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REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2 (1-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 9, 2023 3:06 pm

REShow: Chris Long - Hour 2 (1-9-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 9, 2023 3:06 pm

Two-time Super Bowl champion and ‘Green Light’ podcast host Chris Long tells Rich why he wouldn’t be shocked to see Aaron Rodgers on a different team next season, says why he has no issues with Chargers HC Brandon Staley playing key starters (and losing some to injury) in a meaningless Week 18 game, why he has zero trust in the Dallas Cowboys in their Wild Card showdown with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, says why the Bengals and 49ers are the two most dangerous teams in the playoffs, and explains what Bill Belichick should do this offseason to fix the Patriots’ broken offense. 

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on Sean Payton’s coaching future, Lamar Jackson, Cowboys, Aaron Rodgers, Lions, 49ers, Super Wild Card Weekend, and if the Bears should cut bait with Justin Fields and draft a QB with their #1 overall pick.

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One, two, three. Touchdown, Naheem Heights. Buffalo on the board with the first play from scrimmage.

This is the Rich Eisen Show. Lose the game on purpose. I think that would be a hard one. Lovie Smith is out as head coach of the Texans. Green Bay, that's the season boys and girls.

Just need some time to figure out what's best. Today's guests, two-time Super Bowl champion and Green Light Podcast host, Chris Long. Michigan running back, Blake Corum.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yes indeed. Welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show. Hour number two.

We chopped up quite a bit in hour number one. The decision by the Cardinals to reportedly bounce Cliff Kingsbury with four years left on the five-year contract extension he signed just last February. We discussed Aaron Rodgers' decision to potentially walk away that really got placed in the mind's eye based on what we overheard him saying at the end of last night's game in which the Lions bounced. The Packers put the Seahawks in. The Bills beating the Patriots and the Dolphins beating the Jets because the Jets finished the season with three straight games and no touchdowns. The Dolphins are the seventh seed. We discussed the 49ers situation.

The Cowboys losing the manner in which they did. Still to come on this program, overreaction Monday. Your phone calls at 844-204-RICH. Top of hour number three.

One hour from right now. We will take the phone call of one of the best players. Michigan is suited up in a very long time on the offensive side of the ball. If he didn't get hurt in the penultimate regular season game against Illinois, he would have been, I believe, a Heisman Trophy candidate for sure.

Would have been in Manhattan for that final ceremony. Blake Corum is going to be joining us on this program and he has made his decision whether or not to turn pro and I know he hurt his knee and couldn't play in the Fiesta Bowl. If he did, maybe Michigan would be playing up the road tonight and so far for the national championship. Who knows? But anyway, he's going to announce his decision whether he's going to turn pro or go back to Michigan for one final year. That's coming up one hour from now.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial. Chris Brock with Mike Del Tufo. Good to see you guys. TJ Jefferson. Yeah, how about them Cowboys? You can still hold up that... No, don't do that.

Do not discard your grease board. I know you're upset. TJ. Is this what we hear? This is your behavior in the barn?

How about them Cowboys? No, I don't act like that in the barn. I used to act like this and then I realized how ridiculous it was to allow a game that I couldn't control to have that effect on me. So I'm a lot more chill.

But there was a point where I would break something. Advertise and show one week out who you got. Cowboys box. Why even waste your time with that poll? Also poll question, best NFL head coach opening right now. Broncos, Cardinals, Colts, Panthers. Nobody wants to coach the Texans. I will.

Wow. So they didn't make the list. It's a one-year deal.

And they only have the second overall pick right now. Let's put a pin in all those conversations. Joining us right now in its usual Monday spot is our friend from the Green Light podcast that he hosts.

So expertly two-time Super Bowl champ Chris Long back here on the Rich Eyes and Shaheeda and Chris. What's up Rich? How are you?

I am well. Let's just jump right into it. If you want the sweater that I'm wearing, I'm going to hold on to this one. Okay. But that's not an indication that this is my last show. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

No, you're going to be here. Okay. So what is your, I guess, interpretation of Rogers telling Jamison Williams, I'm going to hold on to this one.

What do you got for me on that? Well, I think obviously there was immediate speculation. I saw in real time, like I think, you know, the mics picked things up so well. In fact, I was kind of straining to listen as he was, you know, giving hugs and talking to people on the field after the game.

And I kind of figured we might hear something and we did. And I thought buried in this whole story is the confidence of Jamison Williams showing to get Rogers' jersey. Hey, he's shooting his shot. He's shooting his shot.

Yeah, you got to shoot your shot. Rogers, you know, understandably, if it's the last game, wants to keep that jersey. And I don't think anybody would be surprised, you know, if it was his last game. Listen, like, I still think he's a great player. And, you know, I think there's going to be any number of teams that are going to look at what he brings to the table and think, hey, that's the difference between where we're sitting in a Super Bowl. Like, say, Rich, the Jets wanted to bring Aaron Rogers in. Who says no?

You say no? Oh, I do not say no to that, even though I still wear the scars of the Favre administration there. But this is a different quarterback, different everything. Well, the Brett Favre-led Jets beat my Rams 44 to 10, I think. I was on the field for that one.

Okay. It was crazy. But, yeah, no, Aaron Rogers would make somebody better next year. It just has not worked as of late in Green Bay. It just feels like they have a lot of talent, you know, year to year. I think this year there were some questions about, you know, some of the offensive weapons they have. But you talk about, like, at the end of the season, Aaron Jones, Christian Watson, Romeo Dobbs, Robert Tunyan, you know, you get Bakhtiari back, like, I'm not going to make a bunch of excuses for this offense. And, ultimately, that falls on Aaron Rogers' shoulder.

It falls on Matt LaFleur's shoulders. And, you know, the fumble hurt last night in plus territory. You miss a field goal, which, you know, obviously at that point, it was a very long field goal. And then seeing Matt asking somebody on the sideline, do you want me to punt it?

So, I don't know if they were thinking about punting that ball, but, like, you could point to any number of things in that game last night. But, ultimately, the theme is, you know, you lose to San Francisco 49ers at home in a cold weather game. And Jimmy Garoppolo's the other quarterback. And then, you know, in a must-win game, you lose to Jared Goff.

And I don't mean to, I'm not trying to mean those two quarterbacks, but if you're Aaron Rogers, like, you have to beat those guys. And so, I don't think there's much more we have to see in Green Bay, honestly. And I think, you know, Aaron making it known on some level after the game. I'm not saying he knew the mic would pick it up, but it's about time to start posturing for, like, maybe I don't want to be here. That's every year, right?

And, like, it started last week before the week 18 game. Well, I'm not sure what the future holds in that sort of thing. Like, I think this year it's not a bluff. You know, and he can't retire. 59 million dollars is hard to walk away from, or whatever it is. And he doesn't have a no-trade clause. So, I think he's going to have more control over his situation this off-season. Well, I'm not a capologist, Chris, nor are you, but I think I have it written down here, trading him would cost the Packers a gajillion dollars.

That's what I wrote down the word gajillion. So, the idea, though, is, and I know he's all about mindfulness and living in the present, but that was pretty damn mindful in living in the present about, I'm going to hold on to this one, meaning it's in his head, and it was in his head going into the game, despite the four-game win streak, that it's there, that it's a possibility that he would not want to come back, because who doesn't want to come back to play a game that he clearly loves for 60 million dollars in a spot that adores him to? So, I don't, this thing doesn't compute, like, unless it doesn't. I bet you, there's been, like, think about it, for years you might, you resent where you play, like, on some level, like, whether it was his treatment earlier in his career, like, with everything, with Favre in the beginning, or whether it's kind of your perceived lack of investment in weapons that would help him win, depending on where you land on that. And then, by the end of it, it's just this kind of, like, I'm not saying the relationship is toxic necessarily, but I think you build up these calluses over years where you just kind of got your mind made up that the grass would be greener somewhere else on some level, and I do believe that part of him probably wants to see what that's about.

I don't know. It feels like they've had every opportunity to take the next step over the last couple years and they haven't done it, and I don't know. You know, if you're the Packers, do you hit the reset button while that stock's really high? Because he can still throw the football, man.

He's still a hell of a football player. And I think it'd be interesting, too. I think it'd be good TV, you know, Aaron in New York or something like that. I mean, I hate to keep placing them in a Jets uniform, but it's just something that's popped in my head this morning. There's Vegas, too, I mean, which is a spot a lot of people think Brady would have a landing spot for. Miami might be in the business of a quarterback. I mean, the quarterback carousel, as it begins to spin with teams now being eliminated, is going to be really fascinating between now and new league year time.

Chris Long, two-time Super Bowl champ here on the Rich Eisen Show. Staying in the here and now, what was the Los Angeles Chargers and Brandon Staley's strategy yesterday, do you think? Well, I think keeping their players sharp going into the postseason, which I don't, you know, I know it's so easy to hindsight this thing and say, you know, and I've questioned a lot of stuff Brandon Staley's done.

It's so easy to say, oh, well, look what you did. You know, you got these guys hurt. You know, I saw people get tackled like Mike Williams got tackled a hundred times on Sunday. I know that you've got an injury history.

I know that both that injury is, I don't know, people are speculating he's not hurt, but I've heard he's hurt. Kenneth Walker, I think at least the bottom line is like Cowboys kept people in longer than you might have. You might've preferred the Eagles had a lot of players in that game late.

I know that thing, you know, got a little tighter than you wanted it to. There's some statistic and I will blame my producer if this is wrong, but, um, you know, over the, over the last, the course of the last, uh, bunch of games that a team had a choice where they've rep their starters going into the playoffs. Um, most of the time that does not go very well for that, for that team. Um, and I've been on teams where we had a buy, um, I've seen teams that have had buys, especially offensively come out sluggish and, and, and without, you know, great energy or not executing because it's been two weeks since they took snaps. And, um, I think it's easy to hindsight this thing, but I'm not going to get on a soap box this morning about football players playing football. Um, I think there's an art to it and I think you, you have to decide at what point in the game do you take those guys out?

Uh, but I have no problem with playing guys so that they get reps and stay sharp. The charges just got good. Like that's another thing.

They're just starting to play like good football team. It's not like a situation where you've had this well oiled machine all season long. Like you need the work and you need some of the work. Um, now the question becomes like, how much of the work do you need? And at what point have you passed that point of diminishing return where it's time to get the hell out of the ball game?

So it's easy to hindsight it. I'm not going to do it. Um, the thing that sucks for them is they have a short week and a predictably AFC South is going to play on Saturday, uh, to give me a 15 spot, but that, um, right. And that's, uh, that's going to be a good football game, but they got to travel across the country, man, with, with some of these injuries they've had.

And, uh, and it's tough. Yeah. I mean, by the way, the first AFC South team champion that plays on a Sunday of wild card weekend, or now even a Monday, that that'll be a monumental achievement.

I agree with you. And it was kind of a surprise that it was the late window. Normally that's the, that you could book that for the first window of wild card weekend, AFC South champ versus fill in the blank, you know, but, uh, that said too late for me to second guess, uh, to say, I'm not second guessing. Uh, I did earlier on in the program, but by half in a way, uh, of what you just said, look, when, when the charges put 14 up on the board, where you got the juices flowing, get them out of there. I mean, certainly if you're also the head coach and again, I it's, I, if anybody knows how difficult it is to be a head coach in the league, I've been around. I, I I'm, I'm loath to criticize, but if you're also a coach who doesn't play anybody in the preseason at all, like you're willing to come out of the gate, that's the part, you know, like what are we doing? Yeah. Like, yeah, no, you gotta, you gotta get guys out of there once you get them to work, you know, and there's some people that tell you like, don't play guys at all. And that sort of thing.

I don't prescribe to that. Um, but I think the context of how you've been playing, what you need or what you don't need to happen. Um, and it obviously didn't need anything to happen at that point. Um, it, then it just becomes about execution, but once you have that execution and the juices are flowing, you have time to get guys out of the game. Um, but as far as playing guys period in situations like this, I've always been a fan. I said last week of playing guys, you know, when you can, um, that doesn't mean they got to play 60 minutes or 60 snaps. Uh, but you got to play guys when you can, in my opinion.

And I think the numbers back that up. Chris long here on the rich eyes and show, uh, we were given Michael Irvin grief on our program yesterday. Cause I might've baited him into saying it, but he took the cheese saying we want Tom. That's what he said for the Cowboys. He figured, he figured that the Eagles were going to win anyway.

That might've been his, his way of doubling down. We want Tom. I told him it kind of had a wheat, you know, that we want Alabama field in college football and his responses. Well, Tom's not Alabama right now. And he wants, Oh, I'm confused. I thought he was saying he wants Tom next year.

Be careful wanting Tom. This is not a matchup that, that I love for the Cowboys. And I just, you know, the line I thought was gonna be like four and a half. It's like three. I, um, I w I would bet the box. I just, and I said this before yesterday, which now I'm kind of like, Oh, well, everybody's gonna be on the box now, but, um, I just feel like the Cowboys are not to be trusted.

I just don't, I just don't trust them. I feel like this is the type of spot where all the pressures on the Cowboys, especially after Dak plays one of the worst games of his career, you know, in the context of the situation, um, the defense hasn't been as good. They've, they've lost to, or been close to losing to some really average quarterbacks this season. Um, you know, they lost Sam Howell yesterday.

It's just, the vibes are not good. And I, I, uh, I don't know, man. I just don't know the first time they played this season. Yeah. A lot has changed, but one thing that's not changed is the speed of that, that, that, uh, that Tampa defense second level, the way they fly around, they've had to stay, you know, like that defense has had to compete all year scratching claw and they haven't gotten as much credit probably as they deserve, but every ball game, I feel like they've had to keep the points down and, um, and I feel like they can do that next week and make this a dog fight. I don't know what, I don't know what's going on with, um, with, with, uh, Jensen.

Um, I have not checked up on that, you know, worse, like this sort of stuff is going to be the difference in the game. Can they get, can they get, uh, certain guys back, uh, if they can and they can protect Tom? I think, I think Tampa's got a shot, man.

No question about it. I mean, Tom's going to take that field on Monday night. The whole rest of the super wildcard weekend is going to be over.

He's going to be LFG. The cannons are going to be firing and the Cowboys are going to have to play to the level of their opponent. Um, and, and, and, and in a one or done game with the whole damn season on the line. And as I said earlier in the first hour of the show, Chris, I mean, McCarthy put the players out there and said, you know, let's go. All right. You're, you're going against a rookie in his first career start against the team. That's got nothing to play for major.

Tutty got unveiled last week. Let's go turn him into bacon. Let's go, you know, and, and they rolled over. Uh, there's no other way to put it. And, and what are you going to blame McCarthy for that? He put it in his players and, and, and I'm genuinely concerned, you know, I'm not blaming McCarthy.

I don't know if they were looking at the scoreboard too much yesterday or they were, they were kind of focused on what had to happen. Right. You know, one of those things. Um, but I just don't think they're that good. I just don't think they're that good. I mean, I think they got some really good players. You know, we were, we're so inundated with Cowboys stuff. Sometimes you can, you can get an easily inflated opinion of these, these teams that they're, they roll out there. And I just, I don't know at this point, I just feel like I just don't trust the Cowboys, man. And, um, and they had every opportunity to look sharp going in yesterday.

And you look at it from the other sideline in Washington, you're like, damn dude. Yeah. You know, we had a real chance here and we went, we went two out of the last three games. Uh, I don't know. That's a good way to put it.

I don't know. Uh, Chris Long here on the Rich Eisen show before I let you go, the proverbial playoff team that you don't want to face, it could even be the one seats. It's fine. Uh, let's go one conference and then the other going into the tournament, 14 teams left the proverbial AFC playoff team. You don't want to face is fill in the blank right there.

Okay. Like, uh, the Bengals are, the Bengals are the hottest and best team in the AFC. You know, um, the chiefs are scary, right?

All that stuff. But the Bengals, they'd just been on fire. Uh, I would also put the Jags in that category too. I'm not saying that the best team in the AFC, but, um, although we're able to predictably have made it tough sledding the other night, like they have been hot, right? You look at the, the second half of the season and what they've done late, like the way Trevor's looked, they're a tough team. They play fast.

Um, and in the NFC for me, it's the, it's the Niners, you know, they were my preseason Superbowl pick. And, you know, I just three quarterbacks later, they look just as scary. Um, and they're, they're, they got a really nice draw on the Seahawks, a team that they've beaten twice now, uh, they beat them recently. Uh, they, they, they have some problems at corner.

This guy Lenore has been picked on a little bit. They don't have a lot of backend speed, relatives, some other teams, um, and they blown coverages at different points this, this season, but, um, they are, they're a machine, you know, they're just a plug and play machine. And that often scares me, man. It just does like the run game, all the stuff that they throw at you schematically, you know, got probably defensive play of the year upfront. They have play makers at every level defensively, uh, Philly and San Francisco, probably going to play in the NFC championship. And that's a tough matchup for Philly. So, you know, when you talk about teams being hot and you know, some teams sliding in like the Jaguars who are really tough draw for teams thinking they're catching a lower seed.

Um, yeah, I would put those teams in that category. All right. I lied. I got two more things for you. You mentioned the chiefs, the ring around the Rosie snow globe play.

A lot of folks thought that was disrespectful of the Raiders. What do you think? Man? I don't know, because I actually, I actually was at first when I thought I was like, ah, too cute, you know, like what are we doing? But then I started to put myself in the huddle and I started to put myself in the defensive backfield and trying to match up, trying to figure out what personnel they're in. Obviously, you know, what personnel they're in a little bit sooner, but formationally where they're going, I think that might be real pain to deal with.

So if there's any tactical advantage and it doesn't hinder your performance, then it's worth using. And it's not disrespectful. So maybe we'll see that again somewhere. Okay. And then last one for you, Chris, um, I'm making you Bob Kraft. Congratulations. You have a lot more money.

Um, what do you do right now? That's now four straight years with no playoff wins. He, prior to the season said it's been three years without one. He sounded impatient. We saw what happened with coordinators this year.

Um, I know what third rail I'm currently approaching with this question, but I placed it before you. What do you have for me, uh, about the Patriots off season? If you're Bob Kraft, what do you do, Chris? Well, there's one guy that's not going anywhere.

That's Bill. Um, you know, so if that's the third rail, I ain't going there, but I would say you might make some demands, uh, as far as, you know, who's coaching the offense, loosening the grip a little bit on some of that stuff, because I'm not, I'm not out on Mac Jones. Do I think he's an irredeemably dirty player? Yes. Uh, do I think he's a halfway decent quarterback in the NFL?

Absolutely. And I thought that yesterday, you know, there's been some spots this year where some people might be laughing at me as they hear this, but he'll show you some from time to time. And you can't forget that he's had a D coordinator and a special teams coach who they could have used coaching special teams yesterday, um, coaching him offensively. It's not only a hindrance to have, you know, two different voices in the room, but the two of them never coached offense, you know, at that level. And, um, you just can't discount that.

I know it's not, it's not a hot take at this point, but that's a real problem. So I think you've got to, you got to shore that up. I think also sometimes with new England, we just get so used to, we're like, desensitize their lack of weaponry, you know, and you're just kind of like, yeah, well, Devante Parker, Jacoby Myers, you know, Nelson Aguilar, a couple of tight ends.

We put, we paid a bunch of money that should be enough, right? I really liked the running backs. Um, and I think they got some pieces on defense, you know, Jack Jones, he was suspended. Um, and it's just like, that's a perfect example of the type of BS they've had to deal with this year.

You know, Jack Jones gets suspended for not going to treatment. Like I can hear bill talking about that right now in my head and just how stupid it is. Um, and then what do you mean by that? What do you mean by that?

Chris? What do you mean? Just like, why, why are we doing, why are we, why do we have to suspend guys over stuff like that? You know, it's just like, it's such a, it's such a thing. We're not like, we shouldn't have to think about it as Patriots, you know? And the same thing with giving up two kickoff returns for touchdowns, losing the game on special teams, same thing with fumbling the ball inside the five yard line with a chance to beat the bangles and the same thing with, you know, pitching the ball back to Mac Jones, 35 yards behind us on a play that we're supposed to go into overtime.

Um, like just so many uncharacteristic mistakes, trends, ways that they've lost games. Um, you know, Bill didn't throw that lateral. Bill didn't fumble that ball against Cincinnati. Bill didn't not fit up on, you know, on special teams twice. Like I, yeah, I just, I feel like if anything, Robert Kraft should apply pressure on bill to, to hire people that are more conventional offensively because the defense has been really good and they have had some, some young pieces that are exciting.

And I don't think Mac Jones is a bad quarterback. So I, you know, I know that Patriots fans are so used to winning. There's a whole, um, there's kind of a whole, a whole generation of them that never had to feel what losing is like. Like they don't even have to feel what mediocrity is like. They'd have to feel, feel this feeling, not winning a playoff game four years, but buckle up. This is like what it's like to be in the NFL. This is what it's like.

Yep. I'm sorry to cut you off. Uh, Hey brother, uh, have a great, uh, have a great championship game. Watch tonight. Uh, you like Georgia TC. What do you think?

What do you think? It sounds like Georgia by three touchdowns. We'll see. I'll be at the game tonight. I'll be there. I'll be there. Uh, let's chat next week. Thanks again. Uh, look forward to hearing your green light pod this week based on everything we just discussed. Thanks again, brother. I appreciate it, brother.

See you everybody. Check out green light podcast with Chris long. Kyle's on there too. It's a fun time right here on the rich eyes and show this NFL postseason. Every Westwood one NFL broadcast streams live for free. The wild card round, the divisional round, the AFC NFC championship games, the pro bowl games, and of course the super bowl catch all the action on, on the Odyssey app on by a Westwood one station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood one sports.

We'll be back with your phone calls. Eight four four two Oh four rich number two dollar Blake quorum of Michigan coming up at top of our three with this decision. This is it. The punt to win the tournament.

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Call click or just stop by T.J. Jefferson. If Mike Del Tufo has, as you know, money to burn, money to burn, like literally the only person with more Apple stock than him is Lieutenant Dan. So and no kids, no wife. He's alimony is long gone. Oh yeah. All right. He's out of that business for a while. If he buys you a ticket to the national championship games tonight, please say no. Yeah, I wouldn't go. Come on. He didn't stutter at all. I just, here's the deal.

Like he doesn't want the in and out. I know we have to pay attention work wise, but like personally, my three teams, we already had our bowl games and we won. So I'm good. Now, by the way, hold on a minute. This is a test.

This is a test. Oh, I think I know the answer to it. Oh, I know you're an east coast guy. I'd like to say you're an east coast guy from the coast, despite the fact that, yes, the state that you are from semantics is attached at one part of the end to, you know, technically the coast of the Eastern board of the United States.

Exactly. One of the great lakes as well as, you know, it's confluences. It's confluences. It's all good. It's no lake.

From the coast of the Monongahela river. Long story short, but you are, you've been in Los Angeles how long? Since 1999. Is the fact that it's raining outside right now factoring into your decision? No. Okay. Cause it's a covered stadium.

I call false on that. It's covered. Yeah. That's why I said canopy. It is going to be cold. But the security apparatus to get in the stadium is all outdoors. It's going to be a hot mess.

No coop to bring a jacket. Yeah. I'm good. Oh, we're equipped.

Yeah. We're equipped. Plus the parking is going to be like 150 bucks. That's why you go with a guy who's got an NFL network.

This guy's gonna pay for everything. There you go. Mike has a driver. I have a driver.

Are you serious? Oh yeah. He wants to park. He wants to say VIP. So Ray, you get Ray a parking spot and Ray just chills.

Ray's a driver, bro. He drops and comes back. Where do you drop? Like for a super bowl. He took me.

I went right into like the NFL network. Yeah. He knows he's got connections. Ray the driver. Yeah. He knows everybody.

This does not sway everything. Ray the driver comes picks you up. Come on. Yes.

Door to door from Ray and Del Tufo. Come on. He wants a plus one. He wants to go. He's decided he's going.

You could be the plus one. Let's go. Here's the deal, right? Tomorrow's show, it's called content. Let's go.

So much content. I have no history with TCU. And based upon what was going on in Georgia during this election season, I can't say that I'm going to root for them either. So yeah, no, I'm good. What do you mean? What does that mean? Did he just go politics? A little bit.

A little bit. What is the Georgia Bulldog program have anything to do with it? But Herschel Walker lost. I'm just saying. Oh, is that what you're saying?

It's not like he won. I'm just saying there's a bunch of people down there that might be like-minded and therefore I can't root for Georgia. Yeah. So TCU has got the same. Did you not hear how I started that off by saying I don't have any history with TCU. So I don't care about them.

No, but your same reasoning for Georgia might apply to the state of Texas. Just on average. Well, basically I'm not going period. I don't even know. It's free. Okay.

A lot of stuff is free. All right. He's a lost cause.

I'm not. Jeff and Detroit. What's up Jeffrey? Jeff will come down from Detroit to go to the game. Jeff, what if we send Ray to your house by now? How fast can Ray get to Detroit, Mike?

It might take time. What's going on, Jeff? Oh, nothing much, nothing much. Yeah, Ray is the man. I tell you, they got the hookups. They know where to go and what to get and how to get it. That's the one thing that you got to know about a city that you drive in for sure.

Yep. Being a lion's man right now is the weirdest thing in the world, dude. It's like, we didn't win anything, but you would think that we won everything. It's like, we got over the hump to beat and we, you know, we got over the hump beating Aaron Rogers, first of all.

Achilles heel. But with that comes like the angst and me knowing that people are starting to talk on these shows about my office coordinator. And that was the one thing about Matt Stafford. He never really got comfortable in the office because he was constantly having to get another OC.

This OC basically has gotten to the point where we don't even need another quarterback because I mean, Jared golf is the quarterback and rich. How about the miracle that happened there in California? How do you drop 300 feet in the Tesla and everybody lives? That is a miracle, man. My God, it was probably because of the Tesla having the battery in the middle and it dropping straight down.

Cause end over end. When I heard that in every officer that I talked to every accident investigator that I talked to told me I had to be lying. And I'll tell you that that's a true miracle. Well, Jeff, thanks for the call. Appreciate it. Appreciate it. I'm going to, I'm going to do my best. I'm going to do my best to try and first of all, look at my phone and ignore the call coming in from Poland right now. Sent to voicemail.

That's not Ray. You know what I'd like to, I'm just going to do real quick and then we'll go to break here. Here's what I think when, when Jeff from Detroit says Lions fans being weird because you didn't win anything, but you feel like you want everything. It's because, you know, and I, as you know, I've been around the Michigan scene quite a bit. Blake Coram's calling in, in 23 minutes time to give his decision about whether to stay at Michigan or go pro. I've been around a lot of Lions fans and I know the issues there because Jets fans share a lot of grief and seeing trap doors opening up and not getting things right. You don't get the quarterback right. You finally get the quarterback right. You don't get the coach right. The coach in the quarter, so on and so the front office, ownership, the whole thing. It looks like they got the coach right.

I think you can make the case. And he's like perfect for the state of Michigan. He's perfect. You know, his face was red yesterday. His in-game, you know, interviews make you want to run through a brick wall, right? And the team is buying what he's selling and what he's selling is hard-nosed football where it doesn't matter to score. It doesn't matter the record. We are going to come and win that snap. And it doesn't matter how we're going to win that snap.

And I know, I think if he had a choice, would he change the way that he introduced himself at the press conference? Maybe so. But, but what did they do yesterday? They took hunks out of the, out of the Packers.

That's what they did. They went and took off their kneecaps with their teeth, you know, and they're getting the right kids. Like obviously I'm biased about Aiden Hutchinson, but there's many of them on that team. Many talented young.

I'm on Ross St. Brown. I told you I thought he's a top 10 receiver. Like Jamal Williams getting his opportunity there. So they've got the coach and they've got the mantra and they've got the mentality and it seems like the front office is married to it by sending them the players that he can put into his system.

I mean, Aaron Glenn was going to, everybody wanted him fired because of how terrible the defense looked. The defense is coming around. They're coming around. And they're, they, last night in a way they arrived. And unfortunately for them, they lost 48-45 to the Seahawks earlier on this season. Otherwise they'd be the one going and they'd be the one going to San Francisco. And I profit to say the 49ers are happier to see the Seahawks come. I would profit to say that. So, Lions fans who are wondering, you know, when's it going to turn? It's turning. You could see the kids are good. And they're strong.

You're talking about taking hunks out of people and doing whatever you have to do. How about that Dipsie Dew flip play? In the fourth quarter game on the line, they got to score a touchdown and knock the Packers out.

They do. And then you just need to get first downs to knock the Packers out. How about that flip play?

I'm on Ross St. Brown to DeAndre Swift. That was amazing. On second and forever made it third and shortly wound up picking up the first down. Go on fourth on fourth down.

That's the stuff. And they send the Packers into the offseason wondering what's the future like. The Lions have a more certain future right now than the Packers on this day. 844-204 Rich number to dial over Reaction Monday when we come back. You ready baby? Ready? Let's go. Over Reaction Monday when we come back. All right.

Are you ready? It's a Monday. Let's go. And it's not any Monday.

It's the Monday after the regular season concludes prior to super wild card weekend. Hit it. Hit it.

Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Over Reaction Mondays.

Christopher. What's up guys? Everybody good? What do you got? I mean, it was good until, you know, what do you have? The Cowboy game.

What do you have? I want to talk about Aaron Rodgers. What's going on with him?

Yeah. I think he's coming back for sure. He's not going to leave 60 million on the table, but Aaron Rodgers days as a top tier quarterback over. Say that's over reaction.

I'll say it's an overreaction. The guy's a two-time Super Bowl MVP back to back coming into the season and this year just didn't work out in many different ways. And we all know why. And I'll play by Jared Goff. We all know why.

We all know why. I am not going to say his days of being a difference making quarterback or over. I will not say that. Top tier over. I will not say that at all.

I know that he went through the entire regular season without a single 300 yard passing game, but I am not going to do that just yet. I'm living in the moment. That's what he told me to do. I know that. That's what you're saying. I'm living in the moment. And, and, and I, I'm going to use the phrase that, uh, you know, that apparently pays these days, which is like, uh, you can't see the future.

Nobody knows it. And I think, man, that Christian Watson kind of nice. And I'd like to see what he looks like next year with the Lazard law firm, along with Dobbs and heaven forbid, they actually get one more for him, you know, running game box. I think he's going to come back. How about them apples, most picks since 2010, because if you look at it, clear eyed and full hearted, um, I understand, but who's going to give the Packers any sort of sense of value for him when he's 39, pushing 40, making that much cheese. And he's coming into your new spot and going year to year. It's going to be tough to trade him. I think he stays put. And I think, uh, this is an overreaction.

What's next. We love the lions. Dan Campbell. I thought his nose was going to fall off last night. He looked like Tom Coughlin. The lions are the best team this year to not make the playoffs.

Hmm. You can make that case. Well, wasn't that makes the Steelers finishing up as strong as they did.

I would take the lines and beaten the Steelers right now in a football game. Jared Goff took a team to the super bowl folks. Jared Goff's better than Aaron Rogers right now. Oh, that's an overreaction as well.

Check the numbers. Uh, I I'll say that's like I said earlier, the NFC and the 49ers should be happy that the lions in their house money way of playing right now, uh, is not coming to their house, but it's Seattle instead of team that they know better and have already beaten. What do you got over there, Chris, as well? We talk a lot about Sean Payton around these parts and what he's going to do next year. I think Sean Payne's going to be coaching one of these Los Angeles teams in 2023. Let's see how the Chargers finish up with the Rams. Let's see how the Chargers finish up. I don't think Sean McVeigh's coming back.

We got Andrew Whitworth in studio tomorrow scheduled, so I can't wait to have this conversation with him. Uh, also Chargers get blown out by the Jags on Saturday. See you later. Uh, I'll say that's not an overreaction right now. I'll say that. I'll say that. No way.

That's an overreaction. I will say that that at this point in time, there's a clear, a clearer path to that basket. They pressed him on the pregame yesterday. He said he's a seven to return to Fox and I was like, please come on now. You know, I'm going to ask about the, he, he walked us through the process. Like we, we all know the process and how it works that you can't really interview till, you know, after the wildcard weekend and before the divisional round. Uh, we all get it, but yeah, whatever Fox is paying them, uh, the Broncos or the Rams, or if they want them or the Chargers really want them.

I mean, we just saw what the, the, the Cardinals just did and they're, they're not the Walton family down there. What else you got? Uh, you know what guys, I was thinking about this next one and there's only one way to put it. What the hell was that from the Cowboys yesterday? Uh, what's the, what do you want me to react to?

I already, I already hit this. I don't know what the hell that was. What the hell was that TJ? I don't know what the hell that was.

Nobody knows what the hell that was. They were just totally disinterested and you could sit here and blame it on the coach. I already said the coach doesn't have anything to do in my mind.

With the effort. Well, coaches should get, well, I don't know about that. We saw what the lions did and a coach, but, but these are also grown ass men who went through this program last year and he rolled them out there and they were just like, roll, they rolled over.

Yeah. I mean, McCarthy didn't muff the punt. He didn't call two horrible pass calls back to back and then two horrible balls. One of both of which should have been picked and one was taken home for a pick six.

He didn't do any of that. Shouldn't the players play with some pride? Like, yes, I don't understand that.

Yes. So imagine how I feel if you can't figure it out, but he's one Monday night football loss away from, I think Jerry making a deal, making a move. Certainly if Sean Payton's out there. And by the way, whatever compensation the saints and Broncos have reportedly come to, uh, they're going to redo that deal. If the Cowboys are the ones knocking on the door, they should wait until Monday to see. We'll see, man. Hey, uh, speaking of guys who I don't know their future about, I say Lamar Jackson, not on the Ravens next year. That's ridiculous.

That's not happening. He's absolutely on the Ravens next year. He's absolutely on the Baltimore Ravens. Why isn't, why hasn't he played?

I don't know what the hell is going on there. I do not know, but the Ravens will franchise tag him in the same breath that they were saying to us, Kurt Warner, me, Steve White, Stacy Dales, and the rest of our crew. When we were doing the Saturday week 15 triple header on NFL network Browns hosts in the Ravens is the middle game of that. The same breath they were saying that they thought Lamar would be back the following week. And he still isn't, they are so all in on him. The whole program is built around his team, his, his abilities and he's not in on them.

It doesn't matter. Yeah, but he's, he has to be. And they are all in on him. He's coming back.

The question is, is a franchise tag player or something else? It's really weird. It's very weird, but let's see what happens Sunday night.

Cause if he strolls out there with Mark Andrews and JK Dobbins in Ohio against Burrow and the rest of that team, again, playoffs can change conversations real fast, but for the moment, I'll say that's an overreaction. What else, Chris? Speaking of the playoffs, Rich, looking at the schedule for super wild card weekend, I say, get ready for it to be all chalk next week. You could say that.

I think you could easily say that. Where's the, what's the chalk? What's the chalk with Jaguars chargers in your mind? What's the chalk home team, the team with the higher seating. Well, I mean the chalk is according to a place where Mo Green has no plaque, some post or anything else to remember.

From what I heard, not like I'm into this sort of thing. That game's a pickup. That's not an overreaction at all. I would say where's the upset coming?

Uh, is John's beating the Vikings and upset? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I would circle that one.

That's the one. If I had a circle one right now, I don't think Seattle's going in and winning. Um, is the Cowboys chalk? Cowboys are favored. Is the Cowboys chalk?

I don't think so. That bucks for the home team. So all home teams win. It'll be home team. It'll be four visiting one and three, three visiting two higher seats.

I don't think that's an overreaction, but unlikely. What else? One more minute. We got one left. 49ers should be your super bowl favorite right now. They currently have the fourth best odds. Uh, I, um, I, I, as you know, on our Thanksgiving game day morning show where we mulligan or offered a mulligan to get off our preseason pick and go into some other pick for the super bowl. Uh, I chose the 49ers on that day and I'm going to follow.

I'm, I'm sticking to it. Chiefs, bills, Eagles, all ahead of them. I think I had the 49ers beating the chiefs is what I mulliganed into. And I think I'm going to stick with it. I think they gave us one more mulligan super wild card weekend.

I'm leaning Niners bangles. I'm with, I'm with Chris long. So that's not an overreaction. I told you an Elijah Mitchell is back to back up McCaffrey. So good overreaction Monday, Christopher, do we get through all eight? Do we get through all eight?

Well, just wait like 17 seconds. Okay. Blake Corum of the university of Michigan or Blake Corum of the 2023 NFL draft.

We will find that out in less than five minutes when he makes his exclusive announcement right here on the rich eyes and show and our number three. Do you think we need one more? We'll get one more.

Oh, look at you. All right for Adam in the back. Bears as we know, I have the number one pick in the draft.

Thanks to the Colts and the Texans. The bear should trade fields and take either Bryce young or CJ. I think those two guys are better than fields. Don't you? You are out of your skull. Really?

You think fields is better than Bryce young or CJ Stroud? A million percent. Wow. Come on, man. Really?

Are you just doing this for him? Not fields. Can't stay healthy.

Okay. Justin fields has proven to not say healthy. Justin fields has proven that the jet should have taken him to instead of Zach Wilson, that he was the second best prospect at the position. That's not that's not what am I saying? I'm saying he's better young and CJ Stroud are better than him based on what based on what what they did in college based on just one dude.

And the other guy was the best player in the just stink in college. I mean, overreaction. Overreaction. I thought I'd get some support here. No, sir. No, sir. As a matter of fact, the only thing you get from me is scorn. All right, who has a better year next year?

Who has a better year next year? You guys could have fields and I'll take Stroud and I love fields. You can have that field. Yeah. Wow.

Easy money. or heard to that date. We could have created a bigger or better heel.

No, we wanted to make more heels and we tried to make more heels and we did, but nothing compared events. The Grilling JR podcast. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.
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