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REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 19, 2022 3:47 pm

REShow: Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 19, 2022 3:47 pm

Rich debates who had the worst weekend: the Indianapolis Colts, the Dallas Cowboys, the New England Patriots or NFL refs who had a slew of blown calls that impacted the outcome of many games, reacts to the Minnesota Vikings’ stunning 33-point comeback win against Jeff Saturday’s Indianapolis Colts, and reveals that he might be the only person on planet earth who didn’t watch the Argentina-France World Cup Final live. 

Rich weighs in on Tom Brady’s NFL future and if TB12 will move on from the Buccaneers next season or move on from the NFL to begin his broadcasting career with FOX Sports. 

Rich and the guys react to what Brockman calls the New England Patriots’ “Hail Moron” lateral play against the Raiders that resulted in probably the most stunning loss in NFL history.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. And now Jacoby Myers spinning around, he throws it. Chandler Jones! The Jags are gonna win it! From 33 down, they beat the Indianapolis Colts. The Rich Eisen Show. This might be one of the dumbest games I've ever seen.

The ending was probably the most insane ending I think I've ever been a part of. Earlier on the show, NFL Network analyst, Daniel Jeremiah. Coming up, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

844-204-RICH number to dial. Daniel Jeremiah, my compadre from the NFL Network. And he also calls Chargers games locally. We just spent a great hour in studio with us. And I started the show by hammering down on the weekend as a whole. I mean, look, I know coming on the air after an NFL weekend, you know, the idea is, let me choose this one game you're talking about or that two-game parlay, if you will, that didn't go your way that you're talking about, you know? I know usually we come on the air, I try to put a couple of thoughts together for you. But to me, the story of the weekend was the weekend as a whole.

I mean, that really was it. And that's the way I started the show. If you missed it, we just posted something on our Twitter feed. Also, there's our YouTube page. And then there is, of course, the Roku channel re-airing us over and over again.

And our video on demand, the Rich Eisen Show, has a video on demand service for you, which we're greatly appreciative of our friends at Roku to put it all together for us. I know we haven't discussed the poll question, Chris, but I'd like to figure this out. Most disappointing weekend. OK? OK. Cowboys. Cowboys. You got to put them on there, TJ. Rich, we made the playoffs. We're in the playoffs. I know, but do you feel good about it, though? Come on, TJ.

Oh, my God. You got to put the Cowboys there. And let me just tell you why, OK?

Let me just tell you why. That defense is no pass rush right now. They couldn't get the Davis Mills or Jeff Driscoll or Trevor Lawrence. That's two weeks in a row. That's two weeks in a row. And here comes Jalen Hurts. And if you want to, as a Dallas Cowboy, you know, get past Tom Brady, who you're probably going to have to face. You know, say all you want about the struggles of Tom Brady, but you let him sit back there and he can pick you apart. And at some point, the Buccaneers have put it all together.

Maybe that might be 2023. I don't know. Cowboys are favored next week.

I don't get it. I mean, the Bears played. Did you watch any of the Bears Eagles game?

All of the snaps of them, sir. Well, all of the snaps probably should have won that game. Well, Justin Fields presents a problem that Dak Prescott doesn't.

How does that sound? Well, C.D. Lamb presents a problem that Chase Claypool doesn't. That's correct. That's fair. And your boy Pollard and Zeke present problems similar to David Montgomery. I'm not going to disrespect. Who's going to guard A.J.

Brown? I'll tell you what. This is going to be a problem for Dallas. Of course, I think you can win the game, obviously. I totally think you can win the game. And I think you can win a couple of playoff games, too.

I firmly believe it. But you're going to have to start getting a pass rush going in a way that we just haven't seen in two plus weeks. And don't forget, Matt Ryan was carving you up before the fourth quarter roof caved in on on on Indianapolis. I mean, the AFC South has presented a problem for the Cowboys all of a sudden.

That gives me pause. And they also blew a 17 point game on the road. And if we're going to torch the Raiders for for doing that, I'll torch America's team. Are we going to torch the Chiefs the same way we torch the Cowboys? You know what? The Chiefs have not had a good couple of weeks either, but they've walked out with the wins, to use your phrase.

It's funny. Like last week, you're like, we don't need details in the headline. And this week now you'd like details in the headline. You know, that wasn't that's fault. That wasn't this. That wasn't what it was. We crapped all over the Cowboys last week for winning the game against this one win team.

And I'm not saying you, but the national media is not treated. The Chiefs the same. And they had to go to overtime.

That is my only chance. The Chiefs do not have a consistent enough running game. And if they're going to have to depend on one, you know, I think they gave the ball to Isaiah Pacheco a couple of times in a row and then he fumbled and then he disappeared and McKinnon can run it too, I guess. McKinnon's been.

He has been. That dude's going to win some fantasy leagues. But I want the Cowboys.

He's that guy, Chris. The Cowboys. I'd like the Cowboys on that list. The Colts have to be on that list.

You want to talk about a horrible weekend? Patriots are on that list. I'm actually relieved we lost, to be honest. Why? Because we stink. So what are we going to be the seventh seed and lose by 40 in the playoffs again? At least this way we can lose out. You'd rather not make the playoffs? And have a better draft pick. I'd rather not make the playoffs than lose by 40. Let's put a pin in this for the moment, but I don't blame you for feeling, you know, disgruntled today. I'm relieved. And so, and the fourth one you have to put on there? NFL officials.

So who had the worst weekend? Yeah. I think the guys in the stripes should run away with this one.

I don't know about that. The Colts gave up a 33 point lead. 33-0! The Patriots just had one of the stupidest ways to end the game. Yeah, but the stripes affected a lot of games. And the Cowboys blew a 17 point lead and they back into the playoffs because the Giants came out of nowhere to beat the commanders. So I think the Cowboys are going to, I guess, win this poll by losing going away. But the officials this weekend had a brutal weekend.

A brutal weekend. I know Patriots fans are all crazy about what Keelan, you know, Keelan Cole looked like he was out of bounds. There's no look like, I mean, he was out of bounds.

Chris, I think if the ruling on the field was he was out of bounds and the Raiders asked to review it, he would have been, that would have stood his cold too. Even from that angle, you can tell his toes on the line. I don't know, you can't tell from that angle.

Come on dude. His toes on the line. His toe is in the white. But take a look at all the white that's on the field because again, the Raiders symbol is made of white paint. There's white paint all over the end zone. Like they should make sure that they clean up their own end zone.

Like they need to sweep their own end zone. You have no idea if the chalk that everybody's saying he kicked up was actually on the field of play. You don't because there's chalk everywhere. Take a look at that photograph one more time.

You take a look at it. From the back angle, you can see that his toe is on the line. Yeah, it looks like his toe's on the line.

Well, it didn't go their way there. And I know, but that's not even remotely close to these other plays that I'm talking about. Yeah.

I mean, it's brutal. Last night, you know, I guess the officials don't have to let receivers know if they are properly lined up on the line of scrimmage, like it's not, they don't, like it's not required of them. I guess that's just a professional courtesy and apparently Terry McLaurin said that that professional courtesy was in fact extended to him last night.

Wow. A lot of times you'll always see the receiver look at the official, like Terry McLaurin's lined up and he looks right at the official who does appear to be giving them like a, Hey, you're good. And he wasn't. And as soon as the play is snapped, as soon as the play starts and the ball snapped and they hand it off to Brian Robinson, the flag comes out. And that was before, you know, Robinson could have been stopped for all those folks out there who think that the officials are not on the up and up.

Flag comes out. Here was Terry McLaurin after the game. I felt like I was on the ball the entire time if you look through the game, I lined up there pretty much every play. So I checked to see if I was good the first time and he was like, I move up a little bit. So when I moved up, I checked to see if I was good and he said I was good. So no, I'm not trying to get fine.

So we had all the opportunities before it to come down like that. That's tough. He told, did you hear him tell you that you were okay? Yeah, I did. Like, that's why I'm giving them the thumbs up twice to make sure I was, I was good.

But I mean, in that event, I guess I can't make it close for a judgment call. But like I said, I feel like I checked with him twice. What did they tell you? Cause you went up to them after. What did they tell you? He didn't say nothing.

They, one of the rest just kind of moved me out the way and while they talked about it and they made the call. The official in question is named Carl Johnson. He's the former head of NFL refs. He was once upon a time elevated now. I guess you could say demoted is the phrase, I don't know, but he's no longer the head of NFL refs.

And it's been others who have since had that role. Walt Anderson now currently in that role, if he told him you're fine and then throws the flag, I'm like, what the hell is that about? And that only set up the missed pass interference call. Again, Curtis Samuel goes up for a potential game tying touchdown. They needed the two point conversion to tie it. Darnay Holmes is draped on him. I mean, in the photograph we have from our friends at Getty images is from the back. I mean, if you look at the game replay, there's a moment where the ball has yet to even crease the end zone and Holmes is asking for a piggyback ride.

It's insane. After the game, John Hussey was the head official last night, told the pool reporter that there's no such obligation for the linesman to tell a receiver if he's cool. Not typically, and the official could be doing other things like counting the offense. There's a multitude of different duties, so I can't confirm whether the official even saw that or not, but he was clearly off the line of scrimmage.

As for the pass interference not being called, pass interference is a judgment call, Hussey said. The officials that didn't rise to what they felt was a restriction, thus they didn't call it. They missed it. They missed it.

You can't look at that and say he's not, he's not being, Samuel's not being restricted. They missed it. They blew it.

They blew it. And then nothing was worse, though, than the Vikings Colts game. I honestly, I thought we were long since past the officials blowing the whistle too quick. I thought Jeff Triplett blowing the whistle on a clear sack fumble in the Chiefs Titans playoff game from about five years ago ended this discussion. Remember that when Mariota got sacked fumble and they blew the whistle saying no fumble because his forward progress was stopped. Well, his forward progress was stopped by the hit that caused the fumble. What are you doing by blowing a whistle and saying, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no, forward progress stops so there can't be a fumble.

No, no, the forward progress was stopped when he was sacked. What are we doing? I thought we were done with that. Now you see so many plays get, you know, where it's clear that the ball hit the ground or it's clear that it was incomplete and you see somebody pick it up and run it in the end zone and the officials are following the plane signaling touchdown, you go, wait a minute, that doesn't count. You're seeing plays go so far allowed to be ran out these days and I appreciate that actually because run it out.

Don't blow it because you can't put the genie back in the bottle when you say forward progress has been called. And two times, two times in the Vikings Colts game, twice in the game, Shannon Sullivan had two returns for touchdowns callback. One guy, two of them, one of them, they at least got, you were allowed to be kept. They got, you got to keep the ball after you review it, say, oh yeah, the ball did come loose and so everything after it's wiped out, but one, it was a forward progress whistle happens, ball comes loose and I'll tell you what, the Colts probably would have preferred it. Same with Frank Reich because there wouldn't have been a 33 point comeback. It would have just been like a 22 point comeback had you allowed one of these returns for touchdown to happen. But nothing's worse than the end of the game. I'm getting set to call Browns Ravens, which by the way, in my opinion, game of the weekend because I called it.

I'm trying to hype it. It was a normal straightforward football game, nothing insane happened, including touchdowns. The Browns scored an offensive touchdown. Well, I mean, Justin Tucker would say it's an outlier when he misses a field goal and has one blocked.

That's true. First time in five years, he had two missed field goals in the same game. Jesus.

Yeah. What a weekend. Only the second red zone turnover of the season for the Ravens. I mean, there were some crazy things to happen there and I saw the elf in person for the first time, but I'm watching the end of this game with interest, personal interest because I wanted this game to end. So my game with Kurt Warner would start on time. So I wanted to see, could this game end? And if the Colts had gotten that first down on fourth and one on the quarterback sneak with Matt Ryan, the game would have been over. So I'm sitting there and thinking, well, Ryan's got it because of the sound is down.

I don't hear a whistle. He's shoving the pile and shoving the pile and shoving the pile and then falls down past the line. The game first down, no body parts go down. He falls down across the line first down until I see the official run in and he's spotting the ball where his forward progress was initially stopped. And I'm thinking, did they call forward progress on a quarterback sneak?

Did they really do that? Well, I guess not because they allowed it to be reviewed. Wait a minute. You're not supposed to allow reviews on something that's forward progress being stopped. So okay. He's going to get the first down because you look at the review and Matt Ryan, none of his body parts hit the ground.

None of them. He's just on top of other humans and then falls over and that's a first down. After further review place stands is called.

What? So are you spotting them where his forward progress stopped? Because if you did, you shouldn't have reviewed it in the first place, honestly, or are they reviewing it where his forward progress was stopped to see if it was stopped before the line again.

I just don't get it and it's so confusing and it's so damaging because the whole country seeing it, honestly. I don't know how the heck those refs can't be so downgraded that we don't see them on a national broadcast or any playoff game the rest of the year, but I don't know. The NFL officiating in the front office, sometimes they're like, good job. Good job on that, you know, on the taunting penalty for just staring at a bench. That's the way we want to call, but then they'll surprise you and turn around and go, yeah, you know, that passer rough in the passer penalty that we saw that removed a pick six for the 49ers on Thursday night in front of the whole country.

That was wrong, which is good to hear because yeah, that was wrong. Nick Bosa called 15 yards for playing football. What good does, hey, that was our bad do two days later? Because then you know that the notes going out to all the officials everywhere that we don't want to call this way.

So the next one won't happen, or at least that's the idea that the next one won't happen. And other than the pass rough in the passer stuff this year, I think this year has been well officiated. This weekend, no bueno. No bueno. And unfortunately for NFL officials, the Washington game, the Vikings game nationally televised contest, and the whole country saw on their phones what was going on in Vegas with Keelan Cole.

And to me, that's the least egregious of all three, personally. I know I don't have anything personal on it like a Patriot fan mind, but put that poll question up. Would you mind advertising show? Yeah, it's up. Even results kind of so far.

What have you got? Early results are in. A worst NFL weekend, Cowboys, Colts, Pats, or the refs. Cowboys 13%, Colts 27, Patriots 32, refs 28. The Colts gave up a 33 point lead, 33 point lead. And just let me just... It was 33 to zero. Let me just reiterate.

To zero. I looked this up, just thinking to myself, because again, I didn't watch much of the second half of that game because I was getting ready to call mine. I can't believe that they came back from that deficit and punt it twice through an interception and turned it over on downs. Because right after, I couldn't believe again that the officials gave the ball to the Vikings. I looked down for my notes, I looked up, and Dalvin Cook's high fiving everybody, and the game's tied.

And I'm like, what? Think about the first half of that game... The Colts just let them run right through their defense. If you're in your fantasy playoffs and you have Cousins, Jefferson, Cook, Hawkinson, you're just like, I lost. I lost my matchup, my season's over. Cousins finishes with 4.60 and 4 touchdowns.

He's on our show tomorrow. Dalvin Cook, 95 yards, another 95 receiving in a touchdown. Justin Jefferson. Jefferson had 12, if you're in a PPR league, 12 for 120 in a touchdown. That's 30 points. Oh yeah. Yeah.

Dude in my league has Cousins and Jefferson. I still can't believe this one. I cannot believe this one.

That's crazy. The Colts lose Jonathan Taylor in the first series in which they scored touchdown. They go up 33-0, 36-7 with 18 minutes to go. And they lost it. And they lost it while the other team, again, in this possible half of a comeback, punted it twice, threw you the football and turned it over on downs to you.

So that's four possessions where you come away with nothing and they still came back. And Jeff Saturday, man, I'm just wondering, would he want to come back? Would he knowing what's happened, because again, any body, if we ever see them ever again blow a 33 point lead, that number, which is now the record, one better than the Bills coming back from 32 in the playoff game that Frank Reich quarterbacked. If they ever come back from that blow a 33 point lead or have a 33 point lead, will that team also have come off a game right away, previously, I know there was a bye week, but their previous game, they gave up the last 33 unanswered. The Colts finished in Dallas, giving up 33, the same number of points that they went up and then blew. We'll never see that. And I'm just wondering, having that happen, would Jeff Saturday, knowing that, tell Jim or say, no, I'm fine where I am?

Because you have to think that as one of the sweetest guys you'll ever meet, you only want good things to happen for him. Two of the most embarrassing results we've ever seen in an NFL field, back to back. Steve Smith, did you hear what he said in the, because he did the pre and half and post in Buffalo. He was cold.

He was cold. Did you hear what he said though? He said that Jeff Saturday should be the first ever interim coach to be fired, is what he said. Fair.

You have to sit here and go, yeah, right. You say that, but then you think about it. The Colts took Frank Reich's job and then his record.

The Colts had a... These are facts. That's a fact. What I just said sounds cold. As cold as the weather where Steve Smith said they should fire their interim coach.

But that's a cold, hard fact. After the Colts kicked a field goal to go up 36 to seven with under five minutes left in the third quarter, their win probability was 99.6. Rich, I told Chris- That's a low grade fever. I could have won a hundred bucks on that game this week. I was talking to my friend Matt at halftime and he goes, man, fucking suck, blah, blah, blah. And I just jokingly, I'm like, man, they're going to come back and win this game. He's like, I'll bet you a hundred bucks they don't. And I'm like, easy now.

I'm not going to do that. I lost out on some money, Chris, is all I'm going to say. Do you need a hug? No, I should have called him though. Cause he would have been on it immediately. Would you have taken it? No.

He would have told me to take the bet. Come on. No, they were plus 9,000. That's insane. At 33 zero. I don't know what that means.

That's crazy. Frankly. All right, let's take a break. We'll take some phone calls over. Reaction Monday still to come as well. 844-204-RICH.

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Unlock your potential inside a Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Terzo in Iowa. First in, first up. He always seems to be our first call on Monday too. What's going on?

All rise. You're on the Rich Eisen Show. 844-204-RICH. Number to dial.

What's up, Terzo? Oh, nothing, Mitch, man, that World Cup final was so much fun. We were down at Carl's about 830 getting all the food set up, and it was a packed house. You couldn't tell who anybody was really rooting for because there's just so much excitement. It was a blast.

I don't remember having so much fun watching the soccer match as I did with that one. Well, Terzo, and I greatly appreciate the call. Say hi to everybody out there in Iowa. Shout out to Carl's. Carl's, what up?

Carl's just in. You probably figured it out anyway. I didn't see a lick of it. Not a lick of the World Cup final because I was doing NFL game day morning.

And so I... It was amazing. I gotta say, Rich, it's one of those events you're gonna remember forever and you're gonna remember where you watched it because it's on par with Texas USC, it's any game seven you've seen, 28-3, the Tuck Rule. It's on par with all of those best events because not only was it two heavy hitter countries in the World Cup, it's the defending champ, it's a guy looking to cement his GOAT status in Lionel Messi, and they performed at their height. And the stars hit it too.

The stars hit. Messi impopited. Mbappe had a hat trick for the first time in a World Cup since the 60s. Messi scored twice.

He almost got a fourth too. It was incredible. The goalies were phenomenal, the countries, the atmosphere. It sucks that the FIFA got a World Cup like this because of how crappy an organization they are and where it was, but it was an all-time sporting event. And how about, again, that Argentina goes up 2-0, right?

Thank you. And then Messi scores on a penalty, right? So he's involved, and then in the 80th and 81st minute, Mbappe ties the game.

Ties it. On a PK and 90 seconds later on an incredible... Incredible. I know.

The ball's coming out of the air. I saw all of this on my phone. Oh my God.

Unbelievable. I saw all of this later on. And then of course, when it's now 2-all, it starts to be a buzz in the NFL Network studio. So everyone's watching it while I'm hosting, okay? And I see it's then 3-2, and then 3-all, and then we're going to PKs. Just as we were finishing the show, it was a quarter to 10, quarter to one kickoff of the early games, and honestly, I thought I could probably do this last couple of segments with no... Take my pants off and no one would know.

Thankfully, I did not do that. You're a professional. I am a professional, but... You guys could have been on the field, outside pantless. We were on the field.

No one was watching. We were on the field. Well, we didn't do that also, not only because we're professionals, but we did have the... As our guests, the kids were on the field, the kids. It was the fifth grade Chargers flag football team from the Matt Leinart Flag Football League. Amazing. Yes. They were adorable.

It was great. And I'm like, hey, Kurt, you want to tell the... On the air, I'm like, Kurt, you want to tell the young ladies how you know Matt Leinart? And he's like, oh, yeah, we were teammates. And I'm like, teammates how?

Like, tell them how. Took his job. Took his job.

That's what I did, was on the air. These poor girls are looking at me like, what's he talking about? I'm like, don't worry, you'll be in the Kurt Warner flag football team soon enough. And the best thing for Fox, Mikey, the PKs ended... Right in the Cowboys.

Like, 959. Right in the Cowboys jags for most of the country. Yeah, they were ready to do a show for the NFL on Fox. And I'm like, this game is going to the PKs. And I'm sitting there watching... As a stoppage time expert, you told everybody that? You knew it was happening. You knew it was coming? Of course you knew that. I tweeted it.

Fingers on the pulse. I tweeted it at halftime. You tweeted it. I told Brockman, bet the PKs.

It was phenomenal. Did you? Did you bet the PKs?

No, I had Argentina in regular time, over one and a half goals, and Messi to score. So when it's two nothing at the 80 minute mark, I'm like, wait, I'm 10 minutes from cha-ching. So the last two segments in our show are very... We're so front loaded in the first part of our final hour, because we want to keep the audience, certainly when we're going against the network, CBS and Fox pregame shows in the final hour of our four hour show.

So the back half is when we put a lot of commercials in there. And so thus we did have enough time. I was walking up to some of the camera operators who had it on their phone though. So I did see much of the PKs. Incredible. Unreal.

It was unreal. I mean, talk about... I just, again, it's... Why don't they just... Give me 30 more minutes, right? I know it's not my body that I'm talking about, but it's for the World Cup final. Where are we going after this, right?

Except the airport. So give me 30 more minutes. Give me 30 more minutes. And in that you can have the old golden golden. How about that'll be just like the old golden golden. So whoever scored... It's sudden death. Next goal wins.

Sudden death. Give me 30 more of that before you just go to penalty kicks. Come on.

For the World Cup final. Can we maybe do that? RAS Consulting get involved in that? What do you think? It was incredible.

Everything you wanted. I can't wait to see the number. Billions of people watch it. And then the shots of the celebration going on in Buenos Aires. There's an amazing drone shot that goes through the crowd. Hadn't have been 10 million people out there just screaming and going nuts and singing and chanting. It was just remarkable.

What a scene. Mark and Tampa, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show, 844204 Rich being the number to join. What's up, Mark? Hey, how we doing, guys?

What's going on? Big fan of yourself. Thank you, sir. Yes, sir. TJ and Chris also, too. What's up, man?

I'm here in Tampa. I wanted to mention about the Bucks, man, as your opinion, because I feel like it's time to kind of put some shoulder on, put some blame on Brady's shoulder. You know what? He kind of deserves it after yesterday. Well, I mean, he wasn't good. Let's put it this way, man.

And thanks for the call, Mark. Let's put it this way. This is as inconsistent we've ever seen Tom Brady, ever. And I am so loath to do anything other than just have firm belief in him because every time he's ever been doubted, any time that's ever been saying, that's it, that's enough, he's proven that that's not it and that's not enough. All that I want to know, because everybody, last Sunday, yesterday, we just talked about it, everybody's going to start chiming in on what Brady should do in the future.

Everybody's going to start chiming in on that. And the only thing that matters is what does Tom Brady think of the play that he's undertaking right now? He did fumble the ball yesterday and he threw a pick in the second half.

We talked about it at the very top. The second half was a turnover on downs and interception, two fumbles and interception and a punt. And then a touchdown at the end that just made it a little closer. That was the second half.

They're up 17-0. The defense lets Joe Burrow get a quick three right before the half. They turn it over on downs to start the second half.

And then that's when the roof comes, caves in. One of those was a fake punt, Giovanni Bernard is just not on the same page, miscommunication, whatever you want to call it, right? It's just a typical thing for the Bucks where they're doing just enough and they're doing better than what you think is just enough. And then something happens, yeah, but, holding penalty, interception, fumble here, guy runs the wrong way, Brady throws it behind somebody. That's usually the part of the when things don't work out for Brady that you don't see. And so what does Tom think about it? That's all that's going to matter. What does Tom think about it? Does he think he could, because you still see the ball velocity, you still see it come out.

Neck ups, no problem, shoulder strength, no problem, accuracy, occasionally a problem. So if you're Tom Brady, you've got to sit here and think to yourself, long-term, obviously, they're still in first place at six and eight, unbelievably. As Carolina and Atlanta both lost. It's the Saints who won yesterday to get a little bit closer. But as we all know, the Bucks swept the Saints, so that's no skin off of, there's no sweating.

New Orleans coming that close. It's Carolina who I think they had to sweat the most because Carolina has already beaten them. The Bucks have already beaten the Falcons, so the Panthers, that's who they're sweating.

So as the Bucks head off to Arizona to take on either Colt McCoy or Trace McSorley, laugh all you want, but that's a Christmas game. He's got to sit there and just say, seven and eight, we can do this, I can do this, I've got a home playoff game, let's see what we can do this year. But in terms of the next year, he's got to sit around and think to himself, how do I like the way I'm playing? Because if he sits there and he thinks to himself, I could still sling it, I know my Fox contract is still sitting there, all I need is a better offensive line and a system that suits me a little bit better.

I don't know. I mean, all you hear is that he's handling the system. I don't know, because Evans and Godwin are pretty damn good. And then of course, there's got to be a team that will raise their hand and say, yes, we will either abandon our plan or postpone our plan at quarterback to bring Tom Brady in at age 46. We'll do it. Which team's going to do it?

You hear the rumors. It's going to be San Francisco, regardless of what Brock Purdy does, because Tom's got to having left San Francisco and seeing them first up close and personal, go, I'll take Trent Williams, I'll take McCaffrey, I'll take Ayuk, I'll take Kittle, I'll take Debo, I'll take so on and so forth, I'll take that defense, I'll take this fan base, I'll take being close to home, I'll do it. I don't think Tom's, if the 49ers are game, Tom's not stopping because you could see how he's playing. Yeah. Right? You hear Vegas, Derek Carr is not really there, Guy, and so many rumors, they will be flying.

They will be flying. But it really only matters what is Tom Brady when he's looking at the film, what is he thinking is heart of hearts? Does he think in his heart of hearts he can make another move in free agency and win it in the first year, just like he did in Tampa?

Because this is not a long-term plan. I don't imagine he wants to play till he's 48, 49, or 50. Maybe he does. You put nothing past him.

The number of conversations you are going to be hearing in sports talk, certainly as Brady struggles, I mean, you are going to be hearing it, oh, he should quit, oh, he should...nonsense. It's really, what does he think? When he looks at the film and he knows, man, I saw the throw, I made it, my guy was there, I missed it, and I keep missing it more. Do I want to keep playing if I'm not going to be as accurate and be as consistent as I know I can be or used to be? He might be like, screw it, I don't want to do that anymore. He's third in passing yards.

You know what I mean? It's not like, he's not fallen off a cliff, but he's not nearly as consistent, and certainly winning as we're used to seeing, and does that bother him enough to say, I'm done, and I'll go start calling games, and I'll still be around it wondering, should I have done it again? I think that's really what's at stake here, because he can preserve himself, he gets rid of the ball really fast. That timing's still there, that neck up of seeing where the coverage dictates where the ball needs to be thrown. He's as good as he's ever been there. The line, too, dictates that he'd get rid of the ball fast. So he goes to a spot with a better line, just as many good weapons, a spot where he's comfortable and wants to play, always wanted to play. He leads the league in attempts. He's thrown it 623 times. The run game has been dreadful, again. They were in DFL when we saw them in Munich. They were in the worst, they were the worst, and not just the worst in the league, the worst in the league seen in the Super Bowl era, in terms of average rushing yards per game. So. 844-204-rich, number to dial, more of your phone calls. Bill Belichick, a Bill Belichick press conference moment of the day on situational football, words you don't usually see thrown at Bill Belichick by asking, what was your team thinking? Holy cow, that's coming up over Reaction Monday and more conversation on all these fronts in all fumble recovery for a touchdown occurred was the holy roller I believe that late in the game right and as you know they they they since changed the the ruling that the person who fumbles it has to be the one to recover it in the late throws of a game so nobody just purposely rolls the ball forward into the end zone right they change the rule off of that a forward fumble right forward from right and this one technically was a fumble recovery right because it was pitched back or thrown back nice throw by Jacoby Myers by the way I'm sure you wish he was a little inaccurate with the throw I think he played quarterback so you want to call this the hail moron play that's what you'd like to call it the hail moron I do it's kind of you know it's a little harsh it is harsh because Jacoby Myers is one of the more brilliant this is the crazy thing man the Patriots in the 19 years I've been with NFL Network and obviously that was we came on the year the year the Patriots won their second with Belichick and Brady so this is not going out on a very long limb here but by far and away the most situationally brilliant and aware team I've seen in the NFL maybe in any sport where situational awareness is a hallmark of a successful team honestly ball rolls around on the ground a bunch of defenders just stroll away from it not the Patriots they jump on it teams reach for the pylon as they're trying to score and fumble it through the end zone you know that's my big pet peeve not the Patriots their coach not to do that we even saw the kid Harris there their rookie didn't reach for the goal line when he scored in Arizona because they're taught don't reach the ball out because you can fumble it and of all teams who execute what is preached and practice obviously what is preached but then execute it to a tee it's the New England Patriots period end of story and it's not just because it was a Brady thing either last year Chris remember I came in after the Patriots beat the Chargers on Halloween yeah here in town I'm like that was a playoff team I saw because they did the usual thing which is not make the mistakes have the other team make the mistakes play defense that confuses the young quarterback Justin Herbert was confused on that day Matt Jones wasn't and they were making sure that the clock would tick down they were sliding down not going out of bounds with like six minutes to go like they were on it they are aware in this Patriot world where you play snap to snap and game to game and quarter to quarter and week to week it's all fungible the game plans change who's up who's down changes based on matchups Belichick boils everything down to the moment better than anybody else and this team executes a better than anyone else the fact that Belichick has coached a team that will own the most boneheaded situational football play maybe in the history of the game I I know we we live week to week in this league and it's overreaction this and that but name me a more boneheaded play like why are they pitching the ball around like they're down when it's tied what are they doing what were they thinking this wasn't coached I can't imagine Ramondre Stevenson found the wrong guy who made the wrong throw and normally he's the guy that leads the way in playing heads-up I can't believe it I didn't realize that we signed JR Smith in the off week I mean they forgot I forgot the clock didn't know what the score was didn't what the colleague what what do we do I don't know who by the way I saw JR Smith in Cleveland he was the honorary dog pound member he took his shirt off and everything nice you look great but any rate by the way when I say you look great I saw him with a shirt on in the elevator down going to the game so I get the fat that it was it's the stupidest now has a snow down that owns the most situationally silly stupid moronic whatever you want to call it boneheaded I is it is a plot twist I didn't see coming and that leads to today's Bill Belichick press conference moment today's Bill Belichick press conference moment we prefer to win we talked a lot over the years on situational football I know how much you value it and I and just seeing some of the mistakes that the team is making in that area I was curious what's your level of concern just that the coaching message isn't there's a disconnected like that it's not getting through to the players to produce the results that you guys want in those situations yeah it's the first thing I set up for the game yesterday so we have to play better situational football playing coach better situational football and what can you do to to make that happen I guess work on God bless my Greece like not an easy task to go in there on a day when that happened that's a day after it was today I know yeah and then ask a question like that where you know you're not gonna get the most in-depth answer but in the same way that we're we're talking about what what Brady is looking around and thinking what's going on he's got a what he got a coach better you can't even see got up you got a draft better players Jacoby Myers has been the personification of the Patriot way comes to smart heads-up football he just lost his skull our best receiver the last three sees lost his mind right there you know again what are you expecting Mac Jones to do at that point also just a whole play in general right if Matt Jones had caught it you probably would have taken a knee cuz Chandler Jones was right there right there also there they conceded they they're they're taking the game to overtime they're running a dive play up the middle to just like hey tackle me after three yards so we can go to overtime and remind rape because he's a beast breaks like four tackles and is like I'm gonna make something happen and then everyone just kind of blacked out silver and blacked out thank you I still can't believe it I still can't believe it I'm just glad my team had nothing to do with that Brady loses a 17-point lead for the first time in 90 games having up 17 and Belichick owns this moment the the NFL world is off its axis yeah the Lions are seven and seven they've won six and seven the Jaguars are one of the hottest teams in the NFL the Chargers have breaks happening for them as the Dolphins Patriots and Jets all lost their win put them up to six I'm with DJ I think they're gonna end up jumping the Ravens well I mean I've got a couple of cents on the Ravens having spent some time you know around them for about a 36 hour period and I'll hit that an hour number three are you convinced that now Trevor Lawrence is the guy because you were kind of leading that charge but last year the yeah that was not his fault so well I mean at least at least I as a jet fan know Zach Wilson's the guy and that it didn't matter that the Jets won ridiculously insignificant games towards the end of their previous administration to cost them Trevor Lawrence because Zach's the guy and at least their next game won't bring that all into sharp focus wait a minute Oh being told it's the exact opposite it's just it I'll hit that
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