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REShow: Ja’Marr Chase - Hour 2 (1-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 2, 2023 3:05 pm

REShow: Ja’Marr Chase - Hour 2 (1-2-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 2, 2023 3:05 pm

Rich explains why he has concerns for Jalen Hurts and the Philadelphia Eagles on the heels of their Week 17 loss to the New Orleans Saints, and reacts to the Vikings blowout loss to the Packers and why the NFC race for the #1 seed could be a wild affair in Week 18.

In ‘Overreaction Monday’ Rich weighs in on the rolling 49ers, if Jim Harbaugh would leave Michigan to coach the Colts, the chances Sean Payton coaches Russell Wilson and the Broncos next season, why Tom Brady and the Bucs are a dangerous playoff opponent, plus takes on the Packers, Giants, Kenny Pickett, the Eagles, and Bills vs Bengals on Monday Night Football. 

Bengals WR Ja’Marr Chase and Rich discuss the chemistry he has with QB Joe Burrow and more.

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Happy New Year. This is the Rich Eisen Show. I made it! Tom Brady does his thing. Shows races in, touchdown Giants. To the end zone, Rogers for the touchdown.

Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Frogs snuffed that one out. That ball popped out folks. Ball was lost by the offense recovered by the defense of the end zone. Touchback. Today's guest spills quarterback Josh Allen.

Bengals wide receiver Jamar Chase. Plus your phone calls and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show on the air. 844204 Rich.

Number to dial. Happy New Year one and all. In the first hour we talked about the 12s. Tom Brady being back in the playoffs.

It's official. And Aaron Rodgers being one step away from making the playoffs after being 4-8. We also reviewed the college football playoff double dip on New Year's Eve. Talked to touch on the Ravens. Losing to the Steelers last night.

844204 Rich. Number to dial. Right in the middle of this hour. Overreaction Monday. Lots of college football going down here today. Including the Rose Bowl. The beautiful Rose Bowl game. Penn State going up against it. Playing Utah. You going to the game? You going to the game?

TJ? Nah, but Adam is. No, I know Adam is.

Adam is Penn State. Okay, you're not going? You don't leave the house for anything anymore, do you? Very rarely, Rich.

Very rarely. I went to Altoona and I got there on a Sunday night and I didn't leave the house until Wednesday evening. Good for you, man. Good for you.

Plus it was like 10 degrees. I wasn't trying to go nowhere. Fantastic. I had like a two hour stint this week. It was just me in the house. Nobody there. It was great.

Total vacation. Then the kids came home. I love them.

By the way, I love my children. Did I tell you that? Yeah, but they ruined it. They didn't ruin anything. They ruined nothing.

Let's talk about the Eagles for a second here. Because... You're worried, aren't you? I'm not worried.

You're not? Here's what I'm worried about. Here's what I'm worried about. Here's what I'm worried about the Philadelphia Eagles. I'm worried about their long-term viability because Lane Johnson's hurt and Avanti Maddox is hurt and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson is hurt. Those are three really important guys in stopping the pass and stopping the pass rush and blowing open the holes on offense. It looks like Jalen Hurts is going to play this weekend.

He's going to put on the cape. He's going to come back, in my mind, beat a Giants team that might not start a lot of guys, rest some guys. They've got the proverbial nothing to play for. They're locked in in the six seed. They're not going to be the seven, and they can't be the five. That's it. You're locked in on the six.

You can't improve anything. You can just keep your momentum going. Does Daniel Jones start and then get pulled? Does Terod Taylor start? By the way, if Terod Taylor starts, it'll be the 65th different starting quarterback in the NFL this year, which is a single season record.

Keep your mind's eye on that. I think personally, I think Jalen Hurts comes back. He wins the game.

He puts on the cape. He wins the game. The Eagles get the one seed. I think Hurts then cements the MVP award because the last two weeks pour one out for the Jalen isn't as valuable to his team as, say, Allen and Mahomes is to their team's crowd, whether they live in Philadelphia or lurk in our business. Minshew played really well against Dallas, man. Those two picks were crushers. The turnovers were crushers. Dallas performed well. Dallas did what it needed to do.

And then on Thursday night, I posted this video on Friday, I just said that their inconsistency drives me crazy. It just does, where they'll beat the crap, the tar out of the Vikings. They will beat the ever loving tar out of the Vikings and then play down to the level of opponents.

It's down to the level of opponents way too often for my taste and liking. And I'm concerned for them going into Tampa, as it's likely they will be doing in week 19, if Joshua Dobbs is making throws in his first career start to Tralen Burks, what's Brady going to do with Mike Evans? And I understand it's kind of unfair to apply this standard to the Cowboys and not say to the Eagles where they're playing down to their opponent, but the Cowboys are essentially full strength. I know Tony Pollard was hurt. I mean, you could say the same thing about the Niners too.

Absolutely. The Niners did not play well defensively yesterday either. And that would concern me going in, but I think Dallas is absolutely talented enough to win the Super Bowl this year.

There's no doubt in my mind. What do you need? You need a quarterback who can make the throws and be great with his legs and his arm. You need a running game. You need difference makers at receiver. You need an offensive line that's healthy and can pass protect and run block. You need a defensive line that can go hunt. You need to play makers in the secondary.

You need play makers at all levels. You need a kicker who can make kicks. I just described the Dallas Cowboys, didn't I, right? There's always a but there though. No, no.

Not from you. I'm just saying with us. Many people say it's the coach. It's Mike McCarthy or but. But is that they play down to their level of opponent and maybe you don't have to worry about that in the playoffs because the level of opponent is pretty damn good. And so you don't have to worry about that. But the Eagles concern me about where they're hurt and where they're going to be able to get healthy, and it appears Jalen Hurts is going to be healthy enough to play the final game.

And I think that's a great idea. If he can go, he's got to go put him out there, seal the deal, let him win MVP, let him do his thing for the first couple quarters, unfortunately. So you know, sometimes for the Eagles, it takes a half for them to do that. You think he you think he'll win MVP if he plays? If he plays and he clinches the one seed after what we just saw yesterday against the New Orleans Saints? I don't. You don't think so?

I don't think so. He would get my vote. I'm thinking Mahomes. Mahomes is minus 650 to win MVP right now.

That's as much as a lock as there ever is. This is the problem with the MVP voting. It's sort of like arbitration in baseball where you need to nitpick against somebody who's supremely talented and deserves all the accolades and the money that you need to nitpick. The last month for the Chiefs has been a grind, man. Offensively. They've won the games though because of him.

I know. But they have been a grind. Well, he can't play defense. It's been a grind on offense, pal. I mean, it's been a grind on offense against Houston, against Denver, teams that they should be curb-stomping, certainly in Arrowhead.

But I guess you could say week 17s are crazy, like Dallas needing all four quarters to finally put the Titans to bed and what we saw in Las Vegas yesterday and what we saw in Philadelphia. But Hertz needs to come back. He needs to be healthy. Lane Johnson, Eagles got to get him back, man. Can we just change that award to just like, we think Chris quarterback of the year, because they're the only ones that ever win it anyway.

Well, who else could win it right now? Quarterback is the most valuable position in sports. Justin Jefferson had a hell of a year up until the last... He had one bad game all year. Nick Bosa, who has been... Nick Bosa has just been dominant. Nick Bosa is defensive player of the year. He's going to be defensive player of the year. That's his award.

But he could be MVP. Nick Bosa called game yesterday. Overtime.

Did you see it? Overtime. Statham is moving the ball. He fades back to pass and gets his left tackle thrown in his lap, because Nick Bosa treated the left tackle like a tackling sled, like you would see at the combine or whatever, and he just shoved him right into Statham, who couldn't follow through. Ball goes in the air, interception.

Game over. You know, it winds up inside the red zone and they just basically reposition the ball for Robbie Gould, who probably in his wildest dreams didn't think he would have a chance to win the game after he missed to force overtime so quickly. I mean, Nick Bosa is out of his skull, and to me, he's defensive player of the year. One thing you missed about Bosa calling it... My MVP....was after he pushed the tackle instead of made the throw, if you watch the replay, Chris, just like when D-Wade threw that lob to LeBron and kind of... You watch the replay, you can see Nick Bosa has his arms in the air, like he sees the ball floating. He's just like, what are these guys? And he's just like throws his hand up. It was an amazing picture. And then the ball did get intercepted. That's why I thought you meant he was calling game, because he was just like... Yeah, he called game because he just said, I'm going to throw my blocker into the quarterback and create a turnover.

But yeah, his reaction after, if you haven't seen the picture, look at that. I'm concerned about the Eagles, if they need to win a playoff game, that they're too hurt, and we'll see if hurts can be hurts and not be hurt. You know what I'm saying? But Dallas can win it all too. Niners can win it all. It's wide open, man. The one seed is wide open.

I honestly don't know... This is going to be fun. I mean, the one seed is simple for the NFC. Philadelphia gets Jalen Hurts back. Let's cut the nonsense here.

Wrap up this division and wrap up this conference and get it done. That's it. In some way, they don't. They don't.

And we don't know. We will not know till later on, I believe tonight, because I think the NFL is waiting to let you know who plays, who win on Sunday. I think the Bills and Bengals result really plays into that.

So I think they're going to hold their powder for the moment. But San Francisco will probably take the field knowing that Philadelphia has won or lost. I imagine this is going to be an early game Philadelphia unless the league puts Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Dallas on the field at the same time.

There's going to have to be a late window because San Francisco is playing on the West Coast against Arizona. If Philadelphia wins, it's over. If Philadelphia loses and San Francisco beats Arizona, it's over. San Francisco is the one seed. But if both of them lose and Dallas beats Washington, then Dallas is the one seed.

That's the way it works. And then I don't know what the hell to make of the Minnesota Vikings. I just don't know what to make of this team. This is the team that lays an egg at home against the Cowboys, goes into Buffalo. They needed some divine providence to happen from the fourth and 18 grab to Josh Allen fumbling trying to get out of his own zone. But they still won that game and then they fall down by 33 against Indianapolis and come back and win that game.

And then they do what we just saw, a big fat laid Viking ship egg in the middle of Lambeau Field. I mean, for a team that has the chance to put their stamp on this division that they've won. And it's crazy to say that a team that comes into the penultimate week of the season with the division already wrapped up to say that they needed this win to put their stamp on it.

You really do when it's Green Bay and it's in their house and you could end their season. You can end their season because they kind of made their bones early on in week one by beating the Packers. They followed it up by getting waxed on Monday night by Philadelphia, which is the reason why they're not in this one seed mix right now because they don't have the head to head against Philadelphia. They're a game behind Philly with Philadelphia having 13 wins and Minnesota having 12. That's why they're out of this mix and San Francisco still can win it, this one seed. But I mean, yeah, that was a stamp on the division saying that our 12 win season to win the NFC North includes sweeping the Packers and eliminating them and totally cutting the legs out from under there. Come back and feeling of goodwill and feeling that they are a team to be reckoned with. That ends here on your field in front of your cheese heads. And instead we got what we got. I'm genuinely startled by that and all you trolls out there, oh, it's the Vikings, it's Kirk Cousins.

It's what? They got 12 wins. You don't just get 12 wins magically.

And some of their wins were very impressive, including against a playoff team in New England on a Thanksgiving night, by the way, and doing what they did to Green Bay in week one and performing the way that they did in games that they should win and doing those should things. But are you really surprised? Yes. At what happened yesterday? I am. I am. Justin Jefferson should not have one catch. He should not.

Certainly when the other guy is flapping his lips, no matter how talented the body those lips belong to might be, come on now. This is big. That was like, what the hell was that? It's what the Vikings do. And guess what? They guess what's going to happen. They're going to get the Giants in their house and they're going to lose. They could lose that football game. They could easily lose that football game right now. If you could make any predictions that are for sure, right?

That are for sure. Even though nothing's for sure yet, it's Dallas going to Tampa. That game's going to be awesome. I don't want to talk to nobody that day, man.

Just leave me alone. Dallas going to Tampa. I'll break something. I'll make ribs.

Break something. And it's Giants going to the Vikes because the Vikings can't fall lower than three. Giants can't move off of six. And I think the Niners beat, I don't think they're, you know, no matter how the lion-hearted JJ Watt wants to go out on his shield, I just don't think David Blau or, you know, if it's Colt McCoy or Trace McSorley or whomever, Arizona's going to shock San Francisco. I think San Francisco's the two, most likely the two.

Philly's most likely the one. And the Vikes are going to have to lick their wounds. And the Vikes are going to have to lick their wounds. Try and beat Chicago and go into a wild card game against the Giants with a head of steam.

What do you have to say? I have such a wild prediction for the NFC. Well, it's the wild card we're talking about. Here's what's going to happen. Brady's going to beat the Cowboys, obviously, and all the lower seeds are going to win. Rodgers is going to upset the Niners. The Giants are going to beat the Vikings. And suddenly the road to the NFC, to the Super Bowl in the NFC goes through Tampa and Tom Brady.

Well, there's still a one seed that's still sitting there. So let's just say you are correct. Let's just say Brady knocks off the Cowboys and the Giants and the Packers knock off the Vikings and the 49ers respectively. That means Aaron Rodgers heads to Philadelphia and Daniel Jones goes to Tampa. And then we get Packers and then Packers and the 212s face each other and Fox would break. If it's the 12s, and then we would at NFL Network probably get the goats, the actual goats back for our championship Sunday weekend. Yes.

We would get the actual goats back. I think that was a week four game. Was that week four when they played each other?

That was Tampa and Green Bay. I've got it right here. Thank goodness it was week three when we rented goats on NFL Network. That's your prediction? Who doesn't sign up for that? I don't have our crystal ball handy.

I personally wouldn't sign up for that. So you've got the Magic 8 Ball. First Magic 8 Ball of 2023 is Chris Brockman's crazy ass NFC playoff theory possible or correct, not possible, correct. It says... I shook it up too hard, there's too many bubbles. It flipped, it flipped, it flipped. Don't count on it. It literally says don't count on it. It flipped. It flipped.

Yeah. Magic 8 Ball says don't count on it. But nice try.

I didn't like what your head was that day. Take a break. Overreaction Monday coming up right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Do we have to play Tampa Bay? Yes. Oh, yes.

You can listen to the NFL and the NFL app on the Odyssey app on via Westwood One station streams or by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports sponsored by AutoZone. And Monday your phone calls at 844-204-rich also still to come. Really, whatever you dream up. And it's a Mercedes Benz Van we're talking about here. So expect innovative safety features like crosswind assist and blind spot assist. Expect amazing performance and reliability with an MBUX voice command system, a five star dealer network and an available gas engine. It runs like, well, a dream. So what do you say?

Head to the Mercedes Benz Van dealership and get that sprinter. Tell them your dream sent you. You know what I did in the... Got it. Yeah. It's okay. You know what I did in the two minute, the two hours that I had by myself, I watched Andor.

I heard that show is awesome. Made 35 fantasy basketball. No. No, I didn't. Last week I was able to not make too many of them. Gotcha. You know, some weeks I need... You want me to go through my process?

Not really. Oh, your process? Is there a process? I think you should take, you should take tips from me, TJ, because... 80 moves. TBD is in DFL right now. That's fine. But I still don't want to know your process.

You should start naming your team name with the initials of DFL. Yeah. But too soon is it wrong. He's the one who... I started... You're the one who brought it up.

I was going to go in a pop culture direction. I mean, I'm just saying, man. A long season. Oh, my guy's got hurt.

I can't do anything with soft tissue injuries. Says the guy who's got Luka Doncic. Yeah, one player. He's the only guy who hasn't missed a game. He had a 60 point triple-double against the Knicks while we were gone, including a putback at the... like with no time left. They were down nine with like 40 seconds left. Unreal.

The man scored 93 points in like two games. But at any rate, Andor, if you want me to change the subject, is terrific. Not for the kids. Oh, okay.

It's not like, you know, where, you know, kids have been... we watched The Mandalorian with the kids and we watched Obi-Wan with the kids. Susie watched the first episode of Andor with Taylor, and it was... she really wasn't that into it. And so I'm like, okay, I'll pick up the mantle in the same way that she started watching The White Lotus without me.

I started watching Andor, my two hours I had by myself. Do you know who wrote it and conceived it? Tony Gilroy, who was Mr. Michael Clayton, and also one of the Bourne movies. So they hand that off to this guy saying, come up with a story about how the Rebel Alliance started coming together, and this is what he's putting together, and it's really awesome. So there you go. So it's like a lead up to Rogue One, essentially.

Apparently, it's what it looks like to me. I'm only two episodes in, so I'll let you know. I'll let you know.

I'll let you know. Back here on The Rich Eisen Show, on The Rich Eisen Show radio network, powered by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Call, click, or just stop by. Right here on The Rich Eisen Show. You say it's Jeff Saturday saying some things right now. What's he doing right now? Jeff Saturday's saying some things right now. You know, because I spoke to him over the Christmas break as well. I think we played part of that while I was in Pittsburgh.

We did. So he's talking about a quarterback situation. Nick Foles is quote, really sore, won't play.

Sam Ellinger is going to start. Matt Ryan is the number two. So Matt Ryan's back. Boy, they don't want to put Matt Ryan on the field and owe him a bunch of money in the same way while Derek Carr was at home yesterday. And then on the Kayvon Thibodeau play.

Now the Kayvon Thibodeau play, he came in, by the way, scot-free. Note to offensive teams in the NFL. Offensive sides of the football. Note to offensive blocking schemers. Note to whoever's doing that in Philadelphia this upcoming week. And note to, I would imagine, the Minnesota Vikings.

Block number five. Account for him. Because he came in scot-free on poor Nick Foles and buried him. And Foles just flipped on his back after falling, I think the football landed on what, his clavicle or something like that.

It looked awful. And he was writhing in pain on his back. And right next to him was Kayvon Thibodeau who flipped on his back. You got one guy, I mean, it's the wildest video where one guy is writhing in pain on the left side of the screen. And on the right side of the screen, a guy's on his back doing snow angels. And right around like the third or fourth snow angel movement, you kind of realize the guy on the left is in deep pain. Yeah, if I'm watching the player now, Foles is in so much pain. And he did about two or three more snow angels while Foles was clearly in pain. So either A, didn't hear him or B, didn't care. And I choose to give Kayvon Thibodeau the benefit of the doubt that he had no idea that the guy next to him was writhing in pain.

I'm sure the MetLife crowd was in full throat and he was living his best life. So yeah, so Jeff Saturday called Thibodeau quote tasteless and trash and was upset that the Colts, that the offensive linemen didn't take matters into their own hands. Man, trash. Didn't take matters into their own hands, which is, hey, snow angel. Yeah, handle this guy. Yeah, he wanted to bring a little bit of the heat miser to the snow angel right there.

He wanted to bring some targeting into the NFL it sounds like. No, are you just, you know, that's old school. I mean, Jeff Saturday's got some old school in him. Don't let the, don't let the smile and the sunny demeanor fool you. That's a red ass right there.

All right. Called him trash. It was, it's a bad look. Bad look. Let's put it that way. A very bad look. Because if he did just two snow angels, okay, it was right around the third or the fourth one where it's just like, hey, there's somebody convulsing in pain, probably screaming out loud next to you.

Like the key and peel. Don't give me the third pump. Yeah, I mean, yeah, you're like two, two angels, two angels and up. He gave the 50. He was on pump six. He went on a few acts. He was on pump six right there. He was filling up on pump six self service. In his defense though, he probably didn't see him sitting there jotting. I don't know, Saturday's played a lot of football.

He called him trash for a reason. He's laying right next to him. I don't know how you got to hear it. Because you're looking straight up in the air while you're snow angeling. You're not looking, you know, just like.

That's true. I haven't snow angeled in a while. I'm not looking at the man over there just like, season up. Let's get Terzo off the hold before we do overreaction Monday. Terzo in Iowa, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show, Jamar Chase still to come on this hour. What's up, Terzo? Hey, what's up, man? Happy New Year, guys. Thank you.

It was a long little hiatus, but happy we're back on here Monday. Hey, I'm going to tell you this, Rich. Bring either one of those number 12s into San Francisco, man. I'm not scared of either one of those guys at this point. I know that's kind of bold words, but the nice part of it is, is I have Fred Warner. I have Nick Bosa right there, man. This defense is still one of the best defenses in the NFL, and this is the first time I believe all year that we gave up a touchdown or a score in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter. So let's kind of pump the brakes on how well those guys are doing, because I still think the cream of the crop is still right there with the Niners, Cowboys, and Eagles.

Hey, the law firm of Bosa, Warner, and Hufunga is a heck of a law firm at all three levels of your defense, and I didn't even name five other guys who could be partners in that law firm, too. I hear you, brother. I hear you.

I agree. And hey, hey, hey, right now, Rich, hey, we're 12 and 4. I predicted them to go 13 and 4, so I'm on the cusp of that, but also, hey, TJ, do you remember us making a little wager at the start of the season? Who would have the better record, Niners or Cowboys?

Do you remember that? I mean, I don't remember that, but we're neck and neck right now. Yes, we are. So now if we end up with the same record, how about we just roll it in to who does better in the playoffs, still our gentleman's wager?

Where's the deal? You don't have to play Tom Brady, okay? So therefore, you all got to play, you get the luxury of playing somebody not named Tom Brady.

So therefore, I'm going to politely decline anything. He might have to play somebody named Aaron Rodgers, though. Oh, that is true.

Exactly. So it's a 12 either way for either one of us, my man. Well, 12, and I'll do respect Aaron Rodgers.

He ain't Tom Brady. Thanks for the call, Terzo. Happy New Year to you, sir.

Happy New Year, brother. Yeah, Terzo had them 14 and 3. He had the four- 13 and 4. He had the four losses. The four losses that the Niners have actually had, okay, they have nine W's in a row. They lost to Chicago week one, to Denver in week three. Good God.

That looks bad. 11 to 10 was the final of that one. And then they lost back to back at Atlanta and then home for Kansas City. The four that he had losing was home against the Rams on a Monday night, home against Kansas City. He had them, right?

Home against Tampa and then at Vegas, he had them losing at Vegas, which almost happened. Impressive work right there. Yeah. I went back and watched the video where you made me pick the Cowboys schedule and 13 and 4 is where we're looking right now.

Not bad. But the comments, man, holy cow. Like I was delusional and people are like, Cowboys will be lucky to win seven games this year. I was like, okay. I'm glad I didn't do it for the Jets. Okay. We'll talk about that later.

I'm so upset that the Pats keep winning. Let's hit it. By the way, perfect entree to overreaction Monday. Perfect.

Hit it. That was terrible. That was crap.

That was garbage. This place sucks. Overreaction Mondays. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday.

Monday. I mean, if one nine in a row, right? That's the line. That's the longest win streak in the national football league. That's hot.

That's hot. Yeah. I think whoever wins tonight's game in the AFC can lay claim to that title right now, but it is tough. It is. It is tough to. could make let's just put it this way it's not an overreaction because you could make a great argument for that right now Brock Purdy makes so many great throws he missed a couple in the fourth quarter yesterday that kind of gave me like uh-oh all right so this carriage can be a pumpkin every now and then I got it but he's playing with such calm cool demeanor and Deebo's coming back Deebo I mean in terms of playmakers protection up front pass rush and defense it's a tough team in the secondary it is tough to argue against it so I'll say that's not an overreaction 49ers currently a third best Super Bowl odds right now five to one Chiefs are plus 450 bills still your favorite plus 370 I don't know where the Bengals are in all that Bengals are plus 750 right after the Eagles they can have an eight-game win streak by the end of tonight by the way I think they're gonna win tonight I mean it could be first Monday of the new year and their last loss was Halloween to the Browns by the way which just looks even weirder and weirder uh hey I know Terzo said he he he said to bring this guy on TJ you're deathly afraid of this man you don't want to play Tom Brady to play fact no what that worked fact look they might not be as good as what we saw in the second half yesterday I think we can all safely say that like let's be like I know this is overreaction Monday but let's just safely say that yesterday's second half was an over performance based on what we've seen so far this year true that but it doesn't matter we've seen it it's possible it's in there and it's possible it just got uncorked and on a playoff day later on this month Tom Brady will stroll out on his own home turf and LFG the home fans in the corner of the end zone and somebody's gonna be on the other side of the field and I'd I'd rather not be that guy I mean it's that simple I got no choice I don't know like I said you can hit the penthouse button you can go up sometimes you need to go down and you don't want to go down because that means you don't have the momentum and cowboys can go up here they need a lot of help they need both San Francisco and Philadelphia to lose I don't see that happening I see both I see it I see it stay in it like before that's the way I see it like the rent in godfather part two would like it before that's the way I see it but you are right man that is not an overreaction what else you gotta look Chris MJ Jordan had to go through Isaiah and the Pistons before they could become great so well speaking of which Mike Evans had an MJ North Carolina jersey that apparently Godwin got him as a secret santa gift or something that was love that secret santa it works impressive what else the eagles are gonna lose the one seed and they're one and done in the playoffs that's ridiculous hey I like that that's that's that's dumb that's not happening dumb did you see them play they also showed up very well in Dallas New Orleans look I'll go higher register that defense is pretty good and we've said that all year though all right that defense can shut people down and Marshawn Lattimore came back he picked six I know Gardner Minshew to wrap that thing up Hertz is gonna have like a month off like come on no he's not he's gonna play this week they're gonna win this week he's gonna put the cape on he's gonna come back he's gonna show his value in MVP what else the Giants are gonna be the NFC East team to go the furthest in the playoffs Danny Dimes is back they're gonna give him a new contract day bowl's coach of the year go further than the last remaining undefeated team this year that could be the one seed and most likely will be goes further than Dallas Cowboys so you are you are booking them to go one and done in Tampa they are for sure bet the mortgage on the bucks the mortgage really you'd bet your mortgage on the bucks LA's not a good place to be homeless don't forget apparently Sarah's parents are both watching in separate rooms and they usually do bucks money line happy new year by the way to the Tiana's you know what mr. Tiana think you're gonna have his baby girl on the street now what else you got over there move on you don't like this i don't i think that's the dumbest one yet eagles go one and done ridiculous ah man your guys keep sleeping on them those are the ones those are the ones but on the giants okay okay what else chris kenny pickett i love this guy he's got he's got it that's my guy he's gonna be a top 12 qb next year i i mean i just named you the five current quarterbacks in the afc current in the afc alan lahomes burrow lamar herbert those are the five quarterbacks in the afc playoffs trevor lawrence is going to most likely make it six with all due respect to josh dobbs let's go down the line let's go down the line and then you got he's better than all these cats what do you got you got it all written on he's better than anyone the pats dolphins or jets roll out he's better than the browns quarterback ravens uh depending if he's not looked great although he wins man the browns are winning he's better than anyone the titans cults or texans raiders or broncos are thrown out he's better than danny dimes and anyone the commander top 15 top 12 is a little bit of an overreaction he does look great picket or kirk cousins oh i'll take picket over kirk cousins thank you he's cheaper and he's got a bigger upside anyone in the afc nfc south not named brady i'll build off a picket and anyone in the west i'll build off a picket as the the steelers clearly are doing pickets the man last night i was very impressed that was awesome very impressed that was awesome uh tonight big game have you heard bills bangles are playing tonight rich yeah afc championship game preview uh i like it again just like your first supposition to start this whole thing off that the niners are the best team in the nfl you could make a great case for this a great case for this i didn't know this they'd not played each other yet by the way it's their first match up tonight you can make a great case for that you got one more i got a couple more what do you got packers winning a road playoff game feels inevitable you know when they win they won their only super bowl rich went on the road all three games i will say this has similar vibes it feels that way it does but they they they're gonna have to go to san francisco though and that is uh that is that is a that's a i don't know man you can run the ball in the niners i i i i have a if this was a minnesota viking trip i would be a lot more enthusiastic about this let me ask you this you're a television executive congratulations hey okay you guys are coming you cannot sorry you cannot allow nudity on network television that's not what i'm asking you damn it um you must choose one of these playoff games brady hosting dallas green bay at san francisco which one do you take give me brady and dallas okay i'm gonna do 50 million mike uh green bay in san francisco do not niners fans are everywhere and when they're not sitting there green bay fans are sitting there green bay but everyone's tuning in to watch dallas lose i know dallas versus brady i guess you take that one yeah okay i know they're the varsity sean payton is going to denver and he's gonna save russ's career and get the broncos back in the playoffs no way no one's no one's touching this is a radioactive position right now that's right there's a reason the defensive coordinator who was offered the interim gig and said no there's something going on in that locker room what happened in up the road on the sideline on christmas day now seeing them yesterday was an impressive coming together it was very impressive would you if you have a choice to go pretty much write your ticket where you can stay put and you could stay on tv or you could wait for another position would you to and denver's a beautiful place to live payton manning is living there for a reason would you take that job the job the job you know russ is the guy for the next two years at least no draft picks but charges and rams those spots aren't opening so you gotta take the spots that are open wait here you never know you never know when the spots open you know right now you and i both know right now what's more of an overreaction this or there's gonna be a spot one week from today open in the nfl coaching world we didn't see coming which one would you take yeah would you just throw out to me or what i just threw out to you no it's gonna be a weird spot i'll say that's an overreaction for the moment mike last one oh we got one more i got one more jim ursay is gonna make harbaugh an offer he can't refuse i think so i don't know if jim will take it i don't know if jim will take it but i i think ursay is gonna be on the phone to him if he already isn't and just say will you acknowledge that michigan is as close as they're ever going to be to winning a title no i won't acknowledge that oh why would i acknowledge that why would i what i'm going to see you and so for two so what no for two they're not as talented as the other team so what are you talking about that's not that that doesn't mean they can't get more talented or improved or and again this is as good as it's gonna be don't give me the best players give me the right one get give me the right one this is as good as it's gonna get for these false that's ridiculous that's absurd and i i'm insulted by the even even for you trying to attempt me to try to tempt me into saying something that you know i don't believe no no and and i don't know what the offer that he can't refuse jim's gonna you know the offer that he can't refuse is a lot of money full authority as to who's on the roster and to play with it and and and a quarterback that he knows he's going to get and try and win football games with their car i don't know if that's that guy you leave michigan for that no thank you sir you're welcome that's overreaction monday we'll take a break we'll come back we got jamar chase and his relationship with joe burrow coming up back here on the rich eisen show 844204 rich number to dial on the program josh allen coming up in hour number three i spoke with jamar chase over the weekend uh in advance of tonight's monday night football contest uh that i will be hosting the coverage of on westwood one radio this evening it's the bills and it is the terrific cincinnati bangles and their pro bowl wide receiver jamar chase and i we spoke and i asked him about his relationship with joe burrow here's a portion of the conversation what was the first time you met joe burrow it was the first time the two of you shook hands looked at each other in the eye and talked so my freshman year when he got there um maybe mid of the season i think because that ohio state so he came in and then we started to play online actually this was the summer because we had a whole lot of time you know working throwing an all-season uh summer training we were throwing um you know that first year we just that's our first year clicking so we still went 10 and 3 but you know we didn't really execute as much as you know we did our second year you know and then the second year we just bailed off the first year and chemistry just got better and you know we had a lot of playmakers on the team this you certainly did it's kind of funny i you know tell my kids when we're watching you know football games and we see you doing what you're doing and justin jefferson doing what he's doing and joe doing what he's doing it's like of course he threw 60 touchdown passes and you you want to ring i mean it's kind of it's kind of crazy but it is also if you think about it jamar kind of nuts that you know this kid from athens and you from louis iana yeah together uh for as long as you've been i mean what clicks between the two of you what do you think works so well between you and joe burrow jamar i really think it's just the chemistry we have just talking it out you know i'm saying um and the thing i what i like best about joe is he he lets me tell him what i like you know i'm saying and then you know we go off of what he thinks i should do or how i should do it but he lets me tell him what i'm seeing first and then we adjust off of it so when you say you you you vibe well just talking to each other i mean you got a good example of that can you give me an example of where okay the chemistry hits like that jamar um honestly me and joe talk all the time you know we sit next to each other every day um so you know it's it's really i can't really have an example because we talk so much you know i'm saying it's basically like every day um certain coverages we might see uh last game you know i might hit him a text and tell him on certain routes if i get press on it let's convert it maybe um so it all depends on some looks that i might get and what do you mean to you that he wore your gamer into the super dome earlier this year uh that was cool man nice to see you know i'm saying that was real nice to see um you know that i'm i love my city and you know he he knows that's exactly where i'm from you know um it's it's iconic i can say that you know he pulled that off right there in my home city did he did he um did you take that off your wall did you like take it out of a you know a frame or something yeah he was in a frame on the wall actually um he shot me a text and was like you got an old jersey but i thought he was talking about like a basketball jersey or you know one of them high school throwbacks um and i was like no but all i told him was all i have is you know my college jersey you know i said you want to wear that and he was like yeah that's cool so you know i took it down that night and gave it to him the next morning so you took it off the wall yeah and then handed it to him then he gave is it back on the wall now no not yet i just i don't know it's kind of it's so all right eventually it'll go back to the wall i love it remember we were wondering like did he take it off the wall yeah he did and if you see it there was dirt i know his dirt on it and he still doesn't have it back yet yeah and they got t higgins and they got boyd and they're going into tonight's game and josh allen is in hour number three and a great conversation with him don't miss that check it out tonight on westwood one the it being the monday night football game of the moment with not the year and this nfl postseason every westwood one nfl broadcast streams live for free the wild card round the divisional round the afc and nfc championship games the pro bowl games and of course super bowl 57 catch all the action on the odyssey app on via westwood one station streams or by simply asking alexa to open westwood one sports when we come back josh allen hour number three and i will pour one out for the raiders the jets and the commanders oh man oh yeah probably looking oh man and then on the other side we'll talk stealers still here on the roku channel pour one out should we have a new i know they they they uh they go fishing on inside the nba go fishing right we pour one oh that is so on brand for it every dude pouring out for the homies you know what i mean just pour it out with your tea from your room juice you know we have tons of wine over here we got wine i'll bring some 40s tomorrow wine this real proper like mike that wine how bad must that one be those that's the original two buck chuck that was part of our studio that in 20 day one that's eight years old we've actually talked about if someone drank that that much money who talks them who's talking about we do sometimes you really said if somebody drank it i think the last person to drink that was like whitney cummings like five years ago did she really open a bottle here and that wouldn't surprise me i think when the couch was still over there yeah oh yeah back in the days at any rate we should do a segment pour one out pouring out yeah we get yeah we get it sponsored by you know do we do the playoffs or something like that free tickets eliminated we pour one out cult 45 brings a whole league what is the what is what is the one that we're pouring out and where do we pour under the ground well there's no uh there's no drains i understand what what's normally done when one pours one out well i'm saying we'll get we got trash cans and stuff yeah yeah yeah i'll get a good stain we gotta yeah we don't want to like make a mess that's no it's our home we're gonna be here for a while we pre-produce this and pour it out in the street brother so yeah kicking off 2023 in style josh allen and coming up we'll pour one out figuratively let's get some old english mike the oldie 800 baby get it how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks you're either growing or you're dying i think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth at wcw experience between 95 and 98 this audience should be growing the character should be coming more and they're not everybody's gradually losing audience not that people will say well but aew is you know 15 ahead of where they were last year but there's variables there let's see where we're at year from now 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen
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