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REShow: Coleman Crawley - Hour 1 (3-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 2, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Coleman Crawley - Hour 1 (3-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 2, 2023 3:09 pm

Guest host Bobby Bones tells Dallas Cowboys fan TJ Jefferson what it was like getting to spend a full day with Jerry Jones, and cites a highly reliable insides source that makes him think Aaron Rodgers will be playing for the Tennessee Titans next season, says why he’d prefer Jimmy Garoppolo over the concussion-prone Tua Tagovailoa as the Miami Dolphins QB next season, and reacts to UGA DT Jalen Carter being charged in conjunction with the recent car crash that killed two people in Georgia. 

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The NFL scouting combine presented by noble is coming to Indianapolis March 2nd through 5th. Be a part of the excitement. Watch the future stars of the NFL ahead of the NFL draft where your Indianapolis Colts have one of the highest picks.

Who will it be? Don't miss the NFL's free fan event at Lucas Oil Stadium with football fun for the whole family. Next is here at the NFL scouting combine March 2nd through 5th.

Download the NFL one pass and get your free tickets today. This is the Rich Eisen Show. With guest host, Bobby Bones. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. These guests, college basketball analyst, Coleman Crawley. Rich Eisen checks in from Indianapolis.

Host of the life gorgeous podcast, Craig Kilborn. And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Bobby Bones. All right, we're going to break some news today. Big news. And I'm going to wait a minute to do it, but I have a massive Aaron Rodgers news breaking tidbit. But not right now. You guys have not heard this. I have the most inside source of inside sources.

I know where he's going to play next year. What a tease. This is from a hobbit. I didn't mean physically.

What I mean is that and someone said that from a hobbit. No, it's somebody that you would consider to have small knowledge of the situation, but very small. That being said, we're breaking news today. Love it. Let's go. Just be ready.

Credit me, except care of Rich Eisen, which is what's going on today. Super pumped to be here. I flew here last night. I live in Nashville, and so I flew here last night. I'd finished my day of radio on my show.

I'd done a couple a couple meetings, had some work. I came over four and a half hour flight. It's pretty miserable flight to fly from Nashville to Los Angeles, especially because there's some sort of headwind thing. I don't really understand airplanes either. Meaning something that weighs that much and that much metal is always weird to be up that high. I feel like when they get at their height, the pilots even look at each other and go, I can't believe this thing worked again.

Right. Like, that's how I feel about airplanes. Scared to death to fly.

I have to do it all the time. Four and a half hours. And they go, the Internet's out.

Four and a half hours. There's no Internet on the plane. I planned to have a good show ready for today, so I don't. So, yeah, exactly.

We're just gonna see what happens. You're an Internet on the plane guy? I have to work. I had so much.

I had taken my day. And Al Gore was on the same flight, by the way. The guy that invented the Internet. Can you imagine? You're on a flight with the guy that invented the Internet, and the Internet doesn't work.

The shame I felt. So for four and a half hours, I fly. I don't know what to do for four and a half hours. I can't sleep because I'm trembling.

Just out of fear. And so I start Full Swing on Netflix. Oh, yeah, you did. I got four episodes in. Yeah, you did.

I got a few thoughts before we get into Aaron Rodgers and before we get into the combine and a lot of football and basketball. Here are my thoughts. Who's watched Full Swing, by the way? All done. All eight.

I'm a big golf guy. Okay, don't spoil the last four for me yet. Okay.

But I saw the first four. That guy wins the thing. I told my wife that was gonna happen. He won. And the other guy didn't win.

Did he use the putter? No. Oh, no. Okay, well, let's go anyway. Here are my thoughts.

Episode one, they go into and I don't really know what's gonna happen. And it turns out that Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas are buddies. Who knew? They're very close. And mostly when I watch this stuff, I like to see if I like the person.

And so I'm gonna give you my biases as well. I've actually played golf twice with Jordan Spieth. Wow. Name drop. Exactly.

Nobody thinks I'm cool, so I'm gonna name drop like crazy today. By the way, Jordan Spieth, I have a theory. He's in the class of taller than you think, right?

Yes. Yeah, a little taller than you think. A little more athletic than you think, too. Just looking at him on TV. Just like the normal guy that lives next door whose mom runs the PTA. Yeah. Dude's balding in his late 20s and you're like, what's up with that dude? Yeah, and super funny and super nice.

Like, I love him. We played the Colonial together in a pro am Celebrity Pro Am. And then I went to Pebble Beach and was invited to play the Celebrity Pro Am this year. I guess they were all out of celebrities.

They tapped out. We're out of celebrities. Let's invite Bobby. So I go and I know Jordan a little bit.

And so we play together as well. Jordan is awesome. He's an awesome dude in person. So I already liked him going into it. I liked him again when it was over. Jordan Spieth awesome. Justin Thomas, I don't know, but I feel like I think I'd like Justin Thomas.

I feel like that little room to grow there. I don't know that I want to hang out, hang out with them. But Justin Thomas seemed pretty cool. But episode two, I get over to Brooks Koepka. Can't stand him. I watch it. Can't stand him because he died his hair blonde. Anybody that's like over, I don't know, 32 die in their hair blonde like needs to grow out of Peter Pan syndrome.

Like I have that already. And also this is an unfair bias. And if you like Koepka, like my bad, I'm just gonna let you know how I feel because we my wife and I and where I come from, I come from a small town in Arkansas population 700. I was a food stamp kid and a welfare kid. I didn't get to do anything cool until my career started.

They had a little bit. So now I get to go on vacations. We went to a place I didn't even know wasn't like in Lord of the Rings called Turks and Caicos. Didn't even know that was a real place. I've been there, Bobby. Yes.

Okay. It's beautiful. It's awesome. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen in my entire life. I don't even like the beach. And I was like, it's pretty cool beach.

So we go there and we're at this resort. And they were just going on and on. And so I was like, I already don't like them. And then I watched the show and I was like, like them less. So I feel like, and here's the thing, you can also edit people into liking them, disliking those, whatever the producer, the editor, the. But because I've done a competition show and I understand that if through that process they find something they want to take, they're going to use it.

But you can also, if you don't say it, they can't use it. That's my thing. When I went on the show.

One, the whole thing. Look at you, the mirror ball. Yeah, I'm terrible dancer.

But I was like, I ain't saying crap unless I know that they may use it and use it positively. And so I didn't like Brooks Koepke at all. I liked him less after watching the show. I root for him to do nothing, actually, and never went again. One thing I did appreciate for Brooks in that episode, though, was kind of the live looking of him coming to grips with his golf mortality. I liked it. I liked it. Yeah. You're mortal, bro.

Suck it up. But that was a guy who he had two seasons where he was an absolute killer. One, two majors, one backback UX Opens, backback PGAs.

And he was on top of the world. This guy showed up in majors and was a big time player in the biggest events at golf. It was kind of a real time look at like, man, I've been injured for the last couple of years. Maybe he's like, I got this.

My wife is really more concerned about the wedding that we're going to have. And I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to continue to pay for everything by being good at golf. And he was really having a life crisis. And I thought that was kind of a fascinating insight on on him.

And he ultimately ended up going to live kind of taking the money and running, which probably was the right move for him because he wasn't maybe isn't going to win another big time event ever again. So why not cash your chips in? Yeah. Whatever, Brooks. Go away, buddy.

Stay and live. I don't give a crap about Brooks Koepke anymore. Except you're right. He was vulnerable. And I think that's probably hard for him to do with the camera around. All seriousness, I did not realize how quickly he came on the scene and dominated like he did.

That is almost unheard of in any sport. So shout out to him there. Just the wedding thing threw me off in the beginning. And then I was like, I already don't like this guy. That is that his hair was blonde. And I was like, I don't like him less.

He also had a killer farmer tan. They all do. Right. Like there are a couple guys that took off their shirt. Yeah.

And it made me feel so bad. I was like, that's what I'm talking more of this. This is what I like. They were wearing a T-shirt.

Perfect line right down the middle of their bicep and the tail. I thought that was kind of. Sheffler, I did not realize the domination. Like that guy won his first and then did not stop for like three months. It was when?

Major. Man, out of nowhere. Now that dude I like. That dude seemed legit.

I like Sheffler a lot. And then I feel like he sold a soul to the devil though. There are certain people like Robert Johnson who sold a soul to the devil to play the blues. Led Zeppelin. And all of a sudden it just happened for them.

And I don't really believe that's a true thing. But it was almost like that with Sheffler. Like had it won, had it won. Made a deal with the devil. Won everything. It was awesome.

Won everything. And then finally I was watching. And then it was, who was the final one? The British dude with the funky pants. Oh, Matthew Fitzpatrick. Oh no, Ian Poulter.

Ian Poulter. He was honest about Liv and I could appreciate that. He's like, I got a family to take care of. Okay, cool. I like that. At least you're honest.

That's all I care about. Dustin Johnson too was kind of the same way. Don't spoil it. I haven't been there yet. You haven't seen Dustin Johnson? He should have popped up in the first four. No.

No. Then I watched the one about with my new favorite of all time, who is Joel Damon. That was four.

That's like, that's a dude. So I loved it. Four episodes in, I give it four and a half pitching wedges out of five.

Yeah, it's great. If you're a golf fan, even if you're a casual, they're kind of, you know, the part of your hardcore golf, you probably weren't down with them explaining how the cut works and what each tournament is like. You play over four days and you play 18 holes a day. Like we got it. You know, but they have to kind of explain the rules for the casual, but it's so fun. It's so jacked up. It recaps kind of the wild 2022 in the PGA Tour with the new Liv stuff coming on.

I thought it was crazy fun. And I can't wait to see your reaction to the last four episodes. That's your homework tonight. Four. Watch the last four. You realize I got to do a radio show before this and then I come and do this and I have another radio show in the morning and it starts at 3 a.m. when I'm out west.

I will try. I've only got so many, so many words I can say in a day. About 12, 13 minutes away from my Aaron Rodgers prediction with extremely inside sources.

So don't go anywhere. Like 13 minutes from now, it's probably going to hit every Twitter feed that talks about football period when I say this. Breaking news, 13 minutes from right now. I do want to talk about Kevin Durant. I don't know if you guys watched any of that last night, but they had him on a minute restriction and he was playing with the second team mostly and looked awesome. He scored 23 points in 27 minutes.

And so obviously they're not running them full right now. He had a MCL sprain. There he is there.

Looked great. I mean, I was talking about this yesterday. And, you know, Denver obviously has been consistent all season long and people thinking Denver can come out of the west. But after watching him play with the second team basically last night and be that him and that second team could could be a second or third seed in the west himself. Kevin Durant is so good.

We take. I think we take for granted how great, how elite the Kevin Durant is because we've had LeBron. And in sports, you could probably list a few of these. Without Roger Federer, you probably have Roddick being 5, 7, 9, 10 years of the greatest tennis player of that generation.

Without Tiger, and you can do this all day long, but without Tiger, Phil Mickelson is that dude. Without LeBron, it's Durant. But Durant's a top 10 player ever. And he comes out with the second team and demolishes.

Devin Booker, 37 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists. I just don't think it's going to be the same thing that's happening in Dallas that's happening, that will happen with Phoenix. I think you have two guys that are a little more mature. And I think that them playing together is going to be different than Kyrie and Luca, who both need the ball. And I think they're, what are they, 1 and 3? Are they 1 and 3?

1 and 4. They lost again! I like the move, though, and a lot of people said about the Mavs when this happened was they didn't like the move. The thing that feels good about this to me is the Mavs are trying, which if you're Luca, you want them to try, and it's not like they signed Kyrie to some long-term crazy deal.

It's 4 months, basically. It's rent a Kyrie and let's see what happens. It's like a rent-a-center deal.

Yeah, hey, been there. Got a lot of my furniture there in the early days. Rent home, baby.

Rent home. And sometimes, it was like the Columbia house when you get all the CDs, like 12 for like a nickel. And that's all I paid was that nickel.

That's it. I'll keep getting them. Come after me. Bill came, I ended up in the trash, buddy.

Same thing with my rent-a-center coffee table. Paid up front, I don't know, changed my name or something. I have no idea. Moved. They said 7 years, it dropped off your credit.

7 years later, I checked in, it wasn't there. All good, you know? By the way, Chris, how you doing today, buddy? I'm pretty good. Yeah. Yeah, pretty good. I have a 3-year-old and so, you know, he's been coming into the bed at night and, you know, I think I slept through the night. I think I'm good. Do you usually not sleep through the night? I don't have kids.

My wife and I have been married for a year and a half at this point, so, you know, we're just now to the stage of talking about kids. Sure. Do it. It's awesome.

You're the only friend that's ever said that because every friend I have that has kids says, dude, they say, in front of your wife, I'm going to say, do it, awesome. But not... Well, I mean, yeah, they ruin your life, but it's also the greatest thing ever. Does that make sense? Yeah. And then you're just back at even. Uh, yeah, but you were even to begin with. Exactly. And now you have, like, a mini... And now you're poorer and even. Now you have, like, a mini me, though, and, like, a little bro to hang out with. So I'm super psyched about that.

That'd be cool. And so you slept through the night. Does that mean he sleeps better with you?

Uh, he does, but we're trying not to make that a habit. Mike, how you doing today, buddy? I am doing real well. I like the sunny again out here. Oh, my gosh. Finally.

I got it. But it's still cold. It's still cold. This is not cold.

You guys are just jaded by... I'm cold. The blood thins. It's cold now. Bobby, you live here six months. It's cold. I lived in Maine and Alaska. You get here now, 50 degrees is cold.

That's how it works. You lived in Alaska? There are two states I haven't been. Maine and Alaska.

Even all the touring that I do. I have not been to Maine or Alaska and would love to go to both, which I feel like Alaska would be just, like, cool. Like, a different world type place. It is. I was young when I lived there.

My dad was in the Coast Guard, so we moved a lot and lived in Maine and moved to Maine from Alaska. And it's great. Recommend it. Southeast. So it kind of rained a lot. Think Seattle.

I'm thinking Seattle. Okay, I got it. Thank you. I got it. Yeah. Now I got it.

Better salmon. TJ, what's up, buddy? What's up, man? How you doing?

I'm pretty good. What's happening over there on the corner? The corner of the building?

The corner, man. You know, I'm just finishing up some TV shows that, you know, Brockman kind of pushed me to go watch. And I was hesitant at first.

And I started 1883 on Friday. Is that another one of those shows, like Yellowstone? It's like a prequel, prequel, prequel. So did that. Brockman for like a week was like, bro, you got to watch this.

I knocked it out in two days. And then 1923, I was very upset to realize there was only eight episodes. I got so into it. And then that was it. So I've been watching a lot of TV. You finished already? You finished 1923 in a day and a half. Rip through that.

I don't have a lot of friends, you know, spend a lot of time alone. I start crying with you. Are you a Cowboys fan? You could say that. Yeah. So I got to go and spend a whole day with Jerry Jones. Oh, yeah.

In the middle of the season. I literally just emailed him. I was like, hey, man. I mean, it's kind of messed up that you told me this now and not when you did it and you could have brought me with you. I'm going to make you feel even worse.

So I go and I think I'm just going to be part of like the media crew where they're like, hey, come on in. And I did not grow up a Cowboys fan, but being from Arkansas, everyone's a Cowboys fan because we did not have a professional sports team. Yeah. Plus he's from Arkansas.

Well, which was the link. Right. So I didn't know that at first.

I didn't know that's why he would say yes. So I sent him a message. Hey, I'd like to talk to Jerry Jones. I do a sports show called 25 whistles, aside from my Bobby Bones show.

And they're like, Jerry doesn't do a lot of interviews that aren't his own entities, like his own radio show, his own. And so I said, OK, well, here's my deal. And so I threw in there. I'm a flex again on you guys real quick, if you don't mind. I have an honorary doctorate from the University of Arkansas. Yeah. And I say I'm a I'm a donor, honorary doctorate, like a green eyes. Do the whole thing, right?

Oregon or money donor? You know, whatever he wants, actually. I was like, it's open to interpretation. And so they say, oh, he would maybe like to talk to you. And I said, great.

And so I'm like, what time's the zoom? And they're like, why don't you fly for a game? And I'm like, well, that's super cool.

So I go. And again, my two of my best friends, Mike D and Eddie are diehard Dallas Cowboy fans. They work with me on my show and all the guys that I've hired, mostly all my friends that work with me that I just trained to do radio and TV and stuff. Right now, three of your best friends are. Yeah, that's right.

Absolutely. How power rankings are still at three. But you got a chance to move up today with that. Three is the magic number. I get there and I'm looking for the other media people and there are no other media people. And they're like, Mr. Jones will be here in a second.

But we're at some private hangar. And I'm like, cool. So Mr. Jones, Jerry Jones arrives and both of his sons are there. Jerry Junior, Steven. And we get on a helicopter and that's it.

It's just us. It's me, my friend, Eddie and Mike and the two and Jerry. We put on a headset. We fly. He's telling me stuff he shouldn't tell me.

I have a big microphone. I can say all this if I'm not going to, because now I love him, which was my dad. That's how that works with Mr. Jones. Yeah, really good guy. Bobby, I'm telling you, like I got to the Steelers, Packers, Super Bowl.

So that was I don't know the Roman numeral, but that was 2011, 12. I got to watch that Super Bowl in his suite. And yeah, he shook my hand when I left and I was just like, Mr. Jones, I want to say thank you.

This was amazing. He shakes my hand. He looks me dead in the eye and he goes, I want to thank you for being a fan of the Dallas Cowboys. And I was just like, oh, you're in for life, man. It's like the NWO.

It's for life. And people like why you still like the Cowboys? I'm stuck, man. This is not familiar. Like we land and all the people cheering, Jerry. And he goes, Bobby, come up here. They want to see you, too.

Not a soul wanted to see me, but it's nice to have to do that. And so we're in the suite. He said, I'm going to go meet with Coach McCarthy before the game.

Do you want to come with me? He said, you can do that or you can go on the field with the players. But I had two of my friends with me and I was like, we'll go on the field.

I really want to go hear what he had to say to the coach. But so we do that. He's like, you can go up into the suite with me where we're watching.

And I guess there's like a bunch of computers and they figure out the analytics during the game. Or you can sit and eat. I obviously wanted to eat. But it was our royalty for a whole day. Wherever I go, you can go for like 10 hours.

If I'm there, you can go with me. You're living my dream, bro. It was it was absolutely bonkers. And so I've been a massive, lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan for like four months. That's pretty much it.

Lifelong. This is this year. Yeah, this is this year. I literally just emailed him and he was like, yeah, yo, I mean, with this, I got to do this because I was caller 10. And they were like, you get to host Rich Eisen show today. Did you just get did you just like Jerry Jones at Matt? I'm Jerry Jones at Dallas Cowboys dot com at me dot com. Like even worse, I just went to the Dallas Cowboys dot com website and found contact us click contact us said, hey.

And then I got a bounce back where it's like this email doesn't work. And then I said, which one does? And then they said this one. And then it went from there.

It was the most amazing experience. What am I doing wrong? What am I doing wrong? OK, I'm going to ask you guys this very unprofessional. When do we go to break? I can go now. OK, look, let's just do it up in front.

Yeah, they said like quarter after the hour. And I've talked for way longer than that. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to come back. We're going to break some Aaron Rodgers news. No other show has what I'm about to have for you.

No other show has the information that I'm about to share with you. That will probably just settle the debate on where Aaron Rodgers is going to play next year. We will do that.

And then also something my wife hates that I wear that she says do not wear this weekend. Youth football is all about style and fun. And the NFL celebrates that through play football, an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you. Visit play football dot com. The future of football is here.

You in. Youth football is all about style and fun, and the NFL celebrates that through play football, an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you. Visit play football dot com. The future of football is here.

You in. The Rich Eyes and Show radio network sitting at the Rich Eyes and Show desk, which I watch not only on Roku, but I watch on social media if I miss it. And it's just super cool. And this is furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger has the right product for you. Call click Grainger dot com or by which, by the way, you guys can call us eight four four two oh four rich eight four four two oh four rich. Why did you ask if I watched succession, Chris? Well, not only because the. Not only did the new trailer for the final season come out today, a two and a half minute absolute banger, Mike.

We watched it this morning, but someone just tweeted the show. Samantha Allen said that you were the cousin Greg at that Cowboys game. Here's the thing. You're right. I will not argue that.

And that's the end of that. Yeah, I am excited about for season four. I'm glad they're not continuing to go and watering down that show. Yeah, I felt good.

They were like the final season of succession season four. And I want you know what? Yeah, that sucks. But that's still really good because that means it's going to be great. And we're going to have this this wonderful memory of it always being great because some shows you love. They just go on too long or some players you love. They just play too long. And you're like, man, all I remember is them not playing well and being old.

You don't like a show like that. They were showing a clip here of for the people that are watching on Roku of Rich and Shaq. Shaq and I got into a little beef once, except he didn't know who I was.

This is a very quick story. I once mentioned that if I were standing in a urinal next to Shaq, I would peek. He's for two reasons. Physically dominating. I don't know.

The guy is a monster that and he's super famous. And I would probably just quick. I just peek, you know, just and I put that out as a poll question. Yeah, go for it. Please don't. Please don't. And then Shaq on a podcast just starts coming at me and I'm like, I get it. Same thing because I got like, yeah, you're right. I get it.

I get it. But I would. I'm not going to lie to you.

I would. I mean, out of curiosity sake. First of all, he's seven foot. It's not even hard to peak. Yeah, it's right there.

Yeah. And the two, it's Shaq. He's super famous. Who wouldn't? If anybody were famous, I would think about peeking. But for Shaq, I would. I probably would not. You would not. Definitely not. I said probably. Let me remove that. Definitely wouldn't.

I would. And then Shaq didn't like it that I said that and came after me. And I said, I respect that Shaq. What did he say? I don't remember. I'm not going to put that. I just thought it was cool.

Shaq was talking about me. OK, here we go. Ready for Aaron Rodgers news? I am. Go ahead. Let's go.

Let's break it. Do you need music? You need music? Give me something.

Yeah. NFL film music. Give me some news breaking music, Mike. So everything, everybody is talking about Aaron Rodgers. What's he going to do? He's been holed up.

He's in the darkness for four days. What's he going to say? Is he going to retire? Is he going to go play for the Jets? Is he going to stay in Green Bay? Is he going to take 40 million to 60 million? I got the news for you.

Now, this is personal information that I have. About 12 miles down the road from me, which you may have heard, Aaron Rodgers is building a house in Nashville. Heard that.

Yeah, it's absolutely true. I have a friend that's moving literally two houses down from his house. Now, is it a new construction? Yes, it's a whole new neighborhood. It's one of these fancy neighborhoods where you got to be a celebrity or super rich to get in.

And the only other people living there are celebrities are super rich. Like Hidden Hills out here, TJ. Oh, yeah. Is that a thing?

That's a thing, yeah. Where like the Kardashians and Britney Spears live and all. I've never visited, but I've heard.

Any L.A. reference will be lost on me. I live in Nashville. But you don't spend a lot of time here? I do, but it's only to work. Only to work and get carsick. That's it.

Sit in traffic, get carsick. So... Let's talk brisket later. These are extremely inside sources. And I'm going to say this. One of the people working construction on that house said he's going to be living there full time.

Full time, full time. Now you tell me what that means. It means he's a titan. Put it down. Breaking news. Somebody that worked as the second guy on the construction site. Second guy?

Yes. Is he putting up the drywall? The drywall guy? I think he was the assistant to the drywall guy. He was the electrician, I believe it.

He was carrying the bucket. The electrician would double. But this source told me... Reliable source?

I have no idea. I've been up for like 12 seconds. You can draw your conclusion in that amount of time. He had honest eyes. You're wearing overalls? No, no, no. Let's not be crazy. But he'd have paint splattered jeans.

But he wasn't a painter, so you tell me. That being said, Aaron Rodgers to the titans. You heard it here first because they say he's going to be living there full time in a house that he is building in Nashville. The end? Run with it. Yeah, tell them all. Tell everybody. I might have to breaking news.

Run tell someone. So let me get this straight. The electrician? Not the electrician. No, not the electrician. I will also not reveal what his specific job was.

At the risk. I'd never reveal my sources. So a worker at Aaron Rodgers' new Nashville home says that Aaron said, quote, I'll be living here full time. Well, he didn't quite say Aaron said quote, but he said Aaron will be living there full time. So there's no quote there. Yeah, but close enough. Close enough.

I put quotes around it, but just don't say who said the quote, but it could be the worker. I need to know more about the house. Remember when Russell Wilson moved into that new Denver house? Everyone made a big deal because he had four bathrooms, but I know the four bedrooms, but 12 bathrooms or something like that. What's the ratio in this new Aaron Rodgers house? I haven't been in it, first of all, be honest.

Thank you for your honesty. Secondly, I remember thinking, I thought it would be a little more dynamic than it is, but we know Aaron Rodgers maybe doesn't need something that's dynamic. Maybe he doesn't even have electricity in the house. That's why there wasn't the electrician. Thought he lives in the dark all the time now. Maybe that's his thing. All he needs is like 380 square feet. He's a darkness guy now.

He does a 365 day darkness retreat called home. So that's what I know. So I'm putting it there, Aaron Rodgers to the Titans. You heard it here as an absolute first. Brockman, we got to put that on Twitter, man.

Well, I'll put the video out too. I don't want to get aggregated, but are you Titans? That's your team?

That's your squad? Again, I've been a lifelong Cowboys guy for four months, so I do like the Titans a lot and they've been super nice to me. They're like, hey, you want to sit in the suite?

Absolutely. Food, signed stuff and free tickets. So I've been a Titans fan. I also saw a couple of players eating at like the true food kitchen over there. And I was like, look at that. That was at the end of that story, but I saw a couple. Look at that.

That's why I like Titans. When we went to Nashville for the draft a few years ago, TJ and I were very excited. We went to Hattie B's for the hot chicken. Oh, so delicious. What'd you guys think about that? Because everybody comes in town and wants to go to Hattie B's, but then we that live in town go, tourists.

Well, I'm a big fan. There's a place here called Howlin' Ray's and they have Nashville style chicken, which I think is the best in the world. And I think Chef Johnny Ray went there to kind of learn in Nashville, and he maybe studied under Hattie B's.

I kind of feel like Howlin' Ray's is a little bit better, but it was delicious. I have IBS, so I can eat a lot of that hot chicken. No? No. Does it sit well with you?

One piece of hot chicken equals one hour in the old bathroom. No. Yeah. That's not good. My wife, who is fantastic and I love her so much, she doesn't always like my wardrobe decisions. Why?

Well, because a lot of times they are stupid, and I don't realize it until I see pictures of me later. Now, I'm going to the Arkansas Razorbacks basketball game on Saturday. We're playing Kentucky. I'm a diehard Razorbacks fan.

Ooh, pig soup. Everything about me is that, right? And so, you know those giant hats that some of the NFL players have? Yeah, they became a thing. They became a thing, right. So, I ordered one the first time I saw one.

It's kind of mandatory. Yeah, and it only came two days ago. So, it took like four months. And then they said, we don't have black or white anymore because they're all sold out. And so, I got a pink one.

Okay. And so, then we spray painted it red, and I was going to wear it to the game on Saturday, and it's huge. And she's like, you will not wear that to the game because everybody always puts attention on you anyway. You're going to wear this hat. It looks so stupid.

And she's right. It does look stupid, but it's awesome. You ever put one of these things on? No.

Nothing screamed. Do you have a picture of it? Of me in a pink one? Yeah.

Okay, I'll give it to you during the break. Your Twitter and Instagram might explode though. Have you ever had pure sexiness on your Twitter and Instagram? Because on this hat, that might happen. Like Henry Cavill was on there once. I think that was as close as- That's nothing.

That has nothing. That's what you're about to see. I want to talk about Coach Prime, Deion Sanders for a second.

And then I want to get into the Dolphins and Tua and his fifth year option. So, I have an experience with Coach Prime, a long experience. And so, I would say probably six or seven years ago, they call and they say, hey, we want you to come and audition for this pilot talk show. I like to audition for stuff. And I say, okay, how many people?

Like 10? And they're like, no, you're in the cattle call part of it because you're not that famous. And I'm like, okay, cool. So, I show up anyway and it's like me and Rudy Huxtable and like a couple of people that were on Dancing with the Stars. It's that kind of group.

And I say that as someone who's also been on Dancing with the Stars. Of course. And so, I get in and I'm doing pretty good. I'm kind of crushing it. Day one, they moved me on.

Day two. So, then apparently I make like the top 10 to 12 people for this ABC talk show pilot they wanted to put on in the daytime. And they're like, you get to go to basically the adult table at Thanksgiving.

I'm like, that's what I'm talking about. So, I go. But I don't know anybody.

And everybody there is pretty cool at this point. Very experienced. And here I am. Experienced but in different ways.

Definitely unorthodox at how I communicate. And they say, we're going to go. And so, you ever seen a Forrest Gump, and I'm sure you have, where you can't sit here, can't sit here. See, it's taken.

See, it's taken. That's what it felt like with all these cool people that were here. There was nowhere to sit when I was eating lunch. There was one person that said, hey, man, you can sit over here. And it was like an angel. It was like a beacon from the dark.

It was Deion Sanders. Yeah, it was. And I was like, you know who you are? And he's like, yeah, I know who I am. I was like, that's awesome. I was like, well, make sure you know who you are.

Right. It was part of the show. And so, I sit beside him, which was a bad move. I should have sat across from him because, you know, when people sit beside each other and they're the only two, it's weird. A little awkward, yeah. Yeah, it's bad.

It's a bad move. I shouldn't have sat on the same side. But I was like, I appreciate it. And I ate. And I was quiet. And he was like, where are you from?

I sat from Mountain Pine, Arkansas. He's like, oh, he tells me a story. He's got a lot of stories.

Super nice. We go through. We kind of had a surface-ish friendship over the first couple of days. Well, then we start to work together on this show. And they're like, okay, it's you two. So, it's him and I. We get the job.

It's a whole pilot. Deion Sanders was the kindest, nicest, most giving. I was ready to run through a wall for that dude. And he wasn't even coaching me. He was like my side. We were like together. It was like him and I together. But I would have taken whatever direction he sent me on.

And that wasn't the plan. It wasn't to put the show together and get a mentor. It was you guys find a peer, do this show together.

We'll put it on. For anybody, and I get so offended when people are like, well, we'll be like, ah, you know what Coach Prime's about. I'm like, no, I'm going to tell you what Coach Prime's about.

It's like being an awesome dude and being there for people even when people don't even know. Because he's like the most legit guy. Yep. Facts.

Agree. And so when he was at Jackson State, I was rooting for him. I was watching.

And we went to Colorado. And what hurt was he interviewed for the Arkansas football job. And no one wanted to give him that job before he had any real experience. I get it.

And we made a good hire in Coach Sam Pittman. But I'm like, man, that'd have been awesome. But I watch him and I see these videos and people are like, no, that's not real. It is real. Whatever you see from him talking, being inspirational, motivational, for him talking about discipline and effort. Yeah. He was prime time with the goal. He's prime time. But he's also like, for real. I just want to say that publicly. I wrote about it in my first book.

How that dude didn't have to do anything for me but have my back. And I heard him on with Rich a few days ago. I don't know what today is. Maybe Monday or Friday of last week or whenever it was. Was that the Super Bowl probably? Yeah, probably the Super Bowl.

I don't know when it was. But I listen to the show on podcast. He calls in a lot. It was a call. I love it.

So I listen to the show on podcast all the time. And so, Deion Sanders, A+. Anybody gets mad at Deion, get mad at me.

That's it. You sound like Del Tufo right now. That's his guy.

Yeah. I love Deion. We all love Deion and I'm on record saying it bothers me how much Deion loves Del Tufo because I'm like this huge Deion fan and he just loves Del Tufo.

Let's talk about the Dolphins. They've yet to make their call onto his fifth year option, which I don't know why they wouldn't. I understand the injury concerns, but they're saying directly it's not an injury related issue.

Like they're going to pick up his fifth year or not, but it's not an injury related issue. Like I get that. But it probably is.

Right? I mean, they can't say that, but it is. But how do you not? In a land of the NFL where quarterbacks, even mediocre, even pretty good quarterbacks are so hard to get and keep.

How do you not just go, yeah, yeah, we're in on this fifth year. Unless you know you have somebody coming down to Miami or you unless you know you got but not when not Carson Wentz. You can't do a quarterback like that.

You got to at least, you got to at least hit Garoppolo level. Right. You'd rather have Garoppolo than Tua? Then Tua with all the concussion concerns.

Yes. Then Tua. Then you got Jimmy G with the injury concern. Yeah, but I feel like the concussion, anything that Tua does now, even if it is not a concussion, you're going to see a lot of folks go, they shouldn't be playing them. You're going to constantly hear that in your ear, even if it has nothing to do with that. First time he takes a hit.

Absolutely. Coming season, you're going to hear it. Tua sprains his toe.

Shouldn't be playing him. It's a concussion. We told you. You're going to have a TikTok doctors going, well, we can tell a 2.3 of the brain act.

No, you don't have no idea what you're talking about. And here we have Jackson Mahomes coming in from TikTok, he's going to explain most of the injury. Dr. Jackson Mahomes talking about concussions.

So I would rather have Garoppolo than Tua with the concussion issues that he's had because it's just, it's going to be a tough way out for Tua for the next couple of years. Because if he even gets one more, well, you feel like the next one could be the last one. Yes. One more.

And that's probably it. And so they have to be so hyper vigilant too. Even the people that work for the Dolphins or the people that work with the Dolphins that are not part of the Dolphins and have to watch for people getting concussion like symptoms.

I would say, I'll give an example here. There's a commentator named Jimmy Dykes who is on ESPN, does college basketball. He went to school and he coached the University of Arkansas. So he's really hard on us. He has to be because everybody's going to be like, of course, that's your team. So he is overly hard on us. The same thing, those Dolphins staff, the staff, the people that are working alongside the Dolphins, they've got to be extra critical now of everything happening to Tua because of what's happened before.

It can't be the same. They can't treat him the same as everybody else. They got to be even harder on him, making sure that he does not get hurt again. And so because of that, I would, yes, I would rather have a Garoppolo. But that being said, unless you get a Garoppolo, you got to go the fifth year option with Tua. They do not have a backup that is better than a fifth year concussion Tua. Yeah.

What's the alternative? Skylar Thompson. Exactly. Right.

So around the room, Chris, Tua's fifth year option. If you're in Miami, would you have to sign it? I think you kind of have to, to your point.

What's the alternative? Are you convincing Tom Brady to come out of retirement? Are you going to get, like you said, Jimmy G? Are you going to go get, are you going to be in the Derek Carr sweepstakes? Derek Carr?

Absolutely. If you can get a Carr, that's above Jimmy G and my ladder of quarterbacks you could possibly get. Is he above Tua though? You've seen what Tua can do, fully healthy, in this offense. You've seen how dynamic Tyreek Hill and Jaywin Lottle are, you've seen what the run game can do. I don't know if Kiseki's coming back, you don't know what the tight end situation's going to be, but Mike McDaniel has proven himself to be a top notch offensive coach and that team, speed, speed, speed, to his boom, one, two, three, bang, get the ball out and hit on all cylinders. You've seen how great they can be.

I mean, they had Buffalo beat Buffalo and then almost had them beat on the road too, so I think, yes, I'm down with two of fifth year. I'm going to do this. Somebody's got their John Deere parked right up to the window here. It's really loud.

Yeah, yeah, so I'm going to jump now. Leaf blowing, TJ? Yeah, literally, I think they're doing a little landscaping right beside, like right at the window. This happens all the time. It's our, it's the guy cleans the air.

It's 98% concrete out there, so it cleans. Yeah, why are they doing that? It's not like the Today show where there's people gathered, literally the people gathered behind me in the windows, the one guy with a weed eater.

There used to be before 2020 happened. Yeah. Okay. All right, so let's do this then.

Let's hop out for a second. We're going to come back and I do want to talk about Rich, just generally how this all happened and how I would compare Rich to a girl in the seventh grade. Yeah, you heard me say that. You heard me say it.

Interesting. I'm going to compare Rich to a girl in the seventh grade. Thank you for being here on Bobby Bones. Rich Eisen show.

We'll be right back. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form. You seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety, but you also seem fearless artistically. I feel like ideas have more power than identity. Like the excitement overrides insecurity.

That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen. In just a few minutes, we'll talk about Jalen Carter, the situation there, Celtics and Bucks. And some of those players for the Celtics were like, what is happening?

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We know the playoffs are no time for messing around. It's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt. All right, I'm very fortunate that I get to do this job here today because big Rich Eisen guy. He came on my show and I was geeking out the whole time.

And now, here, I'll turn everybody's mic off, we're not even on the air anymore. Is Rich nice like a person? Yeah, absolutely. What's he like to work for as a boss? He's high. He paces a lot. I heard that. He's a pacer.

He was doing a phone call yesterday. He's a pacer. And she, yeah.

Susie said, well, he paces the whole time he talks. Yeah. Yeah. And so, is he like neurotic? Um, sometimes. Like does he come in and he's got papers everywhere and he's like, we gotta, okay.

No, no, no. I mean, he's just anxious. So like, he's got everything going on in his head. So he's doing, I mean, he's the CEO of his company.

You know what I mean? So he's like running around doing 8,000 things and then boom, we got to sit down and turn the mics on. And so he's got to focus on that. So then he's doing all the business stuff and then we got to talk about this. So you know, in the morning he talks a lot on the phone. Not everybody talks on the phone anymore.

Everyone texts, emails, simpler, easier, less, face to face. He's a talker. So he's in here and he's just walking all around. He paces the whole time. On the phone the whole time. He really explores the studio.

Yeah, he explores. It's impressive, really. I'm actually jealous. How many microphones out of five do you give him as a boss? Oh, five out of five. Of course, absolutely. Oh, five's all around? This thing's on, right? Yeah, yeah. We're still off.

We're still off. I compliment Rich because I've done a lot of live TV. These guys know I travel. Well, Mike has known him longer than all of us. And I've done a million sporting events at Rich and I've worked with a million hosts.

That's a lot. Rich, in the perspective of being like a host, when stuff is going down in the insanity of a show, Rich, it's amazing what he can do. He takes it. It doesn't matter if his ears go out, he doesn't see the monitor.

Everybody's mics or whatever. He handles it like it's insane. And seeing him here, that's what Chris was explaining.

He's amazing because once he's there, it's insane. But then you have another side of him, right, where you see the host stuff, like the stuff we do, talk about sports. But the thing I was most impressed with was the first time I got to go to Canton and watch him host the gold jacket dinner in front of how many thousand, 3,000 people in Canton?

Yeah, they filled the whole arena, five million? He's emceeing this thing where all these NFL legends are getting their gold jackets and he has this crowd in Canton, in the palm of his hand, and he's crapping on them because they're Ohio State fans and they're eating it up. And that just showed me a side of him that was like, wow, I didn't know you had that in you and that is more... I was probably as impressed, if not more, than by what he does here.

It's an amazing talent to have. All right, we'll turn the mics back up now. So guys, get back to being yourself in three, two, one. We're back on.

Yeah. Anyway, Bobby here filling in for Rich Eisen. Rich will be on with us later on from the combine because I got a lot of questions and we do want to get to some Jalen Carter talk in just a second.

Also why I compare Rich to a seventh grade girl. We'll get to that in just a second as well. Do you guys use TikTok for any sports? Like do you follow or do... Because I'm like learning to... You don't have TikTok?

Don't have it. Good for you because China is ruling the world with it and we probably shouldn't, but I still do and can't get enough, right? I watch for a lot of golf lessons. Like TikTok has become valuable in sports and parents that have kids that are training to be quarterbacks. It is such a tool for actual good things, not just watching people dance.

And having your information stolen. I don't mind that as much as long as I can learn how to hit a pitching wedge, right? I'm okay being taken over by a communist as long as my pitching wedge shot like from ADN is getting better. Right. Yes. Because that's what it's all about.

Look, if you can't hit a wedge, it's over for you. Yes. That's what it's all about.

My prediction is not only Aaron Rodgers to the Titans, but eventually TikTok will be totally banned from the United States because if you're seeing it now, they're going to start limiting. First of all, kids... And this is a good thing. They're trying to like get in now and do some nice things. It's almost like live when they're in the Saudi government and they say they're trying to have something positive to hide all the atrocities that's happening. Yeah. They're like, oh, we're trying to go... No, you're trying to hide everything you're doing that is terrible.

Which is most... Yes. Yeah. But TikTok, they're now going, we're going to put some rules and try to make this right. They're going to start limiting kids to one hour of viewing per day.

Kids 12 and under won't be able to use it more without a parent or guardian punching in a code 13 or up, la, la, la. So they're doing all of this, but still this is like the cushion while they do everything really bad. And so, but I love it.

I'll be on it today, all day long as a matter of fact, and for a lot of parents that have kids that play sports, there's so much there to actually learn from the content that's put up there. And again, I'll give a, you give me a better pitching wedge, I will give you everything about my life that you can use against me in our country, but I love America very much so. But I really need to make more birdies. Yes, I do.

I didn't make any birdies at all. Um, at the top of the hour, I'll give you the rich and the seventh grade girl story. Jalen Carter, we know the story now and the racing, the reckless driving. There's one thing in a statement that he said after they finally released the statement and he said, I will be fully exonerated of any criminal wrongdoing. A lot of times in statements when, and obviously he is, somebody wrote this for him, somebody that works on his team, an attorney, somebody wrote this, but you rarely see somebody I'll be fully exonerated if they actually did it. Usually they're like, the truth will come out or it's something vague. And I think what happened, obviously terrible, I mean when it happened and we didn't know much about it, I was like, I was like, God dang man, that is so sad. And then the story comes out while he's at the combine and I don't want to be somebody that rushes to judgment every time because I've done it before many times wrongly. Like I'm all, I've, I've messed up so many times and going for sure this has happened and then it's wrong, especially when it comes to people like real life people. Sometimes we forget that real life people are real life people that you touch and it hurts them in their skin and we lost two people.

That is terribly sad. Before we even knew he was involved, I was like, I can't imagine being part of that organization, part of that, that Georgia staff, part of, in that happening. But Jalen Carter said, I'll be fully exonerated and I don't want to just go Jalen Carter bad right now. I don't, I don't, I don't want to, I think we will find out exactly what happens and if they do say this is the evidence that we have, and it's also two misdemeanors, am I right here?

It's two different misdemeanors. I just don't want to jump on and vilify this guy until we know exactly what's happened. And if it has happened that way, then we're fair to make our own decisions.

But I just, anybody in sports, anybody that's writing things for clicks and I just see it and it's gone overboard now because that's what's, that's how you get clicks. You write sad, morbid, dark, sensational headlines and that's happening with the Jalen Carter situation. He is a real life human being that might've made a mistake.

Maybe didn't make as big a mistake, maybe made a worse mistake than we know. So that's what I'm saying. We'll talk about the NFL draft combined with Rich and why Rich is like a seventh grade girl. All right.

Bobby Bones filling in for Rich Eisen. All right. And we're here now and you can just see me and I wondered and Chris, you help me with this.

What do you got? What do you wear today? Cause great question. What do you wear when you come in and you fill in for one of your heroes? Yep.

You could have went suited and booted. You did not. I did not. Yeah. Totally understand.

No one here does. Yeah. And that's what I looked at.

I looked at pictures of you guys and I was like, whatever I want. No offense. No offense. Everybody. Same thing. Every day.

Super cash. Del Tufo free. Everything is free. Free shirt pants. I have just a rotation of clothes. I just keep on the couch back here on the couch.

Literally here. So I just leave them here and then sometimes I'll rock a polo. But you know, TJ does his thing in the corner and it's just like, it's all good. Yeah. My thing is mostly, I don't really care about the foot game, so I just got to make sure the sneakers are on point. Same. First thing I noticed about you. Thank you. Yeah. First thing.

It's usually sneakers in a wrestling t-shirt. Like today we got the road wars. What do you got? Legion of doom, the road wars. That's about it. I have terrible vision. Are those a, those one?

No. What are those? What are you, those are Jordan's right? These are Jordan. These are low top Concord 11. White's 45 on the back.

Okay. Like those are nines, I think. Um, and what's on the back of yours?

23. Oh, there's nothing on the back. Oh, nothing. Oh, Hey. You have the actual concourse with the 45. The high top joints. Yeah.

The 45. Yeah. Again, just a little slight flex. Don't worry about that though.

But like Louis Guzman told Don Cheadle, right? And boogie nights, where what you dig, that's how I look. Where would you dig, man? If your wife don't like it, that's what you were wearing when you quartered her and she fell in love with it. Just remind her about it.

Her stick is a little old though. All right. We'll come back.

We'll come back. Bobby bones for rich Eisen. The 2023 NFL scouting combine presented by noble where a dream that starts small can get big. Where a journey that starts quiet can get loud and where a name that's unknown can become the future, the 2023 NFL scouting combine presented by noble where you can witness the future stars of the NFL next is here March 2nd through 5th on NFL network and NFL plus.
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