entertainment, professional wrestling, and now it is truly a part of pop culture. They've just branded what it looks like to be a champion. My World with Jeff Jarrett, wherever you listen.
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