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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1

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March 14, 2023 3:27 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 14, 2023 3:27 pm

Jets fan Rich vents some frustration at the prolonged wait for Aaron Rodgers to make his decision on whether or not to rubber stamp a trade from the Green Bay Packers.

The MMQB’s Albert Breer tells Rich what could be holding up Aaron Rodgers’ decision on a trade to the Jets, why the Raiders opted to pursue and sign Jimmy Garoppolo instead of Rodgers, what Sam Darnold’s signing means for the 49ers’ QB competition, how Sean Payton’s plan to rebuild the Broncos starts up front with their offensive line, what the free agent market for Lamar Jackson will be like, and the chance we see more trades and jockeying atop the NFL Draft with teams seeking new franchise quarterbacks.

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You in? Today's guest, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith, plus latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

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It is a video on demand service. Chris Brockman, good to see you over there, brother. Rich, what's up, man? DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts, back again. TJ Jefferson, the candles already lit.

How are you, sir? I mean, we're ready to go. Let's do it. Let's do it. Speaking of, speaking of ready to go, there's one person apparently not yet ready to go.

Can we guess? I mean, there's many people on the planet, but there's one in particular I wish to express, apparently, as of right now, on the air, on the Tuesday before the new league year, believes he's not yet ready to go. That individual is named Aaron Rodgers. Listen. Listen. Listen. If I had my say, and thankfully, thanks to our friends at the Roku channel and our partners, Westwood One and everyone else, I do have my say. And now's the time to say it.

Got that mic, baby. Aaron, it's time to go. It's time to go.

And there are indications, however, that he does indeed have plans to, in fact, go. Why would I say that? Well, as soon as I went on the air on NFL Network yesterday at 4 Eastern Time on the Monday before the new league year begins and the tampering window, don't call it that, opened up, Garrett Wilson says, now I can enjoy my vacay. And as I said on NFL Network, well, for us Jets fans who are not in the know, that vacay feels like it's a White Lotus vacation. Okay? All sorts of crazy, freaky things are happening. Okay?

Type of White Lotus vacation where you see F. Murray Abraham by the pool. Okay? It's time to go, Aaron. Other indications that it's time to go.

And then he is, in fact, deciding to go. My colleague Mike Garofalo this very morning says that the Jets and Rogers have been in communication with each other in the last 24 hours. Oh, good to know. And what are they talking about? What could be the holdup? The number of texts that I've gotten from my friends in New York City and the New York metropolitan area that are saying, what's the holdup? What's going on? The hell going on? Is he being a diva? Is he a diva quarterback? Is that what's going on? You know what? He's doing what he needs to do to get ready to go.

What is that? Oh, it's bringing his friends along with him, according to multiple reports. Allen Lazard, free agent. Jets are interested in him and the guy who Rogers strolled down the tunnel leaving Lambeau Field for what appears to be the last time as a Green Bay Packer after the Detroit Lions eliminated them from playoff contention in the final regular season game of the 2022 season in calendar year 2023. The guy who he strolled off together with Randall Cobb. Jets interested in him all of a sudden.

Isn't that interesting? Because when I went to the combine, I didn't think, you know what? The Jets need more receivers. They need more veteran leadership at the receiver position.

Nuh-uh. So clearly, Rogers has put down a marker in these conversations to Joe Douglas. These are the people I would like. Yeah, I also read, Rich, that Greg Jennings has been working out and Jordy Nelson.

Let me tell you something. James Jones. At this point in time, I do not care if the New York Jets named Joe Rogan as their new quality control coach.

That's coming back to pun. Bring them all. AJ Hawk. Bring them all. And I don't care, oh God, that, you know, Rogers is making the Jets contort themselves and, oh God, the Jets are really prostating themselves for Rogers and, oh God, Rogers is gonna be running the show.

Yeah, yeah. John Coons coming. Do you have Hoskins put up the Jets offensive stats for the last ten years that I still have here at my desk? Eddie Lacy is playing running back.

This is why the Jets are gonna let Rogers run the show and they're gonna get in the boat with Rogers or the plane with Rogers. There are five lasts on the screen. Last ten seasons, the Jets offense last in points per game. Last in total yards per game. Last in yards per play. Last in red zone touchdown percentage.

Last in passer rating. I don't care if they have the assistant trainer put Ayahuasca in the Gatorade. Let's go. It's time Aaron. It's time. Let's go.

James Stark. I have had enough. I've had enough. I understand. It's time. Ty Montgomery. Because if he doesn't come now. If he does not come now.

I do believe the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Mike Del Tufo, had something to say on where the Jets are headed if Rogers does not come now. Toilets. That's right. Toilets.

I mean there's no kimono to lift anymore. It's off. Jared Boykin. Look, look dude. Stop googling. Okay. Stop googling.

Stop googling because I'll tell you what. Smartass. I'll tell you what. Because when Rogers finally does arrive.

Like I said. Rogers finally does arrive and I know the baggage. I know all the stuff that he might bring with him. Andrew Corliss. Here's what he's gonna bring.

Rogers versus Mac Jones twice a year. You know what's not gonna happen? What?

The garbage that the Jets put on the field. Oh really? You really think so? Oh yeah.

You really think so? Oh yeah. The Jets. You don't think the Jets stink and suddenly gonna wash over Aaron Rodgers?

This is Brett Favre 2.0 bro. Oh no no no. And guess what? Didn't work out well for you then. Not gonna work out well for you now. The reason why it didn't work out well for us is because Favre showed up already banged up. He already showed up.

No longer the Iron Man. Rogers is in much better shape than Brett Favre. And on top of it all the Belichick voodoo that caused one guy to see ghosts and another guy to run into the ass of his offensive lineman and another guy throw 15 interceptions towards him accordi and he somehow dropped only 13 of them won't happen. This is why it's time for Rodgers to arrive. There is no turning back.

Bring in Lazard and Cobb. I hope Elijah Moore sticks around. He deserves it.

He put in the time. I hope that this guy shows up fully engaged because he's coming. Jet fans there's no trapdoor because what's Rodgers gonna do? Retire?

Packers clearly don't want him back. They are ready to go. They are ready to roll. They are.

Mike I don't know how you felt the day your divorce papers finally came in but that's the way the Packers are gonna feel the minute this trade goes through. Why? They didn't roll. That's how I felt.

Fact. I don't know how you felt. It was unbelievable.

The minute the ink dried on that thing. I was out the door. You superglued the Emmy she threw at you in a fit of peak back together and you rolled. I was out. That's the way the Packers are gonna feel. Everybody knows it. We know it. Take your time Aaron. I get it.

But let's go. Is the headline here? What else? Anything? Has he made a decision yet? Rich you know last week you warned against people having Rodgers and Brady fatigue and basically told them to go kick rocks.

You're not allowed to watch. It seems to me like you're suffering from some fatigue right now. No no the fatigue I'm suffering from if you if you really want to know. I would like to.

Thank you. The fatigue I'm suffering from right now TJ isn't Rodgers fatigue it's having my ass handed to me 50 out of 53 years watching football fatigue and I believe Woody Johnson's had enough too and it is you know a dangerous game that they're playing by turning to a guy who is at the end of his career and saying to him we are handing all of our hopes and prayers and wishes and all the best laid plans that our general manager Joe Douglas has well manicured to this point we are taking this and handing it to you and yes fully admitting without saying that the team that did this before with the previous first ballot Hall of Fame once-in-a-lifetime quarterback for the Green Bay Packers all due respect to the Bart Starr fans out there but yes the franchise that did that with Favre and was patently disappointed by the one year experience on and off the field is in the same position again we didn't advance very far two years in the AFC Championship Game drafting Mark Sanchez handing the Mangini Jets off to Rex Ryan nice times other than that we're in a diaspora back again hoping that the promised land can be led by a generationally once-in-a-lifetime again Green Bay Packer quarterback who's now having a divorce with the Packers and is running to the Jets that's my fatigue and I sure hope Rogers is the right guy to end it and the one thing I am hanging my hat on is Chris how did Tom Brady do in New England ages 39 and 40 how did he do on a Super Bowl aha it can be done Rogers is not walking around like Ben Roethlisberger he's not looking like well to respect Drew Brees looked as he was pushing 40 that's my fatigue sir and I would love it to end and I'd love for the Jets to stop doing this because one thing I don't really want to do when I'm knock on wood 68 years old is the Jets turn to Jordan love as he's divorcing the Packers and hope he can do what Rogers and far could not that's my fatigue sir thank you for asking I feel better let's go is the headline I did three hours yesterday and three hours on NFL Network and when I woke up I thought to myself absolutely far I mean the Rogers news is gonna break didn't happen this morning I'm hanging my hat on the fact that they're actually communicating thank you Mike Garofalo but the bottom line is if they're interested in Lazard and they're interested in Cobb there's a reason because those weren't the needs the Jets had going into the non playing season they're the needs that they currently crave because the quarterback they definitely need now because car is a saint and Jimmy G's a Raider is clearly demanding and it sounds to me like anybody's ever sold a house bought a house you've been fortunate enough to do that you ever been in a situation where you're ready to close ready to go to escrow and the person who's buying your house or the person that's allowing you to buy their house is like you know what we're gonna hold up this entire deal for the planters in the backyard we want the planters in the backyard well you know we want to take the planters with us well then we're not buying your house and you look at your spouse and you go is this really happening not to call Randall Cobb a planter but to me it looks like Rogers is holding everything up until he gets everything he wants and I already hear it you're setting the table for Rogers running the show mr. Hoskins put up the other Jets full screen we've had in the hopper for a week now and so aggressive just like you need a breath you need a minute no I have fatigue this is why on a screen Sam Darnold currently now god bless him on his third NFL team he's gonna win a playoff game next year for the 49ers our second our guest now a 100 million dollar quarterback for his third NFL team in Geno Smith all the way down to the current soon-to-be backup quarterback Zach Wilson the current I believe offensive mastermind of the future Houston Texans and Josh McCown Mike White your new Miami dolphin who Jets fans are so scarred by this experience they're freaking out we let Mike White go and then of course a man who I believe is fourth on our color-coded system of pettiness Bryce Petty just slightly above Lori Petty on our petty scale I'm telling you let's go how's that for a show open today set the tone let's go Aaron well all the tea in New York City and all the tea in Brooklyn and Staten Island we got tea okay New Jersey whatever you want back brother cuz now it's time all Mike nervousness or worries about how it would play in New York that's out the door it's got to happen now Albert Breer is gonna join us in a few minutes time by the way this Lamar gonna be hitting the free agent market tomorrow restricted and there's lots to talk about on whatever else is going on Albert Breer breaking Albert Breer and I will be communicating yeah we have communicated in the last 24 hours and he agreed to appear on this program let's take a break eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show on the Roku channel this terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more youth football is all about style and fun and the NFL celebrates that through play football an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit play football calm the future of football is here you in the rich eyes and show radio network is back with the live Roku channel stream the rich eyes and show desk that's what I'm sitting at furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click ranger calm or just stop by breaking news I have communicated with Albert Breer in the last 24 hours and he communicated back to me it was via text if you really want to know I do get my source away it was me reaching out to him saying how'd you like to come on the show and he said thank you did you say I said I said thank you after you said okay and then you wrote ly it was how'd you like to come on I gave you time you're like how about earlier I said all right here's early and you said okay that's it I gave it I gave the ghost away so I'll tell you what like clay Matthews is out there in the south of California right you gotta tell him to stay loose baby whatever whoever he wants I said if Joe Rogan's the new quality control coach I take that to make this happen by now what what what is as we were sitting here 20 minutes afternoon new league year begins in in what would you say 24 I can't believe I'm doing 20 the math 28 hours 28 hours you know where I went to school I'm not great I'm more verbal go for it what's going on what's happening what's the love yeah you know I I think this is sort of up to Aaron you know I mean like and I think that that's sort of where this is and yeah I think everybody's expectation is that this is gonna happen and I I you know it this to me like you know the Allen Lazar thing the Randall Cobb thing and all seriousness is the Jets getting their ducks in a row you know and I think as much as anything else it's a realization that like this is what the that the lag in the final decision the final parts of the negotiation that this is what it's doing to that you know like where you know if he had been on board on Saturday to say the Jets could hit the ground running and work on this stuff Monday and Tuesday and everything's done now you know it just sort of feels like they've got a line everything up and get everything in place and maybe this is intentional her Rogers part that he'd want to see them actually do this and put all the pieces in place but you know my understanding is for a little while now that he's sort of been up there you know and I think I think the the trade terms are workable I don't think that I don't know if they're gonna have to give up the 13th overall pick to do it you know and I think the contract terms are workable too if you look at it you know really rich it it's about cash you know like that's what this is about because the way the Packers structured the the contract was really smart you made them tradable you know like where you know that the cap number for a team acquiring him for next year it's just fifteen million dollars now you got to pay the piper down the line the question is whether or not you're willing to pay sixty million dollars in cash to get them so you know I think in large part this is really up to up to Aaron and what he wants to do and you know it certainly feels like the Jets are doing everything they possibly can to get them on board and and the new league as I mean the new league year is the deadline or there really isn't one I don't know if there is a deadline although it certainly seems like you know you see the actions here the Jets like that it's being treated like a soft deadline you know so and look I think Aaron himself said at one point right like that I can't remember if that was this year or last year to be honest with you but he he at one point reference reference to start a free agency is as you know wanting to have a decision by then right so whatever team he's on can plan going forward so it feels like that's a national point and I think we've been over this too it's like you know the Packers are operating in a much different manner than they did that then they have in the last couple of years we're the last couple of years it's been take your time Aaron whatever you need Aaron we'll leave the door open for you Aaron we want you to be a piece of whatever your decision is you know in this case it certainly feels like the Packers have already started the process of moving on and would like a decision sooner than later well and then yeah I mean there's no other the options are retire go to the Jets I mean is returning the Packers really an option at this point in time I mean after all this no but then I I'm old enough and you are too to remember Brett Farce not turning into training camp in 2008 like you was starting yeah but they did tell him that was still over they told him it was still over at that point yeah yeah so that one got really awkward at the end so I mean yeah I like who knows you know but you know and again like I think he's just sort of I think he's unpredictable you know what I mean like like and I think we've seen that like like that the guy you know I had been for better or worse marches to the beat of his own drummer you know but I I do think that but the momentum here is that is towards him becoming a New York Jet and if not that then either he retires or things get awfully awkward Sports Illustrated's Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen show why not Aaron Rodgers in Vegas why Jimmy G and and then assuming they're gonna draft a seventh overall pick quarterback or Jimmy G's arrival means no I mean read me walk me through the Raiders decision-making process so I know I've used this analogy with you a lot Rich and I'm I'm gonna wear it out again but like I see Alex Smith in Kansas City analogy right like where the Chiefs brought in Alex Smith in 2013 not think he's gonna do the quarterbacks of the next 10 years but it gave them somebody that they thought they could win with right and somebody who would allow them to keep their options open at the position and somebody that would allow them to build a contender you know and they were able to do that because of that like they didn't have to force it in 2014 or 2015 or 2016 and then eventually they found a guy they really loved and Patrick Mahomes went on and all in on him and by the time Patrick Mahomes got there there was a fully formed team waiting for him which you know created a great situation for Mahomes to develop in that was the idea the Raiders had with Derek Carr last year and doing the extension with them didn't work out and I think that's sort of the idea this time around with Jimmy Garoppolo is that you're creating your flexibility for yourself at quarterback and that yeah Jimmy's gonna be a quarterback probably for the next few years but he doesn't preclude you from going into the top ten and getting a one if you think there's a really special one there and in the meantime you don't have to overextend to get one that you might like but not love and so that allows you to use the capital that you have to build up the team around the quarterback and so I think it's as much as anything about bringing in a guy who's a known commodity you know and they projected some with Derek Carr that didn't work out a guy who you know knows what the culture is knows what the setups going to be and it's going to be able to hit the ground running and you know a guy who again allows you over the next few years to sort of survey the draft classes that are coming into the league and wait for someone that you think is really special that you can go up and get aggressive to go get so Jimmy G finally gets an exit visa from San Francisco after all this time and it's to Vegas and then on that day the Niners agree to terms with Sam Darnold who obviously wasn't going to get a gig in Carolina starting gig there with them moving all the way up to the first overall selection in the draft what do you make of the Darnold acquisition by San Francisco you know I actually had them kind of like pegged for maybe Baker Mayfield um you know it's like this is the same idea I think it's bringing in a guy who's got talent look at that he's got physical ability who you know maybe it becomes something maybe it doesn't at the very least it's going to push Trey Lance and give them another option while Brock Bertie gets healthy and if you look at the timeline with Brock Bertie it's gonna be tight if you know like him being able to start the opener this is typically like a six months recovery maybe he gets back faster maybe not but either way you know you're working on a really really tight timeline with a guy that you presumed was going to be taken up at least taking the first rep in OTA's and the first rapid training camp right whether or not he held on to the job of Trey Lance turns a corner you know we'd see on that but you know it's sort of I think saying okay like we're gonna see what happens with Trey Lance but we're gonna make sure that we cover our butts on the back end we get another guy who's got some talent in here to compete and this is gonna basically get us through until Brock Bertie is back and whether Darnold emerges or Lance emerges over the next six months you know we've given ourselves a better chance to have a viable option before it's right Brock Bertie gets back and again maybe one of those guys really breaks through and you have somebody that really makes you think should we start him or Purdy you know but but but but at any rate like at a really at a relatively cheap rate you're giving yourself the chance that multiple shots are getting the quarterback position right and you're doing it at a price point that allows you to go out get a Javon Hargrave on the free agent market too. That's it I mean what a what a what a day for the 49ers there and Albert Brie here on the Rich Eisen show I I had a top five list you know going into after the Super Bowl about the top five storylines of the offseason and my bonus one that I had was I can't wait to see how the Sean Payton Broncos start to form yeah and the 49ers lost Mike McGlinchey they're off from one of their offensive line when they were terrific offensive lineman at Denver Ben Powers also winds up in Denver yesterday we're hearing about receivers potentially being on the market they're they're out of the first and second rounds because of the Russell Wilson deal what what is your read or reporting on what Sean Payton and the Broncos are up to right now? Here's what's really fascinating about what what Denver's doing I think it mirrors what Sean Payton built in New Orleans for the most part for the most of the time there right now at the end they did pay Michael Thomas they did pay Alvin Kamara but if you look before that right first first I would say what 13 years or so in New Orleans what you'll what you'll find is a heavy deep investment in offensive line that whether it was guys like Jari Evans you know early on or Toron Armstead you know in Zach Street like throughout like you know you look at like the the names of the guys they were investing in over the years and almost always Rich it was offensive lineman right on that side of the ball even when they paid a guy like Jimmy Graham right like they paid Jimmy Graham was a great player for them he only lasted in New Orleans on that contract for one year they traded him away so you know to me like the acknowledge that this is an acknowledgement that they're going to be built in the same way that they did New Orleans and if you look at New Orleans what you'll find is the foundation of those teams is on the offensive line and Sean Payton bet on himself a bet on his scheme that he was going to be able to identify young skill players and make it work with maybe a less a little less money sunk into the skill spots and I think that kind of counters like I think that kind of kind of counters perception too right like you would think a Sean Payton team would be investing deeply in skill positions but the truth of the matter is if you look at the way they spent draft capital the way they spent their money over the years New Orleans there was much greater investment the offensive line I think that's what we saw in Denver and day one a free agency under Sean Payton. Albert Breer from Sports Illustrated here on the Rich Eisen Show few more minutes left with him on the Tuesday before their new league year begins and free agency writ large begins in the National Football League. Let's get to Lamar because at 4 Eastern time on Wednesday that's when anybody can reach out to Lamar if they have two first-round selections to to offer the Ravens should the Ravens not match whatever contract they come up with Lamar Jackson we have put together a list of teams that are quarterback needy supposedly it's now down to seven and you know we have the Atlanta Falcons up there I think we could remove them from this equation now because they signed Taylor Heineke this morning and the way that they you know signed Jesse Bates as safety yesterday it's obvious that they're gonna build around Desmond Ritter right now and go that way and give big money to other defensive players the Washington commanders might be off that board Sherry Burris who's new to NFL Network reporting that she spoke to Ron Rivera on Monday and Ron said absolutely they're not in the Lamar Jackson game the Jets are about to be going Aaron Rodgers what is Lamar's market as he hits this franchise tag free agency? You have a really hard time fine I mean you know you just you just said it you know Rich you have a really hard time going down that list and finding a team that you say yeah like absolutely they're gonna put in they're gonna they're gonna push their chips the middle of the table and see what happens you know I don't I don't know I mean I think you know like I think Atlanta is probably the best example right like because I think what I what what you're implicitly seeing from teams here is we want to wait for someone and this is I think a few teams and the Raiders are sort of in this boat you know I guess to the Falcons I mean the Panthers were there then they moved up it's like we're gonna wait to find somebody that we really really love and until then we're not gonna spend huge money on a quarterback I do think like what Daniel Jones and Derek Carr got scared teams a little bit you know and so and so I think if you look at it right like it's like how many boxes do you have to check to be all-in on Lamar Jackson you have to be comfortable with his injury history get to be comfortable with a big contract you have to be comfortable with flipping your offense upside down and running a different type of offense with them you'd be comfortable with a lot of different things to get there you know and then you know you look at the big contracts last year right there I think there were five like real big contracts like for quarterbacks last year so you had Deshaun Watson in Cleveland you had Russell Wilson in Denver I'm probably gonna miss one here you had Derek Carr in Vegas Tyler in Arizona Kyler Murray in Arizona and Aaron Rogers in Green Bay that's five right mm-hmm who's happy after a year I guess you know who's happy in terms of what the player or the organization happy with the return right now like I mean I think that that's a real thing you know like the price is gone it's escalated to a point with quarterbacks where I think that there are some teams now that are pulling back and are saying you know what until we're really sure until we really are until we find somebody that checks every single box for us we're gonna stay loose you know and we think that going and Tampa for example Tampa's another one of these teams will go get Pitt Baker Mayfield to compete with Kyle Trask and you know what we'll try to tread water and build up the roster everywhere else and spend our money everywhere else we don't need to go spend 35 million dollars a year on Derek Carr you know what I mean like so I think that that's the environment that's working against Lamar Jackson right now is that teams I think are a little less willing to take swings on quarterbacks expensive swings on quarterbacks you know because the price point has gotten to that point and so I think to some degree it's all the boxes you have to check to be all in on Lamar in the first place but I think there's also you know like this economic environment around the quarterbacks is working against Lamar too but I would say this it can't hurt to place that phone call you know what I mean like if you're a team that isn't completely sold on his quarterback why not at least make the phone call I know it just but it doesn't the question is the question is is who's going to make that phone call and and some of the other boxes that need to get checked that you didn't mention confuse I think a lot of fans because of how terrifically talented Lamar Jackson is and the two of them I I spoke to Scott Pioli about this on NFL Network yesterday is well we don't want to do the work for the Ravens by hammering out a deal that they couldn't negotiate for Lamar and do all the paperwork only to be left you know empty-handed and I said well what are you worried about the billable hours for your legal staff that makes no sense like it's worth yeah going for the concern would be the concern would be pissing off your quarterback like if you have well unless you're in the Indianapolis you don't have one if you're Indianapolis you do not have one there's no there's no quarterback to piss off you know you don't but are you planning to draft one you get the fourth overall pick are you planning a draft one if you look at it say well we're gonna come out of this with a quarterback at like eight or nine million dollars a year do we really need to go spend fifty million on one you know I think that's sort of part of the equation there like I'll give you a good example of having fun with this okay and I don't want anybody sticking report colon on front of this or whatever right but let's say let's say like look like New England wasn't completely happy with Mac Jones last year right Bill Belichick like Lamar Jackson coming out now the question for them was whether or not we turn our operation upside down and build a new offense for him you could say bill would be building the Navy offense for him right like yes you really want to have fun with that sure so so like the the issue that you have is like if you go and sign Lamar to an offer sheet and the Ravens match where does that leave you with Mac Jones do you understand what I'm saying so like I think that that I think some teams that have quarterbacks that might even be intrigued by it could look at it and say if we do that is that going to create a bigger problem for us back into the latest map I get it and it all and it's also might be a process that drags on into late March and you've got to make your moves certainly with free agency and build your team and if you're gonna be building your team around a guy who is expensive as Lamar Jackson when you have somebody on your first contract a rookie contract clearly that changes the entire dynamic of how you build your team so I get that the other box that people don't understand that needs to be checked is the fact that Lamar doesn't have an agent and I just want to kind of dig into that real quick because I mean when you when we hear he doesn't have an agent you have to deal with his mom it makes it sound like it's that that that that wedding crasher scene where where Lamar's in the basement screaming for meatloaf you know what I mean so how does it actually work like is there nobody with a legal background or anybody who has sort of an agenting skill that's unofficially his agent like is he really you got to call his number or his mother's number to make a deal I mean I can remember that like it's interesting because that circle is very very small right so I'm assuming like like he would hire a lawyer to look over the thing but I can remember this I'll give you like an anecdote like so I remember in 2018 when he was coming out I like I remember hearing like a be all of you remember him for the Jets right like he advised his play a lot of players that have come out of South Florida and I remember hearing oh well you know a deal I'm gonna you know maybe I was gonna work with him so they okay like so I went to the combine actually you know I I wound up getting to Lamar by himself and I was like I want to ask him like hey is a be all that hiding you and he said no he's like I think he knew a but he was like no and I think that's sort of I mean it's sort of like to me like like looking back at that now five years later it it's sort of crystallized like how tight the circle around it is and you know like that's just the way well my I think it's just I mean Lamar so loyal to the people that he grew up around and everything else I think that's part of it now I'd assume like look like you cannot sign a contract without hiring a lawyer to look at it right like so I think that that's part of this the NFLPA is also helping him and that's part of it too you know they have some people who are sort of the administrators that oversee the agents and everything else you know he has some help on that end also but yes it's without a question like a very untraditional thing and you know I I think that's part of it too is like you know if you're if you're another team you're going directly to Lamar with this which creates a really really interesting dynamic. All right in the two minutes I have left here Albert your your thoughts on who did the Panthers trade up to go get because you know with you saying well the Colts might draft are going to draft a quarterback fourth overall they might not be happy with the fourth right on that scale because somebody could trade up with Arizona to beat Indianapolis to the punch so how do you see that playing out? Well I think Arizona's in the catbird seat now you know I can tell you this like the Bears were convinced that the Texans are taking a quarterback second overall they actually have some talk Texans but the Texans moving up to one the Texas ethical quite ready to jump and the and that the Panthers coming up like didn't call the Texans because they didn't want to oh they were so convinced that the Texans are taking a quarterback at two that they didn't want to alert the Texans yet to how serious they were about moving up you know so if you're locking it in now and you're saying the quarterbacks going to want a quarterbacks going to you know now the Cardinals are in a huge position of strength where they can say anybody else who wants one's got to come up and come up and talk to us and you can make the Colts feel really uncomfortable too like where it's like you're gonna have two off the board by the time the the the draft gets to you and if you don't deal with us it could be three so you know I think the Cardinals are in a position of strength now being able to move that pick and maybe they only have to move down one spot and and yeah I think for the Colts like this this creates an interesting scenario where I mean look history tells us right rich like there may be four that go in the top ten they're not going to be built all four marketing right it's just it's just what the numbers tell us what the history tells us maybe to make it right so let's say like you're the Colts and you know you say okay like these two are gonna make it and those two are gone when you're picking what do you do I mean to me like that's like the scenario where Christian Ponder goes 12th overall you know because the Vikings that year really likes Jake Walker which wouldn't worked out either but like they wound up like sort of turning a guy who was probably a second round pick for them into the 12th overall pick and now that guy winds up getting Leslie Frasier that that pick winds up getting Leslie Frasier fired that's a sort of tricky situation I think the Colts are in right now which is tough for that because you know so much of this year I think in the way that the last half of the year was handled with based on being in position to settle the quarterback spot once and for all four years after Andrew Luck stunned all of us for those retirement so you think is it again I got about 30 seconds Stroud young Richardson I mean yeah what do you think my understanding is that my understanding is the Panthers are very very comfortable with two of them and think two of them are worth going first overall they are going to do everything with all four of them and they're going to see if a third or a fourth kind of jumps into that group with the two in which case maybe they would consider moving back down a spot or two so that's sort of where they're at you know my suspicion would be that it's young and Stroud I don't know that but it's going to be interesting to see what happens you know owners it's going to be involved in this I would expect that we're going to see you know the the traveling band we've seen that in the past right like where you know Scott fitter the GM the Dan Morgan the assistant GM and Frank Reich and maybe the owner to David Tepper may go along to our in Gainesville and Columbus and Tuscaloosa and and Lexington over the over the next you know five or six weeks taking a really really close look at each of these kids to see you know how they're going to set up the strategy for April you the man Albert I always appreciate the time you make me smarter love our chats take care yourself brother thanks all right all right thanks for it I appreciate it follow Albert Breer on Twitter I do is must follow let's take a break lots to chew on right there and Lamar Jackson is tweeted three of them and your phone calls and Geno Smith's that'll come back here on the rich eyes and show radio stream radio feed along with our Roku Channel stream phone calls eight four four two oh four rich number two dollar Lamar Jackson has tweeted about his contract situation or in response to what Adam Schefter is reporting on it we'll do that at the top of the hour Albert gave us a lot of food for thought right there man on so many subjects let's go to the phone lines eight four four two oh four rich number at all Jason in Louisville Kentucky you're here on the rich eyes Joe what's up Jason I just want to thank you because when you go down the James Dolan wormhole of New York professional sports and the University of Michigan there's nothing better on sports talk than that the level of energy that you bring when you do that is unparalleled well it's from the heart I'm so upset that Robin hasn't asked you if rogers has called sterling shark he's giving you material there Chris yeah thank you thanks brother predates Rogers but I appreciate what you say Jason hey man it's from the gut you know what I mean it's from the guts from the heart it's it's genuine maybe that's why we we connect on that front thanks for the call Jason appreciate it even my mild-mannered lawyer to the stars my brother Jeffrey Kanner Eisen what did he say he has he heard the opening okay this is the reason why he's the reason why I'm a jet fan because again if I followed my dad's lead we would be talking about Judy Garland every day I don't think we'd be on the air I'll be very honest with you we'd be on another station me he texted nice rant tell the smug Patriots fan across from you that he should be very concerned about Aaron Rogers being on the Jets Mac Jones and his 50 consecutive screen passes are not beating those Jets 10-3 first off your brother knows my name huh Jeff yeah your name is my Seth is my middleman I don't need to know your name but yeah yeah the the quick game that sucks ain't beating the Jets 10-3 this time around great cuz we have a new okay oh I didn't know that's been fixed with your top wide receiver going on the McDaniels wrote he wasn't coming back anyway okay great retort has he made a decision yet are we closing the first hour of this program with this still an open issue for real we're gonna go through these next two hours without it happening right I'm on green assigning okay hey he didn't make a decision but a Cowboys player has a per Jane Slater Noah Browns is gonna leave us and go sign with the Texans oh there you go yeah so we haven't added anybody but we're losing people I could pretend to not know your brother's name by the way by the way Cobb and Lazard are off the market apparently looks like still here on Rocco so we can't tell the Patriots smug Patriots fan across the way I've earned the right to be smug yeah I know that man that makes me sick what hey smug seven championships in like six they got all those babies and Brady had got all those banners there we count Tom they got all those banners I know they got all we threw a parade for Ray Bork when he went with the avalanche that's a good that's a good one man what should once they're yours they're always man geez but I told you Brockman I told you a few years ago once your luck ends it's gonna stink for a while and you're in that that excuse me excuse me what did I say to him the day Brady left for the Buccaneers said he welcome to the rest of us well the rest of them will rest we'll never we'll never be you guys welcome hey we got five so we're gonna welcome to the rest of us they're dressed all they drafted Mac Jones dude there is no more clear indication of you being like the rest of us than the chance for Bailey zappy New England he was hurt Bailey zappy a year after everyone's bought buying their Mac Jones jerseys cuz they're so great let's go crazy for Matt a year later Oh Bailey zappy welcome to the rest of us that Patricia was the worst coach ever welcome to the rest of us be zappy
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