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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 14, 2023 3:28 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 14, 2023 3:28 pm

Rich weighs in on what the Jets’ pursuit of Aaron Rodgers means for Zach Wilson’s NFL future, says what to read into the 49ers’ signing of Sam Darnold with Trey Lance and Brock Purdy coming off seasons that ended in injury, and explains why Rodgers would be a far better option for the Jets instead of signing Lamar Jackson away from the Baltimore Ravens. 

Rich and the guys react to the New York Giants trading for TE Darren Waller and what it says about Josh McDaniels putting his stamp on the Raiders’ roster, and breaks down what the Dolphins’ latest moves mean for Miami’s 2023 season outlook.

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You in? Earlier on the show, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer, Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith. Coming up, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Our number three of the Rich Eisen show is on the air, live on the Roku channel here on this Tuesday before NFL free agency. The Tuesday where we've got not one but two NCAA tournament. First four games that go down tonight. Pair of 16 seeds and a pair of 11 seeds. Southwest Missouri State against Texas A&M Corpus Christi.

Why not? Tees off at 640 Eastern, followed up by two 11 seeds, Pitt and Mississippi State. Are they playing golf? You said tees up. Tees up. Okay, let me just say this.

I've never, I've never, I've never, what's the words for it? Heard of those first two schools. But I'll be rooting for one of them at some point tonight when it's tight.

My mom was born in Corpus Christi, Texas. So does it make you want to root for them? I think I might weigh the house on them tonight. But why do they have first four games with 11 seeds? I don't understand that. Because they were the last in at-large teams. So then why aren't they ranked 12th, seeded 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th? Because those are the guaranteed winners of smaller conferences. Exactly. They're better than these real small schools. So 11 is the smallest at-large seed, or the largest?

Yeah. It's the lowest at-large team. Lowest at-large team.

That's why there'll be two 16 seeds tomorrow and two 11 seeds tomorrow. Like the last four in. These were the last four.

These were the last four in. So that's great. I mean, hey, we don't really, we kind of really, I mean, we could have done it without you. Exactly. But we expanded it, so we might as well have you. That's the way it is?

Pretty much. Okay. Very good. That's tonight. And then at which point do we put in a bracket tomorrow? We've got to get brackets tomorrow.

Now, let me ask you this. We've got to get brackets tomorrow. I'm having my kids do it tonight. Do we want to start like an ESPN group and invite listeners? Yeah, let's do a big, big one.

To compete against us? Sure. Let's do it.

And then can we have our, you know, with all due respect to our listeners and viewers who we adore, can we like... Like a subcategory? A prize, if you will. A pat on the back for whoever amongst all of us here on the staff and my children win. Entenmann's Crumb Cake you get. There you go.

An Entenmann's Crumb Cake. What do you mean you order one? The ones that T.J. showed me are not the...

I want the actual square original, Rich. So the ones that T.J. you purchased? No, it's the same thing, but they're minis. Those are minis. T.J. and I were talking. We want the big one.

Like the square one. Well, my kids would be totally in on that. Well, they're delicious. Well, I mean, Susie will be here later on this week. It's really her preemptory. But I think she'll be fine with the Crumb Cake.

Yeah. She usually brings donuts, but... Who am I talking about? She brings alcohol and donuts. We don't do such a thing. She probably doesn't touch either of her or herself. No. We can't reveal what she does. OK, very good. T.J.

Mom's the word. Has Adam Rogers made a decision yet? I was wondering when that was coming. It's almost like we needed Adam Rogers to watch the animation. Can we just put this clock thing in the corner?

Again, what if this doesn't work? Like, how's Zach Wilson taking all of this right now? Right. And you see, he bought his whole line scooters. Like, he's the backup next year, right?

Unless, what? Just out of... I've got a human reaction and I've got a New York fan reaction. Which one do you want first?

Well, I want the human one first. Let's get that out of the way. The human one first is how does Zach Wilson feel about it? It has got to be really tough for him. Because he had a major opportunity placed in front of him. As the quarterback of the New York Jets starting from scratch. And with a head coach who was starting from scratch. And a general manager getting his first opportunity to be a general manager. And the GM built a team that performed so well, faster than expected, that it surpassed his abilities to mature on the field. And he was placed in a very difficult spot.

New York City is very tough. He also got hurt a couple times. So, you know, Sam Darnold could be like Crimea River. Because he had coaches switched on him. He had offenses switched on him. He didn't really have the support of say someone like Garrett Wilson or Breece Hall.

I mean, and a coach who unlocked somebody like Quinnen Williams like Salahad. And he's got to be sitting here saying, I had this opportunity and now I'm not about to. But I'm going to be in the same quarterback room as Aaron Rodgers. And I can learn from a guy who is clearly one of the all-time greats. And he won't be here forever. And maybe I'll have my shot at some point. That's the human reaction.

The New York fan reaction is how does he feel? I don't care. I get that. I totally understand all of that.

Everything I just said with a human reaction to it, it's like you had your shot. Right. Sorry.

Has he made his decision? I'm creating our bracket challenge group. Do that after the show. Don't have to do it right now. I want to get it out there.

So you could do it out there when it's all over. Come on, man. We got fans who want to talk to you and us.

I understand. Terzo in Iowa has been hanging on since jump. What's up, Terzo? How you doing, brother?

What's up, guys? Rich, I can feel your anxiety all the way out here in Iowa, man. I'm hoping that decision comes down today because I think it's going to wear on you a little bit more. Brockman's doing a pretty good job of needling you. Thanks, Terzo.

Anything on your mind, Terzo? Well, Rich, I'm happy to see the Niner's side, Hargrave. I think that's just a huge addition. I have a bunch of anxiety myself because I now have two, number three overall picks, probably trying to compete for the starting job there in San Francisco, and waiting on a UCL joint to get repaired for Brock Purdie. As you guys were talking about earlier in the show, I don't think he's going to be really fully healthy until probably October. They're saying he won't start throwing until mid-August into September.

That's a lot to kind of wait on, and I don't really know what's going to come of that. So the quarterback anxiety between the two of us is palpable. Terzo, I hear you other than the fact that, you know, clearly your quarterback anxiety of last year when Jimmy G went down, and here comes the last pick in the draft, what's going to happen? Other than the fact that he took you to the NFC Championship game, and by saying he took you, clearly it's a team effort, but he kept the train on the tracks and made plays. So I wouldn't be concerned. Your coach knows how to coach the position, and if Brock Purdie played like that, then one of these two guys can.

And I appreciate the call, Terzo, and thanks for hanging on as long as you did. I do want to linger on this situation for a moment. It just seems to me that the signing of Darnold, is it Purdie insurance, or is it Lance insurance?

Both? Well, it may be that, but Purdie not being ready for the beginning of the season means they're not going to have the next step after Lance B, Josh Johnson, with all due respect, like what we saw, that they're not going to have a third quarterback as good as Purdie. The third quarterback could be actually Purdie when he can get back in the mix.

So what are you going to do? Let's go get someone now. Let's go get someone now that we can sign on the cheap and coach him up and give him the coaching and give him the stability that he hasn't had. Look at Sam Darnold's career. Yeah, I feel really bad for him. OK, Todd Boles to Adam Gase to Adios to Matt Ruhl to Steve Wilks to Adios.

Did I miss anybody? Because they got rid of him when Salah got there to draft Zach Wilson. And that's not how you want to be born in the NFL. So now he winds up in San Francisco and anybody that sits here and thinks he's just going to be a backup or caretaker and not maybe make the finally, finally make the most of his opportunity and get to the level that a lot of people thought he could be when the Jets moved up to draft him third overall.

I think you're sadly mistaken. I think this is a major opportunity. And he must have when he first heard, who wants to sign me? He must have been so pumped. How quickly can I sign on the dotted line?

How quickly can we strike this deal? And you know how high I am on Lance. I've been high on him since they drafted him. I was high on him before the draft. I said they were going to draft him.

I was thankfully right. Then he doesn't start his first year because he's really raw. They use him only apparently in the red zone. He does throw the first touchdown pass of that season in which he was drafted as a rookie and then Jimmy G took over. Got him the NFC Championship game. Lance started one game because Jimmy G, as Raiders fans may unfortunately find out, he rarely starts all 17 now regular season games.

But then he gets hurt last year. Now he's back again and said, I will take all competition. That was a video that did very well on our YouTube stream, our YouTube page after he came in. He was our first guest at the Super Bowl. And he was awesome. He was great. We loved him. We did. He was very personable and fun and open about competition. Well, the competition's now here.

He said it would be Purdy. It's going to be Sam Darnold. And you have to sit here and think, multiple times now, they've gotten Lance insurance. And I thought, okay, they put all this draft capital in Trey Lance. It's going to be his job. They may put him in with the ones to start. But Darnold's going to get a shot, folks. I saw that signing.

I thought to myself, well, isn't that interesting? Because it also seemingly, I would think, takes them out of the running for Lamar, which they're already out of at the moment because they don't have a first round selection in this year's draft because they're paying off the final picks of the Lance trade. Now, if Lamar, by the way, still is, and he might do this if he doesn't get many phone calls tomorrow, he might take weeks to sign his tender.

No rush. He could take it right up until start of the season. Correct. Well, no, to the June deadline, I believe, or it's middle of July, one of those two.

It's in the summer. You've got to sign it. You've got to sign it. And so to make your 32 million, he could wait until after the draft. And then somebody like, say, Miami or the Niners, now they do have first round picks in the next two drafts.

Something to keep an eye on. But I heard when Darnold got signed, I'm like, this is more than just, you know, a flyer. I bet you they saw him in that draft and they were like, oh, this is a guy that we're not going to get. But it's Sam Darnold. Be careful, Sam.

Up there in Northern California, it rains a lot. You might have to put a cap on. Like you did at your pro day. If they got that far with the last pick in the draft. What about the third overall pick? What about it? Well, the current, what about the third overall pick they have?

Who can run it? Run and throw. We still haven't seen him consistently. The problem is, is that, you know, Darnold is definitely further.

I mean, there's no question. He's further along. He's played. I mean, it hasn't been well at times, but he's played. Well, remember his first three games as a Panther? It looked like he was MVP. You came here as an overreaction Monday, Sam Darnold's MVP of the NFL. He was that good when they went 3-0 to start. And he got hurt instead of McCaffrey.

Then it all went to crap. Let me find that. I'm going to find that tweet. Let's go to Nick in Philadelphia. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Nicholas? Hey, Rich. How are you doing?

How are you doing? I do have some thoughts on the Aaron Rodgers, New York Jets, but real quick, I will say that I think the March Madness Twitter bracket with fans, I think that's a great idea. We're going to do it. We're going to do it. We'll put it out there. Here's what we're going to do. Brockman's going to, he's going to create it.

He's going to create it after the show. We will then tweet out the link. I'll hit it with a retweet and we'll then let folks know tomorrow. Awesome. Thank you. We'll do it.

And by the way, a prize for the winner, we'll send you a mug. Hey, I like that idea. My brackets usually lose, but you never know. Never know. What's on your mind, Nick? I think I'm a little against you with the Aaron Rodgers on the Jets. Yep. Listen, does Aaron Rodgers make the Jets a better football team right now?

Yes. Okay. But I personally think you guys should go after Lamar. I think you're in a, you know, I don't know all about the cap, et cetera, what goes into that, but I think you're in a perfect storm where I don't think Lamar wants to go back to Baltimore and he's going to take any offer he can get. And I actually think you will be able to get a better deal than you would think with Lamar. He's younger.

He wins. And I just, I've never been a Rodgers fan. You don't know how long you're going to get with him. And I think you have, you'd have more time to build your team around Lamar. And I think in the long run, you would look back at that being a better decision if you guys went after and got Lamar instead of Aaron Rodgers.

Nick, I appreciate the call and we look forward to you being in our, in our NCAA tournament bracket. I wholeheartedly disagree. Let me just lay it out for you here. The Lamar versus Rodgers thing for the Jets. If Rodgers, he'll turns and says, forget it after all, then you consider it if you're the Jets. But if you are just sitting here and you're going into free agency and you're, you're, you're in the Jets position and you see two here, the two things. One guy costs you your 13th overall pick this year and your first next year.

The other one doesn't. That gives the guy who doesn't require giving up your two firsts a leg up. Next, the guy that you can acquire who doesn't come with two first round picks costs you cash out, maybe over two, three years, a hundred million, right? The other guy, 200.

Okay. So you can tell your owner he's less expensive and it's also not two firsts and plus it's somebody you would eat want. And I, as the general manager of the Jets don't have to go to you and say, now the cost is double and we lose our two best draft assets for the next two drafts, including this one. So forget about that draft board that we were talking to you about. And on top of it, the other guy who comes without the price tag of two ones and is less expensive allows us to give the kid who we did draft second overall that I did tell you, if you're Joe Douglas, I did tell you, Woody, uh, I liked a lot. We're not giving up on him.

So we're kind of hedging our bet. We're using a multiple MVP award winner as a bridge quarterback. And you're the one who wanted him more than anybody else. I think we're clearly seeing the owner driving this bus a little bit here.

That's how Lamar Jackson isn't a jet or the on the jets radar screen. It makes much better sense to go with the 39 year old than it does the 26 year old. And I know how insanely ridiculous that sounds.

That sounds kind of weird. You're going to get one guy for maybe two years, the other guy you could have for 10. You could, but the idea is this guy takes you to the playoffs, maybe wins you the super bowl. Certainly if you, and plus, you know, you're the hottest ticket in town.

You kidding me? If Rogers shows up for the jets and brings his Packers with him and he wants hotel and Odell is far more inclined to come to the jets, the G he wouldn't even Twitch in the jets direction. Otherwise, suddenly you are the hottest ticket in town after the giants just had a playoff season and win and coach of the year.

You know, forget about the Knicks, nets, Yankees, your Mets giants, you're talking about Rogers is in town. He's a New York jet. Odell's a jet.

I mean, you're shooting for the moon here. Now if Lamar comes, you're still the hottest ticket. You're a hot ticket. I don't know if this Odell come to maybe, I don't know.

He does. You're, you're still a hot ticket, but man, you don't have your two first. I mean, could you have Rogers and one of these stud defensive backs, defensive lineman, one of these stud offensive lineman, 13th overall, you can. That's why that's my long winded answer as to why Rogers works best for the jets over Lamar. We have a Rogers update after the break, eight four four two oh four rich number two, I'm not looking at Twitter. Just break it to me gently. That's all I ask. You got it, buddy.

Back here on the rich eyes and show eight four four two oh four rich is the number to dial as well. Youth football is all about style and fun. And the NFL celebrates that through play football and initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches, and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more.

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Call click or just stop by. What's the update, Chris? Here.

Okay, Rich. You're not the only one who's frustrated and fatigued, it seems like. So Zach Rosenblatter covers the Jets for the athletic a couple minutes ago, tweeted out what I'm hearing about Rogers, strong feeling that he still will be a jet, not done yet. So working through some things, nothing finalized, Green Bay still needs official word from Rogers. Also added, some Jets players have been frustrated about the process dragging out.

I wonder who those players are. Look, we're all waiting, okay? And Rogers arrives. Guess what will happen? Very exciting, okay? Very exciting times for Jets.

So whatever players are like, it's taken forever. Is it finally happened? No, but it's a big trade involving a New York team. Okay. Chris Brockman, you got a breaking news?

This is pretty big actually. Breaking news. What do you got, Chris?

The New York football Giants are trading for Raiders tight end Darren Waller. Okay. What do we got? What? For what? Nothing. I mean, this literally broke seconds ago.

Nobody has an update. They just have Giants trading for Waller. Who says that? Rich Hefner, Pelissero, everybody. You get a new quarterback and then you take away one of his best. Well, the Packers were trying to get him. He was rumored to be on the block last year after he signed that big extension.

So let me just say this. This is all cap stuff and whether McDaniel's likes him or not, I'll be honest, right? May not be their type of tight end. Hey, let me just say this to Raiders fans, okay? And all I'm just saying is to you Raiders fans out there who might be like, why not Rogers? Why Garoppolo? Why are we trading away Waller?

Well, why'd you get Jacoby Myers? This is Patriots West. The problem for you folks in Vegas about this, if there is one, is name me the spot where Patriots West, South, North, or anything other than New England has worked. There's one example and that's it. And it's done incredibly well in college. Nick Saban, that's it.

That's it. There's only another spot where Patriot coach brings Patriot way or the highway to his spot and it's worked. And so it can work.

It can absolutely work. Darren Waller for the Giants, if you want to now linger there, to me is a stupendous maneuver, a terrific player in this spot. And Daniel Jones has a new BFF and he's coming in. Just all I would think is you got to sign Saquon to a long-term deal.

Keep him happy and go to work. I like it. Good move.

I don't know what it is. Did they give up a one? No, no. Third round pick.

It's actually the pick they got from the Chiefs for Kadarius Toney. Okay. So that was it?

Yeah. Because again, he's expensive. Waller's expensive. Waller's expensive. Waller's good.

He's good and expensive, but the only way I can read it is that he just wasn't... I mean, anybody who had Waller in fantasy last year and anybody who watched the Raiders whenever he was healthy, he just didn't have much of a role. The Waller, the Carter-Waller connection went poof last year.

Now both Carter and Waller have gone poof because this is McDaniels' show and he's building a team that runs his offense and operates in the... Honestly, the thing that's a total outlier in Patriots West in Vegas is Devante Adams. I guess Adams plays the role of Randy Moss, the one guy that stands out as an all-time great at the receiver position because all you need to see is... He's the guy that can play anywhere though. Right.

But fascinatingly enough, you could say that the Raiders supplanted Derek Carr with the man who threw the most important pass for the Raiders last year. Jacoby Myers. Jacoby Myers.

Yeah. Who connected with Chandler Jones. So welcome back to Las Vegas, Jacoby Myers. Chris, I think this bears the question here, bears asking, does this now start rumors of Kelsey Plum to the New York Liberty in the WNBA? Oh God.

That's the question. They just got married last weekend. They just got married.

So it's very possible. They were both... She plays world champion Las Vegas Aces. I know. Now do you think?

Her husband's going cross-country. I'm just a WNBA food for thought. Dynasty.

Team Roba Sabrina, oh man. We're Kelsey Plum fans, Rich, in case you didn't... No way Roger's news. He shouldn't realize it. Next, Rich. Sorry. No Roger's news.

Roger's. So Jacoby Myers is now a Vegas Raider and so is Jimmy Garoppolo. Josh Jacobs tweeted out that he's sad.

Of course. I'm sure he's sad that Waller's gone, but to me, I don't know, did he just not fit? Did he fit the cap or he didn't fit the system? I mean, like you just said, you could watch the Raiders play.

I watched a lot of Raider games. I had Waller and Fantasy, TJ, you did too. Just wasn't fit.

Wasn't working out. Jason and Main, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Jason?

Good afternoon, Mr. Eisen. Thank you for taking my call. You got it, brother.

Great show on the Roku channel. Attaboy. Attaboy. Love it.

Thank you. But you know, you are exactly what us Red Sox fans used to be prior to 2004 and it breaks my heart to see you basically prostitute your soul for someone who is the complete opposite of you, by the way, because you are an easy guy to like despite your New York fandom. But Aaron Rodgers, just so smug and arrogant and he's just not going to get you over the top.

Not going to happen. Hold on a second. You remember where you were when the butt bumble happened? I want to know where you were when AJ Dewey intercepted Richard Todd. I was in my basement.

I was in my basement. It's okay. And Jason, look, I just find it very interesting that a Patriot fan would accuse someone else of being smug and arrogant.

That's really stunning. Mr. Eisen, I got it correct. I am all New England. I'm Red Sox. I'm Celtics. I'm Bruins.

You're not smug. When it comes to football, I'm a stealer. Oh. I'm a stealer. So he's like me.

Green had me with have a Coke and a smile back in 79, 80. I was hooked. Okay. I'm a stealer Stan. Okay. So with this accent, you're rooting for the Steelers against Tom Brady. Is that what you're saying? Really? Exactly. Exactly.

Yeah. Not a Patriot hater and anyone who's not a Patriot Stan over here is accused of being a Patriot hater. I'm not a hater, but I'm not a liker. What about Jason's main credentials, Brockman?

Do we accept? No, he's actually from, are you from Biddeford or Socko, Jason? Socko. Yeah, see. Socko. Shout out 207. I love it.

He loves everything about him. I thought he might've been a giant. I know a lot of people from Maine are also giants. Okay. Thanks for the call, Jason.

I appreciate it. Yeah. You know what? Rogers might be smug, arrogant. Let him be smug and arrogant for the Jets. We need that, man.

You know, last time we had somebody with swagger was Rex and it's exactly what we needed. Let him do that. He's so nice and he's so, you know, like when he said I've got receipts, it was, it was kind of like me hosting the great escape. Like I'm trying to be mysterious.

It didn't work for Robert Solle. He's too nice. Well, he walked back. He's like, oh, sorry. I know exactly.

Exactly. That's him. Let Rogers come in and be the smug and arrogant one for the Jets. I can't wait.

I would love it. That's it. Welcome smug and arrogant Aaron, Aaron Rogers, please. And he'll be able to handle your arrogance and your arrogance to, he gets it.

Highmark, right? That's what they call it in Western New York. Bring your, your smugness and arrogance to hard rock. Bring your smugness and arrogance to Gillette. Bring your smugness and arrogance to wherever the Jets are or wherever it comes in. You bring it Aaron, bring your game, bring your A game, bring it all. And I know that that's, I'm, I'm inviting a lot into the house.

Just make it happen already. That's actually what's written in Ellis Island, right? Yes. You're smart. No, that's by the way, I'm the tired one. Okay. All right.

I don't mean to equate myself to the plight of the people who did actually arrive in America back then. Vito and Delaney and all of us, okay. But I'm tired. I'm tired. I'm huddled. I'm, I'm a mass. I'm a massive huddledness. We have been huddled masses for the Jets for a long ass time. So if we got to wait another day, we'll wait another day.

Raiders have five of the top 109 picks. Great. Good for them. I'm reporting news.

He don't care. Jeff Wilson re-up with the Dolphins. Let's talk about the Dolphins a little bit. I think they're good. Let's talk about the Miami Dolphins a little bit because we didn't hit the Jalen Ramsey trade yesterday.

Too much was going on. Jalen Ramsey coming for three and then they pick up his 2023 salary is guaranteed and 2024 and he's moving from California to Miami. State taxes alone makes him a richer man.

13%. He has got to be the happiest camper on the NFL landscape right now and there's a lot of happy campers. Okay. DaRon Payne is a happy camper. Javon Hargrave is a happy camper.

McGlinchey, all these people are striking it rich are happy campers. But the fact that Jalen Ramsey is going to Miami and he's got Xavian Howard on the other side, normally talk about pick your poison where you want to throw it. And then, you know, the defense is the issue there. Offense we all know what they can do.

Put points on the board. Defensively last year, we put it together, look at these numbers, 24th in points per game allowed, 27th in yards per game allowed on the passing side. They gave up 27 passing touchdowns last year. Only took the ball away 14 times. It's tied for 30th in the league and the offensive passer rating, the opponent's passer rating was 95.3, which is a great, you know, soft rock station, but terrible when you're giving up a passer rating.

That's 28th in the league. Well, they played shootouts. And so now they can maybe stop you a little better. Smart moves. Certainly for a team that had their first round pick, wait for it, forfeited. So I like the moves that they've made. They got Mostert back and Wilson back. So the running back group knows how to run this offense that McDaniel brought in from San Francisco because they're from San Francisco.

Keep it going. I like what Miami's done and clearly it's all now on Tua. And what will happen when Tua shows up at offseason training program and then the organized team activities and mini camp, how will he feel?

How is he going to feel? What's going to happen when he takes the first hit? Can he last the season? Who is the backup quarterback? Who is going to be the backup quarterback in Miami? Because that is a huge role if Tua can't go. And if Tua can't go, if they determine that Tua can't go or Tua is a question mark or Tua has some sort of problem in the summer, well then that's where my number one rumor that went haywire after I set it into this microphone after the combine.

That's when the Brady stuff will come home to roost because Tom Brady as of tomorrow is a free agent. And I know he's in retirement and he's Instagramming out cat videos and far from the NFL landscape. He is not mentioned now for a good reason. He is retired and he is not talking football with anybody that I know of.

He's not talking about playing with anybody that I know of. But if Tua can't go, they have the greatest quarterback of all time sitting there in South Florida. Mike White? He's the backup, isn't he now? So he's the backup now. And I think he'd be terrific in that role, but if you want to win a Super Bowl, maybe Mike White can have that ascension.

Wouldn't that be something? Mike White beating Aaron Rodgers in a game that matters. So I don't mean, honestly, I'm not a rumor monger, but that's where you take a look at how this season plays out. It is all on Tua and they do love him. They do talk him up.

They do love him because he showed you when he's on and healthy, he is on point. And this offense is on point. And now with Jalen Ramsey on the back end, go hunt up front.

I like it. I like what Miami's done and there's going to be a lot of people choosing them to win the division this year. And I think they can. Another reason why I think the bills should just go to Tennessee and say how much for Derrick Henry, because what if Miami does that? Can you imagine Mostert, Wilson and Derrick Henry too? Come on.

Why not? I mean, you load up, load up, win now, baby, eight four four two oh four rich number dial more of your phone calls here on a, I just love this stuff, man. What a day, what a day. And free agency starts in full writ large tomorrow. Back here on the rich eyes and show can help you slam dunk your job hunt, make your next career move in hoops.

As we all know, coming up this week and in life, there is a regular season and then it's time for the madness and the madness. And it's time for you to beat the madness and win the job hunt can help you. When you put your resume on great things can happen because there's millions of job openings in great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts. And when you upload your resume to, you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs. They specialize at and building the right teams for employers and know how to match you with those job fits. When you score the position salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth.

On the bench, go to and win the job on You know, I stopped following the NBA for a little bit last night because I'm in a bi-week in the rich eyes and show fantasy basketball league, but then I realized my team would have been killing it had, you know, I've been in the playoffs like some of you guys are. I'm on a bi just chilling like the proverbial villain, just three weeks removed. One of them on a bi-week from winning back to back and I've been very chesty talking about it. You'll be happy to know an individual who's had enough of hearing about it, not you, not you TJ, or Hoskins, who's also in a bi-week chilling like a villain, but my 12 year old son Cooper, he thinks every single thing I do. I do or say is in benefit to me.

It's not what would make him think that he's in benefit to me, but I've been telling him, you know, I'm trying to help. He's going against Adam. Well, he's getting shellacked because you know, he's got LeBron and Durant shooting free throws today and Kyrie who, um, as we all know, uh, missed last night's Mavericks loss and the Mavericks have only won five of 14 games since making the acquisition of Kyrie Irving and the Nets, by the way, they were flourishing and they've won five of six.

Ask you this question. Is Jacques Vaughn, can he, is he, can he get coach of the year votes? He probably won't get coach of the year. I mean, I know he doesn't have 45, 50, 60 wins, but dude, they're 10 games over. He's been terrific. And the Nets have gone through one would say a lot, but at any rate, um, see, he's missing those three. And those, those were the engines of the very beginning of his season when he was dominating a bunch of people.

Yeah. Not having Durant. So he thought, so he's got a Bogdanovich on Detroit who's hurt. And I told him, dude, you have to drop him like your season is like six more days left to it.

He hasn't played in two weeks. Exactly. And I told him, Hey, if I drop him, you'll probably pick him up and I'm like, dude, this is dad talking. This is not the soon to be back to back champion of the league talk.

You got it. So I'm talking to my son. He thinks he, I'm going to, I'm like, so what if I pick him up? He's hurt. I don't want him. And you need to do something. He needs players. I know. So he picked up a couple of people this morning because just to show him, I'm not hard hearted.

It's not all about dollars and cents. Well, he has no idea. I'm doing a Louie Waltz imitation from the Godfather blessing. He hasn't seen that movie yet. I have granted him morning iPad time just to show you I'm wide open to him performing well. He's got morning iPad time.

Corey Joseph. Oh, he picked up. He was very active this morning and he, he took a screenshot video of his team so I could see who's on the bench and who's not. Cause he still held on a Bogdanovich cause he can still fill out his roster tonight with active people. Yeah.

He has a full lineup. Okay. So, but still Adam is kicking my son's butt around the block right now.

And you are taking care of business yourself against former R-E-S-C-T Don Bully winner of our matchup gets you in the next round. Oh, is that it? For sure. Definitely.

No, we don't reseed. So yeah. Okay. I mean, no, I look forward to that.

Where are the four or five? Good luck to you. Oh, Brock, man. You gotta, you got the power.

Good luck to you. You gotta do it, Chris. Somebody's gotta be in. So that's what's happening tonight. And since when did Brook Lopez become an enforcer, anybody? He's been awesome.

He's always been kind of that dude. He's been like last night and he shoots a ton of threes. Last night, the Sacramento Kings and the Bucks getting in a fight. That's a new NBA world for you while we're waiting on LeBron to come back and see what your Celtics can do when they're not losing to the Houston Rockets tanking. They didn't get the memo, huh? You're literally losing to a team that's trying to lose. How many teams from Houston can't get the memo? Their draft. You got the Texans and now the Rockets.

To lose. Jalen Brown is 43 last night. Don't the Rockets? That doesn't matter, I think. The Rockets are gonna get the same percentage no matter where they finish top three.

Everybody's got a 14% chance, which is kind of wack. What happened with your Celtics, man? What's going on?

Well, I mean, you were here last week when I went off about it. We're blowing it is what's happening. What are we doing?

Elvin in Tampa. You're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Elvin? What's going on? Hey, Rich. Thank you so much for taking my phone call.

Thanks for making it. I kind of feel your pain with all this anxiety about Rogers to the Jets and it hasn't made a decision yet. I just wanted to kind of put something out there because I don't know if anybody's even thinking about this, but a couple of years back, there was an under the radar team that brought in the GOAT, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and no one expected that.

No one even had dreamed about that, but it happened. Right now we have an unproven player on our roster, which is Trask, and he's the only quarterback on our roster. So something tells me under the radar that Tampa Bay might be making an offer for Rogers that I'm putting in short feature. Here's the problem with that, Elvin.

Two things. One is that the Bucks are paying off the credit card for the Brady era, number one, and Rogers is really expensive. And two, a place very warm, and I don't mean Tampa, is going to have to freeze over before Green sends Rogers to Tampa in the Bay conversation.

That is not going to happen. And thanks for the call. And that's the beautiful thing for the Packers that there's the Jets sitting out there in another conference, once again, sitting around saying, yeah, we'll take your guy after 15 incredible years, after your marriage falls apart. Well, we'll take him because we can't get that position right, ever. Has he made his decision yet?

We were literally going through a second show this week. Okay, very good. Hey, look, going to take some time, going to take some time to get all those Ducks in a row, Ducks named Lazard and Cobb and Lewis and Beckham. Take some time. Get those Ducks in a row for Aaron to finally say yes. Jordy Nelson's got to find his cleats.

Very good. Greg Jennings getting some stretches in. Same energy this fall, Christopher, same energy. And the Jets and the Patriots invariably are a nationally televised game, like probably five other Jets games. They're probably week one, right? You could probably add up the number of nationally televised games the Jets have had in the last five years, and this year will outnumber it. Oh, they'll have twice as many as the Pats. Oh, it's coming.

It's coming. As my brother, lawyer to the stars, said to kick off this program, Mac Jones and his 50 screen passes aren't going to beat these Jets 10-3. What's your brother's name? Joe?

Joe Eisen? By the way, he feels bad that he didn't send you by name. Wow. I did tell him that you were upset about that, that he referred to you as the Patriots fan. He said, he knows I know who he is. He said, I thought smug Patriots fan conveyed my disdain better, but perhaps I should leave that to the entertainment professionals. Of course, my brother writes like that, even in texts. Oh God.

Chat Wednesday. No one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations, along with redemptions and longevity, quite like Jeff Jarrett. Come along for the ride on the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast. They didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard. They had them, but along comes sports entertainment, professional wrestling, and now it is truly a part of pop culture. They've just branded what it looks like to be a champion. My World with Jeff Jarrett, wherever you listen.
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