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REShow: Anthony Richardson - Hour 3 (3-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 6, 2023 3:16 pm

REShow: Anthony Richardson - Hour 3 (3-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 6, 2023 3:16 pm

Former Florida Gators QB/NFL Draft prospect Anthony Richardson tells Rich that he’s confident he’ll be ready to start day one for whoever selects him in this year’s NFL Draft, reveals which teams he met with at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, and more.

Rich reacts to contract numbers in Derek Carr’s new deal with the Saints and speculates on Aaron Rodgers’ looking decision now that the first domino has fallen in the QB carousel, and in his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on which QB could go #1 in the NFL Draft, if the New York Giants should overpay for Daniel Jones, if Carr can lead New Orleans to an NFC South title, who will be the Jets’ QB next season, Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns, the slumping Boston Celtics, and the Clippers chances to win the West on Kawhi Leonard’s back.

Rich reveals something he did at the NFL Combine that was more impressive than anything the top prospects did on the field in Indianapolis.

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Headline to start this opinion. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I should be on the competition committee.

And the national football league. The Rich Eisen Show. You meet, chair?

I believe that you believe that. Problem is I wouldn't be in this chair. I'd be in these meetings.

I'd be in Indianapolis. I could zoom. I'll zoom. Who's zooming? Me.

I'm on the square. Today's guests. Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. I am back from Indianapolis barely. Thank you, Chris Brodman, and the rest of you guys for getting the show off the ground today while I was stuck taxiing in Los Angeles International. So, I'm here now. You're there. I'm here. You're there. I'm here. You're there.

Back from the combine. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial. We've got overreaction Monday coming up right here on the Roku channel, which is free on all Roku devices. Select Samsung Smart TVs. Free on Amazon Fire TV. Free on the Roku app. Free on the internet tubes.

We're thrilled to be here. If you missed any of the first two hours, we re-air on the Roku channel. There's the Rich Eisen Show collection as well, which is a video on demand service. There's our podcast through the Cumulus Podcast Network. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the program. I had four great days at the combine, and without question, the most memorable moment of the combine is when this man stepped on the field and ran his 40 and worked out, and the buzz that he created at the combine was significant. Certainly, since I've been at this combine 18 years, he is up there in terms of quarterbacks that set the place abuzz and things trending on Twitter.

From the University of Florida, right here on the Rich Eisen Show, Anthony Richardson. How you doing? I'm good. How about you?

I'm great. What'd you think of the combine? What'd you think? It was great. I enjoyed every bit of it.

I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time I was there, so I thought it was great. Well, I saw you were smiling from ear to ear when you saw it was a 4-4-4 that you ran your 40. I'll be honest, I wanted you to run again. Was there any chance you were going to run that again after that, Anthony?

Honestly, I don't know. I think I could have won again, but my goal time was 4-4 and I hit it. I just brought some more joy to me, so I was like, nah, I'm done. Are you going to run it your pro day or you're just done? You're just going to rest on that.

What do you think? Nah, I think I did pretty well, so I'm done right now. Okay, so you, Anthony Richardson, breaking news, you have run the last 40-yard dash of your life, is basically what you're saying.

You're not running another 40. Yes, sir, I think so. Okay, very good.

So now, let's just jump into it as well. Teams that you met with, how many teams did you meet with at the combine, Anthony Richardson? Honestly, I met with about 20 or 22 teams. Did they ask you the same thing over and over again or did one stand out for you?

You know, they pretty much asked the same thing. They were really just trying to get to know who I am as a person, so that was pretty much the general topic, to see where I am actually when it comes to the game of football. Okay, so who are you as a person then, when they asked you that question? I'll give you the floor.

Not like I've got a grease board here or anything for a full interview, but this is kind of like an interview. Who are you as a person, Anthony Richardson? You know, I'm a guy who loves family and loves football. You know, I definitely love football just because it would have brought, you know, available for my family and not, you know, football has helped me, helped my family, you know, we're able to travel the world, you know, see different things, you know, is able to, you know, provide for us, you know, in different ways than many people can think of. So, you know, I'm a family person and a football person. And so, what do you say when your readiness to play day one in the NFL is questioned, Anthony?

What do you say? You know, I'm just, I don't know, you know, I've been playing football all my life, you know, the game only going to get quicker, faster, stronger, you know, and a little bit more mental, you know, so I feel like I'm able to adapt whenever, you know, my name is called. So I feel like I'm ready, you know, nobody should question who I am as a person or who I am on the field because I've overcome a lot. I believe I'm ready to play. So you think you could play start day one in the National Football League, Anthony?

Yes, sir, definitely. Okay. And what do you say to teams that are wondering about your last year and why why Florida didn't win as many games as say Georgia, Alabama, any other teams? Why, what do you say to those teams asking you about your win-loss record from your last year?

You know, a lot of people see that record and, you know, they think, you know, we weren't a good team, you know, a lot of people see the record and they say, oh, they can't leave a team, you know, you can't even, you know, go, you know, 500 in the season. But, you know, to that, I just say, you know, they don't, they don't know when it ends or not the game, you know, they don't understand what we're going through daily, you know, understand how hard we work, you know, sometimes, you know, things don't fall away and that comes with the game. And, you know, I feel like whenever I step into a team, you know, I step on a team, you know, I'm there to contribute, you know, give me my all and, you know, provide any way I can. I feel like I did that every game. What'd you learn from this year then, Anthony? What'd you learn from this? I definitely controlled what I can control, you know, it's not a little league football anymore where I can just fully ball everybody, you know, I can't just run around everybody.

So, I learned how to manage the game, especially as a quarterback, you know, I can't try to make every big play, you know, I just got to take what the game gives me and just get a big play to come. Who is in your inner circle? Who do you rely on, football-wise and just life-wise to counsel you and or keep your head on straight, anything like that? Who's in your inner circle, Anthony Richardson, if you don't mind sharing? I definitely rely on my family, you know, just to, you know, keep me grounded and just, you know, always remind me who I am as a person.

Well, when it comes to football, you know, I talk to my agent and I talk to my mentor, Ernest Brown. They keep me focused, they tell me the ins and outs of everything. They tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear, you know.

So, I'm thankful for those guys, I'm glad they fought my team. What do they tell you that you don't want to hear? Give me an example, you got one of them, for me? You know, whenever you have people on your side like that, you don't want them to always say the good things, you know. You want them to tell you what you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear, you know. Like, I don't want to hear, oh, you're a great guy, you're gonna go first round, blah, blah, blah. You know, I need to know what I need to get better at, what I need to grow on, what I'm doing wrong.

So, when the time does come, I can correct those things and just focus. Anthony Richardson here on the Rich Eisen Show for a few minutes after dominating the combine over the weekend. That said, I mean, your phone must have blown up after your combine or in the middle of the combine practice, right? The drills, did that happen?

Yes, sir. All right, can you tell me, who's texting you? Who's hitting you up, Anthony Richardson, during that? You know, everybody is, you know, friends from high school, family from Miami, you know, old coaches, you know, pretty much everybody that's helped me get to this point, that supported me, you know, and showed me love.

Everybody's reaching out and just congratulating me. Do you want to drop a name? Give me a name, somebody, what do you got? Who's like the most famous person who hit you up when that happened? The most famous person? Yeah, yeah.

What do you got? I don't know, I don't really have that many famous people. Oh, get ready, get ready, get ready, Anthony Richardson, you get ready. Do you know Cam at all? Because I know he's one of your, right, if I'm not mistaken, he's one of your, the guys that you, you grew up emulating, right? Cam?

No, I don't know Cam yet, excited to meet him though, soon. Okay, who else would you grow up emulating? Who else is the guy that you're like, that you, you model yourself after? Lamar Jackson was another guy when I was in high school. Okay, is it true you called yourself Cam Jackson?

Yes, sir, I did that for like a year or two, okay. I've always, you know, just tried to mimic Cam a little bit just, you know, because of the comparison and then I just seen Lamar, you know, checking everybody, running around everybody, I'm like, bro, I think I can do that too, I started doing this a little bit, I'm like, bro, I think I might be Cam Jackson. Cam Jackson, have you, as Lamar, have you and Lamar ever connected? Uh, surprisingly, you know, I was sponsored, but Lamar followed me back on Instagram and, you know, we conversated a little bit.

Okay. I just told him, you know, I have major love for him and I appreciate him, you know, he said the same thing back. Anthony Richardson, few more minutes left with the buzziest draft prospect at the quarterback position from the combine, if not throughout this entire tenure, right here on the Rich Eisen Show. So let's, you know, I'm just going to jump into it, I do this with a lot of players, don't worry, it's all good. So, did you meet with all the teams in the top 10? Did you meet with Chicago, Anthony? Yes, sir, I did. Okay, did you meet with Houston, Anthony?

Yes, sir. Okay, did you meet with Indianapolis? Uh, I was, um, meeting them, uh, informal. Informal? What, uh, you know, just run into each other in the hallway? Just, you know, saying hello at the craft services table? Yes, sir, we had a little training session, um, you know, energy process, you know, so I topped it up with them for a bit. Okay.

What about Seattle? Did you meet with the Seattle Seahawks, Anthony Richardson? Yes, sir, I did. When I see, you know, Pete Johnson, my heart dropped, I was like, whoa, you want to see the down TV? And I was in the same room, you know, it felt different. I heard that he's a close talker, that he talks real close to you. Does he do that? Did he do that with you or anything? Uh, no, he was, no, he gave me my space.

I gave him his space, you know, we just, I would lose forever. You didn't take a shirt off like you did with the, with, uh, with Metcalf, with DK, right? You didn't do that this time? No, I didn't, but I think we would have went, you know, what about Vegas?

You meet with Vegas? Yes, sir, I did. Atlanta? Yes, sir.

Carolina? Yes, sir. All right. Did you meet with, uh, Minnesota? I did. You did meet with Minnesota, didn't you? Okay. Uh, what about Baltimore, Anthony? Did you chat with the Baltimore Ravens? Yes, sir, I did. Okay.

It's a lot of people kicking tires here. What about the Jets? Do you meet with the Jets? Yes, sir. Okay. What about New England? You chat with New England? Yes, sir. Okay.

New England. You, you met with most of the league. This is, this is great. Do you meet, uh, do you meet with Dallas? Did Dallas meet you?

Um, I don't, I don't think so. Okay. You'd, you'd, you'd remember meeting Jerry Jones, I think.

You definitely, uh, what about New Orleans? You meet with the Saints? Yes, sir. Okay. Um, Tennessee, you meet with them? Yes, sir.

Okay. Washington? Yes, sir.

Tampa? Yes, sir. Boy, you went, you, you, you shook a lot of hands.

You, you, I did. You shook a lot of hands. Um, what, what do, what do these teams, what do they, what do they get if they draft you? What do they get in Anthony Richardson if they say, we're going to draft you, Anthony Richardson, we're going to move up, we're going to talk, uh, or we're going to go, we're going to go hope that you drop and we, we draft you. What do they get in Anthony Richardson?

Who do they get? Definitely going to get a hard working guy. You know, a lot of people say I have a lot of days to fix and work on and I'm willing to do all that for anything. You know, I wanted to work hard being there early morning, late night, whenever I need to be, or just to be the best version of myself so I can provide to the team any way, shape or form that I can.

Anthony Richardson, I really, I'll be honest, um, I don't know if anybody told you, maybe not. I'm sitting up there in the booth on NFL Network and I was outraged you didn't get to throw more go, go deep balls. I wanted to see more. I'd be honest. It was so entertaining, you know, I want to see, you know, and I think at one point you stepped out there and they told you we're going to look at somebody else.

Didn't that happen at one point? I thought you were getting out there on the drill. Yeah, you know, the order was a little different for us, you know, we went in the miracle order and then they would call different guys up.

I thought I was on deck to go and then they called somebody else. I wasn't really complaining, you know, everybody had to get their stuff, everybody got better. Sorry, I was complaining. Don't worry.

I was the one complaining. I want to see more. And did you hit it off with Stroud and the other guys? Do you get to know these guys, the rest of the quarterbacks that were out there?

Definitely. We pretty much known each other for a while, you know, especially CJ and CJ Bryce and me. We went to different camps together at high school. So we've known each other for quite some time. And, you know, whenever we see each other, it's all smiles that at the end of the day, we're still going to compete with each other. And that must blow your mind a little bit that you've known each other.

Now you're here at a combine and you're going to go to the draft and you're going to get drafted and you're going to go to the NFL. What's that moment going to be like for you? Have you envisioned that? Have you allowed yourself to envision that moment, Anthony?

You know, it's definitely different. You know, I think about all the time, you know, just whenever I see guys, my former teammates in the league, you know, like I was like, dang, I was just playing with those guys. And it's exciting to see what they're doing. And now it's my turn. You know, I get to deal with the guys I competed against in the high school, you know, and CJ and I, we were just talking about that the other day.

We're like, but we've been doing this for so long, you know, but live our dreams and, you know, sometimes it doesn't feel real, but, you know, like the time's ticking and we're almost there. Congratulations in advance, Anthony. I really enjoyed watching you work out this weekend. You, you lit up the place, absolutely lit up the place.

And then, you know, Twitter was lit. Everyone was talking about you and what you were able to do on the field and drills. And I just look forward to watching you get your draft dream come true.

And if you don't mind, look for my call before the draft and maybe after, and I'd love to use this opportunity to keep following what you're up to. It was great to see it. Yes, sir. Appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you, Anthony Richardson. That's Anthony Richardson right here on the Rich Eisen show after lighting up the NFL scouting combine.

Yes. I know you want them. You're not going to get them.

Again, like a week ago, I was like, maybe we could get them at 14, not anymore. But you know why Belichick interviews these players. You know why? Because he wants to know info for when they have to play against them.

I know how it works. Why don't you use the, it's just one interview. It's one interview. It's one, one space, one 15 minute talk to them space. Why not?

Why not have them in? Now that other ones looking at him, that's a different story. I think some of them, you can read into some of them. You can read into not some of them, but I didn't even ask him about Miami. I'm sure you met.

I'm sure he met with them too. But if you're Minnesota, you're Baltimore and you think that this kid, you know, he says he starts day one. Everybody else I hear is like, he's, it would be good to give him a, I'm a Holmes red shirt year. Yeah.

Sure. He's not feeling that, but Oh my word. Could you imagine him with Alvin Cook and Justin Jefferson?

Imagine him anywhere with that skill set. I know. Just saying the team that already has a number one wide receiver and a great running back. I understand the informal. That's just one of those things. Oh, you're walking around the hall. I don't know about that. No, I don't know.

I don't know. Some, some teams just want to stay off the radar screen. Cause everybody sees who interviews everyone else. Yeah. It's but if you don't interview someone at the combine, it's just a missed opportunity, I think.

But you can still, you know, still go to the pro days and things of that nature. He's so good. Again, he has a shot to be number one overall.

Somebody falls in love with him and says, that's the end of that. Eight four four two Oh four rich number to dial here on the program overreaction Monday, baby. We're back. We are. Where were we? You were in the reaction Monday.

Never left. We were here. That's next. It's a Monday.

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Derek Carr's a New Orleans Saint. What's the numbers? Do we have the numbers?

Yeah, we do. What do you got? What do you got for the numbers? Four years, $150 million. Man, that's a lot of money.

New Orleans. About 100 guaranteed, 60 at signing. Another 10 million in year three vesting. And a no trade clause. Okay, good for him. How about that? He's going to go to the bayou. There you go. Did you see what Can't Guard Mike tweeted out?

No. Thank you, Jesus. With the prayers. And that's funny that Can't Guard Mike said that about Carr because, you know, for a man of God, Carr really plays in these sinful cities, man.

You know, like Vegas and New Orleans. So anyway. Well, he can find religion anywhere. Jesus. It's just money. That's it, man. It doesn't cost any draft choices. That's important.

Okay. Now Rogers is on the clock. And the Jets are sitting there waiting. And is there another option for Rogers?

We don't know about, you know, he's kicking the tires on it. What, the 49ers? The XFL? I think the Niners, of course, he'd love to give that a whirl, but that's never going to happen. They don't have any picks to trade.

It's got nothing to do with that. The Packers aren't, the Packers are going to be ready to ship him way far away from them in the NFC. Way far away. You know, what's an AFC team that can go get him? The Jets. The Raiders. The Raiders can easily go get him. The Raiders can easily go get him. Why can't the Raiders go ahead, draft Will Leviss and get Rogers?

What's, what's wrong with that? And try and win football games right now. You got.

And then what? Will Leviss just sit there? Yeah.

I'm going to Jordan Love Will Leviss? Yeah. Oof.

I ain't going to sit well with that kid. Well, welcome to the NFL. Happens to a lot of people.

Happens to a lot of people. Why can't that happen? I think they just do want to start from scratch and go for it. I really think that's what they want to do. And Rogers coming in is might help with Devontae Adams. I think Devontae Adams would much rather have his 12 back.

Tennessee, I think they're going to go to town. I think if they're looking to trade Derrick Henry, they're, they're looking to start from scratch themselves too. We bring in Rogers there. Can Miami take him? Why wouldn't you want to go down to South Florida and do it? I mean, it sounds great.

I would do it. Jalen waddle and Tyree. Yeah. Like that's the one. Brady's going to Miami. I'm kidding. I mean, all, but that's, that's actually, that's so out of the realm, but that's the hot rumor I heard that he's not done yet.

That's crazy. And so who else in the AFC would be, I don't know. I'm looking down the list, not Pittsburgh, not Baltimore, not Cincinnati, not Cleveland, not the bills, not the Patriots, not the chargers, not the chart, not anyone else in the AFC west and then anyone else in the AFC south Tennessee. What do you really want to go there? What about Indy? Yeah. I don't, I don't know about that.

I don't know about that. So those are your options. But of course his option could be like, Hey, I want to stay. And then he's got to restructure. I don't think there's a problem with them and restructuring if he wants to stay. And if that's his option to me, that's his best option.

Why would you want to learn a new spot? And you can retire a packer, like, you know, do it far beginning and you do exactly what Farve didn't, which was stay put instead of going to the jets, get a statue in front of Lambeau. Oh yeah. He would get a statue.

A hundred percent he would. Let's get to the main event, right? It's overreaction Monday. It's a Monday. Let's overreact.

It's overreaction Monday. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Monday. All right, let's get to it.

Christopher. Hey, what's up guys? Good. We're fine. This is, I guess not really an overreaction. It was when I wrote it on Saturday, but Anthony Richardson is going to be the first overall pick. It's not an overreaction.

It is not an overreaction. Bryce Young is stupendous and he's a guy who has, if you will, the FBI football intelligence that people go through the roof and he's five, 10 and an eighth. And that's going to scare some people off. I think, although I'd love to see the tape where it's just like, oh, he's too small there. And CJ Stroud is got the measurables and he's got the arm and he's got big game experience and Anthony Richardson's a unicorn. Nobody looks like that.

He didn't really need his lower part of his body in the super slow mo to flick it 70 yards in the air and he can run over you. And I think somebody sees that and it could be totally different than anything else. And, um, he could totally be first overall. I totally believe it.

So what else you got over there, Chris? That's not an overreaction. Here's another one, I guess now that you're back and we've heard you talk and all the things that happened over the weekend, but four quarterbacks going to go in the top 10. I think so. I think so.

Just look at the teams who need QBs. There's definitely four of them. We're going to see some moving around. Probably.

I think there will be four in the top 10, not an overreaction at all. Do you know the number? When was the last time that happened for the top? Um, I don't know. You got me.

It could have been very recent 2020 maybe, but, um, we'll check on it. What else you got over there, Chris? These are two, these are two that normally you come out the gate with a craziness.

Again, I wrote these on Saturday when it seemed kind of crazy. And now we're two days removed. Right. How about the giants are going to regret giving Daniel Jones 40 million a year? I can't sit here and say that they will regret it. So I can't sit here and say that that is a regret. The guy who showed up in Minnesota on that playoff day is a $40 million a year quarterback. That's a fact. He was throwing, he was throwing darts.

He was dropping his Danny dimes and he was running and he was terrific. And if he does that with a better cast, one would think around him. I don't think they'll regret it. So I'll, I'll give that a very strong word of regret and I don't think they're gone.

They're going to have to, um, I think they're going to figure something out or the franchise tag him and the figuring something out and not going to be 40 million bucks. I don't think. Who knows who knows what else, Chris, 2021, there were four in the top 11. Justin Fields was 11. Okay.

Not top 10 though. I'm just trying to find that. Um, Derek Carr is going to have the saints winning the NFC South. I need to, uh, I can't sit here and say that. I can't. So let's see. Let's see. Even know who the quarterbacks are on the other team. Exactly.

So we got Derek Carr. I gave you an answer. I know that. I know that. Do you know Alvin Kamara has a trial on July 31st?

That kind of got lost amongst a lot in the past week. So let's, let's play this out. Let's see who gets a kid at quarterback who can be sensational and turn things around.

Let's see how it goes. Let's see if Lamar asks Kyle Pitts for number eight. Would that change things? Would that change things? What if, what if Pitts says no?

I'll just say it's premature to say that it's not an overreaction to say that right now, but I think we all know it's too premature to say it. What else? How about this one then?

Okay. Do you like the Jets, right? That's what I heard. They're gonna be left out of the off season QB carousel.

Left out. Um, that's entirely possible. That's entirely possible. Um, I, I think, um, if Rogers stays put and he doesn't want to go to New, if Rogers says I want to go to New York, he's a Jet.

I think it's that simple. Baron Rogers emerges from his, his, his thought process and goes, I will play in New York. I will be able to be successful in New York. I think that's a great way for me to finish my career. I think, you know, personally it works for me professionally.

It works for me. I want to play in New York. I think he's a Jet. So, um, but if he says no and he wants to stay put or he retires, I would stun me too. Um, if he says that, then Jimmy G doesn't come, then what are the Jets gonna do? Carson Wentz? Uh, hell no.

A lot of people on Twitter are saying Jameis Winston, a likely guy to be cut now in New Orleans. Okay. You're into that? Not into that? Not into that for the Jets.

Okay. I'm just, Baker Mayfield? That wouldn't be a bad choice, I would think. Let Baker and Zach Wilson have at it. That wouldn't be a bad one. I would take that.

Speaking of Baker Mayfield, 2018, we had four quarterbacks in the top 10. Okay. There you go.

Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen. What else? There you go.

All right. Some NBA. Uh, I like Phoenix to come out of the West. I think they're going to win the West. Three playoff series. They're going to win the West. Phoenix?

Phoenix. 16 games or less. The Suns are winning this West in 16 games or less. I think you're out of your mind. I think you're out of your mind. I think they're going to go like 4-1 in every series. They're going to smoke everywhere.

I, I think that is a total overreaction right now. I think that they're going to have to learn how to play together, even with... Learn?

They have like 40 a night from KD and Booker. I get it. I get it. I get it. Let's see what happens.

I think that this is, um, not going to be a cakewalk. Don't sleep on my nuggets. On my nuggets? Yeah. My nuggets?

Yeah. Don't sleep on my nuggets. Chicken nuggets? When did this happen? Well, last year was his Warriors. Now it's your Nuggets. And who, who won?

And I get crap for having teams. Who won? Who won when I said my Warriors? Who won?

Who won at all? You called the Warriors way early. I will give you, uh, way early as in day two of the season? Yeah. I'm saying you called it way early.

I would say I would, I would call that early. Are you saying the Nuggets are winning the title? I would take the Nuggets over the Suns right now.

What about anyone in the East? I'll take, I'll call my shot right now. Yeah. You got it.

Just overreaction Monday. I'll take the Nuggets to win it all. Well, I know who's not winning the title.

The Boston Celtics. We're in trouble. Fit. We're in trouble. Are you using overreaction Monday real estate to work out your problem?

Yes. I mean, this is segment. We're in trouble. We're in trouble. Everything that we thought got ironed out, not ironed out. It reared its ugly head last night. Joe Mazzola, maybe we jumped the gun, giving him the full keys to the castle.

What a total overreaction this is. Like what is happening? No Tatum tonight. Oh, no Tatum tonight, huh?

Banged out. No, uh, no Horford tonight. He doesn't play back to backs.

He's not playing back he's old. And so it's just like, we're going to drop another game tonight. The Cleveland cause we can't beat that team and a disaster. We're going to be the three seat. We're going to go on the road.

We're going to go to Philadelphia in the second round and it's going to be a nightmare, but not really because they can't beat us. First of all, I think I speak for all of America. When do you need a mug for you for us to fill up with your tears? Cause then I was cold blooded and then, and then I think it's too premature. And you know that it's premature. It's premature.

Chris it's early March. Can't lose that game. You can't lose the game. Yes, you could. You did.

Yes, you could. You did. Can't.

Okay. Without its best player. You're at home. You can't lose that. That's right. You're up 12.

It's 82, 70. Midway through the third quarter. That's when you blow them out. Skyrocket that to 20. Blow them out. You're not in trouble.

Instead 30 to seven runs. Are we done? Is that, does this mean we're done?

I was, I lost money, so I'm just kind of venting. So what's up? Is that it? Or do you got one more? I got one more. Okay.

What do you got? Okay. We need one more. There you go. All right, we'll get one more. Thanks George.

DJ, this is for you. Hawaii on fire. Clips are going to the Western Conference Finals. That's crazy talk, man. Get out of here.

What? You've seen them play. They've got to play in right now, Chris. Yeah.

Half a game. That's going to be changed by Thursday. You think so? Oh yeah.

Really? You think so? By Thursday, they're going to move from the play into where they just won for the first time in the second half. And all of a sudden they're better than Dallas, Minnesota, and the Warriors. And you really believe that the Kings are going to keep this up?

I saw them in person. I think they can. Yeah. Okay. I need to see more than just one win, man.

Come on. I'm not saying they're going to go to the finals, but I need to see the final four clips, final four clips. It's clips, nuggets, clips, nuggets, Sixers, Knicks. I mean, we could probably make some money if we want to believe they can't go from play under to the six seed to happen. You made it seem like it couldn't happen.

But they're another thing too. It's just like, okay, let's just sit cool. We've lost four in a row, but we're sitting Kawhi. We're going to still manage his, his, his 35 straight games.

Huh? You know, he's had 30 points, five straight games. I know it's been delightful. He's better than Kevin Herder. I know that. Which is why you wouldn't have made the trade for Kevin Herder. You wouldn't have traded Chris. I would have done it. If you had said to me that day, done, I would have done it, but you offered the trade. I didn't. You didn't put the trade through. And then you're like, rejected it on the air. TJ.

How much stuff do we sell an air that off air? We don't say like, Chris, he rejected it. Okay. I rejected it because there's no way he would have sent the trade. He didn't think you were going to actually offer it. That's why he verbally offered it on this air. He rejected it.

So why should I send it to him? Nobody believes that. And now Rich is 15 and three. By the way, there's been 18 NBA weeks and I've won 15 of them. As a matter of fact, last one I lost Christmas day.

You know what's awesome too? When the Golden State Warriors won 73 games. Didn't win the title. I could be the Patriots. The 16. Who's playing him this week? Is it Adam?

Adam, please, Adam, please. You guys have got, it doesn't matter. The only thing that would be a problem is that I just don't, I go into my bye week with no momentum. You got to rest your guys.

It doesn't matter. I should dress my guys. I should rest my guys. Good luck this week. I'm going to load.

I'm going to load manage. And Adam and Hoskins are going for the last by spot. Hoskins taking on my flesh and blood.

My board. Actually, we need the Hoskins to win this week because Cooper, we need to bump him out. And by the way, during this conversation, TJ picked up Alec Burks and dropped Al Horford. That's good.

Oh, and during my conversation with Anthony Richardson, you picked up Hamadou Diallo and dropped Kevin Love. So I'm glad you guys are working really hard. You guys are working really hard. I don't chime in on overreaction Monday.

So I had some time to work on some other stuff. Kevin Love's out tonight. I need a forward. Good work guys.

And we don't talk to Anthony Richardson. Keep it up. Keep it up. Good work.

Keep it up. Chime in with Anthony Richardson. You know, just normally we don't. So we just took that moment to, you know, better ourselves. Eight four four two oh four rich number down. We'll take your phone calls when we come back. A very important fact for my combine experience. I'm very proud of this.

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No that's what you're reading. So Monster is like make your next move your best move baby. Chris in New Jersey. Chris in New Jersey. What's up Chris?

That's number one. Rich how you doing? Great show as always.

Thanks pal. What's going on? Where are you from Chris? We're curious. We're in New Jersey. 168 a little up north.

280 we get it. Okay. Bergen County. I was going to talk to you. I'll get to Jeff but Brockman's Latte Larry got me a little distracted Rich. I co-host the number one Seinfeld podcast. I don't know if you know that. Okay.

Did not know. Mario's been on. We'd love to have you on Rich. I know you're you know one of the top Seinfeld guys.

I would agree. What are your top three before you come on our show of course what are your top three? Yada yada yada. What else is another top one? I guess Festivus is a great one.

The parking garage is early. It's a little bit redundant. Oh the uh the Chinese restaurant is great. Of course the the the the contest is an all-time classic.

Puffy shirt. I saw I saw the balance there. I saw all the years to later years rich because I got a lot of Seinfeld reels sent in my algorithm. Oh this baby loves the slop. Loves the slop. It's a great one. No the the the one uh I saw the moment Elaine rips the wig off of George's head and screams at him. I don't like this.

Throws it out the window. God is that funny? But I'm sorry Chris so what's your point sir? What else what's your question? Your football question or anything like that?

What do you got? Well after you come on this podcast make me thirsty. Yeah we we do talk a lot of jets. I want Mike White back Rich. I don't know about you. I think he he didn't get a fair shake and I think he uh he plays well with Garrett and everybody else. What do you think?

Sure why not? I mean I guess that's the the Bobby Cannavale drop that we have here. They got a they got a I don't know uh it was great to see Mike White perform a couple of games. I just don't know if he's the answer. Like is he going to be who would the comp be for him? Somebody who's gets an opportunity and then takes it to the house for the for New York? Like I don't know. Why not?

Because because you can do better I think. I I don't think the Jets are going to run it back with Zach and Mike White. They're just not going to do it man. General manager and the coach feel feel uh an urgency to win a playoff game this coming year and I don't think they're going to go run it back with Zach and Mike White. They're just not gonna and Zach's going to be there and and maybe Mike White does he want to come back as a third option for whatever veteran they add because that's what's going to happen.

You want that? I think that's possible unless he goes and he finds a backup gig somewhere else. I don't think another team's gonna make Mike White their starter but he did play some exciting football and I appreciate the call Chris. Thank you.

Congrats on your pod. Yeah the Jets aren't going to be like after all this you know what it's Zach and Mike White again. Let's run it back. Yeah let's screw it let's see what Flacco's up to. You know that ain't happening.

Yeah sure why not. There it is. You guys remember I did a grab bag of the my top five Seinfeld episodes? Yeah I do remember that. We forgot just once you were forgot the bris. That was my number one. That was the one that like really solidified the fact that I'd like that shirt.

The early ones are hit or miss. So uh I I was at the combine and I got there as you know um midnight Tuesday. Woke up the uh the next day and um just uh went out and I uh let me just make sure I got this right. I wound up um having a uh asleep that I slept in.

I did. Nice. Yeah slept in as long as I could and just gutted it out and got to work on uh Wednesday and got a nice little free meal going. You know just grab the sandwiches or whatever that was there.

Lunch. Then Wednesday night uh Agents of the Stars Jerry Silbowitz bought me dinner. Oh nice guy. Isn't that nice? Yeah.

Thursday morning met Adam Schefter for lunch uh breakfast. He picked up the check. Wow. He insisted. Whoa Rich you're already.

We know what he makes so he should have. He insisted. It's all good. Three minutes. Then I went and I did Jason Kelsey's pod. Saw that. How was that? It looked fun. It was great. Just great. Delightful. What a delight Jason Kelsey is. Um even though he hasn't been on this show yet. Uh oh I gave him so much grief for that.

It was great. And so then. Well Rich we got the most important Kelsey. We had his mom. Then I went from there uh uh from Jason Kelsey's pod to um immediately had to go to work.

Yeah that's right. Yeah I went to work. Just grabbed uh a lunch there and then they brought dinner during this during the broadcast.

So now you're already you haven't paid for any meals yet. I'm on a roll. Oh my this is where this is going Mike.

I picked up on it immediately. Friday. Whoa let's see. Jerry.

Jerry. Again. Buys me breakfast. Wow. Yeah. Uh oh.

Yeah. What was breakfast? Friday I had uh a lunch uh courtesy of uh the new DJ at NFL Network.

The uh new uh major domo of NFL Network. Bought me lunch. Go to work. Had dinner. Well. On the house. I'm on a roll.

You Rich. I'm on a roll. At this point in time I am determined. I'm gonna get through my first combine without paying for a meal.

You just better hope you don't see Eli. Saturday morning. Saturday morning I was in danger. But guess what? I was in danger. Guess what? I went into my bag.

I grabbed out one of those uh protein bars that I bought at the airport on the way out here. So you paid for that. But not in Indianapolis. Not in Indianapolis. Uh I mean that's I don't know. Not in Indianapolis. Okay so all right I get it.

You haven't paid for anything. Okay yeah. I'm with you.

Correct. Saturday early start. Grabbed something when I got there. Then I had lunch. David Kanner.

Agent to the NFL players. Bought me dinner that night. Sunday.

Rich. I had another but before I left Saturday night I grabbed another protein bar. Had that from craft services. Had that Sunday morning. Wow. Hold on. Sunday.

It's a big moment. There was a lunch. A turkey sandwich sent for me. I mean that for that was brought to me for for for lunch on the air. I grabbed another version of the lunch box that was there. Had that instead saved the turkey dinner. Turkey for dinner. Oh after.

Rich. And then. Hold on. Had the other half last night. Made it.

Whole combine. Didn't pay for a meal. First ever.

They're gonna be talking about this for years to come. Not Anthony Richardson. But by your cheapness? Excuse me. That's not cheap.

That's not cheap. That's amazing. It's called inventiveness. Yeah. I'm just saying are you proud of this? Yes. I'm very proud. Yeah. Come on.

Did the ATM once. Give me free swag. Youth football is all about style and fun. And the NFL celebrates that through play football. An initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents. With the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders. To learn more and to find a league near you visit The future of football is here. You in?
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