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REShow: Chris Johnson/Rich Eisen - Hour 3 (3-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 3, 2023 3:16 pm

REShow: Chris Johnson/Rich Eisen - Hour 3 (3-3-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 3, 2023 3:16 pm

Rich calls in from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis and tells guest host Bobby Bones why the prospects keep getting “bigger, stronger, and faster” each year, that Florida Gators QB Anthony Richardson is as big as some of the linebacker prospects and is likely to be selected in the NFL Draft’s top ten, and more,

Former All-Pro running back Chris Johnson, one of the fastest players to ever play in the NFL, tells Bobby at what age he realized he quicker than everyone else, what it was like to run a 4.24 in the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine, if he could have been an Olympic sprinter and more. 

TJ lists his “Top 5 Bones” and Bobby puts a hex on the Texas A&M basketball team.

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Are you ready? With guest host Bobby Bones. So I got to go and spend a whole day with Jerry Jones. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. And so I've been a massive life-long Dallas Cowboys fan for like four months.

It was the most amazing experience. Earlier on the show, Sam Monson, NFL Network analyst Scott Pioli, Vanderbilt men's basketball coach Jerry Stackhouse, to come. Three-time Pro Bowl running back Chris Johnson. Plus Rich checks in from the NFL Combine. Sitting in for Rich, it's Bobby Bones. You got to check out the podcast from today's show.

Fantastic. Our guests, I mean Pioli, Stackhouse, Sam, I mean it's just great stuff there. So go check out search for Rich Eisen Show.

That's how I listen to it. So about to check in with Rich. He's at the Combine right now. You think Rich enjoys or is there a day that he starts to get tired at the Combine because it's so much It's a long day for him.

You know him and Daniel just kind of sit in that booth and they're whispering. It's like Vegas. You got like two days before you're exhausted and then. What's the perfect Vegas time for you? Seems like 36 is kind of the perfect 36 hours. I like to and I used to be a big poker player. But I don't drink and my friends all get way hammered so I got to kind of babysit them.

So I'm gonna say two days. That's it for me. And I just learned a lesson today and Rich is on with us right now. Rich Eisen and Rich, I learned a lesson not to make fun of TJ for the 32 teams that he likes or his favorite teams because he got pretty upset at me during the break.

He was letting me have it. Bobby, that's called the third rail with him. Or three being a factor of the number of teams he actually roots for. So I think it's like one quarter would that be, TJ?

Yeah, I'm not good with math. Well, I've learned a lesson about the culture of the Rich Eisen show and that is TJ loves a lot of teams but don't bring it up because he will still be angry at you when you go to commercial. Yeah, I screamed at him all through break, Rich. You know me. Very sensitive, very sensitive. How you doing, Bobby? I'm good. What's up, Rich? I'm still angry at Bobby, clearly.

Yeah, clearly. Hey, what's the vibe there? We know the vibe here. TJ's mad at me but what's the vibe there today because yesterday a different feeling but what's happening now?

I'm actually walking through the convention center to Lucas Oil for day two. It's the corner backs and it's the second deepest group of prospects apparently for Daniel Jeremiah, my colleague who sits to my right in the booth. The deepest were the edge rushers. The man last night, I got to tell you, they get bigger, stronger, faster although Nolan Smith, the kid from Georgia, wasn't the biggest. He's 238 pounds, which is like 50 to 70 pounds lighter than a lot of the other defensive linemen that were running. He ran a 4-3-9 last night and jumped 41 and a half inches on the vertical, which is the way of saying somebody jumped out of the gym.

He crushed it last night. And a stat that came across that since 2003, since we've been kind of doing this combine on NFL Network, in terms of anybody over 215 pounds, there's only been two other guys who have jumped over 40 inches on the vertical and ran faster than 4-4 at the combine. And the two other guys are Breece Hall, the Jets running back they chose last year, and DK Metcalf. And this guy's coming for quarterbacks. It's a running back and a receiver. This guy's coming for quarterbacks. And that's what it showed last night. These guys get bigger, stronger, faster, chasing down quarterbacks. And tonight the back end of the defense and they're apparently just as talented. So, with Nolan Smith running so fast, but also dealing with an injury for the most of last season as well, so if a team was like, he's been hurt, we'll knock him down a little bit, does this kind of lift him back up to even, or does it even propel him farther than that, the fact that he's such an athlete?

I think it's going to propel him pretty damn far, Matt. It's funny, I don't know if you guys caught the coverage yesterday when you did it, but the initial was 4-4. That was the initial number that we clocked him at, and that pissed him off. He took his phone, who somebody apparently told him that he clocked it at 4-4. He threw it down in his bag, like he got really angry.

And then the official comes in at 4-3-9, and he was now suddenly in a much better mood. Stacey Dale, our colleague on the field, went up to him and interviewed him on live TV, and he starts talking about how, you know, this is the way he wanted to run, and we showed video of his Georgia teammates watching him at a watch party and going crazy. And at one point he then says, you know, Georgia, great spot, I don't know if you know, but we built a new restaurant in our locker room, and they serve steak and lobster.

And I'm like, you know, that's kind of on brand, right? I mean, Georgia, they win in championships, they serve in surf and turf to their 5-star recruits. I mean, my gosh, I'm glad that he used the platform, because I think Georgia needs the publicity.

So it all worked out for him and the Bulldogs. Well, talking about the Bulldogs, obviously there's a lot of talk about Georgia taking over Alabama as the powerhouse, and even it was said to Nick Saban's face during the national championship game. So with all the talent out there, though, at the Combine, do you feel like with the folks there, the athletes, that you can actually see that as well with Georgia kind of taking a step up?

Hell yeah, man. I mean, you could see it, but, you know, tonight, I don't know how many Georgia defensive backs there may be left after they, you know, got a whole bunch of them over the last few years. But, you know, the kid tonight that I think is going to be front and center, just make me feel older, is Joey Porter's son from Penn State, one of TJ's many teams. And, you know, I mean, I just remember Joey Porter blowing up Super Bowl 40 by blasting Jeremy Stevens, the tight end of the Seattle Seahawks. He just went all in on Jeremy Stevens. And now here we are after Super Bowl 57, his kids working out of the Combine.

It's a star corner. It's just things go by fast, Bobby, you know. With Jalen Carter coming back, how did that affect the mood? How did that affect, did you see him at all? Like what happened with him? Nah, I mean, he was on the field. He was on the field. I mean, I guess he came back and he did the interviews with some of the teams that were just eager to know what's going on with him.

It didn't really affect any mood. I mean, like today, I don't know, did you guys play any of the sound bites from the quarterbacks? We did. Yeah, we did. Do you play Will Levitz talking about he's got a cannon?

Do you play that one? I mean, come on. We equated that to Big Al hitting Dinger's Rich.

That's right. He just hit Dinger's. He's like, I got a cannon. That's why I'm going to show it off here. And I freaking love that. And C.J. Stroud saying he thought he was the best player in college football last two years. I love that sort of bravado.

I think it's great. Especially since if C.J. Stroud was the best player in college football last two years. I mean, that just makes Michigan's wins over Ohio State this time even more impressive. Something that I think I'll point out on the broadcast tonight. So, you know, and Bryce Young saying he's always been this size.

I love it. I mean, that's tomorrow. That's, you know, they're going to sling it. I heard this great story about Anthony Richardson told by John Beck, okay, who, by the way, I got his number. He's going to come in studio. He's one of the top throwing coaches in all the land. You know, and so he he told this story about how somebody came up to him recently. I think it might even been right here at the combine. And he was talking about throwing and I was I know it's a workout recently.

That's what it was where a whole bunch of prospects were. And he's talking to quarterbacks about throwing. And some dude comes up to him and starts talking about quarterbacking in a way that was really specific. And he thought it really odd how this linebacker would know so much about quarterbacking this big dude. And he walked away and somebody went up to him and said, what was Anthony Richardson telling you about? And he's like, wait a minute.

That's Anthony Richardson. Like, yeah, he's that big. He's that huge.

And his arm apparently like standing flat. He'll throw it 70 yards in the air. I can't wait to watch him work out tomorrow. That's the guy that is so many people are going to be once we're through the Bryce Young and the C.J.

Stroud of it all and talking about Will Levis and where those guys wind up and what they're doing. That this kid is going to be top 10 when it's all said and done. And this kid's going to go to like Atlanta or Carolina and or he might jump the line.

You know, like this is his physical abilities and attributes. Well, apparently not yet day one ready. I think he's going to light it up tomorrow and it's going to be it's going to be a conversation over the next few weeks about him. Obviously, the comp has been Josh Allen, both to him and to Levis. But when you look at him and how raw he is, one of those teams are going to have to play him early, right? If they draft him or they're going to have to go get another quarterback to play in front of him.

Like, what do you see as his future then in the next couple of years if he does go on the top 15? Well, again, that's that's the whole point of this is is is the it's the whole puzzle. You know, Tuesday after the combine franchise tags are handed out. And then the Monday after that is when they what we call it again, Chris, the negotiation, negotiation period.

Thank you. That's when that begins. And then the Wednesday after that is when the new league year, everything becomes you can sign and become officially a member of another team. Who's going to sign these veterans? Who's going to be Jimmy G's new home? Who's going to be Geno Smith's home or new home? Who's going to land Derek Carr? What's Aaron Rodgers going to say between now and then that will affect all these pieces and who's going to sign where? And then who's going to not get them and choose a rookie and push him maybe further along than he's ready to be pushed or who is going to tell their new signed quarterback? Guess what?

There's a new baby in the house, you know, and and will you get your job to help him grow? I mean, these things can be discussed with Derek Carr and Jimmy G and Geno Smith right now. And, you know, they'll say we're we're evaluating all options, but you're our guy.

And then one of the options becomes a rookie. That's that's the next few weeks. That's the drama of it.

And that's the reason why shows like this one exist to keep chopping it up every day. Are you a believer that if you play a quarterback too early when he's not ready, it actually stunts his growth? No, you're talking to a Jets fan, Bobby. Yeah. Yeah. Asked and answered, Bobby.

I mean, asked and answered. So that's that's the the that's the conundrum here. You know, that's what we were talking about earlier this week or when Andrew Brandt was in studio or whenever that was last week when he was in studio talking about when do you move on from a guy? When does a team move on from a guy and the issues of growing older? That's what Suzy talked about with Amy Trask and you guys on on Wednesday about aging out quarterback can age out like Rogers might be doing in Green Bay and and and pushing somebody too fast. Not ready for it.

And you can't pretty much know when that's going to be the case. Hello. I'm saying a little Reggie Wayne. That's a name drop that so that that's the question. That's the 60 thousand, 60 million dollar question with with Rogers. You know, when when you do that, who's going to tell Daniel Jones? By the way, the conversation here is that there's no way Daniel Jones Chris is getting 40 million because the Giants will just franchise tag him and be done with it.

Thank you. That's the conversation here. Don't you have to pay next year, though, if you do that, it's the same thing.

It's my story. I don't know. Or you franchise tag him this year and you see how he is and then you let him go. Or if he performs. Yeah. And you sign them again. These are all puzzle pieces that so many teams have to deal with.

And those that don't. Boy, are they lucky. That's why you keep trying to find that one in the draft. What's your favorite combine drill to watch? You know, it's my it's a new one.

They just started up two years ago. It's called the hoop drills. And it's for defensive linemen and linebackers to see how they can get how and I guess get at a certain angle by dipping to mimic how how they can get around the edge of a of an offensive line. You know, it's like training here.

He was the king of that. Like you could make a 45 degree angle. Von Miller with, you know, his his shin to the ground. Like you could draw like it's a it's an actual perfect geometric 45 degree angle. And can they mimic that by making them run around a hoop and pick up a rolled up, taped up terry cloth towel, pick it up and then run to the next ring and bend over. Well, moving is a figure eight and putting it down. And they yell at them if they throw it down or thrown outside the ring. They want to see him pick it up, put it down in a figure eight as fast as they can.

And that's also started. The drill starts with the player in a three point stance. And my favorite device here at the combine, which is football on a stick. They take a football, they put it on a stick and the coach just mimics a snap by by moving the football. It's just great, man. Hoops, towels, football on a stick. What a win.

It sounds like they're just trying crap. All right, boys, what can we do this year? What obstacle course can we set up? And it'll look fun for TV, you know, and I love I love watching the combine until it becomes like American gladiators.

Correct. Over a moat, right? Over a moat that you have to swing from one rope to an X. Who knows, man? It is kind of wild. I'd love to see a good three legged race, you know, you know, or the potato sack, you know, and that they pay the money and we have them race in the potato sack. We act like it does something like we can really test the agility of the but we thought ensues the fastest potato sack racer. Wouldn't that be novel and fun?

An egg on a spoon. Absolutely. It's field day from fifth grade just at the combine. Correct.

OK, Rich. With cones, with cones and Bill Belichick. We're going to be watching. We love watching. Also, thanks again for letting me fill in for the last couple of days. It's been awesome. Thanks for doing it. Thanks for doing it. There he is. Appreciate it.

Sounds good, guys. My hero and yours from the NFL Combine. Shrimp cocktail. Rich Eisen. Shrimp cocktail as in the one at St. Elmo's.

I've had that. Rich isn't into it. He'd rather go to Steak and Shake.

I guess, though, it's so cliche at this point that if he did it, he probably wouldn't even tell us because he doesn't want to be cliche. Sponsored by Rich being out there. can help you tackle the job search and make your next career move. It's time to get off the sidelines.

Go to and win the job hunt. Well, fastest guy around. That's right. He's next. Chris Johnson, former NFL superstar, Pro Bowler. And dang, I would get him on Madden.

You aren't going to catch me. Chris Johnson next here on The Rich Eisen Show. I'm Bobby Bones. Youth football is all about style and fun, and the NFL celebrates that through Play Football, an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders. To learn more and to find a league near you, visit The future of football is here.

You in? Youth football is all about style and fun, and the NFL celebrates that through Play Football, an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders. To learn more and to find a league near you, visit The future of football is here.

You in? Let's talk with Chris Johnson. Follow him on Twitter at ChrisJohnson28.

Let me do a little intro here. NFL Offensive Player of the Year. He had that. First-team All-Pro. 2009 three-time Pro Bowler. The NFL record, 2,509 yards from scrimmage in 2009. Finished second in the 100 meter at the 2004 Florida 4A State Championships. And here he is, Chris Johnson.

Hey, Chris, that finished in second in the 100 meter in 2004. Does that still haunt you? Yeah, man, it still haunts me.

It haunts me a little bit, man. I was saying before you came on, like when I was like Madden back in, you know, 2008, 2009, 2010, like I had to get Chris Johnson, because that was a dude that was going to run around the corner all the time. Did you ever use yourself on Madden? Yeah, I used to use myself all the time on Madden. Anytime I played, I'd use myself and stuff like that and give myself the ball.

Almost every play. You being so fast, at what age did you start to go, I'm faster than everybody? Was it 8, 14? When did that happen for you? I think it was like around 10th grade. It was around 10th grade.

I had raised my older brother one time and, you know, he was always faster than me. And that was my first year getting to play with him on the football team. He was in 12th grade. I was in 9th grade. I'm sorry, it was 9th grade. He was in 12th grade. I was in 9th grade. I ended up beating him in a race and then after that, that's when I just started being faster than everybody. When you were playing in high school, is it man amongst boys in that you were so fast, you just expected to dominate the high school game?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I was fascinated, especially when it came to the football field. When you asked me, does it hunt me as far as the second place that the state meets? It does, but I know I didn't give my all into a track. I didn't take it serious. I just used track to get me faster for football. So that's where it hunts me at because I feel like I could have tracked a little bit more serious and I would have had a better outcome. But I was always a football guy first, so it's alright.

I enjoyed that. I'm with Chris Johnson, former All-Pro running back. What was the biggest jump for you? Was it high school to college or college to the NFL where you saw the talent and you went, oh man, I really got to work hard if I want to be elite here? I would say from high school to college.

Just because I was so small, I had to gain a lot of weight and stuff like that. So I'm thinking like from high school to college, everybody's good. Got all these big guys and stuff like that. So I would say that. Looking back as you were recruited in high school and looking back at your recruiting rankings, were you only a two star?

Is that accurate? Yeah, yeah. I was a two star. I wasn't really recruited like that. A lot of people looked over me and stuff like that. So I think that's what helped me keep a big chip on my shoulder and continue to work hard. Even when I got to college and want to work even more hard, my goal was always to be a first round pick and I made it happen. Did you feel like you were being overlooked or that you had so much room to grow that you actually could be a better back than they were giving you credit for? That's what I'm saying.

According to the state me, I was the second fastest guy in the whole state of Florida. Do you look at that as overlooked or ruined to grow? Overlooked.

I'm going to go overlooked. Right. We're talking about the state of Florida.

We're not talking about Maine. We're talking about Florida, the second fastest in Florida. You could say the first, the fastest football player in Florida because the guy that beat me was actually just a track runner. He went to the Olympics. I think he finished second in the Olympics in track. So we're talking about a true track guy. I was a true football guy. So I was the fastest football player in Florida, second fastest athlete in Florida.

So I would say that's overlooked. Do you feel like you could have been an Olympic sprinter? I know I could have. If I would have, like, I went to college and gained 50 pounds.

If I would have stayed at my 150, 160 and continued to work until track series, I know for sure I would have been there to be a track athlete. We have been talking a lot about the combine, which the combine you ran a 4-2, 4-40, which obviously is flying. Do you keep up with who runs the fastest every single year because you flew?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I watch it every year, see who the fastest guy is going to be. Can't wait to run the backs and receivers and corner backs, run and see what type of time they post. What could you run now? I don't have to run now.

Oh, no, I've been thinking of doing the round-risk-run thing, but we'll see what I can post. What do you do every day? Because I feel like you did it. You did it.

You did it at the highest level. Like, what do you do now? You wake up in the morning and what does Chris Johnson do? Workout in the morning, then after that meetings or different things I'm trying to get involved in. As far as real estate, I got a coffee shop.

Those different things. You got a coffee shop. Do you ever go in and serve coffee or do Undercover Boss and they don't know you're there?

No, no, no. I just go there and have meat and stuff like that. I was listening to you talk on a podcast about your combine experience. You said it was not a good one. What happened during your combine experience? No, I'm not saying like that, being that I had a bad combine experience. I had a great combine. My thing is just like what I thought the combine was. I'm thinking I'm going to the combine to work out and stuff, but you got to take all these tests. All the things that you got to go through with the combine. It's just not working out. People think it's just working out, going the different ways, going through, running.

But that's kind of like what I said. You got to always come up with. Learn different things that you have to do at the combine before you even get to working out. Chris Johnson's on with us. Former All-Pro running back.

Again, ran a 4-2-4 at the combine. I'm going to ask you one final question about the Titans. They're quarterback. Tannehill, last couple years.

A lot of people saying maybe they're going to move away. What do you think the Titans should do? There's no knock on Tannehill. I think he's a good quarterback. I just think he don't fit our system.

I don't feel like he fit the Titans' system. We need a guy that's going to be able to throw it over the field, throw it deep, so they can back their defense out of the box. So we're not playing against 8-9 in the box every down with Derrick Henry.

Yeah. And how long do you think Derrick Henry can do what he's doing at the level he's doing? He's a big guy, taking a lot of shots. How many years do you think Derrick Henry can do this? I think he can do it a couple more years.

They get a guy in there that can spell them, mix those carries up, not giving them the ball 35 times a game. I think he got some years left in them. You miss it? You miss playing? Yeah, I miss playing from time to time.

The actual game, I'm not going to say the practices and stuff like that. You ever jump in like a pickup flag football game and don't say you're Chris Johnson? You'd be like, hey, I'm Willie. I'd like to jump in. And then you blow the doors off? No. No, I ain't doing none of that.

Well, Chris, we appreciate you, man. AtChrisJohnson28, what's the name of your coffee shop? Where is it? The name of my coffee shop is Just Love Clearmont. And that's in Clearmont, Florida, I'm assuming?

Yeah, down in Orlando in Clearmont, Florida. There he is. I used to use him on Madden. I used to root for him.

I used to draft him in fantasy. Do you ever have yourself on your fantasy team back in the day? Did you ever do that? No. I did.

Well, I had you enough. Don't worry, don't worry. There he is. Chris Johnson. Chris, thank you for the time, buddy.

All right, thank you. See you later. I feel like I could have done another 15 minutes. I did a little phone issue there. But Chris Johnson, pretty fun to talk to. You ever meet him, Chris? I feel like he came in here once back in the day, right? I feel like I'd be Chris Johnson's friend.

I don't think he would be my friend, but I would want to be his friend. Like, I feel like that's that. So Chris Johnson, thanks for joining us. I got asked yesterday by one of your listeners and, you know, I got some feedback on my performance here by your listeners.

I'm very semi thankful for that. Nice. And one of the questions was, hey, let me ask you, because I didn't know who I was outside of this, how much you get paid to do this, talking to me.

Like, how much you get paid to do that show? Someone asked you that? Yeah. Wow. And I thought, yeah, whatever.

They're on the Internet. You know, what am I going to do? And so here's the true story. This is what I told them.

Whenever they said, hey, would you like to fill in for Rich? I was like, is this a joke? And they said, no. I said, OK, that's awesome. And they said, well, here's what it pays.

And I said, you know what? It's such an honor for me to do that. I don't even want to take any payments. I'm getting paid nothing. But I'm gonna tell you how cool if I got Rich is, because this is where it flips over to Rich. And we're like, my respect for Rich has just grown immensely based on how he's talked to me away from work and the really nice things he's done. He's like, hey, you know, because they were going to pay me whatever amount, a few thousand bucks a show or whatever. And Rich was like, OK, if you don't get paid, I'm going to donate it to your animal shelter that you work with. And I was like, that's awesome, dude.

He didn't have to do that. So, yeah, that was the situation there. And I just like to, again, shout out Rich Eisen, because I know that you listen to the show all the time. I listen to the show all the time on podcast, actually.

And I always like to know, like the people that I feel like I know, if like they're real good people or not. And every way that Rich has been with me from coming on my podcast, I do a sports show called 25 whistles to just making sure I'm taken care of here. It's been a plus. Even that move where I was like, I don't want to be paid.

I'm going to come home and do this because I just love it and love all you guys. And then Rich being like, we'll take that money, we'll donate to your favorite animal shelter then, because I work very closely. So that's it. Rich is awesome. Now, when I left the show yesterday, you guys were like, let me tell you the real truth about Rich. I'm not going to share what you guys told me then. I don't feel right about that. But it's even with you guys, right? Like I listen to you guys.

I feel like I know what you guys put out there. But I've got some questions for the guys I'd like to ask. Now, you can pass on only one. I've been given authority.

If you pass on more than one, you get fired. Chris, I'm coming to you. Five questions here. It's easy.

Just so people can get to know you a little better. Who do you love? It's an open question. Who do you love? I love Caj. I love Sarah.

I love Caj. I love my mom. I love my sister, my brother, my dad, my grandfather.

You can say all family. I love Paul Pierce. You love David Ortiz. Now we're getting somewhere. I love Carmelo Anthony.

Mike, that doesn't exactly narrow it from Boston. No Mar. I love Manny Ramirez. Mike, who do you love?

Myself. We know that. I'm kidding. I'm joking. I love life.

That's not a who, though. You love your boat? I love the water. I love the boat. I love just being out.

Doug the Pug. TJ? Who do I love? Man, well, as we figured out earlier, I love so many things.

So many teams. I love Joel Embiid. I love Kawhi Leonard. I love Elsa from 1883 now. I thought you were going to say from Frozen. Me, too.

I didn't know where he was going. You know, I love, you know, love pro wrestling. I love I love working with these clowns because they make me laugh every day. You guys do get along, which sometimes that dynamic doesn't happen. That's how you know we get along, because there's times where, like, we really get on each other's nerves and we argue. And then the next day we forget about it. So that's how you know you're really friends.

That's not always like, you know, fun and games. When's the last time you danced, Chris? The last time I danced? I feel like it was recently at. My son has this like tiny little guitar and he likes to because they have a music teacher come to their school and he'll he'll take the guitar and get in front of the couch and be like, come on, friends, let's stand up and dance.

And so I feel like it was like last week. Can you dance? Can I dance? I like to think that I could dance. I've been told I have moves, but it's probably been a while. Mike, when's the last time you danced? This morning. For what? It's De La Day because De La Soul.

And they're released streaming today so you can stream them to me, myself and I this morning when I was playing it in my house. I actually was dancing around my kitchen. Were you clothed? Yes, at least right before I left. TJ?

Same thing this morning, getting ready for work, something was playing. Yeah. You know, are you do you just love are you a life lover, TJ, or are you a life like get buyer? My life lover.

You know, that was a great question, man. At this point in my life, I feel like I'm a life get buyer. There was a time when, you know, I had a lust for life and I was on the scene and I was in these streets and now it's just like I'm a little older, some a little bit more chill and just kind of lay low.

But so, yeah, I never thought about it until you just put it that way. And I need to get back to being a more of a life lover, I think. You feel like a life lover? Like I like being around you. I've been around you for two days. I mean, most people do.

Yeah. Well, you shouldn't take a compliment and make it better about you. You should say thank you. But I felt that. Well, I mean, I lied about it.

I did it. It makes sense. You know, if I wasn't with me, I'd want to be with you. All right. Well, I want to be with you less now. I know after this.

All right. Where did you grow up and what were you like as a kid, Chris? My dad's in the Coast Guard, so I kind of grew up in a bunch of different places. We moved a lot every three years or so until we moved to Maine when I was 12.

So I lived in Alaska a couple of times and the beach in Virginia and Erie, Pennsylvania. So what was I like as a kid? What did you want to be? What did I want to be? I want to be doing this. I wanted to be a sportscaster. I wanted to be involved with sports in some way. And that's what I always wanted to do. When I was in elementary school, they had these like superlatives they gave out at the end of the year. And the one year I was a sports announcer. And then the next year I was most competitive because they told me they didn't want to give me sports announcer for the second straight year. So I always wanted to do something like this.

Tell two folks. I grew up in North Jersey and I'm pushing faders. I started as a DJ playing in my basement. Used to record my friends playing baseball, football because I have no athletic ability. And I figured if I can't play sports, I'll work in sports. And that's exactly it. TJ, what did I want to be?

Yeah. Where did you grow up? As you guys know, I grew up in Altoona, Pennsylvania, kind of in the center of Pennsylvania. You know, when I was little, I wanted to be the Hulk, incredible Hulk. Then I realized that wasn't going to happen. Then I wanted to be WWE Intercontinental Champion again, realized that wasn't going to happen. But then it was always something in sports, man. You know, I always kind of saw myself, you know, when I got to college, all my friends thought I'd be writing for Sports Illustrated.

It's kind of took a different path, especially when I got to L.A., kind of got into the TV production. But, you know, luckily and thankful to Rich, I found my way here to be doing what I kind of knew I always wanted to be doing as, you know, I remember being a little kid, you know, in your room just dreaming big and having thoughts of doing something very similar to this. So very lucky. Everybody listening, I'll tell you, because I've been here for two days, but, you know, these guys are awesome.

And I always like to know the people that I feel like I have a relationship with, even if I don't know them, they are. So, yeah, you guys have been so thanks for the kindness over the last two days. And we got another segment. Thank you for being here, man. You guys have just made it so easy for me. You guys have been so friendly. And I just sometimes want to share with the people that feel like they love you, too, that it's true, like they should from Rich to you guys. So big thank you for me. So thank you guys.

Appreciate that, man. I'm not dying, by the way. This is not me going, I don't want you to die. Okay.

Well, then I take that back. Yes, yes. Never mind.

You're a jerk. Okay. We will come back in a second. We will do a couple things. I have to, I've got a top five from TJ. I don't have it, but I want to hear it. He's like, I got one ready.

I have no idea what it is, but we're going to go over there and do that. And then do I need to curse a college basketball coach? Oh, not curse at him, but put the curse on his team.

Like Dan Housen. I got you. We'll see. We'll come back, Bobby Bones filling in for Rich Eisen. Thank you guys. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form.

SZA. You seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety, but you also seem fearless artistically. I feel like ideas have more power than identity. Like the excitement overrides insecurity.

That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen. For those that were watching on Roku channel, they were watching TJ go on Price is Right. I just happened to be talking to him about that earlier today. He was like, you went on Price is Right and he had to hold it secret.

And then you guys got to experience it live here on the show. That's the funniest thing I've ever seen. That was so funny.

Yeah, that was a funny day. Because Rich didn't want me and Brockman to turn it on. So Brockman and I are sitting here. I have the remote. I'm like, Brockman, if we turn this on, Rich is going to kill us. He goes, turn it on.

Yeah. And then TJ looked at us and go, you know, if you just change the channel like now. Rich will never know. Because he knew when he was coming on. And I was like, Mike, you better change the channel right now. I got to watch this. So Rich is sitting there. He's like, I can't see.

I can't see. I said, go to Chris. And I'm like, just get over here. And then so he gets up and he goes over there.

It was perfect. And what do we not know about that from that whole experience? We did a deep dive into that, which you don't know is this. So I told you how I got up there. The first prize I got was a ping pong table. I won that. Then I lost the master key. Went up. I had to spin the wheel. Was the first one. I ended up winning. Like 85 cents, right? Yeah. Two spins.

I ended up with 85. The other two women went over. Go to the Showcase Showdown. Let me ask you this, Bobby Bones. You ready for this? No. So here was my prize, right? The girl went first.

She passed to me. It was a trip to some type of NASA astronaut school in Florida. There was a really big, nice telescope and there were two Harley Davidson motorcycles. What would you think the Harley Davidsons would cost? I mean, I don't know much about motorcycles as I'm scared, but I would think 25 each. 25 each. Okay. Right. So I go up there and I bet $42,000 because I'm like, Harley Davidsons are really expensive bikes.

Everyone I know has one. It's pretty expensive. And then there's this flight to Florida and the telescope.

I went over. It was like $22,000. And there's this.

Oh, there's a big picture of him being sad. So yeah, each Harley was eight grand. They were eight grand apiece. I would have thought it was $25,000, but I knew nothing about motorcycles. Everybody would have went over, but everyone started trashing me.

And I was like, you guys wouldn't have thought that a Harley Davidson was under 10 grand. So that's why I lost. The other girl I was up there with, she went over as well. So we both went over. So I failed, but I failed spectacularly.

Okay. It wasn't just... What'd you get from all of it though? You just came away with a ping pong table?

I got a ping pong table and a popcorn machine. And an Emmy. Emmy nomination. Oh, okay. Whatever.

I would just, I would stop at the word Emmy and feel like, yeah. The Rich Hyzen Show desk that I'm at, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call, click or just stop by. Now this may be a dumb guy question. Let me ask because yeah, the picture of Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, you eat so much, you're so full and don't weigh yourself after Thanksgiving because you're going to put on three or four pounds just by eating the food that day.

Why does Bryce Young not do that? Like, seriously, you want to put four pounds on? No ham, eating before you have to weigh in, especially if you're not- Literally turkey stuffing, pie, just throw it all down.

Am I insane? Especially if you're not going to have to run or throw right before you weigh in. I would eat, eat, eat to the point where it's unbutton your pants because you can't keep it. And then go weigh in and be like, not as slight as you thought, humbwees. That's what I would do if I were thinking like that. And there's a steak and chick right there, so.

Yeah. I would go extremely hard at that. Just load up on carbs.

Just load up on carbs and steak and chick. If, Bryce Young's not in the draft. You have these three quarterbacks and you have to go now, one, two, three, CJ Stroud, Will Levis, Anthony Richardson, Chris, what's the order you take him? I would take CJ Stroud number one, even with Bryce Young. Okay. In the draft class.

Why? I think he was consistently the best player in college football the last two seasons combined. He was the best player on the field in the national semifinal game against Georgia.

And that game featured a lot of professional football players. I think his upside is just, you know, he's got the size, 6'3", 230, big guy. I think he's, I mean, he's gonna kind of buck the Ohio State quarterback struggling in the NFL trend.

I just think he's kind of the real deal. Who's next though? You take Levis or Richardson? Who's next?

I don't know about that. I guess it kind of depends on fit. I kind of love Anthony Richardson because he's so raw and like Rich said, he looks like a linebacker who could throw at 75 yards. I like him second. I don't take Wilter. I kind of flip flop either one of those guys, depending on how you feel that day.

I want to go over to TJ because I don't know what this list is, but he has a top five and I love TJ. I think you're hilarious by the way. I don't give you too much credit early on because then you'll, you know, I've heard you get a little ego about it. Yeah. I'll start to treat you differently.

Without question. This is my last segment, but you're hilarious. And I'll tell you that now in the last segment before I'll even never see you again.

Thank you. What's your name again? Jim. So what is your top five?

Well, here's the segment, right? You know, we've got Bobby Bones here and you know. And so I decided that why not in honor of you make a top five list of the top bones in the world right now in entertainment. So in honor of Bobby Bones, I'm going to give you just a real quick top five bones. And I want you guys to appreciate the restraint I had to use when I'm looking up the top bones. OK, but here we go, Mike, if we could just throw that list up, just the top five bones. We have Jay Buhner, the Seattle Mariners legend. His nickname was Bone.

People might not have known that. We've got Bone Saw McGraw portrayed by the legendary Randy the Macho Man Savage and Spider Man. Oh, yeah, brother. Freak out. Freak out. I'm talking to you, Bobby Bones.

Yeah. Next up, we have Dr. Leonard Bones. McCoy. Damn it, Jim.

I'm a doctor. He's one of our top five bones. We've got Thugs and Harmony. Flesh and Bone, Wish Bone, Busy Bone, Lazy Bone, Crazy Bone. And then we have for my top bone, the guy who's going to become and new UFC heavyweight champion of the world, probably the greatest fighter of all time, John Bones Jones. And that is just my top five bones in honor of my guy, Bobby Bones, here, my new BFF Dallas Cowboys. Thank you very much. Thank you. My number one is T.J. You.

Yeah. T.J. Hujmanzada, who's got two mentions today. And that's the only T.J.s I know. But your number one on my list of T.J.s. T.J. Hooker.

T.J. Hooker. Okay. Man, that's old school, though. Wasn't that William Shatner? Yes. Yeah. Dang.

That's like Kojak days that I would watch on USA Network reruns. Okay. Look. This has been a fantastic time for me. I have just a few minutes left. I'd like to curse the Texas A&M Aggie basketball team officially. I hope you never win another game. And I love College Station and the people there, but I hope you never win another game.

Because you know why? Your coach, Mr. Buzz, rejected to come on the show. He passed. He didn't say, no, I don't have time. He said, I passed.

We had a moment together, him and I, and then he passed and did not want to be interviewed by me. So I officially curse the Texas A&M basketball team. Right here. It's over. The end. I hope you lose every game.

He can GB on them, huh? Well, unless he calls my cell phone and says, I apologize. Please lift the curse. Well, he's got like three minutes.

Well, it could be after the show. You know who else I cursed? Clemson football this last year. Oh. And you know what? Didn't turn out so good for him. South Carolina got a hold of him, did it? That is true.

That's true. That was you? You did that? I like to do that. I take all the credit for that right there.

You should do that. Thanks to you guys. Thanks to Rich.

That was so fun, dude. It's a good time. Great two days for me. You know, I'm going to go watch the Arkansas game tomorrow. I got my alert set on my phone. Who do you have set as an alert if they play or they're playing or like a golfer? I have like Jordan Spieth, who I know a little bit, have the Razorbacks. What alerts do you have on your phone for sports teams?

Do you have any? I'm not an alert guy. I just have the Red Sox schedule in my calendar. Oh, that's okay.

That's good. I have the Razorbacks on my note on which Saturday I can go for football. What about you? Andy and Yankees.

TJ? I just have the MLB update for the Mets. So like, you know, I get there whenever they turn the lineup card in every day, I get that alert and it's been going crazy. Spring training, there's a lot going on. A lot going on.

And new rules too. Yeah. That's all I have are just my Mets alerts as far as teams go, despite the fact that there are 15 other teams that I do rope for. Maybe I should be. It's a lot of alerts.

My battery would die. I can't have that. You know, I met a PGA golfer named Chesson Hadley and him and I become friends, we just bumped into each other. I didn't know who he was. He didn't know who I was. And we kind of figured out that we knew of each other. And I have him alerted on my phone.

And so when he makes the top 15 or something, top 20, the Honda classic, I'm pumped and I see it. But I accidentally screenshotted a picture of his draft board. I thought I would send it to my friend, but I actually sent it to him. And I was like, my new BFF, he's in the top 10. And you sent it to him. I sent it to him like an idiot. I don't even know if he's my friend anymore. But we were friends until he realized I was actually a fan boy, which hurt a little bit.

We've heard those stories before. You accidentally said the wrong thing. But that's it, I'm going to try to play a little golf this weekend. I've never been fitted for golf clubs until like a year ago.

Changes your world. Like, yeah. And I don't have a deal with Cobra golf, but I have Cobra clubs and they fit me. And I'm still not a good golfer, but man, it makes all the difference in the world. You say that and you're probably like a six. No, I'm not. I'm a 12.

Okay. And I'm new-ish to golf. And I'm not going to lie about my handicap. And I can really hit a good. When I tell you this, because we got to go. But when I played at the Pebble beach, I hit a girl in the face with a ball.

Ooh. Well, she was like eight foot off the green and she wasn't paying attention. So I hit a ball and I'm like, oh, that's a pretty good shot. And it hits a rock or a Hill. And then it goes onto the green, like four feet from the hole. And I'm running, celebrating, giving people fives. And I get back and they're like, Hey, bro, you hit a girl in the face. And that's why the ball rolled to the hole. Wow.

And so I went over and she had an ice pack on. It was a whole thing, but that was it. Hey, thank you guys for, for, for being here for me. Thanks to rich, all the listeners, hope you guys have a great weekend and be sure to watch rich on NFL network. And that's it. Appreciate you.

Bobby bones. My podcast is 25 whistles, my sports show, and that's all everybody have a great day. That's fun. Youth football is all about style and fun. And the NFL celebrates that through play football and initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches, and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more. And to find a league near you visit play The future of football is here, you in.
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