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REShow: Kurt Warner/Michael Griffin, Brian Orakpo, & Bryan Hynson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 19, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Kurt Warner/Michael Griffin, Brian Orakpo, & Bryan Hynson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 19, 2023 3:09 pm

NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner tells guest host Suzy Shuster why he’s not surprised at the early success of 49ers rookie QB Brock Purdy, says what Trevor Lawrence must do/not do for the Jacksonville Jaguars to upset the Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, why he’s concerned for the New York Giants against the Philadelphia Eagles, why Josh Allen is as much a liability as an asset for the Buffalo Bills against Joe Burrow’s Cincinnati Bengals, why he sees the 49ers ending the Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl hopes for a 2nd straight season, and what factors will determine if and for which team Tom Brady returns to play next season.  

Former NFL players Brian Arakpo and Michael Griffin along with Bryan Hynson talk the new season of ‘The Cupcake Guys’ on The Roku Channel, Arch Manning and the Texas Longhorns and more.

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Don't move. This is The Rich Eisen Show with guest host Suzy Schuster. I think there's one thing she's not. Uh-huh.

She a Beyonce. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. When I see Brock Purdy, man, I just see a baby face kid.

I think he's fearless. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Coming up, pro football hall of famer Kurt Warner, pro football hall of famer Marshall Fox, Roku's The Cupcake Guys, Michael Griffin, Brian Orakpo, and Brian Hinesen. And now, sitting in for Rich.

She a Beyonce. It's Suzy Schuster. Hi, everybody. Welcome back to The Rich Eisen Show. Hour two underway. Hall of famer Kurt Warner with us momentarily.

844204 Rich. Watch us on the Roku channel. Happy to be with you right here. For all of you on hold, I see you. I'm coming to you. Just bear with me.

I want to get to a hall of famer first, if you don't mind. And Kurt joins us right now on The Rich Eisen Show. Kurt, did Brenda tell you I left her a message looking for you this morning? No. We haven't crossed paths much this morning. So, she did not tell me that. Oh.

Yeah. I mean, by the way, and you'll understand this because Brenda and I are tight. I was looking for you this morning.

Rich was looking for you. And so, I called her. And I left her a message saying, like, don't you hate it when people call you looking for your husband? So, she will call me back at any time. And we will have a good laugh over it.

She probably didn't get back to you because she hates that. By the way, I know. No offense.

No. I know she does. By the way. So, I said to her, I'm like, I know that you understand this. So, by the way, help, help, help. Hey, Kurt.

Brock Purdy. How do you relate to the situation that he's in right now? You know, I think I relate a little bit.

You know, I never like to do. I think too often we kind of try to always compare everybody's story where everybody's story's a little bit different. But, you know, the way I look at it is, you know, I've actually been following Brock for a while. He's a young kid. They grew up in Arizona. So, I knew his Arizona ties, which is where I reside now.

He obviously played in Iowa. So, I'm always trying to follow the teams to a degree back there. I love what Coach Campbell did at Iowa State.

So, we followed their program. So, I watched him play a lot. My son, you know, Cade was playing at K-State. So, they played him, you know, the last couple years. So, I've followed Brock a lot along the way. And, you know, so when I watch him play, I'm not surprised and in awe of it like a lot of people.

And, you know, whether that's a good thing or bad thing, I don't know. But, you know, he played a lot of football in college. And he was a guy that played the position the right way, could process information, wasn't going to wow you necessarily with anything he did physically. But, he was going to play the position. And, that's exactly what he's doing now. You know, he finds himself in a great situation with a lot of talent around him, which is, to me, never a knock.

And now, you've got to go in and you have to do your job. And, that's exactly what he's doing. He's doing his job. He's making plays. You know, it's not just like, you know, he's just back there. You know, anybody could do it. He's making plays for them.

He's making reads. But, you know, it doesn't have to wow you. And, that's what I've always believed. If you know how to play the position, and you've played that the way your entire life, you get into the NFL, you can play that way and have success.

And, that's where Brock is right now. And so, I love that he found himself a great situation with a lot of talent. So, he didn't have to step in and try to carry a team or, you know, be more than, you know, be more than he is right now, you know, as a rookie player. But, at the same time, he's playing, you know, in that system very, very well.

He seems to fit that system very well. And, that's probably where I can connect the most is when I got with the Rams. Yeah, I was surrounded by a lot of talent as well. But, I was in a system that played to my strengths. And, you know, my strengths were throwing the ball down the field and attacking. And, you know, we threw the ball 35, 40 times a game.

It was just kind of the makeup that I had. And so, I found myself in a great system with talented players. I think Brock has found himself in a system that makes sense to him, surrounded by great players. And, he's been able to go in and do what he's capable of doing very quickly.

And so, it's been fun to watch. But, unlike a lot of people, I kind of knew a little bit about Brock. And, I'm not nearly as surprised as a lot of people are. So, do you believe there's been too much hype then associated with him? Too much hype? I don't think there's ever too much hype when you've got, you know, guys that play good football first. You know, whether they're rookies or veterans. If they're playing good football, if they're winning football games, I don't think there's ever too much hype.

Because, that's what the game is all about. And, you know, the fact that he is a rookie. I mean, we've seen a lot of rookies come in and, you know, have their struggles. And so, to see a rookie come in, again, all the stuff, we want to point all the stuff around.

But, it doesn't matter to me. If I can watch the film and see a guy process information and do the right thing with the football and not make a bunch of mistakes where I'm like, I don't have any idea what he was doing or what he was looking at. If you can just play the position well, I think it's impressive for a young guy that I know didn't practice a whole lot. That they weren't really planning on using him with Trey and Jimmy.

To get thrown in there and to have played as consistently well as he has. I don't think we're over-hyping it. Just to me, you know, I think he came out of nowhere for a lot of people. And, that's why I think there's even more hype when, I'm sure for Brock and for people that knew him are just saying, well, we don't have to over-hype it that way. You're like, we knew this kid could play.

And, he's just showing you on the biggest stage. Hall of Famer Kurt Warner here on the Rich Eisen Show. Susie Schuster in for Rich Eisen. Let's spin you around the games for Saturday if we can ask you to prognosticate a bit. Let's start with Jags at Chiefs.

What are you expecting? Well, I mean, yeah, I think this is probably on paper the most lopsided game of the weekend. Just because I think we all know who the Chiefs are, what they're capable of, the quarterback that they have. That I think, you know, most people are going to assume that the Chiefs are going to advance in this game. You know, when you look at the Jags, they've got a bunch of good young players. And, they're going to need those young players to play really, really well to win this game. We know that they're capable of it. They've been on a run here at the end of the season.

They've played better football. What they did in the second half against the Chargers that a lot of people want to, you know, talk about how the Chargers blew it and all these things. You know, when you go back and watch the second half of that game, I kind of assumed when I would put on the tape that the Chargers would just give them easy plays. And, you know, somehow they allowed them to get back because they were just doing things that, you know, were kind of easy, high hoppers for the Jags. And, that wasn't the case. It took the Jags making play after play, Trevor Lawrence throw after throw. Christian Kirk made some really great catches, contested catches. But, they had to play football.

And, they had to execute. And, they executed really, really well as they have down the stretch. So, this team can play. And, it's got a lot of guys that are playmakers on this team.

But, I still think they're going to have to play their best. The one thing I always look at with Trevor Lawrence is that as good as he is at times, he misses too many layups for me to kind of put him in that, you know, that next, you know, tier of quarterbacks. And, what I mean by that is just, you know, there's throws or reads that to me, you know, you have to make as a starting quarterback. And, you have to make them most of the time. And, too often, you know, he'll make some special throws. But, he'll miss a number of those layups throughout a game. And, I don't think you can do that against this Chiefs team.

I think you're going to have to be efficient. You're going to have to play for an entire game the way you did in the second half last week. And, that's going to be a telltale sign. And then, somehow, their defense is going to have to, you know, last time they played, they created three turnovers and still got beat by 10 points. But, they're going to have to create some big plays, force Patrick into some mistakes, I think, if they're going to win this game. Moving on to the second game on Saturday, Giants and Eagles. Giants at the Eagles.

What do you think? We know, you know, coming off of, obviously, the game last week against Minnesota, you know, I was really excited about where the Giants are and how they were playing. And, Daniel Jones kind of had a career game.

So, I went into this thing thinking, man, this could be, you know, this is probably going to be a lot closer than, you know, than we saw in that regular season matchup when the starters played. Then, I went back and watched the tape of the two games, Eagles against the Giants. And, the Eagles had their way with the Giants offensively.

A couple times, they didn't score in the red zone, especially in that last game. But, it was hard for the Giants to slow them down at all in both of those games. And so, even though I went in thinking, this is Giants are playing well, this is going to be a better game than I thought, you know, after watching the tape, I'm a little more concerned for the Giants. They're going to need, again, they're going to need big performances from their stars, Daniel Jones, Saquon Barkley. They're going to need some guys up front on defense to create some, you know, some negative plays, which they did the second time in the red zone, which is going to be key. But, just looking at this game, assuming we get a Jalen Hurts that's, you know, playing somewhat close to the way he did during the regular season, I think it's going to be tough for the Giants.

But again, third time around, they're playing their best football. I'm hoping that they can, you know, throw something out there and Brian Deball can continue his magic to make this a close game. But, definitely leaning towards the Eagles in this one. Kurt Warner here on the Rich Eisen Show.

Susie Schuster in for Rich Eisen. Let's go to Sunday. Bengals and Bills.

You know, this is an interesting one. I mean, both teams are on win streaks. You know, both teams have dynamic special quarterbacks. Both teams have, you know, great playmakers on the outside. They've got defenses that can step up and play big in any moment. You know, but if, you know, if I'm kind of, you know, reasoning this thing out, for some reason I'm leaning towards the Bengals here. And, you know, just a few weeks ago before everything happened with DeMar when they were going to play on Monday, I had picked the Bills in that game and thought, you know, just Josh Allen and his specialness was going to be able to overcome, you know, how good that the Bengals were playing. But, to me, you know, Josh is such a wild card, in a good way and sometimes in a bad way, that it's just always playing, you know, with the pedal to the metal, always playing 100 miles an hour, trying to make every single throw on every single snap.

And, you know, that leaves me kind of just going, you know, that there's ups and downs sometimes within the course of games. And the Bengals are so steady most of the time. Joe's, you know, pretty steady. Not that he doesn't make mistakes, but that he's pretty steady throughout a game. And that's what you've seen during their run is they're just kind of slow and steady and they do their thing and they don't ever panic and they, you know, very seldom do you see Joe just kind of, hey, I got to make every play and throw the ball up. And so, as much as I believe Josh Allen can take over this game and win this game and move on, because we've seen it a million times, I'm just a little concerned about that up and down play. You know, we saw it again last week, you know, they were up whatever 17 against Miami and you thought it was going to be a blowout. And then, you know, Josh missed a few things and they become turnovers instead of just an incomplete pass. And now Miami's able to kind of fight their way back.

And so, that concerns me a little bit. So, I think, you know, my head, I'm leaning towards the Bengals a little bit in this one, but I do think it's a great matchup. I think these quarterbacks will, you know, go swing for swing with each other and it'll be a great football game. Lastly, the big marquee game, Cowboys at 49ers, Kurt.

You know, I mean, I'm going with the 49ers until you show me different. And as good as the Cowboys were on Monday, you know, I think you take a couple things into consideration. The first thing you take into consideration is, you know, who the Bucks were all year long. And that was really no different on Monday. Their offense struggled to move the football. Their defense was kind of all over the place. And so, as good as Dak and company played in that game, I'm not ready to just go, oh, because they played that way, this is who the Dallas Cowboys are.

You know, we've seen the same thing with the Cowboys, a lot of up and down. We know they can score points. We know they can do, you know, some really good things and they've got some playmakers on defense. So, you know, if they play really well, I think this is going to be a good football game. But I'm still going to lean towards the 49ers just because I think they have more ways to beat you and they don't make as many mistakes on average as the Dallas Cowboys. And so, you know, it's going to be fun because I think there's some ways that you can, you know, take advantage of what the 49ers do on defense or kind of slow them down and do some things against them. And I think Dallas is capable of doing those things against them. So, I'm interested to see how they play this game. But until you show me you can slow down this 49er team and all their different weapons and what they do on both sides of the ball, I'm going to lean towards the 49ers to win this one. Kurt, I know we don't get much time with you.

Last question. Tom Brady, what do you think he's going to do? I mean, get into his brain. You know, I don't think he's going to be back with the Bucks. So, I think if he plays, he's going to play somewhere else. You know, so I think a part of the factor becomes where else can he play? You know, what are the options for him, first and foremost? Because we know Tom Brady doesn't play just to play, he plays to win. And so, he wants to be in a place where he can win. And so, I think that'll be a factor along the way, what he thinks the possibilities are. But you know, I think the biggest thing to me is that it just didn't seem like Tom was enjoying the ride this year.

Now, you know, which way did that push him? Does that mean, you know, it was tough? We know a lot of stuff going on his personal life, it was just a tough year for him. So, maybe that was just like, man, this year was so hard on and off the field for me.

I want to come back and do it again because of all those things I didn't play to my best. Or does it push him in the other direction where he says, you know, man, this year was so hard and it wasn't a lot of fun and it's not, you know, football as I know football. Maybe it's time to just step away, not, you know, start over again, not take a chance of, you know, having another season like that and just kind of riding off into the sunset and get back to enjoying life because it is such a grind to play in the NFL. And with the expectation that is always laid on Tom Brady, that's a heavy thing.

And so, yeah, I wonder if those things will push him one way or another. And then maybe most importantly, you know, does he feel like there's a place out there that would want him, that would find him, and that would, you know, be a team that in the short term, meaning probably within one year like Tampa, is ready to go win a Super Bowl? Kurt, I would be remiss if I didn't say congratulations on your son's good run this year.

Thank you. Yeah, both of them had great runs. You know, my son Kate at K-State, winning the Big 12 and playing in the Sugar Bowl, and he had a great year leading the team in touchdown reception. So it's been fun to watch him, you know, in his last year kind of blossom and have a great year and the team do so well. And then E.J., who's out at Temple, is a true freshman, the true freshman All-American playing quarterback out there. So it was a great year for my boys in the game of football.

It was so much fun to watch both of them shine and see their journeys take off in different ways. What makes you more nervous, watching them or you playing? Yep, yep, always. You start to realize, you know, my wife told me, you know, so many years when she would watch me, you know, that, you know, she would watch me to A, C if I got up after I took a hit, I took a hit, you know, and then watch me from the lens of, you know, always wanting something positive to happen, you know, every single play because she understands the scrutiny that comes from the outside.

And I never really understood that. Like, just watch the game and enjoy it. Like, enjoy what I do and enjoy the process. And now that I have kids playing, I'm nervous and probably more so for my quarterback because I know the ball's in his hands every snap and I know what that's like. And so I'm nervous every time I watch him. I can't eat when I watch him, you know, because you just want something good to happen. You know, mistakes happen, but you just, you feel for your kids in that way.

You want everything to go right. So definitely a lot more nerve wracking, a lot tougher to watch than it was to play. Oh, it's painful, isn't it?

Exactly, exactly. I sound like a hyena. It's embarrassing. My kids don't want to be near me if one of my kids is playing.

It's really horrible. Sam, my love to Brenda. You know, I think she's the greatest in the world. Will do. We'll see you guys soon.

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Can do it without you. Got a great season two coming up. Catch up with season one or start season two on YouTube or wherever you listen. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network, powered by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Suzy Schuster in for Rich Eisen. Rich is on assignment today.

Happy to be with you. Kurt Warner was just on the show. If you want to access his interview, go back and get it on YouTube. Watch us on the Roku channel. That's where I watch every day. That's where I call in to Chris or T.J. and complain about something they were tried to say or add something else, because I'm a lucky loo. That's just who I am.

Right. So I go to the Roku channel. I go online. I click Rich Eisen Show. It's very simple.

I go to mobile because I'm always in the car because I live in Los Angeles and it's easy and I love it. I love it. All right. That's all I have to say. Let's take a couple of calls, if you don't mind, because, you know, I love calls.

A couple of people have been waiting for a while. So I want to go first to Matt in Tennessee. Hi, Matt. How are you?

He's on. Matt, hey there. Matt, where are you at? You have a really good question, too, Matt. Matt, what up, though? Matt's on mute. Unmute us, Matt. Matt, unmute us.

And also, it's a good question. I had to think about an answer. All right. Matt's back on hold. All right, Matt, you're back on hold. But let's go to Nathan in L.A. Hi, Nathan. How are you? I am well. Great to talk to you again.

It's my pleasure. So I was I was I was loving TJ's idea about a Gronk show, rather than make it another form of prank show where Gronk pranks other people. I think it should be an open forum dare kind of a show in the opposite direction where fans dare come up with some kind of elaborate dare for Gronk to do. And he picks one or two of them per episode, depending on how sophisticated they are. And he does them. Here's my question. Do you have an agent?

Should we get together and talk? Yeah. Yeah. I think we should maybe talk about this truth or Gronk. Truth or Gronk, by the way. That's pretty good.

That's a great show. That's pretty good. Truth or Gronk.

Truth or Gronk is nice. I know. I know a few people. I used to work in the industry.

We could probably set something up. Nathan, what happens if. So let's project, OK? Two years come, you're watching Fox and it's up next at eight o'clock. Truth or Gronk? Truth or Gronk brought to you by the Rich Addison Show.

Truth or Gronk? Is that the case? Can I take the idea? Are you giving me this idea on national television? I just want to know. I want to be clear. Well, yes, but it's now recorded.

I mean, you're speaking into national radio right now. He actually took my idea. So technically not the dare part. We could. We added the dare part.

This is a workshop. All four of us get credit. By the way, I mean, Nathan, I will cut you in.

I think this is a great idea. Truth or Gronk? Honestly, I would watch that.

I'm watching anything. And you know Gronk would do it. I mean, he could. There's not much of anything you could throw Gronk's way without making it. He would probably go for it.

Yeah, but will he come back and catch a football from Tom Brady is what I want to know. Hey, Nathan, thank you so much for the call. Appreciate it. Awesome.

Thank you. I guess we lost Matt in Tennessee, but he's gone. But the question was, Mikey, what happened? What does Rich do that's embarrassing that he wouldn't want people to know? It's not easy to embarrass Rich Isen. So when someone has no shame, they can't be shamed. They can't be shamed.

Now, I will tell you, there are several things that embarrass me. But that wasn't the question that he does. He does.

So we're asking, shall I just share one about my wonderful husband? This is it. We're all friends. Yeah. He does this dance thing with Taylor. Do you see this?

He doesn't hear any shimmies. Like, I mean, I don't know if I can do this like on Roku, but like he does this very funny dance that's very uncomfortable to watch. That's the pitchers walking in from the outfield to when there's a fight. That's what he's kind of doing that.

That's like the slow speed chase, right? Like the little. If he does that, that's what he does. His little shoulder.

Have you seen that question? Have you seen his little dancing? That's how he dances.

Dancing. But hold on. I'm going to hold my microphone because like, hold on. Hold on a minute. I'm going to get up. He does this thing where he does this.

I can't do it. Wait, so he's he's kind of like the gopher in Caddyshack. Yeah, I mean, that's exactly what he is. The gopher from Caddyshack.

Nobody worried about me. Hey, two great movie references today. By the way, it's a little harbinger of things to come because I have a little special thing coming up later on the show. I'm just saying about entertainment. But two really good references to old movies. Fast Times, Ridgemont High, right? Again, because of Trevor Lawrence and Spicoli. Do we have the side by side shot?

Any chance Hoskins? There we go. They are the same person. It's a great one. Thank you very much.

You're welcome. I admit we do reference Fast Times quite a bit here. Do you?

In what way? Just random quotes or it's Seinfeld. The Godfather. What are our most um, Fast Times quoted movies? Yeah, like Trading Places.

Yeah. Trading Places is feeling good, Billy Ray. We're looking good Billy Ray. Feeling good, Lewis. 70s, 80s references. This week, Carlitos Way. Carlitos Way. Yes. Rich's Big Bobby Knight Run. My brother had me watching Trading Places around the clock.

Frozen concentrated orange juice, right? Around the clock. Turn the machines back on.

Turn the machines back on. Billy Ray, is that you? I mean, by the way, like that was that was my coming of age movie, right?

Exactly. That was good. You're watching The Offer, Chris. I am.

How great is that, by the way? It's like one of my favorite shows. It's good.

Yeah. The guy who plays Bob Evans is phenomenal. Matthew Goode.

I really like him. It was, it was, I loved it. And like I told you pre-show, man, after you finish The Offer, you're 1000% going to go and watch, rewatch Godfather.

Yeah. And I'm like going back and forth with reading, you know, Robert Evans' book. And so I'm just like waiting to get to the Godfather stuff. I watched every one of the Godfathers, by the way, after seeing that.

And by the way, they were even better at having seen that. All right. I'm going to just, this is going to be an about face because that's what we do midway through the segment. Rich got together with the guys from Roku for The Cupcake Guys.

And by the way, this is my kind of programming. So Rich got together to talk about them and let's hear what he had to say. Joining me now here on The Rich Eisen Show are all of The Cupcake Guys, which is available right now on the Roku channel. All episodes have dropped right this week.

It is available for everybody starting January 18th. Michael Griffin, Brian Arakpow, and Brian Hinson here on The Rich Eisen Show. How are you guys doing? Well, Brian with a Y, you and I have not met before.

Brian with an I, I remember us chatting back in the day when you were with Washington and Michael, you obviously back in the day with Tennessee and so much more. Who wants to handle first why, how you got into cupcakes? Arakpow, you want to do that first? Go for it.

Yeah, I got you. You know, that's kind of been my bread and butter starting it off. But uh, well, uh, it literally started me and, you know, my final tenure in Tennessee. He was in Tennessee. We always, we all trained to get all the UT guys. We trained together in Austin and all season, every off season. So, you know, as we get older, more mature, more wiser, we started, I started brainstorming like guys, what are we going to do with you in our second phase of our careers?

You know, can't play football forever. You know, we would love to, but you can't obviously, which, you know, um, and while we're having these conversations and our off season dinners and hanging out, uh, we always enjoy cupcakes. This is one cupcake spot we used to go to. We literally are eating cupcakes.

As I'm saying, guys, what do y'all think about opening, you know, doing a cupcake business? You know, these guys laughed at me at first. They thought I was crazy.

Like rack, what are you talking about? But, uh, you know, they, they, they, they stayed how serious I was. And, you know, long story short, um, in Tennessee, there's one cupcake spark on Gigi's cupcakes that we love. They're big titles fans.

They didn't have any long locations in Austin. So we reached out. We just reached out. They, they thought it was a great idea. Um, we found the location, put everything on paper and we got the ball rolling. And here we are today on show, on location, on brand, the cupcake guys. I mean, it's literally was a blessing in the skies without even trying, you know?

So it was, it was definitely remarkable. And the, uh, Brian with a Y, your, your relationship is you guys go way back together, right? Yeah. Back in the day. We all, I met Griff and Rack back at University of Texas in Austin. It's all alma mater. Uh, we have mutual friends and everything.

I used to kick Rack's butt and, and NBA live back in the day. So, uh, and yeah, we've just been friends since. And Michael, you're, what's your favorite cupcake? What do you got for me on that?

Uh, I mean, right now I'm playing Jane. I know what the way cake is another cupcake or buttercream frosting, but, uh, here and there, you know, you can go to Kentucky bourbon or sometimes I'm experiencing different cupcakes, you know, some things, uh, and, um, who, how did you guys get involved with the Roku channel? I have my own story on that, but you just, you guys were, what do you, what do you, what do you have rack?

What do you have? I got, I mean, honestly, we, uh, it started with smash out of this, uh, smack entertainment, you know, we're working with stray Michael stray, constant swords for a long time, um, since the beginning of all this. And, uh, they kind of make the deals work behind the scenes for us. Um, and they kind of been, uh, head on approach with coming up with the agencies and the business, the business ideas and, uh, Roku wanted to put a show in the, in the, in the motion. And, uh, we got the deal on paper. We got it worksized, filled and delivered and, uh, made it happen. And it's out today for everybody to scream and enjoy it for free and, uh, have a good time watching us act, act the fool in the bakery. I love it. Brian Iraq po along with Brian Henson and Michael Griffin here on the rich eyes and show the cupcake guys, all episodes are available now on the Roku channel, a six episode docu-series following these entrepreneurs, uh, operating a Gigi's cupcake franchise in their hometown of Austin, Texas. Um, what is your expectation level of Archie of arch Manning? Anybody?

What do you got for me? I always say a lot of those quarterbacks, especially the first year, it's a body curve. I think it's the first opportunity for these young men to become men. Uh, and I think it even gets more intriguing. You look at the NIM deals and trying to balance it out.

You know, you're not the normal kid, or now you got finances and things like that and those types of things. But, um, I'm excited. I'm excited to see what this program is going with coach Sarkeesian. And, um, a lot of these guys are even, um, really they've been leaning on Bijan Robinson in the back for the last couple of years. And now it's time for some other young men to step up and become a different football team. So I'm very excited to see what his team goes next year. Brian, you want to chime in on that? Yeah.

I'm going to chime in. I mean, uh, I will go a different approach is, uh, you know, could also Texas, they improved from the five to seven season to the eight and four season, I believe. So they're improving under coach Stark. But as far as the Archie thing, it's just a wait and see, you know, I don't want to put, we're going to every year, putting so high expectations on these young men, especially at the university of Texas. We all know it's so many expectations to play there. And so I just want to let him just, just, just low, lower the expectations. Let's see what happens. I'm just going to wait because we're going to every, you know, championship, this, that, and the other always, you know, doesn't work out. So I'm just going to be a wait and see when we throw up my hook up signs every Saturday and hopefully get those W's with Archie, Archie or whoever's in charge.

I just don't know how you can lower the expectation when you're joining the sec. I mean, like, you know what I'm saying? Like, here we go. Like this is going to be, it's going to be challenging.

That's what it's going to be very challenging. You know, um, back when we played, it wasn't the noise, but, uh, but now it's the junk and not a football college football. So, um, I will say this, I will say this. A lot of people go to the sec schools to play big time games in the sec. Now that you mean to tell me, I don't have to go to Tuscaloosa.

I get to stay in Austin, Texas, a beautiful city and play the big time games. I mean, that's very appealing. So I'm excited for the future of the recruits because they get to stay in Austin and play the games that they want to play while in the sec. So we'll see what happens. Well, you look, if you don't mind, but you know, this is not our first rodeo.

We, we, we go way back. So I feel comfortable being able to say you should go the other direction, Brian, you're being way too chill and humble about it. You should say we're coming for the sec and create the Nick Saban cupcake, the Kirby smart cupcake, you know, just go for it, man. Alabama cupcake, you know, like go for it. Come on. You know how this goes. I mean, you used to cover it.

What can you watch it all the time? If I say that type of stuff, it'll be on sports center. And then now we got to spell your name.

Spell your name, right? Let's get the, let's get the cupcake guys out there. What better way to get your name out there and talk some serious smack and create cupcakes for the rest of the sec opponents.

This is the only thing I know how I just trying to brand it for you. I'm trying to get you out there butter up the cupcakes, you know, butter them up. That's all. Was there going to like a Bevo cupcake, a McConaughey cupcake? Like what do we got here? You got to undertake a cupcake, you know, undertakers and awesome too. So of course, we got all types of different local stuff.

You know, the key boss, the weird vibes, the long horn, Bevo. It's all, it's all, you know, by the, you know, certain weeks of the season, certain times of the year, we, we, we know how to whip it on our recipe book. It's like crazy. That's how cupcake, the habit cupcake, you know, it looks very bad. Does the undertaker cupcake rise after you think it's cooked? Is that what, is that, is that the way the undertaker pretty much pretty much that's what happened.

It rises pretty much once you, once you think it's dead, it rises right back. Very good. You guys have a Superbowl prediction.

What do you got for me? Oh, honestly, I think it's going to be, uh, I think it's going to be the Eagles. Things will be the Eagles first, the 49ers, but I just, for some reason I think the 49ers is going to be this little glamour story. It might be, uh, uh, uh, some type of great thing about Brock Purdie being able to do.

And they, they, they beat the chiefs, the bills, the Bronx. What do you got in that one? I mean, I'm sorry. No, you're in, you're in the cupcake business.

I know you don't know the conferences. That's okay. Michael. It's good. Okay. I got, I got, I got bangles versus the Eagles and I say, but you know, my, my prediction changes every week. So, but I think it's about, what about you, Brian?

Same thing. I got Eagles. I mean, Joe burrows been clutch. He's my fantasy quarterback. He rode me all the way to the championship this year. So I got, I got a ride with the Bengals.

Okay. Well, it's good to catch up with you guys, Brian Iraq, PO and Brian Hinson and Michael Griffin. They are the cupcake guys. It's available right now on the Roku channel.

All episodes have dropped. Thanks for joining me on the program, sirs. And I'll tell you right now, guys, cupcake guys, send some cupcakes here. Yes. I mean, let me just say it like we're Roku family, right?

We're Roku family. Where are the cupcakes? We would like to some cupcakes.

We'd like to sample these cupcakes. Also, Brian Iraq, PO. I mean, what a bunch of pipes on him, huh?

I mean, can you, you can hear his voice resonating in his body. I think we have to come up with a list of other shows. We're going to pitch Roku then, because I mean, cupcake guys, I would, would, would, would, would Roku want truth or Gronk? Cause we got a deal. We got a deal. I'm just saying Nathan and I are, we're tight. We're going to cut Nathan in with the three of us.

Mike, you're out. What's the Jim Harbaugh cupcake, you guys? What would Jim Harbaugh want as his cupcake? Blood, sweat, tears, and frosting? Steak, whole milk.

Does it taste like chicken? What would your cupcake be TJ? My cupcake? Oh, that's a good question.

Cupcakes are delicious. I don't know, man. A little funfetti birthday cakes. I'm not sure.

I've never thought about that. You love, he loves a funfetti cake all the time. When we get Susie cakes for the kids at the funfetti, he'll power it down. Mikey D, what's your cupcake? Straight vanilla. Not a red velvet guy. Nope. Straight vanilla. That's it. Vanilla, vanilla.

So vanilla cake, vanilla frosting. Wow. I do have a tendency to go red velvet now that I think about it.

Yeah. What is that velvet? What is this? Beautiful.

What is this? Velvet? Straight vanilla, Mike?

Yeah, straight vanilla. No chocolate frosting? No, I don't like cakes with the crap in it. Like, like I don't need any crap in the cake. I don't like cakes with the crap. I can't remember the last time I made a cupcake. Cupcakes are amazing.

Oh my God. I'm not a, I'm not a cupcake. I'm a brownie cookie girl. Okay. I'm not a cupcake person.

Brownies are great. And every time you stop by the mall, you know, one of those places in town, they have the vending machine. Oh, that right. The cupcake vending machine.

Yeah. I'd walk right by. If it's a, if it is a cupcake, I'd say no, except for of course if it came from Gigi's. But if it's a cookie or a brownie, I'm in.

I can't walk by. Yeah. Brownies are there. That's a good brownie. Spectacular.

Spectacular. So Brownie Wars on Roku. We could pitch that Brownie Wars. Brownie Wars. Who can I get to do Brownie Wars with me? Who should my co-host be for that? That is that, is that a, you?

I was going to go with Shaq, but I mean, I'm featured on the Roku channel every day, but I have a mega sweet tooth. Yeah. He does like desserts, Brockman. Big dessert guy. Yeah. I'm thinking Barkley would be a good co-host for that. Brownie Wars, right? Probably.

Travel the country, sampling the best brownies. Chuck's always trying to lose weight. It's a good way not to lose weight. Yeah, you're not. Tough luck for being.

I remember when, um, oh, he would be good. Barkley and cupcakes. Yeah.

I'm just not like picturing that, right? These are, these are terrible, Susie. They're terrible, terrible cupcakes. All episodes of the Cupcake Guys are available now on the Roku channel.

All episodes dropped the 18th of January, the six episode docu-series follows the entrepreneurs operating a Gigi's cupcake franchise in their hometown of Austin, Texas. I'm just saying, send them guys. Well, we'll give you some air time, I think, right?

Don't you think we're to be more than delighted to sample the cupcakes on the air? I think it's a great idea. When we come back, we are going to take more calls because someone's asking for relationship advice.

And if there's nothing I like more than telling somebody what to do, I don't know what it is. So we're going to do that. And, uh, another Gronk TV idea. When we come back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Welcome back to the Rich Eisen Show. Call us 844-204-RICH because I love taking calls. Watch us here on the Roku channel, channel 210.

Listen on Sirius XM 218 XM 202 or stream for free on the Odyssey app or Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, whatever you like at Rich Eisen Show. Let's go to the calls. I don't know who it is, but someone in Tennessee needs my relationship advice and I am here for it. What can I do for you?

The doctor is in. Hey, Susie. How are you? Who's this? I'm glad to see you here.

Sometimes other than Rich, AA kind of brightens up my screen. Oh, thank you. Oh, you're very welcome. But what I got to ask. Oh, I got two questions.

First question is, uh, I know you're very good friends with Shaq. Have you ever been out in some sort of capacity with Rich in Shaq and just felt embarrassed? Like they just like just ruined your day. Like, like you, you, you're just, just, I'd rather go home. I've never had that. I've never had, I'd rather go home with the two of them, but they are really goofy. Like when they, when we actually are in the same place, they're very goofy.

Cause Shaq's just so goofy. Oh, I bet. We went into him and, uh, we ran into him one time with our kids when we were in DC. It was kind of a, a shocking thing, which came up to the hotel and said, get downstairs.

Shaq's here. So I got the kids downstairs and I have a very funny photograph because my daughter went up to his knees, but, um, Oh, I have good stories, but those aren't for the air. What else do you have? I got, okay.

I got one more. Um, since you are a very strong willpower female that has, uh, I, I applaud you on just how strong you are. Okay. I'm, I'm just now newly dating again after two to three years.

Um, uh, I've met a girl three months ago. Uh, I worked 12 to 15 hour days. Wow. Okay.

Yeah, it's okay. Um, but she's like, I'm wasting, I'm not putting all my time into her. I'm tired and I have to draw my line somewhere. Like, how much would you say? Like, I'm wasting my time or how much would you say?

Like, Hey, I appreciate you. I have to tell you that if I were dating somebody working 12 to 15 hours a day and putting that all in, I would support him a hundred percent because any woman worth her druthers will know that you have to help support somebody, make them feel good about themselves. And if you don't support them, make them feel good about themselves, no matter what they do.

And any woman of a certain age, even, or has some self-confidence knows that they can't put their whole life into the man either. So I say you're doing the right thing. As long as you are kind to her, you consider it and listen, go for a walk, do those kinds of things, make a little time for her. She should understand just how hard you work.

What do you think? Thank you. I really needed that. I'm on your side. I know that she should be too.

And any, like I said, any woman worth her salt respects when a man has to work hard because if he's not going to work hard, she's going to be the one working hard for you. Thank you. You take care. Okay. Okay. You too. My pleasure. Let's take another call.

Oh, we have Jimmy in San Antonio. It got an idea for me. And do I have full ownership of it? Are you all drinking? Am I the only one?

You're the only one. As soon as you forgot. I totally forgot. Oh man. Hey, Brockman, I got pig whistle. That's pretty good stuff.

Yeah, you do. It's really good. That's what we talked about last time. That's good. So what's our idea? What do you have for me?

And does it have to do with tequila? Well, we can negotiate. Hold on. Okay. I've got this.

I'm laying on the truth or Gronk. I want in Nathan. Nathan, baby. You're beautiful. I love you.

I'm in now. Double dog, Gronk, triple dog, Gronk. We add that to the vernacular and then we go next level. If Gronk does a triple dog, Gronk, a sponsor of the show, donate to rich, uh, run, rich, run. And we double dip. Could we also get them to contribute to dog rescue too?

Because it's a double dog Gronk. Bingo. Okay. I love it.

You're beautiful. Yeah. Well, I'm just full of ideas. I'm just saying I'm just full of ideas that I'm hoping to own and pitch to the Roku channel. I think I am telling you right now.

I think double dog Gronk is it's a, it's a beautiful idea. And then the other one for the Roku channel is judge Susie or something along you helping people. Okay. You just did a wonderful job. Thank you for that. I really appreciate that. I'm here for judge Susie.

I'm just saying that, you know, all rise. I'm here for it. My court is in session. Jimmy, thank you for the call.

Love talking to you. The honorable Susie Schuster. I'm just saying I can get out the Ruth Bader Ginsburg, like the little, you know, the collar I can bring out. I do have Ruth Bader Ginsburg socks.

I can bring them. Do you know what I wore yesterday? This is embarrassing.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I went into Rich's sock drawer and took a pair of socks that had Rich's face on them. They were ridiculous. So in other words, I stepped all over my husband all day.

I'm just saying much more rich has been shown when we come back. Is it bad that I stepped on his face all day? That's the question. Why does he have socks? No, no, not one, not two, three pairs of socks who got with his face on them.

I didn't, I got dog socks. Who gifted him that somebody gifted him. And by the way, they're not that flattering. Like it's like whenever there's a caricature of rich, they always make him look like old and haggard. Like he's been married to me for 20 years. Big head and the acroid hair. The acroid hair. And he looks gray and wan.

I mean like the word wan, w-a-n, wan. He looks tired. Maybe because I stepped on him all day. But that's what happened yesterday. Yep.

I went into a sock drawer, took out one of his three pairs of Rich Eyes and socks. You're welcome. TJ, good news. Brett Maher ready? Yeah. Made all six kicks during media availability today. I know this. This Keanu missed his first and fourth attempts.

20 mile an hour wins. So Brett Maher back. Yeah. I mean, I knew this. Jane text, Jane texted me this about half an hour ago. He's back. Well then thanks for sharing the breaking news with us, TJ.

I mean, we're talking cupcakes and you're sitting on some good information. I was asked to just hold it until the tweet came. I see. Wow. I see.

That's not what Huskin says we do. I'm just saying. Thank goodness.

I am rooting for Brett Maher. I'm sorry. I am.

Even though I do have great appreciation for Jose Vizcaino. What? I can't get past it. Let it go. Let it go. Third hour ahead.

Marshall Falk ahead. It's another hall of fame. Third hour of the Rich Eyes show.

When we come back. For over 40 years, Jim Ross has been the voice of wrestling. Nobody has stories like Jim Ross, and he shares his tales with co-host Conrad Thompson on Grilling Jr. This McMahon was the top heel in the Attitude Era. It was a fresh character. It was new. It was material that we had not seen or heard to that date. We could have created a bigger or better heel.

No. We wanted to make more heels, and we tried to make more heels, and we did, but nothing compared to Vince. The Grilling Jr podcast. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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