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REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 27, 2023 3:22 pm

REShow: Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 27, 2023 3:22 pm

In his ‘What’s More Likely’ segment Rich weighs in on the top matchups and possible outcomes in the Bengals vs Chiefs AFC Championship Game and the Eagles vs 49ers NFC Championship.

The guys weigh in on the Memphis Grizzlies brashness and whether or not Ja Morant and company have earned their swagger yet.

Rich ranks the top Super Bowl matchup scenarios he wants to see on Super Sunday with a special shout out to Paul Giamatti.

Rich and the guys update the latest on Patrick Mahomes’ high-ankle sprain, Del Tufo forecasts weather in Kansas City and Philadelphia for the AFC and NFC title games, the guys make their predictions for how the game will play out, and Brockman offers up his betting advice in ‘Sneaky Good Games.’

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For pricing, visit backslash cost. If you can't afford your medication, Novartis may be able to help. And now back to the Rich Eisen Show. The hiring has begun in the NFL. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The New York Jets fired the first shot today to hire an offensive coordinator. The man who will come to New York, Nathaniel Hackett.

You could already hear the howls. I kind of like to hire. Earlier on the show, NFL on Fox analyst, Greg Olsen. NFL network insider, Tom Pelissero.

Still to come, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our final hour here on this Friday before championship Sunday. We've already spoken with Greg Olsen who's calling the NFC championship game an hour number one. Pelissero joined us in hour number two to update us on injuries for Sunday. And everything going on with the coaching search.

D'Amico Ryans, the defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers, it appears is going to be offered the job for the Houston Texans. So he's going to be the one that goes in there after a couple of one-and-dones. And he's going to be the one to get the first overall selection placed in front of his midst. If only Lovey Smith didn't go out the door and win a football game. That caused, I guess, the opening to be there.

So D'Amico Ryans will have the second overall pick and we assume his choice of all quarterbacks. So much happening going on. So much happening going on.

And the third hour is just for us. 844-204-rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen show. On the Roku channel. Also on terrestrial radio. Sirius XM Odyssey, our podcast. Our YouTube page. Please hit the subscribe button there. We always greatly appreciate anybody who follows us there. We also have the Rich Eisen show collection, which is the video-on-demand service part of our Roku channel relationship.

844-204-rich number to dial on this program. My top four Super Bowl matchups. I rank them. We're going to pick the games. We're going to get a weather report from Mike Del Tufo.

Chris Brockman's got sneaky good games. He's going to try to make your hard-earned American dollars last a little bit longer with all of his information. 844-204-rich, as I mentioned, is the number to dial here on the program. Nathan in L.A. has been hanging on for over an hour. Let's get you handled, sir. How you been, Nathan? I'm good. How about you guys? What's going on? What's on your mind? A couple things.

I'll go through them. One, I'm loving the fact that Brock Purdy is just one of two seventh-round rookies that have contributed mightily to championship teams. You're talking about 84-Brady star Julian Edelman as well? Is that who you're talking about? No, I meant Purdy and Pacheco. Ah, I see. This year.

Oh, this year. Oh, I mean, Julian Edelman may be the greatest seventh-round selection in the history of the playoffs, right? I think you could do that. Absolutely. Oh, Pacheco's a good one, too. Yeah, I mean, if they use him. Well, they should.

They don't use him enough, I don't think, but hey, that's my two cents on that subject, man. Andrew Reid being Andrew Reid. Yeah. And my other one, I have a look-alike to offer for Brock Purdy. Okay. I feel like he's a little bit like a young Shia LaBeouf from back in his Transformer days.

All right, thanks very much. Nathan in L.A. is a factor. I don't know. Would you say that? What do you think? Let's see here. Are we looking at him right now?

I don't know. I dare you, he looks like a young guy, Jimmy Khan. He does. Like a Bryan Song? Bryan Song, yeah. His baby-faced quarterbacks, man.

That's the way his brow is furrowed. Also kind of looks like Ryan Phillippe. Well, Ryan will not be rooting for him this weekend, sir. Not at all.

Ryan will definitely not be rooting for him. We also have a Dave Franco-slated star in the Brock Purdy show. It's true, so everybody should back off. So everyone should just kind of chill a little bit. Dave Franco is here.

I already started the first draft of that, so we're good. I don't know, does Dave Franco have a kissy lips shirt like the one that Dave Franco wore? Does he have one of those? I think it was Broken Heart.

Yeah, it's like a Sean Michael shirt, heartbreak kid. Oh, I see what you're doing. That's right. Like seriously, Dave Franco looked like he stepped up. I don't know the name of that actor, the guy who played the video games with Vince Vaughn in Swingers with that pompadour haircut. Oh, yeah, that was like his only role. I mean, that's what Dave Franco looked like the other day.

That's why I said he looked like he set out the safe swingers. I played Sue, right? Check that out on our collection page, Rich Eisen Show collection page, as well as our YouTube page.

And the pictures of Dave Franco's shirt on our Instagram page as well. That's right, he came right here. We swapped chairs. All right, Chris, you ready? Let's do it.

Are you ready? I like this one. This is a huge edition of Championship Sunday. It's the last football weekend till September where there's multiple games on the same day. It always crushes me to say those things, but it's the truth. It's sad.

It is sad, but it's also filled with possibilities. It's time for a championship weekend edition of What's More Likely. What's more likely? Never say never, but never. All right, Christopher. You guys ready?

I have no choice but to be, sir. Let's get right to it. What's more likely? The injury to have a bigger impact on Sunday. Mahomes' ankle or Hertz' shoulder? Mahomes' ankle. I'll go with that one.

Not only because we've been covering it 24-7, 365. I don't know. Hertz looked like he didn't.

Let's put it this way. He's removed from the initial injury much further than Mahomes is. What else you got over there, Chris?

This is a good one from a Twitter follower. What's more likely to be the higher total on Sunday? 49ers' sacks or Hertz' total touchdown? Ooh. Oh.

Okay. I'll go Hertz' total touchdowns. Hertz is tough to sack, sir. You're thinking 3-plus there for a Hertz touchdown? No, I'm just thinking that they might not get to Hertz.

At all? Ooh. To sack him?

Yeah. Like, to sack him. Like, he has faded back to pass.

And sacked. They have covered enough that the protection... No flag for unsportsmanlike... Oh, God. Please don't even say those words. Don't speak it into existence at all.

Something weird might happen. I'll just go Hertz' touchdowns. Yeah. Good one.

Let's check on my work Monday. What else? Let's go the other way. Higher total. More likely. Sacks or purdy touchdowns? I'll go Eagles' sacks. Ooh.

It's more likely. Eagles' sacks. Instead of purdy touchdowns. I mean, purdy throwing touchdowns, plural, against the number one passing defense in Philadelphia.

Man, if he has... I mean, that's how they make movies out of you. That's how you... That's the sort of stuff. It's Brady. It's Kurt. I don't know. There's a reason why there's only been...

He's the fifth rookie to ever make this game at quarterback. Yeah. So, again, you're saying what's more likely? That's what's more likely. Great. I'm not saying it's going to happen. That's the phrase. What's more likely? There you have it.

All right. Let's look at some of the other stars in this game. More likely to have combined yards.

The more combined yard total. Deebo or CMC or AJ Brown and Devante Smith? I'll go Deebo and CMC. I'll say that. I think McCaffrey is...

I wonder what their plan is for him. And Deebo. I mean, AJ's not running it. Devante Smith can. But they could combine.

I know. Again, I'll take Christian McCaffrey in his first conference championship game. And Deebo coming downhill. Deebo.

I mean, in terms of what's more likely, who's... What's more likely who's going to have the largest play from scrimmage out of those four? Oh, good one. Devante. Bonus. Yeah, no, I could see like a 50-yard bomb to AJ Brown.

And I could see Deebo taking one of the house. Yeah. Right?

We all gave different answers. Let's say after last week, you know, AJ's going to want the ball and I think they're going to get him. I got it. I understand that. But Deebo is going to be somebody that...

He could go 75 like that, though. See ya. Yeah.

See ya. Which is what he did in last year's championship game when the Rams came out and took an early lead. Yeah.

So Deebo took it in from midfield, if I'm not mistaken, in last year's NFC championship game. I don't know. I'll just say what's more likely.

I'll go what's more likely for them and that the Eagles get a run game going against that stout front seven anyway and hurts as somebody who can run from scrimmage and that the Niners might hold the passing game down but maybe not the run game. I know that sounds counter. I'm just talking it out right now like I'm a who wants to be a millionaire contestant without a 50-50 or phone a friend. All right, guys. What's more likely... Although I did phone Craig Olson earlier, so... That's true.

And Tom. Both games are tight. One score or one game's kind of a route? I can't imagine there's a route here.

I don't see a route here. Oh, really? Yeah. I see both tight. One score first.

Yeah. Why? I think one game's not gonna be close. Which one?

Which is more likely to not be close? The Eagles and the Niners. Come on, man. Oh. Okay. I think Eagles could put it on them.

The Chiefs put it on the Niners and then they've put it on everybody else since then. Yeah, but this is an NFC championship game. I got it. Understood. Understood. They lost a couple in Philadelphia. Understood. I mean, they haven't won every one of them. I'm just talking about the game more likely to be around, I think.

It's like... Okay. Right. All right. Let's go to the other game. KC and the Bengals.

It's gonna be awesome. More receiving yards at a touchdown. More likely. Kelsey or Marche? I'll go Kelsey. I'll go Kelsey. They got a triple T. He's not gonna just be wide open on every play again, is he?

I will go Travis Kelsey because why not? Your high school classmate has gotta do something. Dude, Lou Annarumo was my brother's high school classmate unless Elena Annarumo has now become his sister, the defensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals overnight. I went to high school with his sister.

My brother went to high school with him. For everybody scoring at home. Write down that information. It could've been... That is still pretty wild.

That is still pertinent information going into championship weekend. The Isons and the Annarumos. It's a connection, Rich.

And Susan E. Wagner High School in Staten Island, New York. The Rock. The Rock.

What else you got over there? He's not gonna just be open the whole game, though, is he? Welcome to The Rock. Dude, it's Travis Kelsey. He's always open, Chris. I know.

All right. More likely to be the bigger X factor on the ground. X factors, Rich, though not the stars. Mixon or... P. Reiner Pacheco. Got it. P. Reiner McKinnon. McKinnon. McKinnon. McKinnon.

I thought you would go Pacheco. Because McKinnon was a... He's been... He's not their starter. I had a problem last week with, I believe, Kurt Warner called McKinnon an X factor. He is. He is not. What?

Really? He led the league in touchdowns from the running back position since Thanksgiving. Everyone knows.

Everyone knows when number one's in the game that outside of Kelsey, he's the guy that's going to be schemed open or that Mahomes is going to look for. You love Pacheco so much, it gave me an X factor. I know.

I was told by everybody in Kansas City he was the X factor and the difference maker and he doesn't get it more than two times in a row once. This is fantasy sour gravy. Exactly what it is.

Exactly what it is. I'll take McKinnon. All right. What's more likely, guys, that after this game, Burrow is number one quarterback in the AFC or Mahomes is still king. So you're asking me who wins the game?

That's not what I'm asking you. I'm asking you after this game. So Burrow wins the game but Mahomes is still the king? You're asking me who wins the game.

Maybe Burrow doesn't play well. You just- No, I didn't. No, no, no. No, I didn't. You disguised your coverage is what you did.

No, I didn't. Burrow can have a good game. Just because I see more people come and rushing me from the left doesn't mean that you're blitzing me. You might drop into coverage here. What's more likely is who wins the game?

That's not what I said. I said, what's more likely after this game that Burrow could have a bad game and they could still win? Or the Chiefs win and Burrow's number one?

Really? Or Patrick Mahomes doesn't even play. Maybe he gets knocked out and Chad Henney plays. Burrow cannot have a bad game and the Bengals win. Correct.

I just can't see that. Correct. So after this game is Burrow number one or is Mahomes still the king?

Who wins the game? That's not what I'm asking. Burrow's number one. There you go. Oh. Oh. So you just showed your cards there. I did. You did. This guy over there.

I thought we had a segment plan later for this. This guy over there. What's more likely? This guy over there. Last one. Last one. That's a man's in there. Hey, focus.

Focus. Last one. What's more likely? Super Bowl 16 and 23 rematch or the Andy Reid Bowl?

See, he's asking me, why are you doing this when you're- I'm not. No, those are different. You could have one or the other and one or the other. This is like, which matchup is more likely?

The Andy Reid Bowl. Ooh. Ooh. Let's see.

There you go. Is more likely. I'm not saying the way I'm seeing things going is I'm right. That's not, see? Okay. I'm not saying if I'm right- I'm not trying to trap you.

Yes, you are. I don't prefer it. I don't prefer it. As a matter of fact, I dislike it. I upgrade my preference to extreme dislike.

I mean, he's like the 85 Georgetown Voyage guy. He's getting me back from talking about things 40 minutes removed from an overreaction Monday saying, that's what I was going to talk about. What car are you more likely to buy? I'm saying what is more likely, that the two number one seats make it or that the two road teams win? I'd go, it's more likely as the two home teams win. Okay? Andy Reid Bowl.

That's what happens if the two home teams win. I know. That's why I braced it that way. Thank you.

That's what's more likely. You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One Station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. There is footage of Mahomes practicing. And so we will get our third bite at the apple on ankle watch, 2023. I can't wait for that.

I've got my top four super bowl match-ups ranked about what I'd like to see the most. Okay. So there's that. 844-204-rich is the number to dial. Got so much more to talk about.

And there's been a move in coaching that makes me think the Jets did the wrong thing. Oh no. I'll go that. I'll go there. I'll go there.

I'm going to go there. This is it. The putt to win the tournament.

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I am Tom Welling. What was the sign off now? Always remembers TalkVille. That's it. Always hold on to Smallville, folks. We love you.

Can do it without you. We've got a great season two coming up. Catch up with season one or start season two on YouTube or wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show, I'm sitting here at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger is the right product for you.

Call, click or just stop by. I'll bite. What did the Knicks get gifted last night? The Celtics were up 13 and the Celtics with a furious comeback at the end.

Galen Brown misses two free throws down one. Is that a gift or just he choked? Your guy choked. That's all. Gift.

Okay. The guy gets free throws and he misses. That's not a gift, bro. That's not a gift. You missed a free throw, that's a gift.

You've been gifted a win. Yeah. No. Or you didn't? Okay.

Or you didn't win. Enjoy that January win. I'll just tell you what, man. I still can't get over it, him wearing Bernard King's number, but Julius Randle is so good. He is a double machine, a terrific three point shooter he's become. He is awesome. He really is. I love watching him play basketball. Why did the Lakers trade him again?

That's a good question. It was everybody but Kuzma, right? No. Or is he different? He was different. The Randle trade was different. Separate, right?

Separate. Can you imagine if he was here doing that with LeBron right now? Imagine if B.I. and him and Kuzma all still... All here. He would know Anthony Davis, but probably know Russ.

They wouldn't be in this situation, right? Well, you know, B.I., Brandon Ingram just came back two days ago. He hadn't played since November 25th. He and Anthony Davis are dueling it out for guys who can't stay the healthiest, the longest. Did you see Anthony Davis roll his ankle?

Oh my gosh. On a three point shot at the buzzer that was insignificant, half, right? Was it the inner third quarter? It was just like, are you joking?

I don't know. He went down. You could hear the crowd in crypto go, oh, they were groaning.

You could hear the loud groans. That was on the same night that Steph got a technical for throwing his mouth guard. We brought this up on the Rich Eisen Show basketball podcast last night, Rich.

I mean, guess what nobody on earth pays money to see? Steph Curry got ejected. Thank you. Come on. And you know why... Couple of minutes left in the game. You know why he threw his mouth guard?

I think the officials thought it was in their direction. It's because Jordan Poole stupidly put up a three after the shot clock reset. And Steph's like, hand it to me.

Yeah. And it was wild because Poole hit the game winning shot against Memphis and he's being interviewed afterwards and he's just like, I don't know why, you know, he threw his mouth guard. So like, well, Jordan, this just in. But Jordan redeemed himself. He did. He hit the game winner and then he saw Steph in the tunnel. Did you see that footage?

He ran up to him in the tunnel and took all his mouthpiece and threw it. That's funny. Hey man, he's really talented.

That's your guy, Jay. Just a couple of minutes on this. Where do we stand on the Memphis Grizzlies?

They're awesome. Talking. Where do we stand on them?

In their braggadociousness. Why not? Where do we stand on it? Oh, um. Where do we stand on it?

Where are we? It's part of the culture. They're trying, they're trying to build a culture. They are trying to.

I think they've built it. I think they're deep and they're young and they're talented and they can shoot and they can rebound. And if Jaron Jackson can ever stay away from his fifth foul, that's all I want. I just want to just stay away from your fifth because when he gets a fifth, the sixth is right away. It's a gateway foul for him. I haven't won yet though and for them to be running their mouths like they do is a little like.

That's what I'm asking. I do like when the Warriors are just like, yo, four, count them. Count our rings.

You got zero. Shut your mouth. Young, dumb.

I do like that. That's the saying. Young, dumb. Look, man.

McGinley's line from top point break. I'm just saying. They do a lot of talking. And Shannon Sharpe does a lot of, you know, pointing at him.

I do like that at him, but you know, it's just, you know, Dylan Brooks, a lot of chatter. Yeah. Why not, man? Yeah. But I do.

I do look at it. I'm like, OK, but the NBA kind of needs that. Right.

Yeah. Young, brash team. Because, Rich, everyone complains about how these guys are all too friendly now in this. Now you got a team who ain't trying to be buddy buddy with everybody.

I do like that. You know, I would agree that the NBA is missing finals for is missing some well or I don't know. They're trying to get there. We're not. I get it.

And if they don't make it. I want to play both sides. You really do. I know this.

I really do want to play both sides. But Joe has gone from, you know, kid who has just risen meteorically to being the face of a team that's. You know, some people don't like. Yeah, but Joe's not the one yapping. I know he's not the guy who I get it.

You know, dad does happen when I get it is cool. But they went from like this likable up and coming team to a lot of people just wondering if they have the right to. You know, talk it. But then again, you're yapping to the Warriors who a lot of people don't like until the Lakers who a lot of people don't like. So, you know, they might be gaining favor from someone who doesn't like the Warriors. People don't like Draymond Green, but people like the Warriors because they're good in the win.

They don't like so much people tend to turn on staff is the most likable superstar of any superstars in any sport right now. That's fine. But you know, that's true. Like Holmes is the only one that can touch him. I think. No, not even close. Holmes isn't even close in terms of likability to Steph, like worldwide or just no, I'm just talking about in America.

I see. I think the problem is which we go back to the helmet thing with football. I mean, I know he does commercials and stuff, but the fact is these guys wear helmets.

I feel like they're really hard. I'm just trying to Steph's likable. Who doesn't like clay?

I think there's a bath bomb guy, you know, with his yacht rock, his yacht rock cap, clear his yacht rock cap. But, you know, I'm saying, Chris, it is like a winning thing. Once you start to get so successful, then people tend to like. Let's just put a pin in this Memphis Grizzlies conversation and revisit it.

It's fun, though. Do you have any Grizzlies on your team, by the way? I have Jaron Jackson. Oh, you. Okay. That's why you knew the fouls.

Okay. What does that mean? I know the NBA just not know. I mean, specifically, you seem to really know specifically about Jaron Jackson because the number of times that he's having a great night and then his numbers are frozen in time, it's just like, well, honestly, because, you know, I'm looking, I'm looking at my phone and I'm saying, man, he had he had 15 points for the last 20 minutes.

What happened? And then, of course, invariably, I'll go to the box score and I'll see, oh, the number four under P.F. and number five under P.F. I'm like, that's why he's sitting on a bench. He's in keys. He could be your defensive player of the year. Yeah. And I just got to stay healthy, man.

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NetSuite is a new financing program for those ready to upgrade at NetSuite dot com slash Rich Radio head to NetSuite dot com slash Rich Radio for this special one of a kind financing offer on the number one financial system for growing businesses, NetSuite dot com slash Rich Radio. OK, I thought we were out of this business. I'll be very honest with you. I mean, ankle watch Wednesday, ankle watch Thursday, ankle watch today. I thought it was over.

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. It's interesting you use a Godfather Part Three reference, because I think our coverage Wednesday and Thursday was very Godfather like, you know, we followed up a great, brilliant first effort with something I think that was even better, where we're just watching Mahomes leave the podium and then there's no podium though today. No podium today. Practice video today.

Brockman wants to walk. Practice video today spins. James Palmer once again, maybe this is a 15 X on his phone now. I said six X.

He's zooming in. Oh, no. This is pretty clear. Oh, look at this.

I can do that. Come on. I mean, look at an ankle to do that.

Andy Reid's right there. Just he's not even looking down. He's got it right there. I mean, he's doesn't even need it. I mean, look at this. He's like, I got it.

And there's one more throw. It's just flipping in. I mean, look at that. Showed me nothing.

It did. Yeah. What do you tell?

What do you mean? It showed you enough. You got a Mike.

Why are you turning your mic off? Sorry, you're throwing like that. It showed me nothing. He just stood there and throw. He doesn't need an ankle to do that.

You do need an ankle to do it. No, he was just doing this. Yeah, he was tossing. He's just throwing it around.

I went barfing again today. That's not seven step drop, cut, plant move. Exactly. Oh, no. Of course, you're not doing that. You know what I mean?

The media portion. The spin yesterday was more impressive than that. That was nothing. Yeah. That was nothing. The little twirl.

That showed me nothing. I agree. So this is kind of like the Godfather part. Yeah. That was, yeah. That was Andy Garcia. Sophia Coppola. I mean, if we'd known a writer, who knows what would happen. There was still some star power.

Like my homes, Andy Reid, that footage is pretty good. Okay. So you say we glean nothing? Let me see it one more time. Sometimes you got to look at it a second time. I see it.

All right. He's got it. I think that what we're seeing here is everyone's casual around him. Nobody's on pins and needles taking a look. It's already out of their minds. They're not even thinking about it. He's not thinking about it. Andy Reid's not even looking down. He's probably thinking about what's for lunch.

What are you saying? I mean, seriously. Like he's already. We know that's a hamburger. He's already. They've moved on.

I'll take a hamburger. And as a matter of fact, I'm being told Andy Reid has confirmed he's playing Sunday. Which we knew from the first video we looked at on Wednesday. If you have been following Rich Eisen's show, Ankle Watch 2023, you've known it for days.

So how is that news? Chris, you said he didn't need an ankle, but he had to put a little bit of pressure on that right foot. You need an ankle. Come on. Please.

You need it all. Okay. I've got for you. I've got a top four list. Four? Well, he can't have five Super Bowl matchups. There's only four possibilities here. There's only four possibilities here for Super Bowl matchups, okay. We all know them.

You know them. You don't really need me to list them for you, but I'm going to. Because I'm putting it in order of the way I want to see them, okay?

Okay, here we go. The top Super Bowl match-ups. Number four is the rematch. We've seen this movie before, you know what I mean? We've seen it before out of all four Super Bowl match-ups.

It's a good one though, man. Chiefs and 49ers, I mean, it would be a great game. Now here, let me give you this little twist though, okay? For Chiefs 49ers, we showed you Jimmy Garoppolo being upset. If the Niners make it, Garoppolo could be active and dressed on game day.

Could you imagine a scenario? One last quarterback injury occurring in this game. Jimmy G steps in, he's got Ayuk on a post and he hits him this time. And he goes out a winner and the Niners beat the Chiefs in the rematch because Jimmy G comes back when nobody expects it. That would be tremendous. Now that's what this match-up could afford and obviously the Chiefs are like, why are you going negative on us? But just a rematch is the, I think, you know, the last one we all want to see, you know what I mean? I think so. Okay, number three on this list is a Burrow versus Hertz Super Bowl, okay?

Like a little- Number three. Number three on this list is Cincinnati and Philadelphia. I think we'd be kind of grasping of Zach Taylor, Sirianni, Hertz and Burrow, we would be hanging our hat on Hertz and Burrow for this Super Bowl for the entire week. Honestly, like nobody else should show up.

Because the whole media will just be going nuts. And, you know, did LSU play Alabama? It was Tua versus Burrow, right? I don't think Hertz played Burrow.

I don't think that happened. Because we've seen that by now. We've seen the Purdie and Hertz.

Some would have- Right. I think, well, that's because they're playing. Nobody's put Hertz and Burrow together just yet.

Yeah, let me look that up. Getting back to the Super Bowl, the Eagles getting back to the Super Bowl, I guess, you know, with a different coach. It would be an interesting match-up of defense and offense on either side of the ball.

But that's number three. Number two would be kind of lit if it's Bengals and 49ers once again. I mean, the fact that the Bengals would make the Super Bowl for a fourth time, and this would be the third such match-up, and last year was damn near almost the fourth.

That these two franchises somehow can't quit each other. And the fact that Burrow and Purdie would be going for their first as well. Like the fact that Purdie would be reaching, and again, this is no offense to Hertz. I mean, him winning a Super Bowl for Philadelphia would be unbelievable. But Brock Purdie completing the magic carpet ride to prevent Joe Burrow from getting there for a second straight year.

Number one overall pick versus the last overall pick in a Super Bowl. And we would be showing all this footage of Joe Montana in the Silver Dome, and then of course, Montana to Taylor, talking about that time that John Candy was in the stands before that drive. I mean, there would be a whole, it would be an NFL Films Festival that a Bengals fans wouldn't really want to revisit.

But that's number two. And then number one on the list, it would be the two top seeds reaching the Super Bowl, and it would be the Andy Reid Bowl. You know, that Andy Reid would be coaching against Philadelphia, would be kind of lit. Mahomes versus Hertz, their styles of play would be really lit. Kelsey Bowl.

Kelsey Bowl is another one, obviously. Travis and Jason Kelsey, I mean, it would be lit if it's Chiefs and the Eagles. And the last time there was one seed versus one seed was the last time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl taking on your Patriots. They were the one seed with Doug Peterson.

And I had NFL Network research the crack staff, looked this up. Only 13 times in the Super Bowl era have we seen one versus one. And the last five of the 13 have only happened in this century. Broncos versus Carolina for Super Bowl 50. The year before that, Pats in Seattle, the Malcolm Butler game. And the year before that, Seattle against the Broncos. And then the only other time was New Orleans versus Indianapolis. So Peyton Manning was involved in two or three.

Broncos, Broncos, and then Indianapolis. How about that? And then the rest of them, the only other time before this century was 1993. So it's been a while.

You don't see one versus one a lot. And that's my top four. Can we need one more? All right, we'll get one more. I mean, how can we have one more? Okay, if you need one more. Match up of Titans. We don't need one more.

We don't need one more. If you want a big case match up. You can't even get through it. You need a clash of all time greats. And by all time greats, I'm talking about stuff that's been talked about for centuries, centuries, okay? And here's the Super Bowl match up we'd all like to see. It would be Einstein versus Scrooge. And these are the two characters that Paul Giamatti has played looking for cell service that is better than what they already have. I don't know. I mean, you know, one would be one that clearly wouldn't pay for the service.

The other one would think that he could create his own service. I think it's, you know, in the cap era, I don't know if Scrooge would really come through in the cap era, you know, where there's gotta be a floor and a ceiling. I think I'd take Einstein in this matchup over Scrooge, but you never know. And I'd like to see it played out in front of hundreds of millions of people worldwide. And that's my other last matchup of greats.

I can't pull it. We're not done yet. Do you think this idea is done? It's not, it is not done yet because we're gonna see this. Why wasn't there a what's more likely involved with this?

Number of times you'd see the commercial. I can't be a partner in this. Why? You know you want to. I really don't think he does though, to be honest. All right, we'll take a break. I would say we picked this game, but Brockman already made me do it. That's not true.

No, he didn't, I mean. All right, phone calls and we'll get on down the line here at the championship weekend in a moment. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844204 Rich is the number to dial here on the program. can help you tackle your job hunt and make your best career move your next career move. Because knows those looking to change positions and join a new team needs their help. Bring your A game to because when you do that has millions of job offerings and openings and great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts. When you upload your resume to here's what happens. You can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs. specializes in building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you with those job fits. And when you score the position, salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth. Get off the sidelines folks, it's championship time.

Go to and win the job hunt Scotty in Kansas City, Missouri, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's going on there Scotty? How's your ankle? It's doing fine, as far as I know. So you're able to go, you're gonna go Sunday?

If they need me. Okay, very good. Yeah, I just wanted to weigh in on the ankle gate as I've been calling it situation. I enjoyed the Sunday game. But on Monday I woke up pretty pessimistic.

Okay. It's gonna be nice to, you know, see another game. But as I've watched your, it's a pre-resc coverage. Good way to put it, yep, yep.

During the midweek, I'm way more optimistic. There you go. So it's the Rich Eisen Show ankle coverage, Scotty, you're saying is making you feel better?

Is that what you're saying? Oh, for sure. Okay, it's like a salve. You know, it's like an ointment.

It's like an ointment. I'm way more excited about the game on Sunday. I think it'll be a close game and I think we have a chance. Of course you do.

It's a much more interesting game. Of course, of course, of course. Thanks for the call, Scotty.

Greatly appreciate it. Seems like whatever meds Mahomes is on, so is Scotty. Alex, Alice, what's up, Al? What do you got, Al? Shocking neck victory yesterday. And I like Bengals 49ers. I like the rematch.

Okay. Richard, I missed part of the show yesterday. I saw Steiner on it.

I thought it was Bill Gates. I had to do a double take. Nice.

Charlie's lost a lot of weight. Yes. The tragedy of the names Mattingly, Parker, Hernandez, and Murphy not being in the Hall of Fame over this crop of people that they put in recently should have you outraged as it has me. And, you know, I hate to like turn the story back. No, I hear you. No, I know.

I know. And Scott Roland getting in, you know, we really haven't hit it too much because we are just so football-centric here. And here's what we'll do, Al. Call back next week and we'll hit that. We're going to hit that a little bit deeper. So you think Bengals and Eagles?

Is that what you got? You got no Bengals and Niners. I got Bengals and Eagles. Bengals and Niners. Excuse me, Bengals and Niners, just because I like to see the rematch. I can't root for the Eagles.

I can't stand them, obviously. So, you know, I don't know what I want more in Brockman, Iris, and Poligo on this. I don't know if I want that rematch more or I want A-Rod to show up in Jet Green. Okay, there you go. Thank you, Al. Greatly appreciate it.

There's Alan Dallas. All right, I'm wondering, do we pick the games now or do we get the weather report first because it might factor in our thinking? Yeah, that is true because I'm leaning one way, but if I hear that the weather's unclear, then I might change it. Oh yeah, fact. Gamblers would want to know the weather first.

I need to know this, Rich, to make my decision. All right, the people in this room have spoken. It's now time for the highly anticipated Mike Del Tufo weather report for Championship Sunday. Let's go, Mike. The weather out there is raining sideways. Del Tufo with the weekend weather update. It's raining, Mike. This is our best shot. All right, Mike, what do you got?

This is my favorite day of the year in sports. Yeah? Brockman's looking at me, waiting for sweat to drip. You're waiting. TJ's waiting for me to script something. No, I just want the weather. Give it to me. Okay, first game of the day on Fox.

Played at the Link, a place that I did many in NFC Championship at. Of course it is. Of course it's always about me, right, Chris? These are pertinent. San Francisco is playing Philadelphia. These are all pertinent meteorological facts. People want to know. Exactly. It's great. It's outside, it's in Philadelphia.

By the way, can you please put up the graph, Mike? Cheese fries? I want you to have my cheese fries. I'm not playing with cheese fries.

You could get me all confused here. It's going to be 49 degrees of kickoff. That's actually very mild for Philly right now. I would agree.

You're right. We're mostly cloudy. I'm wearing shorts that day. A light wind, 11 to 12.

I say light wind because that's nothing. Five to 6% chance of... Oh, five to 6%? Yeah. Ah, nothing. Nothing. What's with that 1%? Five percent. Wait a minute, eight right there. Wait a minute, it rained.

It rained. It really was 6%. You're covering your bases. I like it. See, we got to do that.

That's what we got to do. Five to 6%. If it was seven to eight, I'd be worried. But five to six, I'm pretty upset. Game number... Five percent, if it rains, it's just like, what do you mean? I thought you told me it was 5%. Or six.

I should have said 6% when I had the chance. Game number two will be played at the very famous Arrowhead Stadium. Or Burrowhead.

Or Burrowhead. Yes. Okay, sorry. I didn't mean to take it from you.

They don't see that. Do your thing. Mike, will you please put up the graphic, my friend? Temperature kickoff will be 22 degrees. It's going to drop a little during the game. It feels like 11.

It's cold. It feels like 11. That's the key factor here, because we all know it can feel like it's 50 here, but it's really like 70. And it's kind of like, we get like that weird LA. Yeah, it's just like LA, what you're talking about. Exactly. Great analogy.

I'm glad you made it. Partly cloudy with little to no precipitation. Feels like 7% in the fourth quarter. Yeah, it's going to get a big cold.

Cincinnati played in far worse weather last week. These guys don't yet. These guys have no problem with this. Okay. You want my pick, some kid. Great job, Mike. Well done, well done. Good job, Mike.

Well done. See, it's cold. I mean, it feels like single digits. It feels like it's going to be cold. Pretty cold, there.

Mild in Philly. Why'd you get upset that we said Burrowhead? Because I had it written down. I was going to say Burrowhead, better known as Burrowhead to Bengals fans. Well, our defense, I wasn't sure if you were ever paying attention when we said Burrowhead, so we couldn't take the chance.

So in that fact, I cannot be mad at you guys for doing that. Yeah. Give me NFL films music. It's time for us to predict the games. Chris, you're going to go first. What do you got?

What do you got? I'm taking these exact same picks in sneaky good games. Stay tuned for that. But I think the two best teams this weekend are going to advance. And I think at Cincinnati, they're playing better than anyone in the league right now. And I think the Eagles' defense is going to be too much for Brock Purdy. I said this game, Eagles might win by two touchdowns. It might not be close. So I like Eagles and Bengals. Eagles and Bengals to win championship Sunday and make that a Super Bowl 57 matchup. What do you got over there?

TJ Jefferson. Well, Rich, you know, on Tuesday, I would have said one thing. I know that. But now it's Friday and I've seen some film and I've broken down some film. And now I'm fully confident that what I thought on Tuesday is not the case on Friday.

Therefore, I believe now that ankle gate is put to the side now that we know his ankle is strong, not that we know that those tank, those tendons are strong and he didn't rip. I'm going to pick the Chiefs, OK, to return to the Super Bowl and beat the Bengals for the first time in, what, four games. OK, so then what do you got for the NFC championship?

No, I wish that this game didn't have to be played. Quite frankly, you've got two of my favorite teams. I absolutely hate the Eagles for obviously for obvious reasons. And I also hate the Niners for obvious reasons. You know, I'm still mad about the white clark back in the day, but I've got to choose one. And I figure my hatred of the Eagles is so great. I simply just can't pick them.

So in order to make this pick, I'm also going to pay off my bet to Jordan. Cheryl, our rich eyes and show there, bang, bang, Niner gang. Shout out to E40. Shout out to my girl Lisa Cummings.

Shout out to Asher Roth. Bang, bang, Niner gang. And I hope they lose in the Super Bowl.

Don't get it twisted. But I'm going to pick them. OK, so you choose Chiefs and 49ers. OK, so we chose that.

That was my pick on Thanksgiving. I came into the season choosing Bills and Bucks, and then I switched to Chiefs and 49ers and then stuck with it at the outset of the playoffs. I am so concerned about the the 49ers going into Philadelphia and playing the way that they they the way that the Eagles just played. But I'm going to stick with the 49ers and I'm going to jump and I'm going to I'm going to stick with the Chiefs to the Chiefs. I'm going to go Chiefs, 49ers. I'm going to stay with my pick, even though I really feel in my soul that Joe Burrow is going to come for the souls of Arrowhead. But I do. If I had chosen this game on Monday and Tuesday, I'd be like, yeah, Burrow's coming and Mahomes is not going to be able to do Mahomes like things.

But now we know they ate the cakes. Rich Eisen show ankle coverage. We've been all over it. And I just think that it's not going to mean very much. And I think that they're they're going to write that ship and go back to the Super Bowl and take on the Niners and have a rematch.

We should win a Tony and a Grammy for our coverage. After every gun, after everything, I'm going to stick with my pick. I'm going to do it. Mikey, I was literally leaning something. I was literally leading, flipping the entire script and going Cincinnati and Philadelphia. But I'm going to go chiefs at home and the Niners on the road and watch it'll be the Bengals on the road and the Eagles at home.

I think Bengals, San Francisco. OK, there you go. That's Mike Del Tufo's take. All right. This is painful for me right now.

I just want to understand. We got it done. We stuck the landing 48 hours, five minutes. That's it. That's it.

Start now. That's it. Was everybody watching? You're at home, Rich. Yeah, we're all OK. Very good. We're all being home. Let's do it.

Fantastic. And we will call the Rich Eisen show home on Monday and have the full recap of what we're about to see this weekend. Back on the Roku channel. Wrap things up to our radio audience.

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