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REShow: Daniel Jeremiah - Hour 1 (3-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 7, 2023 3:11 pm

REShow: Daniel Jeremiah - Hour 1 (3-7-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 7, 2023 3:11 pm

Rich reacts to the bruhaha created by his relaying the rumors he heard at the NFL Combine about Tom Brady possibly coming out of retirement again, and says why all indications point to the Jets trading for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. 

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah tells Rich what the impressive showing by the quarterbacks at the NFL Combine means for their NFL Draft stock, which players helped themselves the most in Indianapolis, why Bryce Young’s slight body frame is a legit concern for NFL teams, if C.J. Stroud or Anthony Richardson could leapfrog Young and become the #1 overall pick, who are likely trade partners with the Chicago Bears for the draft’s top pick, where Texas Longhorns RB Bijan Robinson could land in the draft, and what an Aaron Rodgers trade to the Jets would mean for the long-term NFL future of QB Zach Wilson. 

Rich reacts to Geno Smith’s new contract and if it precludes the Seahawks from selecting a QB in the upcoming NFL Draft.

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I try to give you facts. There is more tea spill at the combine and people are so eager to do it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Packers sure hope Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to come back.

Tom Brady may not be done after him. What? It's a couple people like just you just hang on just you wait. Today's guests. NFL network analyst Daniel Jeremiah. Former NFL executive Joe Banner.

Plus latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Can confirm.

Can confirm. It's the Rich Eisen Show and there I am sitting here at the set here in Los Angeles, California on a busy Tuesday, March the 7th here in the year of our Lord 2023. 844-204-rich is the number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku channel which is free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung smart TVs. Free on Amazon. Fire TV. Free on the app because the Roku channel is in the app and the Roku channel is free. Meaning you go to the on the internets tubes and you you can watch us for free every day. We say hello to our Sirius XM Odyssey audience. The Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network cobbled together thanks to very smart program directors who choose this program. We say hello to you to our podcast listeners on the Cumulus Podcast Network. We say hello to everybody under the sun coast to coast and around the globe. Good to see you over there Christopher. Rich not a rumor I am here. Good to see you DJ Mikey D. Good morning Rich Eisen. Good to see you DJ Jefferson.

I'm always here so. I'd say the candle I would say uh I'd say the candles lit but we kind of lit the candle yesterday didn't we? Oh you did.

You lit the candles. You reported a lot of things yesterday. A lot of uh. Just things you heard. A lot of chatter. Just stuff that you heard. A lot of chatter. A lot of talking. A lot of breaking news.

Yeah well you know what hold on. This just in. And uh I just you know I decided yesterday or over the weekend quite frankly.

To not pay for movies. I didn't even give you a heads up. It was like Friday. I gave you a heads up and I'm like I'm already hearing some crazy stuff. Yeah and I was like well just give me one and you're like and I'm like whoa. And I'm like okay I'm gonna put together a top five list of the rumors that I heard at the Combine so loudly and from more than one people person in the NFL world.

I'll just give you an idea of what it's like strolling around the Combine. And then folks hear it and I'm thrilled that we have that platform here on the Roku channel and everything else I just mentioned. Radio and our YouTube and our social media. I'm I'm proud of what we've built around here. As you should be. And it's obvious that if I if I just feed it with rumor and innuendo we're gonna be on fire. I'm just not comfortable with it.

You're finally doing the show I wanted you to do. I'm not comfortable with it because when people report it as I'm reporting it that's not what I'm saying. I the perfect example is the number one rumor that I threw out there which is when I was at the Combine I heard from multiple people keep an eye out for Tom Brady on retiring at some point and now it's like Rich Eisen says Tom Brady's un-retired.

And that's not the case either. The way it was described to me and the way that you could just read the tea leaves that might actually be out there it's not like Brady's walking around saying I'm un-retiring or I'm thinking about it. I don't think he's thinking about it. I think if you all you got to do is look at his Instagram feed. He's talking about this Brady project that Brady project this Brady cat that Brady skeet show that Brady ski trip.

You know I follow him. It doesn't look like he's thinking of coming back. I'm just saying keep an eye out if circumstances arise that allows him to continue playing and also be the dad and family man that he wants to be his options can be kept open for it. And one of the things I was told too and that I'm hearing from folks chopping this rumor up. It is a rumor that I decided to report into this microphone that I heard at the combine that he's put in his retirement papers.

Folks this means nothing. He can rescind them. He can rip it up. I'm un-retiring. You know those papers they sent you. I'd like them back. It's not like he's to use the analogy taking his finger off the chess piece and it's now official. Sorry you can't take that move back.

Doesn't work that way. Tom Brady's going to be a free agent in eight days. The Bucks have a 35 million dollar cap charge for him coming up this year. It's possible the Bucks could say hey Tom you sign another contract we can extend this you know we don't pay everything right now. They might be happy just let's just get it off the we owe it.

Let's not credit card this thing. Let's just get it off our balance sheet and they're happy to do it. But if it's possible that they need the help to extend it then they would be able to sign a contract with him and extend it. Problem is if he does that he'd be under contract to the Bucks. He's not doing that. Didn't sign a contract with the Patriots either did he?

Nope. This is what it's he's not thinking this way he was describing me of un-retiring right now or he's thinking that he's playing this year or he's preparing to play this year. If circumstances arise where he wants to play he feels like up for playing he's not ready to un-retire and he's willing to get whatever slings and arrows that come his way from people who want to criticize him. I don't think he cares about that. Why would he? And he and it works into his personal life in a manner that everyone's comfortable with then his option is being kept open right now.

This is what I was told. I hope I've cleared that up in a way but it just you know I'm seeing right now report keep an eye on Brady coming out every time I guess I guess I I'm I'm I should take uh what a compliment that I'm I'm uh I am a journalist I've got a I've got a journalism degree. What you say has weight. Thank you Chris.

You know what I mean? I appreciate that but I'm not reporting Brady's I'm just saying this is what's talked about at the combine. Everybody talk. This was and hear his name mentioned like that and I I believe many people have been reporting this too. But thanks for watching The Rich Eisen Show on the Roku channel.

Spell their name right. Bottom line. Rich Eisen Productions producing.

Right everywhere. First take this morning. Another rumor I heard at the combine. Is this a new one? Nope. Number two on the list. Oh yeah. Number two on the list. The Packers sure hope Aaron Rodgers when he comes out of his thoughtful procedure about what to do will say I I I I don't come back.

Then you hear my buddy Hal Wingo the third Trey Wingo. Yeah. He said that the Rodgers and the Jets had conversations today this was last night while nothing's imminent Rodgers opened the idea of going to New York. Many reports following today actual reports that Rodgers and the Jets are talking. That there it's happening today.

Aha. As Ian retweeted Rodgers has received permission to speak with the Jets. Source confirms some due diligence. He got permission. The Packers said go talk to him.

Go talk to him. Why would they say that? It's not he's not a free agent. Which leads me to believe he's about to become a New York Jet. The only thing that my mind that would hold this thing up because if he's talking somewhere else and the Packers are like go ahead and talk then I believe that relationship is over.

Can it be put back in the bottle? Of course. Crazy things have happened. I talked to the Jets. I'm not interested. I want to come back to you.

Oh okay welcome back. But in the back of everyone's mind will just be the fact that yeah I wanted to talk to somebody else and you let me. That might be actually appreciated by Rodgers. Again what I heard at the combine is that's appreciated by the Packers. You go talk to somebody else.

Go for it. Now it leads me to believe he's going to be a Jet and the only thing that would hold it up is that the Packers say yeah we're only picking up 10 of his 60 million. We're only picking up five of his 60 million.

I don't know what that number is going to be. That the Jets are comfortable paying it and then whatever amount that the Packers pick up the larger that amount gets the higher the draft choice one would think would be coming from the Jets. We're picking up a lot of his salary in order for you to get Aaron Rodgers at a rate less than say what Geno Smith is now going to be paying playing for in Seattle. Playing for in Seattle?

That's going to cost you draft choice. It's now a horse trade it seems between the two general managers I would think. I'm sure Rodgers and these conversations would be philosophical in nature but the offensive coordinator that he had and has spoken so highly of that everyone thought when he was hired by Denver to be the head coach there that was the clear indication that Rodgers would wind up in Denver.

Nathaniel Hackett's now in New York. So how many what philosophical conversations need to be had? That's so deep that it would go a next day. I don't know Rodgers is a deep thinker. Seems to me he's going to be a Jet and that just blows my mind.

That blows my mind on two fronts. One that Rodgers is willing to go to New York and I hope our man do I obviously he's a Jet I hope this works out. I would just I'm closing my eyes I'm like do I see Rodgers in the canyon of heroes as the second number 12 winning a Super Bowl. Thanks everybody love you.

I now don't have to buy a meal here the rest of my life thank you. I took the Jets to the promised land all you Jet fans in my remaining years of goatness I actually went to New York and I did something that Favre did which blows my mind and did something that Favre couldn't do here. By the way radio audience I'm waving to all the folks uh going up the canyon of heroes what's up how you doing you you yeah you you do I see that it's tough to envision you know why because I'm a pessimist I'm a Jet fan I wear the scars are we really going to get the Rodgers of the MVP years last two we're going to get that guy really Garrett Wilson's going to work out with him suddenly Elijah Moore is going to work out maybe Breece Hall won't have his knee blown out this time like all the things it's really going to work out I'll tell you though is that if you're if you're hoping that Zach Wilson's going to be the guy there still and you want to give him a shot to develop he's such a young kid you want to give him a shot to develop Aaron Rodgers bridge quarterback there you go hadn't heard that concept ever but sign me up if he can win and if he wins then all the questions about anything he says outside of the lanes of football will subside in the same way none of them were brought up to him inside that locker room in Green Bay but it surprises me he's like yes sign me up I'll leave Green Bay I'll play for the New York Jets where he's willing to do that and then of course the other side I just have to I spill this stuff out it's just I know Jet fans feel the same damn way how the hell are we back here again look it up for me Chris I think I know the answer how many playoff seasons have the Jets had since they tried Favre on for size when Favre came there for Mangini and if I'm not mistaken did Mangini like get a tattoo or name his kid middle name Fa Brett or Favre or something like that since the Jets went all in so Favre was 2008 yep he had one year Brett Favre went nine and seven correct then the next year they made the next year Rex came in and you made a back-to-back AFC Championship games and then what happened after that after that we haven't made it since there's been no playoff correct yeah so you had Favre and then you went and got a kid in the draft and actually had a pop now we went for the kid in the draft doesn't work so now we're back in the position of trying on the Packers goat for size how the hell did we get back here again and I guess once we try the Packers goat on for size then we'll go back to the kid we drafted is that the way it's gonna work and the draft choices that you cough up for him you're willing to you're willing to give up I guess so how the hell did this happen we were supposed to be strolling up zach's fifth avenue not hoping that Rogers would be strolling down the canyon of heroes I don't know why this always keeps happening to the Jets I don't know why and I know Sala said he keeps receipts of people who doesn't believe in them and I know he had fun rescinding that comment here on this even on this program here and how Garrett Wilson and Sauce Gardner and Breece Hall and Elijah Veritucker are changing the culture in that locker room but I cannot believe the Jets are back here again throwing a Hail Mary in the direction of Green Bay and in many remarkably and we've heard this before our Hail Mary involving Aaron Rodgers appears to be connecting he completes those he does and had you listen to me a month ago you would have been settled in on this decision and you'd be feeling better about it right now but you didn't want to listen you'd be feeling great today if I listen to you a month ago yeah okay I told you it was gonna happen I just don't trust anything from you since you were trolling me about Mike White a two calendar years ago was that a Chris was that a troll or was that it was not speaking facts anything he was the best quarterback on the team at that point look right look look look all I know is I appreciate it from you at least we did hear about the two conference championship seasons the Jets have had in the last 25 years yeah so that's why I don't believe it from the man to my right he's taking a shot at you I just did yeah yeah oh I I know but the fact of the matter is I did say this was gonna happen and he didn't want to listen but that rumor seems to be a fact doesn't it it's hot well they gave them permission to talk to the Jets it's happening if they wanted them back like the two previous years they'd say no you're back you're under contract we're paying you all that money so I hear that and I think to myself it's now on the general managers and Rodgers is going to be a jet wow does that make 2023 lit or what it's coming I believe it is coming eight four four two oh four riches the number to dial Daniel Jeremiah will be joining us coming up next we'll talk to him about the combine and all the other aspects of the new league year that's coming up one week from tomorrow and then later on today franchise tags hit Joe Banner long-time executive in this league I told him hey Joe you're gonna be in LA let me know he'd let me know he's showing up here perfect guy to talk to what are these two general managers Gudekunz and Joe Douglas talking about what are the Ravens thinking of doing right now about Lamar Jackson the Giants are supposedly deep in last minute negotiations or 12th hour negotiations with Daniel Jones prior to needing to make a franchise tag designation on him and if they make one on him that means Saquon doesn't get one because you can only give out one of them Joe Douglas in studio Peter King hour three there's you at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial eight four four two oh four rich let's have a chat do not go anywhere Daniel Jeremiah when we come back right here on the Roku channel this radio station and more rich eisen here at us cellular they know phones are great but they're not always so great for us sure they connect us to so much but they also distract us from well us the us that actually laughs out loud with each other instead of just texting it that knows being in the same room doesn't always mean being together so let's find us again by putting our phones down for five five days five hours even 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injection into a blood vessel which can cause vision abnormalities blindness stroke temporary scabs or scarring for full important safety information visit Daniel Jeremiah here on the Rich Eyes and Show we were just breaking everything down that has nothing to do with the combine that we were breaking down at the combine here on the Rich Eyes and Show radio network I'm sitting at the Rich Eyes and Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you call or just stop by and Daniel Jeremiah my colleague from the NFL network and NFL media group and the Move the Sticks podcast with Bucky Brooks is here on the program all right DJ now that we are uh two days removed from the combine what's your impression what did you come away with from Indy? I think it's you know the quarterbacks I think some years and you know we all know what those years are like when you're trying to drum up interesting quarterbacks and you know gosh you know I think that maybe there's only one first rounder but let's how high does he go and then you get a year like this one where you've got four guys and really I would add a fifth with Hennen Hooker who I think is a good player and I think is going to be intriguing to see where he lands but really that big four um you know from schools that people are familiar with and people have watched them and then you go to the combine and three of them throw and I would say you know the athletic display by Anthony Richardson as well as the fact that he threw the ball you know extremely well and then I thought Stroud even though he didn't run had one of the best pure throwing sessions that we've seen and we've got teams with needs at the position so it's like this this is the next phase of it we saw them all deliver and now we're going to see these teams see who wants to get antsy and jumpy and go make it happen. Well I had Anthony Richardson on yesterday and I started walking down the teams asking if he if he met with them um and when I got to Indianapolis you know obviously met with the Chicago and you said he met with Houston when I said to Indianapolis he paused and he said informally can you um can you interpret that for me what does an informal meeting at the combine mean Daniel?

So you're restricted you're restricted by number uh to the guys you can bring into your formal you know 15-minute interviews I think they might even extend expanded that to maybe a 17 or 18 minute interview but you those are on the list and those guys when you see the the players walking around the combine on the back of their credential has the list of the teams that they have to formally meet with right meaning they have this is the time and place they are going to meet with them outside of that they will take the whole pool of players and they'll have their own time and like you know you kind of like an open area of the combine and then teams can informally come up to them and talk to them but it's you know you don't know it's coming get it get it as you can there for all those teams so it was a very informal conversation um but I would imagine the bulk of the Colts homework is going to be on bringing those guys in for visits into the facility as well as visiting with them for private workouts and pro days. So I guess they figure we'll meet with them eventually we don't have to use up one of our spaces at the combine because that that's kind of yeah I think that's that's that's probably the way it is I always think that anytime you get a chance to visit with these guys you want to take take it you know yeah talk to them enough get comfortable with them but yeah they chose to allocate those resources elsewhere maybe also you know maybe just spitball in here but maybe when your owner comes out publicly and says how much he likes a particular quarterback you might feel that that's damaged a little bit of your uh of your leverage and so maybe just kind of playing it cool you know play a little hard to get here to reset a little reset by letting everyone know yeah we didn't meet with any of them at the combine you know we didn't do that you know what maybe if one falls you know maybe we would take one but we're not desperate oh my word Daniel Jeremiah here uh on the Rich Eisen show uh who helped themselves the most do you think with the workouts well yeah there was there was some good ones man I mean Khalyja Canty to me I don't know that I've seen one like that in terms of you get a defensive tackle who is really really explosive at Pitt and and you know the obvious comparisons are going to be there with Aaron Donald being undersized and being the best player in the entire league so that's lost the expectations to try and hold up to but he's listed at six foot 280. I can't tell you the number of times Rich I've gone to the combine and guys are listed on the website at six foot 280 or when I was scouting a thing actually called a program media guide for those that are young aren't familiar with those fine pieces of paper but I've never I don't recall many times where a guy comes in and he's a full inch taller than he was listed so I was worried he was going to be 5'11 270 pounds and be like wow what do we do with this guy he comes in he's 6'1 even 281 pounds he runs a 4'6 7 so uh he helped himself tremendously and that's just one uh one defensive player you got an offensive player that may have helped himself tremendously yeah there was a there's there's a ton to me you know we've talked about the quarterbacks and uh you know obviously that group I think when you look at the tight end position I referenced during the broadcast I think it's the best we've had in a decade and when you see you go out there and you see Darnell Washington at 264 pounds run 464 and then add in the highlight of all highlights with the one-handed catch on the field just showing you what an athletic freak he is and I would say also nobody nobody has moved Fred the sled that's right quite as efficiently as Darnell Washington for real he did a better job of moving that sled than the offensive lineman did than the actual offensive line he was impressive and I would say Sam Laporta too you know Iowa's been a tight-end factory he came out there he run he ran under 4'6 and had an excellent uh field workout so I thought a couple of those tight ends uh were impressive and the running backs you know that's the those are the two deep groups on offense and I thought both of them really worked out well Bijan Robinson was awesome Jamir Gibbs from Alabama ran under 4'4 Zach Charbonnet from UCLA looked good Tajay Spears who we highlighted and then uh Rich you got a chance to give out the first ever Mr. Hustle award uh to Evan Hall from Northwestern in standby did you guys see that part of the running back workout Evan Hall every rep took it to the house oh I did notice that he ran into the end zone I didn't notice he was doing that every rep running into the end zone and we had you know the the next gen um discs the zebra technology data yeah the player tracking data the the zebra technology discs that are on them so they track all their steps Evan Hall of Northwestern had the most steps of any of the running back group by far because he took each one to the house which was wild I'd never seen that before in the history of the combine um so I remember going to basketball camps Rich do you remember like you go to sport camps when you're a kid and they give you oh the most most outstanding camper but then they had the Mr. Hustle award you know like that's I think we need this I think we could call that the the Evan Hall award going forward from every combine on down to history Daniel Jeremiah here on the Rich Eisen show let's hit the discussion that we had on Saturday and the quarterbacks were out there and Bryce Young wasn't working out but he did get weighed and measured that day five ten and an eighth and I asked you on the air your thoughts on on the height and and tell me how many times watching this kid's tape film however that you thought to yourself he looks small so I'll give you the floor on that yeah no I didn't I didn't think there you know really were you know when you think about the height aspect of it I thought you could literally count on one hand the number of times where I'm seeing and I'm like okay I don't know if you maybe could see this you know this route pop uh you know but I'm talking two or three times and I've watched every throw that he's made um at Alabama so it rarely came up it was not an issue at all he's got unbelievable fuel to be able to slide around move around and find find windows I remember Andy Reid when I was with the Eagles we had an undersized quarterback came in our interview room and he it was talking about his height and Andy Reid said look we don't throw over buildings we throw between buildings um and I thought Bryce Young had somebody who's very comfortable doing that so I didn't see the the height thing as an issue at all and you know he's slight framed and that's going to be more of a concern is you know forget the weight forget the height it's just he's narrow and he's not real thick so is he going to be able to physically hold up but he does a very good job of avoiding taking big hits he's got a he's got he knows how to fall he knows how to get away from guys knows how to slide so to get a bounce um so I I thought he's done a nice job of of of utilizing those areas to try and protect himself but the risk still exists Rich um that that is a real thing you've got to uh you've got to account for that that's the that's the gamble you take with Bryce it can physically just stay healthy but in terms of how he plays the game there's no questions well then what and and and tell the story that you heard about his FBI if you will football intelligence give me give me give me give me that one that you told Daniel off the charts you know I talked to I talked to you know a play caller in the league who's a guy that I respect tremendously and said he's the smartest quarterback he's ever visited with um and said when you when you have guys like that he could with no matter what play we pulled up you know he would tell you exactly what the situation was and what he was saying with his guys but that's you know that's something you you come to see from top level guys who are sharp he said this guy could tell you everything that was going on the other side in terms of the front terms of the coverage he knows where his guys are he knows where your guys are supposed to be and he knew it on every single play that they showed and then what about when you said in in Alabama right you get the game plan something along those lines oh gosh yes yes that one so talking to the folks at Bama they said they give you your game plan packet on a Sunday they've got you know a million analysts there if they have so much so much going on there they have so many people employed so they they give you your game plan on Sunday so say you play a game on Saturday night um you come in Sunday you get some treatment they'll give you your game plan for the team you're getting ready to play the next week and usually on Monday you'll start working on that and going through that by the time you get to Thursday you feel pretty comfortable about what you like and what you don't like and how you're going to approach this upcoming game they said he would come in Monday having swallowed that entire game plan he would have circled things he liked against this team he would have added notes of things he thought they should do from a protection standpoint in a route combination standpoint and the coaches would sit there and say you know what he's he's probably right he should take this out let's put this in like and they said that that's and they've had quarterbacks there obviously we know who they all are yeah um and nothing like this that's got to count for something I mean that and that's a way you can also keep yourself healthy again the SEC is not uh not filled uh with uh you know second-tier players I mean that's as close you can get to professional football in many people's eyes and the fact that he's emerged uh virtually unscathed um is is a plus and then there's Stroud who looked amazing I'm telling you man I mean he he would just flip it and the spiral would just drop in a bucket no matter what route he was throwing what's uh what's the uh talk about him maybe in first overall coming out of the combine yeah I think I think it's in play I think he's very much in play to be the top quarterback picked yeah I think he's the best pure passer just you know when you watch him uh you know you make the comment you make the the uh observation when you're watching like this guy's like he's been throwing a football his whole life it comes out so smooth when he throws that deep ball he's got when he throws that deep ball he's got kind of a nice little natural whip to it and the ball has got unbelievable spin um and everything was on target it's hard to be on target consistently when you're throwing to a bunch of guys you've never thrown to before uh but everything he threw was on the proper shoulder uh he had the proper trajectory you know some of the guys throw a deep ball was a little bit flat um you know as impressive as Richardson was there were some deep balls with balls a little bit flat you know with CJ Stroud every ball just had the perfect trajectory and and dropped it in the bucket as you said Rich and looked like he had such a calm and cool about him I the word that I you know came away with saying if you had to describe what we saw with him I don't know what I use this word often with quarterbacks but it was graceful yeah it sure was there's no question about it I mean he's his every move was was very smooth and so did so were his throws uh we spoke to Richardson yesterday and he met with a ton of teams man I mean the teams that you'd expect including Tennessee, Tampa, um Washington interestingly New England we all know that Belichick likes to just kick tires right just so he knows when he faces them unless who knows yeah right I mean um jet then the jets are one are one of them what what but but what about the idea of Richardson testing so well his pro day no doubt will be like a Christmas tree lighten up uh could he be number one overall too Daniel? Yeah I think I think so I think there's a chance that you know I would say Levis and I don't see him having a chance to emerge as the top quarterback but I think it is a three-person race and I would not be stunned or surprised at any of the three you know I think when people are watching that and you're seeing how Anthony Richardson is moving around he has a strong arm I thought he was smoother with his footwork um then maybe even I anticipate I've seen strides he's continuing to make there but when you think about we saw this guy run a 4-4 to put it in context Rich he's the same size he's almost identical the same size as Big Ben like think about that think about Big Ben and how big he looks on a football field and then think about Big Ben running in the mid 4-4s it's just stupid yeah right yeah I know it is stupid but I mean and can he start now I mean I asked him and I knew what his answer would be but he was very full of conviction he day one week one he's ready to go well your evaluation would be one I mean would that be a problem is there is there so let me just ask is there does he need to get lucky and wind up with a team that's willing to redshirt him didn't you mention that on the air uh at one point about him yeah I like the idea of redshirting him just to get him even more comfortable and to work through you know some things throwing wise which I've already seen improvement from what we saw in the fall to what we saw at the combine right um I'd like to buy a little time it's hard nowadays to buy a whole year but even if you could buy him six weeks you know just to get comfortable and then put him out there but I mean make no mistake about it when he when he gets on the field initially he's going to major with his legs and minor with his arm like you're going to you're going to really use his legs and that's something that you know we've seen fields even though they didn't win a lot of games he made them competitive really you know with his legs so I think richton goes out there and he can do all that plus with his legs and then you know hey let's just keep on that track that he's on right now of improving you know the one thing you know you want to be a little bit realistic here rich because I know that the cam newton comparison is thrown out there and cam newton didn't play a ton of ball in college and all that that Auburn team that cam newton was on didn't ironically did not have a much talent on offense and they went undefeated won a national championship when he won the Heisman trophy so I feel like maybe let's not be so quick to put him in camp's class in terms of what he's you know accomplished and who he is right now all right and then last couple for you Daniel Jeremiah crystal ball the bears first overall pick journey for me from now all the way to the draft what do you think what are you going to do well I definitely I definitely think they get out I don't think there's any chance they stick and pick I think they get out I think in my opinion the most likely options are going to be four and nine which would be the colts and the panthers I think the Texans it's you know if you get in their shoes right if you're the Texans I think there's four quarterbacks that are interesting I think you can talk yourself into two of them and you can sit there and say you know I don't really want to I don't really want to part with a bunch of picks to go up one spot we really are comfortable with two guys and there's also the little bit of the egg on your face of having to give up picks because you won that game this kind of that kind of kind of fixes that that storyline aside a little bit if you just stay there and say oh we were happy with either one of these guys right but I think when you're the colts there's a very real chance you could get your fourth guy you know there could be quarterbacks go one two three I don't think they can afford to take that chance and then the Carolina panthers Tepper just seems like he's ready you know he's ready to be bold and be aggressive and seems like that's in his DNA and they would like to go up there and get something done so those those are the two teams I think that are most likely to do it you know there's the multiple trade down scenario I think is the perfect world if you're if you're the Bears that's going to be tricky to pull all that off well I mean sitting there at nine you can get yourself a heck of a player anyway and what was that what was it do you remember you said it on the air what you get if you're the Bears because there's a chart that for for yeah I had it all printed out I don't have in front of me right now but it was it was I want to say you're getting you have to give up your fourth round pick and the first overall pick right coming back your way you get their first round pick this year their second round pick this year as well as two future ones so it would say it's in total if you count that one three ones and uh and a two so good sold if you're ryan polls yeah I do that all day which which rich again this is again one of the storylines as we go forward don't don't sit there and say well we don't want to trade out a range of one of the top defensive players no no you are not one top defensive player away get as many picks as you can whoever you get at nine is going to be a really good player who's going to help you in addition to all this other capital you're going to get and stuff in future years which we don't know what that could look like that could be a gold mine uh and then if you're if you're sitting there at at philadelphia 10 um if you're the bears moving down to nine right uh if you're tennessee thinking of shopping derek henry is that where bijan robinson winds up in this draft what do you think does he get pushed up top 10 what do you think yeah i i think he's i mean he's we saw it in a workout i think he's one of the premier premier players in the track it's just a matter of who's going to do it who's comfortable you know taking one up there i know the bears have a good you know group of backs but that you know he's a different type of player now wouldn't be fun to watch him adjust the fields kind of grow up together but i think the team that he fits the best would be the eagles um hasn't really been in their dna to do it but that would be the to me that's the most ideological fit but i don't think he gets by if you talk about how far it could be john robinson's lives yes i think 14 is the absolute floor i don't think bill belicheck would pass on him you love that chris look at pal look at you sitting straight up in your chair that's no minivan there that's the that's him and remandre together let's go that's what i'm saying right i mean that would be fun and you'd have some he what he could do in the passing game as well you could have stuff where you get him and rodery stevenson on the field at the same time you give mac jones some easy yards going that way 14 i mean who are we i don't know you never know i mean you talk about all the quarterbacks you're talking about i know but if carolina goes to one chicago's at nine why wouldn't the bears take him at nine i don't know because you because again there's so many great players that we some stinks that's probably why you've got offensive line that's got to go you got some uh some pass rushes got to go in the quarterbacks it's you know you never know it's feasible and then before i let you go daniel the news that uh aaron rogers is in new york talking to the jets your thoughts on that right now just it seemed like they were um you know they were kind of pot committed to making a move on a veteran and it seems like you know with car to the wayside that that's the only one that's really left we can talk about garoppolo or maybe canahill but it seems like they're going to exhaust every potential here of trying to get the aaron rogers thing done so i i just got to believe it's got to happen soon because you can't get left holding the bag through the jets you can't sit here and wait for aaron rogers and watch watch you know garoppolo land and whatever happens with canna hill and all of a sudden you've got nothing like you've got to know here pretty soon right i mean the new league year starts in in eight days the the negotiation window in six and then there's franchise tags later on today i mean things will begin to settle but um what does that mean for zach right i mean they they're if i'm zach i'm praying that it's aaron rogers that's his dream that's his dream uh why guy because you get aaron rogers there's no shame in sitting behind a you know multi mvp right first ballot hall of famer and you don't know aaron rogers could play one year and be done and you could be right back you could be right back in the next if they signed derek carr zach wilson's days were over there um now i think aaron rogers not only you know maybe you can learn from him and i think aaron and him have a decent relationship right but there's again i think that i think zach wilson's future is there's still a flicker of hope with aaron rogers there i think what they bring in a jimmy garoppolo and his other guys i don't think i think he's played his last ball there dj you're the man you are so great to work with you are you're just awesome to work with you're awesome to be around your information is only surpassed by your decency and personality and it's awesome brother you're the best really truly well i get to i get a chance to work with the best in the business rich nobody does it like you and like we said we were walking and brockman will believe this because he knows us both so well we kind of just had a chuckle as we finished up with it can you imagine if you didn't like the person you were doing i mean can you imagine yeah i guess chris can imagine working with somebody who's in like every day right i'm talking about mike like that okay very good take care of yourself daniel i'm gonna i'm gonna iron out the personality issues in my locker room there you go there's uh daniel jeremiah i meant everywhere that i said he's so good his information is incredible and it's just so a delight to be around lots of chew on right there let's take a break come back and we'll chop that up and chris says joe banner's about to walk in here i think you got your wish on the quarterback front in free agency coming up so youth football is all about style and fun and the nfl celebrates that through play football an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit the future of football is here you in back here on the rich eisen show terrestrial serious xm and odyssey feeds on our roku channel feed chris you have got a major problem with the way the free agency world works with starting quarterbacks i do giants robert griffin the third is with me giants and the uh representatives for daniel jones apparently locked in their own darkness cave trying to find the light to figure out a way to give a long-term contract to daniel jones so they can franchise tag saquon barkley and continue on their journey but apparently uh daniel jones wants a contract that starts with the number four annually and your uh you would tell him to go uh pound sand uh using a much more strenuous way of expressing it correct yeah well he has 21 career wins got it so and we're lamenting that there's no such thing as a middle ground contract for quarterbacks anymore that you're got a rookie deal or you got a gajillion dollar deal that's about it for starting quarterbacks well then uh meet john schneider general manager of the seattle seahawks and geno smith according to mike garfolo the contract that you know smith signed three years 105 million dollars is when you go down to the base salary world 25 million dollars a year three years 75 not three years 105 well i mean it can be 40 million guaranteed at signing he'll earn 28 million in the first year the deal 30 million in incentives and then it's possible you know i don't know how the rest of the deal is is gone but after one year if geno is not the guy easy out certainly if geno is not the guy after one year because you draft one garofolo threaded that tweet with another one saying that the seahawks are as pete carroll said quote-unquote totally connected to the cubies in this year's draft especially since they're in the rare spot of drafting number five overall smith's contract rewards him for his comeback season but doesn't close the door in seattle taking a quarterback high at all and if you recall out of all the teams that i ticked off for anthony richardson yesterday did you meet with them did you meet with them only one did he say that he was awestruck and starstruck by the coach that interviewed him that'll be p carroll he was like whoa that's the guy from tv said anthony richards and good for geno smith look he made 17 million in his 10-year career he was been a backup for a long time and comes he balls out boom now he's got a nice acceptable you know deal that's you know valid you know represents his value to the team i and i think it's terrific for him certainly since he said that he was written off but he hasn't written back if he doesn't choose to write back outstanding stationary he can use some great new stationary for 28 million next year you can bingo get some good and then who knows he continues on well he can finish out the contract make a hundred seahawks are there but in this world where you're like they're you're lamenting it's either make more money than my homes even though you don't deserve it you don't deserve it or you have a rookie contract that was these are the extremes yes you know created by an nfl world where kirk cousins gets paid like garrett cole and and a collective bargaining agreement where you can have kids make a ton of money with a fifth year option and then start franchise tagging them after that there's now a middle ground i like it congratulations and well done seattle who will join gino smith and seattle in having that middle ground can it be the giants next can they figure that out with daniel jones you're hearing that they're there's significant problems there's it's it's narrowed he wants two million for every career win think about that we should send you into the negotiating room i would laugh these guys out of the room well that's why you're here on this show and not a general manager of a national football league team my phone is available i will answer it you'll be a gm and i'll be and i'll be on uh the competition committee with his quickness and joe banner is about to join us in studio i wouldn't have many players yeah you wouldn't last long the way you just cut him cut him the only way that dion and i are uh that's how dion i'm telling you that's how dion i'm telling you that's how dion was yeah but chris isn't dion so go in the locker room just leave hit the showers take your stuff there's a difference there maybe the jets can find that deal with jimmy garoppolo if rogers can't be if that can't look rich bro trust me i will embrace aaron rogers being the quarterback of can i just throw something at you real quick last three seasons just look this up jets have six quarterbacks that have played the last three seasons they've i get it 51 total touchdowns 48 picks i'm just throwing out just over the last three seasons 111 touchdowns and 21 picks tj i'm just throwing out there for the people now absolutely happy with aaron rogers being the quarterback of the new york jets i just need to know how he will handle it when he is asked in his opening press conference about accepting money of the johnson and johnson eriff this is the way he feels about a vaccine and how that will go after a game when he's now one and two or two and four how will that go will that be good will he be able to just keep on keeping on i'm i'm just shooting you i'm shooting you absolutely straight but if he winds up being the quarterback of the new york jets that is what we would call an upgrade he will be the best quarterback the jets have had since nameth ever had right and you could make these cases so i'm ready for it 100 because i think it's gonna happen no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like jeff jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with jeff jarrett podcast they didn't really brand professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with jeff jarrett wherever you listen
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