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REShow: Daniel Jeremiah - Hour 1

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December 19, 2022 3:47 pm

REShow: Daniel Jeremiah - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 19, 2022 3:47 pm

Rich breaks down what he calls “the craziest weekend I’ve ever seen in the history of the NFL” that included incredible comebacks, overtime thrillers and probably the most boneheaded play in league history. 

NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah joins Rich in-studio to discuss the crazy-wild NFL Week 15, why Justin Herbert and the Chargers will be a scary playoff opponent, if Trevor Lawrence can lead the Jaguars to an AFC South title, if he’s concerned about another Dallas Cowboys loss, why the 49ers are legit Super Bowl contenders, if Zach Wilson is still the Jets’ QB of the future, why Bears QB Justin Fields is a star in the making, and how the NFC and AFC playoff pictures could play out. 

Daniel Jeremiah sticks around for his ‘Prospect Stock Watch’ where he breaks down the top offensive and defensive players in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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New episodes drop Monday, Thursday, and Friday wherever you get your podcasts. This is The Rich Eisen Show. And now Jacoby Myers spinning around, he throws it. From 33 down, they beat the Indianapolis Colts. The Rich Eisen Show.

Probably the most insane ending I think I've ever been a part of. Today's gasps, NFL Network analyst, Daniel Jeremiah, two-time Super Bowl champion Chris Long, plus your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Well, hey everybody. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show here on the Roku channel. This terrestrial radio station smart enough to have a Sirius XM, Odyssey, and so much more. We say hello to our podcast listeners. We're listening whenever they've done well. Please, we're saying hello to anybody who might be watching us on the Roku channel after we've been off the air, because in channel 210 we re-air all the time.

There's also the video on demand service part of our relationship with Roku. We say hello to everyone out there, including my three guys who are here in studio wearing the kit of World Cup champion Argentina. Good to see you, Christopher, Messi, Brockman. What's going on?

DJ Mikey Diaz and Deez Nuts is in his spot. Good to see you, man. How are you, sir? Good to see you.

Get the microphone in front of your face. Hello, DJ Jefferson. What's going on over there? I mean, we're in the playoffs, right? Yeah, that's true. That's one way to say it.

That's right. Good to see you over there. The candle is lit.

The candle is lit. Great job this weekend, bro. Thank you.

Greatly appreciate that. And we're going to have a great three hours. It's one of those days where we could do six, to be very honest with you. And the candle might've been lit over there, TJ, by the weekend's sporting affairs that we just saw. I am fortunate to do what I do for a living and have been doing so on a national scale ever since ESPN knocked on my door when I was a Redding, California nighttime sportscaster for the local ABC affiliate in 1996.

I'm fortunate to do this for a living over and over and over again, and thankful that you are always willing to hear what I have to say or watch what I'm doing. I can't remember, and this includes my SportsCenter time, I cannot remember a weekend of NFL football like the one we just witnessed. I cannot believe it.

And I'm sitting here thinking, when do I pick and choose from it? Well, everything. And the things that I just saw that not only are outliers or like a comet in the sky that you see only once a century. I mean, such rarities, but they do have a significant effect on whether your team or teams that you root for, fantasy and regular, make the playoffs or not, or are positioned to win a playoff game. And I mean, here's how I'm viewing this entire weekend. Craziest weekend I've ever seen in the history of the National Football League. And last year's wildcard weekend was pretty wild. But here we go.

These are the events that I saw over the weekend. And you tell me if this isn't the craziest in total NFL weekend you've ever witnessed, starting with the Sunday Night Football game between the Washington commanders and the New York Giants, both of them coming in with the same record because they tied two weeks ago. And the Washington commanders of the team that's only lost once in their last eight games, and the Giants are dropping like a stone having just been curb stomped by the Philadelphia Eagles and Kayvon Thibodeau shows up in FedEx Field with a package, with a delivery.

And an A++ game wrecking ability is what he showed up with last night to give the Giants a lead that it looked like they were about to lose. In the final throws of this game, Taylor Heinecky goes up top to Jahan Dotson and all of a sudden he flips the field and gives the commanders a shot to win it. And Bryan Robinson scores the touchdown to give him a shot at a two-point conversion to tie it, except there's a flag on the field because Terry McLaurin is called for not being on the line of scrimmage in an illegal formation after he says he checked with the official and it sure looks like he looks at the official to see am I on the line of scrimmage and gets the green light from the official who then throws the flag on him. Wipes out that penalty to only set the stage for a pass interference call that should have been called and wasn't because Chris Samuel tried to play superhero.

The only problem is he was wearing Darnay Holmes as a cape. I mean this is what we call pass interference and it was not called and it should have given them another shot with Bryan Robinson from the one instead it's the Giants who win it and they're now eight five and one and the commanders are seven six and one that is a huge development. We also saw on Sunday prior to this the Texans forced the Chiefs to overtime and lose the coin toss and get Mahomes off the field and in their first snap fumbled the ball to the Chiefs who then one snap after that get a walk-off 26-yard scamper from Jarek McKinnon and that's how the Chiefs win the west. They punch their ticket to the playoffs and start printing home playoff tickets just when you thought the Texans could finally do it after after almost doing it to the Cowboys. The Chiefs say thank you and head off to Kansas City as the AFC West champs. The Chargers had the Titans right where they want them until the Titans tied the game late. The Chargers with no timeouts left send Justin Herbert out on the field and Justin Herbert throws a seed with no timeouts left for 35 yards to Mike Williams who grabs it in traffic and sends out eventually Dicker the kicker to win another one for the Chargers as Justin Herbert takes the Chargers to the sixth seed and becomes the first player with 4,000 yards passing in his first three seasons as a professional ever ever ever. Meanwhile earlier in the day the New York Jets start Zach Wilson because Mike White's got 15 million broken ribs because the Jets fans can't have anything nice to play with. They're up despite Zach Wilson making the tough throws and still can't make the layups. They're up by three on the Detroit Lions.

I like that analogy. And Jared Goff on fourth and inches from right around midfield a minute 49 to go. What does he do? They throw it. Why not? Because Brock Wright who sounds like he's straight out of boogie nights for 51 yards untouched for most of the way. Where's the Jets defense?

Nowhere near Brock Wright. And the Detroit Lions with that grab Jared Goff throws just his wait for it second touchdown pass outdoors all year. And the Lions have won six and seven and they're at 500 in the month of December for the first time in five years. But just when you think that's the crazy part the Jacksonville Jaguars say wait a minute we're not only beyond relevant we're just as hot as the Lions and we may be the team in the AFC like the Lions and the NFC are the team you don't want to face right now. Because they came back on the Dallas Cowboys they follow up their pounding of the Titans by falling down 27 to 10 to the Cowboys at home and saying not today anyway. As they score back-to-back touchdowns Zay Jones has three touchdown passes and Trevor Lawrence is playing like a top five quarterback in the last month and a half of this season.

Ever since he threw that interception in London turned it around 15 touchdowns one interception in his last month of football. And the Jacksonville Jaguars come back from 17 down and win in overtime on a pick six. 52 yards Rashawn Jenkins takes the ball off of Noah Brown who had it hit him right in the chest as he's going down. Touchdown Jaguars and with that result and the one here in Los Angeles with the Chargers beating the Titans the Jaguars are just one back of the Titans with three weeks to go and they play Tennessee. They have a shot at winning the AFC South big time but comebacks that's part of the weekend.

You know what because it started Saturday didn't it? Saturday night game. Bills down eight to the Miami Dolphins who by the way showed up with a run game and were physical and they showed up in the physical and they showed up in the cold and they ran it down the Bills throat and still got touchdowns from Ty Reekill and Jalen Waddle and they were up eight until you know Josh Allen does Josh Allen things and the lake effect snow comes in in western New York and suddenly we got a classic snow game that the Bills not only come back to tie but win on a field goal thanks to the space being cleared for Tyler Bass by an offensive line using their hands as shovels.

Holy cow that was unbelievable. Bills win they punch their ticket to the playoffs they now have a three-game lead over the Miami Dolphins they're going to win the AFC East and they're sitting there as the one seed with that win every win they have keeps themselves right there in the one seed but you want to talk comebacks? How the hell did the Minnesota Vikings pull this off on the Indianapolis Colts? I will never know. A 33 point comeback down 33 nothing down 36 to 7 with three minutes to go in the third quarter and the hold on a second if I had told you that there would be a comeback coming you'd say get out of here if I told you not only would there be comeback coming but in the second half in the second half the Minnesota Vikings in coming back would punt twice throw an interception and turn it over on downs and still come back makes it even crazier but that's what happened and the Indianapolis Colts I mean I don't know we've ever seen anything like this before because the Indianapolis Colts went up 33 nothing after losing their previous game giving up the last 33 unanswered we'll never see that again and according to sports radar data since 1930 only two teams have been down by 30 or more and came back to win the two teams are the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs the Houston Oilers in 1993 in the divisional playoff series down 35 to 3 they came back and won it and this Minnesota Vikings team wow quarterbacked by Kirk Cousins and we all know who the quarterback of that Buffalo Bills team is who the quarterback of that Buffalo Bills team down 32 to set that record was Frank Reich meaning the Indianapolis Colts took Frank Reich's job and then his record facts facts I didn't start facts pretty good and the Vikings they were going to be the three seed if they didn't have that comeback they were going to watch the Niners leapfrog them but they're still the two seed I don't know how the hell they did that the comeback bug was biting so bad it bit Tom Brady Tom Brady entering yesterday had been 89 and oh in games in which he led by 17 points and led this game 17 nothing and the Bengals who couldn't move the ball a lick got three at the end of the first half and that was the end of that in the second half Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers turned it over on downs followed by an interception two fumbles one by Brady an interception a punt and a cosmetic touchdown and they lost 34 to 23 as Joe Burrow and the Bengals did it again winning again a big game on the road certainly when they had their hands full with the Bucks showing up in the first half like they showed up in Munich playing all three phases well and by the way one of those blown moments was Giovanni Bernard not knowing the fake punt was coming to him direct snap I don't know what the hell's going on in Tampa but Tom Brady follows up his first career loss to a rookie quarterback in a game he throws an interception after which a linebacker from the opposition asks him to autograph it with the first loss of his career in 90 games in which he led by 17 points and just when you think the NFL world is off its axis a Bill Belichick team now owns the most situationally boneheaded play in the history of the NFL because just when you thought the Vikings coming back from 33 down was the one thing that you've never seen before in the NFL this weekend the Patriots decided to grab everybody's beer and hold it for them the Raiders have as you know made an art form out of blowing double-digit leads this year and it looked like they were set to do it again yesterday now pick six Ramondre Stevenson can't be stopped they're up by seven Keelan Cole scores a touchdown that is highly controversial it sure looked like his foot was out of bounds but after further review play stands is called be that as it may tie game we're on overtime unless Mac Jones can work some magic I do not know what the hell that was it's so crazy I don't think there's a nickname for it every play that we all know the Miami Miracle that happened to New England what do you call this one a hail moron hail moron is excellent the only problem is Jacoby Myers has been as you know as a Patriot fan the Patriot way situationally brilliant the guy you want on the field to put the team in position to win football games in the manner in which Belichick wants to win it yeah he's great he has been nothing but the guy who slides out of bounds to make sure the clock keeps ticking and the guy who gets on the loose ball that everybody else stares at thinking it's an incomplete pass but he knows it's a fumble the last guy you would expect to take a lateral that you would least expect coming because the game is tied right you don't need a Stanford band on the field you don't need the pitchy pitchy woo-woo that Scott Van Pelt calls it you don't need it the minute the play is dead it's over when it's dead it's dead walk out of bounds man you're right there and he's throwing it back to Mac Jones for what purpose for him to maybe run it in from there because you can't throw it again once the ball passes the line of scrimmage that's it it goes back Jones gonna turn into Tyree King and then go 70 yards down the left side but of all people one of the greatest sack artists of all time is there to grab a Chandler Jones nice grab and then a stiff arm that not only stole Mac Jones's soul but any of his future children's soul and I don't know good for him and he said that you know it's my bad I should have tackled him are you kidding me what are you expecting the ball's coming your way you're not expecting it to be picked off in front of you and then the stiff arm of all the last people I guess maybe what him and Max Crosby the last guys you want to try to have stiff arm here when you're not expecting a stiff arm or having to stop somebody I don't know what the hell that was but that was the hell going on weekend of all time and I didn't hit on everything either Daniel Jeremiah is in studio to talk about all of this and also give you a prospect stock report because for some teams season's over season's over college football's coming as we know the most wonderful time of the year Max Duggan just said he's going pro okay so lots to talk about with you as well 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to die I'd love for you to share with me any of your thoughts wherever you were any sort of bar or friends sitting around let's tell stories because that was one of the wildest weekends of football I've ever seen and you can include football in there as well with the way the world cup ended holy crap amazing thank goodness we have a show to talk about it 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich number to dial here on the rich eyes and show dj is coming up next and he was in the radio booth watching the chargers do what they did to the titans you're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks a few becomes a few too many as the evening comes to an end and people start to head out you think of calling for a ride you live nearby you can make it home okay it's no big deal what are the odds you'll get pulled over anyway and even so what's the worst that could happen your insurance goes up you lose your license you lose your job you total your car you kill someone everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk the results are tragic and often deadly however that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel while under the 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and the nfl draft and of course nfl network and the radio voice um along with matt money smith for the los angeles charges daniel jeremiah how you doing good to see you bud so you know i when you came out i said look my job shows like this one is to drill into maybe one game maybe two games to start the show but the story is really the weekend and the totality of it that was wild i've never seen anything like and it started with thursday you're part of that triple header great job on that by the way but the you know the minnesota game that kind of starts that's the craziest thing we're going to see it some of the craziest things we've ever seen the history of the nfl right and now it's like the fifth or sixth topic when you think about what happened yesterday well i guess what did you what in the world was happening at the end of that vegas raiders patriots game so here's here's true story so i'm calling with matt yeah a pretty wild charger titans game the titans have come down to score there's 44 seconds left the chargers then with herbert going to try and go down the field and score our engineer is in the row behind us named richard he's a wonderful guy he's a great engineer well unbeknownst to us he's he's watching the raider patriot game on his laptop behind us while engineering while also also engineering our game del tufo could never pull that off wow nice wow now now you insulted him so we're calling the game all sudden we hear him behind us losing his mind and and so matt turns matt thinks we're off the air like what like something has crazy has happened and he's trying to show us his laptop and matt and matt's just like what is going on so finally we get to the commercial and he comes he goes i'm sorry i apologize about that but that was the craziest play it is he's not wrong he's not wrong oh it was wild man and of all teams the most buttoned up team the most buttoned up coach and the most boneheaded decision in the history of the nfl ever awful because what's he thinking matt jones is going to do with it around midfield run it from there i don't know the one thing i will say in uh jacobi meyer's defense when you watch the replays chandler jones is in the middle of the logo and he does kind of blend into the logo a little bit there well i mean so is the black that was it but that was the whole theme i guess in the last two minutes it's like where where does the the the logo and and the end line appear like with keelyn cole's the tip of his white shoe matched the white stripe and then there's white paint all over the end zone because the lettering of the raiders is white and the rest of it is black so it you really didn't know when shoes began and paint began and ended and it was just wild like and that's so huge too certainly for the chargers oh my gosh everything broke their way neck and neck everything broke their way over the over the week i mean everybody miami lost the jets lost uh you look at the patriots losing everything kind of cleared the runway in front of them so um it was one of the weird moments where you know doing work with the chargers where you get the brakes um it was very unique so i mean i know you watch tape for a living yeah to watch herbert live for a living what in the world is that like to watch him go about his business he's an alien like legitimately an alien and there's there's throws where you now you've kind of conditioned yourself to expect it a little bit where you you're watching it live on the field you're watching it happen you're going okay there's nothing there he you probably shouldn't attempt this and then over time you're like don't go for that go for that i mean the window's this big but somehow he's gonna find a way to make it happen and you know i think people he was getting some criticism like in kind of the middle portion of the season and i'm like he's got hit both of his tackles were out a bunch obviously rashaun slater's still gone cori linsley's missed a bunch of time mike williams and keenen allen hadn't played together basically the whole year he hadn't had those guys out there and now all of a sudden they start to get a little healthier and herbert's making all his unbelievable throws and it's like herbert's turned it around i'm like no herbert kept him afloat despite missing all of these guys and yesterday another example no durwin james still no joey boza and he guides them to victory i hate to say it but you look at the rest of their schedule and the games are winnable and i know you don't usually say that about a chargers team that normally just finds the trapdoor one game they're always one game short you know and and as if the football gods don't you know want to they don't want to spare us or they of being on national television the cults they play the cults on monday night football next we're going to see another maybe we've seen a meltdown on a sunday now a saturday maybe on monday i don't know the days of the week for saturday and then they're home for the rams and at denver i mean how how real can this team be because you know you just mentioned they're they're banged up but going into the season on paper everyone's like that is a potential super bowl winning team if herbert can do what we expect to do well he's now currently doing what we expect him to do i'll just ask sort of the third rail question here is what do they do they coordinate for him well enough dj i mean like sometimes it's just like where but coordinate the chunk plays for him like let's go well i think i think what they've seen is now mike williams has come back and the chunk plays miraculously came back with him okay and i think getting trey pipkins back at right tackle they can hold up a little bit longer to be able to take some of those vertical shots but i felt and we've felt this way the whole year this is a team if they could get healthy and just get into the tournament i mean who's gonna want to play them you know when you get if you get joey boza back and now khalil mack and boza and derwin james is back it's kind of what we talked about all over the off season we haven't got a chance to see that all together and this is a team that's played kansas city all the way down to the wire while missing a lot of these guys so i think they're dangerous if they can get it the crazy thing to me rich and this is how nuts yesterday was yes is that the chargers entered the day outside the playoff picture now it's a very conceivable and if you look at the schedules may be likely that they're the five seed when it's all said and done going to play the afc south champs who might be the jacksonville jaguars daniel jeremiah here on the rich eisen show let's talk about the jags are we're seeing trevor lawrence the way that we expected him to is that are we finally seeing that we're seeing you know an incredibly talented player get put in a functional environment it is you know you're talking my language when you say i know i've seen some of those a lot of views on those uh on those videos well i mean i'm only speaking the truth it's true but no and i and and i always feel like when that subject comes up i need to you know tell everybody look i i thought he would be a good nfl coach he had so much success in college it was a train wreck and now you're seeing doug peterson is so good with developing quarterbacks and putting them in a comfortable environment and when you have talent and you add the just being comfortable he's got like 14 touchdowns in one pick in his last you know handful of games he's playing in an elite level like a crazy high level he sure is so um tennessee is on it i mean this tennessee's on a nose dive i saw them yesterday then tennessee's got a tough schedule still remaining they were missing like six or seven defensive starters yesterday i mean they've been crushed so on the flip side of that how concerned about uh the dallas cowboys are you because defensively you know they have they have um last couple weeks they got carved up quite frankly by the the two-headed monster that almost got kansas city yesterday davis mills and jeff driscoll um and jacksonville just put 33 on them in second half in overtime big chunk plays down the field um the pass rush kind of disappeared a little bit which i was surprised dak turned the ball over a little bit too you know he wasn't you know playing perfect ball either the pick six i don't know if it's on that's no no i'm not talking about that one i'm talking i think like maybe second and long earlier in the game and he has kind of just he's forced out of the pocket just kind of chucks one up um but i don't know man you look at the nfc it just feels like we are on a philadelphia and san francisco collision course um and that's going to decide it yeah that's so purty for you i mean did you look at your oh yeah your analysis of brock purty yeah because he was at the combine i think he was was he one of the throwing quarterbacks there's definitely he was definitely worked out for the scouts with the rest of the quarterback group i don't know but i keep all of my notes in an excel spreadsheet okay and so then i have it sorted every which way you can sort it and then i can sort it by position by grade so when you have a player like this who's a little bit off the radar who's having success it's always that moment of truth for me when i go back okay let's pull up 2022 sequence lists and i go quarterbacks and i go scrolling scrolling oh crap lower lower lower oh man oh man let's keep going and there's brock purty and then i mean i look at my notes on him you know he's he's tough he's he's competitive he's accurate those are the things that you like about him i thought the the skill set the tools were very average didn't have a big arm he's not a huge athlete not a big guy he's under 6-1 um i think it was like 19 touchdowns eight picks like the even statistically it didn't blow you away but he started over 40 games he was tough and he was accurate and when you look at what shanahan's asking him to do i mean the shot chart rich to the day his first i think he started at 11 for 11 or 11 for 12 the ball never went more than 15 yards down the field it's just identify where the guy is just get the ball out to him make it really really easy and he's and he's done that and he's playing at a high level and the defense is so good and they've got so many weapons and they can run the ball and the offensive line is good i mean what can jimmy garoppolo do that got to a super bowl and almost won a super bowl that brock purty can't do and you want to answer that question i don't think there is anything that he can't do that jimmy does so that's why they're a legitimate super bowl contender you've because that's the text i get from all my niner friends is can can they really but i think i do think though that there's people that go too far and think that brock purty is leading the 49ers we talk about on our podcast we talk about trucks and trailers there's the truck quarterbacks the mahomes the josh allens those are pulling the team there's a trailer quarterbacks where they've got everything in front of them they've got the roster and they can go along for the ride purty's along for the ride let's not get twisted he's leading this team but he's good enough daniel jeremiah move the sticks podcast is what you're referring to here on the rich eisen show i'm just gonna walk in the front door and i know that you're you know you have a relationship with the general manager there no seriously like is zack wilson not the guy because i mean he had his reset yeah and he made some eye poppers yesterday okay there he actually connected with elijah moore i mean that that actually happened he made some eye poppers but the the layups man he just he just doesn't make them yeah and they kill they kill you coming away on second and ten with nothing when you know um barrios is wide open to his right deep in his own end zone deep in his own end i mean those are the things that kill him and he looks like he's gonna get one more shot here national television thursday night football against jacksonville is he the guy is zack wilson the guy i don't know that it's a great fit right now with what they're trying to do um i think he is a if you're going to use a baseball reference i think he's a he's a home run hitter who's going to have a low batting average and there's certain baseball teams that play with those types of players and have success and there's other teams that want you to put the ball in play this is an offense that's a rhythm timing based offense well then why draft him honestly like what that that's you know that's an interesting question of just in terms of are you gonna and sometimes you might think you have one thing and then when you get him in your building rich and you realize okay maybe he's not his strength isn't in this area it's in that area then you've got to shift and change and mold around him as opposed to asking him to shift and change and mold around you right but this is a team that i think he's got a chance i still do we think he has a chance to be a successful player provided he has a good run game it's play action it's shots you're not going to have a 70 completion percentage but you're gonna have chunk plays his last two starts rich i think they've had 50 rushing yards and 56 rushing yards they can't run the ball at all they continue to run the ball on first down and get nothing so you're putting him in long yard situations where the windows get a little tighter everybody knows you're throwing the football and he's not a he's not an efficiently accurate quarterback so that's it hasn't it hasn't been great that being said they still have a timeout left in case you didn't know from yesterday i know that i know that that that that they've got wound up with all timeouts left after the lions hit him with that 51 yarder yeah they had all their timeouts left and wound up with a 58 yard field goal was their final get last gas i mean there was at least 20 seconds that they should have had more and where you are 20 seconds that's a 10 yard completion that all of a sudden turns into a 48 yard field goal and maybe we're having a little bit more nuanced discussion of okay he missed some layups the little swing pass the one to barrios but man he made four or five huge throws he drove him down the field they tie the game this one meant to be you need to get quinn and williams back by the way too of course i mean you want to talk about injuries elijah vera tucker and name me a bigger injury on the year than breeze hall yeah name me name me another injury in the nfl the only one that you can maybe put where it changed the the dynamic is uh uh tampa center honestly jensen goes down right right at the outset name me another they were winning games don't get swept by new england if bryce if breeze hall is there um don't get me started man no i'm gonna start circling that but that's why we're talking about they didn't have they haven't had a run game and he needs a run game to help him and when breeze hall was there even though it wasn't the sexiest offense breeze was running down people's throats and zach was able to do enough and they were winning all those all those games now they don't have a running game but if you're redrafting right now justin fields is too right i mean there's no way he's played no question i mean kudos to the bears to change i mean we just talked about your line i don't know if zach's really a fit with what the jets want to do well you draft zach and the team that drafts him there's a coaching staff where they hire somebody thinking let's turn him into that or honestly the bears to their credit around the first month of the season they they said screw it let's go the whole harbaugh ravens lamar route run the heck out of it he's been amazing and you heard dior darius or pardon me sleigh our friend sleigh what he said after the game that that justin justin fields reminds him it hurts and in terms of the the leg strength in terms of the running game in terms of everything bears get some playmakers around him look out yeah i got a text from a coach on their defensive staff during the week as they were preparing and he texted me and said i had no idea justin fields was that fast like on an nfl field he looks fast yeah but i do think that there's a you know hurts even how they're they're they're similar players but hurts is hurts is built a little different where hurts has been able to handle that heavy you know workload on the ground and they've kind of grown him obviously and involve more as a passer not having to quite as much of that justin can't he can't long term be carrying the ball 15 18 times a game he's not going to hold up that's the only concern but hurts you don't have that concern with him no and hurts is kind of i mean hurts was that was always that guy just justin was almost a little bit of a reluctant runner he's you know he's incredibly explosive right but he was a little bit reluctant and now i mean jaylen hurts was at alabama was running the ball you know 20 times well maybe they're doing that now because that's what the bears can do you know you know oh they have to do what they have to do to move the ball and score points and he's the he's the player he's been amazing that's the guy he's been absolutely amazing he's seventh in the league in rushing he's unreal yeah he won over a thousand yards rushing and he does it is it is hard how many times have i can see like reggie bush would be the great example for me yeah when you watch reggie bush on a college field yeah he looked like he was 10 times faster than everybody out there he got an nfl field he still was fast but it was it wasn't like it didn't just jump off the screen with him on nfl fields justin fields looks like he's faster than everybody else on the field he's a quarterback so you said it it looks like daniel jeremiah a couple minutes left and then we'll take a break um and then talk uh about um what's going on at the collegiate level with you before sending you on the rest of your monday the uh you mentioned looks like collision course between san francisco and philadelphia yeah okay philadelphia wins that game do you think i think it's really evenly matched i think i i give hurts obviously the edge at the quarterback position with where he is right now compared to where purty is but uh line of scrimmage they're both loaded um they have playmakers i mean they're they're kind of mirrors of one another uh in terms of how they're built i think being in philadelphia would be a would be a big help and you know with all due respect to the chargers and you know the dolphins have lost three in a row but they're still in that spot in the eighth spot and whatever might happen at the bottom of the wild card it sure looks like it's a three team Kansas city Cincinnati Cincinnati right and that one seed will be so huge uh clearly and the bills are in that spot how do you see the AFC playing out from here i mean it to me it just feels like where i can say i can pin it down to those two teams in the NFC i feel like the AFC is wide open it is isn't it i i do and it's because you've got these superstar quarterbacks i mean that's what's so fun about it you look at all the different matchups yeah and they can go a million different ways but there's just so many great quarterbacks in the AFC and i think when you have a great quarterback going on the road i mean do you think that joe burrow is going to be scared i mean he's not going to care where he goes to play no so and i think it's the same way if herbert were to get in and i think this dolphins team they lost that game against buffalo came away pretty impressed with how they played no question and if lamar comes back healthy the ravens are yeah they're not they don't have fear is not a word that they acknowledge right they won't they don't care where they play right and the jaguars get in with like that that house money house money that whole like they don't know what they don't know yeah doug peterson knows that and he's loving it i mean i saw them come out here and beat the tar out of the chargers and they were physical um and they're just figuring out before they that was before they started really taking off yeah they're gonna host a playoff game guys i know wow i mean that's the way it looks it really does look that way it was a wild wild wild day all right let's take a break eight four four two oh four rich number to dial uh get in while the getting's good because we got one more second with daniel jeremiah i want to know about the kids that are playing in these uh college football playoff games and then uh who you're hearing is number one overall that's coming up daniel jeremiah right here on the rich eisen show back here on the rich eisen show here on the roku channel and more it is time for prospect stock watch presented by tia a daniel jeremiah my colleague who's gonna be sitting next to me and i next to you in the combine in short order and then of course uh we've got uh so many prospects to talk about uh to see about what they're gonna do um once they're done with say the college football playoffs so let's get to that yep which uh prospects are uh on a launching pad to potentially get their stock watch up well i think i think the one who has the most at stake in the playoffs is stroud you know i think cj stroud to get a chance to play against a big-time talented front to get under pressure because that has been the one knock on him and you've seen it with michigan what they've been able to do to him and be able to get in his face rattle him everybody knows who he's throwing to he's got big-time weapons he's got two nfl tackles in front of him but when the pressures come and got bodies around him which you don't see often but that's when he struggled he's going to have an opportunity to kind of dispel that notion a little bit in the playoffs and i think he could really help himself who does georgia have that uh that scouts are going nuts over right now so they've got and this is always fun because this is a year ago and we had how many georgia defenders go in the first round there's a zillion of them it was one of the greatest defenses of all time but when you're watching that defense there was a number 88 as a defensive tackle that you're watching going holy crud this guy might be better than all these guys including travon walker who was the first overall pick yes that's jaylen carter uh and he's back and he is a dominant force as a three technique and i think in talking to teams around the league when you're thinking about him and then there's will anderson from alabama kind of vying to be the top defensive player in this draft and there's you know there's some wisdom behind the thought of i think an interior disruptor is is even more valuable than an edge rusher right now you think about aaron donnell the way he can take over football games i saw it with jeffrey simmons yesterday those dominant interior guys you see it with quinn and williams yes that's just a major major difference and then jaylen carter can he can give you that and marvin harrison jr oh you've got to wait a year i know that right i mean um he's the best one in the country our friend joel clatt says five years from now you might be the best receiver in the league yeah he said yeah we've we've seen um i don't always say golden era of wide receivers but these last three or four years with the number of you know the just i mean lsu ohio state alabama i think have supplied the league pretty well at the wide receiver station we've got some unbelievable young talent but this kid the combination of the size the athleticism and then you know having marvin harrison as a as a dad probably helps a little bit with some of the instincts and the nuance of playing the position right he's special what about tcu in michigan who has a chance to get some stock watch well tcu is a receiver in quinn johnson who's he's going to be in the mix to be the first receiver taken um he is big he's long he can really go play above the rim you know 50 50 balls they'll give him opportunities to do that and then he's got juice after the catch so he's got a chance to really help himself there michigan is interesting because i don't think that they have that premier player you know that like we saw last year when we were watching those two edge rushers and going okay hutchinson could be the first pick in the draft jablo is a first round pick but you know mazy smith what he does inside is so dominant and so physical um their their offensive line doesn't have stars rich but they got a bunch of guys they're going to end up being starters in the nfl and then the back what's the latest on the back by the way what's the health situation yes yeah he's he's done for the year totally done that's a bummer man because i watched him early in the season he's a good player with michigan though sometimes you know um the players out and then all of a sudden you're hearing it could be back or you thought they're healthy and all of a sudden wait a minute he's not dressed today like i mean they don't really talk very much about it but god that's a bummer he's a great player but the uh and again they got a good tight end too so michigan michigan is i i think they're one of the teams where there's not there's just no glaring weakness and the quarterback runs around and makes plays he's really good he's fun man does he does does he have any stock that you're looking at right now well i mean i think i think you know he's a year away he's gonna be you know just the ability to extend plays and create plays that's a good place to start okay and what about max duggan who just spent today saying he's uh he's coming out what's his stock watch yeah i mean guys like brock purty having success are gonna help him because i don't think he's the toolsiest guy in the world but he's so competitive and so tough um everybody says it's a winner that's a cliche this guy is man he just finds ways to make plays and make things happen his final drive uh and regulation against kansas state was really unbelievable he spilled it all out there yeah it really was and then just watching him at the podium afterwards i'm sure scouts are looking at oh yeah it means a lot to him you can tell that i bet daniel jamaya here in the prospect stock watch presented by ti a right here on the rich eisen show you look at the draft order who are you hearing first overall well you know i don't to me bryce young when you look at alabama as a quarterback now he's not the biggest guy it's going to be all we talk about you know probably as we get to the combine just with the lack of size and it's not the height it's just he's kind of a lean frame guy so you're talking about six foot going to be under 200 pounds and that's going to bother you know bother people i i don't think he's for every team like we you know the herbert's the josh allens those guys the mahomes you put them anywhere any system they're going to be fine i think he needs to go to a place uh where you're where you're going to be protected or you're going to i like the fact you could go to houston and play in a dome you're playing home games in a dome it's warm weather road games for the most part i think that i that's an ideal environment for him and he's people ask for comparisons and i said yeah if you left erin rogers in the dryer too long you get bryce young are you calling him a shrinky dink like what are you talking about i'm just saying he's just like a mini version like a little bit of a shrunk down version but he's a he's he's so accurate he's got incredible touch he's got some of the magic to him of being able to create plays make things happen how about he's playing the bowl game i was kind of shocked you know with where he is where his stock is you know to not be in the college football playoff i was surprised he's gonna play how about that yeah caleb williams people drooling all over him too right now and i i i know people always get upset when we do this because you guys always talk about the next group of quarterbacks it's always the next guy oh just wait till next year but caleb williams and then drake may at north carolina those guys i mean you're watching these other kids and you're like oh this is impressive like big time big time talent right what about defensively like what what players are shooting up right well i mentioned jalen carter obviously will anderson right it's a stud i like keely ringo we'll see him in the playoff uh there at georgia as a corner it's just he's a playmaker big time big time playmaker right um you know it's interesting of all the positions that we look at always kind of early in the process where's the strength of this draft lie and this year rich it's tight end is that random there's like 10 tight ends in this draft it loaded well it's a national tight ends day as we know and the tight ends are making a difference for sure i mean i i was just going through them the other day and just watching them one after another after another i'm like okay this could be a first-round pickle this and the best and the best one can't come out yet brock bowers yes he's a freak he's an absolute freak and his teammate though and i'll show you a picture when we finish up but i had a scouting buddy who was at a georgia game and like this is uh kind of maybe weird but he took a picture of him on the sideline during warm-ups and just sent me like this is one of the freakiest specimens you've ever seen like he's six all of six seven 260 pounds you watch the oregon game he's hurtling guys on the sideline i mean he's he's incredible that was prospect stock watch presented by tia on average women retire with 30 less income than men which is why tia is working to help close the retirement income gap for good to learn more go to that's the prospect watch presented by tia right here on the rich eisen show hour two coming up daniel you are the man for being here i greatly appear no we're not we're we still have a couple more minutes left i was just trying to look up this picture so i could just get a real-time reaction let's see let's see it let's see it this is uh it's not creepy at all is that they're just sending photographs brock bowers to everybody no this is this is during washington yeah hold on a minute that's that's a tight end rich zoom in on that a little bit 21 years old he looks like he's 40 well the little man with a camera behind it you know what here you go i don't know if we can yeah you can do that oh he's coming out right yeah yeah can you see that that looks like the judge standing next to altuve photograph right there or the one of uh uh derek henry standing next to mark ingram yes yeah jeez well he is uh he's impressive i mean dolan concave from utah you've got uh the titan from oregon state musgrave who's uh bill musgrave's nephew is is six six two fifty he's gonna run the four fours i mean it's gonna be a great group all right i got 90 seconds left here who wins the national championship what do you think i told you i think you guys get there okay i think you've got a shot again i just who georgia okay yeah but i mean so i'm gonna have a great new year's yes where we're already through yeah it's time to pop the champagne corks to get settled in a new year and ohio state gets beat by georgia yeah i think that's gonna happen boy wouldn't that be just a great way to read you have your hands full have your hands full after that all right yeah that's gonna be the next week it'll be a little tougher but i do you're gonna get there man wouldn't that be amazing thank you for being here you're a good friend you're a good man daniel jeremiah everyone check him out at move the sticks as well as that's the name of his podcast hour two coming up how wrestling really works and how you get the ratings eric bischoff and conrad thompson explain on 83 weeks you're either growing or you're dying i think it'd be hard to recreate the kind of growth at wcw experience between 95 and 98 just all this audio should be growing the character should be coming more and they're not everybody's gradually losing audience now that people will say well but aew is over 15 ahead of where they were last year but there's variables there let's see where we're at year from now 83 weeks on youtube or wherever you listen you
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