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REShow: J.K. Dobbins - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 14, 2022 3:25 pm

REShow: J.K. Dobbins - Hour 1

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 14, 2022 3:25 pm

Rich breaks down the AFC playoff picture and says it’s three-team race among the Kansas City Chiefs, Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals to win the top-seed despite what the current standings say.

Ravens RB JK Dobbins tells Rich how tough it was to make his return from last year’s season-ending knee injury, discusses Baltimore’s thinning QB corps, how deep the team’s locker room is with strong leaders, and engages some friendly Ohio State-Michigan banter. 

Jets fan Rich reacts to former #2 overall pick Zach Wilson being elevated from his 3rd-string demotion to being Mike White’s backup for New York’s huge Week 15 game vs the Detroit Lions.

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See terms and learn more at slash online privacy protection. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Let's get to your quarterback. Touchdown!

A one-yard touchdown run by Trevor Lawrence. This guy, I mean he just, he just wants to be coached. He wants to, he wants to improve. He wants to learn.

He wants to grow as a quarterback. The Rich Eisen Show. Today's guests. Ravens running back. JK Dobbins, senior writer for the MMQB. Albert Breer from Prime Video's Nanny. Actor Sinquah Wall. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Well, hey everybody. Welcome to this edition of The Rich Eisen Show.

844204 riches. The number to dial here on the program here on a Wednesday, right in the middle of December 2022. We're live on the Roku channel as we are every day between 12 and 3 Eastern. We're live on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio network. We're hoping that you are also listening to us on Sirius or XM or the Odyssey app. There's so many different ways for you to listen to us whenever you want because all podcasts where they are acquired have The Rich Eisen Show available for you thanks to the Cumulus Podcast Network. We're also available once we're done to look at our show once again aka watch on the Roku channel with The Rich Eisen Show Roku channel experience if you will.

The collection. There's a great way for you to watch us every day. Video on demand and once we're done on channel 210 at 3 Eastern time we just keep re-airing and re-airing and re-airing till we show up again live the next day. We're also you can check us out on our social media streams Rich Eisen Show or at Rich Eisen Show on Twitter Facebook and Instagram. Good to see you over there Christopher Brockman. How are you?

Great Rich. Okay good good thank you. Last night you're just great. Well I was awoken at 3 45 this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so you know. Oh Cage rattled it huh at three in the morning. Well good to have you here man.

Heck of a game last night in the downtown hoops dojo. Is it still called Well that site is still functional. Okay good okay good. I'm not familiar.

All I know is I'm reading about the Bahamas and I'm reading about an arrest and I'm reading about I don't know what's going on. That's FTX. Got it. Which is still the name of the Miami Heat. Are the umpires still going to wear that on their uniforms this year? I'm gonna guess no. That's not? The naming rights are gone?

How about the caller said RAS Consultants was FTX yesterday. Is that right? Somebody said that. Really? Yeah.

Definitely not. I'm here. Wow. I'm a free man.

Not in the Bahamas. Good to see you DJ Mikey. Good to see you Rich. Good morning.

How are you? Our Rich Eisen Show stoppage time experts gonna have to do it one more semifinal game. It'll be France or Morocco joining Argentina for the right to hoist the real World Cup trophy that we don't have on our set. It's nice and fake and it looks like it's worth 20 million bucks but it's great. TJ Jefferson good to see you sir on this good Wednesday. It's good to be seeing that that Lakers sell this game was great last night and I know we don't really cover hockey that much but Ovechkin man we're living in a moment of greatness with this dude and I just think like we should appreciate him even though we don't talk hockey that much but man 800 career goals with it after a hat trick. There you go. Impressive. Okay very good. Also sorry TJ Ovechkin is better than Sidney Crosby.

Well that's still up for debate Chris. Okay. Why are you gonna start a fight? I'm just trying to talk nice about hockey. Now you want to bring the goo now. Like good to see you guys. Everybody's all together. Fantastic. 844204 Rich is the number to dial here to have a conversation with us today here on the Rich Eisen Show. So and we'll talk about last night's NBA contest and if you want to talk more about hockey and Ovechkin we'll find the time for that.

Baseball has gone off the rails in terms of giving out contracts worth two touchdowns and extra points in terms of years and then the amount of money is insane. We'll tell you on all of that subject matter. I do want to check out the AFC playoff picture.

For some reason I can't get this one out of my head. We were talking to Lewis Riddick yesterday and talking about the Bills, Chiefs, and Bengals and it just I wrote down a note here let's talk about it on Wednesday's show and it's now Wednesday's show so we'll talk about it. The Bills and Chiefs are 10 and 3 each. Bills 1, Chiefs 2 because the Bills beat the Chiefs earlier this year. Ravens at 9 and 4. Bengals at 9 and 4. Ravens are at 3. Bengals are at 5 because the Ravens beat the Bengals this year and they play each other in week 18.

Holy crap. If everybody keeps winning games that sure looks like to be the final game of the year on NBC unless there's a true winner go home game. I would assume the loser of that game just goes on the road for a wild card and the winner stays at home and potentially for the Bengals home period for the playoffs and that's where I want to kind of hit this subject matter is the Titans and the Dolphins and the Patriots and the Chargers and the Jets are all in the orbit. The Jaguars trying to make a nice late run.

The Raiders and the Browns and the Steelers it does appear have lost too many games but that's the playoff picture and the way it feels to me I don't know about you in this studio or out there watching and listening but it seems to me that it's a three team race for the one seed and it's a three team race for the right to host the AFC Championship game right now and I understand that the Ravens have the same record as the Bengals but I'm calling the Ravens game on Saturday and their their defense has been dynamite since acquiring Roku Roquan Smith. The Roquan Smith channel we're free on it. It's definitely a flip of a switch that has happened since Roquan went from the Bears to the Ravens. Sneaky best acquisition that nobody's talking about in the NFL in the trade deadline period that um period that anyone's not really talking about. And it's Quan Rich as he told us.

That's right. Okay I will I I will uh I'm assuming I might see him in a pre uh broadcast production meeting on Friday in Cleveland Ohio. If you roll up to him it'll be like what up Quan. Hey Quan just drop that um but I'm also preparing for Anthony Brown being the quarterback the starting quarterback.

What? I mean Lamar hurt his knee. I don't know if they'll have him back. He was a DNP in practice and you know Tyler Snoop Huntley uh in the concussion protocol and Anthony Brown finished the game for Baltimore last week. He performed heroically is the term that John Harbaugh called him and I know counting anybody out is dangerous in the NFL and Lamar's going to come back and one would think with our first guest of the show JK Dobbins who's joining us in about 10 minutes time now running the ball with success 120 yards against the Steelers in his return to the lineup along with Gus Edwards they they have the ability and Mark Andrews and the rest is start playing some offense but I don't know if it'll be similar to what we saw earlier this year against the Dolphins in three plus quarters but I'm looking at the Bengals as you know to win this division and I think the Bengals are a threat to the one seed and to make it back to the Super Bowl in a big bad way because they keep winning games without guys and they keep winning games in tough style and while the Ravens you know lost in Jacksonville and we saw Jacksonville is no slouch right now having spoken to Doug Peterson yesterday Baltimore has beaten Carolina and Denver and Pittsburgh in three of their last four but the Bengals have taken down Tennessee Kansas City next up is Tampa I mean they have played some significant competition and they have won five in a row in so doing and the one seed is crucial it is crucial because whoever takes it will wind up if you look at the AFC playoff standings they will sit at home and watch a wild card we can go down right now it'd be the Patriots visiting the Chiefs and it would Patriots visiting the Chiefs and it would be the Bengals visiting the Ravens oh my goodness and it would be uh pardon me the Dolphins visiting the Ravens and it would be the Bengals visiting the Titans again and the Bills would sit back and potentially watch I would imagine the Chiefs and Ravens at it and um and then sit back and take on the winner of the Titans Bengals Dolphins and Patriots and that won't be that great if you think about it and if you think about it as well you know the Bengals if they're one you're just assuming that maybe just maybe the Bills and the Chiefs wind up seeing each other in the divisional round in the same way that you just want you just want these teams to cancel each other out right if you're the if you're the Bills one seed you want the Bengals and the Chiefs hitting each other before either one of them hit you yep that's what you want that's what you're looking for if you're the one seed which is what that happened for the Titans last year they just couldn't get past the Bengals if if you're the Bills you want the Chiefs and the Bengals hitting each other before they hit you or you hit them beat each other up that's what can happen if you are in the one seed right now now it's entirely possible that whoever winds up being the five seed if it's the Bills I don't think so I think they win this division and I think they take a big step forward by beating the Dolphins on Saturday night if it's the Bengals that's the best chance I think that you have but if the Bengals let's just say survive in the AFC North your best chance would be you get the Ravens in your house as the one seed and then you watch the Bengals and the Chiefs hit each other and the Bills sit back on the one seed and watch that game develop in the divisional round while you take on say the Ravens or the Chargers or the Jets or the Patriots or the Titans or the Jaguars and the one seed could get the Jaguars the Chargers the Patriots the Ravens in your house would you rather touch that either of those teams or would you rather fight it out with the Bengals or the the Chiefs if you're the Chiefs would you rather fight it out with the Bills or the the Bengals or any of the above and I know I'm saying this stuff about the Ravens and I'm going to see them shortly and and and and it's fraught it's fraught with it's fraught with them being able to catch fire in December and Lamar comes back I'm keen to see what this passing game looks like to take the top of a defense off if you need to do that in the playoffs certainly if you're going against the Bills or you're going against the Chiefs the team that can do that but that's the one seed that's why the one seed is so crucial here is you can have the two best teams so supposedly in the AFC not being the one seed fight it out and you don't have to feed you don't have to see him don't forget last year Bill's Chiefs was not the AFC championship game it was a divisional playoff round which would have worked out chef's kiss for the Titans if they could have only beaten Joe Burrow instead we all know the Chiefs survived in the last 13 seconds and Burrow had to go visit them and he beat him if I am uh uh if I'm the Bills man I want I'm rooting for the Bengals I'm rooting for the Bengals hard to win that division I don't want to see them I don't want to see them be the five seed and make it and come to my house I don't want to see it they're going to see him week 17 though so that's what that's why the one seed is so crucial and then it leads to our poll question of the day at Rich Eisen show Christopher what uh what can people go and vote on right there yeah let's throw it up uh who's going to crash the party in the AFC so assuming uh Chiefs Bills Bengals uh the top three seeds so who's going to crash the party Ravens Titans Dolphins or someone among the Pats Jets Chargers group whoever gets that seven seed basically it's between those three teams who can make that run I don't know how many people think that I I mean recency bias is going to slap down the Titans and it's going to slap down the Ravens who are right now on a third string quarterback do you know who their backup to the backup is you know their fourth stringer is I have no idea Brett Huntley remember Brett Huntley I do UCLA and he spent some time in Green Bay if you remember that too right one of those years when Aaron Rodgers got hurt he's there going into Cleveland by the way I mean and and they have Browns have one offensive touchdown since Deshaun Watson's returned one it was late in the day a case could be made Rich every Browns touchdown this season has been offensive there you go 844-204 riches the number to dial JK Dobbins is first up right here on the Rich Eisen show talking about the Baltimore Ravens Albert Breer will join us from the NFL winter I guess fall meetings is it still fall it's technically still is fall it's technically still fall for like another week okay very good yeah uh we haven't spoken Albert since something happened in November oh man oh I wouldn't miss that conversation if I were gonna catch some strays here no no JK Dobbins might catch one first uh and then the actor Sinquah Walls is in a new film called Nanny which is available in theaters uh at the moment and streaming this Friday he is reprising a role in White Men Can't Jump yes indeed Wesley Snipes is going to be turning into Sinquah Walls he's in studio on hour number three it's my power rankings Wednesday and so much more 844-204 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you it's a big game too you know division games on the road you win them you really put something in the bank and this team plays in the bank there in baltimore and takes a lead in the afc north into their week 15 saturday contest that i'll be calling on nfl network with my colleague kurt warner and back in time for this game and certainly pittsburgh steeler fans saw it with a buck 20 on the ground is baltimore ravens running back jk davins on the mercedes-benz fans phone line on the rich eisenhower how you doing sir i'm doing good how are you doing i am i'm great man you know if i were you i i or you or me i i'd feel fantastic certainly the way that i saw you run how did that performance feel to you sir what do you think uh it felt great you know um getting back into the flow of things you know still got to work on some things and get a little bit better you know as far as health but um i feel great where i'm at and um i'm just going to continue to get better each and every game and i'm happy to see where it goes from um last sunday did you come back too early this year do you think jk no no i wouldn't say that i wouldn't say that um like with the knee i you know i in college i never missed a game you know or practice so i just wasn't used to um injury like that you know but with the knee like i just didn't know like and um i thought i could do it you know i i wouldn't say i came back too early though because i just i had to feel the game you know i had to feel the game like i could have played with it i could have played with what i had but i wouldn't have been me all the way you know and the only way for me to find that out was to go out there and play in a game in a live game and i figured it out and and got it cleaned up you know and now i feel just that much better you know and i'm going to continue to get better i can't imagine making it all the way back from an acl like you jk and then needing to take more time to to nurse something up that that could not have been cool for you that kind of be tough mentally i would imagine yeah it was super tough i bet i bet what was it like can you describe to me where you had to dig how deep you had to dig in that respect yeah so yeah um so i'm a religious guy like i believe in god and and um i give all my problems to him you know so i had to really dig into that and dig deep to you know find the patience and the positivity to to get through something like that you know the second time around i must say though was easier for me mentally because um i already missed time like i missed the time from the original knee injury and and then coming back you know it's just like man like i know what i got to do here to get where i need to go and i and i was to be patient and just get everything to god and i did that you know and i i don't tell many people this story but like i got woken up out of my sleep because god was telling me like hey you need to get scoped if you want to be like yourself again you you need to get scoped and that's what that's what really motivated me to get scoped and miss some more time after missing time in the beginning of a season so it was either going through that you know it just made me a better person and a better man as well so and i'm i'm grateful for every trial and tribulation that i have with this knee so when you hit the end zone stronger when stronger when you hit the end zone in pittsburgh what was going through your mind then what was that uh to be honest i was like all right got a touchdown let's keep going let's keep going let's keep it rolling let's keep running this ball good right yeah you're in this you're in that mode you're in that mode and you and gus edwards i mean that's amazing right i mean talk about amazing there you guys are now the two-headed monster for the ravens now uh and you guys were the ones who got hurt in back-to-back days in training camp last year that's nuts man can't make it up can't make it up can't make that up you know uh it really is amazing jk daubens here on the rich eisen show look i know um things uh like injuries in in real time are are kept under wraps do you have any sense who your quarterback's going to be on saturday jk uh i don't know but whoever it is it's going to be it's going to be a great quarterback you know um you know snoots healthy uh anthony brown's healthy and lamar is getting healthy so i couldn't i couldn't tell you because i ain't the trainer or anything but where we have rolling out there they're gonna they're gonna help us get you know try to get the win in in cleveland okay so again you're it's not your lane to talk about this stuff but i kind of get the sense you do know who's playing the quarterback on saturday jk daubens i got that sense you don't have to tell me but you can tell me yeah i know you can do that if you want oh yeah yeah yeah i know i know who's playing i'm gonna find out soon enough i've got production meetings on friday you know i'm calling the game is there anybody you want me to give a particular shout out to when i'm calling the game oh what do you got anybody not that i got not not i don't have any anyone in mind right now but i'm excited that you're calling the game man i am me too i i've seen you around a little bit you know you seem like a great guy thank you i appreciate it you know you could give me a shout out well i mean you could give yourself a shout out you know what i mean like you you rip off a big huge ron you get in the end zone clearly you're giving yourself a shout out i can do that does anybody else like i'm happy to do that jk i mean you calling the show i can play it pay it forward i'll i'll say you know what what if you score what what should i say what should i say at the mic if you score give me give me i'll write it down i'll say it i swear all right all right all right all right jk daubens scores so being back in ohio you know you know the fans they'll know me as jk all day okay i know that was an asian peterson thing too but jk all day is my thing so you can say that too you know just to give the ohio state fans a little thumb back me being back in ohio okay uh jk all day is back in ohio that's going to be my call how does that sound all right jk if you get in the end zone it'll be jk all day is back in ohio just like that that's what i say i might you know i might lay in it a little bit more you do know that garrett wilson when he scored right in front of the browns fans he did the oh right on them right in their faces he did that yeah you know did you see that that was back in week two i did yeah uh-huh so you're gonna do that you're gonna do that oh yeah i'm not gonna lie i'm gonna do that no i like this preview while we're on the subject of the oh the ohio state university no no no no no stop stop it's okay it's okay um did your head coach have anything to say to you say the weekend of thanksgiving did uh did hc john harbaugh have anything to say to you on that weekend he had a little bit i mean he didn't he didn't rub it in i never lost to that team i've never lost it it took them it took michigan 10 years a decade to start winning again so i mean you got two wins yes but i think it's gonna get changed here pretty soon well you know what they call two wins jk they they what do they call that a streak it's called a streak that's what it's or a trend yeah it's called a streak it's a winning streak you know um like say for instance for instance hold on a second you know hold on a second uh if you win on saturday on nfl network if jk all day shows back up in ohio as you say he will and uh that would be called a winning streak for the ravens would be a streak you'd have back-to-back wins you know what i'm saying you got me you got me right now right now you got me right now and like you said that i never lost to that team but then you did actually say the m-word you know which might you might get docked in the world of you know uh buckeye fandom but very you know what do you think what do you think of how justin fields is balling out right now jk what do you think about that oh he's he's going crazy you know i've seen a little bit of on him and he's been you know doing what people you know expected in news that he could do you know he's a great guy uh a hard worker and he's talented so it's it's it's inevitable for him to be great in the in the field well there's a similarity um to lamar in my mind and and it's not just the the running and the throwing and being so dynamic at it but uh it does appear that the coaching staff there in chicago just said you know what the playbook that we got let's just get let's just make it justin field centric and the same way that harbaugh did in your shop right there for lamar a few years ago like let's just go all in with the kid and see what he can do that's what it seems like to me jk yeah yeah it seems like that because he's been running a lot more he's he's pretty fast guy too so absolutely and it's him versus jail and hurts this weekend i mean this is gonna be yeah i mean this is no joke right now you know this is no joke so um let's let me just before i let you go uh how how much are you guys talking about the division uh playoffs super bowl how much of that is a conversation amongst the rest of you in the locker room there it comes up it comes up every now and then the playoffs and wanting to be the fc north uh champions you know but we we take it game by game we focus on the task at hand and we're just trying to win every game that we play so we we definitely talk about it a little bit but we try not to get too caught up on it and um and and so who who is leading in this locker room right now who's who's who's a voice yeah who's a who is it a bunch of leaders what do you got lay it out you got you got marlin you got marcus peters you got roquan you got i can say me okay you got lamar you got even even snoop you know he's a leader you know vocal leaders you know we got a lot of guys in the room or in the locker room that that that can speak up and people listen you know so it's a great thing you know it's player led and we love it like that i'm sure justin wasn't too happy to lose roquan to you jk i'm sure that wasn't very he's been the defense has been lights out um since he's arrived what sense do you get when you see them on a practice field dude i'm like those are bad dudes because they are lights out they've been lights out for a for a minute now you know you know we feed off of that you know offense got to have their back whenever they have ours so we're gonna do it you know they're so good we gotta we gotta match their energy you know and seeing them out there a practice they work the same way they work hard so we gotta match the uh the intensity of them well i look forward to seeing you out on the field i look forward to calling your game i don't know if you're going to be part of the uh the ravens uh that uh that uh uh come to the production meeting if you are i look forward to seeing you in person if not i have it written down here jk all day is back in ohio that's my call on nfl network if you score touchdown on saturday and i got you uh and and and i have to say this jk um if you perform the way that i think you can perform um and the rest of your ravens can perform the way that you you you know you can perform um you might you might cause the crowd in ohio to leave early in the fourth quarter like i saw a couple weeks ago wow how are you gonna do him like that with all due respect jk with all due respect jk i apologize that's nice i apologize for that jk well he can't be controlled oh he's not gonna throw away he's a wild boy well you know i mean um i i hope we still speak i don't know does gat wilson still speak to me does he still speak to me he hasn't since pre-draft i i i told him that he could refer to me uh as his daddy uh i told him that yeah he was not happy about that wow jk i once told rich to start saying stuff with his chest and i think i helped create his gold pants don't worry about it he's got pants he's got pants this guy that's right i was very happy to watch you go into the pros jk dobbins you're terrific man you're really good it's the truth i was very very happy to get you out of the big 10. um so thank you hey thanks for coming on and playing along i appreciate it oh yeah thank you for having me anytime please anytime was a delight uh jk all day uh jk dobbins is going to be on nfl network taking on the browns on saturday uh for the current afc north leading baltimore ravens right here on the rich isin show thanks for calling there you go that's jk dobbins everybody mike cut him off no i actually thought he was done and i thought he was done so i said goodbye i think he was done yeah yeah i heard mike saying goodbye to him that was my fault oh i know where brockman's going am i living my best life or what yeah you really are see i could see hold on a second i know i sense things i'm an empath okay i'm an empath what are you sensing right now i sense you appreciate what i'm doing you appreciate it i big god be quiet i do you appreciate it i enjoy having fun speak it from my chest always and now i'm getting actual ohio state people on the phone pardon me the ohio don't be disrespectful i'm not disrespectful i told him that i told jk did i hope you can have the ohio crowd leave early like i saw a few weekends ago okay and you're laughing you appreciate it i did this guy over here who normally appreciates uh the prickliness of sports okay this guy who's now looking at me right now he's like i'm looking i'm not looking at him radio audience i could see you chris now i'm looking at you you don't appreciate it you want to see me you want to see me get a comeuppance you want ohio it's almost almost almost to the point you'd rather ohio state beat georgia just to get a shot at me right now that's how that's how much you're not appreciating my saying it with my chest that you feel you feel that i'm now a little i've crossed the line i think you feel i've crossed the line and you would like me to come in here and not be this guy you have the floor now i just have a question for you you're aware you didn't play in the game right of course i know that yes yeah it doesn't sound like it no i understand that he's a fan oh yeah exactly he's allowed well you're it's one thing to talk trash to like albert but to an actual member to like the guys who played in the game who said yes to the invitation to come on this program and jk dobins didn't lose to michigan who brought up the state of ohio in the conversation me or him but he was talking about going home to ohio yeah with his family oh and i even pointed out how garrett wilson did the oh in front of their faces i did i think it's fair to go all in on people like albert yeah because he asks for it he does because he's like so boastful when things are going well yes and then he kind of cries like a baby when they don't go well you have however been on this show on this set since the first second we went on the air okay back like the man to your left and the man across the way has been part of this show but not on the air every single second watching me watching me absorb watching me take in i understand but why do you have to watch me receive it why do you have to go after the kids what kids jk dobbin i excuse me kids it's a grown-ass man correct g a m but he didn't lose to michigan he didn't i know his so why does he have to take your arrows because this is also the fan base that still claims joe burrow you understand i mean that's weird because joe thanks ryan day all the time and he does love ohio state pardon me the ohio state look all i'm saying is tune in for our number two again i'm here for that you're here for that i'm here for that that was fun though he was great sport about he was and that's why i sensed i could take that shot he was a good sport he left i hope you meet him in person and i will and try to we'll hug it out exactly those were fake laughs he was having we'll hug it out yeah he enjoyed well i gotta i gotta i got a question right now because kurt kurt warner who i'm doing the game with is already asking what time we're going to the stadium he's one of those guys i think he went that early he wants to go there he wants to go on the field he wants to walk around he wants to smooth he wants to shake hands to put some of the grass in a smoothie and all i want to do is i want to get in the booth and i want to put on my coat and i want to put on my hat and i'm going to prepare for the game i don't need to shake hands i don't need that sort of thing have you seen the weather forecast over there it's uh it's a clear cold day yeah yeah it's going to be about freezing all the weather is already going to be just up the road in buffalo for that night game it's supposed to be windy six inches of snow inches of snow yeah hammer the bills what chilling kind of windy thank you 844 204 rich number now speaking of the bills they put uh they put the jets quarterback in the hospital and the question is is how's mike white doing and who's backing him up we have an answer to both of those questions that's coming up next on the rich eisen show my power rankings and albert breer still to come you're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks a few becomes a few too many as the evening comes to an end and people start to head out you think of calling for a ride nah you live nearby you can make it home okay it's no big deal what are the odds you'll get pulled over anyway and even so what's the worst that could happen your insurance goes up you lose your license you lose your job you total your car you kill someone everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk the results are tragic and often deadly however that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel while under the influence that's why police officers are out there right now looking for impaired drivers on our roads to save lives so if you think you're okay to drive after a few drinks think again play it safe and plan ahead to get a ride it only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever drive sober or get pulled over paid for by nitsa this message is sponsored by discover did you know you could reduce the number of unwanted calls and emails with online privacy protection the latest innovation from discover discover will help regularly remove your personal info like your name and address from 10 popular people search websites that could sell your data and they'll do it for free activate in the discover app see terms and learn more at online privacy protection 844-204-rich numbered down here on the rich eisen show uh i want to thank um and let me see uh at brock kerr i think his name was he pointed out that i didn't have my best dad ever sign on the desk what happened it was off to the sun who put it there i did not touch i think i could i mean i'm in the running this year i've had what happened last night at three in the morning what are you just strolling like hey everybody what's up like 345 like hey i'm up normally he sprints into bed too so you can like hear him running down the hallway okay and then he just rolls up and hey what's up and then just like hi dad and he does this thing where he like puts both hands on your face it's the greatest thing ever like when it's the worst thing ever what is the word that like siri when it's time to get up siri when is the worst thing ever the greatest thing ever that's it i'm like no it's not time to get up it's four in the morning and does he go back does he go back uh no he just pretty much laid there and him and i just kind of toss and turn and like sarah had to leave early today because she's filming the pile on and so it's okay being him in the mornings and then we just kind of sat there and watched cartoons attaboy for a while which cartoons what do we got today what's the lineup little paw patrol he's super into blaze and this one called super wings okay by the way did you hear what you know romo's in this world right now i think he he dropped a paw patrol line for jamar chase being on the case you know where you know what he's doing in his spare time rubble on the double um last night by the way last night he had this uh this like singing thing at his school so i did not go to lake or celtics and probably me not going there probably helped us get the win my uh my my my uh my youngest as you know cooper cooper's a big die-hard celtic fan let him you know i can't like a school night man you you can't watch the overtime because he's what you can't watch the fourth quarter in overtime yeah plus i almost said to him you know what the game's over and then of course it wasn't but lakers came back and then the lakers came back and went up double digits and then the celtics title went to over i can't tell but it's but but it's like hey as soon as this game is over it's bedtime in okay because sus was out with friends and so i you know i can't i can't have her come home and people are hanging from the chandelier right so so why is he still awake well though she understands i mean the celtics and and the lakers for for coop so and you can't tell the other ones you got to go to sleep when one is allowed to stay up and watch television i mean that is just you you are you are creating all kinds of you know lord of the flies type uh dynamics here okay i mean coop's got the conch here so put them to sleep put them down we're all all all the kids are going in susan it's it's it's a matchup zone situation through we got two they got three and so um coop is lights are out they haven't heard anything for for about a minute plus he screams for me i'm like what's up i go and i'm like come on man like we made a deal here and he says to me the following dad do you think brock purty can beat the seahawks and it's like in the same way that you want to tell your son hey cage go to sleep go to sleep but he puts his he puts his beautiful little near the three-year-old hands on your face and it's just like so so i so i said to him coop of course he can go to sleep he can of course he can he's saying i don't know he's he's obsessed with brock purty he's all he's all in on brock purty he wants to know can he be rookie of the year can brock purty beat the seahawks yes coop he can i mean he could win the super bowl we're all in now too he could win the super bowl we all are speaking of people who look 11 zack wilson hey now um rich hey i as you know i have been on record if he does not start another game for the new york jets again you're good with it i'm good to go i am gtg okay good i am all in on mike white and seeing what he can do the rest of the way certainly because just look at garrett wilson we're talking about him being offensive rookie of the year and the reason why is he's been dynamic the last few games since i mean the best games he's had this year you could say the one in ohio when joe flaco came back on the browns in week two and then the last few weeks since mike white has been the quarterback we've seen proof of life of elijah moore the only proof of life of elijah moore that we we saw when zack wilson was quarterback was him saying he wanted to trade he was he's gonna get a target and now you're seeing multiple receivers at work here and mike white i mean him taking one in the chops in buffalo and then leaving the game and then coming back in the game and then taking an even worse hit going in the locker room and coming back and then needing to go to the hospital for just precautionary look i mean matt melano nearly nearly saw him in half like a magic trick and and he was able to make the flight home and you're even here and guys in the locker room just love this guy and so robert salla has his finger firmly on on the pulse which is another reason why i'm not panicking about zack wilson not being the guy because the coach is the guy the gm's the guy and could you imagine jet fans what this current situation would look like if breeze hall and elijah vera tucker didn't go out for the season about a month and a half ago could you imagine if breeze hall the way he was looking in the first six weeks was just getting started could you imagine we wouldn't be talking about brock perdy or garrett wilson or anyone else being offensive rookie here he was him all right but zack wilson has taken his demotion properly professionally said all the right things done all the right things the reset pardon me they didn't call it demotion call it a reset needed to reset and him being the third inactive earbud wearing dressed like uh you know he's on the the surface of a star wars planet during all of these winter wintry mix-ins and he's got the all of these winter wintry mix games apparently there it is right there he does look like baby yoda right there man i mean he's just so young i can't believe the coffee mug he's very young yeah sipping some tea some soup some bone soup hey look he was supposed to have the mental i i guess vacation to him focus on everything he needs to focus on but now mike white taking on the lines you want to talk about a huge game in week 15 which is great for both teams it's called huge lions are red hot they're now six and seven they have a real shot to make the playoffs in the nfc the jets are seven and six they need to bounce back and show that their first half first two thirds of the season is real that they have a real shot at the playoffs too zack wilson's the backup he is now number two flaco is now out of the mix oh here's robert sala explaining we're moving up we're moving up uh zack to the number two spot uh and make joe the third why why robert uh zack's been doing a great job um he he has he's he's been deliberate in his approach over the last three weeks um he's been holding himself accountable with regards to how he wants to attack practice uh how he's been performing in practice going against our defense which i think is a pretty good defense to go against and uh and working on all the different things that uh we've been asking him to accomplish look robert sala there's no such thing as the robert sala show every day on the roku channel so he's not going to come out and say i don't care if zack doesn't start again of course he cares if zack starts again because he might need zack to start again who knows your head coach in the nfl you need to make sure that somebody like zack wilson certainly when you chose him second overall in draft is ready to play and if this kid winds getting back up in there and starts throwing it around and the offense looks just like mike white's operating it and all the better and then when you can have a quarterback competition at some point maybe next year and robert sala can handle that too because he seems to handle everything else elijah moore wants out you stay here actually you're actually benched in denver you stay here and we'll get back to you now he looks pretty useful doesn't he he wants to do that with zack wilson i'm all in on that but for the moment i want to see mike white out there mike white versus jared goff this is going to be a fun game i'm serious and the two defensive rookie of the year candidates one two in my estimation sauce and nate hutchinson are on the field yeah aden's gunning for white no doubt and sauce is gunning for whoever i'm on ross st brown why as you know i think it's a top 10 receiver in this league jamison williams okay who has chosen a few choices after i think the pick after um garrett wilson if i'm not mistaken then the lions choose 10th and they chose him right there yes there they go so here we roll fun game and uh once again i just love how robert sol is handling it certainly if he says in his locker room and i'm sure he does you practice you do everything we ask of you you do everything we ask of you you will be rewarded he says zack wilson you sit down you do this you do that we don't like the way you've done this you need to do this approach practice and meetings a different way and if he's done it elevate him sounds good mike white zack wilson against the detroit lines in a must-have game for both agreed and it's fun jets lines and then by the way right around the corner jets jaguars two fun games tonight trevor lawrence is balling out man yeah and he might have to you know and zack might have to sit there and watch mike white take take the reins instead of it being one and two in the previous year's draft going against each other in a must-have game for both playoff hopefuls i'll have to sit there and watch mike white take his reps and apparently he's taking it well enough to get elevated to number two on the depth chart and i am cool with it because i believe in the coach and the rest of that team loves them some mike white as do i by the way our number two albert breer coming up man justin fields day to day he's sick oh really okay hopefully he'll be back that's not good i mean we got to see justin fields jaylen hurts on the field there's some good fun matchups this weekend i know you kind of poo-pooed the bears beating the eagles they can do that they went into new england bro you could roll your eyes all you want belicheck eats belicheck eats teams like the bears when they were playing like the bears for lunch and justin fields was dynamite in that game you got to tip your cap to him the pats don't have an offense that can score points to win games do you understand how that works you have to have an offense there's 11 guys out there five linemen a quarterback a bunch of receivers and backs they have to move the ball down the field and then put the ball into this 10 yard by like 54 yard box rectangle called the end zone you get six points for that did you see pats can't do it do you see how mac said uh he has no problem with uh patricia none they they're just hugging right at the in the fourth quarter yeah he said this yesterday mac jones when he was made available yeah he said this yesterday mac jones when he was made available yeah he's excited to see mc daniels too i mean the eagles are going to beat the bears by like 17 like why are we pretending i don't know i don't know houston texans just uh maybe you never know houston texans did what they just did the eagles are better than the cowboys oh tj he understands that he chose the eagles to win the division he says stuff i don't know whatever oh baby fun stuff fun stuff we're back for hour two in a moment you're hanging out with some friends and putting back a few drinks a few becomes a few too many as the evening comes to an end and people start to head out you think of calling for a ride ah you live nearby you can make it home okay it's no big deal what are the odds you'll get pulled over anyway and even so what's the worst that could happen your insurance goes up you lose your license you lose your job you total your car you kill someone everyone knows about the risks of driving drunk the results are tragic and often deadly however that still doesn't stop everyone from getting behind the wheel while under the influence that's why police officers are out there right now looking for impaired drivers on our roads to save lives so if you think you're okay to drive after a few drinks think again play it safe and plan ahead to get a ride it only takes one mistake to change your life or someone else's forever drive sober or get pulled over paid for by nitsa
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