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REShow: Tom Curran/Bryan Cranston - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 13, 2023 3:23 pm

REShow: Tom Curran/Bryan Cranston - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 13, 2023 3:23 pm

NBC Sports Boston’s Tom Curran tells Rich why the Patriots hiring an actual Offensive Coordinator is a very good thing for Bill Belichick’s team next season and if there’s a chance the team will move on from Mac Jones as the Pats’ starting quarterback.

Bryan Cranston joins Rich in-studio to discuss the new season of his Showtime series ‘Your Honor,’ appearing in the ‘Better Call Saul’ series finale, and talks ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ and his brief time as a Preparation H spokesman in a round of ‘Celebrity True or False.’

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This is The Rich Eisen Show.

They have facial recognition everywhere. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I walked in and I put on a mask. No. Just to walk through. It was a wise move, right?

Wise move. Earlier on the show, Seahawks wide receiver Tyler Lockett. Coming up from the Showtime drama Your Honor, actor Bryan Cranston. NBC Sports Boston Patriots insider Tom Curren.

Bucks wide receiver Mike Evans. And now it's Rich Eisen. Yes indeed.

Yes indeed. Our number two The Rich Eisen Show is on the air here on this Friday before super wild card weekend and it is in fact jam-packed. Bryan Cranston will appear on this program in just about 15 minutes time. It's going to be Dynamite, his new show season two of Your Honor starts streaming and on demand tonight and returns on air on Showtime on Sunday at 9 p.m eastern time. It's a hit television show. He's just Dynamite.

Great celebrity true or false setup for him. Mike Evans in hour number three from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and we've also got What's More Likely for the super wild card weekend coming up. We are here live on the Roku channel and also The Rich Eisen Show radio network powered by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Mike Del Tufo and Chris Brockman in their spots.

TJ Jefferson in his spot and then you know as we we discussed opening the program. Do you remember the Halley Comet? You remember that?

Yeah that's true. Halley Comet you saw it in the sky and they were telling you hey look up look up because you know it's possible you may never see it again right. Yesterday we got an update on the latest comet to fly across the sky that we may never see again. It's called Patriots press release comet. That's what it's called. It's called Patriots press release comet. I think NASA has now officially dubbed it that. That's the the government body that dubs comets names. Press release comet from from New England. When they say they're going to interview for an offensive coordinator what is that? Patriots offensive coordinator. Does that exist?

I'm not sure. Well that's why we have guests. That's why we have expert guests calling into the program from NBC Sports Boston. Tom Kern back here on the program. Tom I saw this press release and I texted you immediately. I saw that comet in the sky. I'm like let's see if Tom saw it in New England himself on the east coast because I saw it on the west coast you know.

You see it? I was still processing myself and you know it is interesting there's a lot of different reasons for it just to cut to the chase. On Monday I reported that Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft had had their excuse me on Tuesday reported that they had had their season ending conversation and that during the course of that conversation Belichick charted a course for 2023 that was more encouraging including offensive changes that were going to take place. Didn't want to get into firings or reassignments or anything like that and he never really does but I think what Robert Kraft and the Patriots did last night was to borrow Belichick's phrase they did what was best for the football team explain that we're not going to go titleless explain that we're going to gain some traction on offense with an experienced guy we're not going to have a shell game with who's calling the plays and who's the offensive coordinator and what are you guys talking about I don't know what you're asking just cut to the chase Bill.

So I found that fascinating and that Robert said can we can we get this done you know and make it look a little more organized and less cryptic. And um and and you what what is your reporting on how uh collaborative that uh conversation was Tom? They were both in line I think that there comes a point where Bill does fully comprehend and I don't want to speak out of turn as he says speak for yourself but I think that he understands the pecking order as much latitude as he's been given over the course of time as much money as he makes which is more than any professional sports coach in America perhaps the planet I think he gets the idea okay in the end it's his six billion dollar team and if he says I want my season ticket holders and the rest of the NFL to understand that we're going to have a more cogent plan and a conventional plan in place they allow me I'm with that we have to send a release out to do that well I don't love sending releases but especially when it's an admission of yeah we're doing it different this year because last year didn't work I'm sure he didn't love it but there was no I'm not over my dead body right type of comment. What's uh what is the Gerard Mayo portion of the sentence of the press release you could break it down by sentences since there's just two of them so do you think do you think the draft was more than two sentences Tom do you think the draft was a little bit more verbose what do you think anything they they just don't want to the draft was more verbose it was I do I do uh have that on high authority the draft was far more verbose and uh it cost a little weight on the weight of the final copy so what does the Mayo portion mean what do you got for me on that when you're you're detailing that there's not even a contract but you're moving forward with negotiations now I reported a little while ago as did Phil Perry my my uh co-worker that Gerard will not be taking the interview for the Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator job he still is in line to perhaps take a visit with the Carolina Panthers to discuss either the head coach or defensive coordinator job I don't know if that's going to happen but really in 2017 into 2018 when Josh McDaniels was interviewed by the Indianapolis Colts he had never heard word one from Bill Belichick about what he wanted Josh to do with the organization going forward and so when he went and took his interview and the Patriots hadn't lifted a finger to make him feel as if they wanted him still around he took the job and then they said well we actually would like to use stick around he's like why did you tell me that two months ago say something to make me feel as if you want me to stick around so they don't want to so they don't want to make that mistake again especially with a guy like Mayo who is as charismatic persuasive intelligent and all the things you really want I think in a head coach so is that what they're also envisioning for him in his future I would be I would be I would be out of line if I commented that that is something I'm certain of I think that they'd love to maintain right of first refusal on them you know what I mean it's so that if in 2026 Bill Belichick is broken shoe was record he's stepping aside the Patriots still has him under their auspices like and he's not got a wandering eye to going someplace else with Josh it was different because it was 2017 going into 18 and Bill was 66 now Bill 71 the team's in a reboot Tom Brady's gone you can certainly see the end of the road a lot more clearly than you could have in 2017 18. So then let's let's take uh the last portion of our conversation Tom Curran um I would not preempt Brian Kranz no I know a couple a couple at a time here um so who's the offensive coordinator what do you got for me you know there's there's I'm going to go there's a bunch of names we've heard we've got put your chips on Bill O'Brien okay he wants to come back to the NFL I believe ownership is fond of him I believe that Bill Belichick values him he's worked with Mac Jones in the past um and Bill has New England roots I think that that is the hands-on two-to-one favor well then you just led me to my second question because Scott Zolack uh locally there uh mentioned how he he wouldn't be surprised if Mac Jones got traded certainly with Derek Carr seemingly available as a free agent when that cut comes there's no question the cut's coming um you got Jimmy G potentially um we all know that that was the guy who he envisioned succeeding Brady way back in the day anyway so is it possible that whatever the you know Mac was doing behind the scenes or occasionally bristling about the quick game uh with the very easy to leave read lips read lips um rankled bill in a way that he's ready to move on potentially after just two years what do you think that will be a cutting off your nose despite your face move even if that did exist I think there's a little bit of macstabbing going on here um what a name what a phrase I love it thanks babe this is the terms of look he did a good job all year long stocking it up with guys who don't coach offense and not getting pissed and eventually he did get pissed and now that those guys are being scurried out of their jobs there's legitimate replacements being brought in I think there might be a little bit of behind the scenes airing of grievances going on if you're Bill Belichick and you walk up walk up to Robert Kraft and say let's trade Mac Jones I'm Robert Kraft and saying but didn't you in July at the beginning of training camp saying that he was a very good player and then he made a dramatic improvement in the offseason so Bill you're saying that not only did we cost ourselves a season with the offensive coordinator set up but we ruined back so bad we have to trade him now I don't think Bill was walking down that road and making that knock on the door I'm saying that to Robert Kraft it's idle time filling space if you ask me now so then um so then before we we button this up then Tom Kern um then then to what do we owe the whole play calling uh 2022 um what's the word for it you could call it debacle I mean you could absolutely do that debacle disaster or decision from from Belichick because the subtext of it is that Bill's lost his touch you know like that is the subtext of it fair or not and and and the unfair portion of that could be proven in the fact that they they had a win and in scenario in week 18 a very tough spot Buffalo regardless of you know the year it's a tough spot to win and then this year in particular with everything that was happening with Damar Hamlin and the team and wanting to win for Damar and they take the ultimate first punch with giving up that touchdown on the opening kickoff and took the lead in that game only to give up another kick return that lost the lead for good but I mean this team on the defensive side of the ball balled out and and and damn near still made the playoffs anyway so Bill is still great the question is is what the hell happened what is the ultimate explanation for it he overestimated himself he overestimated Matt he overestimated perhaps Matt Jones he underestimated how difficult it would be to not only put Matt Patricia in that position but also to change the offense they changed the offense and then they had to go back to what they were doing because it didn't work they scored 28 touchdowns through 16 games they hadn't been mapped out since 2000. Bill underestimated the teams that he was competing against overestimated his own acumen and the acumen of Matt Patricia and probably overestimated how satisfied his players would be with a don't worry I got it attitude they do want answers they deserve the answers Matt Jones had 14 touchdowns and 11 picks and was about as many jokes in 2022 and that's not what you're looking for in your second year in the league and it's not what you're looking for with a guy in a rookie contract so I think it was people like to bandy about the word arrogance with Belichick I don't love that but I think he did overestimate himself and underestimated the curve that they were trying to conquer. And then the last crystal ball question for you Tom is when the offensive coordinator is in fact named and Belichick then appears for the next time at immediate availability will he flat out own that the coordinator that the person hired is in fact the offensive coordinator or will that question have to come from you or any other anybody else and it's a coin flip as to whether he actually acknowledges the title of the person hired.

Tom what do you got for me? Reading the tea leaves in my experience they're going to put out a release when Bill O'Brien or whoever is hired and they'll say there's the offensive coordinator and when we ask Bill if there's an offensive coordinator we just released a statement on it we're talking about it. Are you happy with Bill?

Yeah I know Bill for a long time you know it's uh moving forward we'll see how it works out. I'm just glad Robert Kraft has heard my pleas all season. There you go he heard the fans this is definitely a fan a message to the fans right Tom I mean that's basically what it is.

I think yeah definitely. Tom Caron thank you thank you at the Super Bowl yeah we'll see you you'll be there. Yeah I'll be out there. Okay we'll stop by we'll see you thanks Tom thanks brother you're the best.

They had a Brian Cranston that's exciting and Mike Evans and Tyler Lockett who I thought the Patriots should have drafted in the second round in 2015 and they didn't they never get a replacement for Edelman and that's another reason the offense was met with this year. And you don't forget you you're the star of the guest list too Tom Caron thank you take care of yourself see you guys that's Tom Caron. All right let's beat it Brian Cranston next on the Rich Eisen Show in studio don't you dare move. Welcome to Talkville the ultimate Smallville rewatch podcast where each week we watch every episode of Smallville a show that changed our lives forever and perhaps your lives too. I'm Michael Rosenbaum.

Hello I am Tom Welling. What was the sign off now? Always remembers Talkville. That's it always hold on to Smallville folks. We love you can do it without you we've got a great season two coming up.

Catch up with season one or start season two on YouTube or wherever you listen. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show not just this program back on the air but the man sitting to my right he is the Emmy award-winning actor your honor season two debuts on streaming and on demand on Friday and it returns to air Sunday at 9 p.m on Showtime where season one ranked as the top debut season ever on Showtime. Brian Cranston great to see you man. Rich it's always good to see you and then the boys. We're all back.

The clubhouse. Look at us. We're back together. Yes. We're back together.

So good. And your honor is back on the air. Tonight why are you wearing the same shirt today as you did yesterday?

That's what I want to know. I mean it's a little you're this is a big shot show. I understand I understand you know. Come on. You know it's it's the it's the dry cleaning.

Is it? It's a dry cleaning issue right here on the program. You you got home yesterday you took a sniff you going oh no I can wear this again.

I can I can wear it again. One more. One more. One more day. One more. I get one more.

Looks good it matches the color scheme of the program. Yeah look at us. Oh good to see you here sir. Good to see you back on your honor. What a show man. What a show and again I like I asked you the last time when you were promoting it in its in its infancy about you could pretty much choose what you want to do why you chose this one and it is you're so great in it and it's just yet another intense drama that you are a part of an incredible cast so I really give it up to you about what you're thank you man what you see with that clip and everything else that we we just discussed. Yeah what got me on the to do the first season was the idea that what would you do to save the life of your child and you're a dad you guys right so it's like you would do anything to save the life of your child and you would compromise your principles if need be in order to do that and that's what my character did and unfortunately it ended in a tragic way everything that he went through all the compromises that he made it was for naught his son died and so in this season we turn it around completely and explore god forbid what would that be like if that happened to you you would be changed forever and I was really interested in diving into that kind of grief and and despair to see what that felt like right and that's where this goes but it has a nice trajectory so we've got some good surprises and it's actually very exciting season right and that's why you know it's kind of difficult to conduct an interview about a show like that because I don't know what you want to reveal or or there's a lot of spoilers or anything like that that's coming um so what what uh what you got for me I thought there's a lot lot happening um rosie perez joins our show this year and she plays an antagonist to me as if I need more yes and uh she's formidable and really an amazing actor herself and and michael stuhlbarg and hope davis and and dream ward hammond who plays big mo the head of the street gang and just there's some really terrific talented people who have we really get to explore this season more than we did the last one right and and uh I like michael stuhlbarg so much I mean he's he was great in fargo he had a nice run on that in the fargo tv show yeah boardwalk empire yes he did spectacular in that too I first met him years ago when he played edward g robinson in the movie trumbo that I did yes so he was it was lovely guy fantastic yeah right and again uh season two of your honor debut streaming on demand uh and friday and returns to air on sunday january 15th at 9 eastern on on showtime so here we go here we are um what's what sports have you been watching or been able to catch up on that you want to hit on anything like that your dodgers uh your oh are you a laker guy at all yeah yeah well yes right it's a tough year right so uh yeah I'm a home boy from all the sports you know lakers uh dodgers rams kings you know I the kings are playing actually pretty well I don't know how much you don't cover that much hockey what sport is that again oh god you know we do we do okay we do yeah I'm from new york city so you know your rangers how are you well when I was able to go to madison school you can't go anymore I don't know you're not banned you're just on notice right I gotta tell you though there's something badass about being on notice about it it it it heightens your danger yes you know it's like oh rich isin I didn't think he was oh no he's on co2 seriously isin's co2 isin's co2 people are talking they're suddenly talking into their yeah you know so maybe I should walk in to tell them that I'm the danger right oh I see what you see what I did yeah that's good actually because when I am the day when I said it I didn't know that I didn't I was not thinking the catchphrase you're out you're out right yeah that's so it's so last decade yeah no I'm breaking bad I mean that's going to be the opening line on my obituary uh tomorrow and uh I'm happy I'm happy that it will be eventually whenever that is well I mean it was a great experience well I've got you know uh we we we play a game called celebrity true or false brian around these parts and I've got we we've got man we've got many more for you here um I'd like to let you on some of these right here brian cranson is here on the rich isin show and here's some again terrific production value of celebrity true or false with brian cranson celebrity true or false you can't handle the truth there you go that's the production that's it yeah what do you think that's short but we I like the font it was like the hollywood sign you picked I noticed I picked up on we're putting down yeah did you ever work with nicholson has that ever happened no never have but I'd like to speak to him someday very good he's uh he's quite I mean he's retired now yeah he is uh I I'd see him a laker game of course and kind of give a little heads up give it a little heads up and in with and in with the shades and he's always sitting back and he he'd do this how you doing how are you yeah oh my gosh all right first one up brian cranson true or false one of your first gigs was a preparation h commercial true or false oh come on that's so that is false in it oh gosh look at that photo that's very roy shider isn't it yeah right there if I could pick it roy shiner it's really good what do you think or what's that talk show host who had those big red glasses what's sally jesse ruffio sally jesse ruffio good call yeah so what's what happened was this this was truly it's called a job rich I know you haven't been job hunting in a while no mr employment steady employment guy well you're not you know actors you you gotta you gotta say yes yes well this was at least yes I was a spokesperson I wasn't afflicted by hemorrhoids you know what in real life I am but not nothing if I was afflicted I would trust you to give me the right I I would put that ointment on and go there we go let's take care of this little problem I didn't mean the administering of the operation oh I I'm a vice of like you should try full service spokesperson we don't just stop with talking about it come on is that what do you why you brought your uh your your alcohol yes I bring my alcohol so I can soak my oh yeah it kills it yeah it just kills everything out of there yeah this burning sensation my alcohol thank you for bringing that us I love it yeah dos hombres the mezcal and you are you brought one of your bottles in a couple years ago and wow back again I'm very very happy that you have that okay it's going really well so then it's true it's true it's true okay that was your first commercial how much did you make for that do you remember one of your first uh preparation age paid quite a bit because they ran those suckers I don't know I probably made twenty thirty thousand on it okay yeah enough to to carry you for a while for several months so you don't have to go get a busing job at a restaurant or something you know uh the next one for you brian kranston uh true or false you did your own stunts on malcolm in the middle including wearing a suit of ten thousand live bees that also is false uh that never had oh god but that's that those are real those are real that's uh ten thousand I forget the how many the count it was but they would extract the the uh pheromones yes from the queen and they would put the droplets all over me wherever they wanted the bees to go yes then they'd open up the the traveling shoots and the bees would just start swarming and they swarm forever in order for them to stay off my face so the camera could recognize me yes you take a little of the uh you know the bug spray and off or whatever and they put it all over my face there so that they they would crawl oh no I don't want that and they'd get off it but but it was about about two inches thick of bees oh my god now you'd think that it would be a horrible experience and it was um it wasn't it really wasn't confirmed do you remember do you remember going into the sharper image stores and sitting in those chairs and it's warm and you're like oh this is nice that's what it felt like no way because the bees are constantly moving and you're wearing them and it was warm so it was I was being lulled into submission and now I'm I'm uh I I'm I'm a lover of bees you know and and I got stung twice that's okay that was that was a follow-up um bees uh anatomically if you touch them their their tail end just comes up they can't even control it and that's why you can get stung by a dead bee you ever walk around a pool step on sand it's like oh um so I got stung uh once in the shoulder when they were getting them off but once when I was doing that whole thing and I had to stand very still uh one got between my legs hey now and I and I got stung and I said oh I think I got stung because when you're wearing bees rich the chance of being stung is pretty high yes you're wearing bees for god's sake so uh but what I realized is that the sting of a bee is not really painful it is mostly the shock that gets you wow jeez it's not something just but when you're wearing bees and you get stung it was literally yeah I I think I did I get stung uh I I did get stung and the beekeeper comes over ready with a little credit card thing and a thing to scoop it out he goes where is it I go in my scrotum and he goes can't help you that's exactly what it is can't help you yeah all right that said uh next one brian kranston true or false you were initially opposed to wearing the tidy whities in the iconic first scene of breaking bad and you had to be talked into it is that true it is ish yes that's also true um because I had done seven years on malcolm in the middle in the tidy whities because he was just a big boy and so they had the tidy whities here and I thought oh I just did that but then I I rethought it and it's like you know Vince wrote it for a reason and I think it was a you know a stunted growth for this man as well he stopped caring at a certain point and uh and and there's something I don't know it for the men who still wear tidy whities stop listening but there's something a little pathetic about a grown man wearing boy underwear it's like I don't I don't it's not certainly if they have a matching animal top to go along with it you know exactly yeah but so so you're eventually I eventually said okay there was a reason let's go with it okay and it turned out to be the right the right call no question about it and then another uh moment that's a true or false is it true or false that your famous pizza that you threw on the roof in Breaking Bad was completely done by accident but so good that uh Vince and the producers kept it in and used it as an established in future episodes is that true that is false okay it was not an act it was intended to go up on the roof um what was unbelievable is that when they handed me the pizza yes of course I read it and I go he flings the pizza and he's so angry and it goes on the roof okay uh when they handed me the pizza yes was the size of a Buick and I'm holding this thing with two arms going this what why did you put every topping on top this is heavy as hell so I had to fling it and I go oh my god to get it up there I have to do it about you know you kind of guess how sure and I can't throw it up there purposefully it has to be an accident so I said I think I can make it to about here and they had a camera up there shooting towards us and I just got angry and flung it and it went flop right in the place that was perfect one take one take right there and and I heard gasps even but I continued the scene I didn't look at I got in the car and drove away and I said what was that what happened what happened went on to the pizza he said you could not have placed it any better you could not have thrown it any better than that we got it it's fantastic let's do another take what are you talking about I said no no you got it let's let's claim victory and walk away well the crazy thing is we did have Vince Gilligan in about a month ago right or two months ago after the the Better Call Saul finale yeah and I told him about the scene with Rhea Seahorn and how she was on the bus oh god you know and her crying and how amazing she is and and was in the scene and how moving it was he said that he made her do another take he made her it's like after it was all over he's he that's because Vince Gilligan is a very cruel man I want to just make that clear he's cruel and abusive yeah that's just the cover that's what he it so it makes sense that he would say great job let's try to let's do it again were you able to do it again the pizza no we didn't do it again okay no that was it I thought oh come on it can't be perfect yeah all right last one for you celebrity true or false um it kind of marries everything together is it true that you shot an alternate ending to Breaking Bad where the entire series was a nightmare for the uh for your Malcolm in the middle character Hal is that true or false it's true uh and there's a picture of it uh had this idea to do it and it was written by one of our writers and it was it was funny it was just that he woke up and and like Newhart yeah kind of like Newhart and said and I was as Hal and she's there and I go I just had this terrible dream I was a drug dealer and she's oh stop it you can't do any of that no and I had oh I had a really hot young wife too yeah it was fun are you serious yeah yeah we have it somewhere it must be on online somewhere so uh no it was never intended no it's you just did it as a gag yeah it was never intended to be part of the show because you know people think that you know that it might have been intended to be part of the show but you just did it just for for you know what's just for yeah the what's and giggles yeah that's is that how you speak at home with your kids yeah and giggles no I use the real words because I'm a terrible father I am so fudging mad at you so I have this sign it's it's a big cover best dad ever it's a big cover that's so sweet uh did they make that for you uh they know they did you make that for yourself no I think that's you might as well tighty white where the tidy white is probably purchased in some Encino pharmacy for six dollars and packaged as a father's day gift to me I think Brian if I to be honest as generic as you can make it that this along with eye drops were purchased in the same place I think yeah I do have to if you don't mind ask about the uh Better Call Saul finale yeah and uh because you know I'm a fan of the show and you in it and to see Walter White one more time and the scene in which they they put it together um is uh to say that to say the least a remarkable choice for the scene to be placed in the uh basement hideout of the disappear and his basement and I'm wondering when you first got the script were you surprised by the choice of that's the scene that they chose that the location that they chose and you know I can't say I was surprised I um Vince Gilligan always has a way of surprising you even for someone who was really well informed on that series uh it's he constantly surprised me and and where he was going but also leaving the the little breadcrumbs so that you can trace oh it is justified how it got to that point um he's an amazing maze maker and he he so he didn't surprise me it was it was delightful to do it we you know we were brought in under the cover of darkness Aaron Paul and I were flown in um one April two years ago private airplane at night we we taxied over to the corner where nothing else was except a black SUV we come down we take two steps on the tarmac and we're in the car luggage goes in close it we drive off they take us to in a two-story Airbnb he has the uh top apartment I have the bottom one and there we stay for four days basically we get in the car we go to work we come back we stay in the we cannot leave for secrecy purposes that's right and and there there was a wall that went around the entire property and I was able to do my walks as if you're in a prison yard and I'd like to create escape yeah it was like and I would walk and it would square in the rectangular shape and I would walk and circumnavigate the entire property within the wall and each time I did I had this notion of touch the wall you go to the other side you touch the wall and then I had a little nail on it start scraping I'm gonna get out Shawshank or great escape or something yeah but it was a completely secret and we weren't allowed out anywhere and again the scene that is so remarkable about it is again that they we were taken back obviously to Breaking Bad and it's before you decide as Walter White to break out of the plan to disappear and go and rescue Aaron Paul Jesse and there's a moment in this scene when Saul asks you about a time machine and you refuse to I mean perfect Walter White response yeah it checked all the boxes to try and see you in character again that scientifically that's an absurd notion if you want to ask me about regrets just ask me about it right and then and then he asks you about it and you look at a watch and the watch is what Jesse gave you for a birthday uh your 51st birthday in the show I wrote this down and and I didn't catch it the first time but that is the regret that you have and that you're about to act upon as your character and to put that easter egg in the last episode of Better Call Saul it's it's mind-blowing yeah it's just totally mind-blowing he thinks of he thinks of everything but he agonizes on his way to thinking about everything yeah in fact on the set when he is directing uh he has a habit of taking his index finger and just like tapping like tapping what is it what am I did I get everything what am I missing what am I missing what am I missing and it's he's gonna work a hole into the middle of his forehead yeah um but he's that way he doesn't miss anything cares about everything and then just to complete the fanboying to to give the ultimate line for the Better Call Saul series to you the payoff is oh so you've you were always like this is I honestly I paused I paused the show and I'm like wow okay because that that's that's the reason why Saul became Saul and was was himself oh so you were you were always like and it's the way you delivered it too they put you on camera yeah down you're by yourself and also you know the harkens back to the what happened to my character going from a relatively peaceful and sweet guy to being an irritable aggressive um unsavory kind of character he was he's he's impatient with him he's he's on edge constantly and that's what happened to Walter White he went from that Mr Chips to Scarface and along the way picked up some some annoying habits well and again uh with your honor as well we're you know the character who was in the first episode is far from the one that we just saw in the clip to start everything as well and so but obviously it's different shows um it's it's awesome man it's awesome it's a lot of fun and I hope people tune in this weekend and see it well I mean again it was the top debut season ever on Showtime yeah yeah it was not like Showtime just uh just opened up their doors no no it's it's so we're very happy with that and um the cast of your honor is is terrific and and we have a very exciting season okay and how people how can people get that uh that alcohol to your right oh this how can we do this uh dos hombres is available pretty much anywhere okay um you uh reserve bar drizzly you can go to total wine or bevmo or abc liquors I mean there's any number of places around the the entire country and um yeah it's delicious that's you and Aaron Paul put together Aaron Paul and I are the dos hombres you know okay very good well it's like so this is for you and your crew open it up and have some cocktails thanks again Brian Cranston I really appreciate you taking your time and coming down here and um and uh spending time with us thank you truly cherish it again Brian Cranston on Twitter and Instagram at Brian Cranston of course your honor season two streaming and on demand tonight and returning on air Sunday January 15th at 9 Eastern Time on Showtime Brian Cranston here on the Rich Eisen Show Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers still to come if you don't know your numbers you don't know your business that's true when your business is growing fast even more true when there's a lot of uncertainty like the times that we live in and guess what not every business is in the dark and if you're in the dark then you need to join the 33,000 businesses that already know their numbers because they use NetSuite by Oracle the number one cloud financial system NetSuite gives you visibility and control of your financials planning budgeting and of course inventory so you can manage risk get reliable forecasts improve margins everything you need all in one place NetSuite helps you identify rising costs automate your manual business processes see where to save money know your numbers know your business and get to know how NetSuite can be the source of truth for your entire company right now NetSuite is offering a one-of-a-kind flexible financing program head to slash rich radio right now slash rich radio slash rich radio uh Nick in Vermont we'll take your call what's up Nick hey everyone how's it going what's going on big band the show thank you for my call thank you um I want to get your guy's opinion on how the NFL structures its playoff seedings um it seems like every year the NFL send the subpar team the playoffs that gets the host a home playoff game um because they won their division um personally I would like to see the NFL just send the top seven teams per conference to the playoffs regardless of division finish um like what the NBA does and I want to get your thoughts on that no thank you division games have got them and I'm sorry I'm being honest uh division games have to matter they have to matter the NFL is different than any other league in the fact that one game is one 17th of your schedule and um and winning your division has to mean something and I totally get what you're saying that a team that's got 12 wins like the Cowboys should not be made to go visit a team that barely finished above 500 and that just because they just because they lived in a much more high rent district neighborhood in the NFC east than Brady in the NFC south I totally understand what you are saying but when it comes down to it certain games have got to mean more and your division has to mean more and it it causes teams to stay in it not it's an anti-tanking device as well uh not that the NFL tanks but it's a different it's a different sport and as a matter of fact I would say the NFL's system of seeding is much better than the NBA or baseball where it's just like you are going to be slotted here you are going to play this team when you advance instead of reseeding the NFL reseeds I like the reseeding you know so I I'm thanks for the call Nick call back yeah Nick uh I appreciate it oh no I like the reseeding you know in the NBA there's no reseeding in the playoffs you advance you play this team well why are they doing that because that's how the bracket is yeah we all love the bracket I like the reseeding imagine that the NCAA is reseeded it'll be awful well it's different sports but I I I guess I would like the NBA the end the NCAA tournament is what it is I get that reseeding for the tournament that might be hard there's 64 right and you also have to move people around the country you know you send them to a spot they've got to finish through on the bracket I get that yeah professional sports why doesn't the NBA reseed I love the fact that you reseed in the NFL if you win this game if the if the Seahawks win this game we all know they're going to go obviously to the one seed no bye weeks in the NBA no buys for the for the one right one seeds obviously that made I'm a receding guy I'm a receding guy in pro but not but not uh not collegiate not certainly not college basketball yeah the bracket is what it is the bracket stays like before like the rent with it and godfather part two like before we have to be the she references the godfather the most oh absolutely proudly it's not even close proudly I'm not saying like it's bad I'm no it's good let's get them all let's hit them all now while we've got them we are definitely the only show anywhere that's got a frank pantangeli drop exactly that's for sure I mean while we got the muscle that's right not in one because Colmenza wanted too much money to be in two yeah unbelievable come on what do we do what was he doing exactly yeah big regret it's trying to get trying to get uh trying to get all he can take the cannoli uh do we have uh do we have john harbaugh sound bites we do okay so john harbaugh was asked uh hey that uh lamar jackson tweet where he gave out exact specifics about his knee injury and what it is what what what grade it is and how it's approaching another grade and how there's inflammation uh coach your thoughts we saw lamar put out a tweet yesterday about his injury did you did you know he was going to do that or did you kind of find out when we didn't uh no I didn't know anything about that I haven't paid much attention to it is it does the team agree with the assessment of it being a grade two borderline grade three well you know that's the thing it's not something that uh that we can comment on you know the the nature of an injury specific is is really the only person that could comment on that as a person I mean there's there's laws along those lines we're educated by the league in terms of what we're allowed to say and what we're not allowed to say so that's nothing I could ever begin to comment on he went hip on us um come on john I'm telling you it's a weird tweet to send out it's weird and you know john harbaugh has done an ex an exemplary job of talking about every time about this injury how much he loves lamar and it's got everything to do with him wanting to win he loves lamar the team loves lamar and for him to come out and say this is exactly what's wrong with my knee and I don't think I'm going to make it somebody must have said to him hey you got to let the fans know how much you're trying somebody might be sitting there thinking you're jaking it because you don't have a contract and the ravens haven't given a whiff of that from them the whole thing is weird but there's no question john knew about knew the tweet existed and he could basically say I'm not paying attention to it but he did confirm he had no idea well he's he wasn't sitting next to him when lamar hit send on that I'll tell you because he would have stopped that thumb it's weird and like I said if big ben had tweeted it we would be going all in on him but it sure looks like lamar might not go hour three coming up he also said because I do have the benefit and you watching this program have this benefit as well it's a pass through as I am the host of uh nfl game day morning um that the nfl network outstanding staff and assignment editors and information folks uh said that hope uh john harbaugh on regards to tyler huntley being able to go with his shoulder injury he's quote unquote hopeful that he can go yeah we know what hope gets you hopeful well rich you see these sammy walkins quotes he's been working hard in practice so what is that in this league pretty much everyone is banged up and hurt said walkins wednesday in the quiet corner of the ravens locker room I don't want to speak for lamar in a situation wherever he's going through with the contracts I don't know what world he's in but for me you got a chance to do something special wow he can will his team to the super bowl that's true I don't think he's thinking about it that way I hope he hobbles back out there put him out there for pass plays that could be wrong and being selfish but I just want to see him out on the field what a great thing that would be to see eight touch the field we go out there and blow them out but that's for lamar and everyone else to figure out well there you go if that got back to lamar he's like well then I got to tweet out to everybody exactly what's going on so they understand I can't give a hundred percent so maybe that's as much to a message in his locker room than anywhere else sammy wantkins returning to the ravens just in time to spit truth hashtag wow wow for over 40 years jim ross has been the voice of wrestling nobody has stories like jim ross and he shares his tales with co-host conrad thompson on grilling jr best nick man was the top heel in the attitude era it was a fresh character it was new it was material that we had not seen or heard to that date we could have created a bigger or better heel no we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels and we did but nothing compared to vents the grilling jr podcast listen wherever you get your podcasts
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