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REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 20, 2023 3:10 pm

REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 20, 2023 3:10 pm

Rich reacts to Ravens GM Eric DeCosta’s recent comments about Lamar Jackson’s murky future in Baltimore. 

Rich and the guys debate if Jackson will be able to get a fully guaranteed contract given his recent injury history and which team he’s likely to suit up for next season, and in ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the weekend’s NFL Divisional Round game.

Rich comments on the NFL’s ticket selling plan for a possible neutral-site AFC Championship game in Atlanta between the Bills and Chiefs and why it could be seen as a slight on the Cincinnati Bengals and Jacksonville Jaguars.

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Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only. This is the Rich Eisen Show. What do you do when these penalties get called and they're not right? And it affects, as Joey Bosa said, what ruins their whole season. With the gambling, it's just, we gotta get these things right. I don't understand what you're talking about. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

You gotta get it right. Earlier on the show, Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Young. Coming up, Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hey everybody, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on the program. And we just hung up from Steve Young and Troy Aikman's joining us shortly. And I'm thrilled to have Troy join me and I'm particularly pleased and honored actually because I follow Troy on Instagram. And he just put out on his Instagram stories about 50 minutes ago a beautiful sunrise at a spot where if I was at, I wouldn't want to be calling into anybody's radio show. So after a very long season of calling football games, so very nice of him to say yes as opposed to tapping out. Does that look like a spot you'd say, you know what I'd like to do in about an hour? I'd like to call into the Rich Eisen Show for 15-20 minutes.

I appreciate it immensely. This might be Hawaii? I don't know. I'm thinking about when sunrise would have been.

So that would have been, he would have posted this at 9 Eastern, so 6 Eastern, I mean 6 Hawaii time. It's really nice. I know, it's good. Wherever it is on the planet, wherever it is on the planet, it is definitely not a spot. Yeah, put it on there.

It's on at Troy Aikman right now on the old Instagram. I can't see anything. Okay, there you go.

At any rate, 844-204 Rich is the number. It looks nice. And by the way, I am multitasking right now because I have my cell phone here in front of me. I always like checking on the headlines, whatever. My phone's just been buzzing nonstop. It's a bunch of my buddies talking about the pickleball game tomorrow that I can't play in, because I'm working on NFL game day morning tomorrow for 4.5 hours.

You want me to take your spot? I don't want to leave the conversation, because when you leave a conversation, it's an act of aggression. And I don't want to just hit leave the conversation. I mean, you've done that with us before. I did it once because Brockman was like trolling on me with the Yankees in the playoff game. But I regret it. I regret it now because the phone doesn't allow you to get back in. Someone has to bring you back in.

Will you re-invite me to that group? Not that one. No, you left. You were out of that one.

He's out of that one. I don't care. I mean, I can't leave the conversation. You can't mute the conversation. I'd love to.

I'll show you how to do it in the break. You wonder why I don't answer group texts? It's the dumbest conversation possible. It's dumb.

What's the average age of the people in this? What does that matter? I don't understand. What does that matter? What does that matter to you? No, seriously. What does that matter to you? Do you bring down the average? That's what I'm asking. Um... I might be right around a median. I might be in the middle. But what's the big deal?

What's the big deal? We're working out. What are you doing tomorrow? What are you doing tomorrow? Sitting on your ass watching football?

What are you doing? First off, I work out every day. And I got toddler's birthday parties to attend. And you go, okay, that's a workout. That's a workout in itself. You get your steps in there, don't you?

I got a three-year-old birthday party to attend. And, um, yeah. Okay.

It's because I think pickleball is for people of a certain age. I've noticed you've said that a lot. A lot, yeah.

I'm just saying, even though I know it is going mainstream now, it's like going to Harvard. How do you know that people go to Harvard? Well, they tell you. How do you know people play pickleball?

They bring it up all the time. Mr. I work out a lot. And he showed up with a bag of Super Size Me this morning. For the whole crew. Very good.

The fact that he actually bought something for us. Susie brought donuts yesterday. That's why we have to work out. Definitely. Well, at any rate, I'm not playing pickleball. And they're like, you know, you could leave the chat. I don't want to leave the chat. Just mute the chat.

That's what I do. Leave the conversation. Which might be the oldest thing I've said. You've got to show me how to mute.

At any rate, hey everybody. Hour number two of this program. We paused this conversation in divisional playoff weekend to discuss a team that came close to making it.

Didn't make it. And now has to turn their attention to what do they do with their quarterback. Who is supremely talented. Who is a former MVP. And who is staring at a franchise tag because as it appears wants a contract fully guaranteed that ownership and management is not willing to give them. We're talking of course about Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.

And as I have said over the last week plus any other situation you would feel like the quarterback and the team is done with each other. And you know I can't wait to get to the combine because that's where everybody talks. I mean when I say everybody talks, everybody talks. Some scouts you've never met some people in organizations you never met they will just, they will, you get one drink at the bar and off to the races they go.

Or agents or this or that. And I hear chatter coming out of the mid-Atlantic that says, all's going to be fine. And then the other one is like, this is dumpster fun. And the management team coach, general manager met with the media yesterday and once again the Baltimore Ravens put the sunniest possible spin on the situation.

Or it's not spin at all. This is truly the way it is. And in the NFL it's so tough to believe something is the way it is.

Sometimes. But John Harbaugh and Eric DeCosta, head coach general manager of the Ravens spoke again about Lamar Jackson yesterday. That he's their guy and I think Harbaugh said he's crossing his fingers and his toes that he everything works out with this contract. He's going to stay.

It's going to happen. And this soundbite from the general manager is what sets my spidey sense off still. Still. By the way, this is after the players, to a man essentially, said Lamar's our guy. He's walking around limping. He couldn't go. He was sick. That's why he wasn't there for his teammates. If he could have been there he would have been there. He couldn't have been there. So that's why he wasn't.

And boy I hope he comes back. And so So why can't we just take it? As it is.

As it is. Because I know you're not like digging for it but like maybe The reason why is just listen to this answer from the general manager of the Baltimore Ravens when asked if Lamar didn't play because it was a contractual situation. Because again players in the NFL want fully guaranteed money.

You cannot blame them for that. You can't. I will just use the most extreme example. Lamar Hamlin. Period. End of story. And he's not even fully vested for pensions and things like that.

So you never know what's going to happen on the next snap. And so you want your money and you want it guaranteed so bless the Browns they went ahead and gave Deshaun Watson with everything going on in his life $230 million all guaranteed. And we still haven't heard the exact money confirmed that was put on the table that or that Lamar wants put on the table that he's fine fully guaranteed.

I'm yours I'm signed signed so you'll deliver all that. Still haven't heard that. But in the NFL when a player doesn't get the contract he's looking for then I have heard many situations where they're like I'm hurt I'm not going to go and put on the brace I'm not going to go and take a shot I'm not going to do it. They're not putting it out there for me so I go out there as RG3 said he put on a brace and he made a mistake and his whole career changed because of it. That's the general sense of things so it's a legit question to ask of the general manager. Was your guy hurt or is it contractual?

Here is the answer. A freaky type of athlete out there on the field having a knee injury a serious knee injury makes it difficult and so just unfortunate that he got hurt the timing of it I know he was trying to come back we'd see him daily I spent a lot of time over the last two years down in the training room and Lamar along with a lot of other guys were trying to get back and play and it was just bad timing and I think bad luck for us and bad luck for Lamar. It was bad luck there's no question about it they're such a better team with him but the thing that sets me off is like we got to ask Lamar that that's number one and then number two I think he was hurt is it on the MRI or is it not? Yeah do you know? You should know for a fact that he's hurt.

Unless unless he didn't go in the tube did he not go in the tube? get the pictures taken of his knee you know that's what sets the spidey sense off something like there and I'll say this if they wind up trading Lamar Jackson these two guys Harbaugh and DaCosta deserve an award with the rest of the locker room to keep anything that brought about the trade whatever it was and it'll not come out from the Ravens they'll end up saying they decided to go in a different direction or Lamar asks Lamar and Lamar will go to his next spot and he'll be happy and say that's the past and there'll be a 30 for 30 on it and a deep dive somewhere where it all comes out or something like that. But this is either A absolutely the way the team feels and I'm just telling you how I feel how I'm seeing it and how I'm reading it and he winds up signing a long term contract and then we'll see how he plays right then we'll see how who the new offensive coordinator is going there because Greg Roman is gone you know the guy who they Ravens turn to and say let's change our entire playbook around midstream in a season and turn him into an MVP candidate which is exactly what happened in 2018 2019 that's exactly what happened to show how he can win football games and play an incredibly high level in a style and a matter that few other teams even attempt and be successful at like they are and by the way they almost won the football game without Lamar on Sunday let's not lose sight of that how good a team it is to build that's been built and how well it is coached truly to almost go into Cincinnati a team that can easily win in Buffalo this week and easily spoil the Kansas City Chiefs party just like last year we all know that and the Ravens almost knocked him out with their backup quarterback so what I'm saying is it is possible that they do feel this way and my Spidey sense is way off and then I'll you know come on this air and say my Spidey sense is way off but I feel he was hurt I mean there's an MRI there's a training staff that looks at his knee like is it a two is it a three what is its strength like what do we got here you know they know Lamar knows he tweeted it out okay a three is a total tear of your knee I mean like that's a tear of your knee you're doing your ligament you need surgery for that you're not playing with that I get it so all I'm saying is let's see how it all plays out and the combine is gonna come and I'm sure I'll hear from people you are off you're way off you're on that's what people are gonna say I've been there before it's my 20th combine it's coming and then but the Ravens have gone through this year with Lamar not having the contract that he wanted the team didn't give it to him he got hurt that's the exact thing what's gonna happen if he gets hurt you know what happens well what happened was he didn't play the last six games lose they lost in the playoffs they got one and done and now what now what didn't it cost to say it takes two to tango or something like that about the contract they want them they love them they think they can win with them they want them back they want them as the face of their franchise but you gotta ask Lamar if it was money or it was hurt I think he was hurt says the general manager who no doubt was told by a training staff what an MRI said I mean let's just these are facts and I you know and the Ravens choose to play it this way or they wanna have it this way however you wanna term it that this guy could still be traded and if they do they're gonna get max value because they haven't let a hint hit the fan not a hint of it which is amazing or they really feel this way about him and I can't wait to see what happens next because this year was totally a disappointing finish Lamar's not signing a long term contract what's gonna happen this year what's gonna happen is they're gonna win a lot then he's gonna get hurt they're not gonna have him for the rest of the year the offensive coordinator gets fired you get one and done that's not the Ravens picture that they wanted to have come back from the old school dark room so that's my take on that I heard that yesterday I'm like oh really okay I hope I'm wrong for my Ravens friends I hope I'm wrong 844-204 Rich is the number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show when we come back a divisional playoff weekend edition of What's More Likely and then at the end of this hour I will tell you which player won I gotta choose I gotta boil it down to one which player needs to have a monster game for his team to advance and I made it hard on myself I did not choose a quarterback 844-204 Rich is the number to dial this is it the putt to win the 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Talkville the ultimate Smallville rewatch podcast where each week we watch every episode of Smallville a show that changed our lives forever and perhaps your lives too. I'm Michael Rosenbaum Hello I am Tom Welling What was the sign off now? Always remembers Talkville.

That's it. Always hold on to Smallville folks. We love you can do it without you. We've got a great season two coming up.

Catch up with season one or start season two on YouTube or wherever you listen Back here on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network powered by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by One last thing for our terrestrial radio audience Chris you just brought up will we look back on Lamar Jackson's 2019 MVP season as an outlier or that happened once or what happened? Why didn't it happen again?

Because either A. He has trouble staying healthy or B. Um That was an outlier And the way that he plays is not sustainable by health and by standards of of the rest of the uh the rest of the league figuring out how to stop like scheme wise it's difficult to sustain So Um We'll see like that's the that and the only person who can write that story is Lamar Jackson And I'm like where where else would he go like people are mentioning Miami would be good for him. You're hearing the jets Really I guess you'll you'll retool your entire operation there as well. Yeah so others I've seen Washington, Atlanta those are kind of the big four Atlanta would just say okay we'll just abandon our plan with you know Ritter and and go go there Washington obviously is wide open yeah wide open I think Atlanta would probably pick Lamar over Ritter wouldn't you?

You think so? I don't know Yeah Vic 2.0 run run Guys the amount of money Lamar Jackson is asking for cannot be discounted when you have somebody you like and want to grow with and is incredibly inexpensive and you've got on a second round contract for three more years that is a factor. When are we going to start having a conversation of you know Lamar's asks contractually are reasonable What do you mean? This is the guy who wants the guaranteed money that DeSean Watson got right?

He also hasn't finished the last two years and he had one great season but other than that it's been To say I want $230 million all guaranteed when he hasn't finished two straight seasons in a row that's when Mike Florio says he needs an agent to tell him what time it is and also get out there and get stuff out there and reach out to people who might be able to help and supplement what's going on in his life I mean we just had against Steve Young on in hour number one there's a deep dive for the athletic that came out today on the Jets situation with Jack Wilson and what was going on inside the locker room remember when Elijah Moore wanted a trade, remember he demanded a trade and Robert Salas said we're not trading you but you're going to sit down and then they went to Denver and won without them but lost Brice Hall and Elijah Vera Tucker in the same game that changed everything for the Jets offense their best offensive linemen and their best I mean we wouldn't be sitting here saying who the offensive rookie of the year is wonder who it might be and why didn't Brock Purdy make the final three because Brice Hall would have won it if he stayed healthy end of story over but the reason why I bring this up in that story is Zach Wilson reached out to a trio of quarterbacks for advice because they struggled early on in their careers you know three Hall of Famers Steve Young, Kurt Warner and Drew Brice because Kurt, yeah, he was a house of fire when he came in in 99 but his career started by getting cut in Green Bay and we all know Steve Young took a while to finally get where he needed to go I imagine his agents set those things up I don't know man it's a tough ask to say hey, I want everything guaranteed all this money guaranteed and I didn't finish the last two years also our buddy Daniel Jeremiah, first mock draft just posted he has the Ravens taking a quarterback Anthony Richardson from Florida okay admitted that it was a dart but, you know, a lot of question marks surrounding Baltimore I'm telling you when I get to the combine it's going to be I think unless something happens in the next three playoff weekends division, championship, and Super Bowl unless something wild happens in those three weekends the number one conversation we're going to hear at the combine is what is going on with Baltimore and Lamar who could they be looking at here 844-204 Rich numbered it out here on the program okay, it is a Friday here on the Rich Eisen Show that means Chris Brockman has come up with a couple of scenarios in a specific endeavor called What's More Likely hit it What's More Likely never say never, but never alright Christopher, what do you have over there hey guys, what's up, breaking news divisional round this weekend, excited? you can make the argument it's the greatest weekend in all of sports or if you want to sound really highfalutin, sport greatest weekend in sport which means internationally, I don't mean to keep interrupting you have at it, what do you got who's more likely to have multiple turnovers in a loss tomorrow, Trevor Lawrence or Patrick Mahomes oh, I'll go Trevor Lawrence he's not going to do it again you gave me a gimme to start who's more likely to have multiple turnovers and lose I will go with the guy who had multiple turnovers and won? the guy who the guy who had multiple turnovers was lucky to win, and is making his first yes, yes was fortunate how about that, fortunate I'll change the phrasing and is now going into Arrowhead Stadium for his first, I mean, for your first career road playoff start I would say what would you pick as the toughest spot to do it would you would you go with Arrowhead? yeah, what's the temperature would you go with Arrowhead with the Chiefs coming off you got the internet in front of you I mean, would you go with Arrowhead with the Chiefs coming off, Andy Reid coming off a bye, as well, we all know how great he is at a bye, I mean yeah, man I'll go with Lawrence going what's more likely tomorrow, cloudy rain and snow okay, wintry mix it sounds like wintry mix, sounds like a wintry mix oh, Mike, Mike we totally whiffed on this alright, this is what we're going to do Hoskins, weather report, let's put something together for the third hour, no that's coming we're going to do it you didn't bring it up though, what's more likely that we are going to give a Mike Del Tufo weather report on the fly by the end of the show or not, I will say yes, Chris, what else you got over there biggest offensive x factor in that game, Travis Etienne or Isaiah Pacheco oh, I'll go Etienne although, I'll tell you what, man part of the reason, I'll tell you what, man the reason why I say this is totally fantasy related I'm just still chapped I picked up Pacheco, I thought they just didn't use him they didn't use him enough you were a year early they went with McKinnon McKinnon ended up being a beast and I'm not saying he didn't affect the scoreboard significantly but this guy can really run it down I'm wondering if Pacheco I think would come in very handy against the 49ers for instance where you are just going to have to hit people and keep on slamming them into a front seven so the Chiefs can go like nasty smash mouth if they want I guess they choose not to because they've got the quarterback that might play otherwise but I'll go Etienne right there what else Chris, what else you got? Giants Eagles, two teams in a game featuring running quarterbacks quarterbacks who can really efficiently run the football more rushing yards from the quarterback position and a win, Daniel Jones or Jalen Hurts hmm good one right there a little window into who you're taking in this game well no it doesn't win and who's going to win in this game you said who would have more rushing yards and a win so you're saying if they win who would have more rushing yards I would go with Jalen Hurts because if the Eagles win I think they need Jalen Hurts to have a ton of rushing yards so Giants can win without Daniel Jones I'm not saying they can win without Daniel Jones but I'll go with Hurts right here about what's more likely what else you got to go for I like this one, Bill's Bengals they're playing each other, did you hear that? yes but when you front your either or with I really like this one makes you seem like you were just laying out the other ones the other ones were hard, big spreads okay what's the higher total in this game Bill's sacks or Burrow touchdown passes oh man I'll go Bill's sacks man although they don't really rush the passer very well but the Bengals have the offensive line I just think yeah I'll go Bill's sacks right here Joey B big game player man I know that I think the Bengals win it I don't think the Bells sack them I mean if you told me what would be more Titans sacks or Burrow touchdown passes I would have said Titans sacks and the Bengals still win and I'd have been right in this very same round last year with Burrow going on the road in this very same round this year also snowing in Buffalo here we go baby here we go so we could have wintry mixes in a couple spots in the northeast stop stealing my thunder I'm more likely to have more total yards good use of thunder for a weather report more total yards Sunday in Santa Clara CMC or Tony Pollard you want to take this one TJ? it'll be CMC I think so too I think CMC gets his day I think Christian McCaffrey has his day and what's more likely how about this I'll answer it this way what's more likely and you answer this Chris what's more likely we come on the air Monday talking about Christian McCaffrey having a day and I am complaining that Tony Pollard didn't get the ball enough or Pollard gets the ball and the Cowboys take out the 49ers what am I what do I think is going to happen or what's more likely what's the name of this segment it's more likely that you're complaining about Pollard why?

he could do it! that's what I'm saying we spread the ball out more brother Jefferson McCaffrey I am preaching and I'm saying this is the way through number 20 that's the way through that's the way through thank you wait a minute he stole my top 5 now you're stealing no I'm just going to say this do I have anything? do you want to go through you want to rise up oh my goodness number 20 that's the way through the other side that's it can I take this segment back I still have two more appreciate the help getting through he is him he is him Pollard is him yes Chris two guys who have been him what's more likely guys Brock Purdy turns into a pumpkin or Dak from past playoff flame outs shows up what's more likely Purdy turns into a pumpkin or Dak from past playoff flame outs I'll oh my gosh I don't think Purdy turns into a pumpkin at all I've got to stick with my 49ers win at all I don't think he turns into a pumpkin I do not how have I I know I'm just re-asking the question I haven't seen you in a couple of days and you can't say how have I picked because you just picked this on Thanksgiving right? I am so it's not like it's been an all year pounding table you think Purdy is going to beat my home? Thanksgiving wasn't yesterday August either when you made us make our picks Joe Burr, Josh Allen I know I will say this I don't think a Dak flame out shows up either I think this is going to be a terrific battle so if I have to force to make a choice I'll go with the Dak flame out shows up more than Purdy turning into a pumpkin so I know I'm kind of fencing it I don't think Purdy turns into a pumpkin I don't think Dak flames out I just think that that's more likely than Purdy turning into a pumpkin Do you think we need one more?

Thank you sir Alright we'll get one more Ocean's Eleven has been on so much lately and I watch it every time. It's great What's more likely guys? We have multiple upsets this weekend or Alt-Chalk Let's see I don't know my hat here Well you know Rich doesn't know who's underdog because he doesn't All the home teams are favorite All the home teams are big favorites actually yesterday but I also wasn't on a turnip truck so You're the one saying you don't know about I mean are the Bengals winning as an upset? They're a five and a half point dog Okay so then I'll say upsets Multiple? Multiple upsets? Are you going to pick the Giants?

Yeah you are. You're going to pick the Giants I'll say multiple upsets I'll say multiple upsets then Alt-Chalk It's hard to beat a team three times So you're saying Alt-Chalk is You're saying Alt-Chalk is Eagles hosting Niners and the Bills and Chiefs are in Atlanta Yes I'll go multiple upsets Rich has it Gotta live a little I'm with you baby Right? I'm with you Who's favorite in that Cowboys game? Niners by four Let's take a break here Let's take a break here because there's some bulletin board material that was just provided albeit not intentionally but there is some bulletin board material that was provided to a couple teams this weekend I'll hit that and then still to come on this program I'll tell you who has to have a monster game in order to break through and then Troy Aikman will call in from someplace I can't believe he's calling in from in hour three If you don't know your numbers you don't know your business that's true when your business is growing fast even more true when there's a ton of uncertainty like right now not every business is in the dark though there's over 33,000 businesses that's in the light how about that? In the light in the light that's shined NetSuite by Oracle the number one cloud financial system NetSuite gives you visibility and control of your financials planning, budgeting and of course inventory so you can manage risk, get reliable forecasts and improve margins. NetSuite helps you identify rising costs, automate your manual business processes and see where to save money. Know your numbers, know your business, get to know how NetSuite can be the source of truth for your entire company Right now NetSuite is offering a one of a kind flexible financing program head to slash Rich Radio right now, slash Rich Radio, slash Rich Radio I saw a press release from the National Football League more than 50,000 tickets sold in one day for the AFC Championship game in Atlanta if it happens, they put tickets on sale, got to do it in advance right?

Oh yeah It's a just in case situation which is great. You know where to approve of this? My Jewish mother would approve of this because she's just I always have fun with her, not at her expense, how dare you by saying she's a just in case mom always take an umbrella just in case put on a good pair of shoes on the ice just in case wear clean underwear just in case rare how to tell me that how dare you just in case there's an AFC Championship game in Atlanta, got to sell the tickets and as a matter of fact, they're being snapped up, both clubs according to the NFL gave season ticket members, they capitalized those by the way I like the word member for season ticket Oh you're a member of the Rams season ticket right? I'm a member of the Rams, so is Brockman Chris, you're you're in a different level because this guy, how many games did you go to this year?

More than him, that's a lie what are you talking about? I did three that's what I went to, okay so we tied alright, my bad I don't mean to create a problem but anyway, both clubs gave season ticket members who previously opted in to purchase AFC Championship game tickets in Buffalo, Kansas City priority access to purchase tickets at a preferred rate according to the NFL more than 50,000 tickets were purchased by the club's season ticket members in the first 24 hours of the announcement hey Chris, you were at the National Championship game, I was, you know how half the stadium was Georgia and half was TCU? that was awesome, according to this statement the ticketing plan enables Bills fans to be seated on their side of the field and the Chiefs on the other kind of like a college football game yeah, I'm in, right?

how amazing is that? although Florio tweeted out like this is like the beginning of championship weekend being in neutral sites neutral sites, it's a great idea that ain't happening, no no no that's not happening, even though it might be pulled off and it feels like a Super Bowl again, that is not happening no sir, but you gotta sit here and wonder how do the Jaguars and or Bengals feel about this one? I enjoy those tickets, how about that plan? I totally I prefaced this entire conversation by saying no offense got a plan got a plan, got a plan you can't just do all willy nilly sell tickets within five days of a game being played, gotta do it in advance yeah, but don't you think if you're a Bengal or Jaguar you see this go Joey Burrow is probably like what? on what planet is this game being played in Atlanta because if we make the AFC Championship game we're not going to Atlanta as a matter of fact, it's entirely possible we're hosting the Jaguars, right? which by the way I wanna talk college football get the Burrow Trevor Lawrence National Championship game stuff ready and Trevor Lawrence is sitting here he's sitting there going wait, my game in Kansas City what day of the week is that played on? Saturday, Saturday have I ever lost on a Saturday?

no, it was like 38-0 or something it's alright for fighting isn't it? and they could wreck the buffet, like come on at the Harrow Club known as the defacto neutral site game you know what I'm saying? I'm Doug Peterson and I'm handing out the ice cream tonight because I imagine you do Friday night ice cream instead of Saturday night ice cream, right? I'm scooping up along with the vanilla ice cream, come on, Doug, you gotta put some sprinkles on it cookies and cream cookies and cream, what a great ice cream pieces and cream good song no question, let me just say as he's scooping it out, hey I'm gonna scoop out guess where Kansas City fans think they're going potentially on next Saturday where do you think they're going? I think they're going to Atlanta and then you know that's one thing to say even if Kansas City beats Jacksonville you can stay at home if Cincinnati goes there and that's not at a neutral site Cincinnati's the one that would be like wait a minute, why do both teams feel they're going to Atlanta that means they think we can't make the AFC championship game by winning in Buffalo? well they already knew it though, come on bro, I just, let me talk about rational thought when it comes to a game like this, Mike I've got a rational thought story I've told it before, this is a totally completely 100% applicable to repeat story here I'm sitting on the set of NFL Total Access in Tampa, Florida it is I believe, what is it, the Monday night I guess, the first, we're there at a Super Bowl Monday night of Super Bowl week Pittsburgh vs. Arizona I'm sitting on the set and I turn to my right and they say get ready to introduce our next guest I knew they were coming to the show and they were kind enough to come to the show Arizona Cardinals coach Ken Wisenhunt and hard heading safety Adrian Wilson who I believe is in their front office now, right? they're coming to the set welcome them and that's what we used to do we used to show them off set, they'd come walking up on the set, we'd say hello go to commercial break, come back from commercial break, they're in set position to have a conversation and I'm on the set and I shake Adrian Wilson's hand and he's all business Ken Wisenhunt shakes my hand and says the following to me I heard what you said about our team and I'm like thinking to myself what the hell did I say about the Arizona Cardinals? and you know my mind starts spinning, you know me you know me like I'm now, this commercial break is now I'm lost to anybody else trying to get in my ear my mind is now churning I'm going on my mental Rolodex year of what I've said what I didn't say and I said nothing, I finally after a minute or two of stewing I then turned, I'm like alright coach what did I say about your team? I don't think I said anything and then he said, you said we were the worst team in the history of the playoffs to make the playoffs and if you remember those Arizona Cardinals teams were terrible on the road that was the year they went, we flew all the way out to Thanksgiving, to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving on a Thursday night they got waxed, I even bring this up to Kurt Warner all the time now, like thanks for ruining my Thanksgiving, Kurt I flew all the way out, I left my family at home just to cover your team and you lost by 90 good job and I turn to him I said, I would never say that, he goes, I heard you say that, yeah 48 to 20 and one of the producers who's in the truck who hears this conversation through our mic gets in my ear and says, Chris Collinsworth said that and I turned to Whisenhunt and I'm like Chris Collinsworth said it, not me coach and he goes, uh huh man we're back, hey can Whisenhunt hear that irrational thought yeah they lost 4 out of 6 to end the year New England waxed them, they were terrible yeah, oh 47 to 70 on the road, I remember these things irrational thought you can't sit here and go well it's just they're planning, they're planning the league's got to plan, teams have to plan fans have to plan, you got to plan in advance and the Bengals would be like take your plan and shove it exactly where the sun does not shine just saying that's like one of those famous NFL films clips, before the Patriots Eagles Super Bowl in 2004?

in Jacksonville yeah, uh Bill the Eagles had released their parade route, yes, oh yes, and Bill in the meeting the night before the game was like hey guys just want to let you know this is the Eagles Super Bowl parade route it's already been released, this is what they plan to do, so how do you guys feel about that and from now on municipalities and teams have kept those plans to themselves I'm telling you I mean Rich, it's like yesterday we talked about Brockman brought up Trevor Lawrence saying he can't imagine Kansas City being any louder than Jacksonville so we had the discussion like do you really think the Chiefs guys are looking at this going oh this is bulletin board material, no but he also after that kind of the Chiefs guys don't know that he understands what he said, he's just saying our place was really loud yeah, and we kind of came to that conclusion ourselves but the point being I even tweeted out the famous Nathan Fillion the actor gif of him just like trying to say something and then just like shaking his head I tweeted that one out like oh god you don't want to go there but of course Jacksonville Jaguar fans are like check out my spot and I'm like with all due respect only one place I've been to I've been to both places, only one of the spots had my ears ringing later on that night when I got back to the hotel room so yeah, there are anything, this is the time of year anything can be used as inspiration or bulletin board material or we'll show them and if I am a coach if I'm Doug Peterson as I'm scooping out the ice cream hey guys, you know some of their fans are planning to go to Atlanta next week let's send them there to Atlanta to, you know go hang out, you know go to the aquarium, go to Buckhead for dinner, right and if you're the Bengals you're like oh, we're going to maybe host it or we're going to Kansas City and we'll go show the fans who wanted to go to Atlanta for their plans what we did to those plans I'm telling you, Troy Ickman's coming up they should put a pool in the Arrowhead like they'd have in Jacksonville like the Polar Bear Club? I guarantee you people would be in it Mike, have you ever done the Polar Bear Club? No, that's not a question never?

You never did that? That's a hot fitness trend right now cold plunge, have you seen that on Instagram? I have I saw Sebastian Maniscalco do it man, he is so funny with the ice in it no thanks I'm not an ocean guy I don't go in the water but you have a boat why do you have a boat then? I'm on a boat is that why you keep getting a bigger boat? that's why I keep getting a bigger boat by the way, don't like the ocean if I can't see things down there it's like somebody who owns a race car doesn't like speed what happens if your boat like you hit a log I've got life vests, I'm good I've seen Titanic any movie that's on the water, you've seen it you need a big enough piece of plywood yeah, no Polar Bear Club, that's nuts that's crazy people would go in it, right? that dude in Denver used to have the barrel people would love it remember the shirtless barrel guy in Denver? 100% people would go in it it'd be packed the only fan mascot if you will, with a man's ear good thing he wore that barrel you know just my two cents, barrel man I forgot about barrel man Ian Ragnar would probably wear Troy Aikman's vacationing For over 40 years Jim Ross has been the voice of wrestling nobody has stories like Jim Ross and he shares his tales with co-host Conrad Thompson on Grilling JR Vince McMahon was the top heel in the Attitude Era it was a fresh character, it was new it was material that we had not seen or heard to that date we couldn't have created a bigger or better heel we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels, and we did The Grilling JR Podcast, listen wherever you get your podcasts
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