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REShow: Tom Izzo - Hour 2

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February 23, 2023 3:40 pm

REShow: Tom Izzo - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 23, 2023 3:40 pm

Michigan State Head Basketball Coach Tom Izzo and Rich discuss the emotional aftermath of the tragic shooting on the MSU campus this month that took the lives of 3 students, and how he and his team can be conduits of healing for the Spartan student body.

Rich comments on the Michigan State shooting this month, debates a caller on whether Derek Carr would be able to handle the media spotlight in New York if he were the Jets quarterback, and if Sean Payton can return Russell Wilson and the Broncos to their winning ways.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Cocaine bear. Saw it. Survived it. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

I don't want to spoil anything. If you like gore, you like seeing people in bad spots, get mauled by a cocaine bear. This bear loves cocaine. Earlier on the show, ESPN NBA insider Brian Winters. Coming up, Michigan State head basketball coach Tom Mizzo.

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Smart enough to have a Sirius X, an Odyssey and more. Great chat with Brian Windhorst of ESPN as the NBA second half of the season tips off tonight. But we start our second hour with the words legend get thrown around a lot but this man is exactly that. He's one of my favorite people, not just also because of the fact that he's best friends and the best man with another favorite human of mine in Mariucci but I just wanted to get this man on the phone line and tell him I love him and I love the way that he's handling his business in a very, very difficult time on campus there in East Lansing, Michigan with the shooting that killed three students on the campus of Michigan State and hospitalized five others coming off of a win in his first home game against 17th ranked Indiana since that shooting is the great Tom Mizzo. How you doing coach? How you doing Tom?

I'm good Rich and thanks for the kind introduction. You should know that in our first game was against Michigan and your university went out of their way to do some incredible things that night to kind of embrace the situation and understand that it could happen anywhere to any one of us and it was it was greatly appreciated Lloyd Carr came in the locker room before the game and John Beeline and I had gotten a nice text from J'Won Howard earlier in the week and but former ADs just the old group of students tell you we always kid about our Michigan, Michigan State rivalry but you should feel very good about the way your alma mater handled things too because it was first class. Well I mean I just you know seeing I have tears in my eyes Tom seeing the the Spartans strong banner in Chrysler Arena and it is there but for the grace of God go any campus in this day and age and I'm wondering what your first thought was when you heard about what happened.

Well you know I just come out of my radio show I have it at a local restaurant here at 7 to 8 and I got home and you're not going to believe this but my son went to pick up his goat and at one of the one of the two buildings these things happened in that at 8 30 and at 20 after I think is when it happened or somewhere in that area and he got run out of there by the police and kind of came in here and funkered down in Breslin in one of the luxury suites found a couple of our video guys were still working and and that's what they did and his girlfriend was kind of put up in a bathroom there with a bunch of her classmates till like 12 31 in the morning so it didn't hit home but it hit a closer to home than some but nothing like what those kids have gone through that were there the ones that unfortunately are victims and the ones that I visited five in the hospital and yeah it's it's just you know it's something where I will give this entire country of ours and especially Michigan because rivalries are rivalries you know you're not supposed to have banners and wear bracelets and all the things they did but it kind of shows that everybody is worried about what's going on especially in our educational institutions of elementary school on and hopefully hopefully we'll move forward and trying to hold more people accountable for things and this start going the other way instead of the way it's been going. Well I mean and again just your leadership obviously you know coach Tucker runs the football program as well he was you know at the game last night and but I mean you you have been you know so synonymous with the school and as you know in our day and age sports is what binds people together and brings people together but also places people at the at the forefront of a spotlight that you have been in for you know two decades plus so why you know what why did you feel you know the need to to step into the four I know the answer to it but I just want to give you the floor. Well number one you know you're right I mean I've been here 28 years as a head coach but another 12 as a GA and it's just I mean you know over two-thirds of my life I've been I've been here and when asked to speak individual I got to admit to you I've gotten a chance to do a lot of things that was a little nerve-wracking you know I thought about what do you say and how many people will be there and then I got there and it was it was a crowd of it was unbelievable crowd and you know both community people with students and faculty and people from all walks of life and I looked at that as an honor as a privilege you know and they said if I mess up I mess up but it was an honor and a privilege to be able to help lead and I think you know I learned that greatness is when the why and what you do is bigger than yourself and unfortunately this day and age the why seems to be all about us you know it seems that's that's what we're kind of the Twitter way you know the social media way everything's about us and and on that given night it was more about everybody and I I just I took some solace in that and I've I've used that with my own team since and hopefully we can do that moving forward.

Tom Izzo head coach of Michigan State basketball basketball Hall of Fame coach right here on the Rich Eisen show what was it like on Tuesday night coaching that game? Yeah you know it was you know after the Michigan game was pretty emotional too because it's your rival and and they were they were so good to us that that's not supposed to happen either you know and it was just surreal but but then coming home and you know nine o'clock game and I swear there wasn't a seat in the house and you know Mike Whitson in Indiana I get to give them a lot of credit too they did a credible job of you know of showing some solidarity with us and so it was it was emotional you know looking at the students the eight seats that they set aside for that. That was something Tom for those who might not have seen it will you will you explain what that was that that just absolutely crushed me when I saw that yeah I speak about it it crushes me but they they held you know three seats for the students we lost and five others for the students that are fighting for their lives in the hospital right now in the student section and I just know that speaks on you know why we go to college and why we bond together and why you know it's important to stick together I think it spoke volumes for all those things and I that was moving in itself and and so it was a yeah it was a it was a tough night it was a great night we didn't start out so good our fans rallied us and it was just like I said at the vigil you know we gotta meet the people next to you stick to the people alongside of you and that's kind of what we did that night I think our fans carried us more than our team did unbelievable just as you point out just a tough night but a great night a beautiful night as well just the showing of strength and love and outpouring and then you know I couldn't help but notice you you were overcome yourself Tom well you know I you know you brought up Mariucci earlier you know we all learned from the past and if you remember the 9-11 game the first game back was San Francisco 49ers were playing the New York Giants and I flew out for the game and somehow got on the field and the emotion in that stadium and the police and the fire departments in the New York you know the way they were and the helicopters flying over you you are right whether it's good or bad sports can sometimes unite people and bring them together that night was such a memorable night for me that I wanted this to be part of the healing for our people too you know I I don't want to make it like a game is bigger than right and life or death but I also want all the people that know and the families to know that there are people here that care about them so the 9-11 thing and Mooch getting me out there kind of helped me as we move forward.

So what what is let's talk a brief bit if you don't mind in the time we have left here Thomas on the Rich Isaac show about moving forward but what do you what's the campus like right now? Yeah you know it's it's we are coming together you know I was worried because they talked about not going back to class you know we get for a couple days but I watched that during COVID and I you know I'm just not a fan of that I I think we need to be around each other you know and they say everybody creeps in a different way but the one thing I I kind of state was I don't I don't want anybody grieving by themselves whether that's your way or not you know I I don't think it's healthy and so the campus is you know I try to walk it every day it's it's it's coming back together you know but it's not like you're gonna forget what happened and for the families and can you imagine I mean you and I both have kids and it's just it's just hard to even fathom that that now your kids in school you got to worry about them you know on the streets you can understand worrying about them but in elementary schools or high schools colleges it's just not the way it's supposed to be and so because of that I I feel like we're still in the healing process you know and it's going to be take some time but I'm I'm looking forward to being part of that because I think it's very important as we move forward for these young kids that have got 60 years to live yet. And of course you know again you're you're basketball coach by trade but you know seriously and and a leader by nature and and now you know this awful tragedy is right at your doorstep Tom Izzo and then you're placed in a position again of who you are and what you represent and who you represented in the community where you were asked questions about real life stuff like gun safety and gun control and do you do you plan on speaking out about this more here because I know you've you've you've said a couple things over the last two days and you know as you know Rich in this political world we live in everything's guarded you know I look at Steve Kerr and he's got you know he's had reasons to to losing his father like he did and when he was young but I you know when Mary and I grew up everybody hunts you know I mean him and I were the only two that never hunted you know a deer hunting is a religion there it's not a it's not a sport or it's not an option it's a religion and and you know I don't know everything about the gun laws I mean I I can't believe we can just go buy a gun with no rhyme or reason I don't like the accountability I don't like the kind of guns we can buy I mean those are me you know those are personal those are me to put out there and get abused but no matter what we do there's got to be better accountability and I think that in our whole country you know if you want to do something wrong there's got to be a price to pay for it and and we've got to do a better job maybe with the mental health and and and trying to get people some help and and signs you know this guy here he had a gun issue a couple years ago you know there's signs and I think this day and age we don't read the signs as well we just blow them off and you know that's okay until it's your son or daughter or my son or daughter or me or you you know and it's like cancer it never hits home until it hits home and I'm hoping that these kids did not die in vain and that we'll continue to work forward to improve ourselves so that our universities our elementary schools and high schools that your kids go to are safer places.

And then lastly your guys in that locker room are they prepared for the emotions that are being placed into them as a conduit for healing as they play basketball are they are they you know they ready for that? That was the million dollar question in my meeting today okay so we've been through the Michigan game which is a couple days later the emotion of the game itself and then the first home game and now what what happens you know now you're sitting here we got a tough game against Iowa you know how do you give them the new Rockies guys game is bigger than big you know it's it's it's just harder to do that what I've done from when it happened Monday night on Tuesday morning we weren't allowed on campus any of the coaches weren't allowed to command the people that were here were allowed here it so I had all the players on my house and and you know we did some zoom calls with some psychiatrists psychologists and and you know and I tried to stay on the front end of things but you're right now moving forward you know the best thing I think everybody can do is get back to some normalcy and normalcy I should say not normalcy normalcy and and to do that you do got to move forward but I want to make sure those families don't think that I'm moving forward forgetting what happened and it's that happy medium are we ready for it I don't know I don't know if you ever are you know Jeff he didn't he didn't put that in the book you know he didn't he didn't give me this chapter you know and so we've been going kind of day by day and learning and got good friends that try to give me some advice and any advice you have Jim I think any advice you have rich I would take and I'm just trying to learn from people that have been through certain things and that's kind of where I'm at right now and where my team's at but I know this what I learned from my former president here at Michigan State she said you know Tom you're the type of guy you want to hug all 50,000 people tomorrow night it was at the game and to give the one way you can do that is how your team performs and so I'm trying to take that and I don't look at that as a burden I look at that as a an honor and a privilege and that's where I'm going to handle it rich and do what we can do. So you know I like I said I've been watching from from my seat here in Los Angeles and how you've been handling your business I spoke to Mooch yesterday and I asked how you're doing and he told me you know and I that's when I you know I texted our showbookers like can can we get Tom can we get Izzo and I'm so thankful that you said yes and that you were never coming here no I appreciate that you're saying that buddy and I appreciate you Pat that's every year I gotta I gotta I gotta make sure I win more than I lose though because the money I'll lose money then you know I know that I would take Spartan strong material for my kids though that's for sure I would do that I might do that okay because I got some good stuff that Michigan gave me too and like I said all the rivalries and all the things that go on once in a while it's fun to all get together for a common cause and a common goal and you know I probably a good friend of yours you know before the game Lloyd Carr came in you know he went to school at Northern where Mary each and I when he's 12 years older but Lloyd came in with his two grandsons you know Chad strong you probably know a little bit about that horse grandson died I go down to his outing every year and Lloyd asked the guy you know Tom let me come in and Lloyd's struggling a little bit I said let me come in and it'd be an honor you know I sat in there for five minutes with him and we just talked about he said I'm proud of Michigan for doing this I'm proud of you and how you're handling it these are the great things about as you get older you know rivalries are rivalries but life is life and I think we all bond it together as I do when I go down for his chat tough outings to raise money you know for that and then the illness you had and it's it's pretty cool when you can get together with your rivals for a common goal.

As you referred to Northern Michigan or as a Mooch refers to it the Northern Michigan University that's how he refers to it the Northern Michigan is how he talks about it so God bless you. I owe you one other thanks because we had that donor that came to your to your booth at Pittsburgh and you signed that nice picture and that guy was just elated by it so Rich I appreciate what you do and your show and everything and your friendship with my boy Mooch. Yeah.

Anytime you want me on I'm on. I appreciate that but so I assume your friend whose picture I did sign when he came into the booth in Pittsburgh did not notice that my note to him if you leave if you look at the first letters of each word it does spell out go blue. Yes sir. I'll tell him that. Yeah. I'll make sure I see that.

Yeah I have. And you know you know what you know what I respect you for that. Thank you. Thank you sir. All right. You're the best. Take care. Take care coach. Yes Tom Izzo everybody the one and only I'll say something here we just hung up with Tom Izzo Michigan State head coach who's done such an incredible job leading in such a tough moment in East Lansing University when somebody goes on a shooting rampage kills three people puts five more in the hospital and he's talking to me saying hey great job by your alma moderate Michigan for extending a hand to us as we're grieving and then when our first game back is at your spot you welcome us and throw your arms around us rivalry be damned Spartan strong signs in Chrysler Arena and that's a beautiful thing and thank you and it shouldn't have to happen it shouldn't have to happen and every single time a shooting like this happens yes we move on life has to go on but we just forget it and we become more and more in this country totally used to this insanity right now the Alabama Crimson Tide basketball team is dealing with a tragedy where somebody gets shot by a former member of their team and Darius Miles and a current member of their team one of the best players in college basketball Brandon Miller scored 41 points last night and he's involved in this because he drove the car to pick up Darius Miles on the night of the shooting and in the car was the gun now the question is did he know there was a gun in there the gun that was used to shoot even though Miles didn't be wasn't the one allegedly to pull the trigger there's so many questions as to whether this could ship kid should be on the court did he bring the gun he was texted by miles to bring his gun using a a slang word for gun and did he know what it meant I think he knew what it meant but did he know there was a gun in the car the cars the question needs to be had while we're talking about these things sure accountability and who's accountable and somebody should go to jail how do the shooters get the guns how do they get the guns why is it so easy to get a gun how do they get them and how they get them we should find out who gave it to him how they got him how they bought him how it's so easy to get and he's getting worse it's getting worse and you know Izzo mentioned about how it's difficult for him to speak out on the subject because it's political why is it political why talking about life and death here and as Izzo said growing up it's also difficult for him to talk about because growing up in iron mountain Michigan in the northern peninsula of the great state of Michigan hunting is a way of life great great no one's taken your hunting guns away nobody why can't we find out who's responsible enough to get a gun and who's not why can't we have laws on the books there's permitless carry in so many states now in Florida do you know what happened yesterday there was a shooting in Orlando somebody goes to cover it and that person gets shot and killed along with a nine-year-old yeah how did that guy get the gun and let's oh yeah let's no longer give permits to people require them to to go through a check what are we doing and in Alabama where this shooting happened you get the name right here in Alabama where this happened a Republican congressman named Barry Moore from Alabama introduced a bill last Friday to declare the ar-15 to be the national gun of America how unserious can you be how unserious can you be and you know who's co-sponsoring it that liar from New York who lied his way into Congress George Santos I'm sorry I'm just spitting truth here how unserious can you be about the problem where kids have to take cover in bathrooms and colleges they're sitting ducks so yeah Michigan says screw the rivalry because a were humans and be there but for the grace of God go anybody who sends a child to school elementary school so it happens in East Lansing now happen at Oxford High in Michigan as you know kids get killed it's time to take this seriously so in Congress from the state of Alabama where the shooting is involving one of the best players in college basketball his response is let's make the ar-15 the national government like what the hell is that gonna do it's gonna do just how to say that let's take a break right here in the Rich Eisen show 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial rest of the shows for you let's have a conversation we'll go back to sports sure back here on the Rich Eisen show radio network with our Roku channel live stream sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger is the right product for you call click or just stop by appreciate you guys just you know love you guys I know you know when I stray out of the world of sports sometimes that puts everybody here in a position and you know just wanted to say what I had to say I just talking is oh I mean when he's talking about like his son's picking up his girlfriend and you know and he's got to go run into the Breslin Center and she's got to go run into a bathroom like really okay we're fine you know what let's just move on let's go let's not attack the root cause the problem I can't speak for everyone but I echoed your sentiments and I know I don't speak for everyone I know I don't speak for everyone and I know that people disagree with what I don't know I thank you for saying that let's go back to the phone lines here Nathan in Los Angeles you're here on the Rich Eisen show how you been Nathan I've been well and thank you for taking my call certainly even though you know I certainly recognize and appreciate the relative triviality of the topic no no no no no we can turn the page that's that's the that's that's you know how you do a show like this I said my point whatever and you called in about an hour ago and I said what I just said now I'm turning to you don't don't don't worry of a second about it what's going on your mind go for it a couple thoughts in mind one on Derek Carr I've heard before that he has a bit of trouble with handling media scrutiny and if that is true he doesn't need to step one foot near in New York that would be my thought on him coming anywhere near the Jets I don't think Derek Carr is a good fit for the New York why would you say that why do you say that I'm not I'm not questioning his ability as a player I just think he may not be prepared for the degree of scrutiny that goes off I don't know I I I think he's well over the topic too okay so what's your other topic and then I'll let him go I don't want to go ahead and go yeah I'm sorry I didn't mean to cut you off at all I thought on maybe a bit of a local thought on local reference on rest books return to Los Angeles you think maybe his interests are as much off the court as on the court and I by that I mean he has a rather thriving business out here off the court that I think he may be paying a lot of attention to and is probably going to be his his his post career life so I felt like him coming back here I'm asking for the Clippers and see what they do but I I can't help but think that his off court interests are somewhat influences decision to return no and I appreciate the way to get back yeah so let me get those two things thanks the call Nathan I mean isn't one of the reasons why LeBron out here is is off the court interests as well right although one of my favorite segments we've had was when we had Maverick Carter here in studio and that was when LeBron was about to go on his free agent tour and I said you know a lot of people think he's here in Los Angeles so he could take meetings and whatever and he's like rich he's LeBron James people will take meetings with him wherever he is yeah he said that I'm like oh that's right duh so I don't know I think Westbrook just you know he's a Bruin he loves Los Angeles and he's he was P here with the Lakers and if he's got a chance to join a clipper team that can win a championship he'd do it yeah why would you take that stuff Paul George is like you come here yeah I once went there I once got shipped there by Indiana and kind of loved it with you to the point where I told LeBron no I'm sticking here remember that he smoked cigars that night he announced he was coming he was staying in Oklahoma City remember they did that in a party with a cigar and it was like you're liking a cigar to stay with Russ in Oklahoma City and LeBron is still waiting on you and everyone's like questioning his judgment and then a year later Kawhi's like hey I'm leaving Toronto how about you join me remember Doc told that story that they're out there in Malibu and they yeah talking to Kawhi and they're like oh so we can get you and Paul George oh you don't say oh really intriguing that sunset I'm looking at looks a little bit beautiful more beautiful what if I told you right so I don't know about that yeah but why wouldn't you take those things into consideration when you're planning your next move I mean it seems it makes sense like a no-brainer and just again about Westbrook like I said at the end of the first hour once again what a story if he shows up here with the Clippers and the Clippers win it all and that he the Bruin who came back to Los Angeles with the Lakers and the whole town was like what are you doing here who them and and he does take his role very well coming off the bench and he's also closing and triple doubling anyway as he always does and he winds up getting traded bought out and that's how he winds up with the Clippers and he takes the Clippers along with Kawhi and Paul George and the rest of a very talented roster with a very talented coach who's done it before albeit with LeBron what a story that would be that Russ gets his ring this way for this franchise in this town and everything I just said here on February 23rd 2023 as the second half of the season's about to be tipped off is absolutely 100% possible not like you're out of your mind not like yeah but no like entirely possible and Richie doesn't he doesn't have to take the Clippers anywhere he just has to be correct so he doesn't have to be the guy zero pressure yeah zero although Terrence Mann did ball out against the Phoenix Suns he'll continue to do so so maybe you start him and then you bring Westbrook in off the bench that was my initial thought that's what I thought too and then Brian Windhorst now one says it's he might start and when they would know more than I so and about Derek Carr in New York City I mean look I've interviewed him a couple of times you know last time I spoke with him was on that zoom pre-broadcast call prior to the Christmas Eve night game between the Raiders and the and the Steelers I mean this guy's dealt with a lot in his career a lot nothing beats the scrutiny of a of a Northeast sports team Philadelphia in that Amtrak corridor Philadelphia New York and Boston so I I don't think he's gonna turn down that opportunity I think he would play well with the Jets I think that's a fit the only holdup I've got is like are we really gonna just ditch Zach Wilson until I spoke to somebody you know who's I greatly respect recently and they're like why can't he just be there for two three four years you got to start winning playoff games you gonna get to the playoffs you're gonna start you got a win playoff you got to get to the playoffs when your roster wins the Jets win playoff you gotta get there and so why can't you just have Zach Wilson stay is the backup to Derek Carr because you're not paying him gajillions of dollars until you have to pick up a fifth year option you got two years so if Carr signs what a four five-year deal you let this kid marinate boy I just wish you know when you choose somebody second overall you try to win a Super Bowl with that incredibly talented player in his first contract that's what you try to do that's what the Jaguars they got one more year before Trevor Lawrence says to the cons I need your I need your your your money please you know so like that's what you you you want to do right so but I just want to go back and forth like yeah cars a fit he can take us to the plops Garrett Wilson he'll find Elijah Moore you know Breece Hall's coming back they could still draft people with the same amount of draft picks because he doesn't cost any draft picks unlike Rogers and Lamar you're for you are really changing your draft capital significantly and that's what Joe Douglas did to rebuild this team so well is to use multiple firsts that he got from trades from other people why would they now flip around and go the f all them picks route I don't think that makes sense I'm not gonna sit here in cars like what he's some Bambi from Fresno State that's gonna get chewed up by the New York media and spat out everybody's thought that about Eli so I like their car I do too I'd take him in New England in a sec I do too I just you know I do too he's a likable guy and last I heard he could be if he goes to the Jets a first ballon Hall of Famer again again we just revisit that for a second for Derek Carr to go to the Jets and be a first ballot Hall of Famer you're assuming he plays yes at least 40 and wins two Super Bowls not one you have to play till 40 okay great you going to in the next six years well I was giving you the benefit of the doubt of two in the next eight yeah I was giving you the benefit of 25% of the next Super Bowls you want him to win 33% of the next thing why not yeah sure why not thank you sure Bobby Cannavale do it you want him to go Patrick Mahomes you want him to win two of the next five to six years that's even if that is he still first ballot probably because he did it in New York come on of course I mean dude you know I shouldn't say I'll say it you know we're sitting at the end of I saw the NFL for honors I think he was in the front row Victor Cruz all you have to do is do it in New York just to tell can Victor Cruz I mean how many commercials have those guys got off of one ring subway Victor does everything yeah he was at the front row of honors yeah well we're having this conversation on February 23rd yeah I want 33 of the next six Super Bowls 33% I bet you would Derek Carr hey Stafford wins one more year in Los Angeles isn't he a first ballot Hall of Famer yes now Carr doesn't currently have all the yards racked up like Stafford has but he hasn't been in the league as long as Stafford has either younger Derek Carr has played nine years younger than Stafford more Pro Bowls than that that's made one good chat everybody Jets are gonna win two of the next six Super Bowls I like those chats is Dallas gonna get in there no no dang it I was thinking now I'm afraid like since I'm speaking these stupid things into existence is there like a coked up bear behind me that's gonna come through and just I think it's downpouring is that right it's just starting raining oh my gosh look out down the hatches here in Los Angeles it's crazy eight four four two oh four rich nobody a couple more of your phone calls still to come right here on the Rich Eisen show also still to come Eric the enemy has spoken as the new OC and assistant HC of the Washington commanders and Anthony Edwards I love this guy we'll talk about him coming up wants to help you win your job hunt because if you are trying to score your next job you have to go to put your resume there and watch everything unfold for you right in front of you can help you with millions of job openings in great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts plus when you upload your resume to you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs you get the position salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth regular season is over it's time for the playoffs and championships right get off the sidelines and win your job hunt right now let's go back to the phone lines if we can Lee in Santa Barbara California you're here on the Rich Eisen show you there Lee can you hit it or you can't hit it right there Mike because we took a power hit you there Lee there you are how are you Lee man can I tell you something right now I am talking to the goat of sports talk radio right now thank you sir god bless you Lee I used to call into this other radio station on ESPN and talk to this guy and he was cool I liked it he was no Rich Eisen okay you know what I mean who's the guy who's the guy we need to know the guys who's the guy okay okay okay and Max Kellerman is no Rich Eisen man okay okay very good yeah okay all right very good careful Mike we can hear you over there good lord what's going on Lee what's on your mind man I'm a diehard Denver Bronco fan you know and at the beginning of last year I was so excited I was so excited we got Russ we gave up 74 first round draft picks but that was okay and it was such a horrible I can't even but I maybe maybe Pete Carroll in Seattle knew something was up and was like he's broken so here you go you know Denver something do you think it was do you think it was I mean he just had a horrible year but was that all I'm saying you'll hack it or was that also his he's getting old you know I I don't think Ross just aged out and thanks for the call Lee and I appreciate it and I'm sorry that that that that Max Kellerman took took one on the chin right there coming boy this is why I said one of the top was my top five storyline going into the offseason the extra one the the one more when Brockman you thought I was going on the Verizon Einstein route and I said no it's what will the Sean Payton Broncos look like he just hired Vance Joseph how about that former head coach who got one and done one and done so Nathaniel Hackett could get one and done right no it was it I'm trying to fire he was fired before Vic Fangio it happened so fast let's see so bottom line is he's a former coach whose head coach has now been brought back and you know obviously we all know management has changed it went Richard went Vance Joseph Vic Fangio yeah yeah so then Jerry Rossberg that's right for a brief and to me this is gonna be the question as what is it gonna look like and and I don't think Russell Wilson aged so fast and has lost his ability to play football I just think it was a bad mix there last year and I'm gonna give Ross the benefit of the doubt and say that if there's anybody who knows how to rehabilitate if you want to use that word Russell Wilson it's Sean Payton now I'm not gonna go so crazy that I'm gonna choose them to win the AFC West next year now I'm not gonna I'm not going there but if you recall last year I was saying you know I need to see it in Denver from Russell Wilson to believe it the whole idea at this point last year when we're wondering where is Russell gonna go is he gonna stay is he gonna go and then he goes and he goes to Denver and everyone's just like that's championship just add Russ no I needed to see it to believe it and I never saw and then what a lot of people saw said I can believe that because they feel Russ isn't all that I will say Sean Payton knows how to rehabilitate it and I think Russ will listen at least when I saw him at that wheels up dinner when they were together sitting next to each other and seeing each other face to face for the first time since Sean Payton was hired on Thursday night of Super Bowl week he was leaning in and Sean was doing a lot of talking and and I I believe that's gonna be quite a fun storyline to watch unfold Sean Payton back in the mix I'm not gonna sit here and say that he's aged out and done I don't believe that for one second eight four four two oh four rich number two dial right here on the rich eyes and show our number three Anthony Edwards had something interesting to say about load management and injury management also we'll take more of your phone calls Eric Bienamy has spoken he spoke on the subject of why he's an OC now and an assistant HC rather than just an HC somewhere else he was asked point blank about that subject matter and if you missed any of the first two hours that are concluding right now here in the in the in the lightning and rainstorm that's hitting Los Angeles California people are already collecting animals by twos right now we're gonna re-air on the Roku channel channel 210 as soon as this next hour is complete right here on our show and it's been a great first couple hours with Tom Izzo what a conversation with him that was something else and then Brian Windhorst getting ready for tonight's NBA action but you know you're talking about the Michigan Michigan State thing and that's you know that's your rival and everything but some things are just as you know and Tom those far supersede sports and that rivalry this was a human interest like loving your fellow man type thing and that was great to see of course those two right together like that you know really was and beating number 17 Indiana Michigan State's 10 is 17 and 10 overall I you know with three games to play and then obviously the NCAA the big 10 tournament we're right around the corner for that stuff man yeah I'm back we're back you're back hey look at you we brought the Apollo 13 is re-established the Lem is back did you put together did you make all the equipment to get us back in through the atmosphere I have the con fantastic well this is great scared by oh he's playing music I just want to back on the rich eyes and show in a moment I just heard something back here at that moment it was like whoa I was thinking about what's more likely in regards to the the Jets and the your your dream of winning two titles in the next six to eight years well tomorrow's a Friday I understand I want to throw it out now right now well I just thought of it okay why don't you wait to the next hour you got a bunch of real estate okay you don't want to it's called a tease no I don't want to know I don't want to know right now I don't want to know well it just involves your two teams all I know is I'm oh I know where this is going all right all I know is that Del Tufo was freaking out over there doing his best and you're like still talking loudly dropping f-bombs and stuff I'm pretty sure we didn't pick them up on you might have heard it but you didn't no one heard it at home I heard it I'm sorry yeah you I mean it was like apologize to the I'm sorry if you heard my cursing bear over there sorry rich we just had you missed our bear show yesterday Mike you missed I know I need to do a group outing I think to cocaine bear what do you mean okay I guess a group we go to the movies I've already seen which I mean yeah but you know we all we need to go see the machine together after work oh I just saw I guess the trailer dropped yeah we should go see the machine after work everybody go see Bert Kreischer and in person because the man's one hundred twenty five thousand dollars in the hole.
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