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REShow: Terry Bradshaw - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 21, 2022 3:34 pm

REShow: Terry Bradshaw - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 21, 2022 3:34 pm

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What's Right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network. You may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First. This podcast gives Nick a chance to develop, deep dive, and defend his sharpest opinions. During the show, Nick faces off against a ticking clock, a team of producers, and even his own family to try and get his points across.

New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. This is the Rich Eisen Show. The greatest comeback in the history of the National Football League. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

Patrick Peterson was saying all we need is five touchdowns and I thought if you watch the first half, you know, getting one touchdown is good at the top, let alone five. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Ian Rappaport, Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen. Coming up Pro Football Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw and now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

What a day it has been. As soon as this hour is over, the show re-airs on the Roku channel. Thanks to our partnership on channel 210 with Roku we re-air as soon as our live show is over. Every single day we're on the air live from 12 to 3 Eastern Time and I came on the air talking about my recollections of Franco Harris and the times that I got a chance to meet him, be with him, talk with him, and of course being a fan of the NFL and remembering the Immaculate reception, recalling the Immaculate reception and how the Steelers have come to be based on that and with Franco and the rest of his Hall of Fame teammates. And also on this program as soon as it's over I'm heading off to Pittsburgh to call the game on Saturday night on NFL Network and it was you know it's now going to be a remembrance as well as a celebration and joining us kind enough to join us on this on this day is the man who threw the ball that wound up in the hands of Franco Harris and is one of my favorite people and America's favorite people quite frankly uh Pro Football Hall of Famer and of course NFL on Fox Terry Bradshaw here on the Rich Eisen Show Mercedes Benz Vans phone line. How you doing Terry? Hey Rich how you doing buddy? Well I mean I obviously caught off guard and I am so overwhelmed with grief. I'd love to just give you the floor and tell us how you're feeling right now. Well it um I just was with Franco two weeks ago filming a Immaculate reception NFT and we had so much fun the night before we filmed uh he and Dana and Tammy and I we all went to a great Italian restaurant we had some great wine we had some great stories we have as we always did when we're together we had a we had so much fun laughing and kind of picking at one another and it was just a great great evening we filmed all day the next day and laughed and cut up again as we always do uh and then all of a sudden at 3 a.m this morning you get a notification that he passed away and just you know you just try to put it you try to put it uh in perspective uh wait a minute uh and Friday is a celebration of the 50th year of the Immaculate Reception Pittsburgh's going to go back and relive this uh some of the Raiders are coming in for it uh 50 years later there's got to be a healing somehow uh I don't think John Madden ever got over but that's you know that's unfortunate but Saturday you just alluded to the fact you're going to be covering the game at halftime his number's been retired he would be only the third number jersey number in stealer history to have his number retired which is a major major uh award a great accomplishment and now as you said it's it's uh it's going to bring back now it's going to be a great uh celebration now not only of the number 32 being retired but of the life of Franco and quite honestly I it's it hits it it hits me and then emotionally it leaves me then I'm then it hits me I'm just back and forth on it and I'm having a hard time kind of grasping that actually uh but such a great teammate uh such a great uh friend and someone that everybody that's come in contact with Franco Harris knows that he was a gentleman always smiling not I never saw the man upset except one time in two both 13s rich I got sacked and he thought that Hollywood Henderson Henderson had roughed me up he was steaming uh he said very little in the huddle and unless I asked him a question but this time he said uh Brad he called me Brad he said a TV he said Brad give me the ball I want the ball well I called my own plays I didn't have to wait for it to come in from the sideline or the press box so I called 93 tackle trap it's uh primarily a great primarily a great goal line play it's great against the blitz and I anticipated blitz we're on the 22-yard line Cowboys showed blitz I went oh my god I got I got the perfect play I'm walking up I called it on first sound which means there's no cadence it's just and away we go so the Cowboys has shifted their safeties over but the ball snapped uh Harris Cliff Harris runs into the umpire uh the umpire box could have Cliff Harris and free Franco for 22 yard touchdown and the and a week later the Provo Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters told me they did that on their own they got out of position to give me a blitz look to get me to call them you know to call a play into the strength would have been their defense and I said oh that's great I thought it was the blitz everybody that I'm blessed and then I said well it must have been a good reunion on the sideline between you and Tom Tom Landry he knew you guys had done this on your own that's uh that's one of the best stories I've gotten Franco uh other than he used to always tell me Brad um do you eat blueberries and I said I love blueberries I you know I don't buy them every day but I eat blueberries yeah Brad you got to eat blueberries you got to eat two cups of blueberries every day they're great brain food I wish I'd have known that when I was playing I'd I get a gallon a day so I he was always on me about blue eat blueberries and I used to tell him you're telling me to eat blueberries and you're selling you're selling the donuts to kids in elementary while we mourn the loss we celebrate the life and the impact that he had on all of us that were fortunate enough to either been a teammate or to come in contact with him yeah and that that's again uh Terry the the the beauty of what Saturday night will be obviously there will be some mourning and there'll be remembrance but there'll be celebration and there'll be stories like this and and and and so uh you got a good one about who uh the type of man he was he was a man of the year you know this is before the the the award was named after Walter Payton right um and how you know what he meant to the people in that city you had a front row seat to the blossoming of that right for sure he yeah he was the I guess uh since he was the first offensively the first great player in steeler history Joe Green would been the first great in my opinion the greatest defensive person in steeler history Franco stayed in Pittsburgh built his company and built in Pittsburgh was a community giver loved and adored by all the steeler fans who saw him all the time um and that's you know what rich I was talking to Mike Wagner yesterday and I said golly Mike you know if I have one regret in my life I wish I'd have been a better teammate and Mike said well you you were there way before the other players got there you stayed after everybody yeah you don't be so hard on yourself and I don't know rich why I said that and now I lose one of the greatest teammates I ever had I mean easily one of the greatest teammates I ever had a guy that constantly was picking me up a guy that believed in me you know I love you Brad and he would stutter sometimes I love you Brad uh hey and he and I used to make fun of it all the time you know the immaculate reception yes the reason he caught the ball was he was supposed to block the play with 66 circle option he was to stay in and block and he drifted to the left and he didn't block anybody and I moved out of the pocket and he was taught under Joe Paterno at Penn State because I asked him this two weeks ago I said why did you go to the football how'd you get there he he says he said he's laughing when he told him but he said Joe coach Joe Paterno told us that when the quarterback throws the ball run to the ball and he said when you threw the ball Brad I ran to the ball and the ball that was the collision and the ball came to me and I just reached down and grabbed it so you know while I made fun of him for not blocking he made up for it by running to the ball and making the catch then of course the controversy and the play 50 years later did he did he not touch who knows and that's what makes it so great well I mean Terry and I'd be remiss if I didn't use the the few minutes I have with you left here to to delve deeper into this at the time though in real time as it was happening the question the question of the moment wasn't whether uh Franco plucked it uh out of the air or off the the three rivers turf it really it really was whether the ball hit Jack Tatum because if it didn't if it hit Frenchie Fuqua and it went into another offensive player's arms on the camera it would have been illegal on the spot so so what what was happening from your perspective in the moments after Franco hit the end zone yeah when I when I threw the ball and got hit I hit the ground I heard the roar and I knew it was a touchdown it's no question it was a touchdown uh and I got up and you know everything just went crazy and I'm all of a sudden uh I started asking questions you know who caught it what happened because I didn't know I didn't see it unbelievable and then they were telling me you know the ball Frenchie had hit Tatum Tatum bounced up his shoulder pad Franco got the ball caught it out of the air and ran for it you know I didn't really get all of this until we got into the locker room right and I was just you know now come again on what happened how many how many cameras are you going to have Saturday night at this game right how many how many tape machines are you going to have and they got high depth and today's game you wouldn't be able rich to break that thing down to the last frame from every angle in the world and go oh look it hit his little finger therefore it's not a complete pass and I think the thing because for all your listeners out there the ball had to be touched by the defense right last before we could take possession if we if we got a bounce off and that's the question wasn't whether or not Tatum hit it there's no question he hit it he hit it because the ball came back too far the question is then when he hit it did it go through Frenchie's hands because Frenchie was reaching out to catch it so there's no way the ball would have hit his hands and gone back 20 you know 20 feet 20 30 feet whatever it was it had the emphasis had to come from Jack Tatum but it could have easily gone through Frenchie's hands so we're never going to know and I tell people the greatest thing about the 70s was how physical the game was and how when the referee made a decision everybody would scream and holler and jump and boo and want to annihilate this official we now we have you know we have time we have replays let's go to the camera indisputable indisputable evidence we got it all now we try to get a perfect game but that play and that controversy and the hatred of of the Raiders for the Steelers and how they got jilted out of a chance to play Miami and go to the Super Bowl was what made I think the 70s the Steeler rivalry with the Raiders a much see a much a must-watch contest and it made the put it made the NFL great as opposed to now we have basically as close to a perfect game you know as we can get so I'm thankful for the Mac at reception and I'm thankful for all the the heartache it caused Raiders and bless his heart John Madden but it it was it has served the NFL well and it's the greatest story any quarterback can ever tell of his first career playoff touchdown pass as well that's it hey listen rich I like to tell people when I was laying on the ground and I heard the roar I'm laying there going you son of a gun you did it you you you did it under duress you fired that baby down there and I don't know who caught it but boy I'm a hero to million I I'm probably gonna make twelve thousand fifteen thousand dollars this offseason to go with the 30 I just made for the year man alive he wrote a million there'll be books there's gonna be a movie about it I'm gonna be yeah you just build it up and then you stand up and find out why I didn't what now it went where they hit who oh it didn't hit him last oh my god it's just a good story man it sure is and again we're gonna remember it on Saturday night so before I send you back into your day last one like what do you want people to remember about Franco Terry well I think when you meet a great person if they never had the pleasure of meeting a superstar who was so humble he was just a humble superstar everybody loved him everybody Phil uh Philipiano is going to be there why would he be there if he didn't love Franco Harris and what he represented right he was a gentleman off the field he was a gentleman on the field uh but a great great teammate just everybody would want their kids their their young men to to be affected by Franco in the way he held himself and accounted for himself and the the humility that he had as such an awesome player yeah I'll I'll never forget him and that smile and that and that encouragement always from Franco I mean I just love him to death what an honor that you said yes and made the time in your day for me and this show sir you're the best thank you my friend absolutely how's your man how's your health you all you okay you doing all right yeah no I'm good I uh I've had my three months observation for both cancers and I'm cancer-free I start back uh January for what do they call those uh maintenance treatments I'll go back in and do more you know do more treatments but thank god I'm celebrating Christmas with my family cancer-free and that's that would have been hard to say a year ago you know what I mean well bless you for that Terry bless you on that and I will see you at the Super Bowl I will see you there buddy you take care okay rich bless you same to you you bet the great Terry Bradshaw right here that's the one and only right there love those stories man yeah also the craziest part about the all those stories Terry Bradshaw calling his own plays like could you imagine yeah I'd have to wait till the press box all right you want to an NFL quarterback I wanted that today okay okay Franco and then he scores that's what we're gonna do it's awesome can't wait to when I see Cliff Harris next time at the at the uh the hall of fame ask him about that moment oops man on this day to hear from Terry Bradshaw I am so honored to have this opportunity to bring it to anybody who's watching or listening out there really I know he's been in other spots but the fact that to get him he's driving around to say for him driving around and saying oh okay I'll do it it's great I didn't even know we were getting him until about an hour ago I mean and and again he's flat on his back and he's hearing cheers and he's just like oh yeah I'm the man I hit Frenchie in stride and he's gone I was like 12,000 also Terry we made 30 grand in 1972 yeah that was probably a lot of money back then yep yeah I had to pry it out of the Rooney wallet and like I said growing up where I grew up those guys even though they were pretty much retired by the time I can remember anything about sports your entire life when you grew up in Pennsylvania especially around older people those guys are just iconic and legendary and just just to be for me to be at my age now and just be able to be like wait I'm sitting on the show with Terry Bradshaw's calling in like this is and I know they have their own and I know they have their own private lives but wouldn't you just love to have a microphone and a camera on the Bradshaw's and the Harris's having an Italian meal two weeks ago it's high in Pittsburgh yeah yeah well I can't wait to get to Pittsburgh and and chat with everybody there and meet them and see them and just remember the life and times of Franco Harris which we will do on NFL Network on Saturday night and I can't wait to get to work on Saturday night a remembrance and now a memorial at the same time and a celebration yeah we'll take a break 844-204-rich number to dial here on the Rich Eisen Show I want to preview some of the there's there's one team I want to highlight going into this weekend we've been on it for a while and we're going to hit it again don't go anywhere great weekend of football coming up I'll preview some what's right with Nick Wright is a rapidly growing podcast from the Fox Sports Podcast Network you may know Nick Wright from co-hosting FS1's First Things First this podcast gives Nick a chance to develop deep dive and defend his sharpest opinions during the show Nick faces off against a ticking clock team of producers and even his own family to try and get his points across new episodes drop Monday Thursday and Friday wherever you get 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folks some games this weekend mean a ton again that Saturday night game is going to mean a lot more than just a game again Raiders and Steelers to celebrate the Immaculate reception but some other contests Eagles and Cowboys is Jalen Hurts gonna go Vikings and Giants how does that sound could be a potential playoff preview there's a lot of teams hoping that the Vikings win this thing and send the Giants a little bit further back teams like the Lions teams like the Seahawks the Seahawks are in Kansas City what a tough spot for them to try and bounce back San Francisco's taking on the Washington commanders the commanders are sitting there in the seventh seed the Niners are hoping the Giants can trip up Minnesota so they could take the two spot you know you've got again the the Jacksonville Jaguars against my Jets coming up tomorrow night how big is that game Jacksonville could take a step forward the Titans coming back with Malik Willis right now but they're taking on the Houston Texans will Derrick Henry get another 200-yard game against him that's what he usually does they need it they need it more than ever with Jacksonville no Trevon Walker apparently for him the number one overall pick won't be heading towards Zach Wilson's direction Detroit's in Carolina Carolina's got a shot at Tampa right it's as great a shot as anybody in that division as Tampa everyone else is five and nine but they're they're the only one with a win over Tampa and they face Tampa in the last week of the season and the Lions are like we need this they want to go above 500 that's huge that's big the Baltimore Ravens they need a dub they needed a victory to keep pace one would think with Cincinnati the way that Cincinnati has been playing Lamar is not spotted at practice today and I'll tell you what man do they need him they need him back in the worst way they need him back and the Atlanta Falcons have some designs on winning this division Desmond Ritter going into the bank on Saturday the three games on Christmas day how big are they Tampa needs a win it's a very McSorley Christmas it seems right for the Arizona Cardinals correct Chris yeah Colt McCoy still in concussion protocol ruled out trace McSorley Penn State's home run hitter yeah taking on Tom Brady and the Bucks that's the night game the Broncos and Rams in the middle for our viewing pleasure then there's that first game I want to linger on these two teams here the Packers we know need it they got to win out two teams I want to talk about right here the Dolphins and the Bengals we talked about the Dolphins all season long wanting to see Salty Tua right we need to see Salty Tua we need to see him just really get that gumption tell everybody you know I hear what you're saying about me but guess what I'm freaking Tua Tongavailoa and you're not I don't know about you but that looked like money that's right but we said all along as I had anointed Tua Elite and his numbers are elite quarterback we talked about the Dolphins final six games all along that's what we said their last six games of this season are very difficult and we'll see if that eight and three record going into their final six games how that would play out certainly when they had a three game road trip at San Francisco at Chargers at Buffalo and they've lost all of the first three going 500 in those six games I think they would have signed up for that going in but in order to achieve that they got to win their last three home against Green Bay at New England on New Year's Day and then home for the Jets who might need that desperately too and losing at San Francisco obviously it's not no shame in that that game against the Chargers I think they'd wish they could have that one back and all you say you see from the all 22 folks is in the you know the film watchers on Twitter is that Tua had some shots against San Francisco and he missed him and then he played a maybe his best game of the year certainly the offense did as a as a hole in Buffalo they were great I was really impressed they were very impressive yeah very impressive and also showed okay if they got to go on the road in the playoffs here we go they might have to go to Buffalo again they might have to go to Cincinnati they may have to go to Baltimore they may have to go Baltimore they may have to go obviously to Kansas City so in Cincinnati and that's where I want to linger as well Cincinnati because their road to the playoffs looked really bleak when they started 0-2 and then they lost on Halloween night in Cleveland and got punked punked and everyone started looking towards the end of the season and saying that is a really tough schedule and that's when they're gonna get got and exposed is last year potentially being a one-off and in the same way that the Dolphins so far have not won on that tough stretch the Bengals have not lost in that stretch look at the stretch since losing on thanks on Halloween night they doubled up Carolina at home came off the bye went into Pittsburgh won there then went to Tennessee when Tennessee was on its high this is way before Tennessee started its swoon as a matter of fact Cincinnati started Tennessee's swoon they went in in a paint swapping affair and you know the Titans took their heart pills and buckled up and without Jamar Chase came out with the win and then went to had Kansas City and they did it again just really thought they can't do it again they're not gonna have they now quote-unquote have Kansas City's number home for Cleveland yeah Deshaun Watson was back and yeah that was Joe Burrow's first ever career win against Cleveland and then they went to Tampa fell down 17-0 and won that game by double digits and now this weekend they're at New England that's the latest test before they finish up at home against Buffalo and Baltimore look at that stretch that they haven't lost in last year's one seed potentially this year's one seed in Kansas City and if it's not them it might be Buffalo with EC in two weeks Tom Brady all pissed off needing to win and going up 17 on him a Cleveland team that Burrows yet to beat come on now you got to give it up you want to talk about battle tested here's a team that went to the Super Bowl last year and lost it and there is no hangover everyone's talking about a hangover at 0 and 2 you don't want to face them man name me a spot where Joe Burrow you could say he can get got other than Cleveland to be very honest with you this weekend New England coming off the hail moron you okay coming off that them needing to win you know Belichick has got to be in everyone's grill I mean it has to be a tough holiday week I mean you want to talk about Grinch he has got I mean he has got to be totally and he won't it clearly hasn't shown it publicly he has got to be beside himself that the biggest boneheaded situational football play maybe ever and I know we talk in hyperbole these days where the present is definitely historic no matter what but this is pretty damn historic to lose a game like that where your team's throwing it around like they're desperate for points because they need points because they're about to lose because they're down 7-6 in a divisional playoff game on their own 40-yard line with 22 seconds to go and no timeouts left and need an immaculate reception instead they do that in a tie game that everybody's expecting it over time against a team that's done nothing but blow leads all year long and including the game that the Patriots just lost so you know Belichick has all sorts of whatever is up his sleeve every trick in the book ready for Joe Burrow and this Bengals team and you could laugh all you want Mack can't do this and the coordinators are brutal and the offense is predictable and I know Chris you're making that noise like I'm telling no lies say that all you want Gillette on Christmas Eve with Belichick coming off of this game in my mind for Burrow is just as tough as any of those opponents right there and especially when it's on top of this gauntlet that they have successfully run so in contrast again the Dolphins had this schedule how tell how they're going to go through it well they've lost the first three everybody's looking at the Bengals congrats and coming back from that 0-2 start and you just lost you just got punked by Jacoby Brissett and the Browns on Halloween night we're looking down the road we're seeing what you got in November December Vio Kundios nice going oh they got a shot at the one seed again Kansas City somehow loses once in the next three games against Seattle at home this weekend and then Kansas City after this Christmas Eve game has a game home against Denver and then they're at Vegas boy would the Raiders love to just stick it to the Kansas City Chiefs at the end because all they got to do is lose once and the Bengals win out because winning out means they've beaten Buffalo the Bengals can be the one seed in the AFC because they would be able to cash in their tiebreakers against the Chiefs and the Bills how impressive is that oh yeah we got tiebreaks against the Chiefs and the Bills in our back pocket you want to include the Titans in that go for it you want to include the Patriots in that yeah why not just for good measure honestly if that happens what's more impressive than that they'd have to be the Super Bowl favorite and they can be and people aren't talking about them as such now because they're still the Bengals and what what's more impressive than the run that they're on right now it's a big game this weekend in New England which leads us now to Bill Belichick's press conference moment of the day so we all know again Bill has got to be just like it's got it's got to be a rough week not only for the Patriots within the building but for the Patriots reporters to try and get something from Bill after that now that being a what you termed Christopher is the hail moron so the setup for this is what like what was Bill asked I haven't seen this yet everything has he seen anything from his team okay coming off of that uh contest oh baby fresh down the chimney in time for the holidays this Bill Belichick press conference moment today's Bill Belichick press conference moment I would prefer to win Bill I know you haven't practiced this week but what have you seen from your team in the two days that they have been in the building this week what I've seen maybe talk about the game on Monday we're moved on to Cincinnati and we're working on Cincinnati they came in they ate breakfast they saw me breakfast just all in the meeting room don't want their individual meetings take a break they go to the bathroom enjoy testing come back in go to the next meeting yeah damn right by the way how do we not even think that they're moving on to Cincinnati a perfect way to describe that we've turned the page honestly the whole moving on at Cincinnati phrase from back in the day is in fact league-wide now a way to say we've turned the page it's another way to say we are no longer thinking about the disaster that has just occurred that you in your week-to-week coverage of the NFL are blowing up as the end of name it our quarterbacks tenure our playoff season moving on to Cincinnati is anybody's use of football lexicon to connote we are done talking about what we don't want to talk about anymore and you can't stop talking about in the media and of all the teams that the Patriots are facing this week at Cincinnati they're moving on to Cincinnati hey the end of Brady's tenure a terrible Monday night loss in Kansas City we're moving on to Cincinnati we're not talking about it our running back inexplicably pitching it to his wide receiver who beyond inexplicably throws a 15-yard spiral back to his quarterback only to have it intercepted and run back by a 100 sat potential future hall of famer who posterizes our quarterback in the process because Franco said put it held him out with his arm what are we going to do we're going to move on to Cincinnati now what do you ask Chris that you saw you saw another sound bite I saw something was going to be our our it's actually that what I thought it was going to be it was asked about Mac Jones like being the starting quarterback for the rest of the year oh my god really and he was like you know we're we're just thinking about Cincinnati moving on to Bailey's zappy oh I forgot that's right oh everyone thinks Brady's coming back so it's fine that's right and I can't wait to see uh again the Cowboys take on the uh the Eagles this week and that's going to lead to my final segment before I head off to Pittsburgh you guys are going to be with Tom Pelissaro over the next Tommy P two days yeah if you can get out of Minnesota yeah do we have uh do we have plans in case in case of emergency break Brockman because Susan the kids are flying off to New York tomorrow yeah so like this be us at any rate um you guys so this is this is my my last show of this year and I've got a year ending list oh you're ending top five how about that love it love lists I just love the fact that now he loves lists that's the greatest gift I will tease it I will tease it I will tell you what it is because you're going to want to stay here top five storylines of 2022 that amounted to nothing top five storylines that amounted to nothing all right all you hot takers I've been taking notes I've got receipts like Robert Sala and that's next right here on the Rich Eisen Show you're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks a few becomes a few too many as the evening comes to an end and people start to head out you think of calling for a ride ah you live nearby you can make it home okay it's no big deal what are the odds you'll get pulled over anyway and even so what's the worst that could happen your insurance goes up you lose your license you lose your job you total your car you kill someone everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk the results are tragic and often deadly however that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel while under the influence that's why police officers are out there right now looking for impaired drivers on our roads to save lives so if you think you're okay to drive after a few drinks think again play it safe and plan ahead to get a ride it only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever drive sober or get pulled over paid for by NHTSA back here on the Rich Eisen Show 844-204 Rich is the number two dial about to head off to Pittsburgh PA again I'm calling the Raiders and the Steelers the immaculate reception game as we've been referring to it all season long to celebrate the 50th anniversary of it and it'll be again a remembrance and now a celebration and a memorial for Franco Harris may he rest in peace and by that point we'll have an entire day's worth of football done I mean week 16 is in the books mostly with the exception of the three Christmas games and the one Monday night game and by that point in time there is potentially as I've called my shot um the newest piece of cheese to be placed out there by the media NFL media that I'm telling you not to take which is if Gardner Minshew starts for the Philadelphia Eagles and performs well against the Cowboys and even clinches the NFC for the Eagles there will be people out there who say Gardner Minshew should keep the job or is just as good as Jalen Hurts and thus Jalen Hurts is not as valuable to the Eagles or to the league as we've all been talking about do not take that cheese Gardner Minshew can run the Eagles offense just as well as it's coming next or Jalen shouldn't be the MVP we just we just saw how well they play with Gardner Minshew right I mean it's all coming there's two different versions of it one of those two is going to be said if not both and you might sit here and say hey Rich what gives you that idea well I've been around I've been I've been a while I've been around a lot I don't shine shoes no more okay but I am telling some people to go get their shine box with my top five list to end the year my final segment of 2022 on the Rich Eisen show because I'm heading off to Pittsburgh and we are taking a holiday break next week here's my top five 2022 storylines that amounted to nothing you got some music yeah just put it up there all right even though it's not all NFL I don't care I like the music number five on the list we do start in the NFL remember this pearl remember this one trading Tyreek Hill will leave the Chiefs offense high and dry that's one of the storylines of 2022 you know what that it's amounted to Bupkus as of this airing the number one team in the national football league total yards yards per game in passing yards passing yards per game total points and points per game are the Kansas City Chiefs so how does that storyline sound to you well zero you picked them to not win the division I said what that the Raiders were gonna be better oh okay number four on the list do you remember remember when I'm like Chris Farley remember when remember when Freddy Freeman went to Atlanta with the Dodgers yeah and there was a whole big to do even even um Clayton Kershaw had to say something where he's like you know hey we're pretty good around here too and Freddy Freeman was feeling a little nostalgic for Atlanta and might have won it might want to stay there and there was something going on that Clayton Kershaw had to say something but the media sense was Freddy Freeman is going to divide the Dodgers clubhouse and the Dodger season's going to circle the drain and all they did was win a Dodgers record 111 games I know they didn't make the world series didn't win the world series and I know Freeman I think was the last out of that series against San Diego San Diego but I mean there was there was like a 48-hour period we even got in on that one oh yeah that Freddy's gonna like come on man la is pretty cool like what's going on Freddy but it was a whole big to do well they won 111 games yeah and he hit 325 thank you sir he did pretty well he was exactly number three we're still in the middle of it and and it's still alive it's still alive because the defending champion Golden State was the top five because the defending champion Golden State Warriors can't win on the road they can't stay healthy but I don't think the fact that they're under 500 and by the way they're still hovering around that eighth and final playoff spot or seventh and final like they're right now they're they're in a play-in-game spot and I think they're going to get healthier but number three and top five storyline of 2022 that's amounted to nothing Draymond Green's knockout of Jordan will destroy the Warriors I saw them dapping each other up in Madison Square Garden last night after a good play well yeah okay all right they're 15 and 17 yeah I mean they're not playing great dude but is it is that the reason why or the fact that Wiggins hasn't stayed healthy yeah and the fact that that Curry's now out well that's the fact that that Wiseman Wiseman had to go to the G League and he is not playing well at all well there's that dream it's because Draymond dropped pool is that what it is that's still super weird though it's not saying it's not weird but I don't know they said they put it to bed maybe we'll find out in some deep dive and in March or April that that I'm wrong but right now I think it's amounted to nothing they're three and 15 on the road that's not really why yeah right number two number two on this list and um I took this cheese I took this cheese when the Yankees didn't sign Aaron Judge prior to the 2022 season the number two storyline of 2022 that amounted to nothing the Yankees ruined their relationship with Aaron Judge by not signing him before 2022 and when it all came down to it it is hometown supposedly even though he grew up outside of Stockton California but San Francisco Giants San Francisco Giants the Padres came at him and said we will generationally enrich you just as much as the Yankees and he gave the Yankees a hey I don't want to go anywhere you want to keep me you got to hit this number and Hal Steinbrenner said on this day introducing him as a Yankee captain and as his ink is drying on his new contract he said I Hal Steinbrenner said he told him you may be a free agent but I'm calling you a Yankee you're not you're still a Yankee Yankee and it all happened and he went and hit 62 home runs and it was a magical season and now much to do about nothing but number one the number one storyline of 2022 that amounted to nothing may just be on the Mount Rushmore of storylines that amounted to nothing and by that I mean all time forevermore etch in stone of the Mount Rushmore of storylines that amount to nothing Cooper Rush should replace Dak Prescott as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys that one was so hot and tasty this is something we will be telling our grandchildren will be telling their grandchildren I won't be that time I knew that was in 2022 when some members of the NFL media damn plum lost their lids we never took that cheese around here I might have had my fun trying to get you all riled up about it you know it didn't work but number one I mean this there's really every other the other four I gave you it's not even a close second third fourth or fifth to the number one storyline in 2022 that amounted to absolutely nothing Cooper Rush should replace Dak at quarterback he was so good though and that's the way I go out the door this might be a new tradition I might do this in the season and year ending show every year from now on you're on the Roku channel in this Rich Eisen show terrestrial radio a couple people on Twitter who thought that maybe your Raiders headline would have well I mean that's my headline it wasn't it wasn't this is on mass this is what most people thought I was an outlier that I care to forget I'm moving on to Cincinnati if you will thank you everybody here and for listening all year long and watching all year long we're back on Roku to wrap this up I'll chat with you from Pittsburgh and the rest of the guys here will take you the rest of the way how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks you're either growing or you're dying I think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth at WCW experience between 95 and 98 this audience should be growing the character should be coming more and they're not everybody's gradually losing audience people will say well but AEW is 15 ahead of where they were last year but there's variables there let's see where we're at year from now 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen
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