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REShow: Jesse Palmer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 31, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Jesse Palmer - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 31, 2023 3:10 pm

ESPN analyst Jesse Palmer joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of hosting ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ and tells a hilarious story about his time on the reality dating show when he was a New York Giants quarterback and how the ultra-serious head coach Tom Coughlin reacted to it, what it was like in the Giants’ quarterback room during Eli Manning’s rookie season when Kurt Warner was also on the team, his reaction to the epic Patrick Mahomes vs Joe Burrow AFC Championship Game, the 49ers options at QB in the wake of Brock Purdy’s torn elbow ligament.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. For those of you who think we in the national media gush too much about Patrick Boonves, it's going to be a long day for you.

A long day for you. Earlier on the show, 9 year NBA veteran Mahmoud Abdul-Raul, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. Coming up, host of ABC's The Bachelor, Jesse Palmer.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes, hour number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air live on the Roku channel, which is free on every Roku device known to man. Also free on select Samsung smart TVs, free on Amazon Fire TV, free on the Roku app, free on the Roku because the Roku channel itself, guess what, it's free. And as soon as we're done, we re-air every single day on channel 210 on the Roku channel over and over and over again until we show up the next day and we're thrilled to have a relationship with Roku. We're also here on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate, smart enough to have us, Sirius XM Odyssey. We say hello to our podcast listeners who are exercising their right to listen to us whenever they want. We say hello to you and we also say hello to anybody who wants to call us at 844-204-rich number to dial on this program. And I say hello to the man to my right, who I could not be more excited to have here. I've known him for quite some time. He is a triple threat in that he is handsome, successful, and Canadian.

He is Jesse Palmer. Good to see you over there, sir. I do love a good poutine. Good to see you.

Poutine lovers, rejoice. Let's stand up. The host is a bachelor. Season 27 airs Monday nights 8 Eastern on ABC and available to stream on Hulu the next day. It premiered last Monday, this new season. Good to see you.

Or two Mondays ago. Good to see you, sir. What's going on, brother? Good to see you too. Yeah, we have known each other a very long time. We have. We've flown internationally together. We have?

We have. We're going to fly together in Rome, remember? I think it was just after Susie and I got married and we wound up going to Europe a couple of times after we got married and you and we were hanging out. We had a legendary flight. It was leaving New York. It was you were on there.

Yes. It was like, I want to say, Sal Palantonio was on there. It was like the chap was on there, Jeremy Shapp.

Yeah, because Shapp was going. The great Reed Bergman was on there. Reed, it was the agent to the stars, Reed Bergman. It was a who's who. You were on there, Shapp.

It was me and Susie, a couple of her friends. It was the worst episode of The White Lotus ever. Ever.

Ever. It was like we were pirating The White Lotus. We were foreshadowing season two of White Lotus in Sicily.

Finger foods are a must. That's exactly what we were doing. Sal Pal F Murray. F Murray Abraham would be Sal Pal. Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. He would have had like a dad who would have been like hitting on all the girls.

It would have been like, it's literally central casting. Oh my gosh. It's been a minute. Great to see you.

Yeah, you too. When did they, when did they first reach out to you to be The Bachelor? How did that happen? Yeah, I forget the exact timing of it. You know, the, the role came open. And then it was like a few months after that.

I think the conversation has had started. Yeah. And yeah, it just sort of happened organically. It was sort of a, in a, in a timeframe from a scheduling standpoint that sort of worked with some of the other things I was doing.

Like quarterbacking the New York Giants. Oh, you mean when I was The Bachelor. Yes. Oh yeah. When you were The Bachelor.

Timing worked out for that really great. The show was super new. That's right. I was trying to wrap my head around what it was about, but I'm someone that never says no. And I love experiences.

The best part of that, the least fun part of that experience though, was being driven to Newark airport to fly, to start filming. Yes. And my agent calls and says, you got a new head coach on the giants.

You got to call him and tell him what you're doing. I said, okay, fine. Who is it? He goes, Tom Coughlin just died. Oh no. And I'm like, I'm like, dude, but Jim Fossil was cool with it. I remember being on the practice field with Jim Fossil and he was like, how many women are going to be on the show?

Everybody was good. And then I get the phone call on the way to Newark airport. Oh, you have to call Tom Coughlin.

Oh my gosh. So I start sweating. I'm having like palpitations and, and I get the phone. I dial in over to the football office. Coach Coughlin answers the phone and I'm like, hi, coach. This is the first time you've ever spoken to Tom? I mean, I had talked to him, I think at my pro day.

There was a quick run in at the university of Florida with the Gators. And I'm like, Hey, coach, my name's Jesse Palmer. I'm one of the quarterbacks on the team. And I start trying to get into like, what, how do you explain the bachelor to Tom Coughlin?

And so like, I, I, I, I, like, I just like spewing verbal diarrhea and just like all over myself and I'm trying to explain it to him and I'm waiting. There's no answer. He's never interjecting. Okay. Like there's nothing. And finally, after like a weird, awkward pause, we'll be back in time for mini camp. Yeah.

Yeah. We, we, we finished filming in February. Well then why are you calling me?

I'll see you coach go blue. Put the phone down, shoot the show. Come back fast forward months later.

Show is Aaron. Yes. We're in the metal lens. We're in a stretch line.

Yeah. Coughlin's walking in the stretch line. He walks by Tiki barber and he's like, Tiki, remember five points of pressure.

Can't put the ball on the ground. He walks by Jeremy shock. He's like, remember now in line, in line, and you're releasing option route.

What, what the leverage? And he walks by me and he goes, Jessica. No, he did not. You picked Jessica. So like that was essentially my reality living through being the bachelor and playing for the general Tom Coughlin. I am literally crying, Jesse.

No way. It was, so he, he knew who you chose. Like we never expected it. You have to understand too, like at the time, this is like what, 2004. So it's, it's Eli's rookie year.

It's Tom's first year. Yeah. Yeah. Like reality TV was new. Was Kurt there yet?

Yeah. Kurt was there. He had to be a part of it. I mean, it was, and, and so like reality TV was new real world that just started. And so I'm trying to explain to the guys in the locker room, what's going on, what the show is, the premise. And they're like, wait, so you're going on a show to find a wife. You live in New York city and I'm like, you play in the giants and I'm like, I know, but it's this show and it's going to be great. And so I would have, we'd have these watch parties together with all the guys.

Is that right? Just get out ahead of it. And like, I think back then the show was like an hour long and they would essentially just laugh at me for about an hour. And then I, and then you get into the locker room the next day and then a dude would come by and he'd be like, my wife and I watched last night, Hey, this girl, Cindy, you're taking a one-on-one date with watch out, dude. She's crazy.

Don't do it. And then another, and then you get the other guy, it's been shot already. I'm like, thanks for something that would have been good to know about four months ago when I was shooting it information that would have been good to me yesterday. Yeah. And then there's like the, and there's like the rookie, like linebacker from Wisconsin who was like, did you pick Cindy?

She's still single, which she, I'm like, dude, challenge flag. So essentially like, like, like the experience of being the bachelor that year. And if you think back to like the, the, the characters we had in the locker room, the 2004 New York giant locker room is one of the greatest locker rooms of all time. We weren't a very good football team, but our locker room is like in the hall of fame in terms of the personalities in the room.

We had so much fun with it. And ironically, Tom Coughlin somehow knew. Somebody had to tell him, right?

A mole, teams have moles. That's a, well, that's another TV show. That's another reality show. But so that would have to be, you know, given to him unless he was legitimately sitting down just asking for that. That was probably information that like he did not need, but he was able to, you know, in the stretch line at Meadowlands.

Right. I mean, just literally like pull the hamstring because it was just, it just came out of left field. Jesse Palmer, the current host of the bachelor season 27, Monday nights, eight Eastern on ABC available to stream on Hulu the next day, right here on the Rich Eisen show. And before we just return to that show, what was it like to be amidst the Eli Kurt stuff back in that day, Jesse? You know, it was interesting. I mean, you know, I think as sometimes as backup quarterbacks, you know, you, you, you kind of wear different hats, sort of like being the host of the bachelor.

Sometimes you're like a cheerleader, you're a therapist and there's kind of, you know, there's different roles you play. And Coughlin was giving out a rose to somebody, you know what I mean? Right. And you know, you got a guy who had been the MVP a couple of years and had played in two Super Bowls and had won one, had this amazing story, had a lot left in the tank and was extremely talented. But with the first pick, you know, you traded and, and got, and got Eli, a guy that, you know, was, they hoped would end up being what he became. And so, you know, it was not an easy situation. It was certainly delicate. A lot of the time I give Kurt a lot of credit for the way he handled that. I don't think he could have handled it better.

And certainly I think a lot of people in that locker room are really happy to see what, what would transpire with curtain Arizona years and years later. But that's me explaining to them what the best pizza in New York was. Kurt's like, no, it's Prince Street pizza. I'm like, dude. And Eli's like, I always go the wrong way.

We're in Secaucus. I had to do a lot of things. It was like therapy. It was coaching guidelines.

And then what's the best pizza? Like you're playing a lot of different roles. So it was, it was unique. Oh my gosh. Do you, do you miss it?

Do you miss playing it? Yeah, that, yeah. Again, the people always say this mis-competing that locker room was amazing though. And a lot of my best friends to this day came from the five years I was in New York, dude, like all those guys, Imani Toomer. Like you think of the names like Jason Seahorn, Jesse Armstead early on when I was there, Keith Hamilton is sort of this, this legend like shaft. Like everybody was afraid of him in the locker room. There was just, you know, like Shockey, Tiki, Ron Dane.

The list literally goes on and on, Lomas Brown. I mean, all these, these legends and we were all together, Seahorn. Like it was, it was an amazing, amazing locker room. Every day was, it was just storytelling and the laughing.

And that's, that's probably outside of competing. That's the part I miss the most. And it's amazing, man, that, you know, you are hosting a major tent pole for ABC network right now. I mean, this is his, I mean, the batshit. I mean, the bachelor season 27 for ABC entertainment is huge and stray is like, you know, he's saying good morning to America.

It's amazing. You know, a lot of people that you're right, like in that locker room, that sort of went on to do TV as well. Tiki was doing it. Eli's doing more of it. Sean O'Hara is doing it. He's too. We love him.

He's awesome, man. Like there's so many guys. Steve Horn was doing it for a while too.

It's like a lot of guys have done it. Yeah. A lot of media training. Yeah.

In New York. That's right. I bet what training for the bachelor do you have other than just having been the bachelor yourself? Uh, not a lot. I mean, I know good pizza. I don't know how that really, that really qualifies me for, yeah. Don't get sacked. Try to, you know, throw away.

That's true. RPO game. You got to read the defense of it.

I don't know. You having a blast or what? I'm loving it. It's been great. A lot less pressure hosting than being the batch.

I imagine, right? You don't have to deal with the drama. You're just sort of sitting back. Now, are you giving, are you, you, you, are you coaching said bachelor right now? I'm in the microphone. I'm in his ear. I'm giving him hand signals.

It's like, you know, the signs you have in college football, the film, the old 22. Now look, you're going to stand here and make eye contact. Don't get, see, look, power handshake, the bachelor power handshake, straight eye contact with Zach, our newest bachelor. But you're looking at, I was you once.

Once upon a time, the budget, the budget of this show now is way better. It's amazing like Zach is riding in these helicopters. He's being landed on yachts.

He's in like in the Mediterranean. Without you. He's not doing that.

He's taking, he's, he's overing without you, you know, all these places right now. Come on. You said you laid the groundwork, Jesse. I wrote an elephant on my show. I mean, like that's nothing.

I love elephants. It was amazing. But that, that was, that's where I plateaued. That was the ceiling? It's a different field.

Now, spread offense has changed the game. Zach's getting to do amazing things that I only dreamed of doing back in 2004 that Tom Coughlin could have seen or never seen. Let me tell you, Zach, I wrote an elephant so you could ride a helicopter, sir. You remind him of that stuff every now and then. Just remember where you're coming from.

That's right. Remember who built this. You're a legacy.

Who you're playing for. You're not just a host. You're a legacy. I'm a legacy. Damn it. That's right.

So you don't show up on the set with that attitude? Is it what you're saying? No, no, no. I'm Canadian. Remember, I forgot.

That's right. He's Canadian. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

Zach, are you good? I'm sorry. Well, you're locked in all the damn time. I watch. I'm very into it. Don't say it that way.

The host is sitting here. Well, it's one of those things like, like Jesse said, like, uh, we're watching. You know what I mean?

So is America. I know. I'm a big Paradise guy. What's the difference really between the regular season and then the Paradise?

How are those different? Oh, it's like herding cats on Paradise. It's happening everywhere. And there's just love triangles and love hexagons, like forming all over the place. Wow. That's a lot of geography.

Parallel geometry. Yeah. I don't know what that is, but it's out there. They're happening. And it's like, yeah.

So, you know, with Zach, you can just sort of focus on Zach and his journey. Paradise, though, it's like playing against the Ravens back in 2000. It's coming from all over the place. Like, you don't know where the pressure's coming from.

Is one more fun for you? Who's the Syragusa? Yeah, the second hardest hit I ever took in my life came against Ray Lewis and the Ravens and all of their this whole radar thing back in college and the SEC. We didn't see radar defense. Like everybody got a three point stance and then a guy would start creeping up. And that was the guy that was blitzing. Then all of a sudden the NFL did this thing where it was radar and no one puts their hand in the ground on third down and everyone's moving around and like Terrell Suggs won't really stay still the hard way. So Ray hit you the dude.

Yeah. A great shot. I had Ike Hilliard running like a like an out and up on third down. And Ray being Ray, Ray faked like he was dropping into his zone. So we turned his back in our center who was supposed to block him when he saw Ray turn around, got his eyes off of him and started helping the guard literally as I'm dropping back. You know, it's like hard focused downfield, soft focus around you. But there's like a lane opening in front of me and there's two numbers, five, two.

And it's getting bigger and I'm like, oh, and I'm like, I got to get rid of this. So I just turned around to throw it. Ray hit me when I got like right here. It was clean, blocked out for about two seconds. And then I got my breath when I got to the sideline, but that was my introduction to Ray Lewis and who's like the sweetest human.

So that's the second second. What was the hardest? Sean Ellis was the hardest when I was in college.

It's funny how it's like poker players. You always remember your worst beats. Of course. I think quarterbacks oftentimes remember their hardest hits. Yes.

Or interceptions. Yes. Sean Ellis got me in in 98 in Tennessee. So Florida, Tennessee. Oh, my gosh. Huge rivalry.

Of course. And it was, again, a third down. That always happens on third down. Third down play, hard play fake. Sean beats our left tackle like a drum.

As soon as I turn around to throw the tight end, who's wide open in the flat? If I get him the ball, we're getting a first down. And then you start wondering like, do we win the game? Tennessee won the national championship in 98 with team Martin, Jamal Lewis.

We might win that game. And then what if? But Sean Ellis hit me so hard that I stood up and was jogging off the field and the trainers come rushing out. They're like, what's wrong? I'm fine.

What is it? I'm good. You got to be honest. Tell us.

I'm fine. Raise your hands. I couldn't raise my arms. I was running off the field, flapping like this and spike the blood flow to my arms. He hit me.

So are you serious? I was numb in both arms jogging off, and I wasn't aware of it. That was the hardest hit. And by the way, did you see Sean Ellis just got in a fight on the side of the street in a road rage incident?

No, I just saw this on social media. I couldn't believe it. Some guy had road rage and pulled over and tried to fight Sean Ellis.

That's a problem. Sean Ellis knocked him out. I think it's on Twitter. Sean Ellis at his age. I don't know how old he is. He punched a dude in the face. It's on video.

I'm sure he can't drive now. His arms are dangling pretty much. I know the feeling. I was like, I get it. Wow, jeez, Jesse. I had to challenge Sean Ellis also if I could put my hands up to play. Great game.

I lost in overtime 2017. He stretched this dude, by the way. Oh, are you serious? I want you to... Yeah, he stretched it. It was like the one hitter quitter.

Yeah, and the dude provoked him. And remarkably, this entire conversation sparked by the concept of the Paradise version of The Bachelor. That's a good question. There you go.

You don't know where it's going to go. I love Paradise. Well done, sir. Thank you.

Well done. Let's take a break and we've got a news, like a sports news update. Let's get into the cycle. You can hang in here.

Sure. Just hang in here. We're hanging with Jesse Palmer, the host of season 20, technically season 27. When were you in season two or three? I was like five.

It was five. It's crazy. Wow.

Season 27 of The Bachelor airs Monday nights 8 Eastern on ABC, available to stream on Hulu the next day. We are back. Chris Brockman, you've got a news update and so much more. I, by the way, have some news on Brock Purdy personally.

That's coming up next with Jesse Palmer. This is it. The putt to win the tournament.

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See for details. Jesse Palmer here on the Rich Eisen Show back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. I'm at the Rich Eisen Show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Jesse Palmer, kind enough to stick around here for another segment. The host of The Bachelor again, season 27, Monday nights on ABC at 8 Eastern. You can catch it on Hulu streaming the next day. Of course, Hulu available right here on Roku as well.

So there's so many different ways for you to watch the show. Certainly right here where you watch the Rich Eisen Show as well. Well, Chris Brockman, you have a news update? I do.

Okay. Now I know this isn't ABC News. It's NBC News emeritus Tom Brokaw. We're so honored that Tom would grace Chris Brockman's news update with an open. Hit it. And now with a report of the day's news from the world of sports and entertainment, someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever.

It's Chris Brockman. There you go. That's our production value. What do you think of our production value? Very good. Very, very good. What's your top story over there, Chris?

Top story. Did you guys know that Panthers have a new head coach? Did you guys hear that?

I do. I do know that. Frank, did you know that he was their first ever quarterback? He was.

You guys heard that, right? He was their 95 first ever quarterback. Was Berlin on that team?

I think he might have been. Harry Collins was on that team. Where were you in 95? You were in college, right? I was in high school. I was in Nepean, Ontario. Where were you? That's where I grew up. Yeah. Nepean, Ontario. The home of the great Steve Eiserman. Come on guys.

That's true. One of you fans out there, right? Collins, Frank Reich, and Jack Trudeau was on there. Okay. Very good. Wow.

Remember Jack Trudeau in tech mobile, by the way? Of course. Yeah. On the Colts. Every throw was like. It was not Dan Marino. It was Jack Trudeau.

That's right. He didn't have a laser. He wasn't the Bo Jackson of quarterbacks. Remember the Roger Craig angle play that you couldn't cover? Couldn't cover. Couldn't cover.

It was like a glitch. Not with Jack Trudeau, though. Best news update ever.

So what do you got for me? Frank Reich is the new head coach of the Panthers now. And he spoke with the media today.

What did he say? I was asked about the dynamic between him and the general manager. Yeah, it's balance of power. Scott will have control of 53. You know, I'll control who's active and who's not active. But ultimately this is, you know, that's on paper. You know, in reality, this is 100% collaborative.

I can already tell that was Scott. We're going to work side by side. We're going to tirelessly work where we're going to have the same vision. We'll have disagreements.

You know, we'll have disagreements. We'll have different ideas, but ultimately we'll come together as one and decide who are the best players on this team and how to build this team. And along with the scouting staff and the coaches, you know, we'll work together. So I look forward to that. I can already tell with Scott that partnership is going to be a highlight for me.

And looking forward to getting work as soon as we possibly can. I still don't understand why the Colts fired him. I will not get it. I do not understand that. They bounced him in the middle of the season, too. I mean, like they say, itchy trigger finger, I think, by the way, the the coach we just saw on the screen was the first coach to beat the Chiefs this year.

That guy. Yeah, that was a weird game. Colts beat the Chiefs this year.

How did that happen? Week three. That's why. Week three. That's what happened. And did everyone's survivor pick?

That probably did bounce a lot of people. Yeah, that's a different. Don't don't say that.

That name in front of the host, the Bachelor. Oh, yeah. Don't say that.

Different network. Yeah, exactly. Don't. I mean, respect.

Yeah, a little respect. I mean, you were wearing a fedora a minute ago. It's true. We taped that years ago. That was. Yeah.

They gave the Chiefs the they didn't give the Chiefs a rose that day. Nice. Is that better? Was that better? Yeah. Were they there for the right reasons?

Was he there for the right reasons? It was pretty dramatic. It was. It's very dramatic. It was very dramatic. Were you ever caught in a coach? Should you be vulnerable?

Were you ever going to be bachelor's right now? This is like a ping pong match. It's amazing.

Everybody does watch it. Were you ever caught in a coach GM battle? Did that ever happen to you in your career? Ever? He's talking about that sort of thing.

No, it's like I don't know. Yeah, we had like the legendary Ernie of Corsi. That was our GM in New York. That's right. For the fossil, and then the switch over to Tom Corsi.

I think, yeah. Yeah, I once told Elway. Elway once told me to beat it.

So I'm not afraid of you. You know, he was with the Colts. I know. I know. He would show up to practice.

Two people in our building. Of course, he would walk in the bubble, and you'd be like, oh, God. Of course. If the great Wellington Marist showed up. Oh, man, the Duke.

Yeah. If he talked to us, everybody got quiet. But if Corsi was around, that was another one that you were like, oh, God. Did the Duke watch The Bachelor when you won it? Did he ever come up to you? I think sadly, sadly, he may have passed. He may have passed before. OK. Yeah, probably wouldn't have been appointment viewing for him. I have a feeling.

I do hope to be buried in St. Patrick's Cathedral one day, much like the Duke. Oh, my gosh. No. Like, who gave Coughlin the info?

That's what I want to know. Well, I mean, to know that what was going on on the bench was going on. This is going to be... Let me get to the bottom of this. I love it. What else you got over there, Chris?

What else do you have? Pro Bowl games going on this weekend, Jesse. What would have been your best event here in the Pro Bowl games?

They got the dodgeball, long drive. There's a flag football contest. Probably flag football. I am a beach flag football legend. Is that right?

At the Super Bowl every year. Yeah. Did you ever play in those games? I played multiple. I hold several records. Is your jersey hanging in the rafters of MTV?

Is that what you're saying? Dion and Snoop and Lil Wayne, Eddie George, Barry Sanders. Who's the most famous person that you connected on a beach volleyball, Super Bowl flag football pass? Lil Wayne. Eddie George came out to be pregame, by the way. And he was like, you know you got to throw the ball to Lil Wayne, right? And I'm like, bro, I'm like, he's 5'7". I don't know if he's going to really work in the slot.

I'm trying to... I got Dion. I got T.O. Kind of thinking go vertical. He's like, you're going to throw the ball to Lil Wayne. I'm like, got it. Whip. I'm just trying to get him in the floor. Put it right on him?

Put it right on him. Just, you know, big catch radius, Lil Wayne. Wayne's Lil, catch radius is big. And not afraid to go over the middle. Okay.

Yeah, it does not do footsteps. In case you're playing with Lil Wayne. Jesse, the good news is you're an AFC alternate for the game. Oh my gosh. Did you hear that?

You're in. All the guys are out. Mahomes is in the Super Bowl. Allen and Burrow pulled out. Two is out. Herbert's out. Lamar's out.

Oh, so you're in with Tyler Huntley, who was just added today. Also Derek Carr. Going to be a farewell for Derek Carr. So he got that tweet that he put out today is legit. He got the call.

Yeah, he got the call. He's playing along with Trevor Lawrence on the AFC. So the AFC Pro Bowl quarterbacks, when it's all said and done. Trevor Lawrence. Trevor Lawrence. Derek Carr.

Yes. Tyler Huntley. Tyler Huntley? Could you imagine if you didn't get the call on the AFC?

With all due respect. Mac Jones. Mac Jones? You're not going with the Jets, guys.

You can't do that. Kenny Pickett. The Jets. Flacco could have made it, I guess.

Oh, God. Like it's 2008 all over again. Mike White's not going. But he's still going, I think. Yeah, they're not calling up the Browns. Right? That's not happening.

Tannehill can't limp in there. Not going to be. Davis Mills is not going in front of some of those other names? No. Really?

No, I guess not. Well, they have the number one pick. Tyler Huntley's going over Davis Mills. Tyler Huntley had two touchdowns. If you're Davis Mills, you're...

He jumped over a pile with a football and got knocked out. Humbled. It's true. I know.

Returned. Wow. Well, maybe Russ said no. I don't know. Oh, my gosh.

That is what... I mean, what else are you going to do? You're not going to Tua?

Tua's out? Oh, my gosh. All right. Well, it'll be great.

Hey, it's going to be on ESPN. All right. With the Mannings. All right.

Let's go. The Mannings. It's all big. You're a cast member.

They're all cast members. Let's get them out there. What were you doing on Sunday? Did you watch the AFC Championship game? I did. You were one of 52 million people who watched.

Ratings are in for Championships. That is... Isn't that cool, though? Like, in seriousness. Like, the Mahomes-Burrow thing. Like, how that's like, we hope for years and years and years now going to become... And the neat thing, though, is that if it's not them, it's Burrow and Allen. If it's not them, it's Allen and Mahomes. You know, and then Herbert. Let's see when he can raise his hand and enter this fray.

I mean, we just saw Trevor Lawrence say, I'll be that fourth seat. And if Tua can stay healthy and Miami keeps building. And then whatever's going on with Lamar, I have no earthly idea. But, you know, he's a former MVP. By the way, why are we talking about that in the last two weeks?

Because of playoffs? Correct. Just because, like, we're just... We got our focus and attention off of that? That's correct. We spoke about it every week, the entire season. Right.

And then they lost. And then we forget about it. Because the Ravens have no... You know, there's no press conference for us to ask about it. Next time, it'll be at the Combine.

Yeah. When they have press availability at the Combine, it'll be like, well, yeah, that thing that we didn't stop talking about about six weeks ago that we stopped talking about it. What about that? Because we're talking about Tyler Huntley in the Pro Bowl. That's why.

Or Brady or Rogers or, you know, the playoffs and now the Super Bowl. I mean, that is a huge elephant in the room, isn't it? Which one?

Lamar. Yes. I mean, of course. It's crazy how much news is happening right now. My spidey sense is going off about it. But everybody says we love him.

There's no problem. He's going to stay here. I don't know. But 52 million people tuned in to watch a heck of a football game. And how good are those guys, too, man?

How good... I mean, Burrow is just out of his skull great. And Mahomes is just an alien, right? Yeah.

No, they are. I mean, to me, Mahomes, this playoff is about as impressive as anything I've seen. Just playing through the high ankle injury. Did you ever have one? I had multiple. I actually got two on one play once. What?

Against the Georgia Bowl. Well, you only have two ankles. Yeah, I only have two ankles.

So, yeah, Witherspoon. It was like a horse collared. Before there was horse collared. So you had both your ankles twisted high ankle? Two walking boots on campus in Gainesville.

Mac and chicks. Not really. Hey, Jesse. Not really. It probably didn't matter. Not really. You did fine. I'm sure. Bro, it was like a guy with ski boots walking around in Abercrombie Fitch cargo shorts. It wasn't... Not really my best look.

Those were great cargo shorts. But, dude, he's been amazing. So playing through that. And then, what, you're down for your top six receivers at the end of the game against the Bengals? And so we talk about greatness and people able to elevate teams around them. Even the nine-yard scramble at the end to help them get in that position to win the game.

To me, I just think he's positioning himself. He's already done it this early in his career as one of the great competitors, at least in my generation of sports. You never want to put anybody in a paragraph or a sentence with Michael Jordan or Tom Brady. I did it yesterday. Sirianni just did it with her.

So I got the green light now. But it's like, dude, in terms of wanting to win and refusing to lose, Jordan, Tom Brady to me are sort of in this echelon. Serena, you can... Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What else did we say yesterday? We said... Novak. And Tiger.

I mean... Tiger, Novak. He is... It's Steph Curry. He is in that pantheon right now. It's this early.

It's amazing, right? And then we got Burrow, who just has a given S-factor about him that is just incredible. He does not care. He knows he's good.

No stage is ever too big. He loves adversity. And he literally does have ice water in his veins. All the years I've been... 17 years at ESPN covering college football. Him and Andrew Luck are the two, and Deshaun Watson maybe, are the three most accurate guys I've ever seen.

It is insane. It is insane how accurate Joe Burrow is. That throw he made to Higgins to high point it for the touchdown to tie the game. And then the CBS showed the camera angle from the low shot from the end zone of the ball coming out.

He threw it way before Higgins even turned to go upfield. And you can't teach that. Like anticipation is something... Born with it or not. In the position, yeah. You can see the picture before it develops.

Yeah. And it's just a gift that some people have and some people try to work on. It was something Justin Fields wasn't great at at Ohio State. He's getting better at in his career in Chicago early. But Joe Burrow had it coming out and you just see it each and every week when he makes these throws. That's the thing about the NFL. People always ask, what's the difference playing that position between college and pro?

Windows open and close so much quicker and the pass rush gets home a lot faster. And veterans on the other side of the ball know what you're trying to do. Yeah, right. So the Ray Lewis that turns around and shows his own and then hits you right in the sternum like two seconds later. There's a bunch of guys out there like that that are just trying to... Ed Reed was one of the best at it, of trying to show you a picture and then change it.

Can you process all of that in a matter of seconds, but then execute? And what Joe Burrow does is just, it's simply better than most. Jesse Palmer here on the show. You got another one over there?

I have so much. NFC Championship ratings, $47.5 million for that game. Well, if the Niners had a quarterback healthy, that would have matched maybe. You think people actually turned the TV off after the first drive? I think so. I think people turned it off. No, they probably just left it on and kind of did stuff. I thought you meant first half.

There might be some after the first half maybe. It was... It just got a sense of it. When Purdy came back in and clearly he was... You knew that was a draw.

Right. By the way, I have on the Purdy front, I will say this. I reached out to Tom House. Tom, he's like one of the legends of throwing coaches, baseball and football. And I asked him about if Purdy has a torn UCL, what does that mean in his throwing elbow? And of course, he doesn't see the MRI, but he said torn UCL usually means Tommy John in a 12-month rehab. Wow. Good news is they're successful 85% of the time with quarterbacks though.

Can you imagine? But they're saying he has a torn UCL completely, but the surgery is just six months. It's not Tommy John, but... Have you ever even heard of a UCL?

I've never even heard of one. It's the Tommy... Isn't it the Tommy John ligament? It's the ligament in your elbow. They just never call it that.

If you have a clean break, is that better than a tear? No idea. No idea. I don't know. I'm just throwing out... How about that whole situation? What you do?

In the game you mean? Like San Francisco, how are you gonna manage that position now moving forward? I mean, based on everything you just said, when's Brock Purdy available next year? Right now they're saying it's possible training camp, even with surgery. Possible training camp. Again, Tom House would know what a UCL tear means and usually does mean for surgery. We'll find out, but if he's not available until training camp, we were talking about it before, Jesse, and Lance is coming off of that ankle that required surgical reparation of bones and stuff. I mean, and Tom Brady's raising his hand saying, I'll play for my mom and dad.

I want to come out, the roster's built right now to go in. And the NFC is the path of least resistance. You get back to the big game. Yeah.

A lot of those other windows are in the AFC. Absolutely. It's tough, man. I don't know.

A couple more things, guys. Good news for Cooper's fantasy lineup. LeBron is gonna play tonight. Oh, that's good. Great.

Severe ankle soreness, it was described as. And now he's ready to go. Isn't that weird? Isn't that weird. So it's the back end of a back-to-back.

Yes, front end. It's maybe it was his resting made it well enough to go tonight. Oh, I'm sure he's playing tonight against the Knicks. And then the New York City mayor, Eric Adams, he was on CNN earlier and said, yeah, the Empire State Building stuff where they put the Eagles colors quote, that got away from us. That's when he said that got away from us.

Yeah. What does that mean? Got away. What does that mean? It got away from us. That was his quote.

That guy that lived in New York City. 21 years. You can't explain that one. St. Patrick's Day is coming.

What are you going to say? McDonald's says there's a new shamrock shake. That's what it was.

We can't put arches on this building. Everybody will get it. Don't forget cookie. Oh, puss. That's it. Can you believe that?

No, that's rough. There's like, there's nothing. At least the back pages didn't jump all over. Wait a minute. Hold on. And they did.

Did you see the back pages? Yeah. Yeah. There we go. Hoskins has got them ready.

Yeah. The post and the Daily News had a field day with it. What does that mean it got away from us? Birdbrain says the New York Post off color Empire Mistake Building lights up for the Eagles. And then the Daily News said, where's King Kong when you need him? And then they did it for the Chiefs later too. Wow. I mean, they had to cover their tracks there, right? That hurt us more than it hurt you, says the Twitter account.

Come on. I think they're just lighting up for everything these days. Did the NFL make a deal? Say whatever the colors are, light it up. We think the Empire State Building finished last in the US Landmark Fantasy League. And this was like, you know, it was right. It was like to come down to last week, either the Space Needle or the Empire State Building had to light up the colors of the hated rival. Yeah. The Golden Gate Bridge was off last week. They were going crazy.

He's really got to answer. I know, J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. Yeah, right.

Like that's a Jets colors. Anybody's going to get that. A championship weekend. Right. I got it. Great news update, Chris. Thank you, Jesse. This was fun, man. Thanks for having me on. Anytime. Appreciate it. When you're in town, I mean, I'd love it.

I'll roll in. It's been too long. It has been too long. It's been too long. We need another flight to Italy. Yeah, since our White Lotus.

White Lotus season three coming up. Pal Antonio. Bristol. They'll be the hotel across the street. The old Clarion.

Let's not do that. Oh, brother. I was there when it was a Radisson. I stayed in that hotel the night before. This is the hotel across the street from ESPN. I stayed in that hotel the night before I tried out. Really?

Yes. And I couldn't sleep. Of course I couldn't sleep. I'm 26 years old. I have a chance to make SportsCenter. If my audition goes well the next day, I could not sleep.

And one of the things I've wanted. I'm beginning to drift off. I'm like thinking, what is that running water? It was the person in the room upstairs peeing in the toilet. It was Mike Ditka.

Yes, it probably was. Good to see you, Jesse Palmer. You're the best, man. Season 27 of The Bachelor airs Monday nights with this man as host, 8 Eastern on ABC, available to stream on Hulu the next day. And you can, of course, get it right here on Roku using the Hulu app.

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If it's the NFL, it's on Westwood One. I should just read the copy. I shouldn't add, Lib. Read the copy.

Just read the copy, Rich. Jimmy in San Antonio is calling. How you been, Jimmy? Hey, what's up? What's up? I'm with Chacho.

Y'all brought a lot to the table today, and I got some bullet points. Can I hit them quick? Go for it. Yeah, sure.

OK. What's more likely, Brockman? You hating ET or Jesse Palmer having the interview of 2023? That was fun with Jesse. I mean, that was amazing. That was funny.

He's so funny. I've known him for 20 years, man, and he's just, he has this great Jaworski that I asked him in the back, would he do it? And he said he hadn't done it in years, and he wasn't comfortable doing it, which I understand.

The number of times that people from back in my SportsCenter day want me to do my skip carry, and I haven't done it in like 15 years. So I get hesitant to do it, too. That's fair, you know. But he's so funny.

Don't people tell me you got the drop of him impersonating Coughlin, who sounds like Liam Neeson, and why are you calling me? That's right. That's good. That's not a bad one. Thank you, Jimmy.

We'll make a note of that. OK. No, didn't. No. Is he done? Did you just hang up on Jimmy?

No. Mike. He's going through bullet points, man. Mike. Jimmy, call back. That was a flag, and I lost that point. I dropped that ball. Come on, man. Jimmy, call us back, please, Jimmy. He didn't know how many fingers deep Jimmy was. It's so rare when we have a moment like Rome, or a caller calls in to tell us how good we are, and we let him do it. Jimmy, please call back.

Come on, man. And I owe Jimmy a gift now. I owe Jimmy a gift now.

It's so rare. Let me read some email. Just call in and tell us how good we are. That's all we want. Hilarious. And then you hang up on him.

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At slash Rich Radio, head to slash Rich Radio for this special one-of-a-kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses, slash Rich Radio. What are you laughing about over there? I'm just laughing because he's just eyeing up on Jimmy. Jimmy, call back, come on. I think Jimmy's upset. Jimmy's upset. Jimmy's upset.

That's it. Yeah, you insulted him a little bit. You know what's crazy about this whole thing?

It's like, I don't want to throw anybody under the bus, but sometimes some of us call people in the morning and then they get upset when the people on the other end of the phone don't kind of treat them the way that they think they should be treated. And then you turn around and you kind of maybe do the same thing with Jimmy, you know? Were you taking it out on him a little bit?

TJ Jefferson, top rope. You don't understand what he's saying? I get what he's saying, but don't say that. Mike, he's talking about you. No, no, no, there's a certain, I'll just say, now we have the clue in the audience. Mike, let me handle it.

I got you, I got you. There's a certain check-in process for, we have multiple partners. Multiple partners, so our partners don't have to know which one we're talking about.

And they wouldn't. But we check in with some, and Mike is a very personable man. I'm a happy guy all the time. I'm happy all the time. You're happy, you like talking to people.

Even when you guys bust my chops. That's why I'm talking to him. I've sat with you.

I've sat with you on planes. Jimmy made me call him back. Nah, it doesn't matter. We're out of time. It's too late. No, it's not. It's too late.

I can make it good. No, but he gets upset when they check in. The guy just doesn't wanna have a talk because maybe that guy's checking in multiple shows. He's busy.

You have no idea. There could be multiple, he's busy. Could have a bad day. He doesn't wanna have the whole how you doing, like legit, like he's genuinely, like when people say how are you doing to other people, it's just a throwaway. It's not like it, like you are genuinely interested in how that person is doing. I wanna know how that person is feeling at that point in time when I call him on the phone.

And the other person thinks that it's just a pro forma. It's just like, how are you doing? It's just like a hello. I make it personal.

You are upset. Like you wanna have like a, hey. Hey buddy. Like you're walking into cheers and you're going, hey, how you doing?

I got a new boat. What's going on? Hey, good to see you. And I've spoken to you since we checked in yesterday. What's up, man?

How you doing? You watch the bachelor last night? That's what you want. That's what you want. You like the one who he gave the rose to? You know what I mean?

Hey, I got an original copy of Frodo. So it is ironic that that guy is quick to hang up on others. I just thought, interesting point, teacher.

What an observation. I have done this before. I thought you were done. I apologize to Jimmy.

No, of course. He was probably listening. And Jimmy, I'm very sorry. I owe you something.

I'll send you something. That's the thing is he is, he is a little sorry. I am sorry. That's a throwaway line. You're not really gonna send him something.

No, I will, I will. Trey Lance said he's three, four weeks away from being cleared. It'll be 100% for OTS. Well, we will personally test that next week if he stays scheduled as appointed. Next week will be two to three weeks away. There you go.

I need a new gimbal mic to get on ankle cam. There we go. There we go. Fantastic. Don't let the ball hit. Great show, everybody. Thanks to Albert Breer and Jesse Palmer. We'll chat on Wednesday.
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