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REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 14, 2023 3:41 pm

REShow: Kurt Warner - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 14, 2023 3:41 pm

Rich comments on the controversial ending to the Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl LVII.

NFL Network analyst/Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner tells Rich why the holding flag on Eagles CB James Bradberry near the end of the Super Bowl was the right call, why Eagles QB Jalen Hurts will only get better, what a 2nd ring means for Patrick Mahomes’ legacy, and why Aaron Rodgers should stay with the Green Bay Packers to give him the best shot to win another Super Bowl.

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Use the Advance Auto Parts app to build your bundle and pick it up at your nearest store. Today's guests, Pro Football Hall of Famer, Kurt Warner. Pro Football Hall of Famer, Calvin Johnson. ESPN NFL analyst, Dan Orlovsky. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes indeed. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on a Tuesday. Valentine's Day everybody. I heart you.

And I heart you through you hearting the Roku channel. If we could use emojis instead of words, we would. That's how we roll here on this show today. We're thrilled to be here the Tuesday after Super Bowl 57.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial. If you didn't get through yesterday, still want to get something off your chest, we're here for you. If you want to heart somebody, you want to go ahead and send a valentine to somebody. Later on, we're going to offer up our sports valentines to somebody out there in the sports universe. So that's what we got later on today. I got my top five storylines to come out of Super Bowl 57. We've got Kurt Warner joining us in 20 minutes. Calvin Johnson, Hall of Famer, joining us in about an hour from now.

And Dan Orlovsky breaking stuff down as only he can. That's an hour number three. And as I said, you at 844-204 Rich, number to dial. How are you Chris Brockman? You're making that heart?

How do we do the heart thing? That's it right there. Well done. Well done. Well done.

Got it. I'm great. What's up?

DJ Mikey D is in D's nuts. Good to see you over there. Good morning Rich.

Mike Hart's swag. Good to see you. You okay over there? You good? Yeah, I'm dealing with a couple things. You're dealing with a couple things for us you're talking about?

Yeah, I'm just working on some stuff. Okay, very good. Good job Mike. I'm thank you. My mind's... I understand, your mind's in all different places, but you're focused here. I'm focused here, of course I am. TJ Jefferson, good to see you over there, sir.

Good to see you Rich. Mike and I, before the show, we were just talking about De La Soul and how sad we were that one of the members, Tru Goy, the dove died. So we were talking about that right now. It's affecting me a little. Okay, I'm sorry to hear that.

I mean, I love De La Soul. So 844-204-RICH is the number to dial right here on the program. We've got a great three hour show in store for you. So we've gotten a whole bunch of tweets in our direction and greatly appreciated.

I've gotten some texts and some emails. Some people were saying this to me over the past weekend when I was strolling around the Super Bowl state about what a great job we all did last week. And I say that to all you here and everybody part of the Rich Eisen show last week. And in terms of the personal kudos I've gotten, I'm touched by it all, especially knowing that no one out there in terms of my work, and I don't think you guys know either in terms of my work, the script for Super Bowl 57, that part about the defensive holding penalty, that was mine. Oh, wow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. And you should have seen it in the table read. The table read was wild. You know, somebody had to tell James Bradbury it was going to be him. He didn't take it very well, but he kind of kept it to himself.

And then, of course, when he did get called for holding in that part of the game, it totally threw everyone on my Twitter feed that was barking at me about how everything was being set up and fixed for the Eagles. It totally undercut them at that point in time. Like all good movies, Rich, you need a twist. Yeah.

You need a plot twist, especially late in the third act. Yeah. It's just like all those Chiefs fans that didn't see that call on Juju Smith-Shuster early on, it's a fix. It was fixed. It's all fixed. Nice. And then all of a sudden, that was my old Henry-like twist.

Just flip it. Well done. Thank you. And like I said, you know, it was an incredible season just scripting it all the way to the finish.

Yeah. Shout out to the writers. You know, again, I told everybody that I wouldn't say anything, but it was really my idea to just come out with this one last penalty, just piss off. I did that for, you know, all the New Yorkers out there who were upset about the Empire State Building getting lit up.

I'm like, wait till you see what I got cooked up. And it was a tough sell in the room, you know, to Bradbury in particular. And then of course the officials didn't want to be front and center. Well, Nick Ceriani was probably crying, right? Well, no, he flipped me the bird.

Shout out with bird when he flipped because he knew what was coming. Oh, gosh. So we're going to be up by, you know, 10, huh? 10, huh? And we're just going to join the Super Bowl 51 Falcons as the only teams in Super Bowl history to be up by 10 or more halftime and not win the game, huh? It was a tough sell because, you know, all the Eagles fans thought so. My apologies to everybody out there about my script idea.

How dumb is this? Hashtag NFL. All the stuff. I got that all throughout the entire Super Bowl. It's fixed. It's fixed. It's fixed. And then, of course, when the officials pop in there, it's it's the officials who are fixing the game.

And it's just human condition, folks. I still to this moment cannot believe that flag came out. You know, at first when I saw it in the stadium and I'm like, yeah, that's old. He tugged his jersey.

He did tug his jersey. And then, you know, as things went along, I'm like, that is something that should not be called. And I heard Pereira, Mike Pereira, lead Fox rules analyst say yesterday, doesn't matter.

First quarter, last quarter, first week, last two minutes. You see it. You call it. And and yeah, you see it and you call it. But it wasn't called much of the game.

Where does that come from? And I think it ultimately just comes down to the disappointment. That we didn't see the ending that the game deserved. And I appreciate James Bradbury saying, yeah, that was a hold.

I thought they'd let it slide. And I appreciate Hertz and Nick Sirianni after the game saying we should have played better because that is the truth. I mean, the fact that it did come down to a holding call against the Eagles after they were up by 10. OK, they were up by 10. And after they were dominating the first half of that game, which they did, they could have easily been up 28 to 10 going in. They could have been up 18 and a half.

They also got the benefit of Kansas City. The butt kicker hitting one right off the upright. Thus, when Caderius Toney waltzed in untouched into the end zone to give the Chiefs their first lead of Super Bowl 57 in the fourth quarter, their first lead would have been in the first quarter. They'd have been up 10-7, the Chiefs.

So the Eagles did get some benefits in this game. But they also literally fumbled one away. Jalen Hertz's truly only mistake of the night was a major mistake. Led to, by the way, the Chiefs being all over that running play that they called for Hertz.

And they had to make him bounce it outside and he then put the ball on the ground. But the Eagles did allow Caderius Toney and Sky Moore to enter the end zone untouched to cash in red zone opportunities instead of forcing a field goal like the Chiefs did to the Eagles. That third down drive in the game, looking back, that third quarter drive in the game after the Chiefs responded to open the second half with a touchdown, a seven minute, 17 play drive in which they picked up two third and longs and a fourth down to move down the field into the red zone only to stall there. That was a wild drive where Dallas Goddard's third and 13 catch was ruled a catch. Then there was a substitution that the Eagles made that forced the refs to stop the game to allow the Chiefs to substitute and in that interim, Andy Reid challenged the Goddard catch and it was upheld, by the way, part of the script. But they didn't cash in that third down opportunity and then went three and out themselves after the Chiefs took the lead. Caderius Toney then responds with a long punt return on a low kick.

He also, if you look at the screen grab, he's surrounded by four Eagles. How he got out of that is unbelievable. They had him on the left side.

They did. And then he bounced to the right. And then there was just a wall of red. He bounced to the right and he took it inside the five and that got cashed in with Sky Moore being wide open. What I'm saying is the Eagles left so many opportunities on the field. If they didn't stall at the end of that long third quarter drive that, by the way, they also had a call timeout themselves. Could have used that timeout later on, huh? As Jarrett McKinnon slid down to force them to use their last timeout, he might have scored.

Or they could have taken more knees and had a little bit more time on the clock. The Eagles instead of eight seconds, so many mistakes that they made that did lead to this holding penalty, meaning so much. I still, however, cannot believe they called it.

I wish they hadn't. I don't think anybody in Kansas, if just take a look again at the replay, which is being replayed every two seconds now instead of many of the moments of Super Bowl 57. The replay of the hold, you take a look at the ball when it landed. Juju Smith-Schuster didn't run up to the official and start yelling at the official, like, why didn't you call it?

It looked like he was just going to return to the sideline and be done with it knowing that their offensive set was over. Mahomes pointed, I think, after the flag came out. I don't think he pointed, then that drew the flag. The flag was in the air. Okay, and as the flag comes, I think he pointed like that was on him to make sure it wasn't somehow called on his own guy.

If I had to guess, we'll ask Mahomes that when we do get him back on the program. I think you're right, Rich. We just feel kind of cheated that we didn't get to see- Hurts? Yeah, Hurts out there because he was having such a great game, arguably could have been and it was just kind of a wah-wah ending. It was just kind of Price is Right game show loser ending and we just felt kind of robbed because the game was so awesome.

It had a chance to be one of the most iconic Super Bowls of all time for 73 points scored. And then we also know, as we're watching, I feel this way at the end of the fourth quarter of every Super Bowl, seven months. Season's over. Right.

Yeah. And so why wouldn't we want to see- A little more football. A little more football.

It's known as football. And it wouldn't have been like the previous overtime in the previous game in a Super Bowl where one team came back on the other so far down, the previous Super Bowl in which somebody had a 10 point lead at halftime and blew it, for the lack of better phrase. I mean, that game, the Patriots had taken over and was so dominant and had been on the field so much, Falcons were gassed. So when the Patriots got the ball first, that was a wrap. This time around, both teams, I think, were ready to roll for a fifth quarter. And on top of it, we have the new overtime rules that even if the winner of the toss went down on the field and scored, the other team would get a chance to come back, which is why I made my bold prediction in the pregame show on NFL game day morning of double overtime.

You could have even seen the strategy that we talked about before when this new role came into effect. Get the other guys the ball first. Yeah, win the toss.

You know what? We'll play defense first. Stop it so we know.

Let's see what you guys do. So then we will stop you from scoring a touchdown, knowing that now it's the old overtime rules. Touchdown wins.

Field goal just keeps it going. Right. Would have been cool. Oh my God. I know.

So close. But I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I should have, I should have spoken up in the, in the script meeting instead of giving this idea. I should have pulled it back. I should have kept my finger on the chess piece.

Your script idea should have just been overtime. Yeah. Next time. Yeah. Next year.

Yeah. I still got a few more years left on my NFL network contract and thus a seat in that, in that room. And TJ, I'll, I'll, I'll, I'll talk about, you know, maybe making Dallas part of this a little bit more next year, you know? You know, it was funny. I got, we got interviewed by a guy that was standing outside of, you know, where we were walking in to go to the set and he said, do you believe the NFL scripted? And I said, absolutely. And he said, why do you believe that? I said, well, look at this. I said, you see all the accolades and all the success that the Cowboys had early on. And I said, I truly believe the rest of the league got together and said, we cannot allow this continue.

So they've been scripting us to lose in all seriousness, in all seriousness, in all seriousness. That's funny. You were interviewed by somebody walking into the Superbowl experience during our week in Arizona last week. Yeah. Somebody used that time with you. Was this the time we were waiting for you guys to rehearse and you were not there? Was it that Tuesday? No, no.

This was, this was... When we arrived? Wednesday. Okay.

So at any rate, on a Wednesday of Superbowl week... That wasn't the only question he asked. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter.

In real estate, with a microphone, with somebody holding it, to somebody else, the question to you was, do you think the NFL is scripted? He was joking. Okay.

Are we sure about this? Yeah. Okay, good.

Good God. Yes. It was a joke.

Because as you know, there are some people who think otherwise. No, he was out asking, he was asking humorous, me and Chris from the show, he's asking us humorous questions and legitimate questions. And that was one of them. And you could tell the difference between humorous and legitimate, and that was it.

I've been a comedy producer, consultant for many years throughout my Hollywood career. You punked people. You have punked people.

I have punked people. So yeah, I kind of have a good idea. You know? I can't believe it. Yeah. I know. It just feels a little, we got robbed a little bit. Even though the game was tremendous. Tremendous. 58 minutes. I know.

And I feel bad that I'm even two days later bleeding with this, but it is truly what a lot of people are still talking about. Kurt Warner called Super Bowl 57 on Westwood One Radio. He will be joining us right now. Then in hour number two, we've got Calvin Johnson. We'll talk about the Hall of Fame class with him.

And of course, Super Bowl 57. Dan Orlovsky, I'm sure, has watched this game back already. What do you say when I ask him how many times? Is it three by now, do you think? I was actually going to set the line. I was going to set it at two and a half. I'll take the over.

I'll take the over. I'll say he's watched it back three times already. He's got a long ass flight back from Arizona East. So that's definitely on that. Yep. Right. Well, it depends how quickly he got the cut out. I'm sure he got it right away. All right. I'm sure he got it right away.

And then probably once yesterday prior to going on the air again. Probably one this morning. Right. Okay. I'll go three. Okay.

844204rich number to dial. It's going to come out of Super Bowl 57. Aaron Rodgers apparently speaking today with Pat before going in the dark. Derek Carr. Real sentence.

Derek Carr. By the way, real sentence. Not a hint of irony. Not a hint of sarcasm.

All of those words, factual. Hashtag. I have so many questions that we can talk about later. And then Derek Carr is going to get released in four hours. Less than now.

Less than. His Raider career ends. He's got three hours and change left in it. So he may be a Saint by the end of the day. He may be signed by midnight. Of course that doesn't become official until the new league year begins, but he's a free agent. So we're off and running.

Is he getting that money? And I bet you he will tell people, you can't wait until Aaron Rodgers emerges from the dark to sign me. You better sign me now.

Make your decision now. He's going to use the darkness therapy as his opportunity. I imagine.

Wouldn't you? All right, we're going to break this down. That's still to come here on this program, 844-204-rich-number-the-dollar.

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Call or just stop by. This man called Super Bowl 57 on Westwood One Radio after, by the way, I mean six plus hours of the eight and a half. We gave him grief for tapping out, but he's only talking to a nation in a world for the Super Bowl. And that is not easy, especially since he also like ate hot wings during a prediction segment. Did you see that? What was that?

I mean, this was a, I mean, a monumental Super Sunday effort, probably on par with being the last guy to win the MVP of the year and the MVP of the Super Bowl prior to Mahomes. This is the introduction for Kurt Warner back here in the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, Kurt? I'm good, my man. How are you?

I'm great. I mean, what a day for you Sunday, man, what a day. You know, it is a long day, but it's, you know, the energy of that day and the fans and obviously the awesome blessing of being able to call the Super Bowl and what a great game that was. I mean, the energy just kind of carries you, you know, as you know, you get that long day and then as soon as you kind of sit down and take a deep breath is when it really hits you.

But it's just fun. It's a culmination of everything that we do. It's always a great week and then finishing up obviously a long day on Sunday, but it's a fun day on Sunday for all of us. Our show was great and then it was great to call the game. And then the show began with the Super Bowl, I don't know if you're aware, but this was deep buried in the NFL Network Research Packet, first Super Bowl since Super Bowl 32, Kurt, Super Bowl 32, where both teams came out and scored a touchdown on their offensive possessions, their first ones. That was the first. They came out smoking both teams. You know, that's funny because I was actually looking into that as my bold predation that they're both going to score on their first drive, then our researcher said, ah, it actually happens all the time.

So I'm like, okay, I'll go find something else. So interesting that it hasn't happened since 32. Oh, are you throwing Ben under the bus for not giving you the bold prediction idea? It must have happened lots before that because I think I'm sure he just looked it up and go, oh, it's happened 15 times or whatever. Not since Super Bowl 32.

Not since two before your first, Kurt. You know? I like the nugget. I like the nugget. Uh huh.

I mean, what do you think of, I guess, screw it, I'll just start with the end. What'd you think of the holding call, Kurt, at the end? You know, I mean, I'm one of those that I see exactly why they called it.

It's always one of those things. I always try to step back and be objective and go, okay, can I see why they called it? Yeah, I fully see why they call it. Although it looks like a very little penalty, when you're back there as a quarterback and a guy is running that kind of route where you go in one way, you stop and then you separate back the other way, a little pull like that does two things. The first thing it does is obviously it slows your guy down coming out where I think he would have probably gone there, but it also helps the defender to speed up. And so what's really hard about that is even if it's not very big, it puts that defender in a position that scares you to death to throw that because, you know, your guy's coming towards him, he's going the other direction and that's a pick six waiting to happen. And so although it looks small on a route like that, it's extremely big because of that separation that happens when you're going one direction, the defender's going that direction, you stop quick and you separate, it's easy to create, you know, a nice little window there that I think Patrick Holmes throws the football. So although it looks like a very little thing and there wasn't a lot of movement on the play, that hold, and you saw it, I mean, everybody saw it, he grabbed the jersey and the jersey was pulled that, you know, nobody wants it to happen in that moment. I get it, but I think it was the right call. And I do think he probably completes that pass if, you know, if there's not a hold there and, you know, and who knows, I don't know, does he get the first down?

Does it change everything? I'm not really sure there, but, you know, I'm objectively saying I understand 100% why it was called and, you know, anytime there's a pull of the jersey, to me, it's always the easiest call for an official to make as he looks over there and you see jersey, you know, in the hand of the defender and pulling away from the receiver, it's an easy one to call even though we all would have liked to have not had a penalty there. Right. And then it seemed that Juju is running a route similar to routes being run successfully in the second half of the game. What do you think Andy Reid, the enemy, and the rest of the staff saw as they sifted through the Eagles' defensive tape, you know, in the bye week, you know, all bye week long, all week long that they exploited to success in the second half? Yeah.

Well, follow me here. So they had a play earlier in the game where Sky Moore, down in the red zone, where Sky Moore started on one side of the ball and he motioned to the other side of the ball. And so when he did that, they were in man-to-man coverage. The guy covering him, man, I think it was Slay in that particular case, he went all the way across the other side and stopped. And so Slay, as he was coming across, bounced to kind of a free safety position and they rocked a guy from the other side of the free safety down to cover him on the other side. So he went from one side to the other, he stopped, then he went back. And then when he went back, they rocked it the same way.

So Slay ended up covering him. They actually ran the ball there. I think it might've been, you know, a touchdown there with Pacheco. So they came back later in the game and did that same thing twice, where it was short motion as if they were going to cross the field. And as they did that, the guy covering him, man, was going to bounce into the free safety spot and they were going to rock it the other way. And both times the receiver started and then he stopped and bounced back to the outside. So as the rotation was happening by the defense, they were looking to get back into their positions, assuming the receiver was going to the other side. He stayed on that side, they got out of position and, you know, he bounces out and he's wide open because they catch them kind of mid-transition defensively. And so it was a great job, whether they saw it coming into the game or whether they saw it earlier on that play, where Sky more motioned to both sides and they saw, oh, they're rocking both ways. They came back and called it.

And the beautiful thing is the first one to Tony was actually an RPO. And so there was a run play called, so Patrick wouldn't have had to throw it. He was just looking to see with that motion, did Slay start to rock it and get past that position. Sure enough, he did. So he could have handed it off if they did something different.

They didn't. He pops it out there for, you know, for an easy touchdown and then they come back and run a similar play later. Wow.

That's all I got to say is, wow, Kurt. So by the way, you know, that's one of the many reasons why I love you, a great way to describe something on film without the benefit of us watching it as you were describing it. So that said, so when do you communicate that? When do you as a quarterback receive this information about what somebody either upstairs or on the sideline is seeing on a run play earlier in the game based on the coverage that's being displayed by the defense? When does that come to get communicated to Mahomes to say, hey, on an RPO, look for that and your guy will be wide open?

Probably as soon as you come over to the sideline after that touchdown that we handed off and they come back, you know, because a lot of times you do put similar things like that. So on that one, Sky Moore, this is something that they've done in the past. So what they did was when Sky Moore went back to the other side, again, it was an RPO and that first time he ran to the flat. So it was covered because, you know, Flay just bounced back and was in man's coverage and was sitting outside and it was covered. So you know, they put that in and so I'm sure they were watching that ahead of time, like how are they going to adjust to this? And I'm sure as soon as Patrick went over there, they said, okay, on this motion, this is how they treated that. We've got these two plays that we've got in our playbook, we're going to come back with this next.

Patrick, it's going to be an RPO, so if you don't like the look, hand it off and maybe we can run it in again. But we're going to look for that rock of the safeties. And so those are the kind of things that you watch, you know, and as soon as you come over to the sideline, you're talking about that, hey, they did exactly what we thought they were going to do. Be ready for this play next time we're in the red zone. But yeah, those are the kind of things that you're looking for down there and something to just put in motion, even when they might not throw it to a guy just to see how they react. So now they know, okay, we're going to call this play or this play based on how the defense adjusted to that motion. And how many quarterbacks in the league do you think can handle all this information like this and execute it as well as Mahomes, Curt? I mean, I think there's a few, you know, because those plays were actually fairly, fairly simple, you know, cause all, all you're looking for there before the snap with that short motion is does various play get to be eight, nine yards deep. If he's that deep off of Tony, you know, you're going to have space to be able to throw that.

So that's all you're looking for there. You know, so, so yeah, I mean, I think, you know, in that particular situation, I mean, Patrick can do a lot of things, but those weren't really that difficult, you know, for any quarterback, it was just great play design, great play call based on how Philly was playing it. And, you know, he tipped your hat to Andy Reid to give him a couple of high hoppers that were easy touchdowns in that second half.

High hoppers. How often high hoppers happen in a Super Bowl, Curt? Well, yeah, I mean, that's the thing. And it didn't just happen once.

It happened twice on that same. In red zone plays. I mean, that's, you could say that this was the difference, essentially. Now I know we're all focused on defensive holding, but I mean, these are, these were not field goals settled for. These were touchdowns cashed in, you know, in the second half of the Super Bowl, you know? Yep, exactly.

That's what you talk about. When you're playing against another team that can score, you get down there and you've got to punch it in, especially when you're down 10, you know, and in the second half it was bang, bang, bang, you know, and putting these plays in and being efficient down in a tight red zone, which oftentimes can be really, really tough, especially throwing the football. They got, you know, they got some easy, easy throws, uncontested throws. But yeah, again, huge, huge tip of the cap to Andy Reid and the staff there for finding that and creating those opportunities.

Kurt Warner here on the Rich Eisen show. Let's talk about the quarterbacks and let's talk about Hertz first. I mean, he could have been MVP of this game. No question about it.

And that's part of the reason why we are still focused on that defensive holding penalty because it did prevent Hertz with a legit, from getting a legit chance to tie, if not win, with no time left. So how, how, how, how good is he? I mean, he looks spectacular to me and what a performance he had that night. Do you think this is a sustainable, he's now a superstar in this league, Kurt Warner?

I think all of our hope is that that's the case. You know, huge strides from last year to this year had to me, what was an MVP season. I really thought he was the best quarterback in the league before he got injured and would have gotten my vote for, for MVP had he continued to play that way and, and not been injured late in the season. You know, I think the biggest question is going to be can they play this way for the entirety of his career or can he evolve even more as a pocket passer and playing the game that way? I mean, he was phenomenal this year in every facet, but they had a really, really good run game.

You have really good offensive line and so I'm not taking anything away from Jalen Hertz. I just, when you talk about sustainable, to me, at some point he's probably not going to be able to play in, you know, this great of a run, you know, system that he's going to have to throw it more often. And then we'll really get to see how complete of a player he is or how high he can elevate himself as a quarterback. But you know, I'm a guy that always says, let's let these guys grow. It's okay for him to have room to grow and for us to have to see more from him.

But he's done everything that you've asked a quarterback to do, get the team to the playoffs a year ago. You say to yourself, okay, he's got to get better as a pocket passer this year, as good as a pocket passer, as we saw in the league, even though he didn't have to throw for as many yards and touchdowns and all of that stuff from that standpoint, he was really good in that capacity when he, when he needed to be. And then I think there's going to be an evolution where he's going to have to carry them a little bit more from inside the pocket. And he's got to show us that he's got the ability to evolve into that guy. And that's what takes him into that next stratosphere. But it's been so much fun to watch for the great kid. And you know, he never seems to back down from a challenge of saying, okay, last year I needed to get better in this. I did.

Where do I need to get better next year? So I have no doubt that he can get to what we're talking about. And then let's talk Mahomes here, unfortunately you are no longer the last quarterback to win the league MVP in the Super Bowl in the same year, but it took a while, man. I mean, nine straight quarterbacks tried to do what you were the last to do prior to Sunday and they couldn't. And Brady's not even one of them. And he won three, he won three league MVPs and seven Super Bowls during that span.

And he was, he couldn't even pull that feet off based on circumstances. So where does Mahomes rank for you now with two Super Bowls and two league MVPs now in the case of 27? Well, I mean, rankings, I don't know, he's one of the best.

I mean, he's shown us in a short period of time how good he is. And when it's all said and done, he'll be one of the best. You know, can we, can we make the argument that he's the best when it's all said and done? And can he match Brady in terms of winning? You know, I think so many people look at him right now and say, he's the best quarterback that we've ever seen play the game with all the skills and everything that he can do. He's the best quarterback. And they look at Tom Brady and it's like, he's the greatest winner.

And so sometimes they can be synonymous. But I think Patrick's, you know, at least right there in terms of how he's played the game. And now it's simply just about, you know, how many more of these does he get? You know, how many more times do they have a chance to play in the Super Bowl and can he compete from a winning standpoint with Tom Brady? And if that happens, I think everybody will probably end up saying he's the best because of the skill set and the wow plays and all the different things that he can do that, you know, some of us, including Tom Brady, you know, we're limited.

They weren't going to do some of these wow things that Patrick can do and Patrick can do basically all the other stuff. So I think that's how it's going to shake out when it's all said and done is Patrick's in that category will be talked about in that category for the rest of time. And now it's simply, can he match the wins?

Can he match the Super Bowls to possibly take over that reign as best quarterback we've ever seen in our game? Last one for you, Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers, apparently going into the dark later today. He's got four days to sit there and think about his future. I cannot imagine. I mean, good Lord.

I couldn't even imagine spending three hours in that circumstance where he says he's going to spend four days. Green Bay says they'll take him back, obviously. Damian Lillard, after you left, came on the set on game day morning and voiced exactly what all Raider fans have been saying. Let him come now that Derek Carr is gone. And then the Jets hire the offensive coordinator for his last few years in Green Bay prior to last year. And you know the style of offense, Nathaniel Hackett can run with Rodgers. Looking at all the rosters and looking at all the circumstances, which one do you think is the best chance for Rodgers to win one more before he does join you in Canton, Kurt?

Green Bay. I think if he wants to play again and the Packers want him back, I think he's back in Green Bay. Again, I think there's lots of different facets to it, but I do think there's something uniquely special about playing the entirety of your career with one organization.

And even though it seems like it may have been a little more rocky these last few years, there's something special about that. And then I look at the landscape and the best opportunities, I think, out there for him might be the AFC and knowing the transition that it takes in most situations to go to another organization and turn them around and try to get back to the championship, even though we obviously saw two teams do it recently, there's a lot of challenges in the AFC. There's a lot of good young quarterbacks to go through in the AFC, and so I think the best opportunity still, when I look at the NFC and where the teams are, Packers are going to grow.

They were so much better down the stretch of the season that I still think it's the best opportunity for him to compete for a championship, to win a conference and move on. And like I said, there's the special aspect of playing your entire career with one organization instead of going somewhere else for a year or two and trying to establish yourself there. So when it's all said and done, if he wants to play, I still think he's going to be in Green Bay. And so the creature comforts, he stays put, right?

He doesn't have to learn a new Waze route to the facility, and he doesn't have to learn new teammates and transition and anything like that. He also has the legacy of staying put for a legacy franchise, but you think the weaponry that he has is on par better? I mean, like Adams, he knows in Vegas, right? And then you got a team in the Jets that just swept the rookie of the year categories and is getting Breece Hall back, and he also has the creature comfort of the offensive coordinator. You still say Green Bay, despite all that, huh? I mean, yeah.

I mean, I still think there's some other places that have some better pieces, yes. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best situation to necessarily win and compete for a championship. But yeah, I mean, I think their wide receivers have to grow up. But you saw Watson and Dobbs played better down the stretch. You know, they were built more around running the football, and that became their MO, and they played really good football down the stretch.

Yeah, I mean, I think there's a lot of places he could go and have just flat out better wide receivers on the outside. But I just, again, I'm not sure they have all the other pieces to compete, especially when you have to compare it to, you know, the Jets, right? Jets, great situation. You know, you still got to go through a couple good teams, specifically the Buffalo Bills, in your division, who are really talented and probably more talented than the Jets are even. But I could see them competing. But then, you know, the Raiders, that's going to be a tough division just across the board. And they've got shiny weapons on the outside, but, you know, do they have a defense to allow you to compete? The Packers defense, you know, the run game showed that they're right there if, you know, that's a big if, if they can gain some confidence on the outside with those guys, and you think about the Jets, they've got a bunch of young guys on the outside, too. So how long does it take to transition with those young guys to be successful?

So I just think there's a lot of pieces when it looks good from afar, but there usually is an adjustment, period, and during that adjustment period, you think you can make it happen fast enough where you get a chance to compete in the short term. Kurt, you're the man. Love you. Send my best to Brenda. Are you starting to grind tape on the prospects we're going to see in the combine? Is that what you do? You take a few days off? What do you got for me?

What do you got? Not quite yet. I watched the Super Bowl yesterday.

I'll break that down a little bit on my YouTube page throughout the week. Can you be confidential? Yeah.

Take it, take a little time off and then, yeah, start diving into the young quarterbacks for the, for the combine and the draft. All right. You just bought yourself another text asking you to call in?

You just did that? Thank you. All right. I look forward to it. Take care. I'll miss you, buddy. Right back at you. We'll see you, we'll see you soon enough. Okay.

That's Kurt Warner. Love him. Love you.

Love him. By the way, he just tells you what he thinks right there. Hey, Jalen's got to improve. Yeah, you know, he's not buying it. I mean, I'm sure everybody is like, oh, you just want a lavish praise on the Holmes. Yeah. Him noticing that defensive wrinkle by the Eagles.

A lot of quarterbacks can do that. Tells it to you straight. Rogers staying put. Let's see what he's got to say today. Rogers staying put.

So much to talk about there. Staying Shane Styshen is being introduced as the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts as we speak. I don't think he looks like Dax Shepard at all. I don't get it. Really? That's the way I'm looking at him right now.

When you look at pictures, he doesn't, but he does. Okay. Well, we're going to talk about that on this program.

That's why Dax Shepard was trending today. I'm like, what happened? Okay. Very good. I was worried when I saw that.

844-204-rich-number-dollar. Your phone calls before we take one from Calvin Johnson and set things up with our Valentine's Day wishes for our new sports Valentine's coming up. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone Music Now takes over in podcast form. You seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety, but you also seem fearless artistically. I feel like ideas have more power than identity. Like the excitement overrides insecurity.

That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone Music Now, wherever you listen. Back here on our radio show here along with the Roku Channel stream. Let's take some phone calls here. Let's go to Matt in Santa Cruz, California. What's up, Matt? You there, Matt?

Morning, Rich. What's going on? Taking in your show on Sirius XM as I do every day. Attaboy.

Thanks, man. What's going on? I wonder if Roger's going to go spend a couple days in the darkness. Yes, he is.

I wonder when he comes back out, if he sees his shadow, will he be a packer for three more seasons? Rich, I got one more for you, and that's not another pun. You had a guest on who after being introduced to the Hall of Fame, as you stood with other Hall of Famers and comparing who was the best, and the gentleman said to him, once you get in here, we're all equal. That's right. That's it. Do you remember who made that quote to you? I don't remember that.

Who was that? No. No. Because you remember the quote.

I don't remember who actually said it, but you're not wrong. I know. That's an interesting one. Thanks, Matt. Appreciate the call. Yeah. It was like, what ballot? Third ballot? Sixth ballot? Doesn't matter.

Once you're in, it doesn't matter. I know Dion said something. I know exactly who he's talking about. I know Dion said something along the lines of they should have a different... Jacket color. ... jacket color, because there's a certain status of a Hall of Framer.

He's just upset that his guy isn't getting in. Why am I blanking on the kid's name? Nate Newton? No.

We ran back all the touchdowns. Oh, Devin Hester. Yeah, Devin Hester. Yeah.

I need more sleep. Yeah. I think he's just a little upset that Devin's not getting in. Yeah.

I think Devin will get his time. That's a funny statement that Rogers is kind of like a groundhog. Well done. Let's go to Ken in Kokomo, Indiana. What's up, Ken? Kokomo.

Kokomo. Very alliterative phone caller. What's up, Ken? Hey, Rich. It's good to talk to you again.

Same here, man. Thank you for taking my call. You got it. I just want to point out a couple of things that probably the league offices isn't going to say. I can tell you a little something about John Jenkins. It's his eighth year in the league, first Super Bowl. And I think he deserves a little bit of love for having the guts to throw the flag at all. You're referring to the official who threw the defensive hold. Right.

Exactly. He's the field judge on the crew. Hey, the league is going to back this play. I mean, a million percent the league's going to back the play because it is a hold. I mean, it's the right call when you see that tug. It's the right call. The question is, do you call it then when, you know, I'm sure he he might say that's the only tug of the jersey I saw all day. And so he threw it. It does take guts to call it.

That's for damn sure. Takes huge guts to call. And I think that Kurt Warner just now added a little bit of credence there from the standpoint of the quarterback and how just a little tug can make all the difference to a quarterback. Yeah.

And, you know, we had Chris Long on yesterday as well describe it, as well as Pereira, that a defender can use the tug to slingshot himself back into the play as opposed to being completely beaten. You know, and thanks. I was just I just wanted to put a little bit of love to John Jenkins for having the guts because if I may one quickly. Sure. Tommy Bell. You know the name?

Go for it. The referee of until nineteen seventy six. Yeah. When he was his crew, when he was a crew chief, it sounds really cheesy, really corny. But there was a chance that the crew had together in the in the locker room before they went out on the field onto the field. It goes hats, flags, whistles, guts.

We can't work a game without any of them. Thanks for the call. Appreciate it. Guy saw it, called it, wish he hadn't. What else can I say? I mean, yeah. You know, the thing I say, I put this in your direction because they might not get the reference. Any time I hear crew chief, I think of Winky Dinky Doll. Winky Dinky.

He went from assistant crew chief to crew chief. I keep thinking of Hollywood show. No, that's funny.

You ever see Hollywood show? I just looked up. You hear the towns and on, you hear the two of us keep giving references over and over again. There's a bat in my house. Every single time I hear crew chief, no matter what every sport.

There's a bat in my house. Just bragging about going from assistant crew chief to crew chief. Okay. We've lost TJ. I know we have. It's such a brilliant movie. It still stands the test of time coming up, Calvin Johnson coming up still here on Roku channel. Shout out to Robert towns. Oh my God. We got to get him back because we, I totally not, we, I totally whiffed on him being the director of it's raw, right? Was he the director of raw, Eddie Murphy, raw, right? Yeah. Man.

I saw the other night. Was it? Yeah.

Or was it because Eddie did two standup specials. Delirious. Delirious. Wait a minute. Didn't, was Robert Townsend the director of Delirious? Robert Townsend was raw. Raw. Okay.

The one at the garden. It fell forward. Hello. It fell forward. Hello.

It fell forward. Can't say the rest of that. My God. Can't say any of it. Can't say any of it.

Truly one of the greatest standup specials ever, ever. Norton. Oh, stop it. I noted. Stop it. Stop it. Now we have to stop. A little too raw.

A little too raw. Well, this is, this is Roku. We can technically. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I mean, that is true.

No, no, no, no. I'm just saying. Yo, Eddie.

I think it's our podcast, too. Be careful. Yo, Rocco. Careful. I'm a dick, Rich. I've heard actually.

I'm a dick. It's hilarious. The Netflix movie with him in it is fantastic. I need to see that.

Who? The one with Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy. Oh, you people? Yeah. I've heard it's terrific.

Yeah. Have you seen it? I saw half of it. Oh, you didn't like it? I. Uh oh. I heard he's terrific in it. Here's the deal, right?

I heard it's like old school Eddie Murphy. I just had a hard time buying Lauren London and Jordan. Oh, okay. I'm just saying.

I'm sorry. It's just, Lauren London is looking like a 13 on the nine scale, you know. Colin Johnson coming up, everybody. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala. With her assistant Jess.

LA? It can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here or do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens, but also just everything going on in my personal life. Like I want to get on this mic and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala, wherever you listen.
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