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REShow: Ken Marino - Hour 3

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February 16, 2023 3:13 pm

REShow: Ken Marino - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 16, 2023 3:13 pm

Rich and the guys weigh in on Shohei Ohtani’s tenuous tenure with the Angels and if the Mets, Yankees, Red Sox or Dodgers are his likely next team, and break down the good and the bad for MLB’s new rules changes including banning the shift, pitch clocks, and bigger bases.

Actor Ken Marino joins Rich in-studio to discuss the long-awaited return of the cult classic comedy series ‘Party Down’ on STARZ, why you might actually see him dressed as a cowboy in a karaoke video, why he, like Rich, is back on the Knicks’ bandwagon after years of disappointment, and more.

Rich takes a call from a viewer who explains what happens at a “silent retreat” like the one Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is currently attending, and the guys react to new Arizona Cardinals HC Jonathan Gannon’s comments about Kyler Murray.

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Ladies and gentlemen, let's go! This is the Rich Eisen Show. The Raiders quite a day of cuts.

They cut Derek Carr. Welcome to the Ball Brotherhood, Mark Davis. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Patrick Mahomes' new BFF, the great Henry Winkler. Listen, I think stardom has gone to this young man's head because he's never called for dinner. Earlier on the show, host of Peacock's Pro Football Talk, Mike Florio.

Pro Football Hall of Famer, Warren Sapp. Coming up, from the star's comedy, Party Down, actor Ken Marino. And now, it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, indeed. Hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show. Ken Marino is joining us in studio in hour number three.

The TV show, Party Down, is back and I cannot be more excited. I was so excited to hear that it was coming back and I can't wait to talk with him about it in just about 20 minutes time. He's here in person, which is terrific. We just had an in-person visit from Warren Sapp and that was something.

As always, it is. And we also had Mike Florio on in hour number one talking about everything going on in the National Football League. The quarterback carousel, the draft story that seems to be unfolding with the Chicago Bears. Getting ready for the talent evaluation portion of the calendar. The combine starts with on-field drills, believe it or not, two weeks from tonight. I will be in a booth in Indianapolis in two weeks from tonight with Daniel Jeremiah for a four-day stint that is way too long with two guys talking to each other on television.

That's two weeks from tonight and so it just comes so fast and so furious. If you missed any of it, don't worry. Right here on the Roku Channel, Channel 210, we rear all the way through to tomorrow's show when we're live again at 12 to 3 Eastern Time. There's also our YouTube page if you miss anything. slash Rich Eisen Show.

Also the Rich Eisen Show collection page. It's our video on demand relationship with Roku and the Roku Channel. Free on all Roku devices. Free on select Samsung smart TVs.

Free on all Amazon Fire TV, the Roku app, the We say hello to our terrestrial radio listening audience and Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast. You really can't miss us.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial. Jonathan Gannon has been introduced as the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. Later on in this hour, we'll finish up the show with what he had to say about the offense. It's a rare situation to see a defensive guy hired as a head coach in the NFL. We've seen it twice now, D'Amico Ryans for the Texans and Jonathan Gannon, now the defensive coordinator from the Eagles, is the new HC of the Arizona Cardinals. And the question is, who's he going to hook up to Kyler Murray when Kyler comes back from his knee injury next year? And then D'Amico Ryans, who comes from the San Francisco 49ers, we assume he's going to run the same offense there. Who knows? And who is his quarterback going to be?

It depends on what the Bears do at one. I mean, it's really great how this is all shaping up over the next few weeks and months. And so you've got to keep it right here on the Rich Eisen Show.

844-204 Rich is the number to dial. Oh, let's get to this. We all know Aaron Rodgers has a decision to make. And the question is, when is he going to tell the Packers if he's staying or going or he's retiring? And whatever he's doing in his darkness therapy apparently has something to do with that.

And this is not being facetious. He's going in sometime maybe today or tomorrow. He's told McAfee on Tuesday later on this week that he's going into this, I guess, retreat, darkness retreat, where there is apparently light.

I mean, we're going back and forth on what this actually is. Jason in Seattle is here on the Rich Eisen Show, one of our viewers or listeners. You there, Jason? Is he in darkness? We literally throw to him and he's in darkness?

Oh, my gosh. Isn't that funny? All right, put him back on hold again. He might have been on mute. Maybe he couldn't find the phone. Is that a metaphor for something?

He's been calling since the show started. Is that right? Yeah. All right.

Did Adam pop back on there again? All right. At any rate, let's just put that aside for the moment. Baseball.

By the way, that sounds like I'm in the untouchables. Baseball is back, baby. Baseball's back.

Oh, yeah. Baseball's back. And story of the year. Story of the year in Major League Baseball. 100% is what's going to happen with Shohei Ohtani here in Southern California.

The Babe Ruth of our generation. And he is that. He is unbelievable. He can anchor your rotation and anchor your lineup in the same day. Crazy.

I am not lying. You've seen it. I've been to a game where he was the starting pitcher and hit a home run. And he won the game. He will beat the Yankees on the night that Aaron Judge hit his 50th. He is truly one of the most remarkable athletes we've ever seen here in America.

And we've seen him play a grand total of, let me look it up, zero playoff baseball. Zero. He is that good that I believe he will wind up the most enriched athlete in the history of North American sports, right? What do you think? Will his contract start with a six?

It should. I mean, if the best pitcher in baseball has a $300 million contract and the best hitter in baseball has a $300 million contract, I can do the math, put it together. Because he is arguably both. So what's going on with him and the Angels? Because the whole idea is that he chose here so he could be nice and serene and, you know, Orange County.

There's not a lot of longtime listener, first time caller types, you know, complaining about how the Angels are letting them down. And then there's not like 15 newspapers and 20 TV and radio stations together swarming his locker. Like, let's put it this way, the way that he's greeted when he plays in Yankee Stadium by the media. Certainly doesn't look that way when he's in Southern California. So he clearly wants to stay here, right?

Chose here, he wants to stay here. Bob Nightingale, who covers the sport for many a moon for USA Today. Shohei Ohtani spoke today, says he wants to believe the Angels are as committed to winning as he is. And oh, here's the quote. Oh, geez.

Right. Ohtani quote. Right now, I'm an angel.

That's all I'm focusing on. Oh, he right now, the Angels. Right now. How many times do you hear a coach say right now he's our quarterback? That guy's not going to be the quarterback.

Full Magic Johnson. He ain't going to be there. How many times have you heard a general manager say he's our coach right now? Right now he's our coach.

Oh, that's not good. So on behalf of the New York Yankees, oh, yes, I turn to my Red Sox fan friend and I turn to my Met fan friend. And I tell you both, hands off. Stay away. You're calling Ohtani now? Hands off.

Look, I called I claimed him two years ago. Here's what we know. Here's what we know. Here's what we know. Here's what we know. This is the way it's going to work.

This is the way it's going to work. You, Red Sox fan, will be completely let down. This season? No, for Ohtani, when he's available. Oh, for sure.

You know. We're not paying. OK, Yankees, we're going to say we're paying. And then suddenly something's going to happen where, I don't know how Steinbrenner checked underneath the couch cushion, didn't see an extra $100 million.

And and and the guy in the right corner right there, Steve Cohen, is going to basically say, what did you not see? I paid the money for a Super Bowl commercial for the New York Mets. You didn't care anymore. You know, just money ain't a thing.

Another top down like Jay-Z. The Dodgers, you know, so that's just a cutting payroll, you know, for him. I know for him. So.

This is the story of the season. We have a Japanese player now, so, you know, that might be a track. OK, sure. OK, great. Terrific. That's great. And the fact that Tanaka didn't work well for the Yankees is going to be a knock against not against them.

I don't know. It just depends on, you know, I mean, of course, of course, there's a team in Chavez Ravine saying, you know, what about us? Look out, look out for them. Everybody's going to break the bank for this guy. Everybody's going to. It's going to be the trade. You have to rob a bank July.

July is going to be off the charts. Man. Trade deadline. He's going to look so good in Queens.

Guy won the Powerball. I mean, he could pay for it. That's true. I'm just saying Billy Epler. Two words to everyone. Billy Epler.

OK, that's why I believe. Speaking of which, did you hear baseball? Baseball is new bases.

Yes. It's a player safety thing, right? That they want a player safety.

It's kind of like less less collisions, less guys getting stepped on. Alex Cora called the new bigger bases pizza boxes. They added three inches on either side. The old bases were 15 by 15, 18 by 18, 18 by 18. OK, 18 inch pizza. Remember when Ellen was hosting the Oscars and she had pizza brought in everyone and those boxes were huge? That's what that base looks like. It's enormous.

The biggest pizza box. It's like 32 slices in. It's going to look weird. It's going to look weird. They're hoping stolen bases now goes up because you're like six inches closer. I'm for that. I'm all for that.

Great. And then more infield hits maybe. Well, as we know, the anti shift goes into play this year. It's less space for both.

Two guys on either side. Is that something else you're responsible for? Yes. 100 percent. I mean, put this man. Go ahead. Put you on some committee.

I don't know what committee, but I say I want the star. I want I want the shift gone. Shift's going to be gone.

Can't wait. Although they don't listen to me about everything. I can't stand the ghost runner, by the way. I mean, which is, by the way, starting extra innings 10th. You know, whoever was up last, I guess. Or somebody who's on the last out goes out there. It stinks. It stinks. You know, I feel for you know, I feel for I feel for the relievers. Like, so you give up a grounder the right side and then and then a fly ball at run goes against you. Yeah. That goes on your ear.

Your ear. If you complete the inning is nine. Now you should have a ghost runner era.

If you're if you're. I'm sure some analytical some analytical stat will be adjusted, adjusted for just I don't like it. You know what they should do? Give me real baseball for the 10th and the 11th innings and then 12th inning. Give me the ghost.

I would be in favor of that. But they don't do it for the playoffs, which is which is kind of like, you know, it's it. I don't know. Regular season. You can't do it for the playoffs. Regular season. It's kind of like hockey.

Hockey does the three on three overtime for five minutes and then shoot out. You know, let's keep it moving. Yeah. I don't know. This is different.

It's different. This is baseball. What are we talking about? What are you talking about?

A ghost runner. I can't stand it. We're of a certain age for being a baseball fan.

Here's the deal. Give me 10th inning real baseball, 11th inning real baseball. 10th, 12th inning. Give me ghost runner.

It's fine. So something won't go, you know, 12, 13 innings likely. But I understand, especially since everybody comes out throwing 100 miles an hour. Everybody throws 100 miles an hour now. But maybe something will drop because somebody is not standing there in short right field like it's some beer softball league. You know? Yeah. Because they've gotten the shift handled.

I like it. Let's see if, you know, certain lefties, let's see if their averages go up this year. And then we hit the pitch clock too, don't we? Yeah, pitch clock. We have asked the commissioner of Major League Baseball to appear on this program and account for these changes. And I do believe Rob Ranford is working on his schedule as we speak. He's been a friend of the show. So we've got that.

And then there's also the return of baseball means the return of some of the characters of the sport. And that includes one of our favorites here as well, the manager of the New York Metropolitan, Buck Showalter, who suddenly, for some reason, out of nowhere, as pictures and catches reported, opined on the beauty of Chipotle. Yeah. Really?

I've not heard the sound. This is amazing. This is Buck Showalter at his finest. He's back, everybody. Buck Showalter unplugged on food. What's that place, the, I don't want to mispronounce it, Chipotle, because I think I said Chipo-something that was wrong.

I think half our team was in there last night. You can order on your phone, you know that? I got one of clubbies to do it for me, just drive by and go to sleep by nine o'clock. You don't even get in and in on the plane? Not on my plane.

That plane we were on never worked, did it? Yours probably worked. He ordered that on your phone. He figured out you could order it on his phone, then he kind of sat back like he just discovered it. Yeah, he just discovered electricity. Yeah, he just ordered that on your phone.

Were you guys aware of that? Let me show you something. Yes, Buck. Brilliant. Yeah, it's brilliant. For you, Rick.

Chipotle is delicious. I think half our team was in there last night. Fantastic.

Thanks. All right, let's get Ken Marino out. Let's make sure our darkness therapy friend is not in darkness therapy when we take his call at the end of this hour. But Ken Marino is here. I cannot wait to chat with him. What a terrific actor and fun dude he is.

Some great stuff in his career, the state as well, way back in the day. Party Down is back. Ken Marino is back here on The Rich Ozzenshow.

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Grainger's got the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Ken Marino has stopped by. We just showed the Roku channel stream audience a clip of Party Down, season three of this dynamite show. What a great cast looking at it on the screen right here.

There's you and Adam Scott, Martin Starr, Jane Lynch, Megan Mullally, Ryan Hansen. So much fun. When did this first cross your radar screen back in the day? The original?

When we first did it? Yes, the original. I was working on another show that Rob Thomas, who was one of the creators, and John Embaum and Dan Etheridge were working on called Veronica Mars. I was lucky enough to have a recurring part on that where I played this character, Vinnie Van Lowe. I was talking to Dan Etheridge and he was telling me about this script, Party Down, that they tried to get up and running at HBO, I think. At the time, Paul Rudd was attached to it and I feel like Steve Carell was maybe going to be part of it. And then HBO didn't do it. And unfortunately for Paul, because I don't know what he's done since. Yeah, I know. He's been lost.

It's unfortunate for him. So they were telling me about that script and I said, oh, can I read it while we're between shots? And then I read it and I immediately went back to Dan Etheridge and I was like, if you ever auditioned for Ron Donald, please let me audition for Ron Donald.

And so that was the first time I had read the script and it was just an incredibly funny script and I connected to Ron very quickly. Why was that the character that you chose, Ken? I don't know. I just felt like... Did you know at the time he was well in doubt? I didn't know. No, not at the time. That was the time. That was a reveal, if you will? That was a reveal, yeah. Which, you know, they said, hey, do we need to get a prosthetic?

And I said, yes. For those who may not know, last we left, Ron, right, the finale of the second season? The second season, yeah. Which, that you were, your character, it was revealed to be well in doubt? Well, it was somewhere in the, I don't know, it wasn't at the end of the season, but they catered a porn event and like a post-party porn award show and a producer was at the urinal next to me and he noticed that I had a very, very, very, very large member and so he wanted to see if I wanted to get into adult movies, but he needed to see if it worked.

And the problem is, you know, with Ron's luck, he just got a little camera shy and it didn't work at all, so he had the equipment, but he didn't know how to properly use it or couldn't use it. Okay, so is that story line, not to ask for any spoilers, are we done with that story line? You know, I mean, I don't want to spoil anything in the third season, but it certainly isn't front and center. Understood.

It's tucked away. The fact that most of the cast that you've got back together here, it's pretty sweet. I mean, everybody came back, the only person who wasn't able to do it, but wanted to do it and was going to do it up until very late in the game. And it was because of COVID and she had other projects that she was shooting was Lizzie Kaplan. She was great in that too. Yeah.

She was amazing. Yeah. So hopefully, you know, people will watch this and maybe we can do another season and I don't know, maybe Lizzie will come back. No, because it's so rare to see, again, I know you'd mentioned before that Party Down, you know, seasons get split and it lasts longer, like original series seasons last longer, but 2010 is technically the last season of Party Down.

Yeah, it was a long time ago. And so the fact that, you know, you could cater, if you will, a bar mitzvah in between the previous seasons, it's so rare to see something brought back like that. I mean, imagine you thought that you'd never do this again. I never thought we would. Well, for a while that we were talking about doing something, you know, and then every time I was in an interview, somebody would ask me and I'd say, something's brewing.

I don't know what, I don't want to jinx it, but something's happening. And then years went by and then finally I let it go. And I was like, it's not going to happen. And then soon after that, I got a call. So there's a lesson there, which is, you know, just stop believing.

Stop believing and things will happen. I like it. And well, you got a good Jane Lynch story for me. Do you have a good Jane Lynch story for me? Anyone from the set, from anything meeting her? Well, I mean, she is so damn funny. Jane Lynch is, you know, clearly one of the funniest people alive. And so I got to do a number of scenes with her this season. And that was super exciting. One of my first scenes that I got to do with Jane was in a movie called Role Models. And in the movie Role Models, she takes a hot dog in a bun and sticks her finger through it and then the hot dog comes out and it was in the middle of the movie. And that was such a well liked moment in the movie that we then repeated the beat with my character and her character at the end of the movie during the credits. And I think that's one of the first times we got to do stuff together. I think that was before Party Down. I could be lying to you.

It's all good. But I got to do a bunch of stuff with her this season. She's super funny. What's great about her is she's just, anything she says is so genuine and real and also hysterical. So she's fantastic. She's been here and we totally fan-bored her on The Fugitive.

Oh, you did? Yes, which was something I think caught her a little off guard. Because she was in The Fugitive.

Yes. She was the one who understood how the samples got switched. In the hospital, right? And if it wasn't for her, Richard Kimble might never have come in from the cold.

He might not have jumped off that train in time. That's what we told her and she, I think, wanted a restraining order on the spot. That she couldn't have been nicer about that.

I'm very happy. We had to do a press junket, her and I, and everybody from Party Down, but they paired me up with Jane. They basically sit us in a room together and we're talking to people on a camera and then they give that person four minutes or eight minutes and then the next interviewer comes in. And every time the interviewer was about to be cut off, I would go, they'd say, thank you. And I'd be sitting next to Jane and I'd say, oh, thank you.

And right as they got cut off, I'd go, I love you. And every time I said it, Jane would start like laughing. And so then I kept doing it. And so each time I did it, Jane would laugh more. And so it was like, it was like getting crack cocaine. I was like, okay, I'm just going to keep doing it until Jane stops laughing and she wouldn't stop laughing. And then she started doing it. Fantastic. So that's a nice, that is a great one. Ken Marino here on the Rich Eisen Show again, Party Down, third season, it's back, premieres on Starz at 9 Eastern time on February 24th, and you can check it out on Starz app, All Starz streaming and so much more.

And of course, Roku channel, the Roku devices is a great way for you to check all this stuff out. You've known Rudd for how long? I know you've known him for everyone, right? I think I met Rudd right around when we did Wet Hot American Summer around that time.

So it was 2000, 2001, maybe before that. The cast in that movie is ridiculous. Pretty great. Yeah. Banks is in that. You're in that. I mean, we could go on and on.

Bradley Cooper and Paul and Amy Poehler and David Wayne and Mike Black, Mike Showalter. My gosh. It keeps going.

It does keep going. And La Trulio, I know you're friendly with Joe. Sure. And so I've seen this in action. Paul is a terrific karaoke singer and La Trulio is a terrific karaoke singer, but they pale in comparison, Ken Marino. That's very nice of you to say. You are the greatest karaoke singer I have ever seen in person. And I've seen a lot.

Well, I will throw this right back at you. Your Frank Sinatra is one of the best I've ever seen. I appreciate that. If not the best.

I would say actually the best Frank Sinatra karaoke version of Frank Sinatra I've ever seen. Is that right? For sure.

And you've seen a lot. You kill it. Thank you. You knock it out of the park. You're not just saying that because I'm saying what I'm saying to you. We'll never know. Okay.

No, but I am not just saying that. I don't have in me any other range. I know my lane and I stick to it. You do a Macy Gray that I've never heard. You're incredible doing her. What's your go-to karaoke song? I don't have a go-to anymore.

I get that question asked a lot, but I will say this. I've taken it to another level in my opinion, and it's because of David Wayne. David Wayne started a garage band in his garage and invites people over to sing with a live band. And so then I've been going over there and then we've started a band, a middle-aged dad jam band, and we've been playing- Is that what it's called?

It's called Mad, a middle-aged dad jam band, yeah. And so we played a couple of live shows, one at Dynasty Typewriter here in Los Angeles, and then we did a charity event at the San Francisco Comedy Festival, and we did all live songs. I was the front man, and it was a dream come true, and all of that work I did in all the dark karaoke rooms for many, many years finally paid off.

Look at this. And we sang a big variety of different types of songs, and I was prepared for all of them. Of course you were.

Rich. I was prepared for all of them. Guys, I'm not kidding you, but here's the- I've seen it. I've been there.

Oh, that's right. You've been there. You've seen it. I was there. And here's the best part about it, though, is other people can say, I'm better, or I've seen somebody better. Let me just tell you this. You are also the only person I've ever met, only person I've ever met who in the middle of a song that he's singing karaoke says, watch, wait a minute, during the music instrumental they're going to show this photograph, and I'm the cowboy in the photograph. This is amazing. Back when they were making karaoke videos early on when I was in college, and I was looking for work in college, every once in a while somebody would come up and just be like, hey, we're shooting a karaoke video and you get 100 bucks.

Do you have denim? Can you dress like a cowboy? So I did that in college, and then years later I was singing in some karaoke room Happy Trails, I think, and there was another one, another song. And what they used to do in karaoke songs is they would have the words, and then any time an instrumental would come up they would just go to some still picture of two people being romantic. And it would pixelate into it like with the same sort of pixelation you saw in Space Invaders.

Right, right. Yeah, very early, early pixelation video game vibe to it. And so all of a sudden I was surprised to see the one lady video that I went and shot in college. They took stills from it, and there I was as a young man dressed in denim riding a horse and there I was. So I'm in karaoke videos.

You are, but you're singing the song and when they get to the musical instrumental part you say, wait a minute, I'm going to show my pictures about the show, and we're like, get out of here. And like, oh my God. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That's a flex.

That's what's called a karaoke flex. Thank you very much. I've never seen, I've never seen that before.

Thank you very much. No one can ever take that away from you. That's the sports phrase. They'll never take that away from you. That's the sports phrase, even though I've never met anybody who on retort of some player or athlete saying no one can ever take this away from me, actually attempt to physically remove it from that person. I've never seen that ever before.

I appreciate that. Never before. Can I, can I just segue into something else, which is I'm going to take something away from Warren Sapp, who was a guest here earlier, right? So Warren Sapp in my memory was the MVP of the Superbowl that they won. He was not. But he was not. It was a defensive player named Dexter Jackson.

A safety, right? Yes, it was. Correct.

Yes. So for, so the reason I thought that is I met my wife at Jimmy Kimmel's first show on Superbowl Sunday at Jimmy Kimmel's backstage. And George Clooney was the first guest and Snoop was the co-host, Coldplay played. And I have said for 20 years, it's been a, we just celebrated our 20 year anniversary. Yes, happy 20th anniversary.

Thank you so much. Same with Jimmy too, right? I mean, sure. And for 20 years I've been saying, and then they flew in Warren Sapp because he was MVP. He was not.

He was not. And I just found that out moments ago and I, and it really is messing with my reality. So what do you mean you met your wife that night, but she. She was with some friends and they snuck in to see the show and I was with, I was watching the Superbowl with Adam Scott at my house that I had just, I just bought a house, I had no furniture in it. And Adam came over and Joe Truglio and Paul.

Yes. And we were watching the Superbowl. I had my TV stuck in the fireplace cause there was no, I didn't have anywhere to go and we were just sitting watching.

And then he, and then Adam's girlfriend, whose wife now was a producer on the show and he's like, I'm going to see Jimmy Kimmel. So I was like, oh, all right, I'll come. Having no idea your life's about to change. Having no idea that I was going to meet my future wife. And and so then I went and then I ran into my wife and then we started dating and got married two years later. Fantastic.

And so we celebrated our 20th during Superbowl Sunday by of course flying to Vegas and going to see RuPaul's drag show. Is that what you did? Yeah. Yeah. That was our Superbowl Sunday. That's a heck of a Superbowl Sunday. Yeah, it was delightful.

All right. Fantastic. And, and, and I didn't watch the game. I, I, the, the, what I saw, the best part of, of the Superbowl, and it was great, was my dear pal, Paul Rudd, super excited about the win with his son, Jack, talking about how thrilled they were.

And so I was like, I got everything I needed from the Superbowl by seeing that. And I told you as you were sitting down that Jack, his son, sounds just like his dad. I mean, he had the same cadence, the same everything, the same love of Mahomes.

I mean, yeah. I mean, his, his son, I mentioned it on the show on Monday. His son said, you know, I just want to thank Patrick Mahomes for existing, which if you close your eyes, it would have sounded like Paul.

It sounded like Paul. I know. And what's interesting is, so Jack was born, Jack's a little, a couple of years older than I, so my son's 15 and my son is now within the last four months is now 6'4". Dude. And he gets in my mug and he reminds me that he's a good three inches taller than me. Dude. He's 6'4". 6'4". Wow.

Can Marino. 15. Unbelievable. Everybody check out Party Down, third season of Party Down, Friday, February 24th at midnight on the Starz app, all Starz streaming on demand platforms and on linear. It's going to be debuting on Starz the same day at nine Eastern time. Thanks for coming on, man. Congrats on the show.

Sure. Thank you. I mean, thank you for having me.

Anytime. Look, I got my Patrick Ewing socks on. I had no idea. Did you do that just for this show? I did.

Did you really? I mean, I had them and I just put them on. I can't say I noticed that when he sat because I'm a big Stance socks guy.

So when you sat, I was like, oh, he's got Stance. And my New York Yankee sneakers on. Okay. Yeah. How did one how does one acquire the Patrick Ewing socks?

You just go to this store that sells them. I just know. No, I didn't know if it was like Ewing sock night at Madison Square Garden one night against like against the Washington Bullets or something when you were back in the day, checking it out. It wasn't.

I just went to a store and they had. Why Ewing? Just because. Well, because that's when I was deeply into the New York Knicks when I lived in Manhattan and I would go to the games.

You'd be patently let down by the final results. Listen, we did okay. Michael Jordan destroyed everybody. He did. So there's no like, so let's get past that. Right. And then he did. All right.

They did okay. Jordan didn't exist. No. Ewing would have rings. Charles Barkley.

Barkley would have a ring. Malone. Stockton.

Probably. Stockton Malone would have a ring. Reggie Miller.

Go back to back. Would Reggie ever ring? Maybe.

Maybe. Reggie might have a ring. The Pacers team was good.

Magic would have another ring. Yeah. He killed everybody. Drexler. Drexler. Yep.

He would have a ring. Yep. My God. Yeah. And a team Elijah won, right? A team. Rockets might have. Drexler might have had with two teams. repeated or four, yeah. Dan Warley would have a ring. Oh, a team won.

A team won. No. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. When Jordan was out. When Jordan was out. Right.

And Jordan would have a three-point basket. No. Block, block, block. Four blocks, right? No.

You just kept going up. Excuse me. That was the season, if I'm not mistaken, Jordan returned, and they weren't that good yet.

If I'm not mistaken, I might be mistaken. The season where Elijah won beat the Knicks is when John Starks couldn't make a three-point basket in a game six closer. How many baskets did he score in the game before? A ton. A ton. I know that.

And so what do you do? How do you score them? Score more. No. It was heartbreaking. It was heartbreaking. Charles Smith, 93. 93. Yeah.

It was heartbreaking. That was one of the years Jordan was out. No. That was the three-peat.

That was the first three-peat year. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That's what I mean. Yeah. Sorry. Anyway, that's why I'm wearing the socks, because I love Patrick. I love the Knicks back then.

Yes. Me too. And I just got... I sort of took a break from them, and now I'm back into them, and I'm enjoying this team. Same with Rich. I'm enjoying this team a lot, and I don't think they're getting as much love as they should be getting. I love Jalen Brunson. Yes.

And I think him and Randall are terrific. Yes. I enjoy...

I love... Every single time I see Coach Thibodeau, he looks like Rodney Dangerfield with his tie completely undone. What are you going to do? Exactly. He's playing the... Hey, get back on defense. What are you... Exactly.

I got to burn our time out over here. He's complaining to the refs that he doesn't get enough respect. He kind of looks like that, like a Hirschfield drawing of Dangerfield is what he looks like to me. Of Dangerfield?

And I do like the Josh Hart acquisition. Yes. I just saw some highlights of him in the last couple of games, and he looks like... He's really good at D, right? He's really good at defense, which we need. Yes.

Yes. And he's energetic. I just can't stand the owner. The owner gets me all upset. That guy, I just... So I put on a mask when I went back to Madison Square Garden so the facial recognition wouldn't notice me, and I went back. It was really great. Well, I think- It's a great place. I think I love Madison Square Garden. Me too. And I love... I mean, I love the Knicks this year. Okay.

They're great. So for season four of Party Down, I'll see you in your Julius Randle socks, and let's do it. Yeah. Let's do it. Let's go. Are your Quentin Grimes socks?

Couldn't be there, Nick? I don't know. We'll see. Quickly. Yeah.

The manual Quickly socks. Very good. The third season again at Party Down, February 24th. Thanks again, Ken Marino. Thank you so much.

You're the man. We're back here to wrap this show up with your phone calls and the latest on what's going on with the Arizona Cardinals' new head coach. For decades, Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today, Rolling Stone Music Now takes over in podcast form.

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Go to and win your job hunt right now, All right, let's get to our darkness retreat, friend. Let's do it. Well, his name has disappeared on the sheet. His name is Jason. Jason? Jason, where are you calling him from, Jason? Mr. Eisen. I'm coming in from Seattle. Attaboy, Seattle and Jason. So now, what's Aaron Rodgers going through this week? Do you know?

What do you got? What do you think? Well, thanks to my experience. So I've been on nine 10-day silent retreats over the last 20 years. You call them silent retreats?

It's what you call it? The silent retreats? Silent retreats, yes. Silent retreats. All right.

And two of them involve dark and soundproofed rooms. And so I thought I would give you the logistics, like how it goes, what the results are, also like why in the heck somebody would do this kind of crazy thing, right? Sure. So for me, I was coming out of a divorce, grief-stricken, and a friend of mine was like, well, we've tried lots of other things to get you out of this dark place. Why don't you go try to do the silent retreat? So I did. And then once you get enough advanced in the program, you know, you go a couple of times. You're allowed to choose to be in your own quarters, you know, in solitude, choose to go into dark rooms. And I thought, well, I would like to do that.

So I've been through a few of these and you start meditating at 4 a.m. and the meditation periods are typically between 60 or 90 minutes. And then you have a lunch break. But again, no communication. So they take your phone. So I mean, if you don't mind me chiming in every so often, they take your phone away. You don't have your phone. There's no communication.

Your phone, your laptop, you're not allowed to bring any food in. So they like, you don't have to handle anything. You just get to relax and focus on yourself and what you need to think about. And to get through it. So right when you say, well, but you know, so part of it is you don't think like I've heard Brockman, you know, and you guys chat about because I'm a daily listener.

Thank you. It's like, do you talk to yourself? And so the point is to actually notice your thoughts, let those and sort of laugh at them and let them subside and really just focus on the sensations of your body and really get centered.

And so if you see a thought coming in or you're noticing or having a dialogue in your head about somebody, something happened in the past or something you think you're going to do in the future, that's sort of missing the point. And so, but that happens like they consider it successful. Like the meditation teacher considers it successful, it's successful if you have three minutes of silence in your mind. And so everybody also experiences some point of extreme agitation at some point along those 10 days.

For me, it was day four, you know, where I was like, I got to get out of here. You burn through that though, and you really settle in. And so you come out, the quantumists, you come out like you're like the eye of the storm and no matter what's going on in your life. And I have it, that's probably one of the reasons that Aaron Rogers is such an amazing quarterback if he's been doing some of these things, like no matter what's going on, he's just sort of chill.

I mean, I don't, there's things about him I don't like, but let's leave that for another conversation. But this kind of, you know, the vaccination thing and like, but again, that's another conversation I know. But in terms of the results of like, I come out and people don't know, I've been through that and they're like, wow, you seem really different. And it's just because I'm so centered, so calm. And I, you know, I can't help but suggest to anybody, like there are donation based organizations do this, like this 10 day Vipassana retreat, not all of them in darkness, but it is tremendously valuable for your relationships and for your life. So let me just, in the minute I have left here, so he's doing it for four days.

If he spends a certain, what is the darkness part? Like you sit in a room and it's really like, and you can leave whenever you want, right? I mean, is that what, is that the way it works? Yeah.

What is that? Okay. Yes. You're still not supposed to communicate with other people. So, which includes eye contact, even gestures, you're supposed to, yes, yes. They consider, they consider eye contact communication.

So even with, and so anybody else who was in this retreat, even anyone else who's in this retreat, just head down, especially other people in the retreat. Yeah. So what do you do? Do you read a book? Do you read a book when you're not doing anything?

I mean, like, what do you do for four days? You, I'm serious. So people get freaked out by this idea.

They're the ones that need to do it the most. You can also, yeah, okay. So, and I know we only have like 15 seconds left, so I just want to say that Rich Eisen Bump is real.

Introduce me to Peacock and Roku. Okay, fantastic. I appreciate you saying, you know what, you definitely sound very centered. So the idea that he's going to come out of this, or utilize it for having a clearer mind to make a decision, does that make sense to you?

Or that's just, it's just- 100%. 100%. Okay.

Any major life decision, you will have clearer thinking when you come out of it, anything. Thank you for the call. Appreciate it. Thank you. Call back. Does that now make up for not knowing what the hell we talked about?

Oh, I think- Two days ago? 100%. Now we got it. We got it.

We're professional. No eye contact. Ah, it's a tough one for me. All of this stuff would be tough. It would be very different. I could do it. It would- You can't do it, Mike.

You could do an hour. You can't be 15 seconds silent on a plane. True. Please.

You sit in the front seat in Ubers. Yeah. True.

You can't do this. You'd be the one that wouldn't last. Before we go out of Dodge, Jonathan Gannon is the new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, and he was asked the magic question, you're a defensive guy, this is all about Kyler Murray, and the last guy who was here is the quarterback guru, an offensive guru that was hooked right up to him. Who's going to be the offensive guru du jour for Kyler Murray now that you're the defensive minded new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals? We're starting to look at some different candidates and looking at interviewing some people here in the next 48 hours, but I have a very specific vision of how I want to play on offense, and the person that comes in here to run the offense is going to understand that everything that we do will be structured around the quarterback position to maximize his skill set, and we have an elite one. Okay. I mean, it makes sense, but- Well, good plan.

I guess the universe is open to anybody but Cliff Kingsbury. Guess so. That's the answer, and then of course, let's not forget everything that happened with Kyler Murray during his negotiations where the team felt it necessary to codify matters about studying and tablet time and what that might mean about his relationship with his teammates and how Jonathan Gannon handles that, but maximizing Murray's talents. That's making sure like, hey man, you've got to figure whatever way he wants to play is exactly the way the Eagles just did it with Jalen Hurts. Let's get three, four running backs into an offensive line that's crazy and let Kyler Murray throw the deep ball whenever he needs to, right?

Yep. Tight end. Zach Ertz is already there. Maybe keep DeAndre Hopkins in town. We'll see, man.

We'll see. Got to wrap it up for this show. Thanks for joining us.

Thanks to Ken Marino and Warren Sapp and Mike Florio. We're back to wrap the show on the Roku channel in a moment. You love Lala Kent on Vanderpump Rules.

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