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REShow: Rich Eisen - Hour 2 (3-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 2, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Rich Eisen - Hour 2 (3-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 2, 2023 3:09 pm

Guest host Bobby Bones and the guys react to the NFL Players Association’s team rankings that saw the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Commanders some how get F-minuses in a few categories. 

Bobby reveals how he reacted to getting a call from Rich asking him to guest host and the guys reveal the times they were most starstruck by meeting famous athletes and celebrities.

Bracketologist Coleman Crawley tells Bobby what’s it’s been like to go to 67 college basketball games in 64 days while putting almost 20,000 miles on his car in order to discover which mid-major team will be this year’s Cinderella in the NCAA Tournament’s Big Dance. 

On the anniversary of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100-point game the guys list their top 5 most unbreakable sports records, and also debate how much UGA DT Jalen Carter being charged in conjunction with the recent car crash that killed two people in Georgia will impact his NFL Draft stock.

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And where a name that's unknown can become the future. The 2023 NFL Scouting Combine presented by Noble. Where you can witness the future stars of the NFL. Next is here.

March 2nd through 5th on NFL Network and NFL Plus. This is the Rich Eisen Show. With guest host Bobby Bones. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I'm like, Rich Eisen?

He's calling me? That's cool. I let Steve hear me talk to Rich Eisen on speakerphone and he was like, that's the coolest thing I've ever heard in my life.

I was like, I know man, that's super cool. Today's guest, college basketball analyst Coleman Crawley. Rich Eisen checks in from Indianapolis. Host of the Life Gorgeous Podcast, Craig Kilborn.

And now, sitting in for Rich, it's Bobby Bones. The question in a few minutes is, is it creepy to tweet a recruit? Like as an adult man. Hypothetically. We'll say hypothetically. So we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. The NFLPA put out the player team report cards and it's just fascinating to see all of this together. And the fact that somebody got an F minus, that doesn't exist. An F minus doesn't exist. And yet a team got one.

It's amazing. So if you go over to the NFLPA website, I'll read you part of this article. One of our core jobs as a union is to improve the overall working conditions for our players, which includes the daily experience. So they list all the report cards. Up first, treatment of families.

So it's you, your family, your kid, your wife, your grandma, whomever comes, how do they treat you? Number one, A plus, Dallas Cowboys. And I'm just going to give you the A's and basically the D's and the F's. The Panthers at an A and the Vikings at an A and the Buffalo Bills at an A minus. And that minus is probably just because it's snowy and hard to get there. You know, it's hard to get the whole family there when you got to get a snowplow.

It's cold. Now, if you go down to the F's and the D's. Can we guess? I laughed out loud at these. Broncos, D plus. Thought it would be better.

That's not a team that I would. Wow, yeah. And now the Walmart owners buy. Like, you should have access to everything. You walk in the facility, there's a Walmart in there.

What do you need? They gave Sean Payton the store, from what we understand. That ain't true, is it?

That would be awesome. Sean Mart. Also, the Rams.

Would you guys live here? Are they known as an organization that doesn't take care of folks? I didn't see that. I don't really know much about them. Wow. The Bucks, the Chargers, the Steelers, all with D's or D minuses. Now, let's get to the F's. The Arizona Cardinals with an F. Not an organization I look at as being F in anything. The owner flies you.

The owner flies you, he picks you up on his own plane. F. Cincinnati Bengals, F. I get it. Cincinnati's always been known for not spending a whole bunch of money on their facilities, their practice facility, outside. I get that. I get that, okay.

The Jaguars and the Washington commanders. They could be F's across the board and be like, yeah, I felt that. Another one. Let's go over to weight room, which you think would be a priority for every team. It should be A pluses across the board, absolutely. 32 A's. Here are your A pluses. The Cowboys, the Bills, the Raiders, and the Dolphins. Big strong boy.

There are a lot of A's and A minuses, but let's go down to the one F minus. Can we guess this? What team has the weakest O line?

That's fun, yeah. Good question. Defensive line. I don't know. That was just a guess.

I had no idea, Bobby. It's the Cardinals again. An F minus. Do they not have two 45s? They only have one. There's one bar, there's always a line for bench.

It's like the plate, is it? Give me a 45 and then a 25. You haven't do math. You may not have two 45s. Yeah, you're doing the math to make the bars equal on each side.

I got 45 on the right and I got 25 on the left, but we'll put two on, so you're still about five pounds off. An F minus. What do they do? Give you a membership to 24 Hour Fitness? That's it?

There's no weight room. It's like, here's your key card to get in over it. Well, they give you a 24 Hour Fitness membership, Bobby, but it's only open for 19 hours. That's how they get you.

That's where that F comes in. Locker room. Dolphins A plus, Vikings A plus, Raiders A plus, Cowboys A plus. How does everybody not want to go play for the Cowboys if this is the situation? How are we not 32 times Super Bowl champions at this point?

Exactly. We have two Fs. One of them is the Cardinals' men. Do they even have a facility? Do they just meet at the Y before the game? What's happening here? How do they have so many Fs on things?

Seems awful biased. It's the basic stuff, like weight room, being nice to your players' families. It's like when you're a kid. You learn that in kindergarten.

Be kind, be nice. It's very simple. That should be easy. They don't have a food rating or any of that. If you're trying to open up a Jimmy John's, they go, okay, do you have enough money to open this?

And we need to see that you have the net worth to make sure you can keep funding it over a while. I do not own a Jimmy John's. I haven't been to one in a while.

What came to my head? Jimmy John's, they want to make sure. Do the Cardinals not have the money? They buy the team, but they can't actually afford to fix the card they bought that was way too expensive anyway?

That's crazy. The commanders, F minus. F minus.

Well, they can't even decide on a team. In locker room. In locker room. Are they going to pay a quarter to get in a locker every time?

F minus? And by the way, the Dallas Cowboy Cheetos locker room is nicer than most of the, it's right next to the regular players locker room. It's nicer than half the teams in America, like their locker rooms.

It's beautiful. So Dallas is getting A's for a reason. Yeah, Dallas is crushing the report card. The travel, and we'll end on this one. A plus is for three teams.

The Raiders, the Saints, and the Texans on travel. And then if we scroll to the bottom of this, there are four F's and one F minus. Well, we know one of them. You're not going to believe this.

The Cardinals, not an F. Yeah, the Cardinals actually got a B plus. It's the one thing they spend money on. Apparently it's like a train ticket. It's like, alright, get on guys. We'll cover you. You can sit in the front. Well, they do have their own plane. Yeah, that makes sense.

Here we go. The only F minus was the commanders. Is that place just miserable to be? It has to be, man. I have no connection.

I don't know anybody there. I just know people that are commanders fans and they hate Dan Snyder because he won't spend the money, well, apparently to have a locker for the player or spend money on the players. And obviously all of the things that have come out in the past few months where, listen, they're trying to get Dan Snyder out of there.

I would be trying to get Dan Snyder out of there. He's a black guy for the league. But he got an F minus. If you get any F minus, this is what they should do. We send you down like they do in soccer. We're going to do the report card. Any F minus, you're, what do they call it? Relegated. I don't watch soccer that much.

But that's what they should do. But the report card was hilarious to me. I was at the house like last week and I'm working out, you know, those Apple watches, one of the new ones. I'm blind pretty much. So my right eye has like eight percent vision, period. My left eye is all messed up too, so I wear glasses.

And they're very thick rimmed glasses. My inspirations as a kid were Rivers Cuomo from Weezer and Buddy Holly. And I thought, well, if they can be nerdy and cool, maybe I can be nerdy and cool. You do have a Buddy Holly vibe. Thank you.

Well, I think thank you. And so I can't... Corey Feldman from Stand By Me a little bit. Yeah, yeah. You've moved down to number four on the power list of cowboy fans. And number three, there's no one. That's a great movie.

What do we see? Yeah, I agree. It's just a Corey Feldman thing, you know?

Hey, man, he did his thing. So my watch goes off. It's a phone call and it says, you don't have to have their number on your phone. Some people, their name just pops up because I don't know. I don't know how it works. I don't know how it works and I'm calling. Caller ID, we used to know it would go, here's the number, here's the name associated with it.

Cell phones, that didn't happen all the time. But sometimes it'll go and it says his number and it says Rich Eisen. And I'm like, guys, Rich Eisen's calling me right now. I just, it was the tail end of my workout. And I didn't want to answer like this. Hey, Rich. Because I felt like that wouldn't be a good first.

He wouldn't know what was up. So I didn't answer. I texted him back after I gained my composure. And I was like, hey man, sorry I missed your call. But I started to get nervous to even talk to him on the phone because Rich Eisen to me is a hero status. Like when it comes to people that have influenced my life in many ways as a personality because he was able to be a personality in sports, which there wasn't a lot of that until that era happened. And so I was like, I can't call him.

I don't have it in me right now. It was like he was a seventh grade girl, a seventh grade boy. And she was calling me and I couldn't answer the phone because I was too nervous because I didn't know what I was going to say. And so I finished a lot of my work for that evening and I texted him. I said, hey man, I'm able to talk.

I had warmed up some milk and did the whole thing where you calm yourself down, took some deep breaths because I can talk now. He said, well, I'm at dinner. I'll call you tomorrow. I said, okay. So then all night I just kept thinking Rich Eisen's going to call me tomorrow. It was a tough one for me.

And so then finally he calls and he's like, hey man. And I'm, I'll be honest here. I was playing Madden. I play Madden. We play in the league. Me and my four, we have three friends. We play in a Madden league where we gamble and, but we each have a team.

We build them, shout out to the Steve loves Doritos Madden league. And we're in and I'm playing, but you talk to your friends at the same time. And so Rich calls and I just put on speaker so my friend can hear that I'm talking to Rich Eisen. And Rich didn't say anything bad, obviously, but he was so cool. And he goes, hey man, you're coming in. You're gonna love the guys. Make the show your own.

Book who you want to book. And I'm like, I'm talking to Rich Eisen right now. Like it was one of those moments where I really appreciated kind of how hard I had worked and the decisions I make is I was getting to talk to Rich Eisen. That to me was cool.

Do you guys ever have anybody that comes in here where you see them and you go, you know, I get to see a lot of people a lot of time, but this is cool. Like this is special because to me that was special. The fact that he took time out of his day, he could have had any of you guys call me.

He could have had an assistant of an assistant, but he called me and sat on the phone for 15, 20 minutes. And that to me, I was like, Rich must be awesome. Like as a human. And so that was special to me. So I want to ask you guys, you guys get to be around a lot of cool people. Chris, I'll start with you. Who have you met?

And you're like, oh man, I'm jaded, but right now this is awesome. That's come through these doors? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Just in life? Oh, I got mine. You got yours? Go ahead, Michael.

Go ahead. Al Michaels, man. The first time he came in the studio and I was like, wow, this is Al Michaels. Like I watched him on TV as a kid.

He does a miracle on ice. I remember watching that when they replayed it and I was like, this is so cool. And like he came next like and started talking to me and I'm like, this is like, I mean, we recorded some stuff with him and I'm like, this is like the most awesome.

Like as a kid, if you told me 40 years ago, you'd be talking to Al Michaels and you'd be like sitting next to him and he would know like your name and you'd have a conversation like when he's come in. I'm like, get out of here. That's it.

That's a good one. I mean, look, just even getting to work with Rich. So when I'm in college, we're cramming into my buddy's dorm room because he's the only one on our floor who actually paid for the cable TV on his 13 inch built in VCR and we're watching Sports Center every night just getting a recap as Rich and Stu doing the highlights.

And it's like you said, Mike, it's like, hey, fast forward 20 years, more than that, 30 years and you're going to be 20 and you're going to be with him every single day. I'm doing something so cool. Even our third hour guests, Craig Kilborn's coming in.

I love the Late Late Show debuted when I was in school. Huge, huge fan. I just got his sense of humor. Really appreciate it.

Loved it. Craig's going to come in and you're going to have a conversation with him. If I see him out, he will recognize that is just it's just kind of mind blowing. TJ, what we get to do every single day. And it's like you try not to take it for granted.

You try not to become jaded. But like every single celebrity who comes in is mad cool from Kevin Costner to Bryan Cranston to Matt Damon. And it's like A of the A list. They don't have to be nice to you. They're superstars. And they're the coolest guys down to earth, salt of the earth guys.

And what we get to do every day is just so awesome. TJ? I mean, for me, there's been so many.

I've been very fortunate in my time in L.A. that I've got to meet so many people. Go away, TJ. Come on. Give me one just on this show.

It doesn't matter who it is. Well, I'll limit it to this show because my experience are like kind of crazy. But just for this show, I mean, you know, you have guys like Morgan Freeman came in and that was mind boggling to me. But then there's also this huge Cowboys fan getting to meet Michael Ervin, getting to meet Trakeman, getting to meet I met Emmett outside of the show before. But the fact that Michael Ervin, like kind of, I think, could pick me out of a crowd and would know my name. The fact that Deon Sanders, who, you know, who's the reason I started rooting for Florida State, the fact that he kind of knows who I am, those are things that kind of like definitely trip you out.

But like actor wise, I'd say Morgan Freeman was one that was just like, holy crap, man, like, you know, Morgan Freeman. It's even just sitting at this desk. This is an amazing day for me. And that's why you guys know that. Like, I come in here today and I'm kind of nervous. I only get nervous for things that matter, right? We only get nervous. It's rare in our life that we get to get nervous about something good that's about to happen or an opportunity at something good.

And a lot of times we feel like nerves are a bad thing. And I come in and I love the nerves because I'm like, I know who all you guys are. You guys are introducing yourself, being nice to me. And I just want to be like, I know everything about you. I didn't do that.

I didn't do that, though. That was like the first time I ever met Adam Sandler. He did our old show at NFL Network and we're getting ready to tape. And I'm just in the back and I knew that he's from New Hampshire and I grew up in Maine.

And so I just wanted to talk to him about, you know, kind of living in North, North New England. And he was like, hey, what's up, man? I'm Adam. And I'm like, yeah, dude.

I'm like, yeah, I've been watching you since I was 10. We'll talk to Rich coming up next hour from the Combine. A couple of things we're going to get into in a few minutes. The top five records that won't be broken, meaning it's anniversary at Wilt's 100 points. That'll never be broken, right? We don't think so. That'll never be broken.

Maybe. I mean, you guys are coming close. You guys are knocking.

I mean, you had two 71s that you're sure, but that's still not even that close. That's not even three quarters. It's only three quarters of the way there. You need a whole other quarter. So we're going to get to that.

And as Chris mentioned, like, Craig Kilborn is going to be on. That's the, it's the coolest. Yeah, it's the absolute coolest. So we have a lot to do. Is it creepy to tweet or recruit? And I'll tell you, just I don't know, hypothetical. I don't know, random. Not that you've done it, right? Just me, just throwing something out there. And then I do want to talk about somebody passing on an interview, not wanting to be interviewed by me. And I'm deeply offended by it.

And I took it very personal and that's all. And I'll put it out there. I'm happy to do it. I'm happy to go ham. We're about to have it. That's right. You heard me say it. Okay. We're coming back in just a second. We'll have Coleman Crawley.

He looks like he's 12, but what he's been doing and why he was kicked out of a science fair project in school, it's hilarious. But he's also an expert in mid-majors and how you're going to make a bunch of money during NCAA. Here you go, Brockman. Yes. Get ready, boys.

Bobby Bones, in for Rich Eisen. Youth football is all about style and fun. And the NFL celebrates that through Play Football. An initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches, and parents. With the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders. To learn more and to find a league near you, visit The future of football is here.

You in? Youth football is all about style and fun. And the NFL celebrates that through Play Football. An initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches, and parents. With the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders. To learn more and to find a league near you, visit The future of football is here.

You in? In case you missed it, we broke the news earlier that Aaron Rodgers will be playing for the Titans because I met somebody who claimed to work construction on his new house and says Aaron will be living there full time. There you go. You heard it here.

In case you missed it. I like that. I can't wait until this gets picked up nationally. Me too, buddy. Me too. The Rich Eisen Show Radio Network. We're here. We're doing it.

Thank you. I'm Bobby Bones. At Mr. Bobby Bones if you want to follow on social. But follow The Rich Eisen Show for sure. And I'm sitting at The Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call. Click. or just stop by. Now, college basketball time. Even if you're not a massive college basketball fan, you'll probably get into some sort of bracket in some way. We do a Calcutta. You guys ever heard of that? That's a golf game too, right? Yeah, probably. I don't know.

They just call it that. But it's you bid on a team and let's say I buy Memphis for 50 bucks. And the further they go, the more money I make.

But you also, if they don't go up, you lose money too. So there's all these ways to just, hey, to have fun and be entertained. That's all I'm saying. Nothing else. Entertainment.

Entertainment purposes only. Now is the time to kind of get into it if you're going to do a little bit of entertaining. And I'm going to bring on Coleman Crawley, who to me, this guy, I say guys, hey Coleman, first of all, welcome to The Rich Eisen Show. I'm Bobby Bones. You already know me. But how's your day going so far, buddy? It's going great.

Thank you so much, Bobby and Rich and the team for having me. So how old are you? That's what they were asking me during the break here because in the picture you look nine. Yeah, I understand. I'm 26.

I look 12. Yes, that's true. So here's the thing about Coleman. He has been, over the last 61 days, how many games have you been to personally in the last 61 days? I've been to now 67 games in 64 days. Okay, so 67 and 64. Now he's not just going to all the big games.

Actually, it's not that at all. What is your purpose with going to all these games, Coleman? I am trying to find Cinderella before she's at the ball. Last year, St. Peter's was that Cinderella made a run to the Elite Eight.

They only averaged 526 people in attendance at their home games, so I knew I could get great access to a high level of basketball, and I'm trying to find everyone's darling before March back in January and February. So what he's going to give us in a second is if we want to entertain ourselves and make a little extra entertainment, he's going to give us one of those, or two of those Cinderella teams that he feels like will really disrupt the NCAA tournament this year. I want to go back to when you were 14 years old, so like two years.

I want to go back to your 14. Tell the guys about the science fair project you did, and then what happened at the end of it. Yes, I was in sixth grade and decided to do my science fair project over if I could find trends within data to beat Vegas against the spread, so this was in the fall during college football season.

And I actually had quite a bit of success with it. Ten weeks of studying teams and then three weeks of fake predictions. I went 17 and 6 during that stretch, and so they told me my project would have moved on to state. This was a sixth to ninth grade competition.

I was the youngest, but being in Oklahoma, they felt that it was unethical to move a gambling project on to state, so didn't get a move on, but got a good grade on my project. Don't they have casinos in Oklahoma? How is that unethical? He's not Native American. Yeah, I have no idea. Bible Belt? I don't know. I mean, the casinos are all Native American there.

That's true. And Coleman is, as you can see, a very young. Very white. Very pasty. I was going to say pasty, but white also works, yes.

I am native, but yeah, look white. So Coleman, you do the project and they just say you won, but you can't continue, but did that kind of inspire you to go into this and actually find ways, as you said, to beat Vegas? Absolutely. My dad's not much of a gambler. He's the one that came up with the idea, but I guess he underestimated how competitive I was.

It's kind of a filthy habit, for sure. Alright, we're going to do three teams that you think could be the Cinderella team from these mid-majors. Give us one right now and tell us why. UAB, I've been telling you Marshall was my favorite Cinderella all year long, Bobby, but it has switched to UAB since I got to watch them twice over this past weekend. They have maybe the most electric under six foot guard in the country in Jelly Walker. He shoots the ball tremendously well from behind the arc. They've got a seven footer built like an ox inside and Trey Jemison, 6'7 guy in KJ Buffen, an ultra-athletic six foot guard that played at LSU last year in Eric Gaines. So, they absolutely have power six level of athleticism, size to go along with the sensational player in Jelly Walker.

Marshall, same thing. Power six athleticism, size. They have a guy in Tavion Kinsey going to be a pro without a doubt and Andy Taylor is another guard. They both average over 20 points per game on the same team. They're definitely a team that could be a Cinderella.

Outside of that, there's several teams that I could pick. I'm going to go with Drake out of the Missouri Valley. They have a coach's son as the leading scorer. He's a sophomore. Tucker DeVries averages 19 points per game. Outside of Tucker, the next five leading scorers are all seniors. So, they're a veteran team that shoots the ball really well and I think they're a team that could make a run as well. So, write this down. UAB, Marshall, Drake.

That's Colman Crawley giving us that there so you can make some extra entertainment when March Madness starts. Colman, how many miles did you put on your car in the last 60 days or so, driving around? 19,000. In two months, driving to all these games.

About 300 a day. And how do you have the money to do this? Meaning, you had a job. What was the job?

Yes, I worked in sales and so I knew I was going to get paid commission at the end of the year and thought, okay, I can use that commission to have, I guess, bet on myself money for the next couple months before I run out and go dead broke and we're getting close to running out and going dead broke, but we're going to fight through through March. He's going to go to March. Colman Crawley, bracketologist, a guy that grinds. I hired him on my sports show called 25 Whistles, which is a podcast, and he's so good. And there you go.

UAB, Marshall, and Drake. Are you still married or has your wife left you yet for driving to all these games? I'm still married.

She's about to fly out Friday, but talk to me again next month and I may have a different answer for you. All right, buddy. Hey, we appreciate the time and we're going to hold you accountable if these teams do not win us a lot of entertainment. Okay, buddy? Understand. Understand. Thank you for having me. All right, there he is.

Colman Crawley. Yeah. I mean, he's a kid that goes hard, right? You have to respect just the drive of somebody. Mad respect for that hustle, man. I was just looking at that thing on his Twitter about what he did.

Wow. It's not like he has as much family money and can just go, like, I'll take mommy and daddy's money and then go drive around. Like, he worked hard, built up, and then took that and bet on himself. I think that's the kind of guy we can all kind of go, dang. Like, that's who you want. That's who you want to work with, work for.

That's who you want to support. I think everyone in this room can kind of identify with betting on yourself. But do you win or lose with you guys?

That's the question. If I bet on you, do you win? Most of the time I got to say so. That's all I need. I'm going to need about 90 seconds to talk about baseball coming up in a minute, so we'll get to that.

I do want to talk about an interview that passed to come here and talk with me, and I was a little offended. Are we cool to do this? We just throw it out there? Are we cool?

Alright, look. Texas A&M has a head basketball coach. Are you familiar with Buzz at all? You guys know?

Okay, so Texas A&M is actually really good this year, too. And so Buzz Williams, head basketball coach there, he came up to me once and was like, Hey, can I get a picture with you? And I was like, of course.

He goes, my kid's big fans. And I was like, awesome. And so we're coming up here and they're like, can I talk to Buzz? Like, absolutely. They're like, Buzz passes.

What? What do you mean, Buzz passes? Buzz asked for a picture with me. Oh, he was the old Marquette coach.

Yeah, and then he passed. We were on the court. He goes, hey.

It was an Arkansas A&M game. We just beat him. He goes, hey, you mind if I get a picture real quick? And I was like, you talking to me?

Yeah. And cool. So I was like, I'd love to talk to him.

I thought he was an awesome guy. We're best friends now. Buzz passes.

Wow. I'm going to put that on my headstone when I die. Buzz passes. You're like, Buzz, this wasn't my dream baby. This was yours.

You wanted that picture. So I now, here on this show. Do they have a game today? On the Rich Eisen Show. I curse them. Oh.

That's right. You're hearing it right now. Do you have any, I don't know. Do you have any spooky cursing technology?

Like, I don't know, wind chime or something. I curse Texas A&M basketball right now. It may not be this game. It may not be the next, but until he comes on, maybe tomorrow, he may come on tomorrow and lift the curse. Yeah, maybe we should hold that off until Friday. We'll hold the curse for 24 hours. Wait, they have a massive game. They have Saturday home against number two Alabama.

Yeah, I bet they lose because of the curse. Well, he better call in now if he don't want to lose. You want the show bump. Get on the phone. Does he know about our show bump, Bobby? Good things happen when you come on this show.

Apparently not, because he said I would not like to talk to Bobby. 844-204-RICH if you guys want to call us. You can watch us on the Roku channel, obviously. You can listen on Sirius XM or stream for free on the Odyssey app or

You can also follow at Rich Eisen Show, which is what I do, and we're going to get into a couple things. The records that will never be broken in sports. And this happened because I think it was Chris. You said Wilt Chamberlain.

Yeah, today's the anniversary of Wilt's 100 point game. I just wonder, in that game, what his teammates were thinking. Were they thinking, let's help him or dude, chill?

Yeah, but I'm open. You would think at like points 59 to 74, they're like, dude, chill. But once it gets close, they're like, this is something, let's just jump in on it. Look, we can't fight this, so we might as well just go with it. Here you go, Wilt.

At some point, there's probably a little resistance. It's like, come on, man. There's only one ball. My girl's in the stands, Wilt, let me in.

Yeah, exactly. And we will talk to Rich coming up at the top of the next hour from the combine. So why don't we break off for just a second, and when we come back, we're going to do the top five records that won't be broken. And we will have Craig Kilborn coming up next hour as well, which I'm super excited about. And maybe a few calls. Call in.

This is like one of those boxes where you put in all your little complaints. I'm happy for it. I'm here. I'm Bobby Bones filling in for Rich Eisen. Thank you, guys.

That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. All right, coming up in a few minutes, Rich Eisen from the Combine, and then a little later in studio, Craig Kilborn. Super excited about both of those. Also, let me say, we had Coleman Crawley on, kid, traveling to all these schools to find the next Cinderella.

His Twitter is SharpShotSelect, if you guys want to follow him. Now, I do want to go over, because Chris, who brought this up, is Wilt Chamberlain's anniversary, right? A hundred points in a game. It's like, dude, pass me the ball.

Or is it? Do you have the final score of that game? Yeah, so this was obviously March 2nd, 1962, the 61st anniversary.

Mike, do the math for you. Philadelphia Warriors, obviously they go on to become the Golden State Warriors. 169 to 147 over the New York Knicks. So there was another 69-point score, so maybe people felt pretty fulfilled.

Oh, I got a few shots in. I guess it was 103. So his teammates, 11, 16, 17, 16, and York Larice poured in 9. Yeah, I don't know York Larice. I didn't follow his 30 for 30, so I'm not familiar.

He's of the Pennsylvania Larices. Wilt was obviously no 3-point line. Wilt played all 48 minutes. 36 of 63 from the field, 28 of 32 from the foul line, 25 rebounds. Hey, and don't say he never passed, guys.

Two assists. But did you hear the 28 for 32 from the free throw line for a big guy? That's almost absurd this day and age. I mean, almost 90%. And Wilt was a career 51% free throw shooter, so he had a good night at the line.

Yeah, that seems fishy though. He's 51 all of a sudden. He's like 90 on the night. I don't know when you even talked to a statistician that was there. Here we go, top 5 records that will never be broken.

I have my list and I'm going to go to you guys. Number 5, Scott Skiles' 30 assists on December 30, 1990. You'd think after assist 20, the guys on the other team would go, he ain't shootin'. Like, it's obvious he's not going to shoot the ball.

We figured this out. Yeah, but 30 assists. Yeah, that's crazy. I think Lebron had 19 in the last couple years, was like a recent high, but not been close. Next up, now this interception's in the NFL game. Jim Hardy of the Chicago Cardinals who threw 8 picks against the Eagles. Now, there have been some throw 7, even Ty Detmer threw 7 in 2001, but 8.

Do they not have another person with an arm? 8 interceptions. That's like, again, me on Madden. Now, number 3, I hit 15 bets in a row.

What? This year, on my podcast, and I don't consider myself to be great at this, so this is not a, but on my podcast, 25 whistles, we would do a big, and I would go, let's go, bet this one. I hit 15 in a row publicly. It got to the point where I was like, something must be happening, so I just flip a coin. I bet 10 and 11, and I hit both of them too.

So it's not all skill. I was having a good night, like Wilt. I hit 15 in a row! That's number 3, all-time, greatest records that will never be broken. Number 2, the single-season free throw percentage.

Jose Calderon, 98.1%. That 98% for a whole season, that should just show you, though, it's like bowling. I think free throws are like bowling. If you just practice enough, you'll get good at it. If you're a basketball player and you just practice free throws enough, you'll get good at it. I think anybody can be a professional bowler.

I said it. Anybody can be a professional bowler if you just go and practice. What do you do? You throw it?

You curve it? I see, guys, bowling, it's like a bunch of John Dailies. We get one John Daly in golf, and I like John Daly as far, like he's from Arkansas.

He goes out, want some majors? You're like, that's Mr. Everyman. Bowling is like everybody's Mr. Everyman. So I think free throw shooting is like bowling.

If you just practice enough, you should get good at it. And then number 1, my dumbest decision ever in football, high school football as a captain. I'm not trying to brag here. And I went out. We were playing a team called Sparkman. I remember leaving pumped. It was a big game for us. Coach said, you go out there, we want to play defense.

We're going to shut them down. I'm like, let's go. I was a pretty wiry guy, again.

I didn't even grow really until college. I go out and flip the coin. They win the coin toss. They say, we'll defer. I say, we're kicking.

Well, here's the problem. They defer, and they get to pick the second half. I said, we're kicking. The rest said, you're kicking. They said, are you sure? I said, yeah. So we kicked to start the game, and we kicked again at halftime.

So we kicked both, and then we lost by one touchdown. That's the dumbest decision that will never be. This is terrible, terrible, terrible. Records that will never be broken. Chris, what do you have? Okay, here we go.

I went a little more conventional. Number 5, Wayne Gretzky's career point total, 2,857. If Wayne Gretzky never scored a goal, he'd still have the most points of all time.

Think about that for a second. Ricky Henderson's career stolen base mark, 1,406. That ain't ever getting touched. Jose Reyes, I think he's still playing.

He might get to 1,000. No one's touching that. Richard Petty in 1967, guys, won 27 NASCAR races, including 10 straight.

Nobody's touching that. Michael Phelps, he's on the goat Mount Rushmore for athletics, 28 Olympic gold medals. And this one, Bobby, you're a golfer.

You'll appreciate. Tiger Woods made the cut in 142 consecutive tournaments. That's bananas.

Yeah. Cuts are a weird thing because I didn't know until we were watching, you watched it as well, full swing on Netflix. I didn't know if you missed a cut, you got nothing. No money. Not even like 50 bucks or like a 10% off an Applebee's card or something. You would think you played, you did some work. You should get like sag minimum or something.

I couldn't believe they go out there and they get nothing, which is why you don't even cover the trip. Nope. When they were showing Tiger in full swing, when Tiger came back like 18 months after the rec, he was playing, was that the, was it the master? No. Yeah, he played the master.

Was it the masters? Yeah. And he's walking and he uses his putter as a cane for the first time.

Like I get maybe a little emotional. Like, I don't know Tiger. I never met Tiger. And you know, from all accounts, Tiger's a weird dude because he's been growing up in a weird situation. Famous his whole life.

Yeah. I mean, he's been great. But for some reason, and you guys may be the same, when Tiger plays, I'm just like rooting as hard as I can for him. I love that guy. He's not even 25 and I get it. Even then when he was dominating and young and I was like, I get why I'm rooting.

But now he comes out. I'm Tiger all the way. Me too. It is bizarre how much I just absolutely stand.

I love Tiger Woods. All right, Mike, who do you have? For me, I didn't, I didn't actually do a list.

You did? Okay. But when you hear this and you hear us, just give me one that you're like, this is a record I think will be tough for anyone to touch ever. This is called spot questioning. This is why I win the awards. Let me think about one. I'm going to come back to you. That's your wheelhouse.

Think about music. I got one. There you go. I'll come back. Come back. Come back. Go. All right. Go ahead. I got to look at it. How many? All right.

With mine, you know, I just have five here and kind of tried to dabble in all the sports and things I like. We'll start off with Emmitt Smith, eighteen hundred three hundred eighteen thousand three hundred fifty five career rushing yards. I don't think that's getting touched as a running back in the National Football League right now. Roman Reigns is on nine hundred fourteen days as the undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Champion.

And we're making a big day of it. But he has a long way to go to tie the great the legendary Bruno Sammartino record for eleven total years and four thousand forty days. He reigned as champion of the World Wrestling Federation slash World Wrestling Entertainment. That's never ever going to be touched. He got Wayne Gretzky. You brought up his total points, Chris. I brought up his assists. Nineteen hundred sixty three assists. And again, like Chris says, you take all of his goals out.

He's still the all time leading scorer with all these NBA players who are load managing and taking games off and not playing back to back and seeing out games. AC Green's one thousand one hundred ninety two consecutive games played. That mark is going to last longer than the cockroach.

You see if the bomb goes off. Only thing left is a cockroach for the cockroach and AC Green's consecutive games because ain't nobody touching that. Almost did that one, did you?

I almost did. And in nineteen sixty eight, Danny McLean won thirty one games for the Detroit Tigers. And I'm here to tell you, Bobby, Chris, Mike, there ain't no way never in the rock means ever is anyone going to win thirty one games as a major league baseball pitcher again? It's not going to happen. Guys can't even pitch to the seventh inning nowadays. So you're never going to see thirty one wins again. You might not even see twenty eight wins again.

It's never going to happen. So there's just five of my tops right there. I'd like to shout out for the Bruno Sammartino. That's it. I'm a huge wrestling fan, so I got to work that and everything I do almost like any one that I got to give me to go to my personal producer.

Thank you, TJ. I I say this and it's obviously albums aren't sold anymore. But Michael Jackson and Thriller, fifty one million albums sold for Thriller, greatest album of all time. That's definitely never going to get broken because albums obviously don't get sold. Plays are a different story.

Obviously today it's all about plays. But my second one is Beyonce, 32 Grammys. Yeah, I don't think that's ever going to get broken. Pretty amazing.

It's hard to say that anyone's going to touch that. That's those are my two. Thank you, TJ. Because I'm not I'm not a big Beyonce fan, but I can absolutely respect the 32 Grammys. That's crazy. The tickets that she sells. I mean, Quincy Jones has 28, I believe, and she has more than Quincy Jones, who's probably the greatest producer in the history of music in my eyes. I mean, and she has more than he does. Yeah, I get it.

He produced Thriller. I met Beyonce when she was in Destiny's Child. That's my one meeting with her. It's pretty cool. I was like, I told her, I sat her down and said, you're going to make it.

You need to go solo. And you know what? I'm the reason.

There's a little talk we had. We got the punk Beyonce once and make her think that she dropped a Christmas tree. And that was for a bunch of kids.

Where was that? It was a show Punk'd on MTV. Oh, you literally worked on the show Punk'd? Yeah, I was a producer on Punk'd. How did I not know this? I don't really talk about it that much.

TJ is the man of many, many things. Did anybody ever get angry where you didn't show it because it was a little too real? Yeah, I mean, I have to say that the success rate for punks was very, very high, right? And one thing that would happen was even if somebody thought something was a little weird and he'd be like, I feel like I'm getting punk'd. Our actors were good enough that they would suck them back into whatever we were doing.

But there was a time and I'll drop it. A-Rod, I was in one Punk'd my entire life and it was Alex Rodriguez. He was getting Punk'd at a restaurant and he didn't want to sign off. So Ashton Kutcher, who was producer, literally, he and our lawyers were in the back, literally ripping out tape, like tape got destroyed.

Wow. But then there was, we had a Black Eyed Peas incident once. That one didn't go to air because that one went left a little bit, but they redid the punk'd with someone else a little bit later. They had a feeling. They had a feeling something was up. We didn't involve the manager and he thought something bad was happening to So he comes starting trying to fight and it was like, oh, wait a minute. This is just, but justified.

I want him as my manager. Let's put it that way. Let's talk about Jalen Carter for a second. And just in case you've not been watching or listening to anything sports related in the past couple of days, former Georgia star Jalen Carter, one of the top prospects in the NFL's draft next month, has been charged with reckless driving and racing in connection with a crash that killed a teammate and a recruiting staff member. Details of the investigation released Wednesday, which is yesterday, cited evidence that Carter and LaCroix were operating their vehicles in a manner consistent with racing.

Shortly before the crash, reckless driving and racing are both misdemeanors in Georgia. And I talked about this earlier. This is a summarized statement from Jalen Carter.

Numerous media reports have circulated containing inaccurate information. There is no question that when all the facts are known, I will fully be exonerated of any criminal wrongdoing. And the fully exonerated thing actually stands out to me because you don't hear a lot of people putting out statements when they're trying to clear their name or say, and they literally go, I did not do it.

I will be fully exonerated. Like there's some weight to that to me because an attorney had to see this before he put it out. Somebody that knows about language and words, they had to see this before it was put out. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I just think that somebody, they must know some stuff that is going to come out that will look a bit different once everything is out.

And my only point is everything isn't out yet. And we, especially us in media, where we love ratings and headlines and clicks and we got to be careful. We got to be careful until we know exactly what we're saying when it comes to things like this involving two people that tragically lost their life. And here they are at the combine and he was, now he wasn't going to work out. And correct me if I'm wrong, he was not going to work out, but he was going to do the medical and the questions, right?

Interviews, team interviews, and you get your height and weight, medical evaluation and all that stuff. And this isn't one of those where we hear about the NFL going, well, this agent's saying this to make someone fall down a board because this is actually them going, we're going to go ahead and pursue this officially. So it's not one of those because I've seen people online go, well, this is probably another team's price.

This is not that at all. And with the draft come, there's still enough time in between now and the draft for whatever it is to be fleshed out, to be fleshed out. Jalen Carter, a lot of the teams had him at number one on their board if they didn't need a quarterback. Do you feel like this will significantly impact his draft position?

Chris? I don't. I don't. I don't either because it's two misdemeanors.

If one of them were a felony, I think it's a different situation completely. And again, there's some heavy, fully exonerated, it makes me feel like there's something there too. Why do you not? I think that it's because he's awesome.

It's kind of sad. It's like because he's a great, great player. If this was kind of a fringe guy, maybe a first rounder tweener, a second day pick, this maybe it would be give teams kind of justification for taking them off their board completely or moving him down a couple of rounds. But this guy is the, you know, consensuously the number one player, number one defender, national champion. Now, when he gets in these interviews, yeah, he's going to have to really explain himself. Why did you, a lot of police and investigators initially, why were you doing this in the first place?

Time of day, decision making. He's going to have to explain all of that and have his answers be satisfactory for some of these teams. But enough to take him out of the top five, top ten, first round? No. If you had him circled at one and you had a shot to get him at one, do they still take him at one?

Whomever they, do you think that would happen? Is he that much better than the other guy or players you were looking at? Is he that much better than Will Anderson to be like, alright, this guy's got some off the field stuff, maybe we heard this, we heard that, we talked to a few teams and this and that. Let's just go with the guy who we know doesn't have any of those issues and there's not going to be that much of a drop off.

Then maybe you go the other direction. But if you don't think so, if you're satisfied with what he tells you, all your background checks clear out, then sure, just take him number one if you were going to take him number one anyway. But something like this comes up and it's not a good look this close to the draft, but like you said, there is enough time for everyone to hear what they need to hear to feel comfortable to take him number one. Will Anderson is working out, right? He was going to work out.

Is that at the combine? Because if I were Will Anderson, I wouldn't work out. I mean, I'm just being like... If I was Will Anderson, I wouldn't even have played last year.

That's true too. I wouldn't work out now. I mean, what is there to gain?

Nothing to gain. You're already that guy and let's say you've now decided to jump off Jalen Carter and you're going to go and you need somebody defensively especially that's playing a linebacker or defensive line guy. You're not going to move up anywhere, but you can only underperform at the combine if you're somebody of that status. It's like bowl games. If I were a guy that was going to go early, I would probably pop out of the bowl game too if it was meaningless. Yeah, if it wasn't in the tournament, Final Four, National Championship, I probably wouldn't do it. And I get why people get upset because it's not how football used to be when I was a kid, but that's okay. You're not a kid anymore.

It's different now. There's too much money involved. There's too much risk. You get risk when you try to play careful. That's when you kind of get injured, but why put yourself out there?

Why take the chance? Rich is going to call in like seven minutes or so and we'll talk about... Because I've heard nothing about how it's happening today. We got here early and it's sort of working. I don't know what's happening at the combine today. They pulled all... Again, correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they pulled all the defensive linemen or defensive tackleers or whatever it was yesterday that was going to speak. Yeah, all the defensive linemen, the prospects didn't speak yesterday, but Jalen Carter's back now. He's back at the combine.

He's back in Indianapolis. He's going to go through all the interviews. He's going to do all the measurables and the medical. And so I imagine we're going to hear those guys speak at some point. So he flew down and did what he had to do there and then came back, right?

I believe so. Yeah, that's going to be interesting to see what happens today whenever people can openly ask him things because it's not like he's had a lot of time to do media training on exactly what to say because this has happened now. He probably knew it was coming or they probably knew something was coming, but you never quite know when a charge is going to get pressed because they don't share that information openly. So it'll be interesting. And you almost have to have him talk. You can't really protect him right now. You can't go, no, we can't let him talk right now.

It's almost like you have to go, hey man, it's now time for you to prove who you are as a person, talk about the situation. I would continue to say I'll be exonerated if you really feel that way. Problem is if he's not, you can't keep saying it. They'll replay that club 100,000 times. I imagine he'll have to really explain everything when he's meeting with teams and meeting with, you know, high level officials.

But I'd imagine he'd get up there if there's a media scrum and say ongoing investigation. I can't really talk much more about it. Like Lynch type, like Marshawn Lynch type, he just says the same thing over and over again. But you know, the thing is it's very weird because he wasn't driving the car and of course just a terrible situation, but apparently there was no liquor involved. And like I said the other day, basically we've all been there.

We've all been 23, 24 and you think you're invincible, except we've never been, you know, top notch athletes who just came off winning a national title. It sounds like these guys were out, they were having some fun. It ended tragically because, you know, they did something dumb. But I don't know that this kid based on what we've seen can be held accountable for this tragedy. I think it was just a bad thing that happened. And that's, that's kind of it. And I think we'll learn more.

We have time to learn. All right, Bobby Bones, Rich Eisen will be back with us in a second. But of course, you know, very, you know, a horrible situation, a horrible thing that happened. And obviously he's going to have to live with this because these were his friends and people he, you know, hung out with, were teammates with, spent time with. So that alone is always nothing really that you can do to this kid is going to be worse than I'm sure the guilt he's feeling just because even though if it wasn't his fault, you were there.

These were my friends. We forget the times that people you see on TV or, or listen to on the radio or podcast, they're actual human beings. I mean, yeah, he might be, you know, six, whatever, and 300 pounds and can bench press a house, but he's still in the big scheme of things, a kid, and he's still a human being.

And like I said, this is going to weigh on them, but I don't know that this should cost him his future based upon what we know right now. And the fact that it's two misdemeanors, again, even if he didn't say what they were exactly, he just said two misdemeanors, a misdemeanor aside from the people. And yet I just, we just want to keep saying this so people don't think we're losing the sensitivity of it because two people died, but it's two misdemeanors. And if it were anything else, it would be like two misdemeanors. That's easy.

You, you, even if you're guilty of them, you do a low community service, you pick up some trash, you recoup in your back. But because again, of the tragedy part of it, he wasn't driving. You're right. He wasn't driving.

He wasn't drinking. We're just going to learn more is my only point with this. And it's almost like I want to beat the nail with the hammer.

We have to, as a society, learn, like sit back sometimes and just go, I need to learn a few more things before I start shooting my mouth off. So that's what's up. We'll come back with Rich Eyes in a second. Also Craig Kilbourne, which I'm super pumped about.

Rich and Craig, are you kidding me? I'm Bobby Bones. The NFL scouting combine presented by Nobel is coming to Indianapolis March 2nd through 5th. Be a part of the excitement. Watch the future stars of the NFL ahead of the NFL draft where your Indianapolis Colts have one of the highest picks.

Who will it be? Don't miss the NFL's free fan event at Lucas Oil Stadium with football fun for the whole family. Next is here at the NFL scouting combine. March 2nd through 5th. Download the NFL one pass and get your free tickets today.
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