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REShow: Henry Winkler - Hour 2

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February 15, 2023 3:17 pm

REShow: Henry Winkler - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 15, 2023 3:17 pm

Rich breaks down the NFL QB carousel and says what the Bears should do with the #1 pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Emmy Award-winning actor Henry Winkler tells Rich how he reacted watching his new best friend Patrick Mahomes win the Super Bowl, when he’ll ever have that long-awaited dinner with the Chiefs’ QB, his hilarious reaction to learning of Aaron Rodgers’ “darkness retreat,” when we can expect the new season of HBO’s ‘Barry’ to drop, why the food at SoFi Stadium pales in comparison to the Rams stadium’s spectacle, and reveals whatever happened to Richie Cunningham’s older brother on ‘Happy Days.’

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Use the Advance Auto Parts app to build your bundle and pick it up at your nearest store. Earlier on the show, from NBC Sports, Peter King. Coming up, Emmy Award winning actor Henry Winkler. Co-host of CBS Mornings, Nate Burleson. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Okay, our number two of the Rich Eisen show is on the air. Parade watch is on.

I'm looking at my network, NFL network. Mahomes has got the ski goggles. He's got the ski goggles on, so that's going to make sure that anything that gets sprayed, anything that gets any liquid won't get in the eyes. He's ready. He's prepared. He's come prepared. He's ready to go. He's tweeted out, it's going to be a long day.

It's going to be awesome. He's had a long couple of days. I mean, he went, looks like they were partying after some club, whether that's Arizona or Vegas. Then he went, he did the Disneyland, so he was out in California on Monday. Then did Kimmel that night, flew back to Kansas City, now Parade. Let me just tell you something. And this could be the most tiring thing he's done. And it doesn't matter if you're set up with a guide, you're set up with any of the tickets to cut the lines, you've got the VIP treatment.

Walking around Disneyland with small children. Two. Two.

Okay, I don't care. It's long. Yeah. Even the homes, after a while, it's like, that much for a sandwich? It's expensive. You know what I mean? It's expensive. Honestly. After a while, after a while, it's like, this passport ain't fun anymore. No. Okay. Passport me out of here.

And he allegedly has a high ankle sprain. It is amazing. When your kids, like, when your kids, have you taken Cage to a... Hell no. It is magic. When your child meets one of the Disney characters and thinks that this character is the real thing, like, that's really Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse exists. You mean I didn't meet Olaf when I met Olaf? Oh, Mike.

Well, I mean, I'm sorry to let you know, Mike. Yeah. I know you like warm hugs, but that wasn't the... Yeah, Olaf.

Yeah. You've met the real Olaf. I actually met the real Olaf.

You see him here multiple times in Josh Gad, and you creeped him out, I think, both times. But anyway, kudos to Patrick Mahomes. What's tougher? Running 26 yards in the fourth quarter of a Super Bowl away from the Philadelphia Eagles to set your team up for a win on a high ankle sprain, or a day later, everything's worn off, you're wiped out, you've got no sleep, and your two kids, they do not care. Like, come on, Daddy, another ride. I'm telling you, it's a lot. Just pointing that out. But this is the end of it now at this point. I don't know.

I don't know. Good for him. Good for him. Good for him.

Ankle watch. Oh, let's wrap that up while we're on the subject. We were all on this all year, if the year is like three weeks. As soon as he got hurt, the whole getting off the podium, getting on the podium after beating the Jaguars, and is he going to be ready for the AFC Championship game? And then we all know he got hurt again in the Super Bowl. Did he? You say that he wasn't hurt. Stop it.

You're out of your mind. He had the longest rush of the game and looked totally fine. So what?

That don't mean he got hurt. Come on now. Adrenaline. Adrenaline rush. And that kicks in? He said he didn't take a shot either.

I don't believe that. I took one with Emmitt Smith. I took two. A little tequila. TJ was legit, I think, drunk. Like woozy after those two.

Look, I'm not being paid. That was legitimately some of the best tequila. Maybe the smoothest I've ever had. I'm not a big tequila guy, but that was it. Patrick Mahomes was asked at his MVP press conference, by the way, which you also have to wake up. Some of these guys, I think, have shown up still buzzed.

He never went to sleep. I don't think so. His MVP press conference is like, congratulations, you win the Super Bowl. At least it's not on the East Coast. Well, those games sometimes end around, like, and you're done with your press availability.

It's midnight by the time you get out of there to your party. At any rate, this is what he had to say about his ankle. Yeah, I think I'll for sure be ready for OTAs and everything like that. Obviously, we'll have to continue the rehab, continue the treatment that we were doing. And just give it some rest. I mean, I think the best thing for it is going to be rest. And just try to make sure that when we get to OTAs, I'm ready to go.

The only thing that might take a hit is my golf game. So I'll have to take a few weeks off of that. Good answer. You know, that's what's more unsatisfying, the end of Super Bowl 57 or the end of ankle watch?

The end of the game. More satisfying? Less satisfying. Less satisfying. That wasn't convincing that he was actually hurt.

No, his golf game is getting... I mean, if you're walking around Disneyland, that's a long ass walk, Matt. Let's not forget, though, after riding a bike, couldn't finish the NFC Championship game. Jake Cutler is out walking Rodeo Drive with his wife a couple days later.

So I guess there's a lot of resiliency that can be had in Southern California. It's in the water. We just hung up from Peter King. Patrick Mahomes' boo, I guess.

Henry Winkler will be joining us in about 15 minutes time. It's so cold in Kansas City, by the way. It looks cold. Is that confetti or is that snow? That's confetti. That was confetti.

Are you sure? Yeah. No, no, no. It's confetti. The parade has begun.

All right. So we just hung up with Peter King, who said the number one off-season story is, what do the Ravens do with Lamar Jackson? That's a good one. That's a good one. Because as you know, my spidey sense has been going off like crazy since December.

That's not as copacetic as we seem to be, as John Harbaugh said. 200% chance that Lamar's starting quarterback for the Ravens. 200? I don't know. Is that even possible? I don't know. It's what we call hyperbole, exaggeration for effect. I don't know.

And so that's entirely possible. But to me, the quarterback carousel has already begun. Derek Carr, and I know we're going to wait to hear about Aaron Rodgers. But to me, the number one story, because it's going to last all the way to the last week of April, is what's going on with the Chicago Bears and what's going on with anybody who wants to move up to the first overall selection for Bryce Young. I'm telling you, I'm not stirring it up for clicks or anything else.

We had Justin Fields on our program last week. Multiple radio television shows have asked for permission to play the sound bites because I looked Justin Fields square in the face and I'm like, are you ready to have questions surrounding you being the quarterback of the Chicago Bears moving forward? Are you ready for that? Because it's coming. It is coming and it's already started.

And it's not because I'm talking about it. It's already started not just because it's being talked about elsewhere, not just because as I've told you, because Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud are going to be neck and neck, I believe, for the first quarterback selected in this year's draft. It's going to come down to who do you like more? Who do you feel is more accomplished? Who's more ready? Who's more sturdy? Who can withstand?

All of that stuff. And the team that holds the number one overall pick in the draft already has a quarterback who they traded up for in the draft, have stuck out there for two years with two different coaches, and had him get beat up, and despite all that, have seen flashes of outstanding play, and also the two-way threat that you need in this league, the two-way threat you need in this league to be a difference maker in this league at quarterback. You have seen that from Justin Fields.

My God, have you seen that from Justin Fields. He might be the second quarterback taken in your fantasy draft next year after Jalen Hurts. Think about it. So, I told that despite that to Justin Fields, because at some point the Bears are going to have to bring these guys in to make it seem like they're going to take them.

And why am I saying that? Because everybody thinks the Bears are just going to go for a defensive player. They're just going to go for a defensive player, and the Texans are going to take one of the two quarterbacks. And so, you're sitting there thinking, okay, so someone's going to have to go to the Bears to get one of those two quarterbacks, right? Well, Todd McShay's already thought about it, because this is the way that this gets discussed, even before the combine, and before and after the combine, and before the Bears bring in these quarterbacks, because they do have to make it seem like they're going to take them, because otherwise, why is anybody going to go trade up to go there if you think, okay, all I got to do is trade to say it, put up a Todd McShay mock draft.

Go to number three. Cardinals don't need, right, a quarterback long term. They got Kyler Murray. I'll just trade with them, and I'll get Young or Stroud, because I don't care. Bears might want to flip that pick, and Todd McShay thinks that they're going to do it with the Colts. Bryce Young will be drafted by the Colts, moving up from four to one, and then the Bears move from one to four, probably get the Colts first round selection in next year's draft and maybe a two and whatever else, and they still get Jalen Carter from Georgia. What a coup that would be for the Bears, and the way to do it is to make it seem like they're going to take Bryce Young. I'm telling you, that's the way to make sure it happens, because if they do that, they can get more from the Colts. Why wouldn't the Colts just think, okay, they're taking a quarterback at one. I mean, they're taking a defensive player at one.

Sure, we might lose Bryce Young at two to the Texans, but we love Stroud just as much. Let's go to three and let's go get him before anybody else comes up and get him. If people are going to continuously trade up, the Bears are going to be like, why don't you trade up with us?

That's where you get the guy you definitely want. Trade up with us. And in order for the Bears to do that, they've got to make it seem like they're taking him. And by the way, the fact that Shane Steichen has been hired by the Colts, I mean, Bryce Young, is that the guy or what? Alabama quarterback who can do it both? Did Steichen just take one of those guys to the Super Bowl?

Yep. So Indianapolis, let's get the guy who was behind Jalen Hurts becoming the guy. Let's get him and let's get him an Alabama quarterback who can throw it and run it. Let's do it. What do you think?

That work? In order to make sure that happens, they got to go to the Bears. Otherwise, the Texans might take their guy. Or the Bears could too. We're not going to get him sitting there at four. We might get neither of them at four.

We've got to go to one to get one. Because the Bears might take him. Bears can't just come out and say we're taking a defensive player, everybody else move on. We love Will Anderson, we love Jalen Carter, that's it. When they can still get the guy and your first round pick next year.

That's the way to do it. And Justin Fields is going to have to sit there and know that the Bears will, by implication, make it sound like they're not sold on him. Because they're bringing in Young and Stroud. They'll bring in Levitz too. What the hell?

Why not? We fall in love with him. At some point, everybody gets pushed up to the top of the draft because of need and also because you hear, wow, he lit it up in his pro day. He lit it up here. He lit it up there. Oh, he lit up the whiteboard in the interview room. He was so great. Everybody raves about that guy. We've got to go get him.

Who can tell you, guaranteed you get him? The Bears. Thank you, Lovey Smith, for that. This goes all the way to draft week and it starts now.

I get it. Rogers is Rogers. First Ballot Hall of Famer. Could he move on from Green Bay?

Could he go to New York? That's a huge story. Huge.

That's wrapped by mid-March. What about Derek Carr? Lamar Jackson's free.

Oh my God. Another former MVP. He's free? What's going on there? He leaves. He goes to New York. He winds up in, say, Tampa. He winds up somewhere else. Huge story. That's wrapped by March.

This one goes to damn near May and it's going to be nonstop. Could we find out at some point? The Bears do fall in love with a defensive player and they feel that they're damaging the relationship with Justin Fields so much that they're going to have to tamp it down and just say, screw it.

Yeah. Or do they want the Colts pick? They want the Texans pick. Texans get nervous that they could possibly take their guy.

They have to make it seem like they're going to pull the trigger on a quarterback. It's coming. I'm telling you.

And everybody email Chris Brockman for that Justin Fields sound that we got last year's Super Bowl. Right? You're the guy? Yes, I'm the guy. Very good. 844204 rich number to dial.

Henry Winkler, baby. Let's go. I've got the top five spots best for Derek Carr. Ooh.

I've got a top five list for you. That's the top of our number three. That's coming up.

And the parade has begun. Wait a minute. Is that him and G- that's not Henry Winkler in goggles on a bus. No, that's not. Just joking.

Henry Winkler, the all time great human. Oh yeah, we got to send him this stepbrother's photograph with him and Patrick Mahomes. That's coming up. can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football and in life. There's the regular season and then there's the playoffs. knows that scoring your next job, that's a playoff moment. To bring your A game, you need Looking to change positions and join a new team?

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Call, click or just stop by. As soon as the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, I said, let's just throw out a line to our friend to see if he'll come back on the show to talk about Patrick Mahomes being the MVP of the league and the now MVP of the Super Bowl, first quarterback to pull off that double dip since Kurt Warner did in 1999 and just Mahomes being the face of the NFL as he is now and he said yes, which delights me because he's one of the most delightful humans of all time. Calling in in the midst of the Chiefs Super Bowl parade is Patrick Mahomes' new BFF, the great Henry Winkler. How you doing, Henry? Well, Rich, first of all, I'll tell you that I'm grateful because you are the reason you're the catalyst for this incredible adventure that I have been on, which culminated yesterday in my making radio commercials for Kansas City for the Super Bowl Champs.

Are you serious? Honestly. I said, hey, I told you that the rituals that every one of you have, it's going to take us to the Super Bowl. It worked.

We did this together. Why don't we meet next year and just do it all over again? Why not? It's called repeating his champs.

They can. Yeah. Now, and I think, you know, listen, I think stardom has gone to this young man's head because he's never called for dinner. Well, there's still time. I mean, he's still in the blush of winning it all. You know what?

That's true. I'm going to give him a minute. Where'd you watch the Super Bowl, Henry? What a game. What a game. Where'd you watch it?

I watched it right here wearing my jersey. We were in our family room. Yes. We just came over. Huh? We had tacos with shrimp and chicken, a Winkler favorite, which is Mexican salad.

Ah, okay. And it was delish and we cheered and yelled. And I want to tell you, the Eagles, they are a wonderful team. Yes. They're a good team. The Chiefs, of course, are the champions.

Yes, they are, Henry. I think you played a little bit of a role. I'll be honest with you. Can I say that really, I mean, come on.

Patrick Mahomes, when I wasn't kidding, when I said he is like in the heaven somewhere. He plays on a whole other level. He does. He does.

He does. I want to just say, as a short Jew, I couldn't play on a sprained toe, let alone a high ankle. You'd have to see a chiropractor, right? I would fall down. I would have them take me off on a stretcher.

I would have, I would be in an ambulance. He's unbelievable. And he runs down the field like a cheetah. That 26-yard run in the fourth quarter with the game on the line, all tied at 35, first and 10, right around midfield.

He runs up the middle and he runs for 26 yards. I bet that got you off the couch. I want to tell you, I was standing on the couch. Like Tom Cruise on Oprah?

Is that what you're saying? You know, I wasn't jumping up and down. You know, but I have to say, you know, and then I made, I had the most wonderful time, Tom Hoover, who is the wonderful hostess of, you know, the entertainment shows for Hollywood, asked me to make a little video for Mrs. Travis. And so I, in my backyard, I said, Mrs. Travis, congratulations. This must be an amazing thing.

The two boys are playing against each other like they did in your living room when they had pillow fights, except with rocks. And I would never choose a winner. Yes. Go Chiefs. That was totally on me, ma'am. That has nothing to do with you. Well, you and Kelsey are tight, right? I mean, because he was wearing your shirt about football and family and the Fonz, right? Or I never met him because I was taking a picture with Big Red's wife.

Yes. Who was wearing a championship ring that was so big that you could have pulled chairs up around it and had dinner. Henry Winkler here in the blush, the afterglow of Super Bowl 57 here on The Rich Eisen Show.

I just love this, Henry, that, you know, you love the guy and then he performs the way that he does on that bum ankle. And now he's a champion and you got to meet him in the whole process. It's awesome. That is also because of you. We went to SoFi Stadium and they were playing the Chargers and we were in the... Here's what I want to know. And this is not a knock on any team. Yes. You have a beautiful stadium.

I mean, billions of dollars. Yes, correct. Right.

And you have a beautiful view and great graphics and televisions all over the place and screens covering that. Why can't the food be any better? Yes, I agree with you. I want to say that is some of the worst food. What is that? A chicken finger? A chicken finger?

I couldn't even tell chicken. Well, you've got two season ticket holders from SoFi, right? Would you agree with Henry's assessment?

Henry, you are correct. I actually enjoy the food. So do you bring it from home? I don't think you can bring the bag.

I don't think you can. I'm telling you, I would put it right under my sweatshirt. Or I would go on a diet while I'm watching the game. You wouldn't have to count your calories.

You'll just forego it. But I will say that the staff, the people that were there to help everybody in the... They were delightful.

What a season for you. All right. So when are you free for the dinner? Let's get this down. The dinner with you and the Mahomeses, let's start figuring out when you're free.

Then we can target Patrick. I'm going to be in Kansas City, Missouri. When are you going? When?

But when I'm going to be in Missouri, in Kansas City. And I'll tell you exactly when. Okay. Let's figure this out. Take out your calendar. Take your time. I don't care. I've got my calendar out.

Okay. No, that's Detroit. Are you going on a tour? Detroit. Are you going on a tour?

An American tour? What are you doing? Yeah, yeah. No, no.

Comic Cons. Oh. The World of Wheels.

Autorama. Okay. And then it is so much fun.

Okay. And that rolls, if you will. Do you see what I just did?

That rolls into Kansas City. You know what? I have to say that was an incredible pun. I'm not kidding. Okay. I'm going to be there Saturday the 11th of March. Okay.

In Kansas City. Alright. Very good. So, honestly, I always thought you were going to be the home team. You can be the away team.

Listen, I said you come to my house. Right. You will have the most amazing stuffed chicken with ricotta and spinach. With a reduction, right? You mentioned there's a reduction. And a reduction sauce. Oh my God.

It's so good. Yes. Yes. Yes. But so now you can be the away team.

He can be the home's team. I'm just a pun machine right now, Henry. You are. You're on fire.

Just on fire. So March 11th. We're going to call you punsicky. Thank you. So we're going to circle on that, right? We're going to circle that. Okay.

But if he is in LA, if he comes from meeting, and I am here, he is at my table. Okay. Two questions for you, Henry.

One current, one past for your career. Go right ahead. What's the scoop with Barry, when we see more Barry? Barry will come on this spring. Okay.

For the fourth season. Oh gosh. Fantastic. I'm doing reshoots, as a matter of fact, next Tuesday and Wednesday. Okay.

Because I was about to say if that was all in the can, as they say in this business. So you're doing reshoots? Yeah. Bill looks at the editing and then decides, I want that to be better, I want that to be better. Okay.

And so we're going to make it better. He directs all the episodes, right? He does. Well, this year he did. This year.

That's what I mean. This year he's directing all the episodes. Yeah. And he really is brilliant.

He is. It got really dark. Is it going to be dark the whole time, or are we going to go...

Okay, let me just say that I got myself a miner's cap. That's how dark it is, huh? I'm not kidding. I had to feel my way through the set. By the way, did you hear Aaron Rodgers is going into darkness therapy this week? Did you hear that sports news, Henry?

Yes, I did. And I thought, wow, that's so weird. I mean, really, you could sit in a chair and listen to sounds.

I listen to a deep rain in the forest with birds, and it works just as well. I found myself in my living room. How long would you last in a dark room?

About... I sleep maybe six hours a night. Okay. So you'd be able... No, you'd have to be awake, though. You can't just really be asleep.

Awake in a dark room. Okay, then let me just say, I'm going to think about this, Rich. I will say never.

I'm going to go never. All right, and last one for you, Henry, from your back in the day. Whatever happened to Chuck Cunningham? Okay, I know exactly what happened to him.

Okay, what happened? The first guy who played Chuck decided in the middle of shooting the third episode, he went, I don't want to be an actor. And he went and he became an insurance agent in Southern California somewhere. The actor who played the original Chuck Cunningham in Happy Days.

He was there for, I'm telling you, like half a season. The second guy was a really wonderful Irish actor. And what they realized was the Franz became the older brother. They couldn't write for two older brothers. Yes. Hi, Dan, it's Maya.

Hi. And they couldn't write for two older brothers. So they sent Chuck upstairs. Yes. And he never came down. And that was it? That was it? And that was it.

That was literally the way they handled getting rid of the older brother, who then became an actor in Ron Howard's Willow. Get out of here. Okay. Yeah. Maybe that's the Chuck Cunningham, the real estate agent at your front door right now.

That could be that guy too right now. Do you know what? I have ring. And I love it because I was traveling in New Orleans.

Yes. And I talked to my wife who was coming home. And it was like she looked around, wait a minute, where is he? And it was just me through the ring.

But it does make a lot of noise. And it set your dog off, as I heard. That's fantastic. You know what? Yes.

My son has a three-legged idiosyncratic German shepherd. Named? Who is on tragedy. Named?

What's the name? Malcolm Hamlet. Beautiful.

Because he's as confused as Hamlet was. Henry, you are the best. I just love the fact that we can talk like this. And you're welcome here anytime you want. Well, I'm coming back, I'm sure.

I would love it. My gosh. But also, I want to say something and honest from the bottom of my heart. I deeply, deeply appreciate the wonderful adventure that I went on because you thought to just extend what I said when I was with you last year.

Yeah. It truly is the very least I can do for you and all the joy that you've given me, my family, and everyone that I know. You are, without a doubt, one of the greatest humans that I've come across. You deserve it. You deserve it. I hope Mahomes is home on March 11th in Kansas City.

I hope this can happen. And if not, we'll find another date for you. You know that without a doubt. But I would love him to come here. But my respect for him, which was major when I first chatted with you, is now off the charts.

I mean, you talk about the heart of a lion. The playoff game and then the Super Bowl, that was crazy performance. I agree. I agree. And it was a performance for the ages. I'm so glad you got to enjoy it. Best to your family.

In my jersey that he signed. That's amazing. Yeah. I love it. Now you got to put that on the wall though, right?

You got to stop wearing it. Yeah, I'm going to. Okay, very good.

But I don't know what side. That's true. Well, the one that he signed, right?

That's what I'm going to do. Thank you for helping me with that. Is that the front? He signed the front, but it says- No, he signed the back. Does it say Winkler on the back of it? It says Winkler, yeah. That's it. Signed the back. It says Winkler. Done.

That's the one. Got it. That's what I'm going to do. Do it. Beautiful. And take a picture. You are the best. Be well, Henry. We'll chat again soon.

Absolutely. The great Henry Winkler. Barry's coming back soon. He's going on the road for the Comic-Con. He's going over the- Hey, Patrick has no idea his beer's being sprayed at him in his goggles right now atop a double-decker bus in Kansas City.

He has no idea that's- Henry Winkler's coming for dinner March 11th. Does Mahomes live in Kansas City? Is that- Yeah, I think he does. Oh, okay. Yeah.

I think that's the year round. Oh, okay. Yeah, because he's part of the Royals and the soccer team there, right?

I think he has made a year-round home there, yes sir. Great. That's awesome.

So- I did not know that. I mean, do I crash it? March 11th? Mm-hmm. You want to just take a random trip to Kansas City?

I don't know. I mean, just for that? Maybe we just need to do it for the draft. We're on there. He's there. We're all there. That's what I'm saying. Well, we need to be there too. That's all I'm saying.

No, you're not invited. How about that? How about that? How about that, by the way? I would dress in a server's outfit and deliver the meal to you guys.

How about that? Well, speaking of food, I know, as you know, a lot of people at SoFi Stadium, and I know a lot of people work very hard to make SoFi Stadium a terrific experience. I love SoFi Stadium. Of all the Achilles heels that they don't want to see pressed, I would say the soft spot that they know they hear a lot about that is very, it's a touching nerve for them is the food.

They can do better. And the fact that Henry Winkler came on and went there just for, I know we're speaking nationally and on our podcast internationally, I get it. This is a local issue here in Los Angeles, but that's, we hear that a lot, but you have no problem, huh? I do not have a problem. He couldn't even say that's a chicken finger.

There are places that I like that are right near my seats that I go to. But it's the same, like- No, no, no, no, no. It's different on different levels.

I know, but it's different- Different on different levels. Because I remember for the national championship game, as the rain came down, you know, Coop wanted a specific, he wanted a chicken tender. I had to go three quarters around the circumference of level three or whatever, because for like a half of the concourse, it was the same thing over and over again until I found the one thing that was different. They're all in the corners.

There was a lot of corn dog, to use the phrase. Now we have to use it in hour three. They can do better. I actually- And I look forward to the improvements in 2020. Do you know who has no say in the subject matter right now? Any of us. Oh, TJ. Have you ever been to SoFi? Oh, we went for the WrestleMania. Yeah, I went for the WrestleMania. Oh, okay. We'll see you soon. Yeah. Coming up. WrestleMania is coming up in April. TJ will give us a- I haven't been once.

Yeah. Is he going back? I'm hoping to. What do you mean you're hoping to?

I'm hoping to go to WrestleMania. Why wouldn't you? You know, just see what the ticket situation is. This guy.

If it's not free, it's not him. Is that what it is? I understand that.

Essentially. I'm thinking though, Rich. Brockman is like the king of heaven. Well, that as long as he can. Well, we changed partners, so we can't call them up.

Yeah, I know. That was your ticket for the last two years. But Seth Rollins reposted a picture of me and him on his Twitter and said we might be the next- That's true.

He could leave us tickets. He was one of my favorite guests of Super Bowl week. I wanted to talk to you about that, because I knew you weren't really familiar with him beforehand, but I thought your conversation about the Bears, the whole thing was great.

Just dynamite. Yeah. He was great, right? Loved talking to him.

That was great. Yeah. He was locked in. He was.

Yeah. Like I said, he's a fan. He either loves football or hates football, depending on the Bears' final score. I mean, the favorite is his first tweet when they beat the Niners.

He's like, woo, Super Bowl, here we come. I hate football. I hate football. Well, no, no, no.

Wait, wait, wait, wait. Then he hated football. Then he loved football. Loved football. And then hated football for the rest of the season. For like 13 weeks. They were two and one. They were two and one. I know.

I know. There was I love football, undefeated, Super Bowl bound, Bears stink, refs stink, I hate football. Then I love football. He hated football. Look at this one. What's December 18th, 2022?

Because he just wrote hate football. He forgot the I. Was that a particularly bad loss that week? The 18th. Let's look that up here.

I still have my dad here. I need to go back and do the head scratching losses of the year, because week one Bears 49ers. Well, that was in Monsoon.

I get it. December 18th, they lost to the Eagles. Or did they lose to the Eagles?

25-20. Hate football. That was one they were winning at one point, right? Yeah, that was, I think, Justin Fields' last good game of the year. By the way, Justin Fields versus Jalen Hurts. When that happens again, was Jalen Hurts not... He did play that game. He did. That's when he got hurt in. As a matter of fact, that's the one that was in Soldier Field. That's the one that Hurts got hurt in. He had finished the game, then obviously the rest of the season went the way it did. He had two picks, three and 15 yards passing. That's right.

But Hurts versus Fields in future games? Look out. What's got a pass for the Bears in that game? Peter Mann. Is that right?

That's right. He was 0-1. The NFL can't quit Peter Mann, and Peter Mann can't quit the NFL. The football gods love Peter Mann.

Let me tell you about Peter. Oh, by the way, those are great in the script meetings, when they're like, when are we gonna work Peter Mann in? What week for Peter Mann? Week 15. What week?

We'll get in week 15. Script meetings. Script meetings. All right, 844-204 Rich, number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. Major League Baseball is back, and the bases are bigger, and the Ghost Runner's not going anywhere.

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Get off the sidelines, go to, win the job hunt, Check it out, everyone. So much fun, guys, with Henry Winkler. We're on fire. You know how I know we're on fire?

How's that? I just booked a guest in studio for tomorrow. Oh? Liz doesn't even know about it yet.

But don't worry, Liz, I know that we've got Ken Marino, hour three. Our second hour guest will be out in time. Oh, are you going to tell us? Sure. Okay. 99 in your program, number one in your heart, just texting me.

I'm in LA. I'm like, okay, Warren, you want to come in? Oh. Oh. Sap going fishing? He's fishing.

He is not fishing. He's in Los Angeles. Oh, my goodness. Sap will be here. Tomorrow. Hour two.

Hour two. Just here. Right here.

Wow. Oh, he's doing stuff. He'll tell you what he's doing.

I don't want to speak for him. And you know when Sap's here, because he'll literally just walk from the back and come right in. Right in, take a seat. Literally come and sit down. And lay away. And lay away.

Oh, my God. Do you know what he's going to... He will probably... The word eviscerate.

He will eviscerate Drew Smith-Shuster. Yep. For tweeting about the way that he did. Oh, he also has thoughts about the Bears. About the Bears doing what? He thinks they're trading fields. Great.

I don't think they're going to do that. One thing I want to ask you, Rich, about that situation, Justin Fields was drafted by a prior GM. Correct.

Right? So maybe... That's the only thing I can think of that... Well, maybe Ryan Polz wants his own guy. Maybe that's the only reason I can think that... Bieberfluze might want his own guy. But that doesn't mean that they can't inherit another guy, because I'd imagine the McCaskey family, when they interviewed both those guys, saying, what's your plan for Justin Fields? I was around the McCaskey family this past weekend. Oh, so you know something? All I know is when the name Justin Fields was mentioned, their faces lit up. Yeah.

Yeah. And they can't go from drafting them, seeing them, meeting them, loving them, and then they hire a new GM and a new coach. You don't think they got hired because of their plan for Justin Fields? That's why I don't understand this whole thing that all of a sudden they're around him for a year maybe, and they're like, yeah, we don't like him so much anymore.

Let's go ahead and hit the reset button with a guy who's never done it before, despite somebody who's been in our world, in our orbit for two years, and our current system for one, and in the current system for one, has lit it up. He was terrific last year under the circumstance. Everybody thought he's a sitting duck and he doesn't have any weapons. And instead the run game was terrific, and Fields was the king of that run game. Do you see Jim Irsay had a little bit of fun? Because I guess he saw the mock draft from McShea that had the Colts trading up to one for Bryce Young.

Yeah, I saw this. And he tweeted out a photograph of himself on a bear in the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago as a kid. He said, my relationship with the Chicago Bears goes back more than 60 years, dot, dot, dot. That's hilarious. That's right there.

I mean, NFL Twitter, NFL Twitter, the last 24 hours is the NBA quarter. I love it. The season never stops, right? Is that the tagline? I might have to get back on Twitter.

Season never ends. Do you just go on to Rich Isens? Yeah, yeah, that's what I do. Just get at 2jiggy2.

Just get a new one. But then all my followers, man, all the people that I cultivated who followed me, Ellen DeGeneres followed me. Ellen Lawrence, Kansas, you're here on the Rich Isens show. What's up, Phil? Hey, thanks for taking my call. You guys are awesome. Thanks. Right back at you.

Back at you, buddy. Let's talk about the Chiefs briefly and how tired we're going to get of the Chiefs. And first, there's a story here about the NFL draft that I heard several weeks ago, seeing whether you guys can confirm this. In 2016, the Chiefs were trying to move up to take a quarterback. This is the year before they took Mahomes.

They were unable to move up. The quarterback they were trying to get was Paxton Lynch, who got drafted by the Broncos. The Chiefs moved down in that draft and picked up Chris Jones. And because of that, they were then able to move up in the 17 draft and take Patrick Mahomes, which just shows you what the draft can become when you don't get what you want, you can lock into something.

But beyond that, I think we're going to get tired of the Chiefs pretty soon, because their last draft, they got guys that are going to be all pros for years. Nick Bolton is a tackle machine. He's only 22. Trent McDuffie is a cover machine.

He's only 21. And they've got all these guys on contracts, beyond the fact that the Giants just gave away Kadarius Toney, who we have control over for the next three years. By the way, the Tyree kill trade, I think in a couple of years we're going to wonder whether the, who was the trade that the Cowboys made that gave them three people? Herschel Walker is what you're saying?

We're going to compare that to the Herschel Walker trade at some point, I would think. Phil, a fascinating conversation, man. And thank you for the call.

Call back again. That was great stuff. I do, I made a mental note driving down here, I got to reach out to the NFL network, last Super Bowl team to have two rookies score a touchdown in it. I've got to wonder, that's such a rarity, Isaiah Pacheco and Sky Moore scored touchdowns. And if you want to expand it to most touchdowns scored in a Super Bowl game by players that weren't on the team the year before, then you include Tony in that subset. The Bucks at Gronk and Antonio Brown scored touchdowns in the Super Bowl. That's two different guys. Tony, Pacheco, Sky Moore, this point last year, not on the Chiefs, they all scored touchdowns for the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

Good one. Because Kelsey scored one and Nick Bolton scored one, those are the five scores, five touchdowns with the butler kick to win it. Kelsey, old school, Nick Bolton, 2021 draft choice, Sky Moore, 2022 draft choice, Isaiah Pacheco, 2022 draft choice, Kadarius, Tony, mid-season pickup. Bolton almost had two touchdowns. He sure did. Unreal. Oh, and they still have Mahomes.

Oh, right, him, he's good. Made a contract for a long ass time. Which by the way, as we stated at the time, that contract, deal. No doubt. And just that I keep going back to that tweet from DeAndre Hopkins, where he's googly eyeing saying Mahomes is different.

I'm telling everybody, people are going to want to flock. If MVS gets a ring in one year and Juju gets a ring in one year, he thinks the same thing. Same thing.

But then who gets cut? So you don't bring Juju back and you bring in Hopkins? I don't know. Yeah.

Well, I don't. Obviously you have to acquire him and he makes more, he makes a lot of money. Yeah, it's a trade situation. And their point of view could be, well, we took Juju and he fit and we took MVS, he fit and he's put them together. It's not as much as DeAndre Hopkins. Why do we need him? I mean, Veatch can take that approach.

Why not? Third round pick for DHOP? I mean, he was just a two when he was amazing. And you could say that Bill O'Brien didn't get the market value for him, but I would push back to say he was a two when he was great and he was younger. Now he's older and great or not as great.

And people are going to want to play for Jalen Hurts too, by the way. And speaking of guys that just got added, you know who applied for a reinstatement today? You've been talking about him quite a bit lately. I saw that. Yeah. Calvin Ridley.

Yes, indeed. Is showing up in Jacksonville to add to that offense where Zay Jones went nuts and Christian Kirk proved to everybody that the Jaguars didn't overspend on him. Presuming he does get reinstated, which he hopefully should. Yeah, because it's an indefinite.

It was at least one year. But think about that, Rich. Think about that Jags offense, Ridley, Kirk, ATN, Angrim. Oh, yeah. They're building something down there. People are going to want to play with them as well. Yeah. That's what happens when you win.

No state tax. Our three top five Derek Carr spots and Nate Burleson. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala.

With her assistant Jess. L.A., it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here? I just think it just happens sometimes. I think it just happens. But also just everything going on in my personal life. I want to get on this mic and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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