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REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 28, 2022 3:11 pm

REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 28, 2022 3:11 pm

Dan Schwartzman is in for Rich Eisen

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What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive, and defend his sharpest opinions. During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers, and even his own family to try and get his points across.

New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. The Rich Eisen Show on a Wednesday, holiday week. Dan Schwartzman in for Rich. Always a good time.

Sitting in the big boy chair. Rich will be back next week as we hit 2023. Hope everybody's excited to turn the calendar from 2022 to 2023. Big weekend coming up in college football. More bowl games because that's all we have is a ton of bowl games. Way too many bowl games, although I'm glad for the college kids to get to have one more game a lot of them and travel to some nice warm locale and enjoy themselves. Although, you know, not a lot of people show up and very few people probably watch some of these games as well. But Saturday, the college football semi-final playoff games. It is TCU, Michigan, Georgia, Ohio State. Some phenomenal matchups coming up and the transfer portal continues to roll right along. Guys going in there, guys switching schools.

It's become the free agent frenzy of college athletics. David Ubin, he is the National College Football writer for the athletic, joining us here. And David, happy holidays and also happy New Year's to you and your family. Thank you.

Appreciate it. Let's get before we get into the big matchups coming up Saturday. Are there too many bowl games for your liking these days? No, I mean, I think last week the most watched cable program was a bowl game. I would argue there's too few bowl games. Let's play a bowl game during the weekday every day up until Labor Day. Let's make it happen. You know, I am a college football wiper and love the sport.

I watch just about as much of them as I can. So, no, I would be on the too few bowl game side of the fence. So you want everybody to make a bowl game? You want everybody to play the bowl game? Let's play four or five bowl games for each team, even the two-win team.

Let's stretch this out. Listen, if it's Tuesday and it's 3 p.m. in June, who's saying no to having a bowl game on television? I watched Miami of Ohio, UAB, all right?

The Mahama Bowl. I watched that. I am one of those insane people like you that'll watch a bowl game just because you're right, what else is there to watch a lot of times on TV, especially two o'clock in the afternoon? It's that or taking care of my one-year-old, right?

Let the nanny handle that. I'm watching college football. Now, I want to get to this, David. This transfer portal to me is just wild and wacky, and frankly, it's the bizarro world of college football that we are in. A thousand guys get in there. Only like 40% of them actually find new homes. Is this something that has to be somewhat more regulated, or do you kind of like this open concept of guys just saying, hey, I didn't get to play last year.

I sat behind the guy. I'm going to go somewhere else now. Well, it can't be regulated, quite frankly, because any time that anyone in college football attempts to restrict player movement, that's going to be perceived as restricting player earning potential. With the Alston decision, nobody in civil A is going to do anything to change any of this.

They're just going to play everything with kid gloves. Now, the transfer portal, every situation is different. Some guys certainly are leaving because there's good offers out there, and they might be able to make some more money. Some guys might not be making the best decision for their future. There's no sort of one-size-fits-all approach, but what I do think is that you're going to see the guys who it didn't work out for, I think that you're going to see some guys learning some lessons, and perhaps players in the years to come applying those future lessons as they sort of figure out, hey, the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. But right now, when you jump in the portal, you don't have to sit out a year, everybody seems to want to test the market.

For some guys, it's worked out great. You can restart your career. You can make some more money. You can go to a program that's a better fit for you. You can get on the field. Some guys are sort of lying to themselves about, oh, well, my coach just hates me, and I got to go somewhere else. It's like, well, maybe your coach hates you because you don't actually work as hard as you do, and it's going to be the same story the next place you go. So again, I think the transfer portal, it's something that has been sort of a long time coming in college football, at least the free transfer for players who aren't paid. You can call it a one year, whatever they used to call it, I don't know, the one year having to sit out.

I call it a non-compete cause for a job that did not pay you, which seems incredibly unfair. So you got to learn life lessons. For some guys, it could be the best thing that ever happened to them, leaving their program and going somewhere else. You look at obviously Joe Burrow and Justin Fields and guys that have left programs, big programs, when they couldn't get on the field and have seen their fortunes absolutely change in an instant. Some guys go in there and they don't ever find a new home and end up having to go to a much lower level and get a worse education and all those things.

And so I think as we have this two longer sport, guys will figure out better how to wield it. National College Football writer for the Athletic, David Rubin, joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show, Dan Schwartzman, in for Rich on this Wednesday. I love it when the coaches that seemingly always speak negatively of the transfer portal actually use it to their advantage. I talk about guys like Nick Saban, right? It's amazing to me how much talent he can pick from other schools. I mean, Gibbs, Williams, he's had all Americans come from other schools and stuck right into his, you know, right into his lineup. Now, you know, when you think about Nick Saban, the fact that he can recruit high schools better than anybody, now you throw in the fact that he's obviously very good at maneuvering this transfer portal.

How much deadlier does it make a guy like this? Well, I think that's the thing is for all the changes in the sport, whether that's the expanded playoff or the transfer portal or all those things, the best programs, the Georgia, the Alabama, the Ohio State, they're going to learn how to make it work for them. And, you know, places with advantages can keep finding advantages no matter how the rules change. And I think, you know, we're seeing that with Alabama a little bit. You know, Georgia didn't take any transfers last year. They're already, you know, grabbing a couple of receivers out of there. You can fix, you know, the holes in your roster. And then, of course, like a place like USC, we've seen that, hey, when you're a good coach that has a big draw or, you know, certainly Deion Sanders at Colorado, when you land from where you can flip that roster in a hurry. So, you know, the transfer portal, it just has changed everything in the sport from program building. It's obviously the player decisions, the power programs, you know, being able to sustain themselves over time and using it as a tool to, hey, you know, for whatever reason, we have a deficiency at, you know, at right guard or at running back or whatever. You know, we grab one or two guys and we can fix whatever weakness we might have had the next season. So it's fascinating.

I mean, I think people want to make it kind of a bigger deal than it is and that it did change a lot. But the other day, it's sort of one more thing that, you know, can help differentiate, you know, the best coaches and best programs from those who, you know, don't really know what they're doing. Yeah, no question about it. You know, Deion Sanders is a guy that leaves an HBC school, of course, Jackson State. He goes to Colorado. Eddie George is a head coach right now at HBC school. Now we find that Ed Reed has been hired by Bethune Cookman.

Look, I like the trend. I think it highlights, you know, a division of college football that to me, since really, you know, Grambling and Eddie Robinson hasn't gotten the love that it deserves. And I think, you know, Deion Sanders, of course, brought more attention to it, but he got to love it, Dave, to have these big name guys, especially now in Ed Reed, that's going to go. He, you know, he coached with the Buffalo Bills. He's been an advisor at the University of Miami for the last three years.

Now he gets the opportunity to me, kind of opened it. It also opens up an opportunity for ex players who have been coaching here and there in lesser roles to have that opportunity to now maybe showcase their abilities for bigger jobs. But is it unhealthy though for these, you know, historic black colleges to become now the training ground of coaches with Deion leaving after just two seasons, for instance? I mean, I think it's tough because, you know, Deion Sanders is Deion Sanders, you know, he's sort of one of one in a lot of ways. And, you know, as much as you feel like the Ed Reed's and the Eddie George and all that stuff, and even Hugh Jackson back there, you know, it's, it's, it's, nobody quite has the same draw that, that Deion does.

And then certainly, you know, some of the administrative stuff that he showed to be able to build that program and get in the shape that it did. So, you know, it's tough because it's more opportunity. You want those opportunities to only come at HBCUs. And so there's a lot of black coaches come up in more traditional ways and have been in coaching longer. And you hate to see guys like that passed up, but if guys like, you know, if Ed Reed could come in and be successful, then, you know, who cares what his background was kind of the same thing with Deion Sanders. And I've talked to a lot of black coaches as well, but Hey, most of them are rooting for Deion. This is not everybody I've talked to or say, Hey, if he succeeds, whatever that looks like, there's just more doors and more reason for athletic directors who might not look like me and might not act like me to understand, Hey, these things can be done a different way. And I think that's, you know, at the bottom line, that's that I think it's good for the sport. Yeah, I think it's very healthy for the store sports. Good for the sport.

And I'm interested to see what Ed Reed, who obviously had a hall of fame career in the NFL and the greatest safeties in history, what he will do, bringing his reputation and, you know, I think his abilities, hopefully build guys into NFL players will certainly help. Coming up, of course, is the college football semifinal match-ups Saturday, December 31st, number three TCU versus number two Michigan. Is Michigan's defense a little too tough for TCU as good as that offense is with Dugan is Michigan's defense going to be too tough for them?

I think so. I mean, ultimately we've seen over and over again, these semifinal greatness really shines in these games. And the reason we've had blowouts is because there's not always been four teams that have been sort of teams with a case of the best in the country. And I think you look at how this season played out, Michigan and Georgia were clearly the best two teams in the country.

Pretty much unimpeachable resumes have looked excellent almost every week. TCU and Ohio State have not had that same situation. So I think you're, you know, TCU is a good team, but Michigan has looked like the best, you know, a strong case of the best team in the country, you know, right there next to Georgia. So I think the defense is too strong. I'm not sure TCU is off. Our defense is going to be able to hold up on the other end of things. You know, they'll put some points on the board, but I'm not sure either of these semifinals are going to be very close. You think Georgia is that much better than Ohio State?

I do. Georgia, when you look at how tough, like explosive, just as tough. And I think that, you know, they have some really hard questions that they've got to answer about the level of toughness in their program. And if they can do that, good for them. But I haven't seen a lot of reason to believe that Ohio State's going to be able to do that. And when CJ Stroud has played really good defenses with good interior, good DBs, you know, he's really struggled.

And I'm not sure that I see a lot of reason to think that this game can be much different. You know, there's an interesting debate and that is how good of a coach is Ryan Day? You know, the Ohio State recruits as good as anybody in this country. He's up there with Kirby Smart and Nick Saban.

He brings an unbelievable talent, bunch of first round picks. But for all the talent they've had, they've won a ton of regular season games. He's 45 and five at Ohio State since taking over in 2018. But against big teams and in terms of playing in the playoffs, he hasn't had much success. How do you view Ryan Day at Ohio State right now? Well, you know, I don't even think it's as much the playoff, you know, failures as much as you can't get bullied by Michigan two years in a row, especially not on your own field.

And I'm not sure it's much more complicated than that. You know, if they get, you know, punked by Georgia in this game, I mean, you're going to be, for better or worse, for all that regular season success, you know, you're going to be entering the season on the hot seat. And I think, you know, that's the standard of Ohio State. And when you look at it, you know, I get that you can look at the gaudy numbers, but how many times has Ohio State been the better team, far more talented than who they're lining up against? It's just about every week. And how many times has Ohio State beaten the team that maybe they weren't as good as? And that hasn't happened a ton. So you want to get ahead of this and say, hey, we're going to fix this before, you know, it gets to be a situation that, you know, it's tougher to come back from.

So this is a huge situation. They don't have to necessarily beat Georgia. It would obviously help him a lot if they could. But, you know, that's going to be something that, you know, if they can go ahead and be competitive in this game, that's going to go a long ways to helping him reverse some of these narratives about himself and the program. But if they get punked, I mean, it's going to be a long off-season and some very serious questions going into 2023 about Ryan Day's future at the program.

Doesn't it kind of feel like John Cooper part two? You know, a guy wins a ton of regular season games, but, you know, can't beat Michigan. And in the end, that does him in. And you're right. If, you know, you can't be losing two years in a row and getting blown out this year at home at the horseshoe, you know, I don't care if you win, you know, 90% of your games, if you can't win that game against Michigan, you don't have, you know, you're not winning national championships at some point in Columbus, Ohio, your tenure is going to end.

It did for Cooper. Yeah, you hear that comparison every now and then. I think the most interesting thing would be, you know, what happens if you beat Georgia and then you turn the page and here comes Michigan again. And then you get to the national championship and the same thing happens. You know, we saw UNC and Duke in the final four. I mean, I'm fascinated to see, you know, that that's, that's a really entertaining scenario, but, um, you know, they got to get past Georgia first.

And again, like I said, maybe they surprised us, maybe think are different. Maybe this team is tougher than it looks, but I think we've seen them all season when they've really gotten punched in the mouth and dealt with teams that they can hang with them athletically and win the battle and line of scrimmage. They have not looked impressive. So if Ohio State wins this game, or even as competitive in this game, they're going to have to look like a much better team than the one that we've seen sort of look a little shaky from time to time this season.

David, what a scenario. They beat Georgia. They get to the national championship game. They lose again to Michigan. It will be a failure of your season. I have, I went to college at Ohio university.

I have a lot of friends who are Buckeye fans and they will tell me that will not be a successful season losing not once, but twice to Michigan. I kind of want to see that scenario play out just because I kind of want to see the reaction. You're right. It's like the car crash on the highway.

You slow down and you see what happened because of the fact it's so incredible. David Ubin, national college football writer for the athletic. David, appreciate the time. Happy new year. Thank you guys. Appreciate it.

Awesome stuff there. What a scenario that would be. That would be something. You somehow beat Georgia. You face Michigan in the national championship game and you lose again to the Wolverines and they are national champs. Ryan Day goes from winning, you know, one game away from winning a national championship to potentially being on a hot seat because he just can't beat the Wolverines.

Unbelievable. All right, this is it. The putt to win the tournament.

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One more time, slash Rich Radio. College football talk. What a scenario. Ryan Day, he wins a ton of games, but he doesn't seem to win the big ones. Should he be on a hot seat if it all ends coming up Saturday against Georgia in the National College Football Semi-Final?

Dan Schwartzman, hour two on a Wednesday, the Rich Eisen Show. This is it. The punt to win the tournament.

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Paid for by NHTSA. 21 past the hour, hour number two of the Rich Eisen Show. Dan Schwartzman in for Rich on this Wednesday. College football playoffs on Saturday. You know, Ryan Day dominates a regular season. As he's done at Ohio State, the guy has never lost more than two games in a year. 2018, he takes over. He goes 3-0. 2019, he's 13-1.

2020, of course, the shortened season due to COVID. He's 7-1. 2021, 11-2. This year, 11-1. He's 31-2 in conference play.

The two losses both to Michigan. He's finished in the top five of the college football polls. This will be the third year out of four that he does so.

And the worst was he finished six in the AP poll last year with his two losses. And he seems to be a really good guy. People seem to like him. He is, you know, a guy that is a respected coach. He's a heck of a recruiter as well. But the problem is, you know, winning regular season games is all fine and dandy.

And it's great for your resume. But when you're in a place like Ohio State, you're expected to win more than just regular season games and beat up on big, you know, on bad Big Ten teams. And he hasn't gotten the job done there. College football playoff record, you know, is not great. They won the Rose Bowl last year.

Whoop-de-doo. It wasn't a college football playoff game. 2020, they lose in the college football national championship game. 2019, they lose in the Fiesta Bowl. And, you know, he plays obviously in New Year's six bowls all the time. Or college football playoff bowls.

Yeah, that's great. But you're Ohio State. And the level of talent on Ohio State is frankly mind boggling, right? You look at that team. Just look at that team. And you can't tell me that that team isn't loaded with NFL players. It is.

Absolutely is. CJ Stroud considered a top five pick when he decides to come out. All right, the running back position. They have at least two players that are probably going to be NFL draft picks between Williams and Henderson. At wide receiver, it's just unbelievable.

Rich is Marvin Harrison Jr. is an incredible stud. He's going to be a first round pick. Emeka Agbuka is going to be a first round pick. He's just a sophomore. He was a top, you know, is a top recruit. Julian Fleming is a guy that also was a high recruit, who probably next year puts up numbers.

Jackson Smith and Jigba is also a guy that, you know, was, you know, highly thought of as well. Battled injuries this year after having a tremendous season last year with 95 catches, 1600 yards. He'll be a first round pick as well when he decides to come out. Maybe he doesn't this year due to, of course, you know, having not played much. But if he goes, comes back next year, who knows? So obviously a ton of talent.

Offensive lineman always going in the top couple of rounds as well. There's so many good players there. He should be winning more games. And I mean, I mean the big games. But he's just not doing it consistently.

And I think that's the incredible thing is yes. If in fact, as crazy as this sounds, if in fact they lose to Georgia on Saturday, as many believe they will, and there's yet another season where sure they're going to finish in the top five in the college football polls, they don't win the big game at some point, he's going to start feeling that seat warm up. Because at a place like Ohio State, it's national championships or bust. And by the way, it's at least winning over Michigan or bust. If you're not going to win national championships, you have to consistently beat Michigan. Like the crazy part about that rivalry, and I lived in the state of Ohio for five years, you know, in college. If you don't win a national title, like say Ohio State has a bad season, say they go seven and four, but if they beat Michigan in those seven wins, amazingly speaking Buckeye fans for the most part are fairly happy with the year. Because you have the bragging rights over your next door neighbors. It's a great rivalry.

It is. Michigan, Ohio State is a great, it's Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, Auburn, USC, Notre Dame. USC, Notre Dame, fine, I'll give you that art.

Yeah, that's another good one. You know, in terms of the best rivalries in college football, those are the games. I love Army, Navy, of course, you know, Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State. Go Navy. Go Navy.

All right, that's right. You are a Marine. Like I said there, I didn't say you were a Marine. I said you are always a Marine. Exactly right. Once a Marine, always a Marine, no such thing as a ex Marine.

Nope, nope. That's interesting. Why is that? Like, because, you know, like, no one says you're still in the Army, right? They say, no, he was in the Army. So why is the Marines different art? Is there an explanation for this? Because we're better than the Army? Well, I'm sure that's what it is. But still, is there an actual explanation for this besides that? That's, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Is there truly a rivalry there?

Oh yeah. Marines and Army? Really? Marines, Marines don't like any of the other services. So if you have a bit of bar, a bunch of Marines, a bunch of, you know, Army guys. We call them dog faces.

Could be trouble. Army or dog faces. Really? Navy or squids. Really?

How about Air Force? Entitled? Yeah, entitled.

But don't, but you have to catch a ride with them though. That's the thing though, right? I know, I know. I flew out through a desert, two desert storm on an Air Force transport, yes.

So you have to be nice to them to a point. Not really. Well, the Marines don't have transport planes.

I know, I know. The only thing we don't have. Yeah, you have attack helicopters and you have, you know, you know, close air support, but that's about it. We needed to get there fast so we couldn't take the Navy ships because we needed to. So you said, Sy, all right, we'll take a ride. We'll take this ride from the Air Force.

All right. And yeah, I rode on a C-5 Galaxy and the seats are pointed backwards. So screwed up the Air Force.

Are you serious? Yeah, so you don't even know if you're coming and going. I would get so air sick.

Oh man. I mean, I would seriously get air sick having to face back. I cannot sit backwards like on a bus or anything like that. If I had to sit backwards on an airplane for like 13 hours. Yeah, we had a couple of layovers, but it was a 22 hour trip to Dahran, Saudi Arabia.

Oh my goodness. That is a long trip. Yeah.

But you can't arrive at the Air Force. So they at least got you there safely. So you have to respect them a bit, I guess, right? I guess. What a rivalry. So we'll throw that rivalry up there as well, right?

That rivalry is up there with Ohio State, Michigan, and USC Notre Dame, and Auburn, Alabama, and all that. So we'll go with that. We'll stick to that story then. Well, yeah, the Navy coach got fired because he couldn't beat Army. Yeah, I think he was the highest paid federal employee for a long time. I think he was the highest paid. He was even higher than the president, huh? Oh, yeah, yeah. The president makes $440,000 a year, I believe is what the president makes.

And Ken, I can't pronounce his name, and I'm not even trying to butcher it. He was making, I think, like a few million dollars at least. Really? Wow.

Yeah. So he was actually the highest paid federal employee, I believe. Couldn't beat Army. Couldn't beat Army.

And you know what, if you can't beat Army, you know what happens? You get fired. You don't have a job.

Yeah, you don't have a job. And by the way, though, didn't they fire? I think they fired him in the locker room right after the game.

Yes, they did. I mean, come on. Let's have a little bit let's have a little bit more respect for the guy. You put Navy on the map for a while, right? I mean, I know Johnson did a nice job there before he left for what was it? I think Georgia Tech, but like have some respect for the guy. He did a nice job over. I know the last couple of years have been a little rougher, but come on.

The guy won a bunch of games in Navy. Can you at least wait till you get back to Annapolis before you fire him? No. Come on. That's terrible.

Come on, Art. I also think that's the only game in America, right? Where the entire student bodies of both team are in attendance. Yeah, it seems like I saw that somewhere. Yeah. Midshipmen.

Yeah. I think everybody goes. I think everybody goes in terms of Midshipmen.

And I believe everybody goes in terms of the Naval Academy. Cadets. Yeah.

Army Cadets. Yeah. Yeah. That's pretty cool, by the way, that everybody goes and like everybody's there to kind of watch and cheer on their mates.

That's really cool. I mean, every school should be that way. I mean, I know you have a lot of people who go to the school that aren't sports fans, but I mean, you should. It's an event.

It's a one time, you know, even if you only go once, it's a once in a lifetime event to be at a football game, you know? But then again, how many kids are in the, what's the total undergraduate enrollment? I'm reading it's about 4600. That's a lot, though.

You're right to get. Yeah, to get that many kids to come, you know, travel down to. You know, to wherever the game is going to be, Baltimore or Philly or Washington, whatever it is, that's that's pretty impressive. Yeah, very. That is, yeah, 4294 in terms of the cadets at West Point. I'm sure Annapolis isn't that far off. Wow, that's interesting.

That is really interesting how it is. But that's a great rivalry, too. Army Navy is a great one, and it's a tradition that continues to live on. So, you know, but that's the whole point is if you have a tough season, you can turn things around in the mind of people by beating your biggest rival is not done that would have beat Army. I mean, it was that close. You're right. If he had beaten Army, he probably gets one more opportunity. But when you can't beat your hated rival, you know, it makes a decision a little bit more easier.

And that's exactly what we saw. And that's exactly what's happening with Ryan Day. Ryan Day may not lose 10 games in. Listen, this is a guy that may not lose double digit games in 10 years.

OK, it's a possibility. But if all your losses are to Michigan, then you're not going to keep your job. And I mentioned the name John Cooper. People forget John Cooper was a very successful, you know, head coach at Ohio State. And he just could not, though, beat Michigan. And when he couldn't beat Michigan, what ended up happening was he obviously was wasn't going to last. So John Cooper was at Ohio State from what, 1988 to 2000. And his overall record was 111, 43 and four. It's pretty good, you know.

And by the way, he had a stretch in the middle there where he, you know, barely lost games, finished, finished second in the country twice. I mean, overall, a very successful tenured Ohio State. But if you're not going to beat Michigan, sorry. You're not going to win.

You're not going to keep your job. That's exactly how it is. And by the way, I don't really have a problem with that.

To be honest, I don't have a serious problem with that. And I say that because, you know, part of being the head coach at a big time college football program, and most college football programs do have some sort of a rivalry, is to continue to embarrass the rival. And, you know, Urban Meyer embarrassed Jim Harbaugh for years. You know, Michigan didn't win that game for years before they've won the last couple. But you brought up a good point during the break, and that is if Jim Harbaugh wins the national championship at Michigan this year, does he bolt for the NFL? If I were the Lions, I would do everything to get him.

But that's the whole point is, you know, there will be opportunities. Every time there is the coaching cycle, there always seems to be an opportunity available for Jim Harbaugh. And he has turned it down because, look, I mean, the fact is, you know, Michigan is his alma mater.

It's his dream job, apparently. And he has lasted there longer than people thought. I mean, for a long time, remember, he wasn't the most successful head coach at Michigan.

It was, you know, people thought he was on a hot seat and that maybe he should be let go. But now that he's winning games, and now that he is obviously beating Ohio State, people are singing a whole different tune. So my point is, if you win the national championship, is it time for him to leave? Does it make sense for Jim Harbaugh to walk away on top?

Or do you kind of stay and hope that you've built yourself somewhat of an empire? You know, I guess that's the other option. He's got nothing else to prove. Got nothing else to prove. But how about, like, you know, longevity of success?

Maybe that's what you want to prove. His brother's in the NFL, so I think he wants to get back at his brother. Or maybe he wants to show people, you know, after, you know, after, you know, he was successful at, you know, he was obviously a successful coach at, you know, San Francisco.

It took him to the Super Bowl, right? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, so maybe that's where people, you know, maybe that's what he's thinking. Okay, you know, I won with the 49ers. I kind of got a raw deal there. Maybe it's time for me to give it another shot.

Okay, maybe that's what it is. And again, he will have the opportunities to attempt it. No question. Somebody, if Jim Harbaugh says, I am ready to come back and be a head coach in the NFL, teams will line up to bring him in. Especially if he's coming off winning a national championship, there's no question he will have that opportunity. But if you're Jim Harbaugh, do you want to take that opportunity? And I say it because of this.

You win the national championship, you're beating Ohio State. He's got incredible job security right now. One thing we know about Jim Harbaugh is he does wear out his welcome, right? This is a guy that seemingly does wear out his welcome fairly quickly. As successful as he was with the 49ers, it didn't end well there, right?

It didn't end well. So my point is the right spot, though. Yeah, but the players tired of him, the players at some point, you can't pick it or Indy. Yeah, but the players are going to get sick of them. That's the whole point is at some point, there will be some disconnect between him and the players.

And that's going to lead to him leaving or being let go or fired regardless of the success. Because he is kind of a strange guy, right? He's a curmudgeon. He doesn't seem to be the friendliest guy.

I've seen him a couple of times and I wouldn't say he's the friendliest guy. And I just think that, you know, he rubs people wrong. So he's got a shelf life of four or five years with an NFL job before he just kind of, you know, he gets himself out of that situation because he's just not a guy that people want to work with, I guess. But if you're at Michigan and he's now resonating with these college kids, right? They may not like him per se, but he's winning games and getting them to the NFL, then who cares? Nick Saban doesn't seem to be the coolest dude in the world, right? Bill Belichick's not, but if there's success, guys want to play for you because either in college, they prepare you well enough to get to the next level and all these guys want to play in the NFL or in the NFL, you may not like the guy, but if he's winning championships, hey, you get the Super Bowl rings, why not?

That's your legacy. So my whole point is for Jim Harbaugh, he is in the perfect position here. Why leave college? He's making 10 million bucks a year. He's not going to make much more in the NFL. He's got more job security now than he's going to ever have in the NFL. He's got a good thing going there at Michigan.

He loves it there. Why not just stay and see if you can win multiple championships? Why stop at one? If I'm the Lions, I back up the Brinks truck.

Oh yeah. Listen, teams will back up the Brinks truck for him. I do believe that would happen. I do believe teams will call. They will make the pilgrimage to Ann Arbor to sit down with him. I think he will at least express interest and listen as he should.

And maybe somebody does offer him a ridiculous amount of money to leave Michigan and go coach them, but it's got to be the right situation. So what is the right situation? Okay. Let's take a look at this real quick.

Okay. Who's going to be available? Who's looking for a head coach? I don't think anybody in the AFC East is looking for a head coach. I know there's like whispers about Robert Salah and the Jets.

I don't believe that's the case. I think the Jets going to, but if they do, it's Sean Payton. Okay. If they don't think Salah can figure out the quarterback position, then they'll go after Sean Payton. All right.

It's not going to be Jim Harbaugh, I don't think. In the AFC North, I mean Cleveland, you know, Tomlin's not going anywhere with Pittsburgh unless he decides to leave on his own, regardless of them somewhat struggling. But, you know, Cleveland could be a place.

All right. I mean, the Cleveland Browns have underachieved. Deshaun Watson's been terrible since coming back. So you kind of wonder, is that, is that potentially going to be a position that opens up? Because there is that belief that the Browns could win some games. Kevin Stefanski's not winning the games right now.

Maybe they look to make that change. AFC South. Indy. I doubt Jeff, Jeff Saturday should not be able to keep that job. Houston's going to be open. Lovey Smith's not going to stay there, but do you want to coach Houston if you're Jim Harbaugh? No. You want to coach Indy?

No. You know, I don't think Vrabel's getting fired. Although they've had a tough season in the midst of a five game losing streak. I don't think Vrabel's getting let go of Tennessee.

AFC West. Denver's looking for a head coach and Russell Wilson's there. But wait a minute.

But you know what, though? They have a good defense, right? Jim Harbaugh's got a big ego. Maybe he thinks he can help out Russell Wilson. If he does, it's a good job, right? If you think Russell Wilson is salvageable, why not? Right?

It's not terrible. Yeah. That could be an opportunity.

Just throwing it out there, right? I don't think Josh McDaniels is going anywhere at the Raiders. Although maybe he should. But I don't think he's going anywhere. NFC East. No one's getting fired.

NFC North. The Bears aren't making a change again. Packers aren't making a change.

Look, I know you mentioned the Lions, but I mean, as crazy as this sounds, the Lions are in the playoff hunt. Dan Campbell's not getting fired. He's not a good coach, though. But he's not getting fired. Players seem to like playing for him. He's not getting fired.

Here's a good one. NFC South. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Look, Todd Bowles seems like the nicest guy, and he's a heck of a defensive mind. But how many more opportunities do you give Todd Bowles to show he's not a head coach? Didn't do a good job with the Jets. Hasn't done a good job at Tampa Bay this year. If Tom Brady is coming back for another year, does Jim Harbaugh say, hey, you know what?

I can probably win a Super Bowl next year. Is Tampa Bay a good opportunity? I don't think they are, by the way, because if you're relying on a 46-year-old quarterback, it's probably not, in terms of long term, a good job. The Saints aren't looking for a new coach. I don't think the Falcons are in the market yet for a new coach. With Smith there.

NFC West. Cliff Kingsbury is going to be gone, I would think. Kyle Murray's not staying healthy, right? LA Rams, by the way. Don't forget, a lot of people say Sean McVay is going to leave and head to the broadcast booth. But that's not a great situation. They have no draft picks, and they're relying on a quarterback who potentially, in terms of career injuries, is never going to be the same. So I don't think the Rams is actually a good job.

You're out there in LA. Do people think that's a good job? Probably not. There was talk about Sean Payton taking it. I don't see Payton wanting that job.

Yeah. It makes no sense for him to take that job. That is not a good job. Because he wants to live in LA.

That's what the word is. He wants to live in LA. Okay. The Chargers are a better job. But I don't think Brandon Staley's getting fired.

What are they, nine and six? Yeah, they're in the playoffs. They're in the playoffs. I don't think he's getting fired.

So unless he, you know, listen, they can give him a six-year deal for a lot of money with job security, then maybe Sean Payne says, all right, I'll put up with the potential of a quarterback search. But a lot of it, it's pretty interesting. It really is pretty interesting when you think about it. You break it down.

All right. You know, college football season, bowl games rolling along, the NFL, of course, heading into week 16 of the season. Mike Daniel of the Dolphins talking about two attacker by law. You don't want to miss that because obviously that's a big issue in terms of his health.

That's coming up next. Dan Schwartzman in for rich. It's the rich eyes and show.

It is the rich eyes and show on a Wednesday Dan Schwartzman in for rich holiday week. Hope you're getting some good RNR this weekend or honestly, by the way, the flight delays are unbelievable. Have you been reading up on that? What is going on Southwest? Weren't they considered like the best airline for a long time? Like, uh, they're the one making money always. They're the one always with getting good customer satisfaction reviews and things like that.

My goodness. They have like thousands and thousands of flights that have been canceled. And I go on Twitter. I've been reading the horror stories. Like you can't get through on their customer service line. It's been ringing busy for hours upon hours. You direct message, nothing. There's no response from them. And I believe the government's now going to be looking into them because this is outrageous, like outrageous, but I do have a story about that.

Oh, I want to hear it. Hustler club in Las Vegas. Oh man.

If you show them a canceled ticket, I'll get free entry or in a free drink. Really? Yeah. At least the hustler, I saw the hustler called back.

The story said it, the story said, uh, gentlemen's clubs. Well, really that's ingenious by the way. Yeah. Honestly speaking that no, that's legitimately free admission and a free drink. Yeah.

Why not? I mean, that's a great marketing. That is a great marketing tool with them. I have to give them a ton of credit for that.

That is, that is really brilliant. I've got to come up with a canceled ticket. You get one free, you get one free drink. I saw one free drink and free admission. Hopefully that comes with a lap dance too. That would be, I would hope it comes with something, right? I mean, first of all, how much could it, well, I guess trinks are actually, what is admission to a place like that?

I've never been there. 25 probably. Oh, that's really expensive. Yeah. Oh yeah.

That's not that cheap. Yeah. It's Vegas. That's true. Vegas, baby Vegas.

Wow. But I, I listen, you know, people are trying to get home and the worst to me is people that have planned vacations, they have hotel reservations, they have, you know, hotel, you know, restaurant reservations, maybe it's a special occasion. People want to get engaged, whatever it might be. And they go to these, you know, they go to the, the, the airport to check in next thing, you know, they're finding out their flights are canceled. Sometimes they don't even know. They've gotten no warning that the flight is canceled until they get up to the, to the, you know, to, to pick up their boarding pass. And then it's, you know, they're told right then and there that it's been canceled. Like, come on, you can't be doing that.

You got to have a little bit more sense there. And, and, and, you know, and look, I wouldn't yell at the people at the gate. It's not their fault. You know, they're, they're not the reason why your flight's canceled, but they are getting hammered right now.

Absolutely hammered. And I do feel, you know, bad for people that have planned vacations. And by the way, I've heard other stories of literally, this is crazy art where it's been a case where they have had, you know, no warning. And all they've gotten was we can put you on a flight a week from now. Wow.

I've read that happen on Twitter. What are you going to do for the whole week? Exactly. Like, what are you going to do for that week? You know, your kids have school, you have a job that you have to get back to.

Like, what do you mean you're going to get me on a flight in a week? That's not acceptable. No, one's going to accept that. This is going to be multiple lawsuits.

This is going to be like class action lawsuit coming up guaranteed and rightfully so. Yeah, absolutely. You can't be saying, Hey, sorry about this. We can get you on a flight, but it's going to be a week from now. I can rent a car and drive across country faster than that. Yeah. Depending on where you are.

Yeah, absolutely. But you know, I can go LA to New York in five days, right? I mean, you got to drive a ton. You'll be on the road 10 hours a day, but still, you can literally get there faster than waiting for that flight in a week. It sounds like you've done it.

I've never done it. And I've honestly, honestly, I've never actually had a situation where I had a flight fully canceled. I've obviously had a flight delayed. I had a flight that was originally canceled. I was able to rebook another flight and then the original flight opened back up and I was able to rebook that back onto that. You're lucky.

Actually, that was a bad case. Cause I was in Europe, I was in Spain and I was flying. I think it was Norwegian, which is not fly international anymore. They were great.

I liked them cheap, you know, good new airplanes. And I was with a couple of buddies in Barcelona's couple that I'm good friends with. And they're like, Hey, you know, it's your, it's going to be your last day before flying out tomorrow. Let's go to like the mountains, like a cool area.

Right. And then I get this thing saying, Hey, your flight's been canceled. So I'm, you know, calling customer service on hold for a couple of hours, you know, things like that. And we ended up, I said, listen, I don't think we can go to the mountains today because, you know, I gotta be on the phone and I gotta figure this out.

I gotta get back to New York at some point. And you know, we still had a great day that, listen, you can't have a great day in Barcelona, Spain, but in the end, they ended up booking me on another flight. And then I see that the old flight opens again. So I had to rebook onto that, but it worked out. I didn't have to wait a week. And I was able to get back when I originally wanted to. It was just an inconvenience, I guess is the best way to put it.

But man, I do feel sorry for you out there. If you are stranded and you know, and by the way, I don't understand like, all right, I I've been doing, you know, reading on this. I've been trying to figure it out. Is there a reason for this? Is it a lack of pilots? Yeah, I was I was filling in on the Mark Levine show the other night.

Right. I was screening. And there had one one caller called up and said, there's there's not enough pilots.

You know, we're not in a wartime situation. So there's there's not enough pilots out there to fill these whites. So this is a pilot pilot shortage for South. That's what she thinks.

Yeah, her her analysis, the callers analysis. Okay, but if that's the case, how many pilots are they short right now? It's got to be a massive amount.

That's a good question. Yeah, because they have thousands of flights. Yeah, absolutely. You know, other airlines I've seen, you know, a couple canceled a few hundred here and there. Right.

A few hundred. It was, you know, things like that. But man, unbelievable. Incredible. Good luck to people out there to try to figure things out.

All right. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings. Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. You're either growing or you're dying. I think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth that WCW experienced between 95 and 98. This audience should be growing.

The character should be coming more. And they're not. Everybody's gradually losing audience. People will say, well, but they don't use 15 percent ahead of where they were last year. But there's variables there. Let's see where we're at year from now. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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