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REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2

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January 31, 2023 3:08 pm

REShow: Albert Breer - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 31, 2023 3:08 pm

Rich lists his ‘Top 5 Storylines Coming Out of Championship Weekend’ including takes on Joe Burrow’s next contract, the 49ers’ big question at QB, poor NFL officiating, the Chiefs/Eagles Super Bowl, and Paul Giamatti’s ubiquitous Einstein commercial.

The MMQB’s Albert Breer tells Rich why there’s been a delay with NFL teams hiring new head coaches, if Sean Payton is more likely to return to FOX Sports or take a coaching job, if Jim Harbaugh is just using his NFL interest as leverage to get a bigger contract at Michigan, what could derail Tom Brady signing with the 49ers, if the Raiders will be able to find a trade partner for Derek Carr, and if the Bears will stick with Justin Fields or select another quarterback with the #1 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. 

Rich breaks down the Bears’ option with the #1 pick in the NFL Draft and says if Chicago trades Justin Fields, his New York Jets should be first in line to acquire the QB.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. For those of you who think we in the national media gush too much about Patrick Boonves, this is going to be a long day for you. A long two weeks.

A long day for you. Earlier on the show, 9 year NBA veteran Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf. Coming up, Senior Writer for the MMQB Albert Breer. Host of ABC's The Bachelor, Jesse Palmer. And now it's Rich Eisen. Ah yes, our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

Albert Breer is going to join us in about 20 minutes from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama. That's where most coaches who already have a job are there. And there's a new coach in Carolina that just got introduced. Frank Wright got introduced there. In the first hour of the program, he was talking.

We'll turn around the best sound bite that we can find from that shortly. Our number three Jesse Palmer who hosts The Bachelor will be here in studio. That'll be a lot of fun.

Chris Brockman and Mike Del Tufo in their spots. Good to see you gents for our number two. There you go. TJ Jefferson lit the candle about an hour ago. Good to see you TJ. I've done this each of the first two weeks of the playoff season which means I'm mandated to do it a third time. Plus you know I'm addicted to these lists now. I don't know what happened to me.

We talked you in for years. You know for years I'm like I'm not doing lists. I just want to do a list. Everyone does lists.

I don't want to be like everyone else. But I don't know why I like them. They're fun.

Because you said we were having fun and you wanted in on it. That's not it. I think so.

That's not it. I've always been anti-lists. I just always have been. It's just like because you're just like why don't I just talk about them? Why do I have to list them?

Why do I need to put them in order? Even back in the day when like ESPN you're doing the top 10s you didn't like the top. Well you hated the not top 10.

Bingo. I was the only SportsCenter anchor to complain about the not top 10 list. Why? Because you didn't want to see people fail. Plus the top 10s were kind of fun and it was like a throwaway at the end and sometimes you know whenever we were over time on our on our rundown whenever Stewart and I talked too long or bantered too long or you know got our producer all you know wound up because we were over our scheduled time and he had to cut some things in a rundown. The top 10 would go and it's just like and I always felt bad for the production assistant who worked so hard on it and it didn't make air. But then we would so that's why I didn't like those and then the not top 10. Let's take the athletes whose hard work creates SportsCenter and the need for it. Let's clown them when they don't do well.

That's what it was. I'm like I don't get it and then we would get feedback from fans how they loved it and I'm like what's the matter with you people and I think that's that's kind of funny that's where that's where my my dislike of lists uh first began. The not top the not top 10 was always like yes these guys are superior athletes I could never be them but every once in a while they screw up like I would.

Dude it's not like the Us magazine they're just like us they feed they feed meters just like us oh gosh they're they dress down they they dress down and go into the supermarket just like us no that's not it. When you're watching a golf tournament right and someone hits it in the water don't you smile and be like I could have done that. No I don't I could have done that because I know I can't do 99% of the other things that they do.

I can hit it in the water just like they do. So why do we need to actually put it in in in in a you know set to music with a with a oh and then now here's somebody who blows the layup oh gosh now here's what about here's somebody who just like who who creates an error what about when they put like would Joseph Asai be number one on the not top 10. Oh you know what I mean like that's what I'm saying these guys take this in their profession and take it seriously because it's fun stuff it's like games in April that don't matter like NFL follies yeah or like when they have the the big drunk guy who comes out at halftime to shoot the half court shot it's not the same and it finishes like 30 feet short that goes on the dot not top 10. Yes that's fine that's fun but this this stuff was like you know watching these athletes pratfall I didn't like it but now I now I know I I like the list. You just made the list. I know I like it I like it I like all of it. I need NFL films music top five storylines to come out of championship weekend number five on the list to me the Bengals are here to stay but at what cost and you see on the screen on the Roku channel you can see it for our radio listeners the S in cost is a dollar sign the window of winning in Joe Burrows first rookie contract is over over over conversations I would believe if I was the agent I mean what's the appropriate amount of time five minutes ago if I'm the agent I don't know what the relationship is they already had conversations already during the playing season and we just didn't tell Joe about it keep him out of it Joe's gonna get paid and he's gonna get paid a lot of money I would think whatever Aaron Rodgers is making Joe will make more he should he should he's better than Aaron Rodgers and the dance well it's as you know and it drives you nuts it's the truth but he's actually earned it it's the truth it's what the market pays for whoever walks into it at that moment it's his time to get paid and he should be paid the most of any quarterback in the NFL and the question is does he pull what apparently Lamar's pulling which is I want every dollar guaranteed does he do what Brady did all those years give the Brown family a hometown discount so Jamar when he gets paid there's money for him I get to keep Higgins I get to keep Boyd I get to keep my guys up front I get to keep those guys on defense and the question is how does that pie get cut up so the Bengals can keep on keeping on that is the new equation for Cincinnati because it's time to pay Joe and we all know for the first time they sold the naming rights to their stadium last year and that's because they were getting ready for this moment number four on the list for me it's the way we started the show who starts the next 49ers game at quarterback who starts it because Purdy is out with a ucl tear in his throwing elbow according to my friend Tom Pelissero at the NFL media group Trey Lance is it him will he be ready for the outset of the off-season workout program it seems to be the case do you keep Garoppolo around do you tell him stick around you love us we love you how about one more year to see how Lance is ready and Purdy's ready or what have you or do they just go for it and take Tom Brady off the free agent market and blow the roof off the sucker known as the NFL free agent season the hell going on month of March that would be the ultimate number three on this list is I think number one for a lot of folks the zebras NFL officiating it was a real bad weekend for the NFL officials weird stuff weird stuff like did the ball hit the wire or not it took two minutes weird stuff like oh the Bengals are off the field in the second half of an AFC championship game that comes down to every snap no wait a minute that third down play to bring on the punt never happened because one official at the back recognized the the time clock was running and it should have been stopped because the previous play was an incomplete pass and somebody one guy is waving nobody saw that guy play goes wait a minute no the play doesn't go and on the extra down the Bengals are called for defensive holding and the Chiefs get a new set of downs thank goodness that led to no points I mean it didn't affect field position and whatnot then there were the calls like the one at the end of the game people thought wasn't right because the side did push him I thought it was a proper call all the other stuff that happened in between including stuff that we saw the replay assist stop the game to fix but didn't this time like Marquez Valdez scantling reaching out for the first down and then pulling it back and Andy Reid had a burn at his final challenge to take a look at it isn't that the stuff that the home office in New York is supposed to be fixing on the spot to save challenges it was weird it was really disappointing is the way I look at it it led to the stupid stuff about it being rigged as if there's a memo that the NFL sends out to all the officials that will what like like uh Mission Impossible it destructs within 30 seconds so nobody can find a trace of it that they've decided that it will be Philadelphia and Kansas City and the Super Bowl why because somebody's grandkid loves Patrick Mahomes would be so upset that he complained of the the grandpa who owns this team who calls the commissioner and says this is what you're doing I'm calling in a chit you're fixing the game like get out of here with this craziness got to figure out how to use that sky cam judge better that's the way out of this thing number two on the list the top storyline to come out of championship weekend second top storyline is the Chiefs took everything personally they sure did man they took it all personally the Mike Hilton we're going to Burrowhead soundbite that NFL films caught in Buffalo and then the occasional repetition of it throughout the week the Cincinnati mayor opening his mouth and tweeting out that Patrick Mahomes took a paternity test to see if Burrow was his father I mean and and and the Burrowhead this and the Burrowhead that and I'm not saying all the Bengals did it but they went from you know they went they they got ultra cocky some folks in the queen city and the Chiefs heard it all and boy did they take that personally and um you know I the Bengals damn they're still pulled it off anyway but I just found that something to keep in mind how they rallied around Mahomes and the national conversation this show being part of it talking about how you know can Burrow surpass Mahomes is the top quarterback in the AFC if they win this game as if everything else before it never happened um that's number two and then number one is the obvious one I know I'm kind of finishing with a without a flourish here kind of like an old top ten list from Letterman where the last one was a throwaway but it's the Super Bowl I mean choose your storyline choose your storyline hurts Mahomes and how young they are and how accomplished Mahomes is and how Hertz is trying to get there and Hertz's journey and the fact that Andy Reed used to coach in Philadelphia now he coaches in Kansas City and you know Nick Sirianni used to be on Reed's coaching staff and now he's the coach in Philadelphia with Hertz and the Kelsey's I mean there's so many storylines I I'll give you a top you know I might do a power ranking of the Super Bowl storylines do you think we need one more all right we'll get all right I'll give you one more uh and this is one of the top storylines to come out of championship weekend it's when you see someone's brilliance on a football field and we saw it we saw it on on the broadcasts for weeks uh the brilliance um repeated over and over and over again till you're just like enough already enough already right enough and so many people felt that way about we talking about Mahomes enough and uh so many people said it and it was really remarkable they finally went ahead and did it last storyline is Einstein solo act as Kaput they actually switched it up on the Einstein Verizon commercial they actually had him say that he lost his cell service in a black hole did you catch that one somebody went ahead yes he showed up with his phone and he said my service is in a black hole which means these are they they had they had Jamadi give these throwaway lines and for some reason I don't know was the editor fired was the editor on vacation or something they just decided to keep the same damn commercial over and over again then we saw Edelman a lot this weekend yeah that was the one they were playing earlier this season somebody decided you know we do have to switch it up after all you know we were they went against tendency which is what you do to succeed in the playoffs you know you go against your tendency and what everyone's been noticing in on film and um I thought it was really uh a big story for me you feel better I do okay what are they gonna air this weekend are they gonna run it in college basketball or something I don't know pro bowl game maybe Tyler Huntley will appear he's been Einstein's out Tyler Huntley in how about them pro bowl apples there you go there's my top five storylines for championship weekend I am not gonna give up this bit I'm not yeah right figuring that out I'm aware starting to understand Nolan in Massachusetts let's take care of call what's up Nolan how you doing sir hey guys um thanks for having me you got it I just wanted to get your take on why the replay assist was used so sparingly in the championship round no question you know what I gotta get Pereira on it was now the reason why it wasn't used for say the Devante Smith catch um Nolan is because I don't think replay assist is there to stop the game like college football if it was college football you know they stopped the game they don't care about stopping the game in college football they don't care about stopping the game in college football from the fact that they have 19 million commercial pods and they don't they don't care they will stop a game to have two people shovel pass or or chest pass footballs into a soda can for for for tuition money they will do that they don't care if the game takes four and a half hours they stop it for every play so if Devante Smith one-handed grabbed it in a an sec championship game or a national championship game they would have stopped it to see if that was a an incomplete pass or a catch in the nfl they don't do that and I don't think replay assist is there to do that yet because it's got to be somehow clear and obvious um and sometimes that I I I I'm kind of searching for the words here because sometimes it's not clear and obvious when they did chime in in the playoffs like that was not a catch that was not a first down that was not a foot foot down in bounds and you're like wait a minute I don't know that was in dispute and they've changed the ruling before the next snap so I'm with you Nolan I don't know there was definitely something that happened where replay assist just went to sleep half the time or just said we're not gonna we're not in these championship games gonna chime in the way that we did the first two weeks of the season I noticed it too yeah well I'm I'm interested to see how that plays out this off season because I mean I also think the standard of having it applied in playoff games and not in regular season games although it's a new concept um I think it should be across the board all the time same you know right stringent rules and whatnot I'm with you I also just I also just wanted to say um I appreciate the solace you provided me um in the face of my Bengals defeat I went to bed on Sunday night pretty um frustrated kind of demoralized and I felt as though I mean we've been the bungles forever but I felt as though kind of legacies were being brought into question and oh gosh you know legacies let's just put it this way Nolan I appreciate you saying that like I said the number of times that that I have seen my team in the Jets lose I don't recall ever feeling like you know what we will definitely get them next year and we are and we we've got this thing down we got it nailed we got it nailed because in order to get it nailed you got to get the quarterback and the coach in the front office right you got to and you know but the first two are obvious and the front office is also I think somewhat obvious where they have to know how to surround the quarterback with players that matches what the coach wants to do because the coach and the quarterback are attached at the hip and with a brain sharing a brain so you've got that man you've got it you got it and and for some reason what you also have uh a coaching staff that the rest of the league for some reason doesn't want to poach which helps you too you know for for for uh continuity sake as well as to to run it back next year um so enjoy the chili brother you know take care of yourself thanks for the call that's Nolan of Massachusetts trying to find this moment here in the game the the Valdez Scantling play right the touchdown no the one where he reached it out and pulled it back and it was ruled a uh a first down it was ruled short and then Andy Reid challenged right yeah and Andy Reid challenged and it was ruled it was ruled a first down after all of that and then I believe a couple of snaps later replay assist chimed in to help the Bengals and I thought to myself well where the hell was replay assist on that replay assist is is there to say you have marked the ball wrong and then there's also I got a bunch of tweets when I said that that is the correct call right there I got a bunch of tweets saying showing me in the rule book that it's it's good if you reach out but if you reach out and pull it back I didn't think that was that's not good for a first down it's good to score to break the plane and you always see the quarterbacks when they run out of bounds they extend the ball but they don't pull it back they just keep it and their momentum is going rightward while they're extending the fact that he extended it and pulled it back took away the yardage for a first down and so it was weird all around we got I'm calling Pereira that's it I'm gonna take a break I'm gonna text Pereira on the line we need answers Rich bring me the mouth of Pereira that's coming up next with Albert Breer though Albert Breer coming up next back here in the Rich Eisen Show sitting here on the Rich Eisen Show at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you call or just stop by joining us here from the reese's senior bowl is one of our favorite Sports Illustrated Albert Breer back on the program what's up Albert insane I you know my wife thinks I'm a psychopath because uh she might be right I hate peanut butter but I like peanuts and she says that makes no sense it does make no sense makes no sense I think it makes sense I get it I never liked peanut butter as a kid I don't like it now um but I but I'm but I'm good with peanuts is it a texture thing I never really liked Reese's peanut butter cups or Reese's pieces because I wasn't a big peanut butter guy but I do like peanuts so I don't like onions and like onion rings so I hate it don't like onions love onion onion rings there you go same you're all weird nevertheless yeah but you knew that so wait a minute Albert and then we'll get to the football stuff in a second so are they giving out like is is there a peanut butter cup like on the sideline like where do they given stuff away like are they I haven't gotten I I mean I haven't gotten anything yet but I mean I I had a pair of shoes last year that I wore here that were sort of like like a lighter color sneaker they got ruined because you got that that orange Reese's cut that really distinct orange yes well the paint hadn't dried yet and so like all the time these nice sneakers that I had that were just like completely covered in that orange so I I do have some marks from the Reese's Senior Bowl um over the years but but uh but no no no free peanut butter cups to beat that well kids I would take them sure of course the kids from the Tennessee program must fit in right they must they they must you know camouflage like that's the same color isn't it yeah it's a very distinct orange and it's all over the place okay so well I mean looking down my credential my credit that the the you know like the lanyard is yellow is orange okay so okay so here's the deal if you get a free gift bag send the the cups to Brockman the pieces to me he doesn't want the pieces okay all right bring him to Phoenix Albert I'll pick the bag I will ship it yeah we'll get you guys his addresses and I'll uh and I'll ship those out to you bring it to Phoenix we'll see you at the Super Bowl that's right there you go absolutely fantastic it's a date it's a date but don't come empty-handed damn it don't come empty-handed that's all I'm asking all right let's get what is the talk what's the scuttlebutt what are people saying when they're what what's the talk when you're walking around there uh in the NFL what are they what what are all the chatty Kathy's uh babbling about down there what do they got you know it's weird rich because um it really like this this to me the last couple years on this event has sort of signaled how much the NFL has slowed down its hiring process because I mean I've been coming here probably since like oh eight oh nine somewhere there and um you know it used to be I mean for forever it was like you'd get here and all the coaching searches would be complete and you'd have like the new coaches here right and they would be you see them in their new gear for the first time and all that different stuff you know and they they they'd be down here and they'd be starting to assemble their staff and so those coaches might be the new coaches might be conducting like position coach interviews or whatever and here we are and um only one of the five jobs has been filled you know so I think that's sort of um the thing that sticks out most um when you look at what this event has traditionally been and where it is now um yes it's a kickoff to draft season yes you know this is where the Matthew Stafford trade was consummated a couple years ago and I'd expect like the Raiders to start ramping up some talks out there at car trade this week but you know really like the the main thing is there's you know there are four teams that are represented here they don't even have a head coach right now so um you know again it's part of the league trying to slow down the hiring process and make it more deliberate they think the teams will be a little bit more open-minded but you know it certainly has sort of changed the face of this event so when when are we going to get some coaches names or is that going to happen during Super Bowl week really that would be a first I mean I I will say this like you know usually sometimes you roll your eyes when the owner because the owner's always going to say we're going to cast a wide net right when they when they're firing their coach we're going to cast a wide net this year is kind of true I mean I look at the Colts process and um you know I I think the you know I I think Jim Mercy really liked the idea of Jeff Saturday but you know the other people in the building wanted him to get a good look at everybody and they may be moving away from that now maybe towards somebody like Raheem Morris they have seven guys coming in for per second interviews um you know Brian Callahan the the bang the Bengals offensive coordinator did a great job he's going to be there tomorrow he's very close with with Peyton Manning and you know his dad actually coached Chris Ballard at Wisconsin so there's definitely some background there um Arizona you know I they really like Brian Flores but they're going to have the Bengals coordinators in over the next couple of days as well um Denver obviously we've seen how their process is what's a little weird and different um you know Carolina obviously the one that's got it done so um you know it feels like most of the other four are at the point where they could make a higher any day but they've been so deliberate to this point that it's sort of unpredictable whether or not it's going to happen tomorrow or it's going to happen next week so let's go one by one here uh Sean Payton is he going to you know all the tea leaves looks like he's hanging with Glaser and Fox for another year yeah right I sort of have felt that way from the start and you know I I really looked at the landscape rich and you know I one of the things that I heard pretty consistently in November and December like how much you like living out west you know and his daughter's out there and um you know he's I think he's comfortable um living in Manhattan Beach and he's got a comfortable job at Fox and he might only have one more swing at being an NFL hat coach so do you want to just jump at the best thing and what might be a crop of flawed jobs you know and um so like you you look at is there a place that has geography like I said he likes being out west and quarterback situation um well you know like the two jobs that are out west Denver and Arizona you're locked into quarterbacks where you know you're not going to be able to get rid of them for the next couple of years so you better love them like you better love Kyler Murray or Russell Wilson if you're going to take that job if you're Sean Payton I'm not sure he does you know and then you know you look at like Carolina when he was in the mix there does he want to go across the country Houston you know same sort of thing you can build it from the ground up but how long is it going to take um you know there are only five openings this year and generally when you have a market like that that means there's going to be more openings the following year so I think you add all this up and if you're Sean Payton it's like do I want to take my one last big swing at being an NFL head coach at a job that I'm not 100 sold on and so I think that that's part of it and I do think the teams felt that too like I I don't like none of these kids I think I don't think any season made an offer to him yet I think part of it is the feeling is he really all into doing it this year I'm just not sure that he is and in between uh the Michigan school president tweeting out the Jim Harbaugh sting and the Michigan school president tweeting out he's a Bengals fan looking for New Jersey and you trolling him on twitter with a photograph of Joe Burrow in an Ohio state jersey uh Jim Harbaugh had a second interview with the Broncos in Ann Arbor what's that about Albert in my defense in my defense like I president Santa Ono I'm not helping pronouncing it right uh he put that one on the tee for me so like I I just I he wasn't talking to you Albert maybe I should he wasn't talking to you he wasn't talking to you okay he put it on the tee for me though he did put it on the tee right oh I uh I honestly I think I think Jim wants to coach the NFL again and I I the question isn't like if I think it's when and um you know I I do think like he and again like I think he loves the situation he has um with the players and the people in the in the football program right now like obviously there have been some issues with the ad over the last couple of years I think he's good with the president so you know I I I I look like where he's at right now and you know I I just think the big question is like is someone gonna come to him and just say Jim we want you to be our guy we're going to build the whole operation from around you is Denver desperate like where they're going to do something like that because I do think that that's what would really tempt them now the other thing that I've been like cautioned on this whole thing like Jim was very I would say very hands-on when it came to his contract situation in San Francisco and was always very aware of where he ranked and all that and that was part of like where some of the the the the friction was between him and the team and I I think that it could be part of this too where you made this really difficult on me two years ago when you made me take a pay cut so you know what I'm going to use every lever I possibly can to win every contract negotiation I have with you from here on out so I think there's a genuine interest in the NFL I don't know whether it's now or not he really likes his football situation in Ann Arbor and oh by the way there's that history of the way he's handled contract negotiations in the past that makes me think maybe part of this is a negotiating tactic with the caveat that if a team comes over the top and says here are the kings here are the keys of the kingdom Jim we're going to give you 15 or 20 million dollars a year it's your show maybe that might be enough to get him the job Albert Breer here on the Rich Eisen show for Mobile Alabama for the senior bowl um let's let's hit on the quarterback carousel look uh I know Tom Brady uh told Jim Gray quite famously that he still hasn't made a decision yet on his future um but Brock Purdy going down like this and having a long you know shelving ahead I know they're saying six months but we're you know that's a that's a throwing elbow ucl injury and we know what happens with major league pitchers on that front sometimes so is Brady the 49ers yeah I mean you never know what what is Brady the 49ers does this make it more real it certainly feels that way it could to me if if he wants to go west yeah what do you think well so that I mean like that six-week period last year where it was um Brady's retired to Brady's coming back right um the Niners left that door open and the Niners were interested and I think Brady was interested and you know I know the Miami thing got a lot more attention because you could tie Sean Payton to it and there's the relationship relationship with the minority owner Bruce Beale there um so like I think the Miami one got more attention but San Francisco had quietly like left the light on for Tom and I think they've sort of left that light on since they decided to walk away from the chance to sign him in 2020 and I think if you look at where they are from a roster standpoint Rich like you've got two pretty big hits a quarterback right now under contract for next year and Trey Lance and Brock Purdy and you've got a roster that is dynamite and ready to win now and a roster that was competitive despite I mean for two and a half quarters against the Eagles despite having a mess at the core at the most important position on the field so in a lot of different ways I think it appealed to Brady from a football standpoint I think it appeals to the Niners the one thing that I think is the thing that could prevent it from happening is proximity to family now going back to 2020 one of the deciding factors for Tom and going to Tampa rather than than than the Chargers was that it was closer to New York and so he'd have better proximity to his son Jack who lives in New York well now you'd be talking about having one kid in New York two kids in Miami and do you want to be that far separated from your kids as they're getting older even if it is just for six or seven months for a single football season I think that's the one thing that is the variable that could keep him away from San Francisco but you know I think based on whatever the prognosis is for Brock Purdy over the next few weeks and the more they find out about his elbow I certainly certainly think you know Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch are going to think long and hard about making a really hard run Tom Brady let's move on to Derek Carr Albert you started this interview by saying that the the Raiders talking about a trade for Carr who in the world would trade for Carr in that contract when they know they got to cut him right after the Super Bowl yeah why would that I think it'd be it well there are two reasons number one it would be a team that would be looking for certainty right like so if you if you take if you get them now like if you agree to a trade now now you're taken care of and you can start planning for the season right and you don't have to worry about maybe we get them maybe we don't in the middle of February the reason Carr would want that is to save face and the optics of it and it looks better if you get traded than if you than if you um then it then if you get cut and because he's got the no trade clause he can control his destination and his contract would be intact and so it could mean financially better things for him I don't know if he'd be able to get the contract he has right now on the open market so that'd be why it would happen but you know I think there's it's certainly going to be difficult because I think the way teams are going to look at this is we're going to say even if we don't get Derek Carr like will we be okay with Baker Mayfield or Jimmy Garoppolo or Daniel Jones like you look at the names of some of the quarterbacks that are going to be out there well um in free agency and it's like is it worth it now Derek Carr might be better than those guys but is he so much better that you're willing to take on that contract and give up a draft pick to get him well the the other issue is Albert too right the other issue is though is like let's just say somebody would be interested in Derek Carr but they want to see what happens with Brady first or they would be interested in Derek Carr but they got to see what happens with the Dolphins and Tua first like would the Dolphins be in this mix or whatever the heck is going on in Baltimore that has now been two weeks under the radar because we're focused on the rest of the playoffs with Lamar Jackson is he could he be made available like what Aaron Rodgers like yeah you know what I mean like so many places might be interested in Carr but they want to see how that plays out first and that's not going to happen in the next week or two you know with his timeline and that's the thing is like so that's why I think like this is an important week again this is like this is the week where you know Brad Holmes and Mike Disner came here Brad Holmes had just gotten a GM job in Detroit and he came here determined to get closure on Matthew Stafford because he thought it'd be the smartest thing for the Lions to get in front of it and get in front of the market and offer somebody with certainty right away so he wasn't dealing with teams considering different options and maybe driving the price down and I think that that's exactly what Dave Ziegler is going to try to do here is you come in and you say listen maybe get Brady maybe you don't maybe Rodgers available maybe he isn't maybe Lamar's available maybe he isn't maybe you like Baker do you like him as much as Derek and you know I think the the selling point for for for Dave Ziegler coming here and he has talked to a couple teams I think there there are there's at least one team in the NFC south that I think would be interested in exploring a trade like you look at like the you know I I think the idea is like do you want the bird in hand or do you want two in the bush you know what I mean like and do you want to have like the ability to take care of your quarterback position and not deal with the uncertainty of waiting for the next six weeks to unfold and seeing what happens with all those other guys so that would be the selling point and I think it it could be attractive to a team that might think it doesn't have the most attractive situation to offer to a quarterback you know where you feel like we need to do something early because we're going to be in competition with all these other teams for quarterbacks and we might not win in that sort of battle I mean that's the I think we just kind of set up the quarterback carousel over the next several weeks right there uh before before I let you go what is the talk there about what the Bears are going to do we have Justin Fields slated to be on our show at the Super Bowl in Arizona next Thursday can't wait to talk with him I mean what what what is the the chatter there about the top pick and and what the Bears might do and with it or Fields what do you got for me there my sense is that they're going to move forward with Justin Fields and try to trade the first pick um how could that change based on their evaluation of Bryce Young, CJ Straub, Will Webbis, Anthony Richardson sure um yeah but I I've talked to enough people there that feel like Justin they there wasn't enough around Justin to get a really clean evaluation on him last year and like given what he had what he did was really really impressive I didn't realize this Rich did you know that they broke the Bears like all-time record for rushing yards last year well he he was incredible he was incredible personally incredible yeah so so like I think and and and here's the thing the other thing is like you know obviously I live up in New England and we've heard about like the friction and the bitching from Matt Jones and everything else up there did we hear one word from Justin Fields complaining about his circumstances no right so like I I think that there is an appreciation not only for how Justin played how he put his body on the line but also how he handled all of it you know and that like he kind of had a square jaw about the whole thing and like I'm I'm taking the responsibility here because I I I'm I am the franchise quarterback and I think that scored him a lot of points with people in that organization and I think right now where things are trending are towards Justin Fields being their quarterback in 2023 with a lot personally on the line then I'm not saying it's going to be the quarterback 10 years from now I don't know that but I think with a lot on the line personally he will be their quarterback in 2023 and they're either going to try to get somebody to trade for that pick or take Jalen Carter or Will Anderson with it. Albert thanks for the time as always we'll see you in Arizona and if you've got Reese's again the cups for um for Brockman the pieces for me and um take your peanut loving but peanut butter hating uh phone call and um and I appreciate it there you go thank you very much all right yeah I'll uh I'll get it in the mail as soon as I as soon as I get it you're the best thanks again man see Albert there is one of the best right there Sports Illustrated lucky to have him and it's Albert Breer right here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204 Rich number to dial so good Mikey you and I will find our own candies you know you know what I mean I got like five boxes right here I'm fine whoa whoa you can have my pieces yeah Rich I got it it's a pass through let's split it my heart light is turned on sir Rich just leave us a trail when was the last time you saw et about five years ago yeah exactly it's great I saw you I've got the small children you're not going to show me freaked out you're not going to show me it's too bad it makes you tough it makes you tough no that's sad when he's like come on spoiler alert when he's in that one of the that was traumatized me as a kid I know that's so too bad traumatized great you remember today you remember today I saw et three times in the theater though a lot scarier than me fableman's well it's called you need a good nap I heard a great story about drew Barrymore on the set of et that Dee Wallace said that drew Barrymore thought et was real why not and so Steven Spielberg when he found this out he assigned two people to control et at all times when she was around and anytime somebody saw her going up to it they had to like put turn on et traumatizing a young girl no it's called being a a legendary director knowing that the relationship between this young actress and et needs to be absolutely fostered what's the matter with you I like that I thought that was really dope like anytime drew's around et bring them to life let's take a break yeah Spielberg overrated my gosh just like this just had a nice chat with Jesse Palmer in the back he's gonna join us in about 10 minutes time the host of the bachelor man I've known him for 20 years yeah it's great to have him here it'll be great so um Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated calling in from the senior bowl I asked him what he thought the Bears were going to do with the first overall pick and how that relates to Justin Fields who's going to be on this show he's scheduled to appear on our Super Bowl show in Arizona next week on Thursday can't wait to talk with him because he's going to have he's got to buckle up here for the next two months it's going to be a it's going to be a tough ride for him because what Breer just said yes they're going to hold on them but and trade the first overall pick that's what he said they're going to hold on them and trade the first or look to trade the first overall pick in order to get that first overall pick off loaded they are going to have to make it seem like they are interested in all the quarterbacks out there they're going to work them out they're going to bring them in for visits I mean if they want to trade the first overall pick they could basically say we're sticking with Fields and we're taking the defender they'd be very fortunate to have Will Anderson or Jalen Carter okay and and then they could say that they could but if they're going to trade that first overall pick in order to do it they have to make it look like they're interested in that quarterback because hey quarterback hungry teams hey teams that fall head over heels for any of these quarterbacks you better come to us hey Houston you want one of these quarterbacks for we assume D'Amico Ryans your new head coach you want one of one of these come you got to come out one spot just like we did for Trubisky back in the day to put us in this conundrum to begin with but that's what they're going to have to make it seem like and even if they tell Justin Fields we love you or whatever and we just got to get the most for that first overall pick so don't take it personally or get upset if we bring in your successor at Ohio State and CJ Stroud if we bring in Bryce Young if we bring in Levis and we do it all and we talk about it like and and and and we're asked about it and we make it seem like we're interested they were only doing that to drive up the price that's what they have to tell Justin Fields and it's going to be very difficult for him because he's not going to be speaking to somebody every day to say don't worry about it is he so for me for me the season that's going to be the toughest part for Justin Fields may not be the playing season coming up it's the the talent evaluation season and in order for this to go successfully for him and the Bears and for it to go successfully for the Bears and Fields I think it comes down to the communication skills of one man say it with me everybody from the innards it's on this guy hey Justin we love you you balled out for us we believe in you so don't pay attention yeah we're trying don't listen to all that if they're going to try and trade the pick which everybody at the first overall pick tries to do at some point just to keep all their options open they're going to have to bring all these quarterbacks in even if they don't even have a thought of going with them because they love fields but if your fields you're sitting there go well how did that meeting go today did they fall in love with them is everything that they've told me to my face still operative he better buckle up because I think that's what the next couple of months is going to be you're right rich and if they put him up on game early like you said then he should be all right but you never know as they continue to do it and have it happen in real time Jesse Palmer coming up here and if they do think of trading Justin Fields there's one spot I want them to call the New York Jets I would take him let me just sit here and think about this I would take him over every other quarterback that could be available I would I would redo that deal of taking Zach Wilson over him and he might be just like uninterested in going to the spot even though it's not it wouldn't be his call there's no trade clause I imagine you know you you had a shot at me now you're now you want me the answer to that would be yes yes we do you see what had happened was what happened right the old Stuart Scott line well see yeah I would take him in a heartbeat stick him with Garrett Wilson like the old tons rolling again are you kidding me would that give you nightmares a little bit no it wouldn't it would I that then then I start to see that we're Jets materialize in the Super Bowl end zone that's the kid I would want and I don't know did the Jets if they fall in love with shroud and and take the Jets first round selection now it's in the middle of the first round maybe they can sweeten it a little bit when you want to trade Justin Fields please call Joe Douglas or Joe call them up but you have Zach Wilson hadios no Chacho with all due respect yeah I'm seeing that photograph start to materialize there it says jets in a zone and I don't care if Buckeyes take me there I do not care
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