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REShow: Hour 1 (1-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 9, 2023 3:06 pm

REShow: Hour 1 (1-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 9, 2023 3:06 pm

Rich reacts to the breaking news that the Cardinals have fired head coach Kliff Kingsbury and says why Arizona’s next move should be to call USC head coach Lincoln Riley, and breaks down the Packers’ season-ending loss to the Lions and if we’ve seen the last of Aaron Rodgers playing home games in Green Bay, says why the Dallas Cowboys laying a giant egg in their regular season finale against the Commanders is not Mike McCarthy’s fault, and debates if the 49ers should stick with rookie QB Brock Purdy if Jimmy Garoppolo is healthy for the playoffs.

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One, two, three. Touchdown, Naheem Hines. Buffalo on the board with the first play from scrimmage.

This is the Rich Eisen Show. Lose a game on purpose. I think that would be a hard one. Lovie Smith is out as head coach of the Texans. Green Bay, that's the season boys and girls.

Just need some time to figure out what's best. Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion and Green Light Podcast host, Chris Long. Michigan running back, Blake Corum.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Well, hey everybody.

Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show here on a very busy Monday in rainy Los Angeles, California. Yes, Georgia Bulldog fans. Yes, TCU Horn Frog fans who are here in Los Angeles, California for a national championship game just up the road from us.

It's going to be a very wet way to get into the stadium, but guess what? It's a national championship game tonight here in Los Angeles, California. What a day it is in the world of sports where you've got 14 NFL teams out of the 32 feeling good because their seasons are still going on. And then you've got the rest of the national football league teams, 28 of them or 18 of them, pardon me, I'm terrible at math. You've got the rest of the league figuring out what do we do from here?

Where do we go from here? And a handful of them saying, I know what we're going to do. We're going to fire our coach if we already have it. And that's what today is, where you got some impetuous national football league team owners and you've got a bunch of other teams getting ready to play playoff games. And you got two teams, Philadelphia, and you've got the Kansas City Chiefs sitting at home saying, we'll see everybody a couple of weeks from now. And the playoff field is set. Chiefs and Eagles are the one seeds, both 14 and three. The Buffalo Bills sitting there is the two seed, Bengals three, Jaguars four, Chargers five, Ravens six, Dolphins seven. The Dolphins get that seven seed. And then you've got the Seahawks sneaking in at the seven seed, taking on the 49ers for the third time in a wild card weekend. Giants, Vikings, Cowboys, Bucks, Eagles, the one seed.

We'll talk about that throughout this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. So let's start off with this being the Monday after a regular season. And that means coaches who are rumored to be fired sometimes see that there is fire behind that smoke. And Lovey Smith of the Houston Texans becomes the second one and done Texans head coach. See you later.

David Colley out, Lovey in, Lovey out, who knows in. Who wants that job when your three, five year plan that you put in the PowerPoint suddenly is a 12 month plan? One year, that's all you get. That's it.

I'm good. One and done, and then one and done. And then sometimes the NFL doesn't matter if you've got a five year contract extension. Moments ago, before we come on the air, the Arizona Cardinals, Michael Bidwell had a meeting with Cliff Kingsbury and axed him. Fired the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals after a four and 13 season. A four and 13 season. You knew the sledding would be tough coming into this year with a six game suspension of their best offensive weapon not named Kyler Murray.

That's DeAndre Hopkins. And Kyler Murray's contract this off season was such a drama. But part of that drama was, guess what? The head coach and the general manager aren't going anywhere. Michael Bidwell gave Cliff Kingsbury and Steve Kime contract extensions at the combine when the story was all about Kyler Murray no longer potentially being with the team because he wanted a new contract. They gave Murray a new contract. They gave Kingsbury a new contract. They gave Steve Kime a new contract.

The general manager has stepped away due to personal medical reasons. The quarterback was injured during the season, came back and then got injured and blew out his knee that got surgically repaired just last week. And Cliff Kingsbury has now been fired with four years left on his contract. So I guess that report that the league office handed out to all the members just a couple of weeks ago in the fall league meeting about how all the dead money being paid to coaches and general managers and front office staff is costing teams a lot of money and be careful or just don't come at us if you're saying the revenue is not enough. I guess Bidwell just took that and said thank you for that report.

Got it. Noted and fired Cliff Kingsbury four and 13 this year 11 and six last year his best record by far. They got eviscerated just up the road where the national championship game's going to be played by the eventual Super Bowl winning Rams eight and eight and five ten and one and that's it. So who wants this gig? Who wants to come to Arizona? Great spot, awesome stadium. Saw it last week and I'm going to see it for the Fiesta Bowl and I'm going to see it in a couple weeks for the Super Bowl. You're getting real familiar with it.

I am. Nice stadium though. It's beautiful. It's a great facility, great area to live in. Who wants that gig with Kyler Murray coming off of an ACL and let's just straight up be honest. Anybody who covers this league, all you hear with all due respect is exactly what Patrick Peterson said on his podcast, exactly. Peterson. About the quarterback and that locker room. That's all you hear. And is there fire behind that smoke? Well, a coach is going to have to find that one out. Just a quick question. Before I take this job, does it come with Cliff's house?

I'll go with Brockman, you know, with just thinking about it, you know, it might be available, you know, it would depend if you have a family in front of it. But in all honesty, you know, when coaches get axed, at least Cliff doesn't have like a spouse and kids that you have to uproot. I mean, this is some serious stuff when these guys get fired. And the Cardinals are going to have to pay out all this money. And this is apparently a team that signed Kyler late because they wanted the TV revenue checks to come in.

This has not done something just willy nilly. They've got to go ahead and make this change in their mind. And so somebody's going to have to be hooked up with Kyler Murray in a way to make him successful because he's not going anywhere. In the same way that whoever's the next head coach in the Denver Broncos is going to have to make Russell Wilson better because he's not going anywhere too. And that's a note to everybody who had the knives out for him all year long. Because you hear the same thing sometimes out of that locker room that there's a reason why he's not getting picked up off the turf by his offensive lineman a couple weeks ago. But the Broncos finished strong.

You know, going into Kansas City and giving the Chiefs all they could handle and then beating the Chargers who played all their starters. And we'll get to that shortly. So who do the Cardinals get? I will throw out a name.

I don't know at all if this is possible. I have no idea. I'm just going to throw out a name. If you are, because if you're shooting your shot and you're Mike Bidwell and you are saying, all right, I'm just going to go ahead and fire my coach of four years left on a contract and eat all that money, you might as well just throw more cash on top of it.

And I know Sean Payton's name gets thrown out there. My first phone call, if I need to fix Kyler Murray and I need somebody who Kyler respects and loves and already has it, I am calling downtown Los Angeles with a 213 number. And I am calling up the athletic director of USC and saying, can I speak to Lincoln Riley? Oh, wow. That is not where I thought you were going. That is the first name I would think of.

I have no idea. If I'm Lincoln Riley, I don't move from here. I love living here. And not with one more year. And you are already there and you are here and you are locked and you are loaded with Caleb Williams and you could just keep on churning out Heisman Trophy winners like you do professionally. But if he ever thought about the NFL, if he's ever even sniffed a thought about the NFL, do you want a piece of Kyler Murray again?

First guy I would call. And then if the answer is a quick no, then you call Sean Payton, who is a red hot candidate right now. And I don't know if that, I mean, if he wants golf and he wants to be living near Southern California, it's a pretty damn quick flight. Unless Sean McVeigh does leave, which is the rumor you're hearing.

That was a hot report. And it's been a tough year for Sean McVeigh, clearly. And if he wants to be out of coaching, I would be sorely disappointed because I think he's dynamite and I'd love to see where he goes from here. But that's my two cents on the Arizona situation that just hit. Now then, week 18 finished up in Lambeau Field and the question is, is Aaron Rodgers finished up in Lambeau Field?

How about that? I can't, what a season. What a wild ass season for the Green Bay Packers as they just kept struggling. They were on that struggle bus from jump and Christian Watson went from catching nothing to catching everything. And those rookie young receivers went from being without a clue to having the clue phone right there in their back pocket, picking it up. And the running game was stout, occasionally not used enough. And then you heard during the broadcast last night, AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones didn't miss a game. They played. The offensive line was intact by the end and so was the Packers' season. Four and eight to eight and eight.

And eight and eight. And a win and in scenario, not just any win and in scenario, but a fourth quarter lead. The Packers took the win and in scenario to the fourth quarter with a three point lead. Problem for them is they just weren't good enough. At the end of the day, too many mistakes, the same mistakes that put them in a four and eight hole came and reared its ugly head in the fourth quarter from everything. Rogers not being perfect like an MVP the two years before. The receivers not being on the same page. Dumb ass mistakes from young players.

I mean, what was that? From Quay Walker shoving a member of the training staff. And I mean, Chris Collinsworth was on it of all the weeks that you would shove a member of an NFL medical training staff who's going to see a player on the ground.

What are you doing? So just, I know he grabbed you to get out, but for you to get out of the way. But of all the weeks, you don't think that medical training staff is going to be on the alert of anybody down on the ground. If this week didn't prove to you that you have no idea who's on the ground, how much of an emergency situation it might be, despite the first blush replay or reaction of all the times. And it's the second time he's touched a member of the second time it's happened this year. And so, of course, the league's going to be chiming in, stopping the game, saying, get him out of there and let him be alone with his own thoughts. Mason Crosby has been terrific.

It's a bad luck hit too, like he hit the upright and it bounced out. It all came home to roost. And on top of it, you got to give it up. They were taking on a better team. And I say that of the Detroit Lions. You have to say that. And I knew it. We knew it. You knew it. NFL knew it.

NBC knew it. When they put the Lions in this game, that the Lions could be eliminated by the time they kicked off because the Seahawks were taking on the Rams. And of course, that game went to overtime and that was wild. Seattle did prevail. A lot of terrible calls by the refs, in my opinion, in that game, but place that aside for the moment. Everybody knew the Lions could be eliminated, but everybody who felt that knew that Dan Campbell and the Lions would play their asses off anyway.

And they did. Jamal Williams scored twice. Aiden Hutchinson sacked Rogers twice. That kid rookie cornerback, I'm sorry, I didn't write it down in front of me right there. Uh, Joseph.

Yeah. He's picked off Rogers. First individual to pick off Rogers three times in the same regular season.

And he had a fourth callback due to a holding penalty. Kirby Joseph. Kirby Joseph.

My apologies to that young man who deserves for me to know him off the top of my head, but I got 15 million things going on in my skull right now. Long story short, the Lions were a better team and they were great to watch. So much fun. Lions fans have so much to root for. And then of course, just the chef's kiss for Lions fans who have gotten their brains beaten in by this guy, Aaron Rogers. It looks like Rogers is thinking about not playing anymore. The NBC cameras had Rogers, uh, in their sights and the microphones were right there with Jamison Williams.

Bless him. The rookie goes up to him. The wide receiver goes up to Aaron Rogers, asks for his Jersey. And he goes, I'm going to keep this one. Well, I'm going to hold on to this one.

That's what he said. I'm going to hold onto this one. Everyone and Tariqo heard that heard right away and goes, well, that's something because now, and this is going to happen if you get what you want next Monday night and the Cowboys finish up Brady and the Bucks and make him a one and done. And then he strolled off that field cameras are going to be on him and Mike's going to be on him. And, you know, Brady has been around the block and he just, he knows what the national conversation is right now about Rogers. Cause there was an off Mike comment picked up by a hot Mike that we're all like, okay, why are you holding onto that one?

What's the point? Cause you know, it's the only one you've held onto all year or wait a minute. This could be your last game in Lambeau field. If this has any sort of sentimental value to you, and he is Mr. Live in the moment, and he's taken in the moment, you could see the moment was look up, you know, give his usual, I love you symbol and get out and put your arms around Randall Cobb, your best friend for so many years and tell an NBC camera, get the hell out of here.

So I can walk up the tunnel in peace and have a private moment that maybe there's something about this and look, it kind of makes sense. Age 39. If he doesn't want to play anymore, this is what Aaron Rogers had to say after the game.

Where do you stand on what you want to do next year? I mean, it's a little raw right now. You know, it's just a little bit after the game. So I want to take the emotion out of it and have the conversations and see where the organization's at and see how I feel after some time has passed. Is there any sort of timetable with that? Is there like a date where you want to make your decision by? Yeah, I mean, I'm not going to hold them hostage. You know, I understand, you know, we're still in January here.

March is for agencies. So just need some time to, like I said, get the emotion out of it and then figure out what's best. Do you think, is the decision all yours, you think, or?

No, I don't think so. I think there's got to be mutual on both sides. So you could, because your contract, obviously, you got guarantee. So if they wanted to move on, or at least we're open to it, would you be open to that too? To what? To going to a different team? Yeah, I don't know.

I mean, I don't like saying never, but got to see how I'm feeling first, once the emotion's out of it, and then have the right conversations and see what the best direction is. Now, look, I kind of think I'm an expert at this. What's the this that I'm referring to? This is going to be coming up this fall, the 20th anniversary of NFL Network.

It's around the corner. So out of the soon to be 20 years that I've done the gig with NFL Network, the subject matters that I've probably talked about the most over the 20 years, over and over and over and over again. Number three would probably, if I had the top three, number three would be anything Big Ben said, parsing that, or anything Big Ben did. Number two, number two would be anything Terrell Owens said or did. Still, I mean, these guys have been, I mean, Teo has been out of the game. But number one would be wondering what the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers was going to do in his offseason.

That would be it. And just to show you just how bat guano insane Favre and his decision making was, is you just heard Rogers say, I'm not going to hold him up, not going to hold him hostage. He's aware of when the free agency period is and everything like that. Favre once said, I'm done. And then said, when they after they turned to Rogers, I'm back.

I think I'm staying. And I even heard the story. Screw it. Years ago, maybe that Ted Thompson apparently went down to Favre's spot in Mississippi.

I heard this story. Just going to throw it out there. Favre thought it was for them to say, hey, we do want you to come back. And it was for Thompson to offer him to send his actual locker to him if he wanted it for his keepsake. Like, we'll take your actual locker out and give it to you like and Favre's like, what?

I thought you were coming to tell me I was coming back. That's how insane that is. So just how if you think this is dramatic, it ain't. Green Bay is going to be like, this is those days are are holding the beer still.

So, look, it just really is. What what does he want to do? Do you like still living there? Does he like, you know, is Bakhtiari coming back? Are his buddies coming back? Does he like 60 million dollars in cash?

Well, now there's a good one. It was asked that of him because it is exactly like 50 million dollars. Like 59 and change that he would be turning down if he if he just retires. Cutting him is not an option.

Well, it's not an option because he's still a dynamite quarterback. Like to cut though? Chris, to cut? No, they can't cut him because of the dead cap. They set that. It's actually 99 million bucks for next year.

If they caught him, there's a dead dead hit on that. He he didn't want to be cut like he thought he might be back in the, you know, early Jordan Love days. Here's what he had to say about turning on the money.

I mean to be crass asking this, but here we go. Could you really walk away from that from that contract? I mean, that's an enormous amount of money and you guaranteed it. I was, I'm assuming for a reason, you asked for it to be guaranteed for a reason.

Yes. Money is energy and I have made a ton of it and I'm very thankful for this organization, the generational wealth that they've offered me. Hopefully feel like that I've earned a lot of it. But yeah, for sure. I can definitely walk away from that. Okay, more power to him, man.

Ron Burgundy, Jeff. I don't believe you. All I know is this is it was in his brain for him to say, I'm holding on to this Jersey and for like this, would he expect a rookie receiver from the other team to ask him for his Jersey after they just lost like that in his season's over? What are the chances, honestly, that he didn't know who Jamison Moyer is? I think he might.

I think he would. Well, if you listen, if you listen to the, or that's the first time he's ever met him in person, I was like, bro, I'm not giving you my Jersey. They could both have the same agent and they worked out like, you never know with guys anymore, but listen to the audio though.

You can hear Jamison William go very high pitch and go, but you said like, and then it cuts off. So it seems to me like maybe they already talked about it and then he was like, no, you can't have it. How about this? Look, he's incredibly mindful in the moment of that for a reason. He's been thinking about it. Something's going on or something's in his head or something he's thinking about or something is, there's the iceberg, him holding on to the Jersey is just the tip of it.

We don't know how deep the iceberg is, or it could be surmounted or whatever. And he says, he's not going to hold the team up. Fine. So then we'll just sit back and wait and watch the playoffs in the meantime.

How about that? Let the guy have his minute, but that was a remarkable moment right there. Rookie's like, can I have your Jersey?

He's like, nah, I'm gonna hold on to it. Wow. As they're eliminated. And the Seahawks are the seventh seed. We'll talk about that. Let's take a break. When we come back, you're Cowboys. Let's get to it.

We can skip that. Oh, by the way, we've got Chris Long coming up. Blake Coram of the University of Michigan is going to call in an hour three and give us his decision about whether he's going pro or coming back to Michigan. While the coach could go pro or come back to Michigan too.

LeBron got nothing on this decision. That's right. This is it. The putt to win the tournament.

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Call click or just stop by. 82 moves. He's made in fantasy. By the way, TJ, you broke like a seven game losing streak. I know. By the way, I should make an 83rd move because those numbers would match my record eight and three. I should make that 83rd move. Oh my God. You know how much I was like three for you when it came to Michigan and Ohio State?

I am completely the opposite. Hold on to that or be there to hug me, hug it out with me because Blake Corum is on the top of our number three to tell the world if he's coming back to the Michigan Wolverines next fall or he goes pro like potentially his head coach will. I appreciate the fact that he chose you and not Jim Gray for this decision, Rich. Rich, are you going to wait 15 minutes and then like have him announced it at the very end? 58 minutes. Actually, we're moving the third hour of the show to Connecticut. I've already told the young men of the Boys and Girls Club there to be at the ready. They got to give me all 60 minutes though. Of course, that's mandatory.

No, we'll get to it. So during the break, I just couldn't resist on occasion. I appreciate Mike Hoskins, our coordinator producer, our stellar CP of this program for taking in my video and posting it because Rich Eisen showed digital producer Sean Mitchell who's expert at his job as well. He was several times on his own. He was looking at the pyramids of Egypt, which is a modern day miracle. When you look back at the age-old miracle, it really is, right? One of the world.

You know what's also one of the world? Watch the Dallas Cowboys play football. It's wondrous.

Oh, that is amazing. The reason why I bring this all up is because after the Thursday night game in which they struggled before putting their foot in the ground and turning away Joshua Dobbs' hopes to beat them in his first career start having just joined the team after a week without having Derrick Henry or Jeffrey Simmons on the defensive side of the ball and so many others resting them because the Titans had a win-and-win scenario regardless of the Thursday night result in week 17. That was a week 18 game they were preparing for against the Jaguars and what a great game that was Saturday night to watch. But hey, I felt the need to put out a video and pop it on the YouTube page and my essential message was this team is way too inconsistent.

They're unpredictable. That they should beat teams that they struggle against like the Texans and the AFC South, right? I mean don't forget before they popped 33 in the fourth quarter on the Colts, it was 21-19 going to the fourth quarter that game.

And Rayshaun Jenkins picked sixth him and he had that big sack force fumble to save the day on Saturday night. He's balling out and then they almost lost the Texas at home and they almost lost the Titans and I'm like what is going on? This team is way too talented to keep playing down to their level of competition and I got responses I'm like well why don't you say that about the Eagles? Well because they had their backup quarterback in for two weeks.

That sounds familiar. And they were also banged up and I gave your Cowboys the props that they deserved and said the entire time that Cooper Rush was keeping the ship not only afloat but right down the center of the playoff canal. And his stint as quarterback is what's keeping them in the playoffs pretty much because if he didn't perform very well Cooper Rush they might have gotten got. They might have been part of this nine and eight trio of teams that were involved in that seventh seed but be that as it may they're the five seed. But going into these playoffs with that performance yesterday they looked completely disinterested. Terrible. They looked completely out of it.

Trash. And I am not going to sit here and say that's Mike McCarthy's fault. I am not going to say that.

I am not going to say that either. Mike McCarthy said he made a decision I'm going to play my guys. Now you could sit here and say that wasn't a great decision or you're going to potentially get them injured but the Cowboys have constantly done that. I don't know if that comes from the Jerry Jones top or what. Don't you remember Jason Garrett threw DeMarco Murray in a game where he had his hand surgically repaired and he ran it like 90 times I think against the Jaguars once it was really and you're sitting there what are you doing yeah so I'm kind of used to that with the Dallas Cowboys but he put them in there and he put them in there another reason why maybe is because you're not this is when maybe it's old school stuff but Dallas Washington when we grew up I mean it was literally Cowboys and Indians okay and so well figuratively I think you get my point but now it's Cowboys and commanders but when you go in an air stadium and they just you know are still cleaning up the bed from the previous week against the Browns I mean it's tougher to imagine a tougher week for the commanders than all right we're going to start Carson Wentz instead of the guy that the team completely rallied around all year long and gave us a shot at the playoffs we're going to bench that guy and put Carson Wentz back in because he had a really good second half against San Francisco and we're going to just totally forget what Carson Wentz did previous in that year this year or anywhere else over the last four or five years we're just going to go do that and then the coach is going to be like what do you mean we could be eliminated really and then we're on that day on that day we're going to unveil a new mascot that the that's a hog that the original hogs may still sue us over like this is what we're going to do and get eliminated anyway from the playoffs and then go ahead and announce we're starting our rookie it's tougher to imagine a tougher week for the home team you should go in and beat the you know what out of them and say we're going into the playoffs we're the Dallas Cowboys and here we come Tom Brady or here we come two-seater one seed and after a while we'll look at the scoreboard and realize that's it but we're playing for pride you saw what the Lions did last night he had nothing to play for the Dallas Cowboys had everything to show now can they go ahead and flip a switch and go on to a Super Bowl run absolutely they can there's no question they can what gives you but they can what makes you think that they can do that because it's football and these things are crazier things can happen like the best team potentially coming in with the largest head of steam in in the entire NFC is quarterbacked by the guy who got picked last in last year's draft but based upon what i saw not to interrupt you no good i get it that the cowboy fan i i know you know i don't dislike very many things more than i dislike the NFC east to show up like that against the washington no show to no show that was that was i can't even say what i want to say without getting beat here but like no this team is just they are who we think they are let's put it that way what do you need to win a playoff game you need to go on the road and what Warren Sapp would always say you need to pack your defense and you need to go ahead and give your offense a chance to win it pack your defense give your defense doesn't win championships anymore they give you a chance and what they can do is give you that chance they've got playmakers all over the lot and they got playmakers all over the lot on offense and for some reason and you could blame it on the coach that way too but yesterday McCarthy's like you go play go ahead let's go and they were just like totally disinterested yeah and if they do that again in a playoff game against Tom Brady they will be one and done and and then i think the coach will take the blame for it that's it they will and and certainly if they love Dan Quinn so much there and the Broncos are knocking on the door for him again this decision could be made literally a week from tomorrow a week from Tuesday if they show up and just get totally curb stomped by Tom Brady in the same way that wait for it Sam Howell just did and he's got some ability that one throw that he threw to Terry McLaurin i mean and then he could run it into good for the commanders they should have turned him sooner maybe i don't know well or if if you didn't like Heinecke give it to the kid yeah i mean that's kind of crazy that's 20 20 hindsight they should have stuck with Heinecke yeah but i'm glad they went with how good what a great way to finish you know who did that once upon a time i'll throw it out there i know it's not the same thing then the uh chiefs one day just say you know we'll give a little beak wedding to our uh our kid you know and week seven week at 17 at the time on the road this is at home and that changes everything all right look that was so wildly disappointing and consistent with their total inconsistency and the only thing you can hang your cowboy hat on cowboys fans is that for some reason this team some reason this team seems to only respond when it's like okay cowboys it's a major test okay cowboys it's time for you to show us against a team that we know can beat you they respond to that they respond to that more often than not well guess what it's one and done time now and they're gonna spend all week long here and stuff like this we'll see how they respond because Tom Brady versus Dallas that i'm telling you being a former ESPNer biggest game they've ever had in any like whatever you want to say about Duke Carolina or whatever games that they've had whatever games that ESPN has shown on its air nothing is bigger than the Dallas Cowboys in 2023 calendar year coming off the year that they have and the hopes that they have and the team that they have and Jerry Jones putting all of those hopes in this team that they are putting on the field against Tom Brady in Tampa in what could be his last game there or his last game ever or or his last run ever on Monday night with Joe and Troy in the booth this is the biggest setup for ESPN they've ever had it's gonna do like 40 million it's gonna be this team's it's gonna break it awful yesterday well guess what both of them were terrible right well Brady was great in his three drives they pulled him so i mean he played awesome and did you see the look on his face he's kind of like i'm not used to this what bill never did this bill made ground me into the dust in week 17 back in the day all right i don't are you gonna pick you're picking the bucks right of course i'll tell you now i'll tell game day morning now of course give me the lone wolf hat with Tom Brady home the Dallas coming in i would doubt that you're the lone wolf on cowboys are three-point favorites i mean obviously you're gonna use there's gonna be a lone wolf and it won't be you i don't that was a favorite good take a break come back we'll talk about the team that played their starters and it's a different scenario there is this team also had nothing to play for locked into the 5c the los angeles chargers what was up with that 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich more of your phone calls as well when we come back chris long on the other side of that get the new york market and everything back here on the rich eisen show 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial uh all rise he's first in first up usually is on a monday our friend terzo in iowa what's going on terzo hey what's up guys hey rich i got a couple things for you the first first being i thought you guys handled uh hamlin last week just so well you guys did a great job the stories that you and tj shared i really want to thank you for that i know some of those are kind of hard to to put out there but you guys did a great job so i just want to commend you for that first appreciate you saying that we wish the uh we didn't have to do it but uh what else you got on your mind terzo well i'm happy that my niners went up 13 and four kind of uh made that crazy prediction just hoping to get that uh better call soul mug from you but that didn't work okay i'd take it take a crazy wild bet to try and get that from you but coming into these playoffs right now this niners team they're dangerous this defense so good and i've talked about it over and over each week and brock purty just looks unflappable right now how about this one turns out pretty fun to watch how about this one elijah mitchell coming back just in time too i mean i mean that is that is so big i mean they are so loaded debo comes back in time he's fine you're going to get him going and then elijah mitchell comes back and he's the guy that spells mccaffrey who can then also create a match up mike mayor uh and kittel and purty seem to be locked in together like that's well and that that's amazing fun that's the that's the fun part being here in iowa because then we get the iowa iowa state connection right there and it kind of kind of bridges that gap between those students schools so that's you know that's one of those fun parts and sorry tj that uh i ended up taking it down and the niners ended up having one more victory than the cowboys there you go that's you're not sorry but i appreciate you saying thanks the cultures oh thanks there we go question yes sir so kyle shanahan said that there's a chance jimmy g ready for nfc title game great or super bowl great if you get there do you play him nope is he better than josh johnson is the backup if you need him he's probably as good as brock purty correct so why don't you go back to your starter because it's all working hot hand don't change a thing and if purty goes down you got jimmy g this jimmy g this it's he said let's talk this i know it's been a wild season a wild like 70 quarterbacks this year a wild unpredictable season that we know sitting here any of the 14 that make it can win it obviously some uh stop it stop it 12 can stop it come on 11 stop it stop it miami can't win without tua well i what which is how crazy would it be that they that tua comes back and maybe goes on a run i i honestly you can't predict anything that's true you can't predict dallas isn't winning the super bowl predict and stop stop stop it's an unpredictable league again the guy two seats to my left is a perfect example of that every single sunday that's kurt warner oh all right so but just think about this think about this the san francisco 49ers everybody knew jimmy g was done he said goodbye after the nfc championship game lost just up the road here in sofi yeah he said goodbye and then got shoulder surgery and then the team confirms it's trey lance's gig they give it to him it's his job and because garoppolo gets shoulder surgery he can't be traded so he's still around by the time training camp hits in between the time lance gets the job and training camp hits they go ahead and just use who knows why not the last pick in the draft on a kid named brock purty who we hardly talked about at the combine to the point where where daniel jeremiah when i asked him what was your evaluation of him he had to say i got to check my notes and i'm like he was at the combine right and he goes again i got to check my notes that guy gets drafted and garoppolo is still around in training camp to the point where the coach says hey we have him listed on the depth chart just because we have to he doesn't have a playbook admittedly we're trying to get him out of here into a place that he's happy and it's trey lance's job everybody back off it's lance's job and then by the end of training camp they're like we still have jimmy g here he hasn't gone anywhere yet maybe we could see if he sticks around because we can't go into the season with trey lance in his first full year as a starter with the kid we drafted last in the draft as the backup can we of course not let's see if jimmy will stay we could strike a deal with him jimmy does in fact say i'm interested they strike a deal he stays and look who's in the game in week two for the 49ers because lance goes off on a cart it's jimmy g who not only comes in and performs well although loses to russell wilson and the broncos on a sunday night one of those games that you look back on going really yes that happened and not only does he play well he's got them on a super bowl track yeah and then he gets carted off and in comes brock purty who yes my son was first on it when he started winning a couple games in a row a starter coop says to me as the lights are off and we're just chit-chatting before he drifts off going to sleep dad can he win offensive rookie of the year possibly who else could it be because purty is not only winning he's playing really really well he's distributing he's not making mistakes he's finding kiddel in a way that even jimmy g was not you know so yeah purty is in fact taking this team to the playoffs and he is going to command this ship and if jimmy g does return he is a much better option as the backup than josh johnson and that's the same mad lib that we used in training camp it's just purty is the proper name instead of trey lance and jimmy g is the proper name instead of rock purty where yeah jimmy g is the backup because we can't go into the playoffs with josh johnson backing up purty can we if jimmy g's still there wild can't make it up and i believe the niners are the proverbial team you don't want to face in the playoffs for a second year in a row and we saw they damn near took that moniker and mantle to the super bowl last year and very well could this year so that's my answer to your question if jimmy g is available absolutely suit him up put him in that room get him ready to go put the earbud in his ear and say jimmy thanks for being here this was your original role anyway it's just not trey lance it's brock purty and what the niners do at quarterback for 2023 we can table that for the moment but that's going to be a dynamite conversation because tom brady could be in that mix too oh baby oh baby but who is brock purty beat i mean okay we could do that we could do that we could play that game absolutely we could play that game you can and the answer to the question is who is brock purty beaten everybody team that's been placed in front of him and the fact that we can say he's beaten every team and not well he did this he was up and he was down and this is question mark zero question marks other than what will he do when the playoff pressure hits we don't have an answer to that but the track record shows they are good in that hood oh yes i can't wait i just fired myself up and blew off the conversation i want to have about the chargers thankfully we have two more hours to go chris long will ask him what he thought about the chargers playing all their guys and losing and getting a couple of them as it appears hurt in the process we'll ask him about the cowboys what he thought of aaron rogers comment of i'm hanging on to this jersey that's coming up over reaction monday and blake quorum with his decision for 2023 coming up i just fired myself up i don't like you folks what a wild story that is i thought about that it's what's crazy it's like okay they're getting rid of jimmy g for trey lance yeah they are well he was still around so we could keep him to back up trey lance right remember that conversation we had that for two weeks in training camp saying does this a vote of no confidence in trey lance it's gotta be and then lance loses to the bears who by the way won two of their first three i know and then lost 13 of their final 14. i have a super hot take for the bears for over okay that they're gonna win the division next year no just wait okay but that's over reaction monday over reaction monday hot take okay what if brock purdy is just like meh but these niners still win then you go to jimmy g oh well then that's for that's for another day or do you go i mean tom brady is going to be a free agent tom brady's going to be free agent and if any team that was like we have plans at quarterback and then we're like okay we'll change those plans at quarterback so what you let you need you let jimmy walk and lance as a backup for brady yeah and he learns in brady's draft room right and you turn him into jordan love and you've got a trophy in the case despite giving up all those first round draft picks for lance that you're now done giving up no they don't win the super bowl but um possibly and you trade purdy i don't know this is great and we're out of time for the first for over 40 years jim ross has been the voice of wrestling nobody has stories like jim ross and he shares his tales with co-host conrad thompson on grilling jr the best nickman was the top heel in the attitude era it was a fresh character it was new it was material that we had not seen or heard to that date we could have created a bigger or better heel no we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels and we did but nothing compared to vince the grilling jr podcast listen wherever you get your podcasts
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