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REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1 (3-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 9, 2023 3:08 pm

REShow: Tom Pelissero - Hour 1 (3-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 9, 2023 3:08 pm

Rich reacts to the latest in the New York Jets’ heavy pursuit of Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. 

NFL Insider Tom Pelissero tells Rich why the clock is ticking on the Jets to get a deal done for Aaron Rodgers, why Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens have failed to reach a long-term extension after two years of negotiations and if some team will be willing to part with two first-round draft picks to sign the former MVP quarterback.

Rich weighs in on the Lamar Jackson “collusion” allegations being thrown around and says if the free agent QB is worth the cost of two first rounders.

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Accessing. This is the Rich Eisen Show. There you go. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. You guys were wondering when I came in today I'm like we got a new drop and you're like when are we going to use it?

Does it matter? The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests. NFL network insider Tom Pelissero. Georgia linebacker Nolan Smith. Sports radio legend Chris Mad Dog Russo. From HBO's Perry Mason.

Actor Matthew Rhys. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes.

Yes. We've got a terrific Thursday show for you. So excited to be here on the Roku Channel and so much more right here once again in Los Angeles, California on the Rich Eisen Show. Pleased to have you with us. Listening to us on this terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast. We say hello to everybody listening. Whenever they darn well please, it's there right in this podcast loving world. Get this show all three hours on the Cumulus Podcast Network where all podcasts can be acquired.

We're free on the Roku Channel and we've got so much fun in store. When Chris Mad Dog Russo calls in it's always fireworks and apparently he's very upset with us. Or at least I'll take it as such. He's like can you can can we leave Tom Brady alone in retirement? I am leaving him alone in retirement. I'm just talking about what the guy what I heard at the combine. He's joining us right in the middle of this show right after one of the fastest defensive line group combine participants I've ever seen.

Nolan Smith who blew the roof off of the first night of the combine that Anthony Richardson then snapped back on and blew off himself. He'll be joining us right before Mad Dog Russo. So psyched in hour number three Matthew Rhys, the star of Perry Mason in its return.

It was supposed to be a limited series and they said let's keep doing it and three years after the end of the limited series back they come for season two. I loved him in The Americans. If you blink you might have missed him in Cocaine Bear.

He's the one who got all the craziness started in that film. He's here in studio in hour number three. That'll be so much fun especially since so many people think Chris Brockman looks just like him and he like you. So Chris you're about to meet your doppelganger. I'm excited.

I am as well. I don't think he's bald but I'm like the bald version of him. No like if you put any of the Americans wigs that he used to wear on I think you'd look like Matthew Rhys. I'll take it. I know you would. I know you would.

So I guess Sarah Tiana is the Keri Russell in his world or something like that. Sure. Okay he's here in studio hour number three. Tom Pelissaro's first up as we're talking about everything going on in the world of the national football league and there's lots going on.

Chris Brockman's in his spot as established. Good to see you DJ Mikey D. Good morning. Mike Del Tufo's in his chair.

Isn't that great? DJ Jefferson what's going on over there sir? Light the candle. The candle's lit you know Biggie died 26 years ago.

It's on all of our minds and just want to say RIP to the greatest of all time. Way to pour one out to start the program. Okay so I found out this morning through the New York Post why my drive around Los Angeles looking to crash the Aaron Rodgers, Woody Johnson, Robert Sala, Joe Douglas, et al meeting here in Los Angeles. They're trying to crash their dinner and offer to pay for it. Know why it was so fruitless. It was not fruitful because they weren't dining in Los Angeles they were dining in Malibu.

Oh nice. At a restaurant called Lucky which is fitting because that's a word I've never had associated with my Jets fandom. I don't think ever. Have you ever been there? Well I've heard unlucky I've not heard I've not been to Lucky.

No I'm sure it's a very fine restaurant. Unlucky like you know the quarterback that took you to back-to-back conference championships games suddenly devolves into running into the ass of his teammate on Thanksgiving. That's unlucky. Getting Brett Favre. Having him show up and then partially tear his biceps. Mr. Never Missing a Game shows up to the Jets tears his bicep. He gets one and done. Doesn't make the playoffs as the Jets try that on for size.

Now we're trying on his successor on for size. Unbelievable that Aaron Rodgers could finish up his tenure with the Packers and go to the Jets just like Favre did. I just imagine he won't wind up with the Vikings although you never know.

But Lucky. Lucky it is and hopefully it was a more good fortune because the Jets the Jets are clearly as it appears in position to get Aaron Rodgers but are in the position of pitching Aaron Rodgers the idea. And if this doesn't happen after flying all the way out taking them to dinner in Malibu and talking to the Green Bay Packers no doubt about compensation and talking to Rodgers about what would happen and are you all in because guess what he'd kind of have to show up to the offseason workout program. I don't think he's averse to doing it. One would think he'd be all in. That's the all in that was asked of him or being associated with him and the whole conversation since the end of the season to about last week. Packers need to know if he's all in. Remember I was asking everybody what the hell does that mean all in? Well in all in you're going to show up you're going to be happy to be a Jet because the Jets would be happy to have you because if they do not get this done with Aaron Rodgers the alternative for the Jets toilets toilets toilets because they have to use a similar analogy unzip their fly. It's all out there they flew out to see the guy and one would think they had already heard something positive back and already had some positive conversations with the Green Bay Packers in terms of compensation and what it would cost the Jets to go get him and how much money the Packers might eat and what that would mean and the compensation that the Packers would take back from the Jets. There was probably enough positive momentum for Woody Johnson to fire up the Johnson and Johnson Jet and go sit down at Lucky in Malibu.

You're feeling lucky punk? Let's see what they serve it. Go ahead Aaron make my day go ahead Aaron make my day.

Nice menu. Go ahead because other than that the Jets will be back to square Jimmy G and I don't mean to place them in the analogy of being toilets but you are in a position with the Jets now that you have to get this thing done. The fact that it hasn't makes me a little bit squirrely. That said Diana Russini of ESPN putting out a whole string of tweets today in the wake of an extensive in-person meeting. That's I can't think the lucky menu between Aaron Rodgers and the Jets brass including owner Woody Johnson. There's optimism in the Jets organization that they're on the brink of landing the future hall of fame quarterback. While optimism existed before the California meeting again something had to be positive for them to get on the plane. Woody felt it important to meet in person of course. Johnson left the meeting excited and satisfied about the potential match as the Jets internally are working under an optimism that this will happen.

The Jets and the Packers remain engaged in conversations about compensation and contract. Those conversations already started before the meeting. This all makes complete sense. Just when the heck is it going to happen? You know what I'm saying?

Because if not what are we doing? What will the Rogers world look like? You're gonna go you'd have to retire right?

You can't go to the Packers now. And as soon as as soon as they left Luckys where the New York Post cameras caught them three words from Woody Johnson. We'll find out.

I guess we will won't we Woody? The closing power of the Jets. The roster that Joe Douglas has built. What will the Jets do? One would think to bring some of Rogers friends. Does that mean Randall Cobb will be Jet? Right?

Maybe. Anybody else that the Packers are willing to send along with Rogers? Free agents that he'd want? Hey it'll be his world. How do you like it Aaron?

How do you like your locker room? We know he likes his offense. They got the offensive coordinator who coordinated his last two MVP seasons. Look it's got to happen by now. If it doesn't happen this is going to be a problem for the Jets.

Sure they can go into the season with Jimmy G but we'll all know that he's choice B. So waiting on Aaron. Waiting on for it to happen.

God bless it. Cannot believe we're in this position again. Cannot believe we're in this position again.

Does it feel like 2008? Because I'll tell you what if Rogers if Rogers if Rogers doesn't go through with it he might as well have in this restaurant gone into the violence and taken out a gun and shot them all. Like it's the godfather.

Just go in there take them out football wise obviously. Aaron Rogers and I just one more time Aaron Rogers going into New England in a Jets uniform let's go. Aaron Rogers going into Miami in a Jets uniform let's go.

And Aaron looked like the guy who showed up on Christmas. Let's go. Let's go. Right there in Miami. Can you imagine it's Brady there too?

Sorry mad dog Russo. Aaron Rogers going into Buffalo to take on Josh Allen and the now back-to-back AFC East champion Buffalo Bills let's go. Aaron Rogers at home against the Philadelphia Eagles when Jalen Hurts walks in let's go. Aaron Rogers going into Denver where the Jets play to take on Sean Payton and Russell Wilson in the spot that fired his offensive coordinator after one and dunning him let's go. Aaron Rogers taking on the Raiders right they go to Vegas you have that schedule from yesterday. Aaron Rogers going into Vegas to take on the Raiders who could have had him but didn't go get him like Devante Adams wanted him to. Aaron Rogers in Las Vegas in a Jets uniform let's go.

At Dallas. Aaron Rogers taking on the Cowboys one more time but this time as a member of the Jets let's go. Aaron Rogers taking on Patrick Mahomes as a member of the New York Jets let's go. I'm feeling lucky let's go because Jimmy G is not the same juice. Zach Wilson with that schedule has four written four wins five wins and everybody on that plane getting axed by Woody Johnson written all over it and everybody on that plane knows it Aaron Rogers has got to know it Packers brass has to know it that's my concern right now because it's got to get done and I only named half the Jets schedule didn't I and by the way you know also would love this too the Alphabets NBC CBS F.O.X.

ESPN and Amazon would they want to get a piece of the Jets you bet that's why Woody Johnson fired up the Jets because he knows the relevance of this move too. I got to stop talking about it because it's making me jump out of my skin. Just constantly hitting refresh. It's making me jump out of my skin. Now then Tom Pelsaro is coming on and I can't wait to talk to him about Lamar Jackson because everybody's still all over the whole you know why is everybody running away from Lamar Jackson it's got to be collusion as if nobody is taking into account the number of first round draft choices it would take to acquire this incredible unicorn talent matches the number of seasons in a row he is not finished due to injury and the amount of money you'd have to invest guaranteed in a contract that's so unworkable for the Browns they're already talking about reworking it with Deshaun Watson and he's only started about six games for him. So there's lots of moving parts in this crazy world of the NFL and another hell going on month that hits the negotiation window period right did I get that right negotiation period window no window okay starts monday monday monday that's a tour day for me monday hey three hours here three hours at NFL network that's called the free agency frenzy yeah what they call it Tom Pelsaro is up next let's take a break you can join us any point in time I don't mean to be so aggressive but you wherever you're listening I'm watching 844-204-rich number to dial Tom Pelsaro NFL network insider will be joining us next where are you Aaron are you feeling lucky? Rich Eisen here at US Cellular they know phones are great but they're not always so great for us sure they connect us to so much but they also distract us from well us the us that actually laughs out loud with each other instead of just texting it that knows being in the same room doesn't always mean being together so let's find us again by putting our phones down for five five days five hours even five minutes join US Cellular in the phones down for five challenge find out more at find us.

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Look at him throwing out the red meat to start. Baby baby. Look at you. Oh they're doing fine in case you haven't wondered. We're great. Thanks. Good.

Thanks. How are you buddy? How are you doing Tom? You just had a birthday recently right? I am I did have a birthday a couple days ago 21 years and of course you know my birthday being on March 6 means inevitably there's always news that ruins the evening so on Monday it was you know Smith's contract getting done which I was dealing with over dinner but no other than that I'm just uh like everybody else in the NFL world right now bracing for impact. Aha the impact of what? What are you what are you bracing for Tom?

What is what's on top of your mind right now? Well at this moment it would be what happens with Aaron Rodgers which is going to set the table for a lot of other things. Here's what I can tell you at this moment on Aaron Rodgers and Rich by the time I'm even done with this sentence this could change but this is where it stands as of this moment in time right now. The Jets went out there to California on Tuesday to meet with Aaron Rodgers.

They set the contingent of people. The Jets want Aaron Rodgers to be their quarterback. The Jets have thought through what they're willing to do graphic wise, contract wise, everything else and if Aaron Rodgers comes to the Packers and says I want to be traded to the Jets then they are open to working with him to make that a reality and then moving forward with Jordan Love. The key piece of this as it has been throughout this entire saga is that Aaron Rodgers has not yet told the Packers and Jets what he wants to do. He has publicly said that everything's on the table between going back to Green Bay playing for another team, even retiring.

He's got 60 million dollars almost fully guaranteed this year and he has effective veto power over any trade. So it's really an Aaron chance to make the first move here depending what his decision is. There's some additional conversations that need to take place either between the Packers and Aaron Rodgers or the Packers and the Jets or in the retirement saga Aaron and his inner circle if he's moving forward but in terms of what actually happens here this is now up to Aaron and as of right now again could change before the end of your show. As of right now Aaron has not told the teams what he wants to do. And so there's already something that when you said the Jets have communicated what they're comfortable doing have they essentially, Gouda Kunst and Joe Douglas struck a deal where all it is just Aaron saying I'd like to go and they they know exactly how much the Jets know exactly how much the Packers are willing to eat of his contract themselves and thus the sliding scale of the the draft choice that would be going back to or choices that would be going back to Green Bay are already been hammered out or that's something that still hasn't been hammered out and could be a snag and like you know the Packers suddenly want more because they know the Jets have already put it all out there.

I'm asking about I guess the nuts and bolts how much that's already been hammered out best you can tell or know. To my knowledge there was not a deal in place but certainly the Packers giving Aaron Rodgers permission to speak to the Jets would indicate that the Packers feel like the Jets will negotiate in good faith in a really unusual situation with a single bidder a player who will only go one place and a contract that if it's still sitting on the Packers books comes next Wednesday has a significantly different cap impact than if he's not on the roster. So it's the clock is ticking there's no doubt about it for Aaron Rodgers for the Packers even for the Jets who you know they obviously had a productive meeting with Derek Carr that was a real possibility for him he ended up going to the Saints if they miss out on Aaron Rodgers they're going to have to pimp it yet again to whatever that possibility might be and they've been very clear they're going to add a veteran quarterback so now you're into the Jimmy Garoppolos potentially Lamar Jackson is it Baker Mayfield there's a lot of different ways that you could go but you're going to want answers here that negotiated window opens up on Monday that's four days away right about this time and you know the and pre-agency officially begins two days after that so whatever happens here I anticipate that it's not going to be much longer because everybody would be put into a bind specifically the Packers and the Jets if Aaron carries this beyond the weekend.

So any any indication of what was discussed at this dinner? Jets selling Rodgers on the idea of going to New York just getting his idea of how much you know they they'd see of him in the off season anybody that he'd want to have added to the roster I mean what what did they talk about other than you know hey what's what are the specials at Lucky in Malibu? I would fairly say all aspects of a potential Jets Aaron Rodgers marriage were discussed in those meetings and you know Aaron has obviously a very close relationship with Nathaniel Hackett that was his guy for the few years Hackett was in Green Bay he's the offensive coordinator now with New York so in terms of what the offense looks like and things like that those two already know what it would look like that's a big piece that's a that's a huge piece. Hackett knows it well that's a huge piece it's all the other it's all the other things and getting comfortable with a new organization that's where you know I think that I understand where people say what is taking so long but you think about it Aaron's been with one team for 18 years that's his entire adult life he's spent with one team since the time he was 20 21 years old he's never experienced anything else so it makes perfect sense you'd want to get to know the owner and the team president and the GM obviously the head coach who happens to have had Matt LaFleur the Packers coach and the best man in his wedding so you know and you go back 15 years they also did the same thing with another Packers quarterback in Brett Favre and I was working at the Green Bay Press Gazette at that point and it was an all-night type of a negotiation and one of the ways that they closed Aaron or closed Brett Favre was by offering up and showing them pictures of this land outside the city where he could go hunting on his off days so whatever the equivalent of hunting land was to Brett Favre whatever the equivalent of that is to Aaron Rodgers I would imagine with a court with him of course be bound to the salary cap that the Jets would roll out here's the answers to every one of your questions we want you to feel comfortable absolutely they want Aaron Rodgers to be their quarterback Aaron now has to sit back take that information in and figure out exactly what he wants to do yeah they have two darkness caves they're called the Holland and Lincoln tunnel and if you go there between the hours of four to seven pm you can really it's a long ass day you know I mean I cannot believe the Jets are in this position right now I cannot believe that this is actually happening so what do you what's your best guess give me your best guess he leaves everything all together and I know that Rodgers has pointed out nobody knows what's going on in his world and he's even mentioned our friend Ian Rappaport is exactly one of those people so what do you got for me what do you got what do you think well I'm glad I'm glad that uh Ian caught the shot on that since my name was also on that story but it was Ian's piece of information that was inaccurate in terms of these so I appreciate that Aaron somehow realized who was at fault on that good for you I decided to go after him and not me where to go uh I honestly don't know and no one else does I've talked to practically everybody involved earlier today right everybody is waiting now I think that logically it's always seemed unlikely that everything would line up for Aaron Rodgers to be back in Green Bay simply because of the situation with Jordan Love because of the direction that the roster might be going because of just the point in time that we're at it's made sense that this might be where Aaron Rodgers really holds on but I just don't know I mean he's a unique individual there's not a lot of people who go through this type of a process to figure out what they want to do whatever he feels after doing whatever it is he he has to do to feel it that's what he's going to move forward with here. Tom Pelletza, NFL Network, NFL Insider here on the Rich Eisen Show. All right where do you want to start with Lamar how we got here what's going on I'll just give you the floor Lamar Jackson as things currently stand the Thursday before the new league year are. We got here Rich because the Ravens have tried for more than a year close to two years to do a long-term contract with Lamar Jackson and his base viewpoint on those conversations has always been I'm better than all these quarterbacks I should get more money than all of them and that includes Deshaun Watson who got a five-year 230 million dollar fully guaranteed contract last year from the Browns that certainly did upset some people within the league because it rewrote the economics of the NFL but I think it is a drastic oversimplification to look at reports that several teams were not interested in pursuing Lamar Jackson an alleging collusion or worse racism or something else some other factors at play when Tom Brady three years ago the greatest player of all time became a free agent he had two offers he had the Chargers and he had the Bucks some other teams the Raiders poked around on it but ultimately he had two teams that put in offers for him and obviously he chose the Bucks and went there won a Super Bowl he was at an older stage in his career but there were two teams last year with Deshaun Watson and he was facing serious allegations of sexual misconduct it didn't stop four teams from pursuing him and ultimately the Browns were told you're out and they got back in by saying we will go the extra mile and give you the fully guaranteed contract we're coming up on free agency next week if you've got a big market as an agent that means you've got three four five teams at the most nobody has all 32 teams people say well why are these teams announcing that they're out well first of all you didn't see announcements nobody would announce but there are times that teams need to sculpt the environment of the fans of the media and in this case with someone who is as accomplished and dynamic a player as Lamar Jackson but in a complicated type of a situation to acquire him if you're not in a place organizationally where you think you're going to do this it makes sense to pour some cold water on it initially so you don't have a week's worth of speculation and media reports connecting you to whatever connecting you to the player whatever team you're with and then if everyone feel like it's a disappointment when you didn't land them that's a fact of how the NFL works which is there are some times where I or other people will get a call hey just so you know we're not in on this everyone's saying we're in some doofus who's trying to make a name on twitter report we're in we're not in just don't don't run with that and I get that and it's smart business because don't let people believe in some big idea that's totally impossible with the quarterback position in particular you're talking about years of planning in many cases in terms of what you're building around the quarterback the draft capital you put into a player the development you put into a player the money you've put into a player the idea that all 32 teams are going to shed their quarterback for anyone besides maybe Patrick Mahomes is just not in line with the reality here with Lamar Jackson again unbelievably dynamic player he is fun to watch when he's on and he's won an MVP to get him you have to be able organizationally to say we want to commit over 20 percent of our salary cap two first-round draft picks for a player who as good as he is has suffered back-to-back lower body injuries that have ended his season taking him out in December and January and we're going to have to completely overhaul the way we play offense and the personnel to suit his unique skill set is somebody going to seriously consider this I think a bunch of teams are going to seriously consider it but that's a lot different than saying we're actually going to be able to go and not only get Lamar a contract he will take which may well take the fully guaranteed contract because that's what he wants but also one that the Ravens are not going to match so we're not doing the work for Baltimore which continues to say their priority is to get Lamar back on a long-term deal you're also giving up the two first year on draft picks it's a lot now again is there some team that may do it it's absolutely possible and I would anticipate that there are a bunch of teams having those exact conversations but you better have a plan you better have the resources and you better believe that you can do something that nobody has done with a quarterback eating up that much of the salary cap which is win a Super Bowl if you're going to go all in in this situation for Lamar Jackson. Tom Pelissara everybody with a state of the union address right there on Lamar Jackson and I hope I wholeheartedly understand and agree with you when it comes to look signing Lamar Jackson isn't just like a free agent where it costs you nothing draft compensation wise and signing Lamar Jackson isn't really going to be anything of an outlier from any other contract in the NFL save one and signing Lamar Jackson you're not getting the 2019 version you're getting the 2023 version which did not finish the 2021 or 2022 seasons healthy there is an incredible amount of moving parts and caveats and this and that and so anybody out there saying hey nobody's jumping at him there must be something fishy going on here it's not all things being equal at all and I know Richard Sherman threw out Joe Burrow's name out there Joe Burrow you know has none of everything that I just said also what he doesn't have is an MVP I understand that so all things being equal though is why wouldn't a team just decide to say two ones and let's go talk to him and see if he'll take something less than the guaranteed offer part of the fear of that is you're doing the work for Baltimore hammering out the deal that Baltimore didn't put on the table that they upon further review would be willing to take because the other option would be drafting somebody from the deep 20s which would not net them an immediate successor to to Baltimore to Lamar is that literally what what your is also a dynamic here did I pick that up let's be clear on something you mentioned there rich I do anticipate teams are going to talk to Lamar Jackson and his mother who's his advisor because right now like literally right now have those conversations yeah and just because four or five teams were reported to not be in there are 32 teams I'm pretty sure still in the NFL we've got a lot of other teams that are unaccounted for here and why would you and why would you not have those conversations in terms of the contract here and what Lamar Jackson wants you've only had two fully guaranteed contracts for multi-year quarterback deals in recent NFL history and it was Kirk Cousins who had to play out two franchise tags in Washington to get there he got three years 84 million from the Vikings and it was the Sean Watson who had a multiple bidder situation that drove the price up to five years 230 million fully guaranteed Lamar Jackson to this point has never been able to have a multiple bidder situation he's been in negotiation with one team and because he does not have an agent I think this is important to understand he really does not have a gauge on the rest of the market yet he can lean on the NFL Players Association but a big part of what agents do year-round in these types of situations is and remember rich teams can tamper agents technically can call whoever they want and they do to make sure they understand hey if you were to get out what am I looking at someplace else and you have relationships within the league and you can figure out okay this is probably going to be anything we're going to be able to get elsewhere and you run the numbers and you figure out what is the best thing to do in this particular situation absent any history absent any other deal Lamar hasn't really had that and so the first time that he's going to be able to do that is next Wednesday March 15th because franchise players are not allowed to speak to teams okay prior to that okay and then they will be able to let's see let's see who has meetings with Lamar Jackson let's see who goes down that road let's see who actually makes an offer before we start screaming about collusion I also think that Lamar's greatest leverage passed two years ago and this is one of the the reasons that having an agent would have helped him and this is not an infomercial for agents here rich I'm just saying go for it no agent on the planet would have allowed Lamar Jackson to go out there and play for 1.7 million dollars in 2021 as a former NFL MVP early in his prime there is no way that anybody would have allowed him to go out onto the field everybody last year talked about Kyler Murray's agent Eric Burkhardt and making fun of his manifesto that he put out at the start of the combine Kyler Murray ultimately got paid everybody got mad at the agent they didn't really get as mad at the player during that entire summer he ultimately got a significant deal and sometimes those are the things that need to happen Lamar played for 1.7 he came back and played the following year for 23 million dollars again something that if he had an agent that agent would have said there's no way we're doing this we need the deal done now even if it's not fully guaranteed with quarterback contracts it's not really about the guarantees because those guys get released so rarely it's about cash flow and the sooner you can get the cash flowing the sooner you get back to the bargaining table so Lamar played for over the last two years 26 million dollars and if he ultimately ends up going back to Baltimore and playing on the one-year tag he's made 60 million over three Daniel Jones is making 82 million dollars over two years on his new contract not because he's better than Lamar Jackson the Ravens offers to Lamar Jackson were far greater than what Daniel Jones got or what Derek Carr recently got or any of these quarterbacks they were willing to offer it and get the money moving now all of a sudden he's two years further down the line and if he doesn't take and if he doesn't take a deal this year he has literally left tens of millions of dollars on the table and that's without getting into the present time value of money and what high level investment people can do with that money how much money he could have made off the money over the last couple of years he's put himself in a spot now where he's already behind and even if ultimately he gets a fully guaranteed contract this year or next year it's a pyrrhic victory of sorts because of the money he already left on the table that would have given him the security that ostensibly he's seeking with a fully guaranteed deal and I don't mean that as a criticism of Lamar he can choose to do whatever he wants and on some level in this day and age in this NFL you respect someone who money doesn't seem to be the driving force behind everything that he's doing so it's not that you know he what he's doing is wrong per se but if we're talking about the leverage to get what you want that passed man that was two years ago now he's going into a different spot where he at minimum may be able to play these teams off each other like Deshaun Watson and his agent David Moolagetta did last year will they be able to do that as effectively as somebody who actually has an agent we'll find out it's starting in a week or so all right in the two minutes I have left then we have a list of nine teams that we boiled everything down to I removed the teams that don't have a first round draft choice this year because again that's going to be technically a requirement I guess you can get around it for Lamar services just to negotiate for them right now teams who just don't need a new quarterback teams that would blow everyone's mind for Lamar that I don't believe would go for him I got a list of nine teams Jets Raiders Texans Titans Colts Falcons Panthers Bucks commanders who do you think next Wednesday would be most likely to ring his phone first what do you think well I think I think that's one of the other factors here is I don't know that you have an obvious team if the Jets miss out on Aaron Rodgers and knowing how big Woody Johnson wants to swing I don't think that you can rule out that possibility of him ending up with the Jets although he would think that would also be an offer sheet that the Ravens would potentially want to match Washington would make some sense but they're also in a position where the team may be sold does that increase the value of the team having Lamar Jackson and oh yeah Dan Snyder can guarantee some other owners money and some other owner could put that uh that 180 million into escrow next March maybe but doesn't sound like that's on the front burner for them right now you know the Colts have a vacancy I don't know on that one I have not I don't have a clear answer on that obviously San Francisco Brock Purdy's surgery is coming up tomorrow they don't have a but they don't have a first rounder they don't have a first rounder they don't have a and they don't have a first round pick as of now so sure obviously that that's a complication for him it's you know you don't have again you don't have that clear this is where he's he's going to land but I think that with somebody who's this unique of a talent and unique proposition it may take someone with some foresight I mean I don't think that we went into last March Rich saying the Browns absolutely need an upgraded quarterback the other teams that were in on it made sense it was the Panthers it was the Falcons once you realize that they were probably moving on from Matt Ryan with the Browns I mean Baker Mayfield had been told he was going to be the quarterback he got so ticked off that we broke into free agency frenzy so I could deliver the news he's requesting a trade and that was after they were told they were out on Deshaun Watson so it might be something that shakes loose that we're not even thinking about right now with Lamar it's really going to depend on a lot of different factors including when that negotiating window opens up on Monday does anybody jump at Jimmy Garoppolo does Baker Mayfield land this power he's got a shot to compete you know you've got some guys on the street you've got other trade possibilities what happens with Aaron we'll know a lot more by next Wednesday right now it's just it's kind of hard to project other than there are a bunch of teams that don't have a clear starter you're the man Tom a lot of food for thought greatly appreciate delivering that to the to the fans and listeners and viewers of this show appreciate it we'll chat soon thanks for having me be well you got it that's a Tom Pozzaro will be on NFL network in probably about 10 seconds let's take a break food for thought 844-204-RICH number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show youth football is all about style and fun and the NFL celebrates that through play football an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit the future of football is here you in back here on the Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate network along with Sirius XM and more Nolan Smith of Georgia football going to join us top of the next hour mad dog Russo after that so um that's coming up love it hey man every single person that I see tweeting about Lamar and how dare he not get any offers and how dare people say you know that they're out first of all as Tom Pozzaro just pointed out nobody can be in technically till next Wednesday actually reaching out and talking right okay but then how come information people don't know that they're interested in Lamar and they only know that people aren't interested in Lamar and his point is a lot of folks want to get out ahead to try and tamp down fans expectation level my pushback on that would be well then why aren't the Falcons going after Lamar his pushback would be well they probably went in place hired the coach and general manager to move on from Matt Ryan reset the books start again and that plan has years after this one set up for tap and planning and what have you and they drafted Desmond Ritter last year with the hopes of him marinating last year behind Marcus Mariota and then who's going to come out fresh out of the box this year they're going to move forward with him they believe in him they think they can win games with him they damn near won that division last year anyway if you recall there was an unfortunate roughing the passer penalty that went against them in Tampa okay so they're probably sitting here thinking we can go to work with him Lamar Jackson drops into potentially their laps all it would do however and in theory just absolutely why wouldn't they go get him you want to win this division you want to tell the Saints nice job getting Derek Carr we got a 2019 MVP and we are going to you know show you in this offense that had a if you will wide receiver play running back and score touchdown after touchdown and you got Kyle Pitts going up the seam here comes Lamar at you here comes Lamar at you with Cordell Patterson makes sense doesn't it I would do it I would do it in a heartbeat but it's not my money that I got to cut a massive check for for a guy who didn't finish the last two years imagine there's a big if it's not 2019 walking through the door oh and by the way that eighth overall draft choice that you were planning on the last several weeks yeah that's gone next year too that's gone and then the point that Tom was making as well is why some teams are like we're not in on him right now we're not in is because why would they go ahead reach out to Lamar and say hey Lamar we love you we would take you we're just not paying all that guaranteed money to you we're just not going to do it we'll give you this much less guaranteed money how about we guarantee the whole damn thing but it's not 230 how about we guarantee 90 percent of it how about we guarantee 85 percent of it and Tom's saying that these teams are why would they do that have Lamar agree to it only to have Baltimore say sold Lamar you're back congratulations you now have a long-term contract staying here and you just spent all this time getting your fan base's hopes up because everybody knows everything even though JJ Watts says you can actually do deals without any leaks hey everyone the Ravens got themselves their quarterback back because we hammered out the language that they couldn't hammer out themselves for the last two years why are they doing the Ravens that favor see what I'm saying it's not like Lamar is completely free totally healthy coming off an MVP season he's three plus years removed from it he's going to cost you two first round draft choices it's going to be a negotiation that might mean nothing anyway because the team that's been struggling to resign them would say thank you for hammering out all that language with our guy you don't get them anyway and if I was that person and I'm like getting all sorts of heat in my town why won't you go for Lamar Jackson I want it to be known we're trying do you get all the moving parts that I'm trying to pick up and put down and that is got nothing that I pointed out about anything that might have been going on in Baltimore behind the scenes that the Ravens have totally not either cared about covered up for or were still willing to work with that we don't know but man he's so damn good I mean to me he's worth the two firsts if I don't have if I can have some sort of help on the back end of this deal I would take it I don't know if he's willing to give it hour two coming up so that's my pointing out it's just first of all there are no teams saying we're in on him yet because technically they're not allowed to be they might be already don't know again if the Jets don't get Rogers should they go for Lamar I mean if you're looking for relevancy and you're looking to end all your problems on offense and you think you've got everything else set up for it you want him to grow old with these guys and you're done with Zach and you're willing to spend all this money and you want to cough up two firsts and you're not concerned about the health and you're then yeah but if there's any point along that way where you're like like man I don't think I'm into that idea at all that's why the Ravens and he have not been able to come to terms they adore him he's adored within the uh the the the community why hasn't it gotten done then something's up Spidey sense Spidey sense Spidey sense and if you're the one who's cutting that big fat check and costing two firsts and as Tom pointed out yeah our roster's kind of not built for the way that he plays football we got to switch that around too and those plans for the cap that we had all laid out perfectly and manicured for 24 and 25 that's gone and our draft plans for the next three years are gone it's going to take a while to find a suitor no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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