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REShow: Peter King - Hour 1

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February 15, 2023 3:16 pm

REShow: Peter King - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 15, 2023 3:16 pm

Rich and the guys react to the absolute madness that broke out on Twitter following JuJu Smith-Schuster’s tweet trolling Eagles DB James Bradberry for his Super Bowl holding penalty.

NBC Sports’ NFL Insider Peter King and Rich break down Andy Reid’s brilliant 2nd half play calling that saw the Chiefs comeback on the Eagles to win Super Bowl LVII, why he doesn’t have an issue with the controversial holding penalty that all but gave KC a victory, what the immediate future holds for the Chiefs and Eagles with star QB’s Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts in the fold, why the Jets could pursue Lamar Jackson if they’re unable to land Aaron Rodgers, and if the Saints make the most sense for free agent QB Derek Carr. 

Rich and the guys fess up that they got A LOT wrong about Rodgers’ “darkness retreat” details on yesterday’s show.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Hello darkness my old friend. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Aaron Rodgers, bless you man. If I called Suzy and said, hey four months ago this is when Valentine's Day is when I decided to go into four days of darkness.

That would be the end of GB's like staying in darkness. I don't want to see this. Today's guest, from NBC Sports, Peter King. Emmy Award winning actor Henry Winkler. Co-host of CBS Mornings, Nate Burleson. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Oh yeah everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. All this news that we say today, we guarantee it's realness and it's freshness. And there's no fake news here. If we say anything that's not accurate, it's just we don't know. Does that make sense?

It's all out in the light too. Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. How are you brother? Hey I'm great. DJ Mikey D is in D Nuts.

Rich, good morning. We're getting right to the introductions. DJ Jeff, listen you're not even ready for the candle you led. Where is your candle? Well all the candles are pretty much done man. So I gotta get Amber at Woodscreen Candles to send us some more. But yeah, I don't have a candle. Okay very good.

It's an Amber Alert. There we go. The Rich Eisen Show.

But one of the good ones. Look, hey, we're right here on the Roku channel. Peter King's gonna join us in about 18 minutes time. For instance, the news being real, he found out from Andy Reid, Knight of the Super Bowl, the two touchdowns that put the Chiefs up for the first time and then up by eight. Those two wide open touchdowns to Kadarius, Tony, and Sky Moore, who by the way, weren't on the Chiefs at this point last year. He found out it's the play from, straight from Andy Reid, a place called Corndog. And the fact that I lead the show with this just proves to you, there's no more football being played.

But wait till you hear what we're really gonna dig into in a second. Peter's gonna join us on this program. Derek Carr, as we all knew was going to happen, he got released yesterday. He is a free agent right now. He could talk to whoever he darn well pleases. He could sign.

Well, I mean, it won't be official till the new league year begins, but yes. Yes, he could agree to terms. Agree to terms.

Agree to terms. Sources say. Rich, when does the new league? I believe it is March 14th. March 14th. Yeah. Okay. Because I got, no, March 11th, March 12th.

I'll check it out. One of those dates, I got an email in the middle of the Super Bowl asking, can I do that show? Am I free to do that program on NFL Network?

Which is great. After 20 years, 20 years ago, they're like, you're doing that. Now they're checking your availability. March 15th, a month from today. March 15th, the negotiation period, legal tampering. That's what I'm doing. Is 13th to the 15th.

I'm doing the show on the 13th. Yeah. Yeah, baby.

Legal tampering. Oh, baby. Good times. Good times.

Right here on the old Rich Eisen Show with Peter King. We also have on this program the great Nate Burleson, who nailed the winner of Super Bowl 57, the final score of Super Bowl 57, and the MVP of Super Bowl 57, and the final throws of the eight and a half hour edition of NFL Game Day Morning on Sunday. And we figured he should come here and take a victory lap. Speaking of taking a victory lap, I can't say he's the biggest Patrick Mahomes fan I know. There's Stone Street. There's Rudd.

There's all those Kansas City folks. But he's definitely the biggest Patrick Mahomes fan I know that's ever kickstarted a jukebox into working. He is Henry Winkler. And his love affair with Patrick Mahomes became full bloom when he was on this program in June. You know Patrick Mahomes.

June Bloom. When he just interrupted me and asked me if I knew Patrick Mahomes, and then we all know from that appearance Patrick Mahomes found out about Henry's love. And he then invited him to hang out with his family when they came here to Los Angeles to play the Chargers mid-season, and then now he's the Super Bowl MVP, and Patrick Mahomes is now in the pantheon of all-time greats. And I personally think Henry Winkler put him there. And that's the way I feel it. We'll see what Henry has to say. As you know, he is one of the greatest humans on planet Earth, and I figured what better way to set things up for the crazy-ass parade in Kansas City, Missouri today than by having Henry Winkler chime in. It is pretty cool that we know Patrick Mahomes though.

We do know Patrick Mahomes. Yeah, like it's cool. Yes. It is pretty cool. And that if somebody comes on here and speaks something into this microphone, technically it can be spoken into existence. And I think that's a very powerful platform that we have here on the Roku channel and Sirius XM and this terrestrial radio affiliate in Odyssey and our YouTube page and our Rich Eisen Show collection video on demand service and our podcast.

That comes with great responsibility, Rich. It does indeed, which means we better get the darkness therapy facts right. It couldn't have been more wrong yesterday. We'll get on that later on. Our bad.

Corrections and omissions. Sorry. That'll be later on.

You can't just say it's fine just because you were the most wrong out of all of us being wrong, Chris. Hold on a second. No, we'll get that later on.

Chris didn't research it. He's setting things on a show that's airing literally as we're airing. I know that. We'll get to that later.

You guys saw him at one weather report. We'll get to that later. That's right. Oh, yeah. We're not flop-sweating like you do.

I mean, he has to be flop-sweating. We're not fine with it, but we're going to rectify it, okay? Anyway, correction the next day. I know omissions. It's like a newspaper.

It's good. Back in the day. We'll tell you kids what those used to be. We're going to redact. That's later on. I still get the Sunday Times delivered, by the way. Why not? Good for you. I used to deliver these. I don't read it.

It goes right in the trash. Let's talk about this. Let us talk about how, as we talked about the New League year moments ago, last March, as we all know, was a crazy month. Derek Carr is now a free agent, became a free agent on Valentine's Day, hell of a Valentine's. And he is now starting the quarterback carousel spinning. Aaron Rodgers is going to make his decision at some point when he goes into his darkness therapy, which is not really, you know, starting now and it's not really completely in the dark.

Anyway, he's going to make a decision at some point and things are going to spin. And as you all know, last month, I mean, last year and last New League year, it was totally encapsulated by a tweet by our friend, Stefan Diggs, and it said the hell going on. And then we were all wondering, how does one say this? The hell going on?

How does one say this? We have the same thing with Tyreek Hill, right? Right? Right.

We had the same thing with Tyreek Hill. And that came from his response on Twitter to what? When he said, am I reading this right? That was the trade deadline day. Yes. Right?

The trade deadline day. Am I reading this right? Am I reading this right? And we found out, like, we actually got him to say how he tweeted it out. Am I reading this right? Am I reading this right?

Okay. We got him to do that because he couldn't believe some of the trades that were being made. So buried amongst all of our coverage last week and the actual game of Super Bowl 57, we had Stefan Diggs on our air and we got him to actually tell us, what's the inflection of your tweet? And it's a new drop. Go ahead and hit that. The hell going on.

Do it one more time. The hell going on. There it is. Okay. The hell going on. There it is. And the reason why I was saying this is because these are now all applicable to yesterday, Valentine's Day, being the day that NFL Twitter turned into NBA Twitter.

We hear this a lot, guys, right? Why isn't NFL Twitter as trolling, nasty, or as catty as NBA Twitter? I mean, NBA Twitter is all that. And that's why it's got its own hashtag, NBA Twitter. That's why one of the best at it refers to himself as Troel Embiid.

That's the reason why. The potential MVP of the NBA refers to himself as Troel Embiid. So I do hear that, like, what's with the NFL? Why don't they do this with each other?

It's a respect that everyone has for each other. And then yesterday, you sent this into text exchange. Was it you or you, Chris?

You sent it amongst us. Probably Chris. I couldn't believe it.

I just responded with, wow. Juju Smith-Shuster, who as we all know was the receiver held by James Bradbury, causing the huge, I mean, total fire. The fire that has engulfed the entire NFL world, sports world, as to one of the greatest Super Bowls got ruined by a call, or it was the right call, and calls like that should be called no matter what. And we said, you know, it's the right call, but it shouldn't have been called.

I'm hearing, how dare you use your platform to say that refs shouldn't call what they see. I mean, it's such a fire. And he tweets out, happy Valentine's Day, everybody. And it's a photograph of one of those kids' Valentine's cards that says, I'll hold you when it matters most to and from. And you know, I see this, my kids write these out for their classmates.

You're about to enter those days, you know, where you say, did you do your Valentine's cards? I mean, it's a photograph of James Bradbury. I'll hold you when it matters most. This is NBA Twitter coming to the NFL. It's like Juju Smith-Shuster, my goodness, read the room. And I love the guy, you know, he's the TikTok guy and he's the guy who has fun and is funny. He came on the show.

He's delightful. But I mean, read the room from the fact that every, talk about too soon. It may, it may never be not too soon, certainly for Eagles fans.

It will always be too soon. I mean, I saw the body language after the ball dropped and he had yet to see the flag thrown. It looked like, watch it back. He's just strolling right back to the sideline. Yeah, he wasn't complaining. He wasn't complaining. Not complaining. He wasn't looking for a flag.

Nope. Mahomes pointed at it because, you know, he knew that what, on the spot it meant a new set of downs and that they could essentially run the clock out. I mean, he saw that. Look at his body language, I'm just running back, yeah, that's the end of that play.

I guess we'll kick a field goal. And wow. Read the room, AJ Brown. It didn't take too long for him to chime in. First off, congratulations, you all deserve it.

This is lame. You was on the way out of the, out the league before Mahomes resurrected your career on your one year deal, TikTok boy. He admitted that he grabbed you, but don't act like you're the, like that or ever was, but congratulations again, and a couple of emojis, TikTok boy. That's next level.

That is next level, call him TikTok boy. I mean. This is real. That's right.

And speaking of time, he was, he was chiming in, but Juju responded, you know, glad you were finally able to get all that off your chest after all these years. Good game, bro. And then the thumbs up and then a ring. Oh my goodness. Brilliant salt in the wound. Oh my goodness gracious. Tyreek Hill, former chief, like, like, what do they call it?

A rail bird. When you're, when you're looking at stuff and when people playing craps, you're gambling, they're throwing dice, just watching, just watching. And he wrote back with two crying emojis, yo, and then he added Darius Slay and James Bradbury, except for the fact that that's not the real James Bradbury. It's just some random, some random wound up. I imagine if you go to that Twitter site right now, the tweets are locked. I imagine that poor James Bradbury, wherever that person lives, just, just that person's Twitter out of nowhere on Valentine's Day just blew up. Oh man. So Tyreek Hill's like, Hey, and then Slays like called it weak AF.

It's all good though. They won. And then Tyreek chimes in front runner, bro. They're all going at it. Tyreek Hill kept going at it too. Tyreek's just sitting there eating popcorn on Twitter. He retweets Juju Smith Schuster saying, glad you're finally able to get out off your chest after all these years. Man played victim.

LOL, I'm logging off here today. And then Mahomes, I don't know, like from, from the middle of what Epcot, like wherever he is. I don't know.

He's in, it's a small world right now. That man must just be bored. Which man? I don't know. Who? Whose man's is this? Whose man? I don't know. Whose man is this?

I don't know. Is he referring to his own teammate? He can't be referring to AJ Brown. I mean, Mahomes knows his own teammate crossed the line. Is he referring to Tyreek Hill chiming in, his former teammate?

The funny thing is all three of us start three different players for the same tweet. Right. I thought he was talking about Juju. I thought he was talking about AJ. Like Juju's sitting at home playing video games, making memes, and then having fun.

Isn't this what NBA Twitter's about? Like we're supposed to guess? We're supposed to guess.

We're supposed to guess. CJ Gardner Johnson tweeted out that he has more interceptions than Juju has touchdowns. And so maybe he should play receiver and Juju responds with big hat. Big cap. Big cap.

Okay. Also, big hat. Big hat.

I don't know. Big hat. Big hat. Also, I told you in the game to stop all that talking because we were going to come back and win that game.

Now help me decide which finger I need to get sized for this ring. He's all in. I mean, he gets to do the talking though.

So may won. I know, but don't do the talking. Hey Rich, remember if you don't want me to dance, don't let me get in the end zone. Come on. By the way, Juju is doing you in our fantasy league right now.

Yeah, Rich. But it's me in the fantasy league just for fun and content. I know deep down I can get beat by my own son in the playoffs and he will love that. And as much as you hear me talking about our fantasy league, which is a lot, a lot, a lot into a microphone that goes worldwide, as we know, would give it up. You would give up the chance to make the playoffs to beat me. And you would give up the chance to make the playoffs to beat me. If Cooper could do it, by the way, who turns 12 today, if Cooper could make it and beat me, you would love that.

But I also am doing this just for effect and content. That's what Juju's doing. Come on, read the room. The whole country feels it's been robbed that Jalen Hurts, who could have been the MVP of this game, didn't have a shot to tie it or win it. The real James Bradbury, we unearthed his handle and all he responded to all of this at Brad underscore B21 is all pro hashtag APJB all pro James Bradbury is what that stands for. He was second team all pro this year.

He had a great year, which is one of the many reasons why the Eagles were not only in the Super Bowl, but I had a chance to win it. All pro. I mean. Oh my God.

So I'm glad, Mike, that we have the new drop. From our friend, Stefan Diggs, the hell going on, because that describes yesterday. We've never seen Super Bowl winners chirp at Super Bowl losers like this on Twitter and certainly not after the way the Super Bowl ended, the way it ended. Oh my goodness. What a fine.

He resigns with Kansas City, that Eagles at Kansas City game next year is going to be, as the kids say, lit. Wow, that was fun yesterday. That was great. I don't know.

I'm sitting there shaking my head. A.J. Brown tweet is that three hundred and fifty thousand likes NFL Twitter became NBA Twitter on Valentine's Day. Love it.

All right. We'll talk about this with Nate Burleson in hour three. Peter King's joining us next. He unearthed the fact that it was called Corn Dog, those touchdown plays. His reaction was amazing when Andy said that. It's called Corn Dog.

Like, no way. He's like, that's what it's called. He's like, yeah, that's what it's called. Right in the middle of this show, a nice warm center, just like a perfectly cooked steak. Henry Winkler. And then there's you at eight four four two oh four rich number to dial a parade. So much more to talk about on this program.

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Call clickrainger dot com or just stop by. The football morning in America column after the Super Bowl is always, always must read as is all of Peter King's interviews coming off of the Super Bowl and joining us right here is our longtime friend Peter King on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing PK? Hi Rich, how are you?

I'm great. Walk me through your process here about how you get someone like Reed so quickly after the Super Bowl because I'm sure you would have wanted Nick Sirianni in that seat had things gone the other way as they easily could have on Sunday night. Well Rich, I went to the AFC Championship game, met Andy in his office after the game and talked to him and right at the end I said, hey listen, when you win Super Bowl, I'm really going to want to sit down right after the game like we did last time in your office and I'd love you to go through the winning play with me and he nodded and there was not a, oh I'll absolutely do that, but he knew that that's what I wanted to do and so I felt pretty good about that and then five days later I wrote to work with Nick Sirianni or six days later on Saturday morning before they left for the Super Bowl and I told him, hey listen, I have done this thing after games where hopefully I get the winning coach to talk to me about maybe the decisive play in the game and I'd love to be able to meet with you after the game and you know, just I'll do it as quick as I can but maybe five minutes.

No commitment from him either but at least he had it in his head. I was going to ask him to try to do this so after the game I went and it was probably crazier than usual in the Kansas City locker room because, not only because obviously they were so happy but in this particular case for some reason everybody in that place was smoking a cigar and you hear my voice right now but I'm telling you, it was like, I was really really struggling to breathe after a while because this acrid cigar smoke, if you're in that room for a half hour, I went up to the press box afterwards and I was just coughing continuously so I wrote that column while on a semi-continuous coughing jag but anyway Andy agreed to let me sit in there, he was there with his grandson Maverick, nine years old, Brit Reid's son and also with his long time agent Bob Lamont and so my videographer, extraordinary Andy Koblitz, this is a tiny office, scrunched herself into a corner, turned the camera on and then we learned all about corndog. And that's the name and the previous Super Bowl winner was called Wasp which was that play that Mahomes counseled for in a timeout, second half, the Niners were really putting their stamp on things, the Chiefs had not unleashed that huge passing attack to Tyreek Hill with any success and then they call Wasp, you can hear Mahomes say on the NFL Films coverage, do we have time to call it because it did require some pass protection and that was the play of that Super Bowl and this one was called, as you've just mentioned, corndog, it was the same play, just a different, just flip the field from the Kadarius-Tony go ahead touchdown and then the one that put them up eight to Sky Moore, is that as simple as that? It was not the same play, corndog was the Kadarius-Tony play and on corndog basically Kadarius, it's corn, c-o-r, because Kadarius-Tony is supposed to run in then immediately flip the switch and run back and run a corner route which is exactly what he did and he had eleven yards of spacing between here and the nearest defender. The reason that it's called a different play is not only because it's on the different side of the field but because the first read for Patrick Mahomes on the touchdown pass to Tony was actually a run to Jarek McKinnon and at the line of scrimmage, because he saw exactly what was going on and at the line of scrimmage after he took the snap, he saw the simple fact that Darius Slay was not coming back to try to catch up to Kadarius-Tony and nobody covered him and again at the risk of taking just two plays and DMing a defense for it, I mean I don't understand how three minutes after that play the Philadelphia Eagles allowed the same thing to happen on the other side of the field with Sky Moore that happened with Kadarius-Tony.

How do you explain that? That the two winning plays in a Super Bowl, you don't cover the receiver basically. I mean look, the Eagles had a great year, but the end of the season for the Eagles was a total black eye and I feel good for Jonathan Gannon, he got the job in Arizona anyway despite this, but if I was in on that Monday interview with Jonathan Gannon, I would have wanted to know how in the world did you, it happened once okay, like fool me once fine, fool me twice well shame on me, how does that happen a second time and I'll be interested at some point in the future to hear the Eagles reaction to as to why that happened. Well and I'll push back a little bit here and this was going to be one of my questions to you, I'll get to it right now Peter King, is that it's a black eye for the Eagles because they didn't have a chance to retort at the end because of a holding penalty that got called and that's why I think many fans are upset about the ending of Super Bowl 57 that don't even have a rooting interest for the Eagles is that it was such an incredible game and we were robbed because of the penalty, properly called I think, although I wouldn't have minded if the official just kept the flag in his pocket, that we were robbed of Jalen Hurts sending the game to overtime or perhaps winning it for the Eagles and your initial reporting or what you're hearing about the league's thoughts on such an incredibly played Super Bowl coming down to a yellow flag Peter. You know Rich I have not asked a soul in the league or on the competition committee what they thought and that is how it ended but you just said it and this is the thing that in my opinion everybody is saying well yes it was properly called but but what but what I understand that it would have been a lot more fun if Jalen Hurts had a minute forty and one time out in the ball at the 25 yard line down three to go make his legend I get it we all know that but you know what it's not a Hollywood script all the time it's reality the reality is that Juju Smith-Huster was restricted by James Bradbury not severely not overly significantly I understand that but let me ask you this and I've asked a bunch of people that I think was Rich Guillen somebody said this on Twitter and I think it's the perfect thing if with a minute forty eight to go on that play okay right before it happened if let's just say Orlando Brown false started okay and and and when he false started in essence he and it wasn't called and it wasn't called every analyst would say oh my god Kansas City got another chance because they didn't call this false start and it's an obvious false start I mean and and and oftentimes a false start is only a twitch it's just it's a it's a tiny movement but you got to call it and Rich until this is just the way I feel and I understand I would have loved to have seen it too we all would have but the fact is you know if the play was going to be called I mean if it was a penalty and most people seem to think that that it wasn't terrible but it but it was enough to be called for a penalty the fact is I I just can't I can't go crazy and until the NFL says we're gonna have some rules for the first 58 minutes and then in the last two minutes we're just gonna quote let them play like it's an NBA game end quote until that happens I I don't really have a problem with what happened at the end of the game NBC Sports and host of the Peter King podcast Peter King here on the Rich Eisen show Mahomes is the face of the NFL now right yes Brady's retired yeah Mahomes is 27 with two championship trophies two MVPs also like I mentioned Brady's retired he could he could get in the area code if he keeps winning like this and knows the longevity of Brady's career right here's the thing rich you know Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady if you put a line of demarcation at age 27 obviously Mahomes has a thousand miles to go before he sleeps but by age 27 their accomplishments are incredibly similar in fact they both won 80% of their starts by age 27 I did the math like exactly they both won 80% Brady has won three Super Bowls he's three and oh Mahomes is two and one but how about this in Mahomes' playoff appearances by age 2070 throwing 35 touchdown passes Brady by age 27 had thrown 11 now again I'm not I'm not saying that Mahomes is better than Brady by any means right but I you you said it you know I think it's possible I think one of the things that is Tom Brady's legacy he has shown all of these quarterbacks the pathway to be great for a long time go and have your fun in the offseason but remember this is a 12 month a year job or let's say it's an 11 month a year job let's let's be fair because even Brady went to Costa Rica in the offseason but as I once asked Brady after the Super Bowl against Atlanta don't you ever want to go out and have nine beers with your buddies and he goes I've done that and this is a lot more fun I think I think Mahomes probably feels the same way and he's also signed long term and Brett Veitch I mean what a job building the roster that the offensive line may be you know the best in the NFL could go into next year with such a moniker and prove it again the the the back end of the defense was so young now has a ring and a year under their belt I couldn't help but notice the DeAndre Hopkins tweet I don't know if you saw that just the the googly eyes of him saying Mahomes is different and everybody's seeing that you know the one year deal Juju Smith-Shuster signed with Kansas City and now you know forget about all the tweets that he sent out yesterday just I'm wondering if you know now Kansas City is going to be a destination like I'll go play with Mahomes and someone like Hopkins right right I mean that Rich that's a fantastic point really really prescient I think and and I agree totally with you I don't know what veteran is going to go to Kansas City for less money than he could have made elsewhere this year could it be DeAndre Hopkins could it be Jalen Ramsey could it be whoever I don't know could it be a really good player who either in trade or in low-cost free agency chooses to go because he wants a piece of the pie now and I think that's that's smart of you to say it well I mean that's entirely possible that that happens and obviously Philadelphia with Howie Roseman what he built and was able to build this year AJ Brown and Devante Smith could go into next year as the best wide receiver tandem in the NFL and Jason Kelce said on his podcast he needs to take some time told his bro on their podcast together needs to take some time before figuring out what to do next but what what about hurts because at least the the Chiefs have their quarterback locked up and if I'm not mistaken I heard Mahomes' contract annual payment is going to be ranked sixth amongst quarterbacks next year so they're in great shape there what what's the scoop on hurts and how they're gonna resign him and then obviously have to work around what that means cap-wise what do you got for me there well well rich I would I guess I would say this that the Philadelphia Eagles who for my money had the best offensive line in football this year and to me to me one of the best in recent history quite honestly and look I have great respect for what Kansas City did too but but to me so much of that right now you saw what Jeff Stoutland did with Jordan Malata at the at left tackle he invented a very good left tackle out of a Australian rugby player so I have faith that even if Isaac Sumalo the the right guard who really came through this year and and if and if Kelsey does retire they'll figure it out you know because they're very very good at it and have done it very well over the past few years I think they'll figure out a way with hurts and I think Jalen hurts I don't even know who his agents are but I think Jalen hurts will instruct his agents to basically say listen just like Tom Brady once said I don't want to be a pig at the trough and Patrick Mahomes one of the things he knows is that if each ever comes to him and says we need to redo your contract to create cap space or to do whatever you know he'll do it and I think hurts would do the same thing last one for you Peter King the story I know you're and I appreciate you you're calling in and you know getting through this last one for you what do you got for me on the on the storyline of the offseason what do you what do you think as we turn the page the story will be filling that blank for me I think the biggest story in the offseason is going to be what happens with Lamar Jackson and I think there's a legitimate chance that I mean Rich let's say you as a lifelong fan of the New York Jets you know that when Woody Johnson comes out after the season and says you know says internally quietly however he says it you know we're going to address the quarterback situation well we all think and I think you think that the number one step would be Aaron Rodgers if that doesn't work could the number two step be Lamar Jackson and this is going to be one of the toughest decisions a franchise in my opinion has had in recent years for a very simple reason obviously anybody would want Lamar Jackson to be the quarterback of the team but how much guaranteed money are you willing to give a player who in the last two years has missed 34% of the snaps because of injury it's easy to sit here and say oh get Lamar sign Lamar pay Lamar well that's of course but what does that mean exactly so to me I think the Jets are going to have a very tough decision on their hands and you know I think they will go after Rodgers if he does play and if they don't get him I think they will at least put their sniffers out and and seriously consider Lamar Jackson and if if you think and I think I mean I think you think this that he's probably going to be given the franchise tag and the less restrictive one so to see if there are any offers out there that the Ravens then would be able to get to first-round picks as compensation you know let's let's see what happens but to me I think finding out whether some team out there is willing to pay Lamar Jackson a jillion dollars guaranteed I think that is the story of the offseason and then you know Aaron Rodgers is the first domino to fall there because look I'm sure the Jets are enamored by what Nathaniel Hackett can bring to the equation it can't be lost on him that the relationship he has with Rodgers when they hire him like if they don't get Rodgers great they still have a guy who they love who they think can either turn Zach Wilson around or or whatever quarterback they get but that relationship has got to count for something don't you think the quarterback you know what Rich the quarterback market is going to be really a lot of fun because I think the general perception general and it's early I mean the draft is 10 weeks away but the general perception is that there is not a no-doubt guy in this draft you know there are three really good guys in this draft but there's not an absolutely no-doubt guy so you know does that mean that Lamar Jackson will be worth more does that mean that Baker Mayfield might get a starting job somewhere and what does that you know how does Aaron Rodgers impact that I mean could Jordan Love be Aaron Rodgers circa 2008 and 15 years later history repeats itself with a quarterback drafted in the 20s who gets the starting job in his fourth year I mean it's there's a lot of real fascinating stories revolving around that position and I guess I lied just in whatever 60 seconds you want to wrap it up Derek Carr's market it now exists what's the timetable there do you think quick fast what do you think well if I if I were him you know and if and if I were his agents what I would be saying is we have the floor all to ourselves right now yeah and I think the one thing rich if I were them I would wait for is I would wait for the white puff of smoke out of the Aaron Rodgers chimney because I will you know if Aaron Rodgers says either I'm not retiring or I'm going to green I'm going back to Green Bay or whatever it is whatever whatever he does after that is known then there's going to be a lot of clarity as to what cars market is and I I just really think at the end of the day I think the Saints even though they're in really bad shape cap wise I think the Saints should really try hard to figure out how to get Derek Carr because that is a win now offense with a defense that's good enough Peter thanks again greatly appreciate a great job I appreciate you soldiering through it with a with your voice and let's chat again soon I'll see you in Indy see you in Indy sounds great rich appreciate it the best Peter King right here check it out eight four four two oh four rich number to dial so much to pull on right there the quarterback market the draft market the Derek Carr market but when we come back we turn the light on on our darkness coverage when we come back right here in the rich eyes and show refresh your spring cleaning to-do list with an oil change bundle for your vehicle at Advance Auto Parts get five quarts of mobile one castrol valvoline pens oil or fram oil bundled with a select oil filter for one low price and right now choose a mobile one full synthetic oil change bundle starting at thirty nine ninety nine and get a drain pan and funnel free right oil right filter right price every day only at Advance Auto Parts and participating CarQuest locations use the Advance Auto Parts app to build your bundle and pick it up at your nearest store for decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form scissor you seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically I feel like ideas have more power than identity like the excitement overrides insecurity that is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen errors and omissions we don't do fake news here we just don't know what we're talking about there's a difference certainly when the news breaks we try our best we try our best especially when the news breaks on another show that's happening at the same time it's kind of hard hard so I'm plus you know we use information that apparently was not accurate that that we thought hey Rogers is going into his darkness therapy on Monday and then he appears on on on on McAfee show Tuesday made it seem like he was gonna go right in darkness therapy I guess you don't assume those things makes an ass out of out of me and I even said hey man good for Aaron Rogers he can choose Valentine's Day to go into his darkness therapy not true no errors and omissions we're correcting it most shows run on rich well I just win but I'm not you know we're not sure I got too much going on to make stuff up about people you know whose games I immensely respect understand yeah I'm not coming here like you know let me make stuff up about Aaron Rogers it's not the way I wake up every day no it's not so what's the scoop here Chris okay so uh as we stated Pat chose on at the same time no no so I went back and I watched it this is called errors and omissions not excuses oh got it so I watched like the first 10 minutes of the you know with Aaron yesterday and he explained some things okay yes so this has been planned four months in advance yes that we had heard yep wasn't going in Monday wasn't going in Tuesday okay he said quote end of the week end of the week so I'm taking that as Friday or it could be tomorrow could be could be honest and dish should be Thursday could be Friday end of this week we don't know we don't know the exact date when do the lights go off we don't know we don't know but he's going in for four days we're in the dark and you're in the dark but there could be some light there can be some light he said basically you kind of come and go as you please turn the light on you turn the light on Aaron made it seem like the whole point of the exercise he's done some other meditation some other yoga retreats in the past this was the first time he was doing the complete darkness the whole idea is is to be with yourself in the moment of darkness come to that clarity and whatever you take out of it alone with your own thoughts and then if you need a break you take a break what do you do with a break I don't know you grab your phone I don't think so they gotta take your phone away right well Pat and AJ asked him like are you being filmed because like they gotta monitor you right in case you're you start singing to yourself you're hallucinating you go crazy you're talking yeah and so they gotta be Pat's like and Aaron goes yep you know I will share those videos with your audience at a later date oh so it looks like it is speaking in tongues it is filmed and there might be some weird rituals that go on while you're in the blackout I don't know he gets so completely turned around he starts watching Rachel Maddow can we watch that is that where he works unclear unclear I'm sorry but yeah you know it's not it's not the complete just like 96 hours of dark I just want you know alone in a room with your thoughts I can do this you gotta just go as long as you can take it and maybe push yourself a little beyond that's kind of the idea of doing it in the first place right and if you need to take a break you flip the light on and take a little break I don't understand it clearly I don't get it yeah it's you know it's not for everybody I don't know but I just I got I got the idea like he was gonna just seal himself off and is alone with his own thoughts and I guess there will be portions for that I just want him to be happy Aaron just be happy come out and make your decision and football it makes it sound like he's gonna walk out of there he's gonna absolutely know what he want to do like he's gonna like he's gonna have Mark Murphy and Gudekunst on speed dial does he FaceTime with him during this thing you know give him an update or he does he shut them off come on I don't know I would have Aaron on and ask all these all these questions I would love to know this is fact maybe people know hey have you done a darkness there this is great hey anyone out there who's been in the dark or darkness therapy react react call eight four four two oh four rich I want to hear from you Rancho Cucamonga darkness therapists I want to hear from you I would love it if somebody's out there that's like I'm all serious about this I know I would love to know what what is this what is the experience now we our makeup artist in Arizona said she knew about this stuff and her friend is a shaman her partner's a shaman okay her partner's a shaman okay and he's on yeah so it's all predetermined so you can but she made it seem like they'd turn the lights off for 10 days that's how I thought it but now Aaron's saying look you kind of just I'm sure come and go I'm sure there's different ways to do it you can Netflix and I don't think there's any devices no chilling I say there's no chilling okay you're by yourself it's alone with your device free yes all right we'll ask Henry Winkler if he's been on a darkness therapy won't that be great oh I tune in for that that's coming up still here on the Roku channel I feel like the Fonz has voices to talk to him Mike Trout is talking right now really never heard him speak what does he sound like you heard him speak when you talked about being the commissioner of the Fantasy League that Tommy fam slapped around Jock Peterson for he's the best player in baseball and if he walked in this room no one would know it untrue you would know exactly who he is it's a big year for the Angels man let's go let's get trout and Oh Tani here or they're gonna lose both of them yep they're not gonna lose both of them I don't know man I don't know man well trout trout's not up right no I know but he can just be like I want out Oh Tony should be looking for Manhattan real estate did you see it yeah it was just you know the Mets kind of going around the the funny thing is I couldn't really hear it but it's them like in an office building I'm assuming they're taking season ticket orders because everyone was on the phone yeah admittedly I didn't get a chance to actually hear it I just watched it it was Lindor on the phone right it was on the phone Brandon Nemo was in there Brandon Nemo had a Super Bowl commercial man Jacob deGrom has already hurt get out of here yeah probably nearly just text me that are you serious GM tech text Rangers GM tightness in his left side during a bullpen session the cold weather in Arizona is let me tell you it is surprisingly they were slipping on turf and the girls get out of here you love Lala Kent on Vanderpump rules now get to know her on give them Lala with her assistant Jess LA it can become suffocating did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here do you just think it just happens sometimes I think it just happens but also just everything going on in my personal life like I want to get on this mic and be like this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months give them Lala wherever you listen
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