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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 3

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February 27, 2023 3:22 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 27, 2023 3:22 pm

The MMQB’s Albert Breer and Rich discuss Aaron Rodgers’ uncertain future with the Green Bay Packers, the Jets-Derek Carr mutual interest, how USC’s Caleb Williams and UNC’s Drake Maye could impact the Chicago Bears’ draft plans this year, if Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will ever be able to agree to a long-term contract extension, the chances the Rams trade CB Jalen Ramsey and if the Titans would ever trade All-Pro RB Derrick Henry. 

Rich debates the best landing spots for Henry if the Titans were to blow things up and start from scratch on offense, and in ‘Overreaction Monday’ weighs in on Justin Fields, Mac Jones, Dak Prescott, NFL Draft QBs, LeBron and the new-look Lakers, Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks, and MLB’s controversial new Pitch Clock rule.

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They put the office on the second floor where all the executives were. Let's rock! Earlier on the show, ESPN® NFL Draft Analyst Todd McShea, ESPN® MLB Insider Jeff Passan, PBA® Hall of Famer Pete Webber. Still to come, Senior Writer for the MMQB Albert Breer. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Ah, yes, our number three The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. The first two hours on this program, if you missed it, don't you dare fret because we re-air right away on the Roku® Channel, Roku® Channel 210. If you're watching us, it's free when you watch us here on the Roku® Channel.

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Please hit the subscribe button there. The YouTube page pretty much is a nice backstop as well. slash Rich Eisen Show. Our relationship with Roku®. There's something called The Rich Eisen Show Collection. It's a video-on-demand service.

A ton of this show is seen in clip format there as well. If you missed the first two hours, we had a great chat in hour number one with Todd McShea, who's calling in, said that the Bears should trade fields and take Bryce Young, but he doesn't think they'll do that. Hour number two, we had a conversation with Jeff Passan of ESPN, talking about the pitch clock and all the new rules in Major League Baseball. And then because it was the 11-year anniversary yesterday of his famous Who Do You Think You Are, I Am, quote, Hall of Famer Pete Webber called in the show to stroll down memory lane. And we kick off hour number three with the Pete Webber of NFL Media. Who does Albert Breer think he is?

He does. Joining us here from Sports Illustrated, our good friend Albert Breer calling in from the combine. How you doing Albert?

What's going on? I'm not sure I take that. You're a Hall of Famer. That's what I mean. That's what I mean. Well, thank you. Thank you.

I appreciate it. Are you at the combine? Are you there? I am. Yeah, I am. When are you guys getting here? I got there tomorrow night.

I hope to, I'd sign a piece of paper to land before midnight, Tuesday night. Okay. Right now. Okay. So what are they talking about? What are all, what's all the gossip, the whispers? This is it.

Yeah, I mean, you know, it's, and Rich, you've been doing this for a long time, too. You know, a lot of it, like a, now there's, there's stuff with the college kids, of course, you know, and, and we'll be all, we'll all be talking about Bryce Young and T.J. Stroud and Anthony Richardson and, and Will Leviss and all, you know, Jalen Carter, Will Anderson, all those guys, too. But I, I think the biggest piece of intrigue here is, you know, whether we have a domino or two in the veteran quarterback market fall this week, you know, and, you know, Aaron Rodgers, whether he comes out and says something over the next couple of days, I know people are anticipating that. The Derek Carr thing, you know, could that accelerate, you know, because there are some pressure points there. And if Rodgers, you know, leans one way or the other, it could affect what happens with Carr. You know, and then of course, you know, there's the normal stuff with the guys who are going to be free agents, which is the meetings that are not supposed to happen, I guess.

Right? Like where, where, where, you know, there's Jimmy Garoppolo and Daniel Jones and Gino Smith, like all that business is, is, is starting to sort itself out. So I think that's the big thing really, like honestly here is, you know, with all the general managers and head coaches, at least most head coaches here in Indianapolis, you know, most people are curious whether or not over the course of the next, you know, six, seven days, one of those dominoes or two of those dominoes fall. Now, now I read this in your, in your column, the MMQB in Sports Illustrated, Albert, you are, you are, you are the latest in our terrific business of reporting and information in the NFL to say this phrase, and I'm going to put it in front of you because I think you're the perfect person to put some meat on these bones. You say that Aaron Rodgers could be traded by the Packers because they have a different approach this offseason with Jordan Love being as developed as he is and Rodgers potentially being ripe for moving on because he's, you know, he needs to prove that he's all in.

I've heard that over and over and over again. The, and the implication is when you hear like, if he's all in, the Packers are all in with him. What is, what is not being all in, right?

Like what, what is, what does that mean all in? What, what, what form does not all in potentially take with Aaron Rodgers, Albert Breuer? Well, you know, I think you have to remember, like there are a lot of people in that Packers organization who've been there long enough to remember what it was like in 2008 and remember what those years were like before 2008 when they were waiting for Brett Favre to either come back off the tractor or not come back off the tractor in Mississippi, you know, and, you know, eventually they got to the point where, you know, it's like, you know, we want a quarterback who's going to be around, you know, we want a guy who's, who's going to be locked in, who's, you know, going to be developing chemistry with our younger players and leading us through some of the offseason work.

It doesn't mean you have to be there every day. You know, it's a bigger ask, obviously, for guys to be in Green Bay, Wisconsin than it is per se, you know, like the Dolphins coach asks for their players to stay in Miami, you know, in the offseason, but, you know, I think that there's that piece of it, like, where two years ago, they were waiting all the way up till the first day of training camp and kind of held hostage by it. You know, last year, you know, there was obviously no Aaron Rodgers for most of, and I can't remember if it was most or all of the offseason program, but he was really around, you know, and, you know, so, like, I think that that's part of it is, you know, where are you going to, you know, be around to develop chemistry with Christian Watson and Romeo Dobbs, and are you going to come back in the best shape of your life, you know, all that stuff. So, yeah, I think that that's definitely a piece of all this, you know, where, you know, what the Packers are trying to do aligns with what Rodgers is trying to do and trying to accomplish, and, you know, we've seen it before, Rich, like, where, you know, Brady, like, had, like, an incredible sense of urgency when, you know, he got to Tampa, and, you know, where Brett Favre had an incredible sense of urgency when he got to Minnesota, you know, can you have that same sense of urgency if you are coming back to the same place, or does everybody need to change the scenery?

I think that's sort of the best way I can illustrate the way that, at least I see it based on what I know. Albert Brie here on The Rich Eisen Show. So, what is, so they're waiting for Rodgers? Is he the first domino to fall? Because Derek Carr doesn't have to wait, and teams don't have to wait for Rodgers to sign him either.

So, what's the deal there? Yeah, and I think, you know, honestly, like, I think there's, put it this way, there's very strong interest between the Jets and Carr, and, like, I do think, I know when they've met and they've talked over the course of the last six, seven days, there's been an understanding there that Derek Carr wants to take his time and he wants to investigate all of his options, and, you know, he, you know, may want to take another visit or two, and I think the Jets have been very upfront that they're looking at the entire quarterback market, and that includes Aaron Rodgers, you know, and so, you know, could it get to the point where the Jets, you know, are able to siphon information where it's like, well, Rodgers doesn't want to go there, and maybe that accelerates something where Carr is the first domino, certainly something like that could fall, and I'm not saying, by the way, I'll make this clear, that Rodgers has said that about the Jets at all, but, like, I'm just kind of, like, trying to paint the scenario where Carr could be the first domino to fall. I think there's an assumption that Rodgers is going to be the first one to fall because he's the big one, right?

Like, and so, like, there are teams, there are teams out there that are waiting on him, but you're right, like, you know, if a team or two gets a sense, like, we're not going to be in it for Rodgers or, say, Lamar Jackson over the course of the next few days while everyone's here in Indianapolis, well, you know, then that team could certainly move on Derek Carr a little faster than maybe they were last week. All right, let's put a pin in what you just said, Albert Breer, Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen Show from Sports Illustrated, calling in from the NFL scouting combine. When this show comes on the air at noon Eastern time in Indianapolis on Tuesday, Matt Eberflus will be at a podium talking, head coach of the Chicago Bears. What do you expect to hear from him about the first overall selection and all the questions surrounding Justin Fields, Albert? I think what you're going to hear from him, Rich, is what behooves the Bears. What behooves the Bears right now is to create the appearance that all options are open, right?

And so, you know, I think they're going to meet with everybody as every team does over the course of the next few days. My expectation is that they're going to give Justin Fields another year as their starting quarterback and try to spin the number one overall pick off for Capital. I do think, like after talking to a few people over the last week, that they're going to be able to find good offers for the number one overall pick and ultimately move that number one overall pick because there are a bunch of quarterback needy teams drafting near the top, you know, the Colts, the Panthers, you know, Atlanta, I think it's an eight, right? Like Atlanta's right in there. So, you know, I think that they're going to be able to get a good offer back. Here's what I think is most interesting about it that I don't think a lot of people are talking about.

Okay. There are a lot of teams that feel like the two best prospects at quarterback in college football this past year will still be in college in 2023. And that's Caleb Williams from USC and Drake May from North Carolina. And I can tell you like the part of this if you're looking at from the Bears perspective has to be do we go all in on someone this year and trade Justin who we really like or do we give Justin another year, try to get him more help, get a clearer answer on him, trade the number one overall pick for a ton of Capital and if it doesn't work out, now we've got Capital to go and get Drake May or Caleb Williams next year. You see what I'm saying?

Yes. So like to me, like I think there are teams and I think the Bears are one of these teams that aren't just studying this year's quarterbacks, they're studying next year's quarterbacks too. And, you know, I could tell you every single person who's done that that I've talked to over the last couple of weeks has told me that Williams and May will be the first two quarterbacks in this year's draft.

And so like I think that that's a factor for everybody. I mean you remember Rich and again, both you and I have been doing this for a long time, like how Andrew Luck sort of loomed over the draft, not for a year, but for two years, right? He came back to Stanford. I sort of feel like to some degree Caleb Williams and Drake May, not to the extent Luck was, but to some degree those guys are looming over this year's draft that way and I think to some degree again looming over what the Bears are going to do with the position as well where they know that if it doesn't work out with Justin 2023, there may be better answers for them in 2024. Of course, the danger there Albert is that next year, what if next year's draft, the team's drafting one and two are quarterback needy teams, then it doesn't matter how much draft capital you're accruing this year, you know, pound sand.

But if you like, but if you like, but if you like Justin Fields, right, and you think that there's potential and I mean look like, you know, Justin's got to grow as a passer definitely, but we just saw a guy in the Super Bowl who grew a ton as a passer over his first three years in the league and just from like a, you know, makeup standpoint and a leadership standpoint, but there are a lot of commonalities between Jalen Hurts and Justin Fields just who they are as people and the way that they work. You can see where like you're almost, if you're the Bears, it's almost like you're giving yourself two shots at it by waiting, right? Like you're giving them, you're giving yourself a shot at it this year and then if it works out with Justin great, then you're like cooking with gas going into 2024 because now you got all this capital from having traded the number one overall pick the year before and if it doesn't work out well, then you know, you figure it out with a better quarterback class in front of you. I think that's sort of, at least like, you know, if I'm Chicago, like I'm like sort of looking at it where it's like if I take a quarterback first overall this year, that's it. Like I'm Ryan Polls, Matt Eberfuss, like I'm hooking myself up to that quarterback because I just traded away.

I got a team traded for it two years ago, traded capital to get two years ago versus almost giving myself two shots at it by waiting and seeing what happens with Justin Fields in 2023. Albert Brie here on the Rich Eisen Show. Then on Wednesday, Albert, on Wednesday at 1 o'clock Eastern, Eric DeCosta, Ravens general manager, followed an hour later by the coach who said 200% Lamar Jackson was going to return next year. That'd be John Harbaugh. What in the world is happening with the Ravens and Lamar Jackson at present?

Best you can tell. Yeah, I mean, I just, I think stalemate is the right term, you know, and I mean look like I think that the Ravens genuinely love Lamar Jackson and genuinely want Lamar Jackson to be their starter for the next few years. But there's the other part of this which is they've had two years to do this now Rich, you know, and if there was a compromise, I mean like smart people get these things done. Like if there was a compromise to be done, wouldn't it be done by now, you know, and to me like that's the big thing that's hanging over all this, like you would think that if there was some sort of middle ground that they could have found between, you know, like the full guarantee contract that Lamar wants and the top of the market more traditional quarterback deal the Ravens had been offering.

Well, you know, like then they would have found that, they would have found that middle ground by now and they haven't. And so I think, you know, like there's a very, very big decision coming over the next, I think it's what, eight days? Yeah, when the deadline for the franchise tag comes and that decision is going to be whether or not to put the exclusive or the non-exclusive tag on them and this could be a very real tell. If they put the exclusive tag on them and forty six million dollars a year, or forty six million dollars for 2023, that means they're very, very serious about hanging on to Lamar Jackson and trying to get something done with Lamar Jackson because that takes him off the market for everybody else and would make it much harder for another team coming in that would trade for him to negotiate a long-term deal because the number is much higher. If they put the non-exclusive tag on them at 32 million, now all of a sudden we're open for business and this thing could get really, really interesting really, really fast.

So I think that that's what you want to look for. Like, you know, they're at this stalemate and I think the next big move is which of the two franchise tags the Ravens choose to put on Lamar Jackson. They're going to put one of them on them. It's just going to be a matter of which one.

I think they should put the non-exclusive on them. Let them go hunt. Say, you go hunt.

You go hunt. Like, we're clearly, you know, not seeing eye to eye. We love you to the point where we're willing to let you go for yourself and see what is out there. We know that allowing you to do this, we could lose you, but we at least have the backstop of two first overalls and we know that prevents you from talking to a couple of teams that don't have first overall, first round draft choices in the next two drafts. We get it.

But that will also allow maybe a little extra room to see, you know, Joe Burrow doesn't sign for fully guaranteed dollars and Justin Herbert doesn't sign for fully guaranteed dollars and Daniel Jones and Gino Smith and Derek Carr and Aaron, you know, and when Aaron Rodgers goes somewhere else, obviously, he's already got a contract, but I think you get what I'm saying. Like, this is the landscape, Lamar. This is, it's not just us. I mean, it's everyone. So don't you think, right?

You know what's interesting about this too, Rich? Like, so you mentioned in the market for Herbert and Burrow and those are no brainers, right? They're going to be like, like the Chargers, the Bengals, you got to do what you got to do. Right, but those are, and I mentioned those, Albert, also, because they're, they have, they don't have MVP, single season MVP trophy in the case like Lamar has, but the last two years we've seen, obviously from Burrow in particular, within the division, like he's won the division. And so, and finished the season and almost made the Super Bowl for a second straight year. This is a guy who has all the right to say every dollar guaranteed, like the guy in our division who had 20 some odd, you know, sexual assault allegations hanging over his head.

Every, every penny should come to me. And if he doesn't do that, then you show that to Lamar also, right? Yeah.

And you know what? Like, and I, I honestly like, I can't blame Lamar. I, I actually think like, I get it, huh? No, I get it too.

No, no, no, no, no, like, here, here's what's fascinating to me about, I've told people I don't think this is all about the money and they look at me sideways. Um, if you're Lamar, just put yourself in Lamar's shoes for a second, okay? Yes. If you're Lamar, you have played out your rookie contract and taken on an unprecedented workload for a quarterback in the NFL. No one's ever run the ball, not even Kim, no one's run the ball as much as Kim is, as Lamar's been asked to and the whole offense has been built around his ability to run the ball, right? You've taken on that amount of injury risk, you've had two seasons and in a really bad way the last two years in part as a result of that, right? So if you're Lamar and they're offering you a traditional quarterback contract and that contract has say like two or three years guaranteed and then three years on the back end that are not guaranteed, aren't you going to look at the Ravens and sideways and say, wait a minute, after what I just did for you, you want me to give you injury protection three years from now? You know what I mean?

Like, like so you're asking me after what I put my body through the last five years to give you injury insurance like three, four years from now? Like I think that that's a huge part of it and so much of what Lamar's done is non-traditional and so much of the things that he does are based on principle. Yeah, I think that's a part of this. The other part that's interesting to me is what happens with the secondary quarterback market after your Burroughs, after your Lawrence's because, you know, if he is out there with a non-exclusive tag, that's going to be sort of, you know, the pool he's going to be swimming in.

The difference being, of course, that a team would have to give up two first round picks and a contract to get him. And I think for the first time in a while, there are more quarterbacks with legitimate starting experience that are going to be out there and there will be starting jobs available. And so I think that's going to create a really, really interesting environment. I think it's why it behooves Carr to sign a deal before that the market opens. And you do wonder if there could be a situation, whether it's Gino or Jimmy or Daniel Jones, whoever it is, where the music stops and somebody doesn't have a seat. So I just think all these things are going to kind of, one's going to play into the next, going to play into the next.

And you're right, like the Ravens, maybe the Ravens play is. Well, we'll let you survey the market Lamar and see how all this plays out. Please come back to us and hopefully we can work something out if you know, whether, whether, whether, whether the market, you know, kind of reveals itself in your favor and our favor. Albert Breer, before I let you go, couple quick hitters. Jalen Ramsey on the trade block. What's going on there?

What's happening? Give me the trade market. This is like an interesting pivot that the Rams are making, you know, and I think what we saw them so aggressive and it was cap space and with draft picks to get better and players. They were sort of the first adopters of that approach.

Like I guess use the so-called FM picks approach, you know. Now I think that they see where like that early adopter advantage has run out and they've run up a lot of debt and they don't have a lot of high picks. And so I think that this is the beginning of the pivot point where they turn around and maybe they're a little more aggressive in the other direction where they're starting to build up capital on the other end and starting to store cap space debt per down the line, take on some debt money now and build up some picks. So they'll be able to eventually take a step out of this era and not be completely crippled by everything they did the last few years. So they're exploring it.

Definitely. There's definitely a chance that they trade Jalen Ramsey. What's interesting about it to me is if you look at it, they've got five players on their roster that have cap numbers of over $20 million.

Jalen Ramsey is the only one of the five that's under 30. So I think you look at it and you say, okay, he's a great player, but he's probably the one guy that maybe we can afford to walk away from that still has really, really good trade value. So let's see what we can get. Maybe that's the start of our process and getting more aggressive and shedding some cap dollars and building up some draft picks. And then last one for you.

You always got something interesting when asked a question like this. Give me the name Albert Breer of a team that is in the quarterback market on the quarterback carousel or winds up being on the quarterback carousel that we're not thinking of going into the combine right now. Tennessee. I think Tennessee, you look at under a new general manager what they've done. I would expect, I think the Titans are going to at least explore everything now.

And what does that look like? Well, I mean, first of all, you look at the core of their team, their best players are getting older, right? So it's Derrick Henry who's got a lot of miles on his legs.

Great player, but it's got a lot of miles on his legs now. Taylor Lewan obviously just got released and he was a core guy for them. Jeffrey Simmons is going to need a new deal. Kevin Byard is sort of on the back nine too.

So like you look at like kind of where they are. There's this interesting point where they could either maybe go take a swing on an Aaron Rogers, right, and try to get the most out of the last couple of years for some of those guys. Or, you know, maybe this is where they turn the page and make a move up to get one of the rookies. So I think the fact that Brian Tannehill's out of the guaranteed part of his contract, where he's got one year left and it's non-guaranteed, gives them some flexibility to at least look around.

And I would say they're a team that I would look at as, you know, maybe a week or two from now we're looking up and they've got a different starting quarterback. What about Henry? Could he wind up on a team? Like I know I'm reading Bill's fans chirping about it. I'm just throwing names out. Like what if the Cowboys take a swing on him?

You know, I mean, why not? That's the thing about it, Rich, is like you got like that, like you sort of feel like because of like the age of some of those players, you're at a fork in the road, right? Like so it's like you go, if you go young quarterback, then yes, right? Like then maybe it is time to see what you can get for Derrick Henry. If like you're going in and Rogers obviously absolutely not, you know what I mean? Like so I think like I think what Tennessee does a quarterback and they could just go forward with Ryan Tannehill, too.

But I think what Tennessee does with does a quarterback and whether or not it's a young guy or an older guy will dictate what happens with the other guys in the roster. Albert, you're the man. Thanks again. I'll see you in Indy. I'll reach out as soon as I land.

Thanks, Rich. Well, not as soon as I land. I land at midnight, but I'll call you. All right, cool. There's Albert.

Thank you. As Albert, can I call him? Hey, man, can you come pick me up? I know it's late.

You're at, you're at Steak and Shake. All right, let's take a break. Overreaction Monday. And in that regard, before that, I want to talk to Derrick Henry. Let's totally overreact.

Let's have fun. 844205. I know that, I know that, I know that, I know that. 844204 Rich, number down. We're done with our guests. The rest is just us chickens, if you will.

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With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has a right product for you. Call or just stop by. Just watching on NFL Network, Judy Batiste is on right now talking about the today's competition committee work. We just talked about it at the end of last hour. Saw Rich McKay, Stephen Jones walking into the room, holding a cup of coffee, waving the cameras. I could do that.

I could do that. I do that every day walking in here. Got my cup of coffee, a wave at you guys. I know how to do it. I know how to do it. That's provided that there's water in the carriage. Yeah.

Could you imagine? You go, dude, let me tell you something. Let me tell you something.

If I walk into the competition committee room and there's no water in the carriage, you're going to call out Stephen Jones. Yes, I am. Who do you think you are? You're going to play me for it.

That's one of you two. All right, before we get to, before we get to overreaction Monday, before we get to overreaction Monday. Fascinating chat with Albert Breer. One thing I want to pluck out is him saying Tennessee could be in the quarterback carousel. They could go and say, Ryan Tannehill, let's run it back one more time. Let's go. They could say, Aaron Rodgers, you're building a house here in Nashville. You want to come to the AFC? Let's go. That's kind of a missing piece. Sorry, Ryan.

We appreciate your service here, but we're going with the goat for the next couple of years. If I'm not mistaken. Mike Vrabel once upon a time FaceTimed Tom Brady sitting at a Syracuse game, hoops game in the Carrier Dome with Julian Edelman, right? Fact.

That was when Brady was on a free agent market. So that worked out for Tampa. Let's do it.

Let's run it one more time. They could do that. Or they could just go the opposite direction and draft a kid. What if they draft a kid?

They just, sorry, Malik Willis, you know, you had your shot last year. What if they start from scratch? What if they just totally start from scratch? Why not?

And the way to do that is to flip Derrick Henry somewhere else. I'm not saying they're going to do this at all. This is totally speculation.

Let me just say that. Let's just figure out. They don't go and get a veteran free agent. And let's just say the Friday night of the draft, right? Where do the Tennessee Titans select on the old draft list? It's got to be right around what? 13, 14, 15.

That's the Mac Jones spot, right? Eleven. Eleven? Even higher than that. What if Will Levis drops there?

Right? Who? What if he drops there? I don't see that happening, but you never know. What if Anthony Richardson drops there?

Now you're cooking. Well, we heard, I'm just total speculation here. What if Derrick Henry, they decide, let's flip him? Draft night, Friday night, because they already got the, they got the kid and they got the kid in their pocket. You trade him to Atlanta for eight? No, no, no, no. Or you get the kid in your pocket that night.

I'm talking about Friday night. I don't think Derrick Henry's are going to would net a first round draft choice. I don't think he would. And I understand, look, they already picked apart A.J.

Brown last year and he was a first rounder. Who would say no to Derrick Henry? Well, a lot of miles.

A lot of miles. I get it. What do you think? Would the Buffalo Bills flip a two for him? I wouldn't do it if I was. If you're the Dallas Cowboys, you flip a two for him.

I don't think so. Two? I think the Bills should, because that's the one thing that that team is lacking, is a run game. You don't want Josh Allen to be your top running threat. You're the Denver Broncos. You flip a two for Derrick Henry? Now you could be talking. There you go.

That's what I'm saying. Oh, while Gervonta comes back from his injury, no rush to bring him back? Russ, Derrick Henry for Sean Payton. And those receivers? What about, let's see, who else, who else would he look good? Where else would he look good?

Miami. See, I think you hit the nail on the head with the Bills though, Rich. Right? You put him in that. You say no to that?

But the Bills, if you get Derrick Henry, it changes the identity of their offense. Okay. Well, does it?

I think so. They haven't won anything lately. So does it?

Your identity can change. What's the best way to help our friend Josh Allen succeed? Josh, you don't have to jam it in in that red zone window.

They need better play calling. Josh. No, Josh. We're not going to call your name 50 million times a game because you're just handing it off to the diminisher as he's running to the Hall of Fame, which you know where I think he's winding up. I know you make that face every time.

Dude. He's got a little bit to go. How many red zone problems did the Bills have with Allen forcing it in somewhere? Right? You don't think that's play calling?

Could be. Or how about call play of Derrick Henry running right down your throat? Josh Allen has 546 career rushes.

That's too much. Let's take some miles off of him. Yeah, because he's going to get pop 300 carries the last three of the last four years. Ah, who Derrick Henry? Yeah. I mean, his touches are insane. I get it.

Nobody when you get ahead of steam running, it just I can hear the wind blowing how it must sound to him and through the ear hole of his of his of his helmet what it must sound like. Just throwing all of this out here is like Tennessee. They can they could just run it back with Henry and Aaron Rodgers or Henry and fill-in-the-blank veteran quarterback that they sign on the free agent market and go to work.

You can go in the other direction. Break it down for parts. If that's what Mike Vrabel is ready to do and the rest of the team is ready to do.

Build it back up again. Doesn't have to take very long. Look what Jaylen Hertz has become. So just throwing all of this out there. Friday night of the draft Thursday night. They've already gotten their young quarterback.

So it's already done. You're not going to trade them before and hope you get the guy you want on for on on the first night of the draft. I don't mind. How do you not raise your hand?

If you're a team that can be ready to win a Super Bowl, right? Yeah, how do you not run that back? How about this one?

How about I'll throw this one your way? How about Detroit? I know you got Jamal Williams.

He ran it. DeAndre Swift. I get it. How about that? How about how about you trade for Derrick Henry?

That's a statement. Dan Campbell with Derrick Henry? Coming for your kneecaps without your teeth? Again, I'm just throwing names out while we're totally spitballing here on an overreaction Monday.

When we come back the genuine article overreaction Monday with Chris Brockman and then my Friday night watching a double overtime basketball game on tilt with a bunch of 12 year olds. Even better. That's coming up here on The Rich Eisen Show. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form.

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That's Over Reaction Monday. Hit it, Chris Brockman. Hit it.

Go for it. Hit it, please, here on the Rich Ozzie Show. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Over Reaction Mondays on Monday. What do you got over there, Christopher? Hey guys, what's up? Ready to have a good weekend?

What a great way to finish it up. What do we got here? The Bears are going to regret not trading Justin Fields. I'm sorry. Say that again. Don't talk over him. Hey, I'm sorry.

What do you got over here? The Bears are going to regret not trading Fields. No. I disagree with that. That's an overreaction. I mean, Bryce Young may turn out to be, you know, the next Mahomes.

You know, it's a big one though. I don't think they're going to regret not trading him. I think he's really good. Poor kid, man. He puts his life and his limb and his job and his future on the line.

He pours it all out there for two years and then the Bears get the first overall selection and off they go. You tried to prepare him for it, though. I did.

I don't know how many. I'll say that. I'll say that's an overreaction. What else you got over there, Chris? You see what Devin McCourty said on Good Morning Football this morning? I did not, sir. We were on the air here. How would you know? We weren't. Good Morning Football airs way before us. Oh, okay, sure.

They come on at like four. That's why Mac Jones is trending. Said he's the future of the New England Patriots. Devin McCourty's way off. Mac Jones is not the future.

Well, I think everybody in New York City hopes that's the case. I think that's so. He's the minivan. Let's not forget. That was your initial reaction when Justin Fields got drafted and acquired by the Bears.

Jumped to the line in front of him. Two years removed. Then he got Mac Jones, but then in all his rookie season, his Vince McMahon exit walking up to the stage in Las Vegas because it was like a mile and a half walk. You know, that was the image for him because he was killing it.

No, not so much. Hey, I'd take Tommy Curren's word for it. Kraft wants to see what they got in this guy and they're going to see it.

I don't know, man. I think Bill O'Brien is going to step it up. I think you're going to actually, you might lose Jacoby Myers, but I mean, you could still draft some other ones.

Trade for D-Hop. I think what's no longer the future is the in-Bill-We-Trust mantra. That thing is going to be, you're already chafing at it. Oh, yeah.

So. That would check Let Em Down last year. We'll see. We'll see how it does this year. Make or Break, though. We can all agree this year. Make or Break for Mac Jones?

I wouldn't say make or break. What are they going to trade him in year four? You don't do that either. Don't pick up his option. Let him play out year four.

And it worked out for Daniel Jones as he's about to make 40 something million years. That's insane. The Giants fans of my mentions this weekend.

Good luck. All right. I see what Stephen Jones had to say this morning. You see that? What did he have to say this morning? Said that the Cowboys can win a Super Bowl with Dak. Yeah. I don't think that's true.

The Cowboys don't have enough around Dak to compete for Super Bowls. That's crazy talk, man. What an overreaction that is. Come on, dude. Come on. I guess I've missed it the last few years.

I don't know. I think what they do with Zeke is going to be a fascinating conversation for this team. And I think what they're going to do in the draft will be fascinating. But this is Dak's team. They love them.

They're going to hang with him. And of course they can compete for Super Bowls. They did this year.

They competed for a Super Bowl. They did. They did. Made the playoffs. They sure did. They won a game. The Dallas Cowboys is all about just making the playoffs. All we got to do at this point. Yes, Chris.

Yes, at this point it is. And then and they are competing for Super Bowls. They do have some highly talented people from CD Lamb to Tony Pollard, to Micah Parsons, to Diggs, their own Diggs.

They can compete 100%. I think this is make or break for Mike McCarthy, quite frankly. And if they go make the playoffs, I think they just need to work on their last play of the game. Also, we're going to have Bijan Robinson out of Texas toting the rock next year.

So that's why, you know, by the way, this is exact. It's perfect example, TJ, is you don't know who they're going to get in the draft. Because going into the draft, I'm overreacting. Excuse me. Going into the draft when they drafted Micah Parsons, you're probably, they don't have enough on defense to win for champions.

Remember when I predicted that we were going to draft Micah Parsons? What else? I like that. That's an overreaction, too. You're just all sorts of overreacting.

What's the segment called? I know that, but at some point you'll say something I'll agree with. Okay, right. One of the combine quarterbacks throwing, okay, we know Bryce Young's not throwing. We know Stroud, Levis, Richardson all throwing. Yeah. One of the throwing guys is going to go first overall.

That is not an overreaction. All the buzz, the build-up, hey, he's now number one. I told you, everybody's talking Bryce Young right now. And Young is acting like he's a first overall pick by not working out at the combine. Stroud's going to make a run. He's going to make a run at this year's combine. He's going to spin it.

I don't know, hey, this guy can really throw it. Then the pro day, it's going to be, and there will be a day where we come on the air and there's going to be a major report that so-and-so's, you know, going to trade up for CJ Stroud. Yes. Yes. That's coming. That's coming.

I'll peg it to late March, early April, maybe even mid-April. It's Stroud who's going to overtake Young. So I was, I thought you were going to say that he's going to make the playoffs next year. And that I thought you would say, and I would say that's not an overreaction. There's still time. Because guess, you know, it was the throwing, combine throwing arm that made the playoffs this year.

He played for the San Francisco 49ers. Seriously. So it could be anybody.

It could be anybody. Okay, what else you got? What else you got? Here we go, Rich. You started the show today. You're drinking the laker juice. What is this music all of a sudden?

Are we hanging in darkness with Aaron Rodgers all of a sudden, sipping tea? What is this? He said basketball music.

I took a guess. Yeah, I switched to the basketball music. Oh my God. I feel like I'm sitting at a bonsai tree reading a magazine waiting for my massage to start.

Hey, should I put on a terry cloth robe for this? What else you got over there, Chris? What is your question? What's your question?

Lakers are going to win a playoff series this spring. Yeah. I'll say yes.

Yes. Let's go. Let's go.

He's buying in. Come on now. LeBron and Anthony Davis at the top of their game with Malik Beasley making threes. Okay, D'Angelo Russell distributing.

Joseph Vanderbilt rebounding and scoring. These guys do it every other day. They are much better than the Laker team from last year. The one that they came in this year.

They don't know a month ago. Last year it was just like, get out of here. And then beginning of the season is get out of here. Yeah, I'll go with it. I'll go with it.

What else you got, Chris? When you make a big move, right? Yeah.

And the first few games in the big move, you're one and three. Yeah. That's not good, right?

Okay. The Mavs made a big mistake trading for Kyrie. No, you know how I feel about what how eventually he's going to make his presence known. And then all of a sudden it's going to be a problem with his, you know, your employer doesn't get, you don't get along with your employer. That happens all the time except every damn time where he is. And now there's confusion at the end of games. Like, just get the ball to Luca and get out of the way. I don't know, man.

All I know is like yesterday when the Lakers came back from 27 down and won that game, and he was the one who's three from right around half court came up short. It was like that Seinfeld gif. That's a shame. What else, Chris? I'm sorry. I'm just speaking truth.

I think I speak for a lot of people. I don't know if I actually believe this, but I'm looking up at the game going on right now. And it's seven to four. That's a lot of action.

Yes. You know, the pitch clock ain't that bad. It might not be. It might not be. I'll say that's a good, that's a good one.

My initial reaction was to hate it, but I don't know. Again, I went in on the pitch clock earlier and I'll just quickly hit this one right here. It's, you know what, you know when the pitch clock is going to get in is when, when a pitcher like a reliever or a starter is beginning to start getting tired and giving up a hit and a hit and hit. Sometimes that they can take some time and get the other guy warmed up, take some time, have a visit from the mound.

There's not going to be any time now. That's going to be something. It's going to be like one of those where an NBA coach fires off a timeout because somebody just went on an 8-0 run and you got to get everyone a breather. This may, the pitch clock is going to keep things going and pitchers that are struggling and giving up hits. It's going to come fast.

It'll be interesting to see. Just, I don't want to see a walk-off pitch count, a pitch clock violation. I loved your idea about not in the ninth inning.

From the ninth inning on, just get rid of it. That's my two cents. Very good overreaction Monday. Thank you, sir.

You're welcome. Good stuff. Going to an NBA game, 176-175 on a bobblehead night with a bunch of kids. I highly recommend it.

It sounded amazing! Friday night, Coop's 12th birthday party, handful of his colleagues from his basketball team. We go there. It's 40 to 40 after the first quarter. And Coop turns to me and goes, Dad, I think it could, they're on pace for 160.9. I'm like, OK. And then it's 176-175, double overtime. Every shot went in. When I'm saying every shot, these teams shot 59% from the field, averaging up. I love the headline on our board, courtesy of Jordan Sher, a Rich Eisen Show editor. It's perfect. It's the Tyree kill.

Am I reading this right? Yep. Most three pointers in a game. When you score 175 points, you should win.

You don't. De'Aaron Fox is one of the fastest guys I've ever seen. And the Clippers brother, you know, Paul George, couple back to back turnovers. I don't know how Kawhi Leonard did not foul at the end of regulation. Three points in a game. They're up three.

You let De'Aaron Fox find Malik Bunk, who has thrown it in like it was the Pacific Ocean. And an absolute celebration burst out even when my kids were rooting for the Clippers. The kids were rooting for the Clippers. They wanted to see more game. Greatest Nico Batum bobblehead night ever. He balled out.

Look at that. He had a great game. And he had the three point shot to win it at the buzzer in double overtime. And it's the only shot is it didn't fall that night. Great game. Great Clipper night. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules.

Now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess. L.A., it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here? Do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens. But also just everything going on in my personal life. Like I want to get on this mic and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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