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REShow: Max Duggan/O’Shea Jackson Jr. - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 22, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Max Duggan/O’Shea Jackson Jr. - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 22, 2023 3:09 pm

TCU quarterback Max Duggan and Rich discuss his huge 2022 season that saw him finish runner-up in the Heisman Trophy voting and a trip to the CFP National Championship Game, and how he’s preparing for the upcoming NFL Combine with the hopes of improving his NFL Draft stock.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. joins Rich in-studio to promote his new comedy film ‘Cocaine Bear,’ the state of his beloved Lakers and if LeBron can lead a revamped roster back to the playoffs this season.

Rich and the guys debate if the Lakers or Clippers will win an NBA title sooner.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is the Rich Eisen Show. I would be just fine with Derek Carr being the quarterback of the New York Jets. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Well, are you just fine? Are you happy?

I would be happy. Earlier on the show, NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider Tom Curran, Super Bowl winning head coach Bruce Arians. Coming up, GCU quarterback Max Duggan from the new film Cocaine Bear. Actor O'Shea Jackson Jr. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Ah yes, our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great chat with Al Michaels here on the 43rd anniversary of the Miracle on Ice last hour.

Bruce Arians as well. We had Tom Curran of NBC Sports Boston join us here on the Rich Eisen Show. One of the stars of Cocaine Bear, which I saw at the premiere last night, O'Shea Jackson Jr. will come here and talk about Cocaine Bear and how the Lakers need to sign Cocaine Bear to a 10-day contract to maul 13 other teams to get the Lakers to the NBA finals. That's going to be coming up.

We'll talk to O'Shea if he's got a plan for that. Rich Doogie Howser, he was a kid. I just did my power rankings of famous pop culture, famous doctors in honor of Dr. J being a 73-year-old man today. How about that? We gotta get Dr. J in here. So wait a minute, that means Dr. J celebrated his 30th birthday on the Miracle on Ice Day.

How about that? He turned the big 3-0 on that day. I wonder if the doc was watching. I think everybody was watching.

We're here live on the Roku channel. So everything that you may have missed just re-ears on channel 210 as we're done with this hour that moves on right now with our monster prospect of the week. It's the prospect of the week. Normally, it's just me talking about a prospect, but now it's me talking to one. We spoke to Jordan Palmer the other day and this is one of his pupils, if you will, right now, getting ready for a combine and an NFL draft.

He is a guy who broke my heart in the Fiesta Bowl, quite frankly. From TCU, joining us right here, Heisman Trophy finalist Max Duggan on the Rich Ozzenshire. How you been, Max? Hey, good.

How's it going? Thanks for having me on. Of course. It's just me being as high class as I possibly can be, Max. I'm a Michigan Wolverine.

I don't know if you're aware of that. Yeah, I kind of knew it a little bit. Sorry about the Fiesta Bowl. I appreciate that.

That's kind of what I was fishing for. So talk to me about your ascension and what you think may have clicked for you to put you on a Heisman podium this past year, Max. Yeah, I was just surrounded by a lot of great people with Coach Dykes coming in and Coach Riley.

Obviously, great offensive minds between those two. They put so much confidence in us as players in our program to go out there, be confident, play loose, be aggressive, kind of be bold. It allowed for myself to kind of go play my ball and how I kind of think I played best. And it allowed for us to be successful this year. And so just outside of that, though, did the game slow down for you in any way, shape, or form, do you think, this year?

I don't know if it slowed down. I was fortunate enough to play the last three years, so I've been understanding there. I had some starts under my belt, but I think it was just going out there and not worrying about making a mistake or trying to be perfect every time, just letting the game come to you.

Be confident out there and kind of see what happens. Well, I wanted the Fiesta Bowl to slow down a little bit, I'll be honest with you, from my perspective, because it seemed like you guys were on a roll. What was it like in the locker room before that game in Arizona, Max Duggan? Yeah, that was a fun game. I think a lot of people were just not nervous, I think just anxious to go out there and play a game that magnificently against an opponent like Michigan. We were going in confident. We had a great week of preparation, or I guess weeks of preparation going into that game. But again, just going in there and not letting the game be too big, not playing tight, anything like that.

Just playing loose, playing free, and just playing our game. We were able to go back and forth, which was an entertaining game, and we were able to come out on top. What about the idea that folks were saying that you didn't belong in the Final Four?

Was that something you used, Max? Yeah, so we never really talked about it. With Coach Dyke, he always talked about it, no opinion outside of our walls, no opinion outside of our program really mattered. We see ourselves how we see ourselves. We went in confident. We knew that we were a great team, but we knew that we had to play really well to beat an opponent like Michigan.

We didn't want to worry about what other people were saying about us, though. And then in terms of the national championship game, was that a spotlight that you guys got caught up in? Was it just not your day?

What do you chalk up to that one, Max? Yeah, I think it comes down to one of those nights where you just get your butt kicked. Obviously, Georgia is such a talented team with talented players. They have a phenomenal coaching staff, and it was one of those games, one of those nights where we didn't play very well. They played really well, and we just got our butts kicked by them.

That's just kind of how it went that night. Heisman Trophy runner-up, Davey O'Brien, award winner, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year, Max Duggan, here on the Rich Eisen Show. How are you prepping for the combine, Max? Yeah, it's been good. I'm out here in Southern California or Orange County with Jordan Palmer, training with him. So I'm doing a lot, speed training, strength training, throwing with him, interview prep, getting on the board, physical therapy, all that. So it's been a good process. I'm looking forward to the combine. Yeah, they're long-ass days, man. I'll tell you, I've been in the combine for almost 20 years, and I can't believe it's a long week. I mean, you're going to see a bunch of doctors. What are you prepping from teams?

Are you prepping to the crazy question front at all, Max? Yeah, you know, I think you're going to get the questions like that, but I think just being confident in what your story is and who you are, where you came from, your career at TCU. You've been able to get up on the board and talk some ball, be able to just grow that relationship.

I think teams just want to get to know who the guy is and who they're interviewing and what type of person they're going to be getting if they decide to get you on their team. Who was your player growing up? Who was the guy you emulated, Max?

So I grew up a Packers fan, so I watched Favre and I watched Aaron Rogers a bunch growing up, so those are the two guys that I watched a ton. You sure you didn't watch Favre as a Viking? I mean, how old are you, Max? I mean, I'm trying to do the math. 21.

21. So you watched Favre on like, what, YouTube videos or something like that? Is that what you- No, I was young, but I remember, though, I remember Favre in a Packers uniform. Okay, and Rogers, have you spoken to Rogers? Have you ever met him? No, yeah, I haven't spoken to him.

I don't have a relationship with him. It was just, as a kid growing up, you know, you watch him and obviously I'm a Midwest kid and Packers were my team growing up, so- Where are you from? Iowa.

Okay, so you're from Iowa. Have you spoken to Kurt Warner? Have you ever met Kurt, Max?

Have you spoken to him? I have not met Kurt, but yeah, he's a legend in the state of Iowa, though. What a great story, you know, Kurt had of working at Ivy and then having the career that he did. Yeah, it's pretty incredible. Okay, yeah, but also, you know, I'm sure he was kind of rooting against you in the Big 12 game, you know, his son plays for Kansas State, but- Yeah, he did. They got the better end of it, though, so I think he was pretty happy.

Yeah, eventually so. Okay, so who do you model your game after, then, would you say? You know, a guy that I watched a lot, even lately, was Joe Burrow. What he does with his movements and efficient movements and how he is in a pocket. I don't know if I'd say I play like him. Probably someone I kind of play like would be probably Jalen Hurst. He's kind of that self-minded leader, can make the throws anytime, can lead a group of men, spot through adversity, things of that sort. Well, one thing that Jordan Palmer told us the other day, Max, that kind of took me by surprise is that you've never had sort of a personal coach or the intensive coaching outside of, obviously, your school programs like the one that you're getting right now. That you never went to a camp or anything like that sort of thing, Max.

Yeah, so I'd never had a private coach, you know, my entire life. I played sports in high school, so all off-season, you know, while guys were probably traveling around the country seven on seven, I was playing baseball or basketball, running track, and then even in college, just being at TCU and just getting a bag of balls and going to throw at the guys in the indoor. So this has been fun for me to really specialize my development and really hone in on, you know, things that I need to work on that I think will really help my trajectory as a football player. Okay, so then I'll ask the same question I asked of Jalen Hurst since you mentioned how you try to model your game off of him, and obviously, I would imagine leadership style as well. I'll ask you the same question I asked him when I spoke to him before the draft is, what will a team get if they draft Max Duggan? Max? Yeah, I think just an extremely competitive person that knows how to lead a group of men, I think those intangible assets are kind of the most important.

I think, you know, at this level, everybody can throw, everybody can run, but I think just having that competitive nature and having a leader where a group of men can follow, obviously now, you know, I'm working on development of mechanics and footwork that will just even, you know, project my development as a player, that'll help me become a better player, but I think the competitive, you know, tenacity and leader is the most important that teams will kind of get from me. And do you have your schedule as to who you're interviewing with next week? Do you have that yet? I don't have my schedule. You know, there's a couple teams that I know I'll be meeting with, but I don't have the exact schedule yet. All right, now I need names, Max. You got to cough it up. Who are you meeting with next week?

What do you got? Yeah, I don't know yet, I promise. I might have to talk to, have to do some phone calls and figure it out. Okay, I don't want to, so, all right. You know what, I'm sorry I put you on the spot. I'm not trying to get you in trouble. So that means you're meeting with the Patriots, okay.

I truly don't know. I promise, Rich. I knew I'd tell you.

Okay, very good. But you're going to meet with some teams next week and you're going to go crush it, and I look forward to watching you do that, Max, and it's been great to to meet with you here, and I, you know, I'm just watching you play again. You crushed my heart, and by the way, an 11-year-old son, too. I mean, you know, but Rich, I mean, it was tough to watch for me, but watching you ascend this year was great, and I particularly was caught by your press conference after losing the Big 12 championship game. To me, watching people in defeat is just as telling as watching anybody in victory, and I was very impressed by that, Max, to be very honest with you. Yeah, I appreciate that. You know, I think in the day of age of where we get into sports, I think it kind of becomes almost a week to show vulnerability. I think people see that as, you know, being weak, but I think, you know, these are these guys' lives. This is a passion so to care so much about something and to show emotion, I think, is okay, and I hope I showed people that. You know, it's okay to, you know, care about something and, you know, the passion you have for something. It's okay to, you know, show emotion.

A million percent, Max. I mean, this is, you know, trust me, I was surrounded by, you know, jubilant TCU fans in the Fiesta Bowl, and then I did go to the national championship game and watched the TCU fans have a totally different reaction in that game. It means so much to them. It means so much to them, and it means so much to you. I think that it's important to show. A million percent. If you're, you know, if you're emotional like that, wear it on your sleeve. I think that is a sign of strength.

A million percent, Max. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So whether you are a player, whether you've been a fan for 40-plus years, you know, so many people put so much effort and experience and have so many memories of a team or whatever it may be.

So yeah, to show your emotion, I think it's really okay. That was the first TCU game I've ever seen in person, Max. I was like, well, what are they doing the air quotes thing for? And then I realized it's the Horned Frogs thing. You know, I don't know the air quotes, you know, it looks... Oh yeah, I know.

Everyone kind of looks at it a little bit different, but yeah, that's our hand sign, our hand signal. Okay. And last one for you. Have you spoken to Dalton? Do you have a relationship with Andy Dalton at all, Max?

Yeah, yeah. Andy's been such a, you know, great relationship with me and someone that I can go to for advice. You know, obviously, he's extremely busy during the season when we're playing, but you know, he still finds time to reach out to me, whether it's a call, whether it's a text of telling me, you know, words of advice or encouragement or, you know, you watch the game and he's loving the way that we're playing and we're leading. So he's been a great resource for myself and TCU and just the forward community. Max Duggan, he's good people, so are you. And I appreciate you taking the time right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Thank you, sir. I'll see you in Indianapolis. I look forward to seeing you in person in Indianapolis. That's Max Duggan heading off to the combine.

Heisman Trophy finalist, Davey O'Brien winner, Pac-12 offensive, Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year. And amongst all that, maybe most importantly, the Rich Eisen Show Prospect of the Week. Sponsored by can help you tackle the job search and make your next career move. It's time to get off the sidelines.

Go to and win the job hunt. Max Duggan, the Prospect of the Week. It is time, sir. Are you ready to account because this man will hold you and your Celtics and TJ hold you and your Clippers to account even though his Lakers are 14th in the Western Conference. He's got nothing to say out here.

Absolutely. He does. I mean, he will.

He will. And I saw his new movie last night and it is a big ball of dynamite. I've got questions for him about this movie. Two things. Number one, you got to have your head on a swivel if you were starring this movie.

And then your head might've been turned into a swivel. And number two, the bear loves cocaine. I don't think I'm spoiling anything. Hence why he's a cocaine bear.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. Cocaine Bears, O'Shea Jackson Jr. here as our terrestrial radio audience just returned here we just saw a clip of uh the said bear oh what are you oh I just like when you announce my name okay did you did you bring purple and gold glitter oh that's confetti confetti is different it gets everywhere so the confetti is that what is that what's that confetti from well first of all it's a nod to the macho man Randy Savage who used to come out on talk shows with his own confetti like a psychopath and you know I knew I was going to come around a bunch of Laker hate right now so I want them to bask bask in the purple and go while I'm here yes Chris Brockman you beautiful poor poor man I know I know you're happy that you're in first place I'm glad y'all got runner up last year but like what have you guys been doing have you won a championship this decade without holding so you've got that on your little tent you claim the five Minneapolis ones is so weird is that is that your it is what it is you guys are technically the Clippers we could get into that later you you know that they sold the team back in the day they swapped teams look it up google it I'm not here for that I'm not here for history you really went there so uh is that a real championship ring on your left hand you can twist it off just as well you can see the retired hall of famers all up in here now what game of Dave and Busters did you play the win oh please how many tickets to that was that like the 40,000 take that for like the 80 that like what level that role what level a day was like papa shot wow Chris I'll take it from you because you're my rival but I know I'm not hearing I know I'm not hearing a clipper talk to me about any sort of championship glory right now you stop that yeah you'd be nice tj well after this year I'm gonna have a lot of room to talk one of my teams is getting a chip this year one of them one of Sixers too he's a rare Sixers clipper uh hybrid you're just patriotic you're just like red white and blue god bless america I see you man these colors don't run wow that's a real thing you're screwing that thing back on come on bro what you're talking about but what's the skeeball is that oh listen I can't hear you with this ringing in my ear I just can't it's all right man so all right let's hear the old careful now see pick that up you gotta really snap you gotta really screw that thing back on I say all right so that was chuckie cheese that wasn't even all right so 14 what you're 14th right now I mean you're not concerned about how they're working never seriously seriously I just I literally just won a championship not two seasons ago okay I understand uh I personally don't like it for Braun you know I really feel that his accomplishment this season by you know breaking the record and all of that it should be in a winning season I love the new moves you know shout out to Polinka because we had the pitchforks ready we were you know we were about to be outside the house and I I love the move that he did uh I hate that it didn't work out with Russell Westbrook because I am such a fan yeah but it is what it is it ain't what it ain't so so let me just clarify 14 games back 13th in conference I I do believe the moves they made have vastly improved the team though yeah I would I would totally you know agree with what you said when you're walking out here that the team that put you 13th in conference is not the one on the floor right now yeah which is the move that you you're more is it D'Angelo Russell is that him if you would have told me of all the young core people that D'Lo would be the one to come back I'd call you crazy but he he seems to be engaged you know I love the fact that we have uh somebody who can make a play happen that's not LeBron um and of course Vanderbilt Vanderbilt got defense you know and it's much needed and I've been a fan of Hachimura for a while now he's always a fantasy sleeper for me uh I do play in a 16-man league by the way so it is slim picking so sleepers like Hachimura are are definitely needed right and uh my man Malik Beasley his father uh actually is in Swagger he's uh he's one of the fathers in in Swagger Michael Beasley so I'm loving I'm loving the new additions to the team I cannot screw this on I'm loving the new additions to the team and I feel that if we stay the course of course the playing is what we're aiming for but like I hate it I'm not gonna act like I I love the position we're in I hate it oh I'm taking a look at it oh shit look at me you're maybe 13th right now but you're only five games back a fourth yeah that's the west is really crazy there it is there it is on the screen what I'm really watching is that the Pelicans I I have grown a new distaste for Pelican fans they can uh they can they're waiting for Zion to actually play a full season play or play two months in a row if you would see the disrespect that I get on Twitter from Pelicans fans the worst mascot in the league by far Pelicans y'all took months to think of that name that's crazy but anyway they're aggressive with us because of the Anthony Davis trait they feel like a championship doesn't matter because they have a future you know how many teams have a future get you a ring and then you could probably talk to me man I like this I'll be very surprised I'm surprised that Pelican fans are the ones coming at you I'm surprised too they shouldn't make any noise whatsoever I don't think it'll be Grizzlies fans because the grid they talk to everybody I kind of dig that though I love it I love it for them I love that they do absolutely nothing with it that makes me the most happiest I love me some job I love me some job but my god his his quote of he's not scared of the west yes or that he was good in the west has just completely turned everything upside down my my boss at sometimes Kevin Durant is now a Phoenix sun and I completely blame John Moran why just because I can it's all Kevin's fault but like I just like to to talk down on the non-championship winning team I can't wait to see what that looks like I don't want to see it no I of course not because we we can all assume what it's going to look like and at least you know and I know you've got 20 games for the new look Lakers if you want to call them that to actually get why did you do that that's what they're called I just want air quotes no I just want air quotes on you because I still need to see it man I still need to see it I need to see it I don't by the way I'm not one of those that puts an asterisk next to the bubble championship thank you because you're smart because they because you could make the case that that was tougher than than usual and normal to win something and everyone's playing under the same construct as well and they're the ones who won that championship I mean the oldest team in the league got five months of rest I am playing so why didn't any of the young guys win if it was so much easier how come nobody else won how did we go four and one against everybody in the west yes everyone got hurt Tyler you're my title hero is a young buck so now we're now it don't count when people get hurt oh no are we doing that the entire Miami seat were injured the whole team was injured my word Chris I expect more from you brother I'm just saying you're just saying a whole lot of nothing they should just cancel the season so exhibition you want an exhibition tour okay that's so so do you put an asterisk next to Tim Duncan's first title where was it 50 games a 50 game season yes what so all right if y'all ever if anybody's ever talking about Tim Duncan over Kobe ever again Chris you just gave me the green light bro it should be an asterisk next to Tim Duncan's first title LeBron's first titles during the lockout come on bro we don't we don't discredit these legends when it comes down to it don't do it now because the Lakers team title LeBron really has one title with the Lakers oh that's ridiculous he's now just don't listen to him leprechauns all right so but yeah I'm I'm equally as interested to see what Durant and this Suns team looks like 20 games from now I think it's gonna be you don't think it's a wrap it's not a wrap seriously give me give me your best Laker you give me O'Shea Jackson Jr give me your best Lakers scenario to finish up this season you have the floor um best Lakers scenario is always always I'm always going to say we have some ridiculous run and go to the championship I've been on sports shows when I would had a rookie D'Lo and said we were going to win the championship you're never going to see anything less out of me um but as long as we build a a chemistry I feel that this roster is something that is that I wish we had in the beginning of the year yes to be that scary team in the playoffs that you don't want to face because LeBron when he pulls out the playoff fangs is a beast that nobody wants on the other side of them and um you know I'm I'm happy uh for Russell Westbrook to be able to stay in LA and be with the Clippers I really think that that team needed a facilitator and that's what Russ does and I I feel that with all the pieces together that they have that they can possibly lead to a second round exit um also wow also you know how I feel about you it's no secret I don't like you you don't like me let's keep it that way Kevin Durant I wish you would have chose a different purple but it is what it is I'll see you if there's a swagger season three but right now I can't stand you you know how I am you know it's Lakers all day that's not that's no different between me but the best Lakers scenario is always the best Lakers scenario is always a championship nothing less as long as the Clippers the Suns or the Celtics don't win I'll be fine ladies and gentlemen O'Shea Jackson Jr I appreciate that I asked DJ would you be more upset if the Celtics won a title or the Clippers? I said the Clippers I said the Clippers for sure like Celtics it's like we are the Hatfields and McCoys you know it's all we're always going to be going at each other to the end of time who are the Clippers then I don't know who they are but I would have to hear them a lot the vicinity is like real close I could just ignore Massachusetts as a whole you know we'll have 49 states for the year in my book okay like if I gave if I gave one of these these clipper fans you know these what was the word vermin oh yeah bro I just can't go yeah not you you are all right thank you and Billy Crystal that's where I draw it's just me and BC wow Billy Crystal been there forever and TJ the homie okay very good O'Shea Jackson Jr for now I love it let's talk cocaine bear man absolutely oh my gosh um did you read a script or did you need like a synopsis it's about this story that's based on a true story yeah where a a drug deal requires a plane ride plane's going down guy jettisons a bunch of the cocaine to an area where they can be found later on by the rightful if you will owner of said cocaine right and a bear finds it and who explained this idea to you O'Shea Jackson Jr it actually um I saw it in a tweet okay I saw Elizabeth Banks gets right to cocaine bear film my immediate thought was they will never get a movie named cocaine bear made I clicked the article I read it was based on a true story and I retweeted it and told them to take my money all right I was ready to go as a fan Elizabeth Banks follows me because I'm a popular guy from there yes uh she saw the retweet called the higher-ups said I think we can get O'Shea Jackson Jr um you know I went through my free agency proceedings and I signed up with the best team in the world universal studio yes sir and now cocaine bear is made and and it's everywhere I mean you see it everywhere the awareness is through the roof yeah um and again like I said earlier on this show don't want to give away anything the only two things I will reveal is um you know uh the bear loves cocaine loves it and then good lord and then has a terrible reaction to the cocaine I mean as one would have as one would oh well and everybody's got to have their head on a swivel and sometimes it looks like their head was on an actual swivel yeah um a lot of blood what but it was a CGI bear how did you how did you act this one out like that had to be something else for you um no I mean you know I've done Godzilla uh you know I've done Star Wars like the CGI world you know I'm I don't know if you know this but as an actor I'm real good at playing pretend rich I'm one of the best players of pretend in the world well I mean you think the Lakers have a shot this year so I'm well aware of that please you know what rich I come on this show still relevant for comfort I'm sorry friendship sorry and you let these two get in your head I don't like that because when I won the chip we was in COVID and y'all wouldn't let me on the show well I know I had to do it over a phone call y'all lucky hold on here we go uh like the bags in this film it's low-hanging fruit how about that oh that was nice nice we're now back but so um what we had actually was a a creature performer by the name of Alan Henry who's done work for Planet of the Apes and a former yeah like he gets like how uh Andy Serkis does for like Gollum or Kong okay uh he he's worked on Planet of the Apes he's worked on Lord of the Rings and yeah he was our bear for our eyeline for you know whatever type of performance that we we needed to give we actually had someone to physically play the bear now as you know he also had an apparatus for CGI to be able to map out where the bear snout was and things like that around the cocaine yeah of course yes just digging his nose all in it like scarface sometimes yeah and uh as far as the fear aspect when you're you know when you're dealing with a a giant New Zealand man in black spend spandex I fear for my life at all times it is what it is and then just some of your co-stars too um the one of one of whom is obvious for me to bring up in Ray Liotta who passed away as we all know and then the film credits begin with in loving memory of Ray Liotta yeah you were pretty much in every scene Ray was in in this film yeah and what was that like for you to be around him as much as you were um it was a pleasant surprise a blessing I didn't know that I was going to get I'm I'm kind of a bad co-worker in the sense of like I don't read who's going to be in nothing that I go do okay they call me up they tell me I'm gonna be in it I I get it down and I go sure and so when Elizabeth was like yeah so Ray's coming in I was like oh dope and uh all right so Ray you know like Ray Liotta said Ray Liotta's playing sin so I was pumped you know I I didn't get I had no aspirations to act I was a writer at USC then straight out of Compton happening like here I am so like to be able to act and like spar a little bit with with Ray Liotta yeah it was a you know it's a dream that I didn't know that I had come true that's and um I think my favorite memories of Ray are off camera you know uh talking smack in hair and makeup you know cracking jokes making them laugh that type stuff that's when you really get to know a person and it's been real bittersweet uh this victory lap of Cocaine Bear without Ray but he killed it you know he had a he did great he never complained on set about any of the stuff that he had to do and um it's a real it's a real joy I got to work with Ray and uh may he rest in peace well another actor as well that you're in a big scene with we just saw in the clip um is Isaiah Whitlock Jr. I'm a no can't say I know I know I know I know the why you can't say it don't say it what are you doing from from the wire you know where he it's it is a long four-letter word that he says I just say eat it right he is he's one of my favorite actors and seeing him in this film and he's on top of the gazebo and I don't want to give any more away because uh but what what was that like being around him that dude is funny he's funny he's um you know he's got stories for days super professional uh when he rapped he gave this like super deep speech and the rest of us just felt lesser of human beings what do you mean I don't know he had this like poem ready and he he said it on top of a gazebo while the sun was setting in ireland it was crazy um and then he gives me a bobble head of his character from the wire oh god when it says that word yeah when you press the button and that's all it says and it all day yeah yeah I gotta have that I'm telling you you gotta meet Isaiah he keeps them in the trunk of his car going on eBay right now come on I'm serious I have it I promise I'll bring it for you wow the next time I'm gonna have that I've gotta have that here in this studio you know we've got a bunch of pop culture stuff yeah Isaiah has those in the trunk of his car I don't know okay I see what you're saying I didn't know if that actually existed damn I'm looking at one on eBay right now is that really how much 45 bucks sold buy it now button hit it buy it now I'll Venmo you from the show account two of them oh it's coming oh my gosh that's fantastic this is my tony con shout out okay tony a little higher thirsty man see you saw him you saw him holding up the mug huh yeah the the entire time the entire time he sent me a text like what gives and I'm like hey man he's holding up the mud is thirsty by the way you're part of that rivalry too perhaps I did I did uh I did invite my man Phil Brooks see him punk to the premiere shout out to see him punk was he there yeah oh bet best in the world baby I didn't see him I just do that to make AEW fans mad because they're they're the best to mess why do you like making people mad you're such a nice guy twitter bro like that's what twitter's for it is the most aggressive social media app there is and you're there for it I'm all here for it I'm a natural heel can't help it it's the smile it's the smile what a movie man congratulations on another big movie that you are in thank you congratulations what I mean honestly it was was one of those where you woke up the next day and you're like did I really see that last night I've seen a lot of people online because of the title try to connect it with like a crazy title like Snakes on a Plane we're not like Snakes on a Plane we're more like Titanic in the sense that we're based on a true story but you know some events might be a little fabricated right Jack and Rose not real that ain't really happened yeah we waiting for the iceberg baby in the form of a cocaine consuming sniffing rampaging bear yeah that's what it is check it asked me when you read that when you read the script were you surprised at how long your character lived because you know some of these careful careful careful don't give it away don't give it away you see how am I giving it away you are giving it away I swear clippers can never get to the finish line bro it is insane what you just did today he knows exactly what I'm talking about no good lord come on man I got it just well just just cape from mason plumley and just don't say anything about the movie mason plumley he's going it's oh he's already there he's a good addition russell westbrook weren't there I'm aware of that I know we're all you just roll your eyes yeah like of course like clippers are known for taking our scraps bro it's just what they do name me two other people Elgin Baylor Tyron Lou Jerry West what are you talking about you just named half a sprinkler off the top of his head forces a front office people yeah bro like her scraps you had Kareem teaching Michael Ola with candy the sky like stop it bro by the way everyone should be learning from Kareem every big man should have known what the conversation is y'all picking our scraps up off the table anyway I'm sorry rich you know how it's okay it's okay it's okay he just did tj barely made the credits barely made the credits can we come over and watch the play-in tournament that's all I wonder oh I want to watch it here you can let's do it sold done live stream see you say these things you say these things and you be you know uh and I quickly buy it like the like the Isaiah Whitlock I just I just hit the buy it now button yeah dude great to see you good to see you come back anytime you know that I mean you're just a busy man so come back anytime please I will be back when March 9th what's March 9th I don't know just gave you a date sold we'll see you March 9th in the meantime what else can I get go check out cocaine bear in theaters near you this very weekend get in line on your birthday February 24 happy birthday to you thank you you know what we got for you a cocaine bear a bear I have loved I mean I've never seen a bear love cocaine quite like this cocaine bear my entire life I've seen another bear with cocaine but that's why you got to go see this movie yes you know it's a it's it's not Winnie the Pooh it's less honey less honey more booger sugar that's what I said no ticker too fantastic sugar has been said O'Shea Jackson Jr follow him on Twitter and come at him at your own peril that's coming up right here on the Rich Eisen show is to finishing things up after a dynamite program don't go anywhere I just learned discover credit cards do something pretty awesome at the end of your first year they automatically double all the cash back you've earned that's right everything you've earned doubled all the cash back from eating at your favorite soup dumpling restaurant doubled all the cash back from that trip where you sort of learn to snowboard also doubled and the best part you don't have to do anything ridiculous to get it nope discover does it automatically seriously though see terms and check it out for yourself at match for decades rolling stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today rolling stone music now takes over in podcast form scissor you seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically I feel like ideas have more power than identity like the excitement overrides insecurity that is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything rolling stone music now wherever you listen back here on the Rich Eisen show radio network part of the Roku channel stream sitting at the Rich Eisen show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you call or just stop by always a blast when O'Shea Jackson Jr stops in here always a blast and that movie again Cocaine Bear is such a blast and one of the most you know one of the aspects about the movie that is makes it unique you know uh outside of the bear sniffing cocaine is that doesn't matter how big a star you are what your name is in this film the bear can come get you at any moment in time so to sit here and say out loud how long a movie character lasts what in the world do you think I mean rich I mean seriously like I mean the show the people the movie theater people the movie people are leaving here so what's going on with your guy I mean god go get your guy did you get where I was going with that I got it what did you get what did you get thank you the black guys never lived very long he was going that route but you don't you haven't seen the movie he doesn't know so he was just going with that joke it was a joke that he got immediately but you two jumped down my throat made it seem like I was saying something spoiler world spoiler world like just let the joke play out because he got it he knew where I was saying with it like it's a joke but then he also said it's a spoiler bro yeah after you two scream like I asked for a social security number something on air like come on boilers I don't understand it's me like going on my power rankings let's start with number one you can't do that you got to build out sounds like a winner to me thank you are you really upset over there no okay sounds like you're no no I'm looking at something on something on instagram he hates he hates the Clippers doesn't he O'Shea does yeah yeah you know what that's born out of fear fear it's born out of fear I don't think it is born out of fear I'll say it yeah but I'll say it we'll never catch up yeah you know what I mean you'll never you'll never catch up but at some point the rabbit does get the gun doesn't he no I don't think I don't think Charlie Brown ever kicked the football you will never the Clippers hopefully in our lifetime in your lifetime let's put it that way will get you know just one I know that but enough closer to Los Angeles based titles it's gonna it'll you know it may it'll never happen one would think but never no I'm not holding out for it all I'm saying is all you need is one that's that's all I'm asking for just one what would it be like in this town and the Sixers haven't won in like 40 years yeah but that's not and again with with with all due respect to your fandom for them and I know you love them very much you don't live in Philadelphia yeah you live here I cannot imagine what it would be like if Westbrook joins this team now and though you know we talked with O'Shea about um the moves the Lakers made the Clippers made some very nice moves yeah I mean you know uh Mason Plumlee being added I mean he was a terrific player for the Charlotte Hornets this year this year I know that and so now so Zubat sits and he comes in and Bones Hyland was sitting there in Denver saying everybody's scoring 20 but me get me out of here because we were talking about him before he got traded like what are they doing he's now on the Clippers and then they pick up Russell Westbrook which you know a lot of people are going back and forth on that but I mean when you add a guy who's averaging 16 like seven and five like and if it doesn't work let's just say he gets in there and things don't work out but while I'm on the bench you let him go how wouldn't like what is not working out look like I really have no idea which is like if if he doesn't perform then Ty Lue will sit him and if there's any coach that can look Russell Westbrook in the face and say sorry yeah the great point it's him you know he's got a ring on the finger and this team is very good and they're taking on the Kings Friday night in a huge three versus four game to start the second half if you will of the season um I'm I'm I'm telling you man the Clippers have a team that can absolutely very deep win this conference 11 players deep no question about it and so and so I'm just I'm sorry just just to finish my point Laker fan knows if you look at a team and say this team has the ability to not win just this year but is built for the next several years it's the Clippers not the Lakers that's I think I'm spitting truth here in facts the Clippers are built much better than the Lakers now obviously you know the Lakers have LeBron playing still at the top of his game and Anthony Davis being Anthony Davis when he's healthy and the Clippers have Kawhi and Paul George and a much deeper roster with a much more decorated and um experienced coach facts so I think that's why it's a little bit of fear also the Clippers you know with Kawhi and Paul George maybe they need a little bit of that fire you know Russ is going to come in there and kind of light a fire because there isn't really anyone on that team now that Beverly's gone and they're getting some going to Chicago you know so we'll see I'm hoping for the best yeah that's what I mean it's a little fearful and and just in terms of you know just addressing again the elephant in the room here I feel it I sense it the all-star break ends tomorrow tonight's the last night you don't look at your app and see me kicking somebody's ass in our fantasy league so your break ends tonight oh boy as well or ends tomorrow tonight's your last night of not looking at your app and go this guy again this team again oh my god you got a whole second half of the season that ends that ends I wish there were games tonight we actually only have like a month left of the season that's it the second half is just it's not I mean second half of the season started right after the calendar year began right yeah they played technically all the NBA all-star break was at game 60 I know as much as I wanted you to be happy and you're in that matchup that means the most to you Michigan Ohio State I wanted you to be happy then thank you I you know I'm flipping the script I fully accept that like O'Shea Jackson Jr accepts the hate on Twitter I fully accept it so enjoy tonight guys I wish there was more action tonight in the NBA calendar or any action I'm ready now but enjoy tonight's last night of not having to look at your fantasy app and go this guy everyone on my team is healthy for the first time I love the other day I know I saw that that's not gonna help much I want to thank today's guests Tom Curran I want to thank Bruce Arians Al Michaels Max Duggan and O'Shea Jackson Jr fun show today that will wrap on the Roku channel in a moment you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess. LA it can become suffocating did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here or do you just think it just happens sometimes I think it just happens but also just everything going on in my personal life like I want to get on this mic and be like this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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