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REShow: Nate Burleson - Hour 3

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February 15, 2023 3:18 pm

REShow: Nate Burleson - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 15, 2023 3:18 pm

Rich ranks his top destinations for free agent QB Derek Carr among the Carolina Panthers, Tennessee Titans, New England Patriots, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints and Seattle Seahawks.

The guys react to Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis finally ditching that godawful bowl haircut and joining the Bald Brotherhood.

CBS’ Nate Burleson tells Rich why the controversial Super Bowl holing flag was the right call but why he didn’t like seeing it thrown at that point in the NFL’s biggest game of the year, why JuJu Smith-Schuster showed his immaturity when trolling Eagles CB James Bradberry with a “very lame” Valentine’s Day tweet, and why he’ll never forget getting to interview the halftime show superstar Rihanna.

Rich and the guys react to the Chiefs’ victory parade in Kansas City.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Hello darkness my old friend. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Aaron Rodgers, bless you man. If I called Suzy and said hey four months ago this is when Valentine's Day is when I decided to go into four days of darkness.

That would be the end of she be like staying in darkness. I don't want to see this. Earlier on the show, from NBC Sports, Peter King, Emmy Award winning actor Henry Winkler. Coming up, co-host of CBS Mornings, Nate Burleson. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Our number three Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Great first two hours where we had Peter King in hour number one giving us his thoughts on the aftermath of Super Bowl 57. What happened that night and talking to Andy Reid that night about the plays that put the Chiefs up on top.

And then up by eight. Touchdowns by Kadarius Toney and Sky Moore right and left. And then talking about the offseason story he thinks that will be number one on the hit list in the NFL. And he said what's going on with Lamar Jackson?

I pushed back and think the storyline of the offseason is the one that's going to last all the way to April. And that's what do the Bears do with their first overall selection. And again I think they're going to make everyone think that they're going to take somebody at quarterback. To get the biggest amount of draft capital they can get to surround Justin Fields with a winning team.

That's the way I think it's going to go. Also during the first two hours we spoke to Henry Winkler the delightful Patrick Mahomes super fan. And he told us how he watched the Super Bowl what he thought about it. Told us when Barry's coming back also the mystery of Chuck Cunningham. What happened to the lost Cunningham kid?

We always wondered. You didn't think I was going there with him did you? Nope I was hoping.

Then I did. And then during the first two hours I booked Warren Sapp for an in studio visit tomorrow. Ken Marino of Party Down is back. He's here in hour number three tomorrow. That's how we're rolling into Thursday. We still have an hour left on this program. As soon as this is over if you missed any of the first two hours we re-air on the Roku Channel.

Channel 210. And you can check us out on the Roku Channel every day from 12 to 3 Eastern Live for free. And that's on all Roku devices.

Select Samsung Smart TVs on Amazon Fire TV. The Roku app has the Roku Channel within it. That's free there. And if you just want to type it into your computer. Most likely it'll work. But don't worry. You just pop up the screensaver when your boss walks by.

844-204-rich is the number to dial. The parade's going on right now. Everybody's going crazy. I'm watching Kelsey signing autographs for fans. Lot of fun for the Kansas City Chiefs.

And oh there he is. There's Kelsey with his mom. Loved meeting Donna and Ed this past weekend too, right? We had them on our Rich Eisen show big game bonus special as we called it on the Roku Channel. They had a week. They were the biggest celebrities in Phoenix it felt like. Good for them. Like Travis told his mom.

Like best week of your life, best year of my life. Love it. You know there's lots of talk that Patrick Mahomes' wife is demanding an apology from the critics of the Chiefs and pundits who picked against him.

I kind of, I kind of, I'm in both camps, right? I chose the Raiders to beat the Chiefs in the AFC West. But then did a nice little heel turn. Picked the Chiefs to win the AFC Championship game and the Super Bowl. Lone Wolfed on the set of NFL Game Day Morning, the AFC Championship game. Mooch chose against Andy Reid both times. He was shocked.

He turned his back on it. Nobody on the Fox had picked the Chiefs. I heard that. They all went Eagles. I heard that.

And Nate Burleson who chose the Chiefs along with me on the set of NFL Game Day Morning on Sunday and nailed the final score 38-35 and nailed it was going to be Mahomes winning the MVP. He's joining us in about 15 minutes time right here. The story that's du jour in the NFL quarterback carousel while we're waiting for Aaron Rodgers' decision and apparently the darkness therapy, it's not an all night, all day thing.

It's a four day thing and it's not a sitting alone in darkness thing. We did our redo of our coverage of his darkness therapy in hour number one because we were kind of, what's the word for it, way off yesterday. Because he gave the details while we were on the air while he was on Patch Show. So while we're waiting for that, the story and the quarterback carousel, it's already started to spin because Derek Carr is now a free agent. We knew it, guys.

We knew it. The minute we heard coming off of that Christmas Eve game that I called on NFL Network in Pittsburgh where the Raiders were up again and they couldn't hold on to the lead again. And Carr threw a couple of interceptions, including his last pass as a Raider, was an interception. And they sent him home and they wanted to see what they had and Jared Stidham, as soon as you heard that and then you heard the news about how the Tuesday after the Super Bowl at 4 p.m. Eastern time, the Raiders had to either pay him or guarantee him the $40 million for this year. Or cut him. You knew when they had sent him home, this was the end.

This was the absolute end. Now the Raiders, to their credit, made it sound like, oh, we could trade him. It's entirely possible we could trade him. And it's just like, well, who's going to acquire a $40 million contract? Who's going to acquire that when we know you're not going to pay him that by the evidence that you have sent him home? You're not going to risk him getting injured in the final two games of the year. Clearly, you intend to no longer play him anymore, so why are we going to acquire this and give you draft capital and we could just get him for nothing when he's a free agent? Other than obviously having to pay him his salary, but no compensation comes to you. And why would Derek Carr accept to trade somewhere else with a renegotiated contract when he could just sign a new contract with the team and leave the Raiders empty-handed? Certainly one would think that's the way he would feel. I would prefer to leave the Raiders empty-handed at the end of this since I was sent home for Christmas.

And that's the way it all played out. So now he is a free agent, and I have a top five list for you. Top five places where Derek Carr would fit best. Hit it. Number five on the list. They need one.

I believe they need one. It's entirely possible they could still stick with the guy that they have there, but the Tennessee Titans wouldn't be a bad spot. Tennessee Titans wouldn't be a bad spot for him. You go to the AFC South.

I know that's getting a little bit more stout. The Colts are looking for a new quarterback there. The Jaguars just won this division. But the way that the Jaguars won the division is because the Titans completely fell apart. This is a team that's got a lot of winning pieces, including that head coach. I kind of feel like Derek Carr and Vrabel would vibe.

I don't know. Just kind of get it. And plus, you're living there in Nashville. I think he would probably dig that.

Living there in Nashville. You're going to the AFC South. It's not all the pressure in the world that's upon you. I think that's not a bad fit. Handing off to Derek Henry works. You're worried about a run game. You just watched your Alabama running back win the rushing title. Derek Henry can do that.

I kind of like that fit. Derek Carr goes there. They can win that division and make the playoffs and make some hay, I really feel.

Number four on this list. This would take some doing. It would be a shock. It would kind of be a shock to move on from their young quarterback and sign this guy. But if there is any smoke between this team and their young quarterback, maybe the New England Patriots is a fit for Derek Carr, Chris.

What do you think? Belichick takes Derek Carr in under his wing and they bring him in and it's a veteran. You know, obviously he would hear from McDaniels.

What's up? Maybe that might turn him off if McDaniels didn't like some of the things Carr did. It wasn't a fit, so to speak, but maybe Bill will take McDaniels guy and roll with him. Yeah, Carr will be 32 at the start of next year.

This is a very young, veteran, prideful man at quarterback, sir. I don't know. I kind of think Derek Carr with that run game and you have to do too much. Hey, Derek, we don't have to need you to throw for 400 yards. I don't know. That would be a bad fit. We'll need D-Hop too if we're going to get Derek Carr.

Maybe you can. Who knows? Well, I don't think the cap is very friendly for these maneuvers, but I just think it's not a bad fit if Mac Jones and the Patriots aren't somehow on the same page. I don't hate it.

Number three, we're getting to some more obvious choices. The New York Jets would be a fit. I am not going to buy into this whole sense that Carr can't handle the New York spotlight. I think the New York fan seeing Carr and just seeing that guy that shows up at a press conference with his eyes filled with tears saying, some guys in that locker room aren't believing and I put my ass on the line and he doesn't use that language.

Remember when he came out and he started talking about how some of the guys in the locker room aren't trying as hard and he was giving that implication and his tears. I think New York fans would kind of buy into that and it kind of is vibing the same stuff as Garrett Wilson. Like the accountability that Derek Carr takes, I think would meet the moment in New York City. Of course, some of the Derek Carr moments that we saw him blowing leads, it's not all on him, but you know, he would have to have a thick skin. I'm not going to ascribe that he's, you know, this wallflower in Oakland and Vegas that can't handle the heat. He's also not out there to create the heat on him.

The weapons there too, man. I mean, Breece Hall with Garrett Wilson and the rest of the team and the offensive line getting better and the defense right there. Carr wouldn't be a bad fit in New York at all.

Number two on this list, if you want to talk about pressure, this would be, in my mind, the most pressure-packed situation and I know I just mentioned New York and New England. You never want to be the guy after the guy. You just don't ever want to be the guy after the guy. And somebody's going to have to be the guy after the guy in Tampa. I mean, Derek Carr throwing an Evans and Godwin, right? Don't you think you would fit there with these guys? Throw deep, baby.

I don't know. Love to see what their offensive style is going to be. Rashard White is emerging as a big-time back. This is a team that we all know made the Super Bowl a couple years ago and I don't know what the team's going to look like as their credit card bills that they might have created by creating the room for Brady to win now in that window. I don't know how that's going to leave the aftermath of this team, but that's not a bad spot for him to go to. NFC South, let's go. That's not a bad division to go into and try and win now. Number one on the list is another NFC South team.

You know, this was yesterday. Dan Orlovsky mentioned this and I've been thinking a lot about it since he said it. Carolina is a great spot. Frank Reich takes Derek Carr under his wing and says, let's go. The quarterback whisperer for, we all know, Wentz and Foles and didn't work out in Indianapolis this past year, but I kind of think Carolina is a great spot and the best fit for Derek Carr. Let's go.

That's the way I'm going right there for my top five spots for Derek Carr. You think we need one more? I'll give you one more. All right, we'll get one more. Don't worry, Chris, it's not a Verizon commercial.

I told you the bit's done. Thank God. This one is way off the radar screen because we're all assuming they're going in a certain direction with their guy who they did great stuff with this year. But just in case it doesn't work out, don't you think Seattle would be a nice spot for Derek Carr?

For Pete? Derek Carr strikes me as a Pete guy. Don't you think him with the 12s and DK and the running game and just him being there in the NFC West, he trades the AFC West for the NFC West. Don't you think Derek Carr in Seattle would just be a nice fit? And again, I know I said that he could handle the New York spotlight, but in case he's a guy who would prefer to not have that bright, hot spotlight on him, him going to the 12s and for some reason, Geno Smith prices himself out of the market or the Seahawks and he don't strike a deal. Don't you think Derek Carr would be a good spot for Seattle?

I can't get that one out of my brain. I know I haven't mentioned the Saints here, and that's the team that already raised their hand saying, we'll take him now. I'm not just, I mean, I need to see Alvin Kamara play a full season looking like the guy from a couple of years ago.

Michael Tom, what's up with can't guard Mike? I know Peter King called it an offense with Derek Carr that can win right now and Olave was an offensive rookie of the year candidate. I don't know if I'm Derek Carr, I would choose Carolina or the Bucks, even though the Saints do have a terrific defense. As a fit, you know, Carolina, your head coach is the, you got two defensive minded coaches. You were talking yesterday, don't you want to have a head coach who's the OC or the offensive side of the ball as well? Frank Reich is your guy. I know Pete's not that guy in Seattle either, I got to point that out, or Robert Sala with the Jets or, you know, the Bucks. Like I'm mentioning a lot of defensive minded guys right here. But those are teams that need quarterbacks.

That's correct. That's my top five list of spots for Derek Carr, who by the way, the Raiders quite a day of cuts. They cut Derek Carr. Welcome to the ball brotherhood. Oh my gosh. Mark Davis. Couldn't believe this. Mark Davis, welcome to the bald brotherhood. And I saw him on Saturday night at the owner's dinner that was thrown by Michael Bidwell. He had the he had the bowl cut. He had the bowl cut still.

I mean, the autumn wind is the super cut. This was long overdue. And I got to tell you, I mean, it's very Daddy Warbucks shocker of a look.

It's a very Lex Luthor. That's what I was thinking. But whoever, whoever looked at him and said, Hey, Mark, boo, honey. You know, it's time. It's time. I put it up there one more time. I mean, I give I give the whole I give I give the blue checkmark there. Here's the thing.

Well done, Mark Davis. Wasn't balding. So you was it a win the whole time? I don't know. It was just a bad haircut. It was a bad haircut for a while. Or if it was a wig. It was a bad wig. It's like milk.

It's as it's an occasion, a bad choice. Now. Now he needs to grow a goatee. He needs to get the stone cold look. Now he's bald.

He needs a he needs to goatee. And then he'll look like, you know, because the Raiders are fearsome. And we fear raider fan.

So put the goatee on, you know. And I understand this is a lush history of the Raiders. OK, a lush history of the Raiders.

And I'm not fully well familiar with every single transaction. Biggest cut day in the history of the Raiders. Derek Carr. Mark Davis's bowl cut. Biggest cut day in the history of the Raiders organization. The hell going on?

Right? I think it was a wig. The whole time? No. No. How could you think that was a wig all these years? Wow. Because he wasn't balding. OK. So does that matter?

You don't go from zero to 60. Full head of hair. Look at that.

Chris. It's like a wig. How are you going to fix that? You just take it off and you're like, I'm done with it. Yeah. You take the hair off. That's not a wig. Why would somebody?

Wow. Why would somebody have that as a wig? I don't know. Why would you?

Of all the wig pieces you could have if you had a wig. Why would you pick that? It's a choice. Let's put it that way. A poor one if that was the case. It's a choice. I don't think so. But this one?

I need a full story. Mark Davis, welcome to the bald brotherhood, sir. We welcome you with open arms. Get that goatee going in there. It looks like he's already got it. He's got one, but it's great.

He's already working it. Oh, it's coming in. It's great. Well done, Mark Davis. Welcome to the club. I'm not in there.

I don't think Brotman wants him. Take that bold cut and here's where I think of this thing. I feel like Elaine. Throw it out the window.

Throw it out the window. I hate this. More likely. Mark Davis was wearing a wig. Mahomes never injured. Mahomes never injured. Mahomes was injured.

Can we go both of those things? He's never injured. He's jumping around on the phone today? Yeah, he's jumping around. It's too quick.

What are you doing? He was hurt. He was hurt. The one thing that this guy is not is a drama king. He's not full of drama.

And the Academy Award goes to? No, he's not full of drama. How about that?

Not everything's got to be in either or proposition. By the way, the amount of people on Twitter going, oh, see, he wasn't hurt. You can't like not be hurt and run like that.

Like, oh my God. Yeah, you can. People, yes, you can. Yeah, you can. Yeah, you can.

And you can also have a bold cut and then shave it all off and just stroll out there. I don't know. Like Bob Barker once came out for pricey games and was like a gray. And you're like, what the hell happened? What the hell's going on?

I mean, I once had, I told you I had a fantasy football draft. The guy had a full beard. He went to the bathroom.

He came out clean shaven. That happens. It just happens. It happens. The hell going on? That's right.

Am I reading this right? Take a break. Nate Burleson, when we come back, we'll ask him about his Super Bowl prediction, where that one came from, and then all that craziness on Twitter with Juju and AJ Brown and Tyreek.

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Call, click,, or just stop by. Had a great time hanging with this guy for several hours on the NFL Game Day Morning Super Bowl set on Sunday in Arizona. He nailed the final score. He nailed the winner. He nailed the MVP right down to the dot.

He nailed it, stuck the landing. CBS Morning's co-host and the NFL Today analyst, as well as an NFL Network guy from back in the day on Good Morning Football, one of my favorites and one of yours, Nate Burleson, back here on the Rich Eisen Show. How you doing, Nate? I'm good. How you doing?

I want to ask you about the Super Bowl first, but tell me your pick six numbers, if you don't mind. You got those? Well, you know what? I don't want to give everybody else a clue into what's coming, so I'll just shoot you a text. Yeah, yeah.

And throw the Powerball in just in case I want to do that one, too. Okay? I got you, my brother.

I got you. My gosh, Nate. And the funny thing is that you gave Patrick Mahomes the MVP, and we were going to do that a segment later in the commercial break, you're like, yeah, I gave you the MVP too early. I'm like, oh, don't worry about it. And it worked.

You nailed it all. My goodness. Yeah. I remember you looking at it. I was like, oh, don't worry about it.

We'll get to that segment in just a bit. But I felt compelled in that moment. It's funny because people kept asking me, or they keep asking me, how did I come up with this formula? Did I pull it out of my you-know-what, or was it something I actually thought about?

And it is something I thought about. You know, I was convinced that there would be some creative play calling. You know, I called for four-plus trick plays. I didn't necessarily get that, but I just knew that Andy Reid was going to try to do whatever he can to help alleviate some of the pressure from Patrick Mahomes in that offense. And with the receivers being banged up, that just made sense. And then because of Patrick Mahomes, I'm thinking about offensively, okay? Unless there's a wide receiver running back that just has an explosion, it's most likely going to go to the quarterback. You know, and I know that there's a couple of defenders that could possibly get that award in that game. But for me, the QB is usually the favorite. Now when it comes to the score, I don't want to give away all of, you know, the ways that I kind of break down the score per week, because let's just call it what it is. On a weekly basis, I'm not going to give you that 100% of the time.

But it's simple. It's not going to be a low-scoring game. So I'm going to eliminate anything from 7 to 10. And then from 10 to 20, I do believe that these teams are more explosive than that. Now we're talking 20 to 30.

That's usually the sweet spot. Everybody's like, oh, 24 to 21, 28 to 24. That was mine.

20, 24 is mine. Yeah. Uh-huh. And then from there, I have to figure out if this is going to be a 50-point game by either one of the squads, no 40-point game. That's going to be tough to do with these defenses. Now we have to land in the range that I thought it was going to be, 38, 35, excluding TATs, field goals, and maybe even some safeties. I had to figure out the exact sweet spot, and that's what I landed on. So it's more to me, it's more to just me saying, oh, this is a random score I'm thinking about.

And that's where I landed. And I'm sure, Nate, we share this in common, which is not only trying to be accurate and entertaining in your on-air style, as well as information dispensing, but maybe most importantly you want to be right. So at what point in the game did you realize the score was materializing in such a way that you could be exactly right, Nate? At what point of Super Bowl 57 did that dawn upon you on Sunday? You know what's funny, Rich, the entire time I thought that one of your predictions was going to come true. And that is? You said that this is going to be the first double overtime game.

Yes. That's what I was thinking about. I just kept thinking about it. I was like, no, Rich is going to be right.

It's his score. They're going back and forth, back and forth like a tennis match. And boom, right before that lag on Bradbury holding Juju, that's when I thought, oh, this is going to be my score. But up until that point, I thought that you were right, man. I thought we were headed for an epic overtime Super Bowl game. Now that's, and in bringing up the Bradbury hold, there's lots to talk about that.

Nate Burleson here on The Rich Eyes and Show. Let's talk about the James Bradbury hold, Nate. Did you like the call? Did you think it should have been called? Not called?

What's your two cents on that subject, man? It's a hold. It was the right call. And I don't like the call.

Now both things can be true. I would say you have to call that because in that moment, if I'm a receiver, I'm trying to get open and there's a clear grab. It wasn't tic-tac. This is a clear grab of the jersey. And we know, 10 times out of 10, you see that jersey pull, you're going to get that flag thrown. Now, the reason I don't like it is because having a flag like that and then a last-second field goal, great for the Cassity Chiefs and all the fans, yes, of course. But it's almost like an NBA Finals ending on a free throw.

And I think that's why it left people uneasy. Because it's like, all right, man, we could have just watched this go into overtime or at least let that offense really earn it with a touchdown. With all that said, Bradbury came out, said it was a hold. He thought he could get away with it. Other Eagles players basically said it's not his fault. We shouldn't have put him in that position. You're never going to look at one play.

And that's me all day long. So one, it just ever gets to Bradbury after he's listening. Bro, you're good. If you explained it one time, you said it was a hold. Let it go, man.

You had a good year. Don't worry about it. Because whether it's me as a wide receiver dropping a fourth-quarter pass that could have won the game or it's somebody else making a mistake, I would walk into that locker room not pointing a finger at that one person. I absolutely am disgusted by teammates that can walk into the locker room barking about one guy or go to the media and say, that guy ruined the game or blew the game for us.

That just, I don't know, it makes my skin crawl because that's the weakest way to reflect what is the totality of the game. In all reality, if your team is good enough, it would have never got to that point. And I'm not talking about the Eagles in particular.

I'm just talking about teams that do place blame on a guy. I love what the Eagles did. I love everything about how they responded to that flag. And I still think with all of what happened, the Eagles had an amazing year.

So many guys on that roster proved to be superstars in this league. It's just unfortunate the game ended on what looked like a flag. And it's interesting, Nate Burleson, that you roped the NBA in here now because the Bradbury hold of Juju Smith-Schuster turned or centered, was the center of NFL Twitter turning into NBA Twitter yesterday when Juju Smith-Schuster on Valentine's Day put out a meme of like, it was a Valentine's Day card, I'll hold you and it matters most.

And a photo of James Bradbury up there saying, happy Valentine's Day, everybody. I saw that. I'm like, wow.

And I liked Juju. I think he's exuberant and I like his energy, but this, this is a line crossed, don't you think? Right there? 100%.

100%. You know, I like being honest with you, Rick, and that's why I can appreciate your platform. And I also like, I like showing the duality of how people can think. So just like you, I like Juju, I actually love him. I think that that type of energy on the field is necessary and you need a guy like that that can have fun in moments where maybe as a football player, you forget, yeah, we're playing a kid today and maybe we do play, we play better when we're playing loose.

So you need it for that. And on top of that, when he's helping and on top of the game, he's a beast. We saw what he did in his younger days as a stealer.

On the flip side of that, here's where the duality kicks in. I think that move was very lame. So and if I saw Juju, I'd be like, bro, that was lame. Why, why, why did you, did you do that? Because, you know, you know, Bradbury feels bad. Now whether there's some beef between the two, some trash talk, or they have some stuff going on in the past and you were just trying to take a dig at them, maybe that's understandable. But if you don't know him from a can of paint, he's just another competitor. There's this, there are unwritten rules amongst this brotherhood. Even though we're competitors, we're in the same fraternity, I'm not going to pour, pour more dirt on you as, as you're laying on the ground suffering. You know, he feels absolutely terrible for that hold.

Don't, don't go out there and retweet or repost a meme like that. And you know, I like AJ Brown's response. He's like, he's like, yo, congratulations, first of all, let me get this out of the way.

And this is what I mean, this is what I mean by the duality and the respect within this fraternity and brotherhood. AJ Brown was like, yo, congratulations, congratulations, nobody can say that I'm bad about the loss. And then he went on to say, you're a TikToker, you got your career revived by my homes, this that and the third, and then you've never liked that, don't act like you were. And then he ended with, but congratulations again. That, that right there sums up a real man's emotions that just lost the game. Like that in a guy that's pure heart, he's like, yo, real talk, congratulations, I won a Super Bowl.

That's dope. But what you just did was super duper lame. So let's just, let's just, you know, let's just leave that for everybody else. That's, that's for, that's for the guys in the basement that, that, that troll, not the ones that put the jerseys on and line up on Sunday. Plus, I mean, the whole country is talking about this hold, right? And many people are, think the call was like the, the, the penalty call was lame or should not have been called.

I had the same approach as you, Nate, which is like, yeah. Did he tug his Jersey? Yes. It's a hold. Bradbury even admitted to the hold, but do you call it in that situation? I mean, this is the, the, the, the conversation, you know, not like you and, and part of reason why he held is Juju didn't make a nice move on him and get a good move on him, but read the room, you know, like read the room before you hit send on that one. You know, you gotta read the room and let's just call it what it is, Rich, like there's been times throughout Juju's career where he didn't necessarily read the room or read the locker room.

So, um, you know, it was, it was an immature move and I, and I just hope, and he learned from it and he's like, you know what, maybe that was a bit much, you know, like, you know what made it, what made people kind of like uneasy about it was like, well, you should be celebrated. You should be above all of this right now. Like you're, you're on cloud nine. You shouldn't even know what's happening, happening on the ground level right now. We shouldn't even see you bro. You should be, your feet should be leaving the earth for the next week or so. Come back to earth with us and get on Twitter and be like, Oh, that was funny.

Do that a week later, but not like within hours winning the biggest game of your life too soon. It might be too soon, like forever more for, for a lot of people, you know, and then Tyree kill seemed to chime in like, uh, like from, uh, from the seats, you know, just stirring it up, talking about, cause you know, he, uh, as you know, I'm sure Deebo Samuel went on Brandon Marshall's podcast called Bradbury trash. And he's intimating that, you know, that Deebo called Bradbury trash.

Now they're throwing a flag on it. He said that super Sunday night, then yesterday he was kind of chiming in about the back and forth with Juju and, and, and, and, uh, AJ Brown. And then Mahomes chimed in on Twitter.

I don't know if you saw this. He said that man must just be bored. And everyone's kind of wondering Mahomes, who is he referring to as he's probably either leaving Disney world, Disneyland, Kimmel, I mean like, or getting ready for the parade today. What do you think? Who do you, who is he referring to? Do you think, Hey yo rich, I'm gonna keep it real with you and let's be clear. I've never won a Superbowl.

Didn't even get to one, you know, we got close a couple of times, had some good teams that made the playoffs, but like if I win a Superbowl, I'm not on Twitter, unless it's an obligation or I want to show somebody some love, I might tweet to the fans, my teammates, coaches, my family, but I'm not getting involved in the riff raff. I'm not walking back to the cheap sheets, cheap seats. I'm not sitting here trying to lower myself, lower my vibration while enjoying the best moment of my life. But I don't know. I don't know who Mahomes was talking to at birth. I thought maybe he was listening to one of the pundits and they got, look, I had to check myself. I'm like, wait, did I say anything about Mahomes or my Mahomes was mad at me. I saw her on the red carpet in his honor and she was like, Nate, how you doing? I said, let me apologize. I called him Pat a few times early on in his career.

We didn't know he was going to be this nice. So it's Patrick. He said, yeah, damn right. It's Patrick. Okay. Don't make me come after you. Now, now come on. Let's get a picture.

And I was like, all right, let's get a picture. So I don't want anybody in the Mahomes family mad at me, especially his pops. I don't want him. I don't want them to catch him. Okay.

I'm on it. He's smoking and they broke the crack. I don't want that. You know, the whole Mahomes family.

Maybe one. This is brother Zach. He's going to be making TikToks of me.

I can't handle that rich, they going to jump me, bro, Nate Burrows and few more minutes left with Nate here on the rich eyes and show. Okay. Uh, I've, I've been fortunate in my, uh, 20 years with NFL network at the outset. Uh, I was the guy that the NFL network says, you sit down with the halftime act of the Superbowl.

I, I interviewed Jagger and Keith Richards and reviewed, uh, Bruce Springsteen, uh, Coldplay just to name a few. Um, you sat down with Rihanna, what, what, what, what was it like when she walked in the room to sit down with you? Uh, incredible. You know, I liked the joke and say it was kind of like when Charlie Murphy was describing France, you know, she kind of just glided into the room and um, as he sat down, she had this glow about her, you know, maybe now I can look back and say it was a pregnancy glow, but I just thought she had this gorgeous glow. She's that's gorgeous on the inside as she is outside. And there's this energy that she possesses and it, it's, it's communicated in her music and her fashion and her business sense.

She just has it, her complete comfort all the while displaying this humility. You know, I remember talking to her, I'm like, yo, Rihanna, you, you almost broke the internet when it was announced you were the halftime act. She was like, yeah, I know I just wasn't sure if I wanted to be outside.

I don't know. People wanted me outside. I'm like, we wanted you out. We wanted you outside and I just thought that was, it was beautiful. It was beautiful to see, um, the conversation was as beautiful as she is. So I was, I was thankful to kind of, kind of kick it with her in that moment. And of course, you know, all my boys is hitting me up, girls is hitting me up, people I work with, there's women like, there's women I work with like, what did she smell like?

I'm like, I got that answer. I think I would have got tackled by security. They would have Bobby Boo saved me if I knew what she smelled like, I mean, I got too close. You know, I just tell everybody she is incredible and so was her performance for her to be pregnant and go up there and do what she did at that height with the elevation of the stage and the dancing. I thought she killed it.

I did too. Uh, and it was great in the, it was great in the stadium. It was a number, you know, when, when the fireworks are going off, um, you know, the same thing was for, for Katy Perry. The fireworks went off above that stadium when she did the halftime of, of the previous Super Bowl there, uh, between the Patriots and the Seahawks. Just, um, just really, it was amazing.

It was amazing. And it was great to work with you and you know, great job getting Damian Lillard on our set. I just turn around and there you are chopping out and like, Oh my God, that's Damian Lillard. I had to tell Mooch, you know, uh, he's like, what team does he play for?

I had to tell Mooch, like, it's the Blazers, the trailblazers. I was great when he popped up there and he said, you know, he was nice and chill about the whole Super Bowl chat. But when I turn to him and I'm like, you know, all right, no, a couple of minutes I have left with you.

Who do you want to be the quarterback of the Raiders? And he just, he perked up, right? He's just starting them up.

He's like, thank you for the opportunity. Yes. I will talk about it here. He didn't study. He said, Aaron Rogers. Yeah. With him being a Bay area guy and now the Raiders being in Vegas, he still follows them. And he's like, y'all want, I want Aaron Rogers. And uh, he was confident. Like that was the most excited he got and, and, and I love that you tweeted, you know, what he said. He basically said, I think he did say that, uh, he said, my home is the Steph Curry football. But the way that he played my home was how excited he got about Rogers.

So he obviously thinks that Rogers can, can bring that, that MVP Rogers to the Raiders. Well, Nate, thanks for the time. Congrats on getting everything right. Your full conversation with Rihanna can be heard and checked out and seen on your new podcast, The Process with Nate Burleson, correct? That's where that is. Yup. That's right, man. Appreciate it, brother.

Absolutely. Um, and I told you, if you ever need somebody to fill in as a guest or anything like that on the process, you know, I might come to LA to do it. Please do that.

Let me know. And then, and just the only thing is you cannot, in the same way as your, your first guest, you cannot answer the question when people text you, what does rich eyes and smell like? Do you keep that between us? Okay. I made my mind up.

I'm sniffing the side of your neck. I look forward to that, Nate, you're the best man. That's the call Nate Burleson.

Check out the process with Nate, along with CBS mornings, the NFL today, and so much more right here on the rich eyes and show as I'm interviewing Nate, I'm checking out the parade video. I mean, it was supposed to be over by now. I think, uh, buses have traveled somewhat slower than expected, but they're supposed to start talking now. That's right. Yeah. They gotta get up to the, I think they're moving slower.

Like everyone on the buses thing. The homes is hammered, hammered. I don't think he's slept since Sunday. We might end up having to do like a power rankings of the drunkenness level of the super bowl winning quarterbacks in the past few years. Well, he's not Tom Brady drunk yet.

No one's carrying him out. Brady beats them all. I mean, I made a t-shirt out of Tom Brady's drunkenness. Anyone thrown the Lombardi trophy yet? Not yet.

Oh, by the way, speaking of t-shirts, there's an interesting one that's being worn by members of the chiefs. We'll hit that. Finish up today's show. And when we come back right here on the rich eyes and show live on the Roku channel, this terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey and more refresher spring cleaning to do list with an oil change bundle for your vehicle at advance auto parts. Get five courts of mobile one Castrol Valvoline, Pennzoil or Bram oil bundled with a select oil filter for one low price. And right now choose a mobile one full synthetic oil change bundle starting at 39.99 and get a drain pan and funnel free right oil, right filter, right price every day. Only at advance auto parts and participating car quest locations.

Use the advance auto parts app to build your bundle and pick it up at your nearest store. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form. You seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety, but you also seem fearless artistically. I feel like ideas have more power than identity, like the excitement overrides insecurity.

That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone music now, wherever you listen. Back here on the rich eyes and show radio network, along with our Roku channel stream right now on CBS, there's the, uh, the Einstein Verizon commercial. Every time I think I'm out, they're still, they're still doing it. And I'm telling you, I bet you and C double a action, you're going to see it a lot, it's not as a matter of fact, as a matter of fact, as he made that drop, it matched directly the fist pump. Brilliant moment.

It was that freaked me out. The hell going on? We need a punch up. I can't, I can't love that anymore.

I know that we need to amp it up, let's get something new and fresh for the tourney, for the master. I don't know, man. If the number that I heard, they pretend that they paid Paul Giamatti to dress as Scrooge and Einstein is accurate, they're going to use the hell out of these commercials. Does he get paid? Does he get paid?

He's got to get paid every time. No, no, no. Those days are over. One shot. It's a one shot. It's not a commercial or a digital anymore, no. My friend bought a Corvette with doing that. One shot.

No, it's good to know. On a Cheerios commercial. The offensive linemen for the Kansas City Chiefs have shown up to the parade in t-shirts. Oh yeah, these are great.

Put them up. Zero sacks. Wow.

I, and Creed Humphrey, well done, sir. I'm telling you. And green too. Is that, I can't tell. It's green.

Are they just going to repurpose these for Oregon after? What did I tell you? The stat that told the story for Super Bowl 57 that few people are talking about. They got it. Zero sacks. Mahomes sitting duck there, huh?

He did move around pretty well. Yeah. Coming around? I'm not coming around. Come around, Rich. Come around. Come around. Come on.

You gamblers are all out of your minds, man. It's all fixed. It's all like, oh, that's what Mahomes is. He's such a... You wake up call pal.

Thank you. Isaiah Pacheco got off the bus and it's just dancing down the street. Good for him. As he should. Kelsey's got the trophy. Good for him.

This is great. Yeah. Everybody forgets. Same round as Brock Purdy.

He wasn't the last pick in the draft, but Isaiah Pacheco, seventh round pick. Let's use him. Let's get him scoring in the Super Bowl. Touchdown in the Super Bowl.

That's it. They had zero sacks of Patrick Mahomes against a team that had 78 sacks entering the Super Bowl on the entire season. They needed five sacks to be the all time single season sack leader in the history of the NFL.

They were to pass the 85 bears on the way to passing the 84 bears. That's how good the Eagles were and they didn't sack Mahomes once. And the two sacks that Hertz had was when he ran out of bounds behind the line of scrimmage. Nobody was just generally sitting in a pocket and got put down on his ass because these quarterbacks were so damn good. And the lines were good too, man. Some of the best line play you'll see, some of the best quarterback play you will see, some of the best receiving play you will see.

What a high level these two teams played at in the highest level sporting event America puts on its stage and exports. Unbelievable. Zero sacks.

Well done for them. Zero sacks. You got anything else for me over there?

Anything else in the chamber? I do real quick. But you know who we should be giving some props to that other people aren't? Jarek McKinnon, man. When he went, he could have taken that ball into the end zone and think about it.

That's what you, your whole life, he's in the backyard, he's in the streets. I'm scoring a touchdown in the Super Bowl. And yet he remembered this training and he took the ball and he slid down, shorted the goal line to ensure glory for everybody else. So that's just, that's commendable, man, because you could have etched your name in the history, which you still did.

But man, that's, I don't know, I respect that. If he had run that in the end zone, it would have reversed the entire advantage they got from the holding penalty. It would have flushed their advantage right down the toilet. And again, when we get a member of the Chiefs on or one of our coaches staff on, like, how did that get communicated? And you had to basically say, we're not scoring, stay in bounds, don't score, get down. What I read is the Chiefs, they call that church mode. So they're trained on that. They know in that situation when the clock's running down to get down. So he just remembered what they practiced and he did it.

But still that had to be so hard, Rich. So the, you're right there. So the order of events, corn dog, church mode, church mode. Let's go corn dog. Let's go corn dog-ish on the other side.

Church mode. None of it would have happened if it wasn't my idea in the script session to get that defensive flag thrown. That's a good point.

You're welcome. Sorry, Philly. My idea. It was also my idea to get Nate Peterman in on week 15.

Peterman. I don't want to brag about where my fingerprints were, but the whole idea is just like, you know what? You don't want to sound like a brat. You don't want to take too much credit for the script. No, when I said, let's get you Kobe Myers throwing that thing back and get it intercepted by a member of the Raiders. Chandler. No, I said, it's gotta be Chandler Jones because the other guy's name is Mac Jones. That was my little twist.

You know, I only know one speed, as you all know. They send a script to you to punch it up is what you're saying. Well, sometimes it's my ideas. It's a collaborative effort.

I don't want to get too deep in the weeds. Makes sense. We're out of time.

Yeah. Lauren Sapp in studio, Ken Marino in studio, you watching on the Roku channel and listening. See you Thursday. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules. Now get to know her on Give Them Lala.

With her assistant Jess. LA, it can become suffocating. Did something happen where you felt like I have to get out of here? Do you just think it just happens sometimes? I think it just happens, but also just everything going on in my personal life. Like I want to get on this mic and be like, this is what I've been dealing with for 14 months. Give Them Lala wherever you listen.
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