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REShow: Stephen A. Smith/Justin Fields/Deebo Samuel - Hour 2 (2-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 9, 2023 3:12 pm

REShow: Stephen A. Smith/Justin Fields/Deebo Samuel - Hour 2 (2-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 9, 2023 3:12 pm

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith tells Rich why the Suns have no excuses for not winning the Western Conference following their Kevin Durant trade from the Brooklyn Nets, why the Mavs or any other team won’t be giving Kyrie Irving a long-term contract anytime soon, why he’s predicting the Chiefs-Eagles Super Bowl will be a nailbiter, his new autobiography, and why Dallas Cowboys fans should brace for more disappointment next season. 

Bears QB Justin Fields tells Rich which areas he’ll be working to improve upon this offseason, how he responds to critics who say Chicago should trade him and select a quarterback with the #1 overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft, and more. 

49ers WR Deebo Samuel tells Rich why he won’t even look at the Vince Lombardi Trophy until the Niners in a Super Bowl, if Trey Lance can lead them to the promised land next season, and why he’s picking the Eagles to top the Chiefs on Sunday.

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This is the most insignificant yet potentially most significant statistic of Super Bowl 57 I'm dispensing to you. This is the Rich Eisen Show. This will be the first playoff game ever Patrick Mahomes wears white.

Live from the Super Bowl experience in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Still to come, host of ESPN's first take, Stephen A. Smith. Bears quarterback Justin Fields. 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel. NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci.

Hall of Famer Evan Smith. And now it's Rich Eisen. Well hey everybody it is our number two of the Rich Eisen Show live on the air here live on the Roku channel. Live on our terrestrial radio outfit.

Live on Sirius XM and Odyssey. We are thrilled to be here planting a flag at the big game for the Roku channel. We were here all day yesterday.

We're going to be here all day tomorrow. We've got a star-studded list. We just said goodbye to Deion Sanders. Stephen A. Smith is about to make his way right here live on our set. So much to talk about with Stephen A. Smith. Obviously with the Kevin Durant trade that went down and has lit up the Super Bowl city of Phoenix, Arizona.

And Glendale and Scottsdale. Everybody around here can't wait to see him in a Phoenix Sun Valley of the Sun uniform. Stephen A. Smith is making his way here on our program. And also Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears will be here. Deebo Samuel is going to make his way here. Steve Mariucci is going to make his way here. And then Emmitt Smith at the end of our program at hour number three. 844204 Rich is definitely a number for everyone to dial right here on our program. And then also we've got ourselves DJ Mikey D is in Deez Nuts.

TJ Jefferson and Chris Brockman here as well. I'm looking over my shoulder to see if Stephen A. is in fact making his way here. And I think he is. How great was Deion man? I mean I say that every time, every single time that he leaves. He is great every single time.

And how does he leave a living room without getting that paper signed? Right. Like come on.

I know. Listen to for the first time ever and stream the Super Bowl for free by streaming it. Super Bowl 57 is streaming for free on Westwood One this very Sunday. Catch all the action on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station. Streams are by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports. It's time to say goodnight to that check engine light with the free AutoZone Fix Finder service.

It will help troubleshoot the likely cause of your light for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone.

AutoZone. Again, Deebo Samuel will be making his way here at the end of the hour. Justin Fields as well. And joining us right here walking on the stage live on the Roku channel and so much more is none other than my good buddy from the worldwide leader in sports, Stephen A. Smith. Looks like a guy like I just walked all the way here. Give me a second before I step up. Good to see you, sir. We're here live on the air. By the way, the best selling author as well sitting down right here.

He has been crazy. Congrats on your book. I appreciate it. By the way, just to start off with that.

We've got to start off the way we're supposed to start off. How's the wife? Let's get that out of the way right now.

Suzy's fantastic. And she adores you, by the way, as you know. It's a mutual adoration society.

You go back a long ways. I know that. It's so funny.

These guys are like, wait a minute. That's another person that Suzy knew before you did? That is correct. That is correct.

That is correct. What's up, y'all? How you doing, man? Good to see you.

All right. You've got a set up here. Yeah. To your left, you've got what looks like a whole Subway sandwich display right here. What are you doing with that? I've got to level up that experience, man.

You've got to go to I mean, there's a lot of stuff going on. That's why I'm here. They've asked me to be a part of this. I'm honored.

You know what I'm saying? I like my turkey and cheese heroes and stuff like that. That's all I usually get from them because I just order a bunch of sandwiches all the time. It's like somebody spotted me buying these damn turkey and cheese heroes, but I love them. I love them.

I've loved them for years. So when they asked me to come here, I said, hey, that's the least I can do. Exactly. Subway A. Smith here on The Ray Pison Show. We can do that. We can do that.

Let's call it, for the purposes of this segment, subway.smith. I like that. Okay. I like that.

You can do that. So it's a trivia contest that you've done? It's a trivia contest. Obviously, I'm going to hear fan engagement and stuff like that. We're going to play some trivia games with them today. Between 1 and 12, you've got the answers in that category as well. Okay.

That's what I'm going to do. As a matter of fact, I've got a question here. For me? I've got a question. I was told you were coming with a question. I do not know.

Are you ready for this? Because you know your football. Okay. You know your football. I do. I learned a lot of my football from you. Okay.

I appreciate you saying that, Stephen A. What's the record for the most combined fumbles recovered in a Super Bowl by both teams? Really? Yeah. Really? Yeah. That is a very specific stat that I don't know.

I said no record for the most, just give a number. No, these guys, don't give me any hints here. They're looking behind.

Can't see anything. I'm just guessing. Do we know which Super Bowl it is? Do we know what it is?

How about Dallas Buffalo? Oh. Oh. Well, you know I know the answer to this.

Well, I mean, because you're a Dallas Cowboy fan, which is something I was going to try and hide again for Stephen A. from being here. That's right. I'll go seven. I'll go seven. Damn.

What is it? Is it right? Eight. You were close. Price is right, you would win. You were close. You were close. This is Price is Right rules. You were close. You were close. What do I win?

What do I got? Listen, there's a lot of stuff to win. You like Subway. Of course.

There's no disrespect. Who doesn't? You like to eat. You like to eat. I mean, there's a lot of stuff to eat there. Your 12 different menus are crying out loud. I mean, there's a lot to eat. Like I told you before, my favorite is the turkey and cheese, but that's just me. I'm with you.

I would choose the same thing too. You know, that's what I try to do. With the triangles of cheese on it all the way down. And you know all the way down. You got to get the foot long too. I'm not a little.

No, no, no, no, no, at least the foot long. That's how we got to do this. All right. How you been, man? So I'm great. Good to see you. Yeah.

Same here. It's rare to be in a Super Bowl town. Everybody's talking hoops. Well, you know what?

It happens like that sometimes. You know, Phoenix just traded for Kevin Durant. I think that makes Phoenix the favorites in the Western Conference. Denver is still a team to be reckoned with. You got Jokic, Jamal Murray's been looking better, Aaron Gordon's been having a sensational year. They've got some depth shooting athletes, et cetera. But when you think about Kevin Durant, Devin Booker, DeAndre Ayton, and Chris Paul in the lineup, I don't want to hear anything about another team being a favorite in your conference.

You got that kind of crew. This is not Kevin Durant with the Splash Brothers. That was a different level. But this is close. And to me, when you look at the rest of the Western Conference and the fact that no one's been able to run away with it, now that Kevin Durant is coming and really, really joining a quintessential prototypical point golf for the first time in his career. That's not Steph Curry. That's not Russell Westbrook. That certainly wasn't Kyrie Irving.

But it definitely is Chris Paul. And you got a guy that's going to get you the ball in your spots, that's going to run the offense, that's going to play the leadership role, takes that responsibility off your shoulders. You got a stud in Devin Booker. You got a big man, DeAndre Ayton, who is no scrub, he's no Giannis Antetokounmpo or somebody like that. But he's a seven-footer who can ball and can give you 20-10 on a night-in, night-out basis. There is no excuse for anybody else to be the favorite in the Western Conference.

What about favorite, period? Well, I look at Boston. I can't dismiss Boston. They're the reigning Eastern Conference champions. Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown are stars. Robert Williams, once he comes back healthy, is a defensive presence you can't ignore. Malcolm Brogdon was picked up in the offseason to add depth to their bench. Marcus Smart is the reigning defensive player of the year.

Derek White can ball. And you just look at their personnel right now and the way that they've been playing on both ends of the floor throughout the vast majority of this season. I can't dismiss anybody who would see Boston as the favorite. But I would tell you, Boston and Phoenix would definitely be an epic final series. We can't dismiss Milwaukee either. But I think because of what Phoenix has in its arsenal, I definitely think an outside chance with Dallas. You gotta give Memphis an outside chance. Gotta respect that. But the Western Conference to me really comes back, comes down to Denver versus Phoenix. The East comes down to Milwaukee, Boston. Do you think Kyrie's stay in Dallas ends in the same way that his stay in Boston and Brooklyn ends?

No. Because he's got everything to lose. He doesn't have a contract locked in where, you know what, I'm signing four years, $136 million.

And I know that if I screw around and mess up this year, I still got three additional years left to go. He's playing for a new contract. Dallas could give him a two-year deal and over $80 million right now. They're likely not going to do that. He's not.

He likely doesn't want them to do that. They're in a position where they have his bird right so they could give him a max deal at five years, $272 million. Nobody on this planet is thinking about giving Kyrie Irving a long-term deal. Year to year, he's worth every penny that any other superstar would be worth because he's box office.

You walk through the turnstiles to see this brother perform and when he shows up, he puts on a show in most instances. But you cannot trust him more than one year at a time because he's proven that he's distracted by a multitude of other things that don't have anything to do with basketball half the time and that it can disrupt your franchise and he wants to march to his own beat. You're not going to trust him long-term. I can't see anybody giving him a four-year or five-year guaranteed deal in excess of $200 million. I mean, there's a sucker born every minute, but the bottom line is you got to find that one for me to believe that that's what's going to happen for Kyrie Irving.

Yeah. I mean, if somebody came in with the resume in the Shark Tank and Cuban would pass, he would say, I'm out with that resume. So he's going to bounce around then, because if he... Not necessarily. So then he'll stay one year at a time with a team that says no to a long-term contract that will piss him off? I don't think he'll say no.

I'm sorry. I don't think that it's going to be a situation where he'll get a one-year deal. I could see somebody offering him two years.

This is two years. Do I see somebody offering him three, four-year guaranteed dollars? Well, they've got to be in a desperate situation as well, which is where Dallas comes in because on one hand, Luca's dying for another star to defer to, to give the ball to, to take some of the pressure off himself. Because every time he gives you a lead, he goes to the bench, they lose it inside of two minutes.

So that's been very frustrating for him. The Dallas Mavericks in return want to see what he'll do when he has that superstar. Are you willing to be deferential? Are you willing to let somebody else take the last shot?

Are you willing to spectate and watch while somebody else puts on a show? Because the one advantage that Kyrie Irving has is that he can literally look Luca in the face and say, I've been where you're trying to go. He is a champion. He did average 27 in the NBA finals. He did hit a big time shot to win a championship for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He did all of those things and he's a perennial All-Star who can average 28 in his sleep. So Kyrie Irving doesn't have to be deferential in any way on the offensive side of the ball to Luca Doncic. Now, Luca Doncic knows that, but he knows what he brings to the table as well. So sometimes it's him, sometimes it'll be me. That could be his attitude, but he has to at least have that attitude. It can't be, well, here's the ball to you, Kyrie Irving, for the first three quarters and then the fourth quarter is mine. Kyrie Irving was leading all players in scoring in the fourth quarter. So he doesn't have to be deferential to anybody.

It's going to be something that chasing kids is going to have to handle, but it's a good problem to have. Stephen A. Smith here, courtesy of Subway. A couple more minutes left with him here on the Rich Eisen Show and the Super Bowl experience in the downtown Phoenix Convention Center.

Who wins this trophy Sunday? Well I haven't made a decision about that yet, Mr. Rich Eisen. I will tell you that I think it's a nail biter. Listen, I am allergic to blowouts as much as I'm allergic to scrubs. I can't stand scrubs. And when you come blowouts, nothing ticks me off more than looking forward to a game and then it's an annihilation.

I don't expect that to be the case here. I think that it'll be a tight four contest. I think the Eagles should be the favorites, but Mahomes is a superstar and he's a difference-maker. If you've got an offensive line that can protect him, which he didn't have two years ago against Tampa, but he has now, it's going to be real interesting to see. Eagles lead the league. What do you have, 70 sacks this year? You've got Reddick that's got 16 and a half. You've got three other dudes that's got 11 sacks. You've got Fletcher Cox that's got seven sacks. They get to the quarterback. They're loaded defensively all around even though their secondary is considered their soft spot if you talk to some players like Deebo Samuels was telling me yesterday. But at the end of the day, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs, they're going to have to put up points to win this game. It can't be some 17 or 20 point outing.

I think it's going to be a situation where if you're going to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, you've got to put up about 30 points and I don't know if Kansas City could do that. You spend a lot of time around Philly, obviously, Stephen A. The fact that they're back in it with a different quarterback-coach combination six years later, five Super Bowls later, it's truly unbelievable. Everybody's been talking about Jalen Hurts. He's my most improved play. He's a top two candidate for league MVP honors. I'd have to say that I'm leaning towards Patrick Mahomes deserving that more than him slightly because you lose Tyreek Hill. You've got the number one offense in points, yards in passing. So I've got to give that to Patrick Mahomes, but I will tell you this. To me, the star of the Philadelphia Eagles is Howie Roseman. This is a guy that had the job taken away from him because Jeffrey Laurie wanted to give it to Chip Kelly for crying out loud.

He wet the bed. Thank God he's out of the pro sports and he's back in college where he belongs, all right? Howie comes back, hires Doug Peterson, a couple of years later wins the Super Bowl with a backup quarterback because Wentz goes down near the tail end of the regular season. That Wentz experiment ultimately falls through.

That's not working out. You draft Jalen Hurts with a second round pick. You put him in a starting lineup in his second year and you retool this team.

You acquire A.J. Brown and now here you are again with Nick Sirianni as your coach after you let go of Doug Peterson. So I think that when we look at Howie Roseman, I mean, you just got to give credit where credit is due to him and Jeffrey Laurie because what owner do you know takes power away from somebody but gives it back to them?

That's what Jeffrey Laurie did. And what guy do you know as an executive retools and wins you and gets you to two Super Bowl, wins the Super Bowl championship with a backup quarterback and then comes back with a second rounder and he's back in the Super Bowl again because of the way he's retooled the squad which is the most complete squad in football. Howie Roseman to me deserves a boatload of credit for the job he's done.

Especially in all the defenders that you were talking about up front we didn't even talk about in Domic and Sue who is dynamite and he was also on that Bucks team that chased Mahomes around when his foot was compromised the last time they were in the Super Bowl. So you're leaning towards Philadelphia. I'm leaning towards Philadelphia but I haven't made a final decision yet. When does that happen? Tomorrow's first take. Tomorrow's first take.

Tomorrow's first take. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to try to save it. You know. I understand that. I understand there's platforms here and congrats on Straight Shooter a memoir of second chances and first takes. Congratulations on that. Yeah I'm just I'm kind of surprised I mean it's third week on the bestseller list.

I expected success I didn't expect that you know but it's good. You're Steven Eastman. I'm learning that. I'm learning that.

Look at you. The humility. I'm learning that. I'm learning that.

When I work out there and people are like where do I buy. Yeah. But it was a lot of personal you know I don't really talk about myself personally like that and I didn't know how that would be received in all honesty. There was a sports book maybe that wouldn't have been a successful but I would have expected more success. Yeah.

I didn't know what to expect when I decided to write this book so it was kind of surprising and pleasantly so as to how people said it's motivated them so that does humble me. Okay. Yeah that does. Vegas it's Dallas versus who? Well we know it's not gonna be Dallas. We know this. We do know this. I mean they McCarthy might be calling the plays.

Kellen Moore's in Los Angeles. So first of all Kellen Moore congratulations on him getting another job and being in a better situation because you know you're in LA with Justin Herbert as opposed to Dak Prescott who's no scrub but I don't think he's Justin Herbert. So that's one thing. Number two McCarthy's got some things to prove. This is it for him. He's got to get it done. I kind of thought that Dan Quinn would ultimately get the job.

Yeah. I figured something like that would happen had they lost to Tampa. Once they beat Tampa I knew that McCarthy would be safe but in the end listen I don't know how many times I have to say this to people. I've only been right for 28 years and 27 years and counting.

I mean some way some time somebody's gonna listen to me. What can go wrong will go wrong. I mean you just have to be patient. You know in Dallas fooled everybody because they were winning games and they won 12 games yet again and CD Lamb emerged to be this number one receiver.

Tony Pollard made up for what Ezekiel Elliott was lacking. All of this stuff going on. All I ask the American people be patient. Take your time.

It's coming. They will not let you down and sure enough sure enough that's exactly what they did. You can't make it up man.

You can't make it up. So now when they when people yell at me and they say how about them Cowboys instead of being annoyed by it. Yes. What I respond is by saying how's Cabo. That's where most of them are. They in Cabo right now. They in Cabo right now. They ain't in the States. They don't want anybody to see them in the States because people gonna laugh at them. They can't take it so they in Cabo somewhere.

We understand that. They got their vacation. They'll come back. They'll be respectable next year too but they'll be inferior. They're not gonna be better than the Eagles and they're not gonna be better than the San Francisco 49ers.

Neither of those teams the Dallas Cowboys gonna be better than so you know more will come. You're the only one I refresh my Twitter feed for after a Cowboys loss. I wait and I really I really like the the way that you hold your phone and it's it's you're not on camera right and it pans over to you.

Yes. It's a beautiful thing. And then we wait for the laughs to start. It's a beautiful thing. They torture everybody man. They're like cockroaches man.

I mean nuclear bomb drops it's gonna be rats roaches in the cowboy fan that come out. They can't they they they are always who they are but this year touched me. It touched me. It touched you. It touched me because I could see the fear in the cowboy fan. I could see the fear. You know usually they're bold and they're like oh please but this year when I was messing with them they were quiet because they were like he might be right again. And they were scared to death and they were scared and I saw the fear and it was so beautiful to see you know and then they went up there they showed up in Tampa and they they manhandled the Buccaneers and I was like and this was the beauty of it. So they beat Tampa that was a Monday night game.

Yes on ESPN huge. And the beauty for me was I was telling everybody five days I said six days five four three I said I said countdown I said cuz they ain't getting through this Sunday. It's a wrap. You know so I said y'all had y'all nice moment and they were like please please but they were scared and I saw it. You don't know what it felt how good it felt for me to see that fear in their eyes. They were so petrified because they knew it was coming and then when it came you know I couldn't find cowboy fans anywhere. I couldn't find couldn't find them.

I was like this I'm so surprised but it was beautiful. Stephen A. Smith everybody. Sorry TJ I just had to ask you about your Dallas Cowboys.

To make your Super Bowl better with Subway series sandwiches go to or the subway app. Get the new book Straight Shooter a memoir of second chances and first takes with the great Stephen A. Smith. Love you. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you for being here. Chilling out in the Roku Channel purple room is none other than the quarterback of the Chicago Bears Justin Fields is next. He is indeed.

Next on the Rich Ozzie Show. For decades Rolling Stone has set the bar for entertainment publications. Today Rolling Stone music now takes over in podcast form. You seem like a person with a pretty high level of anxiety but you also seem fearless artistically. I feel like ideas have more power than identity. Like the excitement overrides insecurity.

That is the only way that I'm ever able to accomplish anything. Rolling Stone music now wherever you listen. The Rich Ozzie Show radio network is back with our Roku Channel stream right here from the Super Bowl. Sitting at the Rich Ozzie Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Hanging out with the quarterback of the Chicago Bears Justin Fields courtesy of C4 energy drink right here on the Rich Ozzie Show. Alright sir how would you rate this year for you? Yeah you know of course there was a lot of ups and downs but you know I think just with the culture of our team and kind of the foundation that we built this year and the attitude that you know we want to have in going into every day in the office and playing every game you know we we play for each other and you know no matter what our record is no matter what the scoreboard is you know we can be getting blown out in the fourth quarter. I know that you know the guys that I'm playing with are going to go out and give their all for me and that's just the you know mentality we have so I think you know just starting off with that culture you know you know I think you know we'll continue to grow continue to get better and you know next year we'll definitely have a better record. I know this is not what you want to be known as but the the Bears may just be the best team I've ever seen wind up first overall on the clock.

You know I did not look at you guys throughout the year and think this is the so-called worst team in football. Yeah I did not think that not for sure there were a lot of games I think it was like six or seven where they were right you know within one possession so you know a lot of games where you know we could have came we were where we just came up a little short to where you know if you know one possession gets changed or we score in the last drive you know the the whole flip the whole script flips so you know next year we're just going to take advantage of those you know opportunities when you know those late game situations and you know capitalize on. Did the game slow down for you this year? I think so I think so you know I think with the experience I think you know with just the reps you just learn to be calm in a chaotic environment you know and you know the big D lineman or you know trying to sack you and stuff like that I mean you just have to be calm as a quarterback and stuff like that so of course you know I still have room to improve but you know I'm definitely seeing improvement for myself this year. What worked for you this year then what would you say Justin? You know I would say as an offense I think you know moving the pocket worked for us a little bit and then of course when the play wasn't there you know just just trying to make it play so you know there's areas in my game where I need to grow but like what give me one I would say in the in the in the short game in the short passing game just you know the kind of the gimme throws the the run alerts the bows and stuff like that I feel like you know I might have gotten too lazy on them and just really miss easy throws.

Is that a footwork thing? I think so it's definitely a mechanic thing so yeah so I mean just fixing those mechanics and you know now is a time where I can really get back into it and kind of focus on that so when the season does roll around excuse me so when the season does roll around uh you know um you know clicking on all on all cylinders so yeah. What about the idea Justin Fields here on the Rich Eisen show narrative let me go for narratives here that you get beat up too much that the way that you play that you you got hurt you know obviously you didn't finish the season at the position totally makes sense but um I mean yeah I mean my mentality when I tuck the ball down and run is to first of all protect myself because I know if I'm not there not out there on the field then I can't of course perform for my team so uh that's my first you know thing I'm thinking of is you know don't take a big hit and I got hurt you know in the Lions game week seven or week 16 yes uh on a pass play so uh you know go figure yeah right so because I'll be honest I'm watching you play Justin Fields and my first thought that I think is your first thought when you're carrying it is you're going to score yeah I mean that's what I'm thinking and it doesn't matter if you're you're running it from your own 15 you're thinking there's 85 more yards I can get here on this carry right now for sure I mean I think you just have to be smart in certain situations knowing you know where you are in the game you know it could be first and ten first quarter I mean you don't want to you know risk a big hit that early in the game for you know potential two or three extra yards but you know there are times where you know you get later in the game and you know your team might need an extra bit of yards or it's you know third fourth and goal and you know you're trying to score a touchdown or third down and you're trying to get the first down to where you know you might need to you know put your pads down for a second and you know take a hit and get up and play the next place Justin Fields here on the Rich Eisen Show who is your uh who's your inner circle who you lean on for advice where you get something off your chest who is that I would definitely uh say my dad for sure your dad yeah what what are you willing to share about your conversation with your father my dad knows everything about me uh from you know football to personal life to everything and um you know he's he's kind of been that guy that I've you know talked to that I've looked up to my whole life so um you know I'm very blessed to have a supporter like him and whenever you know something's heavy in my heart or you know whenever I'm you know might be thinking about something too much I always you know call him and kind of you know get his opinion on it and he usually just tells me to pray about it and kind of gives his two cents so uh I would definitely say him anybody who's played the position professionally that you uh no not really I feel like I don't have like a great uh relationship to where I can just go talk to anybody about that but you know I'm looking forward to you know building that um you know our head coach Coach Flusch just met Steve Young so I'm looking forward to getting you know getting together with him and talking to him a little bit about okay you know the quarterback position a little bit you know about playing quarterbacks all right give me what would you want to pick Steve Young's brain about um you know just everything just you know the ups and downs um you know how he played the position and you know what his mindset was going into each week going into each and every game and stuff like that so that's the kind of stuff I like to all right let's just jump into the the conversation about the Bears being first overall on the clock yeah are you ready for people to start questioning whether you're the quarterback of the Chicago Bears next year I am uh I think they've you know they've already been you know saying that so uh you know um how I look at it is just you know controlling the controllables um you know no matter you know what happens you know with me um you know um I can control what I can control and that's how I approach the game that's how I you know train for the game and you know how I carry myself you know within the game so it's just you know those three aspects to where you know uh I kind of just have to you know look myself in the mirror and kind of say what can I control and you know if it it is what it is and you know just just just move on and you know be the best quarterback I can be and you know now this now is the time where I've been you know trying to grow um personally spiritually as a quarterback so I mean I've I've you know grown a lot these these past you know a few weeks in the off season well I want to front load the rest of this conversation with you knowing and you know there is an I in my first and last name and I am an on-air individual so yeah I have an ego but I I don't suspect you will know what I've said about this subject matter beforehand I think the Bears would be absolutely insane to trade you yeah and choose somebody who's not done it yet even though it's somebody who I'm sure you know well and Stroud I I don't they'd be nuts to do that but there's the whole due diligence thing that the Bears are going to have to do with the first overall pick or say that just in case somebody thinks that they might go in the direction of a rookie quarterback so they can get the most out of trading that pick and keep you did have they spoken to you about their draft strategy at all um yeah no not really uh you know after the season we had our exit meetings and you know talked a little bit about that talked about you know what you know they could have done as a what we could have done in the building uh to improve you know just the facility and stuff like that and you know what I need to work on in the off season so it was a good exit meeting and um you know just just looking forward to of course getting together with my guys this off season getting better with them and you know looking forward to training camps but obviously that's just a day after learning that they have the first overall selection I mean they're going to start digging into this thing um do you want them to tell you if they're bringing in a kid to work out or you want to be kept up to speed on this oh yeah for sure I think you know everybody uh would love honesty in the process so um I would definitely you know like to know that and you know it's a it's a business so I you know totally understand um no hard feelings but you know like I said I control what I can control and control my work ethic control how I you know carry myself each and every day but you've don't you think you've already proven your worth as the quarterback of the bears you just rolled your eyes a little bit I figured I'm going to ask a question I know the answer to but I want to hear it yeah I mean I think you know I've shown a little bit but I don't think I've shown uh the world what I can do in terms of you know playing the full quarterback position and playing it consistently you know I think there were you know sometimes this year where you know I was better than others you know late the like my last game of the season against the lions that that that wasn't a good game so just being more consistent you know for my teammates for my coaches and you know for the fan base so uh you know once I do that once I you know just keep progressing and keep getting better then I'll be good but they have just to put a button on this part of the conversation you have not heard from anyone the bears this is our plan we will keep you up to speed we'll let you know if we have kids at the quarterback position to come in and work out because I think they're going to have to do that to be honest with you to make sure that people think they could potentially replace you to get as much as they want for the first overall pick or just get a defender to go to battle on the other side of the ball for you yeah I mean not for sure I haven't had those conversations you know I think they take a look at you know free agency first and I think you know now they're probably starting to prep for the draft stuff so uh but I haven't had you know conversations like that all right Justin Fields here on the Rich Eisen show you want to make a prediction on Super Bowl 57? I don't know the score is going to be but if I was a better man I'd have to you know choose the Eagles um I think their depth on the d-line is crazy I think you know they have great DBs great linebackers and I think they're they're loaded on offense from the offensive line to you know Jalen to the weapons outside to their running game so I think the Eagles are going to pull this one out really yeah do you realize that this is the ever everybody's taking the Eagles all of a sudden yeah I mean I don't know Dion and Stephen A and Jamar Chase um you know yeah I think it's is I think the only one it's Trey Lance you're you're one of your draft classmates Trey took the Chiefs because he said that it wasn't a real game in the NFC Championship game that's what he referred to it I mean he's probably a little bit saucy over the over the uh we got Deebo coming up next okay I mean you know me having a you know neutral head and me not you know having you know choosing a side I'm right I'm choosing the Eagles have you ever connected with Mahomes in your uh no we actually played in the pre-season and uh so got to talk to him before the game but I haven't really got to conversate with him much all right what do you think about this trophy what it would mean to you to lift it yeah it's beautiful um I definitely hope I get to lift one one day um I mean it's it's it's beautiful it's it's really what you dream for yeah it's your number one goal it's the reason we play this game so uh it's awesome I definitely you know hope to be holding one of these up excellent and uh again C4 energy drink you drink this after each practice before yeah so it's an energy drink so you know whatever you get a little burst a little burst okay yeah and and it gets you right so you know okay whenever you work out whenever you need it just just just take you a little sip all right I see TJ you're sipping it behind Justin here taking this to the head so the next well be well it's your face right you're not talking about the other the other version of you know going to the bathroom or anything like that just be careful all right so you'll be set for the next hour and 20 minutes of our program I'm ready to go all right and uh last thing Justin I will bring this up I know you guys don't want me to bring it up but I'm going to because I brought it up with Garrett Wilson the other day yeah sorry Justin sorry in advance no he's got the ultimate flex and return he's got I'm walking into something here okay uh when you took on the Jets this year um and you and Garrett were in the same building um it was the day after uh another game that took place um in Columbus yeah and the fact that you were able to focus I told this to Garrett focus on playing a professional football game at such a high level that you both played in at it was very impressive to focus were you were you were you weighted down by the result of the college football game from the day before I mean I was I'm not allowed I was um and of course you know I heard it from a few teammates few coaches from in the building but is that right yeah it is what it is though you know who's next year I think that's their second win in what nine ten years so no no no no no no no second if you don't mind me correcting in a second win in a row those are the those are the words so I mean if you want to compare that little two to seven you got it I mean what y'all got y'all lost the TCU I mean nobody expected that right no no y'all did get a big change so hey your two teams played against each other in the other they did they did yeah there oh look at that I love my production team so terrible what is it see it's funny how one man's terrible is another man's pure joy yeah you know it's amazing how that that's what that's what a rivalry is all about so who's the Michigan people in the building that were giving you crap for it um so we had uh Michael Schofield oh yes yes uh oh Lyman and then there's a few other guys in there okay we had a D Lyman uh Taco he went to uh oh yeah Taco Trump yes sir okay he went up there uh-huh and um yeah so a few guys you know they were you know trying to bet me with the game and stuff like that but um okay yeah a few guys were giving me uh some some some some worries after that one all right so you really want Georgia to lose when Ohio State's taking on course you know I'm always rooting for o-state for sure okay always isn't it is it isn't it the o-state it's the Ohio state okay okay I just want to make sure yeah for sure because I get confused and you know not that soon whatever you just had up there we call that the team of north the team of the team of north we don't even say the name like we don't so what's the name of the state when you said you took on the line in total honestly I feel so weird like saying the the name of that state just because it's like instilled in me like I'm telling you when you're at Ohio State and it's that week to play them you got their jerseys on the ground you're walking over their jerseys you put their uh logo in the toilets you're peeing on the logo like they don't play any games and they prepare for that game 365 days of the year so that just shows you how serious well just to show you what a high class individual I am I I welcome you with open arms anytime you want to come here good luck good luck over the next several months and look forward to having you back here appreciate that's Justin Fields here right here on the Rich Eisen Show when we come back Deebo Samuel is currently in the Roku Channel purple room and we are back here on the Rich Eisen Show on our Thursday of Super Bowl 57 week here in Phoenix Arizona and one of my favorite players to watch in the NFL and thrilled to finally meet in person after having him on the show on the phone a couple times from the San Francisco 49ers courtesy of sleep number Deebo Samuel good to see you how are you good to see you man I'm doing good how you doing I'm going to share if you don't mind what you said when you sat down next to the Vince Lombardi Trophy you looked me in the eye and you're like I can't sit next to this thing wait man I'm gonna do it for you I appreciate that but what what why don't you want to sit next to the the Vince Lombardi Trophy I mean hey man um been close three years out of the four I mean um kind of felt like this year was our time to do it and um what a coincidence of what happened to Brock and also Josh to you know I'm saying I would not go not be able to finish the game without a quarterback so I mean so that's the way you're viewing the fact that you couldn't make it here correct is circumstances that did not go your way like that and so you're not even looking at the trophy you won't even you won't even look at it I could see that okay um I I would move it but it's you know you're good it's very valuable you know I mean I can't you know I don't have the proper gloves on you by the way you got it touched and the only way you touch it is with gloves unless you've won it that's the that's the way it goes cool cool cool it sounds like you're not cool about this it's funny we had Trey Lance here yesterday and he said um he didn't he called the NFC Championship game not a real game it was not a real game would you agree with that oh yeah I would definitely agree um at the end of the day like all you want to do is have a chance if that makes sense of course um but after losing both quarterbacks you know that chance goes slim to none so uh knowing we can't pass the ball and already down 14 knowing that you have to pass the ball or I mean you're not gonna run the ball 70 times to you know I'm saying kind of get back in the game that's just not how the game work and when obviously the opponent know that you can't throw the ball I mean I'll load the bucks and just put all 11 in the block like Phil go block and just tell them go tackle the man with the ball so um what do you think about the season as a whole it was it just it was just a quarterback centric season that's where no one could stay healthy or is that how you view your I mean I mean I wouldn't even say um can't stay healthy I mean injuries come with this come with this sport I mean it's a contact sport number one where it's the imagery sport out so I mean um Ben is his lead I mean you see you see a lot so um I mean no one we didn't want to see Trey go down at all but luckily we had Jimmy and so um Jimmy comes back in and Jimmy get rolled up on and then um you got Brock who came in and stringed 12 straight which was amazing um just to see how poised and how humble and all the all the stuff that he put in to even be in that position to get us there um and then you get there and just you just and after that game you just reflect on all year long like starting with OTAs to to camp to week one up and up until now just thinking about all the hard work you put in just to get in that position and then just not having a actual chance to really compete the way we supposed to. So if this winds up to be Trey's team again you're you think you can win the championship next year?

Yes sir. Because he said he it was also uh fascinating to to see him say he does not want the job handed to him he wants a quarterback competition. That's that's just that just shows you the type of person Trey is knowing um the 12th streak that uh Brock came off of and I mean nothing is going to be handed to any quarterback that comes in. Kyle is Kyle is going to make sure everybody get a fair chance to compete to be the guy that runs the offense. And how's your relationship with Kyle? I mean um relationship with Kyle has been crazy um what do you mean kind of like starting from the senior bowl just uh just being around him just to see how he act how he walk around and his perspective of things um me and Kyle are like brothers if that makes any sense um for us you know it's not all about ball it's about life it's about building character it's about everything it's not just about football. Can you share some of those conversations? I go I go and I go in Kyle's office every Monday and Tuesday at that game and we just like chop it up about whatever it is like um one thing I like about Kyle he's he's very like confrontational and I'm very confrontational as well so whatever's on my mind I mean I'll speak it and like we even built the relationship of it don't matter how we feel like we got to get off our chest and we'll talk about it and move on. So how was it was it difficult for you to place all this aside when it was about business at this point in time last year it was this is when it all started it was it was but um throughout the whole process like uh I wasn't I wasn't kind of ignoring them I mean we were still talking here and there I was still talking here and there it's just you know uh communication issues with certain stuff I I ain't going to speak about but um in reality I mean business is business so um everything got handled and I'm right where I wanted to be. You are right where you want to be Deebo Samuel here on the Rich Eisen Show uh sleep number what's your scoop with them what what's your you got one of their beds you got what what you got a number a trach showed up with his app yesterday and he's telling me like his numbers and he's cool he's cooling his feet in the bed and I mean he was just right the the best bed out man I'm four years in right now I'm four years in right now um sleep is the number one thing in the recovery and um the more you sleep and how comfortable that bed is I mean it's outstanding um especially the 360 smart bed I mean 80 percent of the league is sleeping on this yeah it kind of show you how effective the bed is just just that fact alone okay so whoever wins the Super Bowl they're the most well-rested oh yeah sleep number sleeping people that's basically what it is that's how we could measure that yes uh but I probably got them in the hotel right now I mean the boys been here about a week sneaking it in there okay uh what do you think wins Super Bowl 57 Deebo um I'm gonna go with the Eagles you are I'm gonna go with the Eagles with this one I mean not I mean I don't I don't too much like him right now but it is what it is I just I'm just taking the Eagles because of my guy AJ Brown I mean just to just the hard work and just to see him work I mean week in week out I mean battle injury come back and just I mean I just want to see him get one just because how much the love that he had for the game and what I said love that he had for the game like the man each sleep ball I mean I've met him right before we got drafted we was training together and just being around the guys just it's just it's just very effective right you offer problems he's always open that's basically what those your your social media tags and handles um every single snap this year we were talking about it on this show over and over and over again how in the hell was AJ Brown traded I don't I don't get it I don't get it because again Devante Smith is very special and the running game is very special but AJ Brown is a piece that just takes the top off and a home run hitter like yourself like it doesn't matter where he gets it I mean you you could take it from the house pretty much anywhere he's he's putting his hand up and and it's a house call yeah man the man the man just like his ball skills is crazy though um probably one of the best hands I've seen besides uh one of my old teammates Kendrick Bourne who played for the Patriots now um but the way the way he just catch the ball you only get the way he catch it he really don't look it in I mean he just shuts his hands so much just to like he's got some really good mitts so um you know you saw the Chiefs this year too um and so what's the challenge to beat that team I mean they they were the I guess McCaffrey had just arrived in that game when when when you lost then you didn't lose a game until the NFC Championship game so what are you making offense is incredible like I mean you got the best quarterback in the game uh Patrick Mahomes back there I mean the man is unreal and the way he moved back there in the pocket the throws that he can make on the run it's just it's just crazy I feel like if it'll be a real tough game if they can't hold up that pass rush that the Eagles got okay so you like the it's it's uh again I know he's your teammate and he doesn't speak for everybody but Trey Lance I said who's gonna win he said Chiefs you didn't I mean it's gonna it's gonna it's gonna be a good one though I wouldn't say it's gonna be it's just one-sided right now at the point so what would it mean Deebo Samuel for you to pick up this trophy by winning it I mean it mean everything um from from Pop Warner Ball all the way now you just you just think about not you like all the things that you've been through through your life to even be in a position to uh getting close to holding one I've been there three I've been there three times out of my four um 2019 losing one I mean that that was the worst feeling ever and then um last year we just one play away from going to the Super Bowl again and then like like we just stated a little minute ago what a coincidence I mean this year we didn't have a quarterback to play with and now next year you will and you you know you just don't know who that's going to be so you think it will be a quarterback competition pretty comes back sure it's going to be what Kyle just don't have nobody to job okay very good I appreciate you coming here man sleep number is check it out at 19 problems with a z on twitter and instagram I'm just going to make sure everything you know you know it's all right yes sir okay um anything else that I need to know about you Deebo Samuel no man you heard it all you cool with living in uh San Francisco that was one of the that was how was one of those things last year that wasn't good man it wasn't great would you like it yeah okay it's good I got Deebo Samuel right here on the Rich Isaac show that's right next to the Lombardi Trophy we'll be back for the hour three and Steve Mariucci in a moment but we're still on Roku for about another uh 90 seconds all right so what was the biggest thing that you heard during your business decision time that was the most false like it was definitely not saying it was false I mean they know nothing about anything that you didn't want to run it as much that was false I didn't want to be there uh live there I want to live there was false like like everything they was putting out they was just like people put out anything I mean I could take two steps they'd be like Deebo walking like that I mean that's just how that's just how it is right now I don't know I remember that video of you in a club and somebody held up a sign what did that sign say like what did it say like uh you're you go back to San Francisco whatever and you were just shaking your head no and everybody's like look out Deebo is not doing it but that wasn't the case at the time nah okay now you're back yes sir fantastic on your sleep number bed so you want to make a prediction for next year before I let you go no predictions um just get ready for this off season man and just what are you doing huh what is your off season um I'll be I'll be out here in AZX I was um beginning of March and just hit the ground running okay watching maybe the NBA Finals with Kevin Durant what did you think of that trade that was that was crazy like they got some they got some power over there now like on we got Deebo you got Katie and CP3 Chris Paul like okay so you know where to get your NBA Finals tickets through this guy right here Deebo Samuel here on the Rich Eisen Show we'll be back with more hour three coming up.
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