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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 13, 2023 3:11 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 13, 2023 3:11 pm

Two-time Super Bowl champion and ‘Green Light’ podcast host Chris Long tells Rich why the Kansas City Chiefs' line play and not the controversial holding call late in the game allowed them to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl, discuss Andy Reid’s 2nd half adjustments on both sides of the ball, what Patrick Mahomes’ 2nd ring means for his place among the NFL’s all-time greats, and why the Eagles’ future is still bright despite some question marks on the coaching staff and key players like Jason Kelce. 

In a Super Bowl LVII edition of ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on the controversial holding flag at the end of the game, if Jalen Hurts should have been the games’ MVP, if Patrick Mahomes will win more Super Bowl rings than Joe Montana, if Andy Reid belongs on the Mount Rushmore of NFL head coaches, if the Eagles or Chiefs have a better shot to return to the Super Bowl next season, Rihanna’s halftime show and more. 

Rich reacts to Derek Carr invoking his no-trade clause that will force the Raiders to release him in the coming days.

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This kid's electric, all gas, snowflake, coterious Tony.

This is the Rich Eisen Show. What bad ankle, he is limping back to the huddle. Don't underestimate how tough Patrick Mahomes is. The Lombardi Trophy has a red and gold reflection. We're going to celebrate this right here baby. What does the moment mean to you Andy?

It means a lot, I could kiss you right now but I'm not going to do that. Earlier on the show, Fox Sports NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira. Coming up, two-time Super Bowl champion and Green Light Podcast host Chris Long. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air here on the home of the Rich Eisen Show, the Roku Channel. What am I saying? All I'm saying is that I am back here in this chair. I am so sleep deprived, you have no earthly idea. But we're back here on the Roku Channel in Los Angeles.

I think that's what I was trying to say. What a great week in Arizona we had. We're back. Yeah, we're back here on all Roku devices, select Samsung Smart TVs. We're back here on Amazon Fire TV, the Roku app,, this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate. We've got a whole bunch of shows still to go. We just spoke to Mike Pereira, the lead rules analyst on Fox. He was in the booth last night. We talked all about the holding call on James Bradbury and how that affected the final score, clearly. And we were also going to have overreaction Monday coming up, but the rest of the show after the conversation we're about to have is about you. 844-204, it's number to dial.

Get in well, the getting is good. Loved talking to this guy all season long and in his usual Monday spot here on the Rich Eisen Show, fresh off of Super Bowl 57, is a man who won the Super Bowl as a Philadelphia Eagle, one of his two championships. The other one came in a Super Bowl that was prior to last night, the only Super Bowl in which a team that trailed by 10 or more points at halftime actually came back to win.

Those teams are now trailing by 10 or more points at halftime, 2 and 26 in the history of the Super Bowl. Chris Long, the host of Green Light Podcast back here on the program. How are you doing, Chris?

What's up, Rich? Do you take any naps, man? Maybe it's a nap day. I don't nap all that well.

And if I do, it's like 10 minutes and done. That's it. Man, you're missing out.

You're missing out. As you can hear from my voice, I spent the week in Phoenix as well. Fantastic. Let's jump into it, Chris Long. Your opinion of Super Bowl 57 overall.

What do you got for me on that? Man, there was a moment, Rich, in the fourth quarter where I thought to myself, this is the greatest Super Bowl of all time. And the way it ended was certainly hard to stomach, especially for Eagles fans. And for people just objectively watching the game, I know initially my reaction was maybe I didn't see an angle. Maybe Greg Olsen didn't see an angle because he had a hand in talking me into being outraged as I drove home. And I still think relative to the way the rest of the game was called, that penalty was a bit tiki-tacked. But by the letter of the law and certainly seeing the freeze frame of the jersey being pulled and more than anything hearing James Bradbury talking in detail about, hey, I gave it a tug to try to gain momentum to pull myself back out to run with the wheel route. It's not just the turning of Juju, and they missed one on Juju earlier in the game. It's the using him to slingshot and catch up.

And a lot of people seem to be confused. You know, inside five yards you got pass interference rules and then you have uncatchable balls. But none of that applied to this play. And having heard James Bradbury, who deserves a lot of credit for having the fortitude to admit that, and then Nick Cirioni, who lost with class and said, hey, that's not the reason we lost the game, Jason Kelce, the whole thing, it made it a little bit easier to stomach. And it was still one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time. And I think the offensive lines deserve a lot of credit for that because both quarterbacks were clean and you were able to see them work their magic. I mean, they were both sensational.

Jalen Hurts wins that game, he's the MVP. So it was a great game, but in the end, the two things that I worried about kind of played out. It was Patrick Mahomes' greatness, and it was Andy Reid, not only with a bye week, but with 30 minutes to kind of come up with the first 15 and a game plan for the second half. And to come out there and run the football and protect Mahomes, obviously the stuff with the motion at the end of the game, which I'm sure we'll talk about, was huge. Andy Hecht deserves a lot of credit. He's the run game coordinator in Kansas City. He was the coach that, you know, I've known him since he recruited me at UVA. He chose my brother Kyle.

He's a hell of a coach. They won that thing up front. They did. And, you know, I just mentioned at the end of our first hour the stat that hardly anybody's talking about that tells the full story is Hassan Raddick, who was a wrecking machine against San Francisco and has been the leader of a full unit wrecking machine on defense. One tackle, no sacks. They didn't sack Mahomes last night.

In the second half, he was a bit of a sitting duck. And so you mentioned the motions in the plays and the fact that Tony's wide open and Sky Moore is wide open and Juju Smith was running a similar route that he got held on at the end of the game. What did you see that Reed and the enemy and everyone on offense was able to dial up in the second half to have a different effect, Chris? Well, they continue to run the ball. I mean, they stretch edges.

They stress the front with that. I mean, like the entire game, I thought they deserve a lot of credit, excuse me, for getting the ball out. I mean, like, you know, anytime you see a great rusher like that and Andrew Wiley deserves a lot of credit, I thought that was a mismatch.

He proved otherwise. I mean, he hung in there. He did a great job at the top of the rush in trying to push Reddick by. He kind of turned a lot of these pass sets into run blocks at the top of the rush and just tried to carve him out of there. You know, I think this was the quickest they had gotten the ball out in a while. You know, they had a ton of play. Over 56 percent of their pass plays were under two and a half seconds. So that shot clock was quick for the rushers. And when it wasn't, they matched up. They did play action. You know, they chipped Son Reddick a ton.

And then also the surface. I mean, you know, like a lot of people are complaining about the call affecting the game. I think the surface affected the way the game played out. I'm not saying it would have necessarily benefited the Eagles, but, you know, these rushers kind of have to change the way they rush a little bit. People were slipping early in the game. I mean, Willie Gay is trying to pick up Devante Smith on the cross earlier. He sticks his foot in the ground and he's slipping. And you can kind of tell the rushers are slipping. Kelsey's slipping, trying to celebrate a touchdown.

I thought they did a really nice job in the screen game as well. And, you know, like little things like Creed Humphrey blocking up Jordan Davis on the decisive scramble of the game. You know, Jordan's the balance up guy. And he's given up 100 pounds to Jordan Davis, but he's able to stay on him. And Mahomes able to, you know, squeak out and run into the red zone there and effectively ice the game.

So, the front deserves a lot of credit. But what they do is, you know, they game plan. And they go back to week four. And, you know, I think it was Kedarius Toney's first touchdown as a Cheaper. There was a play when – no, it wasn't.

No, actually. So, they ran jet sweep with Kedarius Toney on his first touchdown. So, that helped set it up. But then also week four, I think they had pointed to a play when the Eagles played the Jaguars. And Jamal Agnew had run a similar play with a different result. And they saw the way that they were kind of like shifting their secondary responsibilities.

I think it's called a banjo. I used to hear guys screaming all the time in the red zone and places like that behind me. But basically when these guys go in motion, as you saw with Darius Slay, he's going to replace the safety. And the safety is going to run down, leverage the guy who's in motion in case of jet sweep or, you know, he's got to pick him up in coverage. Well, Slay kind of reset that play.

And obviously the motion comes right back out. And, you know, it's a touchdown. And the unforgivable part is it happens again the very next possession after the Toney return, which was set up by bad special teams play.

Low line drive kick. And a great return. And ironically, you know, if you're a Giants fan, maybe they thought it was a bad draft pick after all because the guy beat the Eagles, right? So, you know, I just it was a lot of, hey, we're going to do what we do. We've changed the offensive line a great deal in a calendar year over the course of a year or two. You go into this game, you're like, oh, you hate to see it be a repeat of the Bucks game in the Super Bowl.

And it wasn't. And then some because they're able to run these gap scheme runs. They've got Pacheco. And I thought, you know, like, look at the two guys that scored the touchdowns at the end of the game. They weren't on this roster calendar year ago.

Tony, Scott Moore. So, you know, Scott Moore had a big punt return in the AFC championship. You also had Pacheco playing a huge role. So, you know, Tyree Kelly, Juju has a big drive where he's got three, four catches, you know, with six or seven catches that, you know, MBS had a huge AFC championship. They had a lot of guys step up that haven't been a part of this ride for them. And here they are again as world champions in Patrick Mahomes in five years. I mean, now I've got to put them on, you know, like he's unquestionably a top five quarterback of all time when you look at the resume and what you see on tape.

I mean, he's just, to me, he's in that conversation already with a long time to go. Well, before we get a little bit more into Mahomes, I do want to spend a couple of minutes with you, Chris Long, about what Steve Spagnuolo did. It just seemed that there was a shift defensively for the Chiefs in the second half as well. What did you see he was doing that, you know, that was a huge three and out for the Eagles after the Tony touchdown and that led to the Tony return and the Sky Moore touchdown you just referred to. They also bowed up in the red zone after they scored a touchdown to start the second half and force the Eagles to just go for three.

What did you see out of Spagnuolo? Well, he was selective about when he brought pressure and I thought that was smart. And, you know, I thought, you know, short of the Snead play where he kind of dropped Devontae Smith in coverage. Another thing that the Eagles did a good job of on the positive side, they did a good job with Chris Jones and that was a play where I talked about after the AFC Championship, like, you know, when Chris Jones is not on the field, you've got to take shots and they did. But, yeah, the red zone was a huge deal, right, like on both sides of the ball because the Eagles, who are one of the better red zone teams in the league, you know, the Chiefs are going to go 100% if not for that game-winning field goal. So, on the other side of things, you mentioned that three and out, you mentioned the low red zone, the red zone stop that they had. This was the kind of game where if you're sitting there on defense, you know, I want to credit Spags and the Chiefs defense, but it's really about, you know, the bar for success is pretty low. You know, after you saw these first possessions, there were a couple of possessions in the game, all you have to do is get a stop, right?

It kind of came down to whoever is going to get a stop at some point because the math just wouldn't add up. And, you know, for the Eagles, I think the difference was, you know, in our 2018 Super Bowl against the Patriots, like we were able to make one big defensive play. You know, it's a very similar game, you know, when you look at it. I think we won that one 41-33 or something. This team gave up 35 points. We didn't play great in that Super Bowl defensively, but the one thing that we were able to do was get one big play. And I thought what was different in this game was, well, actually what was similar was Tom Brady got the ball out pretty quick in our Super Bowl. As you can see in those numbers, Patrick Mahomes got the ball out as well, and they leaned heavily on seven-man protection when they had to, and they chipped out.

So, you know, kind of an around-the-world thing here to answer your question, but I think Spags deserves credit. I think the bar for success was pretty low because all you had to do was get a stop or two in that second half. And they did that, and they created one big turnover. You know, they didn't create it necessarily because Jalen just dropped the ball. But they had Nick Bolton up in a mug look, and they'd go to run that QB draw, and he's right there to disrupt Jalen Hurts and make him think. And he drops the ball, and it's seven. And for a guy who played such a perfect game, that's the one big mistake.

And for the Eagles, they weren't able to get those turnovers. Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen Show. A couple more minutes left with the two-time Super Bowl champion. You mentioned Mahomes moments ago.

I want to give you the floor on him, a little preview of what I'm going to say later on because I haven't hit him specifically yet. Because I think, Chris, when it's all said and done and we look back, we'll look at Super Bowl 57 as his big moment becoming an all-time great. I truly believe it. It's the first Super Bowl in which he's played extremely well. It's the Super Bowl that made him a multiple winner. He's the first guy since Kurt Warner ending a streak of nine straight MVPs of the league to play in the Super Bowl to actually win it. And it ended a streak of that losing streak. And for him to do it in the first Super Bowl that Tom Brady is retired officially for good, I think we're going to look at him as the guy of the league for the rest of his career because of last night.

Now I give you the floor on that, Chris. Yeah, just the guy is, I mean, he has really, this run, it's like folklore, man. Like, people are going to remember the ankle thing. You know, Jacksonville game, you thought maybe this was it for them. You know, he goes down and he's really hurting it. And then he enters the game and you're just thinking like, man, what a shame.

What bad luck for him. But then he comes out in the AFC Championship game. You know, there was a stretch in the second half there where they needed his magic.

And I truly believe it was him and Chris Jones willing that team to win. And then the Super Bowl obviously going out there. And really, he looked good scrambling until he got clipped there, I think, by T.J. Edwards. And, you know, at that point you're wondering, damn, did it happen again?

Are we going to see Henny? He looked really bad. But then coming out in the second half, you know, that kind of Mahomes magic where you're like, oh, shoot. If you're an Eagles fan, he's walking pretty good out of the tunnel. And that first drive, I'll have this play kind of burned into my brain, him scrambling with a stiff arm on Jordan Davis just to keep him off him long enough to deliver that ball to Travis Kelce. And it's a low catch.

It's a really tough catch. And it just encapsulates, you know, their greatness. It's like when they absolutely need to make a play, when everything seems like it's broken down, those two have been able to find each other in huge situations. And so, yeah, I think Mahomes is the face of the sport. And it's ironic because a week ago, a couple of weeks ago, it felt like we were doing this whole is Joe Burrow now the face of the sport conversation.

But ultimately it comes down to these glass games. And, you know, what's scary to think about is had he had a healthy offensive line against the Bucks. Maybe we're talking about three championships and three for three and that sort of thing.

So Patrick Mahomes serves a great deal of credit. And I also just couldn't have a better guy be the face of the sport. You know, he's just such a charismatic, true to himself, tough, easy to rally around guy. He's just a total gamer. And his competitive nature, you know, when people talk about Michael Jordan, right, you know, you hear the folklore, you hear about he don't like to lose in anything. He's just so competitive. When Kyle went to play for the Chiefs, my brother, he talked about, you know, Patrick Mahomes in the same light, whether it was a drill, whether they were out playing golf, whether it was flip cup. You know, this guy wants to win every single thing that he takes on.

And there's a lot of hyperbole in sports, you know, killer instinct, competitiveness. You know, this guy's the ultimate competitor. He's truly in that class and he's a great face for the league. Last one for you, Chris Long.

Let's just linger a bit on Hertz. What a dynamite player. What an electric player.

He is him too, man. I mean, he is terrific. And, you know, under the lights and the pressure, he crushed it.

He absolutely crushed it. And, you know, AJ Brown and Devante Smith are a terrific duo. I sure hope Kelsey sticks around, but it's easy for me to say. I'm just assuming what he puts in to play at this level and be who he still is, future Hall of Famer.

It's a lot. But what do you say to Eagles fans about the future here? Because their coaching staff might be poached a bit in the next 24-48. But what do you make of this, Chris?

Yeah, for sure. I mean, it's kind of the end of an era, but the show goes on in a way. Because I feel like they're set at quarterback, right? Jalen Hertz is amazing.

The stuff that he did with his legs and his arm. I mean, but like in the red zone, short yardage, the two-point conversion I thought was just totally summed up what this guy's about, you know, what this team was about, what he was about all year long. And I really wish we would have gotten to see him with a minute and 20 left on the clock trying to tie the game, but it didn't go that way. The Eagles have to contend with 10 free agent starters. You know, you mentioned Jason Kelsey, like what's going to happen with Fletcher Cox. You know, there's this group of guys that were on that 17 team that are really special. I mean, they're going to forever go down to history as some of the most important people in Philly sports history. Whether it's Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson, you know, Jason Kelsey.

That core group, I just can't wrap my head around it. For the last four or five years since I've been out of the game podcasting, doing this type of stuff, they've been grinding to get back where we were in 2017 through 2019 to 2020 through, you know, the Carson stuff through the whole thing. And to think that they were able to get back here, like I'm trying to think the way Kelsey would think.

It's got to be a long, tiring run. And I hope that he doesn't make any rash decisions. I hope that nobody makes any rash decisions over the next day or two, because I can speak from experience.

The only reason I came back in 2018 was the FOMO. You know, like just in case this team is back in this thing, I wouldn't be able to live with myself for the rest of my life if I missed out on that thing. So I think Kelsey has got a lot to think about. I think the team has a lot to think about. You know, Shane Steichen is the Colts' next head coach. You know, Jonathan Gannon is going to be interviewing for positions, but I think there were some really great offensive minds that worked with Jalen Hurts under Shane Steichen that are going to be just fine. And there's a lot of guys in that building that you don't know their names that are going to rise through the ranks and be good coaches for that football team. So I think it's just mainly about the 10 free agents. I think it's about roster construction. I think it's about, hey, do we pay CJ Gardner-Johnson? We obviously have to pay Jalen Hurts and that sort of thing.

Howie Roseman has been a whiz at this. I think they'll be back. They have a lot to be proud of this year. They were a great football team.

They just came up short. Brother, you are the best. Seriously, I love talking to you every single week. It's been an amazing season. I can't thank you enough for doing it. And I hope you'll do this any time.

And next season will be on. Hey, I'll be on any time you want. This has been fun, man. You know, it's been a pleasure, Rich. You're the best. You too. And your crew is awesome, so thank you all too.

We feel the same way. Who's on the pod this week? What's your Super Bowl pod? What do you got?

Anybody got? I got Joe Montana coming on. Wednesday we'll have a good bit of time with Joe Montana, so check that out. I'd love it.

On the Green Light Pod. We had a great interview with Brian Dawkins and Phoenix, and he's just such a great guy. I mean, he's just so much energy.

God drove an hour to our Airbnb round trip to sit down for a while. And so, yeah, check that out. Joe Montana coming up this week.

Couple of Hall of Famers. Fantastic. Green Light with Chris Long. You're the best, man. We'll chat again soon. Thank you, Rich. Thank you.

The great Chris Long. Love talking to him. Insight. Funny. Intelligent.

Just love it. All of it. 844-204, Rich. Number to dial.

Lots of phone calls. We'll take some. You ready for a Super Bowl overreaction Monday, Chris? Come on, Rich. Let's do this.

Eh, baby. What could be more overreactive than the Monday after the Super Bowl? That's next.

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Buy new and improved Dove Men Plus Care Antiperspirant wherever personal care products are sold. What's going on, Nick? Hey, Rich. Yeah, I'm hurting today. Sorry, buddy. I'm not going to lie. It's a tough day to be in.

I got to tell you, man, the Eagles fans to my left and behind me were all literally crying, like real, real Sirianni National Anthem-like tears strolling down their face, to be honest with you, as I was leaving last night. I didn't sleep last night. Sorry, buddy. I'm still not done processing this game, but I'm a positive person. I wanted to talk about some positive points moving forward. Yes.

But before I touch on that, I think, TJ, you hit the nail on the head there. The call was bad. The late penalty there. But let's not let that distract from the fact that the defense really fell apart in the second half. I think Gannon got out coached by Reed. He didn't make any adjustments. I don't recall us blitzing at all all game to get pressure on the homes. So really frustrating there.

But on the flip side, when you watch Jalen Hurts play yesterday, I mean, quarterback-driven league. Oh, gosh. I think we have our guy. Oh, do you ever? Do you ever? For sure. Do you ever?

Do you ever? There should be no doubt anymore. I mean, congratulations. You got him. He's that. He's great.

He's him, Rich. I mean, we were, you know, we were a couple of plays, maybe at Ques Watkins, catching that pass. Oh, he hit him in the hands. He hit him in the hands. Hurts was throwing, his, Hurts' deep ball on Sunday night, dynamite. He was great.

I'm telling you what, man. And then you, you know, and you got the GM who knows how to fix, who knows how to fill the bucket up. He got A.J. Brown on draft night.

They used a first round pick. What are you going to do? You going to go get Tralen Burks like the Titans and hope that he pans out in time for Jalen Hurts?

Or are you going to get some grown ass man with a huge chip on his shoulder and say, go after it? He's amazing. He's a great. I just hope for you, brother, that Kelsey stays, you know, he stays.

I don't want him to go out like that. Luckily, we did draft his replacement. We have a guy in waiting just in case he does. On Friday, Lane Johnson said he plans on playing for another couple of years.

So I think nucleus is there. And hey, we have those draft picks that we don't need to use in a quarterback now. One, the picture's bright one, one thousand percent, one thousand percent. Hopefully that's your silver lining playbook.

Hey, do you like what I did? Because that movie is about the Eagles in Philadelphia. And that's a silver linings playbook. But Cooper was in a commercial with his mom.

Is that right? I saw this at the game last night. That's the number one Eagles fan. See the most famous Eagles fan? I think that might be Kevin Hart. Kevin Hart might be.

I don't know who's more famous out of those two. I don't know. That's true, you're right. Oh, boy. All right. Woo.

844-204 Rich number to dial. If you're on hold, stay on hold. We will take your calls because we've got nothing but just us chopping it up for the next couple of hours here. No, an hour and a half. We're at the midway point.

This is kind of like we're at the midway point. You're kind of the Rihanna of the Rich Eisen Show on Monday, Chris. Yeah, yeah. Ready? Yeah, yeah.

I'll take that. I'll take that Guy RiRi over there. You wear that outfit? Are you ready?

Where's my outfit? Are you ready? Let's go.

Crispin, have my money. Super fall edition of Over Reaction Monday. Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap. That was garbage. This place sucks. Over Reaction Monday.

Yes, sir. Hey, you guys enjoy the game? Yeah, we did. It wasn't bad. It wasn't bad. It was great.

Nice seats, Rich. Thank you. Yeah.

No problem. Must be nice. All right.

It's also not nice, TJ, that the refs got in the way of what was going to be the best Super Bowl of all time. So what's your... What are you saying? I don't know. What's your statement? That's my overreaction. What? The refs got in the way of what was going to be the best Super Bowl of all time. All right.

73 points. We could have had a potential game winning or game tying drive by the Eagles, and the refs just had to insert themselves. It was still one of the best Super Bowls of all time. But it wasn't going to be the best. It robbed us of a finish.

We don't want to see a finish dictated by a flag. And by the way, the Chiefs, let's just put it this way to Chris. Remember once upon a time when Andy Reid coached the Eagles, it was all like, he cannot manage the clock for his life. Well, Jerick McKinnon slid brilliantly. He kept the game and the clock rolling. Are you getting Andy Reid credit for that?

Yes, I am. Maybe McKinnon did it on his own. Or they're saying, do not score because they realized if they get the Eagles to burn their last time out, they can start rolling the clock down. And what they wound up doing is put the Eagles in the position of having no time left. That was taking advantage of the opportunity from the flag that came down. So they actually ran the clock down smartly and we should give them credit for that.

And what the flag did was robbed us of an opportunity to see the Eagles answer. And that's what the game deserved. That's what the players involved in the game deserved. That's what we as fans were thrilled to watch it deserved. We were robbed potentially of overtime, which would have made this the best Super Bowl ever. So yes, we also don't know what happened. They could have gone three and out with 90 seconds to go. Maybe.

Or four and out. How come the Eagles just threw McKinnon in the end zone? Were they close enough to him to just push him in?

He was smart to slide and not score, correct. What else you got over there? All right. How about this one? Despite the loss. I can't believe I haven't heard this mentioned anywhere else today. Okay.

What is this? Despite the loss, Jalen Hurts should have been Super Bowl MVP. You're out of your mind. He was the best player on the field. He was and his statistics are through the roof. His performance is through the roof. Easily the best player on the field.

I would disagree. I would say the MVP of the league did what he needed to do on a bum ankle. Mahomes wasn't better than Hurts last night. Like, come on. You cannot still name Jalen Hurts MVP of that Super Bowl. That is crazy talk.

You cannot. 300 yards pass and three touchdowns. I understand what he did.

Statistically, it was amazing. But he also put one on the turf that caused that. Yeah, that was a big play.

He's going to be the most valuable player of the game that his team just lost. What else? Wow. Just quick dismissal. I have dismissed and I'm glad that Mike even changed the music, music change, punctuated my hand movement that I waved off Chris Brockman for those listening. I did dismiss him back to the MTV show, the show dismissed onward. Get back on the bus. OK, well, let's just move forward with this. Patrick Mahomes is going to finish his career with the second most Super Bowl wins.

I could see that's not an overreaction, brother. I was going to say he's 27 with two. He's 27 with two. OK, well, as you know, I have him on my Mount Rushmore already, but I was going to say he's already better than Joe Montana. Well, chill, Tranquilo. Come on now.

He's still he still has to do it. One game for your life. One game for your life. Montana Mahomes. Montana. Montana never lost the Super Bowl. Exactly. Montana. Montana had four of them fans and he won them all.

Montana. All right. So now I appreciate you saying these things in the midst of over. You're feeling yourself right now. What's the last one of the year? You're feeling yourself right now.

You got to call it a bang, baby. Let's just say Mahomes is 27. Let's just say he placed at least 40. That's 13 years.

OK. He needs three and 13 years to have the most. The second most. Yeah.

I was three to surpass Bradshaw and Montana. I'll take the. I'll take that. So that's what makes this.

Yeah. This is not an overreaction because, you know, I think he's going to have the ability with Reid. I know Randy Reid's told Glazer he's thinking of retiring, which kind of surprised a bunch of people. Then he then he put that to bed quickly in the blush of the confetti last night. This one's going to be great.

The confetti last night, just one thing to think about an overreaction. He's not going to have Andy Reid for 13 years. He's not going to have Travis Kelsey for 13 more years. I just think that's something to maybe do to consider Brady wound up with Gronk Brady wound up with Edelman. You know, everyone's just like, what is he going to do without Wes Welker?

And what's he you know, what's he going to do without Brandon LaFell? You know what I mean? So I'm just saying I'm just putting that out last point.

I got it. I think Andy Reid being the biggest one. He's not going to have him for 13. Could you imagine if Brady had Gronk from the from the get go? What else, Chris?

All right. Speaking of Andy Reid, guys, I think that's Cement's Hall of Fame last night. I think he was Cemented Hall of Fame before kickoff even.

But what else? But I'm going to say Andy Reid is one more Super Bowl win away from being on the NFL coaches Mount Rushmore. You are not lying. Let's put up the you know, let's do it. Let's do it.

Hoskins, ready for this? We have this ready because we're going to talk about it later. I want to bring it out now. We can do it later. No, no, no. Let's do it now. Let's do it now.

I want to support my statement with statistics. I'm not interested to see who you guys have in your coaches Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore, yeah. I want to hear that.

That's why I brought this up, TJ. Here we go. How does Shula Belichick, Landrian Reid suit you for Mount Rushmore? Because they're the only four guys with 200 or more regular season wins and multiple Super Bowls now. See, there's a name missing there right off the bat and it rhymes with Roll and it's Chuck Knoll. Dude.

All right. 200 or more regular season wins and multiple Super Bowls. What about Bill Walsh? There's only four of them.

That's it. Shula, Belichick, Landry, and now Andy Reid. And Andy Reid has 247 career wins.

He is going to surpass Tom Landry next year and it's entirely possible he runs down everybody when it's all said and done if he wants to keep going. Andy Reid's only in his early 60s. 64, right?

Yeah, 64. He did become the fourth oldest coach to ever win the Super Bowl. I'm saying.

I know and this ain't easy. This ain't easy, but he's got a team that's going to win anywhere between 11 to 14 wins a year and then playoffs on top of it. Playoffs? I mean, of course you can argue Knoll should be on there and Walsh should be on there. I mean- But Walsh has his own traits.

That's why they always have what? We're entering the Mount Rushmore season like Big Cat likes to say. It's almost Mount Rushmore. I mean, the reason why it's Mount Rushmore season on shows that talk a lot is because it's an argument driven concept, but that's not a bad four. Shula, Belichick, Landry, and Reid and the only way you can get past the velvet ropes onto that Mount Rushmore is you need multiple Super Bowls and 200 or more career wins. What else, Chris? Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Two best quarterbacks in the NFL and it's not close. You got to put Burrow in this mix, brother.

Let's not forget what a stone cold assassin he is. Stop. Stop. Stop.

Why do we have to put Burrow? Why? If you could say Mahomes and Hurts are the two best quarterbacks in the league, we could have a conversation. When you say it's not even close, stop it. Stop it.

I missed the year that Burrow was second in MVP voting. Got it. It's coming. Okay. It's coming.

I would choose him to crash the party more than anybody else. Now let's see what Russ is going to cook with Sean Payton, right? In all seriousness, brother, when you said it's not even close, that's where you lost me. Not close. You lost me on the it's not even close.

Well, Mahurts was the best player in the game last night. So what do you mean? You're kicking him out? Okay. I'm not kicking him out. You say it's not even close.

There are people who are close and one of them is named Joe Burrow. What else, Chris? The Eagles have the better shot between Chiefs and Eagles to get back to the Super Bowl next year.

Okay. I am not taking this cheese right now. Chris, do you understand how long of a year it was for me with Chiefs Kingdom? Do you understand how long of a year it was? I was so patently let down by the Raiders this year.

I mean, just take a look at however high up in the air due to whatever the hell they had suspending those platforms last night that Rihanna was, the let down is not even close to where she finally got that back down to field level. I'm telling you, man, I'm in good shape. I chose the Chiefs to win the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl. I'm not taking this cheese right now to start discounting them and overlooking them now. Get out of here. I'm just doing math. Math.

You just said Joe Burrow is the best quarterback in the league. Overreaction. Math. I'm not taking that.

I'm just doing math. Because they're going to add people. Aren't they? Who is? The Chiefs. Who are they going to add?

Any free agent with a brain who wants to go play for a winner, get out of here. What else? And by the way, all those five rookies they started on defense just got all groansed up real fast, didn't they?

Yeah, they played really well. Uh-huh. Okay. I know you didn't get to see any of the commercials.

He's trying to get me in trouble with them again. Stone Street and all them. You don't need that. I'm feeling it.

We don't need another year of this, Rich, please. I know you're at the game, didn't see any of the ads, but Rihanna halftime show. Way better than the commercials this year. I didn't see the commercials. All I know is I saw the halftime show and I don't know what the dancers were doing or wearing. I don't get it. I don't understand it. Were they Chinese weather balloons?

I have no idea who could be. I don't know. But in the stadium? Looked awesome on TV.

Halftime show. Spectacular. Yeah. Look at that.

This is my picture. This is diamonds in the sky. It's literally diamonds in the sky. Wow.

They light up their phones just for that song. Incredible. In the stadium. Super. Super.

In the stadium. And she also, she also didn't, uh, she didn't have any special guests. She's like, yeah. Get out of here.

12 songs. Well, I guess the special guest was the bun in the oven. Yeah. Nobody knew that. Nobody knew. So dude, I'm, I'm with you.

Not an overreaction. Number eight. I'm Rolling Stone.

Updated today. All time. What? I'm Rolling Stone. Prince and you two. They're Thai.

Okay. They're Thai. But they're not Thai. Prince is one. Are you Rolling Stone? Is that because that's an overreaction. If you're referring to yourself as Rolling Stone.

I'm just saying. Well done, Chris. Round of applause. 844-204 Rich.

Number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show. Speaking of the Raiders, some news about the Raiders yesterday. The Raiders. We'll hit on that. We'll hit on that. So everybody in Vegas listening to us on Raider nation radio stick, stick around Vegas next year. Vegas is on the clock. How about that? Yeah, baby.

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Go to and win the job hunt today at Tom in Bria, California. What's up, Tom? Hey, Rich.

Thanks for taking my call. Oh, I don't know what's going on there. If you got, I don't know, you sound terrible, Tom. What are you on there? Your phone stinks or what?

Is that any better? Hey! What are you sitting here, Tom? What's going on?

What you doing? Hey. First off, I just want to say, when I discovered you guys on Roku, I have enjoyed the NFL football season so much more than I have. You guys are just great. All the insights and stuff that you talk about has really enhanced my enjoyment of watching that. Ah, save the benefit of having the Roku channel and Roku devices, sir. Well done.

Well done. It's great. What I wanted to talk about is one of the things that I just, it just drives me nuts. Anytime I hear, watching a sporting event or whatever, when I hear the announcer say, just let them play, refs, just let them play. To me, the translation of that is, I want the inferior team to have a chance to win the game so I'm not going to call fouls or penalties or whatever is happening with that. And it just drives me freaking nuts. Rules are rules. If the guy breaks a rule or causes a foul, call it.

That's what's supposed to be there. There's so many examples. I can go back, I'm a huge Rams fan, obviously, living in Orange County. But when the pass interference in the championship game against New Orleans on their last play, I know the ref was saying, I don't want to be the cause of this.

I don't want to be the reason that one team won or the other, so I'm just going to let that foul go. Go. Tom, I appreciate that. I know exactly what you're saying. Pass the call and keep watching us on the Roku channel.

Roku Tom from Brea, California. Hey, man, I totally get it. Call it and see it. Fire it up. I wish the ref didn't call it. I just wanted to see. But I guess if he's calling James Bradbury inferior, he must have the Deebo Samuel. Did you see that?

He went on the I Am Athlete podcast called Bradbury Trash. The 49ers were doing a lot of talking last week. They are not happy. They think that they got robbed. Their flag came in the form of Brock Purdy being knocked out.

That's the way they view it. So apparently the word came out that Aaron Rodgers is going into his darkness therapy four day stint of being in the dark today. Darkness. Pat McAfee just said he's going in tomorrow. And before he goes into darkness, he's going to call in the Pat show on his Tuesday.

And then again, like I was talking about with Rob Riggle at the end of our week last week, could you imagine the Green Bay Packers in the direction of your franchise? All you're hearing is like, if he wants to stay, great. He looks at us and says he's all in. He's going to be all in.

I don't know what that means. Was he not all in last year? If he's going to be all in, great, then let's do it.

If he wants out, great, just let us know. We kind of need to fire up some of these trades that we got going on here because people are kind of calling us right now to front load getting Aaron Rodgers. I'm sure the Jets are one of them. And the Raiders have to be one of them too. One would think, although you're hearing, hey, McDaniels likes Jimmy G, he wants to have his own guy, he is not going to be taking on Aaron Rodgers at age 40 ring hunting in Vegas and figuring out what he likes to factor in to what he runs, McDaniels runs. Like Jimmy G is that guy. He knows who Jimmy G is and he knows he's going to run exactly what Josh McDaniels wants. I don't know what's true or not, but all I know is the one guy who is, and by the way, Damian Lillard came on NFL Network game day morning and he did not stutter when I asked him, who do you want to be the Raiders quarterback? And his answer was, I'm glad you asked, Rich, Aaron Rodgers. But the one guy who definitely is not is Derek Carr. And this week has to be released or paid $40 million by the Raiders, clearly the Raiders are not going to pay him $40 million because they sent him home. And so apparently they had a trade all set with the saints and the saints accordingly, according to all reports, wanted Derek to negotiate. So Derek's like, okay, I'm going to take less to make sure I go to you.

And in so doing the Raiders get compensation for this? There are two words that apparently, he's a religious man, he won't say. We don't have those problems. We would say those words, but his words are pound sand. There's a lot of sand here. Two words for you. There's a lot of sand here in this town where Mo Green made something out of it. Logan Roy likes to say those two words.

Oh yeah. There's a lot of sand here. You can pound it and then he'll go find his new home somewhere else, but it ain't going to be Vegas. And you know, I saw that and I'm like, you know, salty Derek Carr at a boy like, okay, so we're going to all make a deal because I'm supposed to love New Orleans so much. You know, I love New Orleans so much that I'll go to them the day after I'm released. And then we'll talk about the contract with the men if they want to renegotiate it.

And I really want to go there. Great. Let's, let's just have me released. I'm not giving you, I'm not giving you, you're not going to get a damn draft choice out of the team I'm going to after, after you sent me home for Christmas, literally Christmas Eve where he threw those interceptions in Pittsburgh and they decided to fly him home and say, stay home. We're going to start Jared Stidham the rest of the year to see what we have in him. You know what they have in him?

That was, that was this entire time. I'm like, you know, you're hearing the Raiders saying, you know, I think we can, we can make a deal with him. We can trade him.

Get out of here. Because if you're going to acquire Derek Carr, I mean, you're going to want your own contract with him. You're not just going to accept whatever's coming from another team. Nah, Derek, you choose us. We choose you. We'll make a deal. And Derek's like, sounds good to me.

Part of that deal, one thing that's not part of the deal is the Raiders getting better in any way, shape or form, by the way, using draft capital from the team I'm joining. That's one extra guy I might not be playing with. No dice. Get out of here. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules.

Now get to know her on Give Them Lala with her assistant Jess. L.A., it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here or do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens, but also just everything going on in my personal life. Like, I want to get on this mic and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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