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REShow: Hour 3 (2-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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February 2, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Hour 3 (2-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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February 2, 2023 3:09 pm

Rich and the guys react to Patrick Mahomes’ latest comment about his high-ankle sprain heading into the Chiefs’ Super Bowl showdown against the Eagles. 

With Tom Brady’s retirement, Rich weighs in on what it means for the spotlight on LeBron James as the Lakers star closes in on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time NBA scoring record.

Rich and the guys react to 49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan saying the team will part ways with Jimmy Garoppolo and debate if the Niners should let Trey Lance and Brock Purdy (elbow-permitting) battle it out or bring in a veteran QB.

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Thank you guys for allowing me to live my absolute dream.

It would change a thing. This is the Rich Eisen Show. His first Super Bowl was the 9-11 Super Bowl. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Rich Eisen Show.

Brady goes out there and wins the Super Bowl. Earlier on the show, Bucks sports rules analyst Mike Pereira, Tampa Bay Times Bucks writer Rick Stroud. Coming up, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes indeed, yes indeed it is. Hour three of the Rich Eisen Show. Live on the Roku Channel here on the Thursday before Super Bowl week. We are taking this show on the road next week in Arizona. We're going to be in the Super Bowl Experience in the downtown Phoenix Convention Center Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week.

Our guest list is Chef's Kiss. I could not be more excited about next week on this program especially since it'll be the first show from the big game ever streamed on this wonderful platform Roku and the Roku Channel that we call our home and have since September and hope to call as our home for a very long time on the Rich Eisen Show. We're free every single day between 12 and 3 Eastern Time and we are going to show everybody who might be new to this program because you're watching us on the Roku platform on all Roku devices.

Select Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, the Roku app or the You're watching us for free. You might be new to us. This is when we really, I'll say it, when we shine. This is when we do our work. It's kind of a hangout show for all three hours. Who's at the Super Bowl? They just come and just hang and sometimes we have guests merging and guest gridlock which I love.

We have two chairs. We've got multiple microphones. It's Mike Del Tufo going crazy trying to make sure everybody is all mic'd up and heard and it's just it's a lot of moving parts and we're all excited.

We've done it for so many years through our previous partners and excited to do it for the Roku channel next week and you at 844-204-rich being the number to dial. Great chat with Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times last hour talking about what the Bucks are going to do at quarterback and he gave the old shrug emoji. Do not know.

Do not know. Last time the Bucks made the Super Bowl as we all know it was against the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes and it was his foot in that game that we were all wondering if it was healthy enough right. It was the old foot and his problem that night is his offensive line was banged up coming into that game and so was his foot and his protection and it wasn't looking good at all. Certainly when you got Viteve and Ndomek and Su and all those guys coming at you.

Shaq Barrett my goodness coming right at you. LaVonte David, Devin White oh my goodness and the Chiefs fixed their offensive line right then and there in that following offseason and then it was the back end that kind of got exploited in the AFC Championship game by Joe Burrow in the second half of that game and boom Brett Veitch is like we're gonna fix the back end. We got a back end. We got the trenches handled now they're back in the Super Bowl and now it's about Mahomes's ankle.

It's a little higher up from the foot. Mahomes spoke today and as you know we are all over ankle coverage. Last week if you were surprised by how Mahomes played on that ankle in the AFC Championship game you were this is your bad, your fault.

You are not taking in this program. We were on it. The it being the way he stood on his ankle at the podium riser on the Wednesday of Championship week. We noticed how he took the steps the mini steps down the riser. We were like okay it looks pretty good and then the next day when he stepped off that riser without using the steps just one step off the riser. No hitching his giddy up. We're like he's good.

GTG good to go. Look what happened. Made the Super Bowl. So we're on it and if it was a BP a Bengals problem. Oh yes it was a BP. It was a it was a a TP, a VAP.

Their problem. But see here it is now. Thursday before Super Bowl week his first Patrick Mahomes and his attached ankle media availability. How's the ankle? Did he take a step back? Oh yeah.

When he got hurt in the third quarter of that game, tie game. Yeah. Was that a step back? Because he's taking step forwards. Now is it a step back? Here's his answer.

No I don't think so. I just was generally sore I think from the game and it was a physical game. I mean my whole body was a little sore so I don't think I had any step backwards or anything like that. I know like re-aggravation of the ankle.

Just the general a little bit of pain I had playing with it. But other than that I feel like I'm in a good spot. I don't think I'm in a good spot. There you go. All right, good spot.

Look that's great but I need to see video. I need to see them walk off to fully assess the situation. I don't think anybody in the media is doing that anymore. Well we are. We're not there otherwise we'd do it.

That's true. I just wonder is like Henry Winkler flying out there to give him like a a little calf massage. I don't know what he's talking about. A little calf massage. Mr Miyagi like that.

Miyagi do karate. I don't know. I think that was a couple years after Night Shift. He wasn't in that film. But you know Pat Morito was in Happy Days so there is some sort of Kevin Bacon connecting in the dots we're doing here.

All right, ankle's fine. 844-204-rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show. We've been asking all day what sports day would you relive like Groundhog Day? And the way that we're asking that sure you'd like to relive the excitement of the day, the beauty of the day, the warmth of the day, but also it's like the film that's airing over and over again today kind of like us on channel 210 on the Roku channel is that we want you to potentially step in try and change something because you're bored with the monotony of reliving the day and then maybe you get angry. You drive angry. Don't drive into the quarry.

Don't drive angry. 844-204-rich is the number to dial. First in first up on this Aaron in Wisconsin. You're on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up Aaron? Hey guys. First things first.

First things first. I don't mean to interrupt you. You're not Rogers are you? Nope not Rogers. Okay very good.

All right. Aaron in Wisconsin. But this is the Kyle Pitts eat my sweatshirt guy. Hey what's up man?

Kyle Pitts eat my... Now I said I would eat I would eat your sweatshirt. If you're not are you calling? Are you a truck driver right? Are you a driver? I'm a food delivery driver. Food delivery driver and you once upon a time called and said that Kyle Trask would be chosen number one overall and I said I love the guy but if they if that happened I would eat the sweatshirt that you were driving food around in right? Is that is that correct? Almost it's Kyle Pitts going to the Niners instead of Treyland. There it was.

Yep got it. Okay so um so my moment is uh game seven uh Cubs Cleveland World Series. Um I uh was six years old when I was at an arcade and brought my little Cubs plastic hat um back to the table and told my dad how happy I was and he said no you need to go get a different one they're never gonna win and uh my teenage uh childhood sweetheart uh was breaking up with me when the Cubs were blowing up the NLCS against the Marlins in L3 and so uh yeah it was a nice moment to finally see him come through and win. So hold a minute are you saying during the Bartman moment your high school sweetheart was breaking up with you is that what you're saying? Yeah my mom was my mom was yelling at me because she's like you're gonna regret it if they win this game and you're spending time on the phone with that girl.

Your mom is right always listen to your mom. Wow oh my goodness all right thanks for calling Aaron greatly appreciate it. Hang up the phone from your high school sweetheart and pay attention to the game says Aaron's mom. His phone calls are some of the most amazing phone calls I'm sorry. In 2004 in the middle of watching PTI and I thought that was going to ruin PTI for me forever. Five bad minutes is that what it was? I still watch it. The rundown the rundown was girl breaking up with us. What was it what was it?

In 2004 bad January of 2004. I still watch PTI 20 years later. By the way why not? It works.

It works. Same guy still doing it. Chris in Redding California where I got my TV start. What's up Chris? Hey Rich how's it going man?

How's it going? How old are you Chris? I am 45.

Okay so wait a minute if you're 45 let's do the math. I was in Redding in 94 to 95 so you would so you you would have been in your 20s huh? No I was in high school.

I was at the uh I was at the newly vintage Foothill high school playing playing football for the Cougars. Did I cover your team? You you may have yeah for channel seven there. Channel 7R I might have been out there with my three-quarter inch camera my big huge ass coaxial cable attached to the deck over my left shoulder. Making sure that the exploits of Chris in Redding California made my 11 o'clock sportscast. Did you score touchdown Chris?

Um my my uh sophomore year as junior varsity against Central Valley High School. I was a defensive lineman. I caught a deflected pass from the quarterback.

He got hit. I caught it out of the air and returned it for a touchdown. Yes I did. Central Valley is that in Cottonwood? Is that where that is? In Central Valley? Well it's known as Shasta Lake City now.

That's right. North of Redding. Just north of Redding. That's Central Valley.

Okay very good. Uh what what do you got there Chris? So you know being from Redding I'm a Northern California sports fan and if I could go back and change I have two for you um I could say I would want to change the Kirk Gibson home run off of Dennis Eckersley as a as a young man that pretty much tore my heart out. Now I mean here's a difference here uh Chris it's not back to the future where you can change the future you could you could try to disrupt it for a for a day but it it still happens the next day you know what I'm saying that's the problem but you could do it once I guess you could run out there and tell Eckersley don't throw it there you could do that I guess yeah I mean the other one was going to be the uh Charles Woodson hit on Tom Brady the tuck rule. I like it thanks for the call Chris say hi to everybody out there in the north state. There you go Central Valley my gosh I my first here's one I won't relive I told you the story about my first day on the job in Redding did I tell you this story first day I'm on the job in Redding California okay so that that equipment that I had this camera this camera I would and it was this huge coaxial cable that attached to a three-quarter inch deck a tape that you'd put in with two huge batteries like this big heavy you'd shove them in there and it was just brick they were bricks they were huge okay and it would attach to in this deck that you put the cable in to attach to the back of the camera it was in this you know uh uh conveyance that you'd had this strap and be hanging by on it was very unwieldy and so I've never done this before in my life never had this I so I I grabbed the equipment that my predecessor had put away in a claw in a drawer in a closet hadn't been used for like three weeks I grabbed tape two tapes and then I grabbed uh two extra batteries and kept the ones in in the machine and I ran and drove off to Cottonwood California about a half an hour drive away in the white Ford Escort with the Spirit of the North States 7R logo emblazoned on the side so everybody who went to this high school playoff football game knew exactly who was on the scene covering and there I was because it was my first day on the job in a sport coat and a tie because I had to do a half-time stand-up my job is to shoot the first game second half highlights do a stand-up with the coaches for this the last game okay and that would be a live shot there was a live truck there and everything and then I would have to shoot the highlights of the of the uh uh second game and then go back and edit it all together and go on the air and do it live oh my god my head was spinning so here was this again 1994 okay so I show up and I'm going to I'm going to uh figure out how to work this machine equipment I finally get it straight it's like the third quarter of of of the game and I look down at my machine and the battery lights are blinking like right off the bat because the guy with my predecessor didn't charge him and I had that so I'm like okay I got two batteries in the trunk of the car so I go back to the trunk of the car and I got my keys and I open the trunk of the car and I grab the batteries close the trunk and I think to myself okay I should probably get the second tape too right because if the batteries are out I should grab the tape now go to grab the tip go open the trunk for the camp can't find the keys where the trunk is the keys they're in the trunk of the car locked it out so then I look at the the live truck that's going to be there to do the in-between game interview live truck so I'm going to go I'll ask that guy for you know help you know to maybe just have a spare key or at least batteries I got to get the batteries he drives off he couldn't get a signal and didn't even tell me the new guy from New York go after yourself out see you out see you I'm now alone and I'm freaking out and these sweet people in Cottonwood California they come up to me and they say the 7R guy the local guy like hey you need help I'm like yeah I've lost I've lost my my keys I think they're in the trunk of the car do you have a slim jim mike you know what a slim jim is right yes it's this piece of metal this thin piece of metal that you could slip in and open the car and I'd hit and I'd hit the I'd hit the the uh the the trunk button and open the trunk and everything would be safe these sweet people thought I meant beef jerky they're like they had no idea what I was talking about I got this piece of medical here so here I am trying to trying to open the trunk of the car with my fingertips like rip it open it's my first day of my job I'm gonna I'm gonna get fired I'm gonna get fired I came all the way out here I finally was starting my career and got fired on day one because I'm blowing I'm not getting any highlights the live shot truck just went away I don't even know where the hell I am there's no ways there's no ways there's no nothing print out there's nothing nothing there's zero 1994 there's nothing I got nothing except batteries that are dead a car that's locked and I am pitting I I am like freaking because you're in a sport jacket out and these sweet people are now trying to like lift the car up and whatever so I just say screw it I just gotta get at least at least at least I'm gonna get these highlights with the two percent of batteries that's left and I picked up the the pack that had my deck in it and underneath that were the car keys oh and everybody was lifting the car up it was like the needle ripping off the record looking right down and right up at me like you are an idiot you are an idiot so sure enough I open up the trunk grab everything I need and I got done whatever I needed to get done and wound up you know not losing my job but smash cut to about a year or so later I I got hired by ESPN by Sports Center and that was actually a headline in the local Reading Record searchlight sports section that I was hired by ESPN yeah and I went to another event at this high school in Cottonwood and a couple of people were helping me with the car on that day came up to me and I saw the headline hopefully uh you'll keep your keys in your pocket won't want to relive that day Groundhog Day I understand that that's a lot of pressure that oh my god that was the first day of my tv job that's a little butterfly effect this too if that had gone wrong that will directly affect everyone in this room's life right yeah you know what I mean like I don't know maybe they wouldn't have fired me either way but good lord welcome to being a tv broadcaster day one of my job you can only get better after in Reading in Reading 844-204-rich number to dial here in the Rich Eisen show we'll take more of your phone calls on the day that you'd want to relive um and LeBron plays tonight let's talk about him because he's the 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scarring talk to a licensed specialist to find out if it's right for you 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial back here on the rich eyes and show at the rich eyes and show desk powered by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger is the right product for you call or just stop by lebron playing tonight fresh off his triple double at madison square garden i don't know off that foot that he couldn't play on in brooklyn the night before i guess he's just like if it's back to back i am not missing madison square garden and and and and he came off the the night of rest and triple doubled and i'll tell you what man i'll tell you what man let me tell you what man the way that the lakers played that night with lebron and anthony davis and russ who by the way got to give it up to russell westbrook coming into the season it was like no way no how could he work here in los angeles with davis and lebron certainly not coming off the bench and darvin ham has kept him coming off the bench he finishes the games anyway you know he's finishing anyway and he made i mean does he win six men of the year right now as we're sitting here week two weeks before all star break that's a good question i mean he's still triple doubling and double doubling his head off he's averaging 16 6 and 8 and he is finishing games he is finishing and the question about these lakers has been who's going to finish as much as you're talking about starting it who's starting you gotta have five guys that the coach goes this is how we're finishing that's it we're closing we gotta close out here certainly on the road certainly if it's a tough road opponent when you're home who's closing it out and in madison square garden it was russ anthony davis lebron dennis shrewder yeah and the new star of the los angeles lakers rui hachimura this guy can shoot threes block shots run the floor rebound that was a hell of a pickup man everyone's like okay kendrick none and a whole bunch of twos so what i don't i mean he could change the dynamic here i perhaps you know i know there's a this is all perhaps and ifs and buts but this guy can i mean what does lebron need lebron needs someone to spot up shoot the three lebron needs someone to run the floor and lebron needs somebody underneath the basket to block a shot that's not him coming from behind and blah he needs he needs that sort of assistance and this kid this kid well i mean the way that he plays the whole idea is like who are the shooters for lebron who's it this guy could be one and he's also tall enough he's a big dude you know rich you said something that i i don't think gets talked about enough we and i thought this back when i was in elementary school you said who's finishing the game and i feel like so much emphasis is put on who's starting who's starting in the all star game right who's certain the fact of the matter is you're right when the game is close you need your five best on the floor to actually win the game and the lakers didn't have a have that combination they don't have it hard i think ham has been searching for it for sure and this kid is kind of giving him a solidifying presence on that front because who have they been closing games with really been bryant every now and then lonnie walker i know that but lonnie had his time lonnie walker played well for a while he could say that's my five on the floor they certainly closed it out in the garden reeves has been hurt and he was out right too true so i don't know i don't know i and and lebron now he's 89 shy of breaking kareem abdul jabbar's all-time points record he's gonna do it he's got tonight's game in indianapolis right and then there's another one on the road against new orleans and then a home game against oklahoma city back-to-back home games against okc and milwaukee well the question is you know i don't know if he plays the back to back but i mean obviously milwaukee would be the most uh i guess fitting team to do it against if you're breaking kareem's record good one so also a team that you'd want to see him play against just because oh sure honest i know but so maybe they game it out in a way where he misses a game so the 89th point comes on that night against milwaukee with kareem in the building the two teams and no back to back they're all every other day okay he's got two days off between at new orleans and home for okc on the seventh because with brady gone now this is the guy who's on the clock in terms of an all-time great who's at the top of every single damn record for his sport how's his career gonna end how's he gonna look is he how long does he want to play if he keeps playing like this how could he quit how could he leave what else is there for him to do i mean it's kind of the same with all due respect to aaron rogers rogers is not at the top of the leaderboard in every metric by which your position in the sport is measured like labron i mean and he's on that clock now man and what he's doing right now is brady like stuff i mean triple doubling in madison square he turned uh 38 at the end of last month he's averaging 35 a game it's insane yeah he really is he's as good as ever he's as good as ever his team might not be but he's as good as ever and i hope he makes the playoffs this year man uh it it this league is so much better with him playing games that matter whether you love him or hate him or for some reason hate to love on you know love to hate on him people do um you know but but i i hope he makes it and i'll tell you i'll tell you what they they they're they're right there i mean what are they uh four losses out of fourth place i mean it's not much room between the middle of the playoff pack yeah the west in the west the west is really jammed together so uh sacramento's 29 and 21 they're in the three spot how good are they lakers are 24 and 28 so five wins between three and 13th so they're all kind of like you can see here they're all kind of like but there's nine teams in between that too that's a lot yeah there's a lot the middle is really you know all together in the west there's only one with labron a good two-week stretch and suddenly you can go from out to being uh hosting a plus that's why you know we're out to further out that's why when your arm gets slapped in boston and you you miss it you go crazy yeah i mean look i think his reaction was a little too over the top all over the top the fact of the matter is he had every right to be upset and you're right these games matter well and and those guys we didn't talk about it monday because this happened on championship weekend they were clearly still livid about it and and it looked like they were preoccupied by it in overtime which they by the way they they started behind him before it even started because pat beverly brought a camera out which was pretty funny to show by the way special that was here's a digital frame of how you just blew the call immediate t you expect you expect something like that from a football player the only thing more provocative to do to official is to is to go like this hand him a pair of glasses by the way or worse do you need these to look at the camera i'm showing you the still photograph and of you blowing the call and that it was pat bev was just even better yeah and that was hanging in the louvre type moment with him with the camera come on that's joe horn pulling up a cell phone that's to on the star you know that's everything that's you know sharpie out the sock that's you know that's just one of those moments so the lebron this is it now right brady's gone it's now lebron yeah for sure yeah with now with serena retired you know retired right last year and federer looks like his uh he's on his way out you know and same thing when the doll's been kind of injured and uh jokovich just won his 22nd major we also also have uh avechkin though he's there you go closing in on a record that i think no one thought would ever be touched it's closing in on wayne gretzky scoring record and goals you know goals yeah you know his i think i think i think gretzky's points uh record breaking of gordy how is the birth of my he got it call by the way he got it was uh when i was in grad school while i'm going down memory lane and get back to your phone calls in a second 844-204 rich while i was i was in grad school at the medill school of journalism hoping to get a job like the one that i damn near blew on the first day like i told you at the top of this hour i'm living with my fraternity brothers in dc because the last three months of the michigan the medill school of journalism northwestern school of journalism school was in washington dc i needed a place to crash just for a quarter and these guys lived in a spot in dc so i crashed in a room there while i went to school at northwestern and it was the night i think gretzky was breaking gordy house points record and it was on espn the game was on espn and we're all watching it and my buddy uh dave money satlin i'll call you out money he's dead asleep on the couch like cut and z's the point where we can't hardly hear i believe gary thorne's call on espn and um and uh gretzky shoots he scores we all erupt because the record's broken and um you know money just wakes up from his deep slumber focuses on the screen and goes he got it and rolled right over and went back to sleep on the couch and that was like our phrase that we used in the house for the rest of the semester which is like you got the dinner tonight i got it you're gonna get the you get in the garbage i got it i'll take it out like that's how we would use that to the point where at the end of the my time there in northwestern i said if i make it to sports center my goal is to make it there through this whole process of going back to school if i reach my goal i will use this as a catchphrase that's awesome man and he got it and now i'm using it calling football games that's dope when they split the upright at least once a game i'm doing it mooch mooch sometimes beats me to it he likes it he got it that's awesome that's one of my favorite stats though if wayne gretzky never stored never scored a goal yes he'd still be the all-time points leader ridiculous it's just like if hank aaron never hit a home run right still have 3 000 hits right you know it's funny a lot of the dumb stuff i say here same thing goes back to like you know the varsity thing that you guys hate my friends from college have been hating that much longer than than you well it's because you're arrogant about the cowboys it's not that we hate yeah that's when you're the cowboys is the varsity i don't think anyone would call that arrogance i'm trying to be funny not arrogant i realize you know what like i was trying to be funny showing that my fantasy team is up on yours ten nothing and yet you take it as arrogance that's that's that is being that is currently this is currently the fact if you go on our app right now nobody knows about this everyone knows that dallas is playing on the monday night but not everyone knows that dallas is the varsity until you say it and then it sounds arrogant just happens to play after the jv so all i'm doing is i'm just trying to be funny here okay okay how does that work for you it doesn't in this particular does it does it not you know suddenly shoe on the other foot i don't not so funny i don't think it's the same thing but sure if it gets you through the segment okay at least at least i should let everyone know for context there's 11 points that can be had so we're tied in one category like i'm a clown i amuse you thank you back to the phone lines here uh let's go to lonnie in los angeles what's up lonnie you've been hanging on for a while yeah man how you doing uh look my my groundhog day fantasy is super bowl is super bowl 20 okay the chicago bears destroyed the new england patriots now because and because of that yes i would do anything for coach dicker because of that i would go to hell for coach dicker wearing a gasoline jacket smoking a cigar and eating a pork chop sandwich this side of you we love this side of you lonnie we love the bear side of you but you know again you know again because this is a groundhog day movie that after a while you would try to affect something differently you would at one point get get the ball to walter paton at least one time when you relive that he scores a touchdown you're right okay let's make sure of that thanks for the call lonnie i appreciate you hanging out for as long as you did that is still by the way travesty i i mean i know the fridge was such a phenomenon you're giving him the football and walter patons in this game finally and you are absolutely going to win it because you're trouncing raymond berry's patriots in the super dome and you don't give it a walter pick that is travesty's word for it uh let's go to um robin in newport beach let's take your call here on the rich eyes and show what's up robin hey how you doing man what's up i'll tell you what yes um i think you might get this thing wrong but the onus of the groundhog day is to change the past not to relive it okay that's what bill murray did i was a kid and season tickets to the charges in 1963 my worst memory ever was the holy roll the holy roller september 10th 1978 at the old murph and murph was one of my favorite uh sports writers and it just killed me and all those uh rules have been changed yes they have yep and i i'd like to change that and if you look at the espn uh highlights of it it was me and my dad walking out my dad says we got this and everything and we walked out and we're above the thing now stands in there and they have a photo of me going like that we didn't talk all the way back robin thanks to call greatly appreciate it that's robin in newport beach i i'm sorry i can't leave this alone but i have to push back here the story of groundhog day is not to change the past it's about changing your past ways to get through the day and change your future path because you become a better person by reliving the same day over and over again it's changing your past ways your bad habits becoming a better person so the future is brighter tell me i'm wrong please i think that's correct that's that's what the movie groundhog day is about yeah it's about there's a better person again that's what it's about yeah it becomes a better person again take it looks free for instance bill just bill murray plays a weatherman who is too big for his britches feels that his station in life is bigger than his actual station in life and has no self-awareness and is an a-hole to a lot of people around so just imagine if they redo groundhog day and it's skip bailus starring in it wow okay and shots fired let's go i mean just i don't work with the man i've just you know heard a thing or two and you this is this is that type of person that you see on the air okay and skip has to relive the day what would be what lebron winning a championship right or dallas losing one like he's got to relive that over and over and over again until he becomes a better person who doesn't watch a football game at age 71 and take somebody's jersey and ball it up even though this guy's half his age and perform art by throwing it in the trash can and then finally he gets through the day and he's a better person for it and the future is brighter right i think i just described what groundhog day is music right i mean that's groundhog day too although you can't really have a sequel to something that's already over that you've relived and it's now over unless it's somebody else reliving a day did i just describe it am i wrong tell me i'm a little bit off according to what bill murray spent about 33 years reliving the same is that right yeah okay about 12 000 days so almost as long as it's been since dallas has been in the nfc championship game again see i'm already writing the script for skip to star in it yeah you're welcome the only thing is i don't think fox is going to produce that one or they will because they actually love this sort of stuff i don't know 33 years reliving the same day are you kidding me no chance 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich is the number to dial here on the rich isin show did i just step in it or what you guys like it when i work this way don't you uh yeah i mean because they deserve it okay i guess again i don't i don't work or know the guy i just can only see the persona or whatever like you see you see him oh he won't say anything mike is suddenly wait a minute wait a minute i'm doing stuff i'm doing stuff for the super bowl wow what is this by the way oh i'm not gonna lie he's a fox now so i am not part of it he's out i'm out guys he's out i'm a game guy he's out of this i'm a game guy i'm doing the world baseball class except the sunday morning football shows that i talk about so much that win emmys i'm a game guy stats guy and a game guy i'm a game guy and for weatherman pants guy don't forget you said that last week you're a pants guy it's weather look at you stats see it's kind of like you've lived this day over and over and over again and now that you've changed for the better you can move on no groundhog day that's what groundhog day is i've always been a better person thank you for robin for getting me on that jag by i believe mischaracterizing what the film is all about okay and the moral of the story is that you can't move on out of your bad ways until you change and then everyone around you including yourself is better for it in other words winter lasts so long when that shadow of your personality casts so much negativity spring is the hope that comes out of you changing your ways that's what groundhog day is about god bless harold ramus what a genius film let's take a break right here on the rich isin show the rebirth of the of the trey lance starting career in san francisco there will not be a groundhog day for jimmy garoppolo 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specializes in building the right teams for these employers they know how to match you with those job fits and when you score the position has a salary calculator that ensures you're paid what you're worth all the bases are covered so go to and win your job hunt right now san francisco 49ers had their season ending press conference and john lynch your general manager head coach kyle shanahan there brady's retired he's pieces off the chess board jimmy garoppolo couldn't return in time to be a backup and we saw what that had what that led to in the nfc championship game brock purty has a reported torn ucl tendon is throwing elbow the team insists it does not mean tommy john surgery which would keep him out as you know for a year they think he can be back for training camp and trey lance let it be known that his ankle will be fine well in time for organized team activities so it looks like it's the lance and purty train the last time that happened last summer they're like we can't go into the season like this we need jimmy garoppolo so here we are kind of back in the same spot last time this year at this point last year jimmy garoppolo knew he was gone he said goodbye at the nfc championship game press conference the anniversary of which was one year ago monday here we are on thursday a year later and the question was legitimately put to kyle shanahan okay so last year it was garoppolo gone lance was we assumed going to get the job you went and you drafted a kid with the last pick in the draft who wound up being an offensive rookie of the year finalist in just six starts five starts so what now and here was the answer from kyle shanahan i know we have two starters on our team right now that i believe we can win with um so when you have that situation you're not that eager to go looking around i wish you guys could see jimmy being back and if so what what would that look like no i don't see any scenario that yeah no i gotcha we mean garoppolo yeah i know gotcha we were here before gotcha there was no scenario no not a not a scenario and then he got hurt couldn't be traded then he was still around and we're looking around yeah groundhog day is right we're looking around and hey maybe you want to stick around because we can't go in with the last pick in the draft backing up a guy who's never done it for a full year it's unbelievable do you remember the first week of lance's first year the whole the whole conversation about the 49ers quarterback situation was what's gonna happen with garoppolo gives way to lance in the middle of a drive you're gonna actually switch up in the middle of a drive he's gonna be a red zone closer and jimmy g's gonna be between your red zone quarterback and that's what happened in game one if you remember the first touchdown pass of the season was lance in the red zone they brought him in and it's just like how's this gonna work and the smash cut to two nfc championship game appearances and losses later during which it was like how the hell did it have to work that way against the eagles now here it is lance we believe he's going to be healthy and purty we believe he's going to be healthy and we absolutely believe garoppolo is not going to come back no matter what it's unreal how this team's quarterback situation takes twists and turns and in the meantime around this situation is a ready to win a super bowl roster right now right now and they say they don't want to bring in a veteran either i don't know what that means i mean because if you think about it who is the veteran you're going to bring in it's going to be somebody who's going to want to start or thinks they can start what are you going to bring in matt ryan right no i mean who's the veteran that that be it's the end of the career that would accept a backup role would even matt do that of course not no i could see matt retiring or matt's like clearly no shanahan system why wouldn't matt just give it one last shot to compete not to compete but he won't he won't win the job oh what if he does well then roll it out again and hope that you have more than a 28 to 3 lead in the game that you want to win i'm sorry to say it that way but you can't sit here and go ryan can't run a shanahan offense well yeah he can he could win an mvp in that offense i don't know man crazier things have happened and to this team's quarterback room i mean we had 70 starting quarterbacks in the league this year correct bananas matt ryan was a starter then he was benched then he was not even going to play at all then he was resurrected then he was benched like he's not going to play at all that was his season you know i don't have time left in this show to talk about the niners quarterback journey this year crazy fantasy projections for next year trey lance 15th over there you go well we'll ask him as our first scheduled guest at the super bowl next week on wednesday but that's it for this thursday show thanks to rick stroud and mike pereira and you for chiming in on your groundhog day stories we'll have one more shot to get one of those in on roku to wrap up this show but we're seeing you on friday otherwise
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